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349 - Liquid crystal cells, elements and systems

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349015000 Stereoscopic 334
349005000 Projector including liquid crystal cell (s) 228
349013000 Liquid crystal eyewear (glasses, goggles, etc.) 57
349012000 Liquid crystal writing tablet 50
349018000 Variable or rotatable retarder used with other retarders to produce filtering effects (Solc, Lyot, Partial) 25
349002000 Liquid crystal for recording or imaging on photosensitive medium 24
349011000 Heads-up display 20
349016000 Liquid crystal window 20
349017000 Computational system employing liquid crystal element (neural network, correlation device, optical computer) 1
20100085496OPTICAL PROCESSING - An optical processing system is described that allows rapid evaluation of derivatives and partial derivatives by means of optical Fourier transformation. In embodiments, separate filtering steps are used to provide phase and amplitude changes.04-08-2010
20080266469LIQUIID CRYSTAL ON SILICON (LCOS) DISPLAY AND PACKAGE THEREOF - The present invention provides a LCOS display. The display comprises a first PCB, an interface module, a first silicon chip, and a flat cable. The interface module is disposed on the first PCB and used to receive an audio and video signal. The first silicon chip comprises a display area, a processing area, and a metal layer. The display area comprises a pixel array in a LCOS panel formed on the first silicon chip. The processing area comprises a processing unit formed on the first silicon chip. The metal layer is formed on the first silicon chip for electrically connecting the display area with the processing area. The flat cable is used to electrically connect the interface module with the processing unit.10-30-2008
20120162548METHOD FOR ELECTROPHORESIS IN LIQUID CRYSTALS - A method of electrophoretic movement of particles through a liquid crystal utilizes a direct (DC) or alternating (AC) electric field that is applied along the liquid crystal director (for liquid crystals with a positive dielectric anisotropy) or perpendicular to the director (for liquid crystals with a negative dielectric anisotropy). A perpendicular or tilted orientation of the liquid crystal molecules at the surface of the particle causes distortions, such that the fore-aft (or left-right) symmetry of the particle is broken. The asymmetric orientation of the liquid crystal around the particle allows both charged and neutral particles to be transported, even when the particles themselves are perfectly symmetric (spherical).06-28-2012
20080259227Small switch having liquid crystal display - A small switch having a liquid crystal display includes an operation button; a liquid crystal display device having a liquid crystal panel for displaying information including characters and/or pictures on the operation button and a printed circuit board on which an IC chip, which serves as a driver circuit for the liquid crystal panel, is mounted, the liquid crystal display device being housed in the operation button; a switch body including a contact mechanism for opening and closing an electrical path by vertically moving the operation button; and backlight sources having different colors. The liquid crystal panel is an antiferroelectric liquid crystal panel. The backlight sources are sequentially turned on at high speed below the antiferroelectric liquid crystal panel, and liquid crystal screens having different display contents for every color are displayed in synchronization with the turning on of the backlight sources to achieve multicolor display.10-23-2008
20080259226Mechanical Shutter with Polymerised Liquid Crystal Layer - The present invention relates to a mechanical shutter (10-23-2008
20100073584Apparatus for illuminating a vehicle occupant with infrared light - A vehicle occupant is illuminated with infrared light by an apparatus including a display apparatus illuminated with visible light for displaying information to the occupant and an infrared illuminator hidden behind the display apparatus for illuminating the occupant through the display apparatus. In a preferred embodiment, the display apparatus is a liquid crystal display (LCD) mounted in the vehicle instrument panel for displaying images and data to the driver, and infrared light emitted by the infrared illuminator is transmitted through the LCD to illuminate the occupant.03-25-2010
20130083258DISPLAY DEVICE EQUIPPED WITH TOUCH SENSOR - Disclosed is a display device that has a light detecting element (D04-04-2013
20100045881SOLT MACHINE-REEL GAME CONVERSION TYPE PICTURE ON THE SCREEN DISPLAY PANEL REFLECT STRUCTURE - There is provided a light-transmitting structure of a display panel for a slot machine using an electronic reel game scheme that is capable of playing other games on a reel game. The structure is located behind a touch pad. The structure allows a gamer to selectively play a typical display-based game through a separate game program while playing the reel game.02-25-2010
20110058113Integrated Building Display and Shading System - An integrated building display and shading system formed of a plurality of exterior building panels arranged in an array, each exterior building panel representing one pixel. A given pixel resides in a first state when a first excitation state is applied to the exterior building panel and can be changed to reside in a second state when a second excitation state is applied to the exterior building panel, thus allowing an image to be presented on the array. The excitation states are controlled by an electronic control system including a frame buffer and an illumination source. Different types of variable property glass can be used such that a first state is a transparent state and the second state is an opaque state or color state (e.g. red, green, blue). The integrated building display and shading system can be illuminated via natural light, or via UV light, or via a projector.03-10-2011
20090237575Adaptive focusing using liquid crystal zone plates in electro-optical readers - Working range and beam cross-section are adjusted in an electro-optical reader for reading indicia by applying voltages to electrodes in one or more liquid crystal zone plates in which the index of refraction is changed in different regions of each zone plate.09-24-2009
20090046213LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE - In a liquid crystal display device into which a phase difference film is incorporated on the color filter substrate side, the phase difference film can be formed more easily than the prior art.02-19-2009
20090009668Non-Etched Flat Polarization-Selective Diffractive Optical Elements - A polarization-selective diffractive optical element includes a liquid crystal polymer film supported by a substrate. The liquid crystal polymer film includes an array of pixels, each pixel encoded with a fixed liquid crystal director such that each liquid crystal director is aligned in a common plane perpendicular to the liquid crystal polymer film and provides a predetermined pattern of out-of-plane tilts. A size of the pixels in the array and the predetermined pattern are selected such that the liquid crystal polymer film forms a phase hologram for diffracting light polarized parallel to said common plane and a zeroth order diffraction grating for light polarized perpendicular to the said common plane. The non-etched and flat phase hologram is suitable for a wide range of applications.01-08-2009
20120236216Wavelength Selective Switch - An optical switching device has multiple input ports and multiple output ports and is capable of switching a wavelength component from any of the input ports to any of the output ports. The optical switching device is configured with beam steering arrays that are controlled to provide the switching from any of the input ports to any of the output ports. The beam steering arrays may be microelectromechanical (MEMS) mirror arrays or liquid-crystal on silicon (LCOS) panels. In addition, an array of beam-polarizing liquid-crystal elements provides wavelength-independent attenuation.09-20-2012
20090262266Power system petrofit kit for mobile workstation and retrofit method - A method of retrofitting a power system to a mobile work station includes coupling a replacement power system with the mobile work station in place of an existing power system, establishing a power link between a power interface and a docking station for a removable battery, and establishing a communication link between a power control system and a detector configured to detect user interaction with a removable battery docked with the docking station.10-22-2009
20120002120MULTI-VIEW DISPLAY - A multi-view display (01-05-2012
20120099030CHOLESTERIC LIQUID CRYSTAL WRITING TABLET WITH SPACER CONTROLLED SENSITIVITY - A cholesteric liquid crystal writing tablet includes a first substrate that is transparent and flexible on which a writing pressure is applied and a second substrate spaced apart from the first substrate. One electrically conductive layer is in contact with the first substrate and is transparent and another of the electrically conductive layers is in contact with the second substrate. The electrically conductive layers are separated from each other by a cell gap. Cholesteric liquid crystal material is disposed between the electrically conductive layers. Spacers are disposed in the liquid crystal material that control the cell gap. The spacers have a size and concentration in the liquid crystal material that restricts flow of the liquid crystal material when the cell gap is reduced upon application of the writing pressure.04-26-2012
20090201435LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE APPRECIATING ROOM AND METHOD FOR APPRECIATING A LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE - Provided is a liquid crystal display device appreciating room making it possible to prevent glare or external-image-projection on the basis of external light so that persons can watch the screen of a liquid crystal display device satisfactorily. The appreciating room comprises a room, a liquid crystal display device arranged inside the room and having a liquid crystal panel 08-13-2009
20090167965LIQUID CRYSTAL OPTICAL ELEMENT AND OPTICAL PICKUP APPARATUS - The present invention is directed to the provision of an optical pickup apparatus in which a liquid crystal optical element constructed by combining an aberration correcting liquid crystal panel and an nλ/4 liquid crystal panel in an integral fashion is mounted in a tilted position. More specifically, the invention provides a liquid crystal optical element includes a first liquid crystal layer having a first rubbing direction and for correcting aberration, a second liquid crystal layer having a second rubbing direction and combined with the first liquid crystal layer in an integral fashion, and a transparent electrode for generating a potential difference across the second liquid crystal layer in order to control an amount of phase difference for the light beam passing through the second liquid crystal layer, and wherein the angle (ψ) that the second rubbing direction makes with the first rubbing direction is determined in accordance with the tilt angle (α) so that the second liquid crystal layer functions as an nλ/4 plate. The invention also provides an optical pickup apparatus incorporating such a liquid crystal optical element.07-02-2009
20090231497LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY, DISPLAY SYSTEM INCLUDING THE LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY AND METHOD OF RECOGNIZING AN OBJECT USING THE LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY - A liquid crystal display includes: a liquid crystal panel; a plurality of first light sources disposed below the liquid crystal panel; a first diffusion member disposed between the liquid crystal panel and the first light sources; a plurality of second light sources disposed below the liquid crystal panel and which emit a sensing signal toward the liquid crystal panel; and a plurality of sensors disposed in or below the liquid crystal panel. The sensing signal emitted from the plurality of second light sources toward the liquid crystal panel is reflected by an object disposed above the liquid crystal panel and is detected by the plurality of sensors before transmitting through the first diffusion member away from the liquid crystal panel such that a shape of the object is determined based on the sensing signal reflected from the object and detected by the plurality of sensors.09-17-2009
20090109353Lighting Device with Indicator - A lighting device includes a light-emitting element, an ultrasonic member, a signal processing unit, a light control unit, an indicator and an indicator control unit. The light-emitting element emits a light. The ultrasonic member emits an ultrasonic signal and receives the ultrasonic signal reflected from an object. The signal processing unit is communicated with the ultrasonic member for converting the reflected ultrasonic signal into a control signal. The light control unit is interconnected between the signal processing unit and the light-emitting element for controlling the light-emitting element to emit light in a selected operating mode in response to the control signal. The indicator control unit is interconnected between the signal processing unit and the indicator for controlling the indicator to assert a notification signal indicative of the operating mode in response to the control signal.04-30-2009
20090141200Multi-Function Light Modulators for Optical Systems - In one embodiment, a method includes transmitting one or more light beams by a first portion of a light modulator formed outwardly from a substrate. The one or more transmitted light beams are spatially integrated. A second portion of the light modulator is formed outwardly from the substrate. The second portion of the light modulator spatially integrates the transmitted light beams.06-04-2009
20120033144ACTIVE MATRIX ORGANIC LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE DISPLAY AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING DISPLAY THEREOF - An Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) display and a method of controlling a display thereof are provided. The AMOLED display includes an input unit, a controller, a display unit for displaying a low power mode screen, by enabling the controller to turn off an AMOLED and to turn on a cholesteric Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) in a low power mode, and for displaying a high picture quality mode screen, by enabling the controller to turn on the AMOLED and to turn off the cholesteric LCD in a high picture quality mode. When used in an indoor environment, the AMOLED display can operate in the high picture quality mode, and when used in an outdoor environment or as an e-book reader, the AMOLED display can operate in the low power mode.02-09-2012
20090284669Data storing device and storing method for the same - A memory cell is provided in the present invention. The memory cell includes a first electrode receiving a first voltage to form an electric field therearound; and a combination arranged on the first electrode, comprising a liquid crystal molecule coupled with a magnetic substance for forming a magnetic field therearound, wherein the magnetic field changing with the first electric field.11-19-2009
20080284923Lcd Hanging Brand Using Solar Energy for Advertising - A LCD hanging-brand using solar energy for advertising, which includes a transparent base, a transparent scaling cover, a PCB board, a picture layer, a LCD sheet, a solar sheet, LEDs, a storage battery and a metal coil. One or more color transparent films can be mounted in the picture layer, and the films can be rotated by a motor or a rotating button. The LCD sheet is transparent when it is not turned on, and the image of the picture layer can be seen through the LCD sheet.11-20-2008
20080309835OPTICAL SYSTEM AND IMAGE PICK-UP DEVICE PROVIDED WITH THE SAME - An optical system includes at least one lens and a liquid crystal optical element. The liquid crystal optical element is constructed so that a first liquid crystal lens and a second liquid crystal lens are oppositely arranged so that orientation directions cross at right angles with each other in a plane perpendicular to the optical axis, a voltage applied to the liquid crystal optical element is controlled and a shift of a focal position relative to incident light from a different object point is corrected, and when the liquid crystal optical element does not have a ray deflecting action, a far object point is brought into focus, while when the liquid crystal optical element has the ray deflecting action, a near object point is brought into focus.12-18-2008
20080309836Liquid Crystal Display Mounted With IC Tag and Method for Manufacturing the Same - A liquid crystal display with an IC tag in which information of an IC chip can be read from the surface of the liquid crystal display, while the IC chip can be mounted on the small-size liquid crystal display without lowering the attraction of design thereof. A common electrode is formed in a wide region of an upper electrode layer constituting the liquid crystal display. Antennas are formed in a region of an edge portion of the upper electrode layer where the common electrode is not formed, and within the region of a surface-side glass. An IC chip is placed out of the region of the surface-side glass. X-axis and Y-axis matrix electrodes are formed in a region of a lower electrode layer opposite to the common electrode.12-18-2008
20120140127OPTICAL MEMORY DEVICE BASED ON DHLFC MATERIAL AND METHOD OF PREPARING THE SAME - The invention relates to an optical memory device and method for the preparation of the optical memory device based on glycerol, a very common and versatile solvent, mixed deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystal (DHFLC) having applications in ferroelectric liquid crystal based devices, the said method comprising the steps of forming patterns of different shapes and configurations by lithographic methods to obtain an effective electrode area of at least 4.5 mm on a glass substrate coated with indium tin oxide; depositing the patterned glass substrate with a polymer nylon 616 in the thickness range of 200 A-400 A; baking the coated substrate followed by hard rubbing of the polymer coated surface using buffing machine; photo lithographically developing spacer to maintain a uniform thickness of 3 μm; filling glycerol mixed deformed ferroelectric liquid crystal material in the space between the coated glass substrates, followed by sealing the sandwiched glass substrates at the periphery; heating and cooling the sandwiched glass substrates, followed by application of electric field across the sandwiched substrates for achieving the stable memory action and fastness of the response, by applying an AC and DC field across the device to obtain an optical memory device.06-07-2012
20080316374TEXTURE IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - The present invention represents an object with high-quality texture. A texture image display apparatus includes: a panel display device (12-25-2008
20090015732DISPLAY APPARATUS - On the display surface side of a DV display apparatus which performs image separation via a parallax barrier, a normally-white TN liquid crystal section is arranged such that a viewing angle direction heads toward the passenger seat. In a case where display is performed for both the driver's seat and the passenger seat, a drive voltage of the TN liquid crystal section is switched off. In a case where display for the driver's seat is set to non-display and an image is displayed only for the passenger seat, a halftone voltage is applied as the drive voltage of the TN liquid crystal section. In the case where display for at least one display direction is set to non-display in a display apparatus which can display different images in plural display directions by using a common display screen, it is possible to prevent image light for other directions from leaking to the non-display direction.01-15-2009
20090102989DISPLAY SYSTEM - A display system includes a liquid crystal display (04-23-2009
20090244411LIQUID CRYSTAL OPTICAL ELEMENT AND OPTICAL PICKUP APPARATUS - A liquid crystal optical element having a crystal liquid optical element adapted to positively function as a diffraction element and an optical pickup apparatus including the liquid crystal optical element are disclosed. A transparent electrode having a diffraction pattern is arranged on one of a pair of transparent substrates. A liquid crystal panel has a transparent opposed electrode arranged on the other one of the pair of the transparent substrates. A driving unit generates a phase difference distribution in the liquid crystal layer by generating a potential difference between the transparent electrode and the transparent opposed electrode and causes the liquid crystal panel to function as a diffraction element for diffracting the incoming light beam transmitted therethrough. The diffraction pattern or the transparent opposed electrode is divided into a plurality of regions. The driving unit adjusts the potential difference for each of the regions.10-01-2009
20090073328LIQUID CRYSTAL MATERIAL SEALED HOUSING - A hermetically sealed housing having a base deck, a cover member and a seal assembly constructed of a liquid crystal material (LCM), the base deck and cover member forming an enclosure containing an inert gas atmosphere. Various embodiments have the LCM seal bonded to one or both of the base deck and cover member and bonded to seal the enclosure by molding, compression, adhesive bonding, thermoplastic welding or soldering, or a combination of such.03-19-2009
20090115920Liquid crystal display device and test method therefor - An exemplary liquid crystal display device includes scanning lines (05-07-2009
20110032435LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE, SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE, AND ELECTRONIC APPLIANCE - The liquid crystal display device includes an island-shaped first semiconductor film 02-10-2011
20080291346MEMORY DEVICE, DATA RECORDING METHOD, AND IC TAG - A memory device includes first electrodes, second electrodes, third electrodes, heaters, and memory cells between the first electrodes and the heaters. Each third electrode is provided on the heaters, and each second electrode is provided at a side portion of the heaters. Each memory cell contains an electroconductive liquid crystal compound having a long linear conjugate structure and exhibiting a smectic phase as a liquid crystal phase. Information can be written in the memory cells by selectively heating the heaters to cause the corresponding memory cells to have both electroconductivity and optical anisotropy.11-27-2008
20100171889WEATHER-RESISTANT DISPLAY - An outdoor weather-resistant display may include a housing, an air-inlet, an air-outlet, a liquid crystal panel, a fan, and a thermostat. The air-inlet may be disposed through the housing into a cavity. The air-outlet may be disposed through the housing out of the cavity. The fan may be positioned to move air from outside the housing, through the air-inlet, into the cavity, across the liquid crystal panel, and out of the cavity through the air-outlet to outside the housing. The thermostat may have a temperature sensor within the cavity which provides temperature readings. The thermostat may control operation of the fan based on the temperature readings in order to regulate temperature within the cavity. The outdoor weather-resistant display may have further components to allow the display to operate in varying weather conditions, and to allow for wireless operation.07-08-2010
20090322970Optical Low-Pass Filter, Camera, Imaging Apparatus, and Method for Producing Optical Low-Pass Filter - An optical low-pass filter is constituted with a liquid crystal substrate including a layer of liquid crystal. The optical low-pass filter includes: a first liquid crystal part in which the liquid crystal is aligned along a first direction; and a second liquid crystal part in which the liquid crystal is aligned along a second direction different from the first direction. The first liquid crystal part and the second liquid crystal part are disposed in an alternately repeated fashion.12-31-2009
20110242440LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE PROVIDED WITH LIGHT INTENSITY SENSOR - A liquid crystal display device of the present invention includes a liquid crystal panel (10-06-2011
20120188467BEAM STEERING DEVICES INCLUDING STACKED LIQUID CRYSTAL POLARIZATION GRATINGS AND RELATED METHODS OF OPERATION - A beam steering apparatus includes a first beam steering stage and at least a second beam steering stage arranged in-line with the first beam steering stage. The first beam steering stage includes a first polarization grating comprising a uniaxial birefringent material having a first periodic director pattern, and the second beam steering stage includes a second polarization grating comprising a uniaxial birefringent material having a second periodic director pattern. In nonmechanical embodiments, a polarization selector may be arranged to provide a circularly polarized input beam incident on the first polarization grating. In mechanical embodiments, at least one of the first polarization grating and the second polarization grating may be operable to be independently rotated about an azimuth thereof. Related methods of operation are also discussed.07-26-2012
20100060809IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE AND PORTABLE TERMINAL DEVICE - An image display device includes a light source which emits laser light; an optical element which is operable to switch between a first state for reducing a coherence of the laser light and a second state for substantially maintaining the coherence of the laser light; a switching control circuit which controls the optical element; an imager which modulates the laser light transmitted through the optical element; and a modulation control circuit which controls the imager based on an image signal. The modulation control circuit causes the imager to render an image pattern for generating an image by changing alight amount at each pixel position when the optical element is in the first state, and causes the imager to render a hologram pattern for generating an image by diffraction when the optical element is in the second state.03-11-2010
20120120328Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays Using Transverse Electric Field Effect - Techniques are provided for transflective LCDs using homogeneously aligned liquid crystal materials which optical birefringence is electrically controllable. An unpaired retarder may be configured to compensate, in transmissive parts, for the effect of reflection in reflective parts. A light recycling/redirecting film may be added between a BLU and a nearby polarization layer to recycle backlight from a reflective part of an LCD unit structure into a transmissive part of the same structure to increase the optical output efficiency of the BLU. Electrodes for the transmissive part and the reflective part may be separately driven in various operating modes. Benefits include high transmittance, high reflectance, wide view angles, improved optical recycling efficiency, and low manufacturing costs.05-17-2012
20090002575LIQUID CRYSTAL GLARE-PROOF MIRROR - Disclosed is a liquid crystal glare-proof mirror capable of displaying a picture in which a non-glare-proof mode and a glare-proof mode is switched, including a first polarizing plate for selecting a polarization component to be transmitted; a liquid crystal cell disposed at a back of the first polarizing plate, the liquid crystal cell having two control areas, each of which is controlled independently; a second polarizing plate disposed at a back of the liquid crystal cell, the second polarizing plate transmitting either one of two orthogonal polarization components of light and reflecting the other one of the polarization components; and an image generating apparatus disposed at a part of a back of the second polarizing plate, the part corresponding to either one of the two control areas, the image generating apparatus ejecting picture light having a polarization component which is transmitted through the second polarizing plate.01-01-2009
20090244410LIQUID CRYSTAL MODULE, AUDIO FUNCTION-EQUIPPED LIQUID CRYSTAL MODULE, MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE, AND MOBILE INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE - A liquid crystal module includes a liquid crystal panel and a support member configured to be contained in a mother device and to which the liquid crystal panel is mounted. A protection plate having protection function for the surface of the liquid crystal panel is attached to the support member, so that the protection plate, the liquid crystal panel, and the support member are made into a unitary block. Thus, it is possible to configure a liquid crystal module such that the protection plate has an additional function other than the protection of the liquid crystal panel.10-01-2009
20080204608Liquid Crystal Element, Optical Path Deflecting Element, and Image Displaying Apparatus - A liquid crystal element comprising a pair of transparent substrates, a liquid crystal layer which fills in between the pair of substrates and can form a chiral smectic C phase in homeotropic orientation, and an electrode which generates, at least, an electric field (parallel electric field) in directions parallel to a principal face of the substrate for the liquid crystal layer is provided, wherein the liquid crystal layer comprises, at least, a chiral compound of the following general formula (1-I) or a chiral compound of the following general formula (2-I) and a chiral compound of the following general formula (2-II) in a base liquid crystal material which can provide a phase sequence of an isotropic liquid phase, a nematic phase, a smectic A phase and a smectic C phase from a higher temperature side, wherein R08-28-2008
20100214499Super Bright Low Reflectance Liquid Crystal Display - A liquid crystal display (LCD) exhibiting enhanced optical viewing performance. In a preferred embodiment, the LCD comprises a liquid crystal display panel, the liquid crystal display panel comprising a pair of transparent substrates, liquid crystal material sandwiched between the transparent substrates and transparent electrodes positioned between the liquid crystal material and the transparent substrates. The LCD also comprises a rear polarizer assembly comprising a compensation film, a polarizer mounted on the rear surface of the compensation film, and a first index-matched, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) mounted on the front surface of the compensation film, the PSA being adhered to the rear surface of the LCD panel. The LCD also comprises a front polarizer assembly, the front polarizer assembly comprising a front polarizer, a compensation film mounted on the rear surface of the front polarizer and an index-matched PSA mounted on the front surface of the front polarizer. The front polarizer is crossed relative to the rear polarizer. The front polarizer assembly may be adhered to the front of the LCD panel with a second index-matched, optical bonding material or may be spaced therefrom by an air gap. A transparent cover is mounted on the second index-matched PSA. The transparent cover is preferably a plastic plate. The plastic plate may be textured to reduce glare or may have an anti-reflection coating or an anti-reflection film applied to the front surface thereof. Instead of a plastic plate, the transparent cover may be a glass plate or a touch panel.08-26-2010
20100026917AUTOMATIC DARKENING AND GLARE REDUCING LIQUID CRYSTAL MIRROR - An automatic darkening and glare reducing liquid crystal mirror for vehicles is disclosed. The mirror has a front substrate (02-04-2010
20090027574LOW-COST PIR SCANNING MECHANISM - A passive infrared sensor (PIR) for detecting infrared radiation which includes a lens positioned in a sensor housing, and a pyroelectric element electrically connected to a circuit board within a filter housing positioned in the sensor housing. A microprocessor is electrically connected to a main circuit board and controls a liquid crystal display (LCD) attached to the sensor housing. The lens overlaps the LCD. The LCD has LCD regions corresponding to lens regions of the lens. Using the microprocessor, the LCD regions selectively prevent radiation energy from passing to the pyroelectric element, and the LCD regions selectively allow radiation energy to pass to the pyroelectric element. A signaling device communicates an alarm signal indicating when radiation energy within a specified wavelength band reaches the pyroelectric element.01-29-2009
20120038838FLAT SCREEN AND HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE EQUIPPED THEREWITH - A flat screen includes an LCD matrix display element having a liquid crystal layer that is enclosed between a front pane on an observer side and a rear pane. Two metallic surfaces are arranged in opposition to one another at a distance in a viewing direction and connected to one another in a conducting manner. The metallic surfaces are disposed in front of the LCD matrix display element in the viewing direction and have overlapping openings, through which the LCD matrix display element is visible.02-16-2012
20120038837LCD display and gaming machine combination - A combination of an LCD display and a gaming machine includes an LCD comprising a touchscreen, a liquid crystal panel, a backlight module, printed circuit boards, and a rear cover having an opening wherein the backlight module comprises, from front to rear, four optical films each having three openings, three barrier films, a light guide having three openings, two light sources on top and bottom edges of the light guide respectively, a reflecting film having three openings, and a frame plate having three openings, the barrier films functions as a visual barrier or a transparent member by adjusting voltage applied thereto, and the openings are aligned one another; a plurality of revolving wheels disposed behind the LCD, each wheel comprising a plurality of symbols arranged annually thereon. One pattern including the symbols of the wheels behind the openings is illuminated by the light source.02-16-2012
20090002576LIQUID CRYSTAL GLARE-PROOF MIRROR - Disclosed is a liquid crystal glare-proof mirror including a first polarizing plate and a second polarizing plate formed of resin layers having refractive index anisotropy. The refractive index anisotropy of the first polarizing plate and the second polarizing plate allows an ordinary ray to be separated from an extraordinary ray in which the incident light is refracted in different directions depending on an angle at which the incident light comes into the one of the first polarizing plate and the second polarizing plate.01-01-2009
20110069241LIQUID CRYSTAL COMPOUND, POLYMERIZABLE LIQUID CRYSTAL COMPOSITION, OPTICALLY ANISOTROPIC MATERIAL, OPTICAL ELEMENT AND OPTICAL INFORMATION WRITING/READING DEVICE - A liquid crystal compound having a good durability against light, a polymerizable liquid crystal composition and an optically anisotropic material are provided. Further, an optical element having a good durability against light and an optical information writing/reading device employing such an element are provided.03-24-2011
20120257123LCD LIGHT-REDUCING APPARATUS, AND VEHICLE SMART MIRROR USING THE SAME - The present invention relates to an LCD light-reducing apparatus, and to a vehicle smart mirror using the same, which are to be applied to the interior rear-view mirror or exterior side-view mirrors of a vehicle to protect the vision of the driver of the vehicle from bright lights or glares coming from behind him during nighttime drive. The LCD light-reducing apparatus according to the present invention comprises an LCD panel including at least one liquid crystal cell, and a power supply device for supplying a sufficient electric field to the LCD panel. The LCD cell includes a liquid crystal layer; and two substrate layers opposite one another with the liquid crystal layer at center thereof. The liquid crystal layer is filled with a compound including negative dielectric anisotropic nematic liquid crystals, a chiral material for inducing a cholesteric phase of the nematic liquid crystals to have a pitch of 1 to 4 times the cell gap of the liquid crystal layer, and dichromic dyes for being rearranged parallel to the nematic liquid crystals to transmit or absorb light in accordance with whether the electric field is applied or not. The substrate layer includes a tilted homeotropic alignment layer for arranging the respective nematic liquid crystals and dichromatic dyes in a first arrangement that is vertically aligned to the surface of the substrate layer, and an electrode for generating a sufficient electric field that passes through the liquid crystal layer to rearrange the nematic liquid crystals and dichromatic dyes in a second arrangement that is different from the first arrangement.10-11-2012
20120081621High Fill-Factor Electronic Beam Steerer - Described herein is the use of a fast-scanning optical phase array (OPA) within an electronic beam-steering-based aperture.04-05-2012
20120268667Suspension and Tolerance Absorption Subassembly for a Display Screen - A display screen of an electronic device may be supported by one or more subassemblies positioned between the display screen and a printed circuit board to which the display screen is secured. Each subassembly is able to act as an independent suspension for the display screen and is able to cushion the display screen by absorbing mechanical tolerances and mechanical shock and vibration. The subassemblies may be mounted on the printed circuit board using surface mount technology.10-25-2012
20080246894Security Document Incorporating Optical Component - A security document or device (10-09-2008
20080225187POLARIZATION SWITCHING LIQUID CRYSTAL ELEMENT AND IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS HAVING THE SAME - The present invention provides a polarization switching liquid crystal element 09-18-2008
20120249895OPTICAL DEVICE AND IMAGING DEVICE - There are provided an optical device including a dimming cell capable of performing low illumination imaging without varying an optical path length, and an imaging device using the optical device. The optical device includes a cell having a containing layer between a first transparent substrate disposed on a light incident side and a second transparent substrate which is disposed on a light emitting side and faces the first transparent substrate, a variable transmittance section provided in a first region of the containing layer and allowing light transmittance to be varied within a predetermined range, and a fixed transmittance section provided in a second region different from the first region as seen from the light incident side and having a light transmittance higher than that of the variable transmittance section.10-04-2012
20130128132TUNABLE TERAHERTZ METAMATERIAL FILTER - A tunable terahertz (THz) metamaterial (MTM) filter including: a first wire grid and a second wire grid that are arranged parallel to each other; a dielectric substrate and a liquid crystal layer that are sequentially disposed between the first wire grid and the second wire grid; a plurality of metal strips that are disposed between the dielectric substrate and the liquid crystal layer; and a first control electrode electrically connected to the first wire grid and a second control electrode electrically connected to the second wire grid.05-23-2013
20130128131LUMINESCENT SOLAR CONCENTRATOR AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME, - A luminescent solar concentrator (05-23-2013
20080198278Multilayer Body with Electrically Controllable Optically Active Systems of Layers - A multilayer body (08-21-2008
20080198277Indicator of Presence of Ac Voltage - The subject of the invention is an indicator of presence of AC voltage in medium or high voltage conductors and/or conducting elements of transmission and distribution systems, whose basic AC voltage detecting and indicating element is a liquid crystal display (08-21-2008
20110310317Display device and electronic apparatus using display device - A display driving circuit drives common terminals connected to display components using a scanning signal of a predetermined period and drives segment terminals using a segment signal synchronized with the scanning signal, so that the display components perform a display corresponding to the display signal from the control circuit. The common terminals and the segment terminals are able to be independently driven. At this time, the common terminals are separated into a plurality of common terminal blocks and are driven and the number of separated common terminal blocks is variable.12-22-2011
20130208194METALLIC SURFACES AS ALIGNMENT LAYERS FOR NONDISPLAY APPLICATIONS OF LIQUID CRYSTALS - Systems and methods are described for producing liquid crystal devices microwave that use metal alignment layers. The liquid crystal microwave devices include a liquid crystal layer sandwiched between metal layers, which are further sandwiched between substrate layers. At least one of the metal layers is rubbed to form micro-grooves that tend to align the liquid crystal molecules adjacent to those layers without using additional rubbed polymeric layers for the alignment. The thickness of the metal layers can be selected to yield a desired electromagnetic effect, such as constraint of propagation of microwave radiation.08-15-2013

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