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348143000 Observation of or from a specific location (e.g., surveillance) 2370
348135000 Object or scene measurement 668
348077000 Human body observation 500
348065000 With endoscope 412
348079000 Microscope 397
348086000 Manufacturing 320
348125000 Flaw detector 151
348113000 Navigation 89
348082000 Hazardous or inaccessible 82
348081000 Underwater 40
348062000 Aid for the blind 22
348096000 Film, disc or card scanning 22
348161000 Object comparison (e.g., remote verification of signature, etc.) 15
348121000 Simulator 9
20130044194Automatic image capture - A method of automatically capturing images with precision uses an intelligent mobile device having a camera loaded with an appropriate image capture application. When a user initializes the application, the camera starts taking images of the object. Each image is qualified to determine whether it is in focus and entirely within the field of view of the camera. Two or more qualified images are captured and stored for subsequent processing. The qualified images are aligned with each other by an appropriate perspective transformation so they each fill a common frame. Averaging of the aligned images reduces noise and a sharpening filter enhances edges, which produces a sharper image. The processed image is then converted into a two-level, black and white image which may be presented to the user for approval prior to submission via wireless or WiFi to a remote location.02-21-2013
20130044195LASER ALIGNMENT DEVICE WITH A MOVABLE MIRROR, LASER-TARGET ALIGNMENT SENSOR WITH MOVABLE MIRRORS AND LASER ALIGNMENT METHOD - A laser alignment device with at least one movable mirror, a laser-target alignment sensor with movable mirrors and a laser alignment method are disclosed. The laser alignment device with the movable mirror comprises an image acquisition means for collecting incident lasers, a moveable mirror for reflecting the lasers to the image acquisition means and is operable to move linearly with respect to the image acquisition means, and a lens for forming an image of a target in the image acquisition means. The present disclosure achieves linear motion of the movable mirror with high accuracy in a small range, which in turn achieves fast and accurate alignment of the laser. It solves the problem of laser spots overlapping, reduces alignment time and improves shooting accuracy.02-21-2013
20130083176OVERHEAD SCANNER DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - An overhead scanner device includes an image photographing unit, and a control unit, wherein the control unit includes an image acquiring unit that controls the image photographing unit to acquire an image of a document including at least an indicator provided by a user, a specific-point detecting unit that detects two specific points each determined based on the distance from the gravity center of an indicator to the end of the indicator, from the image acquired by the image acquiring unit, and an image cropping unit that crops the image acquired by the image acquiring unit into a rectangle with opposing corners at the two points detected by the specific-point detecting unit.04-04-2013
20130083175COMPUTING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING MOTION OF MECHANICAL ARM - In a method for controlling motion of a mechanical arm, the method moves the mechanical arm horizontally or vertically so that an image capturing device of the mechanism arm focuses on an object. The contours of the object are analyzed, and a central area of the object is established. By making the center of the image area of the image capturing device coincide with the center area of the object at least twice, the method records two positions of the mechanical arm, and calculates a total apparent displacement value of the object and a distance between the object and camera lens of the image capturing device according to the first position, the second position of the mechanical arm and the total apparent displacement value of the object. The method ensures accurate positioning of the mechanical arm.04-04-2013
20100165086LIGHT SOURCE FOR VISION MEASURING INSTRUMENT AND POSITIONING SYSTEM USING THE SAME - A light source is configured to be mounted to a vision measuring instrument that includes a primary image capture unit capturing an image of an object to be measured, and an auxiliary image capture unit providing a means to aim the primary image capture unit at a determined position. The light source includes a main body defining a through hole for receiving the primary image capture unit, and a mounting hole for readily mounting an auxiliary image capture unit. A luminescent surface is formed on an inner wall bounding the through hole of the main body. A number of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is disposed on the luminescent surface.07-01-2010
20090207239ARTIFICIAL EYE SYSTEM WITH DRIVE MEANS INSIDE THE EYE-BALL - An artificial eye system, comprising at least one eye unit (08-20-2009
20090315984VOICE RESPONSIVE CAMERA SYSTEM - A camera system includes a driver rotating a rotor and an attached supporter. Two sound sensors on the supporter measure sound signals from an acoustic source. A camera on the supporter is aligned with the acoustic source when the driver rotates the supporter according to differences between the sound signals.12-24-2009
20100149322SYSTEM AND METHOD OF IMPROVING THE LEGIBILITY AND APPLICABILITY OF DOCUMENT PICTURES USING FORM BASED IMAGE ENHANCEMENT - A system and method for imaging a document, and using a reference document to place pieces of the document in their correct relative position and resize such pieces in order to generate a single unified image, including the electronic capturing a document with one or multiple images using an imaging device, the performing of pre-processing of said images to optimize the results of subsequent image recognition, enhancement, and decoding, the comparing of said images against a database of reference documents to determine the most closely fitting reference document, and the applying of knowledge from said closely fitting reference document to adjust geometrically the orientation, shape, and size of said electronically captured images so that said images correspond as closely as possibly to said reference document.06-17-2010
20090021577IMAGE CAPTURE AND DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device for capturing and displaying images along a single optical axis, having an image capture device for capturing the objective image through the display panel when the display device is in a second transmissive state; an image supply source for providing an image to a display panel when the display panel is in a first display state; a mechanism for alternating placing the display panel between the first display state and second transmissive state such that an image can be viewed on the display screen and the object can be captured such that the alternating between the first display state and the second transmissive state is substantially imperceptible to a user of the display panel; and a mechanism for providing digitally image processing for captured images prior to display.01-22-2009
20090309960Portable multispectral imaging systems - Multiport multispectral portable imaging systems having at least two cameras with charge-coupled device sensors, a front lens unit, at least two rear lens units, a beamsplitter, and at least two bandpass filters is used to detect contaminants on food.12-17-2009
20100073468SIMULATION OF ATTENDANCE AT A LIVE EVENT - A method and apparatus is provided for creating a simulation of attendance at a live event performance. The apparatus includes an enclosed architectural structure having an interior adapted to replicate a portion of the seating environment of a real life performance venue and having a video projection screen with a panoramic surface and an audio-visual recording device for capturing the same panoramic view and audio as experienced by spectators near the selected vantage point at the real life performance venue. A delivery apparatus is provided to transmit a live or tape delayed feed from the audio-visual recorder and a receiver is provide to receive the live or tape delayed feed and a projection device is located within the enclosed structure, to project the live or tape delayed feed on the video projection screen at a one-to-one scale.03-25-2010
20100045785Note Capture Device - Various example embodiments provide a note capture device comprising a writing surface, a camera mounted to view the writing surface, and electronic circuitry to capture images of said surface, or various alternative surfaces, including for example, a business card surface. Notes are captured upon a determination of completion of the note writing, and either stored or forwarded to an external device, or both. Handwriting recognition software is provided to enhance searchability of captured notes. Application software embodied on various devices provides the ability to view, browse, share, search and edit captured notes and associated data.02-25-2010
20090046144METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR OPTIMIZING LENS ALIGNMENT FOR OPTICALLY SENSITIVE DEVICES AND SYSTEMS WITH OPTIMIZED LENS ALIGNMENT - Non-symmetrically located lenses are employed with semiconductor devices comprising optically active regions which are non-symmetrically located on a surface thereof The optical axes of the lenses are aligned with the centers of the optically active regions. Wafer-level assemblies of semiconductor devices and lenses may be fabricated, mutually secured with the non-symmetrically placed lenses aligned over the non-symmetrically placed optically active regions, and singulated to form packages, such as image sensor packages. Related methods, and systems incorporating devices with non-symmetrically placed optically active regions and aligned lenses are also disclosed.02-19-2009
20130027530DETERMINING A COMPUTER'S POSITION AND SYSTEM FOR MANUFACTURING A TAG - A technical solution for accurately positioning a computer position, that is to say, the solution can identify the specific rack position where the computer is. And the solution has low cost and does not need manual intervention. The core idea of the solution lies in using a camera installed on the computer to read the contents of a tag on the rack, so as to identify the position information of the computer. Specifically, the solution provides a computer with a self-positioning function, wherein: a camera is installed on the computer, and the camera is configured to read the contents of a tag attached on a side of a rack to house the computer to identify the rack position where the computer is.01-31-2013
20130027529DETERMINING A COMPUTER'S POSITION AND SYSTEM FOR MANUFACTURING A TAG - A system and method for accurately positioning a computer position, and identifying the specific rack position where the computer is without manual intervention. A camera is installed on the computer to read the contents of a tag on the rack, so as to identify the position information of the computer. Specifically, the computer is provided with a self-positioning function, wherein: a camera is installed on the computer, and the camera is configured to read the contents of a tag attached on a side of a rack to house the computer to identify the rack position where the computer is.01-31-2013
20130027527INSPECTION SYSTEM DEPLOYING PORTABLE HANDSET WITH ACTIVE COOLING FEATURE - Embodiments of an inspection system deploy active cooling to dissipate heat in a portable handset. In one embodiment, the inspection system comprise a visual inspection apparatus with a handle portion and a head portion coupled to the handle portion. The head portion can have a display and a circuit board coupled to the display and a heat sink in thermal connection with the circuit board. To facilitate active cooling, the apparatus may include an air moving device in flow connection with the heat sink, where the air moving device comprises a motor and an impeller and where the motor and the circuit board are sealed from the environment.01-31-2013
20130027528METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR VIDEO PROCESSING TO DETERMINE DIGITAL PULSE RECOGNITION TONES - In one aspect, the present disclosure relates to a method for isolating a broadcast digital pulse recognition tone of a beacon light source in a digital video sequence. In some embodiments, the method includes receiving a digital video sequence of a scene, the digital video sequence including a sequence of frames and the scene including both modulated illumination broadcast by a beacon light source and un-modulated illumination, calculating a background value of the digital video sequence, the background value including a portion of the digital video sequence corresponding to the un-modulated illumination of the scene, subtracting the background value of the digital video sequence to obtain an isolated digital video sequence of the modulated illumination of the scene, calculating a frequency content of a frame of the isolated digital video sequence, and determining a particular tone broadcast by the beacon light source based on the frequency content.01-31-2013
20100328441VIDEO DISPLAY DEVICE - A video display device includes: a connection detecting module configured to detect whether a shutter glasses is connected to the device; a generation module configured to generate a second frame, which is alternately displayed with a first frame included in a video content, by adding an irregular pattern to an image viewed in a predetermined color when the connection detecting module detects that the shutter glasses is connected; a display unit configured to display the video content; a video display controller configured to control the display unit to alternately display the first frame and the second frame; and a shutter glasses controller configured to control the shutter glasses to close shutters in synchronization with the time for displaying the second frame.12-30-2010
20130070068METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SURVEYING WITH A FEATURE LOCATION - Methods are provided for conducting surveys of regions of interest, points of interest, and objects of interest. The methods typically involve using a survey instrument with programmed logic. The programmed logic may include one or more base of knowledge in an electronically accessible format, and may include statistical analysis software. The survey instrument generally includes a display and one or more sensors. The sensors may include a visible image or an infrared image sensor. The program logic may be used to guide an operator through a survey.03-21-2013
20130050453THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA WITH RANGE DETECTION - A thermal imaging camera may be used to capture a visible-light (VL) image and an infrared (IR) image. In some examples, the camera includes a range imaging camera module that captures the VL and an infrared camera module that captures the IR image. In such examples, the VL image may include a plurality of different portions that each correspond to a different portion of the scene and distance-to-target data associated with each of the different portions of the scene. The camera may align each of the plurality of different portions of the VL image based on the distance-to-target data associated with corresponding portions of the scene so as to correct a parallax error between the VL image and the IR image. The camera may then concurrently display the VL image in alignment with the IR image.02-28-2013
20090303315BINOCULAR DEVICE USING BEAM SPLITTER (BINO-VIEW) - A binocular device including two ocular units and directing means to allow a user to view a display, the display being moveable when the distance between the ocular units is varied for interocular adjustment to maintain focus on the display. Instead of the display being movable, focus can be maintained by the inclusion in the directing means of optical relays for transmitting parallel light. In a further embodiment, a sensor is provided, the output of which is directed for viewing via the ocular units. In yet another embodiment, image capture means are provided for recording the image from the ocular units.12-10-2009
20110007141SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING CONTENT ON A TELEVISION IN STANDBY MODE - The present invention relates to a system for displaying content on a television in standby mode, comprising a storage for storing face data of one or more users and for storing preference data associated to the face data, said preference data indicating preferences of the user, a display for displaying content, a standby indicator for indicating that the television is in standby mode, wherein in case that the television is in standby mode activating a front camera for capturing an image of a user, and activating a recommendation device for searching the attribute data of content currently available and for selecting in case that the captured image corresponds to one of the store face data at least one content to be displayed having attribute data matching the associated stored preference data.01-13-2011
20130057664CAMERA-BASED IMAGING DEVICES, HAVING ALTERNATING CLUSTERS OF LIGHT SOURCES, FACILITATED TO ELIMINATE HOT SPOTS - An imaging device for imaging a document including an enclosed imaging-optical-chamber, a processor, a camera mounted inside the imaging-optical-chamber, at least two clusters of light sources disposed inside the imaging-optical-chamber, for directly illuminating of the document, and a glass-window. The clusters of light sources are operated, one at a time, in a preconfigured sequence, and the camera is preconfigured to acquire an image frame of the document, operatively coupled with the activation of each of the clusters. The direct illumination causes formation of hotspots in the acquired image frames at preconfigured locations, corresponding to the preconfigured positioning of the clusters. The processor is facilitated to cutout the preconfigured image frame portions containing the hot spots, forming clean portions of the acquired image frame, and to combine the clean portions of acquired image frame to form an output image frame of the document.03-07-2013
20130057665METHOD FOR MAKING VARIABLE REPRESENTATIVE CHARACTERISTICS OF (CUT) FLOWERS AND/OR ORNAMENTAL PLANTS ACCURATELY IDENTIFIABLE AND VISIBLE FOR CONSUMERS; AS WELL AS A SYSTEM WHICH IS SUITABLE FOR PERFORMING SUCH METHOD - The invention relates to methods and systems making variable representative characteristic of (cut) flowers and/or ornamental plants accurate identifiable and visible to customers. A code (or copies thereof) are affixed to a set of flowers having a certain representative characteristic. A customer may use a device to obtain the code (e.g., via a scanner), and a request to obtain the representative characteristic is made. In some embodiments, the representative characteristic is provided to the user through a video of the life cycle of the flower and/or plant.03-07-2013
20120307025METHOD AND ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT FOR READING THE SIGNALS GENERATED BY ONE OR MORE PIXELATED SENSORS - The subject matter of the invention is a method and an electronic circuit for reading the signals generated by one or more pixelated sensors in a gamma radiation detection system, which makes it possible to substantially reduce the number of electronic channels to be digitized. The electronic circuit in the invention is analogue and can also be coupled to other similar circuits in order to acquire the signals from larger sensors.12-06-2012
20110013001DIGITAL PENS AND A METHOD FOR DIGITAL RECORDING OF INFORMATION - A digital pen is provided with an optical system with at least one sensor for capturing images of a patterned surface and at least one light source for illuminating the patterned surface when images are captured by the at least one sensor. In order to solve the problem that the sensor is sometimes blinded by specularly reflected light when the digital pen is used on a glossy surface, the optical system is adjustable between at least two image capturing states in which images are captured with a different geometrical arrangement of the at least one sensor and the at least one light source. As a supplement or alternative, the digital pen may illuminate the patterned surface with linearly polarized light having a first polarization direction and further be provided with a linear polarizer in front of the image sensor, which polarizer has a second different polarization direction, preventing specularly reflected light from reaching the sensor.01-20-2011
20090268017ASSOCIATING DEVICE - An object of the invention is to make it possible to input memo information for each video material without being conscious of the association with the video material. The associating device according to the invention includes an association determination section 10-29-2009
20130063579Method and Apparatus for Recognition of Inhaler Actuation - A medication confirmation method and apparatus for confirming administration of medication employing an inhalable medication administration apparatus. The method of an embodiment of the invention includes the steps of capturing one or more video sequences of a user administering medication employing the inhalable medication administration apparatus, storing the captured one or more video sequences, capturing one or more audio sequences of the user administering medication employing the inhalable medication administration apparatus and storing the captured one or more audio sequences. At least one of the stored video sequences and at least one of the stored audio sequences are then analyzed to confirm that the user has properly administered the medication.03-14-2013
20090237496SUBSTRATE FOR OBSERVATION AND OBSERVATION SYSTEM - An observation substrate for observation capable of observing an overall plasma emission distribution. An observation wafer for observing a plasma emission state in a processing space of a process module of a substrate processing system includes a base and a plurality of image pickup units disposed on a surface of the base facing the processing space. Each of the image pickup units includes a lens and an image pickup device having a memory for storing a picked-up image.09-24-2009
20120113238DRAWN IMAGE SHARING APPARATUS, DRAWN IMAGE SHARING SYSTEM, AND DRAWN IMAGE SHARING METHOD - A disclosed drawn image sharing apparatus making objects to be drawn on share drawn images includes an image receiving portion from another drawn image sharing apparatus; an image supplying portion supplying a received image to a focusing device to produce an image; an image acquiring portion acquiring a sharing image from an image capturing device; an image difference generating portion generating a difference image between the produced image and the captured image in a sharing region; and an image dividing portion dividing the acquired image into first and second images, wherein in an adjusting mode, the image difference generating portion generates first and second difference images between the supplied images corresponding to the same regions and the first and second images, and the image combining portion substitutes the positions of the first and the second difference images and combines the first and the second difference images.05-10-2012
20130162788Artificial Compound Eye With Adaptive Microlenses - An artificial compound eye formed of three layers of membrane bonded to one another in a stacked relationship. A field chamber is located intermediate the two bottommost membranes. A plurality of focus chambers is located intermediate the two topmost membranes, and an image sensor is located below each focus chamber. The field chamber and each focus chamber contain a pressurized fluid medium. The ceilings of the focus chambers function as lenses though which light must pass to reach the sensors. The fluid pressure in the field chamber can be varied to expand or contract the eye between a planer and a domed configuration, thereby allowing the field of view of the eye to be varied. The fluid pressure in each focus chamber can be varied to expand or contract each lens between a planar and a domed configuration for independently varying the focal length of each lens.06-27-2013
20110249104Peripheral for a Handheld Communication Device - A peripheral device to a preexisting handheld communication device is disclosed. The peripheral device may include a housing capable of receiving the preexisting handheld communication device, a connector disposed in association with the housing, the connector configured to be removably coupled to the preexisting communication device, and a sensor assembly disposed in association with the housing, the sensor assembly operably associated with the connector assembly. Alternatively, the sensor assembly may be in wireless communication with the preexisting communication device. The sensor assembly preferably includes an optical image sensor for acquiring image information, and a processor for receiving and processing the image information. The sensor assembly may be configured to recover data corresponding to a microscopic code embedded on a surface of an object. Further, the housing may include a conformal cavity to receive the communication device.10-13-2011
20120154560OPTICAL SYSTEM FOR INSPECTING POROUS SUBSTRATES - An automated system for inspecting a porous substrate using a sample, comprising, a delivery device positioned to apply the sample to a target point on the porous substrate along a sample axis; an imaging device and one or more lenses, positioned so that the imaging device and the lens each has a focus axis that is offset from the sample axis, and have a viewing focal point that is substantially the same as the target point; a light source that is offset from the delivery device to illuminate the surface target; and a processor comprising a data acquisition and control system that coordinates timing and automation of the delivery and imaging devices, and determines one or more characteristics of the porous substrate.06-21-2012
20120249762INTERACTIVE INPUT SYSTEM HAVING A 3D INPUT SPACE - An interactive input system comprises computing structure; and an input device detecting at least one electronic device displaying a recognizable pattern within a three-dimensional (3D) input space and providing output to the computing structure. The computing structure processes the output of the input device to recognize the pattern displayed by the at least one electronic device in the 3D input space; detect the state of the at least one electronic device; and modify image data by applying a transition to digital content associated with the displayed pattern based on the detected state of the at least one electronic device.10-04-2012
20110279662Reflex Longitudinal Imaging Using Through Sensor Insonification - An ultrasonic reflex imaging device and a method are described. A device according to the invention may include a platen, a generator, and a receiver positioned between the platen and the generator. A backer may be positioned so that the insonification device is between the receiver array and the backer. The backer may be configured to absorb or delay energy that originated from the generator. The generator produces an energy pulse, which travels through the receiver and the platen to reach a biological object. Part of the energy pulse is reflected from the biological object. The reflected energy pulse travels through the platen to the detector. The detector converts the reflect energy pulse to electric signals, which are then interpreted to create an image of the biological object.11-17-2011
20110279661ATTENTION ATTRACTING DEVICE AND IMAGE CAPTURING APPARATUS PROVIDED WITH THE SAME - An image capturing apparatus includes an image capturing device operable to output an actuating signal, and an attention attracting device connected to the image capturing device. The attention attracting device includes an attention attracting unit electrically operable for attracting attention, a signal receiving component electrically connected to the image capturing device for receiving the actuating signal from the image capturing device, and a control circuit electrically connected to the attention attracting unit and the signal receiving component. The control circuit is operable, in response to receipt of the actuating signal from the signal receiving component, to control operation of the attention attracting unit for attracting attention.11-17-2011
20110298907Device for Identifying Specific Tire Type - The present invention relates to a device for identifying the type of tire by measuring the size and shape of the tire with a 3D scanner. A tire identification device according to the present invention is connected with a 3D scanner and a user terminal, and includes a tire standard database storing 3D scan data of a plurality of tires and an identification module searching 3D scan data having a pattern that is the same as a pattern of 3D scan data transmitted from the 3D scanner in the tire standard database, and providing the type of tire corresponding to the searched 3D scan data. 3D scan data is one of a data cloud and line profile data represented by a bending shape of a side end of a tire. The tier identification device according to the present invention can promptly identify the type of tire without stopping a conveyer in a tire manufacturing process, and the identification is not interrupted by air vent so that the identification rate can be improved.12-08-2011
20120013721AUDIO/VIDEO REPRODUCTION SYSTEM, HEARING AID, AND AUDIO/VIDEO PROCESSING DEVICE - An audio/video processing device includes a signal processing circuit and a video reproduction circuit. The signal processing circuit supplies an audio signal to a hearing aid, and delays a video signal from the audio signal by a delay time of the hearing aid and supplies the delayed video signal to a video reproduction circuit. The hearing aid performs a hearing aid process on the audio signal supplied from the signal processing circuit to reproduce a sound. The video reproduction circuit reproduces an image from the video signal supplied from the signal processing circuit.01-19-2012
20110292193TELE-ROBOTIC SYSTEM WITH A ROBOT FACE PLACED ON A CHAIR - A robot system that includes a robot face with a monitor, a camera, a speaker and a microphone. The robot face is connected to a stand that can be placed in a chair. The stand is configured so that the robot face is at a height that approximates the location of a person's head if they were sitting in the chair. The robot face is coupled to a remote station that can be operated by a user. The face includes a monitor that displays a video image of a user of the remote station. The stand may be coupled to the robot face with articulated joints that can be controlled by the remote station. By way of example, the user at the remote station can cause the face to pan and/or tilt.12-01-2011
20110141251Method and System for Segmenting Moving Objects from Images Using Foreground Extraction - A set of images is acquired of a scene by a camera. The scene includes a moving object, and a relative difference of a motion of the camera and a motion of the object is substantially zero. Statistical properties of pixels in the images are determined, and a statistical method is applied to the statistical properties to identify pixels corresponding to the object.06-16-2011
20110216178DOCUMENT IMAGING APPARATUS - Document imaging apparatuses, systems, and methods. An apparatus includes a base having a platen on a top surface. The apparatus includes a boom having a first end and a second end. The first end is rotatably connected to the base, and the is boom movable between a first position where the second end is above the platen and a second position wherein the boom is stored within the base. The apparatus includes a camera mount located at the second end of the boom. The camera mount is configured to removably attach to a camera so that the camera is located above the platen and positioned to capture an image of the platen.09-08-2011
20110261175MULTIPLE CHANNEL IMAGING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FLUORESCENCE GUIDED SURGERY - The invention relates to an imaging system for use in operating rooms and other applications. According to one example, the imaging system includes a plurality of imaging sensors that receive image information from a subject via a plurality of spectral channels and that convert the image information into an image signal. The imaging system may include a plurality of independent imaging optics systems, such as an independent visible imaging optics system and an independent fluorescent imaging optics system, that optically couple the image information to the plurality of imaging sensors. The plurality of independent imaging optics systems corresponds to the plurality of image sensors in order to independently adjust a plurality of optical parameters, such as a size of a field of view, a position of a focal plane, and a size of an optical aperture. The imaging system may further include a plurality of motion controllers that independently control the plurality of independent imaging optics systems and a control unit that is configured to receive the image signals from the plurality of imaging sensors and to generate a plurality of image frames for transmission to a display device.10-27-2011
20090153654VIDEO CUSTOMIZED TO INCLUDE PERSON-OF-INTEREST - One or more input video sequences and a set of person-of-interest (“POI”) information are received. The set of POI information identifies at least one person-of-interest. A particular video sequence is identified that prominently or relatively prominently displays at least the person-of-interest. The particular video sequence is identified from (a) the input video sequence(s), or (b) a portion of the input video sequence, if only one was received, or a portion of one of the input video sequences, if more than one was received. Then, a customized output video is generated from at least a portion or portions of the input video sequence(s), the customized output video being generated based at least upon the set of POI information to include at least the particular video sequence.06-18-2009
20100118130DIGITAL IMAGING SYSTEM - The invention is an image capturing device comprising a lens to capture the image of the one or more samples which are located in an image capturing chamber, a nest receptacle to hold the one or more samples during imaging, and at least one illuminating source to illuminate the one or more samples. The chamber, lighting and nest receptacle are configured to minimize undesired reflections and improve the image quality.05-13-2010
20100283840Miniature celestial direction detection system - A celestial direction finding system. The system includes an inclinometer, at least one camera for imaging both the daytime sky and the nighttime sky and a computer programmed with a sun, moon and star catalog and algorithms for automatically determining directions based on positions of celestial bodies imaged by at least one camera and incline positions measured by the inclinometer. In a preferred embodiment all of the above features are combined in a single battery operated miniature celestial direction finding module. Geographical positions of nearby objects can be determined with the addition of a rangefinder and knowledge of the geographical position of the camera. The geographical position of the system in preferred embodiments can be determined with the addition of a GPS unit.11-11-2010
20090189977SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SPOTLIGHT IDENTIFICATION OF AUDIENCE MEMBERS DURING QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSIONS - A system for identifying audience members and sequencing audience participation, the system includes: a computing device with logic and storage devices electrically connected audience member control panels, audience identification devices, and a moderator or speaker user interface; wherein the audience control panels are configured for individual audience members to make requests; wherein the computing device: receives the audience member requests and position identifiers and places them in a sequential list in the order received; records position identifiers for the audience members in the sequential list; sends the sequential list to the moderator or speaker; retrieves audience member seat coordinates in response to the recorded position identifiers; calculates actuation commands to control the audience identification devices; actuates the audience identification devices to highlight or focus on an audience member; and activates a microphone located in the vicinity of the recognized audience member, while disabling additional audience member microphones.07-30-2009
20100091099SINGULARIZER DEVICE FOR A MAIL-SORTING SYSTEM - A singularizer device for a mail-sorting system configured for receiving at input homogeneous lots of postal objects and feeding at output postal objects that have been singularized, i.e., physically separated from one another, to the mail-sorting system; each lot of homogeneous postal objects comprises postal objects having common dimensional parameters and/or physical/constructional parameters. The singularizer device is provided with sensor means designed to detect the type of lot fed at input for implementing automatically a respective singularization program suited to the type of postal objects detected.04-15-2010
20090284587METHOD FOR DISPLAYING EVENTS IN PRINTING MATERIAL PROCESSING MACHINES AND VIDEO-MONITORED PRINTING MACHINE - A method for displaying events in printing material processing machines, includes capturing the events with at least one camera and storing the captured events on a computer. Sensors for detecting machine states are provided in the printing material processing machine. Records of the events recorded by the camera as a video sequence are electronically marked in dependence on the detected machine states. A printing machine for carrying out the method is also provided.11-19-2009
20100201792DEVICE FOR OPTICAL CHARACTERIZATION - A device for optical characterization of a sample is provided, the sample being accommodated in a receptacle container transparent to light. The device includes a camera, using which the sample may be detected, and a first light source is situated in such a way that the sample is transilluminated opposite to the viewing direction of the camera, a second light source is situated on the same side as the camera, and a laser source is situated transversely to the viewing direction of the camera.08-12-2010
20090295911Identifying a Locale for Controlling Capture of Data by a Digital Life Recorder Based on Location - The illustrative embodiments described herein provide a computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product controlling a capture of data. In one embodiment, the process identifies a location from locale identifier data to form an identified location in response to receiving the locale identifier data. The locale identifier data is associated with a location of the digital life recorder. In addition, the identified location is associated with a set of usage policies. The process then determines whether the set of usage policies restricts the capture of data by the digital life recorder at the identified location or whether the set of usage policies restricts playback of the data by a playback system. Thereafter, the process disables a set of sensors while the digital life recorder is in the presence of the locale identifier in response to determining that the set of usage policies restricts the capture of data.12-03-2009
20090290015VEGETATION DETECTOR AND RELATED METHOD - A vegetation detector 11-26-2009
20090295912COIN EDGE IMAGING DEVICE - An apparatus to record images from a coin is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a stage configured to position and rotate the coin. The stage is further configured to produce an angular positional signal output to indicate a rotational position of the coin. A first and second reflecting device are configured to concurrently image near-edge portions of both obverse and reverse sides of the coin and a recording apparatus is directed simultaneously toward an edge of the coin and the first and second reflecting devices.12-03-2009
20090295910Hyperspectral Imaging System and Methods Thereof - A hyperspectral imaging system and methods thereof especially useful in fields such as medicine, food safety, chemical sensing, and agriculture, for example. In one embodiment, the hyperspectral imaging module contains a light source (12-03-2009
20100277579APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETECTING VOICE BASED ON MOTION INFORMATION - Disclosed are an apparatus and method of deducing a user's intention using motion information. The user's intention deduction apparatus includes a speech intention determining unit configured to predict a speech intention regarding a user's speech using motion information sensed by at least one motion capture sensor, and a controller configured to control operation of detecting a voice section from a received sound signal based on the predicted speech intention.11-04-2010
20110199470PHOTOGRAPH PREDICTION INCLUDING AUTOMATIC PHOTOGRAPH RECORDING WITH AUTOFOCUS AND METHOD - When a user removes a camera phone from a pocket or other storage location and raises it in a pre-defined motion in front of his face, the pre-defined motion activates the camera. When the camera phone decelerates/stabilizes in the user's hand in the correct orientation to take a picture, autofocus occurs and the camera automatically records images/photographs. When the user presses the shutter release, a camera application opens on the camera phone display to show the current image and that image is recorded. The previous automatically recorded images also may be available for viewing by the user. If after removing the camera from the storage location, the user does something other than pressing the shutter release, the automatically recorded images will be automatically discarded. When a brief photographic opportunity occurs and the user has little time to react, the photographic moment still can be captured.08-18-2011
20100103250FLUORESCENCE OBSERVATION APPARATUS AND FLUORESCENCE OBSERVATION METHOD - The diagnosability of diseased parts is improved by precisely correcting fluorescence images without being affected by specular reflection and without being affected by thick blood vessels. Provided is a fluorescence observation apparatus that includes a light source unit that radiates, onto an observation target site, illumination light that is in the wavelength band absorbed by a blood vessel, first excitation light that includes the wavelength band of the illumination light and generates autofluorescence by exciting an autofluorescent substance in the blood vessel, and second excitation light that is in a different wavelength band from the first excitation light and generates agent fluorescence by exciting fluorescent dye that selectively stains normal tissue and abnormal tissue; an image-acquisition unit that obtains respective images by capturing reflected light, autofluorescence, and agent-fluorescence, obtained by radiating the illumination light, and the first and the second excitation light onto the same observation target site; and an image processing unit that extracts a blood-vessel image from the obtained reflected-light image, obtains a reference image by applying interpolation to an area in the autofluorescence image corresponding to the extracted blood-vessel image, and corrects the agent-fluorescence image, obtained by the image-acquisition unit, based on the obtained reference image.04-29-2010
20110267443APPARATUS FOR DETECTING STRAY LIGHT IN LENS MODULE - An exemplary apparatus for detecting stray light in an lens module includes a worktable having a top surface, a protractor dial defined in the top surface, a lens module supporting seat on the top surface, a light source supporting seat on the top surface, a track defined in the top surface along a circumference of the dial, a light source on the light source supporting seat, an image pick-up unit. The dial includes an origin point and many scale lines. The lens module supporting seat is arranged on the top surface at the origin point for supporting the lens module. The light source is movable along the track, and configured for emitting light along a scale line towards the lens module. The image pick-up unit is configured for capturing images of the light from the light source through the lens module at respective different incident angles.11-03-2011
20080239069Encapsulated self-balancing remote video camera system - An encapsulated self-balancing remote video camera system is provided, which is capable of righting itself into an upright, balanced position. The encapsulated self-balancing remote video camera system has a video camera, wireless communication means and balancing mass disposed within an internal, self-righting, inner structure. The inner structure is disposed within a transparent outer container, such that the inner structure may rotate within the outer container when resting upon a surface, such that the video camera rotates into an upright position by gravitational forces acting upon the balancing mass disposed with the inner structure. In addition, a remote operation means is provided, which enables a user of the present system to view video images transmitted from the video camera, and to remotely control movement of the lens and/or video camera.10-02-2008
20080303897VISUALLY CAPTURING AND MONITORING CONTENTS AND EVENTS OF CARGO CONTAINER - A system for visually capturing and monitoring the contents and events surrounding a cargo container is provided. The system includes a camera such as a digital camera or still camera.12-11-2008
20080309757AUDIO-VIDEO PLAYING SYSTEM CAPABLE OF DETECTING REMOTE CONTROL DISTANCE AND METHOD THEREOF - An audio-video playing system capable of detecting a remote control distance includes a remote control device and an audio-video playing device. The remote control device has a transmitting unit, a first control unit, and an input interface. When the input interface is enabled, the first control unit controls the transmitting unit to transmit a signal. The audio-video playing device has a receiving unit and a second control unit electrically connected to the receiving unit. The receiving unit receives the signal. The second control unit calculates a distance value of a distance between the remote control device and the audio-video playing device according to the signal. In addition, an audio-video playing method capable of detecting a remote control distance is also provided.12-18-2008
20080316304DIGITAL VIDEO CAPTURE SYSTEM AND METHOD WITH CUSTOMIZABLE GRAPHICAL OVERLAY - A method and system for acquiring and transmitting video image data with parameter data superimposed thereon is provided. The design includes an input device configured to receive said video image data and separately receiving said parameter data, the input device configured to transmit the video image data and parameter data as separate data streams. The design further includes a computing device comprising a computer based utility configured to receive the separate data streams, store the separate data streams, edit at least one data stream, and generate combined video data. Combined video data represents combined video image data and parameter data. The design also includes a display device configured to present the combined video data.12-25-2008
20100265320System and Method for Improved Forensic Analysis - A system and method for analyzing a forensic sample. A forensic sample is illuminated nondestructively with light of a first wavelength λ10-21-2010
20130120547SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR 3D PROJECTION MAPPING WITH ROBOTICALLY CONTROLLED OBJECTS - A system for motion control is presented. In one embodiment, a motion control 3D projection system includes a projector; and a projection surface coupled to a robotic arm, where the robotic arm moves the projection surface through a set of spatial coordinates, and a 3D projection from the projector is projected onto a set of coordinates of the projection surface and matches the 3D projection to the set of coordinates of the projection surface as the projection surface moves through the set of spatial coordinates. In additional embodiments, a master control system may integrate additional robotic arms and other devices to create a motion control scene with a master timeline.05-16-2013
20090185031INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - An information processing device that is connected to a projecting device that projects an annotation image input from an external terminal onto a projection region including an object, and is connected to an image capturing device that captures an image of the projection region. The information processing device obtains image data to be input to and output from the projecting device and the image capturing device through a communication with the external terminal. The information processing device includes: a memory that stores a database including CAD data to be used for designing the object, and the attribute information of the CAD data; an acquiring unit that acquires the identification information of the object; an identifying unit that identifies the CAD data of the object included in the database, based on the acquired identification information of the object; and a controller that associates the data of an image captured by the image capturing device with the CAD data of the object identified by the identifying unit, and causes the memory to store the data of the captured image associated with the CAD data, so that the data of the captured image can be viewed based on the attribute information of the CAD data of the object identified by the identifying unit.07-23-2009
20110205348SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PERFORMING AN EXTERNAL INSPECTION ON A WIND TURBINE ROTOR BLADE - A system and method for performing an external inspection on a rotor blade of a wind turbine are disclosed. The system may generally include a frame configured to extend at least partially around an outer perimeter of the rotor blade and a sensing device coupled to the frame. Additionally, first and second spacer arms may extend from the frame. The first spacer arm may be configured to contact a pressure side surface of the rotor blade. The second spacer arm may be configured to contact a suction side surface of the rotor blade.08-25-2011
20120069165LOCATION-BASED AV FLASHLIGHT AND METHOD OF DISPLAYING MAP RELATED VIDEO THEREOF - An audio and video (AV) flashlight has a head portion, a body portion and a rear portion. Mounted on the head portion is a video camera module incorporating a visible light source and an infrared light source. Mounted on the body portion are a GPS module, an electronic compass module, a display module, a map database module, and a control module to read map information from the map database within a predetermined angle range with reference to an azimuth angle detected through the electronic compass module, display the read information on the display module, and display current location information and current location information of one or more main objects in a forward direction along with linear distance information to the current location. The flashlight enables relative measuring of distance with an eye with respect to a monitoring object based on the linear distance information of the main objects.03-22-2012
20090290014OBJECT MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, MOBILE TERMINAL, AND OBJECT MANAGEMENT METHOD - An object management apparatus comprising an image photographing unit, a storage unit, and a control unit communicably connected to at least one operation target device and a mobile terminal including a displacement detecting unit that detects a displacement of a physical quantity caused when the mobile terminal moves and a display unit via a network, wherein the storage unit includes, a display object storing unit, an operation target object storing unit, and a processing command storing unit, and the control unit includes, a display object transmitting unit, a mobile terminal position acquiring unit, an region determining unit, an operation target object determining unit, a processing command determining physical quantity displacement receiving unit, a display object acquiring unit, a processing command searching unit, and a processing command executing unit.11-26-2009
20110141255X-RAY IMAGING SYSTEM FOR MEDICAL USE - A solid-state image pickup apparatus 06-16-2011
20110141253REMOTE INTERACTIVE MONITORING AND ALARM SYSTEM UTILIZING TELEVISION APPARATUS WITH VIDEO-SONG ACCOMPANIMENT FUNCTION - A remote interactive monitoring and alarm system utilizing a television apparatus with a video-song accompaniment function is provided. The remote interactive monitoring and alarm system is composed of a television apparatus, at least one monitor, at least one transmission unit, at least one broadcasting unit, an alarm triggering unit and at least one remote control unit. The television apparatus is further composed of a video/audio encoder, a karaoke function control circuit and a transmission interface. The karaoke function control circuit provides a control of the video-song accompaniment function, the transmission interface is configured to receive an insertion of a external storage device which is used to store the video-song data, and the external storage device can be detached and connected to a computer for downloading the video-song data.06-16-2011
20080316305OBTAINING CONSUMER ELECTRONIC DEVICE STATE INFORMATION - Apparatus, systems, and methods may operate to obtain an image of a consumer electronic device, the image comprising at least one visual indication of a first operating state of the consumer electronic device, and to transmit one or more commands to the consumer electronic device to change to a second operating state different from the first operating state, responsive to determining the first operating state by extracting information associated with the at least one visual indication from the image. The commands may be determined by accessing a database having control instructions associated with the consumer electronic device. Additional apparatus, systems, and methods are disclosed.12-25-2008
20110141252TRIANGULATION CAMERA DEVICE AND TRIANGULATION IMAGING METHOD - A triangulation camera device includes a light source device being adapted for generating illumination light to be directed onto an object under investigation and including a light source with an optical pattern generator and a first aperture being arranged along a first optical axis, a detector device being adapted for sensing reflection light reflected by the object and including a detector camera and a second aperture being arranged along a second optical axis, and an imaging optic having imaging lenses being adapted for imaging the illumination light onto the object and for collecting the reflection light, said imaging optic having a third optical axis, wherein the first, second and third optical axes are arranged in parallel and displaced relative to each other and the first and second apertures are arranged with a telecentric configuration relative to the imaging optic such that the illumination light and the reflection light are capable of forming a parallel illumination light bundle and a parallel reflection light bundle, resp., on the object side of the imaging optic, said illumination light bundle and said reflection light bundle having a predetermined projection angle, and the imaging lenses are tilted relative to the third optical axis such that surface reflections of the imaging lenses are directed toward ranges outside the second aperture.06-16-2011
20110228063GEMSTONE VIEWER - An apparatus for viewing images of a gemstone is described. The apparatus comprises a support structure for supporting the gemstone at an observation position. An illumination structure comprises a plurality of directional light sources directed towards the observation position so as to illuminate the gemstone. The support structure and illumination structure are relatively rotatable relative to one another about a rotation axis. An imaging device is arranged to obtain images of the gemstone at the observation position at a variety of relative rotational positions between the illumination structure and support structure: the imaging device has an imaging axis passing through the observation position. The support structure is arranged so that the gemstone can be placed at the observation position in such a way that the normal to a selected facet of the gemstone is within a range of tilt angles from the rotation axis. The arrangement of directional light sources is such that, for any tilt angle within the range, at least one of the directional light sources will be specularly reflected from the selected facet into the imaging device for at least one rotational position of the support structure.09-22-2011
20090096866Image Forming System Including Television Receiver and Image Forming Apparatus - An image forming system including a television receiver and an image forming apparatus. The television receiver has a television receiver side mounting unit to mount a storage medium which can store the picked-up image data. The image forming apparatus has an image forming apparatus side mounting unit to mount the above storage medium. When the storage medium is mounted in the television receiver side mounting unit, the list screen of the picked-up image data stored in the storage medium is displayed. When a user selects the picked-up image data to be printed from among the whole picked-up image data by using an operation means and subsequently sets the number of copies of the selected picked-up image data, the print setting data including data of the selected picked-up image data and data indicating the number of copies of the selected picked-up image data are stored in the storage medium.04-16-2009
20100177176VIDEO-FRAME DATA RECEIVER WITH LOW FRAME CAPTURE RATE - The present disclosure relates generally to a video frame data receiver that is capable of image acquisition at low frame rates. Such video frame data receivers may be used to capture images from diagnostic tests or assays in which lower frame capture rates are sufficient including, for example, lateral flow test strips.07-15-2010
20100182411METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR RETRIEVING DISPLAY DATA - A method of retrieving display data for a handheld display device. The method comprises the steps, in a server, of: receiving interaction data from the handheld display device, the interaction data being generated by the device using image data acquired by imaging an area of a printed substrate containing printed content; identifying a page description corresponding to the interaction data; retrieving display data using the identified page description, the display data corresponding to at least some of the printed content imaged by the device; and sending the display data to the handheld display device.07-22-2010
20100157033METHOD OF DETERMINING THE MOTION OF A POINTING DEVICE - The invention describes a method of determining the motion of a pointing device (06-24-2010
20100157034COMMUNICATION APPARATUS AND CONTROL DEVICE TO GENERATE CONTROL DATA - A communication apparatus may include a camera for obtaining an image and providing image data, and a control device for generating an input image descriptor from the image data, for determining whether the generated input image descriptor corresponds to a pre-stored reference image descriptor, and for generating control data for controlling the communication apparatus based on the determination.06-24-2010
20090115843Interactive Television System and Method - A system and method for simulating a user's participation at an event. The system and method including providing a virtual queue or line for meeting and obtaining an autograph of a celebrity, attending a live event and/or for purchasing an item. The system and method include providing video and audio content to a remote user device, such as a television or a computer, for display on the monitor. A plurality of video cameras positioned in and around a line for obtaining an autograph provide a respective plurality of video and audio feeds that are broadcast to users of the system. An interface selectively changes the feed shown on the user's device to simulate movement in the line toward the celebrity until the user is able to view the celebrity autograph an item specifically designated for the user. The item can be merchandise, such as a CD, DVD, photograph or poster, selected by the user. The system mails the autographed item to the viewer and can also provide a recording of the autograph session.05-07-2009
20100177178PARTICIPANT AUDIO ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM - A system of microphones, signal processors, and loudspeakers provides enhanced comprehension of speech in noisy social events where the locations of participants are relatively constrained. Speech enhancement comprises both boosting sounds moderately at higher frequencies and delaying them to match the arrival of sounds directly from speakers. Virtual loudspeakers create the illusion for each listener that the boosted sounds come from the vicinity of each talker. Video cameras determine the head positions and facing directions of participants. Subgroups of participants having at least temporary conversational affinities can be identified. Such subgroups may overlap and change. Speech from talking participants is picked up by directional microphones and filtered, sorted, and relayed selectively via loudspeakers to listening participants identified as subgroup members, reinforcing and enhancing the naturally heard speech. More weight can be given to enhancing speech between affined participants. Either conventional or parametric loudspeakers may be used.07-15-2010
20110102564PORTABLE EXPLOSIVE OR DRUG DETECTION SYSTEM - Systems and methods are disclosed to automatically detect the presence of a substance on a test swipe by capturing a background image of the test swipe; applying one or more test chemicals to a test swipe; adjusting the temperature of the test swipe to a predetermined temperature range; capturing an in-situ image of the test swipe after the application of chemical at the predetermined temperature range; subtracting the background image from the in-situ image; generating a difference value from the two images; and searching a known database to identify the substance.05-05-2011
20100253770Immunoassay apparatus and method of determining brightness value of target area on optical image using the same - Provided are a method of determining a brightness value of a target area on an optical image, and a computer-readable recording medium including a program for executing the method on a computer. Target brightness values of a plurality of target areas in an optical image are accurately compared with each other by plotting a graph with brightness values depending on positions within a subject.10-07-2010
20100253772PHYSICAL QUANTITY DISTRIBUTION DETECTING APPARATUS AND IMAGING APPARATUS - A physical quantity distribution detecting apparatus includes a sensor array in which a plurality of unit sensors for sensing physical quantity are two-dimensionally arranged in a matrix; and an analog-to-digital conversion unit that includes a plurality of comparators for comparing an analog signal read from the unit sensor with a reference signal, the analog-to-digital conversion unit converting a digital signal by measuring a period of time or measuring a signal corresponding to the period of time of each comparison output of the plurality of comparators. Each of the plurality of comparators includes at least one capacitor element connected between a signal line and a constant-voltage line.10-07-2010
20100253771SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CHECKING STATE OF ROTATOR - Provided are a system and method for checking a state of a rotator. The system includes: a position recognition sensor that senses a position of a rotator and generates a position synchronization signal corresponding to the position of the rotator; a control unit that detects a position of a detection specimen existing in the rotator based on the position synchronization signal and generates an image photographing control signal corresponding to the detected position of the detection specimen; and a camera system that photographs an image of the detection specimen existing in the rotator based on the image photographing control signal. Accordingly, movement of a detection specimen existing in the rotator when the rotator stops rotating or whether a detection specimen being rotated is centrifuged, moved, or dried is monitored and controlled, thereby checking a change in a state of the detection specimen in the process of development of the rotator and checking whether each of operations of the system is completed.10-07-2010
20110175989SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VOICE CONTROL OF MEDICAL DEVICES - A medical device includes an insertable portion capable of being inserted into an orifice associated with a body of a patient. The insertable portion comprising an automated head unit capable of being manipulated in at least two axes of motion based at least in part on one or more control signals. The medical device further includes one or more controllers coupled to the automated head unit. In one particular embodiment, the one or more controllers generate the one or more control signals based at least in part on an input signal.07-21-2011
20110234779Remotely controllable photo booth with interactive slide show and live video displays - An advanced photo booth comprises a camera, a kiosk printer; and attraction means for inducing patronage of passers-by. The attraction means comprises: a camera and a touch screen for capturing and displaying passerby images; and interactive communication with passers-by. Interactive communication may include personalized greetings made possible through facial recognition techniques that compare a presently captured passerby image with previous passerby and patron images stored in a memory. Digital image processing techniques automatically permit proper tilting of a head in the display screen, regardless of a head position in captured passerby images. The attraction means also comprises a second exterior display screen usable for advertising and CATV broadcasts. The passerby touch screen or a touch screen display within the enclosure permits customization of digital images, including: face replacement, hair replacement, and background selection; and also permits previewing of customized images. Remote control capabilities enhance the flexibility of booth operations.09-29-2011
20100302356METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR PRESENTING INFORMATION IN A VISUAL FORM - The invention relates to a method and arrangement for extending viewing capability of a user who is looking through a transparent sheet. The transparent sheet can be, for example, a lens of goggles, an eye shield of a breathing mask, a visor of a helmet, or a windscreen of a vehicle. The arrangement comprises a receiver device (12-02-2010
20110122240Hurricane Damage Recording Camera System - A storm damage video monitoring system including: means for capturing images in near zero lux light conditions; means for remotely powering the imaging system components; means for digitally recording the captured images, means for storing the recorded images onto portable digital storage media, a means for monitoring the captured images, the means for monitoring being capable of aiming and adjustment; water proof and surge proof secure mounting means, means for adjusting the mounting of the system, water proof and wind proof means for encasing the imaging system components; and means for tracking for remote location of the system.05-26-2011
20110001809THERMOGRAPHY METHODS - A method for presenting a thermal image within a visible light image includes the steps of: identifying an outline of each object of interest within the visible light image; and, selecting an area of the visible light image, whose edge corresponds to the outline of each object of interest, in which to present the thermal image. An alternative method includes the steps of: identifying an area of interest within the thermal image; and selecting another area, separate from the area of interest, from which to remove a portion of the thermal image in order to display the visible light image therein. The visible light and thermal images are captured by a system that includes a visible light camera module and an infrared camera module. The visible light and thermal images are displayed on a display of the system, and selections are made via an interactive element of the system.01-06-2011
20110018985Hair-cutting systems with visualization devices - Hair-cutting systems with a visualization device are disclosed in present invention. The air-cutting systems include a video camera and a lighting device attached to an electrical hair-cutting clipper. Such hair-cutting systems are designed for use by an individual in cutting his or her own hair, and also for use by one person to cut the hair of another.01-27-2011
20110128360SYSTEM FOR TEMPLATE BASED EXTRACTING INFORMATION FROM AN IDENTITY CARD - The present invention provides a unique and novel system for acquiring digital image frames of identification documents such as driver's license, passports, or medical insurance records using a digital camera so as to establish a high resolution image frame and extracting data automatically with machine vision tools so as to acquire accurate data. The present invention teaches also a system that acquires multi-spectral image frames of both sides of the identification document.06-02-2011
20110128359IMAGING APPARATUS, IMAGING SYSTEM, METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE APPARATUS AND THE SYSTEM, AND PROGRAM - An imaging apparatus includes a detector including multiple pixels arranged in a matrix. The detector performs an image capturing operation whereby light or radiation incident on the pixels is converted into an image signal. The imaging apparatus also includes a bias light source and a control unit. The image capturing operation includes a first image capturing operation in which the detector is scanned in a scanning area A and a second image capturing operation in which the detector is scanned in a scanning area B larger than the scanning area A. The control unit controls the bias light source to emit bias light on the basis of a control signal indicative of an amount of integration of accumulation times in the first image capturing operation during a period between the first and second image capturing operations in accordance with switching from an irradiation field A to an irradiation field B.06-02-2011
20110128358Apparatus having "small" and "large" x-ray scintillation images each approximately at full camera resolution - Unused camera pixel locations are recovered when shifting from photographing an x-ray scintillation image of a larger subject to that of a substantially smaller one by using a suitably shorter optical path combined with appropriate changes in focus. The optical path for large subjects involves a first mirror followed by a second mirror. The camera receives light from the second mirror, and is in a fixed and unchanging physical relationship to that second mirror, forming a unitary mirror-camera assembly. To shorten the optical path that unitary assembly is rotated about an axis from a position where it was in the optical path downstream from the first mirror to one where the second mirror is interposed between the scintillation screen and the first mirror, and also such that the camera looks in a different direction along the shortened optical path length. Focus adjustment to accommodate the different optical paths may be accomplished by changing the spacing of elements internal to the lens, or, the entire lens assembly can be moved a bit closer to or further away from the camera body. The scintillation image may be replaced with a glass plate carrying a document illuminated from within a housing carrying the unitary mirror-camera assembly.06-02-2011
20100177177INSPECTION OF TUBULAR-SHAPED STRUCTURES - The present invention discloses a method for inspecting tubular-shaped structures (07-15-2010
20100039505Portable information device, imaging apparatus and information acquisition system - An imaging apparatus includes an imaging portion that takes an image of a subject, a position information acquisition portion that acquires position information of an imaging position, and an orientation information acquisition portion that acquires orientation information representing an imaging direction at the imaging position.02-18-2010
20100013913DEVICE AND A METHOD FOR OBTAINING INFORMATION ABOUT A WHEEL - A device and a method for obtaining information about a wheel (01-21-2010
20100060724MOVING DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MOUNTING APPARATUS - An electronic component mounting apparatus includes two second linear-motion devices on each of which an image pickup device and a mounting head are placed so as to be movable in an X direction, a first linear-motion device for moving the second linear-motion devices in a Y direction independently of each other, in which the image pickup device is placed at such a position as to be contained within an X-directional width of the mounting head and moreover contained within a Y-directional total width of the mounting head and the second linear-motion device. Thus, since the image pickup region of the camera is contained within the moving region of the mounting head, there is no need for ensuring a moving distance taking into account only the camera's image pickup region, so that the moving-axis length of the second linear-motion devices can be reduced.03-11-2010
20100134604Deployable sensor device, sensor system, and method of collecting environmental information - A system for obtaining and displaying such images and environmental information from environments is disclosed, as well as a sensor device and a host configured for use in the system, the sensor device having camera assemblies, environmental sensors, and being connected to the host via a wireless communications link. Methods for obtaining and presenting the images and environmental information using system 06-03-2010
20120120215OBTAINING CONSUMER ELECTRONIC DEVICE STATE INFORMATION - Apparatus, systems, and methods may operate to obtain an image of a consumer electronic device, the image comprising at least one visual indication of a first operating state of the consumer electronic device, and to transmit one or more commands to the consumer electronic device to change to a second operating state different from the first operating state, responsive to determining the first operating state by extracting information associated with the at least one visual indication from the image. The commands may be determined by accessing a database having control instructions associated with the consumer electronic device. Additional apparatus, systems, and methods are disclosed.05-17-2012
20120120214Product Demonstration - Included are embodiments for product demonstration. One embodiment of a system includes a first image capture device that captures a real-time video image of a first product and a memory component that stores a computer application, the computer application causing the system to identify the first product and render an altered version of the real-time video image. The altered version of the real-time video image may include a first virtual menu option that is selectable by the user making a first physical gesture and a second virtual menu option that is selectable by the user making a second physical gesture. Some embodiments include a display device for displaying the altered version of the real-time video image.05-17-2012
20110069158VIRTUAL WINDOW SYSTEM AND METHOD - Some embodiments include a virtual window system and method. In some embodiments a virtual window system may include an image capturing device to capture a high definition video image of an outdoor view and to transmit a signal corresponding to the video image; and at least one virtual window display positioned at an indoor location, to receive the signal from the image capturing device and, based on the signal, to display a high definition virtual, window-like, view corresponding to the outdoor view.03-24-2011
20110050872Augmented reality industrial overline systems and methods - Disclosed are product processing systems and methods for monitoring, inspecting and controlling baking, cooking and routing processes, and the like. Products are placed on and moved by a conveyor. Images of the moving products are generated, such as by an image acquisition system. The images are processed by a symbol generation system. Symbols are then displayed on selected moving products based upon predetermined criteria. The systems and methods may be used to process oven-cooked or oven-baked products to identify (via the projected symbols) products that are defective or otherwise unacceptable. The product processing systems may be used to process packages or items having barcodes or other identifying labels to display routing or other identifying information on the moving products.03-03-2011
20110149056System and Method for Event Mapping and Analysis - A system and method for event mapping and analysis utilizes a portable event logging device including a geo-locating device, a processor and a plurality of dedicated event logging keys associated with unique event states. In use, a user utilizes the dedicated event logging keys to record event state data, such as a positive detection of explosives residue. The event state data is recorded as an event specific data set with associated geographic location data from the geo-locating unit. Additional data, such as bar code data recorded by an indicia reader of the logging device, is stored with the event specific data set. A collection of event specific data sets is uploaded into a computer system where it is processed and presented in the form of a map to reveal patterns and trends in event states, such as the presence of explosives residue in a particular geographic region.06-23-2011
20110149055EXTERNAL MOUNTED ELECTRO-OPTIC SIGHT FOR A VEHICLE - An electro-optic display unit is disclosed. The electro-optic unit may be mountable to an exterior of a vehicle and may be rotatable about a single axis of rotation.06-23-2011
20100277578INSPECTION CAMERA - An inspection camera (11-04-2010
20100097452CHROMATIC REGISTRATION FOR BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE IMAGING - Systems and techniques for chromatic distortion reduction. Relative chromatic distortion information for an imaging system may be obtained, where the relative chromatic distortion information indicates relative displacement of a first color signal and a second color signal from a reference color signal in an image. The relative chromatic distortion information may be used to modify image data.04-22-2010
20100097451Optical Inclusion Sensor - A sensor for sensing inclusions in a containerized medical fluid. In certain embodiments, the sensor may include an image capture device and an image processor communicatively interconnected to the image capture device. The image processor may include an inclusion identifier configured to detect data in an image indicative of inclusions in the medical fluid.04-22-2010
20110157345APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CAPTURING AND VIEWING IMAGES - A dual sided viewing panel and a method of capturing and displaying images, is disclosed. The dual sided viewing panel includes a first viewing panel and a second viewing panel. The first and second viewing panels are controllable by a control device to capture an image and display an image. The first and second viewing panels are positioned in an aligned back to back relationship to each other. In a method, a first image is captured by the first viewing panel and a second image is captured by the second viewing panel. The first captured image is displayed on the second viewing panel and the second captured image is displayed on the first viewing panel. The viewing direction of the first viewing panel is opposed to the viewing direction of the second viewing panel.06-30-2011
20120200682METHOD FOR CLASSIFYING A PIXEL OF A HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGE IN A REMOTE SENSING APPLICATION - What is disclosed is a novel system and method for simultaneous spectral decomposition suitable for image object identification and categorization for scenes and objects under analysis. The present system captures different spectral planes simultaneously using a Fabry-Perot multi-filter grid each tuned to a specific wavelength. A method for classifying pixels in the captured image is provided. The present system and method finds its uses in a wide array of applications such as, for example, occupancy detection in a transportation management system and in medical imaging and diagnosis for healthcare management. The teachings hereof further find their uses in other applications where there is a need to capture a two dimensional view of a scene and decompose the scene into its spectral bands such that objects in the image can be appropriately identified.08-09-2012
20110164124BIOLOGICAL IMAGE ACQUISITION DEVICE - This object aims to disclose a biological multi-directional observation device with measures to avoid an illumination backlight problem taken. In a preferable embodiment of the multi-directional observation device, a two-dimensional detector (07-07-2011
20110164125CONTROL DEVICE, CONTROL PROGRAM, AND CONTROL METHOD FOR OBSERVATION UNIT, AND OBSERVATION SYSTEM - Provided is a control device for controlling an observation unit including an observation device for allowing a sample to be observed to acquire an observation image of the sample and an illumination device for illuminating the sample when the sample is observed with the observation device, the control device including a first control unit for controlling the illumination device to adjust an illuminance of the illumination device when a search mode is set for the observation unit, and a second control unit for controlling the illumination device to adjust the illuminance of the illumination device when a time lapse mode is set for the observation unit. Here, the illuminance set for the illumination device by the first control unit by adjusting the illuminance of the illumination device is lower than the illuminance set for the illumination device by the second control unit by adjusting the illuminance of the illumination device.07-07-2011
20110085030IMAGE SENSING SYSTEM, SOFTWARE, APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING COMBUSTION EQUIPMENT - In one aspect, the invention provides an automatic control system that includes an optical image capture device as part of an imaging system. In another aspect, the invention provides an imaging system that can control a flame generation system utilizing an optical image capture device in connection with a computer system, including software (and corresponding algorithms), and related apparatus as necessary. The system can be used to control various aspects of flame generating equipment such as flares, burners, pilots and other combustion equipment. Qualitative and quantitative analyses of flames, for example, can be carried out. In another aspect, the invention provides a specific methodology for using the inventive image sensing control system.04-14-2011
20100110167NETWORK IMAGE-SYNTHESIS DISPLAY SYSTEM - Using a plurality of transmission units (05-06-2010
20100097450Non-contact measurement systems for wireline and coiled tubing - A system for measuring at least one parameter of moving cable, the system including a system power source, a digital camera adjacent a moving cable for taking digital images of the cable as the cable moves past the digital camera, the digital camera producing signals corresponding to the digital images, a signal processor for receiving the signals from the digital camera and for processing the images to produce processed image data, the signal processor for calculating measurements of the at least one parameter of the cable based on the processed image data, the system power source for powering systems devices, e.g., the digital camera and/or the signal processor. This abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract which will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical disclosure and is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims, 37 C.F.R. 1.72(b).04-22-2010
20100214398CAMERA POD THAT CAPTURES IMAGES OR VIDEO WHEN TRIGGERED BY A MOBILE DEVICE - The present invention provides methods and systems for remotely recording an image using a mobile device. In one embodiment, a user transmits a message using a mobile device to activate a camera pod to record an image. The user makes adjustments to the settings of the camera pod using the mobile device, and in some instances, initiates a trigger sequence using the mobile device. The camera pod records the image and transmits the image to the mobile device, enabling the user to preview the image. In some instances, the camera pod transmits the image to a storage server, where it is stored in an album. In one embodiment, the storage server creates a webpage with the captured visual record that the user can retrieve using a personal computer.08-26-2010
20100194868SYSTEM, APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR FLEXIBLE MODULAR PROGRAMMING FOR VIDEO PROCESSORS - A system, apparatus and a method for providing a flexible framework for a video processing infrastructure to enable rapid integration of video analytics algorithms in video security systems. Such a flexible framework preferably features a plurality of ready-to-use libraries, as well as at least one “skeletal” module into which customized programming may be inserted. The skeletal module preferably comprises a generic customizable interface to a hardware device or system, described collectively herein as a video processor.08-05-2010
20110187841METHOD FOR TRANSMITTING IMAGE DATA & DISPLAY APPARATUS AND DISPLAY METHOD USING THE SAME - A method for transmitting image data, and a display apparatus and a display method using the same, the display apparatus including a rotatable image output unit and a controlling unit which transmits a photographed image along with information regarding rotation of the image output unit to an external display apparatus. Accordingly, the external display apparatus which receives the image photographed in a rotated state may display the received image properly.08-04-2011
20110261176TACTICAL VISION SYSTEM - A system comprising at least a wearable control unit, a camera apparatus and a wearable vision apparatus. The wearable control unit may receive information from the camera apparatus and may process the received camera information. For example, the received camera information may be thermal information or infrared information. The wearable control unit may process the received camera information to video information that may be transmitted to the wearable vision apparatus. The wearable vision apparatus may then display the received video information.10-27-2011
20100026798Method and System for Capturing Physiological and Video Data and Subsequently Marking the Data While Viewing the Video - A method and an apparatus are provided for capturing or collecting physiological, video and other experiment related data in digital format and storing the collected data. Each piece of data, including each individual video frame, is time stamped as received. The video is then reviewed offline, by a computer user, on a computer generated display presentation that includes a window of collected data indicia both before and subsequent to the time stamp of a given video frame being displayed. Different computer user defined marker types may also be displayed in the display window. Time stamped annotating marks may be made, by the computer user in response to user defined actions. The annotating marks may be displayed along with the collected data. Finally, the annotated marks, along with user selected portions of the collected data, may be saved for further review at a later time.02-04-2010
20120307024Simulated product container with video message delivery system - A simulated product container, which is used as a prize award container, has a container shell and a video message delivery system. The video message delivery system has a lid that can be an actual lid of an actual product container. The video message delivery system has a body for insertion into an open end of the container shell, a tab and a tab opening mechanism to allow a consumer to open the simulated product container. When the simulated product container is opened, the tab is pushed into the interior of the body to reveal an opening in the lid. When light enters into the interior of the body, a light sensor activates a circuit so as to display a video image on a video display. A tab deflection mechanism deflects the tab so as to allow an unobstructed view of the video display through the opening.12-06-2012
20110141254SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR AUGMENTED REALITY - A method for generating an augmented reality display on a display device according to embodiments of the present invention includes overlaying augmented reality data onto an actual image using three dimensional positioning data and three dimensional orientation data of the display device. The augmented reality data may include at least one line feature and/or at least one video feature, and may take into account both elevation of the device and the three-dimensional direction in which the imaging device is pointed.06-16-2011
20110050873Display Masks for Display and Calibration in Projector-Based Display Systems - Methods having corresponding apparatus and computer-readable media comprise: capturing an image of a shape projected upon a display surface; and determining a first rectangle that is the largest inscribed rectangle for the shape, comprising generating a rectangular bounding box containing the shape, dividing the rectangular bounding box vertically into first and second sections, determining a second rectangle that is the largest inscribed rectangle for the shape in the first section of the bounding box, determining a third rectangle that is the largest inscribed rectangle for the shape in the second section of the bounding box, dividing the rectangular bounding box horizontally into third and fourth sections, determining a fourth rectangle that is the largest inscribed rectangle for the shape in a third section of the bounding box, and determining a fifth rectangle that is the largest inscribed rectangle for the shape in the fourth section of the bounding box.03-03-2011
20120038760INTRINSICALLY-SAFE HANDHELD FIELD MAINTENANCE TOOL WITH IMAGE AND/OR SOUND CAPTURE - An intrinsically-safe handheld field maintenance tool includes a process communication module configured communicatively couple to a field device. A camera is configured to obtain at least one image relative to the field device. A controller is coupled to the process communication module and operably coupled to the camera. The controller is configured to store the at least one image relative to the field device. The handheld field maintenance tool may also include or employ an audio input device to capture audio files.02-16-2012
20120038759DEVICE FOR TRACKING OBJECTS IN A VIDEO STREAM - The invention discloses a device for tracking objects in a video stream comprising a processing unit in turn including a selection module configured for selecting video portions comprising sequences of a predetermined object, from the video stream, a module for tracking positions of the predetermined object in the video portions, a module for creating object's video streams, configured for creation of partial video streams as a function of the tracked positions, each said partial video stream representing one said tracked object, the device further comprising a composition module configured for composing the partial video streams of the individual objects into an output video stream.02-16-2012
20120098946IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHODS OF ASSOCIATING AUDIO DATA WITH IMAGE DATA THEREIN - A method and apparatus to associate audio data and image data are disclosed herein. Disclosed embodiments include detecting a specific region in image data obtained by an image capturing apparatus, acquiring audio data that will be associated with the detected specific region from a user, and generating audio data connection information needed for associating the acquired audio data with the detected specific region. When user selects a specific region to which audio data is associated, the image capturing apparatus reproduces the audio data connected to the specific region.04-26-2012
20100103251DIGITAL CAMERA HAVING AN IMAGE MOVER - A digital camera having an image mover includes a controller, a location information inputter, an orientation information inputter, a focal length information inputter, and an exposure time setter which sets an exposure time for which a celestial body image is exposed to an image sensor. The controller calculates a movement path of the celestial body image, which moves relative to the photographing optical system due to the rotation of the earth within the exposure time, using the location information that is input to the controller via the location information inputter, and the azimuth information and the altitude information that are input to the controller via the orientation information inputter. The controller drives the image mover in accordance with the calculated movement path to move the image sensor in a manner such that the image of the celestial body remains at a stationary position on the image sensor.04-29-2010
20130010093METHOD AND SYSTEM OF USING FLOATING WINDOW IN THREE-DIMENSIONAL (3D) PRESENTATION - A method and system for presenting stereoscopic images are described, in which a portion of at least one stereoscopic image of a stereoscopic pair is blocked while displaying the stereoscopic images. The blocked portion has a width at least equal to a magnitude of a minimum disparity associated with a region of the image near a vertical edge of the image or near a vertical edge of an area for displaying the image. By blocking the portion of the image during content display, one can avoid depth cue conflicts near the edge of the images or the display area.01-10-2013
20110063426VISION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INSPECTING SOLAR CELL STRINGS - A vision system for inspecting an object includes a vision tunnel having a housing with a plurality of panels to define a cavity therebetween. A lighting zone is disposed adjacent the housing, the lighting zone including a light source and a light shield which cooperate to illuminate the object disposed in the lighting zone, while blocking at least a portion of an ambient light. A sensor is disposed in the cavity of the housing to scan the object disposed in the lighting zone.03-17-2011
20110063425Vehicle Operator Control Input Assistance - A vehicle operating system that assists a vehicle operator with locating a control input of a vehicle device so as to minimize operator distraction when operating the vehicle device. The system includes a camera having a first perspective view of the control input, a display readily observed by the operator, and a processor configured to process a signal from the camera to determine a hand position of a hand approaching the control input and output a display signal having a second perspective view of the control input that is dependent on the operator's hand position relative to the control input. The second perspective view corresponds to that of a virtual camera attached to the operator's forearm or wrist, and so provides a perspective view that is substantially fixed relative to the hand.03-17-2011
20110316993OSCILLATING MICROTOME WITH FLEXURE DRIVE - A microtome method and apparatus includes a microtome blade configured to oscillate in a direction transverse to a direction of advancing a cut, and a first flexure to support and guide the blade. The first flexure is compliant in the transverse direction while being stiff in the cut direction. A second flexure operatively engaged at one end portion with the first flexure, is stiff in the transverse direction while being compliant in the cut direction. The other end portion of the second flexure is rotatably engaged by an eccentric driven by a rotatable actuator, which oscillates the blade in the transverse direction while effectively isolating non-transverse motion from the blade. The second flexure is configured to move independently of any guides or other stationary objects during oscillation.12-29-2011
20110157344METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FAST FOCUS IMAGING BIOLOGIC SPECIMENS - A method and apparatus for imaging a biologic fluid sample quiescently residing within a chamber is provided. The method includes the steps of: a) positioning the chamber at a Z-axis position relative to an objective lens having a lens axis, wherein the Z-axis is parallel to the lens axis; b) moving one or both of the chamber and the objective lens relative to one another at a velocity along the Z-axis; and c) creating one or more images of the biologic fluid sample as one or both of the chamber and the objective lens are moving at a velocity relative to one another within a focus search range along the Z-axis.06-30-2011
20110157343METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SECURING PLANAR ORIENTATION OF ANALYSIS CHAMBER - An apparatus and method for imaging a biologic fluid sample quiescently residing within a chamber is provided. The chamber includes a first panel and a second panel, between which the biologic fluid sample quiescently resides. At least one of the first and second panels is flexible. The chamber has one or more fields that are each defined by a cross-sectional area. The apparatus comprises a field illuminator, a chamber flattener, a positioner, and an image dissector. The field illuminator has an objective lens. The chamber flattener has a platen with a window and a cover plate. The chamber flattener is operable to cause the chamber to assume a substantially uniform Z-axis position for substantially all of the fields within the chamber. The positioner is adapted to position the objective lens and the chamber relative to one another. The image dissector is adapted to image the sample residing within the chamber.06-30-2011
20110157342MEDICINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD USING THE SAME - Disclosed herein is a medicine management system wherein a camera is installed in a camera tube to acquire a good-quality medicine image, thereby improving recognition efficiency. A method of setting the camera of the medicine image capturing device includes extracting a jig block from a medicine image captured by the medicine image capturing device, analyzing image elements of the jig block, and setting a capturing mode of the camera.06-30-2011
20110157340FLUORESCENT IMAGE APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ACQUIRING FLUORESCENT IMAGE - A fluorescent imaging device includes an irradiation section that irradiates an object to be examined with excitation light and reference light, an image pickup section that picks up a fluorescence image based on the excitation light and a reflected light image based on the reference light, a comparison section that compares relative intensity between the fluorescent image generated from the fluorescence image and the reflected light image generated from the reflected light image, and a selection section that selectively outputs one of the reflected light image and the fluorescent image based on the comparison result.06-30-2011
20120007971METHODS AND SYSTEMS OF IMAGING CUT STONES - A method of imaging a cut stone. The method comprises a) identifying an orientation of a cut stone, b) creating a volumetric model of the cut stone according to the orientation, c) capturing a plurality of images of the cut stone from a plurality of viewing angles around the cut stone, d) cropping a plurality of segments depicting the cut stone from the plurality of images using the volumetric model, and e) generating a volumetric image of the cut stone from the plurality of segments.01-12-2012
20120057008PHOTOGRAPHING DEVICE HAVING GAME FUNCTION, AND METHOD OF EXECUTING GAME - A photographing device having a game function which determines win/loss of photographing devices based on information regarding image files, is provided with a first parameter obtaining unit configured to obtain a first parameter regarding a first image file which was generated by the photographing device, a second parameter obtaining unit configured to obtain a second parameter regarding a second image file which is stored in another photographing device, a score calculating unit configured to calculate scores regarding the first image file and the second image file based on the first parameter and the second parameter, respectively, a win/loss determining unit configured to determine win/loss of the photographing device and the other photographing device, and generate win/loss information, a recording unit configured to store the win/loss information, in accumulated manner, as intrinsic information which is intrinsic to the photographing device, and a notifying unit configured to output the accumulated win/loss information.03-08-2012
20120057007Simplified Visual Screening Check on Television - A television based visual screening method involves sequentially presenting a plurality of numbers of varying size on a television display; receiving a plurality of signals from a remote controller as a result of a user input from a keypad of the remote controller; determining if the signals received from the remote controller match the displayed numbers; deriving a measure of the user's vision from the matching of the received signals with the displayed numbers; and displaying a result indicative of the measure of the user's vision from the measure. This abstract is not to be considered limiting, since other embodiments may deviate from the features described in this abstract.03-08-2012
20100225752Method and apparatus for high-speed data transfer employing self-synchronizing quadrature amplitude modulation - A Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) method and apparatus including a QAM transmit modulator with at least one unbalanced mixer, which creates an asymmetric two-dimensional (2-D) QAM symbol constellation. The asymmetrical symbol constellation provides baseband symbol clock signal leakage sufficient to facilitate quick and simple baseband symbol clock recovery and signal channel compensation at the QAM receiver without significantly degrading the system bit-error rate (BER). While slightly degrading static BER, overall system performance is improved when considering baseband symbol clock recovery and received signal compensation for an imperfect signal channel. This allows QAM to be deployed in systems where QAM is otherwise prohibitively expensive and improves overall system performance for any existing QAM system application without additional bandwidth, cost or complexity.09-09-2010
20120026306Image Recording Assemblies and Coupling Mechanisms For Stator Vane Inspection - A system is disclosed that includes an image recording assembly for recording images of a stator vane of a compressor and a mechanism configured to magnetically couple the image recording assembly to a rotor blade of a compressor. Additional systems are provided that include image recording assemblies. Methods implementing the disclosed systems are also provided.02-02-2012
20120062713APPLIANCE WITH LUMINOUS HOUSING IN ENVIRONMENT-DEPENDENT COLOR - Appliance comprising a housing, wherein a part of said housing is optically transmissive, said optically transmissive part having an exterior surface through which light travelling through the optically transparent part is transmitted, so as to cause the transmitted light to be visible upon viewing the exterior surface. The appliance further comprises a controllable light source assembly, capable of producing light in a variety of colors, and configured to couple produced light into the optically transmissive part of the housing. The appliance also includes a control unit, and a color vision system, configured to optically observe an environment of the appliance, and to output data relating to colors of the observed environment to the control unit. The control unit is configured to control a housing color to be produced by the light source assembly, whereby said housing color is determined in dependence of the data received from the color vision system.03-15-2012
20110102565Spectral Imaging System - Macroscopic and microscopic samples are imaged through a spectral filter operable into the short wave infrared, e.g., to approximately 3200 nm. The sample is illuminated for reflective, transmissive, fluorescent and/or Raman imaging by a laser or metal-halide arc beam. The filter has tunable birefringent retarders distributed rotationally and stacked in stages leading up to a selection polarizer. Image forming optics and CCD cameras collect the luminance of each pixel in the spatially resolved image, at multiple wavelengths to which the filter is tuned successively. The filter stages have comb shaped transmission characteristics. Two filter stages with distinctly different characteristics can be cascaded, one or both being tunable. The combined transmission characteristic has narrow passbands where the bandpass peaks of the stages coincide and wide free spectral range where the peaks do not coincide. Embodiments are disclosed for forensic analysis, material composition and morphology, chemical compound identification and detection of biological species.05-05-2011
20100289885Combined RGB and IR Imaging Sensor - An imaging system suitable for use in a vehicle includes an imaging sensor having a two-dimensional array of photosensing elements, an image processor for processing image data captured by the imaging sensor, and a display for displaying images responsive to the image processor. The array has a plurality of sub-arrays, with each of the sub-arrays having a first pixel sensing primarily a first color, a second pixel sensing primarily a second color, a third pixel sensing primarily a third color and a fourth pixel sensing primarily infrared radiation. The image processor processes the output of the fourth pixel to determine an infrared component of the imaged scene and subtracts the infrared component from the outputs of the first, second and third pixels to obtain a more accurate or true color response for the pixels and to limit or avoid infrared color wash-out.11-18-2010
20120300048Imaging Device and Method for Video Data Transmission Optimization - A device and method for the acquisition, processing and optimized transmission of video image data. The display output of an electronic viewing device is split by means of a beam-splitting element. A split portion of the image is detected by a detector and its output digitized. Regions of interest in the split image may be identified by eye-tracking or image saliency processing means to define salient regions in the split image. The salient regions in the split image are transmitted to a remote receiver at a higher resolution than the non-salient regions in the scene whereby video transmission bandwidth is reduced and optimized.11-29-2012
20120127289IMAGING-BASED RADIO-FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION TRANSPONDER - The present invention relates to an imaging-based radio-frequency identification (RFID) transponder. Specifically, the transponder includes a photo-responsive cell for capturing an image; and an analysis component. The photo-responsive cell captures images of objects. Once captured, the analysis component is configured to: determine whether the RFID transponder has sufficient power to analyze the image; analyze the image on the RFID transponder if sufficient power exists; and/or transmit data corresponding to the image to an RFID reader for analysis in the event the RFID transponder has insufficient power to analyze the image. Where quality of the image and/or performance of the transponder are less than desirous, any number of corrective approaches can be taken. For example, the setup of the transponder can be adjusted, the range readout can be reduced, the integration time per pixel of the image can be increased, etc. Moreover, the range of the RFID transponder can be increased using any of the approaches discussed in the above-incorporated patent applications.05-24-2012
20120127290LIQUID MEDICINE IDENTIFICATION APPARATUS AND LIQUID MEDICINE IDENTIFICATION METHOD - A liquid medicine identification apparatus includes a pattern projection unit, a placing unit that places thereon a medicine container filled with a liquid medicine, an imaging camera, and an image processing unit. Imaged image information imaged by the imaging camera after transmitting light and dark patterns of the pattern projection unit through the medicine container is compared with reference image information by the image processing unit, and a type of the liquid medicine or the medicine container is determined.05-24-2012
20120133749Rapid, No-Flow, Whole-Blood, and Volumetric Circulating Cell Counting System and Method05-31-2012
20090058995DATA RECORDING SYSTEM, PROGRAM, SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE, AND DRIVE RECORDER - A data recording system includes: a trigger generation section that generates a plurality of triggers each of which is generated when the trigger generation section has detected an event that is to be recorded, a data acquisition section that performs a data acquisition process that acquires and stores the input data in a first storage section, and a data storing section. The data storing section reads first storing-target data corresponding to a first trigger of the plurality of triggers from the first storage section and stores the first storing-target data in a second storage section, the first storing-target data having been acquired within a target period that is a predetermined period beginning at a first time before the generation of the first trigger and ending at a second time after the generation of the first trigger. The data storing section sets a subsequent trigger reception period after the first trigger has been generated. The data storing section stores second storing-target data corresponding to a second trigger of the plurality of the triggers in the first storage section when the second trigger has been generated within the subsequent trigger reception period. The data storing section reads the second storing-target data from the first storage section and stores the second storing-target data in the second storage section.03-05-2009
20120169855SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REAL-SENSE ACQUISITION - A system for real-sense acquisition, connected to an image obtaining device, includes a sensing means, an environment setting means, a real-sense effect metadata creation means and a start/end processing means. The sensing means creates sensing data by sensing environment around the image obtaining device. The environment setting means sets a reference value for extracting effective data from the sensing data created by the sensing means. The real-sense effect metadata creation means creates real-sense effect metadata by extracting effective data based on the reference value set by the environment setting means from the sensing data created by the sensing means. The start/end processing means controls an operation of the sensing means based on start and end times when the image obtaining device obtains an image.07-05-2012
20120169856SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TIRE REGISTRATION - The present application includes systems and methods for capturing information for registering the tires to enable submission of the registration information electronically. In order to capture the required information, embodiments utilize techniques to capture both information about an end-user, and information about a tire being purchased. Captured information may be populated into appropriate registration fields and sent to a third party in order to be utilized in the event of a tire recall or other emergency situation.07-05-2012
20120314043MANAGING MULTIMEDIA CONTENTS USING GENERAL OBJECTS - The embodiment maps multimedia contents to an image of a general object and uses the object image as a shortcut. The contents can be played/deleted/moved through the object image to which the contents are mapped.12-13-2012
20120314042Method of Collecting Information Regarding Absorbent Articles - Methods of collecting information from an individual regarding absorbent articles are provided. A method entails collecting input information from an individual regarding absorbent article use wherein at least some of the information collected includes data generally known by most consumers. The method further entails collecting still or video image data from an individual consumer using a computing device and uploading the input information and still or video image data to a server. The input information and still or video image data is used to output data regarding the absorbent articles and to output a set of correlations between the visual data and the input information.12-13-2012
20120075442HANDHELD PORTABLE DEVICE FOR VERIFICATION OF TRAVEL AND PERSONAL DOCUMENTS, READING OF BIOMETRIC DATA AND IDENTIFICATION OF PERSONS HOLDING THESE DOCUMENTS - A handheld device for reading biometric data and for the verification of travel and personal documents and the identification of persons holding these documents, comprising a full page document scanner with white, infrared and ultraviolet illumination, based on imaging sensors matrix, and contactless card reader with antenna covering the same area, thus enabling simultaneous optical and electronic document reading, the device further comprises a touch sensitive optical display, a fingerprint scanner, a contact card reader and a plurality of wired and wireless communication ports for the communication with a host computer.03-29-2012
20120075441SEMI-SYNTHETIC QUORUM SENSORS - Described is a device comprising a quorum sensor array and a method of using such a device. Also described are methods for calibrating a camera for microstructures.03-29-2012
20120075440ENTROPY BASED IMAGE SEPARATION - Entropy based image segmentation determines entropy values for pixels in an image based on intensity or edge orientation. One or more threshold values are determined as a fraction of the entropy distribution over the image. For example, high and/or low thresholds may be generated to identify regions in the image associated with trees or sky, respectively. The entropy values are compared to the threshold(s) from which regions within the image can be segmented. Intensity based entropy has no structural information, and thus, proximity based clustering and pruning of the entropy points is performed. A mask may be applied to the segmented regions to remove the regions from the image, which is useful in, e.g., objection recognition processes. Additionally, separate buildings may be identified and segmented using edge orientation entropy with clustering and pruning.03-29-2012
20120249761Motion Picture Personalization by Face and Voice Image Replacement - Disclosed invention enables ordinary person who are not non-professional movie star or singer to take a role in motion picture video. It replaces facial and voice image in existing video with someone else's facial and voice. The words, emotion, expression and feelings shown in original video are fused into that of non-professionals so that the normal person is playing a role in a movie just like the actual movie star or singer does.10-04-2012
20120188350SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IMPROVED VIDEO MOTION CONTROL - Systems and methods for creating a motion control photography set are disclosed. One embodiment includes a master control that receives control signals for a plurality of device actors, such as robot arms, lighting, and camera controls, and synchronizes the plurality of control signals with a global timeline to create a plurality of synchronized signals, such that the control data for each actor of the device actors is associated with a corresponding position in the global timeline. According to another embodiment, the set also includes a master input that conveys a master input signal to the master control indicating a position in the global timeline and a rate of progression through the global timeline. In response to the master input signal, the control data for each actor of the device actors is sent to respective device actors at an adjustable rate of progression through the global timeline.07-26-2012
20120081530System for Juxtaposition of Separately Recorded Scenes - An Internet-based application allows a user to sign in to a web site to record a performance thus creating a take of a scene between two actors (actor A and actor B) with the actors alternately speaking their respective lines. The system delivers the actors lines in a teleprompter format. The user can choose which actor to emulate (A or B). If the user decides to perform as actor A, the system will present each line to be spoken by actor A with a time progress bar indicating the speed/timing for that line. The take is recorded by the user's computer using a computer operated camera and microphone. The teleprompter timer ensures that the user's performance is in sync with the Actor B even though the various takes are actually recorded at different times. This allows the takes to be played in tandem, side by side, seemingly performing together.04-05-2012
20120081529METHOD OF GENERATING AND REPRODUCING MOVING IMAGE DATA BY USING AUGMENTED REALITY AND PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A method of generating and reproducing moving image data by using augmented reality (AR) and a photographing apparatus using the method includes features of capturing a moving image, receiving augmented reality information (ARI) of the moving image, and generating a file including the ARI while simultaneously recording the captured moving image. Accordingly, when moving image data is recorded, an ARI file including ARI is also generated, thereby providing an environment in which the ARI is usable when reproducing the recorded moving image data.04-05-2012
20100321480TICKET WITH INTEGRATED VIDEO - An event ticket that includes a main body portion, a video screen associated with the main body portion, memory associated with the main body portion and printing on the main body portion indicating the event information. The content to be played on the video screen is stored in the memory.12-23-2010
20080297595VISUAL COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A visual communication system that is suitable for use in connection with a display surface is disclosed. The system includes a camera or other data-capturing device that can be remotely positioned from the display surface. A control unit receives image data from the camera or data-capturing device and processes the image data to create an electronic image of the display surface.12-04-2008
20120262557PHOTOGRAPHING AND AUDIO/VIDEO RECORDING OF A PARTY WHILE BEING SERVED WITH LEGAL PAPERS - A method and various apparatus are disclosed relating to employing audio/visual recording equipment to make a record of the act of serving official papers on an individual. The act of recording may be concealed and the recorded content may be used commercially or for official purposes.10-18-2012
20120262558APPARATUS, SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING MOTION TRACKING USING A PERSONAL VIEWING DEVICE - An apparatus, methods and systems to provide a personal viewing device configured to display an image. The personal viewing device configured to be worn by a user. At least one sensor coupled to the personal viewing device. At least one camera coupled to the personal viewing device and facing outwardly with respect to the personal viewing device. A processor configured for interaction analysis. The processor in communication with the personal viewing device, the at least one sensor and the at least one camera.10-18-2012
20110018986Integrated Photonics Module and Devices Using Integrated Photonics Modules - An integrated photonics module includes at least one light source and a MEMS scanner coupled to and held in alignment by an optical frame configured for mounting to a host system. According to some embodiments, the integrated photonics module may include a plurality of light sources and a beam combiner coupled to the optical frame. According to some embodiments, the integrated photonics module includes a selective fold mirror configured to direct at least a portion of emitted light toward the MEMS scanner in a normal direction and pass scanned light through to a field of view. The selective fold mirror may use beam polarization to select beam passing and reflection. The integrated photonics module may include a beam rotator such as a quarter-wave plate to convert the polarization of the emitted light to a different polarization adapted for passage through the fold mirror. The integrated photonics module may include one or more light detectors.01-27-2011
20110037840CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD TO OPERATE AN OPERATING ROOM LAMP - A control system to control an operating room lamp to generate light to illuminate a surgical site includes an image signal input to receive an image signal from a video camera to capture an image of a surgical site and a control signal output to emit to the operating room lamp a control signal to control at least either a direction or an intensity or a spectral characteristic of the light or a size or shape of the area illuminated by the light. The control system is configured to recognize a hand area of medical personnel and to generate the control signal depending on the image signal and to emit it to the control signal output.02-17-2011
20110037839INDUSTRIAL ROBOT, AND METHODS FOR DETERMINING THE POSITION OF AN INDUSTRIAL ROBOT RELATIVE TO AN OBJECT - The invention relates to methods for determining the position of an industrial robot (02-17-2011
20120327201PROJECTED USER INTERFACE ONTO THE SURFACE OF AN APPLIANCE - A projected display, onto the surface of an appliance, of a user interface that can be utilized to make selections regarding the operation of the appliance is described. Where the surface is part of a door of the appliance, the user interface can be configured for display on the top surface, bottom surface, or both, of the door. Such door can be constructed from a transparent material that can be transformed to provide a reflection of the projected display that is visible to the user.12-27-2012
20120327202COMMODTIY LIST ISSUING APPARATUS AND METHOD - According to one embodiment, a commodity list issuing apparatus comprises an acquisition section, a commodity recognition section, a generation section and an issuing section. The acquisition section configured to acquire an image. The commodity recognition section configured to recognize a commodity according to the acquired image in which the commodity is contained. The generation section configured to generate the commodity information specifying the recognized commodity and a commodity list contains a code symbol generated by coding the commodity information. The issuing section configured to issue the generated commodity list.12-27-2012
20120287253AUTOMATIC VISION ALIGNED SCRIBER - An automatic vision aligned scriber includes a table, an adsorption orientation device, a bridge, a moving platform, a service controller, a printing head, a camera, a lamp and an image processor. The scriber uses a flat table for placing each footwear assembly waiting for scribing. An image system can identify each footwear assembly and measure its position and orientation on the table. A manipulator is used for controlling the printing head to move above the table and printing the lineation on each footwear assembly according to its special position and orientation relative to the table. The scriber has the advantages of digitalization and space saving.11-15-2012
20130016197URINAL WHERE IMAGING DEVICE IS INSTALLEDAANM Koo; Young ManAACI GwangjuAACO KRAAGP Koo; Young Man Gwangju KR - Disclosed is a urinal having an imaging device while not supplying washing water thereto. The urinal includes a main body having its front surface opened and a urine drainage hole provided at its lower portion, a recognition portion that senses a human body approaching the main body or a user's manipulation, and an imaging portion that displays a water flowing pattern image or a nature image inside or outside the main body when a human body approach signal or a manipulation signal is received from the recognition portion. According to the urinal having an imaging device, since an imaging portion is provided inside or outside the urinal, to which washing water is not supplied, an optical illusion may be cause to a user being accustomed to using a flushing type urinal so that the user is likely to believe that the urine is washed away even if urine washing water is not actually supplied to the urinal. Alternatively, while urinating, the user's feel of being refreshed can be maximized after urination by offering a carefree urination effect to the user so that the user may feel as if he were urinating in Mother nature.01-17-2013
20110157341HEAD SEPARATION CAMERA APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a head separation camera apparatus includes an imaging device, a control device and a cable. The control device includes a first controller. The first controller is configured to output the control signal including a selection command to notify a controlled device acting as a control target from one or more controlled devices in the imaging device and control data indicating contents of control of the control target. The imaging device includes a second controller. The second controller is configured to transmit an individual selection command to inform whether or not a device is the control target and the control data to at least the controlled device acting as the control target, based on the selection command.06-30-2011
20130113902REMINDING METHOD FOR DAILY LIFE MANAGEMENT - A reminding method of daily life management adapted for an electronic device configured with an imaging unit, a character recognizing unit, a database, and a processing unit, is disclosed, which comprises the steps of: using the imaging unit to capture an image of an object; enabling the character recognizing unit to perform a character recognition process upon the captured image and thus selecting a key word from the characters that are recognized in the character recognition process so as to be used as a file name for the captured image; enabling the processing unit to store the captured image using the file name into the database; and enabling the processing unit to carry out a reminding mode according to the file name stored in the database.05-09-2013
20130093865MODULE AND METHOD FOR RECOGNIZING INTENDED TARGET OF UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROLLER - A module and method for recognizing an intended target of a universal remote controller are provided and are applicable to a universal remote controller and at least one intended target. The universal remote controller has a manipulating device and a protocol unit. The module comprises a processing unit, a storing unit, and an image sensing unit for capturing an intended image to be treated as a subject image data. The processing unit compares an image data stored and related to the at least one intended target with the subject image data to determine the recognized intended target, and defines a manipulating function of the manipulating device based on a manipulating data attributed to the recognized intended target such that the universal remote controller remotely controls the recognized intended target in accordance with manipulation of the manipulating device and by the protocol unit.04-18-2013
20130100262LOW-NOISE BIOCCULAR DIGITAL VISION DEVICE - A binocular digital vision device comprising a digital processor member (04-25-2013
20130141554INDEPENDENT BEACON BASED LIGHT POSITION SYSTEM - Systems an methods are provided that disclose providing a positioning service for devices based on light received from one or more light sources. This light based positioning service uses light information transmitted by each light source to determine the position of the device. The positioning information can include three dimension position information in a building that can then be used to deliver services and information to a mobile device. The content delivered to a mobile device can include multimedia, text, audio, and/or pictorial information. The positioning information along with other location or positioning information can be used in providing augmented reality or location aware services. The light sources can be independent beacons that broadcast information in visible light at a rate that is undetectable by the human eye. Content can be retrieved from a server over a communications connection.06-06-2013
20130141555CONTENT DELIVERY BASED ON A LIGHT POSITIONING SYSTEM - Systems an methods are provided that disclose providing a positioning service for devices based on light received from one or more light sources. This light based positioning service uses light information transmitted by each light source to determine the position of the device. The positioning information can include three dimension position information in a building that can then be used to deliver services and information to a mobile device. The content delivered to a mobile device can include multimedia, text, audio, and/or pictorial information. The positioning information along with other location or positioning information can be used in providing augmented reality or location aware services. The light sources can be independent beacons that broadcast information in visible light at a rate that is undetectable by the human eye. Content can be retrieved from a server over a communications connection.06-06-2013
20110273547STAGGERED CONTACT IMAGE SENSOR IMAGING SYSTEM - A method and an apparatus for imaging a biologic sample is provided. The apparatus includes at least one light source, at least one lens array, at least one image detector, a positioning system, and an image processor. The lens array has a plurality of lengthwise extending rows, which rows are successively arranged in a widthwise direction. Each row has a plurality of micro lenses, with each micro lens having a resolution field. Each micro lens is adapted to receive light from the illuminated region of the sample and to produce a beam of light. Each row includes a first micro lens and the first micro lens in each successive row is offset from the first micro lens in the previous row by a predetermined amount extending in the lengthwise direction. The offset between successive rows aligns the resolution fields of the micro lenses to collectively create a continuous resolution field across the length of the lens array. The positioning system moves the lens array and image detector relative to the sample, or vice versa, or both. The image processor produces an image signal indicative of the illuminated region of the sample produced from data signals from the image detector.11-10-2011
20110273546SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PRESENCE DETECTION - Systems and methods are provided for presence detection using an image system. The image system may be a camera that is integrated into an electronic device. In some embodiments, the image system can accommodate multiple operating modes of the electronic device. For example, when the electronic device is operating in a normal power mode, control circuitry of the image system can detect when a user has left and is no longer using the electronic device. When the electronic device is operating in a power saving mode, the control circuitry can detect user presence (e.g., when a user has come back to the electronic device). In some embodiments, the control circuitry can adjust for both gradual and sudden light changes.11-10-2011
20080198221Satellite-receiver equipped video monitoring device - A satellite-receiver equipped video monitor primarily comprises a housing, a signal output device, a satellite receiver module and a video camera module, which implements the satellite receiver module to acquire satellite signals and utilizes a software tool to integrate received real-time coordinate and position information with the real-time monitoring images, so as to associate the images captured from the monitoring video with the relevant real-time time and position information. Hence, the disclosed subject matter can be applied to record the movement of a mobile object. That is, the disclosed subject matter can be installed in moving conveyances such as cars, airplanes, ships and so on for recording various circumstances that the conveyances encounters. Alternatively, the disclosed subject matter may be equipped to a human or an animal for precisely recording monitoring images thereof at particular time points.08-21-2008
20130147933USER IMAGE INSERTION INTO A TEXT MESSAGE - Embodiments generally relate to including an image in association with a text message. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a signal from the text input interface to create the text message, and receiving a signal from the user control to initiate face image capture. The method also includes providing an image of the user's face by using the camera in response to the signal from the user control. The method also includes defining an emoticon derived from the captured image, and generating an image indicator in association with the text message. The method also includes sending the text message with the associated image indicator so that when the text message is displayed on a recipient's device an emoticon is displayed in association with the text message.06-13-2013
20110242299APPARATUS FOR MONITORING A PACKAGE HANDLING SYSTEM - A monitoring apparatus for sensing conditions associated with a package handling system. The monitoring apparatus includes a test package configured for being handled by the package handling system with non-test packages handled by the package handling system. The test package has a housing defining a test package interior and has at least one sensor positioned within the interior for sensing conditions associated with the package handling system. The sensor produces an output signal corresponding to the conditions that it senses. The test package further includes a support positioned within the test package interior and connecting the sensor to the housing so that the sensor is directed generally toward an outside of the test package for sensing conditions associated with the package handling system.10-06-2011
20110234778Remote Controller and Related System - A remote controller including a wireless communication module, an image capture module and a host processor is provided. The wireless communication module is for communicating with a be-controlled appliance. The image capture module is for photographing and generating an image signal. The host processor is for performing a remote control function to control the be-controlled appliance, and processing the image signal to transmit to the be-controlled appliance via the wireless communication module to be post-processed.09-29-2011
20100315495Bi-Directional Image Capture Methods and Apparatuses - An apparatus has two optical portions, for capturing imagery from two directions. One portion captures imagery from the user (e.g., the user's retina), and the other captures imagery from another subject. In one arrangement, each optical portion has its own image sensor, and the two portions operate at the same time to capture imagery. Information derived from the imagery of the user (e.g., a hash) can be used—in consultation with a database—to attempt to identify the user. Such an image hash can be steganographically embedded into the subject-related image information. A great number of other features and arrangements are also detailed.12-16-2010
20130155211INTERACTIVE SYSTEM AND INTERACTIVE DEVICE THEREOF - An interactive system includes a display device and an interactive device. The display device includes a display module for displaying an image thereon, a S processor module and a transceiver. The interactive device includes an image capturing unit, a control unit, and a signal transceiving unit configured to communicate with the transceiver. The image capturing unit is operable to capture at least a part of the image displayed on the display module. The control unit is operable to transmit information of the captured part of the image to the transceiver via the signal transceiving unit. The processor module is operable to determine location of the interactive device relative to the image displayed on the display module based on the information of the part of the image received by the transceiver.06-20-2013
20120281077METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR READING AND VALIDATING IDENTITY DOCUMENTS - Method and system for reading and validating identity documents The method comprises:—acquiring an image of a first and/or a second side of an identity document for a visible light spectrum using a camera of a portable device; - automatically reading MRZ characters and/or VIZ characters in said acquired image; and—identifying the type or model of said identity document, starting by correcting perspective distortions caused by a bad relative position of the identity document with respect to the camera for the purpose of obtaining a corrected and substantially rectangular image of the first and/or second side of the document at a predetermined scale which is used to perform, automatically, said identification of the identity document type or model and to automatically read and identify text and/or non-text information included in said corrected and substantially rectangular image. The system is suitable for implementing the proposed method.11-08-2012
20120019642Portable Telescope - A portable telescope that takes advantage of an offset optical pathway between the objective tube and eyepiece tube that allows adjustment of the eyepiece height independent of the objective tube elevation. A user-friendly, motorized, interactive, self-calibrating portable telescope with an offset optical path.01-26-2012
20120019641Portable Multifunctional Multimedia Device for Personal Services Industry and Mounting System and Methods of Use - A novel portable multimedia device for improving client experiences in a personal services industry can be detachably mounted to a tool used by the service provider, such as a hair clipper for a barber. The device comprises a processor, data storage, memory, video display and speakers, as well as a data input module, and can accommodate a library of electronic media files. Optionally, the device can include a camera, telephone, GPS, and other functions including credit card processing and bar code reader. Also provided are methods of using the device for professional service providers, for example barbers, hairstylists, or others. Also provided is a universal mounting system for portable electronic devices that comprises a retaining member and a mounting member for mounting to a variety of mounts including handles, clips, suction cups, goosenecks, flexible joints, magnetic mounts, and key rings.01-26-2012
20120019640CAMERA GUARANTEEING AUTHENTICITY OF VIDEOS OR PHOTOS TAKEN AND OF WHEN TAKEN AND OPTIONALLY OF ALL ADDITIONAL MEASURABLE FACTS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE TAKEN VIDEOS OR PHOTOS - The invention is a camera that reasonably guarantees that videos or photos taken by it and presented are authentic videos or photos of the real world and that they were taken at a particular date and time, and therefore guarantees that those videos or photos are not tampered renditions of other genuine videos or photos, and that they have not been artificially generated either, and that they were taken at a particular date and time. The relevance of the invention is in the fact that it is otherwise difficult and sometimes impossible to determine if a photo or a video presented is genuine or fake or if the photo or video was really taken at a claimed date and time. Optionally, the device can also be extended to guarantee the authenticity of all additional claimed measurable facts of the circumstances of a particular photo or video (e.g. it will accurately authenticate the claimed geographical location or the claimed conditions of altitude or temperature or pressure or loudness or light or virtually anything else that can be measured). The core technology is a combination of a virtually impossible to replicate uniquely sealed embedded 3D hardware fingerprinting “mesh” internal to the core entireties of the camera, the use of “collision” free “secure-hash” encryption technology towards unique identity tag generation, a special form of distance detection, and specially authenticated mechanisms of input of time and of all other optionally measurable external circumstances specific to the video or photo, as the nucleic-, albeit not the only main, components. Any attempt to improperly access or tamper with the hardware internals or any stored video or photo data would result in a computed secure-hash identity tag totally different from that originally computed and was technically authenticated in the context of the hardware and/or specific video or photo data, immediately signaling tampering.01-26-2012
20130201307METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING IMAGES OF RECEIPTS - Systems and methods of processing images of expense receipts are provided. Images of expense receipts are received from an image capture device and an image filter is used to process the images. The filtered images are displayed to the user in a real-time preview portion of a user interface.08-08-2013
20130201306VIDEO-ASSISTED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - A video-assisted customer experience is disclosed. Generally, the experience includes a communications link between a user and a business representative facilitated by an external apparatus such as an ATM, mobile device, user's workstation, teleconferencing system, etc. The communications link may be a one or two-way video link such that the user may view video of the business representative or a representation of the business representative. The experience utilizes speech-recognition technology to incorporate subtitles in the video stream.08-08-2013
20120075439MOTION INITIATED TIME SYNCHRONIZATION - Systems and methods of synchronizing devices may include detecting a movement of a first mobile device and conducting a time synchronization procedure with respect to a second mobile device in response to the movement of the two mobile devices. The time synchronization can be conducted without network infrastructure support at the mobile devices.03-29-2012

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