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348374000 For internal camera components 226
348376000 Portable or hand-held 37
348375000 For specified accessory 27
20090231484Image-snapping device - An image snapping device includes a body, a support rod, an image-snapping module and an outer hollow cylinder. The support rod is pivotally connected to the body. The image-snapping module is pivotally connected to the support rod and has a camera rotatable relative to the support rod. The outer hollow cylinder houses the image snapping module and is rotatably connected with the image snapping module, wherein the outer hollow cylinder has multiple lenses, one of which the camera is selectively aligned with.09-17-2009
20130044257MOBILE DEVICE WITH SIDE-MOUNTED CAMERA MODULE - The present disclosure relates to a mobile device provided with a camera module that is detachably received in a side of the device body. Particularly, the camera module is hidden inside the device body when not in use and can be drawn out from the side of the device body when in use. Since the camera module is not affixed permanently to the device, the detachable camera module can be used in small confined areas with expanded photo-capturing scope and angle.02-21-2013
20090244361CAMERA MODULE FOR VEHICLE VISION SYSTEM - A camera module (10-01-2009
20100079663USER INTERFACE MODULE FOR DIGITAL CAMERA AND DIGITAL CAMERA INCLUDING THE SAME - A digital camera and a user interface module of the digital camera that includes: a front cover which includes a window onto which an image is projected; a touch panel which is disposed at the back of the front cover, and outputs an image on the window while detecting touch manipulations of a user; a button assembly which includes a button pattern that is externally exposed along with the front cover, and detects and converts manipulations of the button pattern into an electric signal; and a first wiring cable which collects and transmits a touch signal generated in the touch panel and a manipulation signal generated in the button assembly to the camera body. The user interface module may be assembled to the camera body as a unit module to form the camera and may have a single wire cable electrically connecting the user interface module to the camera body.04-01-2010
20130076975IMAGING DEVICE - An imaging device 03-28-2013
20100073554Digital Image Acquiring And Transforming Apparatus - A digital image acquiring and transforming apparatus is provided. The digital image acquiring and transforming apparatus is adapted for acquiring and transforming images of stereoscopic and plane objects. The digital image acquiring and transforming apparatus includes a housing, a compensatory light source, an image acquiring unit and a rotatable plate. The housing is designed to have a semi-closed configuration. The rotatable plate is pivotally coupled to an unclosed end of the housing. Facilitated by the rotatable plate, the housing can achieve an entirely closed configuration. The image acquiring unit is disposed inside the housing and opposite to the rotatable plate. The compensatory light source is disposed inside the housing. The compensatory light source and the image acquiring unit, in combination, are adapted for effectively acquiring an image of an object disposed on the rotatable plate, and transforming the image into a digital file for saving.03-25-2010
20120182468CAMERA BODY AND IMAGING DEVICE - A camera body allows the mounting of a lens unit configured to form an optical image of a subject, and includes a body mount, an imaging element, a capacitor, and a housing member. The body mount allows a lens unit to be mounted. The imaging element includes a light receiving face arranged to receive light passing through the lens unit, and converts an optical image of the subject into an electrical signal. The capacitor is disposed in the depression formed near the outer peripheral portion of the imaging element, and stores electrical charges. The housing member accommodates the imaging element and the capacitor.07-19-2012
20120182467CAMERA BODY AND IMAGING DEVICE - A camera body allows the mounting of a lens unit configured to form an optical image of a subject, and includes a body mount, an imaging element, a capacitor, and a housing member. The body mount allows a lens unit to be mounted. The imaging element includes a light receiving face arranged to receive light passing through the lens unit, and converts an optical image of the subject into an electrical signal. The capacitor is disposed in close proximity to an outer peripheral portion of the imaging element, and stores electrical charges. The housing member accommodates the imaging element and the capacitor.07-19-2012
20120182466CAMERA BODY AND IMAGING DEVICE - A camera body allows the mounting of a lens unit configured to form an optical image of a subject, and includes a body mount, an imaging element, a capacitor, and a housing member. The body mount allows a lens unit to be mounted. The imaging element includes a light receiving face arranged to receive light passing through the lens unit, and converts an optical image of the subject into an electrical signal. The capacitor is disposed above the imaging element and more to the imaging element side than the body mount in a direction of the light passing through the lens unit. The housing member accommodates the imaging element and the capacitor. When viewed in a direction perpendicular to the light receiving face, at least part of the capacitor is disposed within a region bounded by the outer edge of the body mount.07-19-2012
20090316038MODULAR CAMERA SYSTEM - A modular camera system, including a camera which is disposed in a first housing that has a first contact element, and a signal processing and control unit which is disposed in a second housing that has a second contact element, the first housing being couplable with the second housing in a manner disposed so as to abut in planar fashion, and when disposed so as to abut in planar fashion, the first contact element being connected to the second contact element.12-24-2009
20080278620System for Facilitating Ergonomic Support of a Camera While Filming or Taking Pictures - A system is for supporting a camera for hands free filming includes a vest, and a camera mounting apparatus attached to the vest. In one aspect the system also includes a material overlay attached to the vest, the overlay including opposing end flaps and opposing side flaps the adjacent flap edges zippered for enabling the vest to be converted to an enclosure.11-13-2008
20090303380Camera Module - There is provided a camera module. The camera module comprises a lens module including at least one lens; a body coupled to the lens module to allow the lens module to move along an optical axis; a magnet unit applying a predetermined magnetic field to drive the body; and coil film chips each having a predetermined coil integrated in the form of chips and disposed closely adjacent to the magnet unit to generate a driving force by means of a magnetic field provided from the magnet unit, thus to allow the body to move.12-10-2009
20090303379IMAGE PICKUP DEVICE DRIVING APPARATUS AND IMAGING APPARATUS USING THE SAME - An image pickup device driving apparatus includes: an image pickup device holder that holds an image pickup device, with an image pickup surface of the image pickup device directing to a predetermined direction, and is movable in a direction of optical axis; a movable unit that is provided to contact the image pickup device holder; a driving unit that moves the image pickup device held by the image pickup device holder in the direction of optical axis by driving the movable unit, with a surface direction of the image pickup surface unchanged; and a position holding power providing member that provides position holding power to hold a position of the image pickup device holder in the direction of the optical axis, and an imaging apparatus using the same.12-10-2009
20130135522IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS - An image photographing apparatus capable of maintaining the size of a sensor plate even in a case when the size of a shutter assembly is increased, the image photographing apparatus including a shutter assembly configured to control an amount of light entered, an image sensor disposed at a rear of the shutter assembly to change the light to an electrical signal, a sensor plate configured to support the image sensor, and a main frame configured such that the shutter assembly and the sensor plate are be mounted thereon, wherein the main frame includes a frame base, and a shutter mounting portion protrudedly formed from the frame base such that the shutter assembly is mounted in a sliding manner on the shutter mounting portion.05-30-2013
20120307138ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electronic apparatus includes an operation member movable from an initial position with respect to an apparatus body, a first elastic member configured to be deformed from a first state to a second state when the operation member is moved from the initial position and to restore the operation member to the initial position with a force produced to return from the second state to the first state, a second elastic member configured to be held by the first elastic member when the first elastic member is in the first state, and a contact portion configured not to come into contact with the second elastic member when the operation member is at the initial position and to come into contact with the second elastic member when the operation member is moved from the initial position.12-06-2012
20110013077Imaging Module - An imaging module includes an imaging substrate mounting an imaging device thereon, a substrate holding plate, a holder. The substrate holding plate includes four substrate securing portions for securing the imaging substrate that are located opposing to four corners of the imaging substrate, respectively, an opening portion surrounded by the four substrate securing portions, and four holder securing portions that are located outwardly from the four substrate securing portions in a longitudinal direction thereof, respectively. The holder is formed integrally with a lens support barrel configured to support a lens unit at an inside thereof, and has plate securing portions configured to secure the holder securing portions at positions opposed to the holder securing portions of the substrate holding plate, respectively. The imaging module causes little residual compressive stress left in the imaging substrate, so that it can acquire high-resolution images.01-20-2011
20110013076ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING CAMERA MODULE - An electronic device includes a main body defining a receiving space, a camera module comprising an outer frame, two first shafts, an inner frame, two second shafts, and an image capturing unit. The outer frame is received in the receiving space and rotatably suspended by the two first shafts. The inner frame is received within the outer frame rotatably suspended by the two second shafts, the first shafts are substantially perpendicular to the second shafts, the image capturing unit is received in the inner frame.01-20-2011
20130063654CAMERA MOUNTING ASSEMBLY - A camera mounting assembly includes a positioning support defining a central axis and a plurality of brackets. Each of the brackets includes a first end coupled to the positioning support and a second end spaced apart from the first end. The brackets are configured to move between a retracted state and an extended state. When in the retracted state, the second ends of the brackets are at a first distance from the central axis, and in the extended state, the second ends of the brackets are at a second distance. The second distance is greater than the first distance.03-14-2013
20090237556Camera with weather cover - A camera includes a camera body, a video camera recorder, a battery compartment, and a weather cover. The camera body has a lens at front end and threads at a rear end. The video camera recorder has a forward portion located within the camera body. The battery compartment is connected to the video camera recorder. The weather cover has threads for mating with the threads at the rear end of the camera body to attach the weather cover to the camera body, thereby enclosing the video camera recorder and the battery compartment.09-24-2009
20090237555Pedestal - [PROBLEMS] To provide a device capable of enhancing the degree of freedom in movement of a stand such as a pedestal by eliminating the need for a cable for connection to the outside.09-24-2009
20130162894CAMERA MODULE - Disclosed herein is a camera module herein. The camera module includes a case; a bracket that is installed in the case, wherein an elastic element is interposed between the bracket and the case, and the bracket is elastically supported in the case by the elastic element; a substrate coupled to a lower portion of the bracket; an image sensor installed on the printed circuit board, wherein an upper portion of the image sensor is inserted into the bracket; and a focusing and tilt adjuster that is coupled through a bottom surface of the case, wherein a front end portion of the focusing and tilt adjuster contacts the substrate.06-27-2013
20130162895LENS BARRIER UNIT AND IMAGE CAPTURING APPARATUS - A lens barrier unit capable of improving the external force-resistance without increasing the size of the lens barrier unit itself. The lens barrier unit opens/closes an opening portion of a cover member. Each of a first panel member and a second panel member has an opening communicating with the opening portion and a plate-shaped portion for partially defining the opening. A lens barrier member moves between a lens protection position and a lens exposed position. A link member moves a lens barrier member to the lens protection position or the lens exposed position. The lens barrier member and the link member are arranged between the first panel member and the second panel member with the link member located on a side of the second panel member side, and the second panel member and the link member overlap with each other through a static pressure receiving structure.06-27-2013
20100085473ENCAPSULANT MODULE WITH OPAQUE COATING - The invention provides an encapsulant module for an image sensor device. The module includes an outer frame, a set of optical elements, and an opaque coating. The outer frame includes an enclosing wall and a first opening surrounded by the enclosing wall. The set of optical elements connects to and is disposed in the enclosing wall. The opaque coating overlies the enclosing wall.04-08-2010
20120113317Electromagnetically Shielded Video Camera and Shielded Enclosure for Image Capture Devices - Camera arrangements that can include electromagnetic protection, such as from EMP/IEMI events, is disclosed. One example camera arrangement includes a camera including a viewfinder having a lens, and an electromagnetically shielded enclosure defining an interior volume containing the camera and configured to include at least one opening aligned with the lens. The camera arrangement includes a waveguide beyond cutoff disposed across the at least one opening, the waveguide beyond cutoff including a plurality of cells sized and oriented to shield the interior volume of the enclosure from electromagnetic signals while exposing an optical path between the lens and objects external to the enclosure.05-10-2012
20080204589CLIP-ON VIDEO CAMERA SYSTEM FOR MEDICAL, SURGICAL AND DENTAL APPLICATIONS - A video camera system includes a mount with a clip-on structure adapted for attachment to a pair of eyeglass frames, loupes, or a headband. The preferred embodiment includes a camera mounted on a first pivot arm, and a light source mounted on a second pivot arm. One or both of the pivot arms are rotatable, enabling the beam from the light source and field of view of the camera to be aligned for a given working distance. Polarizing filters may be mounted to the camera, light source, or both to control glare, reflection or other undesired visual artifacts.08-28-2008
20120287335PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS - A photographing apparatus includes an imaging device that converts an optical image of an object into an electrical signal; a vibration plate disposed at a front direction of the imaging device; a vibration generator which is mounted on the vibration plate and vibrates the vibration plate; a support frame which is located between the imaging device and the vibration plate, and supports edges of the vibration plate; and a vibration plate pressing unit which is connected in the support frame and includes a part which presses at least an area of the vibration plate.11-15-2012
20110298970CAMERA BODY, IMAGING UNIT MOUNTED/REMOVED ON/FROM THE CAMERA BODY AND IMAGING APPARATUS - An imaging apparatus comprising an imaging unit in which an optical system and an imaging device are provided, a camera body formed with a concave portion on/from which the imaging unit is mounted/removed, the imaging apparatus photographing the subject image by mounting the imaging unit on the camera body, wherein the concave portion includes three walls of a back wall portion, a side wall portion, and an upper wall portion, viewed from the subject side in a direction of an optical axis of the optical system, wherein the apparatus includes a locking member and a locking member to be locked, wherein an unlocking member for unlocking a lock of the camera body and the imaging unit by means of the locking member is disposed in an intersection portion of the side and upper wall portions, and wherein at least three wall portions which compose the concave portion, are opened.12-08-2011
20110298969COVER STRUCTURE OF ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A cover structure of an electronic apparatus is provided. The cover structure comprises a cover and a plate spring. The cover has a pivot having a cam at one end, wherein two ends of the penetrate portions of a case on the electronic apparatus respectively. The plate spring is located inside the case and contacts the cam. When the cover is forced to rotate, the cam drives the cover to rotate and open/close automatically by the elastic force of the plate spring.12-08-2011
20120099016DISCREETLY POSITIONAL CAMERA HOUSING - A camera housing positionably coupled to an electronic appliance is disclosed. Preferably, the camera housing is positionable in two discrete positions such that the camera can be positioned to face towards or away from the user. The appliance includes a recess sized to receive the camera housing. A cellular telephone includes a camera housing which is positionable in two discrete positions. In the first position, the camera faces the user. In the second position, the camera faces away from the user. The camera housing is coupled to the cellular telephone by a hinge mechanism that latches the camera into one of the two positions.04-26-2012
20090201412Outdoor Camera Cage - An outdoor camera cage having a first, second, third and fourth sides and a bottom forming a rectangular box. The cage has a top cover hinged to the top of the rear side of the rectangular box to allow a camera to be inserted therein. The top cover contains four edges with two long cross bars and two short cross bars attached to the edges to allow the cross bars to move along the length of the edges. Once a camera is inserted into the cage, the camera is secured to the cage, the cover is closed and secured, the wire mesh is cut out around the camera lens and the entire apparatus is secured outdoors.08-13-2009
20130215324TARGET LIGHTING APPARATUS - A target lighting apparatus having a tray seating one or more light bulbs connected to a deflector, which is attached to one or more shock-absorbing arms, such that the deflector blocks the tray from any projectiles and the shock-absorbing arms absorb the impact of projectiles that come in contact with the deflector. In some embodiments, the tray, the one or more light bulbs, the deflector and the one or more shock-absorbing arms form a second frame which is adjustably connected to a base frame such that the second frame can slide from the back of the base frame to the front of the base frame and can rotate about an axis along the front of the base frame from a closed position to an open position. The one or more light bulbs are powered by a battery pack. The battery pack may be solar charged by solar panels.08-22-2013
20090002548Document camera - A document camera includes a base, a first arm, a second arm, and a camera head assembly. The base includes control electronics. The first arm is connected at a first end to a side of the base utilizing a first hinge. The second arm is connected at a first end to a second end of the first arm utilizing the second hinge. The camera head assembly is connected at a first end to a second end of the second arm utilizing the third hinge. The camera head assembly includes a lens adjuster and an imaging sensor and movement of the lens adjuster changes an orientation of the imaging sensor. The first side of the first arm is connected to a first side of the base and a second side of the first arm is connected to the second hinge.01-01-2009
20100091178Imaging device housing - This invention relates to a first housing component and a second housing component being configured to be pivot-mounted to the each other. The second housing component comprises a surface portion configured to accommodate an aperture of a camera. The aperture is displaced from the pivot point. Pivoting the first housing component and the second housing component with respect to each other involves a change of the arrangement of a surface portion of the first housing component opposed to the surface portion of the second housing component which is configured to accommodate the aperture of the camera.04-15-2010
20090015708Housing structure of a web cam - The housing of a web cam includes a main housing member and a corresponding cover for accommodating a web cam module. The rear portion of the main housing member has a space and a plurality of extensions or projections along the periphery of the space, and the cover has a fixed portion and a plurality of recesses corresponding to each of the extensions or projections of the rear portion. The main housing member further has a fixing portion at the front of the main housing member for securing to a fixing portion of the cover.01-15-2009
20090128687License Plate Frame with Camera - A license plate frame and camera combination comprises a license plate frame and a camera assembly, the camera assembly comprising a housing and a camera lens. A pair of brackets positioned on the rim supports the camera assembly for rotational movement to change the field of view of the camera. Fastening means releasably hold at least one of the brackets on the rim. The fastener means are removable only from an inward facing surface of the rim to prevent removal of the camera assembly, unless the assembly is disengaged from the vehicle. Biasing springs engage at least one of the brackets and the housing of the camera assembly for holding the camera assembly on the frame. The biasing means provides a biasing force that allows the camera assembly to be rotated to a selected position for image collection by the camera lens, and at the same time maintain the camera assembly in the selected position while the vehicle is driven.05-21-2009
20090009657DRIVE APPARATUS AND IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS - An anti-vibration unit has: an X-axis transducer generating elliptical vibration in drivers; a frame which is a fixing member having a holding portion for holding the X-axis transducer; an X frame having fixed thereto a slide element to which the drivers of the X-axis transducer are pressed and which moves in the X-axis direction with respect to the frame; a Y-axis transducer held by a holding portion provided in the X-frame and generating elliptical vibration in drivers; and a Y frame having fixed thereto a slide element to which the drivers of the Y-axis transducer are pressed and which moves in the Y-axis direction with respect to the X frame. The X-axis transducer and the Y-axis transducer have substantially same resonant frequency, and the slide elements differ in at least one of rigidity and density thereof, thereby providing a drive apparatus down-sized, large in driving force and high in efficiency.01-08-2009
20110019074SUPPORT DEVICE FOR CAMERA MODULES - A support device for camera modules is disclosed. The support device is capable of panning or spinning a camera module without separating an outer casing that surrounds the camera module. The support device includes a body, a second middle support unit, a rear cover, and a rotary support unit. The body includes a camera module therein. The second middle support unit is rotatably fitted to a side surface of the body, and has on an outer surface of the second middle support unit two opposing wheels to be fitted into coupling bosses of the rotary support unit. The rear cover is coupled to the second middle support unit, and has on an inner surface thereof a seating step so that the body is rotatably seated thereon. The rotary support unit has the two coupling bosses to support the two wheels of the second middle support unit.01-27-2011
20090207302METHOD AND APPARATUS TO MEASURE FEATURES IN A CONDUIT - A system and method for measuring the size and orientation of anomalies on the interior surface of a conduit. The system and method can include a camera housed in a centralizer and a means for providing measurement markers within the field of view of the camera. The system and method can also include an orientation sensor for determining the orientation of the anomaly within the conduit.08-20-2009
20090201413SURFACE CAMERA SYSTEM - A surface camera system includes a support housing configured to be embedded in the surface of a track and a camera housing couplable to the support housing. A camera is coupled to the camera housing and may be embodied as a high definition camera or a standard definition camera. The camera housing includes a top surface shaped and sized so as not to interfere with traffic on the track.08-13-2009
20090109325PORTABLE DEVICE AND IMAGE PICKUP DEVICE - A portable device having a first enclosure and a second enclosure, comprises: a linking device which slidably links the first enclosure and second enclosure in a slidable manner, the linking device permitting a first action of shifting the first enclosure between a first position and a second position in a plane, and a second action of shifting the first enclosure at least in a direction different from a direction of the first action in the plane using at least one of the first position and second position as a reference position; and a command input device which inputs a command to the portable device on the basis of at least the second action of the first enclosure, thereby enabling to operate the portable device according to the action of the first enclosure.04-30-2009
20090284648ARRANGEMENT OF IMAGING MODULE IN DISPLAY DEVICE - An embedded imaging module is detachably embedded in a display device to replace the existing fixed web cam that is fixed to the display device for the purposes of enhance flexibility of image taking by a use. In construction, the arrangement includes a display device, a detachable imaging module, a retractable cable, and an auto-focusing lens constituting partly the imaging module. The display device has a circumferential edge having a corner forming a receiving space in which the detachable imaging device is detachably embedded. The retractability of the retractable cable provides connection between the display device and the imaging device to serve as a signal transmission line therebetween in both detached and embedded conditions of the imaging module.11-19-2009
20090295985CAMERA DEVICE - The present invention provides a camera device including: an image pickup element; a substrate mounted with the image pickup element thereon; and a housing accommodating the image pickup element therein. The housing is provided with a plurality of support members which extend upright and to which an external edge portion of the substrate is stuck with an adhesive. The substrate is provided with an application area to which the adhesive is applied, at the external edge portion stuck with the support members.12-03-2009
20090167934CAMERA SYSTEM WITH MIRROR ARRANGEMENT FOR GENERATING SELF-PORTRAIT PANORAMIC PICTURES - A camera assembly that generates a high-quality self portrait may include a plurality of reflecting surfaces, such as an array of mirrors or a multi-faceted reflecting element. Each reflecting surface may be arranged so as to assist the user align the camera by rotational movement and/or translated movement to achieve a different field of view for the camera assembly for each reflecting surface. In this manner, the user may sequentially use the various reflecting surfaces to capture an image corresponding to each reflecting surface so that each image corresponds to a different portion of a scene. These portions of the scene may have some overlap and may be stitched together to form a panoramic self portrait that includes the user and portions of the scene behind the user.07-02-2009
20100060782ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electronic apparatus that enables to realize, with a simple and inexpensive structure, a rotational operation mechanism having rotational operation members of an upper and lower two-tier configuration that can rotate 360 degrees independently from each other. An exterior member forms an exterior section. A tabular member is positioned in and fixed to the exterior member. A hollow shaft is fixed to the tabular member. A first rotational operation member has a shaft section slidably fit in an inner side of the hollow shaft, is supported by the hollow shaft via the shaft section, and rotates slidably with respect to the hollow shaft. A second rotational operation member slidably fits in a hole that pierces through the exterior member and rotates slidably with respect to the exterior member between the first rotational operation member and the exterior member.03-11-2010
20080291321IMAGING APPARATUS - In the presentation apparatus, an imaging subject is placed on the table, and the imaging subject is imaged by a video camera for presentation on the display of a computer or the like. The table includes a fastening member to which a camera support member fastens, and deploying panels which are pivotably supported at the sides of the fastening member. A deployment mechanism includes link members which at a first end thereof are respectively pivotably connected to the deploying panels and at the other end thereof are connected to one another by a connecting pin; a guide member for guiding the movement of the connecting pin; and a damper portion for applying resistance to movement of the connecting pin.11-27-2008
20080211958Dehumidified Equipment Housing - A dehumidified equipment housing may be used to house equipment including one or more mechanical devices and/or electronic devices. The dehumidified equipment housing may prevent condensation on one or more regions inside of the housing and may control condensation inside of the housing to provide a dehumidified environment inside of the housing. The dehumidified equipment housing may also remove condensed water to outside of the housing.09-04-2008
20110007207TRANSPORT DEVICE FOR AN INSTRUMENT FOR PHOTO, VIDEO, AUDIO RECORDING OR THE LIKE - The transport device for an instrument (01-13-2011
20110007206SWITCHING MECHANISM FOR VIDEO CAMERA - A switching mechanism for a video camera includes: a control unit; a driving device connected with and controlled by the control unit; a first belt pulley connected with the driving device; a second belt pulley smaller than the first belt pulley in diameter; a belt looped around the first and second belt pulleys for power transmission, and including a first protuberance; a translation member provided with a second protuberance so that through a loose fitting connection between the two protuberances, the translation member is driven to move; and a positioning element having a positioning plane, at least two inclines, and at least two top surfaces, wherein the positioning plane and the at least two inclines are designed to contact the second protuberance of the translation member alternately so as to restrict and reposition the translation member.01-13-2011
20110205426QUICK SHOE FOR CAMERA TRIPOD - Disclosed is a quick shoe used to mount a camera to a tripod. When the camera is directly coupled with the tripod, too much time is required. The camera is attached to the tripod in every use of the camera. In order to solve this problem, the male quick shoe is permanently mounted on the lower end of the camera, and the female quick shoe is provided on a head of the tripod, such that the quick shoe is easily detached from the tripod through one touch scheme. This causes a problem that the male quick shoe is not firmly coupled with the female quick shoe so that the camera shakes in shooting. The male quick shoe installed in the camera interferes with a user's hand in shooting, so that troubles occur in shooting. A vertical control grip is mounted on a body of the camera to obtain a vertical picture format. The interference degree of the male quick shoe is more seriously represented, so that more many troubles are caused in shooting. To solve the above problems, the assembling structure of the male quick shoe and the female quick shoe is improved, so that the male quick shoe is tightly coupled with the female quick shoe even if the male quick shoe has a thin thickness. The grip feel of the camera when a user grips the camera is improved due to the slim thickness of the camera, shooting conditions are improved, and the camera is tightly secured with the tripod to minimize the shake of the camera in shooting.08-25-2011
20100271540EYEBALL DEVICE FOR USE IN ROBOTS - Various embodiments of an eyeball device for use in robots are provided. In one embodiment, the eyeball device has an eyeball, a main part having a camera, a frame having first and second sections, first and second actuators, a first connecting member and a second connecting member. The first section is horizontally pivotally coupled to the main part relative to the main part, while the second section vertically pivotally supports the eyeball. The first and second actuators produce rotary motions. The first connecting member is coupled to the first section and the first actuator to connecting the rotary motion of the first actuator to the first section. The second connecting member is coupled to the eyeball and the second actuator to transmit the rotary motion of the second actuator to the eyeball. The eyeball horizontally pivots through the first connecting member and vertically pivots through the second connecting member.10-28-2010
20110205425SYSTEM, COMPONENTS, AND METHODS FOR VIEWING DOCUMENTS AND OBJECTS USING A WEBCAM - An image sensor support device comprising a foot assembly releasably coupled with respect to a base and an image sensor mount rotatably coupled with respect to the foot assembly. The image sensor mount is rotatably secured to an elongated stem assembly and the stem assembly is rotatably secured to the foot assembly.08-25-2011
20090128688IMAGING APPARATUS - An imaging apparatus includes an accessory shoe that includes an engagement member configured to be engaged with and hold an accessory unit that slides in an attachment direction relative to the accessory shoe, and an imaging apparatus side connector electrically connected to an accessory side connector of the accessory unit. The engagement member includes first and second engagement members provided apart from each other via a space in which the accessory unit slides, and a third engagement member that is provided on a front side of the first and second engagement members in the attachment direction, projects in a direction opposite to the attachment direction, and covers the imaging apparatus side connector. The third engagement member is engaged with the accessory side connector that is inserted into an engagement space formed between the third engagement member and the imaging apparatus side connector.05-21-2009
20120140113INTERNET-PROTOCOL CAMERA DEVICE WITH HEAT DISSIPATION PLATES - An internet-protocol camera device includes a lens module and an image pickup module. The lens module guides light to the image pickup module. The image pickup module includes a metal housing, heat generating electronic devices received in the metal housing, heat sinks received in the metal housing, and heat dissipation plates. The metal housing includes a first inner side surface, a second inner side surface, a third inner side surface and a fourth inner side surface connected end-to-end in that order. The first inner side surface faces the third inner side surface. The second inner side surface faces the fourth inner side surface. The heat sinks are mounted on the corresponding heat generating electronic devices. The heat dissipation plates are mounted on the first inner side surface, the second inner side surface, the third inner side surface and the fourth inner side surface.06-07-2012
20120069241DISPLAY - A display includes a display panel and an image capture apparatus. The display panel has a display region, a peripheral region surrounding the display region, and a through hole located in the peripheral region. The image capture apparatus is assembled to the display panel. The image capture apparatus includes a signal transmission device and an image capture device located in the through hole, and the image capture device is connected to the signal transmission device.03-22-2012
20090295984Image pickup apparatus - An image pickup apparatus includes an operation button; and an operation member turnably mounted around the operation button, having an operation portion, and configured to allow a user to select a plurality of operation states by turning the operation portion. The operation portion is formed such that a user's finger placed on the operation button comes into contact with the operation portion at one or more positions to which the operation portion is turned.12-03-2009
20090096917Scanning Projector Ambient Lighting System - A display device including a plurality of image projection devices and a display. The display device provides received content to the display and provides image signals to the plurality of image projection devices. In response to the provided image signals, the plurality of image projection devices project images on an area of a display surface that is separate from the display. A plurality of image capture devices positioned around the display device operate during a calibration and/or alignment procedure of the plurality of image projection devices to calibrate and/or align the projected images.04-16-2009
20090244362System for mounting camera on bow - A system for mounting includes a video camera, a mounting element, and a rail and clamp connector. The video camera has a camera body. The elongated mounting element has a first end for coupling with the camera body and a threaded second end for engaging a threaded aperture on a bow. The rail and clamp connector detachably couples the first end of the elongated element to the camera body thereby mounting the camera body in front of the bow.10-01-2009
20090219436Positioning Accessory for Camera-Equipped Wireless Terminals - A stand for a camera-equipped wireless communications device comprises an adjustable terminal support configured to be mounted to a base. The adjustable terminal support includes a system plug at one end that connects to a system interface on the camera-equipped wireless communications device. The adjustable terminal support may include a cradle having a pair of arms that clamp on to the camera-equipped wireless communications device. At least one of the pair of arms is movable.09-03-2009
20100157142CAMERA MODULE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A camera module according to an aspect of the invention may include: a housing supporting movements along an optical axis of a lens barrel having a lens therein; a board having an image sensor collecting light incident upon the lens to form an image, and fixed to the housing; filter glass provided within the housing, arranged above the board and creating a space within which the image sensor is provided; and a dust dam provided within the space, the dust dam onto which foreign objects entering the image sensor are stuck so as to prevent the movements of the foreign objects.06-24-2010
20100188563IMAGE SIGNAL SUPPLY APPARATUS, IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS, AND CONTROL METHOD OF IMAGE SIGNAL SUPPLY APPARATUS - An image signal supply apparatus which is connected to an image display apparatus including an input source switching unit and outputs an image signal as an input source to the image display apparatus, includes: a communication unit carrying out communication with the image display apparatus; and a switching instruction output unit outputting an instruction signal instructing to switch the input source to the image display apparatus via the communication unit.07-29-2010
20100259671PAN AND TILT HEADS HAVING DUAL DAMPING - A pan and tilt head provides rotation for a T.V., video or cine camera supported on the head in pan and tilt axes. The head has first rotary damping means for controlling pan movement of the head and second rotary damping means for controlling tilt movement of the head. Both rotary damping means comprises a first rotary damper which generates a rotary damping torque which increases at a progressively reducing rate with angular velocity and a second rotary damper which generates a rotary damping torque which increases linearly with angular velocity. For each axis of movement of the head, one of the rotary dampers provides a permanent damping mode and the other rotary damper provides a selectable damping mode. A mechanism is provided for coupling the rotary dampers together in parallel to combine the damping torques imposed on movement of the head when required.10-14-2010
20130215322DOCUMENT CAMERA WITH AUTOMATICALLY SWITCHED OPERATING PARAMETERS - A document camera comprises a base; a camera head; a camera positioned in the camera head for capturing images of documents and other objects; a flexible neck connecting the camera head to the base and permitting the camera head to be moved relative to the base; a sensor for sensing a position or orientation of the camera head relative to the base; and a control device responsive to the sensor for selecting an operating parameter of the document camera based on the position or orientation of the camera head.08-22-2013
20130215323WINDOW FOR PREVENTING CAMERA DISTORTION IN AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A window of an electronic device includes a shooting region at a position corresponding to a camera lens assembly. The window includes a front surface, a rear surface, and an inclined surface. The front surface includes the shooting region and is formed in a curved shape. An inclined surface is disposed to have a slope corresponding to a curvature of the front surface in at least a portion of the rear surface corresponding to the shooting region. Therefore, deterioration of image capture quality such as distortion by the camera lens assembly and internal reflection is effectively prevented by the inclined surface.08-22-2013
20100225803CAMERA SUPPORT DEVICE - A camera support device includes: a first rotating member to which an imaging device is fixed; a second rotating member having first and second arm portions interposing the first rotating member therebetween and supporting the first rotating member turnable by the first and second arm portions; a support member interposed between the first and second arm portions and supporting the second rotating member turnably; an operation member changing a distance between the first and second arm portions; a first engagement portion formed by a serration formed on a contact surface of at least one of the first and second arm portions and the first rotating member; and a second engagement portion formed by a serration formed on a contact surface of at least one of the first and second arm portions and the support member and being set to have an engagement depth different from that of the first engagement portion.09-09-2010
20100225802MONITOR CAMERA - The monitor camera (09-09-2010
20110058099ROTATABLE CAMERA MODULE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A camera module for an electronic device includes a holder, a supporting member, an image sensor, and a lens module. The holder is fixed to the electronic device and includes an inner surface. The holder defines a truncated spherical receiving space surrounded by the inner surface and an opening communicating with the receiving space. The supporting member includes a connecting portion and supporting portion. The connecting portion is received in the receiving space and rotatable relative to the holder. The supporting portion extends out of the receiving space from the opening and is rotatable together with the connecting portion. The image sensor is fixed on the supporting portion and is electrically connected to the electronic device. The lens module is fixed on the supporting portion and is aligned with the image sensor.03-10-2011
20100128166Camera for mounting - An apparatus includes housing, a camera lens, a video recorder, a mounting rail, and a mount. The video recorder is located within the housing for recording images captured by the camera lens. The mounting rail is located on the housing and is received by the mount.05-27-2010
20120140114HOUSING STRUCTURE AND IMAGING DEVICE - A housing structure comprises a housing and a built-in member. The housing includes a first cover having a first inner surface and a second cover having a second inner surface. The first cover abuts the second cover and defines a gap through which the first inner surface is configured to communicate with the second inner surface. The built-in member is formed in the housing and includes an opposing surface and a reflecting component. The opposing surface is disposed opposite to the first inner surface and the second inner surface, and the reflecting component includes an inclined surface that faces the gap. The inclined face is disposed at an angle relative to the opposing surface.06-07-2012
20090115890Protection case for cameras which are capable of transmitting a video signal - A protection case (05-07-2009
20110032415A Case For A Digital Camera - This invention relates to a case (02-10-2011
20100302435Pivoting Structure Coupled to a Rotatable Housing Structure - Disclosed are pivoting structures and methods of pivoting structure. The pivoting structures can include a movable shutter plate including an aperture, pivotally fastened to a supporting plate by the pivot pin, and having a slot that receives a slot pin of a rotator, the movable shutter configured to move across the rotator as the first housing and second housing change their orientations with respect to one another. In a particular position, an aperture of the moveable shutter plate is aligned with an aperture of the first housing.12-02-2010
20100188562Visual presenter - A visual presenter includes a base, a column support standing on the base and having a distal end, the column support including an upright part standing upright from the base and a horizontal part that is continuous from the upright part and extends horizontally ahead of the base, the camera head being adapted to image a material placed on an installation surface for the presenter, and a plurality of legs which are mounted on an underside of the base so that one of the legs is located at a predetermined position spaced backward from a front of the base by a predetermined distance. The legs extend in a direction perpendicular to the underside of the base so that an imaging area of the camera head on the installation surface is enlarged so as to cover an area immediately before an installation point of the leg.07-29-2010
20090066836Front-viewing side mirror camera - A multi-reflective vehicular mirror is provided. A mirror housing is primarily attached to a passenger side of the vehicle and has a shell facing the front of the vehicle and a cavity facing the rear of the vehicle. The shell has a proximal side mounted on the vehicle and a distal side opposite to the proximal side. A mirror glass is mounted on the housing in the cavity and faces rearward to a vehicle driver and it is made locally reflective leaving an area clear to see-thru visions. The housing shell has a front window area with a transparent lens, which is aligned with the clear area of the mirror glass to provide a clear view through the mirror. Internally of the housing shell an elongated mirror is mounted to form a mirror-in-mirror structure.03-12-2009
20110115972HEATING DEVICE FOR HEATING A GLASS SURFACE, PARTICULARLY A PROTECTICE GLASS OF AN OUTDOOR CAMERA, AND ELECTRONIC AND/OR OPTICAL DEVICE HAVING A PROTECTIVE GLASS - At least one heating element is applied to a glass surface as a material layer to provide a heating device for heating the glass surface. Due to such direct heating of the glass surface, such as a protective glass, in that the material layer applied in a positive, bonded and non-positive manner, the energy input necessary for heating is low, and the heating is carried out in a uniform manner free of interferences.05-19-2011
20090322937SEALED CAMERA ASSEMBLY AND HEAT REMOVAL SYSTEM THEREFOR - Sealed camera apparatus may include a generally closed chamber having at least one transparent window provided therein. A video camera mounted within the generally closed chamber receives light transmitted through the at least one transparent window. A radio transmitter mounted within the generally closed chamber is operatively associated with the video camera. A heat conduit having a first end and a second end extends through an opening provided in the generally closed chamber so that the first end of the heat conduit is located interior to the generally closed chamber and so that the second end of the heat conduit is located exterior to the generally closed chamber. The first end of said heat conduit is in thermal contact with at least a portion of the radio transmitter so that heat from the radio transmitter is transferred to the heat conduit. A heat sink mounted to the second end of the heat conduit dissipates heat from the transmitter and conducted through the heat conduit.12-31-2009
20100039552Webcam module having a clamping device - A webcam module having a clamping device includes a body portion, a first sliding unit, a second sliding unit, a first torsion element and a second torsion element. The first sliding unit and the second sliding unit are provided on the body portion. The first sliding unit is able to slide by means of the cooperation between the sliding block and the guiding though-groove. The torsion elements are used to generate a force for clamping an article. Via the above arrangement, a user can turn a first turning portion of the first sliding unit and a second turning portion of the second sliding unit, thereby opening a first clip and a second clip to a predetermined angle. The torsion elements allow the first clip and the second clip to be clamped at a predetermined position.02-18-2010
20100053422LENS APPARATUS AND SHOOTING APPARATUS USING SAME - A lens apparatus can be easily set even in cases where the lens body and demands are distant from each other upon shooting without a decrease in the reliability. A lens body 03-04-2010
20100053421WATERPROOF ELECTRONIC RECORDING DEVICE - A waterproof electronic recording device with a display panel is disclosed. In an embodiment, a housing of the electronic recording device is cylindrical in shape with an electronic display module having a display panel disposed at a back end of the housing. A latch encloses the electronic display module and the display panel is disposed substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the housing in a waterproof configuration. In another embodiment, the latch is hingedly connected to the housing, and a lock is provided to connect the latch to the housing in a waterproof configuration.03-04-2010
20120120307FOREIGN SUBSTANCE REMOVING DEVICE AND IMAGE PICKUP DEVICE - A dust removing device includes an oscillation body including at least an elastic member and an electromechanical energy conversion element which is fixed to the elastic member, wherein the electromechanical energy conversion element is configured to excite oscillation in the elastic member to remove dust. A rigidity-increasing member configured to enhance rigidity of the oscillation body in the direction of a node line of the oscillation is provided on at least one of the elastic member and the electromechanical energy conversion element.05-17-2012
20110069220Digital camera - A digital camera (03-24-2011
20110043683IMAGE DIVERSION SYSTEMS & METHODS FOR IMAGE CAPTURE DEVICES - Disclosed herein are systems and methods that divert images for image capture devices. An image diversion system includes a housing, at least one reflective surface within the housing, and a mounting mechanism. The housing is adapted to mount onto an existing image capture device. The at least one reflective surface can divert the image that is captured by the image capture device when the housing is mounted on the image capture device. Another image diversion system also includes at least one total internal reflection (TIR) element that can divert the image that is captured by the image capture device when the housing is mounted on the image capture device. A method provides a housing, at least one reflective and/or refractive surface within the housing, and a mounting mechanism.02-24-2011
20110254999IMAGING DEVICE - An imaging device has a housing made of a first material having an open region, a first substrate for illumination arranged to cover the open region inside the housing, a second substrate for imaging arranged in parallel to the first substrate inside the housing, and a heat dissipating member made of a second material having a higher heat conductivity than the first material and being attached to a side surface of the housing so as to surround the open region of the housing. A concave is provided at the side surface of the housing, and the heat dissipating member includes a projection that fits to the concave.10-20-2011
20100302436WEBCAM-TYPE CAMERA DESIGNED FOR MOUNTING ON A SCREEN - The invention relates to a camera designed to be mounted on a screen, including an attachment segment (12-02-2010
20100097519Compact Camera and Cable System for Vehicular Applications - In one aspect, the invention is directed to a camera for mounting on a vehicle, wherein the camera housing made up of two housing members, with a conductive coating on the interior of each of the housing members. The two housing members mate together using an interference fit, to provide a greater assurance that they are electrically connected to each other. One of the housing members is connected to ground. In another aspect, the invention provides a camera module that has a housing and a wire harness or wire or lead that is electrically connected to circuitry of the camera and that extends through the camera housing for electrical connection to a vehicle wire harness or the like. The wire or lead extends through a portion of the housing with the housing disposed at the wire prior to connection of the wire to the circuitry of the camera. The electrical connection of the wire to the camera circuitry is made as the housing is assembled. The joint at where the wire extends outward from the housing portion is sealed, such as via shrink wrapping or the like.04-22-2010
20120200767Display Apparatus Including Receiving Container Receiving a Camera Module and a Display Panel - A display apparatus includes a display panel for display an image, a camera module and a receiving container. The camera module includes a lens part mounted on a printed circuit board. The receiving container includes a main receiving space receiving the display panel and a sub receiving space extended from the main receiving space and receiving the camera module.08-09-2012
20100321561SYSTEM, COMPONENTS, AND METHODS FOR VIEWING DOCUMENTS AND OBJECTS USING A WEBCAM - An image sensor support device comprising a foot assembly releasably coupled with respect to a base and an image sensor mount rotatably coupled with respect to the foot assembly. The image sensor mount is rotatably secured to an elongated stem assembly and the stem assembly is rotatably secured to the foot assembly.12-23-2010
20080204590Lens drive apparatus, image pickup apparatus and mobile terminal - The present invention provides a lens drive apparatus including: an image pickup lens group; a lens frame holding the image pickup lens group; an actuator comprising a magnet, a yoke, and a coil formed of an electric conductor; a casing housing the lense frame and the actuator therein; and at least one guide shaft parallel to an optical axis of the image pickup lens group. An electromagnetic force generated when electricity is applied to the coil, moves the lens frame and the image pickup lens along the optical axis.08-28-2008
20110109790CAMERA BODY AND IMAGING APPARATUS - A camera body to which an image pickup unit including an optical system, an image pickup device, and an image-pickup-unit connector is detachably attached, includes a recess to which the image pickup unit is freely detachably attached and which includes a back wall, an upper wall, and a side wall to be opened on a lower side, a lateral side, and a front side of the camera body. The back wall faces a rear of the image pickup unit, the upper wall is located on an upper side of the camera body in a normal use state. The camera body includes a locking mechanism to control a movement of the image pickup unit placed in the recess in a direction in which the image pickup unit moves away from the side wall, a first unlocking mechanism provided to be exposed from the camera body and configured to unlock a locked state made by the locking mechanism in response to an unlocking manipulation, and a second unlocking mechanism provided to be enclosed inside the camera body and configured to unlock the locked state made by the locking mechanism in response to an unlocking manipulation.05-12-2011
20100238345Adjustable Control for an Inertial Stabilizer - A handle assembly connects to a support assembly of an inertial stabilizer. The handle assembly comprises a handle grip, a multi-axis joint that allows the handle grip to move relative to the support assembly about two or more axes of rotation, and an adjustable friction control that allows a user to adjust or vary an amount of friction that is applied to the axes of rotation. Allowing the user to increase and decrease the amount of friction applied to the axes of rotation in a controlled manner allows the user to effectively isolate the inertial stabilizer from the undesirable effects of user motion.09-23-2010
20110134313VISUAL PRESENTER - A visual presenter includes a base, a support column mounted on the base and a video camera head mounted on a distal end of the support column. The support column includes a first support column and a second support column. The first support column is mounted on a right or left corner of a front of the base so as to be pivotable in a right-left direction relative to the base. The second support column is mounted on a distal end of the first support column so as to be pivotable in the right-left direction relative to the base. The video camera head is mounted on the distal end of the second support column so as to be pivotable in the right-left direction.06-09-2011
20110096222Network Video Camera Having Dual-Joint Holder Structure - A network video camera having a dual-joint holder structure includes a lower body cover, a turning base board, a base splint, a base cover, a first turning joint, and a second turning joint. The present invention provides a succinct appearance and a convenient way for adjustment and storage.04-28-2011
20100110281IMAGE SENSOR HOLDER - An image sensor holder a frame, a first slidable holder, a second slidable holder, a first and a second driving arms, a first and a second driving device and at least two restoration devices. The first slidable holder is slidably mounted on the frame. The second slidable holder is slidably mounted on the first slidable holder. The first and second driving devices are separately mounted on the frame. The first driving arm rotatably is mounted on the frame and contacts the first slidable holder and the first driving device by both opposite ends thereof. The second driving arm slidably is mounted on the frame and contacts the second slidable holder and the second driving device respectively by both opposite ends thereof. The restoration devices are respectively positioned on the frame and the first holder for restoring the first and second holders back to original positions.05-06-2010
20120206643IMAGE SENSING MODULE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - An image capturing module and an electronic device having the same are disclosed. The image capturing module includes a swivel apparatus, a image sensor or photoelectric converter, and a lens. The swivel apparatus includes a carrying stage and a swivel mount. The image sensor or photoelectric converter is disposed on the carrying stage. The lens is connected to the swivel mount. The lens and the image sensor or photoelectric converter are relatively rotated by rotation of the swivel mount.08-16-2012
20100194975OPENING/CLOSING DOOR LOCKING DEVICE - An opening/closing door 08-05-2010
20100194974Imaging apparatus - Providing an imaging apparatus wherein dust does not easily adhere to the imaging portion. The apparatus comprising an imaging portion provided with an image pickup device, a first housing holding the imaging portion, a protective cover disposed a photographic object side, a second housing holding the cover and provided with a mount structure, to attachably and removably mount interchangeable lenses at the photographic object side, and wherein an airtight space is formed by at least one of the first and the second housings, the imaging portion, and the cover.08-05-2010
20100194976COMPUTER BASED AIDS FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING AND HEALTH - The invention herein primarily concerns computer interfaces, particularly those that may be used by those persons who are not familiar and even adverse to computers as they are utilized today. It is particularly concerned with easy to use devices to facilitate the use by senior citizens, widows, and others to use email, computerized banking, and telehealth services. Preferred embodiments utilize TV cameras to sense information pasted to, entered on or pointed to on a page which operation may be done in the home, a vehicle, at work or the like. In a vehicle the invention offers a low cost and convenient method for passengers wearing seat belts to interact with rear sear located displays for entertainment, navigation and telematics.08-05-2010
20100194973Visual presenter - A visual presenter includes a column support standing on a base, and a camera head mounted on a distal end of the column support. The column support includes an upright part standing from the base and a horizontal part extending horizontally ahead of the base. A pedestal is mounted on a first support shaft mounted on the base, so as to be pivotable in a right-left direction between a standing position and a lying position. The pedestal has an end located opposite the first support side. A second support shaft is located on a pedestal end so as to protrude forward from a base front. The upright part includes a basal portion which is mounted on the second support shaft, so as to be pivotable between a first position where the basal portion stands on the pedestal and a second position where the basal portion stands upright on the pedestal.08-05-2010
20100013984NONCONDENSING SECURITY CAMERA HOUSING WINDOW ASSEMBLY - Security video cameras, in either bullet or dome formats, typically suffer from fogging (condensation) on the lens window due to humid weather conditions. The present invention uses a secondary window affixed in close proximity to primary window with a sealed air gap between windows to eliminate the fogging conditions.01-21-2010
20090231483Systems and methods for document scanning using a variable intensity display of an information handling system - Variable display lighting intensity of an information handling system, such as notebook computer, is used to achieve image lighting uniformity for document scanning with a camera that is integrated or otherwise attached or built-in to a display of the information handling system.09-17-2009
20120038821OPTICAL READING DEVICE WITH IMPROVED GASKET - An optical reading device is described having an image sensor having a sensor array of pixels which are exposed to an image; a printed circuit board (PCB) for carrying the image sensor; a lens assembly for focusing light on the sensor array; a lens retainer for retaining the lens; a support assembly integral with the lens retainer, the support assembly having a containment section for containing the image sensor; and a thermally and electrically conductive elastomeric gasket disposed between the containment section and the image sensor and for contacting the image sensor.02-16-2012
20090135296IMAGING MODULE PACKAGE - An exemplary imaging module package includes a housing, an imaging sensor module, and a lens module. The housing includes a first chamber and a second chamber coaxially aligned with the first chamber. The imaging sensor module is positioned within the first chamber and includes a substrate, an imaging sensor, a plurality of passive components and a plurality of soldering pads. The soldering pads connect the imaging sensor to the substrate. The passive components are mounted to the substrate and wholly disposed below the imaging sensor. The lens module is positioned within the second chamber of the housing.05-28-2009
20110063497IMAGE APPARATUS SYSTEM, CAMERA BODY AND INTERCHANGEABLE LENS - An imaging apparatus system includes an interchangeable lens 03-17-2011
20120062789IMAGING APPARATUS - An imaging apparatus includes a lens unit including a lens and an image sensor, a lens unit supporting unit for supporting the lens unit, a base unit for supporting the lens unit supporting unit in a manner that can tilt, a fixing base unit for supporting the base unit, a dome cover mounted to the fixing base unit, and an elastic member for elastically supporting the lens unit so that the lens unit can perform a retreat operation in an opposite direction from an object and along an optical axis direction of the lens unit when a force is applied thereto from the dome cover and even if the lens unit supporting unit leans in a tilt direction.03-15-2012
20120002101LIGHT IMAGING APPARATUS, SYSTEM AND METHOD - The imaging apparatus comprises a light-tight enclosure in which are enclosed: a detector adapted to detect a light signal emitted from a sample, a reflecting device comprising first and second reflecting portions reflecting toward first and second portions of the detector a signal emitted from first and second portions of the sample, the second reflecting portion reflecting toward a third portion of the detector a signal emitted from a the third portion of the sample and previously reflected by the first reflecting portion, a fourth portion of the detector directly detecting a signal emitted from a fourth portion of the sample.01-05-2012
20090073308Apparatuses and Methods for a Camera Head Enclosure Device for Facilitating Improved Imaging - A camera head enclosure apparatus configured to allow the interchangeability of photo-electric pixel arrays used in various applications is provided. A personality plate configured to receive and secure a photo-electric pixel array of a particular configuration provided on a chip is provided. The exemplary embodiments allow a user to interchange photo-electric pixel arrays, and personality plates, while using the same camera head enclosure, thus enabling the camera head enclosure to be adapted to a different photo-electric pixel array eliminating the need to custom make camera head enclosures for each application. The camera head enclosure apparatus may include carriers configured to hold circuit boards associated with the particular photo-electric pixel array selected. Additionally or alternatively, the camera head enclosure apparatus may include an aperture adjustment assembly permitting alignment of the camera aperture with the photo-electric pixel array providing the capability to accommodate different types, sizes, and configurations of photo-electric pixel arrays.03-19-2009
20120008042SUPPORT STRUCTURE AND DOCUMENT PROJECTOR USING THE SAME - A support structure is disclosed, which includes plural cylindrical joints. Each cylindrical joint includes a cylindrical joint body having a wire channel for being passed through by a wire, a cylindrical joint head disposed on one end of the cylindrical joint body and having the wire channel, a cylindrical joint socket disposed on another end of the cylindrical joint body and having the wire channel The cylindrical joints are connected one by one by coupling the cylindrical joint to the corresponding cylindrical joint socket and are rotated along the radial direction of the cylindrical joint head.01-12-2012
20120008041CCTV CAMERA HOUSING - A camera housing incorporates a glass window, as an optical port, to improve image quality. The window can be curved or flat. The housing can be dome shaped and can also include metal or plastic along with the glass window. A camera installed in the housing has a field of view that intersects the window. The clear glass window enhances image quality when tilting or zooming the camera. A panning mechanism rotates the camera and housing together01-12-2012
20120013791ACCESSORY CONNECTING SHELF FOR VIDEO AND CAMERA - An accessory connecting shelf for video and camera includes a horizontal orientated connecting plate (01-19-2012
20110080514DIGITAL CAMERA - A digital camera having an airtight chamber formed by a transparent dustproof plate placed adjacent a lens and pressure compensating or mitigating means. A main camera body and a transparent plate form an airtight chamber in a digital camera. A bellows or deflectable diaphragm is placed within the airtight chamber and coupled to a vent hole open to atmosphere outside of the main camera body. In an embodiment, a position adjusting mechanism moves an image pickup element in a vertical and lateral direction providing a perspective control mechanism.04-07-2011
20120206644Camera LCD Screen Sliding Shield Door - A protective device to protect LCD screens of digital cameras, as well as other electronic devices and peripherals. A protective sliding shield door protects the LCD screen from physical damage. The shield door is a flexible door that is molded to fit around the outside of a given LCD screen, and subsequently slides through two opposing guiding tracks to reach two opposing bays. A locking mechanism enables the door to retain a closed position when the device is not in use. An adhesive substance enables permanent attachment, and a bottom extension containing a threaded screw enable removable attachment, by fastening to the threaded mounting hole of a camera.08-16-2012
20110102665Optical Element driving device, optical element barrel, and image pickup apparatus - An optical element driving device includes an optical element holder, first and second magnets, first and second magnetic bodies each having a cross section including a vertex and first and second legs forming an opening therebetween, first and second piezoelectric elements that move the optical element holder in directions perpendicular to each other by slidingly moving the first and second magnetic bodies by vibrating the first and second magnets, and first and second magnetic sensors that detect a position of the optical element holder, wherein the first and second piezoelectric elements are driven in a state in which the first and second magnets are coupled to the first and second legs from the opening side, wherein the first and second magnets are each magnetized in directions perpendicular to a magnetization line, and wherein the second magnetic sensor is disposed at a position that is not on the magnetization line.05-05-2011
20110102666Acoustic backup alarm for providing acoustic and dual technology (acoustical and optical) operation - A reflex speaker which provides an acoustic signal generator for acoustic alarm signals is captured in a housing through which the acoustic signals project via ports at the exit end of the housing. The housing defines a compartment at the exit end with an opening which is covered so that the acoustic signals project out of the exit end around the compartment. The cover may be a transparent cover which provides a lens through which optical signals generated by optics in the compartment provided by either LEDs to provide an optical warning signal, or a video camera, such as a CCD, which responds to visual signals as from hazards at the rear of the vehicle.05-05-2011
20100289942FEEDBACK SYSTEM FOR OPTIMIZING EXPOSURE - A processor disposed inside of a display device analyzes the image received by a camera mounted on the display device to determine the optimum output intensity of a light source also mounted on the display device.11-18-2010
20120249866PAN-TILT CAMERA - A pan-tilt camera is arranged to include a camera head, a stationary unit, an intermediate member arranged between the camera head and the stationary unit, a first rotary joint rotatably connecting the camera head to the intermediate member, and a second rotary joint, rotatably connecting the intermediate member to the stationary unit. A communication path is provided between the camera head and the stationary unit, including an optical waveguide arranged between the camera head and the stationary unit. The optical waveguide has a first end positioned at the first rotary joint to receive light from the camera head through the first rotary joint. The other end of the waveguide is positioned at the second rotary joint and is arranged to send light to the stationary unit through the second rotary joint.10-04-2012
20100245660Camera - According to one embodiment, a camera includes a camera head, an optical unit, a camera control unit (CCU), a camera head-side connector, and a CCU-side connector. The camera head has an imaging element. The CCU has an image processing circuit that processes image information acquired by the imaging element therein. The camera head-side connector is provided to protrude beyond an outer shape of the camera head. The CCU-side connector is opened in an outer wall of the CCU, and the camera head-side connector is inserted into the CCU-side connector.09-30-2010
20120127362IMAGE-CAPTURING DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT HAVING THE SAME - An image-capturing device includes a fixing element, an image-capturing module, and a resilient friction element. The fixing element includes a fixed friction face. The image-capturing module includes a journal portion connected rotatably to the fixing element, and a main body connected to the journal portion and having a lens. The journal portion has an outer surface facing the friction face and rotatable relative to the friction face, and at least one accommodating groove formed in the outer surface. The resilient friction element is disposed on the outer surface of the journal portion, and includes at least one friction portion spanning the accommodating groove. The friction portion is in frictional contact with the friction face, and is deformed and compressed into the accommodating groove by the friction face.05-24-2012
20120162500VIBRATING DEVICE AND IMAGE EQUIPMENT HAVING THE SAME - A dust-screening member includes a plate-like light transmitting portion having a polygonal shape, and at least one plate-like side wall portion which tilts as much as a predetermined angle and extends from at least one side of the light transmitting portion so that they do not come in contact with each other. A vibrating member is fixed to one plate-like side wall portion and apples a vertical vibrational amplitude to the surface of the light transmitting portion. The light transmitting portion and the at least one side wall portion are formed to have a substantially uniform thickness by use of the same material. The light transmitting portion is positioned in front of an image forming element held by a holding member. The one side wall portion is fixed to the holding member at a position other than a position to which the vibrating member is fixed.06-28-2012
20090059063Camera mount bracket for mounting a thermal imaging camera to a protective helmet - A camera mount bracket (03-05-2009
20120169920IMAGE PICKUP DEVICE - An image pickup device includes a placing section on which an image pickup element that receives light from an object is placed, a tilted surface section, which is provided on the placing section and is tilted with respect to the axis of light that enters the image pickup element, a direction specifying section, which specifies a moving direction so that the placing section moves parallel to the optical axis direction, a panel section having a surface perpendicular to the optical axis, and a rotating member, which is disposed between the tilted surface section and the panel section, and rotates and moves in the tilt direction of the tilted surface by being in contact with the tilted surface section.07-05-2012
20120169919CAMERA SUPPORT DEVICE - Support device (07-05-2012
20100271539ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND IMAGING APPARATUS - An electronic device (e.g., an imaging apparatus) is implemented to obtain excellent sound effects while miniaturization and slimming down are achieved. An electronic device (e.g., an imaging apparatus) has a casing; a sound emitting device that has a sound emitting portion and is provided inside the casing; a movable member provided to the casing to have a gap between the movable member and the casing; and a communicating portion that communicates between the sound emitting portion of the sound emitting device and the movable member inside the casing.10-28-2010
20120075522DISPLAY DEVICE - The present invention provides a display device which has a display unit on a main body, comprising a cover member that can be deformed into a first shape for covering the display unit and a second shape for forming a grip in order to solve the problems in the conventional cameras. The problem is such that the size of the camera becomes large by the size of the grip, which impairs portability of the camera because the conventional camera provides a fixed grip on the camera body on which a display unit with a large screen is mounted. In addition, another conventional camera has a space for accommodating the cover members within the grip, so that the size of the grip becomes accordingly large and thus the camera itself becomes large.03-29-2012
20120314125DIGITAL CAMERA - Provided is a digital camera including an electronic dial and a mode dial on an upper portion of a camera main unit, where upper surfaces of these dials approximately flush with an upper surface of the main unit, and are arranged in parallel with the optical axis of the main unit. The length from the upper end to the lower end of the mode dial is approximately the same as the length from the upper end of the electronic dial to a lower end of an encoder arranged below the electronic dial. This configuration forms a space in a box shape below these dials, and the space below the electronic dial can be efficiently used by setting the space as the storage portion for a recording medium to be inserted from the outside, resulting in downsizing the camera without sacrificing the operability.12-13-2012
20120262626OBJECT CONTROL SYSTEM, OBJECT CONTROL METHOD AND PROGRAM, AND ROTATIONAL CENTER POSITION SPECIFICATION DEVICE - An object control system prevents shifting an object to a target position from requiring a long time, even if, for example, the position of installation of an image capturing unit is deviated. And, according to the the present invention, an object control system includes: a first image capturing unit that captures a first image including a first reference mark that specifies a first object line determined in advance with respect to an object; an angle acquisition unit that, on the basis of said first reference mark within said first image, acquires a first differential angle that specifies the angle between a first target object line, determined in advance with respect to said first image, and said first object line; and an object control unit that controls a rotation mechanism that rotates said object, on the basis of said first differential angle.10-18-2012
20100328524Movable-mechanical-section controlling device, method of controlling movable mechanical section, and program - A movable-mechanical-section controlling device includes a pan/tilt driving controlling unit configured to perform driving control on a movable mechanical section having a structure that moves so that an image pickup direction of an image pickup section that obtains an image-pickup image by performing an image pickup operation changes in a pan direction and a tilt direction. In the controlling device, unit pan operations that are performed in an angular range in the pan direction are performed for the respective two or more different tilt positions with decreasing angle of elevation at the tilt positions.12-30-2010
20120327296CAMERA DEVICE FOR PORTABLE TERMINAL - A camera device for a portable terminal includes: a photographing aperture formed on one surface of the housing of the portable terminal to provide a photographing path of a camera module housed in the housing; an adapter detachably provided on an outer face of the housing; and a reflector housed in the adapter, wherein the adapter is provided on the photographing aperture, and the reflector changes the photographing direction of the camera module.12-27-2012
20100214469SYSTEM, COMPONENTS, AND METHODS FOR VIEWING DOCUMENTS AND OBJECTS USING A WEBCAM - In various embodiments, systems components, and methods for viewing documents or objects using a webcam are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, a support device is disclosed. The support device includes a stem configured to support an image sensor, a lower projection independently disposed upon a lower end of the stem and configured for coupling to a substantially flat surface, and an upper projection independently disposed upon an upper end of the stem and configured for receipt of an image sensor. In at least one embodiment a system includes the support device an image sensor for capturing images and video, the image sensor repositionably attachable to the support device. In at least one embodiment a method for viewing, capturing, and displaying documents and objects with an image sensor is disclosed.08-26-2010
20110157461LENS SYSTEM - The lens system includes: a lens apparatus including a member whose position or state varies continuously; and a commanding apparatus outputting a command signal to the member, wherein the lens apparatus includes a first wireless communication unit performing wireless communication through a master/slave communication and a first set unit setting the first wireless communication as slave when the lens apparatus is initialized, the lens apparatus sends to the commanding apparatus an answer on the member whose position or state varies continuously; the commanding apparatus includes a second wireless communication unit performing wireless communication through the master/slave communication and communicates with the first wireless unit and a second set unit setting the second wireless communication unit as master when the commanding apparatus is initialized, and the lens apparatus includes a data reduction unit deleting a part of the answer data sent from the first to the second wireless unit.06-30-2011
20080239141Digital camera structure - The present invention provides a digital camera structure structured from a rotating portion and a fixed portion. The rotating portion is configured with a lens used to capture desired images being filmed. Moreover, a magnetic flux device, attracted to a magnetic flux body of the fixed portion, is held within a housing of the rotating portion. The rotating portion and the fixed portion are made to effectively mutually attract by means of a magnetic force. Moreover, disposition of a retaining cavity on the fixed portion is used to enable the rotating portion to permit multidirectional and large-scale adjustment of the filming angle. The rotating portion can be independently joined to a magnetic piece, magnetism of which enables the rotating portion and the magnetic piece to be attracted to a magnetically attracting device, which better benefits the general user in the convenient use of the lens on the rotating portion.10-02-2008
20080231744Machine having camera and mounting strategy therefor - A machine includes a frame having ground engaging elements for propelling a machine, and a body mounted to the frame. The body includes a plurality of body components, one of which is contoured for mounting a camera that includes a continuous face and a pocket each formed in an outer surface thereof. The method of assembling a machine includes molding a unitary body component for machine body, the body component having an outer surface with a continuous face and a pocket. The method further includes mounting a camera within the pocket and establishing an electrical link between the camera and an electrical system of the machine via a port disposed in the pocket which extends through the outer surface.09-25-2008
20130176483IMAGING DEVICE HAVING MULTIPLE OPTICS - Disclosed is an imaging device that has a base and a plurality of image capture devices. The base includes a bottom portion and an elongate stem portion that is pivotally attached at one of its ends to the bottom portion. An arm is pivotally attached to the stem portion. The arm has an elongate flap pivotally attached to the arm's mid-portion. A plurality of image capture devices are embedded in at least one of the bottom portion, the stem portion, the arm and the flap. An additional embodiment of the image capturing system includes a housing, a light capture mechanism and an image display mechanism. The housing includes a base and a linkage having a plurality of elongate sections. The light capture mechanism simultaneously captures first and second images and is contained within at least one of the elongate sections. First and second lenses make up the light capturing mechanism.07-11-2013
20130176484FUSED OPAQUE AND CLEAR GLASS FOR CAMERA OR DISPLAY WINDOW - Apparatus, systems and methods for windows integration with cover glass and for processing cover glass to provide windows for electronic devices are disclosed. Transparent windows such as a transparent camera window, a transparent illuminator window and/or a transparent display window can be integrated into the cover glass. The apparatus, systems and methods are especially suitable for cover glasses, or displays (e.g., LCD displays), assembled in small form factor electronic devices such as handheld electronic devices (e.g., mobile phones, media players, personal digital assistants, remote controls, etc.). The apparatus, systems and methods can also be used for cover glasses or displays for other relatively larger form factor electronic devices (e.g., portable computers, tablet computers, displays, monitors, televisions, etc.).07-11-2013
20120249865IMAGE CAPTURING DEVICE - An image capturing device is provided that can effectively suppress moisture penetration into a chamber, caused by cooling a CCD, the image capturing device including the CCD serving as an image capturing element, a chamber that accommodates the CCD at the inside thereof, a Peltier element that is provided inside the chamber and that cools the CCD, a flexible substrate that is provided to be across over an inside and an outside of the chamber and that connects the CCD to an electronic circuit which is outside the chamber, at least both sides of a portion of the flexible substrate, which portion is outside the chamber, being covered with an aluminum foil.10-04-2012
20130128104CAMERA SYSTEM WITH EXCHANGEABLE ILLUMINATION ASSEMBLY - This invention provides a vision system with an exchangeable illumination assembly that allows for increased versatility in the type and configuration of illumination supplied to the system without altering the underlying optics, sensor, vision processor, or the associated housing. The vision system housing includes a front plate that optionally includes a plurality of mounting bases for accepting different types of lenses, and a connector that allows removable interconnection with the illustrative illumination assembly. The illumination assembly includes a cover that is light transmissive. The cover encloses an illumination component that can include a plurality of lighting elements that surround an aperture through which received light rays from the imaged scene pass through to the lens. The arrangement of lighting elements is highly variable and the user can be supplied with an illumination assembly that best suits its needs without need to change the vision system processor, sensor or housing.05-23-2013
20130141637COVER UNIT - A cover unit includes a cover element for a chamber of a chassis, rotatably supported at one end of the opening and a lock mechanism to lock the cover element in the chassis. The lock mechanism includes a lock element movable in parallel between a lock position and a release position, and having a latch portion to protrude from the cover element at the lock position, an elastic element to press the lock element to the lock position, a hole to receive the latch portion protruding from the cover element and restrict a movement of the latch portion, a receive element to hold the lock element in the release position against the elastic element, and a protrusion to press the receive element when the cover element is pressed onto the opening. The receive element releases the lock element from the release position, when pressed in the orthogonal direction.06-06-2013
20130141636IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS CONFIGURED TO BE CAPABLE OF PREVENTING DISCONNECTION OF CONNECTORS - An image pickup apparatus which is capable of preventing disconnection of connectors for a circuit substrate, on which an image pickup device is mounted, without making optical adjustment difficult. A fixing member is fixed to the image pickup device. One end of a flexible substrate is connected to the circuit substrate via a connector connecting portion. A protective member is fixed to the fixing member so as to cover the connector connecting portion.06-06-2013
20110216237BODY STRUCTURE OF IMAGING APPARATUS - A camera body (09-08-2011
20110273612EXPANDABLE TWO AXIS OR THREE AXIS CAMERA SUPPORT - A camera support or head has a pan frame pivotably attached to a support hub. The support hub is attached to a camera crane or similar apparatus. The pan frame has first and second spaced apart and parallel adjustable length pan arms. A pan motor is attached to the pan frame and adapted to pivot the pan frame about a pan axis relative to the support hub. A tilt frame is pivotably attached to the pan frame. The tilt frame may include first and second spaced apart and parallel adjustable length tilt arms attached to opposite ends of a camera mounting plate. A tilt motor is attached to the tilt frame and to the pan frame and is adapted to pivot the tilt frame about a tilt axis perpendicular to the pan axis. The adjustable length tilt arms allow the camera head to extended to accommodate cameras requiring more vertical clearance. The adjustable length tilt arms allow the camera platform to be moved to better locate the center of gravity of the camera on the tilt axis, for more balanced loading.11-10-2011
20080198262Opening structure of portable apparatus - An opening structure of a portable apparatus includes a hook module and a camera module installed on a cover of the portable apparatus. The hook module includes at least one hook portion, at least one retaining portion and at least one resilient member. The camera module includes a casing, a camera lens and an axle, and a conversion component is connected to the axle. The hook portion is disposed on the retaining portion, and a resilience member is connected separately to the retaining portion and the cover, and the casing includes a camera lens and an axle installed on the casing. If the axle is rotated to produce a rotation force, the conversion component will convert the rotation force into a pushing force which will push the hook module to trigger a switch installed at the cover and turn on the portable hook module while the cover is being opened.08-21-2008
20120274842SCAN STAND SYSTEM FOR IMAGE CAPTURE - Embodiments of scan stand systems or kits for positioning a document or other object to be imaged or scanned in relation to an imaging device are described. Also described are embodiments of systems for video conferencing/telephony/scanning and optical projection functions.11-01-2012
20120274841Imaging Apparatus - An imaging apparatus capable of reducing increase in the temperature of a supporting device coupling section is provided. The imaging apparatus includes a supporting device fixing portion having a screw hole to which a supporting device can be coupled, a supporting device receiving portion which has an exposed surface formed around the entrance of the screw hole and is configured to receive the supporting device, and an exterior section having an outer surface formed around an opening. The supporting device fixing portion and the supporting device receiving portion are formed as separate portions.11-01-2012
20120274840Imaging Device - Provided is an imaging device that does not let a user experience a sense of discomfort by touching a support attaching part. The imaging device includes: a support attaching part that is disposed on a support attaching surface and includes a screw hole; and a support attaching part cover that moves between a first position covering the support attaching part and a second position uncovering the support attaching part without generating convexness with regard to the support attaching surface. When a support is attached to the support attaching part, the support attaching part cover moves from the first position to the second position; and when the support is removed from the support attaching part, the support attaching part cover moves from the second position to the first position.11-01-2012
20110234891ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electronic apparatus includes an operation member which can be rotated and operated in two directions from a neutral position, a holding member configured to rotatably hold the operation member, a rotation limiting member configured to limit a rotational range of the operation member by abutting the operation member, an elastic member having a first portion which is fixed to the holding member and a second portion which engages with a part of the operation member and configured to elastically deform by rotating the operation member from the neutral position, and an abutment member configured to abut the second portion of the elastic member before the rotation limiting member limits the rotational range of the operation member.09-29-2011
20110234890CAMERA MODULE - A camera module according to one embodiment of this invention has a sensor substrate, a lens holder, and a shield being fixed to the lens holder. The lens holder is composed of a tubular portion including a lens and a top board having an opening. The lens holder is fixed by a second adhesive provided more inside than an edge of the sensor substrate. The shield has a tubular portion and a top board. The tubular portion is composed of a small-diameter portion, a step portion, and a large-diameter portion. The shield is disposed so that the step portion is in contact with a portion between the edge of the sensor substrate and the second adhesive, and, at the same time, the top board of the lens holder is located in an opening formed in the top board of the shield.09-29-2011
20110234889MONITORING CAMERA - A monitoring camera including a housing, a sliding chute, an image capturing unit, an adjusting screw, and a cabin door is provided. The housing has a groove formed on one side. The sliding chute is disposed on a bottom surface of the groove. The image capturing unit is accommodated in the housing to capture images, and has an optical adjusting ring for adjusting optical properties of the image capturing unit. The adjusting screw is disposed on the sliding chute and is connected to the optical adjusting ring via a connection unit. The cabin door is pivoted to the groove, and when the cabin door is closed, a force is provided to press the adjusting screw, such that the adjusting screw is fixed on the bottom surface of the groove.09-29-2011
20130182179CCD camera architecture and methods of manufacture - A charge-coupled device camera architecture for improving the dynamic range of the charge-coupled device camera having a charge-coupled device camera contained within a vacuum capable camera case and electrically attached to the outside of the camera case; a thermoelectric cooler thermally attached to a back side of the charge-coupled device camera and electrically attached to the outside of the camera case; a thermal redistribution block thermally attached to the thermoelectric cooler and further thermally attached to the camera case; a pressure measuring mechanism attached to an inside surface of the camera case and electrically connected to the outside of the camera case; a temperature measuring mechanism attached to a surface of the thermal redistribution block and electrically connected to the outside of the camera case; and a vacuum evacuation assembly having an indium lined copper pinch tube.07-18-2013
20110298968SIX-AXIS MOUNT - Provided herein is a lens mount system and related process that allow for performing six-axis active alignment with a single joining step. This system and/or process simplifies the lens attachment in a manner that makes such attachment compatible with high volume manufacturing and/or full automation.12-08-2011
20110310293DOME-SHAPED CAMERA - A dome-shaped camera (12-22-2011
20110317065REINFORCEMENT STRUCTURE FOR WAFER-LEVEL CAMERA MODULE - An example reinforcement structure for protecting a wafer-level camera module includes a top sheet element and a side sheet element. The top sheet element is to be disposed over a top surface of the camera module and includes a first opening for allowing light to pass through to the camera module. The side sheet element is coupled to the top sheet element for securing the reinforcement structure to a printed circuit board (PCB). A second opening in the side sheet element is included to allow an adhesive to be dispensed through the second opening to adhere the reinforcement structure to the camera module.12-29-2011
20120019715DISPLAY PANEL AND ASSEMBLING METHOD OF THE SAME - A display panel and an assembling method of the same are described. An image capture module is electrically disposed on a substrate of a display module, such that the image capture module and the display module are combined into an integrated structure, so as to reduce the overall size of a display assembled by using the display panel.01-26-2012
20130194489IMAGING DEVICE - An imaging device includes a flat printed substrate, a first lens barrel, a second lens barrel, a first rigid flexible substrate and a second rigid flexible substrate. The first rigid flexible substrate has a first flexible component, a first rigid component and a first electronic circuit component. The first flexible component is connected to the first imaging element and the first connector. The first rigid component is disposed in the rear of the first lens barrel. The first electronic circuit component is supported by the first rigid component. At least part of the first flexible component and/or the first electronic circuit component is disposed in front of the rear face of the flat printed substrate. At least part of the second flexible component and/or the second electronic circuit component is disposed in front of the rear face of the flat printed substrate.08-01-2013
20130100341CAMERA SUPPORT APPARATUS - A camera support apparatus for supporting a video camera comprises a drive train device (04-25-2013

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