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348093000 Color TV 9
20100165097Method and Apparatus for Automating an Inspection Process with Training - A process for using a hand-held infrared inspection system incorporating on-board training, on-board validation, on-board operator certification, on-board reporting information, or on-board survey instructions. Improved methods for automating area surveys are provided through exception-driven surveillance practices. Imbedded information enables less experienced operators to use more sophisticated devices more effectively. Validation or certification assures operator knowledge or ability. Multilevel classification of anomalies aids in automated analysis and report generation.07-01-2010
20100165096Method and Device for the Quality Control of a Rotationally Symmetrical Body, and Grip Pertaining to a Handling System and Used to Grip a Rotationally Symmetrical Body - The invention relates to a method and a device for the quality control of a rotationally symmetrical body (07-01-2010
20100165095DEFECT INSPECTION DEVICE AND DEFECT INSPECTION METHOD FOR SILICON WAFER - A defect inspection device for a silicon wafer comprises: an infrared light illumination which illuminates the silicon wafer with a light power that has been adjusted in accordance with a specific resistance value of the silicon wafer; and an imaging unit constituted by a line sensor array that is sensitive to infrared light, which captures the silicon wafer.07-01-2010
20100165094INSPECTING APPARATUS, AND INSPECTING METHOD - An inspecting apparatus and an inspecting method capable of detecting a state inside the cream solder are provided.07-01-2010
20110187848COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED METHODS, COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIA, AND SYSTEMS FOR CLASSIFYING DEFECTS DETECTED IN A MEMORY DEVICE AREA ON A WAFER - Computer-implemented methods, computer-readable media, and systems for classifying defects detected in a memory device area on a wafer are provided.08-04-2011
20100039510Method and DEVICE for PRINT INSPECTION - An apparatus to conduct an inspection of printed impressions placed on a conveyor transport system which is synchronized with an optical collection device that captures and digitizes the image of the impressions. The images are then reformatted and analyzed for defects using a reference image. The images are also filtered and converted to an LCH representation which further inspected using the CIE methodology. The final results of the inspection are presented to the operator in real time on a display monitor.02-18-2010
20130027543METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INSPECTION OF LIGHT EMITTING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES USING PHOTOLUMINESCENCE IMAGING - A method and apparatus for the inspection of light emitting semiconductor devices. The semiconductor device is illuminated with a light source, wherein at least an area of the light emitting semiconductor is illuminated with a waveband of light. The waveband of light λA+λB can generate electron-hole pairs in the light emitting semiconductor to be inspected. Through an objective lens at least a part of the light λC emitted by the light emitting semiconductor is detected. The emitted light is captured with a sensor of a camera that is sensitive to wavelengths of the emitted light, wherein the wavelength of the emitted light is above the width of the waveband. The data of the emitted light, captured with the sensor, are transmitted to a computer system for calculating inspection results of the light emitting semiconductor.01-31-2013
20130033595HIGH-RESOLUTION SURFACE MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS AND METHODS - This disclosure provides systems, devices, and methods for capturing and measuring surface topography. This disclosure provides a high resolution retrographic sensor comprising a volume of elastomer and a thin, opaque reflective membrane. The reflective membrane is arranged to conform to a specimen that contacts it. The disclosure provides a high resolution visualization system comprising the retrographic sensor and an illumination source. Also provided are high resolution measurement systems comprising the retrographic sensor, an illumination source, an imaging device, and a processing component.02-07-2013
20130050469Defect Inspection Apparatus - Provided is a defect detection apparatus capable of scalably improving processing performance for image processing, even though a plurality of multi-core processors are used therein. The defect detection apparatus comprises: an imaging unit for taking images of a sample forming a pattern, a dividing part 02-28-2013
20130050470SURFACE INSPECTION METHOD AND SURFACE INSPECTION APPARATUS FOR STEEL SHEET COATED WITH RESIN - A surface inspection method for a steel sheet coated with a resin, includes irradiating the steel sheet with sheet-like light, which has been linearly polarized at a predetermined polarization angle, at an incidence angle different from Brewster's angle of the coating by a predetermined angle or greater; and imaging linearly-polarized light of a polarization angle of 0 degrees at an acceptance angle different from a regular reflection angle of incident light by a predetermined angle. Accordingly, it is not necessary to change the incidence angle and the acceptance angle depending on resin components and it is possible to inspect a substrate steel surface of the steel sheet highly accurately without observing abnormalities in the coating itself.02-28-2013
20090303323PATTERN INSPECTION DEVICE AND METHOD OF INSPECTING PATTERN - A pattern inspection device according to the embodiment, includes: an image picking-up portion for picking-up an image of a pattern formation member in which a plurality of opening patterns are formed so as to obtain a picked-up image of the pattern formation member; a reference image obtaining portion for obtaining a reference image used for comparing with the picked-up image; and a pattern defect detecting portion for matching the center locations of the opening pattern images respectively between the picked-up image and the reference image, forming difference images of the opening pattern images between the picked-up image and the reference image per the opening pattern and detecting the defect of the opening pattern base on the difference images.12-10-2009
20110013013WAFER INSPECTION APPARATUS - A wafer inspection apparatus that performs surface inspection and internal inspection of solar cells using a single apparatus. The wafer inspection apparatus includes a loading unit configured to allow a cassette to be lifted up or lowered by an elevator. A surface inspection unit includes a plurality of stages, thus performing surface inspection of each wafer using a first vision module. A wafer transfer unit has a rotatably installed center portion and has both ends provided with adsorption parts. An internal inspection unit is configured such that a conveyor is installed to allow the wafer to be transferred, thus performing internal inspection of the transferred wafer through a second vision module. An unloading unit enables wafers having completed the internal inspection to be sequentially loaded onto the unloading unit. A control unit controls a series of wafer inspection procedures.01-20-2011
20120224049CLEARANCE INSPECTION APPARATUS FOR A MACHINE - Systems for inspecting clearances in a machine are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus for inspecting a clearance in a machine includes: a base bracket configured to be disposed upon at least one rotor land within the machine; an optical device disposed upon the base bracket, the optical device for capturing an image of at least a portion of the machine wherein the image depicts at least one clearance in the machine; and a computing device communicatively connected to the optical device, the computing device for obtaining and processing the image of at least a portion of the machine from the optical device and determining at least one clearance value from the image.09-06-2012
20100085426Machine for Inspecting Glass Containers - A machine for inspecting a rotating glass container for defects wherein the image evaluated for defects is a critical addition of a plurality of additions each defined by a plurality of time spaced images.04-08-2010
20130215260ACCURATE MACHINE TOOL INSPECTION OF TURBINE AIRFOIL - Inspecting features of an object including measuring features of the master part that represents a desired nominal dimensions to obtain a preliminary set of dimensional data. The preliminary set of data becomes a master data set. The same master part is measured on a second machine to obtain another set of data on the master part. The two data sets are compared and correction data is generated representing differences between the different data sets for the same master part measured on different machines. Subsequent parts are then measured on the second machine to obtain measurement data that is corrected based on the correction data. The application of the correction information provides for the use of 5-axis machines within a desired measurement capability.08-22-2013
20130162810APPARATUS FOR INSPECTING ROTARY PARTS AND THE METHOD OF THE INSPECTION - A computer vision inspection system disclosed for use in inspecting of rotary parts like pulley gear or bearing product with internal slots or rails to determine the fabrication quality of the functional dimension of the slots or rails with the help of inspection balls (06-27-2013
20100026799SEPARATION FILTER SELECTION DEVICE AND TIRE INSPECTION DEVICE - A separation filter selection device provided with an image input unit, a memory unit, a setting unit, an evaluation unit and a separation filter selection unit is disclosed. The image input unit inputs a captured image capturing a tire surface including a characteristic portion thereof. The memory unit stores plural filters for performing image processing of the captured image, stores a training image in which the characteristic portion is separated from the captured image, and a weighted image in which a weighting is set to a predetermined region of the captured image. The setting unit combines two or more filters out of the plural filters and sets a separation filter. The evaluation unit derives an evaluation value of the separation filter on the basis of an image in which a differential between the processed image that has been processed by each of the filters of the separation filter, and the training image, and to which a weighting based on the weighted image is applied. The separation filter selection unit repeats the setting of the setting unit and the evaluation value computation of the evaluation unit until the evaluation value is within a specific range, and selects the separation filter corresponding to the evaluation value resulting from the repeated processing as a separation filter for separating the characteristic portion from the captured image.02-04-2010
20120327215HIGH SPEED OPTICAL SENSOR INSPECTION SYSTEM - An optical inspection sensor is provided. The sensor includes an array of cameras configured to acquire image data relative to a workpiece that moves relative to the array of cameras in a non-stop fashion. An illumination system is disposed to provide a pulse of illumination when the array of cameras acquires the image data. At least some image data includes data regarding a skip mark or barcode on the workpiece.12-27-2012
20090278925SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IMAGING OF CURVED SURFACES - A system for capturing a composite image of an object with a curved surface includes a conveyor configured to transport the object to be imaged to a predetermined imaging position. A sensor is configured to produce a signal when the object to be imaged is at the predetermined position, and several cameras are arranged to photograph the object at the predetermined position from a plurality of different angles. A tracking module is used to receive the signal from the sensor, and output an actuating signal to the several cameras, such that each camera captures an image when the actuating signal is received. A processing device receives a captured image from each of the several cameras, manipulates the received images, and generates a composite image based on the manipulated images.11-12-2009
20110279668IMAGE INSPECTION DEVICE AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - An image inspection device includes a first illuminating unit illuminating an object from an oblique direction with a first illuminating light; an imaging unit receiving specular reflection light of the first illuminating light from the object; and a focusing unit focusing the specular reflection light on the imaging unit. The image inspection device is configured to inspect the image based on the intensity of the specular reflection light received by the imaging unit. The first illuminating unit includes light-emitting elements and an illumination light producing unit that is configured to deflect light emitted from the light-emitting elements and thereby to produce the first illuminating light such that the specular reflection light from the object enters a pupil of the focusing unit.11-17-2011
20120105623System for Detecting Surface Variations on Engine Cylinder Head Valve Seats - A machine vision inspection system that detects defects on machined valve seats that may be caused by a broken cutting tool insert. The system also measures the valve seat width to detect a missing cutting tool insert and monitor reactions to cutting tool forces and tool wear. The system uses high resolution cameras and stable LED light sources. A method is disclosed for manufacturing cylinder heads that are 100% inspected inline for valve seat surface defects.05-03-2012
20120013732SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR INSPECTION OF STENTS - A system and method for inspecting stents can involve an inspection camera to take an image of the stent and a computer system for analyzing the image to determine the presence of any coating defects. The determination can be made by masking out a portion of the stent, identifying deviations from a strut edge, and/or highlighting features protruding from a stent external boundary defining an outer diameter. The image can be taken after a focus feedback camera determines the position of the stent.01-19-2012
20110285841Appearance Inspection Apparatus - An appearance inspection apparatus has conveying means for conveying an inspection object and surface shape inspecting means for inspecting the surface shape of the inspection object. The surface shape inspection means has a slit beam irradiating section for irradiating a band-shaped slit beam on the surface of the inspection object, an area sensor camera for capturing images of the slit beam, first and second optical mechanisms for receiving reflected lights of the slit beam on the downstream and upstream sides in a conveyance direction, respectively, and guiding them to the area sensor camera, and a shape judging section for judging appropriateness of the surface of the inspection object based on images captured by the area sensor camera. Optical paths of the first and second optical mechanisms allow images of the reflected lights to be formed on the area sensor camera in a state of being aligned laterally.11-24-2011
20110141269Systems And Methods For Monitoring On-Line Webs Using Line Scan Cameras - Various embodiments are directed to apparatuses for inspecting an on-line product web moving relative to the apparatus in a machine direction. The apparatuses may comprise a line-scan camera defining a field of view and positioned such that the field of view includes a portion of the product web. A camera control system may be in electronic communication with the camera and may be configured to receive from the web velocity sensor web velocity data indicating a velocity of the product web and convert the web velocity data to a line trigger signal. The line trigger signal may indicate a temporal frequency of camera image captures necessary to achieve a constant machine direction pixel resolution. Additionally, the camera control system may be configured to receive product position data and generate a frame trigger signal considering the product position data. The frame trigger signal may indicate a break between image frames.06-16-2011
20130215259CIGARETTE INSPECTION APPARATUS - To analyze an inspection image obtained by taking an image of filter end faces of filter cigarettes horizontally arranged, from an axial direction, and thus inspect an excess cigarette feeding error, there are provided a first judging device that the number of cigarettes according to shape information of the filter end faces obtained from the inspection image, and a second judging device that obtains the centroid positions of the filter end faces from the inspection image, and detects that there is an excess feeding error when difference between a maximum value and a minimum value of the centroid-to-centroid distance of adjacent filter end faces is substantially equal to a previously-known diameter of the filter end face.08-22-2013
20110261186Imaging and Archiving Method, System and Program - A system, method and program adapted for collecting images of job-site conditions, plans and specifications. Images are annotated with attributes that relate to the location, time and trades involved and other aspects of the images. Job site images are collected with a camera connected to a portable data collection device. The portable data collection device is programmed with image attributes for a particular project. Images are also annotated with attributes gathered by sensors, such as GPS position data and direction information. Images with attached attributes are uploaded to a database server and indexed into a relational database. Images can be flagged and determined to be images for review which triggers automatic notification to the involved parties and follow up to confirm resolution. Authorized participants can access images in near real time, to make funding, insurance and other judgments about the project. Images are archived for safekeeping and long-term storage.10-27-2011
20090147082METHOD FOR QUALITY CONTROL OF PLASTIC CONTAINERS - A method for quality control of a stretch-blow-molded plastic container by inspecting its base, which method is easy to execute and is not highly susceptible to faults. Such inspection of the container bases includes determining quality features such as the surface area of an unstretched and/or only slightly stretched region of the base of the plastic container.06-11-2009
20100118136SURFACE INSPECTION DEVICE AND AN ARRANGEMENT FOR INSPECTING A SURFACE - The invention concerns a device for inspecting a surface of a workpiece (05-13-2010
20090213215DEFECT INSPECTION APPARATUS AND METHOD - In a defect inspection apparatus for inspecting a wafer provided with a circuit pattern for defects, the illuminating direction of illuminating light rays is selectively determined such that an area containing a defect that scatters light of high intensity coincides with the aperture of a dark-field detecting system, and such that regularly reflected light regularly reflected by a pattern, which is noise to defect detection, does not coincide with the aperture of the dark field detecting system.08-27-2009
20090207245DISK INSPECTION APPARATUS AND METHOD - A disk inspection apparatus according to the present invention comprises: a disk holding device which holds a disk; an illumination device which radiates an inspection area portion having a predetermined shape on a disk surface including an edge of the disk held by the disk holding device, with illumination light having an illumination light pattern which forms a range of delivery of illumination light having approximately the same shape as that of the inspection area; and an imaging device which includes, in the field of view, the inspection area portion on the disk surface including the edge illuminated by the illumination device, and takes an image of light reflected from the inspection area portion.08-20-2009
20100201806METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATICALLY INSPECTING PARTS AND FOR AUTOMATICALLY GENERATING CALIBRATION DATA FOR USE IN INSPECTING PARTS - A method and system for automatically inspecting parts and for automatically generating calibration data for use in inspecting parts are provided. The system includes a support for supporting a part to be inspected and/or a calibration device along a measurement axis. The system further includes a head apparatus including a plurality of radiation plane generators for directing an array of planes of radiation at the part and/or device so that the part and/or device occludes each of the planes of radiation to create a corresponding array of unobstructed planar portions of the planes of radiation. Each of the unobstructed planar portions contains an amount of radiation which is representative of a respective geometric dimension of the part and/or device. The head apparatus further includes a plurality of radiation plane receivers or cameras such as line scan cameras. Each of the cameras measures the amount of radiation present in an adjacent pair of unobstructed planar portions created from the same plane of radiation to obtain at least one measurement signal. The system still further includes a stage subsystem including a stage movable along a stage axis substantially parallel to the measurement axis and coupled to the head apparatus to move therewith for translating the head apparatus relative to the part and/or device along the stage axis so that the planes of radiation scan the part and/or device supported by the support substantially perpendicular to the stage and measurement axes. The system may further include one or more mechanisms for reducing radiation cross talk between neighboring cameras.08-12-2010
20100201805INSPECTION APPARATUS AND INSPECTION METHOD - Aims to provide an inspection apparatus and an inspection method for detecting an amount of misalignment of a component mounted on a panel through an ACF. The inspection apparatus detects an amount of misalignment, from a predetermined mounting position, of a component mounted on a panel's top surface through an AFC, and includes: a visible light illuminator (08-12-2010
20090284591RETICLE DEFECT INSPECTION APPARATUS AND RETICLE DEFECT INSPECTION METHOD - The present invention provides a reticle defect inspection method and a reticle defect inspection apparatus capable of calibrating the offset and gain of a sensor amplifier using a product reticle even though black and white regions each sufficiently wider than a TDI sensor imaging area do not exist in the product reticle. An output of each pixel of the TDI sensor is amplified by the sensor amplifier. A bottom value of the amplified amount-of-light signal of each pixel is stored by bottom value storing means of offset/gain calibrating means, and a peak value thereof is stored by peak value storing means. The offset of each pixel is calculated by offset calculating means based on the bottom value of each pixel. The gain of each pixel is calculated by gain calculating means based on the offset of each pixel and the peak value of each pixel. The calculated offset and gain of each pixel are stored in a register and thereby the offset and gain of the sensor amplifier are calibrated.11-19-2009
20110169942FILTERED SMOKING ARTICLE INSPECTION SYSTEM, AND ASSOCIATED METHOD - An inspection system and associated method are provided for inspecting a smoking article having a smokable rod and a filter element serially secured together by a tipping material circumscribing a longitudinal periphery of the filter element and a portion of a longitudinal periphery of the smokable rod adjacent to the filter element. A transport device is configured to transport individual as-formed smoking articles from a first to a second position such that the tipping material associated with each smoking article is accessible at least about the portion of the longitudinal periphery of the smoking article. An inspection device is configured to optically inspect each smoking article, at least about the portion of the longitudinal periphery of the smoking article having the tipping material, as the smoking article is transported between the first and second positions, and to automatically determine from the optical inspection whether the inspected smoking article is defective.07-14-2011
20110199478INSPECTION SYSTEM AND INSPECTION METHOD, MANAGEMENT SERVER, MOBILE TERMINAL, INSPECTION PROGRAM AND MEMORY MEDIUM - An inspection program which is installed on a mobile terminal connects to a management server via a communication network and acquires inspection identifying information. The mobile terminal captures inspection subject picture of an inspection site corresponding to the inspection identifying information and inspection backup picture for backing up the inspection subject picture. The inspection program creates inspection information to associate image data of inspection subject picture and image data of inspection backup picture with the inspection identifying information. The inspection information, the image data of inspection subject picture and the image data of inspection backup picture are merged, and a hash value is calculated by a hash function based on the merged result. The hash value, the inspection information, the image data of inspection subject picture and the image data of inspection backup picture are sent to the management sever all together. Based on the hash value, it is judged whether the image data is tampered or not.08-18-2011
20100103256METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING SURFACE CHARACTERISTICS OF METALLURGICAL PRODUCTS, ESPECIALLY CONTINUOUSLY CAST AND ROLLED PRODUCTS, AND A DEVICE FOR CARRYING OUT SAID METHOD - The invention relates to a method for recognizing surface characteristics of metallurgical products, especially continuously cast products and rolled products. According to said method, a defined section of the product surface (04-29-2010
20110007147SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR THE INSPECTION OF STENTS - A system and method for inspecting stents can involve an inspection camera to take an image of the stent and a computer system for analyzing the image to determine the presence of any coating defects. The determination can be made by masking out a portion of the stent, identifying deviations from a strut edge, and/or highlighting features protruding from a stent external boundary defining an outer diameter. The image can be taken after a focus feedback camera determines the position of the stent.01-13-2011
20130120556ON-LINE MACROCONTAMINANT ANALYSER AND METHOD - An on-line automated analyser of macrocontaminants is described. The analyser is for a pulp and/or a white water stream, the analyser comprises: a pulp classifier separating a sample from the stream into a fraction of macrocontaminants; a contaminant chamber enclosing a contaminant cell receiving the fraction; an optical chamber comprising an optical detector connected to the cell capturing at least one detected image; and a control chamber taking the at least one detected image and conducting an image analysis to determine type and quantity of at least one macrocontaminant in the fraction. The method of analysis of macrocontaminants is also described herein, the method comprises: separating a sample from the stream into a fraction of macrocontaminants; producing at least one detected image by optical measurement of the fraction; and analysing the at least one detected image and determining the quantity and type of at least one macrocontaminant in the fraction.05-16-2013
20110267451ON-THE-FLY DIMENSIONAL IMAGING INSPECTION - A method and system are provided for inspecting a plurality of target features arrayed in spaced arrangement on a surface of a target object, such as but not limited to inspection of the location of cooling air holes in the surface of a turbine blade or vane.11-03-2011
20120140059INSPECTION MACHINE, INSPECTING METHOD AND INSPECTING SYSTEM - An inspection machine capable of inspecting optical property and electrical property of a light emitting device is provided. The inspection machine includes a substrate table, a probe mechanism, a heating apparatus, a cooling apparatus, an image-sensing apparatus, a temperature-sensing apparatus and a moving mechanism. The probe mechanism is capable of moving toward the light emitting device to contact therewith. The heating apparatus is capable of heating the light emitting device within a first temperature range. The cooling apparatus is capable of cooling the light emitting device within a second temperature range. The image-sensing apparatus senses a light emitting image provided from the light emitting device. The temperature-sensing apparatus senses the present temperature of the light emitting device. The image-sensing apparatus is disposed on the moving mechanism. The moving mechanism is capable of moving the image-sensing apparatus. An inspecting method and an inspecting system for the inspection machine are also provided.06-07-2012
20120069174APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ANALYZING THERMAL PROPERTIES OF COMPOSITE STRUCTURES - Embodiments of the present invention provide methods and apparatus for analyzing thermal properties of bonding materials within a composite structure. One embodiment of the present invention provides an apparatus for analyzing thermal property of a bonding material within a structure. The apparatus comprises a structure support having a supporting surface configured to support the structure, a heat source configured to direct a heat flux to the structure supported by the supporting surface of the structure support, and a camera facing the structure supported on the structure support and configured to capture thermal images of the structure supported on the structure support.03-22-2012
20120069173WORKPIECE INSPECTING APPARATUS AND WORKPIECE INSPECTING METHOD - A workpiece inspecting apparatus for rotating a workpiece having a shape portion containing a convex portion and a concave portion which are periodically and repetitively formed on the workpiece and picking up images of the shape portion of the workpiece to inspect the workpiece, including a workpiece rotating mechanism that outputs reference pulses at a fixed interval while rotating the workpiece at a fixed rotational speed, an image pickup mechanism that picks up images of the shape portions of the workpiece every image pickup timing based on the reference pulses, an image pickup controller that synchronizes each of the shape portions of the workpiece with the image pickup timing, and an inspection controller that executes image processing of taking a difference between a pickup k-th (k represents an integer) image and a pickup (k+1)-th image and detects a defect on the basis of differential data representing the difference.03-22-2012
20090015668THREE-DIMENSIONAL MODEL DATA CONFIRMING METHOD, AND THREE-DIMENSIONAL MODEL DATA CONFIRMING APPARATUS - The present invention relates to an apparatus for confirming three-dimensional model data or the like, capable of confirming easily, efficiently, and precisely whether three-dimensional model data including an attached object attached to a machine tool and at least a part of the machine tool good are accurate. An apparatus 01-15-2009
20120105622COFFEE FILTER QUALIFICATION APPARATUS AND METHODOLOGY - A coffee filter qualification system receives user-specified filter criteria relating to acceptable attributes for a plurality of apertures included in a liquid brewing filter. A light source illuminates the apertures of the liquid brewing filter and a machine vision camera images the apertures of the filter. A filter qualification information handling system (IHS) determines if the liquid brewing filter meets the predefined user-specified filter criteria. The filter qualification IHS accepts the liquid brewing filter if the filter meets the filter criteria, and otherwise rejects the filter. The filter criteria may include the total cumulative area of the apertures, individual aperture area, aperture count and aperture acircularity information.05-03-2012
20100177191METHOD FOR OPTICAL INSPECTION OF A MATT SURFACE AND APPARATUS FOR APPLYING THIS METHOD - In a method and apparatus for the optical inspection of a matt surface of an object, the surface having a random texture, for example a tile (07-15-2010
20100238281INSPECTION DEVICE OF PLUGGED HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE AND INSPECTION METHOD OF PLUGGED HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE - There is disclosed an inspection device of a plugged honeycomb structure in which a plugged honeycomb structure is an inspection target, and the inspection device comprises a light source which illuminates one end face of the plugged honeycomb structure as the inspection target; a camera-side lens which condenses light emitted from the light source to the one end face, transmitted through plugged portions of the plugged honeycomb structure and radiated from the other end face; a camera which receives the light condensed by the camera-side lens; and an image processor which processes an image of the light received by the camera to display the contrast of the light transmitted through the plugged portions of the plugged honeycomb structure.09-23-2010
20120242826MULTI-SPECTRAL IMAGING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF SURFACE INSPECTION THEREWITH - A multi-spectral imaging system includes a first light source that emits a first wavelength and a second light source that emits a second wavelength different than the first wavelength. The system further includes a camera having a lens, a beam splitter downstream of the lens and a pair of sensors downstream of the beam splitter. The lens is configured to focus the first and second wavelengths onto separate ones of the sensors, and the beam splitter allows one of the first wavelength or the second wavelength to pass through the beam splitter, and the other of the first wavelength or the second wavelength to be reflected off the beam splitter. One of the pair of sensors is configured to receive the first wavelength to produce a first image and the other of the sensors is configured to receive the second wavelength to produce a second image different from the first image.09-27-2012
20120242827AUTOMATED OPTICAL INSPECTION SYSTEM FOR THE RUNOUT TOLERANCE OF CIRCULAR SAW BLADES - An automated optical inspection system for the runout tolerance of circular saw blades comprises a rotating device, a first and a second optical inspection module, and a computing device. The rotating device is used to rotate a circular saw blade. The circular saw blade includes multiple teeth, and each tooth has a side and a back. The first/second optical inspection module is used to capture a side/back image of the tooth. The computing device activates the rotating device to rotate the circular saw blade, and activates the first and the second optical inspection module to capture the side image and the back image of each tooth upon rotation of the circular saw blade. The computing device performs a radial-position-calculating procedure according to the side images, to obtain an amount of radial runout, and performs an axial-position-calculating procedure according to the back images, to obtain an amount of axial runout.09-27-2012
20100220185Object Inspection System - Early techniques for object inspection relied on human inspectors to visually examine objects for defects. However, automated object inspection techniques were subsequently developed due to the labour intensive and subjective nature of human operated inspections. Additionally, object characteristics such as object power and object thickness need to be determined after the objects have been examined for defects. Conventionally, corresponding inspection stations are along the manufacturing lines for determining each of the object characteristics. However, the need for human intervention and time spent to move the objects from one inspection station to another adversely affect the efficiency of the object manufacturing process. An embodiment of the invention disclosed describes a high-resolution object inspection system for performing object inspection.09-02-2010
20120033068IMAGE PICKUP DEVICE AND IMAGE PICKUP METHOD FOR THE SAME - Image pickup is executed at an image pickup timing based on reference pulses by using, as a trigger, workpiece pulses which are output at an interval synchronized with a shape portion (projecting or recess portion) which is periodically and repetitively formed on a workpiece being rotated, and the image pickup is executed at the image pickup timing based on the reference pulses PA every time only reference pulses PA whose number corresponds to a pulse number between workpiece pulses are output from the image pickup timing concerned.02-09-2012
20090109287INSPECTING METHOD AND INSPECTING SYSTEM OF ASSEMBLY - An inspecting system of an assembly, for inspecting the assembly, by obtaining three-dimensional position relationship, in short time, for each of parts building up the assembly, comprises: a data editor/processor portion 04-30-2009
20100157044Non-Uniformity Evaluation Apparatus, Non-Uniformity Evaluation Method, and Display Inspection Apparatus and Program - A mura evaluation apparatus 06-24-2010
20110249112DEFECT INSPECTION DEVICE AND DEFECT INSPECTION METHOD - A defect inspection device and an inspection method which can decide the quality of a pattern shape of a sample surface in a short time are provided. A defect inspection device 10-13-2011
20120120229CIGARETTE PACKAGE INSPECTION SYSTEM, AND ASSOCIATED METHOD - An inspection system and associated method are provided for inspecting a cigarette package. A transport device is configured to transport individual cigarette packages to an inspection position such that at least a portion of the cigarette package is visibly accessible for optical inspection. An inspection device is configured to optically inspect each cigarette package, at least about the visibly accessible portion thereof, as the cigarette package is transported through the inspection position, and to automatically determine from the optical inspection whether the inspected cigarette package is defective.05-17-2012
20110050881INSPECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - There is provided an accurate association between an inspection result inputted from a mobile terminal and the accurate position and direction on the drawing of a shooting point of an inspection photo shot by a digital camera. In step S03-03-2011
20120229619PROTOCOL-BASED INSPECTION SYSTEM - One form of the present application provides a system comprising an illumination source capable of providing an electromagnetic illumination of an engine component, an imaging system structured to capture illumination of the engine component, a component manipulation system structured to position the engine component in a variety of orientations relative to one of the illumination source and the imaging system, a computer based user interface capable of identifying an inspection protocol defined to acquire an image of the engine component at the variety of positions using the illumination system, the imaging system and the component manipulation system, and a processor configured to process the inspection protocol for the purposes of analyzing the acquired image in response to the inspection protocol.09-13-2012
20120229618DEFECT INSPECTION DEVICE AND DEFECT INSPECTION METHOD - Disclosed is a defect inspection device that has an illumination optical system; a detection optical system; and a processing unit which includes a defect feature quantity calculation unit that calculates the feature quantities of each defect candidate, a defect candidate grouping unit that groups the aforementioned defect candidates on the basis of the feature quantities, a defect classification evaluation value calculation unit that calculates defect classification evaluation values for the aforementioned defect candidates, a defect classification evaluation value updating unit that, on the basis of instructions, updates the evaluation values, a defect classification threshold determination unit that, on the basis of evaluation valued updated by the aforementioned defect classification evaluation value updating unit, determines a classification boundary that is a threshold for classifying defect types of the aforementioned defect candidates, and a defect detection unit that detects defects using the thresholds.09-13-2012
20130169790OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS CAPTURING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR INSPECTING OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF A FLEXIBLE DISPLAY - An optical characteristics capturing apparatus includes an adjustable stage for carrying the flexible display, an image capturing device disposed above the adjustable stage, and two first collimated light sources. A part of the flexible display forms a curved surface. An intersection of a receiving optical axis of the image capturing device and the curved surface of the flexible display is an intersection point. The two first collimated light sources project two dot-patterns onto the intersection point along two first optical paths having identical length but different extending directions. An included angle between each of the two first optical paths and the receiving optical axis is an acute angle. The two first optical paths and the receiving optical axis are located in a first virtual plane.07-04-2013
20100110174METHOD FOR DEVICE FOR DETECTING LOW-CONTRAST AND HIGH-CONTRAST DEFECTS IN TRANSPARENT OR TRANSLUCENT OBJECTS - The invention concerns an optical inspection method for the line inspection of transparent or translucent objects (05-06-2010
20090174767Photographic device and method of photographic inspected portion of subject - A digital camera 07-09-2009
20100020168METHOD AND EQUIPMENT FOR MEASUREMENT OF INTACT PULP FIBERS - A non-destructive method capable of real-time or on-line measurement of a wood or pulp fiber without sample pretreatment for the microfibril angle and the path difference. A circular polariscope in combination with a line spectral camera generating a micrograph insensitive to the orientation of a fiber and determined only by the fiber's properties related to polarized light. A line image across the fiber is captured and dispersed it into a spectral image to perform a real-time spectral analysis of the fiber's image.01-28-2010
20100265324OPTICAL METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING CALIBRATION DATA FOR USE IN CALIBRATING A PART INSPECTION SYSTEM - An optical method and system for generating calibration data are provided. The calibration data is for use in calibrating a part inspection system. The method includes supporting a calibration device having a central axis and a plurality of regions which are rotationally symmetric about the axis. The method further includes scanning the device with an array of spaced planes of radiation so that the device occludes each of the planes of radiation at spaced locations along the central axis to create a corresponding array of unobstructed planar portions of the planes of radiation. Each of the unobstructed planar portions contains an amount of radiation which is representative of a respective geometric dimension of the device. The method still further includes measuring the amount of radiation present in each of the unobstructed planar portions to obtain measurement signals. The method includes processing the measurement signals to obtain calibration data for calibrating the system. The calibration data is capable of converting raw data to calibrated data.10-21-2010
20100271472CONNECTOR CARRIER FOR AN OPTICAL FIBRE JOINT ENCLOSURE - An optical fibre joint enclosure includes a plurality of carriers for supporting a plurality of optical fibre connectors. At least one carrier is rotatable or pivotable between a first position and a second position, independent of an adjacent carrier. The first position is an in-use orientation of an optical fibre connector and the second position provides improved access to an end face of the optical fibre connector. The carrier itself includes a hub portion, engaging an adjacent hub portion of an adjacent carrier, an arm portion attached to the hub portion, the arm portion supporting the optical fibre connector, and a release member preventing the hub portion from rotating unless the release member is activated. A method includes inspecting, testing or cleaning an end face of the optical fibre connector in situ.10-28-2010
20110304725METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INSPECTING PATTERN DEFECTS - An apparatus for inspecting pattern defects, the apparatus including: an image acquisition unit which acquires an image of a specimen and stores the acquired image in an image memory; a defect candidate extraction unit which performs a defect candidate extraction process by using the acquired image, which is read from the image memory; and a defect detection unit which performs a defect detection process based on a partial image containing a defect candidate that is extracted by the defect candidate extraction unit, wherein the defect detection process performed by the defect detection unit is performed asynchronously with an image acquisition process that is performed by the image acquisition unit.12-15-2011
20120098957LOCK IN THERMAL LASER STIMULATION THROUGH ONE SIDE OF THE DEVICE WHILE ACQUIRING LOCK-IN THERMAL EMISSION IMAGES ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE - Controlled amount of heat is injected into a stacked die using a light beam, and the propagated heat is measuring with LIT camera from the other side of the die. The thermal image obtained can be characterized so that it can be used to calibrate the phase shift from a given stack layer, or can be used to identify defects in the stacked die. The process can be repeated for each die in the stack to generate a reference for future testing. The thermal image can be investigated to detect faults, such as voids in vias, e.g., TSV.04-26-2012
20120026315DISPLAY PANEL TEST APPARATUS AND METHOD OF TESTING A DISPLAY PANEL USING THE SAME - A display panel test apparatus includes: an image pickup part which picks up an image from a target display panel; a jig including a receiving part which receives the target display panel, a fixing part which fixes the image pickup part, and an adjusting part which adjusts an image pickup angle of the image pickup part; a pattern generating part which provides the target display panel with a test pattern; a defect extracting part which analyzes test image data provided from the image pickup part using a defect extracting algorithm and extracts display defect information, where the defect extracting algorithm includes different settings corresponding to different types of display defects; and a control part which generates evaluated data corresponding to a viewing angle of the target display panel using the image pickup angle of the image pickup part and the display defect information.02-02-2012
20120026316PATTERN INSPECTION METHOD AND PATTERN INSPECTION APPARATUS - According to an embodiment, a pattern inspection apparatus includes an imaging unit, a defect detection unit, and an inspection control unit. The imaging unit is configured to image a pattern on a substrate to acquire a pattern image. The defect detection unit is configured to detect a defect of the pattern by a first outer shape comparison in associate with the pattern image and design information for the pattern or by a comparison in pixel values between images of patterns designed to be formed into the same shape in the substrate. The inspection control unit is configured to select an inspection based on the amount of the defect detected by the first outer shape comparison or based on a value of a gradient of an edge profile of the pattern image and to control the imaging unit and the defect detection unit in accordance with the selected inspection.02-02-2012
20120133761UNEVEN AREA INSPECTION SYSTEM - An uneven area inspection system of the present invention comprises a patterned panel comprising a panel, wherein the panel have a surface on which a pattern is formed, an object with at least one surface reflecting light from the patterned panel, an imaging unit optically coupled to the patterned panel and the object and configured to capture the image of the patterned panel reflected by the surface of the object, and an image processing unit configured to process the captured image to compare the pattern in the patterned panel and the pattern in the captured image. The object can have uneven area and the uneven area of the object is inspected by comparing the pattern in the patterned panel and the pattern in the captured image.05-31-2012
20120133762METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING AND CLASSIFYING A DEFECT OF A SUBSTRATE - A method and system for detecting and classifying a defect of a substrate, the system including a first channel, including a first illuminating unit to irradiate a light to a substrate and a first imaging unit to take images by sensing a light from the substrate when it is irradiated; a second channel, including a second illuminating unit to irradiate a light to the substrate and a second imaging unit to take images by sensing a light from the substrate when it is irradiated; an image constructing module to construct two images of the substrate using the images of the first and second imaging units respectively; and an image processing module to detect, when the substrate has a defect, that the defect is a defect on or in the substrate, based on a relationship of positions where the defect of the substrate appears in the two images of the substrate.05-31-2012
20100271473DEFECT INSPECTION SYSTEM - A defect inspection system can suppress an effect of light from a sample rough surface or a regular circuit pattern and increasing a gain of light from a defect such as a foreign material to detect the defect on the sample surface with high sensitivity. When a lens with a large NA value is used, the outer diameter of the lens is 10-28-2010
20100245560METHOD AND DEVICE FOR IMAGING A FRAGMENTATION PATTERN FORMED IN A PLY OF TOUGHENED GLASS - A method of imaging a fragmentation pattern formed in a single ply of toughened glass having first and second opposing surfaces is disclosed. Initially, a region of the fragmentation pattern is aligned with an image capture device, where the image capture device is arranged in a spaced relationship with the first surface of the ply of glass to capture images of the region when being illuminated in transmission. The region is then illuminated from a first illumination direction and capturing a first image of the region, and subsequently illuminated from at least a second illumination direction and capturing at least a second image of the region. The images are then superimposed to produce a composite image of the region. Preferably four images are obtained. A vehicle glazing optical inspection apparatus for carrying out such a method is also disclosed.09-30-2010
20130010101COMPONENT MOUNTING APPARATUS AND COMPONENT DETECTION METHOD - A transfer pathway of a mounting head 01-10-2013
20130016208Method and device for the quality inspection and testing of flat printed products - A method and a device for the quality inspection and testing of a flat print product. A print product, including at least one structural element, is initially deposited on a support element and illuminated by at least one light source. At least one image of the illuminated print product is generated using at least one image recording unit. An image is also generated of at least one structural element on the support element and a geometric object of the support element is determined from the at least one structural element of the support element. Actual values for the at least one geometric object of the support element are compared to predetermined desired values for this geometric object and the result of the comparison is used for controlling the further processing of the print product.01-17-2013
20130016207TEST DEVICE AND METHOD FOR TESTING DISPLAY PARAMETERSAANM XIONG; YU-KAIAACI Shenzhen CityAACO CNAAGP XIONG; YU-KAI Shenzhen City CNAANM LU; XINAACI Shenzhen CityAACO CNAAGP LU; XIN Shenzhen City CNAANM WONG; SHIH-FANGAACI Tu-ChengAACO TWAAGP WONG; SHIH-FANG Tu-Cheng TWAANM LV; DONG-SHENGAACI Shenzhen CityAACO CNAAGP LV; DONG-SHENG Shenzhen City CNAANM LI; XIN-HUAAACI Shenzhen CityAACO CNAAGP LI; XIN-HUA Shenzhen City CNAANM ZHANG; YU-YONGAACI Shenzhen CityAACO CNAAGP ZHANG; YU-YONG Shenzhen City CNAANM ZHU; JIAN-JIANAACI Shenzhen CityAACO CNAAGP ZHU; JIAN-JIAN Shenzhen City CN - A test device is for testing display parameters of an electronic product with a page browsing function. The electronic product stores display times of a number of standard frames which selected from a standard video file. The standard video file includes frames record the play process of a testing file being played by a standard electronic product. The test device controls a video capturing unit to capture an original video file which includes frames to records the playing process of the electronic product. The electronic product searches matching frames of the number of standard frames in the original video file. Thus the parameters of the electronic product can be determined by display times of the matching frames in the video file.01-17-2013
20130176421GOB INSPECTION SYSTEM FOR GLASS PRODUCT - The present invention addresses the problem of facilitating detection of foreign objects or bubbles trapped in a gob.07-11-2013
20130176420METHOD FOR TESTING CASTING QUALITY AND APPARATUS THEREFOR - A method for testing casting quality includes collecting sand that has fallen from an internal cavity of the casting at a collection area. The collection area includes a screen and a pad. The method further includes capturing a first image of sand that has fallen onto the pad and analyzing the first image to determine an amount of black sand that has fallen onto the pad. The method further includes capturing a second image of sand that has been retained on the screen and analyzing the second image to determine an amount of black sand chunks retained on the screen.07-11-2013
20130100278AUTOMATED BUBBLE DETECTION APPARATUS AND METHOD - An automated hydrogen bubble detection apparatus includes a horizontal support surface on which a test coupon can be supported, a transparent tube having an open top and an open bottom and operable to contain a test solution when positioned on a test coupon, a camera arranged to view a test solution in the transparent tube, and a controller in communication with the camera and effective to operate the camera such that at least one video segment is recorded by the camera and analyzed to detect first bubble and continuous bubble generation. A method of evaluating corrosion resistance of coatings on aluminum and steel in acidic solution is also included.04-25-2013
20130113919HIGH RESOLUTION AUTOFOCUS INSPECTION SYSTEM - An inspection device comprises a camera assembly including an objective lens that captures and collimates light associated with an object being inspected, an image forming lens that forms an image of the object based on the collimated light, and a camera that renders the image. The camera assembly defines a focal point distance from the objective lens that defines a focal point of the camera assembly. The inspection device comprises an optical sensor positioned to detect an actual distance between the objective lens and the object, an actuator that controls positioning of the objective lens to control the actual distance between the objective lens and the object, and a control unit that receives signals from the optical sensor indicative of the actual distance. Control signals from the control unit can control the actuator to adjust the actual distance such that the actual distance substantially equals the focal point distance.05-09-2013
20120274758OPTICAL INSPECTION APPARATUS AND METHOD - An optical apparatus and method for simultaneously scanning the profile of at least two adjacent surfaces of an article such as a wooden board moving along a travel path axis passing through an inspection area located at a central plane transverse to the travel path axis, involve first and second scanning zones sufficiently spaced one with another along the travel path axis to substantially prevent mutual scanning interference between the profile sensors used, while providing a compact arrangement of profile sensors. For so doing, one the first sensing field and the first laser beam of the first profile sensor is crossing the central plane toward the other one of the first sensing field and the first laser beam, and one the second sensing field and the second laser beam of the second profile sensor is crossing the central plane toward the other one of the second sensing field and the second laser beam.11-01-2012
20100309308INSPECTION OF A SUBSTRATE USING MULTIPLE CAMERAS - Apparatus for inspection includes an imaging assembly, including a plurality of cameras, which are mounted in different, respective locations in the imaging assembly and are configured to capture respective images of a sample. A motion assembly is configured to move at least one of the imaging assembly and the sample so as to cause the imaging assembly to scan the sample with a scan accuracy that is limited by a predetermined position tolerance. An image processor is coupled to receive and process the images captured by the cameras so as to locate a defect in the sample with a position accuracy that is finer than the position tolerance.12-09-2010
20130120557PART INSPECTION SYSTEM - An apparatus comprising an inspection window on which a part can be placed for inspection, a camera positioned to image the part through the inspection window, and one or more illuminators to illuminate the part.05-16-2013
20110310244SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING A DEFECT OF A SUBSTRATE - A system and a method for detecting defects of a substrate are provided. The system includes: a first illuminating component, disposed at one side of the substrate and adapted to emit diffused light to the substrate; a first imaging component, disposed at the other side of the substrate and adapted to scan the substrate by sensing light emitted by the first illuminating component and transmitted through the substrate, the first illuminating component and the first imaging component constructing a first detection channel; and a transport module, adapted to produce relative motion between the substrate, and the first illuminating component and the first imaging component.12-22-2011
20110310243Method and Device for the Quality Assurance of at Least Partially Translucent Hollow Bodies - The invention pertains to a method and to a device for the quality assurance of an at least partially light-transmitting hollow body, the walls of which are illuminated by a light source, wherein a digital still camera is used to record images of various imaging areas of the walls containing useful data.12-22-2011
20110310242APPARATUS FOR OPTICALLY INSPECTING AN AT LEAST PARTIALLY REFLECTING SURFACE OF AN OBJECT - An apparatus for optically inspecting an at least partially reflecting surface of an object includes first and second transverse carriers (12-22-2011
20130194414VERIFICATION SYSTEM FOR PRESCRIPTION PACKAGING AND METHOD - A system for verifying medication doses m a filled medication package comprises an imaging unit to produce at least one image of a filled medication package and a verification unit for receiving the image of the filled medication package. The verification unit comprises a dose locator to determine from the image a location of any dose m the filled medication package, and associate a time period to the location. It also comprises a dose verifier to verify an identity of any dose from the visual characteristics of the image as a function of dose reference profiles. The verification unit compares an identity and time period of the doses of the filled medication package to a prescription and has an interface for producing verification output based on the comparison of the verification unit. A method for verifying medication doses m a filled medication package is also provided.08-01-2013
20130194415PREPREG PASTING STATE INSPECTION APPARATUS - Even when a pasting target body to which prepregs are pasted has a shape changed portion such as a curved portion, prepreg pasting states are accurately inspected. A prepreg pasting state inspection apparatus 2 for inspecting a gap G between prepregs 4 adjacent on a pasting target body 3 has a laser 21 for emitting slit light LA along an inclined plane so that a projected pattern X of the slit light is formed across the adjacent prepregs 4, a camera 22 for imaging an irradiation region of the laser 21, a control unit 24 as a determination unit for determining whether the gap G between the adjacent prepregs 4 is within an allowance based on a signal from the camera 22, a range sensor 23 for measuring a distance between a reference position and the irradiation region, and focus adjusting units 25 and 26 for adjusting focus positions of the camera 22 and the laser 21 based on the signal from the range sensor 23.08-01-2013
20120026317Inspection Apparatus and Method for Producing Image for Inspection - In order to obtain a quality image without deterioration owing to radiation noise in inspection using the optical video camera in high radiation environment, an inspection apparatus is formed of an image pick-up unit, an image obtaining unit which fetches a video image that contains a signal (noise) that is substantially independent of each frame obtained by the image pick-up unit, a local alignment unit which locally aligns frames with different time phases for forming the image fetched by the image obtaining unit, a frame synthesizing unit which synthesizes the plurality of frames aligned by the local alignment unit for generating a synthesis frame with an SN ratio higher than the SN ratio of the frame before frame synthesis, and an image output unit for displaying or recording the image formed of the synthesis frame generated by the frame synthesizing unit.02-02-2012
20130208105INSPECTION APPARATUS, MANUFACTURING SYSTEM WITH INSPECTION APPARATUS AND INSPECTION METHOD FOR VESSELS - An inspection apparatus for examining vessels fixedly arranged on a machine tool. The apparatus includes a camera having a first optical component. The camera is coupled to an image processing unit and is arranged in a positionally fixed manner with respect to a vessel to be inspected. The apparatus has a second, moveably mounted optical element, with the first, positionally fixed optical element and the second, moveably mounted optical element being operatively connected to the camera for image-recording at least one view in the direction of a vessel opening and at least one view in the direction of a side of the vessel to be inspected that faces away from the vessel opening. A manufacturing system for vessels, which includes an inspection apparatus, and a corresponding examination method, which can be carried out using the inspection apparatus, for testing the vessel quality after machining is also disclosed.08-15-2013

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