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348563000 For display of additional information 424
348554000 Multimode (e.g., composite, Y, C; baseband RF) 137
348559000 Instant replay or freeze frame 6
348561000 For magnification of part of image 2
20090009663IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD, INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD, RECORDING MEDIUM, AND PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus includes storage means for storing an adjusted value previously set by a user for an output state of information and prediction means for predicting a prediction value for adjustment of the output state in accordance with the stored adjusted value.01-08-2009
20110298980RESIZING TV GRAPHIC ELEMENTS AND REORIENTING GRAPHICS PLANE FOR USER POSITION - The size of UI elements on a TV display are enlarged responsive to a determination from sensors that a viewer is beyond a nominal distance from the TV. As well, the graphics plane in which the UI elements are presented can be rotated relative to the video plane to account for a viewer being positioned at an oblique angle relative to the plane of the display.12-08-2011
20130083241VIDEO DISPLAY APPARATUS AND DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD - A video display apparatus includes: a display module that displays a video; an illuminating module that illuminates the display module; a battery that supplies a power to the display module and the illuminating module; and a display controller that controls the illuminating module to continue illuminating and the display module to switch display of video when the video display apparatus is driven by the battery.04-04-2013
20100002135TELEVISION DEVICE - A television device and a method of controlling the television device with a user interface. The television device has an output circuit for outputting audio and video signals and is operable in a normal mode outputting an audio signal and a video signal and in an audio descriptor mode outputting an audio signal additionally including an audio description of images contained in the video signal. The user interface has a plurality of actuable regions/buttons with respective user interface surfaces, the regions/buttons including at least one tactile region/button having a tactile identifier on its respective user interface surface. The television device is controlled to switch between the normal mode and the audio descriptor mode in response to the at least one tactile region/button being actuated in a predetermined way, such as for at least a predetermined time.01-07-2010
20100134684Image Processing Apparatus, Receiver, and Display Device - According to one embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes a receiver, a display device, and a transmission module. The receiver includes a video receiver, a video processor, a graphics processor, and a multiprocessor. The video processor converts the video signal received by the video receiver to a moving image with a first resolution. The graphics processor outputs a still image with a second resolution higher than the first resolution according to an instruction. The multiprocessor divides the still image into divisional still images with the first resolution. The display device includes a display module, a scaling processor, a restoration processor, and a blend processor. The scaling processor scales the moving image with the first resolution. The restoration processor restores the divisional still images to the original still image. The blend processor displays the moving image and the still image with the second resolution on the display module.06-03-2010
20090268092Television Receiver - A television receiver includes: a remote control that is operated by a user to change the orientation of a speaker; a speaker angle adjuster having a motor providing a driving force for changing the orientation of the speaker in four directions, up, down, left, and right; and a microprocessor that changes the orientation of the speaker in the four directions, up, down, left, and right by the speaker angle adjuster when the remote control is operated by a user. The remote control has four operation portions corresponding to the four directions, up, down, left, and right. The four operation portions are combined as a cross-shaped arrow key.10-29-2009
20120236204LIGHTING DEVICE, DISPLAY DEVICE AND TELEVISION RECEIVER - In a lighting device, uneven brightness may be suppressed at low cost. A backlight unit 09-20-2012
20130162907DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed are a display apparatus including a display unit which displays an image thereon; a first image processor which processes an image signal based on a predetermined image processing operation, and displays an image based on the processed image signal; a first central processor which controls the display unit and the first image processor; and a first controller which grants a control right to the first central processor or to an upgrading apparatus, which upgrades the display apparatus, to control the display apparatus when the upgrading apparatus is connected to the display apparatus.06-27-2013
20090310019IMAGE DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD, AND RECEPTION APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, an embodiment of the present invention minimizes visibility of noise effect in a display image caused by an image data error and maintains the quality of the display image with inexpensive circuit. The embodiment includes an image data reception module which receives image data to which an error check code is added per predetermined processing unit, an error detection module which detects an error of the received image data, and an image data output module which outputs specific image data to replace the image data in which the error is detected.12-17-2009
20090290065DEVICE LINKAGE APPARATUS - A device linkage apparatus (11-26-2009
20090195692DATA PROCESSOR, PROGRAM UPDATING METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A data processor capable of preventing a system from starting up improperly due to incomplete program updating. The data processor receives, by way of an external interface, a program which is sent by communicating medium such as a broadcast wave or a telephone network from an external device and stores the received program into a memory B which is different from a memory A storing a program for the system when a version of the received program is newer than that of a program currently executed by the data processor, thereby starting up an MPU at the next time with the program stored in the memory B.08-06-2009
20090201421DATA TRANSMISSION APPARATUS - A data transmission apparatus includes: a communication interface including: a first communication interface receiving first signals transmitted through a communication line having a pair of first and second lines, the first signals being transmitted in opposite phase; and a second communication interface receiving second signals transmitted through the communication line, the second signals being transmitted through the first and second lines in same phase; a signal detector configured to detect an unbalanced signal that appears as one of: a first signal component in the second signals that are received by the second communication interface; and a second signal component in the first signals that are received by the first communication interface; and a notification module configured to notify an occurrence of an unbalance in the communication line when a level of the unbalanced signal detected by the signal detector is equal to or higher than a given value.08-13-2009
20090295993Control systems and methods using markers in image portion of audiovisual content - An example filtering system for filtering audiovisual content includes a detector arranged to detect presence of a specified marker in an image portion of the audiovisual content and a control system, responsive to the detector, for filtering the audiovisual content.12-03-2009
20090295994VIDEO DISPLAY DEVICE AND METHOD OF TRANSMITTING DATA WITHIN VIDEO DISPLAY DEVICE - A video display device includes: a first microprocessor transmitting character string data having a plurality of data elements, each data element including a character code and information on a position in which a character corresponding to the character code is displayed or information on an order in which the character corresponding to the character code is displayed; a second microprocessor receiving the character string data transmitted from the first microprocessor to produce a video signal with the character string data; and a display portion displaying a video according to the video signal produced by the second microprocessor.12-03-2009
20100060787Digital Television Receiver and Information Processing Apparatus - A digital television receiver including: a tuner configured to receive a broadcast signal; a video processor configured to decode video data contained in the broadcast signal and output video signal for displaying the video data; a communication module configured to establish a connection through a network to a first server providing first content data in a first format and a second server providing second content data in a second format; an image processing module configured to generate a first link image for connecting to the first server by the communication module and a second link image for connecting to the second server by the communication module; and a controller configured to control the video processor to output the video signal for displaying the first link image and the second link image.03-11-2010
20080273118BROADCAST SIGNAL RECEIVING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A broadcast signal receiving apparatus including a broadcast receiving unit that receives a broadcast signal; a communicating unit that performs communication with a mobile apparatus; a signal converting unit that converts the received broadcast signal; and a controller that controls the signal converting unit to convert the broadcast signal into a format corresponding to the mobile apparatus, and controls the communicating unit to transmit the converted broadcast signal to the mobile apparatus11-06-2008
20080309819Video sequence ID by decimated scene signature - A method for identifying video content consistent with certain embodiments involves, selecting a plurality pixels using a pixel selection algorithm, the pixels being selected to provide a repeatable selection of pixels in a selected frame in the video content; establishing a scene signature by: extracting a characteristic of each selected pixel that can be represented in a digital form for each pixel, and generating a digital stream by concatenating the digital form for the extracted characteristic of each pixel; transmitting the scene signature to an identification device for comparison with scene signatures in a database having a plurality of video content items to identify the video content; and receiving either the identification of the video content or an indication that no video content is uniquely identified by the scene signature. This abstract is not to be considered limiting, since other embodiments may deviate from the features described in this abstract.12-18-2008
20080284911Customized Advertising with Mhp Application - A multimedia home platform (MHP) application (11-20-2008
20100141839Portable Charger With Additional Functionality - A portable battery charger for a portable media player recharges the portable media player without needing to be plugged into a wall or other stationary power source. The portable battery charger also adds extra functionality to the portable media player by providing a command interface to control an electronic device and a wireless transmitter that operates on a frequency outside of the commonly used AM/FM bands. The portable media player preferably plugs into a cradle on the portable battery charger so that the two units seamlessly act as one unit. This combination seemingly creates a new portable media player with a longer battery life and the ability to wirelessly control devices.06-10-2010
20090128699Integrated Circuit to Process Data in Multiple Color Spaces - An integrated circuit includes display processing components to process pixel data of digital video. The integrated circuit also includes mask-programmable logic integrated with one or more of the display processing components to receive the pixel data in a first color space and at least a second color space, where the mask-programmable logic can further process the pixel data to enhance the digital video.05-21-2009
20090079869IMAGE APPARATUSES CAPABLE OF INTERCOMMUNICATING AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - Image apparatuses capable of communicating with each other and a method of controlling the image apparatuses include the image apparatuses that communicate with each other using a high definition multimedia interface-consumer electronic control (HDMI-CEC) method. The keys provided to a remote controller to control a first image apparatus are mapped to a key code used to control the second image apparatus communicating with the first image apparatus. Therefore, the second image apparatus connected to the first image apparatus is also controlled by using the remote controller to control the first image apparatus.03-26-2009
20090086097Television - The present invention discloses a television that includes a speaker; a display; a tuner for receiving television broadcasting signals and generates first sound signals and first image signals based on the television broadcasting signals; a connecting terminal for connecting to a player device having an operation panel generating operation commands according to user's operations; an operation macro outputting unit for outputting an operation macro same as a plurality of the operation commands to the player device in order to make the player device perform consecutive operations, through the connecting terminal.04-02-2009
20090086098Television - The present invention discloses a television that includes: a power circuit; a tuner for receiving television broadcasting signals; a display for displaying an image according to image signals based on the television broadcasting signals; a speaker for outputting a sound according to audio signals based on the television broadcasting signals; a connecting terminal for connecting to a player device that is capable of playing a media file; a connection detecting unit for detecting that the player device is connected to the connecting terminal; a charging unit for charging a battery of the player device in case the player device is connected to the connecting terminal; and a charge preventing unit for preventing the charging unit from charging the battery according to a user's operation.04-02-2009
20100013996METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR THEME-BASED SETTINGS FOR A DISPLAY DEVICE - A method and system for controlling settings for an electronic device, is provided. One implementation involves detecting access to audio/visual content using the device, identifying a theme associated with the content, retrieving a set of device settings associated with the identified theme, and dynamically applying the retrieved settings to the device during access to the content.01-21-2010
20100188575SHARED TELEVISION SESSIONS - Shared television sessions are described. In embodiment(s), television content can be received via a tuner of a tuner device. A shared television session can be established between rendering devices that share the tuner of the tuner device to receive the television content. A tuner configuration input can be received when initiated at a rendering device, and the tuner configuration input can be communicated to the tuner device to change the television content. The tuner device can receive different television content via the tuner according to the tuner configuration input. Tuner update data associated with the tuner configuration input can then be communicated to update the rendering devices that further share the tuner of the tuner device to receive the different television content.07-29-2010
20100182505VIDEO RECEIVER - There is provided a method for displaying a video signal (07-22-2010
20100225812STANDBY PICTURE DISPLAYING METHOD, MOBILE TERMINAL AND CONTROL PROGRAM - A TV receiver is activated at the time of a transition to a standby condition of a mobile terminal (09-09-2010
20100253843STORAGE DEVICE, DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS, DATA PROCESSING METHOD, PROGRAM, STORAGE MEDIUM AND DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM - A video processor card stores tap generation information for determining a predetermined tap coefficient when the tap generation information is used together with tap generation information stored in another video processor card, and supplies a video processing interface with the tap generation information. The video processing interface generates the tap coefficient from the tap generation information of the one video processor card and the other video processor card loaded therein. The video processing interface extracts video data having a predictive tap used to predict a target pixel and video data having a class tap used to classify the target data, and class classifies the target data based on the class tap. The video processing interface determine the target pixel based on the tap coefficient and the predictive tap of the class of the target pixel.10-07-2010
20090115898METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SELECTIVELY VIEWING BROADCAST CHANNEL IN PARTICULAR PLACE - A method and system for selectively viewing a broadcast channel in a particular place is provided. A method of selectively viewing a broadcast channel in a particular place includes: receiving image information associated with different locations of the particular place from a plurality of imaging devices; receiving sound information associated with the particular place from at least one of the plurality of imaging devices; multi-channelizing the image information and the sound information to generate a frame that includes the image information and the sound information; and transmitting the generated frame to a user terminal.05-07-2009
20110032425Electronic device - An electronic device includes a response-request transmitting unit and a response receiving unit. The response-request transmitting unit transmits a response request including an identifier of the response-request transmitting unit on a second network to an external device through a first net work. The response receiving unit that receives a response including an identifier of the external device on the first network, transmitted through the second network in response to the response request.02-10-2011
20110032424SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GRAPHICALLY ANNOTATING DISPLAYS PRODUCED IN A TELEVISION RECEIVER - Systems, devices and methods provide for graphically annotating television images received and presented by a set top box (STB) or other television receiver. A pallette of available illustration tools is presented on the display in conjunction with the television image to be annotated, and the viewer is able to use the various illustration tools to make annotations, captions, edits or other changes to the displayed image. Viewer inputs may be provided via a touchpad, directional pad or other device capable of providing two-dimensional inputs.02-10-2011
20100013997METADATA DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR BROADCAST RECEIVER - A metadata display control method and system for a digital broadcast receiver for displaying metadata associated with a broadcast program on a secondary display terminal while displaying the broadcast program on a primary display terminal is provided. The metadata display control method includes receiving a broadcast program and metadata of the broadcast program at a primary display terminal from a first broadcast channel, transmitting the metadata to a secondary display terminal while displaying the broadcast program, and displaying the metadata received from the primary display terminal at the secondary display terminal.01-21-2010
20100053433DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME WITH MODE SWITCH FUNCTION AND METHOD THEREOF - A method of a digital photo frame (DPF) with mode switching function is provided. The method includes: determining whether the DPF is in a DPF mode or a TV mode upon receiving a power off signal; detecting whether any multimedia file exists in the DPF if the DPF is in the TV mode; and switching the DPF from the TV mode to the DPF mode if any multimedia file exists in the storage. A related DPF is also provided.03-04-2010
20100033629SYSTEM, MODULE AND METHOD OF ENABLING A VIDEO INTERFACE WITHIN A LIMITED RESOURCE ENABLED INFORMATION HANDLING SYSTEM - A system, module, and method of enabling a video interface within a limited resource enabled information handling system are disclosed. In a particular form, a processing module can include a processor configured to initiate an outputting of a video signal to a host processing system including a video display. The processing module can further include a Mini-card enabled interface operable to be coupled to the host processing system to the host processing system to allow the video signal to be transmitted there between. The processing module can also include a video output channel configured within the Mini-card enabled interface and accessible to the processor to output the video signal to the host processing system.02-11-2010
20080246879Image processing apparatus - An image processing apparatus includes a device detecting portion which performs detection of device portions which are connected to a communication bus; a storing portion which stores kind information which shows kind of all the device portions that can be connected to the communication bus and general-purpose control program which can control all the device portions that can be connected to the communication bus; and a control portion which reads out the general-purpose control program from the storing portion to execute when control of the respective device portions which are provided in a group of devices is performed. The control portion discriminates between kind of the device portions which are connected to the communication bus and kind of the device portions which are not connected to the communication bus utilizing the detection result and the kind information. When the general-purpose control program is executed, a part of the program which relates to the device portions which are not connected to the communication bus is skipped and control of the device portions is not performed.10-09-2008
20100214479BROADCASTING RECEIVING APPARATUS - The portable player is connected to a first connector, and the PC is connected to a second connector. A first connection detecting unit detects whether the portable player is connected, and a second connection detecting unit detects whether the PC is connected. A central processing unit (CPU) switches to a reproduction mode in which an audio signal based on audio data reproduced by the portable player is supplied by the audio processing unit to the speaker, or a PC communication mode in which the portable player and the PC are connected to be in a state in which they can communicate with each other.08-26-2010
20100214478IMAGE SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME, AND TELEVISION SIGNAL RECEIVING APPARATUS - According to one embodiment of the invention, a smoothing module is configured to smooth and reduce grayscale differences in a plain area of an input digital image signal according to a collection parameter. A histogram acquisition module is configured to acquire a histogram value of the input digital image signal for one frame. A histogram value buffer module is configured to buffer histogram values for a plurality of frames. A luminance level transition detection module is configured to detect an interval during which an image gradually changes from light to dark or from dark to light, based on the histogram values for a plurality of frames, and to output the correction parameter.08-26-2010
20100265400METHOD OF OPERATING A RECEIVER - A method of operating a receiver, comprising: determining a location of the receiver by analyzing a broadcast signal received by the receiver, determining information for a user, the information being dependent on the determined location, and presenting the information to the user.10-21-2010
20110187928ELECTRONIC APPLIANCE STATUS NOTIFICATION VIA A HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM - A method of notifying a user of a status of an electronic appliance is presented. Examples of the electronic appliance may include, but are not limited to, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ovens, and clothes washers and dryers. In the method, an entertainment system device receives a message from the appliance via a communication link, wherein the message indicates the status of the appliance. In response to receiving the message, the device transmits a command to a second device of the entertainment system to select an input of the second device associated with the first device. The first device transmits data indicating the status over a media content interface to the selected input of the second device for presentation to the user.08-04-2011
20090174816Method And System For Detection Of Video Connections - Aspects of a method and system for detection of video connections are provided. In this regard, a pulse of current may be applied to a video interface and a voltage differential resulting from the applied current pulse may be measured to determine whether the video interface is connected to a video device. The current pulse may be a Hsync pulse of a video signal which may occur during a vertical blanking time of the video signal. A voltage differential resulting from each of a plurality of Hsync pulses occurring over one or more frames of said video signals may be measured. The current pulse may be a pulse in a pulse train. A voltage differential resulting from each of a plurality of pulses in a pulse train occurring over a period of time may be measured. Video signals to unconnected video interfaces may be disabled07-09-2009
20090295995RAPID CHANNEL SIGNAL IDENTIFICATION - An apparatus, for use in a receiver configured to receive electronic signals, for identifying digital signals that are available for reception, includes a timing recovery device configured to receive an incoming signal, related to a transmitted signal, the incoming signal having a first symbol rate, and to re-sample the incoming signal to provide a second symbol rate, and an analyzer that is in communication with the timing recovery device and that is configured to make a determination as to whether a difference between the second symbol rate and a third symbol rate of a transmitter providing the transmitted signal is within an acceptable tolerance and to use the determination in an analysis of whether the transmitted signal is available for reception.12-03-2009
20110051000SET INFORMATION RECORDING DEVICE AND SET INFORMATION RECORDING SYSTEM - A set information recording device records set information that is recorded in a recording unit of electronic equipment and equipment information indicating characteristic of the electronic equipment together. When the set information and the equipment information are input from the set information recording device to the electronic equipment, a deciding unit of the electronic equipment compares the input equipment information with the recorded equipment information in the recording unit so as to decide whether or not the input set information is appropriate.03-03-2011
20110063506User Input Command Relaying - Embodiments discussed herein are directed to an apparatus and method for relaying user input commands by a receiver to other devices connected to or in communication with the receiver. In one embodiment, a receiver receives one or more commands from a user input device and determines if the command is intended for the receiver or for a device in communication with the receiver. Based on this determination, the receiver may either execute the command or relay the command to a device that is attached or otherwise in communication with the receiver.03-17-2011
20100259678Direct IPTV Distribution - The invention defines a method for leveraging the standard conditional access module interface of a digital TV receiver to deliver IPTV or other TV content without the need of a set top box. An IP-connected interface (“probe”) is used in place of a conditional access module to establish a two-way communication link between the TV and the IPTV headend or other IP content source and to deliver IP content. In an embodiment, the invention covers the specifics of content navigation without requiring any modification of the TV receiver application software or provisioning of IPTV-specific software. Content navigation is achieved by supporting a catalog/grid browsing session on the TV receiver and enabling a flat multiplex navigation, a virtual MPEG multiplex that contains the definition of several available programs but a single video and audio channel is dynamically switched to carry the selected program.10-14-2010
20120127366METHOD OF PICTURE CONTROL AND IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS THEREOF - A picture control method and an image processing apparatus thereof are provided. The method includes setting a picture control mode; setting a picture control value in response to the picture control mode; and sensing a change of the picture control value; restoring the picture control value to a previous value if the change of the picture control value is maintained in excess of a certain amount of time. The image processing apparatus includes a picture controller which sets a mode and a value in response to the mode; a memory which stores an initial value of the value; and a controller which senses a change of the value and controls the picture controller to maintain the change of the value for a certain amount of time, and if the change of the value is maintained in excess of the certain amount of time, retrieves the initial value of the value, and controls the picture controller to change the picture control value to a previously unchanged value.05-24-2012
20120133831System, Module, and Method of Enabling a Video Interface within a Limited Resource Enabled Information Handling System - An information handling system includes a host processing system and a remote processing system. The host processing system includes a display, a host processor, and a video multiplexer that receives a video signal from the host processor and outputs the video signal to the display. The remote processing module is coupled to the host processing system and includes a remote processor configured to output a second video signal, and an interface between the host processing system and the remote processing system. The interface includes a video output channel configured to provide the second video signal to the video multiplexer. The video multiplexer is further configured to receive the second video signal and to output the second video signal to the display during a reduced operating state of the host processing system.05-31-2012
20090066837VIDEO APPARATUS, VIDEO SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR UPGRADING SOFTWARE THEREOF - A video apparatus, a video system, and a method for upgrading software thereof are provided. The video apparatus included in the video system is a set-top box and a display apparatus which receives a video signal from the set-top box. If a memory card storing upgrading software is mounted on the display apparatus, the display apparatus transmits the software to the set-top box in a wireless manner. After performing an upgrade, the set-top box and the display apparatus may perform a rollback to have the same version of software. Accordingly, the set-top box and the display apparatus perform a software upgrade at the same time and thus the same version of software is realized in the set-top box and display apparatus.03-12-2009
20120188451Child's Sleep Assistant Toy - A child's sleep assistant device is provided for assisting a child with falling asleep by playing calming images and soothing sounds. The device comprises a main body, a projection assembly, an audio assembly, a translucent dome and a power source. The projection assembly, audio assembly and power source are housed within the main body, which is covered by the translucent dome. Animated scenes are projected by a digital projector onto the wall or ceiling of a child's bedroom. Corresponding audio may be played that corresponds to the animated scenes, or soothing music or bedtime stories. The scenes may be changeable and their size and intensity modified by a parent or caregiver.07-26-2012
20090021641DIGITAL BROADCAST RECEIVER AND RECEIVING METHOD - An unreceivability detector (01-22-2009
20100208136Television operative to download new functional applications via an external software module and to execute the same without additional hardware - A television includes a control section, an interface and an external software module. The control section includes a processor and an internal memory that is in communication with the processor. The internal memory stores original program instructions for use by the processor to operate the television in accordance with the original program instructions. The interface is accessible exteriorly of the television and is in communication with the control section. The external software module is connectable to the interface and stores additional application program instructions that are downloadable to the control section when the external software module is connected to the interface. The downloaded additional application program instructions enable the television to function in a manner differently than any of the original program instructions. A method for adding new application program instructions to a television is also described.08-19-2010
20130169872DISPLAY APPARATUS, UPGRADE APPARATUS, DISPLAY SYSTEM AND CONTROL METHOD OF THE SAME - A display apparatus is provided, including: an image processor which processes an image signal received from an image source according to a preset image processing process and displays an image on a display; an upgrade apparatus which upgrades the image processing process when connected to the display apparatus; a power supply which supplies power of the display apparatus; and a controller which controls the power supply to supply power to the upgrade apparatus through the connector before supplying power to the image processor in response to a determination that the upgrade apparatus is connected to the display apparatus.07-04-2013
20130169873DISPLAY SYSTEM INCLUDING A DISPLAY APPARATUS AND AN UPGRADE APPARATUS, AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - A display apparatus including and a display unit are provided. The display apparatus includes an image processing unit processing an image signal received from an image source according to a preset image processing process in order to display the image on the display unit; a connection unit connected to an upgrade apparatus provided to upgrade the image processing process; a storage unit storing operating time information and displaying the information on the display unit; and a controller displaying a menu image on the display unit, the menu image being provided to adjust at least one preset item associated with quality of the image displayed on the display unit, and transmitting the operating time information on the display unit to the upgrade apparatus to change a set value of the item of the menu image corresponding to the operating time information on the display unit stored in the storage unit.07-04-2013
20110234904FLASH DISK WITH A REPLACEABLE MEMORY FOR RECEIVING SIGNALS FROM THE DIGITAL TV OR THE DIGITAL RADIO - A flash disk with a replaceable memory for receiving signals from the digital TV or the digital radio comprises a flash disk body with a terminal and a memory slot for accommodating a memory. Wherein, the flash disk body installs a receiver offering a telescopic antenna, and positions a circuit module electrically connecting with the antenna. Hence, the antenna receives the digital signals, and the circuit module executes the modulation and the transmission. Connecting the terminal to an electronic accessing unit, users readily access the digital TV or the digital radio. Preferably, by means of replacing the memory, an appropriate capacity of the memory could be expansively provided for users to flexibly access their data.09-29-2011
20120281142TECHNIQUE FOR VIDEO QUALITY ESTIMATION - An objective video quality estimation technique is disclosed. The technique may be based on a video bitstream model, using parameters taken from the video coding layer of the bitstream for estimating the quality of the video. The technique can be implemented as a method, a computer program, a computer program product, a device, or any one of a server node, a client terminal and a network node comprising the device. As a method embodiment, the technique comprises receiving a video bitstream comprising a series of picture frames; determining an error occurrence in a picture frame of the video bitstream; determining at least one of a temporal propagation and a spatial propagation of the error; and estimating the quality of the video bitstream based on result of the determination.11-08-2012
20120281141RECEPTION APPARATUS, RECEPTION METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A reception apparatus includes: a reception unit configured to receive a broadcast stream at least including a data stream for data broadcasting; a first style selector configured to select a display style for each of data broadcast content acquired from the broadcast stream received by the reception unit; a second style selector configured to select, when the data broadcast content corresponding to the style selected by the first style selector corresponds to a plurality of display styles, one display style out of the plurality of display styles; and a display unit configured to display the data broadcast content corresponding to the style selected by the first style selector or the second style selector.11-08-2012
20130194499TELEVISION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING APPLICATIONS THEREIN - A storage medium disposed in a television is provided. A code of a television software system is stored in the storage medium. The television software system includes a first application, a second application and an application management module. The first application has a first function library. The second application has a second function library different from the first function library. The application management module manages the first application and the second application according to the first function library and the second function library, respectively.08-01-2013
20130194500DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A display apparatus a control method thereof are provided, the display apparatus includes: a display which displays an image thereon; a first image processor which processes an image signal; a connector which is connectable to an upgrading apparatus that is provided to upgrade the display apparatus; and a first controller which executes a first application program and displays a first image signal corresponding to the execution of the first application program on the display, and when receiving a second image signal, corresponding to an execution of a second application program executed by the upgrading apparatus, from the upgrading apparatus through the connector, controls the display to display the second image signal together with the first image signal.08-01-2013
20130194501SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS, DISPLAY APPARATUS, DISPLAY SYSTEM, METHOD FOR PROCESSING SIGNAL, AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING AUDIO SIGNAL - A display system is provided. The display system includes a display apparatus which displays an image and comprises a media access control (MAC) device to access a communication network, and a communication interface apparatus which comprises a physical layer device to connect the MAC device of the display apparatus to the communication network. The display apparatus and the communication interface apparatus exchange a signal between the physical layer device and the MAC device through a serial interface.08-01-2013
20130201399RECEIVING APPARATUS, RECEIVING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - Disclosed herein is a receiving apparatus, a receiving method, and a program which are configured to provide application programs to be executed in response to AV content. The receiving apparatus includes: a receiving block; a trigger acquisition block; an application acquisition block; and a control block. The control block acquires trigger information and, on the basis of a command obtained from the acquired trigger information, acquires a data broadcast application from an application server on the Internet or a data broadcast application transmitted as NRT content of an NRT service using a FLUTE session by referencing an FDT identified by an SMT and an NRT-IT. In accordance with a command obtained from the acquired trigger information, the control block controls an operation of the acquired application program. The present technology is applicable to television receivers configured to receive digital television broadcast signals.08-08-2013


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