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Flaw detector

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348 - Television


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348126000 Of electronic circuit chip or board 32
348128000 Of surface (e.g., texture or smoothness, etc.) 22
348127000 Of transparent container or content (e.g., bottle, jar, etc.) 15
348131000 With specific illumination detail 14
348129000 By comparison with reference object 8
20110193952DEFECT DETECTION APPARATUS AND DEFECT DETECTION METHOD - A defect detection apparatus, detecting a defect on an inspection surface of an inspection object, includes a table including a table surface, a lighting device emitting a light to the inspection surface, an image capturing device capturing an image of the inspection surface, a displacement mechanism changing a direction of at least of one of a relative direction of an optical axis of the lighting device relative to the table surface and a relative direction of an optical axis of the image capturing device relative to the table surface, an image data obtaining portion obtaining an image data from images captured by the image capturing device while changing the relative direction, a feature extracting portion extracting a feature representing a reflection characteristic of the inspection surface from the image data, and a defect specification portion specifying a type of the defect on the inspection surface based on the extracted feature.08-11-2011
20130044208SYSTEM AND A METHOD FOR INSEPCTING AN OBJECT USING A HYBRID SENSOR - A method and an inspection system may be provided. The inspection system may include (a) a hybrid sensor that may include a monochromatic portion that is arranged to obtain a monochromatic image of a first area of an object; a multiple-color portion that is arranged to obtain a multi-colored image of a second area of the object; wherein the monochromatic portion comprises monochromatic sensing elements that sense radiation of a same frequency band; wherein the multiple-color portion comprises color sensing elements of different types, wherein different types of color sensing elements are associated with different frequency bands; (b) a storage element arranged to store the monochromatic image and the multiple-color image; and (c) a defect detection module arranged to detect defects by processing at least one of the monochromatic image and the multiple-color image.02-21-2013
20100118137GRADIENT IMAGE PROCESSING - A method of assessing the quality of metal parts, for example through detection of defects in a metal part induced by processing the metal part, comprises acquiring a thermal image of the metal part after processing the metal part, determining a difference image by comparing the thermal image to a reference image, the difference image being related to temperature differences between temperature data represented by the thermal image and by the reference image, and determining a gradient image using the difference image, the gradient image representing temperature difference gradients within the difference image. An example apparatus comprises a camera, such as a thermal camera, an image processor, and an output device such as a display.05-13-2010
20100118138METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING DEFECTS AND EMBEDDED OBJECTS IN SEALED STERILIZED PACKAGING - An inspection station identifies defects such as artifacts (e.g., dust, hair, particles) in the sealing areas of sealed sterile packages. A multi-head optical scanner can include at least two fiber optic sensors each comprised of a bundle of optical fibers arranged into a linear face coupled to an image processing module and oriented towards a scanning area of sealed packages moving through a conveyance system. An image processing module can analyze input from the at least two fiber optic sensor arrangements to identify artifacts in the sealing areas of the sealed packages.05-13-2010
20090153656WIND TURBINE MAINTENANCE SYSTEM - A wind turbine monitoring system having a central monitoring device and one or more wind turbines. The central monitoring device is capable of receiving signals from one or more wind turbines. The wind turbines each include one or more cameras arranged and disposed to provide visual signals transmittable to the central monitoring device. The visual signals generated by the cameras provide sufficient information to the central monitoring device to determine whether maintenance to the wind turbine is required. A method for providing maintenance to a wind turbine is also disclosed.06-18-2009
20130070083RAIL STRESS DETECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system for detecting stress in rails includes a railcar, having a rail temperature detector, and a rail imaging device oriented to produce images of rail joints and rail anchors. The imaging device and temperature detector are connected to a computer controller, which is programmed to provide an output signal indicative of estimated axial stress in the rail based upon rail temperature and the images of at least one of the rail joints and rail anchors.03-21-2013
20120218405SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING PAINTING QUALITY OF COMPONENTS, IN PARTICULAR OF MOTOR-VEHICLE BODIES - A system and a method for monitoring painting quality of components, for example of motor-vehicle bodies, comprises a robot which moves a monitoring head to follow the components to be monitored while they move along a production line. The monitoring head moves with respect to the surface to be monitored and comprises both a source of light and a camera which receives the light emitted by the source of light which is reflected by the monitored surface. An electronic processing unit receives the signals coming from the camera and processes them according to different processing algorithms for detecting various categories of defects, specifically small defects, medium defects, and large defects.08-30-2012
20130057678INSPECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD OF DEFECT DETECTION ON SPECULAR SURFACES - An inspection system and a method of detecting defects on specular surfaces. The inspection system may include an illumination subsystem that moves with respect to an article, e.g. a vehicle, to be inspected. A vision subsystem may gather images of light reflected from the article and execute a methodology to detect defects on one or more surfaces of the article.03-07-2013
20130057677DEVICE, KIT AND METHOD FOR INSPECTION OF AN ARTICLE - The invention relates to a device for inspecting the surface of an article having an edge with an end face, said device including: 03-07-2013
20090091615Optimization Strategies for GPU View Projection Matrix Implementation - A method and system for optimizing a data structure for manipulation of matrices in a parallel environment limits computational branching. The data structure further is further optimized for linear data storage and synchronization among multiple processing threads.04-09-2009
20120307043INSPECTION APPARATUS AND METHOD - An inspection apparatus and method comprising a unit for acquiring an optical image of an object to be inspected by irradiating the object with light, wherein the unit includes a line sensor comprising a plurality of sensors linearly arranged in a row, a generating unit for generating a reference image from design data of the object to be inspected, a comparing unit for comparing the optical image with the reference image, a unit for storing data of three lines acquired by the line sensor, and calculating differences between a gradation value of a pixel on a center line and each gradation value of the eight pixels adjacent to the pixel determining if the pixel is a defect if all of the eight differences of the adjacent pixels are more than a predetermined threshold.12-06-2012
20110013015VISION INSPECTION SYSTEM AND INSPECTION METHOD USING THE SAME - A vision inspection system for inspecting an inspection object of various types, and an inspection method of inspecting an inspection object using the vision inspection system are disclosed. The vision inspection system comprises a work-piece stage having a table on which an inspection object is placed, a plurality of linescan cameras, and a computer configured to process a scanned image of the inspection object. A plurality of markings, each of which has a marking stage coordinate value, are provided on an upper surface of the table such that the linescan cameras can obtain scanned images of the markings. Each two neighboring markings are placed in a field of view of each of the linescan cameras. The markings between the first and the last markings are respectively placed in such a way as to overlap within the fields of view of each two neighboring linescan cameras. The inspection method calculates a work-piece image-stage coordinate value using a marking image coordinate value and a work-piece image coordinate value, and determines the inspection object as being non-defective when the work-piece image-stage coordinate value falls within an allowable tolerance range with respect to the work-piece stage coordinate value.01-20-2011
20130063588NON-CONTACT FLUID LEAK DETECTION SYSTEM - A non-contact fluid leak detection system includes an image capture device configured and disposed to produce an image signal, and a leak detection member operatively connected to the image capture device. The leak detection member being configured and disposed to evaluate the image signal to detect a particular color associated with leaked fluid.03-14-2013
20120113248DEVICE FOR INSPECTING CONTAINERS - Device for inspecting containers or the like, in particular bottles of glass or plastics, with an inspection module mounted at a conveying path, where, be able to adapt the device more flexibly to corresponding customer demands and to reduce assembly and adjustment works, the device is formed as a modular inspection unit with a support with location places for a plurality of inspection modules.05-10-2012
20130162812SPOT DETECTING SYSTEM FOR CAMERA MODULE AND SPOT DETECTING METHOD THEREOF - A spot or anomaly detecting system include a camera module and a signal processor. The camera module captures an image. The signal processor includes an area partition module, a brightness detection module, and a calculating module. The area partition module receives the image, and divides the image into a plurality of detecting areas. The brightness detection module reads the brightness of the plurality of detecting areas. The calculating module has a critical brightness ratio being pre-stored, and calculates a proportionality of the brightness of each test point relative to the brightness of the detecting area immediately around the test point, and then determining the test point to be a spot or not by contrasting the calculated proportionality against the critical brightness ratio. If the calculated proportionality is not more than the critical brightness ratio, the test point is deemed an anomaly.06-27-2013
20100171825MONITORING SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MONITORING THE CONDITION OF ONE OR MORE COMPONENTS OF AN ELECTRICAL DEVICE - Methods and systems for monitoring a component of an electrical device and/or a brush of a brush holder assembly are disclosed. One method includes receiving data from a plurality of remote monitoring locations at a central control unit, where the data may be evaluated in order to monitor states of brushes or other components of an electrical device at a plurality of remote electrical facilities. For example, multiple images of a component of an electrical device may be acquired. A comparison of the images, for example, a comparative imaging technique, such as pixel-by-pixel comparison or visual observation, may then be performed in order to evaluate a condition of the brush or other component, such as a threshold and/or anomalous condition of the brush or other component.07-08-2010
20120098959METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MEASURING TRANSMITTED OPTICAL DISTORTION IN GLASS SHEETS - An apparatus and associated method for measuring both transmitted optical distortion and other minimal visible defects in the surface of a glass sheet. The disclosed apparatus includes a glass stand which receives a glass sheet for mounting between a background screen which includes a pre-defined contrasting pattern, and a digital camera which captures an image of the pattern transmitted through the glass sheet. The digital image is downloaded to a computer that is suitably programmed to analyze the image data to determine (1) optical distortion indicia, including the magnification and lens power, in the observed image of the pattern transmitted through the glass sheet, and (2) small visible optical or obstructive defects on the glass sheet.04-26-2012
20110261189INSPECTION APPARATUS AND DEFECT DETECTION METHOD USING THE SAME - An inspection apparatus includes a feature detection section for detecting a first feature portion of an object to be inspected from an image based on a first condition, a defect detection section for detecting a first defect portion of the object based on the first feature portion, and a display section for displaying information indicative of the first defect portion together with the image.10-27-2011
20100007729Delayed petroleum coking vessel inspection device and method - This invention comprises a system and a method for inspecting the inside of delayed petroleum coking vessels to determine deformations, detect and determine the severity of other defects and visually observe the inside of the inspected vessel.01-14-2010
20090195649SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING QUILTING MACHINE - A monitoring system for use with a sewing machine. The monitoring system includes a camera assembly mounted to a base of the sewing machine with a camera that collects images from a bottom side of the fabric. The camera assembly delivers images of the back side of the fabric to a monitor assembly that includes a display device. The display device displays the images collected by the camera. The monitor can be mounted to an upper or arm portion of the sewing machine for convenient viewing by the operator during use of the sewing machine.08-06-2009
20080266390Video Inspection Method for Inspecting Welds, Structural Beams, and Underdecks of Marine Vessels and Like Structures - A method for inspecting a marine vessel underdeck utilizes a video camera such as a digital video camera with a magnifying or telephoto lens. The method produces a magnified image on a monitor for viewing by an inspector that appears to be no more than about 24 inches (61 cm) away. The method includes the step of filming the underdeck of a distance of about 40-70 feet (12-21 m). The lens provides a focal length of between about 15 feet (4.6 m) and 150 feet (46 m). Thus the method is conducted at a workable focal range of between about 15 feet (4.6 m) and 150 feet (46 m). The lens preferably has a focal length of between 30 feet (9 m) and 75 feet (23 m). The method includes the step of scanning the suspect area of the underdeck of a speed of about 1 inch (2.54 cm) per second to three feet (91.4 cm) per second. The preferred method contemplates scanning of the suspect area of a rate of between about 0.5-1 foot (15.2-30.5 cm) per second. The digital video can be focused on a particular area for about 15-30 seconds to create a loop for vetting.10-30-2008
20130120559METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INSPECTING SURFACES OF MINIATURE COMPONENTS - Systems and methods for inspecting capsules and capsule fill tube assemblies (CTFA) are provided. The 3-D Surface Mapping System (SMS) is used to generate 3-D surface information of each CFTA used in fusion ignition experiments. The CFTA includes a hollow capsule and an attached fill tube. This fragile CFTA's surface is inspected by using an optical microscope to gain volumetric information of particulates and surface defects at a sub-micrometer scale resolution. In order to completely inspect the entire surface of the CFTA the mechanical system requires multiple linear and rotational stages in addition to end effectors to safely hold the CFTA. By combining the optical microscope along with the mechanical system, a three-dimensional replication of the surface is generated providing information on surface feature defects and particulate sizes.05-16-2013
20120105624METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DEFECT INSPECTION IN SEPARATED TRANSPARENT AND/OR SEMI-TRANSPARENT BODY - An apparatus and a method for detecting a defect of a separated low rigidity transparent or translucent body, wherein an image acquiring device includes: a first conveyer and a second conveyer to convey a separated low rigidity transparent or translucent body; a transparent bridge disposed between a first conveyer and a second conveyer along a transport path of the separated low rigidity transparent or translucent body, the transparent bridge having a top surface; an illuminating unit disposed on one side of the transparent bridge and configured to project diffusive light onto the top surface of the transparent bridge by transmitting through the transparent bridge; and an image pickup unit disposed on the other side of the transparent bridge and configured to receive light projected from the illuminating unit and transmitting through the separated low rigidity transparent or translucent body to form an image when the separated low rigidity transparent or translucent body enters the top surface of the transparent bridge. With the apparatus and the method, it is possible to detect a defect of the separated low rigidity transparent or translucent body.05-03-2012
20130128026IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE FOR DEFECT INSPECTION AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD FOR DEFECT INSPECTION - An image processing device for defect inspection that processes image data taken continually in time from a moving molded sheet with an area camera, having a data extraction unit extracting line data at an identical position from each different image data, for a plurality of different positions on the image data; a data storage unit arranging the plurality of line data in time series for each of the positions on the image data to generate a plurality of line-composited image data; a change amount calculation unit performing a differential operator operation on the plurality of line-composited image data to generate a plurality of emphasized image data; an identical position judgment/extraction unit extracting data indicating an identical position of the molded sheet from the plurality of emphasized image data; and an integration unit accumulating, at respective pixels, brightness values of the extracted emphasized image data to generate defect inspection image data.05-23-2013
20110001820System for creating an inspection recipe, system for reviewing defects, method for creating an inspection recipe and method for reviewing defects - A system for creating an inspection recipe, includes an inspection target selection module selecting an inspection target; a critical area extraction module extracting corresponding critical areas for defect sizes in the inspection target; a defect density prediction module extracting corresponding defect densities predicted by defects to be detected in the inspection target for the defect sizes; a killer defect calculation module calculating corresponding numbers of killer defects in the defect sizes based on the critical areas and the defect densities; and a detection expectation calculation module calculating another numbers of the killer defects expected to be detected for prospective inspection recipes determining rates of defect detection for the defect sizes, based on the numbers of the killer defects and the rates of defect detection prescribed in the prospective inspection recipes.01-06-2011
20110128370Multi-Camera Skin Inspection System For Extruded Ceramic Honeycomb Structures - A multi-camera skin inspection system for inspecting the outer skin and the skin perimeter of extruded ceramic honeycomb structures is disclosed. The system has a camera that captures first digital line images of a line-illuminated portion of the outer skin as the ceramic honeycomb structure rotates to form a scanned digital image of the outer skin. The system also has second and third cameras that respectively capture second and third digital line images of illuminated first and second endfaces, including the corresponding first and second skin perimeters, as the ceramic honeycomb structure rotates to form scanned digital images of the ceramic honeycomb structure perimeters. The system also forms a composite image from the three scanned images and identifies at least one defect in the ceramic honeycomb structure from the composite image.06-02-2011
20110242312INSPECTION SYSTEM AND INSPECTION METHOD - According to the invention, the surface of the Sic substrate or the epitaxial layer formed on the Sic substrate using the optical apparatus including the differential interference optical system. The reflected light from the surface of the Sic substrate or the epitaxial layer is received by the line sensor (10-06-2011
20100053319Method and apparatus for pattern inspection - According to the present invention, for a pattern inspection apparatus that compares images in corresponding areas of two patterns that are identical and that determines an unmatched portion between the images is a defect, a plurality of detection systems and a plurality of corresponding image comparison methods are provided. With this configuration, the affect of uneven brightnesses for a pattern that occurs due to differences in film thicknesses can be reduced, a highly sensitive pattern inspection can be performed, a variety of defects can be revealed, and the pattern inspection apparatus can be applied for processing performed within a wide range. Furthermore, the pattern inspection apparatus also includes a unit for converting the tone of image signals of comparison images for a plurality of different processing units, and when a difference in brightness occurs in the same pattern of the images, a defect can be correctly detected.03-04-2010
20100053318CAMERA MODULE AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME - A camera module includes a sensor chip having a backside surface and a main surface including a sensor forming region and a sensor peripheral region surrounding the sensor forming region, in which a light receiving portion is disposed in the sensor forming region; a lens chip having a non-lens forming surface and a lens forming surface including a lens forming region and a lens peripheral region surrounding the lens forming region, in which a lens portion disposed in the lens forming region; a spacer portion for bonding the sensor peripheral region to the lens peripheral region with a specific space in between so that the light receiving portion faces the lens portion; and a cover including an opening portion for passing light from outside toward the lens portion and the light receiving portion.03-04-2010
20110069166METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CHECKING PRINT PRODUCTS, A COMPUTER PROGRAM AND A COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - The invention relates to a method and a device for checking print products of the same kind, more particularly printed sheets of paper of the same kind, which are transported by a conveying device. For this purpose, during a teach-in phase, test images are recorded at a plurality of points on the print product by means of a digital camera. The test images recorded, or parts thereof, are analyzed with respect to their characteristic information, and the test image having the most distinct characteristic information is selected as the reference image. For the purpose of checking print products of the same kind, the subsequent print products of the same kind are checked by recording at least one image at a position corresponding to the reference image and by comparing it with the image data of the reference image. Such checking is carried out by means of a device comprising a digital camera for recording test images of the print product, an illuminating device for illuminating the print product, an input for supplying a position signal, and a control and evaluation unit for controlling the digital camera and the illuminating device and for analyzing image data produced by the digital camera. The invention further relates to a computer program and to a computer program product.03-24-2011
20120147178HEATABLE GLAZING INSPECTION - A method of inspecting a heatable glazing is disclosed. A heatable glazing comprises a heater array having at least one heater wire. The method comprises the steps of (i) illuminating the heatable glazing with a light source to produce a shadowgraph image of the heatable glazing; (ii) passing a sufficiently high electrical current through the heater array such that the heater wire is observable in the shadowgraph image of the heatable glazing, such a shadowgraph image of the heatable glazing being referred to as an active shadowgraph image of the heatable glazing; and (iii) capturing the active shadowgraph image of the heatable glazing with an imaging sensor. Apparatus for carrying out the method is also disclosed.06-14-2012
20120147177WEB MONITORING SYSTEM - A method for identifying defects in a web of material is provided. The method may include monitoring one or more characteristics of a web translating along a travel path. The one or more characteristics may include one of position, speed of travel, and direction of travel. The method may include identifying a candidate for a defect by detecting one or more deviations in the web at a first time frame. The method may include monitoring one or more characteristics of the candidate for a defect at one or more subsequent time frames. The method may include determining whether the candidate is a defect by comparing the one or more characteristics of the candidate at one or more subsequent time frames to the one or more characteristics of the web. A related system is also provided.06-14-2012
20120307044LEAK DETECTION APPARATUS FOR BLISTER PACKS - An apparatus for detecting a leak in one or more blister pockets of one or more blister packs. The apparatus includes a plate for receiving the pack(s), a pressure reducer able to change the pressure around the pack(s) so as to seek to cause deflection of at least one side of the or each blister pocket between at least a first pressure and a second pressure, and an illumination source able to provide a lattice illumination on the or each blister pocket at at least the first pressure and the second pressure. The apparatus also includes an image capture device is which is able to take latticed pictures of each blister pocket at least the first pressure and the second pressure, and processor able to compare the latticed pictures to detect deflection of the blister pocket(s) at the different pressures.12-06-2012
20110141270INSPECTION SYSTEM - An inspection system is provided that can calculate highly accurate data for inspection having a high S/N ratio with high freedom. In order to attain this, an imaging timing is adjusted to synchronize a time for a projected image of an object to move by “m” pixels (“m” is an integer number greater than or equal to 1) in the X-axis direction on imaging elements, with an imaging time interval, and partial image data imaged at the identical inspection position on the object is specified from each unit of two-dimensional image data based on the object appearing deviated by “m” pixels in the X-axis direction in each unit of the two-dimensional image data imaged at each of the imaging timings, and data for inspection in which a noise reducing processing is conducted at the inspection position is produced based on each section of the partial image data.06-16-2011
20120206593Defect Detection Apparatus, Defect Detection Method, And Computer Program - The present invention provides a defect detection apparatus for detecting a defect even on a uniformly continuous background pattern, a method used in the apparatus, and a computer program for making a computer execute processing in the method. A defect size is set and stored, and an instruction to a first direction in which a background pattern is uniformly continuous is accepted. A reduced image reduced in the first direction using an image reduction ratio according to the defect size is generated. A filter processing is executed in the first direction for removing a defect, and the reduced image that is subjected to the filter processing is enlarged in the first direction with an image enlargement ratio corresponding to the reciprocal of the reduction ratio to generate a first enlarged image. A difference image is generated by calculating a difference between the multi-valued image and the first enlarged image.08-16-2012
20120013733Apparatus for Monitoring a Print Result in a Rotary Printing Press - Apparatus for monitoring a print result in a rotary printing press, includes a web monitoring system including a matrix camera (01-19-2012
20110102576SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TESTING IMAGE CAPTURING FUNCTION OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method for testing an image capturing function of an electronic device includes following blocks. A test program package with an exemplar image is installed in the electronic device. The electronic device is placed on a test fixture used for limiting an image capturing position and an image capturing angle of the electronic device. The electronic device captures an image to be tested by the electronic device. The image to be tested is compared with the exemplar image to determine whether the image capturing function of the electronic device is satisfactory.05-05-2011
20120212605DEFECT INSPECTION APPARATUS AND DEFECT INSPECTION METHOD - A defect inspection apparatus includes an imaging apparatus configured to include a lens array configure to include plural lenses arranged in a form of an array, and an imaging device configured to image a compound-eye image that is a collection of ommatidium images of an object approximately formed by the respective plural lenses of the lens array; and a processing apparatus configured to process the compound-eye image obtained from imaging the object by the imaging apparatus, and determine whether there is a defect of the object.08-23-2012
20120300060VISION SYSTEM FOR IMAGING AND MEASURING RAIL DEFLECTION - Devices, systems, and methods for imaging and measuring deflections in structures such as railroad rail are disclosed. An example vision system comprises a high-speed, visible-light imaging camera and an evaluation unit configured for analyzing images from the camera to detect geometric variations in the structure. In analyzing structures such as railroad track rail, the imaging camera can be coupled to a moving rail vehicle and configured for generating images of the rail as the vehicle moves along the track.11-29-2012
20120162408METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DRAFTING A MAP FOR A "TUBE-SHEET" - A tester and a method that evaluate the condition of a bundle of plurality of tubes are disclosed. Embodiments of the tester obtains an image of a tube-sheet of the bundle; obtaining one or more parameters related to the tube-sheet image. Next one or more feature-detecting methods can be implemented on the tube-sheet image to define tube endings on a grid of the tube-sheet. Further, optimization methods can be implemented on the results and a map with the result can be presented to a user of the tester. Feedback from the user can be utilized to improve the map of the tube sheet.06-28-2012
20120133763DEVICE AND METHOD FOR FLAW LOCATION DETECTION IN FABRIC AND MARKINGS - The invention relates to a device for detecting flaws in a plastic woven fabric made of monoaxially drawn polymer ribbons, in particular polyolefin ribbons, preferably polypropylene ribbons, wherein in order to monitor irregularities, which are characteristic of flawed sections of the plastic woven fabric, an inspection camera is provided for taking images of the plastic woven fabric, and an analysis unit, which detects irregularities in the weaving pattern of the plastic woven fabric on the basis of the images taken by the inspection camera and which, when detecting irregularities in the weaving pattern indicating a flawed section of the plastic woven fabric, triggers an error signal, which actuates, for example, a flashing light or a horn, or which can be fed to a higher-level machine controller. There is further provided a labelling device for attaching labels to the plastic woven fabric, wherein the labelling device is actuated directly or indirectly by the error signal, in order to attach at least one label to a flawed section.05-31-2012
20090059000SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CAPTURING DEBUG INFORMATION USING A PERIPHERAL DEVICE - A system and method for capturing debug information are disclosed. In one aspect, a method comprises connecting a portable test device having a memory and no processor to a television, the test device having stored therein a debug program configured to be executed by a control unit of the television to capture debug information from the television and store the captured debug information on the test device.03-05-2009
20120249778INSPECTION APPARATUS FOR TUBULAR PRODUCT AND INSPECTION METHOD THEREFOR - An inspection apparatus includes: a camera for acquiring an image of the whole area of an end face of the tubular product; a first light source for illuminating an outer peripheral edge of the end face side of the tubular product over the entire circumference thereof, a second light source for illuminating an inner peripheral edge of the end face side of the tubular product over the entire circumference thereof; and a third light source for illuminating an inner peripheral surface of the end face side of the tubular product over the entire circumference thereof. The apparatus uses the image of the tubular product using the first and second light sources to calculate an outer diameter and a wall thickness of the tubular product and illumination from the third light source for detecting a surface defect on the inner peripheral surface of the tubular product.10-04-2012
20120249776LIGHT-EMITTING DEVICE INSPECTING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A light-emitting device inspecting apparatus for inspecting characteristics of a light-emitting device including one or more light-emission cells that emit light, the light-emitting device inspecting apparatus including a probing unit having a table on which the light-emitting device is mounted and probes that supply a current to the light-emitting device; an image obtaining unit for obtaining an image of the light-emitting device; and a determination unit for determining open/short defects of the light-emitting device by detecting light-emission of the one or more light-emission cells from brightness information of the image.10-04-2012
20110221885TRANSPARENT BODY INSPECTING DEVICE - A transparent body inspecting device includes: a light application unit for applying light to a transparent body; an image capturing unit which captures an image of the transparent body and in which a depth of field is smaller than a height of the transparent body; an image capture driving unit for moving the image capturing unit in a direction in which the image capturing unit is brought close to the transparent body and in a direction in which the image capturing unit is brought away from the transparent body; and a defect determining unit for determining existence or nonexistence of a defect in the transparent body based on whether or not brightness of pixels in the image captured by the image capturing unit is nonuniform, wherein: the image capturing unit carries out image capture more than once while moving in the direction in which the image capturing unit is brought close to the transparent body or in the direction in which the image capturing unit is brought away from the transparent body; and when the brightness of pixels in the image captured by the image capturing unit is nonuniform, the defect determining unit determines that a defect exists within the depth of field at the time of capture of this image.09-15-2011
20100231707Investigation System and Technique - A method of investigating a glazing panel is disclosed in which a first investigation image of a target zone of the glazing panel is captured and a second investigation image of the target zone is captured. Image data from the first and second investigation images are combined to provide an output representative of the condition of the glazing panel at the target zone. The two investigation images are taken using respectively a black and a white background on the other side of the glazing panel.09-16-2010
20120086799FOCUS OFFSET CONTAMINATION INSPECTION - A system and method for detecting defects on a reticle is disclosed. The method may comprise determining a best focus setting for imaging the reticle; obtaining a first image of the reticle, the first image obtained at the best focus setting plus a predetermined offset; obtaining a second image of the reticle, the second image obtained at the best focus setting minus the predetermined offset; generating a differential image, the differential image representing a difference between the first image and the second image; and identifying a defect on the reticle based on the differential image. The method in accordance with the present disclosure may also be utilized for detecting defects on at least a portion of the reticle.04-12-2012
20120092487LIGHT PATH RESTRICTING STRUCTURE - A light path restricting structure is provided, which is applicable in an optical inspection equipment including a light source module for providing a linear light source, a linear camera, a light-splitting unit for refracting light of the linear light source to an object to be inspected and the linear camera, a conveying mechanism for driving the object to be inspected to move, and a case for accommodating the elements. The light path restricting structure is disposed on a transmission path of the linear light source. The light path restricting structure includes a body, which includes a first surface facing the linear light source of the light source module and a second surface facing the linear camera. A plurality of light channels is disposed in the body, and each light channel includes a light inlet and a light outlet disposed on the first surface and the second surface of the body.04-19-2012
20130093879DEVICE FOR OPTICALLY MEASURING THE CURVATURE OF A ROTOR BLADE OF A WIND POWER PLANT - This disclosure relates to a device for optically measuring the curvature of a rotor blade (04-18-2013
20130093877Device And Method For Identifying Anomalies On Instruments - The present invention relates to a device for identifying anomalies on medical instruments, having a data processing installation and an instrument analysing unit. The data processing installation has a display unit, a database, a first interface and an evaluation unit and the instrument analysing unit has a support and at least one camera. The at least one camera is arranged and oriented such that it can capture image data from medical instruments arranged on the support from at least one perspective, and the data processing installation is designed such that it uses the first interface to receive image data from the at least one camera and can store the received image data in the database. Further, it can use the evaluation unit to examine said image data for regions which have anomalies. In addition, the invention also relates to an according method.04-18-2013
20130128027Image Processing Apparatus And Image Processing Method - Provided is an image processing apparatus which can prevent deterioration in defect detection accuracy. The image processing apparatus includes an imaging unit and an image processing unit. The imaging unit converts a color image imaged by the imaging element to an HDR image based on a conversion characteristic for expanding a dynamic range, to output the HDR image. The image processing unit inversely converts color component values with respect to each pixel of the HDR image outputted from the imaging unit, based on the conversion characteristic, calculates brightness and a ratio of the color component values with respect to each pixel from the inversely converted color component values, and converts the calculated brightness based on the conversion characteristic, to generate a post-correction HDR image based on a ratio of the converted brightness and the calculated color component values.05-23-2013
20130128028Image Processing Apparatus - Provided is an image processing apparatus which can easily perform focus adjustment only by switching a program in accordance with a kind of an inspection object. The image processing apparatus according to the invention includes: an imaging unit for imaging a region including an inspection object; a focus adjustment mechanism; and a control unit for controlling a operation of the focus adjustment mechanism. A plurality of pieces of inspection condition data are set, the data being made up of a plurality of setting items including a focus position data. When the switching instruction from one inspection condition data to another inspection condition data is accepted, the operation of the focus adjustment mechanism is controlled based on focus position data included in another inspection condition data after switching.05-23-2013
20130169793INSPECTION SYSTEM AND INSPECTION METHOD - An inspection system captures an inspected object which is illuminated by an illumination system and processes an image of the inspected object which is expressed by the obtained image data to inspect it. The inspection system includes a processing information determining portion determining processing information which is used for the inspection processing which changes along with the change of the amount of illumination light from the illumination system from the initial amount of light to the target amount of light when the set amount of light of the illumination system is changed from the initial amount of light to the target amount of light, and which system performs the inspection processing by using processing information which is determined by the processing information determining means in accordance with the elapsed time from when the set amount of light of the illumination system is switched to the target amount of light.07-04-2013
20100033565Infrared Defect Detection System and Method for the Evaluation of Powdermetallic Compacts - A pulsed thermography defect detection apparatus including active and passive infrared (IR) thermography for non-destructive testing (NDT) of powdermetallic (P/M) components for on-line and off-line inspection.02-11-2010
20110249115APPARATUS FOR CRACK DETECTION DURING HEAT AND LOAD TESTING - Material testing under variable heat and load while continuously monitoring crack formation is provided using an apparatus that permits thermal control somewhat uniformly over a conductive sample, while permitting a controlled load to be applied to the sample in tensional or flexural modes. Thermographic imaging of a sample in situ within a standard thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF) test rig or other heat and load test apparatus is used to detect and monitor cracks as they form. A 360° sample view is possible. Image analysis software may identify, count and/or characterize cracks. Thermographic images may be analyzed to determine a sample temperature, e.g. for temperature feedback control. Essentially passive thermography is used with an inductive heating coil that surrounds at least 60% of a length of the sample, with at least two windings, the windings having thickness and pitch so that at least half the sample is in view.10-13-2011
20120274759METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR MONITORING CURRENT COLLECTORS AND HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL CONTACT WIRE POSITION ON VEHICLE COMBINATIONS - A method and a device for monitoring a train set include at least one lateral camera and at least two upper cameras. The cameras are fixedly disposed on a track section laterally and above the train set. A region of the contact wire having a carrier device and at least one current collector can be detected by the at least one lateral camera and flanks of the train set can be detected by the at least two upper cameras. An evaluation unit is provided for determining the state of the at least one current collector, at least one clearance dimension of the train set and at least one actual position of the contact wire, or a combination thereof. Detected deviations from standards are indicated and allocated to individual cars.11-01-2012
20130093878DEFECT ESTIMATION DEVICE AND METHOD AND INSPECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - Acquired mask data of a defect portion is sent to a simulated repair circuit 04-18-2013

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