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348092000 Quality inspection 99
348087000 Electronic circuit chip or board (e.g., positioning) 76
348094000 Position detection 35
348088000 Web, sheet or filament 18
348089000 Agricultural or food production 11
348091000 Sorting, distributing or classifying 9
348090000 Welding 4
20100201803WORK PIECE TRACKING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method of visual monitoring of a work implement (e.g., a welding torch) while a task is being performed (e.g., forming a welding joint) to train workers (e.g., apprentices, inexperienced workers) in proper welding technique, for example) and/or to evaluate the worker's use of a particular work implement (e.g., to determine if the welding torch was held in a desired relationship to the items being welded together, determine if the welding torch formed the joint at the current speed, etc.). In general, one or more cameras may acquire images of a target secured to and/or formed on the work implement. The images may be analyzed to provide feedback to the user, to be evaluated for weld integrity purposes; and/or may be used to compare the performance of a task (e.g., forming a welding joint) with a database of one or more profiles made by experienced and/or expert craftsmen.08-12-2010
20090128625Device for Evaluating Images of Weld Spots on a Carrier Material - The invention relates to a device (05-21-2009
20120200695ELECTRODE INSPECTION APPARATUS FOR SPOT WELDING - An electrode inspection apparatus for spot welding is provided for precisely measuring diameters of a tip of an electrode without reducing availability ratio in a production line, and is particularly useful when inspecting a weld gun having electrodes with a narrow distance therebetween.08-09-2012
20130044204BOARD INSPECTION APPARATUS - A board inspection apparatus includes an irradiation unit, an imaging unit, and an image processing unit. The image processing unit includes a three-dimensional measurement unit configured to perform three-dimensional measurement of the surfaces of the solder and the resist film by a certain three-dimensional measurement method based on the image data, a virtual standard surface setting unit configured to set a virtual standard surface corresponding to a contacting surface of a certain component mounted in a certain area of the printed board, a protrusion amount calculation unit configured to calculate a protrusion amount from the virtual standard surface for each solder printed and formed in the certain area, and a determination unit configured to determine whether the printed state of the solder passes or fails based on each of the protrusion amounts of the solder.02-21-2013
20130044205PATTERN INSPECTION APPARATUS AND PATTERN INSPECTION METHOD - A pattern inspection method according to one aspect of the present invention includes generating a first positional deviation amount map by using data acquired by a pre-scan, generating a second positional deviation amount map by using data acquired by a full scan, generating a first positional deviation difference map by calculating a difference between the first positional deviation amount map and the second positional deviation amount map, generating a third positional deviation amount map from the first positional deviation difference map and the second positional deviation amount map, and judging existence of a value exceeding an allowable value, in values defined by the third positional deviation amount map.02-21-2013
20110001817SYSTEM FOR THE ANGULAR ORIENTATION AND DETECTION OF CONTAINERS IN LABELLING MACHINES - The present invention relates to a system for the angular orientation and detection of containers being processed in labelling machines. More particularly, the present invention relates to a system (01-06-2011
20130050467Control System And Method For An Aerially Moved Payload System - A system and method for controlling an aerially moved payload having at least one information capturing device and at least one line, reel, and motor combination for maneuvering the payload. The system includes a database having at least one control parameter or location parameter input therein. An image viewing device is provided for displaying information from the at least one information capturing device and software for overlaying at least one of the at least one control or location parameter.02-28-2013
20090251535Automatic inspection device for stents, and method of automatic inspection - A device for automatic illumination and inspection of tubular probes, in particular stents, is proposed, with rotatable means for holding the probes that are to be inspected, with an electronic camera and associated lens, with a computer-based electronic imaging system, and with means for illuminating the probe that is to be inspected. The probe surfaces are illuminated by means of a combination of dark field illumination and transillumination.10-08-2009
20130162807POINTS FROM FOCUS OPERATIONS USING MULTIPLE LIGHT SETTINGS IN A MACHINE VISION SYSTEM - A method of automatically adjusting lighting conditions improves the results of points from focus (PFF) 06-27-2013
20130162806ENHANCED EDGE FOCUS TOOL - A method for operating an edge focus tool to focus the optics of a machine vision inspection system proximate to an edge adjacent to a beveled surface feature is provided. The method comprises defining a region of interest (ROI) including the edge in a field of view of the machine vision inspection system; acquiring an image stack of the ROI over a Z range including the edge; generating a point cloud including a Z height for a plurality of points in the ROI, based on determining a best focus Z height measurement for the plurality of points; defining a proximate subset of the point cloud comprising points proximate to the beveled surface feature and corresponding to the shape of the beveled surface feature; defining a Z-extremum subset of the proximate subset of the point cloud; and focusing the optics at a Z height corresponding to the Z-extremum subset.06-27-2013
20120033065SENSOR ARRANGEMENT FOR A CONSTRUCTION MACHINE - The invention relates to a sensor arrangement for a construction machine with a sensor which is set up for gathering measurement data from a sampling region or from a sampling point. The invention is characterised in that an illumination device for illuminating the sampling region or the sampling point is integrated into the sensor arrangement.02-09-2012
20100194876METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR VISUAL INSPECTION - In the case of die-to-die comparison, threshold processing units process the differential image between the image of a sample chip and the images of left and right adjacent chips using a second threshold value lower than a first threshold value thereby to determine a defect candidate for the sample chip. Further, threshold processing units process the differential image using the first threshold value. The defect candidates which develops a signal not smaller than the first threshold is detected as a defect. Also in the cell-to-cell comparison, the differential image is first processed by the second threshold value to determine a defect candidate, and the differential image is further processed by the first threshold value. The defect candidates which develops a signal not smaller than the first threshold value is detected as a defect.08-05-2010
20110298916SENSOR SYSTEM PROCESSING ARCHITECTURE - A system for imaging an area using a plurality of non-contact measurement optical sensors comprises a plurality of substantially identical sensors that detect the presence of a connected network of like sensors, accept the assignment of the role of a managing sensor or a support sensor and individually image a portion of said area. Each sensor may also individually derive image information from its image. The images or image information from each of the plurality of sensors are delivered to the managing sensor which combines them with its own image or image information and that acts as the exclusive client server for delivering the combined image or combined image information to the client.12-08-2011
20090207243Device for examining workpieces - The invention relates to a device for examining workpieces (08-20-2009
20090273668METHOD FOR SETTING PARAMETERS OF A VISION DETECTOR USING PRODUCTION LINE INFORMATION - Disclosed are systems and methods for setting various operating parameters of a vision detector from production line information that can be supplied by a manufacturing technician who is not skilled in the art of the invention. These operating parameters include shutter time, video gain, idle time, frame count, and locator search range. The production line information includes line speed, field of view size, direction of motion, and object spacing.11-05-2009
20080316306Robot System Equipped with a Tool, Camera and Light Source - A robot system comprises one or more tools (12-25-2008
20110267450METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATED DETECTION OF THE PRESENCE AND TYPE OF CAPS ON VIALS AND CONTAINERS - Methods, systems and apparatus for determining the presence of a cap on a container are provided. An exemplary method comprises capturing an image of an object; extracting an area of interest from the image; determining from the image a position of one or more edges of the object; and determining the presence of a cap based on a comparison of the one or more edge positions to reference data. Numerous other aspects are provided.11-03-2011
20110199476METROLOGY SYSTEM FOR IMAGING WORKPIECE SURFACES AT HIGH ROBOT TRANSFER SPEEDS - A metrology system has an elongate stationary camera pixel array facing a workpiece transit path of a robot with an field of view corresponding to a workpiece diameter and extending transverse to the transit path portion, and a stationary elongate light emitting array generally parallel to the pixel array. An image control processor causes the camera to capture successive image frames while the, robot is moving the workpiece through the transit path.08-18-2011
20120140058STATIC DESALTER SIMULATOR - A static desalter simulator apparatus has a housing for containing a liquid bath and a rack disposed within the housing. The rack is formed of at least two substantially parallel plates separable by a plurality of spacers. An electric field is generatable between the plates, and at least one of the plates includes at least one recess. The apparatus also includes at least one mixing tube for containing an oil-water emulsion, which is positionable within at least one of the recesses. A controller is operatively connected to a mixing tube. An imaging device for generating a digital image or video during a demulsification process is in a mixing tube.06-07-2012
20090128624MONITORING SYSTEM, A METHOD FOR MONITORING, A COMPUTER SYSTEM AND A COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - The invention relates to a monitoring system for use in a teleoperation system. The monitoring system comprises a camera which is arranged to capture an image of at least a part of a space which is suitable for displacing therein an object from a first position to a second position. Further, the monitoring system is arranged to mask a part of the image.05-21-2009
20130120553MACHINE VISION SYSTEM EDITING ENVIRONMENT FOR A PART PROGRAM IN WHICH A CONTINUOUS STREAM OF IMAGE ACQUISITION OPERATIONS ARE PERFORMED DURING A RUN MODE - A machine vision system editing environment is provided for a part program in which a continuous stream of image acquisition operations are performed during a run mode. In one embodiment, a new common syntax and representations are utilized wherein continuous image acquisition operations are recorded in the same way as regular operations, with the running of the part program being performed in two stages. In the first stage, the portion of the part program that is to have the continuous stream of image acquisition is scanned for image acquisition operations, and the most efficient order for acquiring the images is determined, after which the image acquisition process is begun. Then, in the second stage, while the image acquisition process is being performed, the portion of the part program is scanned again, with the image analysis operations then being performed.05-16-2013
20110141265System and Method for Monitoring Hot Glass Containers to Enhance Their Quality and Control the Forming Process - A system and method are disclosed for monitoring hot glass containers at the hot end as they stream from an I.S. machine manufacturing them to enable their quality to be monitored, enhanced, and controlled. The system monitors radiation from the hot glass containers, extracts images of each hot glass container, analyzes the images of the hot glass containers, and provides the images of the hot glass containers together with information indicative of the quality thereof to a display screen viewable by an operator to enable the quick identification of glass forming process deviations and to occasion continuous improvements in glass container quality. The system and method are independent of conditions and parameters that have hampered previously known attempts to monitor hot glass containers, and make possible the production of glass containers of both high quality and substantially increased consistency.06-16-2011
20110141264Method and System for Monitoring and Controlling a Glass Container Forming Process - The present invention relates to a method and system for monitoring and controlling a glass container forming process. The radiation emitted by each hot glass container is measured with measurement unit immediately after the forming machine. The described method normalizes the measurement from glass container to glass container and thereby removes the effects of overall temperature variations between glass containers, changing ambient conditions, and other variations affecting the measurements, which provides a unique quality reference for each glass container. By reviewing this reference for each produced glass container, the quality of the produced containers can be improved06-16-2011
20110228077System for monitoring Dynamic Stability of Micro Machine Process and Method Thereof - The present invention discloses a system for monitoring dynamic stability of micro machine is provided in this invention, wherein an image-capturing device and an analytic device are included. The image-capturing device captures an image on a surface of a work piece milled by the micro machine. The analytic device comprises an image input interface, means for gray-scaling an image, means for analyzing abnormal gray-scaled value of the gray-scaled image, and means for analyzing numbers of veins of the gray-scaled image. This invention also provides a method for monitoring dynamic stability of micro machine.09-22-2011
20130215256IMAGING SYSTEM WITH DEFOCUSED AND APERTURE-CROPPED LIGHT SOURCES FOR DETECTING SURFACE CHARACTERISTICS - A system for detecting characteristics of a surface includes multiple sources of lights, a platform structure configured to support the surface, a lens aligned with the platform structure, a cropping aperture, and an image receiver. The platform structure is configured to receive light from the source of light and the lens is positioned such that the source of light is not in focus, but the detected surface is in focus. The cropping aperture is configured to crop light reflected from the surface, and the image receiver is configured to receive the light conditioned by the cropping aperture.08-22-2013
20110221884IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING PROGRAM, VISUAL SENSOR SYSTEM AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing method for processing images from an imaging apparatus installed in a manufacturing line is provided. A first captured image of an object is received. A second captured image of the object is received. The second captured image is captured after the first image. The first captured image to obtain a processed image is processed. The processed image and the second captured image is output in a superimposed state.09-15-2011
20120105620MIXED INJECTION INSPECTION SYSTEM - A mixed injection inspection system is provided for inspecting mixed injection work for mixing an injection drug by an inspector different from a mixed injection worker. The mixed injection inspection system includes: a mixed injection work photographing device provided in a mixed injection work place and used to photograph the mixed injection work; an inspector side mixed injection work monitor provided in a place remote from the mixed injection work place and used to display the mixed injection work photographed by the mixed injection work photographing device; an inspector side input device provided in a place remote from the mixed injection work place and used to input instructions for the worker working at the mixed injection work place; and a mixed injection worker side display for displaying to the mixed injection worker what has been input by the inspector side input device.05-03-2012
20100149326PLASMA MONITORING DEVICE AND METHOD - A plasma monitoring device includes a plasma supplier including a power supply, a reaction gas supply line, and an emission nozzle for emitting plasma, which is generated therein, toward an object; a camera unit for obtaining an image of the plasma emission state; and a controller for obtaining a measurement value by converting pixel information of the image into a numerical value and comparing it with a reference value, which is a measurement value in a normal emission state, to check the plasma emission state. The camera unit obtains an image of the plasma emission state, and the controller analyzes the image to obtain a measurement value, which is used to monitor the state of plasma in real time and control the amount of reaction gas supplied to the plasma supplier and the plasma discharge condition, so that plasma is evenly emitted from the plasma supplier.06-17-2010
20130215257OPTICAL NAVIGATION DEVICE - There is provided an optical navigation device including at least one light source, an image sensor and a processing unit. The light source illuminates a work surface in a first brightness value and a second brightness value. The image sensor receives reflected light from the work surface and outputs a first image frame corresponding to the first brightness value and a second image frame corresponding to the second brightness value. The processing unit calculates a differential image of the first image frame and the second image frame and identifies an operating state according to the differential image.08-22-2013
20100182420Image Acquisition System for Identifying Signs on Mailpieces - An image acquisition system for identifying signs on mailpieces wherein each mailpiece is moved by being nipped between a conveyor and a housing wall that is provided with a longitudinal slot, comprises, inside the housing, an illumination module having two lighting units that are symmetrical about the slot for the purpose of illuminating a surface defined by the slot, and a camera for forming an image of said illuminated surface, polarization optical means also being disposed between said illumination module and said illuminated surface, and a polarization optical filter being disposed between said camera and said surface. The slot is closed by a flush transparent rigid wall against which each mailpiece is pressed.07-22-2010
20120194665CAMERA ASSEMBLY FOR THE EXTRACTION OF IMAGE DEPTH DISCONTINUITY AND METHOD OF USE - A machine vision system is provided. The machine vision system includes a camera. A first flash unit is in communication with the camera and adapted to emit light or a first range of wavelengths in synchronization with operation of the camera. A second flash unit is in communication with the camera and adapted to emit light of a second range of wavelengths in synchronization with operation of the camera. The light of the first range of wavelengths does not overlap the wavelength of the light of the second range of wavelengths.08-02-2012
20120242824DEVICE AND METHOD FOR INSPECTING TYRE SHAPE - Boundary lines which are contours of uneven marks are detected in a sample original image of the sidewall surface of a sample tyre, and a mask image showing the position of the boundary lines is generated. Thereupon, a height offset image which shows a height of the uneven marks is generated by, in use of a plurality of discrete height threshold values, classifying the height of regions in the sample original image which remain after excluding regions corresponding to the positions of the boundary lines shown in the mask image. An unevenness-excluded image is generated by excluding the uneven marks from an inspection image of a sidewall surface of a tyre under inspection, by subtracting the height offset image from the inspection image. A shape defect in the sidewall surface of the tyre under inspection is inspected on the basis of the unevenness-excluded image.09-27-2012
20110141266MONITORING SYSTEM OF A DYNAMICAL ARRANGEMENT OF PIECES TAKING PART IN A PROCESS RELATED TO A MANUFACTURING EXECUTING SYSTEM - A monitoring system of a dynamical arrangement of pieces takes part in a process related to a manufacturing executing system is presented. At least one of the pieces is spatially movable and the arrangement is free of interfacing signals for signaling a spatial position of the pieces at a control unit of the manufacturing executing system. The monitoring system contains a camera which is spatially positionable in a free selected neighborhood closed to predefined pieces and which acquires an image of a field of interest of the dynamical arrangement, a motion detection unit at an output of the camera that provides a detection of a spatial motion of one of the pieces, and an interface at the output of the camera for transmitting the acquired image to an input of a monitoring unit to extract information on a status of the arrangement which is interpretable in the control unit.06-16-2011
20100220183COMPONENT PLACING APPARATUS - [Problems] To provide a component placing apparatus capable of effectively preventing the occurrence of a suction error by appropriately adjusting a displacement between respective coordinate systems of a placing head and imaging device while efficiently performing suction position recognition using the imaging device that is movable independently of the placing head.09-02-2010
20090033743MONITORING DEVICE - A device for monitoring objects, in particular for monitoring industrial environments, such as paper mills and manufacturing and/or finishing processes of a paper, board or other fibrous web being carried out therein, includes a monitoring camera, the camera with its objective being arranged in a rotationally symmetrical protective housing rotating about an axis of rotation, and a protective housing to be mounted at its one end on a rigid hollow shaft and, at its coaxially opposite other end, to have a co-rotating blower pipe or merge into the latter, and for compressed air to be applied to the protective housing, including the blower pipe.02-05-2009
20110128368Hole Inspection Method and Apparatus - An inspection apparatus initially involves an illuminator for directing an illuminating light beam towards a hole having two extremities and an internal surface extending between the two extremities. The inspection apparatus also involves a lens assembly for imaging the internal surface of the hole into the flat image. The lens assembly has a cylindrical field of view as well as a cylindrical depth of view. The cylindrical depth of field extends at least between the two extremities of the hole. The inspection apparatus further involves an image capturing device for capturing the flat image, and an image processing unit for performing inspection of the flat image to thereby inspect the internal surface of the hole. More specifically, the internal surface of the hole between the two extremities thereof is substantially in-focus along the flat image.06-02-2011
20100315504SYSTEMS, METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR TAPPING METAL ELECTROLYSIS CELLS - Systems, methods and apparatus for facilitating tailored removal of liquids from electrolysis cells are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system includes a container adapted to contain molten liquid of an electrolysis cell, where the molten liquid comprises at least one of molten metal and electrolyte, a passageway adapted to view the molten liquid as it enters the body of the container, an imaging device facing the passageway, where the imaging device is adapted to obtain images of the molten liquid as the molten liquid enters the container, and a display in communication with the imaging device, where the display is adapted to depict the molten liquid via the images obtained by the imaging device. When the molten liquid transitions from molten metal to electrolyte, flow of liquid into the container may be adjusted.12-16-2010
20110080476High Performance Vision System for Part Registration - An embodiment describes a vision system capable of inspecting large areas with high accuracy and speed. According to embodiments, a more sophisticated system is used that allows the camera to see the entire workpiece surface. Prior art devices used cameras with a fixed field-of-view. This causes problems with finding parts accurately all over the field, especially when their locations are not known or they exist outside of the fixed field-of-view of a camera. An embodiment uses our scanner scheme described in detail above that can find fiducial marks accurately over the entire workpiece.) A calibration is used to correct for perspective distortions that occur from viewing the fiducial marks from the skewed angles. The calibration also corrects for various errors in several possible optical configurations.04-07-2011
20110050878Vision System for Monitoring Humans in Dynamic Environments - A safety monitoring system for a workspace area. The workspace area related to a region having automated moveable equipment. A plurality of vision-based imaging devices capturing time-synchronized image data of the workspace area. Each vision-based imaging device repeatedly capturing a time synchronized image of the workspace area from a respective viewpoint that is substantially different from the other respective vision-based imaging devices. A visual processing unit for analyzing the time-synchronized image data. The visual processing unit processes the captured image data for identifying a human from a non-human object within the workspace area. The visual processing unit further determining potential interactions between a human and the automated moveable equipment. The visual processing unit further generating control signals for enabling dynamic reconfiguration of the automated moveable equipment based on the potential interactions between the human and the automated moveable equipment in the workspace area.03-03-2011
20120098956IMAGING APPARATUS FOR FULLY AUTOMATIC SCREEN PRINTER - An imaging apparatus for fully automatic screen printer including two stacked light sources, two stacked beamsplitters, two stacked optical reflectors, two stacked imaging lens and two stacked image sensors, wherein the two stacked optical reflectors and the two stacked light sources are correspondingly disposed on two different sides of the two beamsplitters, the two stacked imaging lens are disposed on another side of the beamsplitters different from that of the optical reflectors and the light sources, the two stacked image sensors are disposed behind the imaging lens; the optical reflectors are provided with an upward reflection plane and a downward reflection plane, the optical axes of the imaging lenses are orthogonal to that of the light sources. The imaging apparatus is of two independent optical paths which capture the image of the printed circuit board and that of the screen respectively. Furthermore, the imaging apparatus is of compact structure, high acquiring speed and optical paths easy to be adjusted.04-26-2012
20110169941SENSOR FOR IMAGING INSIDE EQUIPMENT - A system for monitoring performance of a machine for detection of visible signs of failure, the system including: a machine enclosure housing a plurality of machine parts; a visual conduit for providing a view of an interior of the machine; an interface to the machine configured to receive images from the visual conduit; and a repair network for linking the interface to a monitoring center that provides for the repair of problems with the machine.07-14-2011
20120002036Method and Device for Scanning Induction Thermography Having a Flexible Movement Path - A method and a device for induction thermography for non-destructive material examination are provided. A movement of a test object relative to an infrared camera with an inductor is carried out along any desired single or multi-dimensional path such that the relative movement for recording an image by the infrared camera is independent.01-05-2012
20120206592MOBILE HAND HELD MACHINE VISION METHOD AND APPARATUS USING DATA FROM MULTIPLE IMAGES TO PERFORM PROCESSES - A method and apparatus for performing a process associated with an item to be imaged is disclosed. The process requires data associated with a plurality of required features of the item to be imaged. A handheld device is used to obtain a sequence of images. For at least a subset of the obtained images, a camera field of view is directed toward the item from different relative juxtapositions while obtaining the images. At least a subset of the obtained images are examined to identify the required features. Images are obtained until each of the required features are identified in at least one image. Feedback is provided to a user indicating at least one additional required features to be imaged, required features that have already been imaged and guidance indicating how to manipulate the handheld device to obtain images of additional required features.08-16-2012
20120044343IMAGE MEASURING APPARATUS AND IMAGE MEASURING METHOD - Disclosed in an image measuring apparatus including an image capture unit which captured an image of a measurement subject, an import unit which imports the image of the measurement subject which is captured by the image capture unit, a binarization unit which binarizes the image which is imported by the import unit, an contour detection unit which recognizes graphic information in the image which is binarized by the binarization unit and detects an contour of the graphic information, A corner detection unit which detects corners of the graphic information based on the contour which is detected by the contour detection unit, a setting unit which respectively sets edge detection tools on lines of the contour including the corners detected by the corner detection unit and a measurement unit which measures the graphic information by the edge detection tools which are set by the setting unit.02-23-2012
20120057018USING THERMAL IMAGING FOR CONTROL OF A MANUFACTURING PROCESS - A thermal imaging camera monitors the temperature different zones in a pharmaceutical process such as ribbon compaction, coating, spray drying, fluid bed drying, high shear wet granulation, crystallization, lyophilization, precipitation, fermentation, and low dosage dispensing of a pharmaceutically active liquid. The thermal imaging camera can be used to produce a visual display of a temperature profile, or a spray pattern. In addition, feedback from the thermal imaging camera is used to control one or more processing parameters.03-08-2012
20120057017FAULT DETECTION SYSTEM WITH REDUNDANT PRODUCT TEACH VERIFICATION - Some embodiments for a fault detection apparatus may include one or more monitors to detect at least three operating states of a sensor, such as pass, fail, and inoperative so as to enable a manufacturing facility to differentiate between situations in which a container does not have the appropriate machine readable label and situations wherein the sensor is actually inoperative. The fail state may be indicative of an object on a conveyor system not matching a predetermined description, identity or characteristic. The pass state may be indicative of an object on a conveyor system matching the predetermined description, identity or characteristic. The inoperative state may be indicative of a sensor output associated with a malfunction in the sensor itself. The fault detection apparatus may also include a fail-to-safe controller configured to detect these operating states.03-08-2012
20120057016MULTIFUNCTIONAL WORKING PLATFORM FOR THE PROCESS OF AN IMAGE SENSOR MODULE - A multifunctional working platform for the process of an image sensor module includes a rotary disc, an electronic controlling component, a positioning device, a focusing device, a dispensing device and a solidifying device. The positioning device includes a supporting bracket and a video camera. The focusing device includes a focusing unit and a stepper motor component. The focusing unit includes a mounting base, a supporting board, a focusing wheel mechanism and a first motor. The first motor controls the focusing wheel mechanism to vertically move. The stepper motor component controls the focusing wheel mechanism to horizontally move. The dispensing device includes a mounting frame, a driving mechanism and a dispensing tube. The solidifying device includes a supporting post and a solidifying tube. The multifunctional working platform gathers functions of positioning, focusing, dispensing and solidifying as a whole thereby improving the focusing precision, the automation level and the working efficiency.03-08-2012
20120062725SYSTEM FOR ERROR-PROOFING MANUAL ASSEMBLY OPERATIONS USING MACHINE VISION - An error detection vision system that determines whether a proper part has been selected from a presentation device during an assembly process. In one embodiment, the presentation device is a rack including a plurality of bins, where the bins hold a plurality of different parts. The vision system includes one or more projecting devices that project a light beam towards the presentation device and a detector, such as a camera, receiving reflections back from a worker as he selects parts from the presentation device. The error detection vision system can employ various detection processes, such as a stereo pair of video cameras, vision using structured-light triangulation and infrared time-of-flight distance measurements.03-15-2012
20120176490System And Method For Analyzing Sheet Interleaving Material - Embodiments provide for analyzing interleaving material applied to sheets of material traveling along a conveyor. A system is provided that includes a cross-conveyor support frame and a camera system to capture images of the interleaving material upon the sheets. The camera system may optionally include a movable camera head that travels along the support frame to capture images at multiple positions along substantially the entire width of the conveyor. A control module is provided that includes a processor programmed with instructions for analyzing the interleaving material based on the images. In some cases the analyzing includes receiving the images of the interleaving material from the camera system, assessing coverage of the interleaving material upon the sheets of material from the images, determining adjustments for application of the interleaving material based on the assessed coverage, and/or communicating the adjustments to an interleaving material applicator.07-12-2012
20120154570Thermal Inspection and Machining Systems and Methods of Use - The present application provides a thermal imaging and machining system for a machine component. The thermal imaging and machining system may include a machining subsystem with a machining device for drilling one or more holes in the machine component and a thermal inspection subsystem positioned about the machining subsystem. The thermal inspection subsystem may include an imager and one or more fluid supply lines such that a thermal response of the holes in the machine component may be determined.06-21-2012
20110102574SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR IMAGING MULTIPLE SIDES OF OBJECTS - A system for acquiring multiple images of objects, the system includes: a lateral transferor that comprises multiple lateral transferor portions adapted to transfer the objects to a lateral imaging area in a lateral manner; wherein each lateral transferor portion comprises a object receiver and a transfer element; wherein the transfer element moves the object receiver towards an imaging area unless encountering a resistance that is above a predefined resistance; and an imager that is configured to obtain images of two opposite sides of the object when the objects are positioned at the lateral imaging area.05-05-2011
20100245558COMPONENT MANIPULATING METHOD, COMPONENT EXTRACTING METHOD, COMPONENT ASSEMBLING METHOD, COMPONENT MANIPULATING APPARATUS, COMPONENT EXTRACTING APPARATUS, AND COMPONENT ASSEMBLING APPARATUS - A component manipulating method includes recognizing, computing, and manipulating. The recognizing is a process in which a position and an attitude of a measured object is recognized by taking an image of a light spot group of the measured object with a camera, the measured object having the light spot group including a plurality of light spots, based on a light image expressing light spots constituting the light spot group on an image taken with the camera. The computing is a process in which a position and an attitude of the component are computed based on the position and the attitude of the recognized measured object and also on geometric arrangement positions of the measured object and the component. The manipulating is a process in which a robot being used to perform operations on the component is manipulated based on the computed position and the attitude.09-30-2010
20100245559PROCESS, LIGHTING EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEM FOR THE OPTICAL DETECTION OF MOVING OBJECTS - A process for the optical detection of moving objects comprises: 09-30-2010
20120257043COMPONENT MOUNTING APPARATUS, ILLUMINATING APPARATUS USED IN IMAGING AND ILLUMINATING METHOD - A component mounting apparatus, an illuminating apparatus used in imaging in the component mounting apparatus and an illuminating method are provided which can support various recognition objects and can meet the requirement of downsizing by reducing the occupied space. In the component mounting apparatus which performs an operation for mounting a component on a board (10-11-2012
20120081537CAMERA PROTECTIVE SYSTEM AND METHOD - A user protection system, a machine including a user protection system, and a method of protecting a user of a machine are disclosed. In an embodiment, a user protection system is provided including at least one camera directed to a protected area of the machine; a computing device operably coupled to the at least one camera, a program product stored in a memory of the computing device which when executed, analyzes at least one image of the protected area captured by the camera and transmitted in real time to the computing device, and a relay coupling operably connecting the computing device with a shut-off control on the machine, wherein, in a case in which at least a part of a user is detected at least partially within the protected area, the computing device transmits a command causing the machine to stop.04-05-2012
20100321486INFUSION MONITORING SYSTEM AND METHOD - The invention relates to systems and methods which may be used to determine when an uncured composite part is ready to be cured. In one embodiment, a system under the invention may comprise an infrared camera adapted to take infrared images of an uncured composite part, a heating device adapted to heat an uncured composite part, an image capture device adapted to capture infrared images taken by the infrared camera, and a computer adapted to analyze infrared images taken by the infrared camera in order to evaluate temperatures of an uncured composite part. The infrared images may be used to determine that the composite part is substantially covered, and/or completely covered, with resin and ready to be cured.12-23-2010
20120262567COMPONENT MOUNTING APPARATUS, ILLUMINATING APPARATUS USED IN IMAGING AND ILLUMINATING METHOD - A component mounting apparatus, an illuminating apparatus used in imaging in the component mounting apparatus and an illuminating method are provided which can support various recognition objects and can meet the requirement of downsizing by reducing the occupied space. In the component mounting apparatus which performs an operation for mounting a component on a board (10-18-2012
20110037848METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CALIBRATING A PROJECTED IMAGE MANUFACTURING DEVICE - A method for calibrating a manufacturing device that manufactures solid parts by projecting images onto a photo-curable substrate includes providing the manufacturing device including a projector and an optical train, positioning an imaging plate at a manufacturing position relative to the manufacturing device, and providing a contrasting image on the imaging plate. The method further includes projecting a test image from the projector through the optical train onto the contrasting image and calibrating the projector and/or the optical train in response to the test image projected onto the contrasting image. The method further includes manufacturing a solid component with the manufacturing device after the calibrating.02-17-2011
20120327214SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IMAGE CALIBRATION - The present invention discloses a system for smart camera image calibration, comprising a calibration card, a size marking on the calibration card, and a calibration image on the calibration card. A method for smart camera image calibration comprises calibrating a vision system to a size marking, capturing a calibration verification image, and verifying the calibration verification image based on the size marking. A smart camera calibration system comprises a vision system, a first calibration parameter programmed into the vision system, a calibration card comprising a size marking, and a calibration image, wherein the calibration image is shown on the calibration card and in the vision system, wherein the calibration image substantially corresponds to at least some portion of a product, and wherein the size marking does not bear similarity to the at least some portion of the product.12-27-2012
20120287259NETWORKED THREE-DIMENSIONAL PRINTER WITH WEB-BASED VIDEO FEED - Three-dimensional fabrication resources are improved by adding networking capabilities to three-dimensional printers and providing a variety of tools for networked use of three-dimensional printers. Web-based servers or the like can provide a single point of access for remote users to manage access to distributed content on one hand, and to manage use of distributed fabrication resources on the other.11-15-2012
20130176419APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANUALLY CONFIRMING ELECTRONICALLY STORED INFORMATION REGARDING A PIECE OF LUMBER - Provided are an apparatus and a method for manually confirming the accuracy of electronically stored information regarding a piece of lumber.07-11-2013
20130113917CIGARETTE INSPECTION APPARATUS - An image of the filter end faces of a bundle of cigarettes arranged side by side with axes thereof paralleled is acquired as an inspection image, and the diameters of the individual cigarettes of the bundle in the inspection image are obtained and compared with normal diameters associated with the respective cigarettes in the inspection image, to determine axial displacement of cigarettes from the bundle (first determination section). Also, the centers of gravity of the end faces of the individual cigarettes are obtained, and based on the difference between an inter-center-of-gravity distance which is the distance between an outermost cigarette in the bundle and its adjacent cigarette, and an inter-center-of-gravity distance which is the distance between adjacent cigarettes located in the central part of the bundle and belonging to the same tier as the outermost cigarette, axial displacement of the outermost cigarettes is determined (second determination section).05-09-2013
20100309307Automatic stent inspection system - A fully automated inspection system provides for inspection, measurement and characterization of a wire mesh tube, particularly a stent. The system uses an optical imaging subsystem to capture high resolution color images of both exterior and interior surfaces of a stent. Defects are defected by processing the captured images using proprietary algorithms. Geometric dimensional features of a stent are measured by processing the stitched 2-D map of the stent. In addition, a surface-scanning profiling subsystem is used to measure the surface roughness of drug films or metallic surfaces. It also measures the 3-D profile of a stent strut.12-09-2010
20130155220CONFIGURABLE IMAGE TRIGGER FOR A VISION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USING THE SAME - This invention provides a trigger for a vision system that can be set using a user interface that allows the straightforward variation of a plurality of exposed trigger parameters. Illustratively, the vision system includes a triggering mode in which the system keeps acquiring an image of a field of view with respect to objects in relative motion. The system runs user-configurable “trigger logic”. When the trigger logic succeeds/passes, the current image or a newly acquired image is then transmitted to the main inspection logic for processing. The trigger logic can be readily configured by a user operating an interface, which can also be used to configure the main inspection process, to trigger the vision system by tools such as presence-absence, edge finding, barcode finding, pattern matching, image thresholding, or any arbitrary combination of tools exposed by the vision system in the interface.06-20-2013
20130182099PHOTOELECTRIC CONVERSION CONNECTOR, OPTICAL TRANSMISSION MODULE, IMAGING APPARATUS, AND ENDOSCOPE - A photoelectric conversion connector, includes: an optical element that performs one of inputting and outputting an optical signal; an electric element that controls one of a light emission and a light reception of the optical element; and at least one substrate on which the electric element and the optical element are mounted, the substrate including an aligning and connecting part that allows connecting an optical fiber that performs one of inputting an optical signal output from the optical element and outputting an optical signal input to the optical element, the aligning and connecting part being provided on a surface different from a surface on which the optical element are mounted of the substrate, the optical fiber being connected to the substrate via the aligning and connecting part, and the optical element and the optical fiber being arranged and mounted in line along a direction of a thickness of the substrate.07-18-2013
20130188037METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MEASURING CRITICAL DIMENSION AND MONITORING FABRICATION UNIFORMITY - A method for measuring critical dimension (CD) includes steps of: scanning at least one area of interest of a die to obtain at least one scanned image; aligning the scanned image to at least one designed layout pattern to identify a plurality of borders within the scanned image; and averaging distances each measured from the border or the plurality of borders of a pattern associated with a specific type of CD corresponding to the designed layout pattern to obtain a value of CD of the die. The value of critical dimensions of dies can be obtained from the scanned image with lower resolution which is obtained by relatively higher scanning speed, so the above-mentioned method can obtain value of CD for every die within entire wafer to monitor the uniformity of the semiconductor manufacturing process within an acceptable inspection time.07-25-2013
20130188038TABLET INSPECTION DEVICE AND TABLET INSPECTION METHOD - A tablet inspection device includes a lighting unit configured to emit parallel light to a medicine package enclosing therein a semi-transparent tablet that is capable of transmitting light, a camera unit configured to capture an image of the medicine package irradiated with the parallel light, so as to obtain a transmission image of the medicine package, and an image processing unit configured to detect, as an area of the semi-transparent tablet, an area having a center part and a periphery part which has brightness lower than brightness of the center part, in the transmission image.07-25-2013
20120019649Measurement of Textile Fabrics - Apparatus for the measurement of textile fabrics comprising at least one sensor having an associated sensor field. A feed arrangement presents an area of a textile fabric length at the sensor field. The feed arrangement also provides relative movement between the sensor and the textile fabric length to present a sequence of areas of fabric at the sensor field. The sensor is repeatedly operated to provide a colour output representing fabric colour and measured from respective areas of the fabric, as sequentially presented at the sensor field. The feed arrangement operates, each time the sensor provides a colour output, to provide a respective position output representing the position of the sensor relative to the fabric. The feed arrangement and sensor provide a sequence of colour outputs measured from known areas of the fabric, represented by the respective position outputs.01-26-2012

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