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348222100 Combined image signal generator and general image signal processing 4952
348294000 Solid-state image sensor 1896
348335000 Optics 1530
348208990 Camera image stabilization 758
348333010 With electronic viewfinder or display monitor 644
348207100 Camera connected to computer 641
348373000 Support or housing 445
348266000 With single image scanning device supplying plural color signals 296
348211990 Remote control 167
348220100 Still and motion modes of operation 161
348207200 Camera connected to printer 132
348370000 With object or scene illumination 106
348218100 Unitary image formed by compiling sub-areas of same scene (e.g., array of cameras) 86
348262000 With plural image scanning devices 53
348372000 Power supply 51
348216100 Low light level 20
348332000 Array of photocells (i.e., nonsolid-state array) 4
20100141822ANALOG MULTIPLEXER CONFIGURED TO REDUCE KICKBACK PERTURBATION IN IMAGE SENSOR READOUT - An analog multiplexer is configured to multiplex a plurality of input analog signal channels into a single output analog signal channel. The analog multiplexer comprises a plurality of input sampling circuits associated with respective ones of the input analog signal channels and an amplifier having an input controllably connectable in turn to each of the input sampling circuits. The analog multiplexer is further configured to connect at least a given one of the input analog signal channels to a sampling element of its corresponding input sampling circuit at a predetermined time prior to connecting the sampling element of that input sampling circuit to the input of the amplifier. The predetermined time is less than a full clock cycle of a sampling clock of the amplifier. The analog multiplexer may be implemented in readout circuitry coupled to a pixel array in an image sensor.06-10-2010
20090310008DETECTION DEVICES - A detection device for detecting an object image comprises a detection unit and a read-out unit. The detection unit comprises at least one detection array. The at least one detection array comprises a plurality of detection cells disposed in M detection rows, M≧2. The detection cells generate a plurality of detection signals, and the detection signals represent specific color information. The read-out unit receives the detection signals from the at least one detection array and generates an image signal according to the received detection signals.12-17-2009
20120307122LOW COMMON MODE DRIVER - Techniques to provide a replica bias circuit for a high speed and low voltage common mode driver. In an embodiment, a pre-driver is coupled to provide driver input voltages to the driver, which driver includes a set of circuit elements coupled to provide, based on the driver input voltages, an output signal of a differential output. In another embodiment, a regulator circuit is coupled to provide regulated power to the pre-driver and driver, where the regulator circuit includes a scale replica circuit having a replica of the first set of circuit elements.12-06-2012
20120026374IMAGE SENSOR AND IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS - An image sensor includes: a plurality of photoelectric transduction elements arranged in a two-dimensional array; and an output unit outputting a video signal generated from electric charges accumulated by the plurality of photoelectric transduction elements, and sync codes corresponding to a horizontal sync signal and a vertical sync signal indicating predetermined intervals, as low voltage differential signals synchronized with a prescribed clock. The output unit outputs only the sync code corresponding to a horizontal sync signal as a low voltage differential signal in a blanking period, among the video signal and the sync codes corresponding to a horizontal sync signal and a vertical sync signal.02-02-2012
20100165121VIBRATING DEVICE AND IMAGE EQUIPMENT HAVING THE SAME - A vibrating device includes a drive unit configured to drive a vibrating member to produce vibration Z(x,y) at a dust-screening member, the vibration being expressed as follows:07-01-2010
20090207256IMAGE CAPTURING SYSTEM, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER- READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM HAVING IMAGE PROCESSING PROGRAM RECORDED THEREON - The present invention aims at obtaining a high-quality video signal by reducing tone jumps. A second grayscale conversion characteristic is calculated from a video signal to which a first grayscale conversion process has been applied using a first grayscale conversion characteristic used to convert an M-bit video signal into an N-bit video signal, where M and N are integers and M is larger than N. The first grayscale conversion characteristic is corrected by using the second grayscale conversion characteristic. The first grayscale conversion process is applied to the video signal by using the corrected first grayscale conversion characteristic.08-20-2009
20100091118ILLUMINATING DEVICE, PROJECTOR AND CAMERA - An illuminating device includes: a solid-state light emitting element that includes a light source and a phosphor and emits light from the light source and phosphorescent light emitted from the phosphor excited with the light from the light source toward an optical system; and a reflective portion that reflects part of the light emitted from the solid-state light emitting element, which does not enter the optical system, back to the solid-state light emitting element so that the reflected light having originated from the light source is used to excite the phosphor.04-15-2010
20090195664SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR INCREASING QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY OF FILM CAPTURE AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - A system, apparatus, or method is provided for imaging and for capturing visuals to provide image manipulation options for increasing resolution of subject images. A system, apparatus or method for increasing resolution of subject images using a camera to deliver unexposed photographic emulsion or a digital image and to generate images of greater resolution by modifying digital images or modifying digital and emulsion images.08-06-2009
20090195663IMAGE METADATA ATTACHMENT - An accessory is provided for use with an image capture device is provided. The accessory has a trigger button and an image capture system adapted to capture an image in response to actuation of the trigger button. The accessory also has a body adapted to be detachably connectable to the image capture device with the body including, a holding unit for receiving a removable metadata source having metadata stored therein; a communication interface for communicating with the removable metadata source; and a trigger sensor for generating a trigger signal when the trigger button of said image capture device is depressed. The communication interface obtains metadata from the removable metadata source in response to the trigger signal and stores the metadata in a metadata memory so that the metadata is associated with the captured image.08-06-2009
20090195662ELECTRONIC CAMERA AND IMAGE TRANSFER METHOD ADOPTED IN ELECTRONIC CAMERA - An electronic camera includes: a communication unit engaged in communication with an external device; a selection unit that selects a transfer method of a photographic image; a transfer control unit that controls the communication unit so as to start, in response to a command transmission from the communication unit to the external device, a transfer of the photographic image from the communication unit to the external device through the transfer method selected by the selection unit; a registration unit where information related to the photographic image to be transferred is registered; and a registration control unit that adjusts a registration method with which the information is registered in the registration unit in correspondence to the transfer method selected by the selection unit.08-06-2009
20090051774CAMERA MODULE AND MOBILE TERMINAL UNIT - A camera module of the present invention includes a wiring substrate having a connection pad, and on which an imaging device is mounted, on an upper surface side thereof, and a lens unit provided on the wiring substrate and equipped with a lens portion arranged over the imaging device, an actuator (voice coil motor) for driving the lens portion, and projected connection terminal protruding downward and connected to the actuator. The projected connection terminal of the lens unit is arranged on the connection pad of the wiring substrate, and the connection pad and the projected connection terminal are joined mutually by a conductive adhesive agent.02-26-2009
20090122147INFORMATION-PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An information-processing apparatus processes information obtained by shooting an image of a subject and by collecting ambient sound of the subject. The apparatus contains an image-and-sound-recording unit that shoots the image of the subject to output image information on the image and collects the ambient sound of the subject to output sound information on the ambient sound and an information output unit that detects living-body information showing emotion of living-body of an operator who operates the image-and-sound-recording unit to output the living-body information. The apparatus also contains an information-processing unit that establishes correspondence between the living-body information outputted from the information output unit and at least one of the image information of the subject and the sound information of the ambient sound of the subject, the image information and the sound information being outputted from the image-and-sound-recording unit.05-14-2009
20100073491DUAL BUFFER SYSTEM FOR IMAGE PROCESSING - A processing system has a backlog of data caused by a difference between an input rate for receiving pixel data and a conversion rate for converting the pixel data to new pixel data. A dual buffer system associated with the processing system stores a minimum amount of unprocessed pixel data, required to perform an associated processing operation, in a first memory device and stores a backlog of the processed pixel data, after performing the associated processing operation, in a second memory device. The combined size of the first and second memory devices is less than the size that would otherwise be required to store the minimum amount of pixel data and the backlog of pixel data as unprocessed pixel data.03-25-2010
20130057712SIGNAL TRANSMITTING DEVICE, SIGNAL TRANSMITTING METHOD, SIGNAL RECEIVING DEVICE, SIGNAL RECEIVING METHOD AND SIGNAL TRANSMITTING SYSTEM - There is provided a signal transmitting device including a word puncturing controller configured to puncture per word a 1 ch 16-bit signal including 4:4:4 of r:g:b and including G, B and R signals of all samples, and map a 1 ch 16 bit-signal including 4:2:2 of r:g:b and including a G signal of all samples and B and R signals of even samples, and a 1 ch 16-bit signal including 0:2:2 of r:g:b and including B and R signals of odd samples without a G signal, a mapping controller, and a reading controller.03-07-2013
20090040315IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS AND IMAGE PICKUP METHOD - Disclosed is a technique for allowing proper classification information to be provided to an edited image. When it is determined that the editing is cropping, a system controller cuts a decompressed image down to a desired size using an image processor and performs face detection on a crop image. The system controller generates a header for image data of an edited image. When the setting of automatically providing classification information is “ON”, classification information is automatically provided based on the detected face information.02-12-2009
20130135486HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE IMAGING WITH MULTI-STORAGE PIXELS - High dynamic range imaging techniques with multi-storage pixels are provided. Multiple images may be captured during a single exposure using an image sensor with multi-storage pixels. During a single exposure, charge from photodiodes may be transferred alternately to multiple storage nodes of the multi-storage pixels. During readout of a multi-storage pixel, charge may be transferred from each of multiple storage nodes one at a time to a floating diffusion node. Each subsequent transfer of charge may be summed with the charge already stored in the floating diffusion node. A pixel signal may be read out from the multi-storage pixel after each charge transfer. Images formed from the pixel signals may be combined to produce a high dynamic range image.05-30-2013
20130135485ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electronic apparatus includes an internal recording medium. An internal recording medium records data. An abnormality detecting portion detects an abnormality of the electronic apparatus at a predetermined timing. A diagnosis portion diagnoses a state of the electronic apparatus. In a case where the abnormality is detected by the abnormality detecting portion, the diagnosis portion is caused to execute a diagnosis on the electronic apparatus, and a diagnosis result and data recorded in the internal recording medium are recorded in an external recording medium.05-30-2013
20110013025COMMUNICATION TERMINAL - A communication terminal comprises a storage unit, a selection unit, and a communication unit. The storage unit stores electronic data and condition information indicating a selection condition of the electronic data. The selection unit selects the electronic data from among the electronic data stored in the storage unit and the electronic data indicated by possession information indicating the electronic data possessed by other communication terminals joining data sharing based on the condition information. The communication unit receives the possession information from the other communication terminals between a first timing and a second timing when the selection unit selects the electronic data.01-20-2011
20130063613Methods and Systems for Content Processing - Cell phones and other portable devices are equipped with a variety of technologies by which existing functionality can be improved, and new functionality can be provided. Some relate to visual search capabilities, and determining appropriate actions responsive to different image inputs. Others relate to processing of image data. Still others concern metadata generation, processing, and representation. Yet others relate to coping with fixed focus limitations of cell phone cameras, e.g., in reading digital watermark data. Still others concern user interface improvements. A great number of other features and arrangements are also detailed.03-14-2013
20130063612IN-FLIGHT SYSTEM - An in-flight system provides a user with an entertainment environment including movies, music, games, internet, map, etc. The in-flight system provides stored media content on one or more servers located throughout an aircraft cabin and each server is associated with a plurality of seats. In a preferred embodiment, the in-flight system provides for a communication port (e.g., USB or mini-USB connector or micro-USB connector) for connection to personal electronic device providing access to the server containing the stored media, access to an internet connection, and power. In one embodiment, the in-flight system provides for a seat display unit (typically located in the seat back of the next forward seat) and associated media module hardware to process the stored media content and drive the display. In one embodiment, the in-flight system comprises an isolation module or equivalent circuitry or logic that can isolate the media module and/or the personal electronic device from the remainder of the in-flight system, allowing for updates to the in-flight system without recertification from the FAA.03-14-2013
20090237515Digital photographing apparatus, method of controlling the apparatus, and recording medium having recorded thereon program for executing the method - A digital photographing apparatus is provided that reduces the number of instances in which an image including a subject having closed eyes is obtained. A method of controlling the apparatus and a computer readable medium having recorded thereon a program for executing the method are also provided. The apparatus includes an image capture device that generates data from light incident thereon, and a blink determination unit that determines whether eyes are closed in an image from the generated data. The blink determination unit performs the determination as to whether eyes are closed only on an image from first still image data obtained in response to a signal received from a user. If the blink determination unit determines that eyes are closed in an image from still image data generated by the image capture device, still image data is obtained again from light incident on the image capture device.09-24-2009
20090009611Thin-type image capturing module structure for a web cam - An image capturing module of a web cam device, and particularly to a thin-type web cam device, includes a circuit board having circuit lines and a through opening. A substrate plate having contacts attaches to the bottom of the circuit board. An image sensor is covered by a transparent shield. The image sensor and the shield are carried by the substrate plate and located within the through opening.01-08-2009
20120113277CONTROL APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD, IMAGAGING APPARATUS, PROGRAM AND IMAGING SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a control apparatus, a control method, an imaging apparatus, a program, and an imaging system able to prevent cable wrapping, etc. which has a risk of occurring when rotating an imaging apparatus while a cable is connected in an imaging system which conducts automatic imaging operations by automatic composing and which is provided with an imaging apparatus and a motorized platform apparatus that rotatably drives the imaging apparatus, for example.05-10-2012
20120113276Multi-Camera - A method of making a high resolution camera includes assembling, imaging and processing. The assembling includes assembling on a carrier a plurality of sensors. Each sensor is for imaging a portion of an object. The plurality of sensors are disposed so that the portions imaged by adjacent sensors overlap in a seam leaving no gaps between portions. The imaging images a predetermined known pattern to produce from the plurality of sensors a corresponding plurality of image data sets. The processing processes the plurality of image data sets to determine offset and rotation parameters for each sensor by exploiting overlapping seams.05-10-2012
20120236163PHOTOGRAPHY DEVICE, PHOTOGRAPHY METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A photography device can perform a continuous shooting operation. The photography device includes: an image determination unit configured to determine whether determination values of a plurality of determination elements for images input by an image input unit are equal to or higher than determination threshold values of the plurality of determination elements; a continuous shooting stopping control unit configured to stop the continuous shooting operation if the image determination unit determines that the determination values of the determination elements are equal to or higher than the respective determination threshold values; and a determination threshold value correction unit configured to decrease the determination threshold value of the corresponding determination element if the image determination unit determines that the determination value of any of the determination elements is lower than the determination threshold value of the corresponding determination element.09-20-2012
20120236162IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS WITH FUNCTION FOR SPECIFYING IMAGE QUALITY, AND METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An image processing apparatus to be employed at an imaging device. An image acquisition section acquires data of an image. An input operation receiving section receives an operation for selection of an image region of the image data acquired by the image acquisition section. An image quality processing choosing section chooses image quality processing to be applied to the image data acquired by the image acquisition section in accordance with the image region received by the input operation receiving section. An image quality processing information presentation section presents information relating to the image quality processing chosen by the image quality processing decision section.09-20-2012
20120236161METHOD OF CONTROLLING ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND PORTABLE TERMINAL THEREOF - Provided is a method of controlling a connection between electronic devices by using a portable terminal. The method includes: obtaining an image of a first electronic device captured by using a camera built in the portable terminal; identifying the first electronic device on the basis of the image captured by the camera; and transmitting at least one of the captured image of the first electronic device and identification information on the first electronic device to a second electronic device that is to be connected to the first electronic device.09-20-2012
20090213230IMAGE CAPTURE METHOD AND SYSTEM - An image capture method for capturing an image with a single lens is provided. The method includes: (a) sequentially moving an image capture unit to predetermined positions; (b) sequentially capturing a plurality of frames of images by the image capture unit at the predetermined positions, wherein at least one image distance difference exists among the images; and (c) generating at least one image file by a processing unit according to the images.08-27-2009
20090153674IMAGE READING APPARATUS - An original is inclined with respect to an optical axis of a camera until the camera is positioned outside a reflected-image taking range by inclining a mounting surface of an original glass on which the original is placed. This makes it possible, when the original is taken by the camera, to prevent the camera from being reflected on the original and being taken in with the original. An imaging case formed of a diffusing member that is made of a high light-diffusing material or a high light-absorbing material is arranged in the reflected-image taking range. This makes it possible to prevent an object positioned in the reflected-image taking range from being reflected on the original and being taken by the camera. Consequently, clear image information can be more reliably obtained.06-18-2009
20110279691IMAGING APPARATUS - An imaging apparatus having a continuous shooting function includes an imaging unit configured to generate an image signal based on an optical signal of a subject, a storage unit configured to store an image file based on the image signal, a first detector configured to detect a motion of the imaging apparatus, and a controller configured to control a capturing interval of the imaging unit for capturing an image in a continuous shooting operation based on a detecting result of the first detector so that the capturing interval for a magnitude of the motion of the imaging apparatus which is larger than a predetermined value is shorter than the capturing interval for the magnitude of the motion of the imaging apparatus which is smaller than the predetermined value.11-17-2011
20120098981IMAGE CAPTURE METHODS AND SYSTEMS - Image capture methods and systems are provided. First, at least one preview image is captured via an image capture unit of an electronic device. It is determined whether an image capturing status is stable or not according to the preview image. When the image capturing status is stable, the electronic device is enabled to perform a photography process to obtain an image via the image capture unit.04-26-2012
20130010136PORTABLE HANDHELD DEVICE WITH MULTI-CORE IMAGE PROCESSOR - A portable handheld device includes an image sensor for capturing an image; and a one-chip microcontroller having integrated therein a CPU for processing a script language and a multi-core processor for processing an image captured by the image sensor. The multi-core processor includes therein multiple processing units connected in parallel by a common crossbar switch. Each processing unit includes an arithmetic and logic unit (ALU), each ALU defining therein two internal crossbar switches for internal data transfer within one processing unit.01-10-2013
20100033582METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING THUMBNAIL DISPLAY AND DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS - Provided are a method and apparatus for transmitting thumbnail images to an external apparatus. The method of controlling a thumbnail display, the method including connecting to an external apparatus; and in response to receiving characteristic information of the external apparatus, transmitting to the external apparatus a number of thumbnail images according to the characteristic information. The method may include providing a menu screen for a user to input the characteristic information. The method may include providing a menu screen for a user to input at least one of: a number of thumbnails to display or a size of thumbnails to display. Transmitting may include transmitting the thumbnail images sized to be inversely proportional to the number of thumbnail images so as to fit a display of the external apparatus.02-11-2010
20120188385OPTICAL POINTING DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT PROVIDED WITH THE SAME, AND LIGHT-GUIDE AND LIGHT-GUIDING METHOD - In order to reduce the number of components in the optical pointing device, and the number of steps for assembling, bonding, etc. the components, a light guide (07-26-2012
20090066798Sound Corrector, Sound Recording Device, Sound Reproducing Device, and Sound Correcting Method - Sound correction processing is performed for a sound signal obtained from a sound collecting portion. In particular, sound correction processing is performed after determining what is performed as the sound correction processing based on an image signal paired with a sound signal, the image signal obtained from an imaging portion, the sound signal, control data of the imaging portion, and the like.03-12-2009
20090153676DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS, DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - The present invention provides a display control apparatus comprising a read out unit configured to read out an image from a recording medium, a classification unit configured to classify a plurality of images into a plurality of groups in accordance with attribute information of each image, a display control unit configured to control to display a representative image which represents each of the plurality of groups, a comparison unit configured to compare an image included in one of the plurality of groups classified by the classification unit with an image included in another group, and a determination unit configured to determine one of images included in the one group as a representative image of the one group based on comparison by the comparison unit, the image not overlapping a representative image of the other group.06-18-2009
20090147089Column noise reduction device and method thereof - An image sensor and method for column noise reduction may reduce decrease the visibility of fixed pattern noise. The image sensor may include an analog processing circuit and a digital processing circuit. The analog processing circuit may be configured to selectively permutate columns of pixel data based on a permutation signal, each column of pixel data including pixel data associated with at least one pixel in a pixel array. The digital processing circuit may be configured to convert the permutated pixel data into digital data and selectively re-order the columns of pixel data based on the permutation signal. The method for capturing an image may include selectively permutating columns of analog pixel data based on a permutation signal, converting the permutated analog pixel data into the digital domain and selectively re-ordering columns of the digital permutated pixel data based on the permutation signal.06-11-2009
20120188384RECORDING APPARATUS - A recording apparatus includes a medium mounting unit operable to mount a removable recording medium which stores data, a storage unit operable to store an uploader for providing a function of uploading data to an external server via a network, the uploader being software executed by an external apparatus, and a recording controller operable to record, in the recording medium, list information for specifying data to be uploaded to the external server out of data stored in the recording medium, and the uploader stored in the storage unit.07-26-2012
20080278588Devices, Systems, and Methods Regarding Camera Imaging - Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a method that can comprise causing a signal to be transmitted from a digital camera via an input/output (I/O) circuit. The signal can be associated with an image obtained via the digital camera. The I/O circuit can be adapted to be communicatively coupled to the digital camera.11-13-2008
20100123786PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF REMOVING FOREIGN SUBSTANCE - Provided are a photographing apparatus and a method of removing foreign substances. The photographing apparatus includes an imaging device for converting a captured image into an electrical signal; a vibration member mounted at an imaging plane side of the imaging device; a vibration-applying unit for vibrating the vibration member; and a vibration control unit inputting at least two different control signals such that input times of the at least two control signals are overlapped.05-20-2010
20090284608GAZE TRACKING APPARATUS AND METHOD USING DIFFERENCE IMAGE ENTROPY - In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, there is provided a gaze tracking apparatus using difference image entropy, comprising: image detection module for detecting user's eye region image from image of the user taken by picture-taking apparatus which is connected to the gaze tracking apparatus; image selection module for computing entropy value of difference image between the eye region image and a plurality of reference images respectively indicating each gazing direction and selecting reference image with least difference image entropy value among the plurality of reference images; and gaze tracking module for recognizing user's gazing direction by regarding gazing direction that the selected reference image indicates as user's gazing direction.11-19-2009
20090167875SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IMAGE CAPTURING WITH AN AUDIBLE COUNTDOWN - A method for image capturing with an audible countdown includes: providing a handheld device (07-02-2009
20080273091Buffering technique using structrured delay skewing - A line buffering technique in which a plurality of line buffers are arranged based on a determined average number of branches and stages that are necessary to implement the buffers based on design constraints. In an exemplary embodiment, the line buffers may be arranged in any buffer topology arrangement meeting the average number of branches and the number of stages design constraints.11-06-2008
20080291284COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND IMAGE TRANSMISSION METHOD - The invention relates to a communication device adapted to transmit images having a resolution adapted to a desired part of a picture. In an aspect of the present invention, the user can select a part of the image to be transmitted with the message service. Only the selected part is compressed in dependence of maximum limit permitted to be sent. Preferably, the part of the image to be sent is compressed to the smallest possible extent. The present invention also relates to a corresponding transmission method.11-27-2008
20080273090Image Sensing Apparatus - This invention makes it difficult to analyze key data necessary to generate authentication data of image data. In this invention, when a user turns on the power supply of an image sensing apparatus 11-06-2008
20080284856IMAGE-PICKUP APPARATUS - An image-pickup apparatus includes a first operating member, to which a predetermined function is fixedly allocated and a second operating member capable of customizing an allocated function, in which the second operating member is arranged on the right back-face region of the image-pickup apparatus in a standard position, and the predetermined function allocated to the first operating member can also be allocated to the second operating member.11-20-2008
20080284857PORTABLE ELECTRONIC APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS, AND COMPUTER READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - Even when a remaining amount of an image memory built in a digital camera is decreased, the photographing can be further continued while reserving a photographed image. An image which is obtained from an image input unit including image pickup means is accumulated into an image memory. When a remaining amount calculating unit detects that the remaining amount of the image memory is small, an image record discriminating unit compares it with an image size in a photograph mode at that time which is obtained from an image size table, thereby discriminating whether the continuation of the photographing can be performed or not. When the photographing is impossible, an image selecting unit selects an old image, an image in which the number of colors is small, or the like on the basis of management data regarding the photographed images in a memory managing table. The selected image is transmitted by a PHS communication by a data transmitting apparatus. After it was transmitted, the image is erased from the image memory.11-20-2008
20080259167Method for Embedding Animation in Electronic Mail and Websites - Provided is a method for providing animation in electronic communications. An image is generated by capturing multiple photographs from a camera or video camera typically fixed in one position. The first photograph is called the “naked photo.” Using a graphics program, photos subsequent to the naked photo are edited to cut an element common to the subsequent photos. The cut images are pasted into the naked photo as layers. The modified naked photo, including the layers, is stored as a web-enabled graphics file, which is then transmitted in conjunction with electronic communication. When the electronic communication is received, the naked photo is displayed and each of the layers is displayed and removed in the order that each was taken with a short delay between photos. In this manner, a movie is generated with much smaller files than is currently possible.10-23-2008
20110013026IMAGING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - An imaging apparatus includes an image recording unit configured to record captured image data on a first recording medium with no wireless communication function and a second recording medium with a wireless communication function, which is detachable, a recording destination setting unit configured to set a recording destination on which to record the image data by the image recording unit, and a transmission setting unit configured to set whether to transmit the image data to an external apparatus by the wireless communication function of the second recording medium. If the transmission setting unit sets the image data to be transmitted to the external apparatus, the recording destination setting unit automatically sets the second recording medium as the recording destination of the captured image data.01-20-2011
20090179992DRIVING SYSTEM AND HAND TREMOR COMPENSATING APPARATUS ADOPTING THE SAME - A driving system is provided. The driving system includes a fixed substrate, a coil unit which generates an electromagnetic force if an electric current applied, a magnet unit formed on the fixed substrate to face the coil unit, and a plurality of driving units which are interconnected with each other on the fixed substrate, and which are moved respectively in parallel direction with respect to a surface of the fixed substrate in accordance with an interaction between the electromagnetic force and a magnetic force of the magnet unit, if the electric current is applied. As a result, a non-contact driving is provided.07-16-2009
20090051773VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICE WITH ATTENTION ATTRACTIVE FEATURE - A video capture device with attention attractive feature comprising: a video capture device; an attention attractive device, connecting to the video capture device; wherein the attention attractive device is used to attract the sight of eyes for video capture device to capture a better image.02-26-2009
20090128635APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RUNNING DUAL CAMERAS IN A PORTABLE TERMINAL - An apparatus and method for separating and connecting a main camera and a sub camera in a portable terminal are provided. The portable terminal includes a main camera for receiving a main clock signal from a main chip and transmitting a main camera pixel clock signal to the main chip in response to the main clock signal, a sub camera for receiving the main clock signal from the main chip and transmitting a sub camera pixel clock signal to the main chip in response to the main clock signal, and a switch for configuring a path from the main chip to at least one of the main camera and the sub camera.05-21-2009
20080316320Clock serizlizer/deserializer transmission method and appartus - An apparatus and method for use in transmitting data that is supplied with a high jitter input clock in a serial data stream over a single fiber cable. Video data from a camera is stored in memory using the high jitter clock. A stable clock is used to transmit the data from memory. To account for drift between the input clock and the stable clock idle words are added to or deleted from the transmitted data.12-25-2008
20110221912IMAGE DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM - An image data processing system transfers image data, stored in an image file and corresponding to independent images, from a first device to a second device. The first device includes data output, image file generation, and transfer processing units. The second device includes a specification data generation unit. The data output unit outputs combined miniaturized image data. The combined miniaturized image data shows combined miniaturized images. The miniaturized images correspond to the independent images. Each miniaturized image has a smaller data volume than the independent image. The specification data generation unit generates transfer subject specification data from the combined miniaturized image data. The transfer subject specification data specifies data corresponding to a transfer subject independent image. The image file generation unit generates a transfer image file storing the transfer subject image data. The transfer processing unit transfers the transfer image file to the second device.09-15-2011
20110221911DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHING DEVICE AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - A digital photographing device includes an input unit that receives face information, an image generating unit that generates an image having at least one face, a face detecting unit that detects faces from the image, a determination unit that determines whether the detected faces correspond to the received face information, and an output signal generating unit that generates an output signal when the detected faces correspond to the received face information based on a determination result of the determination unit. A method of controlling a digital photographing device includes: receiving face information, generating an image having at least one face, detecting the faces from the image, determining whether the detected faces correspond to the received face information, and generating an output signal when the detected faces correspond to the received face information based on a determination result.09-15-2011
20090086031Communication system, communication method, computer-readable medium and image shooting device - A communication system includes a first and a second communication devices, and the first and the second communication devices includes a first and a second transmission units that are disposed respectively on bodies of the communication devices and wirelessly transmits predetermined information to each other. The first communication device further includes a first reception unit that is disposed in a position where the first reception unit is capable of communicating with the second transmission unit and receives second information that has been transmitted from the second transmission unit, and a first control unit that controls the first communication device such that, when communication becomes possible between the first reception unit and the second transmission unit, the first reception unit receives the second information, and such that, when communication becomes possible between the first transmission unit and the second reception unit, the first transmission unit transmits first information.04-02-2009
20090167876IMAGING DEVICE - This attempts to reduce the total number of physical operation switches while simplifying device settings based on commands.07-02-2009
20090213229Surveillance System - A security system and method for operating same. The method includes; providing a surveillance system including a plurality of application specific integrated circuits that communicate with one another over a main system bus, wherein each of the plurality of application specific integrated circuits perform one or more predetermined functions within the surveillance system; establishing a decentralized communications network amongst the plurality of application specific integrated circuits within the surveillance system; determining that one or more of the application specific integrated circuits is not performing one or more of its predetermined functions; and utilizing one or more of the functioning application specific integrated circuits to perform the function of the non-functioning application specific integrated circuit. A surveillance system is also disclosed.08-27-2009
20090244296METHOD OF MAKING A DIGITAL CAMERA IMAGE OF A SCENE INCLUDING THE CAMERA USER - A method of making an image in a digital camera comprises capturing a digital image of a scene into which the camera user is to be inserted, and superimposing a symbol (subject locator) onto the scene image representing at least a part of a human subject. The subject locator is scaled to a desired size and moved to a desired position relative to the scene image. Next a digital image of the user is captured, and at least the part of the user image represented by the subject locator is extracted. The part of the user image represented by the subject locator is scaled (before or after extraction) to substantially the same size as the subject locator and inserted into the first image at the position of the subject locator. In a second embodiment the method comprises displaying a preview image of a scene into which the camera user is to be inserted, and superimposing the subject locator on the preview image. The subject locator is scaled to a desired size and moved to a desired position relative to the edges of the preview image. Face detection detects the camera user entering the scene displayed by the preview image. The preview image is scaled and panned to bring the part of the preview image represented by the subject locator to substantially the same size and position as the subject locator. Finally, a digital image of the scene is captured.10-01-2009
20090046159PORTABLE DEVICE - A portable device that sends and receives data to and from one of a plurality of external devices is provided. The portable device has connecting members, a selecting member, and a communicating member. The connecting members send and receive data to and from said external devices. The selecting member selects one of said connecting members among those connected to some of said external devices. The communicating member sends and receives data to and from an external device using the selected connecting member.02-19-2009
20100238304DIGITAL CAMERA FOR RECORDING STILL IMAGE WITH SPEECH - An image pickup method includes determining a start timing and an end timing of obtaining the speech to have a photographing timing of the still image taken by the image pickup unit therebetween, in accordance with a period in which the speech stored in the temporary speech storing unit satisfies a predetermined condition, and cutting out the speech stored in the temporary speech storing unit for a period from the start timing to the end timing determined, and storing the cut speech in the storing unit in association with the still image taken by the image pickup unit.09-23-2010
20090040316Electronic Camera - An electronic camera comprises an image processing unit that performs image processing using a plurality of adjustment parameters and a parameter setting unit that sets each of the plurality of parameters for the image processing unit according to a single change command.02-12-2009
20090322889METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ILLUMINATING USERS OF VIDEO COMMUNICATION DEVICES - A method for illuminating a user of a video communication device is disclosed. The method may include capturing a video image using the video communication device, determining video image quality factor values based on the captured video image, determining if the video image quality factor values exceed at least one threshold value, wherein if the video image quality factor values are determined not to exceed at least one threshold value, adjusting at least one display property of at least one unused portion of the user's display based on the determined video image quality factor values and the at least one threshold value, wherein the at least one unused portion of the user's display is not being used to present images to the user, and capturing the video image using the adjusted display properties for presentation to another party in video communication with the user.12-31-2009
20090160947IMAGE PICKUP SYSTEM, METHOD FOR DRIVING IMAGE PICKUP ELEMENTS, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An image pickup system includes an image pickup element with an image pickup region in which a plurality of pixels are arranged in a matrix, and a controller configured to control reading of signals from the pixels. The controller divides a first frame period in which a first image is read from the image pickup element into a plurality of divided frame periods, including first and second divided frame periods. When the number of pixels included in the first image is larger than the number of pixels included in a second image, a second frame period required for reading all signals from the pixels included in the second image is inserted between the first and second divided frame periods. A refresh cycle of the second image is shorter than a refresh cycle of the first image.06-25-2009
20090153675Image Transmitting Apparatus and Wireless Image Receiving Apparatus - An image transmitting apparatus is provided with a free-running transmitting unit for transmitting image data and a free-running receiving unit for receiving the image data transmitted from the transmitting unit, wherein the transmitting unit includes a marker attaching unit operative to attach a vertical synchronization marker to the image data, and the receiving unit includes: a marker retrieving unit operative to retrieve the vertical synchronization marker attached by the marker attaching unit; a marker position monitoring unit operative to monitor whether the marker position of the vertical synchronization marker in the received data is within a predetermined range; and a non-display interval adjusting unit operative to adjust, if the marker position monitoring means determines that the marker position is not within the predetermined range, a period of time in which the image data is not displayed such that the marker position is within the predetermined range.06-18-2009
20100315517IMAGE RECORDING DEVICE AND IMAGE RECORDING METHOD - An image recording device comprises: an image data acquiring unit which acquires first image data (12-16-2010
20090066797FLEXIBLE IMAGING DEVICE WITH A PLURALITY OF IMAGING ELEMENTS MOUNTED THEREON - A flexible imaging device comprises: a flexible substrate; and a plurality of imaging elements mounted on the flexible substrate.03-12-2009
20110019012COMPOSITION CONTROL DEVICE, IMAGING SYSTEM, COMPOSITION CONTROL METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A composition control device includes: a composition determination unit which determines a target composition, the composition determination unit determining zoom magnification and a target position of the subject in an image region; a preliminary position obtaining unit which obtains, as a preliminary position, a position of the subject, before a field angle is changed according to the zoom magnification, in a case where the target position is obtained; a movable mechanism section control unit which performs a control for a movable mechanism section which changes an imaging view range of the imaging section so that the position of the subject corresponds to the obtained preliminary position; and a zoom control unit which performs a driving control for a zoom lens of the imaging section so that the field angle is obtained according to the zoom magnification after the image region of the subject is disposed in the preliminary position.01-27-2011
20110043645IMAGE PICKUP DEVICE CONTROL SIGNAL GENERATING APPARATUS AND METHOD - One or more control signals in specified output states are generated at one time at a predetermined timing. A command generation section generates control data, piece by piece at each predetermined timing, corresponding to the plural control signals. A register sequentially receives the generated control data at the each predetermined timing and outputs one or more pieces of the control data to a command execution section at one time at a timing predetermined for the one or more pieces of the control data. The command execution section generates, at one time, one or more control signals of a value or values corresponding to the one or more pieces of the control data received from the register at one time at a timing predetermined for the one or more pieces of the control data.02-24-2011
20100165120PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE EMPLOYING CAMERA MODULES HAVING DIFFERENT FOCAL LENGTHS - An exemplary portable electronic device includes a main body, camera modules, a storage unit for storing images, and an image processing unit. The camera modules are accommodated in the main body and exposed the ambient environment. The camera modules have different focal lengths from each other, and are configured for simultaneously picking up images of an object. The image processing unit is electrically connected with the camera modules. The image processing unit is configured for comparing the modulation transfer function (MTF) values of the images, and transmitting data of the image having the greatest MTF value to the storage unit.07-01-2010
20090033749Camera - A camera includes: an image-capturing unit that captures an image of a subject to acquire image data; an image storing unit that stores a plurality of image data acquired by the image-capturing unit in a storage medium; an image specifying unit that specifies image data designated by a user from among the plurality of image data stored in the storage medium; and a transmission controlling unit that when transmitting the plurality of image data to an external device using a wireless communication device, identifies specified image data specified by the image specifying unit and non-specified image data that are not specified by the image specifying unit from each other and transmits the specified image data to the external device in priority to the non-specified image data.02-05-2009
20100053342IMAGE EDIT METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MOBILE TERMINAL - An image edit method and apparatus for a mobile terminal having a touchscreen is provided for intuitively editing images by means of edit tools provided in the touchscreen. The image edit method includes displaying a first image with an edit tool in the touchscreen, breaking, when the first image is a motion picture, the first image into a plurality of frames and editing at least one of the frames using the edit tool in accordance with user manipulation, and acquiring, when the first image is a still image, a second image from an image source, and generating a third image by synthesizing the first and second images.03-04-2010
20110249129TRANSMISSION DEVICE, CAMERA DEVICE, CAMERA CONTROLLER AND CAMERA SYSTEM - A transmission device includes: a transceiving unit transceiving a serial signal generated by serially converting data based on a clock signal of a frequency selected from frequencies used as clock components of the serial signal and including the clock signal of the selected frequency; a clock recovering unit receiving the serial signal received by the transceiving unit and recovers a recovered clock signal from the serial signal; a match determination unit receiving the recovered clock signal and determines whether a frequency of the recovered clock signal matches each of the frequencies; and a frequency controller performing, if the match determination unit determines that the frequency of the recovered clock signal matches each of the frequencies, a control to determine the frequency of the recovered clock signal as the matching frequency, wherein the frequency of the recovered clock signal is switched between the frequencies until the frequency is determined by the frequency controller.10-13-2011
20110164141Electronic Device Directional Audio-Video Capture - Disclosed herein is an apparatus. The apparatus includes a housing, electronic circuitry, and an audio-visual source tracking system. The electronic circuitry is in the housing. The audio-visual source tracking system includes a first video camera and an array of microphones. The first video camera and the array of microphones are attached to the housing. The audio-visual source tracking system is configured to receive video information from the first video camera. The audio-visual source tracking system is configured to capture audio information from the array of microphones at least partially in response to the video information. The audio-visual source tracking system might include a second video camera that is attached to the housing, wherein the first and second video cameras together estimate the beam orientation of the array of microphones.07-07-2011
20110134258METHOD FOR ENTROPICALLY TRANSCODING A FIRST DATA STREAM INTO A SECOND COMPRESSED BINARY DATA STREAM, AND CORRESPONDING COMPUTER PROGRAM AND IMAGE RECORDING DEVICE - A method for entropic transcoding of a first sequence of binary data of words to transcode into a second compressed sequence of binary data uses a predetermined entropic code involving a variable-length of the encoded words to transcode each word of the first sequence of binary data into a transcoded word. Based on a predetermined number B of low-order bits, the method includes application to each word of the first sequence of binary data: subdivision of the word into first and second subwords, wherein the first subword includes the B low-order bits of the word, and the second subword includes the other high-order bits of the word, application of the predetermined entropic code to the second subword to obtain a second transcoded subword, and obtaining the transcoded word by concatenation of the first subword and of the second transcoded subword.06-09-2011
20100026818PORTABLE TERMINAL HAVING A PROJECTION UNIT - A terminal includes a display, a body comprising a front side, a rear side, a left side, and a right side, wherein the body is sized to receive the display, the display being positioned to be viewable from the front side of the body, and a projector mounting portion located at an end of the body, the projector mounting portion comprising a front side, a rear side, a left side, and a right side. The terminal also includes a housing sized to slidably receive the projector mounting portion, wherein the housing is positionable between open and closed positions by providing relative linear motion between the housing and the body, wherein the open position relates to increasing the relative distance between the housing and the display, and the closed position relates to decreasing the relative distance between the housing and the display. The terminal also has a projector located within the projector mounting portion and is operable to project an image on an external surface when the housing is at least partially positioned in the open position, wherein the projector is located to project the image from one of the left or right sides of the projector mounting portion.02-04-2010
20110115925DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS, METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME, AND RECORDING MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM TO EXECUTE THE METHOD - A method of controlling a digital photographing apparatus including a touch screen to which a touch input is applied by a user, the method includes: recognizing the touch input by the user in a photographing mode; setting a photographing condition by the recognized touch input; and performing a photographing, wherein the setting a photographing condition includes performing a plurality of auto focuses with time intervals, by which a focus change due to shaking occurring in the touch type photographing may be addressed.05-19-2011
20090141132Instrumentation for image acquisition from biological and non-biological assays - Embodiments of this invention include flatbed scanners that have a surface and have a plurality of light sources. Alternatively, a single light source can be moved in two dimensions relative to an object placed on the surface of the scanner. Other embodiments include a scan head that is moveable in two dimensions relative to the flat bed of the scanner. Further embodiments include one or more polarizing filters to reduce glare and increase the quality of a captured image. Theses scanners can be used to capture images of enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) substrates, plates having cultures thereon or other objects having irregular lower surfaces. Additional embodiments include methods for capturing images from ELISA substrates, bacterial culture plates, viral plaque assay plates and the like.06-04-2009
20120307083IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND COMPUTER READABLE INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM - An image processing apparatus selects sets of image data that can be combined together based on appended information concerning the image data taken by an image pickup apparatus. The image processing apparatus selects, based on certain information included in the appended information, sets of the image data having positions of the image data taken within a certain area and stores the selected sets of image data in a first storage area; when plural sets of the image data have been stored in the first storage area, determines whether there are overlapping-possible areas between the plural sets of image data, and, when there are overlapping-possible areas between the plural sets of image data, calculates the overlapping-possible areas as comparison areas; determines whether the plural sets of image data coincide in the comparison areas; and classifies the plural sets of image data based on the determination result.12-06-2012
20120307082SYSTEM AND METHOD TO ACCOUNT FOR IMAGE LAG DURING CAMERA MOVEMENT - A system includes a video sensing device, a computer processor coupled to the video sensing device, and a display unit coupled to the computer processor. The system is configured to display on the display unit a live feed of a field of view of the video sensing device, and receive input to modify the field of view of the video sensing device by altering one or more of a pan, a tilt, and a zoom of the video sensing device. After receiving the input to modify the field of view of the video sensing device, the system replaces the live feed on the display unit with alternative video data. The display of the alternative video data occurs during a time period when the pan, tilt, and zoom of the video sensing device is being modified. The system redisplays on the display unit the live feed of the video sensing device after completion of the modification of the pan, tilt and zoom of the video sensing device.12-06-2012
20110050915PHOTOGRAPHING CONDITION SETTING APPARATUS, PHOTOGRAPHING CONDITION SETTING METHOD, AND PHOTOGRAPHING CONDITION SETTING PROGRAM - Provided is a photographing condition setting apparatus including: a display unit; an image capturing unit which generates image data by capturing a photographing object; a photographing situation determination unit which determines based on the image data generated by the image capturing unit which type of the photographing object is photographed in a photographing situation; and a display controller which displays on the display unit one or a plurality of photographing condition icons indicating the photographing condition settable to the determined photographing situation if the photographing situation is determined by the photographing situation determination unit.03-03-2011
20120105653INFORMATION REPRODUCTION/I/O METHOD USING DOT PATTERN, INFORMATION REPRODUCTION DEVICE, MOBILE INFORMATION I/O DEVICE, AND ELECTRONIC TOY USING DOT PATTERN - The present invention proposes a dot pattern on which code information and x and y coordinate information can be defined even if the dot pattern is extremely small, and proposes an information reproducing method and an information reproducing device based on the dot pattern. More specifically, a medium such as a printed material on which is formed a dot pattern portion by arranging in accordance with a given rule dots generated by a dot code generating algorithm in order to recognize various kinds of multimedia information is scanned as image data by scanning means. Then, the image data is converted into code data. Multimedia information corresponding to the code data is read out of storing means to be reproduced.05-03-2012
20110317023ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device has a sound signal processing portion which applies sound signal processing to a target sound signal corresponding to a target image. The sound signal processing portion controls the content of the sound signal processing in accordance with the focus condition of the target image.12-29-2011
20120044367METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CAMERAS WITH A DISPOSABLE HOUSING - The present disclosure comprises a camera that includes a plurality of technical components including an optical system, an actuator device, and an energy source. The camera also includes a disposable housing for receiving said technical components.02-23-2012
20090135258Projection Device and Electronic Device - A projection device includes: a light source; a modulation element that modulates light from the light source; a projection optical system that projects light modulated by the modulation element; a drive unit that drives the projection optical system; and a control unit that drives the light source and the drive unit in a complementary manner when driving the drive unit while turning on the light source.05-28-2009
20090002497Digital Camera Voice Over Feature - Embodiments of the invention provide a method and system for adding voice and text annotations to a digital photograph. Embodiments include recording a digital photographer's voice while capturing a digital photograph. The voice recording is saved to camera memory and mapped to the digital photograph. In addition, a voice recognition function creates a text file from the voice recording and saves it to camera memory. Embedded camera software also maps the text file to the captured digital photograph.01-01-2009
20120026345MECHANICAL NOISE SUPPRESSION APPARATUS, MECHANICAL NOISE SUPPRESSION METHOD, PROGRAM AND IMAGING APPARATUS - A mechanical noise suppression apparatus includes: a framing section adapted to divide an input signal into frames of a predetermined time length; a Fourier transform section adapted to transform framed signals obtained by the framing section into a frequency spectrum of a frequency domain; a mechanical noise reduction section adapted to correct the frequency spectrum of the input signal obtained by the Fourier transform section based on frequency spectrum information of mechanical noise to suppress the mechanical noise; an inverse Fourier transform section adapted to return the frequency spectrum corrected by the mechanical noise reduction section into framed signals of a time domain; and a frame synthesis section adapted to carry out frame synthesis of the framed signals of frames obtained by the inverse Fourier transform section to obtain an output signal in which the mechanical noise is suppressed.02-02-2012
20120154610MOTOR NOISE REDUCTION CIRCUIT - A method of reducing noise in an environment where the noise source is in a fixed location relative to a pair of microphones, such as in a camera with a zoom motor, involves receiving signals x06-21-2012
20120154609IMAGE RECORDING DEVICE, IMAGE RECORDING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An image recording device includes an image recording unit and a recording image instruction unit. The image recording unit includes a first time code adding unit, an image temporary storage unit, a savability information generation unit, a second time code adding unit, a first transmission unit, a determination unit, and a recording execution unit. The recording image instruction unit includes an image display unit, an operation unit, a monitoring unit, a response generation unit, and a second transmission unit.06-21-2012
20110090350MONITORING APPARATUS - There is provided a monitoring apparatus including a front cover, an imaging device that is accommodated in the front cover and captures a subject image, a rear cover to be fixed onto a mounting surface on which the apparatus is mounted, and an emitting unit that emits light toward the mounting surface, where a light-emitting state of the light emitted by the emitting unit is associated with an operation state of the apparatus.04-21-2011
20120120262ROTATIONALLY DEPLOYED ACTUATORS - A method for making an actuator includes forming, e.g., using photolithography techniques, a substantially planar actuator device of an electrically conductive material, e.g., a semiconductor, to include an outer frame, a fixed frame coupled to the outer frame for rotational movement relative thereto, a moveable frame coupled to the outer frame for rotational movement relative thereto, and an actuator incorporating a plurality of interdigitated teeth, a fixed portion of which is attached to the fixed frame and a moving portion of which is attached to the moveable frame. The fixed frame is then rotated to a deployed position relative to the outer frame such that the fixed portion of the actuator teeth is disposed at a selected angle relative to the moving portion of the actuator teeth, and the position of the fixed frame relative to the outer frame is then fixed at the deployed position.05-17-2012
20120249811Switching Device - Switching device (10-04-2012
20120249810IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND IMAGE PROCESSING PROGRAM - An image processing device including: a color space selection unit that selects a color space based on designated color information; and a region specifying unit that specifies a region that includes a color that matches the color that is shown by the color information designated in the color space from a color region specified image that is provided for color region specification.10-04-2012
20120133784IMAGING APPARATUS AND AUDIO PROCESSING APPARATUS - An audio signal acquired by an audio acquisition unit during a predetermined period from when a drive signal has been output is analyzed, and a noise reduction period is determined based on a specific frequency component included in the audio signal of the predetermined period. The noise generated in the noise reduction period is then reduced from the audio signal acquired by the audio acquisition unit.05-31-2012
20120218425IMAGE RECORDING AND PLAYBACK DEVICE, AND IMAGE RECORDING AND PLAYBACK METHOD - An image processing device of the present invention comprises a storage section for storing first image data obtained by imaging in front of the imaging device body or using a telephoto lens, and second image data obtained by imaging behind the imaging device body or using a wide-angle lens; a movement pattern detection section for processing the first image data to detect a movement pattern of the first image represented by the first image data; a movement pattern determination section determining whether or not the movement pattern of the first image is unstable movement; and an image processing section for rewriting a part of the first image data, for which it has been determined by the movement pattern determination section that the movement pattern of the first image is unstable, using the second image data.08-30-2012
20120075486Multi-Action Capacitive Switch and Methods of Use - A multi-action capacitive switch comprising a capacitive sensing area in a surface, a plunger comprising conductive material, and a structure of flexible conductive material. A change in capacitance caused by the presence of a user's finger travels from the capacitive sensing area, down the conductive material of the plunger, over the structure, and to a capacitive touch detector in contact with the structure. An actuation of the switch, for example by pressing, is detected by an actuation detector. In a handheld electronic device, a user may initiate a phone call using such a multi-action capacitive switch. The method includes displaying a list of phone numbers in response to detection of a user's finger on a predetermined key and calling one of the numbers when the user actuates the predetermined key.03-29-2012
20090316008CURVED FLAT CABLE - A curved flat cable (12-24-2009
20120262586ALGORITHM FOR ELIMINATION OF AUTOFOCUS SOUND IN VIDEO RECORDINGS - The invention relates to handling disturbing sounds produced by the camera module during video recording. In particular the invention relates to a method for elimination of camera sounds in an audio signal of a video recording comprising the steps of; providing a transient pulse pattern representing a camera sound, comparing the transient sound with the audio signal, detecting if the audio signal correspond to the transient pulse pattern based on the comparison and filtering the transient pulse pattern from the audio signal where a correspondence has been detected. The invention also relates to a corresponding device.10-18-2012
20090002498Wind Noise Reduction Apparatus, Audio Signal Recording Apparatus And Imaging Apparatus - Provided that α is a wind noise reduction filter factor derived by a wind noise analyzer, filtering units 01-01-2009
20100328471Wearable Multi-Channel Camera - A multi-channel camera system for capture of still or video images includes multiple fixed focal length lenses and multiple digital sensors in a compact package. A preferred embodiment of the invention is wearable, and is intended to be head-mounted near a user's eye to capture, in real time, the user's perspective view of a scene. The multi-channel lens system sub-assembly preferably includes three fixed focal length lenses—a wide angle lens, a standard lens, and a telephoto lens,—each providing a different field of view. Lens elements are arranged in a monolithic integrated structure, and optionally separated from each other by light-absorbing baffles to minimize cross-talk between the channels. The camera system includes circuitry to select one or more lenses, capture and compress a series of images, and transfer the images for storage on a remote device. Standard communication protocols may be used for wireless image data transfer.12-30-2010
20080297610IMAGE QUALITY SELECTING METHOD AND DIGITAL CAMERA - Selection candidates for number of imaging pixels and for an image compression rate are displayed in a two-dimensional arrangement on a setting screen for setting an image quality, and combinations of selectable number of image pixels and a compression rate can be presented to a user. An instruction for moving a cursor which displays a selected position on the screen is received, and a setting can be changed to a number of pixels and a compression rate which are pointed by the cursor after a position of the cursor is designated. More specifically, numbers of pixels to be selected are 2400×1800, 1280×960, and 640×480, and compression rates to be selected are Fine, Normal, and Basic. When the user selects the number of pixels, candidates of the selectable compression rate for the number of pixels are displayed. A number of photographable images and remaining time for recording a moving image which are calculated from a capacity of a storage medium are preferably displayed in combination in accordance with combinations of the number of pixels and the compression rate.12-04-2008
20080297609Image photographing apparatus and method - An image photographing apparatus and method, and more particularly, an image photographing apparatus and method that may divide each unit sensor of an image sensor into a high-sensitivity sensor and a low-sensitivity sensor and sense an incident optical signal using the high-sensitivity sensor and the low-sensitivity sensor. The image photographing apparatus may include a light reception unit receiving an optical signal, a sensor unit sensing the optical signal, which is incident to a pixel region, using a plurality of sensors with different sensitivity and converting the sensed optical signal into a plurality of electrical signals, and a signal extraction unit extracting the quantity of accumulated electric charge for the optical signal, which was sensed by each of the sensors, with reference to each of the electrical signals.12-04-2008
20100231730IMAGE SENSING DEVICE AND CAMERA - An image sensing device is configured as follows. Namely, the device includes a recording unit configured to record correspondence data formed by making an action state of the object and voice information recorded prior to the shooting to correspond to each other, a voice determination unit configured to determine whether the voice acquired by a voice acquisition unit contains the voice information which forms the correspondence data, an action state determination unit configured to, when the voice acquired by the voice acquisition unit contains the voice information which forms the correspondence data, determine whether the action state of the object that corresponds to the voice information and an actual action state of the object match each other, and a control unit configured to, when the action state of the object that corresponds to the voice information and the actual action state of the object match each other, control shooting processing.09-16-2010
20130010134ACCESSORY, CAMERA, ACCESSORY SHOE, AND CONNECTOR - An accessory capable of communicating with a camera, includes a terminal section having a plurality of terminals. The plurality of terminals include a startup state providing terminal that provides, to the camera, a detection level by which the camera detects that the accessory is capable of being started up, a data signal terminal that outputs a data signal including information regarding the accessory to the camera, and a first reference potential terminal having a reference potential of the detection level and the data signal. The startup state providing terminal is disposed adjacent to the data signal terminal, and the first reference potential terminal is adjacent to the data signal terminal, and is disposed with the data signal terminal interposed between the startup state providing terminal and the first reference potential terminal.01-10-2013
20130010135PORTABLE HANDHELD DEVICE WITH MULTI-CORE MICROCODED IMAGE PROCESSOR - A portable handheld device including a CPU for processing a script; a multi-core processor for processing an image; an input buffer for receiving data for processing by the multi-core processor, the input buffer being provided under the control of the multi-core processor to send data thereto; and an output buffer for receiving data processed by the multi-core processor, the output buffer being provided under the control of the multi-core processor to receive data therefrom. The multi-core processor comprises a plurality of micro-coded processing units. The CPU is configured with authority to clear and query the input and output buffers.01-10-2013
20130016238IMAGE PICKUP DEVICEAANM Ebihara; HiroakiAACI KanagawaAACO JPAAGP Ebihara; Hiroaki Kanagawa JPAANM Nitta; YoshikazuAACI TokyoAACO JPAAGP Nitta; Yoshikazu Tokyo JPAANM Kitami; HirotakaAACI KanagawaAACO JPAAGP Kitami; Hirotaka Kanagawa JP - There is provided an image pickup device which eliminates the need for image processing different from one frame to another, and is capable of eliminating centroid displacement without additionally performing a centroid correction process, thereby improving an S/N ratio and image quality. A controller 140 sequentially reads signals from all pixels when an operation mode control signal designates all-pixel readout mode, whereas, controls to read a signal from a different pixel while varying a readout position from one field to another when the operation mode control signal designates selective readout mode, and a signal processing section 150 performs signal processing on a set of field data of a single field to output resultant data as frame data when the operation mode control signal designates all-pixel readout mode, whereas, adds up plural sets of field data over a plurality of fields to output resultant data as frame data when the operation mode control signal designates selective readout mode.01-17-2013
20110157378Method for Providing A Hotkey Sequence Defined By A User and Photographic Device Using The Method - A method for providing a hotkey sequence defined by a user and a photographic device using the method are disclosed. The method is used for the photographic device, and the photographic device comprises a plurality of keys. The method comprises the steps of: obtaining a using status of the photographic device; obtaining a first hotkey sequence inputted by the user; recording the first hotkey sequence; and making the first hotkey sequence correspond to the using status.06-30-2011
20110157377DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME HAVING STEREO CAMERA MODULE - A digital photo frame includes a display module, a frame body and a stereo camera module. The frame body is includes a plurality of sides connected end to end. The sides are mounted around the display module. The stereo camera module includes two cameras and an image combination chip. The two cameras are configured for capturing two respective images of an object from two different viewing angles. The image combination chip is configured for combining the images captured by the two cameras to form a three-dimensional image. The two cameras are slidable along one of the sides of the frame body. The display module is capable of displaying the three-dimensional image.06-30-2011
20080225124Demo Mode For Digital Cameras And Other Electronic Devices - Digital cameras, systems, and methods for implementing a demo mode are disclosed. An exemplary method of demonstrating a digital camera to a user may comprise activating a demo mode that displays demonstrative camera display images. The method may also comprise suspending the demo mode so that a user can try various camera settings. The method may also comprise, after a time-out, resetting the camera settings to a default state.09-18-2008
20130113949CONTROL APPARATUS, IMAGE CAPTURE APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD FOR IMAGE CAPTURE APPARATUS, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A control apparatus includes an independently exchangeable first circuit board that has an electric component and a non-volatile first storage unit; a second circuit board that has an electric component, a non-volatile second storage unit, and a third storage unit; and a controller that accumulates and stores information corresponding to an imaging count in the third storage unit at a first timing that corresponds to imaging performed by the image capture apparatus, and causes information corresponding to the information stored in the third storage unit to be stored in the first or second storage unit at a second timing that occurs at a longer interval than the first timing. The controller stores the information corresponding to the imaging count in the third storage unit after comparing information regarding the imaging count stored in the first and second storage units.05-09-2013
20130100302IMAGE PICKUP UNIT AND IMAGE PICKUP DISPLAY SYSTEM - An image pickup unit includes: an image pickup section having a plurality of pixels each including a photoelectric conversion device and a field effect transistor; and a driving section, by using the transistor, that executes read driving and reset driving on a signal charge stored in the pixel. The driving section intermittently executes the reset driving a plurality of times in a one-frame term, and executes on-operation of the transistor by applying, to the transistor over at least one resetting term in the one-frame term or over a partial term in the at least one resetting term, a second voltage that is lower than a first voltage applied in a resetting term in the one-frame term other than the at least one resetting term.04-25-2013
20130141598AUDIO PROCESSING APPARATUS, AUDIO PROCESSING METHOD AND IMAGING APPARATUS - A processor combines a first predicted signal generated based on an audio signal in an interval preceding a noise detection interval, and a second predicted signal generated based on an audio signal in an interval succeeding the noise detection interval, based on the ratio between the periodicity of the audio signal in the interval preceding the noise detection interval, and the periodicity of the audio signal in the interval succeeding the noise detection interval. The processor replaces the audio signal in the noise detection interval with the combined signal.06-06-2013
20130141599AUDIO PROCESSING APPARATUS, AUDIO PROCESSING METHOD AND IMAGING APPARATUS - An audio processing apparatus including: an obtaining unit configured to obtain audio signals; and a processor configured to process the audio signals, wherein if it is not determined that the audio signals contain an abnormal value, the processor calculates a next sample value based on a predetermined number of sample values of the audio signals obtained by the obtaining unit, and wherein if it is determined that the audio signals contain an abnormal value, the processor uses the calculated next sample value so as to calculate a further next sample value.06-06-2013
20110273571APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SUBJECT TRACKING, AND RECORDING MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM THEREOF - A subject tracking apparatus, including: a storage section that stores image data of a subject; a division section that divides the image data of the subject into a plurality of first areas; an imaging section that sequentially generates image frames; a specification section that specifies a second area similar to one of the first areas, the second area being included in each of the image frames sequentially generated, based on a characteristic value of one of the first areas into which the image data of the subject is divided by the division section; and a tracking section that tracks an image area as the subject in each of the image frames sequentially generated, wherein the image area is determined based on the second area specified by the specification section.11-10-2011
20080198236Imaging apparatus with multiple timing-adjusting parts - An imaging apparatus includes a nonvolatile memory storing multiple kinds of parameters, a volatile memory storing temporarily the parameters read out from the nonvolatile memory, a processing part executing a processing using the parameters stored in the volatile memory and a data controlling part reading out the parameters from the nonvolatile memory according to a provided clock and transferring the parameters to the volatile memory, and the imaging apparatus includes a first timing-adjusting part outputting a first clock for reading out a part of the multiple kinds of parameters stored in the nonvolatile memory to the data controlling part, when the imaging apparatus is powered on, and a second timing-adjusting part outputting a second clock for reading out another part of the multiple kinds of parameters stored in the nonvolatile memory to the data controlling part, while the imaging apparatus is preparing for image shooting.08-21-2008
20080198235HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE IMAGE RECORDER - Methods and devices (08-21-2008
20120274794IMAGE SENSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - This invention is directed to easily set the image sensing conditions of an image sensing apparatus. The image sensing apparatus includes a first control means for controlling to change the image sensing conditions, an image sensing means to sense an image sensing target at every first time interval, and to calculate the evaluation value of the sensed image, and a second control means for controlling to change the image sensing conditions within the range where the evaluation value obtained by the first control means changes from increase to decrease, the image sensing means to sense the image sensing target at every second time interval smaller than the first time interval, and to calculate the evaluation value of the sensed image.11-01-2012
20110242337TRANSMISSION APPARATUS, METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A transmission apparatus includes: selection means for selecting transmission data to be transmitted to a destination apparatus; setting means for setting a transmission target period during which the selected transmission data is transmitted; control means for resizing the transmission data in such a way that the size thereof becomes smaller than or equal to a total transfer data size of the transmission data, the total transfer data size determined based on the transmission target period; display control means for controlling display of transmission information on the transmission data resized by the control means on a screen; and transmission means for transmitting the transmission data resized by the control means to the destination apparatus.10-06-2011
20110234821IMAGING DEVICE - The timing when the operation state of an operation unit is changed is detected by a timing detection unit. A difference between a sound signal on which operation sound is superimposed or is highly likely to be superimposed and a sound signal on which operation sound is not superimposed is calculated based on the timing signal to obtain the operation sound information of the operation unit.09-29-2011
20120281103IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An image pickup apparatus capable of achieving in-focus photographing with a reduced time lag. A system controller of the image pickup apparatus detects an in-focus state of image while moving a focus lens in an optical axis direction, and detects a state of a photographing scene at image acquisition. When detecting a change in photographing scene, the system controller moves the focus lens to a movement start position. When detecting that a photographing scene has been decided by a photographer, the controller detects an in-focus state while moving the focus lens.11-08-2012
20130188065RAW FORMAT IMAGE DATA PROCESSING - A raw format image representing an image received from an image capture device at an image data rate, can be compressed at least as fast as the image data rate (i.e. in real time) using compact and low cost components. The compressed image data can then be transferred across a chip-to-chip data channel to a memory system or to a host processor where it can be stored as compressed data. The host processor or other processor can read and decompress the compressed raw data and apply digital signal processing including industry-standard data compression or other image processing algorithms to the recovered raw format image without being constrained to real-time processing.07-25-2013

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