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348 - Television

348042000 - STEREOSCOPIC

348051000 - Stereoscopic display device

348054000 - Single display with optical path division

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348056000 With alternating shutters 156
348057000 With alternating polarization 8
20120200681THREE DIMENSIONAL VIDEO DISPLAY DEVICE - In a three dimensional video display device (08-09-2012
20130076877METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING THREE-DIMENSIONAL CONTENT - Methods and apparatuses for providing three-dimensional (3D) content via a portable multimedia device is disclosed. A portable multimedia device generates a composite video signal from 3D content. The portable multimedia device generates a synchronization signal for the composite video signal. The synchronization signal is transmitted from the portable multimedia device to active 3D glasses.03-28-2013
20100045784IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD - An image display apparatus including a display unit having a display panel; an illuminator; a number-of-lines converter for changing each of number of lines in one frame of an image-for-left-eye signal and number of lines in one frame of an image-for-right-eye signal to a reduced number of lines; a timing generator for generating a display timing signal and an illuminating timing signal; a display controller; and an illuminator driver for causing the illuminator to apply light to the display panel at timing synchronized with the display timing signal every one frame; wherein the display unit duplicates an image signal of each line of the image-for-left-eye signal of the reduced number of lines and the image-for-right-eye signal of the reduced number of lines to produce the same plural image signals for plural lines and simultaneously writes the produced signals for plural lines in the display panel to display an image.02-25-2010
20130033587EYEWEAR DEVICE - The instant application discloses an eyewear device for assisting in viewing a stereoscopic video. The eyewear device includes a light amount adjuster which adjusts a light amount entering each of left and right eyes; and a controller which controls the light amount adjuster in response to a timing signal for notifying a timing of an increase period during which the transmission amount is increased. The controller includes a detector detecting a non-reception period in which the timing signal is not received; a storage portion storing period data which define a length of the increase period in the non-reception period; and a flywheel controller controlling the light amount adjuster in the non-reception period in response to the period data. If the non-reception period exceeds a threshold period which is defined for the non-reception period, the flywheel controller controls the light amount adjuster so that the increase period is shortened.02-07-2013
20130050450TEMPORAL CADENCE PERTURBATION FOR TIME-DIVISION STEREOSCOPIC DISPLAYS - One or more techniques to reduce or eliminate the false depth of objects that move along the axis of ocular separation when displayed using time division multiplexing. Experiments can be performed to determine a perceived depth of an object moving with known velocity. Then, when rendering stereoscopic image pairs, the location of the object can be modified to change the perceived stereoscopic depth of the object to compensate for the false depth. In one technique, the images can be displayed with alternating left- and right-precedence to reduce the perception of false depth.02-28-2013
20130057663IMAGE VIEWING SYSTEMS WITH DYNAMICALLY RECONFIGURABLE SCREENS FOR THREE-DIMENSIONAL VIEWING - Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to image viewing systems. In one aspect, an image viewing system includes a projection system (03-07-2013
20120224038Autostereoscopic Display System - An autostereoscopic display system comprised of an array of vertically oriented narrow light sources and a spatial light modulator, (SLM), disposed between the lights and viewers, whereby light rays originating from the lights and passing through the SLM are vertically dispersed by a vertical dispersion panel. The lights are sequentially flashed, sending light through the SLM where selected full height narrow vertical picture lines, VPL's, are made briefly transmissive while the remainder of the SLM remains dark, projecting vertically oriented sheets of light through selected VPL's toward selected eyes. The light sheets are sufficiently narrow as to enter a left or right eye but not both, while the entire height of selected VPL's is visible due to said vertical dispersion. The process rapidly repeats for all VPL's and all array lights, alternating between right/left SLM scenes each projected into appropriately selected eyes resulting in a 3D image.09-06-2012
20120224037REDUCING VIEWING DISCOMFORT FOR GRAPHICAL ELEMENTS - A method for displaying a pair of stereoscopic images together with a graphical element on a display including receiving a pair of images forming the pair of stereoscopic images, one being a left image and one being a right image. Estimating a disparity between the left image and the right image based upon a matching of a left region of the left image with a right region of the right image. Also, estimating a disparity for a graphical element to be displayed together with the pair of images on the display based upon a disparity of a spatial region of the pair of images. Based upon the estimated disparity of the pair of images and the estimated disparity of the graphical element modifying at least one of the right image and the left image to be displayed upon the display.09-06-2012
20120113237ORGANIC ELECTROLUMINESCENCE DISPLAY DEVICE, VIDEO DISPLAY SYSTEM, AND VIDEO DISPLAY METHOD - An organic electroluminescence display includes pixels in a matrix that each emits visible light. A data line driver supplies a video signal to each pixel. The video signal includes first and second frames corresponding to first-eye and second-eye image information. A scanning line driver distributes a scanning signal to each pixel for controlling a supply of the video signal. The display includes an emitter in an arrangement position of the pixels in the matrix. The emitter emits infrared light in a same direction as the visible light. The scanning line driver supplies a control signal to the emitter that indicates a switching timing between the first frame and the second frame, and causes the emitter to emit the infrared light based on the control signal for reception by eye glasses for controlling opening and closing of electronic shutters.05-10-2012
20090109282METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR 3D VIEWING - A method and apparatus for three-dimensional image viewing of an image display employs a pair of viewing glasses having left and right side lenses for alternate left-eye and right-eye image viewing by alternately blocking and passing left and right-eye image views from the image display. An image monitor is used to detect lens sync control information interleaved or embedded with image frames of the image display. The lens sync control information detected by the image monitor is decoded into left and right lens control signals for alternately blocking and passing of left and right-eye image views by the left and right side lenses, respectively, in order to generate three-dimensional image viewing.04-30-2009
20120002025METHOD FOR DETECTING A VIEWING APPARATUS - A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a method for detecting a viewing apparatus, and causing a presentation device to present a media program in a time division multiplexed (TDM) scheme or a space division multiplexing (SDM) scheme responsive to said detection, wherein the viewing apparatus is configured to the TDM or SDM schemes to enable viewing of the media program. Other embodiments are disclosed and contemplated.01-05-2012
20110216174METHOD FOR DISPLAYING STEREOSCOPIC IMAGES - A stereoscopic image displaying method generates a first and second right-eye multiplexed frame data by respectively performing frequency-multiplexing on a first and second right-eye frame data among a plurality of right-eye frame data, and generates a first and a second left-eye multiplexed frame data by respectively performing frequency-multiplexing on a first and a second left-eye frame data among a plurality of left-eye frame data. The first multiplexed right-eye frame data is outputted for two consecutive times during a first frame period. The first multiplexed left-eye frame data is outputted for two consecutive times during a second frame period subsequent to the first frame period. The second multiplexed right-eye frame data is outputted for two consecutive times during a third frame period subsequent to the second frame period. The second multiplexed left-eye frame data is outputted for two consecutive times during a fourth frame period subsequent to the third frame period.09-08-2011
20110199466IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE, 3D VIEWING DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR OPERATING THE SAME - An image display device, a 3D viewing device, and a method for operating the same are provided. The method includes receiving a synchronization signal from an image display device, alternately opening a left glass and a right glass according to the synchronization signal, and simultaneously opening the left glass and the right glass in a left-eye image display period or a right-eye image display period of a 3D image displayed on the image display device when a period of the synchronization signal has changed. This ensures that a user reliably (or correctly) views 3D or 2D images using the 3D viewing device.08-18-2011
20110267440DISPLAY DEVICE AND METHOD OF OUTPUTTING AUDIO SIGNAL - A display device receives first data for an object to be displayed at a first point in time and second data for the object to be displayed at a second point in time, the second point in time being after the first point in time. A controller determines a difference between the first and second data and controls output of an audio signal based on the difference. The difference is indicative of a change in perceived depth by a viewer.11-03-2011
20110141247DISPLAY DEVICE AND DISPLAY METHOD THEREOF - A display device has been disclosed. The display device comprises a signal receiving unit which receives an image signal, a display unit which displays images corresponding to the image signal on a screen including a first region and a second region, and a controlling unit which controls the display unit to display two-dimensional (2D) images on the first region and three-dimensional (3D) images on the second region together. Accordingly, since the 2D images and the 3D images can be displayed on the display unit together, the purchasing desires of consumers can be stimulated.06-16-2011
20110228060THREE-DIMENSIONAL VIDEO REPRODUCTION APPARATUS, THREE-DIMENSIONAL VIDEO REPRODUCTION METHOD, AND INTEGRATED CIRCUIT - A three-dimensional video reproduction apparatus includes: a video decoder unit which generates a right-eye video signal and a left-eye video signal; a graphics decoder unit which generates a right-eye graphics signal and a left-eye graphics signal; a synthesizing unit which synthesizes the right-eye video signal and the right-eye graphics signal and synthesizes the left-eye video signal and the left-eye graphics signal, to generate a right-eye output signal and a left-eye output signal; and an output unit which reproduces the three-dimensional video by alternately outputting the right-eye and left-eye output signals. When two adjacent pixels in the right-eye or left-eye output signal are represented by a common chrominance signal, and are generated respectively using a video signal and a graphics signal, the synthesizing unit generates the common chrominance signal such that a synthesis ratio of the video signal and the graphics signal is biased in favor of one of these.09-22-2011
20130128015DISPLAY DEVICE AND DRIVING METHOD THEREOF - A display device configured to display a selected image type, the image type including a first image and a second image, according to an image source signal, the display device including: a display unit, the display unit including a first group pixel and a second group pixel; and an image processor, the image processor: arranging image signals for each frame of the display device according to a display sequence of the first image and the second image in the first group pixel and the second group pixel, changing the image type displayed during a remaining period for each frame unit of the image source signal.05-23-2013
20110122236SPATIAL IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - Stereoscopic display with high definition compared with in the past may be easily realized. A lenticular lens 05-26-2011
20110001805SYSTEM AND METHOD OF TRANSMITTING AND DECODING STEREOSCOPIC SEQUENCE INFORMATION - A method for driving a pair of three-dimensional glasses comprising receiving 3D video output signals from a source of 3D video signals, determining a plurality of synchronization signals in response to the 3D video output signals, and outputting radio frequency signals to the pair of three-dimensional glasses in response to the plurality of synchronization signals.01-06-2011
20100302351STEREOSCOPIC DISPLAY AND STEREOSCOPIC DISPLAY METHOD - A display device includes a two-dimensional display section configured to display parallax images for stereoscopic display, a variable parallax barrier configured to form a plurality of different barrier patterns, each barrier pattern having light transmitting portions and light blocking portions, and at least one timing controller for controlling a first switching operation in the two-dimensional display section and a second switching operation in the variable parallax barrier.12-02-2010
20120033059VIDEO DISPLAY APPARATUS, VIDEO VIEWING GLASSES, AND SYSTEM COMPRISING THE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND THE GLASSES - Provided is a video system equipped with a video display apparatus and video viewing glasses used for viewing a video displayed on the video display apparatus. The video display apparatus includes: a display section for displaying the video; a synchronizing signal generator for generating an external synchronizing signal in synchronism with the video to notify a display end of a frame constituting the video in synchronism with the video; and a synchronizing signal transmitter for transmitting the external synchronizing signal to the video viewing glasses. The video viewing glasses include: a synchronizing signal receiver for receiving the external synchronizing signal; an optical filter section having a pair of optical filters for adjusting light amounts to be transmitted to left and right eyes of a viewer, respectively; and an optical filter controller for controlling the optical filter section in response to the external synchronizing signal.02-09-2012
20110134228IMAGE SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD, RECORDING MEDIUM, AND INTEGRATED CIRCUIT - An image signal processing apparatus outputs, alternately on a-per frame basis, a first image to be displayed to one of left and right eyes of a viewer and a second image to be displayed to the other eye, and transmits, to a pair of image viewer glasses, a synchronizing signal for controlling timing of opening and closing of optical filters so as to allow the viewer to see the output frames through corresponding eyes. Specifically, the apparatus includes: a persistence amount detecting unit which detects a persistence amount indicating an effect of a first frame in the first image on a second frame in the second image and immediately following the first frame; and an optical-filter adaptive control unit which generates the synchronizing signal indicating timing of opening and closing of the optical filter corresponding to the second frame. The timing is changed based on the persistence amount detected.06-09-2011
20110050867DISPLAY DEVICE AND CONTROL METHOD - A stereoscopic video display system includes a display device for displaying stereoscopic video, an image pickup element for generating image data, a position determiner for processing the image data received by the image pickup element to determine position information of at least one object identified in the image data, and a plurality of light output sections each having one or more light transmitters. Each light transmitter is configured to output timing signals having a signal strength based on the determined position information. The stereoscopic video display system also includes at least one set of shutter eyeglasses including a light receiving section for receiving timing signals output from at least one of the light transmitters of the light output sections.03-03-2011
20120038755PROJECTOR - A projector includes a discharge lamp, a discharge lamp driver that supplies the discharge lamp with a current, and a controller that controls the discharge lamp driver. The controller controls the discharge lamp driver in such a way that the absolute magnitude of the current is relatively small in the first period and relatively large in the second period. In the second period, the controller carries out a second-period AC control process in which an AC current is supplied to the discharge lamp. In the first period, the controller carries out a first-period control process in which in a third period, the absolute magnitude of the current becomes a minimum in the first period and in a fourth period, the absolute magnitude of the current becomes an intermediate value between the minimum and a maximum absolute magnitude of the current in the second period.02-16-2012
20120154559Generate Media - A device to calibrate with a 3D viewer, to couple to a display device, and to split a 3D signal to a first 2D signal and a second 2D signal and generate media to be rendered on the display device by merging the first 2D signal and the second 2D signal based on a timing between the device and the 3D viewer.06-21-2012
20120026304STEREOSCOPIC VIDEO OUTPUT DEVICE AND BACKLIGHT CONTROL METHOD - According to one embodiment, a stereoscopic video output device includes a video display module, a backlight, a first backlight controller, a second backlight controller, a signal converter, and a light controller. The video display module displays stereoscopic video based on a left-eye video frame and a right-eye video frame having disparity output in a time-division manner. The backlight illuminates the video display module. The first backlight controller controls the amount of light emitted by the backlight based on the left-eye video frame, while the second backlight controller controls the amount of light based on the right-eye video frame. The signal converter merges left-eye and right-eye video backlight control signals arranged in order to generate a new backlight control signal. The light controller turns on the backlight synchronously with the left-eye video frame and the right-eye video frame sequentially output from the video display module based on the backlight control signal.02-02-2012
20110090324SYSTEM AND METHOD OF DISPLAYING THREE DIMENSIONAL IMAGES USING CRYSTAL SWEEP WITH FREEZE TAG - A method for providing 3D video images to a user includes while a right lens of 3D glasses is opaque, transferring a first left image to a display during a first frame, while a left lens of 3D glasses is opaque, and transferring the first left image to the display during a second frame time, while the left lens of the 3D glasses is not opaque, wherein the first frame and the second frame are adjacent, and while the left lens of the 3D glasses is opaque, transferring a first right image to the display during a third frame, while the right lens of the 3D glasses is opaque, and transferring the first right image to the display during a fourth frame, while the right lens of the 3D glasses is not opaque, wherein the third frame and the fourth frame are adjacent.04-21-2011
20120257026THREE DIMENSIONAL IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - A three dimensional image display device includes a display panel in which at least one of two consecutive left eye images and two consecutive right eye images are inputted, where the two consecutive left eye images are substantially the same as each other, and the two consecutive right eye images are substantially the same as each other, and where gate scanning directions of the two consecutive left eye images are opposite to each other, and gate scanning directions of the two consecutive right eye images are opposite to each other.10-11-2012
20120092468STEREOSCOPIC DISPLAY DEVICE AND STEREOSCOPIC DISPLAY METHOD - A display device includes: a display unit that composes p (here, p is an integer equal to or greater than two) viewpoint videos that are spatially divided within one screen by sequentially displaying q (here, q is an integer that is equal to or greater than two and is equal to or less than p) display patterns that are divided in time; and an optical separation device that optically separates the p viewpoint videos configuring each one of the q display patterns displayed on the display unit.04-19-2012
20130093864ELECTRO-OPTIC DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electro-optic device according an embodiment of the invention can increase the number of gray scales capable of being expressed. A liquid crystal panel is viewed via a blocking unit which blocks the field of view in a predetermined non-viewing period. A converting unit converts, based on a video signal, a gray-scale value input for each frame composed of a subfields into a subfield code indicating a combination of ON and OFF of b (2≦b≦a) subfields included in a viewing period other than the non-viewing period and c (1≦c≦b) subfields included in the non-viewing period. A driving unit drives a plurality of electro-optic elements each based on the converted subfield code.04-18-2013
20130100261IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD AND APPARATUS - An image display apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises: an IR emitter controller for recognizing a pair of 3D glasses connected to the image display apparatus; a video multiplexer for receiving a plurality of displayed video data using a plurality of pairs of 3D glasses, setting a frame rate for the plurality of video data to assign a frame period thereto, and multiplexing the plurality video data according to the frame period assigned at the set frame rate, when the plurality of pairs of 3D glasses is connected to the image data apparatus; and a display unit for frame-sequentially displaying the multiplexed video data.04-25-2013
20130169768DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A display apparatus is provided, which may includes an image receiver which receives an image, an image processor which separates the received image into a left-eye image and a right-eye image and process the left-eye and right-eye images, an image output unit including a display panel which displays the left-eye and right-eye images alternately, a storage which stores a response speed of the display panel, and a controller which calculates a pixel value difference between the left-eye and right-eye images based on a unit of pixels that constitute the left-eye and right-eye images, detects a crosstalk generating area of the left-eye and right-eye images using the calculated pixel value difference and the response speed of the display panel stored in the storage, and controls so that the detected crosstalk generating area is indicated distinguishably from other areas of the left-eye and right-eye images.07-04-2013
20130169767DISPLAY APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THEREOF - A display apparatus and a method for controlling thereof are provided. A display apparatus having a multi-view mode to concurrently provide different contents to different viewers includes a plurality of receivers operable in the multi-view mode to receive a plurality of different contents selected by multiple viewers, a video processor operable in the multi-view mode to process video data of the plurality of different contents received by the plurality of receivers; a video output which receives the video data processed by the video processor to display the plurality of different contents, an audio processor operable in the multi-view mode to process audio data corresponding to the selected contents, received by the receivers, and an audio output which outputs the processed audio data to a plurality of eyeglasses apparatuses for viewing the plurality of different contents, wherein a number of channels associated with the processed audio data output to the eyeglasses apparatus is different from a number of channels associated with the audio data received by the receivers.07-04-2013
20130169766DISPLAY APPARATUS, AND REMOTE CONTROL APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME AND CONTROLLING METHODS THEREOF - A display apparatus, a control method thereof, a remote control apparatus, and a control method thereof are provided. The display apparatus includes: a display unit which outputs a plurality of content views using a plurality of image frames; a remote control signal receiver which receives a control command from a remote control apparatus; and a controller which, if a control command to control one content view from among the plurality of content views is received, selectively performs an operation from among control operation corresponding to the control command and an outputting operation to output a message notifying an input of the control command in accordance with a type of the received control command.07-04-2013
20130155209EYEWEAR DEVICE, DISPLAY DEVICE, VIDEO SYSTEM WITH EYEWEAR AND DISPLAY DEVICES, AND CONTROL METHODS OF EYEWEAR DEVICE AND VIDEO SYSTEM - The present application discloses an eyewear device, including: a light amount adjuster configured to perform an adjustment operation for adjusting a fluctuation timing, at which a transmission amount of image light to a left eye and a right eye increases or decreases, and allowing a video to be perceived stereoscopically; a storage portion configured to store characteristic data about the adjustment operation; a receiver configured to receive a synchronous control signal which defines the fluctuation timing; and a first controller configured to control the light amount adjuster. The first controller corrects the fluctuation timing defined by the synchronous control signal, based on the characteristic data to control the adjustment operation.06-20-2013
20130182088STEREOSCOPIC IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE AND STEREOSCOPIC IMAGE APPRECIATION EYEGLASSES - An infrared polarizing filter is attached to an infrared synchronization signal radiator of a stereoscopic image display device which alternately displays right and left images by time-division with polarized light in one direction to radiate the polarized-light infrared synchronization signal. In order to solve the problem with the occurrence of crosstalk, stereoscopic image appreciation eyeglasses (07-18-2013
20120019636Stereoscopic 3D Images and Video on a Non-Stereoscopic 3D Capable Screen - A method of providing a stereoscopic 3D image or video on a non-stereoscopic 3D screen. This includes receiving an alternating frame sequence of left and right images where a marker is embedded into the left or the right image. The alternating sequential frame with the embedded marker is output to the non-stereoscopic 3D screen. The markers outputted from the non-stereoscopic 3D screen are detected by an optical sensor. A synchronization signal is sent via a communication channel to an eye control device to synchronize the eye control device with the non-stereoscopic 3D screen, based on the detected markers displayed on the screen.01-26-2012

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