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20090201420On Screen Television Input Management - A television system that provides an on screen display menu system that allows a user to select from available input source using a graphical user interface. The television system also automatically adapts to the type on input signal selected for display. The television system and on screen display menu also support interaction between the television system and attached devices to unify the control of such devices including attached personal computers through the remote control of the television system.08-13-2009
20120262628SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR HOME AUTOMATION - A home automation system and method are disclosed for configuring a device state including but not limited to receiving an input from the client device at the server, configuring the device state in the database at the server in accordance with the input, and sending the configured device state from the server to the client device.10-18-2012
20130027612Systems and Methods for Presenting Home Screen Shortcuts - A method for presenting home screen shortcuts is disclosed. The method includes receiving a selection of shortcuts to a plurality of applications of at least two different types available for execution on a television device and presenting those shortcuts on a unified home screen user interface displayed on a TV screen or a second screen device. The method also includes responding to a user selection of one of the shortcuts by causing execution of the application associated with the shortcut, including in some instances effecting an intent (e.g., causing the associated application to achieve a state associated with the shortcut's intent). The different application types include applications, TV channels, websites, games, email, and widgets, such as a search widget.01-31-2013
20120182475COMPUTER WITH TV MODULE AND STARTUP METHOD - A computer includes a switch, a power supply, a TV module, a computer module and a control module. The switch creates a trigger signal. The TV module plays TV programs. The control module controls the power supply to power on the TV module after receiving the trigger signal when the control module determines the TV module and the computer module are powered off.07-19-2012
20130050577SINGLE-CABLE BIDIRECTIONAL COMMUNICATION-BASED TOUCH CONTROL DISPLAY METHOD AND SYSTEM - A single-cable bidirectional communication-based touch control display method and system for enabling communication and transmission between a portable electronic device having a first medium access address and a touch control display device having a second medium access address are provided. The method includes sending a video signal generated by the portable electronic device to the touch control display device via a single transmission cable to display the video signal on the touch control display device; touching, by a user, the touch control display device based on the video signal to generate a touch signal configured as a data packet according to an Internet Protocol frame; and sending the data packet back to the portable electronic device via the transmission cable, such that the portable electronic device retrieves the touch signal from the data packet to generate and feed another video signal back to the touch control display device.02-28-2013
20130208185TELEVISION - In a television, which can be connected to a portable information terminal, it is possible to display video based on the data of a multimedia file stored on a storage medium even in cases where there is no built-in decoder. In cases where a TV itself does not possess a decoder which can decode the data of a multimedia file selected by the user from the multimedia files stored on the USB memory, the CPU of the TV transmits to a smartphone the data of the selected multimedia file and a decoding request command to request that the data be decoded, thus receiving a video signal and/or an audio signal obtained by various types of decoders of the smartphone. Consequently, the CPU of the TV can output video and/or audio to a display unit and a speaker on the basis of the data of the selected multimedia file.08-15-2013
20130208184INTER-DEVICE COMMUNICATIONS USING VISIBLE LIGHT - A visual light communication (VLC) medium is used to provide communicative coupling between two or more devices. The communicative coupling supports a variety of functions such as, for example, device discovery, content discovery, and seamless transfer of media between the two or more devices.08-15-2013
20130057762SOURCE DEVICE, SINK DEVICE, SYSTEM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - A source device such as a mobile phone terminal can provide more surely a user with a notification of a status of the source device. A mobile phone terminal (03-07-2013
20130135528Broadcasting Receiver and Television Set - This broadcasting receiver includes a front-end having an RF receiver receiving a broadcast signal and a decoder separating the broadcast signal received by the RF receiver into a video signal and an audio signal and a back-end provided separately from the front-end, outputting the video signal and the audio signal input from the front-end through the decoder. The front-end can be connected to and disconnected from the back-end.05-30-2013
20130063662COMPUTER ASSISTED DEVICE AND TELEVISION RECEIVER - The present invention relates to a smartphone. According to the present invention, provided are a computer assisted device and a television receiver capable of functioning as one complete computer combined with a smartphone. Accordingly, the smartphone owner may not need to purchase an additional expensive computer, and device portability may be improved.03-14-2013
20130162906DISPLAY-ENABLED REMOTE DEVICE TO FACILITATE TEMPORARY PROGRAM CHANGES - A method for displaying two different content items on a main display device and a remote device includes displaying content in a first display mode, generating a content switch event to switch from the first display mode to a second display mode, and displaying content in the second display mode. In the first display mode, a first content item is displayed on the main display device. In the second display mode, a second content item is displayed on the main display device, and the first content item is displayed on the remote device.06-27-2013
20090015715DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A display apparatus, includes: a display unit; a signal receiving unit which receives a video signal; a signal processing unit which processes the video signal received by the signal receiving unit to be displayed; an input unit through which a frame rate demonstration function is selectable; and a control unit which controls the signal processing unit so that the video signal is processed into an inherent frame rate of the video signal and at least one corrected frame rate which is different from the inherent frame rate to be displayed in different areas of the display unit if the frame rate demonstration function is selected through the input unit.01-15-2009
20120113322Mixer To Transmit Audiovisual Data05-10-2012
20120113321METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COMMUNICATION BETWEEN MOBILE PHONE AND TV SET - The present disclosure relates to a method and an apparatus for communication between a mobile phone and a TV set. The method comprises the following steps of: generating standard RGB signals by an LCD controller in a central processing unit (CPU) of the mobile phone; transmitting the RGB signals to an LCD of the mobile phone and a TV-OUT chip simultaneously; enabling the TV-OUT chip to receive and recognize the RGB signals through configuration of commands; carrying out video conversion on the RGB signals by the TV-OUT chip to output standard AV signals; and transmitting the AV signals to a display of the TV set via a dock. With this disclosure, information on the LCD screen of the mobile phone can be transmitted to the display of the TV set.05-10-2012
20120206651SPEAKER SYSTEM, VIDEO DISPLAY DEVICE, AND TELEVISION RECEIVER - A speaker system of a television receiver (08-16-2012
20110032423ADAPTIVE USER PROFILING FOR TV-CENTRIC HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM - A TV seamlessly connects to and controls home automation equipment such as lighting, audio/video control, climate control, etc. The TV provides users with a friendly UI to control the equipment, and furthermore the TV adapts to observed user behavior to automatically establish and change settings based thereon. In addition, based on the content watched (or mode selection) on the TV, the settings of surrounding lighting, temperature and other controlled appliance would be changed by the TV.02-10-2011
20100103316User identification and prioritization using bluetooth - In certain implementations, a method of automatically changing an attribute defining operation of a television system involves determining that a plurality of short range radio frequency (RF) transceiver devices have entered RF range of the television system, the television system having a short range RF transceiver compatible with that of the short range RF transceiver device; binding the short range RF transceiver devices to the television set to establish an identity (ID) for the short range RF transceiver devices; determining a priority of each of the plurality of identified short range RF devices; at the television system, looking up a functional attribute associated with the identity having the highest priority; and setting the television parameter according to an attribute associated with a short range RF device having highest priority. This abstract is not to be considered limiting, since other embodiments may deviate from the features described in this abstract.04-29-2010
20120099020System and Method for Controlling Antenna Tuning Using an Auxiliary Channel of an Embedded Display Port Interface - An information handling system includes a capacitor, an antenna, a wireless wide area network card, an embedded display port interface, and a digital-to-analog converter. The capacitor has a variable capacitance that varies based on a voltage applied to the capacitor. The antenna is coupled to the capacitor, and has a variable resonance frequency that is based on the variable capacitance. The wireless wide area network card is in communication with the antenna, and is configured to set the variable resonance frequency to a specific frequency based on a control signal. The embedded display port interface is configured to transmit the control signal from the wireless wide area network card to a display control circuit via an auxiliary channel of the embedded display port interface. The digital-to-analog converter is in communication with the display control circuit, and is configured to provide the voltage to the capacitor in response to a signal from the display control circuit.04-26-2012
20110141357SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING DOCKING OF HEADPHONES - An application for a television with a headphone dock. The headphone dock provides status to the television as to when a set of headphones are docked (idle) or undocked (in use). The television changes routing of audio signals based upon the status of the headphones.06-16-2011
20100201875SELF-CONTAINED AUDIO/VISUAL PRESENTATION SYSTEM, METHODS AND NETWORKS FOR PROVIDING VIDEO PRESENTATION SERVICES, AND METHODS FOR ACCESSING AND USING THE VIDEO PRESENTATION SERVICES - A self-contained audio/visual presentation system for ease of use. In networks and methods for providing audio/visual presentation systems to facilitators, such as meeting facilities, and by the facilitators to customers of the facilitator, an owner supplies one or more audio/visual presentation systems to a facilitator without relinquishing at least some of its rights to the audio/visual presentation system. The facilitator rents the audio/visual presentation system to its customers. The facilitator compensates the owner for each use of the audio/visual presentation system. A user may obtain an access validation, use the access validation to actuate (e.g., turn on) an audio/visual presentation system, and operate the audio/visual presentation system.08-12-2010
20100033628DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME WITH TELEVISION FUNCTION AND METHOD THEREOF - A method used in a digital photo frame (DPF) with television function is provided. The DPF has a DPF mode for playing multimedia files stored in a storage and a television (TV) mode for playing TV programs received by a TV receiving module. The method includes: fetching TV program information from a TV program schedule when the DPF is in the DPF mode; detecting whether at least one TV program is airing soon or currently aired at the current time; displaying a TV listing menu prompt containing information on the at least one “airing soon” or “currently aired” TV program; receiving a mode switching signal and changing the operational mode of the DPF to the TV mode; and receiving and playing one of the “airing soon” or “currently aired” TV programs.02-11-2010
20090147136TV Card with Power-Switching Function - A TV card with power-switching function is provided. The TV card comprises a TV card chip module, a power-switching module and a connecting interface. The power switching module is connected to the TV card chip module to transfer or block a power to the TV card chip module; the connecting interface is connected to the power-switching module and a host, wherein the host provides the power to the power-switching module through the connecting interface; the connecting interface further comprises a reserved pin to receive and transfer a switching signal to the power-switching module through the connecting interface to enable the power-switching module to transfer or block the power to the TV card chip module.06-11-2009
20090147135HIGH-DEFINITION MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE RECEIVER/TRANSMITTER CHIPSET - A buffer chip is used to isolate the internal connection between an HDMI receiver chip and a remotely-located HDMI port in a consumer electronic device. In one embodiment, an HDMI receiver/transmitter circuit is coupled to a main processor via an internal bus. The HDMI receiver/transmitter circuit, which includes one or more local HDMI inputs/outputs, is further electrically coupled to an HDMI buffer chip, which is in turn connected to one or more HDMI ports located remotely from the HDMI receiver/transmitter circuit. In one embodiment, the detection and control of the HDMI buffer chip is provided directly by the HDMI receiver/transmitter circuit. In another embodiment, the HDMI buffer chip may be electrically isolated from the device's main processor.06-11-2009
20090141170VIDEO/AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE AND EXTERNAL SPEAKER CONTROL APPARATUS - The invention provides an external speaker control apparatus for causing only one of an internal speaker and an external speaker to output audio when a power supply of the external speaker control apparatus which controls the external speaker changes from an off state to an on state, the external speaker being a speaker outside a video and audio output apparatus. The external speaker control apparatus includes a microcomputer for detecting the change of the power supply of an amplifier from an off state to an on state and a HDMI/CEC communication unit for outputting an instruction requesting output of information which indicates the audio output mode to the video and audio output apparatus while at the same time receiving the information indicating the audio output mode from the video and audio output apparatus in the case where the microcomputer detects the change of the power supply from an off state to an on state, wherein the microcomputer controls the output of the audio from the external speaker based on the information indicating the audio output mode.06-04-2009
20090161014Method for Displaying TV Program on Computer - A method for displaying TV program on a computer system is described. An operation system of the computer system is started and a memory-resident program is simultaneously loaded to continuously detecting whether or not a predetermined TV signal transforming device is electrically coupled with the computer system and established. A TV displaying program is executed by means of the memory-resident program when the TV signal transforming device is electrically coupled with the computer system.06-25-2009
20090102970TELEVISION SYSTEM AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - There is disclosed a method of controlling a television system which can connect to a printing apparatus, and has a display unit. Display/non-display of the status information is set (S04-23-2009
20080273117DIGITAL CAMERA DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE OPERATION THEREOF - A digital camera device, a method and/or a computer program product for controlling the digital camera device. The digital camera device comprises an imaging device for sensing the image of a subject using an image sensor and outputting image data representing the image of the subject, and an imaging lens for forming the image of the subject on a photoreceptive surface of the image sensor. Furthermore, the digital camera includes a lens protector configured to cover the imaging lens, wherein the lens protector comprises a light-diffusing material for illuminating the image sensor when the lens protector covers the imaging lens. The digital camera device also includes a blemish position detector operative when the lens protector covers the imaging lens. When the image sensor is illuminated the blemish position detector is further configured to detect the position of blemish on an image, which is represented by image data output from the imaging device, on the basis of image data output from the imaging device.11-06-2008
20080291325Personality-Based Device - A personality-based theme may be provided. An application program may query a personality resource file for a prompt corresponding to a personality. Then the prompt may be received at a speech synthesis engine. Next, the speech synthesis engine may query a personality voice font database for a voice font corresponding to the personality. Then the speech synthesis engine may apply the voice font to the prompt. The voice font applied prompt may then be produced at an output device.11-27-2008
20080303946Method and apparatus for displaying a video signal on a computer system - A system that displays a video signal on a display for a computer system is presented. During operation, the system receives a signal to switch from displaying a video signal from an internal video source to displaying a video signal from an external video source. In this system, the internal and external video sources are coupled to a bi-directional video port for the computer system, wherein the internal video source generates an output video signal and the external video source generates an input video signal. The system then determines whether the external video source is coupled to the bi-directional video port. If so, the system couples the external video source to the display and determines whether the external video source is a valid video source. If the external video source is a valid video source, the system displays the video signal from the external video source on the display.12-11-2008
20100271547HISTORY INFORMATION RECORDING DEVICE AND IMAGE DISPLAY EQUIPMENT INCLUDING THE SAME - A history information recording device is provided to an image display equipment, for recording, as history information, information about operations that have been executed in the image display equipment up to a present time. The history information recording device includes a connection terminal to which an external storage medium is connected, in which the history information is transmitted to and recorded on the external storage medium connected to the connection terminal in response to a given instruction. Therefore, it is possible to check the history information of the image display equipment without displaying the history information on a screen of the image display equipment.10-28-2010
20130120655METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR USING BACKCHANNELS FOR CONTROLLING AND CONFIGURING DISPLAYS AND PERIPHERAL DEVICES - A method, apparatus and system of the present invention include a controller for identifying an available backchannel and for communicating data to an output device over an available backchannel, such as a secondary bi-directional radio backchannel, the data intended to control or configure the output device or an associated peripheral device in communication with the output device.05-16-2013
20120105721ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY CONTROLLING OPERATION OF THE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device is adapted to be connected to a plurality of peripheral devices, and includes a storage unit and a control circuit. The storage unit records a preset time and a control list. The control list lists at least a selected one of the electronic device and the peripheral devices, and an operation mode therefor. The control circuit detects whether the preset time matches a reference time, and if so, controls operation of the selected one of the electronic device and the peripheral devices according to settings in the control list.05-03-2012
20090251603IMAGE PLAYBACK SYSTEM - An image playback system (10-08-2009
20120194738DUAL MODE PROJECTION DOCKING DEVICE FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A dual mode projection display apparatus for portable electronic device comprises: a projection device, a built-in screen, an input device and a wired or wireless connector to said portable electronic device. It has dual operation mode: in the first mode, it produces an image onto the built-in screen; in the second mode, it produces an image onto any external surface with substantially high reflectance/scattering. When connected with a smartphone, the apparatus provides a big screen and convenience input method for the user. The invention increases the functionality and utility of a smartphone.08-02-2012
20100253842Wireless digital picture frame with video streaming capabilities - A wireless digital picture frame with video streaming capabilities comprises: a body having a video display unit, a first audio I/O unit, a first input unit, a first processor, and a first wireless transceiver unit; and a wireless camera having a video input unit, a second audio I/O unit, an audio codec unit, a second processor, and a second wireless transceiver unit. The body and the wireless camera communicate with each other through Wi-Fi connection. The wireless communication thus enables the wireless camera to capture A/V signals and transmit the captured signals back to the first processor of the body to be played by the video display unit and the first audio I/O unit; at the same time, the captured A/V data may also be stored to an external storage medium connected to the wireless digital picture frame. The above process forms a video recording mode and a surveillance mode.10-07-2010
20100194982MULTI-MEDIA PRESENTATION PLATFORM WITH INTERNALLY INTEGRATED DEVICES - The present invention extends to a multi-media presentation platform with internally integrated devices. Embodiments of the present invention include an individual transportable multi-media presentation platform for presenting multi-media output. The multi-media platform integrates video output capabilities and audio mixing capabilities within a multi-media presentation platform console. Multi-media devices are secured to the console. Data, audio-visual, and power connections for and between multi-media devices attached to the console are pre-connected and secured within the console. The console can be configured to fit into a hard shell carrying case with custom foam fittings. Accordingly, the multi-media presentation platform is relatively robust and is easy to transport, setup, and operate. Embodiments include an all-in-one sound and video projection platform used for playing movies and media on an external projection screen which permanently houses built in audio-visual components.08-05-2010
20080266455INACTIVE INFORMATION PROVIDING METHOD AND VIDEO APPARATUS THEREOF - An inactive information providing method of a video apparatus includes, in an inactive mode, generating an inactive message which provides notification of the inactive mode; and transmitting the inactive message to an external device connected according to a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) specification.10-30-2008
20090153734METHOD, APPARATUS AND MACHINE-READABLE MEDIUM FOR VIDEO PROCESSING CAPABILITY COMMUNICATION BETWEEN A VIDEO SOURCE DEVICE AND A VIDEO SINK DEVICE - At one of a video source device and a video sink device, an indication of video processing capabilities of the other of the video source device and said video sink device is received. Based upon the indication and an indication of video processing capabilities of the one device, one of a plurality of video processing algorithms is selected for execution by the one device. The selecting may be based upon a set of precedence rules. Categories of video processing may for example include scan-rate conversion, interlacing, de-interlacing, de-noise, scaling, color correction, contrast correction and detail enhancement.06-18-2009
20130141644SMART TELEVISION WITH A BUILT-IN ROUTER MODULE - A router module is arranged in a housing of a smart television. The router module is externally connected to a modem for surfing the Internet. The router module is electrically connected to a micro processing unit of the smart television. Therefore, the smart television is connected to the Internet through the router module. A wireless transmission chip of the router module is configured to process Internet signals. An antenna module is configured to wirelessly transmit the Internet signals, so that wireless network is shared to outside.06-06-2013
20100231790DISPLAY INSERTS, OVERLAYS, AND GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACES FOR MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS - A disclosed digital media device at user premises receives a media signal from a media source for presentation via a television display. The exemplary device also supports bi-directional communications with an application service provider device via user premises data communications network. The provider device, which is independent from the media source, offers an application service from a wide area network via the digital media device and user premises network. The digital media device may form a composite signal from the media signal and application service information, for example, for a composite audio and/or video signal for television type presentation to the user. The digital media device may receive a selection signal based on the presentation, for transmission to the application service provider device or to the media source. The media device also offers a GUI presenting a moveable arrangement of icons for selectively accessing application services.09-16-2010
20110128446CAR AUDIO/VIDEO TERMINAL SYSTEM HAVING USER INTERFACE LINKABLE WITH PORTABLE DEVICE AND METHOD FOR LINKING THE SAME - The present invention features a car audio/video (AV) terminal system having a user interface that is linkable with a portable device and a method for linking the same, where the system can implement the same user interface of a portable device, including the external appearance, in a car AV terminal.06-02-2011
20100220234IMAGE/SOUND SUPPLY APPARATUS, IMAGE/SOUND SUPPLY METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - An image/sound output method in an image/sound supply apparatus connected to an image/sound output apparatus includes: receiving residual-quantity data indicating the residual quantity of a data buffer memory provided in the image/sound output apparatus from the image/sound output apparatus; storing a lower and upper limit value of the proportion of sound data to be transmitted to the residual quantity of the data buffer memory; calculating the proportion of the sound data to be transmitted to the residual quantity of the data buffer memory in the image/sound output apparatus and comparing the calculated proportion and a lower or upper limit value and selects a sampling frequency for the sound data in accordance with the comparison result; converting the sound data to be transmitted with the sampling frequency selected by the frequency selecting section; and transmitting the converted sound data to the image/sound output apparatus.09-02-2010
20110025915Audio and Video Embedded Bedding - The present invention provides a bedding system (BS) adapted to be used by any person comprising: (a) a bedding article; and, (b) at least one audio/video means. It should be emphasized that the audio/video means is integrated within said bedding article.02-03-2011
20110025914SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR RESPONDING TO DEVICE ATTACHMENT - A television with at least one connection, either wired or wireless. Detection of an active device connected to the connection results in proper software and hardware configuration of the television to properly communicate with the device and provide, for example, proper user interface support and access to the device.02-03-2011
20110085082HOME NETWORK COMPONENT CONTROLLING DATA AND FUNCTION OF ANOTHER HOME NETWORK COMPONENT - Aggregated service and feature sharing is provided in a home network, in which users can freely enjoy not only the shared content, but also the unique features provided by each device anywhere in the network. The service sharing feature allows one device to control and use shared hardware or software functionalities provided by other devices in the network.04-14-2011
20110211117TECHNIQUES TO ENABLE DIGITAL TELEVISION AND GPS COEXISTENCE - An embodiment of the present invention provides an apparatus, comprising a digital television (DTV) receiver including at least a one-bit-flag such that when the flag is “on”, the DTV receiver is not allowed to start an initial acquisition process, and at least one additional receiver sharing part of a receive chain of the DTV receiver and wherein the additional receiver is capable of turning the one-bit-flag “on”. The flag may be set through communication between the drivers of the DTV receiver and the at least one additional receiver.09-01-2011
20100039559DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME WITH TELEVISION TUNING FUNCTION AND METHOD THEREOF - A method used in a digital photo frame (DPF) with television (TV) tuning function is provided. The method includes: receiving search parameters input by users during a DPF mode of the DPF; searching in a pre-stored TV program schedule to find TV programs matched the search parameters; determining whether any of the TV programs matched the search parameters is on or about to start at the current time; displaying a program list showing information at least on the “currently on” or “about to start” TV programs among the matched TV programs; switching the DPF from the DPF mode to a TV mode if a “currently on” or “about to start” TV program is selected to play; and receiving and playing the selected TV program. A related DPF is provided.02-18-2010
20120188450WHIP ANTENNA FOR MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICES - Embodiments of the present invention provide a solution for integrating a headset antenna and whip antenna together as a combined antenna for a mobile TV application. In certain embodiments, the invention can be applied to portable devices for both analog TV, FM radio, and digital TV applications and can be applied more generally to any wireless system which spans a broad frequency range, where the antenna gain of two antennas together can exceed the performance of either alone. In a preferred embodiment, the present invention provides a connector module that is configured to connect to both a whip antenna and a headset antenna while providing necessary electrical and signal isolation. The isolation can be accomplished by using a plurality of filters. There are other embodiments as well.07-26-2012
20100053432DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME WITH TELEVISION TUNING FUNCTION AND METHOD THEREOF - A method of a digital photo frame (DPF) with television (TV) tuning function is provided. The method includes: creating one or more preview windows on the DPF under the DPF mode; receiving broadcasts of particular channels; displaying the broadcast contents of the particular channels in each of the preview windows; switching the DPF to a TV mode if a mode switching signal is received within the display of the broadcast contents of the particular channels; determining which of favorite channels currently previewed in the preview windows is selected; and receiving and playing broadcasts of the selected particular channel. A related DPF is also provided.03-04-2010
20100123827Portable Navigation Device with TV function, Processing Module and Operation Method Thereof - A portable navigation device with a TV function includes a TV module, a navigation module, a display module, a sound module, a first processing unit, a second processing unit and a TV command storage module. The TV module generates baseband TV signals, the navigation module generates position information, the display module displays image information, the sound module plays sounds, the first processing unit performs navigation programs, the second processing unit performs TV programs, and the TV command storage module stores TV commands from the first processing unit and the second processing unit. TV command transmission between the first processing unit and the second processing unit is achieved by sending interrupt signals or reset signals.05-20-2010
20110069231IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS AND DISPLAY METHOD OF IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - Provided is an Image Forming Apparatus Including: an Image Forming Unit Configured to receive print data and to form an image corresponding to the print data on a recorded material; a display unit configured to receive display data and to display a video corresponding to the display data; and a control unit configured to execute an image forming operation for outputting the print data with respect to the image forming unit and a display operation for periodically outputting the display data with respect to the display unit at a predetermined frame rate, wherein the control unit changes the frame rate according to a progress status of the image forming operation.03-24-2011
20130128118Smart TV with Multiple Sub-Display Windows and the Method of the Same - A TV with multi-display windows includes a control unit, a display is coupled to the control unit; a display dividing module is coupled to the control unit to divide the display into multiple display windows. A local area network module is coupled to the control unit; a communication module is coupled to the control unit, wherein the communication module includes an instant chat module or network phone module; a TV program, and an interface of the communication module are assigned into the multiple display windows to allow a user conduct a call or chat with a remote terminal while watching TV program.05-23-2013
20110149158APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ACCESSING A PORTABLE MEDIA PLAYER - An electronic device includes a first input for receiving a portable media player and is configured to receive data from the portable media player while the first input is selected. The device also includes an input device configured to send a control signal that cyclically selects each of a plurality of inputs. A method of using the device to access the portable media player may include receiving a control signal that designates a first input and selecting the first input from a plurality of inputs in response to the control signal.06-23-2011
20090256962DATA TRANSMISSION DEVICE, DATA TRANSMISSION METHOD, AUDIO-VISUAL ENVIRONMENT CONTROL DEVICE, AUDIO-VISUAL ENVIRONMENT CONTROL SYSTEM, AND AUDIO-VISUAL ENVIRONMENT CONTROL METHOD - An audio-visual environment control system is provided with a function to control illumination for optimum audio-visual environment in accordance with a scene situation of an displayed image. A data transmission device is comprised of a data multiplexing portion for multiplexing scene situation data indicating scene setting situations of each scene of image data, and a transmitting portion for modulating and transmitting the image data in which the scene situation data are multiplexed. A data receiving apparatus is comprised of a data separating portion 10-15-2009
20110176056INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, DISPLAY DEVICE, OUTPUT DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION ACQUISITION METHOD AND IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION SUPPLY METHOD - A display device includes a receiving unit for receiving output data relating to a content transmitted from an information processing device, a display unit for providing a display based on the output data received by the receiving unit, a transmitting unit for transmitting a setting change request to an output device for providing an output based on the output data via the information processing device, a display generation unit for generating a setting change screen on the basis of setting information transmitted from the output device via the information processing device in response to the setting change request, and an operation detection unit for detecting a user operation. The transmitting unit transmits the contents of the setting change based on the user operation detected by the operation detection unit in the setting change screen to the output device via the information processing device.07-21-2011
20100321572SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IMAGE STABILIZATION - A system includes a first accelerometer and a second accelerometer that are coupled to a processor. The processor is configured to receive input from the accelerometers, calculate a displacement of the first accelerometer and a displacement of the second accelerometer, and refresh a video display unit as a function of the displacement of the first accelerometer and the displacement of the second accelerometer.12-23-2010
20080252784SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MULTI-SOURCE VIDEO DISTRIBUTION AND COMPOSITE DISPLAY - Certain embodiments of the present invention provide a video display processing system including a video source input component, a compositing component, and a composite video output component. The video source input component is adapted to receive video data from a plurality of video sources. The compositing component is adapted to generate a composite video image from the video data. The composite video image is based at least in part on a configuration. The configuration specifies an arrangement of the video data. The composite video output component adapted to output the composite video image.10-16-2008
20110164181DEVICE CONTROL APPARATUS, DEVICE CONTROL METHOD AND PROGRAM - There is provided a device control apparatus, a device control method and a program capable of easily initiating control of an operation of an external device through an application according to a status of the external device and a usage status of the application. An application for controlling an operation of an AV amplifier is acquired from an application server, a status of the AV amplifier and a usage status of the application are determined upon startup of the application, a screen according to the result of the determination is displayed in order to arrange an operation environment of the application and then a manipulation screen for controlling the operation of the AV amplifier through the application is displayed, and the operation of the AV amplifier is controlled according to a user manipulation performed through the manipulation screen.07-07-2011
20120147268DIRECT CONNECTION WITH SIDE CHANNEL CONTROL - A wireless computer that pairs with a remote audio-video presentation device, such as a television. As a result of the pairing, a communication channel is established for the computer to transmit audio-video content for presentation through that device. Additionally, as part of the pairing, the computer and remote device select a side channel for communication of user commands. The wireless computer may display a user interface through which a user may input commands that control the manner in which the remote audio-video device presents the content. As a result, a user may use the wireless computer as a remote control for the audio-video device, controlling both the content presented and the manner in which it is presented. The side channel may use different frequencies than the channel used to communicate audio-video content, and may use very low power at frequencies in the digital TV spectrum.06-14-2012
20100194980Mobile consumer electronic applications on internet video platform - A request to transfer a consumer electronics (CE) application from a consumer electronics device to a TV device is received at the TV device. The CE application is received from the consumer electronics device. Application state information associated with the CE application is received from the consumer electronics device. The CE application and the application state information are stored to a memory. This abstract is not to be considered limiting, since other embodiments may deviate from the features described in this abstract.08-05-2010
20120147269IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, USER TERMINAL APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - An image processing apparatus includes an image processing unit which processes an image signal, a display unit which displays the processed image, a user interface unit which receives a user command to capture an image, a screen capture unit which captures an image frame according to the user command, a storage unit which stores the image frame captured by the screen capture unit, and a control unit which controls the screen capture unit to capture a plurality of image frames including the image frame corresponding to a point of time when the user command is input.06-14-2012
20110050999HARDWARE MODULE FOR ADDING FUNCTIONALITY TO TELEVISION USING MECHANICAL AND WIRELESS LINKS - A set-box (SBB) is advanced into a receptacle on the rear of a TV to add functionality to the TV. Digital video information is conveyed from the SBB to the TV using respective HDMI connectors on the SBB and TV that mechanically engage each other, whereas bi-directional control information is passed wirelessly between the SBB and TV.03-03-2011
20120307150ELECTRONIC DEVICE AUDIO VOLUME REDUCTION IN RESPONSE TO AUDIO COMMUNICATION REQUEST - Presented is a method of facilitating use of an audio communication device, such as a telephone, in the presence of an electronic device capable of generating sound, such as a television or audio receiver. In the method, a message is received from the audio communication device, wherein the message indicates the audio communication device has received a request for an audio communication, such as a telephone call, from a second audio communication device. In response to receiving the message, an audio volume of the electronic device is reduced.12-06-2012
20090167945DEVICE, SYSTEM, AND METHOD OF MITIGATING INTERFERENCE TO DIGITAL TELEVISION SIGNALS - Device, system, and method of mitigating interference to digital television signals. For example, an apparatus includes a diversity-based digital television receiver having a filter controller and at least first and second channel paths, wherein the first channel path includes a first Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) reject filter, the second channel path includes a second GSM reject filter, the second channel path is parallel to the first channel path, and the filter controller is to selectively switch an operational state of the first GSM reject filter.07-02-2009
20090213268TELEVISION SET INTEGRATED WITH A COMPUTER - A television set integrated with a computer is disclosed. The television set includes a display, a video/audio control unit, and a computer mother unit. A portion or whole of the display, the video/audio control unit, and the computer mother unit are integrated to incorporate the power of the computer.08-27-2009
20110157468TELEVISION RECEIVER AND METHOD FOR SAVING ENERGY THEREOF - A television receiver includes an indentifying unit and a comparator. The indentifying unit indentifies a category of a currently tuned television program. The comparator determines whether the currently tuned television program belong to predetermined particular categories, and generates a first cut-off signal to stop video signals from being displayed on the television and to allow audio signals output on the television if the currently tuned television program belong to the predetermined particular categories.06-30-2011
20110157467ATTACHED DEVICE CONTROL ON TELEVISION EVENT - A television includes at least two inputs and at least one connected device (component). Upon a system event such as changing from one input to another input, the television signals the at least one connected device to change at least one operating parameter of the device.06-30-2011
20120008047Mobile Consumer Electronic Applications on Internet Video Platform - A request to transfer a consumer electronics (CE) executable application from a consumer electronics device to a TV device is received at the TV device. The CE executable application is received from the consumer electronics device. Application state information associated with the executable CE application is received from the consumer electronics device. The executable CE application and the application state information are stored to a memory. This abstract is not to be considered limiting, since other embodiments may deviate from the features described in this abstract.01-12-2012
20120013802DISPLAY FOR PUMP - This document discusses, among other things, an apparatus comprising a pump configured to deliver insulin, a processor, and a user interface including a bistable display. A display element of the bistable display is placed in one of two stable orientations upon application of a biasing voltage and stays in the stable orientation when the biasing voltage is removed. The processor includes a display module configured to display a non-blank reversion display screen on the bistable display when no input is received at the user interface after a specified time duration, and to recurrently change the reversion display screen until input is received at the user interface.01-19-2012
20100194981MOBILE PHONE DOCK FOR TV - A mobile telephone docking station that makes use of a TV as a display and that allows use of a standard keyboard and mouse to have a faster, more comfortable means to control the phone. Access to all of the cell phone's functions is allowed through the docking station/TV.08-05-2010
20100289957Bezel Color Coordination - A processor, such as a TV processor, determines which one of at least two audio-video components is sending signals to a TV for display. Based on the determining act, the processor establishes a color of a bezel of the TV.11-18-2010
20100245668PC DOCK FOR TV - A computer dock communicates with a TV over a HDMI link and a USB and/or Ethernet link. The dock can include a keyboard and mouse and the user can select whether the keyboard/mouse signals are sent to the computer or the TV. The input devices of the computer in the dock and/or the input devices of the dock can be used to provide navigation input to the TV to navigate around user interfaces such as a cross-media bar (XMB).09-30-2010
20100245667NON-STANDALONE TV PC - A TV includes a TV processor and a TV display and a PC includes a PC processor but no PC monitor. A HDMI link is established between the processors for conveying multimedia content from the PC to the TV for display thereof on the TV display. Also, a link such as a USB link is established between the processors for exchanging control signals therebetween.09-30-2010
20120162513DUAL-CONNECTION MULTIMEDIA APPARATUS - The invention relates to a multimedia apparatus and more particularly to a multimedia apparatus capable of providing karaoke service through Internet servers or other external devices. The invention provides operating interfaces that are compatible to individual hardware, internet server, and mode of instruction input. The invention identifies multimedia files in external storages and further offers an offline karaoke service.06-28-2012
20090284655TABLE WITH A MONITOR AND RELATED DATA-SYSTEM, ESPECIALLY FOR HOME USE AND FOR USE IN PUBLIC ROOMS EQUIPPED WITH THIS TABLE - The invention is related to a table with a monitor, consisting of a table board and of a support construction with at least one supporting or hanging unit, where substantive is, that the board of this table (11-19-2009
20120133830Receiving Method, Terminal Equipment And Receiving Device For Mobile Digital Multimedia Service - The present invention provides a method and a device for receiving a mobile digital multimedia service and terminal equipment for a mobile digital multimedia service, and the method for receiving the mobile digital multimedia service includes: a receiving device receiving multimedia broadcast data, and if the receiving device judges that a state of the multimedia broadcast data is a scrambling state, descrambling the multimedia broadcast data, and sending descrambled multimedia broadcast data to computer equipment, and the computer equipment receiving the descrambled multimedia broadcast data. The technical scheme of the present invention does not need to send key information needed in descrambling to the computer equipment, so that the security of the key information can be increased; and the receiving device re-encapsulates the multiplex subframe and retains the subframe header part in the multiplex subframe, so as to make the descrambled data code steam entirely retain the original information.05-31-2012
20120075530VIDEO CONTROL APPARATUS AND VIDEO CONTROL METHOD - A video control apparatus includes a video presenting unit configured to present a video to a viewer, a brain activity measuring unit configured to measure a brain activity of the viewer, a feature amount estimating unit configured to estimate a feature amount related to a direction and an amount of motion of a video perceived by the viewer based on data acquired by the brain activity measuring unit, and a video control unit configured to control a video to be displayed by the video presenting unit based on the feature amount.03-29-2012
20120075529TECHNIQUES FOR DISPLAYING DATA ON A SECONDARY DEVICE WHILE DISPLAYING CONTENT ON A TELEVISION - Embodiments are directed toward displaying data on a secondary device while display content on a television include creating a set of user interface rules and a plurality of user interface objects. The secondary device may be a smart phone, cellular phone, personal digital assistant, handheld gaming device, game console, netbook, ebook reader, tablet computers, laptop computer, portable music player, portable video player or the like. The data may be metadata about the content presented on the display.03-29-2012
20120081607RECEIVING APPARATUS, RECEIVING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A receiving apparatus includes: a reception portion configured to receive audio-visual content being transmitted; a trigger extraction portion configured to extract trigger information for controlling an application program for execution either by the receiving apparatus proper or by an external device connected thereto in conjunction with the audio-visual content, the application program being transmitted along with the audio-visual content; an apparatus proper control portion configured such that if a command indicated by the extracted trigger information is destined for the receiving apparatus proper, the apparatus proper control portion controls performance of the application program in accordance with the command; and an external device processing portion configured such that if the command indicated by the extracted trigger information is destined for the external device, the external device processing portion transfers the command to the external device.04-05-2012
20080297655TELEVISION RECEIVING APPARATUS AND DEVICE CONTROL METHOD - A television receiving apparatus has: a storage unit storing identification information, which identifies devices outputting image signals; a display control unit displaying a device selection screen for selecting a device to output an image signal based on the stored identification information; a confirmation unit confirming whether the device is in an active state or a standby state; and a transmitter transmitting a command, which instructs the selected device to output the image signal, when it is confirmed that the selected device is in an active state.12-04-2008
20120086856METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PROCESSING A MENU OF AN EXTERNAL DEVICE, AND TV RECEIVING DEVICE - A method and a device for processing a menu of an external device, and a TV receiving device are disclosed. By associating a displaying position of a menu of an external device of a display device with interface position information of an external interface, the present disclosure allows the menu of the external device to be displayed at an insertion position of the TV receiving device (i.e., a position corresponding to the external interface) so that the user can clearly know the using conditions of the external interface. This makes the TV receiving device intuitive and convenient to use.04-12-2012
20120092554TV SET AND METHOD FOR VIDEO MESSAGING THEREOF - The present disclosure provides a TV set and a method for video messaging thereof. The method includes the following steps: a: acquiring an image and a voice message signal of a video message producer as a video message and storing the video message; b: receiving a control instruction of viewing a video message from a video message viewer and searching from stored video messages for any video message for the video message viewer, wherein if the answer is “yes”, the step c is implemented; and c: invoking the video message for the video message viewer, displaying the image of the video message producer through the TV set, and playing the voice message through a loud speaker. With the present disclosure, users can leave or read a video message when using the TV set. This extends the functions of the TV set and gives users brand new experiences.04-19-2012
20130010195AV OUTPUT SYSTEM PERFORMING VIDEO OUTPUT - If an incoming call arrives at a mobile phone as an AV output device while a video signal is output to a TV as an AV input device, as incoming call processing, a command notifying arrival of the incoming call is transmitted to the TV, and thereafter output of the video signal is stopped. The reason for the stop is displayed on the TV. When the call is terminated in the mobile phone, a command notifying termination of the call is transmitted to the TV, and the output of the video signal is resumed. Thereby, a notification screen is stopped on the TV, and reproduction of video is resumed.01-10-2013
20130010194TELEVISION-INTEGRATED COMPUTER AND BOOT IMAGE DISPLAYING METHOD THEREOF - In a method for displaying a boot image on a television-integrated computer that includes a display module, a television (TV) module, and a computer module operable to generate a computer video signal, the TV-integrated computer first determines whether initialization of the TV module has been completed. When initialization has not yet been completed, the computer module allows the display module to display a computer image according to the computer video signal. Otherwise, the computer module outputs the computer video signal to the TV module, and the TV module outputs a display signal according to the computer video signal to the display module to allow the display module to display the computer image according to the display signal.01-10-2013
20130016283Methods circuits devices and systems for transmission and display of videoAANM Nissan-Cohen; YoavAACI Tel AvivAACO ILAAGP Nissan-Cohen; Yoav Tel Aviv ILAANM Freudlich; ShayAACI SunnyvaleAAST CAAACO USAAGP Freudlich; Shay Sunnyvale CA USAANM Kanonich; UriAACI HerzliaAACO ILAAGP Kanonich; Uri Herzlia ILAANM Reznic; ZviAACI Mimon StreetAACO ILAAGP Reznic; Zvi Mimon Street IL - Disclosed are methods, circuits, devices and associated executable code for facilitating transmission, reception and presentation (e.g. rendering) of video information/signals on a video display unit such as a flat-screen display, a touchscreen and/or a tablet computing platform. There may be provided a video display unit adapted to receive video signals through two or more video signal paths, wherein one of the signal paths (i.e. a first signal path) may be a wired signal path. Another signal path (i.e. a second signal path) may be a wireless signal path. The display unit may be matched or paired to a matched computing platform. The paired matched computing platform may send video signals to the display unit along the wired signal path, e.g. when the display unit is docked with the matched computing platform. The paired matched computing platform may send video signals to the display unit along the wireless signal path, e.g. when the display unit is disconnected from the matched computing platform.01-17-2013
20080239148Sharing a Video Display Between Telephony and Computing Devices - An apparatus and method are disclosed that enable the sharing, between a telephone and a computer, of input peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse and of output peripherals such as a video display. Historically, a telephone and a computer have possessed different interfaces with their user and with peripheral devices. Therefore, except where the telephone functionality is in the form of a softphone implemented on a computer, the telephone in the prior art is often incapable of sharing certain peripherals with a physically-adjacent computer. The telephone device of the illustrative embodiment enables sharing between the telephone and a computer, in contrast to sharing peripherals between computers in the prior art. The telephone device is able to determine which user inputs from a shared keyboard or mouse are intended for which data-processing device (i.e., the telephone device itself or the computer), and to transmit displayable signals from both the telephone device and computer to a shared video display device.10-02-2008
20130169871DISPLAY APPARATUS AND IMAGE DISPLAYING METHOD THEREOF - A display apparatus includes a display which displays an image; an external peripheral device; a peripheral device interface connected to the external peripheral device; an image composing module which combines a video signal with a graphic signal and outputs a combined signal to the display; and a controller which outputs a graphic signal to the image composing module when the graphic signal is input from the external peripheral device through the peripheral device interface, the graphic signal being associated with contents of a video signal displayed on the display and displayed along with the video signal.07-04-2013
20080218634METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATIC STARTUP AND SHUTDOWN INCLUDING AUTOMATIC SOURCE SWITCHING - A method and apparatus for automatic startup and shutdown including automatic source selection is provided for the selection of one of many video input sources provided on a visual display device in response to a new video signal being transmitted over a particular input port. The visual display device is also provided with means to power on the television in response to user input or a new video signal input source detection. The television may automatically revert to the previously-viewed source upon the powering off or lack of signal from the most newly-acquired video signal source.09-11-2008
20130113993METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR USER INTERFACE FOR INTERACTIVE DEVICES USING A MOBILE DEVICE - A software application and system that enables point-and-click interaction with a TV screen. The application determines geocode positioning information for a handheld device, and uses that data to create a virtual pointer for a television display or interactive device. Some embodiments utilize motion sensing and touchscreen input for gesture recognition interacting with video content or interactive device. Motion sensing can be coupled with positioning or localization techniques the user to calibrate the location of the interactive devices and the user location to establish and maintain virtual pointer connection relationships. The system may utilize wireless network infrastructure and cloud-based calculation and storage of position and orientation values to enable the handheld device in the TV viewing area to replace or surpass the functionality of the traditional TV remote control, and also interface directly with visual feedback on the TV screen.05-09-2013
20130148024METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SIGNATURE CAPTURE - Advanced internet-connected devices, such as smart TVs, can be used for conducting online transactions. Online transactions often lack an effective mechanism to prevent repudiation of the transaction. Signature data, representative of a consumer's signature motion, may be captured by a signature capture device. The signature capture device can be the smart TV or a device associated with the smart TV (e.g., a remote controller). The signature device can also be a security token. The signature data may be processed, stored, and/or transmitted for later use. The representation of the consumer's signature provides a non-repudiation mechanism similar in function to that of a consumer's actual handwritten signature on a credit card or debit card receipt.06-13-2013
20100289956Portable film-image-digitizing scanner with a hidden image-displaying screen - A portable film-image-digitizing scanner with a hidden image-displaying screen includes a machine body and an image-processing device. A picture-taking lens is set inside the said body and a backlight mechanism is set under the base brace. Film insert-laying grooves are set at two sides of the body to provide an insertion from one side for a film clip. And, the image-processing device includes several control buttons, a memory card slot and a cover plate set with the hidden image-displaying screen (TFT-LCD, thin film transistor liquid crystal display). The film clip can fix and set the films inside it and position them on top of the backlight mechanism. The film images are accessed by using the picture-taking lens, and transformed into digitizing data through the image-processing device. The images can then be displayed on the image-displaying screen directly for a direct editing or modifying, or be wire-transferred to TV (television) for displaying. Thus, it can achieve the purpose of fast transforming the film images into digitized data through a single machine for editing, modifying, displaying, or storage to improve the practicality.11-18-2010
20130176491INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - According to one embodiment, an information processing system includes a television receiver, a mobile terminal, and an interface. The terminal includes a wireless controller configured to acquire a state signal from the television receiver and to supply a control signal to the television receiver. The interface is provided in the television receiver or the terminal and configured to convert a state acquisition request and a control signal from the controller into a request and a signal which can be detected by the television receiver and to convert a state signal from the television receiver into a state signal which can be detected by the controller.07-11-2013
20130176492INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD - An apparatus includes: a first operating system configured to execute a first function; a second operating system configured to execute a second function; and a display controller configured to select one of first image information and second image information, the first image information being based on execution of the first function, the second image information being based on execution of the second function, or to superimpose one of the first image information and the second image information on the other information, and to display one of the selected information and the superimposed information on a display unit. The display controller is configured to display one menu when one of the first operating system and the second operating system is running, one of first icon and second icon being selectable from the menu, the first icon indicating start of the first function, the second icon indicating start of the second function.07-11-2013
20110310297CONSUMER ELECTRONIC PRODUCT HAVING INTEGRATED ROUTER OR GATEWAY - An example consumer electronic product such as a television includes a router or gateway contained within a housing of the television and a user interface for allowing configuration of settings associated with the router or gateway via one or more displays on a screen of the television.12-22-2011
20110317070INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD FOR CONTROLLING INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND RECORDING MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM FOR CONTROLLING INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - An information processing apparatus includes a video signal output unit to output different video signals to a first display unit and a second display unit, a screen switching input unit to input an instruction for switching between a screen displayed on the first display unit and a screen displayed on the second display unit, a determining unit to determine whether an input source of the input path selected for the first display unit is the video signal output unit, and an input control unit turning on the first display unit when the first display unit is turned off at the time of reception of the switching instruction, the input control unit switching the input source to the video signal output unit when the determining unit determines that the input source is not the video signal output unit.12-29-2011
20110317069SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR VOLUME CONTROL - An application for a system for controlling speaker volume of externally amplified speakers connected to a television includes a television with one or more external amplifiers, each driving one or more speakers. There is a channel for connecting the external amplifiers to the television providing an audio signal to the external amplifiers and a channel for communicating commands from the television to the externally amplifiers, which in some embodiments is the same channel. Responsive to a signal (e.g. remote control command) to the television indicating a request to change the volume of one or more of the external amplifiers, a volume change command is sent to one or more of the external amplifiers over the channel for communicating.12-29-2011
20130201398MIXER AND MULTICHANNEL AUDIO INTERFACE FOR A TABLET COMPUTER - A mixer for a touchscreen device is disclosed. The mixer includes a body. A dock on the body is configured and arranged to receive a touchscreen device therein. The mixer also includes a number of audio inputs and a main audio output. An integrated data interface is configured and arranged to connect to the touchscreen device. An audio codec processor configured and arranged to receive audio through the audio inputs and selectively route mixed audio to the main audio output and through the integrated data interface to the touchscreen device.08-08-2013