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348 - Television

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348607000 Noise or undesired signal reduction 238
348578000 Special effects 173
348699000 Motion vector generation 116
348705000 Switching 83
348671000 Gray scale transformation 79
348700000 Motion dependent key signal generation or scene change detection 63
348572000 A/D converters 46
348687000 Brightness control 44
348625000 Transition or edge sharpeners 32
348649000 Hue control 32
348720000 Digital 32
348714000 With details of static storage device 31
348663000 Chrominance-luminance signal separation 29
348708000 Color television signal processing 28
348659000 Matrixing or mixing 27
348576000 Selective image modification (e.g., touch up) 23
348655000 Color balance or temperature (e.g., white balance) 19
348602000 Display controlled by ambient light 18
348575000 Video reprocessing 17
348645000 Chrominance signal amplitude control (e.g., saturation) 16
348707000 Amplifiers 10
348606000 Combined noise reduction and transition sharpening 7
348642000 Color encoder or chrominance signal modulator 5
20100171883Data Transmission Over a Video Link - A technique transfers data over a standard video transport, where this data may be in a nonstandard format or include control, audio, or other nonvideo data, or combinations of these. This standard video transport may be a DVI connection. The technique can increase the color depth by transferring high colors signals in a first packet and low colors signals in a second packet. The low and high color signals are combined to form a received pixel which is shown on a display of the display unit. For example, video with increased color depth and audio signals can be transferred over the standard video transport.07-08-2010
20090167954MOVING IMAGE PROCESSING CIRCUIT AND CELLULAR PHONE WITH THE SAME - A moving image processing circuit is provided includes: a decode processing unit configured to decode moving image data encoded by a predetermined compression method; an RGB conversion processing unit configured to convert the color space of the decoded moving image data to an RGB color space; a graphic processing unit configured to graphically process the moving image data whose color space is converted; and a control unit configured to control the decode processing unit, the RGB conversion processing unit and the graphic processing unit and select a frame leading to a drop frame.07-02-2009
20090180028METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR 3-D COLOR ADJUSTMENT BASED ON COLOR REGION DEFINITION USING PWL MODULES - A video processing system may be operable to utilize one-dimensional (1-D) piecewise linear (PWL) functions to adjust chroma and/or luma parameters corresponding to pixels that are determined to fall within one or more N-dimensional color adjustment regions in spatial representation of pixels' chroma and luma information. The chroma and/or luma parameters comprise Y, Cb, Cr, saturation and/or hue parameters in systems using Y′CbCr color coding. The 1-D PWL functions are operable to generate adjustment data corresponding to one of chroma and/or luma parameters, wherein the adjustment data comprise offset or gain data. The 1-D PWL functions are reprogrammable. The 1-D PWL functions may enable smooth transitions in boundary areas of at least some of the N-dimensional color adjustment regions. Determination of whether pixels fall within the color adjustment regions is based on a plurality of boundary points and/or criteria. Adjustment data corresponding to overlapped regions are aggregated.07-16-2009
20100020242DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PROCESSIGN COLOR IMAGE DATA - The present invention relates to a video processing device comprising a luminance and saturation detector (LSHD) for detecting the luminance values (lum) and the saturation values (sat) of pixels of an input video signal (IN); and a white-point, saturation and hue modulator (WSH) for transforming luminance and saturation properties (lum, sat) of the pixels of the input video signal (IN) into white-point, saturation and hue correction factors (W, Wc; S, Sc; H, Hc). The video device also comprises a color gamut matrix generating unit (CGMG) for generating a color gamut matrix in the perception domain based on the white-point, saturation and hue correction factors (Wc, Sc, Hc) of the white-point, saturation and hue modulator (WSH); a color gamut mapping unit (01-28-2010
20110317073Video Transmission by Decoupling Color Components - Techniques are provided herein for receiving at a video processing device color video frames comprising grayscale components and color components. The grayscale components corresponding to each of the color video frames are extracted as each of the color video frames is received to obtain grayscale video frames. The grayscale video frames are transmitted at a first transmission rate. Color components for selected color video frames are periodically fused with selected grayscale video frames to obtain fused color video frames, and the fused color video frames are transmitted at a second transmission rate interspersed with the grayscale video frames transmitted at the first transmission rate.12-29-2011
348691000 DC insertion 5
20080204601AC Coupling Techniques For Video Drivers - A low bandwidth signal path is added to copy internal node DC signal to output node. Therefore, for a DC or low frequency signal, the output signal is controlled by this loop. On the other hand, a high frequency signal is not affected because of the low-bandwidth of added loop. Thus, both DC and AC coupling modes are realized for components such as low-voltage video drivers.08-28-2008
20120194746METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DC RESTORATION USING FEEDBACK - A feedback circuit for restoration of DC in electrical signals is presented. A sample pulse representing a DC portion of an electrical signal is generated. The sample pulse triggers a sample and hold circuit to acquire the correct offset voltage in the electrical signal during this DC portion. The offset voltage feeds back through a summing node to the electrical signal thereby restoring the video signal to the desired DC voltage level with respect to ground.08-02-2012
20110069236METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DC RESTORATION USING FEEDBACK - A feedback circuit for restoration of DC in video signals is presented. A sample pulse representing the back porch of an incoming video signal is generated from the horizontal sync signal. The sample pulse triggers a sample and hold circuit to acquire the correct offset voltage in the output signal during this back porch period. The offset voltage feeds back through a summing node upstream of either the circuit causing the offset or an input amplifier thereby restoring the video signal to the desired DC voltage level with respect to ground.03-24-2011
20100020243VIDEO SIGNAL PROCESSOR - In a video signal processor (01-28-2010
20120133838VIDEO SIGNAL OUTPUT CIRCUIT - Disclosed is a video signal output circuit including: a clamp circuit; a first differential amplifying circuit; a dividing circuit; and an offset circuit which adds or subtracts a predetermined offset voltage to or from a bias voltage, a reference voltage, or a base reference voltage generated by the dividing circuit so as to supply an offset voltage added/subtracted voltage to the clamp circuit or the first differential amplifying circuit, wherein the offset circuit includes a pnp bipolar transistor and an npn bipolar transistor, and outputs a difference voltage corresponding to a difference between a base-emitter voltage of the pnp bipolar transistor and a base-emitter voltage of the npn bipolar transistor.05-31-2012
348638000 Chrominance signal demodulator 4
20080297659PAL SIGNAL DEMODULATING APPARATUS - A PAL signal demodulating apparatus comprises BPF filters that perform band pass filtering to pass a chroma band for frames 12-04-2008
20090180027Digital Video Decoder Architecture - A digital video decoder architecture is provided wherein chrominance values are determined first, then luminance values are determined, in part, based on the previously determined chrominance values. In this architecture, luminance separation occurs after and based on07-16-2009
20130083247VIDEO DECODER - A video decoder that separates and analyzes analog video signals includes a hue and saturation separator and a video signal determiner. The hue and saturation separator demodulates from a component video signal chroma signal, which includes a hue signal and a saturation signal. The video signal determiner determines at least one video signal characteristic of the component video signal dependent on the hue and saturation signal. The video signal determiner may include a mode determiner that determines the encoding standard of the video signal, and a color burst determiner that determines a location of a color burst signal with the video signal. The mode determiner may include a signal lock detector, a sequence matcher, and an encoding mode selector. The color burst determiner may include an absolute value determiner and a burst position determiner.04-04-2013
20090135302CHROMA KILLER DETECTION CIRCUIT - In the chroma killer detection for detecting the abnormality of the burst signal, in addition to the circuits (05-28-2009
348604000 Including nonstandard signal detection controlling processing 3
20090262246Method and apparatus for determining sound standard for input sound signal - A method for determining a sound standard for an input sound signal includes the following steps. Firstly, the input sound signal is filtered to obtain a first filtered signal corresponding to a first frequency and a second filtered signal corresponding to a second frequency. Next, the first filtered signal is frequency-demodulated to obtain a first demodulated filtered signal, and whether the input sound signal contains a FM analog component corresponding to the first frequency is determined accordingly. Next, the second filtered signal is decoded according to a digital sound standard to obtain a bit stream. Then, the bit steam is interpreted according to the digital sound standard, and whether the input sound contains a digital component corresponding to the digital sound standard is determined accordingly. Then, whether the input sound signal matches one of known sound standards is determined based on the determined results above.10-22-2009
20120140119MULTIMEDIA DEVICE AND PLAY MODE DETERMINATION METHOD OF THE SAME - A multimedia device and a play mode determination method of the same are provided. The multimedia device includes a frame difference calculation unit, a global threshold determination unit and a play mode determination unit. The frame difference calculation unit calculates the frame difference between two continuous frames to obtain a global variation. The global threshold determination unit determines a film mode threshold corresponding to a film mode and a video mode threshold corresponding to a video mode according to a current frame of the two frames and a previous global variation, and selects a global threshold from the film mode threshold and the video mod threshold. The selected threshold is smaller than the film mode threshold. The play mode determination unit compares the global variation with the global threshold, and enables the multimedia device to enter one of the film mode and the video mode according to the comparison result.06-07-2012
20130010196Method and System for Key Aware Scaling - A video processing device can determine whether an input pixel includes a keyed video parameter prior to filtering the input pixel. A non-keyed substitute pixel can be generated for the input pixel that includes the keyed video parameter. The non-keyed substitute pixel can be filtered if the input pixel included the keyed video parameter, otherwise the input pixel can be filtered.01-10-2013
348634000 Picture blanking 2
20090046205Automatic Reduction of Video Display Device Power Consumption - One or more components of a video display device such as a television set can be powered down in response to a determination that a video input source has been paused. The video signal provided by the video input source can be analyzed to determine whether the video source is paused. When the video input source is no longer paused, the powered down components can be restored to fill power operation.02-19-2009
20120026403FACILITATING AUDIO PLAYBACK DURING DISPLAY SLEEP MODE - The disclosed embodiments relate to a system for managing power for a display. During operation, the system receives a video-blank command, which specifies that the display is to enter a video-blank mode wherein the display outputs a blank screen. In response to the video-blank command, the system causes the display to output a blank screen, and powers down display components associated with outputting a display signal to the display. In some embodiments, the display additionally comprises audio components including an audio-output device, and powering down the display components involves maintaining an existing power state for the audio components, so that the audio components can continue to output an audio signal while the display components are powered down.02-02-2012
348704000 Sweep expansion or reduction 1
20100020245IMAGE DISPLAYING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS - An image displaying apparatus and an image processing apparatus are provided. The image displaying apparatus comprises a signal receiver unit, a signal processor unit, a display unit, a signal output unit, and a control unit. The signal receiver unit receives a broadcast signal or a signal provided from a signal source. The signal processor unit processes the received signal. The display unit displays the processed signal. The signal output unit comprises an output terminal configured to output the received signal, and a signal converter configured to convert the processed signal. The control unit controls the signal, provided from the signal receiver unit, to be outputted to the external device by using the signal output unit.01-28-2010
348662000 Chrominance phase adjuster (e.g., inverter) 1
20100231799METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REDUCING COLOR NOISES - A method for reducing color noises of a chrominance signal includes the following steps: receiving the chrominance signal; sampling the chrominance signal to generate a plurality of chrominance samples; determining a phase-rotation level between a specific chrominance sample and the chrominance samples; calculating an average value of the chrominance samples; and selectively outputting the average value or the chrominance information of the specific chrominance sample as an output chrominance information to represent the color information of the specific chrominance sample according to the phase-rotation level.09-16-2010
348643000 Color killer 1
20090096928COLOR KILLER CIRCUIT - There is provided a color killer circuit comprising a burst amplitude detection unit that detects an amplitude of a color burst; a delay unit that stores, delays, by a predetermined period of time, and outputs the detected amplitude; a subtractor that calculates a difference between an output from the burst amplitude detection unit and an output from the delay unit; a first comparator that compares the output from the burst amplitude detection unit with a first threshold value to determine whether or not the output from the burst amplitude detection unit is less than the first threshold value; and a second comparator that compares an output from the subtractor with a second threshold value to determine whether or not the output from the subtractor is greater than the second threshold value, wherein the color killer circuit masks the color component of the composite video signal when the first comparator determines that the output from the burst amplitude detection unit is less than the first threshold value, or when the second comparator determines that the output from the subtractor is greater than the second threshold value.04-16-2009
20130083244VIDEO PROCESSING METHOD, VIDEO PROCESSING CIRCUIT, LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A video processing circuit detects a risk boundary, which a portion of the boundary between a dark pixel and a bright pixel in an image represented by a video signal Vid-in, and is determined by a tilt azimuth of liquid crystal molecules, from the boundary, and corrects a video signal corresponding to at least one of the dark pixel and the bright pixel which is contiguous to the detected risk boundary in at least one field of a plurality of fields constituting one frame such that a period in which the risk boundary is present in one frame period is shortened.04-04-2013
20130038795COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, TRANSMISSION APPARATUS, TRANSMISSION METHOD, RECEPTION APPARATUS AND RECEPTION METHOD - An AV system composed of an HD recorder and a display unit uses a communication interface of the HDMI. An HDMI source of the HD recorder transmits image data (image signal) in the form of differential signals to an HDMI sink of the display unit through three TMDS channels. The HDMI source inserts content identification information for the identification of the type of a content of image data to be transmitted into an AVI InfoFrame packet placed in a blanking period. A control section of the display unit controls operation of a display processing section which carries out a process for displaying for the image data based on the content identification information received by the HDMI sink and a display section for displaying an image.02-14-2013
20130027615Quality Assessment of High Dynamic Range, Visual Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut Image and Video - Assessing a visual quality characteristic includes accessing and processing at least a first image or video signal and a second image or video signal and processing the accessed images or video signals. Based at least in part on processing the accessed images or video signals, a difference is measured between the processed at least first and second images or video signals. The visual quality characteristic relates to a magnitude of the measured difference between the processed at least first and second images or video signals. The at least first and second images or video signals include a high or visual dynamic range and/or a wide color gamut. The visual quality characteristic is assessed based, at least in part, on the measured difference.01-31-2013
20130070156DISPLAY APPARATUS - A display apparatus including: a cover; a display panel which is accommodated in the cover; a plurality of light emitting elements arranged in at least one edge of the cover from a rear surface of the display panel; a lens which extends in parallel with an arrangement direction of the light emitting elements and is arranged in a light emitting direction; a reflection sheet installed in a rear surface of the display panel; and a holder which includes a holder main body that extends along the at least one edge, a light emitting element accommodator formed in a surface of the holder main body to accommodate therein the light emitting elements and a lens supporter that is spaced from the light emitting element accommodator and is formed in the surface of the holder main body to couple and support the lens.03-21-2013
20130057766Video Serializer/Deserializer Having Selectable Multi-Lane Serial Interface - A video processing system may include: a video deserializer having (i) an input for receiving a serial data stream containing video data and (ii) a serial to pseudo-parallel converter, coupled to the serial data stream, for generating from the serial data stream a plurality of serial data output streams through a plurality of serial output lanes; a video serializer having (i) a plurality of inputs for receiving serial data streams and (ii) a pseudo-parallel to serial converter, coupled to the plurality of input serial data streams, for generating a single serial data stream from the plurality of input serial data streams; and a programmable video processing device, coupled to the video deserializer and the video serializer, and having a plurality of interface pins for receiving the plurality of serial output lanes from the deserializer and for transmitting the plurality of serial data streams to the serializer.03-07-2013
20130135529DIFFERENTIAL INTERFERENCE CONTRAST SERIAL TIME ENCODED AMPLIFIED MICROSCOPY - We describe methods and apparatus for high-speed high-contrast imaging one-, two- and three-dimensional imaging enabled by differential interference contrast time encoded amplified microscopy of transparent media without the need for chemical staining, that are suitable for a broad range of applications from semiconductor process monitoring to blood screening. Our methods and apparatus build on a unique combination of serial time-encoded amplified microscopy (STEAM) and differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy. These methods and apparatus are ideally suited for identification of rare diseased cells in a large population of healthy cells and have the potential to revolutionize blood analysis and pathology including identification of cancer cells, such as Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) in early stage disease.05-30-2013
20110013088DEVICE AND METHOD FOR EVALUATING CONNECTIVITY BETWEEN A VIDEO DRIVER AND A DISPLAY - A device for evaluating connectivity between a video driver and a display, the device comprises a first video driver, a first output connector, a first terminating resistance; wherein the device is characterized by comprising a first comparison unit; wherein the first video driver has an output port that is coupled to the first output connector, to the first terminating resistance and to the first comparison unit; wherein the first output connector is configured to be coupled via a first cable to a first input of the display; wherein the first comparison unit is adapted to perform comparisons between a voltage level on the first terminating resistance to multiple thresholds and to determine whether a display first input impedance is substantially equal to the first terminating resistance, whether the display first input impedance is substantially lower then the first terminating resistance, or whether the first video driver is disconnected from the display; wherein the comparisons are executed during a pixel information idle period.01-20-2011
20130162908DISPLAY APPARATUS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING MODULE FOR RECEIVING BROADCASTING AND DEVICE AND METHOD FOR RECEIVING BROADCASTING - A display apparatus for receiving broadcasting includes a display unit configured to display an image thereon, a cover which partially covers the display unit, at least one signal connector which is configured to connect to a portable signal processing module that is located outside the cover and processes a signal to be displayed by the display unit, and receives the signal processed by the signal processing module, and a timing controller (T-con) configured to control a display timing of the signal received by the at least one signal connector.06-27-2013
20100007793METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATICALLY CATEGORIZING POTENTIAL SHOT AND SCENE DETECTION INFORMATION - A method and apparatus are provided for categorizing pre-processing video information derived from video content prior to processing the video content. The apparatus includes a categorizer for identifying at least one of scenes and shots in the video content that have a likelihood of causing errors during subsequent processing based on at least the pre-processing video information. Moreover, the categorizer is for categorizing the identified scenes and shots into one or more respective categories based on at least the pre-processing video information.01-14-2010
20090190035CIRCUIT FOR PROCESSING VIDEO SIGNAL - Disclosed is a video signal processing circuit, which comprises: first and second DC level adjusting circuits, for adjusting the DC level of a video signal to generate a first adjusted video signal and a second adjusted video signal respectively; an analog to digital converter, for sampling a data signal of the video signal according to a target clock signal; a sync signal separating circuit, for separating a sync signal from the first adjusted video signal; a sync signal processor, for detecting the existence of the sync signal, and outputting a sync clock signal if the sync signal exists; a multiplexer, for outputting one of the sync clock signal or predetermined clock signal as the target clock signal according to a selecting signal; and a processor unit, for controlling the first DC level adjusting circuit, the second DC level adjusting circuit, and for generating the selecting signal.07-30-2009
20090310022IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An image processing apparatus includes a control amount calculating unit configured to calculate an equivalent electric power value using a pixel value of an input video signal, the equivalent electric power value corresponding to an amount of energy involved when an image based on the video signal is displayed on a display unit, and to calculate a control amount for controlling display luminance of the display unit so that the equivalent electric power value becomes equal to a predetermined value, and a correction processing unit configured to control the display luminance using the control amount calculated by the control amount calculating unit.12-17-2009
20110292287Systems and methods for multi-stream image processing - Systems and methods for the processing of images over bandwidth-limited transmission interfaces, such as processing of high resolution video images over standard analog video interfaces, using multi-stream and/or multi-resolution analog methodology. The disclosed systems and methods may also be implemented to provide video resolutions across standard analog video interfaces in a manner that supports digital capture and imaging techniques to obtain useful information from digitally zoomed and enhanced video.12-01-2011
20090244382Video Image Quality Control Apparatus and Method - According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a video image quality control apparatus including: a video processing module configured to adjust image quality based on a control signal; a data table holder configured to hold a data table representing information of a start time and an end time of a daytime in each area; a determination module configured to determine a current location of the apparatus based on areal setting information of a receiving channel; a specifying module configured to specify a start time and an end time of a daytime at the current location by referring to the data table based on information of the current location; and an adjusting module configured to output the control signal based on a start time and an end time of a daytime specified by the specifying module.10-01-2009
20110170006Strategies for Processing Image Information Using a Color Information Data Structure - Strategies are described for processing image information using a data structure which conveys color information. The color information describes color-related formatting applied to the image information. The data structure can be passed down a video processing pipeline, which includes a video mixing renderer module, a device driver, and a graphics module. Each functional component in the pipeline can draw color information from the data structure to improve the accuracy of its processing.07-14-2011
20080266456BROADCASTING RECEPTION DEVICE AND SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD FOR BROADCASTING RECEPTION DEVICE - According to one embodiment, a broadcasting reception device includes a tuner section which selects and outputs a television broadcasting signal, a demodulating section which demodulates the broadcasting signal from the tuner section so as to output a video signal, a display section which displays a video according to the video signal from the demodulating section on a screen, and a signal processing section which, when a determination is made that a predetermined condition is satisfied, processes the video signal and supplies it to the display section so that the video signal is displayed on the display section by dot-by-dot.10-30-2008
20100123828DISPLAY METHOD AND APPARATUS - A display method and display apparatus are provided. The display method includes receiving a broadcast signal that contains a main image and a sub-image, setting a restriction area where motion estimation is restricted in the sub-image, performing motion estimation in areas corresponding to the broadcast signal other than the set restriction area, and displaying the broadcast signal obtained after the motion estimation is performed.05-20-2010
20120033136FILM-ORIGINATED VIDEO REGION DETECTION METHOD - Film-originated video detection is performed on an input video signal in each of regions into which an entire screen is divided. Based on the detection result, a case where there is not film-originated video is separated from a case where film-originated video covers the entire screen. When both a film region and a non-film region are contained, film-originated video detection is performed in sub-regions into which a region which has been determined to be a film region is subdivided. Based on the detection result, it is determined whether or not all the sub-regions are film regions. The determination is repeatedly performed until it is determined that all sub-regions are film regions. If it is determined that all sub-regions are film regions, a film-originated video region is determined, and the process is ended. Thus, a film-originated video region can be accurately detected in a screen containing film-originated video and non-film-originated video.02-09-2012
20090225225VIDEO SIGNAL PROCESSING DEVICE AND VIDEO SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD - An decomposition filter includes a top-field low-frequency decomposition filter and a bottom-field low-frequency decomposition filter whose coefficient is obtained by vertically inverting the coefficient of the top-field low-frequency decomposition filter. It also includes a top-field high- frequency decomposition filter and a bottom-field high-frequency decomposition filter whose coefficient is obtained by vertically inverting the coefficient of the top-field high-frequency decomposition filter. The above-described filters are switched and used according to which an input signal is for, a top-field or a bottom-field.09-10-2009
20080316360INFORMATION SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD OF CREATING DATABASE, METHOD OF PROCESSING INFORMATION SIGNAL, AND PROGRAM FOR IMPLEMENTING METHOD OF PROCESSING INFORMATION SIGNAL - Disclosed is an information signal processing apparatus. The information signal processing apparatus includes an adjustment unit by which users each adjust an inputted information signal so that an output of the information signal has a predetermined quality, and a storage unit that stores operation information having a final adjustment value of a series of adjustments carried out by the adjustment unit, and history information relating to a sequence of changes to an adjustment value up to the final adjustment value in a storage medium in association with preference information of the user during the series of adjustments.12-25-2008
20100123829MOVING IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - A distribution ratio Rt′ of sub-frames Pt and Qt that correspond to an input frame Ft is calculated based on motion of an image in an input frame. The calculated distribution ratio Rt′ is then corrected according to a distribution ratio Rt−1 between sub-frames Pt−1 and Qt−1 corresponding to an input frame Ft−1 which is to be reproduced before the input frame Ft. A distribution ratio Rt is thus acquired.05-20-2010
20130215330METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR VIDEO AND FILM RECOMMENDATION - An artificial intelligence video analysis recommendation system and method is provided that allows video viewers to discover new videos and video producers to evaluate the potential success of a new project as well as to understand the perceptual factors beneath audience ratings. The system and method accomplish these tasks by analyzing a database of video in order to identify key similarities between different pieces of video, and then recommends pieces of video to a user depending upon their video preferences. An embodiment enables a user to evaluate a new video's similarity to videos already established as commercially valuable.08-22-2013
20110205436INFORMATION PRESENTATION DEVICE AND INFORMATION PRESENTATION METHOD - An information processing section that outputs video images with settings based on variables respectively provided to individual display sections of a plurality of display sections is included, and a video image is output to any display section from this information processing section. A setting of the video image output to the any display section is changed, and a response of a viewer at that time is obtained by a response obtaining device. Then, in accordance with the response information of the viewer obtained by this response obtaining device, a display section in which a setting of the video image is to be changed and the setting of the video image are determined by a stimulus response estimation section, and information of the display section in which the setting of the video image is to be changed and a variable based on the setting of the video image are output to the information processing section.08-25-2011
20090167947VIDEO DATA PROCESSOR AND DATA BUS MANAGEMENT METHOD THEREOF - In a video data processor, the control unit cyclically defines a plurality of slots to the data bus, sets band width of each slot to be band width capable of transmitting the video data without missing frames, and assigns the video data to the slots. Only the video data of slots assigned by a bus arbiter may be received transmission permission in a round-robin system, then, the video data of the slots is transmitted to the data bus. Thereby, the band of the data bus may be efficiently used without affecting on transmission of video data of which the transmission speed should be kept constant.07-02-2009
20090161015Display device, video signal correction device, and video signal correction method - Disclosed herein is a display device including: a display unit configured to carry out video displaying on a display panel based on a supplied video signal; and a video signal correcting unit configured to output a corrected video signal value obtained through arithmetic operation including division operation in response to an input video signal value, as correction processing suited to a characteristic of the display panel for a video signal to be supplied to the display unit, wherein the video signal correcting unit includes a memory table block having a plurality of reference tables, and a correction operation block that calculates a corrected video signal value through arithmetic operation including all or a part of addition, subtraction, and multiplication by using an input video signal value and the operation result values read out from reference tables dependent upon the input video signal value in the memory table block.06-25-2009
20090051814INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - Disclosed herein is an information processing device including: a memory configured to store at least one change point interval of video data on a data-by-data basis; a calculator configured to calculate at least one change point interval from input video data; a detector configured to detect change point intervals that match each other, one of the detected change point intervals arising from storage in the memory, the other of the detected change point intervals arising from calculation by the calculator; and a determiner configured to compare change point intervals with each other that are each included in a predetermined range from a respective one of the change point intervals detected by the detector, to determine whether or not the input video data matches video data corresponding to a change point interval stored in the memory.02-26-2009
20100238350Deriving Video Signatures That Are Insensitive to Picture Modification and Frame-Rate Conversion - A signature that can be used to identify video content in a series of video frames is generated by first calculating the average and variance of picture elements in a low-resolution composite image that represents a temporal and spatial composite of the video content in the series of frames. The signature is generated by applying a hash function to values derived from the average and variance composite representations. The video content of a signal can be represented by a set of signatures that are generated for multiple series of frames within the signal. A set of signatures can provide reliable identifications despite intentional and unintentional modifications to the content.09-23-2010
20110058104VIDEO SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS AND VIDEO SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD - A video signal processing apparatus includes: a video converter configured to generate video data by sampling a video signal with a predetermined resolution inputted from the outside at an arbitrary sampling frequency and capable of processings of scaling and filtering in a horizontal and a vertical direction to the generated video data, and performing the processing by receiving control; and a controller configured to control, when the input of the predetermined video display mode is received by the receiver, the sampling frequency to make the number of display pixels in the horizontal direction of the video data be close to the number of pixels of a display panel.03-10-2011
20100253845IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS - An image processing method prepares image data having luminance information (Y) and chrominance information (UN) including first chrominance information (U) being information of a color difference between a blue component and luminance and second chrominance information (V) being information of a color difference between a red component and the luminance. The method then outputs the luminance information and the chrominance information in the image data forming a first frame as data forming the first frame, and further outputs the luminance information in the image data forming a second frame subsequent to the first frame and the chrominance information in the image data forming the first frame as data forming the second frame.10-07-2010
20100079673Video processing apparatus and method thereof - A video processing apparatus according to the invention detects telops displayed in an entered video, selects specific telops which satisfy arbitrary conditions from among the telops, acquires a plurality of specific telops within an arbitrary time range as one group from among the plurality of specific telops, coordinates two of the specific telops from the group, and extracts a specific segment interposed between the two of the specific telops.04-01-2010
20080316359DETECTION AND INTERPOLATION OF STILL OBJECTS IN A VIDEO SEQUENCE - The present disclosure provides systems and methods for detecting and interpolating still pixels. In certain embodiments, the systems and methods establish a still pixel level for each still pixel, and using that still pixel level, provide an interpolation procedure for determining the pixel value of a selected pixel at a frame a distance α from frame F(t−1). Disclosed embodiments are capable of providing motion compensated interpolation results for a wide variety of circumstances, including cases where the endpoints of the motion vector of a selected pixel to be interpolated vary between substantially still and not still, as well as cases where mixtures of temporal and motion compensation interpolations are necessary.12-25-2008
20090322949VIDEO SIGNAL PROCESSOR AND VIDEO SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD - According to one embodiment, a video signal processor includes an input module which receives a second video signal including control information for performing various specification about acquisition and display of a first video signal, an obtaining module which obtains the first video signal based on the specification of the control information detected from the second video signal and performs the processing about the display, and a processing module which superimposes the first video signal on the second video signal to display the both on the same screen at the same time.12-31-2009
20110025917VIDEO PROCESSING DEVICE - A video processing device includes a sprite rendering processor in connection with a display buffer (e.g. line buffers) and an alpha table. The sprite rendering processor alternately performs first rendering based on sprite attribute data and second rendering based on alpha attribute data. The first rendering is performed via alpha blending on video data of sprites, rendering-destination video data of the display buffer, and rendering-destination alpha data of the alpha buffer which are produced via the second rendering with the alpha buffer, thus producing resultant video data, which is written over rendering-destination video data in the display buffer. One type of sprite is connected with at least one alpha table which describes alpha data ranging from perfect transparency and perfect non-transparency and which is optimized to demonstrate an anti-aliasing effect on the boundary of a colored region of each sprite on the screen of a visual display.02-03-2011
20100171879System for Identifying Motion Video/Audio Content - A system for identifying motion video/audio content by means of comparing a video A to a registered video B so as to determine if they are originally the same as each other, wherein said system at least comprises a fingerprint extractor A for fingerprint A from the video A; a fingerprint database for the registered video B; and a matcher which is adapted to search from the fingerprint database for the registered fingerprint B of the video B by means of comparison of fingerprint A with a shifting window of a possible fingerprint B, so as to determine that the video A is visually identical to the video B if a match is found. According to the present invention, the method for extracting a fingerprint data from video/audio signals facilitates the automatic identification, archiving and search of video content, and can be of archiving without the need for human visual inspections.07-08-2010
20090033795IMAGE SIGNAL GENERATING APPARATUS, IMAGE SIGNAL GENERATING METHOD, AND IMAGE SIGNAL GENERATING PROGRAM - Disclosed is an image signal generating apparatus that includes a video information obtaining unit that obtains a plurality of video information, a characteristic information obtaining unit that obtains a plurality of predetermined characteristic information from each of the plurality of video information obtained by the video information obtaining unit, and a sorting unit that changes an order of displaying the plurality of the video information based on each of the plurality of characteristic information obtained from the characteristic information obtaining unit. The image signal generating apparatus further includes a display image signal generating unit that generates a video signal to display the plurality of video information based on information obtained, as a result of changing the order of displaying the plurality of the video information, from the sorting unit.02-05-2009
20110075033IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An image processing apparatus and image processing method are provided. The image processing apparatus includes a video processor which processes and displays an image; a receiver which receives a key signal of a color; and a controller which controls the video processor to display contents corresponding to the color when receiving the key signal of the color.03-31-2011
20090219441INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes: a decoder configured to decode video data to generate a video signal; an adjusting unit configured to execute an adjustment processing on the video signal; an input-output terminal configured to output to an external apparatus the video signal subjected to the adjustment processing by the adjusting unit and to receive identifying information from the external apparatus; and a switching unit configured to select the adjustment processing according to the identifying information.09-03-2009
20090322948WIRELESS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM FOR WIRELESSLY TRANSMITTING SETTING INFORMATION OF DISPLAY UNIT - In a wireless communication system including a source device for wirelessly transmitting a video signal, and a sink device for receiving the wirelessly transmitted video signal and displaying the received video signal on a display, the sink device reads out EDID information from a ROM and wirelessly transmits a wireless data signal including the EDID information to the source device. The source device wirelessly receives the wire less data signal including the EDID information and wirelessly transmitted from the sink device, and wirelessly transmits the video signal to the sink device based on the EDID information.12-31-2009
20100007794Video Data Processing Circuits And Systems Comprising Programmable Blocks Or Components - The invention refers to a video data processing system and a video data processing circuit, comprising at least two functional blocks of which at least a first functional block is programmable so that different functions can be provided by said first functional block.01-14-2010
20100188580DETECTION OF SIMILAR VIDEO SEGMENTS - A method and apparatus for processing a first sequence of images and a second sequence of images to compare the first and second sequences is disclosed. Each image of the first sequence and each image of the second sequence is processed by: (i) processing the image data for each of a plurality of pixel neighbourhoods in the image to generate at least one respective descriptor element for each of the pixel neighbourhoods; and (ii) forming an overall image descriptor from the descriptor elements. Each image in the first sequence is compared with each image in the second sequence by calculating a distance between the respective overall image descriptors of the images being compared. The distances are arranged in a matrix, and the matrix is processed to identify similar images.07-29-2010
20090153737METHOD, APPARATUS AND MACHINE-READABLE MEDIUM FOR APPORTIONING VIDEO PROCESSING BETWEEN A VIDEO SOURCE DEVICE AND A VIDEO SINK DEVICE - To apportion desired video processing between a video source device and a video sink device, at one of the devices, and based upon an indication of video processing algorithms of which the other device is capable and an indication of video processing algorithms of which the one device is capable, a set of video processing algorithms for achieving desired video processing is identified. The identified set of video processing algorithms is classified into a first subset of algorithms for performance by the other device and a second subset of algorithms for performance by the one device. At least one command for causing the other device to effect the first subset of video processing algorithms is sent. The one device may be configured to effect the second subset of algorithms.06-18-2009
20110069232DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DRIVING DISPLAY PANEL - An apparatus for driving a display panel includes: a time variant signal (TVS) generator configured to generate a time variant signal group; a common pulse signal generator configured to generate a plurality of pulse signals; a selector configured to receive the time variant signal, the plurality of the pulse signals, and video data and select a grayscale voltage corresponding to the video data; and a buffer configured to buffer and transfer an output of the selector. Herein, the selector and the buffer are provided to each of a plurality of channels, and the time variant signal and the plurality of the pulse signals are inputted in common to the selector of each channel.03-24-2011
20110043699SPATIO-ACTIVITY BASED MODE MATCHING - Disclosed is a method (02-24-2011
20100002142SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VIDEO-PROCESSING ALGORITHM IMPROVEMENT - A method for improving a video-processing algorithm (01-07-2010
20080252786Systems and methods for creating displays - Systems and a methods for providing interactive interpretation of a data stream having a temporal element. Specifically, the ability to interpret an input stream to provide a different video output whereby the input is modified by a second temporal stream so as to provide for an interpreted output which is time dependent.10-16-2008
20110164184DISPLAY DRIVING ARCHITECTURES - A display driving architecture that can include two graphics pipelines with an optional connection between them to provide a mirrored mode. In one embodiment, one of the two pipelines can be automatically configured (e.g. routed in one of a plurality of ways, such as routing to do color conversion) based upon the type of cable that is coupled to a connector of the one pipeline. In another embodiment, a connection of a cable can cause display information (e.g. resolutions of an external display) to be provided to an application which can select a display mode while one of the graphics pipelines is kept in a low power state.07-07-2011
20110199540Computer Readable Medium and Computerized Method of Determining Whether Portions of a Video Are Part of a Continuous Video Segment - A computerized method is used to determine whether portions of a video are part of a continuous video segment. The method includes identifying a time code break in a plurality of time codes of a video by having a computing device examine the plurality of time codes of the video. The method also includes determining whether a first portion of the video located before the time code break and a second portion of the video located after the time code break are part of a continuous video segment by having a computing device examine the expected time code of the first frame of the second portion of the video and a location of the second portion of the video with respect to a location of the first portion of the video. A computer readable medium stores a set of computer executable instructions for performing the method.08-18-2011
20100157158SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUSES CAPABLE OF PROCESSING INITIALLY REPRODUCED PACKETS PRIOR TO BUFFERING THE INITIALLY REPRODUCED PACKETS - A signal processing apparatus includes a first signal processing block and a second signal processing block. The first signal processing block is utilized for processing an input signal to generate a first target processing result, including a plurality of packets initially reproduced from the input signal, to an output port of the first signal processing circuit, where each of the packets contains a corresponding packet identifier (PID). The second signal processing block has an input port coupled to the output port of the first signal processing circuit, and is utilized for processing the first target processing result according to PIDs of the packets and accordingly generating a second target processing result. There is no buffer coupled between the output port of the first signal processing circuit and the input port of the second signal processing circuit.06-24-2010
20110149161VIDEO PRESENTING NETWORK CONFIGURATION SOLUTION SPACE TRAVERSAL - Resources of a video presenting network having plural outputs can be configured. A provisional configuration can be supported. Configuration of inputs can be performed separately from configuration of outputs. Interdependencies between network resources can be considered to restrict provided options to those co-functional with a provisional configuration. Responsibility for considering interdependencies can be delegated to a video driver, such as a video miniport. A client can use a variety of approaches to find a desired configuration. The desired configuration can be treated as a solution to an NP-Complete graph problem.06-23-2011
20090251610VERTICAL BLANKING INTERVAL SLICER AND RELATED METHOD - A vertical blanking interval slicer includes: an analog-to-digital conversion unit for performing analog-to-digital conversion on original video data in the vertical blanking interval to generate a digital video data; a mode setting unit for setting a data rate according to the original video data in the vertical blanking interval; a digital phase lock loop unit, coupled to the analog-to-digital conversion unit and the mode setting unit, for generating a target clock according to the data rate; a sampler, coupled to the analog-to-digital conversion unit and the digital phase lock loop unit, for sampling the digital video data to generate a target video data of the original video data in the vertical blanking interval; an equalizer, coupled to the sampler and the digital phase lock loop unit, for equalizing the target video data to generate an adjusted target video data.10-08-2009
20120307153VIDEO PROCESSING DEVICE AND VIDEO PROCESSING METHOD - A video processing device generates a second video signal from a first video signal. The first video signal includes an image having a mix of pixels for viewpoints that are different from each other. The second video signal is higher in frame rate than the first video signal. The video processing device includes: a viewpoint control unit obtaining, for each of the viewpoints from the first video signal, pixel data for the viewpoint; and an image generating unit generating an interpolated image by generating, for each of viewpoints from the pixel data obtained by the viewpoint control unit, pixel data for interpolation for the viewpoint.12-06-2012
20090190036VIDEO PROCESSING SYSTEM PROVIDING INTERLACED VIDEO FIELD INVERSION DETECTION FEATURES AND RELATED METHODS - A video processing system may include an input for receiving interlaced video data arranged in successive frames each including odd and even fields. A processor may be coupled to the input for determining an improper inversion of the odd and even fields based upon a pair(s) of successive first and second frames each including successive first and second fields. The processor may generate a first difference value(s) based upon a comparison between the first field in the first frame and the second field in the second frame, and a second difference value(s) based upon a comparison between a second field in the first frame and the first field in the second frame. The processor may determine an improper inversion of the odd and even fields based upon a comparison of the first difference value(s) and the second difference value(s) for the pair(s) of successive first and second frames.07-30-2009
20120044420METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR KEY AWARE SCALING - A video processing device may process video input comprising a plurality of streams, wherein images corresponding to at least some of the plurality of streams may be displayed concurrently. The video processing device may determine, prior to processing of a pixel in one of the plurality of streams whether the pixel comprises one or more keyed video parameters; and if the pixel comprises at least one keyed parameter, one or more other pixels may be selected, and a video parameter corresponding to the at least one keyed video parameter of the pixel may be generated based on the selected one or more other pixels. The generated video parameter may then be utilized instead of the at least one keyed video parameter during the processing of the pixel. This may comprise luma and/or chroma based scaling. Outputs of the processing of the pixel may be post-processed, by clamping at least one of the video parameters.02-23-2012
20110043698DISPLAY PANEL, DISPLAY AND IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - An electric resistor element is provided outside of the image region. The electric resistor element and a potential regulating element are connected outside of the image region. A part of a surface of a front substrate other than a surface thereof opposite to the rear substrate and a part of a surface of a rear substrate other than a surface thereof opposite to the front substrate are connected by a high thermal conducting member. The electric resistor element is disposed between the part of the surface of the front substrate, which is connected to the part of the surface of the rear substrate by the high thermal conducting member, and the part of the surface of the rear substrate, which is connected to the part of the surface of the front substrate by the high thermal conducting member.02-24-2011
20120206653Efficient Media Processing - Some embodiments provide a media-editing application. The application includes several image processing destinations for performing operations on video images. The application includes a scheduling engine for scheduling disk read, decode, and graphics processing operations to perform on images to prepare the images for the several destinations. The scheduling engine includes a first set of instructions for scheduling images based on a speed at which a particular one of the several destinations processes the images when none of the destinations require images in real-time. The scheduling engine includes a second set of instructions for scheduling images based on a real-time clock when at least one of the several destinations requires images in real-time.08-16-2012
20120127367METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING TEMPORAL IMAGE PROCESSING USING MULTI-STREAM FIELD INFORMATION - An apparatus and method provides temporal image processing by producing, for output on a single link such as a single cable or wireless interface, packet based multi-steam information wherein one stream provides at least frame N information for temporal imaging processing and a second stream that provides frame N−1 information for the same display, such as a current frame and a previous frame or a current frame and next frame. The method and apparatus also outputs the packet based multi-stream information and sends it for the same display for use by the same display so that the receiving display may perform temporal image processing using the multi-stream multi-frame information sent with a single link.05-24-2012
20100208139METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING A COMPOSITE VIDEO IMAGE - There are provided methods and systems for processing a composite video image. The composite video image may be a combination of an image and at least one encoded screen capture at a communications apparatus either by a user or in accordance to pre-determined settings for the user's consumption and transmission to a network. Transmission to a network may be simultaneous during the user's consumption. It is advantageous that encoding of the at least one screen capture is independent of at least one application running on the at least one secondary device. It is possible that the at least one screen capture may or may not have audio signals.08-19-2010
20120327302DEVICE FOR RECEIVING OF HIGH-DEFINITION VIDEO SIGNAL WITH LOW-LATENCY TRANSMISSION OVER AN ASYNCHRONOUS PACKET NETWORK - A device based on the proposed solution allows high-definition video transmissions with low latency over an asynchronous packet computer network such as Ethernet. The transmitter and receiver comprise a video input or output module, an FPGA board, and an optical transceiver for transmission and reception of a signal over the Ethernet network. The principle of the new device is that the receiver comprises one or more tunable oscillators connected to the FPGA board comprising a module for packet reception, and one or more sets of modules for video data processing.12-27-2012
20130016284HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGE RECONSTRUCTION VIA A COMPRESSED SENSING FRAMEWORKAANM MESTHA; Lalit KeshavAACI FairportAAST NYAACO USAAGP MESTHA; Lalit Keshav Fairport NY USAANM GIL; Alvaro EnriqueAACI RochesterAAST NYAACO USAAGP GIL; Alvaro Enrique Rochester NY US - What is disclosed is a system and method for image reconstruction using a compressed sensing framework to increase the number of wavelength bands in hyperspectral video systems. The present method utilizes a restricted representation matrix and sampling matrix to reconstruct bands to a very large number without losing information content. Reference multi-band image vectors are created and those vectors are processed in a block-wise form to obtain custom orthonormal representation matrices. A sampling matrix is also constructed offline in the factory. The compressed sensing protocol is applied using a l01-17-2013
20120242902VIDEO SIGNAL TRANSMITTING APPARATUS AND VIDEO SIGNAL RECEIVING APPARATUS - An interface is realized that can prevent video signals from being copied easily and which uses a luminance/color difference signal transmission scheme with an excellent harmony with a television circuit. In a video transmission using a digital interface, colorimetry information for defining the conversion from the luminance/color difference signal into a primary color signal and video aspect ratio information are transmitted along with the luminance/color difference type video signal. This allows reproduction of video with high quality and high resolution and also realizes a copyright protection which allows only the users authorized by key information to use the content of the video. With this transmission scheme, it is possible to provide a transmitting apparatus, a receiving apparatus and an interface which highly harmonize with a rationalized television-based circuit.09-27-2012
20080225173SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS - A signal processing apparatus capable of efficiently processing bitstream in a small circuit scale includes an input buffer in which a bitstream is stored, a first processor which generates a program for processing a signal B corresponding to a signal A by taking out the signal A from the bitstream stored in the input buffer and by using at least one related signal included in the signal A, the related signal being related to the signal B; and a second processor which acquires the program generated by the first processor and executes the acquired program to process the signal B corresponding to the signal A.09-18-2008
20130100350METHOD FOR MEASURING VIDEO QUALITY USING A REFERENCE, AND APPARATUS FOR MEASURING VIDEO QUALITY USING A REFERENCE - The purpose of an objective video quality evaluation is to automatically assess the quality of video sequences in agreement with human quality perception. The invention addresses the effects of the introduction of a temporal dimension by focusing on the temporal evolutions of spatial distortions, since it has been found that a spatial quality variation cannot be evaluated by simple subtraction of the spatial quality of neighbouring frames. An improved method for estimating perceived video quality comprises steps of calculating a first similarity map between adjacent frames of a current sequence, calculating a second similarity map between the corresponding reference frames, and calculating (smg04-25-2013
20080198267Interlaced image processing method and apparatus - In an interlaced image processing method for processing fields generated by interlacing and including a plurality of rows of scan signals, the method includes: performing horizontal line detection on a current field so as to determine which of the rows of the scan signals is a horizontal line; according to the horizontal line detection result of the current field and a horizontal line detection result of a previous field, adjusting position of the horizontal line in the current field so as to approach position of a corresponding horizontal line in the previous field; and according to the result of position adjustment, re-sampling the current field. An interlaced image processing apparatus for implementing the method is also disclosed.08-21-2008
20120274854VIDEO SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS PERFORMING GAMMA CORRECTION BY CUBIC INTERPOLATION COMPUTATION, AND METHOD THEREOF - A video signal processing apparatus (and method) includes a section determination unit which detects a non-equidistant section having different intervals between a plurality of sample points set for a range from a minimum signal level to a maximum signal level of a video signal to be inputted,11-01-2012
20130155327Method to Process Image Sequences with Sub-Pixel Displacements - A method for reducing or removing sub-pixel displacements between images in a sequence of images is disclosed. In the first step, a set of images is acquired using a camera system. In the second step, pairwise distances are computed between every pair of images of the set of images. In the third step, the pairwise distances having the smallest values are identified. In the fourth step, “lucky” image pairs are selected from the image pairs having the smallest displacement. These “lucky” image pairs will have a substantially reduced sub-pixel jitter. In an alternative embodiment, after performing the first step and before performing the second step, the set of images are processed to remove whole pixel displacements between the images in the set of images.06-20-2013
20120019723Obtaining a Desired Non-Zero Phase Shift Using Forward-Backward Filtering - Forward and backward filters in cascade establish a specified phase shift in audio or video signals. The backward filter applies its filtering in a backward direction to impart a phase shift to its backward-filtered output that is a function of frequency. The forward filter applies its filtering in a forward direction to impart a phase shift to its forward-filtered output that has the specified phase shift relative the phase shift of the backward filter. Preferably, the two filters are recursive and are applied to signals that represent overlapping segments of the audio or video information. The overlap interval is used for filter initialization.01-26-2012