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348 - Television


348333010 - With electronic viewfinder or display monitor

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348333030 Including display of a frame and line of sight determination 13
348333040 Including warning indication 7
20100020223Operator Control Unit with Tracking - An apparatus equipped with an electronic camera, lensed optics, and a visual display in communication with the optics. An analog or digital video signal is conveyed to an operator of the apparatus through the visual display. The apparatus includes an embedded processor to track the orientation and position of the apparatus. Orientation and position information of the apparatus is used to dynamically recalculate display information. In addition, the apparatus may be in communication with a remote device having digital camera optics. Orientation and position information of the apparatus may be conveyed to the remote device to alter the orientation and position of the associated electronic camera optics. The global position and orientation data is refined through the use of a machine vision algorithm. Accordingly, data conveyed to the operator of the apparatus is in relation to the orientation and position of the apparatus and/or the associated orientation and position of the remote device.01-28-2010
20130076962ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND METHOD OF OPERATING ELECTRONIC APPARATUS THROUGH TOUCH SENSOR - An electronic apparatus has a touch sensor provided with a first touching zone including at least a second touching zone and a third touching zone, the second and third touching zones being allocated with different functions. The electronic apparatus is controlled to perform a specific function assigned to a specific touching zone that is the second or the third touching zone when there is a first touch input at first through the specific touching zone and continuously perform the specific function even if there is a second touch input that follows the first touch input, through either the second or the third touching zone that is not the specific touching zone, as long as there is a continuous touch input through the first touching zone from the first to the second touch input with no intermission.03-28-2013
20100073544IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE, IMAGE-CAPTURING DEVICE, AND PROGRAM - An image-capturing device (image display device) 03-25-2010
20130033633METHOD OF PROVIDING REFERENCE IMAGE AND IMAGE CAPTURING DEVICE TO WHICH THE METHOD IS APPLIED - A method of providing a reference image and an image capturing device to which the method is applied. The method includes displaying a reference image and a captured image in first and second areas, respectively, on a single display screen; and displaying a first GUI including image capturing information on the reference image on one side of the first area and a second GUI including image capturing information on the captured image on one side of the second area. A user can easily and effectively capture an image by using the reference image.02-07-2013
20100328513DIGITAL IMAGE SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE APPARATUS, AND MEDIUM FOR RECORDING THE METHOD - A digital image signal processing apparatus having an angle of view preview function, a method of controlling the digital image signal processing apparatus, and a recording medium having embodied thereon a computer program for executing the method. Accordingly, a display image displaying at least one piece of angle of view information that is different from angle of view information of a currently mounted interchangeable lens is generated by performing image signal processing, and the display image is displayed. Accordingly, a photographer is informed about angle of view information needed to capture a desired image, and the photographer may easily select an interchangeable lens having desired angle of view information.12-30-2010
20090303373IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - There is provided an image processing apparatus allowing a user to easily process a captured image. This image processing apparatus displays an image generated based on image data and an item representing processing for the image data on a screen, detects a change in the orientation thereof, and performs processing upon the image data corresponding to the displayed image based on a detection result of the change in the orientation thereof.12-10-2009
20090040357INFORMATION DISPLAY DEVICE - The present invention provides an information display device including an imaging unit that executes an imaging process to image a subject to output an imaging signal; a monitor capable of displaying an image of the subject based on the imaging signal; a switching part located near the monitor; a first display controller for displaying, in a menu on the monitor, each of a first group of items consisting of a plurality of items associated with the imaging process, whereby first setting data can be set; and a second display controller for displaying, in a menu on the monitor, each of a second group of items associated with a plurality of particular items in the first group and having fewer items than the first group, whereby second setting data can be set, wherein switching between the first and second display controllers is performed by operating the switching part.02-12-2009
20110058085WATERPROOF CAMERA AND DISPLAY METHOD - A waterproof camera includes an image pickup section, a display section that displays image data, a mode setting section that sets a semi-underwater mode in which both objects under water and above water are simultaneously photographed, and a display control section that limits a display range of the display section when the semi-underwater mode is set, wherein the mode setting section controls the position of a photographing lens or the like to adjust a focus balance of at least one of under water and above water, and the display control section displays both object images under water and above water within a limited display range of the display section03-10-2011
20130135510METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PHOTOGRAPHING AN IMAGE IN A USER DEVICE - A method of photographing an image is provided. The method includes displaying a preview image in a photographing mode; receiving a plurality of setting values for an option; receiving a request for photographing; and performing a continuous photographing by sequentially changing the plurality of the setting values in response to the request for photographing.05-30-2013
20130135509IMAGING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREOF, AND PROGRAM - An imaging apparatus includes a calculation unit that calculates power consumptions related to a plurality of functions during a predetermined period for the respective functions; and a control unit that performs control to display data of the calculated power consumptions for the respective functions and countermeasures to be used to reduce the power consumptions related to a predetermined number of functions among the plurality of functions, on a display unit.05-30-2013
20090268074IMAGING APPARATUS AND IMAGING METHOD - An imaging apparatus capable of reducing the possibility that shooting images fails, by preventing a subject from going out of the frame, being occluded and being recognized erroneously, and improving the usability of the tracking function. With this imaging apparatus, display information creating section 10-29-2009
20120224092DISPLAY PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - A display processing apparatus which makes it possible to set auto bracketing values while confirming a whole range of shooting conditions configurable for correction in which possible shooting condition corrections are taken into account. An exposure correction value is set based on an instruction from a user for correcting a preset value of exposure. Auto bracketing value auto bracketing shooting are set based on an instruction from the user. A process is carried out for displaying a scale for indicating values of the exposure correction value and the auto bracketing values, indicators indicative of a range of exposure correction values that can be set and are arranged in a manner associated with the scale, and indicators indicative of a range of auto bracketing values that can be set and are arranged in a manner associated with the scale and the first indicators.09-06-2012
20130063647ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS - There is provided an electronic device including a geomagnetism detection part acquiring magnetic direction data corresponding to geomagnetism every predetermined period of time, a change amount calculation part calculating a change amount of the magnetic direction data, a storage part storing the magnetic direction data, an angular velocity integration part calculating angle data obtained by integration of angular velocity obtained by an angular velocity detection part, and a direction output part.03-14-2013
20120236194IMAGING APPARATUS AND USER INTERFACE - A screen ST09-20-2012
20100214465IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS, IMAGING APPARATUS, IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD, AND PROGRAM - This image display apparatus includes a display unit 08-26-2010
20120188434METHOD FOR ACQUIRING AUDIO SIGNALS, AND AUDIO ACQUISITION SYSTEM THEREOF - Method for acquiring audio signals is described, wherein a microphone probe (07-26-2012
20110298962IMAGE-DISPLAYING DEVICE AND DISPLAY CONTROL CIRCUIT - An image-displaying device includes a display control section and an index display control section. The display control section is configured to display in a display section an image of a subject based on image data indicative of the image of the subject generated based on output data from an image-capturing section that captures the image of the subject. The index display control section is configured to display in an index display section an index corresponding to a delay between a timing corresponding to image-capture of the subject by the image-capturing section and a timing corresponding to display of the image of the subject by the display section.12-08-2011
20100002124IMAGE CAPTURING DEVICE WITH OPERATION SCHEDULING AND IMAGE CAPTURING METHOD THEREOF - An image capturing device includes a clock and an operation scheduling system. The operation scheduling system includes a selecting module, a setting module, a first storing module, a determining module, and an executing module. The selecting module is configured for selecting an operation from a plurality of different operations according to a user's selection. The setting module is configured for scheduling a time according to users input. The first storing module is capable of storing the operation selected and the schedule set by users. The determining module is configured for monitoring the clock and determining when it is time to perform a scheduled operation according to the schedule. The executing module is configured for executing the operation until the time of the clock arrive to the scheduled time.01-07-2010
20090015702ENHANCED IMAGE CAPTURING FUNCTIONALITY - The present invention may be directed to a method, image capturing device and computer program product for providing image capturing functionality as well as to a method, image capturing device and computer program product for enabling the provision of image capturing functionality. An image capturing device that may enable the provision of functionality may capture an image detects its own position and store the image as an image capturing template and position data regarding the position as associated template data to be used for the capturing of further images. An image capturing device providing such functionality may receive a user selection of a stored image for use as an image capturing template, and may present the template in a view finder of the image capturing device. The template may be presented in a semi-transparent version for allowing the template and a scene to be captured to be viewed via the view-finder.01-15-2009
20130215313MOBILE TERMINAL AND IMAGING KEY CONTROL METHOD - A mobile phone comprises a display, etc. If a camera function is performed, a through image (preview image) based on an imaging parameter value, a shutter key, etc. are displayed on the display. A RAM is registered in advance with imaging parameter value brought into correspondence to a coordinates range. When a predetermined time period elapses after a touch operation is made to the shutter key, an auxiliary key corresponding to the coordinates range is displayed. If a user moves a finger into the coordinates range based on the displaying of the auxiliary key, a current imaging parameter value is changed to a registered imaging parameter value. If the finger is released in such a state, an image imaged based on a changed imaging parameter value.08-22-2013
20090278973Electronic apparatus - An electronic apparatus includes: a display at which a photographic image and a map image are displayed; a display control unit that controls the display so as to display identifiers each indicating a specific photographing location at which the photographic image among a plurality of photographic images was captured, over the map image displayed at the display; and an instruction unit that issues an instruction indicating a display mode for the identifier.11-12-2009
20090167919Method, Apparatus and Computer Program Product for Displaying an Indication of an Object Within a Current Field of View - A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided for displaying an indication of an object when location information associated with the object describes a location within the current field of view of an imaging device. The indication of the object can be displayed within a map image, live image, etc., when the location information associated with the object describes a location within the current field of view of an imaging device.07-02-2009
20120287325IMAGING APPARATUS - An imaging apparatus includes an imaging unit, a measurement unit that measures a current time, a counter, an acquisition unit that acquires a first value from the measurement unit at setting of an initial value, and a first difference between a value of the counter at measurement timing of the measurement unit and a value of the counter at the setting of the initial value, a generation unit that acquires a second value of the measurement unit at starting display, and a second difference between a value of the counter at measurement timing of the measurement unit and a value of the counter at the starting display, and to generate a time code concerning an elapsed time from the initial value, based on the initial value, the first value, the first difference, the second value and the second difference, and an output unit that outputs the time code.11-15-2012
20100103305IMAGE CAPTURE APPARATUS WITH OPTICAL FINDER - A first display region for displaying an optical image of an object and a second display region for displaying information are provided for a finder device. The first display region and the second display region can be observed at the same time through an eyepiece window. On the second display region, an electric image that is photoelectrically converted by an image pickup element is displayed. That reduces failures to take a shutter chance and enables a state of the captured image and auxiliary information to be checked.04-29-2010
20110267529IMAGING APPARATUS - An imaging apparatus includes a storage unit configured to store attribute information about a person and information about a priority of the person with the attribute information associated with the information about a priority, an imaging unit configured to capture a subject to generate image data, and a display unit configured to display attribute information of a person included in an image represented by the image data generated by the imaging unit. When displaying plural pieces of attribute information for a plurality of people with the plurality pieces of attribute information being overlapped, the display unit displays attribute information of a person having a higher priority above attribute information of a person having a lower priority.11-03-2011
20090167920IMAGING AND DISPLAY APPARATUS AND METHOD - The object of the present invention is to provide an imaging and display apparatus and method for providing small and reasonable apparatus while the imaging frame rate of the imaging element can be high without decreasing the resolution of the display image. For this object, an imaging and display apparatus comprises an imaging element 07-02-2009
20080273109PORTABLE DEVICE WITH INTERACTIVE DISPLAY AND GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION CAPABILITY - A portable device having geographical location technology includes: a camera, for capturing an image; a wireless access circuit for accessing a geographical database to generate information according to the geographical location technology of the portable device; a display screen, for displaying at least the image and the generated information, the display screen comprising: a location bar, comprising at least one location point, each location point corresponding to at least one point of interest in a displayed image; and a processing circuit, coupled to the camera, the wireless access circuit, and the display screen, for controlling operations of the camera, the wireless access circuit, and the display screen.11-06-2008
20100033614METHOD OF CONTROLLING DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, MEDIUM FOR RECORDING THE METHOD, AND DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS OPERATING ACCORDING TO THE METHOD - Provided are a method of controlling a digital image processing apparatus, and a digital image processing apparatus operating according to the method. The method includes receiving a menu content selection signal, generating meta data corresponding to the menu content selection signal, selecting menu content corresponding to the meta data, and displaying the selected menu content.02-11-2010
20090160995DISPLAY DEVICE, PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS, AND DISPLAY METHOD - A feature area having a visual feature is analyzed for each of at least three of similar images in a memory card, and the analyzed feature areas are displayed on a display screen while overlapped with a reference image. The visual feature is used to distinguish an image from other images in the plural images. In the case where the images of the feature areas are displayed on the display screen while visually overlapped, when a user touches a touch panel on the display screen, the image corresponding to the feature area to which the touched point belongs is read from the memory card and displayed on the display screen.06-25-2009
20090128680IMAGE CAPTURING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING SAME - An image capturing apparatus for capturing a chart having color patches of a plurality of colors using a taking lens and obtaining a color-patch signal for creating a color profile. In the apparatus, the type of chart is identified, after which the focal length of the taking lens is acquired. Then, based upon the focal length, object distance suited to the chart type is determined and the user is notified of the object distance.05-21-2009
20120069233PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS AND PHOTOGRAPHING METHOD - A digital camera includes: a display section displaying a photographing image obtained by photographing a subject; a signal processing and control section reading out information related to the subject and information related to surroundings of the subject from a database on the basis of position information and compass direction information about the digital camera; and a display control section selecting the information related to the subject according to the lens condition and performing control so as to display the selected information on the display section by superimposing the selected information on the photographing image.03-22-2012
20090244354IMAGING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE IMAGING APPARATUS - An imaging apparatus includes an image generation unit configured to photoelectrically convert an object image formed by an imaging optical system to generate an image, a control unit configured to perform focusing control of the imaging optical system, an object detecting unit configured to detect a plurality of object regions based on the image generated by the image generation unit, and a display unit configured to display the plurality of object regions detected by the object detecting unit. The object detecting unit sequentially detects the object regions at a plurality of positions to which the imaging optical system is moved, and the display unit juxtaposes and displays the object regions detected by the object detecting unit with respect to the image.10-01-2009
20110221949SHOOTING APPARATUS - A shooting apparatus includes a camera main body, a determination unit, a display, a display controller, a touch panel. The camera main body is connectable with an independent recorder including a sound collecting range of collecting a sound. The determination unit determines whether or not the recorder is connected. The display controller displays an operation information for operating the recorder in accordance with the determined result by the determination unit, and if the recorder is connected, displays the sound collecting range of the recorder in a state that the range is overlapped on the image on the display. The touch panel receives an operation according to the operation information displayed on the display, and sends an operation instruction corresponding to the operation to the recorder.09-15-2011
20100149399IMAGE CAPTURING APPARATUS, ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PROVIDING SERVER, AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FILTERING SYSTEM - Only landmark information desired by a user out of a plurality of landmark information transmitted from a map server is displayed. An image capturing apparatus (06-17-2010
20100177233Picture display controlling apparatus and picture display controlling method - Disclosed herein is a picture display controlling apparatus capable of improving the user's ease of operation upon selecting picture data on a small-size screen of digital cameras or the like. Picture data items held in a data holding unit (07-15-2010
20100157127Image Display Apparatus and Image Sensing Apparatus - An image display apparatus includes a subject distance detection portion which detects a subject distance of each subject whose image is taken by an image taking portion, an output image generating portion which generates an image in which a subject positioned within a specific distance range is in focus as an output image from an input image taken by the image taking portion, and a display controller which extracts an in-focus region that is an image region in the output image in which region the subject positioned within the specific distance range appears based on a result of the detection by the subject distance detection portion, and controls a display portion to display a display image based on the output image so that the in-focus region can be visually distinguished.06-24-2010
20100259664Electronic camera - An electronic camera includes a shutter button. When the shutter button is half-depressed, a photographing condition such as an exposure time period and an aperture amount is adjusted by a main CPU, and characters indicative of the adjusted photographing condition are displayed on an LCD. When the shutter button is full-depressed, an image signal of an object is recorded in a recording medium. It is noted that a time difference between a timing of half-depressing the shutter button and a timing of full-depressing the shutter button is lower than a threshold value, a flag is set to “1”, and a display of the characters is prohibited. Prohibiting the characters from being displayed makes it possible to promptly execute a photographing of the object in response to the full-depression of the shutter button.10-14-2010
20110058086IMAGE PRODUCTION DEVICE, IMAGE PRODUCTION METHOD, AND PROGRAM FOR DRIVING COMPUTER TO EXECUTE IMAGE PRODUCTION METHOD - The total imaging time period and recorded volume of each image is displayed in association with the imaging date and time of the image. An imaging information acquiring section acquires information on the imaging dates and times and recorded volumes of images. The acquired information is held in an index table. A period setting part sets the period of a period display. An imaging start position deciding section decides the position corresponding to the imaging start date and time of each image in the period display. An imaging time length deciding section decides the display range of the imaging time length of each image in the period display. A recorded volume length deciding section decides the display range of the recorded volume length of each image. Based on these decision results, an imaging position display creating section creates an imaging position display in which the imaging start positions of the images and the imaging time lengths or the recorded volumes of the images are displayed relative to the period display.03-10-2011
20130128091METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SELF CAMERA SHOOTING - A method enables self-camera shooting in a mobile terminal. In the method, whether a first user input is detected is determined. When the first user input is detected, a half shutter mode is entered. Whether a second user input is detected is determined. When the second user input is detected, self-camera shooting is performed.05-23-2013
20110249166DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS AND DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD - A display apparatus displays a distance bar indicating a ratio of movement distance to the entire photographing route, and a time bar indicating a ratio to the entire time, together with photographed images. Moreover, the display apparatus displays specific photographing date/time on top of the time bar. During slide show display, when one of separator lines indicating photographing locations is designated, the slide show is immediately switched to a display of the photographed image. At this time, the distance bar is updated to the designated separator line, and corresponding to this, the time bar is also updated to time when photographing is performed at the designated separator line. Thereafter, when a certain time has elapsed, the slide show display is resumed in the order of photographing from the photographed image.10-13-2011
20110128432IMAGING DEVICE, IMAGING METHOD, AND IMAGING PROGRAM - An imaging device is provided for generating image data on the basis of light received by an imaging element. The imaging device includes a display unit which displays an image, a focus unit which detects a focus deviation, and a display controller which causes the display unit to display a composite image in which a first image of a region of at least a portion of a second image of the image data, and the second image are superposed and combined. The region is in a position in accordance with the focus deviation.06-02-2011
20100171861INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - An information processing apparatus includes a processing unit configured to execute a predetermined process, an acquisition unit configured to acquire a progress situation of the predetermined process executed by the processing unit, and a display control unit configured to display a progress situation display area for indicating the progress situation of the predetermined process on an area which lies along a plurality of adjacent sides of the display area on a display apparatus, and control a display state of the progress situation display area based on the progress situation acquired by the acquisition unit so that the display state changes from a state indicating that processing is yet to be performed to a state indicating that processing has been performed, progressively from one end to another end of the progress situation display area at a different rate based on a length of the sides along which the progress situation display area lies.07-08-2010
20110242395ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND IMAGE SENSING DEVICE - An electronic device includes: a display portion that includes a display screen on which an input image is displayed; a specification reception portion that receives an input indicating a specified position on the input image; an object type detection portion that detects the type of object in the specified position based on image data on the input image; and a display menu production portion that produces a display menu displayed on the display screen. In the electronic device, the display menu production portion changes details of the display menu according to the type of object detected by the object type detection portion.10-06-2011
20110242393IMAGING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CAPTURING IMAGES WITH PERSONAL INFORMATION - A method for capturing images applied in an imaging device is provided. The imaging device includes an image capturing unit having a field of view. The imaging device is capable of sensing first position information and determining which orientation the image capturing unit faces, and further communicates with portable communication devices some of which are in field of view and receiving a second position information and personal information. The method includes the establishment of a coordinate system and converting the first position information and the second position information to the set of coordinates. The method includes: first determining whether one of the portable communication devices is in the field of view. Then, determining which person of the captured image corresponds to one of the portable communication devices, and associating the personal information with the determined person of the captured image. Next, generating a composite image.10-06-2011
20110085069ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - An electronic apparatus that enables a remaining battery capacity to be checked without requiring the battery to be loaded into the electronic apparatus. In this electronic apparatus, a battery lid closes a battery chamber that accommodates a battery. An opening/closing detection device detects opening/closing of the battery lid. An acquisition device acquires battery information of the battery when the opening/closing detection device detects that the battery lid opens. A storing device stores the battery information acquired by the acquisition device. A display device displays the battery information that is stored in the storing device, and displays the battery information of a battery that is not accommodated in the battery chamber.04-14-2011
20120242881LENS APPARATUS AND IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME - Provided is a lens apparatus, including: a focus lens; a focus detector; an automatic focusing unit configured to drive the focus lens based on a focus detection result obtained from the focus detector; a focus information output unit configured to output focus information to a display unit capable of displaying the focus information superimposed on a picked up image obtained by picking up an image with use of a light beam from an object, which passes through the lens apparatus; and a display determination unit configured to determine whether or not to display the focus information on the display unit, in which the focus information output unit is configured to output a signal for displaying the focus information to the display unit based on a determination result obtained from the display determination unit.09-27-2012
20110075012PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A method for controlling a photographing apparatus is provided. The photographing apparatus includes a touch screen. In the method, it is first detected whether a user keeps touching a focus point on the touch screen for a specific duration. If the detected result is YES, the photographing apparatus is controlled to perform an automatic focusing procedure corresponding to the focus point and then an automatic photographing procedure.03-31-2011
20110249165IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS THAT SHOOTS SUBJECT VIEWED THROUGH VIEWFINDER, CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An image pickup apparatus that reduces the likelihood that when a user operates a display screen with a fingertip while not looking through a viewfinder, the user's fingertip will be falsely detected, and makes it less likely that erroneous operation resulting from the false detection will occur. When an eye proximity sensor detects an object approaching, the light emission luminance of a display unit is reduced, or display on the display unit is turned off. When the eye proximity sensor has not detected an object approaching, first-type display objects that execute assigned functions in response to touch operations are displayed farther away from the eye proximity sensor on a display surface of the display unit than second-type display objects that do not execute assigned functions even when touched. When a touch on any of the first-type display objects is detected, a function assigned to the first-type display object is executed.10-13-2011
20110254990Electronic device and electronic camera - An electronic device includes: a display element that displays a numeral; an auxiliary display element that displays an expression other than a numeral; an arithmetic operation device that executes an arithmetic operation to obtain an integer; and a display control device that implements control so as to display the integer obtained through the arithmetic operation executed by the arithmetic operation device by using the display element and the auxiliary display element.10-20-2011
20110134302System, Device, and Method for Displaying Message - A system for displaying a message includes a first electronic device and a second electronic device. The first electronic device includes a touch module, a first projection module, a first positioning module, and a first transceiving module. The touch module receives a touch signal and generates a first image data; the first projection module projects the first image data; the first positioning module provides a first positioning data according to a location of the first electronic device; the first transceiving module transmits a first message including the first positioning data and the first image data. The second electronic device includes a second transceiving module and a second projection module. The second transceiving module receives the first message; the second projection module projects the first image data. Therefore, the system for displaying a message presents the first image data in a specific condition.06-09-2011
20110075011Real-Time Remote Image Capture System - One system for remotely capturing an image, among others, contains a first image capture device coupled to a communications network. The first image capture device has a touch-screen display and adapted to display a map image retrieved from a map database, wherein the first image capture device enables a first user to draw markings on the map image via the touch-screen display and to transmit the markings to a second image capture device. After receipt of the markings by the second image capture device, the first image capture device concurrently displays with the second image capture device the markings on the map image.03-31-2011
20100110267DIGITAL IMAGING APPARATUS AND IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD - A digital imaging apparatus comprises a plurality of displays that can display the same content or different content. In a first mode, the same image content may be displayed on both displays, in a second mode, image content may be displayed on one of the displays, and in a third mode, different content may be displayed on the two displays simultaneously. The displays may be of different sizes to accommodate displaying image content in a normal mode or in a wide mode. The viewing angle of two orthogonally disposed displays may be selected so that the displays provide a substantially combined continuous viewing angle greater than 90 degrees.05-06-2010
20100110266Image photography apparatus and method for proposing composition based person - An image photographing method and apparatus for proposing a human composition. The image photographing apparatus may determine optimal composition information based on feature information that is detected from a photographed image and control a photographing parameter based on the determined optimal composition information.05-06-2010
20100066890DIGITAL CAMERA - A digital camera of the present invention allows a lens unit to be attachable/detachable with respect thereto. The digital camera of the present invention includes a plurality of display portions and a control portion. When a mode for displaying an image on a first display portion among the plurality of display portions is set, the control portion causes the digital camera to come out of the mode and causes the display portion to display the setting information of the digital camera in accordance with an operation of the setting manipulation portion. Further, when a battery cover is opened, the control portion stops a display operation in the display portion. Further, when a voltage of a battery accommodated in a battery accommodating portion becomes lower than a predetermined value, the control portion selects a predetermined display portion to perform a warning display and turns off a power source after an elapse of a predetermined time. When the lens unit attached to the digital camera is removed, the control portion performs a warning display with respect to the display portion. Further, while the display portion displays a real-time image, when a terminal from an external apparatus is connected to an output terminal, the control portion causes image data stored in a storage portion to be output to the external apparatus through the output terminal.03-18-2010
20110187913DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - Provided are a digital photographing apparatus including a 3D touch panel through which various manipulation signals of a photographer are input, and a method of controlling the digital photographing apparatus. Accordingly, not only plane coordinates information of an object is determined but also a distance between the object and the digital photographing apparatus is recognized as depth information to thereby control execution of a predetermined operation according to the depth information.08-04-2011
20110149138VARIABLE RATE BROWSING OF AN IMAGE COLLECTION - A method for browsing a collection of digital images on a display screen with a touch screen user interface, comprising: forming an ordered sequence of digital images; entering an image review mode and displaying a first digital image from the ordered sequence of digital images on the display screen; initiating a sequential image display process in response to a user touching the touch screen, wherein the sequential image display process sequentially displays digital images in the ordered sequence of digital images on the touch screen until such time that the user stops touching the touch screen, wherein a time interval between the display of sequential images is specified by a scroll rate which is controlled responsive to the position that the user is touching the touch screen.06-23-2011
20100020222Image Capturing Device with Touch Screen for Adjusting Camera Settings - Several methods for operating a built-in digital camera of a portable, handheld electronic device are described. In one embodiment, the device receives a user selection (e.g., tap, tap and hold, gesture) of a region displayed on the display screen (e.g., touch sensitive screen). A touch to focus mode may then be initiated in response to the user selection and exposure and focus parameters determined and adjusted. Then, an automatic scene detection mechanism can determine whether a scene has changed. If the scene has changed, then the touch to focus mode ends and a default automatic focus mode initiates. This mode sets a new exposure metering area and focus area prior to determining and adjusting exposure and focus parameters, respectively.01-28-2010
20110050975DISPLAY DEVICE IN A MOBILE TERMINAL AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - A mobile terminal and a method for displaying menus in the mobile terminal are disclosed herein. The mobile terminal includes a main body having a main display, a first sliding assembly including a first sub-display, and a second sliding assembly including a second sub-display slidably positioned on the main body. Various menus may be displayed on the main display, the first sub-display and the second sub-display based on the position of the first and second sliding assemblies and the orientation of the mobile terminal.03-03-2011
20120147243SYSTEM AND METHOD OF CAPTURING LOW-LIGHT IMAGES ON A MOBILE DEVICE - A system and method of capturing low-light images on a mobile device include a camera module, an image sensor, an infrared filter, and a visible light filter. The image sensor can detect a color spectrum of ambient light passed through a lens of the camera module. The visible light filter can cover a first portion of the image sensor, and the infrared filter can cover a second portion of the image sensor. A processor can be coupled to the image sensor to receive visible light data and infrared data. Visible light data can be formed from ambient light passed through the visible light filter and image sensor. Infrared data can formed from ambient light passed through the infrared filter and the image sensor. The visible light data and the infrared data are combined to form a low-light image data having enhanced brightness while maintaining color accuracy.06-14-2012
20100123815SCENE INFORMATION DISPLAYING METHOD AND APPARATUS AND DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS USING THE SCENE INFORMATION DISPLAYING METHOD AND APPARATUS - In exemplary scene information displaying apparatus and methods, scene information is detected from an input image, a scene for the input image is determined by using the scene information, probabilities that the determined scene corresponds to respective scene modes are calculated, and a scene information identifier including the probabilities for the scene modes is generated and displayed. Thus, users may be informed of all applicable scene modes for a current image.05-20-2010
20120013782IMAGING APPARATUS, SHOOTING ASSISTANCE SYSTEM, IMAGING APPARATUS CONTROL METHOD, AND METHOD FOR EVALUATING INDIVIDUALS IN AN IMAGE - An imaging apparatus for shooting images includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire information about an evaluation of an identified individual in at least one shot image based on a composition of the image, and a presentation unit configured to present the information corresponding to the identified individual, wherein the information is used to support shooting of the images.01-19-2012
20120013783PHOTGRAPHING SUPPORT SYSTEM, PHOTOGRAPHING SUPPORT METHOD, SERVER PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS, AND PROGRAM - Photographing support that supports a photographer in taking more photographs appropriate for an album such as photographs including good combinations of subjects or photographs taken evenly throughout an event is realized by calculating a point value of a photographing frame captured by a photographing apparatus considering a combination of subjects to be photographed, an importance level of the subject to be photographed, and an importance level of photographing time, and presenting the acquired point value to the photographer.01-19-2012
20120057062FOCUSING APPARATUS - A focusing apparatus includes a focus area setting unit that sets a first focus area in a first captured image, an auto focusing control unit that performs focusing according to a first focus evaluation value that is calculated from the first focus area by automatically adjusting a focus lens, an information deriving unit that derives focus aid information corresponding to a second focus evaluation value that is calculated from a second focus area in a second captured image by manually adjusting the focus lens, and a storage unit that stores at least one of first focus area information about the first focus area and second focus area information about the second focus area, wherein the focus area setting unit sets a third focus area in a third captured image from among the first focus area information and the second focus area information stored during another focusing.03-08-2012
20120154662MULTIFUNCTIONAL VIDEO APPARATUS AND METHOD OF PROVIDING USER INTERFACE THEREOF - A multifunctional video apparatus includes a CCD module to capture an image and generate a corresponding video signal, a tuner module to receive a broadcasting signal, a decoding module to decode the broadcasting signal received through the tuner module, a display unit to display a video, and a signal processing block to process the video signal generated from the CCD module, to record the processed video signal in a memory, to reproduce an output signal of the decoding module, and to apply the reproduced signal to the display unit. Accordingly, diverse functions, such as DMB reception, photographing and/or reproduction, moving image filming and/or reproduction, music playback, voice recording and/or reproduction, etc., can be provided through one apparatus, and the user's manipulation is facilitated in using the multifunctional video apparatus providing many functions.06-21-2012
20120026379IMAGE CAPTURING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An image capturing apparatus has a plurality of predetermined temperatures to be compared with the temperature of an image sensor. Every time a detected temperature of the image sensor exceeds one of the plurality of temperatures, a different predetermined indication corresponding to the predetermined temperature is displayed on a display device together with an image signal output from the image sensor, thereby giving a warning to the user.02-02-2012
20120026378Method for detecting and showing quality of a preview or stored picture in an electronic imaging device - The present invention relates to a method for detecting and showing quality of a preview or stored picture in an electronic imaging device, which comprises the steps of determining whether the electronic imaging device is operated in a preview mode or a file mode; detecting at least four features of the preview or stored picture; determining whether each of the features of the preview or stored picture is normal or not; and displaying the preview or stored picture and at least one of four graphical indicators on a LCD screen of the electronic imaging device when it is determined that the feature corresponding to the graphical indicator is not in a normal status. Thus, a user is able to easily identify the features of the preview or stored picture in a graphical way on the LCD screen in a real time while reviewing the preview or stored picture.02-02-2012
20120105702VIDEO PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGING APPARATUS, VIDEO PROCESSING METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A video processing method includes calculating mean values with respect to x coordinate value and y coordinate value of vertices that define a corresponding area, which is obtained when a designated area in spherical coordinates is projected on an xy coordinate plane that represents a captured image, and superimposing a mask image R on the captured image in such a way as to bring a point G having an x coordinate value and a y coordinate value identical to the calculated mean values with respect to the x coordinate value and the y coordinate value into coincidence with a point defined by a midpoint in the height direction and a midpoint in the width direction of the mask image.05-03-2012
20120300109IMAGING DEVICE AND CONTROL METHOD FOR IMAGING DEVICE - An imaging device of the present invention comprises an imaging section, including an image sensor for imaging a subject, for generating image data based on output signals of the image sensor; a control section for casing repeated operation of the imaging section in accordance with a single release operation; an adding processing section for sequentially adding image data repeatedly output from the imaging section and generating added mage data; an image display section for displaying the added image data; and a setting section for setting a repeat period for the imaging section and instructing to the control section. Also, an imaging device of the present invention, comprises an imaging section for repeatedly forming an image of a subject at a set period, while performing a bulb exposure operation, and outputting image data; an adding processing section for performing adding processing of the image data and previously output image data; an added image storage section for respectively independently storing a plurality of added images that have been added by the adding processing section, and a display section for displaying, in a list, the plurality of added images that have been stored in the added image storage section after completion of the bulb exposure operation.11-29-2012
20120127357DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - A digital image processing apparatus, which displays a setting item designated by a user and a setting status of a setting value for the setting item together on a portion of a setting menu that is most visible to user's eyes to allow the user to efficiently set items necessary for a photographing operation and/or other operations, and a method of controlling the apparatus. The apparatus includes a body; and a display unit on the body where setting information is displayed, wherein a display screen displayed on the display unit includes a selection region where at least one setting item is displayed and an adjustment region where a currently set current setting value is displayed together with candidate setting values that can be set for at least one of the at least one setting item. The current setting value and the candidate setting values can be displayed on the adjustment region for a selection item selected from display items displayed on the selection region, and the selection item can be in a central part of the selection region.05-24-2012
20100208120MOTION DETECTOR CAMERA - A motion detector camera includes a housing, viewing electronics mounted within the housing, an IR emitter exposed on a surface of the housing, a motion detector exposed on a surface of the housing, and a controller operatively coupled to the viewing electronics, the IR emitter, and the motion detector, wherein the controller is adapted to send an activation signal to the IR emitter and to the viewing electronics when the controller receives a triggering signal from the motion detector08-19-2010
20120218452Simulated Incident Light Meter on a Mobile Device for Photography/Cinematography - A mobile telecommunications device is provided. The mobile telecommunications device comprises a light sensor and a calculation component. Adjustments to at least one of the brightness of a display screen on the mobile telecommunications device and the backlighting of a keypad on the mobile telecommunications device are based on light sensed by the light sensor. The calculation component is configured to receive a light level measurement from the light sensor and generate a photography-related output based on the light level measurement.08-30-2012
20120133815INFORMATION DISPLAY APPARATUS, DISPLAY CONTROL INTEGRATED CIRCUIT, AND DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD - An information display apparatus performs a visual light communication and superimposes light source information transmitted from a light source onto images captured in time sequence for display on a screen. The information display apparatus includes an imaging section for capturing an image in an imaging range, a cache memory sequentially caching the light source information transmitted from the light source in the image, a priority level setting section for setting a higher priority to the light source information, cached in the cache memory, in order starting from a light source closest to a current imaging range, and a communications information processing section for deleting the light source information cached in the cache memory in order starting from light source information having the lowest priority level.05-31-2012
20120314117IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - The image pickup apparatus includes a finder optical system, a measuring part performing measurement relating to an object field image, a liquid crystal display element displaying in-finder information to be observed as an image superimposed on the object field image, and a temperature detector detecting temperature. A controller starts non-display control for causing the display element to change from a display state to a non-display state at a non-display control timing before start of the measurement, and starts display control for causing the display element to change from the non-display state to the display state at a display control timing before end of the measurement. The controller makes at least one of the non-display timing and the display timing earlier when a detected temperature acquired from the temperature detector is lower than a predetermined temperature as compared with when the detected temperature is higher than the predetermined temperature.12-13-2012
20120314116FOCUS ASSIST SYSTEM AND METHOD - According to some aspects, a method for assisting the adjusting of a focus of an image includes providing a graphical representation of a detected image. The method can also include receiving an indication of a user selection of a region of the image and providing a magnified graphical representation of the selected image region. The method may further include providing a graphical indication of a degree of focus for at least a portion of the selected image region. The graphical indication in some instances is visually correlated with the magnified graphical representation of the selected image region. The size, shape, and/or color of the graphical indication in some instances can be correlated with the degree of focus for at least a portion of the selected image region.12-13-2012
20120176525NON-MAP-BASED MOBILE INTERFACE - Example methods, apparatuses, or articles of manufacture are disclosed herein that may be utilized, in whole or in part, to facilitate or support one or more navigation or positioning operations or techniques using, for example, a non-map-based location or routing interface for use in or with mobile communication devices.07-12-2012
20080297638INFORMATION DISPLAY APPARATUS, IMAGE TAKING APPARATUS, AND METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR CONTROLLING DISPLAYING INFORMATION - An information display apparatus includes an input device adapted to input user operation information, a touch sensor adapted to detect the state of the input device in terms of whether the input device is touched by a user, a display adapted to display information, and a control unit adapted to receive user operation information from the input device and sensor detection information from the touch sensor, and control displaying of the information on the display in accordance with the received user operation information and the sensor detection information. If the touch information indicating that the input device is touched by the user is received from the touch sensor, the control unit displays first information associated with the input device on the display. If the input device is maintained in the touched state longer than a predetermined period, the control unit switches the displayed information into second information.12-04-2008
20100182479IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An apparatus includes a setting unit configured to set a blind spot area based on a blind spot position of an observer within a display area for displaying an image to the observer, and a notification unit configured to notify, when displaying within the blind spot area is changed due to a change of an observation environment observed by the observer, the observer of the change within the blind spot area.07-22-2010
20120140102DIGITAL MULTIMEDIA PLAYBACK APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A digital multimedia playback apparatus and a control method thereof in which a user starts touching, on a touch screen, one of an item and a function icon ends touching the other one of the item and function icon to control the items and functions displayed thereon. The digital multimedia playback apparatus includes a touch screen to change the state of the item to the state that corresponds to the function icon; thus, the user can more easily edit files or the like.06-07-2012
20080225154DIGITAL CAMERA AND MENU DISPLAY METHOD OF SAME - A digital camera includes a rotatable wheel, a screen, and a menu display system for displaying menu on the screen. The menu display system includes a primary menu having a number of menu options and may have one or more hierarchical submenu options. The submenu is disk-shaped with a number of sub-submenu options displayed around the disk, each of the sub-submenu options can be selected by rotating the rotatable wheel clockwise or anticlockwise. The digital camera is capable of being operated quickly and efficiently.09-18-2008
20130169850DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS, IMAGE CAPTURE APPARATUS, DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD, AND IMAGE CAPTURE APPARATUS CONTROL METHOD - A display control apparatus displays, together with an image on a display unit, items related to a plurality of objects in the image. At this time, for the plurality of objects in the image, the display control apparatus displays items related to the respective objects at display positions having a predetermined relative positional relationship with the objects. The display control apparatus decides the order of priority of the plurality of objects. In case that the area of a main object having a highest decided priority level and the display position having the predetermined relative positional relationship for an item related to another object overlap each other, the display control apparatus adjusts the display position of the item related to the other object to eliminate the overlapping, and displays the item related to the other object.07-04-2013
20130128090IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHING DEVICE AND IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHING METHOD THEREOF - An image photographing device and an image photographing method thereof. The image photographing method designates a subject area on a display screen of the image photographing device, displays a guide image on a designated subject area on a live view, while displaying the live view on the display screen, and obtains a subject image from which the guide image is excluded. By the above, a user requesting a photographing by another may easily let the requested person know a background composition and a location and size of the subject to be photographed.05-23-2013
20130141624IMAGING SYSTEM AND CONTROL METHOD FOR IMAGING SYSTEM - An imaging system of the present invention comprises a lens unit having a barrel section that contains a photographing optical system, and an operating section provided on the barrel section, and a camera body having an imaging section for converting a subject image formed by the photographing optical system into electrical signals, and a display section for displaying the subject image based on the electrical signals, wherein the lens unit has a transmission section for transmitting information relating to the operation section, and the camera body has a receiving section for receiving information relating to the operating section that has been transmitted from the transmission section, and an association section for displaying the information relating to the operation section that has been received by the receiving section on the display section, and associating information relating to the operating section with functions of the camera body.06-06-2013
20110273606IMAGING DEVICE - An imaging device provided with an imaging unit for imaging object light, and a display unit for displaying an image, comprises: a storage unit that stores at least one of setting information regarding image capture performed in a predetermined image capture mode in which a predetermined image capture condition can be set and setting information regarding functions other than the image capture; a determination unit that determines whether a predetermined condition is satisfied when the predetermined image capture mode is released and then the imaging device re-enters the predetermined image capture mode; and a control unit that controls whether to cause the display unit to display presence display, which indicates presence or absence of the setting information stored in the storage unit, based on a determination result of the determination unit.11-10-2011
20110242394IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS THAT FACILITATES CHECKING OF TILT THEREOF, METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An image pickup apparatus that facilitates checking of the tilt thereof by changing a display position of a horizontal guide. A digital camera (image pickup apparatus) includes a tilt sensor for detecting a tilt of the camera. A system controller determines the display position of the horizontal guide based on the tilt of the camera detected by the tilt sensor such that it is displayed in an upper portion of the screen when an angle formed between the optical axis of the camera and a gravity direction is smaller than when the angle is equal to a predetermined angle. The system controller causes the horizontal guide to be displayed on the screen at the determined position, together with an image picked up by an image pickup device.10-06-2011
20120274830IMAGING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - An imaging apparatus performs information display according to an appropriate display type considering imaging conditions. The imaging apparatus includes a display type setting unit to set any one of a plurality of display types as a display type for an information display to be displayed together with a through image, a mode setting unit to set a multiple-exposure imaging mode, a control unit to perform a control, when the multiple-exposure imaging mode is set and an image to be multiple-composited with the through image can be acquired, to change the display type to a display type dedicated to the multiple-exposure imaging mode for displaying at least one of the number of multiple-exposure image capturing scheduled images, the number of multiple-exposure image capturing completed images, the number of images remaining to reach the number of multiple-exposure image capturing scheduled images, and an icon indicating that the multiple-exposure imaging mode is set.11-01-2012
20110234879IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND PROGRAM - There is provided an image processing device including a superimposition display position determining unit which determines a position of an object having a predetermined flat surface or curved surface out of an object imaged in an input image based on an environment map, a superimposition display image generating unit which generates a superimposition display image by setting superimposition display data at the position of the object determined by the superimposition display position determining unit, an image superimposing unit which superimposes the superimposition display image on a visual field of a user, an operating object recognizing unit which recognizes an operating object imaged in the input image, and a process executing unit which executes a process corresponding to an item selected based on a position of the operating object recognized by the operating object recognizing unit.09-29-2011
20130120633SWITCHER SYSTEM, AND VIEW FINDER - Relating to a switcher system that is capable of reducing time and trouble of setting video equipment. According to the present invention, there is provided a switcher system having a switcher and a plurality of view finders. The switcher outputs a digital video signal having a tally signal superimposed thereon. Each of the view finders has an external digital video input unit, which receives input of the digital video signal, and a tally display control unit, which controls tally display based on the tally signal superimposed on the digital video signal.05-16-2013
20120019702METHOD FOR ADJUSTING AND FOR DISPLAYING THE ADJUSTMENT OF A CAMERA LENS - A method for adjusting and for displaying the adjustment of a camera lens, in particular for adjusting the image sharpness (focus) of a camera lens for analog or digital motion picture cameras, comprising a scale shiftable relative to the display of a current adjustment value and coupled with an adjusting device. On the scale the adjustment values are represented numerically and/or as graphical symbols. A scale range bordering on the current adjustment value is located in a display window. At least one adjustment value is highlighted by a marking and a marking located outside the display window is displayed at the edge of the scale.01-26-2012
20130201377MOBILE COMPUTING DEVICE WITH IMPROVED IMAGE PREVIEW FUNCTIONALITY - A mobile computing device can comprise a microprocessor, a display, at least one motion sensor, and an imaging device including a two-dimensional image sensor and an imaging lens configured to focus an image of a target object on the image sensor. The mobile computing device can be configured to periodically display a preview image frame of the target object. The mobile computing device can be further configured to compensate for a movement of the imaging device relatively to the target object during a time period elapsed between taking and displaying the preview image frame, by transforming the preview image frame based on the device movement detected by the motion sensor.08-08-2013
20120062779PLAYBACK DISPLAY DEVICE, IMAGE CAPTURING DEVICE, PLAYBACK DISPLAY METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A playback display device including: a display unit; a data storage unit which stores data representing a travel route and a plurality of pieces of image data each associated with an image capturing place; a movement display control unit which displays a mark moving on a map displayed on the display unit based on the data representing the travel route; and an image playback unit which displays image data when, while the movement display control unit displays the mark moving on the map, a displayed position of the mark matches a corresponding position of the image capturing place associated with the image data.03-15-2012
20120300110IMAGING DEVICE AND CONTROL METHOD FOR IMAGING DEVICE - An imaging device comprises an imaging section for outputting image data every set time, in association with bulb exposure commencement; an adding processing section for generating an added image by adding images that were output after commencement of the bulb exposure; an image display section for displaying each generated added image; and a display illumination section for illuminating a display screen of the image display section, and if an update period for image display on the image display section is a predetermined time or longer, illuminates the display screen of the image display section for a time that is shorter than the update period, in response to update of image display on the image display section, while if the update period is less than the predetermined time, continuously carries out illumination.11-29-2012

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