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Scan of light

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347 - Incremental printing of symbolic information


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347233000 Plural beam scan 125
347256000 Specific optical structure 42
347247000 Driving circuitry 29
347248000 Synchronization of light with medium 21
347232000 Multicolor 17
347246000 Feedback of light for intensity control 14
347262000 With record receiver or handling means therefor 12
347255000 Specific light modulator 8
347251000 Tone marking 6
347250000 Scan synchronization (e.g., start-of-scan, end-of-scan) 3
20100103239OPTICAL SCANNER UNIT AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - An optical scanner unit includes an LD unit, a polygon mirror deflecting a light beam, an optical scan system focusing the light beam from the polygon mirror on a photoconductive drum to form an electrostatic latent image, and a synchronous detector receiving a part of the light beam to detect a write start position on the photoconductive drum in main scan direction. The synchronous detector is fixed on a portion of a housing at predetermined angles in main and sub scan directions relative to an incidence angle of the light beam on the synchronous detector.04-29-2010
20090167837IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - An image forming apparatus includes an optical scanning device that scans a scan area on an image carrier with light flux containing image information and writes the image information onto an image area in the scan area. In the optical scanning device, a first light receiving unit receives light flux emitted from a light source and reflected by a reflecting optical unit; a second light receiving unit receives light flux that passes through an aperture of the reflecting optical unit, is deflected by a deflecting unit, and heads for outside the image area within the scan area; and a control unit controls a drive signal of the light source based on signals output from the first and second light receiving units.07-02-2009
20100157012IMAGE PROCESSING MATCHING POSITION AND IMAGE - An apparatus includes: a position detection section which detects the position of the apparatus at predetermined detection timing; a light source section which emits light at light emitting timing synchronized with the detection timing; an image-taking section which takes the image of a photographic subject by using the emitted light; and an image processing section which matches the position data indicating the detected position of the apparatus and the image data obtained by the image-taking.06-24-2010
347263000 Housing or mounting 3
20090115834Optical Scanning Apparatus and Image Forming Apparatus - An optical scanning apparatus includes a housing that positions and holds a plurality of light sources emitting light beams, a deflection mirror that deflects the light beams to perform main scanning, and at least one of optical image forming elements closest to the deflection mirror to form images on respective image carriers. A plurality of reflectors guide the light beams exiting the housing to the respective image carriers. A pair of support members face each other to support the housing in a main scanning direction. A support mechanism supports the reflectors by bridging the reflectors between the support members and also couples the support members to each other. Relative positions of the reflectors are arranged in a cross-sectional plane perpendicular to a main scanning direction between the support members.05-07-2009
20090295903Image Forming Apparatus, Manufacturing Method Thereof, and Exposing Device - A method and apparatus usable in an image forming apparatus, comprising a photoreceptor, and a plurality of exposing devices having a plurality of light emitting elements arranged therein for exposing the photoreceptor, wherein the plurality of exposing devices include at least two exposing devices having a distribution tendency similar to the plurality of light emitting elements.12-03-2009
20110242265FIXING MECHANISM OF OPTICAL SCANNING DEVICE AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - A fixing mechanism of an optical scanning device, the optical scanning device emitting a light beam and performing a scanning, the optical scanning device further being fixed to a frame at an external part, the optical scanning device further including a housing, and the fixing mechanism including: a penetration hole provided in the frame; and a protruding pin provided at both ends of the housing thereby forming a plurality of protruding pins, wherein at least one of the plurality of protruding pins is insertable to the penetration hole formed in the frame; and a biasing member biasing the housing in a direction.10-06-2011
347226000 Cathode ray device 1
20090153641Light Scanning Apparatus, Image Forming Apparatus Equipped with Such Light Scanning Apparatus, and Control Method or Image Forming Method for Such Image Forming Apparatus - An image forming apparatus, includes: a latent image carrier whose surface includes an effective image region spanning across a predetermined width in a main scanning direction and is driven in a sub scanning direction approximately orthogonal to the main scanning direction; a latent image former which has a light source and a deflection mirror oscillating, and deflects a light beam from the light source using the deflection mirror so as to scan the effective image region with the deflected light beam; and a scanning mode controller which switches selectively between a single-side scanning mode and a double-side scanning mode, the single-side scanning mode being a mode in which the light beam is scanned only in a first direction included in the main scanning direction, the double-side scanning mode being a mode in which the light beam is scanned in both the first direction and a second direction opposite to the first direction, wherein a condition to form latent images on the latent image carrier in the single-side scanning mode is different from a condition to form latent images on the latent image carrier in the double-side scanning mode.06-18-2009
20100045765PRINTER AND PRINTING PAPER - A printer includes a printing unit configured to print on a sheet medium, a reading unit configured to read an identification mark when a sheet medium on which the identification mark is formed is used, and a control unit configured to specify a print setting for the sheet medium based on a read result of the reading unit, wherein the identification mark is a coded pattern drawn using a material containing a substance that scatters or absorbs ultraviolet light and containing no fluorescent substance, and wherein the reading unit includes an emitter configured to mainly emit ultraviolet light and a detector configured to detect fluorescence generated by excitation from a fluorescent whitening agent contained in the sheet medium and modulated by the coded pattern.02-25-2010
20120212563FLOOR RELIEF FOR DOT IMPROVEMENT - Preparing a flexographic member (08-23-2012
20130027500PRINTING - A method of imaging printing plates uses a single imaging device having at least one laser delivering, in an imagewise manner, pulsed electromagnetic energy of pulse duration not greater than 1×1001-31-2013
20120182375METHOD FOR LASER MARKING AND LASER MARKING SYSTEM - A method for laser marking a substrate provided with a laser sensitive area using a laser, wherein the laser sensitive area is adapted to be activated at a threshold energy level, the method comprising: energizing the laser sensitive area by an energizing element irradiating the complete laser sensitive area, and exposing a portion of the laser sensitive area to irradiation from the laser, wherein the energizing element is configured to emit radiation being concentrated at a specific wavelength, and wherein the combined irradiation results in an energy passing the threshold energy level such that the laser sensitive area is activated at the portion where combined irradiation has occurred. The invention is also related to a laser marking system for carrying out the method.07-19-2012
20120182374Printing Quality Evaluation System, Laser Marking Apparatus, Printing Condition Setting Device, Printing Quality Evaluation Apparatus, Printing Condition Setting Program, Printing Quality Evaluation Program, And Computer-Readable Recording Medium - In order to improve read stability, a printing condition is set based on not visual read of a user, but read with an optical information reading apparatus. A printing quality evaluation apparatus includes: an image acquiring section that acquires an image; a symbol extracting section that extracts the symbol in which the printing quality can be evaluated from the captured images acquired by the image acquiring section; a printing quality evaluation section that evaluates the printing quality of the symbol extracted by the symbol extracting section; an identification information recognition section that recognizes the identification information identifying each printing condition of the symbol; and an evaluation output section that outputs the identification information, which is recognized by the identification information recognition section, and an evaluation result of the printing quality of the printing quality evaluation section according to the symbol extracted by the symbol extracting section.07-19-2012
20130057637PATTERNING OF COATED PRINTED MEDIA - A pattern is provided in coated printed media by flood coating a printed media with an overcoat material that hardens to form an overcoat coating and by controllably removing a portion of the overcoat coating from the printed media in a predetermined region with laser ablation. The printed media in the ablated region remains substantially intact. The ablated predetermined region provides the pattern in the coated printed media03-07-2013
20120224018Optical Writing Head and Image Forming Apparatus - There are provided an image forming apparatus and an optical writing head having a simple configuration can be assembled at low cost, unlike the prior art, without requiring any accurate alignment of the light emitting device array and the rod lens array thereof. The optical writing head includes a light emitting device array formed by arranging a plurality of light emitting devices in a main scanning direction and an optical unit arranged between the light emitting device array and an image plane to form an image by rays of light emitted from the light emitting devices on the image plane; the light emitting devices operating as light source portion for emitting parallel rays of light, the optical unit being formed by a two-dimensional grating.09-06-2012
20090086009Laser Direct Imaging Apparatus and Imaging Method - A laser beam direct imaging apparatus and an imaging method which can precisely determine a back-surface-side position with respect to a front-surface-side position even if any kind of photosensitive material is used. In the laser direct imaging apparatus, a laser beam is deflected toward a main scanning direction (X-axis direction) while a workpiece mounted on a table is moved in a sub-scanning direction (Y-axis direction) so that a pattern is imaged on the surface of the workpiece. Hollow pins are disposed on the table so that the tips of the hollow pins 04-02-2009
20090309953DRAWING DEVICE AND METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - A drawing device (12-17-2009
20100079571DRAWING APPARATUS AND METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - A drawing device includes a drawing element irradiating laser light to a label surface of a recording medium according to drawing data of tracks to compose a desired pattern and draw it on the label surface. The drawing device further includes a juncture specifying element that specifies a juncture portion between drawing start and end positions according to the drawing data and a non-drawing portion specifying element that specifies a non-drawing portion corresponding to the drawing data not to direct the irradiation of the laser light in accordance with the drawing data. The drawing device includes a control element controlling the drawing element to carry out movement processing so the drawing start position in each of a plurality of the tracks moves relative to the desired pattern to be drawn in order for at least a part of the specified juncture portion to be received in the specified non-drawing portion.04-01-2010
20090278909APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SIDE DETERMINATION OF OPTICAL DISC - A side determination apparatus of an optical disc includes a light source illuminating one side of the optical disc having a data side and a non-data side obliquely; a sensor receiving a reflected light from the optical disc illuminated by the light source; and a determination unit determining that an incident light into the sensor is a reflected diffracted light from the data side of the optical disc based on a distribution of an output of the sensor onto a surface of the disc to determine the one side.11-12-2009
20090262178DISC WRITER STORING DATA AND CREATING A VISIBLE IMAGE ON A DISC - A laser disc writer receives a blank disc on which to store data related to content and label information defining a label. Two heads, one disposed on each side of the disc, are used to store data and the label information on the two sides of the disc.10-22-2009
20090086008SCANNING UNIT, MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - An image forming apparatus including an image forming unit to form an image on a print medium, the image forming apparatus including a guide shaft, first and second shaft insertion members into which the guide shaft is inserted, a unit main body including first and second insertion holes provided along the guide shaft and whose diameters larger than external diameters of the first and second shaft insertion members, respectively, and an adhesive to adhere the first and second shaft insertion members inserted into the first and second insertion holes, to the unit main body.04-02-2009
20100141729Laser Marking Method, Laser Marking Apparatus and Optical Element - In a method for producing a permanent mark in an optical element which consists essentially of a material that is transparent in the visible spectral region, a marking region of the optical element is irradiated with laser radiation in order to generate local, near-surface material changes in such a way that a mark of prescribed shape and size is generated. The laser radiation has an operating wavelength λ from the wavelength region between 1.1 μm and 9.2 μm. A thulium-doped fibre laser is preferably used as laser radiation source. The operating wavelength is selected in dependence from the material of the optical element such that the material exhibits a partial absorption with a transmittance between 60% and 98%. The method can be used, in particular, to provide spectacle lenses, contact lenses or intraocular lenses with marks.06-10-2010
20110267416Laser Marking Using Scalable Fonts - A system directs a laser beam to mark a material with an alphanumeric code. Character and quality information corresponding to a mark to apply to the material with the laser beam can be received, a font definition that specifies character segments can be obtained, a set of multiple spaced locations can be generated from the character segments in accordance with the character and quality information, and the material can be marked with the laser beam by directing the laser beam to dwell at the locations and move between the locations without deactivating the laser beam.11-03-2011
20120194629LIGHT EMITTING ELEMENT HEAD, LIGHT EMITTING ELEMENT ARRAY CHIP, AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - A light emitting element head includes a first light emitting element array, a second light emitting element array, and an optical device. The first light emitting element array includes a plurality of light emitting elements arranged in a main scan direction. The second light emitting element array includes a plurality of light emitting elements arranged in the main scan direction. The optical device focuses a light output from the first light emitting element array and the second light emitting element array on a photoreceptor to form an electrostatic latent image on the photoreceptor. The first light emitting element array and the second light emitting element array are overlapped each other in a sub scan direction in an overlapping section. Interval between the light emitting elements of the first light emitting element array are different from interval between the light emitting elements of the second light emitting element array.08-02-2012
20100253760METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MARKING A SURFACE USING CONTROLLED PERIODIC NANOSTRUCTURES - A method for marking a surface by controlled periodic nanostructures includes: 10-07-2010
20090219376Internal Drum Image Setter - An internal-drum imagesetter for transferring data to disc-like data storage media has a pickup for arranging the data storage media and a transfer head having at least one transfer means for transferring the data to the data storage medium. In this case, the pickup is advantageously at least partially cylindrical in shape. The side of the data storage medium which is provided for picking up datafaces the cylinder axis of the pickup. The pickup and the transfer head can move relative to one another such that the transfer head can move in the direction of the cylinder axis of the pickup and is arranged so as to be able to rotate about the cylinder axis of the pickup. The transfer means are in the form of violet high-power laser diodes with a wavelength of 405 nm. In addition, the laser diodes are arranged in an easily replaceable laser diode arrangement and they can also be easily replaced individually. This internal-drum imagesetter can also be used to expose conventional offset plates.09-03-2009
20100066799METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FORMING IMAGE - An image forming apparatus includes a light source; a separating unit that separates a laser beam emitted from the light source into a first laser beam and a second laser beam; a first photoelectric converting unit that measures a light intensity of the first laser beam and outputs a first voltage depending on the light intensity of the first laser beam; a second photoelectric converting unit that measures a light intensity of the second laser beam, and outputs a second voltage depending on the light intensity of the second laser beam; and a control unit that executes a first light-intensity correction for correcting the light intensity of the second laser beam based on a current correction value and a drive current. The current correction value being a value used for correcting a light intensity of the laser beam based on the first voltage and the second voltage, and the drive current being a current preliminarily-set with respect to the laser beam to cause the light source to emit the laser beam.03-18-2010
20120120178Laser Printer With Reduced Banding Artifacts - A laser scanning assembly generates a laser beam and scans the laser beam through a plurality of scan lines to form desired dots. Each scan line is positioned to overlap an adjacent scan line and each dot includes a plurality of segments. The scanning assembly scans the laser beam through multiple scan lines to fully discharge each segment of each dot. The laser scanner assembly would typically be part of a laser printer.05-17-2012
20120200656DRAWING CONTROL METHOD, LASER IRRADIATING APPARATUS, DRAWING CONTROL PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM HAVING RECORDED THEREWITH - Drawing control methods, laser irradiating apparatuses, drawing control programs, and recording mediums having recorded therewith are provided that make it possible to efficiently carry out drawing with high quality. The drawing control method controls, by a computer, a drawing device which draws what is to be drawn onto multiple unit regions on a surface of a medium. The computer executes a drawing order determining step which determines a drawing order of a line segment included in the what is to be drawn such that multiple continuing line segments over mutually neighboring multiple unit regions are drawn continuously.08-09-2012
20100283825METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ROTATIONAL MARKING - The invention provides a method and device for rotary marking or machining of cylindrical materials, preferably natural cork stoppers, agglomerated cork or synthetic materials used to close wine bottles and the like. The device includes at least one feeder system of cylindrical elements, preferably natural and synthetic cork stoppers; means of sensing the presence of such cylindrical elements, a laser system, means to produce the rotation of the cylindrical elements on its axis of revolution, at a variable speed, in a tangential movement compared to the focal plane of the laser system, means of measuring the instantaneous velocity tangential to its surface and direction of rotation, optical correction and focusing means, microprocessor control based means, and means for extracting the cylindrical elements. The laser system comprises means of generating at least one laser beam; means of temporal modulation and switching for the laser beam, and means of spatial modulation of each of the laser beams in a synchronized manner with the instant tangential speed on the surface of the cylindrical element.11-11-2010
20080218579Image Forming Apparatus - An image forming apparatus irradiates a polygon mirror with laser beams from different directions. The polygon mirror reflects the laser beams toward different optical axis directions to scan the laser beams at a predetermined deflection angle. First and second beam detectors are disposed at the beam incident ends in the scanning direction of first and second light scanning sections such that the second beam detector detects the start of the light beam scanning operation at an earlier timing than the first beam detector does. The detection result of the first beam detector is used to set sampling start timing in common between first and second image data. Based on the detection results of the first and second beam detectors, first and second image data are written into a memory, and the first and second laser source sections are controlled based on the image data read out from the memory.09-11-2008
20120306988ILLUMINATION APPARATUS FOR ILLUMINATING AN OBJECT - The invention relates to an illumination apparatus (12-06-2012
20110063402METHOD OF FORMING AND MANAGING OF TEMPLATE, TEMPLATE, AND TEMPLATE FORMING AND MANAGING DEVICE - A method of forming and managing a template according to the embodiment includes forming a child template using a parent template and producing managing information about the parent template; and forming a mark including the managing information in the child template.03-17-2011
20110316961VERTICAL CAVITY SURFACE EMITTING LASER ELEMENT, VERTICAL CAVITY SURFACE EMITTING LASER ARRAY, OPTICAL SCANNING DEVICE, AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - A disclosed vertical cavity surface emitting laser element includes a substrate, a laminated body sandwiching a semiconductor active layer with an upper reflecting mirror and a lower reflecting mirror, a lower electrode, and an upper electrode. The laser element emits laser light in a direction perpendicular to the surface of the substrate when an electric current is supplied between the upper electrode and the lower electrode. The laser element further includes a selective oxidation layer in the upper reflecting mirror having a current blocking structure made of an oxidized region and an unoxidized region, and a detectable portion formed on a side surface of a mesa structure shaped by the upper reflecting mirror including the selective oxidation layer and the active layer, thereby enabling detecting the position of the selective oxidation layer from a top of the laminated body in a depth direction of the laminated body.12-29-2011
20100033548LASER MARKING METHOD - The present invention relates to a laser marking method which is capable of changing the grey level of a marking even in the case of a high processing speed. The laser marking method forms a marking pattern on a marking object by irradiating the marking object with pulsed light oscillated from a pulsed light source of a MOPA structure in which a semiconductor laser outputting directly-modulated pulsed light is used as a seed light source. At this time, the pulse duration of the pulsed light is changed in order to change a gray level of the marking pattern to be formed. In this way, a peak power of the pulsed light is changed by changing the pulse duration, so that it is possible to positively change the gray level of the marking pattern without changing the processing speed.02-11-2010
20120013699LASER MARKING METHOD - This invention provides a laser marking method that can form a very minute mark of a predetermined shape, such as a letter or pattern, with clarity and high solidity, on the surface of a substrate. The laser marking method of the invention comprises the steps of (1) depositing a coloring material on the surface of a substrate of thermoplastic material to form a thin film of the coloring material, and (2) applying a laser beam to the thin film of the coloring material in conformity with a predetermined marking shape to cause the portions of the substrate irradiated with the laser beam to soften and to cause the thus softened portions to mix with the coloring material, thereby developing the predetermined marking shape on the surface of the substrate.01-19-2012
20120013700NOVEL FUSED POLYCYCLIC COMPOUND AND ORGANIC LIGHT-EMITTING DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - Provided is a fused polycyclic compound represented by general formula 1:01-19-2012
20120026271OPTICAL DISC RECORDING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DRAWING IMAGE ON OPTICAL DISC - The reflected light amount acquiring process acquires the reflected light amount of a laser beam with which a color changeable layer is irradiated from at least one irradiation position included in a predetermined drawing determination area, where the color changeable layer is formed on a label side of an optical disc and changes in color due to heat or light. The operation process compares the reflected light amount acquired from the at least one irradiation position by the reflected light amount acquiring process with a predetermined threshold value to determine whether or not the drawing determination area is suitable for formation of a visible image.02-02-2012
20120162343IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - A light receiving sensor receives laser light scanned by a light deflector and generates a detection signal. A pseudo-signal generating section generates a pseudo signal having a cycle that has the same length as a generation cycle of the detection signal. A lighting control section controls lighting start timing at which a light emitting element starts lighting based either on the detection signal or on the pseudo signal. A condensation determining section determines whether possibility that condensation occurs at the light receiving sensor is high based on a predetermined criterion. A malfunction determining section determines that the light receiving sensor has malfunction if the light receiving sensor fails to generate the detection signal within a predetermined period. A lighting control section controls the lighting start timing based on the pseudo signal, if it is determined that the possibility is high and that the light receiving sensor has malfunction.06-28-2012
20100208026Label Detection Method and Label Printer - Labels can be detected on various types of label paper. Two photodetectors are disposed side by side in the transportation direction of label paper either above or below the transportation path of the printer, and a light-emitting device is disposed at a position opposite the photodetectors with the transportation path therebetween. Alternatively, the light-emitting device is disposed at a position between the photodetectors. Each time the label paper is advanced a unit amount, the light that passes through or the light that is reflected by the parts of the label paper at the detection positions on the transportation path is detected, and whether the amplified difference of these two detector outputs is greater than or equal to a specific threshold value set according to the difference in the transmittance of the liner and the label is determined. Passage of an edge part of a label or black mark between the detection positions is detected based on the result of this decision.08-19-2010
20120212564MARKING CONTROL DEVICE, LASER APPLICATION DEVICE, MARKING CONTROL METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM HAVING MARKING CONTROL PROGRAM - A disclosed marking control device controls a marking device to mark a target image on a thermoreversible recording medium by applying a laser beam includes a marking position determination unit dividing the image into plural marking lines, and determining their marking positions; a marking order determination unit determining a marking order to mark the marking lines in mutually opposite directions; an adjusting unit adjusting a distance between a first ending point and a second starting point to be longer than a distance between a first starting point and a second ending point, or adjusting laser power applied to a second starting point side of the second marking line to be lower than the laser power applied to a second ending point side of the second marking line; and a marking instruction generator unit generating marking instructions including the marking positions of the marking lines and the marking order thereof.08-23-2012
20120075402IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS - To provide an image processing method including at least one of recording an image onto a thermoreversible recording medium in which transparency or color tone reversibly changes depending upon temperature, by applying a laser beam with the use of a semiconductor laser device so as to heat the thermoreversible recording medium, and erasing an image recorded on the thermoreversible recording medium, by heating the thermoreversible recording medium, wherein an intensity distribution of the laser beam applied in the image recording step satisfies the relationship represented by Expression 1 shown below,03-29-2012
20120081498LIGHT-EMITTING PANEL, OPTICAL PRINT HEAD AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - Generally, according to an embodiment, a light-emitting panel includes a substrate and a light-emitting unit. The substrate is extended in a first direction. The light-emitting units are a plurality of light-emitting units that is in line in the first direction and comprises a light-emitting surface of which a length of a second direction that is orthogonal to the first direction is shorter than a length of the first direction.04-05-2012
20120081497LIGHT EMITTING PANEL, OPTICAL PRINT HEAD, AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - In general, according to the embodiment, a light emitting panel includes a glass substrate, a light emitting element, metal wiring, and a mark. The glass substrate allows light to pass through. The light emitting element is present in any one of a first plane and a second plane which is a rear surface of the first plane, of the glass substrate. The metal wiring is present on one surface, and applies voltage to the light emitting element. The mark is present on one surface, and is formed of the same material as the metal wiring.04-05-2012
20130169732METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MARKING GLASS - In a method and apparatus for marking glass or a glass-like material a writing laser beam and the glass or the material are moved relative to each other in order to form an array of marks on the glass surface or material surface consisting of a plurality of discrete marks which are formed in discrete marking steps and are distributed along at least one direction. Marks directly adjacent to each other in a predetermined direction are formed in two marking steps, which are not carried out directly in succession one after the other. Thus, at least two series of marks are produced in the predetermined direction, wherein said marks are spaced at regular intervals from each other and are interleaved in the predetermined direction. As a result, and because of the temperature regime according to the invention during encoding, a particularly low-stress, crack-free marking of glass can be accomplished.07-04-2013
20130176375PRINTING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING A PRINTING APPARATUS - The invention relates to a laser based printing apparatus (07-11-2013
20110273525METHOD FOR CHANGING FOCUS POSITION OF A LENS - A method for changing a focus position of an imaging lens (11-10-2011
20100302340IMAGING FEATURES WITH SKEWED EDGES - A method for forming an image on media is provided which includes controlling an imaging head to emit radiation beams to form the image while scanning over the media along a scan direction. The image can include a feature that has an edge portion that extends in a direction that is skewed by a skew angle with respect to the scan direction. Each radiation beam can be controllable to vary a size of a pixel formed on the media by the radiation beam. Each pixel has a first size along a first direction and a second size along a second direction that intersects the first direction. In one embodiment, the second size is different than the first size and is determined based at least on the skew angle and the first size.12-02-2010
20100309279Optical System for Direct Imaging of Light Markable Media - An imaging system. An array of light sources and an array of lenses corresponding to the light sources and having optical axes substantially parallel to one another are provided. The lenses produce collimated output beams. An afocal optical relay having an optical axis substantially parallel to the optical axes of the lenses is also included, the array of lenses being positioned relative to the afocal optical relay so as to form an optical system that produces an image of each collimated output beam on an image plane, each image having a prescribed depth of focus and spot size. The light sources preferably are lasers producing an array of respective laser beams having high intensity and a long waist. A system for writing information on a light-sensitive label includes the imaging system. Methods of imaging and of writing information on a light-sensitive label are also provided.12-09-2010
20130155167LASER OSCILLATING MIRROR SUPPORT FOR COLOR PRINTER - Systems, apparatuses, and methods for pre-rendering image data for a plurality of scanning paths are described here. The method includes receiving image data including a plurality of scan lines for a top portion of an image page, pre-rendering the data for a first scanning path to generate a first data set, pre-rendering the data for a second scanning path to generate a second data set, determining an initial scanning direction, and selecting the first data set or the second data set responsive to said determining. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.06-20-2013
20110304684SURFACE EMITTING LASER DEVICE, SURFACE EMITTING LASER ARRAY, OPTICAL SCANNING DEVICE, IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SURFACE EMITTING LASER DEVICE - A surface emitting laser device includes a substrate and plural semiconductor layers laminated on the substrate, the plural semiconductor layers including a first semiconductor multi-layer film including aluminum (Al), an active layer, and a second semiconductor multi-layer film, a light emitting section having a mesa structure being formed on the first semiconductor multi-layer film. When viewed in a direction orthogonal to a surface of the substrate, an outer shape of the first semiconductor multi-layer film is a macroscopically smooth shape without an angular corner, and a side surface of the first semiconductor multi-layer film is coated with a passivation film and a protection film.12-15-2011

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