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348 - Television

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348140080 Conferencing (e.g., loop) 563
348140020 Over wireless communication 209
348140070 Display arrangement (e.g., multiscreen display) 96
348140030 User interface (e.g., touch screen menu) 74
348140120 Transmission control (e.g., resolution or quality) 67
348140160 User positioning (e.g., parallax) 51
348140040 Operating with other appliance (e.g., TV, VCR, FAX, etc.) 32
348140110 Switching 13
348140050 Remote control 12
348140060 Answering machine 8
20100165070VIDEO TELEPHONY DEVICE HAVING FUNCTIONALITY TO MUTE INCOMING MESSAGES THAT ARE BEING RECORDED - A method of responding to an incoming call includes receiving the incoming call from a caller. The incoming call includes caller ID information having image data associated with the caller included therein. The image data is displayed on a video telephony device display while audibly announcing receipt of the incoming call. A communication session is established with the caller by presenting a pre-recorded announcement to the caller. In response to the pre-recorded announcement, a message from the caller is received and recorded. The message is rendered while it is being recorded only if a user-selectable mute setting option has not been activated.07-01-2010
20100165069IMAGE CODEC APPARATUS - Provided is an image codec apparatus that allows a user to check his own-image properly while feeling a strong sense of presence. The image codec apparatus (07-01-2010
20120162346COMMUNICATION DEVICE, OPERATING METHOD THEREFOR, AND OPERATING PROGRAM THEREFOR - A user can use a plurality of communication devices to sign in to a communication system. A recording message addressed to himself/herself may be recorded in a distributed manner in the plurality of communication devices. One of the communication devices is requested to display a list of incoming call information while signing in to the communication system using user information. The one communication device requests the other communication device to send incoming call information corresponding to the same user information. The incoming call information corresponding to the same user information is transmitted to the communication device in one terminal from the other communication device. In the one communication device, the incoming call information transmitted from the other communication device is received, and list data is generated based on the received incoming call information.06-28-2012
20090195637INSTANT VIDEO MESSAGING SYSTEM AND INSTANT VIDEO MESSAGING METHOD THEREOF - The instant video messaging system includes a display unit, an image capture unit, and a capture adjustment sub-system. The display unit is configured to display consecutive images transmitted from a remote end via a network. The image capture unit is configured to capture the consecutive images in a predetermined area. The capture adjustment sub-system is connected to the display unit and the image capture unit and configured to locate select subject aspects, determine if the select subject aspects comply with a predetermined presentation, adjust the select subject aspects of the captured images, and transmit the consecutive images to the remote end via the network.08-06-2009
20090244255METHOD, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR MULTI-TERMINAL COMMUNICATION - A multi-terminal communication method, system and apparatus are provided. The method includes: receiving a call request originated by a caller to a voice terminal of a callee, where the call request carries a video media identifier; and setting up a voice session between the voice terminal of the callee and the caller and setting up a video session between a video terminal of the callee and the caller according to the video media identifier. With the present disclosure, a Service Broker Function server (SBF) sets up a voice session between the caller and the voice terminal of the callee and a video session between the caller and the video terminal of the callee so that it is unnecessary for data exchanged between the caller and the callee (multiple terminals) to pass through a local server. The burden of the local server is thereby relieved.10-01-2009
20090174759AUDIO VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE - An all-in-one embedded audio video communications device used for connecting through a packet-type network, such as the Internet, or a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The device employs a plurality of features that accommodates the needs of the hard of hearing and speech and/or hearing impaired communities. Some of the features include a touchscreen monitor, an internal camera and a flashing light alert system. The device employs a novel GUI which makes navigating through the menus of the device quick and easy. Connectivity to a packet-type network can be realized through an Ethernet connection, an SDIO slot, or other known wireless means. Other connection ports include a USB 2.0 port, an RJ-11 port and A/V In and Out jacks. The device can establish a user profile which facilitates a connection with a Video Relay Service provider or a point-to-point end user who uses sign language as their native language.07-09-2009
20080259154Simulating Short Depth of Field to Maximize Privacy in Videotelephony - An arrangement for simulating a short depth of field in a captured videophone image is provided in which the background portion of the image is digitally segregated and blurred to render it indistinct. Thus, the displayed video of a user in the foreground is kept in focus while the background appears to be out of focus. Image tracking or fixed templates are used to segregate an area of interest that is kept in focus from the remaining captured video image. Image processing techniques are applied to groups of pixels in the remaining portion to blur that portion of the captured video image. Such techniques include the application of a filter that are alternatively selected from convolution filters in the spatial domain (e.g., mean, median, or Gaussian filters), or frequency filters in the frequency domain (e.g., low-pass or Gaussian filters). User-selectable control is optionally implemented for controlling the type of foreground/background segregation technique utilized (i.e., dynamic face-tracking or fixed template shape), degree of blurring applied to the background, and on/off control of the background blurring.10-23-2008
20100118109INFORMATION-PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION-PROCESSING METHODS, RECORDING MEDIUMS, AND PROGRAMS - An information-processing apparatus operated by a user to carry out communications through a network transmits user-disclosure information to an other information-processing apparatus and receives other user-disclosure information from the other apparatus. The other user-disclosure information includes information about content being displayed by the other apparatus. The apparatus produces a determination result indicating whether a requested connection to the other information-processing apparatus is authorized by the other information-processing apparatus based on a response received from the other information-processing apparatus. The apparatus transmits/receives image and voice data to/from the other apparatus when authorized. The apparatus synthesizes content being displayed by the other apparatus.05-13-2010
20090009583Voice and Video over a Shared Telephone Line - A system for alternately transmitting an audio signal and a video signal over a single voice grade telephone line is disclosed. The system includes an apparatus located at a subscriber location which establishes a first communication connection between a user at the subscriber location and a dispatcher at a dispatch station, over which first communication connection transmission of voice signals are enabled to be simultaneously transmitted between the subscriber's premise and the dispatcher, and which disestablishes the first communication connection and establishes a second communication connection over which a continuous video signal is transmitted from the subscriber location to the dispatcher.01-08-2009
20130033561PORTABLE TELEVISION (TV) PHONE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING OPERATION THEREOF - A TV phone is provided, which includes a TV module; an MRFU for demodulating an incoming call received through a forward channel, and modulating and transmitting a signal on a reverse channel; a TV control section for supplying a tuning signal to the TV module; an MSP for establishing a phone or TV mode; and a display unit for displaying synchronized signals on an image viewing screen. In a TV mode, the TV phone receives an incoming call, stops the TV module; switches off and on output of an audio signal of the selected TV broadcasting channel; displays a character message on the TV viewing screen; or superimposes a graphic image over the image on the TV viewing screen.02-07-2013
20130033560METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ADDING CLOSED CAPTIONING TO VIDEO MAIL - A computer-implemented method of providing closed captioning for video mail is described herein. The method includes receiving video mail from a calling party directed to at least one called party at a video mail server. Video mail from the calling party for at least one called party may be recorded at the video mail server. Further, closed captioning content may be added to the video mail for at least one called party at the video mail server. The video mail with closed captioning content for at least one called party may be stored in a video mail database in communication with the video mail server. At some point in time, an alert may be sent to the called party indicating that video mail has arrived via the video mail server or a short message service center.02-07-2013
20100045772METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR VIDEO CALL USING TRANSMISSION OF DIVIDED IMAGE FRAMES - A method and an apparatus for a video call using transmission of divided image frames are provided. A transmitting mobile terminal captures a still image with the first resolution at a predefined period, divides the captured image into images with the second resolution that is smaller than the first resolution, and transmits the divided images to a receiving mobile terminal. Then the receiving terminal receives the divided images at a predefined period, creates a combined image corresponding to the initial still image from the divided images, and outputs the combined image on a display unit.02-25-2010
20130027502METHOD, COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM, AND APPARATUS FOR MODIFYING THE LAYOUT USED BY A VIDEO COMPOSING UNIT TO GENERATE A COMPOSITE VIDEO SIGNAL - In one embodiment, a method that includes providing, on a display, an object configured to be moved by a user along an axis, associating a plurality of predefined layouts with respective intervals along the axis, detecting a user action on the object indicating a position on the axis, and composing, in response to the detecting of the user action, a composite video signal using a layout, of the plurality of predefined layouts, associated with an interval among the intervals within which the position is lying.01-31-2013
20100066801Method for Implementing RBT Interworking, Media Gateway Control Function Device, and Application Server - A method for implementing Ring Back Tone (RBT) interworking, a Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF) device, and an Application Server (AS) are provided. A Multimedia Ring Back Tone (MRBT) service is triggered when a Circuit Switched (CS) user originates a call to an MRBT subscriber in an Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). The method includes: receiving a message sent by an MRBT AS, where the message carries video RBT information; and notifying a Mobile Switching Center (MSC) to put through a calling terminal if determining that a video RBT needs to be played to the calling terminal according to the message. Therefore, a video RBT can be played when a CS user originates a call to an IMS user in the case of network interworking. An IMS video RBT may be played to the calling party when the CS user originates a call to the IMS user.03-18-2010
20130050392SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - A surveillance system includes a controlling terminal and a remote-controlled terminal. The controlling terminal and the remote-controlled terminal are connected to a network and execute an identical instant messenger software. The remote-controlled terminal includes plural cameras serving as plural video sources of the instant messenger software. A first video source of the plural video sources is a selected video source. A controlling method for the surveillance system includes steps: (a) receiving a control message by the instant messenger software of the remote-controlled terminal, and (b) judging whether the control message is a specified control message, wherein if the control message is the specified control message, the selected video source is changed from the first video source to a second video source of the plural video sources according to the specified control message.02-28-2013
20130088559DISPLAY APPARATUS AND DISPLAY METHOD THEREOF - A display method is provided, which includes displaying content on a screen; and if a user motion having directivity is recognized, dividing the screen into plural screens according to the directions of the user motion.04-11-2013
20120218372METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ARRAGING AGENT OF CALL CENTER - A method for arranging an agent of a call center includes: receiving a video call request sent by a user, and determining an agent capable of providing a service for the user according to the video call request; calculating video quality of the agent capable of providing a service for the user, and obtaining a requirement of the user corresponding to the video call request; if the calculated video quality of the agent meets the requirement of the user, allocating the agent with the video quality meeting the requirement of the user to the user; otherwise, putting the user into a queue for queuing.08-30-2012
20120218371Satellite Microphone Array for Video Conferencing - Speakers are identified based on sound origination detection through use of infrared detection of satellite microphones, estimation of distance between satellite microphones and base unit utilizing captured audio, and/or estimation of satellite microphone orientation utilizing captured audio. Multiple sound source localization results are combined to enhance sound source localization and/or active speaker detection accuracy.08-30-2012
20090040287VIDEO COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND VIDEO COMMUNICATION METHOD - According to one embodiment, there is provided a video communication device including a first communication unit which conducts communication of management information with an external device through a cable at a first communication speed, a second communication unit which conducts communication of a video signal with the external device through the cable at a second communication speed higher than the first communication speed, a detector which detects an error signal by observing a communication situation with the external device, and a generating unit which generates an image signal indicating the communication situation based on the error signal detected by the detector.02-12-2009
20130100229WEB BASED ACCESS TO VIDEO ASSOCIATED WITH CALLS - In a communication environment where a voice bearer is established between a multimedia terminal of a first user and a voice terminal of a second user to allow voice communications between the first and second users, the present invention allows the second user to gain access to video content of the first user through a web session.04-25-2013
20130063537CONFERENCE SYSTEM, EVENT MANAGEMENT SERVER, AND PROGRAM - A conference system includes a first conference device and a second conference device installed at a first site, and is connected with an external conference device installed at a site different from the first site. The second conference device selects one from a group consisting of a video image taken by and received from the first conference device and a video image taken by the second conference device to transmit the selected video image to the external conference device. The second conference device selects a video image taken by the second conference device when the second conference device detects an event occurred at the second conference device.03-14-2013
20090251526METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR INCORPORATING VOICE OR VIDEO COMMUNICATION INTO A TELEVISION OR COMPATIBLE AUDIO CAPABLE VISUAL DISPLAY - Voice or video communication is incorporated into a television or compatible audio capable visual display by routing a television signal through a communication interface apparatus connected to a voice or video communication network and switching between a call and at least the audio portion of the television signal when a call is detected and the user chooses to answer the call in response to an on-screen menu superimposed on the video portion of the television signal. The communication interface apparatus includes a controller that is configured to allow speed dialing using a wireless remote, as well as making calls from a user-defined contact list or a regional phone directory that is updatable from a remote source via the Internet.10-08-2009
20090237488INFORMATION PROCESSOR, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - An information processor includes: a receiving unit that receives a place of a conference and a feature of a participant who is to participate in the conference; a person extracting unit that extracts persons corresponding to the feature of the participant received by the receiving unit; a cost calculating unit that calculates a cost necessary for the persons extracted by the person extracting unit to participate in the conference on the basis of the place of the conference received by the receiving unit; and a participant selecting unit that selects the participants who are to participate in the conference among the persons extracted by the person extracting unit on the basis of a choice reference in accordance with the cost calculated by the cost calculating unit.09-24-2009
20090237487Video Intercom Station With Multimedia Functions - A video intercom station (09-24-2009
20120236103PLATFORM FOR PSEUDO-ANONYMOUS VIDEO CHAT WITH INTELLIGENT MATCHING OF CHAT PARTNERS - A computer-implemented method and system of providing live video chats in a network are described. The method may include: providing a first interface for a user to generate a user profile; generating a list of pseudo-anonymous chat partners according to a matching algorithm that involves the information of the user profile; providing a second interface for the user to select a chat partner on the list of pseudo-anonymous chat partners, and initiate a video call to the chat partner; establishing a video chat session between said user and said chat partner; providing a third interface for the user and the chat partner to add to and/or modify their respective profiles while the video chat session is in progress; and providing a fourth interface for the user and said chat partner to rate each other during the video chat session and/or after the video chat session.09-20-2012
20120327171DISPLAY APPARATUS HAVING VIDEO CALL FUNCTION, METHOD THEREOF, AND VIDEO CALL SYSTEM - A display apparatus having a video call function, a control method for controlling the display apparatus, and a video call system that uses the display apparatus and control method are provided. The display apparatus includes: an external source connection unit to which an external source is connected; a camera connection unit to which a camera is connected; a network communication unit which enables network communication with other display apparatuses; and a controller which controls a codec processing unit to process a video signal from at least one of the camera and the external source and output the processed signal to the network communication unit during the video call. The display apparatus can share various information input from the camera, a microphone, and the external source with an opposite call party.12-27-2012
20130021426Access method for video call and video call apparatus - Disclosed in the present invention are an access method for performing a video call and a video call apparatus, wherein the method comprises the steps of: presetting an access password for a video call; after answering the video call, closing audio and video channels, and transmitting a command to a calling terminal for providing an access password for the video call so as to prompt said calling terminal to input an access password associated with the video call; determining if the access password associated with the video call and inputted by said calling terminal matches the preset access password; if so, performing the video call, and if not, refusing said calling terminal's request to perform the video call. According to the technical solution provided by the present invention, the function of automatically selecting whether to answer the video call according to the other party's identity is enabled.01-24-2013
20120001999APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CHANGING A CAMERA CONFIGURATION IN RESPONSE TO SWITCHING BETWEEN MODES OF OPERATION - A videoconferencing terminal and method use a display and camera that are adaptable depending on the mode of operation: videoconference mode, or document camera mode. The camera is pivotally mounted on the display, and is pivotally positionable within different pivot ranges according to the pivot angle with respect to a surface on which the display is positioned. When the camera is rotated beyond a predetermined non-zero angle relative to a vertical plane, the mode of operation automatically switches to a document pick-up mode of operation. In the document pick-up mode, the image of the document is flipped so as to be viewed by users at both endpoints of a videoconference call. Also, the camera is set to maximum zoom and focus adjusted to a predetermined distance so as to make for a clean image capture of the document. Also, the camera provides for keystone correction due to the lens not being co-planer with the document.01-05-2012
20110285806RECORDING AND REPRODUCING APPARATUS - A recording and reproducing apparatus includes at least one of a camera and a microphone so that at least one of video information obtained by the camera and sound information obtained by the microphone is recorded as message information, a reproducing unit which reproduces the message information, a designated time receiving unit which receives designation of time, and a person distinguishing unit which distinguishes presence or absence of a person. The reproducing unit performs the reproduction in accordance with the designated time and a distinction result of the person distinguishing unit.11-24-2011
20090290011CALL PROCESSING METHOD, SERVICE CONTROL DEVICE AND CALL PROCESSING SYSTEM - A call processing method, service control device and call processing system is provided. The method includes: correspondence relationship between a called number and a manage number is pre-established; service authentication of a caller is performed upon reception of information on a call request initiated by the caller to the called number; a call to the called number is initiated with the management number after authentication is passed; and a called terminal identifies the managed number and sets up communication with the caller after identification is passed, thereby avoiding direct calling of the caller to the called number without any authentication flow and improving service security.11-26-2009
20090189971METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR INTERACTIVE AUTOMATED RECEPTIONIST - Methods and apparatus for an interactive automated receptionist system according to various aspects of the present invention may operate in conjunction with a computer system configured to connect to a network. The computer system may control a user interface that responds an individual seeking assistance. The computer system may interactively prompt the individual to make a selection from a set of available assistance options. The computer system may receive a request from the individual to communicate with a party, and the computer system may accommodate the individual's selections, such as by establishing a communicative link between the individual and the selected party.07-30-2009
20100002067APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONVERTING CONTROL INFORMATION - Picture and speech communication between plural terminals connected to different networks, such as a circuit-switched network and IP network. A converting apparatus 01-07-2010
20120086766MULTIMEDIA CALLING METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR VIDEO PHONES - A calling method for performing a video phone call including: establishing a bearer of a video phone call between a calling terminal and a Multimedia Ring Back Tone (MRBT) device; playing, by the MRBT device, a MRBT to the calling terminal via the bearer between the calling terminal and the MRBT device; sending, by a MSC server of the calling terminal, a prompt message to the calling terminal; removing the bearer between the calling terminal and the MRBT device upon receiving the prompt message; establishing another bearer of the video phone call between the calling terminal and a called terminal; and performing a video phone call communication between the calling terminal and the called terminal via the bearer between the calling terminal and the called terminal. The present invention also provides the corresponding systems, thereby realizing the Multimedia Ring Back Tone service of a video phone call.04-12-2012
20080266376VISUAL COMMUNICATION SERVER AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - According to one embodiment, a server includes a control unit which instructs establishment and end of connection for the video data communications between the client computers corresponding to the telephone terminals, in accordance with the call information event received by the call information event receiving unit, and a connection information transmitting unit which transmits connection information between the plurality of client computers for which one of the establishment and the end of connection is executed by the control unit, wherein even if the connection information transmitting unit receives a notification of completion or end of the connection from the client computers, when the connection information transmitting unit receives a notification which accompanies change of connection states of the client computers, the connection information transmitting unit transmits the connection information after waiting for the change of the connection states.10-30-2008
20120293598Video Phone Kiosk with Attractor and Proximity Sensing - A Video Phone Kiosk system for providing audio and video phone calls, video mail, greeting cards, and custom, targeted, income generating advertising as well as establishing a platform for the deployment of additional pay and enhanced services that can be added to the video phone kiosk or customize with expanded service delivery of the video phone kiosk to address specific vertical markets, such as senior citizens, shopping, cultural, social, travel, medical, financial and investments. The advantage over public pay phones and kiosks lies in the fact that the video phone kiosk can generate income on a near continuous basis through the use of additional non-telephony specific pay services and an attractor that displays forms of advertising and entertainment which can be updated remotely and targeted to specific market or demographic.11-22-2012
20100079573SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VIDEO TELEPHONY BY CONVERTING FACIAL MOTION TO TEXT - A video telephony system includes an electronic device having communications circuitry to establish a communication with a second electronic device. The second electronic device may include an image generating device for generating a sequence of images of a user of the second electronic device. The first electronic device may receive the sequence of images as part of the communication. Based on the sequence of images, a lip reading module within the first electronic device analyzes changes in the second user's facial features to generate text corresponding to a communication portion of the second user. The text is then displayed on a display of the first electronic device so that the first user may follow along with the conversation in a text format without the need to employ a speaker telephone function. The sequence of images may be displayed with the text for enhanced video telephony.04-01-2010
20110169907METHOD FOR TRANSMITTING MULTIMEDIA TICKER INFORMATION - Transmission parameters for the transmission of at least one ticker information (ti) are transmitted during signaling of the transmission parameters for at least one multimedia data stream (mmd) for a session (S), the parameters establishing an additional logical transmission channel for the transmission of ticker information (ti), specifying the transmission protocol (RTP) and the payload type (555,666, 777,888) and inserting a source information which shows the source of the ticker information (ti). A session description protocol (SDP) embedded in a session initiation protocol (SIP) is used to describe and administer the transmission parameters. The invention allows the signaling for the additional information or ticker information (ti) to be implemented into existing network protocols for packet-oriented networks with only minor additional signaling and transmission operations.07-14-2011
20100201779INTERACTION METHOD BETWEEN AN ATTENDANT COMPUTER AND A SELF-SERVICE COMPUTER - An interaction method between an attendant computer and one or more self-service computers where all computers share common application data, which facilitates real-time display of selections made by either a customer or an attendant at their respective computers.08-12-2010
20120293599MEETING ROOM PARTICIPANT RECOGNISER - An arrangement 11-22-2012
20120293597Integrated Teleconferencing System - A method provides supervision which includes providing a plurality of information channels for communicating information to the service provider and the user and integrating the information channels to provide access to supervisory functionality for supervising the information channels of the plurality of information channels by way of a single portal. The method provides access to audio/visual functionality, to information record functionality, to diagnostic functionality, to action functionality and to administrative functionality. All functionalities are accessed by way of a portal whereby the portal has access to the functionalities simultaneously. A single accessing of the portal by the user permits the user to gain access to all of the functionalities simultaneously in accordance with the single accessing. The portal can be a web portal. Each of the functionalities is accessed by way of a respective information channel of a plurality of information channels.11-22-2012
20100060713System and Method for Enhancing Noverbal Aspects of Communication - Systems and methods of providing behavioral modification information to one or more participants of a communication. Information related to a communication between a first and second participant is obtained and used to identify behavioral modifications for at least one of the first and second participants. The behavioral modifications can be output to a display for a human to interpret. When one of the participants is computer-generated the behavioral modifications can be output to control the computer-generated participant.03-11-2010
20120033026METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MAKING VIDEO CALLS - A method comprise associating a first user system with a first user and associating a second user system with a second user. The first user system is in communication with the second user system via a communication network, and the second user system comprising an electronic sensor having a known sensing area. A request transmitted from the first user system via the communication network is received at the second user system. The request is for initiating a communication session between the first user and the second user. When the second user other than provides a response to the request within a predetermined period of time, data is sensed within the known sensing area using the electronic sensor of the second user system. The sensed data is analyzed. When a result of the analyzing is indicative of the second user being available, a notification signal is transmitted from the second user system to the first user system, via the communication network.02-09-2012
20130120518Remote Virtual Supervision System - An apparatus and method that enables a case officer to monitor in remotely to P/Ps. The remote supervision server receives GPS data/time-date data/text/audio/video reporting periodically from the parolees and probationers and the GPS data/time-date data/text/audio/video reporting is analyzed. The remote supervision server will send an alert to the case officer if a suspicious behavior is detected. If no suspicious is detected, the remote supervision server will store the analysis result and send a notification to the case officer. The case officer can then check the audio/video reporting and the analysis result later. The remote supervision server also calculates the likelihood of recidivism for each post-release supervised client, parolee or probationer and advises the officer of such risk in order of greatest risk to lowest risk.05-16-2013
20090185026Imaging optical system for camera and video telephony camera employing the same - An imaging optical system for a camera and a video telephony camera employing the imaging optical system. The imaging optical system includes a stop and a first lens that are sequentially arranged from an object side. The first lens has a positive refractive power and two convex aspherical surfaces and satisfies L07-23-2009
20080316293Camera unit - There is provided a camera unit used in a communications system having a display section and arranged to exchange sound and images via communication between at least two locations. The camera unit includes a camera section having an image sensor for photoelectrically converting a visual image to an electric signal; a transparent filter section having signal lines for supplying power to the camera section and transferring the image signal supplied thereto from the camera section; a frame section for holding the transparent filter section therein, the frame section having a power input terminal for supplying power to the camera section and a video output terminal for outputting the image signal transferred thereto from the camera section; and attaching members for attaching the frame section holding the transparent filter section therein, to a front surface of a display screen of the display section of the communications system.12-25-2008
20120069131Reality alternate - Among other things, we describe a reality alternative to our physical reality, named the Expandaverse, that includes multiple digital realities that may be continuously created, broadcast, accessed, and used interactively. In what we call an Alternate Reality Teleportal Machine (ARTPM), some elements of the digital reality(ies) can be implemented using and providing functions that include: devices, architectures, processing, sensors, translation, speech recognition, remote controls, subsidiary devices usage, virtual Teleportals on alternate devices, presence, shared planetary life spaces, constructed digital realities, reality replacements, filtered views, data retrieval in constructed views, alternate realities machine(s), multiple identities, directories, controlled boundaries, life space metrics, boundaries switching, property protection, publishing/broadcasting, digital events, events location/joining, revenues, utility(ies), infrastructure, services, devices management, business systems, applications, consistent customizable user interface, active knowledge, optimizations, alerts, reporting, dashboards, switching to “best”, marketing and sales systems, improvement systems, user chosen goals, user management, governances, digital freedom from dictatorships, photography, and entertainment.03-22-2012
20120287217Utilizing a Video Image from a Video Communication Session as Contact Information - A method, a communication device and computer readable storage media facilitate engaging in communication session between a first communication device and another, i.e., a second communication device. One or more video frames received from the second communication device for display on the first communication device are captured. At least one video frame from the communication session is selected, at the first communication device, for use as a contact identifier associated with a contact person at the second communication device. The selected video frame for use as the contact identifier of the contact person is stored in a memory of the first communication device.11-15-2012
20090015652VIDEOPHONE SYSTEM FOR SCRUTINY MONITORING WITH COMPUTER CONTROL - In conjunction with the dial-up public telephone system, voice quality lines carry videophone signals for monitoring a multitude of locations from at least one central station for use in a variety of applications, such as for security, surveillance, quality control and inspection, regulation of food and/or other standards in food-related and other facilities, market research, remote monitoring of deposit and withdrawal of funds at bank vaults, grocery chains, convenience stores, and the like. At the central station, telephonic interface apparatus is actuated by a control unit to selectively accomplish a telephonic connection with a remote location. Displays include the scene at the remote location and related graphic data. During routine operation, remote locations are displayed in sequence to at least one operator. Such operation may be interrupted either from a remote location or central station in the event of an urgency. In such an event, the concerned scrutiny location is displayed for further communication involving status, camera selection, camera configuration, audio, video and so on. Incoming calls from scrutiny stations imply an urgent situation for immediate display. The called number, by dialed number identification system (DNIS) may indicate the status while the calling number identifies the location by automatic number identification (ANI) signals. Alternative signaling and code techniques afford flexible operation as with respect to various graphic and status indications available for displays.01-15-2009
20090015651Voice Communication Device, Voice Communication Method, and Voice Communication Program - Provided is a voice communication device for carrying out voice communication among a plurality of locations, including: a sound source direction identification block for identifying a direction of a sound source; a voice sender block for sending the collected voice to a different location; a voice receiver block for receiving a voice from a different location; a player block for playing the received voice; a playing information setting block for setting playing information for the voice being played; a speaker volume storage block for acquiring the direction of the sound source for which the playing information is set from the sound source direction identification block and storing the direction of the sound source in association with the playing information; and a voice manipulating block for acquiring the playing information corresponding to the direction of the sound source of the voice and manipulating the voice based on the playing information.01-15-2009
20090079812System and Method of Videotelephony with Detection of a Visual Token in the Videotelephony Image for Electronic Control of the Field of View - A videotelephony system has an electronically controllable camera with a field of view, a visual token disposed within the field of view, and a camera controller. The camera controller is configured to detect the visual token and reconfigure the field of view relative to a detected position of the visual token.03-26-2009
20090086010WEB CAM WITH AN INTERLUDE SWITCH - A web cam with an interlude switch, wherein the interlude switch can be toggled between a view and an interlude mode. In its view mode, the web cam captures images of a scene for their transmittal to a web cam page hosted at a web site. With the switch in its interlude mode, the web cam system replaces the live images with interlude content which is prerecorded content which may include still and video images, slide shows, or advertisements. The prerecorded interlude content may be stored locally at the host computer, or it may be stored at and/or provided from a remote site. A user viewing a web cam page in its interlude mode, will see prerecorded interlude content as if it was provided by the digital camera. The interlude switch may be a manual or an automatic switch configured to switch between its view and interlude modes based on the occurrence of external events. The external events may include an outgoing or an incoming telephone call. Alternately, external events such as motion, light, sound levels, movement of doors and windows could be used to cause the interlude switch to toggle from the interlude to the view mode and vice versa. The interlude switch may be a tethered switch or one which is configured to wirelessly receive input and cause the web cam to switch between a view and an interlude mode.04-02-2009
20090141116DISPLAY WITH GAPS FOR CAPTURING IMAGES - A combined video display and camera system is disclosed. According to an embodiment of the present invention, the system comprises a video display with gaps in between the pixels. Light goes through these gaps and enters a camera, which captures an image. The system is arranged such that the display and the gaps are optically out of focus with respect to the camera.06-04-2009
20110141218Multifunction Apparatus for Telecommunications - Multifunction apparatus for telecommunications that includes two hard disks or two separated partitions of one hard disk, expansion cards for web connection, tv tuner and decoder for receiving radio and television programs, remote control where a first OS for the multimedia functions on the first partition or hard disk, that both the first and the second Partition or hard disk are controlled with the same remote control, that the first OS has hardware and software restrictions and that it cannot be modified by the user or replaced and that the second operating system does not have restrictions and can be modified or replaced by the user, that this multifunction apparatus also contains a removable and rechargeable battery. The same apparatus can be used for a system for the management of the sale of on-demand content, utilizing three servers and two separated keys where one is an access key and one is decryptation key, as it can implement a security system.06-16-2011
20090002475Apparatus and System for Improving Image Quality - A system and an apparatus for improving image quality of an object in video telephony are described. The apparatus comprises an image detection unit, an image alignment unit and an image fusion unit. A near infrared light source in the image detection unit illuminates the object, such that the object is front illuminated. An image sensor alongside the near infrared light source generates a near infrared image and a visible image. An image alignment unit aligns the near infrared image and the visible image. An image fusion unit fuses the aligned near infrared image and aligned visible image pair to form a composite image of the object. The composite image of the object has improved image quality, image detail, and a reduction in shadows.01-01-2009
20100157013WEB BASED ACCESS TO VIDEO ASSOCIATED WITH CALLS - In a communication environment where a voice bearer is established between a multimedia terminal of a first user and a voice terminal of a second user to allow voice communications between the first and second users, the present invention allows the second user to gain access to video content of the first user through a web session.06-24-2010
20100182394METHOD, SYSTEM, AND DEVICE OF VIDEO COMMUNICATION - A method, a system, and a device of video communication are provided. A sub-picture in a synthetic picture corresponding to each audio stream received is marked. Position information of each audio stream is obtained according to a position of each sub-picture in the synthetic picture. The audio stream and the corresponding position information are sent to a terminal. The terminal processes an audio signal according to the received position information of the audio stream, so that the audio stream carries the position information. During the video communication, the terminal receives the audio stream and the position information, and performs position information sense processing to the audio stream according to the position information. This reduces the frequent communication between the terminal and a device for processing position information and improves the flexibility of the system.07-22-2010
20100238262AUTOMATED VIDEOGRAPHY SYSTEMS - A method of automated videography, in which video images of at least one subject in a local environment are acquired using an automated videography system to capture video images using one or more cameras during a videography event of one or more video scenes; applying current video capture settings which define subject framing and camera parameters; analyzing the video images of a current video scene to assess image quality relative to changes in subject activity and current subject framing; determining a need to change subject framing to improve video image quality based on the assessment of image quality; determining whether the changes in subject activity, relative to the subject framing, correspond to an intra-scene transition or an inter-scene transition; determining new subject framing and new video capture settings for a scene-transition, whether intra-scene or inter-scene; and automatically modifying video image capture in accordance with the newly determined video capture settings.09-23-2010
20090322853SECURITY MONITORING SYSTEM WITH FLEXIBLE MONITORING SEQUENCE - From a monitoring location for monitoring at least two remote locations, each remote location having at least one monitoring device, a scrutiny selection signal is sent to the remote locations to control transmission of selected scrutiny information, from the at least one monitoring device at each of the remote locations, to the monitoring location. Via a temporary communication channel and in accordance with the scrutiny selection signal, the selected scrutiny information is received from the monitoring devices at the remote locations, the selected scrutiny information including video data intended for display to a human and representing the remote location being monitored. The received scrutiny information is displayed. At a monitoring location for monitoring at least one remote location having at least one monitoring device, selected scrutiny information from one of the monitoring devices at the remote location is received, the selected scrutiny information including video data intended for display to a human and representing the remote location being monitored, and the received video data is displayed. The remote location also has at least one manually operated device for indicating that a special situation has been sensed, and the selected scrutiny information is sent to the monitoring location in response to actuation of the manually operated device.12-31-2009
20120242774VIDEO DISPLAY APPARATUS, NOISE REMOVING METHOD, AND VIDEO DISPLAY SYSTEM - According to one embodiment, a video display apparatus includes: a broadcast data input module; at least one data input module; and a frequency controller. The broadcast data input module is configured to input broadcast contents containing sound data. The data input module is configured to input information containing sound data other than the sound data contained in the broadcast contents. The frequency controller is configured to receive the sound data, and configured to perform an operation allowing only frequencies within a necessary range to pass therethrough, the operation of the frequency controller being selectively enabled or disabled under control of the data input module.09-27-2012
20080309749Method for Processing the Defeated Videophone Call Based on Mobile Communication Network - The present invention relates to a method for processing the video telephone call failure based on the mobile communication network, which comprises the following steps: when a video telephone call initiated by a calling terminal has failed, the mobile communication network side returns a call failure message which contains a reason value of the call failure and a disconnecting signaling to said calling terminal in accordance with the reason of the call failure; after said calling terminal receives said call failure message, it queries and extracts said call failure prompt information data in accordance with said reason value and broadcasts the call failure prompt information locally. Through pre-installing the call failure prompt information in the video telephone calling terminal and sending the call failure signaling by the network side, the present invention makes the video telephone calling terminal get the reason of failure rapidly and complete the next step of concrete operation effectively when the call failed. In addition, the system resources could be well used and the waste of the system resources could be reduced because of the reason of the call failure returning duly.12-18-2008
20120033027METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INITIATING COMMUNICATION VIA A COMMUNICATION NETWORK - A method of communicating between a first user and a second user comprises using a first system to transmit, from the first user, a first signal for delivery to the second user. In particular, the first signal is transmitted via a first communication application. At least one of video, audio, and image analytics of electronically sensed data is performed to determine a presence of the second user at a third system. When the second user is determined to be present at the third system, the second user is provided with a first indication indicative of the first signal, the first indication being provided via a pervasive communication application in execution on the third system and other than the first communication application.02-09-2012
20100302342Audio and video messaging device - An audio and video messaging device is composed of a shell, a control unit, a memory unit, a plurality of push buttons, a camera, a screen, a microphone, and a speaker. The control unit is mounted inside the shell. The memory unit is mounted inside the shell and electrically connected with the control unit. The push buttons are mounted onto the shell and electrically connected with the control unit. The camera is mounted onto the shell and electrically connected with the control unit. The screen is mounted onto the shell and electrically connected with the control unit. The microphone is mounted inside the shell and electrically connected with the control unit. The speaker is mounted inside the shell and electrically connected with the control unit.12-02-2010
20090002478PHOTOGRAPHED IMAGE PROCESS CHANGEOVER APPARATUS OF A VIDEO TELEPHONE FUNCTION - In order to provide a photographed image process changeover apparatus of a video telephone function which reduces the power consumption by providing only the most optimal functions in accordance with the state of a portable terminal, the comprisal at least includes an image cutout unit 01-01-2009
20090002476MICROPHONE ARRAY FOR A CAMERA SPEAKERPHONE - A camera speakerphone having a microphone array may be used for videoconferencing. Example microphone array designs described herein may be used to perform Sound Source Localization (SSL) and improve audio quality of captured audio. In one example, an omni-directional camera speakerphone includes a base having a speaker and at least one microphone. A neck is coupled to the base which is coupled to a head. The head includes an omni-directional camera and at least one microphone.01-01-2009
20090219379Average Calculation in Color Space, Particularly for Segmentation of Video Sequences - A method of image processing includes: providing a plurality of image frames and processing at least one image frame. A description of a plurality of pixels of the plurality of image frames is provided in a color space, including at least an angular coordinate. A method is disclosed for reliably calculating the average of the angular coordinate.09-03-2009
20100039492CAMERA SERVICE PORT AND REMOTE CAMERA SYSTEM - A camera service port has an automatic termination for connecting to a near-side monitor. The camera service includes an audio jack and a phone jack. The audio jack includes first and second terminals for receiving signals from a camera and connecting to the near-side monitor. The phone jack includes a first connector coupled to the camera, an equivalent resistor coupled to the first connector, and a second connector coupled to the camera. The second connector is flexible to connect to the first terminal without being connected to an equivalent resistor. When the audio jack is plugged into the phone jack, the first terminal is coupled to the second connector and the second terminal is coupled to the first connector for receiving the signal from the camera. When the audio jack is not plugged into the phone jack, the equivalent resistor is coupled between the second connector and the first connector.02-18-2010
20100134587VIDEO COMMUNICATION METHOD AND SYSTEM - A method of communication with a remote user provided with a videocommunication terminal includes: establishing a communication session with the user's videocommunication terminal; loading a web page associated with the communication session, the loaded web page including at least one portion defining a respective association between at least one browsing action to be performed on the loaded web page and at least one predefined user interaction with the videocommunication terminal; rendering the loaded web page and forming an image corresponding to the rendered loaded web page; video-encoding the formed image so as to create an encoded video, and transmitting the encoded video to the user's videocommunication terminal; concurrently with the transmitting of the encoded video, receiving information related to a predefined user interaction with the videocommunication terminal; retrieving from the loaded web page the browsing action associated with the predefined user interaction with the videocommunication terminal; and executing the retrieved browsing action.06-03-2010
20090027479Dynamic Visual Background For Call-Center Agents - A system is disclosed that enables a first call participant, such as an agent at a call center, to project a carefully-controlled appearance towards a second call participant, such as a customer calling for technical support, while on a video call. Using the real-time image of the first call participant while on a video call, as well as additional information, the system of the illustrative embodiment selects and superimposes a visual background that appears to the caller as being behind the agent. The visual background can be selected to cater towards what the caller expects or wants to see, or what the message is that the agent-represented business wants to convey. The system of the illustrative embodiment can dynamically change the visual background during a call or from one call to another, depending on factors related to the calling party, factors related to the called party, and so forth.01-29-2009
20120147121Method and system for audio-video communications - A terminal for audio-video communications comprising an IP enabled video phone and a video processor component coupled to the IP enabled video phone and including a module for correcting images from the video camera to render a camera-facing image for transmission to remote viewer. The correcting images may include use of calibrated images for a particular user and may replace background images with neutral images.06-14-2012
20100097438Communication Terminal and Communication Method Thereof - A communication terminal 04-22-2010
20120169827Method and Device for Protecting User Privacy during Video Telephone Communication - The present invention provides a method and a device for protecting users' privacy in a videophone call, and the device comprises a setting module, a detecting module, a timing module, a transmitting module and a control module. The setting module is configured to configure prompt information of the videophone and the duration of a timer; the detecting module is configured to detect the terminal working state of videophone user in real time; the timing module is configured to perform timing; the transmitting module is configured to transmit the prompt information to the surroundings; the control module is configured to read the duration of timer and prompt information configured by setting module according to the terminal working state detected by detecting module, then to control the timing of timing module according to the read duration of the timer, and to start the transmitting module to transmit the read prompt information.07-05-2012
20080284840Method, System and Apparatus for Voice and Data Transmission Over A Conductive Path - A system that provides video signal communication between a source of video signals and a plurality of units that include destinations of the video signals, the system including an interface coupled to the source and to conductive paths, each of which serves at least one of the units and carries voice signals to and from one or more telephone devices at said unit. The interface receives video signals from the source, and also receives voice signals. The interface transmits voice and video signals onto the conductive path. Receivers at each destination of information connected to the conductive path recover the video signal and apply it to one or more of the destinations at the unit. The receivers also recover the voice signal from the telephone line and apply it to a telephone device. Signals also transmit in the reverse direction, from the units back to the interface and the source of information.11-20-2008
20080252716Communication Control Device and Communication Terminal - A first mobile communication terminal sends position data of an avatar for the terminal and position data of an avatar for a second mobile communication terminal, with which a user of the first terminal wishes to communicate, to a communication control device. The communication control device determines whether a position indicated by each of the two pieces of position data is within a predetermined space. If the communication control device determines that positions indicated by the two pieces of position data are within the predetermined space, the first and second mobile communication terminals start a videophone call using captured images, and otherwise, the mobile communication terminals start a videophone call using avatar images.10-16-2008
20110080459Domestic Animal Telephone - A phone for pets and pet owners is taught which allows the owner to call the house and “talk” to the pet. The owner can then see a video image of the pet in front of the pet phone to verify presence and happiness. The device can also present the owner's scent to the pet and deliver treats on remote command. In some embodiments, the pet can initiate the phone call.04-07-2011
20100053300Method And Arrangement For Video Telephony Quality Assessment - In a method of quality assessment for a multimedia signal comprising video telephony media in a video telephony system, the multimedia signal is received SIO, a plurality of parameters of said multimedia signal are extracted S03-04-2010
20100066800MONITOR HAVING INTEGRAL CAMERA AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - As discussed herein, there is presented a visual communication system, a method of conducting two-way visual communication and an apparatus. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes: (1) a lens substrate having a first array of micro lenses on one side thereof, (2) an optical output substrate having a second array of display pixels and (3) an optical input substrate having a third array of image sensors laterally inter-dispersed with respect to display pixels of the first array and positioned to receive light from the micro lenses of the first array.03-18-2010
20110187811APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING CAMERA FUNCTION IN PORTABLE TERMINAL - An apparatus and a method for capturing an image in a portable terminal are provided. More particularly, an apparatus and a method for capturing an image by using an action of a user as a command for photographing an object so as to prevent a shaking problem which can occur during image capturing using a portable terminal are provided. The apparatus includes an image obtainer for using an action of a user as a command to capture an image.08-04-2011
20090174760Integrated Camera Stand With Wireless Audio Conversion and Battery Charging - The present invention provides a combined camera, camera stand, audio hub, and audio headset charger. The audio headset is wireless, with a wireless connection to the stand/hub. The stand/hub then connects over a bus to a personal computer. The camera can be both tilted and adjusted in height on the stand. Seamless switching from one audio path (e.g., external speakers and microphone in webcam) to another (e.g., wireless headset) occurs, providing the user with a regular telephone like experience. In addition, it is easily possible to mute audio as well as video for the entire system.07-09-2009
20110134203MEDICAL VIDEO CALL DISTRIBUTOR - A central switch is linked to at least one field video station (FVS) and at least one remote specialist video station (SVS) via a communication network, typically the Internet. Each FVS station includes a medical device associated with a patient and operated by an operator. The medical device generates patient test data. A two-way audio system is installed in the station. A video camera provides an overview of the FVS. A local computer executes software for processing patient and camera data as streaming video for transmission to the network along with two-way audio. Each SVS includes a processor for receiving, converting and displaying the streaming video along with receiving and transmitting two-way audio. The FVS and the SVS interact via the network after the specialist registers with a management system in the central switch, and is selected by the technician. During interaction, the specialist is able to view, diagnose and counsel the patient; instruct the operator operating the medical device, and change communication and video parameters.06-09-2011
20120306990Systems, methods, and media for identifying degraded video call links - Systems, methods, and media for identifying degraded video call links are provided. In some embodiments, systems for identifying degraded video call links are provided, the systems comprising: at least one hardware processor that: calculates network metrics and quality metrics of a video call stream received at a device through a first link and then through a second link; determines whether a network problem is present in the video call stream based on the network metrics; determines whether a quality problem is present in the video call stream based on the quality metrics; and determines that the second link is degraded if both a network problem and a quality problem are determined to be present, and determines that the first link is degraded if a quality problem is determined to be present but a network problem is not determined to be present.12-06-2012
20090051752VIDEO CALL MANAGEMENT APPARATUS AND ASSOCIATED METHODOLOGY OF CONTROLLING VOICE AND VIDEO RESPONSE - An video call management apparatus and associated methodology of controlling interactive voice and video responses is provided. A calling party is identified as an agent or a caller based on a set of agent identities. The calling party is then provided with an agent main menu, when an agent is identified, or a caller main menu when a caller is identified. An agent can be connected to the caller in a sub-queue entry, and a caller can be placed in an existing sub-queue or a new sub-queue can be created if it does not exist. Videomail from a caller for playback to an agent is also received, and the agent may call the caller during or after playback of the videomail. The agent is presented with a system video message containing information and statistics on a completed call.02-26-2009
20110050840APPARATUS, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VIDEO CALL - Provided are an apparatus, system and method for facilitating a video call between a first caller and a second caller, the apparatus including: an image sensor which captures an image of the first caller; a display which displays an image of the second caller; a microphone which captures audio input by the first caller; a speaker which plays audio input by the second caller; a detector which is operable to determine a location of the first caller; and a controller which controls the detector to determine the location as corresponding to an original location, wherein if the first caller changes from the original location to a new location, the controller controls the detector to determine the location as being the new location and controls the microphone to readjust based on the determined new location of the first caller.03-03-2011
20100321463VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM - A surveillance system (12-23-2010
20120038739METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIA FOR SHADER-LAMPS BASED PHYSICAL AVATARS OF REAL AND VIRTUAL PEOPLE - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for shader lamps-based avatars of real and virtual people are disclosed. According to one method, shader lamps-based avatars of real and virtual objects are displayed on physical target objects. The method includes obtaining visual information of a source object and generating at least a first data set of pixels representing a texture image of the source object. At least one of a size, shape, position, and orientation of a 02-16-2012
20120147122Video data receiving and sending systems for videophone and video data processing method thereof - The present disclosure discloses a video data receiving system for a videophone, comprising a video pre-decoding module, a key-frame requesting module and a video receiving module; wherein the video pre-decoding module pre-decodes received video data and determines whether the video data are damaged, the key-frame requesting module discards the damaged offset-frame data in the video data and sends a key-frame request signal to the videophone at the opposite end when the number of the continuously discarded offset-frame data reaches a preset value, and the video receiving module receives the coded data from the opposite end. The present to disclosure also correspondingly discloses a video data sending system for the videophone and a video data processing method thereof. In the present disclosure, error offset-frames are discarded through pre-decoding, and key-frame request signals are sent to reacquire key-frame data when the number of the damaged offset-frame data reaches a preset value so as to reduce mosaic appearing during video receiving and improve the quality of images.06-14-2012
20120098918VIDEO ANALYTICS AS A TRIGGER FOR VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS - A method comprises defining a predetermined trigger event and, using a sensor, sensing at least one of audio, image and video data within a predetermined sensing area of the sensor. A process in execution on a processor of a first system is used to perform at least one of audio, image and video analytics of the at least one of audio, image and video data, to detect an occurrence of the predetermined trigger event within the predetermined sensing area. When a result of the at least one of audio, image and video analytics is indicative of an occurrence of the predetermined trigger event, a communication session for communicating with an individual within the predetermined sensing area is initiated automatically.04-26-2012
20130010050Tag-Aware Multipoint Switching For Conferencing - Conferencing methods and systems are disclosed wherein tags are associated with conferencing endpoints. The tags provide information enabling a decision-making entity to determine the preferability of one or more processing aspects of the endpoints. In a multipoint conference a tag can allow a decision making entity such as an MCU to determine the most appropriate mode for rendering video or other signals sent from a tagged endpoint. The tag itself can indicate the most appropriate mode or can contain information from which the decision-making entity can determine the most appropriate mode using an algorithm. A tag can be associated with an endpoint manually, for example based on a user's or controller's inputs concerning the endpoint. Alternatively, the tag can be assigned automatically based on automatically sensing one or more conditions at an endpoint or analyzing one or more parameters of a data stream transmitted from the endpoint.01-10-2013
20110316962BIDIRECTIONAL COMMUNICATION INTERFACE APPARATUS, BIDIRECTIONAL COMMUNICATION INTERFACE SYSTEM AND SIGNAL TRANSMISSION METHOD - According to one embodiment, a bidirectional communication interface apparatus including, a first converting module configured to convert a mixed output of a video signal and audio signal from a source device to an optical signal, an optical cable configured to transmit the optical signal converted by the first converting module, and a second converting module configured to convert the optical signal transmitted via the optical cable to a mixed output of a video signal and audio signal and input a result of conversion to a sink device.12-29-2011
20120206553Communication System and Method - A method, client application and user terminal, the method including providing a packet-based communication system for conducting voice or video calls over a packet-based network and providing an instance of a client application enabling a first user terminal to access the packet-based communication system. The client application is configured so as when executed on the first terminal to receive an input from multiple different audio and/or video input transducers of the first terminal, to analyze those inputs in relation to one another, and based on that analysis to select at least one audio and/or video input transducer and/or output transducer of the first terminal for use in conducting a voice or video call with a remote user terminal via the packet-based communication system.08-16-2012
20120206554MULTI-PARTICIPANT AUDIO/VIDEO COMMUNICATION WITH PARTICIPANT ROLE INDICATOR - An audio/video communication method displays the status of participants in a video chat session. The method employs multiple video chat capable (VCC) information handling systems (IHSs) that display video images of the participants. In this manner, each user may see the user's own video image as well as the video images of other users in the video chat session. When a user speaks, that user's VCC IHS detects audio, thus designating a speaker participant. This user's VCC IHS includes a gaze direction detector that determines at which particular user video image the user gazes, thus determining a target participant. The VCC IHS sends speaker participant ID information and target participant ID information to other VCC IHSs in the video chat session. In response, the other VCC IHSs display an indicator that designates one user video image as the speaker participant and another user video image as the target participant.08-16-2012
20080309748Video-Communication in Mobile Networks - A video-communication service in which a separation in different components of the video-communication is caused at the telephone equipment of the users, e.g., a separation in a video and in a voice component. The different components are transmitted on different connections between the telephone equipment of the users. The users have the possibility of selectively dropping any one of the different connections.12-18-2008
20120007937MULTI-PURPOSE ARMORED VEHICLE - A multi-purpose armored vehicle is configured for a wide range of purposes by military and police units and in both defensive and offensive postures. A protective canopy covers an entrance to a cockpit capable of accommodating at least one person. The vehicle is sufficiently narrow to enable it to pass through conventional gates and also doorways to, and within buildings. A pair of armor-plated shields are pivotally engaged, and selectively positionable, with the sides of the vehicle, allowing shelter to personnel traveling alongside the vehicle. An extensible boom may be fitted with a wide range of hardware including weapons and communications equipment for dealing with situations involving criminals, terrorists, etc. The shields, boom movement and extension, and hardware are all controllable from the cockpit.01-12-2012
20120013702METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR LOCATING A VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL (VOIP) DEVICE CONNECTED TO A NETWORK - A method and system for locating a device connected to a network by determining a current network address for the device and comparing the current network address to a network address in a user profile. If the network addresses match, the device is located based on a physical address associated with the network address in the user profile.01-19-2012
20120154506DYNAMIC INSERTION OF A QUALITY ENHANCEMENT GATEWAY - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for enhancing media quality by dynamically inserting a quality enhancement gateway are disclosed. According to one method, steps are performed at a service node. The method includes detecting a condition associated with a session between two endpoints that indicates that the session could benefit from media quality enhancement processing. The method also includes signaling the endpoints to route at least a portion of the session through a quality enhancement gateway (QEG) capable of providing the media quality enhancement processing for the session.06-21-2012
20110085015Apparatus and method for operating plural cameras embedded in mobile device - A mobile device includes an apparatus for operating two or more cameras embedded in a mobile device. When one of the cameras is enabled, the apparatus controls the flow of signals by preventing a signal in connection with the enabled camera from flowing toward other disabled cameras. This can minimize EMI that may be caused by such a signal.04-14-2011
20120300012 MOVING PICTURE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A moving picture communication system 11-29-2012
20120300011OPTIMIZING ROOM LIGHTING BASED ON IMAGE SENSOR FEEDBACK - A mechanism for efficiently and dynamically adjusting lighting conditions in a space through the use of existing video capture devices in the space or video capture devices on computing devices brought into the space is provided. Incident lighting levels, light composition, and similar aspects on the participants, displays, projectors, white boards, walls, and comparable objects may be calibrated and/or optimized based on captured image quality.11-29-2012
20120127257SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING OPTICS IN A VIDEO ENVIRONMENT - An apparatus is provided in one example and includes a camera configured to receive image data associated with an end user involved in a video session. The apparatus further includes a display configured to interface with the camera. The camera and the display cooperate such that the apparatus can initiate the video session involving the end user, and activate a retracting mechanism configured to move the camera such that the camera is retracted from a view of the display and the camera moves to an inactive state.05-24-2012
20120162345Presence Transmission Method, Video Display Device, and Video Display System - According to one embodiment, a presence transmission method includes: controlling communication of a call via a network; transmitting, via the network, presence indicating a current status; and executing predetermined functions. If a specific function that causes delay in answering an incoming call is to be executed among the predetermined functions, presence indicating that it takes time to answer an incoming call is transmitted via the network.06-28-2012
20120212567METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR MULTI-LINGUAL SUPPORT FOR HEARING IMPAIRED COMMUNICATION - Methods and apparatuses for automated multi-lingual support are described herein. A relay service provides translation services between a hearing-impaired user and a hearing-capable user. The relay service includes a database with one or more entries. Each of the one or more entries is associated with a contact of the hearing-impaired user and includes one or more connection indicators for the contact and one or more spoken languages for the contact. A profile system determines an identified entry in the database using a calling connection indicator associated with the hearing-capable user to compare with the one or more connection indicators. A call distribution system establishes a calling connection over a voice-capable network with the calling connection indicator associated with the hearing-capable user and routes the calling connection to a translator capable in the one or more spoken languages associated with the hearing-capable user determined from the identified entry.08-23-2012
20090058983Network-Enabled Peer-To-Peer Video Calling Systems, Methods, and Storage Medium - Systems, methods, and a storage medium for peer-to-peer video calling between first and second devices is provided. The method includes determining a predetermined data communication rate by querying a communication network operably associated with the first and second devices. The method further includes transmitting video calling data from the first device through the communication network to the second device at substantially the predetermined data communication rate.03-05-2009
20120169826MICROPHONE ARRAY APPARATUS HAVING HIDDEN MICROPHONE PLACEMENT AND ACOUSTIC SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME - A microphone array apparatus is provided. The microphone array apparatus includes a plurality of first type microphones which are disposed to be hidden in a direction of a target source and surrounded by a cover that passes acoustic signals therethrough, and a plurality of second type microphones which are disposed at both sides of the plurality of first type microphones.07-05-2012
20120169825IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)-Based Pre-negotiation of Video Codec For Video Single Radio Video Call Continuity - Systems, methods, and instrumentalities are disclosed to provide pre-negotiation of a video codec. An IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) entity, such as a service centralization and continuity application server (SCC AS), may send a first session initiation protocol (SIP) message to a circuit switched domain entity via an IMS core network. The first SIP message may correspond to a video call in an on-going IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) session. The first SIP message may include one or more video codecs supported by the SCC AS and the UE associated with the video call. The SCC AS may receive a second SIP message from the circuit switched domain entity. The second SIP message may include the video codec, which may be one of the video codecs included in the first SIP message. The SCC AS may send the video codec to a user equipment (UE) associated with the video call.07-05-2012
20080231684VIDEO STREAMING SYSTEM - A streaming video system may include a video capture terminal configured to communicate with a first communications network and a video receiving terminal configured to communicate with a second network operatively connected to the first network. The video capture terminal may be configured to capture video data and stream the video data to the receiving terminal via the first network and the second network in substantially real-time.09-25-2008
20120075406Method And System For Handling A Multi-Media Call Setup Request - A service node in a telecommunication network is arranged to receive a Multi-Media video call setup for a terminal to be called. The called terminal is called by the service node according to either a video or a voice call setup, depending on a current allowed answer mode of the called terminal. Responding to the call setup will, depending on either answering or rejecting the call setup by the called terminal, and depending whether the call setup is for a voice or a video call, be handled by the service node according to a predetermined method. When a call setup is answered by the called terminal, the service node further supports a method of toggling between a video call and a voice call at the called terminal.03-29-2012
20120075405CONTROL APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD - Systems and methods for selective content sharing with a communication target apparatus are provided. In various aspects, communication with a communication target apparatus may be established, and content indicated by content data may be reproduced, where the reproduced content may represent audio or audio and image content. A determination may be made whether or not to share the reproduced content indicated by the content data with the communication target apparatus and a process to share or not share the reproduced content indicated by the content data with the communication target apparatus may be selectively performed. When the reproduced content is determined not to be shared with the communication target apparatus, a generated speech audio signal may be shared with the communication target apparatus while the reproduced content indicated by the content data may not shared with the communication target apparatus.03-29-2012
20120249719INFORMATION MIXER AND SYSTEM CONTROL FOR ATTENTION MANAGEMENT - Systems and methods for controlling various aspects of ensemble experiences and system control for attention management are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for providing attention management for a specific participant in an online ensemble event, may comprise: receiving live stream signals, including audio signals, from each of a plurality of participants; displaying a plurality of objects on the corresponding user device of each specific participant, each of the plurality of objects corresponding to one specific participant; providing options for each specific participant to manipulate sizes of each of the plurality of objects and volume from each of the plurality of participants; providing a customized participation layer/interface to a specific participant to manage how other participants perceive the expression from the specific participant; and providing options for each specific participant to initiate an interaction with any of the plurality of participants.10-04-2012
20120224019SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MODIFYING IMAGES - The present invention describes a method of modifying an image in a video that includes the step of capturing a visible light image of an area, where the visible light image captured at a first frame rate. The method in addition includes the step of capturing a corresponding infrared light image of an area, the infrared light image being captured when the area is illuminated with an infrared light source, the infrared light image captured at the substantially the same frame rate as the visible light image. Based on the infrared light image, at least a subset of the human perceptible characteristics of the captured visible light image are modified.09-06-2012
20090021572CONTENT- AND LINK-DEPENDENT CODING ADAPTATION FOR MULTIMEDIA TELEPHONY - This disclosure describes techniques that can facilitate multimedia telephony. In one example, a method for communication of multimedia data comprises determining a first level of throughput associated with multimedia data communication from a first access terminal to a network, determining a second level of throughput associated with multimedia data communication from the network to a second access terminal based on feedback from the second access terminal to the first access terminal via the network, determining a budget associated with communication of a video unit of the multimedia data, and coding the video unit of the multimedia data based on the budget and the first and second levels of throughput.01-22-2009
20120229586SYSTEM FOR MANAGING VIDEO VOICEMAIL - A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a communication device having a controller adapted to establish communications with a voicemail system over a Public Switched Telephone Network port of the communication device, receive from the voicemail system by way of a broadband port of the communication device an invitation to switch to a video call over the broadband port, transmit a Session Initiation Protocol message to establish video communications with the voicemail system, and transmit to the voicemail system a video message to be recorded by the voicemail system as a video voicemail message. Additional embodiments are disclosed.09-13-2012
20120262531Scalable Video Encoding in a Multi-View Camera System - The present invention employs scalable video coding (SVC) in a multi-view camera system, which is particularly suited for video conferencing. Multiple cameras are oriented to capture video content of different image areas and generate corresponding original video streams that provide video content of the image areas. An active one of the image areas may be identified at any time by analyzing the audio content originating from the different image areas and selecting the image area that is associated with the most dominant speech activity.10-18-2012
20120262530Methods, Systems, and Products for Monitoring Conferences - Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for monitoring a conference. A first bridging function is established that bridges together signals received from all conference participants. A second bridging function is established that bridges together signals received from i) a subset of the conference participants, ii) an output of the first bridging function, and iii) a monitor of the conference. The second bridging function isolates the monitor's signals from the conference such that only the subset of the conference participants may communicate with the monitor during the conference.10-18-2012
20110037827System And Method For Coordinating Data Transmission Via User-Maintained Modes - A method and apparatus for controlling data transmission via user-maintained modes is provided. A first audio data stream is recorded on a transmitting electronic apparatus. A second audio data stream is stored on the transmitting electronic apparatus. Transmission of one of the first and the second audio data streams is controlled via a first user-maintained mode when at least the other of the first and the second audio data streams is being transmitted to the electronic apparatus. The one of the first and the second audio data streams is transmitted to a receiving electronic apparatus and the other of the first and the second audio data streams is suspended.02-17-2011
20110211035VOICE COMMUNICATION APPARATUS AND VOICE COMMUNICATION METHOD - A communication apparatus includes an image capturing unit configured to capture a face image of a user; a contour extraction unit configured to extract a face contour from the face image captured by the image capturing unit; an ear position estimation unit configured to estimate positions of ears of the user on the basis of the extracted face contour; a distance estimation unit configured to estimate a distance between the communication apparatus and the user on the basis of the extracted face contour; a sound output unit configured to output sound having a directivity; and a control unit configured to control an output range of sound output from the sound output unit on the basis of the positions of ears of the user estimated by the ear position estimation unit and the distance between the communication apparatus and the user estimated by the distance estimation unit.09-01-2011
20100208028Method and System to Connect Consumers to Information - This invention provides for a method of (or apparatus for) facilitating the delivery of advice to consumers using a server unit which can store and display the names and characteristics of experts and then rapidly assist in connecting the expert and consumer for real-time communication. The server can also have the ability to receive keywords from the consumer, match those keywords to one or more experts, and tell the consumer how to contact an expert.08-19-2010
20120140015AUTOMATIC SUPPRESSION OF IMAGES OF A VIDEO FEED IN A VIDEO CALL OR VIDEOCONFERENCING SYSTEM - In one embodiment, a method for determining whether to suppress images of a video feed in a video call or videoconference is provided. A communications server receives a first video feed from a first client and determines whether a face is present in images of the first video feed. The communication server determines whether to suppress images of the first video feed from a second video feed based on whether a face is detected in images of the first video feed. The communication server suppresses images of the first video feed from the second video feed in response to determining to suppress images of the first video feed and disseminates the second video feed to a second client.06-07-2012
20130010049NEGOTIATE MULTI-STREAM CONTINUOUS PRESENCE - Described are embodiments for allowing the negotiation of a continuous presence layout. Specifically, in embodiments, an offer is generated by a client that includes attributes for displaying continuous presence video information. The attributes include, in some embodiments, one or more window identifiers, one or more bandwidth limit identifiers, one or more group numbers, and/or one or more ranks. The offer is sent to a server which transmits an answer to the offer. Once the attributes for the continuous presence layout has been negotiated, the server uses the attributes to format video content sent to the client.01-10-2013
20130169733DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING API FOR SHARING CONTENTS - Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for providing an API for sharing contents which provides the API including a function capable of sharing contents during a video call or video conference in a platform including an open web service gateway by using functions provided from the open web service gateway. The apparatus for providing an API for sharing contents during video communication in a platform including an open web service gateway includes: a video communication control unit configured to acquire connection state information of terminals receiving a video communication request; and a contents sharing control unit configured to receive the connection state information of the terminals from the video communication control unit and process a contents sharing request.07-04-2013
20130169734DISPLAY APPARATUS - A display apparatus including a main body, a display panel installed in the main body, a video call unit installed to the main body, a circuit board for control of the video call unit, and a cable to connect the video call unit and the circuit board to each other, is provided. Installing the video call unit to the main body enables a video call via the display apparatus.07-04-2013
20130141513VIDEO MESSAGING - A method for video messaging includes recording a video message, at a device, for a recipient; and selecting a contact as a recipient of the video message, at the device, without requiring typing at the device.06-06-2013
20130176376SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR THE ONLINE PRESENTATION AND COMMERCE OF GOODS - The invention is generally directed to systems and methods for online product presentation, and more particularly to systems and methods for the interactive live/real-time online presentation and commerce of small products. One preferred embodiment is an online computing system that enables the interactive live/real-time presentation of small products of value with intricate detail such as jewelry or precious stones on client computing devices communicatively coupled to a wide area network, such as the Internet. The system includes a conferencing system having a video conferencing session communicatively coupled to the wide area network; a computer connected to a web cam, wherein the computer communicatively couples the web cam to the video conferencing session through the wide area network, and further wherein the web cam has a lens directed at the product; and a light box substantially surrounding said product.07-11-2013
20130093831Satellite Microphones for Improved Speaker Detection and Zoom - Architecture for exploiting satellite microphones and employing other techniques of conference room camera/microphone systems to significantly improve the true positive rate (reduce false positives) in sound source localization (SSL). Techniques for realizing the improvement include using an LED emitter to determine the precise location of the satellite microphones on a table, using the base SSL and external sounds to determine the approximate location of the satellite microphone on the table, using the satellite microphone phase to improve the SSL performance, using the satellite microphone amplitude to improve the active speaker detector (ASD) performance, and using the satellite microphones to estimate camera zoom.04-18-2013
20130093830SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ACCEPTING VIDEO CALLS ON VOICE TELEPHONES AT CALL CENTERS OR OTHER LOCATIONS - A method for providing video-based communication between an originating user and a recipient located within a call center includes a server receiving an originating live video call, the server holding the live video call, the server generating a placeholder call corresponding to the live video call, and the server transmitting the placeholder call through the network to the call center. The method may also include the call center determining if an agent with video call capability is available, and if an agent with video call capability is available, the call center transmitting the placeholder call to the available agent within the call center, the call center generating a video link and transmitting the video link to the server, the server receiving the video link, and the server matching the video link to the live video call to establish communication with the agent.04-18-2013
20130093828Video Messaging - Systems and techniques for transferring electronic data between users of a communications system by receiving, at an instant messaging host, a video file from a sender and intended for a recipient; authenticating the video file; and sending the video file to the intended recipient.04-18-2013
20130093829INSTRUCT-OR - In embodiments, the present invention provides methods and systems for providing remote real-time guidance for a procedure with a device. The method and systems may include providing a user guidance application executing on a system during the procedure. The methods and systems may be enabled to receive voice commands, and may include providing a step-by-step guidance from a remote human specialist through the steps required to complete a procedure with a device. The systems and methods may include, displaying on the system, procedure reference material associated with the procedure and accessible to the user to assist the user in the use of the device.04-18-2013
20130100231Method and Meeting Terminal for Adjusting Meeting Place Cameras in a Remote Presentation Meeting System - A method and a meeting terminal for adjusting meeting place cameras in a remote presentation meeting system are disclosed. The method includes: determining a site to be tested in a meeting place (S04-25-2013
20130100228Optimizing Video-call Quality of Service - Techniques to optimize video-call communications are disclosed. The link quality capability of a wireless video-call session and the requirements of the video-call session are determined. The link quality capability determination is based at least on measurements through the entire communications chain, including user, client device, operating system, application, air interface, cell sector, and backhaul parameters. Those parameters may be determined from static profiles, dynamically determined or be statistically derived. Client device response may include adapting the rate of data captured by a video camera, microphone, or other data capture device used in the video-call session. For video-conferencing scenarios, communications throughput is optimized by consolidating video streams.04-25-2013
20130100230SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND APPARATUS FOR METAL DETECTION, VIEWING, AND COMMUNICATIONS - A detection and viewing system includes a wireless device associated with a door and configured to communicate video data, the wireless device including a camera for providing the video data; a sensor for activating the camera, the sensor comprising a metal detector; a plurality of peripheral devices, each peripheral device associated with a respective user; and a computer configured for communication with the wireless device and configured for communication with each of the peripheral devices; wherein the computer executes software, in accordance with which, video data from the wireless device is received by the computer upon actuation of the sensor, and video data from the wireless device is accessible by each respective user using one of the peripheral devices.04-25-2013
20130100227VIDEO COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A 3D image rectifying method includes: controlling at least two cameras to capture depth images in front of an electronic device periodically and forms 3D images according to the captured depth images; recognizing the face of the user from the formed 3D image; determining at least one deflection angle which the detected face deflected from a front view of the face in the 3D image; separating the recognized face from the background of the 3D image; and rotating the recognize face according to the at least one deflection angle to rectify the recognize face to the front view of the face and display the rectified image.04-25-2013
20130127977TELEVISION RECEIVER WITH A TV PHONE FUNCTION - A videophone system includes a processor which selectively sets a television (TV) broadcast program viewing function mode and videophone function mode in response to manual operation of a remote control, a decoder which performs, in the TV program view mode, a TV program-use decode function for decoding a broadcast program signal received from a TV tuner to thereby display it on a display screen while producing audio sounds by loudspeakers and which performs, in the videophone function mode a videophone-use decode function for decoding a videophone signal received from a distant party to thereby display on the screen an image of the distant party using the screen and speakers, and an encoder which performs a videophone-use encode function for encoding a video signal from a camera and a voice signal from a microphone to generate a videophone signal, which is sent to the distant party via a network.05-23-2013
20130127976DISPLAY APPARATUS EQUIPPED WITH IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS - A display apparatus includes a display unit configured to display image information, and a plurality of image pickup units configured to be capable of picking up a user who observes image information of the display unit arranged on a rear surface of a display surface of the display unit, wherein the plurality of image pickup units is two-dimensionally arranged, and an array pitch in a vertical direction of the image pickup units is wider than an array pitch in a horizontal direction.05-23-2013
20100277562Fast session setup extensions to H.324 - A multimedia device configured to support video in a session of a call includes one or more media providing devices and one or more computer codes directed to performing an initialization process for the one or more media providing devices. The initialization process may be performed at an initialization time prior to or substantially equal to a first time prior to or substantially equal to a reception time associated with receiving an indication of call acceptance from a called device, or second time prior to or substantially equal to an acceptance time associated with call acceptance by the multimedia device. The multimedia device also includes one or more computer codes directed to transmitting one or more preferences for the session according to a session setup procedure, one or more media processors coupled to the one or more media providing devices, and one or more computer codes directed to transmitting media on one or more media channels associated with the session.11-04-2010
20110273526Video Call Handling - Solutions for facilitating enhanced video calling functionality. Embodiments include functionality for handling video calling through a communications hub. According to some embodiments, the communications hub is a user supersystem having multiple clients, each with an integrated camera and display, capable of seamlessly handing off video call functionality among the clients. Other embodiments integrate other functionality of the communications hub (e.g., web browsing, multimedia, etc.) into the video call environment.11-10-2011
20130147897MOBILE TERMINAL, REMOTE OPERATION SYSTEM, DATA TRANSMISSION CONTROL METHOD BY MOBILE TERMINAL, AND NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - A remote operation system includes a user terminal and a mediation server; the mediation server is configured to execute a registration procedure to start a remote operation of the user terminal from a support terminal; the user terminal includes a telephone function unit, and is configured to allow transmitting, from the user terminal to the mediation server, registration data regarding the remote operation on a condition that the telephone function unit is performing a telephone call.06-13-2013
20100309282SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PLAYING VIDEO MESSAGES - An exemplary embodiment of a system for playing video messages comprises a caller and a video serving module. The caller sends a request of a communication link to a callee. The callee receives the request of the communication link and establishes the communication link to the caller. The video serving module performs at least one of following steps before the communication link is established, wherein the steps comprise: establishing a first video link to the caller and playing a callee video message corresponding to the callee through the first video link and establishing a second link to the callee and playing a caller video message corresponding to the caller through the second link.12-09-2010
20120274725System and Method for Combining Instant Messaging and Video Communication Systems - A method and apparatus for initiating videoconferences in instant messaging systems is described, including posting of a videoconference URL in the instant messaging chat window if any of the desired participants of the videoconferencing session is unavailable, so that the unavailable participants can simply click on the videoconference URL and join the videoconferencing session.11-01-2012
20110242266TELEVISION APPARATUS - A television appliance comprising: a television receiver for receiving television signals and outputting the television signal of a selected channel to a screen; a network interface for accessing a packet-based network; a memory storing a communication client application; and processing apparatus arranged to execute the communication client application. The client application is configured to maintain a list of contacts and allow a user of the media appliance to establish communication events with the contacts via the network interface and packet-based network. The client application is further configured so as: to receive a machine-readable data item via the network interface and packet-based network from a television appliance of one or more of said contacts, the machine-readable data item indicating a current television channel being viewed by the respective contact; and to process the machine-readable data item so as to control operation of said user's television appliance in relation to the contact's television appliance based on the processed data item.10-06-2011
20120281054Integrated System for Underwater Viewing and Communications in Turbid Water - An integrated system for diving operations for use in turbid water by a remote operator comprising a surface console station that supports the receipt of tethered command and control of system components and display for received real-time video via a communications channel; a remote wearable information processing unit tethered to the surface console station and having integrated controls; a wearable human interface system connected to the remote wearable information processing unit and including a video display and two-way audio system; a viewing enhancing device tethered to the remote wearable information processing unit and the surface console station, including an image capture device; and a fluid clarification unit coupled to the viewing enhanced apparatus. The apparatus may be warn and operated by a diver, mounted on a remotely operated vehicle or manipulated remotely while mounted on the end of a pole and may include an array of viewing enhancing devices.11-08-2012
20120019609SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR VOICE/VIDEO COMMUNICATION AND METHOD THEREOF - A voice/video communication system is disclosed. The system includes a caller having a first PSTN subsystem and a first data subsystem, and a callee, wherein the first data subsystem encodes the caller's public IP address/port into a first key sequence and triggers the first PSTN system to send first audio coding representing the first key sequence to the callee.01-26-2012
20120026274System, Method and Apparatus For Controlling Image Access In A Video Collaboration System - The present invention provides a computer implemented method, comprising the steps of: determining using data from a sensing device, when a moveable obscuring structure is in a closed position. When the obscuring structure is in the closed position, the transmission of accessible images captured by an image capture device at the location of a local user is to remote user locations in a video conference session is prevented.02-02-2012
20130201273STREAMING VIDEO NETWORK SYSTEM - A distributed, digital, network-based, streaming video allows users to view live streaming digital video from multiple video sources in operating rooms at any location connected to a network. One or more video sources in an operating room are connected to a streaming video encoder capable of converting the video to a network packet stream. Once the digital video stream is available on the network, it may be accessed and routed through the use of a streaming video control server. The streaming video control server is responsible for user authentication and access for remote viewing and video source selection. The control server also provides audit logging services, operating room selection and overall system resource allocation. The video control server also provides a network-based remote control interface, which enables other systems to communicate on the streaming video network, and allows for remote control of visualization from an integrated operating room control system.08-08-2013
20130201272TWO MODE AGC FOR SINGLE AND MULTIPLE SPEAKERS - A control system for varying an audio level in a communication system, the control system comprising a receiving unit for receiving an audio signal and a video signal, a determining unit for determining a number of individuals speaking determined by performing recognition on either the audio signal or the video signal; and a gain adjustment unit for adjusting a gain of the audio signal based on said number of determined individuals that are speaking.08-08-2013


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