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Simultaneously and on same screen (e.g., multiscreen)

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348 - Television


348563000 - For display of additional information

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348565000 Picture in picture 77
20090195695VIDEO OUTPUT APPARATUS, DISPLAY SYSTEM, AND VIDEO OUTPUT METHOD FOR OUTPUTTING VIDEO SIGNAL TO DISPLAY APPARATUS - A video output apparatus includes an attribute information acquisition unit that acquires attribute information of a display apparatus through a communication unit, a determination unit that determines whether to superimpose additional information on a video signal based on the attribute information of the display apparatus acquired by the attribute information acquisition unit, an output unit that superimposes the additional information extracted by an additional information extraction unit on the video signal output from a video decoding unit and outputs the additional information superimposed on the video signal to the communication unit if the determination unit determines to superimpose the additional information on the video signal, and outputs the video signal output from the video decoding unit to the communication unit without superimposing the additional information on the video signal if the determination unit determines not to superimpose the additional information on the video signal.08-06-2009
20130083242GALLERY VIDEO PLAYER SUPPORTS HDMI OUT - Methods and devices for selectively presenting a user interface in a dual screen device. More particularly, the method includes providing a gallery for the dual screen device. The gallery can present one or more images in a user interface. The gallery user interface can adapt to changes in the device configuration. Further, the gallery can display images or videos in the various configurations.04-04-2013
20100073565IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CHANNEL INFORMATION DISPLAY METHOD THEREOF - An image display apparatus and a channel information display method thereof are discussed. According to an embodiment, the method includes displaying an image from a selected channel on at least one region of a screen; sequentially receiving, by a tuner, images from a plurality of channels; storing the received images in a storage unit; and displaying the stored images from the plurality of channels simultaneously on at least multiple regions of the screen in response to a channel information function.03-25-2010
20130033645Multi-Tasking Portable Computing Device for Video Content Viewing - A system and apparatus for modifying content displayed by a portable computing device responsive to an orientation associated with the portable computing device. When in a first orientation, the portable computing device displays video content in a single window of a display device. In one embodiment, the single window fully occupies the display device. Responsive to determining the portable computing device is in a second orientation, a first window and a second window are generated. Video content is displayed in the first window and data associated with an application is concurrently displayed in the second window. For example, the first window occupies a first percentage of the display device and the second window occupies a second percentage of the display device, allowing concurrent viewing of the video content and the data associated with the application.02-07-2013
20120182479ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND FACE IMAGE DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD OF THE ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus displays face images in each column of a plurality of face image display areas arranged in a matrix based on time stamp information, and displays thumbnail images in time-series in a thumbnail display area arranged at one side of a lower side or an upper side in the two dimensional display area. The apparatus displays one of the thumbnail images with a normal size and displays the others such that the lateral direction sizes are reduced in comparison with that of the thumbnail displayed in the normal size. And, the apparatus performs display control of the plurality of thumbnail images such that a thumbnail image corresponding to a section to which a selected face image belongs is displayed with the normal size, when the face image in the two dimensional display area is selected.07-19-2012
20130208187DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER BROADCAST OVERLAYS - A secondary media stream is displayed within a primary media stream. In response to receiving a first user selection of two media streams for simultaneous viewing on a display device, a second user selection of a primary media stream and a secondary media stream from the two media streams selected for simultaneous viewing is received. A set of inset definitions is extracted from metadata in the secondary media stream. A third user selection of an inset definition from the set of inset definitions is received. A user input is received to display the primary media stream to accommodate a size of the inset definition selected. The primary media stream is displayed to create an inset area for displaying the secondary media stream within the primary media stream based on the user input. The secondary media stream is displayed within the inset area of the displayed primary media stream for user viewing.08-15-2013
20110013087Play Sequence Visualization and Analysis - A method for visualizing plays in a sporting event may include receiving a video stream of the sporting event and a measurement stream, asynchronous to the video stream, associated with objects in the sporting event. The method may further include displaying a synchronized presentation of the video stream and the measurement stream. The synchronization may be performed near the time of the displaying. Another method for visualizing plays in a sporting event may include receiving measurement information related to actions from one or more sporting events. The method may also include identifying plays from the actions using the measurement information and displaying a representation of the identified plays. A system for visualizing plays in a sporting event may include an integrated server and a synchronization mechanism. Another method for visualizing plays in a sporting event may include displaying a video of a play selected from a representation.01-20-2011
20090237562IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An image processing apparatus includes: a generation unit configured to generate image signals for displaying a plurality of screens on one display surface; an operation signal acquisition unit configured to acquire an operation signal from a user; and a control unit configured to scale a focused one of the plurality of screens, when the operation signal common to the plurality of screens to scale the screen is acquired from the user.09-24-2009
20080297658Display - This display includes a display portion, a receiving sensitivity detection portion and a control portion so formed as to control the display portion to display an image received from a channel and displayable on the display portion while displaying a set screen enabling the user to select whether or not to display the image currently displayed on the display portion on the basis of receiving sensitivity.12-04-2008
20090109337VIDEO DISPLAY APPARATUS AND VIDEO DISPLAY METHOD - A video display apparatus which can display only an arbitrary area of a Web page in an arbitrary size and at an arbitrary position on a main image. The video display apparatus which forms a single synthesis video image by synthesizing different video images has: Web page obtaining means for obtaining the Web page through a network; data converting means for converting the Web page into image data; extracting means for extracting a designated area from the Web page converted into the image data; display size setting means for setting a Web page image of the designated area to a designated display size; and display position setting means for setting a display position of the Web page image of the designated area, wherein a video signal synthesizing means forms a synthesized video signal on the basis of the designated display size setting and the display position.04-30-2009
20090190034DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS AND DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD - A display control apparatus displays a plurality of video images on one screen based on a plurality of pieces of content data. The display control apparatus has a selection unit configured to select the plurality of pieces of content data to display the plurality of video images. The display control apparatus also has an adjustment unit configured to adjust a timing of display of the plurality of video images based on information included in the plurality of pieces of content data.07-30-2009
20090147138Multi-View Display System and Method with Synchronized Views - System and method for operating a multi-view display system. An embodiment method includes receiving an image frame comprising a first portion and a second portion; displaying a first image on a display panel during a first display period, wherein the first image includes the first portion of the image frame, and wherein the second portion of the image frame is masked in the first image; and after displaying the first image, displaying a second image on the display panel during a second display period. The first image includes the second portion of the image frame, and the first portion of the image frame is masked in the second image. The first portion and the second portion of the image frame are displayed in different areas of the display panel.06-11-2009
20090310020ENHANCED "TICKER" APPLICATION12-17-2009
20110285908O/S APPLICATION BASED MULTIPLE DEVICE ACCESS WINDOWING DISPLAY - A system and method for providing access to a video display for multiple devices. Various aspects of the present invention may comprise receiving, at a video display system, a first video data signal through a first data communication interface and a second video data signal through a second data communication interface. A processor module may process the first and second video data signals to generate video information of first and second display windows in a composite display. For example, the processor module may transform and translate video information to fit display windows. The processor module may, for example, generate an output video signal comprising information of the first window and information of the second window. Such a signal may, for example, be utilized to drive an output display showing the first and second windows. Various aspects may also provide method steps and apparatus for controlling aspects of the displayed windows.11-24-2011
20110292285Image Receiving Apparatus and Liquid Crystal Television Set - This image receiving apparatus includes a communication portion capable of receiving content through a network, and a control portion controlling a menu display region on which a menu of the content is displayed and a content display region on which information of the content is displayed independently from each other and controlling a display portion to display the menu display region and the content display region.12-01-2011
20100091191DIGITAL TELEVISION AND CHANNEL EDITING METHOD THEREOF - A display device and method for displaying images are discussed. According to an embodiment, the display device includes at least one first tuner configured to tune to a plurality of different broadcast channels; a display screen configured to display a multi-window including a plurality of sub-windows, each of the plurality of sub-windows configured to display images from a different one of the plurality of broadcast channels; an input unit configured to receive a user's input for editing a channel list including the plurality of broadcast channels; and a controller configured to control the at least one first tuner, the input unit and the display screen.04-15-2010
20100002138METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SPLITTING A DISPLAY ZONE OF A SCREEN, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - A system for splitting a display zone of a screen is installed in an electronic device having a screen, and includes a detecting module for detecting screen pixels. A splitting processor receives a splitting instruction containing a splitting number n, and splits the display zone into a main display region and a number (n-i) of extension display regions. A total number of width pixels of adjacent ones of the main and extension display regions from left to right of the display zone equals the number of width pixels of the screen. A total number of height pixels of adjacent ones of the main and extension display regions from top to bottom of the display zone equals the number of height pixels of the screen. A display module displays two or more operating interfaces, files, and/or pages of at least one application in the main and extension display regions, respectively.01-07-2010
20090268093Video Display System for a Motor Vehicle - A video display system for a motor vehicle is disclosed. The video display system includes a display screen configured for single display mode and dual display mode. The display screen further includes a left image portion and a right image portion associated with a left external input port and a right external input port, respectively.10-29-2009
20090147139Video Synthesizing Apparatus and Program - The invention provides data for display on the display area for a child frame when the child frame is synthesized and displayed on the parent frame in picture-in-picture playback in order to give the displayed area of the child frame in conformity with the video content in the parent frame, as well as providing a video display apparatus etc. for displaying the child frame at an appropriate displayed position using the data for display. A video display apparatus 06-11-2009
20100118195REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE AND OPERATING METHOD THEREOF, AND IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS CONTROLLED BY REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE - A remote control device capable of being separated into two or more parts is provided. The remote control device includes a first remote controller, and a second remote controller which is capable of being connected to or separated from the first remote controller. If the first remote controller and the second remote controller are connected, the first remote controller and the second remote controller may function as a single unit, or if not, the first remote controller and the second remote controller may function as individual units.05-13-2010
20100128180VIDEO DISPLAY DEVICE, VIDEO DISPLAY SYSTEM, AND VIDEO DISPLAY METHOD - A video display device including: 05-27-2010
20090310021INFORMATION PRESENTING DEVICE AND INFORMATION PRESENTING METHOD - An information presenting device includes: a first image generating unit configured to extract, from video data input by way of an input unit, a portion of the video data, and generate multiple main images; a second image generating unit configured to generate multiple sub-images from information correlated to the video data; and an image output unit configured to generate a display image, wherein the plurality of main images are placed in time sequence, and each of the plurality of sub-images are displayed in time sequence corresponding to the main images.12-17-2009
20100079670MULTI-VIEW CONTENT CASTING SYSTEMS AND METHODS - In an exemplary method, a plurality of video feeds carrying data representative of a plurality of event views is transformed into at least one video signal. The at least one video signal is distributed over at least one television carrier channel associated with a television programming channel and is received and processed by a receiver, including selectively providing one of the event views for display. In certain embodiments, user input is received with the receiver and different ones of the events views are toggled between for display in association with the television programming channel and in response to the user input. In certain embodiments, the event views include a plurality of player views associated with a multiplayer video game session.04-01-2010
20100091190DISPLAY CONTROL DEVICE AND DISPLAY DEVICE - Provided is a display control device and a display device that are capable of preventing degradation of image quality caused by video dot crawling when the display device provides for different displays corresponding to a plurality of viewing directions and is set to display the same video signals when viewed from the viewing directions. A display control device 04-15-2010
20090278986CLOSED CAPTION PRODUCTION DEVICE, CLOSED CAPTION PRODUCTION METHOD AND CLOSED CAPTION PRODUCTION PROGRAM - In a closed caption production device, video recognition processing of an input video signal is performed by a video recognizer. This causes a working object in video to be recognized. In addition, a sound recognizer performs sound recognition processing of an input sound signal. This causes a position of a sound source to be estimated. A controller performs linking processing by comparing information of the working object recognized by the video recognition processing with positional information of the sound source estimated by the sound recognition processing. This causes a position of a closed caption produced based on the sound signal to be set in the vicinity of the working object in the video.11-12-2009
20090201423DISPLAY DEVICE, DISPLAY METHOD, SUPPLY DEVICE, SUPPLY METHOD, STORAGE MEDIUM, AND CONTROL SYSTEM - A display device includes a display section configured to perform display and provided with a display screen; communicating sections configured to perform communication to receive pieces of content data from supply devices, respectively; and a controller configured to cause the received pieces of content data to be simultaneously displayed on corresponding divided areas of the display screen and to control the communicating sections to transmit, to the supply devices. The notification indicates that the pieces of content data are simultaneously displayed on the corresponding areas.08-13-2009
20080278628CONTENT DISPLAY DEVICE, CONTENT DISPLAY METHOD, CONTENT DISPLAY SYSTEM, CONTENT DISPLAY PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - In a television, a single screen is split into a plurality of split-screens, and content displayed is different for each of the split-screens. In the television, the content selecting section selects content assigned in advance with each of the split-screens. A display section displays the content thus selected, on a corresponding one of the split-screens in a display. For example, a first split-screen displays a television program while a second split-screen displays a web page containing information on the television program. When a screen mode (pattern of split-screen) is changed, content corresponding to the screen modes is selected again and displayed. By the foregoing way, the content is displayed in a state suitable for respective split-screens.11-13-2008
20090284657Methods, Systems, and Products for Displaying Objects - Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for displaying objects. A software application is associated to a profile storing display characteristics for the software application. A video display screen is segmented into segments. A video object produced by the software application is mapped to a segment in the video display screen that corresponds to the profile.11-19-2009
20110199539METHOD FOR PROVIDING PERSONALIZED INFORMATION AND PUBLIC INFORMATION - A method for providing information in a content providing system is provided, which includes generating public information and personalized information regarding content, identifying a first display apparatus corresponding to the public information, identifying a second display apparatus corresponding to the personalized information, transmitting the public information the first display apparatus, and transmitting the personalized information to the second display apparatus.08-18-2011
20100277646DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD OF THE SAME - Provided are a display apparatus and a control method of the same. The display apparatus includes a signal separator which separates an audio signal and a video signal from at least one contents; an audio unit which processes and outputs the audio signal; a video unit which processes and outputs the video signal; a sensor which senses at least one viewing group viewing the video signal output by the video unit; and a controller which controls the audio unit to output the audio signal toward the sensed viewing group.11-04-2010
20120092556TV SET AND TV PROGRAM PROCESSING METHOD THEREOF - A TV set and a TV program processing method thereof are provided in the present disclosure. The TV set includes a control code receiving unit for receiving a control code and a TV program multiple-picture displaying unit for displaying TV program multiple-pictures according to the received control code. The TV program processing method includes the following steps: receiving a control code by a TV set, wherein the control code comprises an instruction of displaying current TV programs in a multiple-picture format; and displaying the current TV programs in the multiple-picture format according to the control code received. The TV set and the TV program processing method thereof of the present disclosure allow for displaying three or more TV programs on a same TV screen simultaneously, and also allow for displaying TV programs according to classifications of contents thereof, making it convenient to watch and use the TV set.04-19-2012
20100141840Method and Apparatus for Combining Media From Multiple Sources for Display and Viewer Interaction - Methods and apparatus are provided for combining media from multiple sources for display and viewer interaction The disclosed Multi-Media Overlay System provides a mechanism and a process for consumers to combine media from various sources to create the appearance of a single media The Multi-Media Overlay System applies “overlay content,” such as text, images, and interaction to some “primary content,” such as a DVD movie The timing, location, and presentation of the overlay content are developed with the primary content in mind. The Multi-Media Overlay System comprises a device that accepts media from various sources and allows the execution of a Primary Software Application to perform the overlay function, allows user interaction with the generated content, and displays the generated content.06-10-2010
20080316357SECURE DISPLAY METHOD AND DEVICE - A secure display device is designed to display on a screen a first set of information edited by an open operating system. A secure operating system resident in a dedicated circuit edits a second set of information. A filter allocates, independently of the open operating system, a first zone of the screen to the first set of information and a second zone of the screen to the second set of information. The zones and can have a non-zero intersection and any value. A real video memory is used for transferring the two sets of information to the screen under the sole control of the secure operating system so as to produce a secure display of the second set of information.12-25-2008
20090262243IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD AND A RECORDING MEDIUM - An image processing apparatus includes a generating unit configured to generate image signals for displaying content on each of a plurality of screens; and a synthesizing unit configured to synthesize a plurality of sound signals corresponding to the plurality of image signals to cause positions where sounds based on the plurality of sound signals are localized to vary from each other.10-22-2009
20090015716Method and System For Rendering Content From Two Programs Simultaneously - Methods, systems and computer readable media are disclosed that combine media content. A user is allowed to select one source for primary media content and a second source for secondary media content and combine them into one combined media content.01-15-2009
20110141362SELECTIVE DECODING OF AN INPUT STREAM - A method of selectively decoding an input stream is provided. In the method, an encoded input stream for display as a plurality of frames in a display window is received. In addition, a location of an overlay on the plurality of frames is determined and the encoded input stream is selective decoded to selectively generate the plurality of frames based upon the location of the overlay on the plurality of frames.06-16-2011
20130215329IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE DISPLAYING SYSTEM - According to one embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes a display area selector and a display manager. The display area selector selects a display area in a frame of video image data based on motion of a video image in the frame and a size of an application image displayed in the display area. The display manager combines the video image data with the application image data to generate display image data in such a manner that the application image is displayed in the display image area.08-22-2013
20120105723METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTENT PRESENTATION IN A TANDEM USER INTERFACE - A system for accurately modeling of buyer/purchaser psychology and ranking of content objects within a channel for user initiated browsing and presentation contains a neuropsychological modeling engine, a ranking application, and a behavior modeler which communicate with each other and a presentation system over communication networks. The neuropsychological modeling engine utilizes metafiles associated with content objects, a purchaser/viewer model and a channel model to derive a value ψ representing an individual's mood and a value m representing an individual's motivational strength to select a content object. If the value ψ is within an acceptable predetermined range, the value m is used to determine a ranking for the content object relative to other content objects associated with the channel model. Also disclosed are a system and technique for simultaneously presenting multiple, s content object data streams on the user interface in a manner which encourages multidimensional browsing using traditional navigation commands.05-03-2012
20090251608Image Processing Apparatus and Image Processing System - According to one embodiment, a communication unit communicates a control signal to/from another image processing apparatus via a communication channel and receives video/audio signals from the another image processing apparatus via the communication channel. A processing prediction unit transmits, to the another image processing apparatus, a request signal to request a transmission of a schedule of processing for a predetermined command. The processing prediction unit receives a message signal indicating the processing schedule corresponding to the predetermined command from the another image processing apparatus. The processing prediction unit generates an image showing the processing schedule corresponding to a predetermined command indicated by message signal when requested to execute the predetermined command. A display unit displays, on a screen, an image corresponding to the video/audio signals and an image showing the processing schedule corresponding to the predetermined command.10-08-2009
20120194741DISPLAY APPARATUS CONNECTED WITH AT LEAST ONE DEVICE VIA INTEGRATED WIRE INTERFACE AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - The present invention includes making a request for information for listing at least one content previously saved in a plurality of source devices sequentially connected via the integrated wire interface to a plurality of the source devices, receiving the information for listing the previously saved at least one content from a plurality of the source devices, displaying the received listing information on a 108-02-2012
20090256966DIGITAL BROADCAST RECEIVER - Where an instruction for a scheduled recording has been received from a remoter controller, a control unit starts the processing for display control (step S10-15-2009
20100157155DISPLAY PROCESSING DEVICE - A display processing device where operation for displaying medical images is facilitated and smooth. In the display processing device, display layout information determined corresponding to region segments set for a display region is stored in a storage section. When an operation section specifies at which position on the display screen a medical image is to be displayed, a control section determines a region segment in the display region to which the specified display position belongs, and reads, from the storage section, display layout information corresponding to the region segment. Then, according to the read display layout information, the control section splits the display region and displays the medical image, and changes the display layout of the medical image.06-24-2010
20100165200DISPLAY CONTROL DEVICE, DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD AND DISPLAY CONTROL PROGRAM - When a right picture plus button or a left picture plus button is pressed in a one-picture mode, a picture mode shifts to a two-picture mode. Focus is set in a right picture as the right picture plus button is pressed and the right picture is increased in size as the right picture plus button is pressed. The focus is set in a left picture as the left picture plus button is pressed and the left picture is increased in size as the left picture plus button is pressed. When the right picture plus button or the left picture plus button is pressed in a state where the size of the right picture or the left picture is its maximum, the picture mode shifts to the one-picture mode. When a sound volume plus button is pressed in a state where the focus exists in the right picture, sound corresponding to the right picture is output from a speaker. When the sound volume plus button is pressed in a state where the focus exists in the left picture, sound corresponding to the left picture is output from the speaker.07-01-2010
20100182506DIGITAL TELEVISION AND CHANNEL EDITING METHOD THEREOF - A method and display device are discussed. In an embodiment, there is a method for displaying images using a display device including at least one tuner, a display screen, and a controller for controlling the at least one tuner and the display screen, the method comprising: tuning, by the at least one tuner, to a plurality of different broadcast channels; receiving a user's input indicating if the broadcast channels to be displayed are favorite channels or all available channels; and displaying, by the display screen, a multi-window including a plurality of sub-windows according to the received user's input, each of the sub-windows displaying images from a different one of the plurality of broadcast channels according to the tuning by the at least one tuner, the displaying step including selectively displaying either the favorite channels or the all available channels in the sub-windows according to the received user's input.07-22-2010
20110058102VIDEO OUTPUT APPARATUS, AND VIDEO OUTPUT METHOD - According to embodiments, there is provided a video output apparatus including: a receiving module configured to receive a plurality of video signals being different from one another; a video output module configured to output a multi-video screen in which a plurality of video presentation regions defined by dividing a screen with a given number are arranged on the same screen, the video presentation regions being displayed with videos corresponding to the received video signals; and a controller configured to control the video output module to output, upon receiving an instruction indicating the number of the video presentation regions to be displayed in the multi-video screen, an updated multi-video screen having the instructed number of the video presentation regions in a state where the multi-video screen is output.03-10-2011
20110211118DISPLAY DEVICE AND DISPLAY METHOD THEREOF - A display device and display method thereof is provided. The display device comprises: a Micro Control Unit (MCU) for obtaining display control information for at least two sub-screens, updating display data format information for the display device based on the display control information, and transmitting the updated display data format information to a display adaptor of an intelligent device connected to the display device; a video interface supporting multi-channel signal transmission, for receiving video signals each corresponding to one of the at least two sub-screens, the video signals being output by the display adapter based on the updated display data format formation; and a display information processing chip for obtaining the video signals and the display control information for the at least two sub-screens received by the MCU, and outputting the video signals onto the respective sub-screens on the display panel based on the display control information for the sub-screens. With the present invention, it is possible to achieve a split-screen display on a single display device based on one video data line.09-01-2011
20080309822METHOD FOR SETTING CONFIGURATIONS ACCORDING TO EXTERNAL AV DEVICE OR PROGRAM INFORMATION AND DISPLAY APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A method for automatically setting configurations of a display apparatus according to audio/visual (AV) device information or program information, and an apparatus applying the method are provided. The method includes checking device information of an active audio/visual (AV) device, reading configuration setting values corresponding to the device information from a memory, and changing configurations of a display apparatus according to the configuration setting values. As a result, display configurations are changed to optimum conditions automatically, according to the types of external AV devices connected.12-18-2008
20110043696Display device and display method - Provided is a display device including a display mode controller for controlling a screen transition to a whole screen display mode for displaying an image in an entire screen of a display section, a multiple content display mode for displaying, on the screen, a plurality of thumbnail images related to contents, or a panel display mode for displaying, on the screen, a panel on which information related to the contents is displayed, and a panel shape determination section for determining a shape of the panel based on the contents to be displayed on the panel.02-24-2011
20130141645SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING ENHANCED DATA FOR VISUAL DISPLAYS - A method and system providing enhanced data for visual displays are provided. A remote selector identifies a plurality of objects and sends at least one request to retrieve data about the objects. A server receives the request from the remote selector and retrieves the data about the objects using one or more unique index keys from a database. A display device displays the data provided by the server, and the data concurrently appears with the objects on the display device.06-06-2013
20090066838REPRESENTATIVE IMAGE OR REPRESENTATIVE IMAGE GROUP DISPLAY SYSTEM, REPRESENTATIVE IMAGE OR REPRESENTATIVE IMAGE GROUP DISPLAY METHOD, AND PROGRAM THEREFOR - A representative image display system for selecting and displaying representative images so that a user can easily grasp contents of videos displayed in a list is provided.03-12-2009
20110115977System and Method for Enhanced Television and Delivery of Enhanced Television Content - Provided is an enhanced television system and method including a television receiver in communication with a broadcast reception tuner. The television receiver is configured to receive and display video data from a video stream and enhancement data from the reception tuner. The video stream includes embedded base programming identification metadata, and the television receiver is further configured to extract a base identification tag from the embedded base programming identification metadata, and combine enhancement data received from the reception tuner associated with the base identification tag with the video stream. The video stream may then be displayed.05-19-2011
20100141841DISPLAY DEVICE AND METHOD OF DRIVING THE SAME - In a multi-window display device, the following has been merely performed: before data for plural screens is inputted to a display, video signals themselves are subjected to signal processing, and the processed video signals are inputted to the display, whereby display is performed. Therefore, a circuit for performing signal processing, for example, an IC has a complicated structure since video signals for plural screens are stored in a memory. There is provided a pixel structure in which: signal lines for plural screens are arranged; and one of the signal lines is selected to supply a video signal to a display element. For example, in the case of performing display of two screens, there is provided a pixel structure in which: two signal lines, which are inputted with respective video signals for a first screen and a second screen, are arranged; and one of the signal lines is selected to supply a video signal from the selected signal line to a display element.06-10-2010
20090244376PROJECTOR DEVICE AND PROJECTOR SYSTEM USING THE SAME - A projector that displays a projection frame includes an operation unit to select a projection mode designating the number of split screens in the projection frame and the location, size, and orientation of each split screen. An input unit processes graphical signal data provided from an external graphical signal generator to generate processed graphical signal data. A distributor distributes the processed graphical signal data to graphical signal processing circuits, each performing data conversion and adjustment in accordance with the projection mode on the distributed graphical signal data to generate adjusted graphical signal data for one of the split screens. A synthesizer combines the adjusted graphical signal data to generate combined graphical signal data. A projection unit projects the combined graphical signal data as a single projection frame.10-01-2009
20090322945DIGITAL BROADCAST RECEIVER - When display according scheduled program viewing is provided on multi-screen-display, a user may not even notice the display. First, upon the start of processing for display according to scheduled program viewing, which has been set in advance (for example, two minutes before the scheduled program viewing), at step S12-31-2009
20120188455HOST COMPUTER WITH TV MODULE AND TV PROGRAM DISPLAYING METHOD - A host computer includes a first virtual machine, a second virtual machine, a host display, and a virtual machine monitor. The first virtual machine includes a television module and a first display window. The second virtual machine includes a browser module and a second display window. The host display is used for displaying the first display window and the second display window. The virtual machine monitor is used for displaying a television program by virtue of the television module in the first display window when the television module is activated, and displaying a forum page of a forum website corresponding to the television program by means of the browser module in the second display window. The forum page includes a plurality of relevant comments.07-26-2012
20100053436Video Display Apparatus and Video Display Method - According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a video display apparatus including: a video display unit that sets a plurality of sub-screens and displays a plurality of videos respectively on the sub-screens; a trimming unit that performs a trimming process on each of the sub-screens; and a storage unit that stores a trimming information indicating that the trimming process is to be performed on each of the sub-screens.03-04-2010
20110090402METHOD AND SYSTEM TO NAVIGATE VIEWABLE CONTENT - A method and system to navigate viewable content in the context of television entertainment is provided. In one example embodiment, the system comprises a presentation module to present main content on a display screen, a communications module to receive a first request associated with a first directional key on a remote control device, a navigation mode detector to determine a navigation mode associated with the first request; a margin menu module to activate a margin menu associated with the determined navigation mode. The margin menu may be presented along one of the margins of a display screen, while permitting viewing of the main content.04-21-2011
20120120317MOBILE TERMINAL AND METADATA APPLYING METHOD THEREOF - A mobile terminal including a wireless communication configured to wirelessly communicate with at least one other terminal; a touch screen display unit configured to display a video; and a controller configured to receive metadata that can be displayed in association with the video and to control the display unit to display a metadata information indication indicating the metadata is available.05-17-2012
20120120316IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - An image display apparatus and a method for operating the same are disclosed. An image display apparatus as embodied and broadly disclosed herein may include a video image displayed in a first area of the display module. A first and second card objects may be displayed in a second and third areas of the display module. The first and second card objects may include at least one link for connecting to a content provider or to a storage device or at least one link for retrieving the video image. The first or second card objects may be scrolled across the display module to cause a third card object to be scrolled onto the display. The third card object may be displayed in the second or third areas of the display if the third card object is scrolled onto the display module a prescribed amount.05-17-2012
20110043697Remote control, remote control method, display device and display method - Provided is a remote control including a detection section for detecting position information, velocity information, and acceleration information. a trigger switch section for receiving an operation by a user, and a transmission section for transmitting a reference decision signal which determines that an image focused on a screen is a reference point of a user operation when the trigger switch section receives the user operation, and for transmitting the position information, the velocity information, and the acceleration information, to a display device including a display mode controller for controlling a screen transition to a whole screen display mode for displaying an image in an entire screen of a display section, a multiple content display mode for displaying, on the screen, a plurality of thumbnail images related to contents, or a panel display mode for displaying, on the screen, a panel on which information related to the contents is displayed.02-24-2011
20110037896Electronic Device and Method for Simultaneously Displaying Widget Window and Video Signal in Display Device - An electronic device for simultaneously displaying a widget window and a video signal in a display device includes a dividing unit for dividing a display area of the display device into a major display area and a minor display area, a first display unit for scaling the video signal to completely display the video signal in the major display area, and a second display unit for displaying the widget window in the minor display area.02-17-2011
20100271549IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE AND IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD - An image display device includes: a display part 10-28-2010
20100097525DISPLAY DEVICE AND DISPLAY METHOD - Provided are a cheap display device and a display method that are capable of preventing loss of high-frequency component during generation of a video signal from a source signal while at the same time securing continuity of pixel data.04-22-2010
20120200776PERIPHERAL INFORMATION DISPLAY SYSTEM, DISPLAY DEVICE, AND PERIPHERAL - A peripheral information display with enhanced expandability by enabling the customisation and display of peripheral related data such as status information for each peripheral. The peripheral information display system is configured from a TV (08-09-2012
20120200775AUDIO/VISUAL DEVICE GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - A user interface for an audio/visual device incorporates one or both of a touch sensor having a touch surface on which is defined a racetrack surface having a ring shape and a display element on which is displayed a racetrack menu also having a ring shape, and where the user interface incorporates both, the ring shapes of the racetrack surface and the racetrack menu are structured to generally correspond such that the position of a marker on the racetrack menu is caused to correspond to the position at which a digit of a user's hand touches the racetrack surface.08-09-2012
20110255002METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISPLAY OF A DIGITAL VIDEO SIGNAL - A method and apparatus for display of a digital video signal includes a demodulator capable of receiving a major channel of the digital video signal. The major channel of the digital video signal includes one or more minor channels, wherein the minor channels are specific and separate channels of broadcast information. The method and apparatus for display of a digital video signal further includes decoders coupled to the demodulator, wherein the decoders receive the minor channels disposed within the major channel. The decoders thereupon generate minor channel video signals, wherein the minor channel video signal includes the video information for each associated channel. The method and apparatus further includes receiving the incoming video signals and format the video signals for simultaneous display of active video from multiple channels. A display configurator provides the minor channel video signals to an output display, to actively display the minor channels.10-20-2011
20080204597METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REPRODUCING MOVING PICTURE DATA HAVING SUB-SCREEN PICTURE DATA - Provided are a method and apparatus for reproducing moving picture data which includes sub-screen picture data. The method includes outputting messages indicating that the moving picture data includes the sub-screen picture data, receiving a selection on whether to display the sub-screen picture data, and selectively displaying the sub-screen picture data according to the selection. Accordingly, the sub-screen picture data can be selectively displayed.08-28-2008
20110134324TELEVISION RECEIVER AND METHOD FOR DRIVING TELEVISION RECEIVER - A decorative image is displayed in a decorative image display region; in the decorative image, a decorative frame is displayed in a peripheral section of a decorative frame display region, and the decorative frame display region has a surface luminance higher than that of the decorative image display region.06-09-2011
20100110294VIDEO DISPLAY DEVICE, VIDEO DISPLAY METHOD AND VIDEO SYSTEM - According to one embodiment, a video display device includes an HDMI interface which transfers video information and control commands to and from a video output device connected thereto. The video display device further includes a video display module having one or more display areas to display external video and/or internal video, and a notification module which notifies resolution information for the display areas to the video output device using the control commands when the video display module simultaneously displays multiple videos including the external video.05-06-2010
20110261258Systems and methods for updating video content with linked tagging information - A system and method associates relevant additional information with a video stream, whether live or pre-recorded. The system creates a spot within the video that is linked to the additional information. When a particular action occurs in relation to the spot, the additional information is presented to the viewer of the video. The action that triggers the action of the spot can be automatically controlled by the system or the action can be a user initiated action. Viewers of the video stream can interact, independently of each other, with the video and be presented with the information associated with the video.10-27-2011
20100194984BROADCAST COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING USERS WITH INFORMATION ASSOCIATED WITH A GEOGRAPHICAL AREA - A method is presented for providing information associated with a geographical area to users of broadcast communication receivers. The information, as well as an indication of the geographical area associated with the information, are transmitted to, and received by, each of the broadcast communication receivers. In each of the receivers, the indication of the geographical area is compared with a geographic code associated with, and stored within, the receiver. Each of the receivers transfers the information in a video format to the user of the receiver if the geographic code indicates that the receiver is located within the geographical area.08-05-2010
20110149160SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ACTIVELY MANAGING PLAY BACK OF DEMO CONTENT BY A DISPLAY DEVICE BASED ON CUSTOMER ACTIONS - An embodiment of the invention involves an apparatus, such as a television, that comprises a memory, an optical sensor and a processor. The optical sensor is configured to capture at least one image present in front of the apparatus. The processor is coupled to the optical sensor. The processor is configured to (i) analyze the at least one image and determine if the at least one image depicts a specific action, (ii) render a first type of content for a first time period in lieu of rendering a second type of content that is rendered by the processor at times when the specified action is not detected, and (iii) render the second type of content for a second period of time after the first period of time for rendering the first type of content has elapsed, potentially even if another the specified action is detected during the second period of time. Other embodiments are described and claimed.06-23-2011
20100026894IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - An image processing apparatus having multi-window display mode for displaying a plurality of images and single-window display mode for displaying one image on the display screen, including receiving units which receive broadcast signal and acquiring image signals relating to programs, and acquisition unit which acquires program information of the programs, and memory unit which stores program information of a selected program, and control unit which selects display mode for an image, and the control unit exerts control such that if the multi-window display mode is selected, a comparison is made at predetermined timing between the program information about the selected program and program information about newly selected program, and the display mode is switched from multi-window mode to single-window mode according to the comparison result.02-04-2010
20100026893DISPLAY APPARATUS AND DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD - A rendering control unit determines movie and graphic display modes with reference to a rendering processing command, and acquires maximum speed information indicating the maximum value of a read/write speed allowed for a memory. The rendering control unit decides a speed to be distributed to a read/write speed of the movie data and a speed to be distributed to a read/write speed of the graphic data with respect to the memory, of a maximum speed indicated by the maximum speed information, based on the determination result. The rendering control unit controls a read/write access of an image with respect to the memory based on the rendering processing command, in accordance with the decided speeds.02-04-2010
20100020238METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PICTURE-BASED USER INTERFACE FOR ADJUSTING PICTURE DISPLAY PARAMETER SETTINGS OF A DISPLAY DEVICE - A method and system for adjusting picture display settings of a display device is provided. One embodiment involves simultaneously displaying multiple pictures of the same visual content on the display device, wherein the picture setting and one or more sample pictures each at a different picture setting relative to the reference picture. Then user selection of a picture among the multiple pictures is received, and the current picture setting is adjusted to the settings of the selected picture. The process may be repeated.01-28-2010
20120147270NETWORK TELEVISION PROCESSING MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - A display device receives first data indicative of a plurality of downloaded applications and then displays the first data in different areas on a screen corresponding respective ones of the applications. Also, second data is assigned to the applications, with the second data indicative of a different order or rank of the applications. The second data is displayed with the first data on the screen.06-14-2012
20120307152VIDEO ADVERTISEMENT PROGRESS TIME INDICATOR - A method of indicating to a viewer the time remaining in a video advertisement, a system implementing the method, and a TV commercial are disclosed. The method comprises, on a processor, displaying a video advertisement, superimposing an indicator on the video advertisement, wherein the indicator bar has a first portion indicating the time remaining in the video advertisement and a second portion indicating the time that has elapsed in the video advertisement, and decreasing the size of the first portion and increasing the size of the second portion until the video advertisement is completed.12-06-2012
20090073318MOSAIC CHANNEL VIDEO STREAM WITH INTERACTIVE SERVICES - An interactive mosaic channel video stream with indicators as to the action on a given video stream. The interactive mosaic channel is displayed on a video monitor, with a plurality of individual video feeds being presented at a given time, comprising a plurality of video cells presenting at least video information, each video cell associated with one of the plurality of individual video feeds, each video cell further comprising an area within the video cell reporting data related to the video feed, and a cursor, which can be moved between the plurality of video cells, for selecting at least one characteristic associated with a selected video cell, such that the user can then directly select a video program associated with the selected video cell.03-19-2009
20110063511SYSTEM AND METHOD IN A TELEVISION CONTROLLER FOR PROVIDING USER-SELECTION OF OBJECTS IN A TELEVISION PROGRAM - A system and method in a television controller for providing user-selection of objects in a television program, substantially as shown in and/or described in connection with at least one of the figures, as set forth more completely in the claims.03-17-2011
20100007790REMOTE CONTROLLER, IMAGE SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND IMAGE SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD - A remote controller includes a base unit having a transmission section configured to transmit a remote control signal, a plurality of function operation units connected to the base unit and configured to operate different functions, and a priority setting section configured to set priorities of the plurality of function operation units. When each of the plurality of function operation units is operated, the transmission section of the base unit sends transmission data, the transmission data including operation data and priority data that indicates the priorities of the plurality of function operation units set by the priority setting section.01-14-2010
20120057075DISPLAY SYSTEM, DISPLAY DEVICE, AND REPEATER - Also in a video system in which a device responding to a multiple screen display function and a non-responding device are mixedly present, a communication message for a collaboration of the device which performs a multiple screen display operation is realized without exerting an influence on operations of the non-responding device. A video device including two or more video input ports and capable of simultaneously receiving videos output from multiple video source devices connected to the video input ports is configured so as to perform a predetermined filtering operation or message conversion when transmitting to the other video input ports a communication message for video device control to be converted through the video input ports.03-08-2012
20100289959METHOD OF GENERATING A VIDEO SUMMARY - A method of generating a video summary of a content signal including at least a video sequence (11-18-2010
20120249877DETERMINING VIDEO STREAM DISPLAY POSITIONING - Implementations disclosed herein relate to determining position information for displaying video streams of multiple aspect ratios. In one implementation, a processor determines position information for widows for displaying incoming video streams based on the aspect ratios of the incoming video streams. The processor may then provide the determined position information.10-04-2012
20120218471Content Source Identification Using Matrix Barcode - A system for fingerprinting audiovisual content. The system includes a content receiver and a display device in communication with the content receiver. The content receiver is configured to receive a video signal, where the video signal includes audiovisual content. The content receiver may then be configured to generate a matrix barcode that includes identification data. The content receiver is also configured to create a fingerprinted content that includes the audiovisual content from the video signal and the matrix barcode. The content receiver may then be configured to output the fingerprinted content. The display device is configured receive the fingerprinted content form the content receiver. Also, the display device is configured to display the fingerprinted content.08-30-2012
20120218472DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device includes: a switching portion that switches a content signal to be received according to a predetermined switching operation such that display content is switched; a menu screen display portion that displays, on a display, a menu screen representing a list of operation items; and a display control portion that controls a display form of the display, in which, when the image and the menu screen are displayed on the display side by side, the display control portion reduces the image, and turns the display form into a first display form in which the reduced image is displayed at a predetermined position on a small screen, and, when the switching operation is performed with the display form being the first display form, the display control portion switches the display content while the first display form is being maintained as the display form.08-30-2012
20120314133DISPLAY APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD OF THE SAME AND IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS THEREOF - Disclosed is a display apparatus including: an image processor which processes a first video signal and a second video signal respectively received from a first image processing apparatus and a second image processing apparatus that are operated by a single input device to be displayable; a display unit which displays a first image based on the first video signal and a second image based on the second video signal processed by the image processor; and a controller which controls location information of a pointer included in one of the first image and the second image and moving depending on a user's manipulation input through the input device to be transmitted to one of the first image processing apparatus and the second image processing apparatus.12-13-2012
20100302443METHOD OF CONSTRUCTING INFORMATION ON ASSOCIATE MEANINGS BETWEEN SEGMENTS OF MULTIMEDIA STREAM AND METHOD OF BROWSING VIDEO USING THE SAME - Disclosed are a method of constructing information on associate meanings between segments of a multimedia stream, which can describe the cause/effect or abstract/detail relationship between segments of the video streams to efficiently browse the video stream and a method of browsing a video using the same. The present invention defines the cause/effect or abstract/detail relationship between the segments, event intervals, scenes, shots, etc. existing within one video stream or between the video streams, and provides a method of describing the relationship in a data region based on the content of a video stream as well as a method of browsing a video by using the information on the cause/effect or abstract/detail relationship obtained by the aforementioned method. Accordingly, a video browsing on associate meanings is available with easy manipulation and easy access to a desired part, thereby providing an effective video browsing interface for easy browsing of desired segments in a short period of time.12-02-2010
20120257110METHOD, NAVIGATION AND DISPLAY SYSTEM FOR WIDGETS ON INTERNET-ENABLED DEVICES - System for providing widgets on a display of a TV unit, which TV unit is provided with an internal or external Internet-enabled device which provides Internet to the TV unit, and the system includes an internal or external control device for controlling the TV unit. The Internet-enabled device is arranged for providing widgets on the display of the TV unit together with a normal TV-sending or other programs, videos, or similar, a TV-viewer desires to watch. The invention also includes a method for the same.10-11-2012
20080297657METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING TEXT IN A VIDEO STREAM - The disclosed systems and methods achieve improved communication of the text in a video stream. Text may be processed separately from the video stream to suit the capabilities of a display device or to improve the availability of the textual information to users with special requirements. The disclosed methods and systems may be used, for example, in conjunction with set-top-box decoders, mobile telephones, and portable media players with small or low-resolution display screens.12-04-2008
20090256965VIDEO MULTIVIEWER SYSTEM PERMITTING SCROLLING OF MULTIPLE VIDEO WINDOWS AND RELATED METHODS - A video multiviewer system may include a plurality of video inputs and a multiviewer video processor coupled to the plurality of video inputs for generating video data based upon the plurality of video inputs. The system may further include a display coupled to the multiviewer video processor for displaying multiple video windows based upon the video data, and at least one user input device. The multiviewer video processor may permit scrolling among the multiple video windows displayed on the display at a given instant and at least one other video window not displayed on the display at the given instant based upon the at least one user input device.10-15-2009
20120086858DISPLAY AND MULTI-VIEW DISPLAYING SWITCH METHOD THEREOF - A multi-view displaying switch method of a display includes the following steps. The display receives multiple channel signals, and captures multiple corresponding static images from the channel signals. The display displays the static images in a first multi-view pattern, and displays one multi-view switch key on the display. When the multi-view switch key is triggered, the display switches the first multi-view pattern to a second multi-view pattern to display the static images.04-12-2012
20110157472METHOD OF SIMULTANEOUSLY WATCHING A PROGRAM AND A REAL-TIME SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETATION OF THE PROGRAM - The invention is concerned with a method for facilitating the watching of films, TV programs and the like, meant for deaf people and people with hearing damage. The method allows a transparent or translucent shadow graph to be produced on the screen.06-30-2011
20110157471INDEPENDENT VIEWER TAILORING OF SAME MEDIA SOURCE CONTENT VIA A COMMON 2D-3D DISPLAY - Techniques are described herein for supporting independent viewer tailoring of same media source content via a common 2D-3D display. A first independently controllable version of video content is caused to be delivered to a first region of a screen. A second independently controllable version of the video content is caused to be delivered to a second region of the screen. The first region and the second region overlap at least in part. For example, the first and second independently controllable versions may be simultaneously displayed such that the first independently controllable version is displayed for a first viewer but not for a second viewer and such that the second independently controllable version may be displayed for the second viewer but not for the first viewer.06-30-2011
20080246880VIDEO SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS, VIDEO SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD, COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT, AND IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - A video signal processing apparatus includes a video signal synthesis section for, when positions after and before a border position by a predetermined length are respectively set as first and second positions, taking out a first main area part corresponding to a part before the border position and a first border area part corresponding to a part from the border position to the first position from a first video signal and also a second border area part corresponding to a part from the second position to the border position and a second main area part corresponding to a part after the border position from a second video signal for synthesis, an image processing section for performing an image processing on the synthesized video signal, and a video signal output section for removing the first and second border area parts from the synthesized video signal to obtain an output video signal.10-09-2008
20120257111Broadcast Receiving Apparatus and Method of Outputting Program Information as Speech In Broadcast Receiving Apparatus - If a user requests an output of synthetic speech, a broadcast receiving apparatus (10-11-2012
20120274852DIGITAL RECEIVER AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - A method of controlling a digital apparatus, and which includes displaying, on a display of the digital apparatus, at least first and second display regions, the first display region configured to display a broadcast program and the second display region displaying social network contents; receiving, via an input unit of the digital apparatus, a selection signal indicating a selection of at least a part of the displayed social network contents; converting, via a controller of the digital apparatus, the selected part of the social network contents into image data; receiving, via the input unit, a moving signal indicating a movement of the converted image data on the display; and executing, via the controller, a predetermined application based on the movement of the image data.11-01-2012
20130182182APPARATUS, SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PRESENTING TEXT IDENTIFIED IN A VIDEO IMAGE - Systems and methods are operable to present text identified in a presented video image of a media content event. An exemplary embodiment receives a complete video frame that is associated with a presented video image of a video content event, wherein the presented video image includes a region of text; finds the text in the complete video frame; uses an optical character recognition (OCR) algorithm to translate the found text; and presents the translated text. The translated text may be presented on a display concurrently with the video image that is presented on the display. Alternatively, or additionally, the translated text may be presented as audible speech emitted from at least one speaker.07-18-2013
20120019722PRESENTATION OF VIDEO CONTENT - A display apparatus comprises a display on which first video content of a video signal is presented. In addition, second video content is simultaneously presented e.g. superimposed on the first video content. A presentation processor (01-26-2012
20120019721METHOD FOR OPERATING IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - A multifunctional display device displays a first area containing a program received through a channel, a second area containing card objects, and a third area containing additional information of a downloadable applications selected in association with one of the card objects.01-26-2012

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