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347 - Incremental printing of symbolic information

347001000 - INK JET

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347009000 Of ejector 1863
347006000 Of fluid (e.g., ink flow rate, viscosity, etc.) 421
347016000 Of medium 394
347019000 Measuring and testing (e.g., diagnostics) 337
347017000 Of temperature or pressure of device or component thereof 183
347008000 Of spacing between fluid ejector and receiving medium 76
20130083098NAIL PRINT APPARATUS INCLUDING DISPLAY CONTROL UNIT DISTINGUISHING BETWEEN FINGERNAIL UNDER PRINTING AND FINGERNAIL NOT UNDER PRINTING TO DISPLAY FINGERNAIL - A nail print apparatus includes a print head and a display control unit. The print head performs printing on a plurality of fingernails. The display control unit distinguishes between an under-printing fingernail and a not-under-printing fingernail to display the fingernails. The under-printing fingernail is a fingernail under printing performed by the print head. The not-under-printing fingernail is a fingernail not under printing performed by the print head.04-04-2013
20100060677Drive Belt Slip and Belt Wear Detection - An imaging system for a printer utilizing a friction belt drum drive is comprised of a drum position sensor, drum pulley, drive belt, motor pulley, drive motor, drive motor position sensor, and controller. The velocities of the drum and motor drive pulleys are measured using the controller and position sensors. These velocities along with the drive ratio are used to determine and monitor slip between the belt and pulleys. The magnitude of the slip measured can be used to trigger the controller to respond to the slip event. These responses may include, for example, disabling the motor or reducing motor current or providing a warning indicative of an excessive slip event. Slip measurement combined with other measurements such as motor current can be used to determine the torque capacity of the friction drive. Further, long-term changes in the ratio of pulley velocities can be used to determine drive belt wear.03-11-2010
20080259103PRINTER CONTROLLER FOR MONITORING AN INK DROP COUNT - Provided is a printer controller for a pagewidth printer having a printhead configured to print according to print quality information. The printer has a paper transport mechanism for transporting a sheet of paper along a media path through the printer. The controller includes a processor having an address, data and control bus, an expander unit and a decoder unit each coupled to the bus and configured to decompress a bi-level black layer and a continuous tone (contone) layer of a page to be printed. The controller also includes a replaceable ink cartridge arranged in the media path and having a first integrated circuit (IC) interfaced with the processor, the first IC containing the print quality information. Also included is a second IC interfaced to the processor. The processor is configured to count a number of drops of ink printed by the printhead, to update a remaining drop count of the ink cartridge using the counted drops printed and to write an updated remaining drop count to the second IC each time a page has been printed. The processor is also configured to control the paper transport mechanism during printing.10-23-2008
20080259102PRINT ENGINE CONTROLLER FOR RECEIVING DOT DATA - Provided is a print engine controller for a pagewidth printhead. The controller includes contone and bi-level decompression circuitry for decompressing a contone layer of compressed page data and a bi-level layer of compressed page data, respectively. The controller also includes halftoner and compositor circuitry for halftoning the decompressed contone layer to associated bi-level versions and compositing the decompressed bi-level layer over the halftoned contone layers. Also included is printhead interface circuitry for receiving the halftoned and composited data so as to generate print data suitable for printing by the printhead. The controller further includes line loader and formatter circuitry for receiving dot data from the halftoner and compositor circuitry to store the dot data for lines to be printed in memory circuitry of the controller and to format said lines into an order required by the printhead interface circuitry.10-23-2008
20090122091INKJET PRINTER HAVING PRINTHEAD WITH MULTIPLE CONTROLLERS - An inkjet printer is provided having a printhead having inkjet nozzles and a plurality of controllers configured to process print data for printing and to output the processed data to the printhead. The plurality of controllers are connected to a common input of the printhead.05-14-2009
20100073408ENERGY ACTIVATED PRINTING PROCESS - Reactive inks and methods of generating an image on a substrate using both reactive and heat activated inks are presented. An image is printed on a substrate, without reacting the reagents in the ink. Subsequently, the reagents are reacted to fix the image to a substrate, with substantial permanency and fastness. Sublimation or similar heat activated dyes are printed are also printed on the substrate. The sublimation or similar heat activated dyes are activated, and have an affinity for polymer that is applied to the substrate.03-25-2010
20130083097LIQUID EJECTION APPARATUS AND LIQUID CARTRIDGES - A liquid ejection apparatus includes a liquid ejection head that ejects liquid, a hollow needle that communicates with the liquid ejection head, a moving mechanism that moves the hollow needle or a liquid cartridge such that the hollow needle penetrates a sealing member of the liquid cartridge, a reader that reads a data stored in a memory, and a controller that controls a speed of the hollow needle relative to the sealing member based on the data read by the reader.04-04-2013
20100103207INK JET MULTI-COLOR PRINTING SYSTEM - A system and method for optimizing RGB digital color images to print a high speed textile conveyed substrate using a series of modular single color specific ink jet print engines. The system mounts on a rotary screen upstream and in operable combination with the ink jet print engines consequentially providing a broad array of printing modes and effects. Each print engine extracts print engine specific instructions from a server to provide a sequential cascade of printings to print the desired image. Internetworking extends operable control to remote client and expands RGB image archive to galleries of the World Wide Web. Present commercial rotary screen machines can be retrofitted to utilize the present system04-29-2010
20090153599PRINTER SENSOR SYSTEM - A printer that provides improved image placement on documents including identification documents such as identification cards, credit and debit cards, and the like, and passports. The printer eliminates blind moves and mechanism errors to achieve repeatable image placement on the document surface with the correct horizontal image placement dimension. The printer senses an edge of the document to immediately initiate printing. The edge of the document can be either the leading edge or the trailing edge. The edge of the document can also be sensed by a separate sensor to initiate movement of a print head of the print station toward a print position.06-18-2009
20130027447IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS AND IMAGE FORMING METHOD - An image forming apparatus configured to form an image on a data sheet includes a pattern forming unit configured to form a predetermined pattern on the data sheet; a pattern reading unit configured to apply a process liquid to the data sheet on which the predetermined pattern is formed by the pattern forming unit, and to read the predetermined pattern on the data sheet after applying the process liquid; an expansion and contraction amount calculation unit configured to calculate an amount of expansion or contraction of the predetermined pattern read by the pattern reading unit; and an image data expansion and contraction unit configured to expand or contract image data depending on the amount of expansion or contraction calculated by the expansion and contraction calculation unit.01-31-2013
20130050306BRUSHLESS MOTOR DRIVING APPARATUS AND PRINTING APPARATUS INCLUDING BRUSHLESS MOTOR DRIVING APPARATUS - The operation accuracy of a printing unit is improved in a printing apparatus. To accomplish this, a motor driving apparatus comprise a brushless motor including coils of a plurality of phases, and a plurality of detection units that output voltages in accordance with rotation of a rotor, a driving unit that drives the brushless motor by switching a current supply destination between the coils of the plurality of phases based on a control signal, and a generation unit that generates the control signal based on addition results of detection signals output from the plurality of detection units, and correction signals based on differences between a predetermined voltage corresponding to a rotation angle of the rotor and voltages corresponding to the rotation angle of the rotor that are obtained from the plurality of detection units.02-28-2013
20100079510INKJET PRINTING METHOD - A method of using an inkjet printer to print an input digital image containing at least one color channel having a plurality of rows and columns of pixels sampled at a first resolution, each pixel having a code value, includes partitioning the input digital image into a set of spatially non-overlapping blocks; computing an average code value for each block responsive to the pixels in the input digital image that correspond to the block; computing an image quality score for each block responsive to the average code value for that block; determining a print mode in response to the image quality scores for the set of blocks; and printing the image on the inkjet printer using the print mode.04-01-2010
20090303266SENSING OBJECTS FOR PRINTING - A printing apparatus including a conveyor capable of moving an object in a process direction, a drop ejection device, a sensor array that substantially spans the conveyor in a cross-process direction that is perpendicular to the process direction, the sensor array being configured to detect a position of the object in the process direction and cross-process direction, and a controller configured to receive position data about the object from the sensor array and to cause the drop ejection device to deposit fluid droplets on the object based on the position of the object on the conveyor.12-10-2009
20120218326LIQUID DISCHARGING APPARATUS - A liquid discharging apparatus includes a liquid discharging section which performs a liquid discharging operation for discharging liquid; and a controller which forms a plurality of images on a medium and also forms coating of the images, by executing a pass which makes the liquid discharging section perform the liquid discharging operation while moving the liquid discharging section in a movement direction, wherein the controller forms a common image portion that is an image site common to each of the plurality of images by a predetermined number of passes and forms respectively a variable image portion that is an image site which differs in each of the plurality of images and the coating of the images by a number of passes smaller than the predetermined number.08-30-2012
20130057603METHOD OF INCREASING THE LIFE OF A DRUM MAINTENANCE UNIT IN A PRINTER - In a method of operating a printer, a release agent application system is operated to conserve release agent. The method of operation rotates the image receiving member that receives the release agent at a slower speed to reduce the amount of release agent applied to the image receiving member at select times. Thus, the release agent supply in the release agent application system lasts longer. For every page that is preceded by this method of image receiving member preparation, image gloss is increased and simplex and duplex image transfer efficiency is improved.03-07-2013
20130057602DETERMINING MISALIGNMENT OF A PRINTHEAD IN A PRINTER - A barcode on a medium is received. It is determined whether misalignment of a printhead of the printer is present based on bars in the barcode.03-07-2013
20110025736INK JET RECORDING APPARATUS EQUIPPED WITH ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT IRRADIATION DEVICE THAT MOVES WITH INK HEAD - An ink jet recording apparatus is provided. The ink jet recording apparatus includes a supporting member for supporting a recording medium, an ink head comprising a nozzle surface disposed opposite the recording medium during a print operation, an ultraviolet light irradiation device coupled to the ink head in a freely movable manner, an ink head aiding system comprising a plurality of elements including at least a wiper for wiping the nozzle surface of the ink head or a cap for covering the nozzle surface of the ink head, and at least a portion of the irradiation section of the ultraviolet light irradiation device is located in front of at least one of the elements of the ink head aiding system.02-03-2011
20110285766Ink Management and Monitoring Mechanism - A method is disclosed. The method includes receiving a print job to be printed, determining if the print job is to be printed as a monochrome print job, invoking a monochrome International Color Consortium (ICC) profile if the print job is determined to be a monochrome print job, printing the monochrome print job and tracking a first print volume during periods in which the monochrome ICC profile has been invoked.11-24-2011
20110292101RECORDING APPARATUS - A recording apparatus, including: a recording head; a conveying member for conveying a recording medium in a conveyance direction; a wiper whose distal end is to come into contact with and separate away from the surface; a wiper driving mechanism for driving the wiper to conduct a wiping operation in which the distal end is brought into contact with the surface and the wiper is moved relative to the surface in an intersecting direction that intersects the conveyance direction for wiping the surface; a retainer for giving, to the conveying member, a retaining force for preventing a movement of the conveying member in the intersecting direction; and a controller for controlling the retainer to give the retaining force to the conveying member and for controlling the driving mechanism to conduct the wiping operation, in a state in which the movement of the conveying member in the conveyance direction is halted.12-01-2011
20110216110DATA GENERATING APPARATUS, INK-JET PRINTING APPARATUS, AND DATA GENERATING METHOD - Processing liquid is ejected by a scan which is as prior as possible to the ink if it is determined that the printing duty of the ink is relatively low. Furthermore, the processing liquid is ejected by a scan which is as posterior as possible to the ink if it is determined that the printing duty of the ink is relatively high. Accordingly, the change of the glossiness can be suppressed regardless of the change of the printing duty of the ink. At the same time, it becomes possible to adjust the glossiness with a minimum necessary amount of processing liquid since the glossiness is adjusted not by varying the amount of the processing liquid depending on the printing duty of the ink, but by varying the printing order.09-08-2011
20090160884ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - The invention relates to an electronic apparatus in which heat generation from a plurality of motors and a control circuit for controlling the motors can be suppressed without stopping operation of the motors entirely. When copy operation starts, an internal temperature of a facsimile apparatus 06-25-2009
20090195570RECORDING SYSTEM, RECORDING APPARATUS AND RECORDING METHOD OF RECORDING APPARATUS - A recording system for performing a recording operation on a target includes a plurality of recording heads, a plurality of controllers that are arranged respectively for the plurality of recording heads, a data distributor that distributes a second data to each of the controllers, the second data resulting from dividing, by the number of recording heads, a first data to be supplied, and a data generator that generates a third data to be output to the plurality of recording heads in response to the second data, the controller includes a transfer unit that transfers the third data to be output to the recording head corresponding to another controller to the other controller, a verification unit that verifies that a record start condition is established.08-06-2009
20120194579PRINTING CONTROL APPARATUS AND PRINTING CONTROL METHOD - A printing control apparatus configured to execute printing using continuous sheets stored in a plurality of storage portions includes a determination unit configured to determine a continuous sheet usable by each print job in a print queue, and a decision unit configured to decide a use order of the continuous sheets stored in the plurality of storage portions based on a result of determination by the determination unit, wherein the decision unit decides the use order so that a continuous sheet with a smaller remaining amount is used preferentially.08-02-2012
20100060678Device Having Component Controlled By Removable Controller - A device is provided having a component and an interface. The device is without a controller for controlling operation of the device and the component. The interface is configured to removably receive a controller for controlling the device to operate at a selected performance level of the component by selectively using data stored in memory of the component, or data stored in both the memory of the component and memory of the controller.03-11-2010
20090015606RECORDING APPARATUS AND METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM FOR DETECTING POSITION OF RECORDING PORTION - A recording apparatus is provided. The recording component includes a plurality of recording portions arranged in a first direction and moves relatively to a recording medium at a speed V in a second direction intersecting with the first direction. The reading component reads an image recorded on the recording medium in a reading cycle T by a plurality of reading sections arranged at a predetermined pitch in the first direction. The control component controls, on the recording medium by the recording component, recordation of a detection mark having a size W in the first direction of twice or more than twice the predetermined pitch and a size L in the second direction in which L≧(n+1)·V·T (where n is an integer of 1 or more) and calculate a barycenter position of the detection mark in the first direction based on a reading result of the detection mark.01-15-2009
20110205262PROCESS FOR PREPARING INK JET INKS - The present invention pertains to process for preparing an aqueous inkjet inks and more particularly to a process for using a milling device with a compatible solvent, a pigment and a polymeric dispersant. While milling a fluid is added to increase the pressure in the mill leading to a dispersion of the pigment with a polymeric dispersant. The polymerically dispersed pigment is then mixed into an aqueous media.08-25-2011
20120069066Method and Apparatus of Direct Inkjet Offset Lithographic Printing System - A method of producing an offset lithographic printing plate including the steps of graining and anodizing an aluminum plate; applying a receptive coating to the grained aluminum; applying an oleophilic inkjet fluid on top of the receptive coating; applying energy to the oleophilic inkjet fluid allowing an oleophilic resin of the oleophilic inkjet fluid to bond with the grained aluminum; and removing a portion of the receptive coating to expose part of the grained aluminum. The step of applying receptive coating can include obtaining a solution having a specific pH range, and maintaining a specific temperature range. A first immersion step is taken to immerse the aluminum plate in the solution, followed by rinsing with a portion of demineralized water. The invention can also include a second immersion step to immerse the aluminum plate in a surfactant water solution.03-22-2012
20090184989CONTROLLER - A controller arranged to provide print data to a print apparatus, said print data comprising an image to be printed on a disc, said image being such that at least one print parameter is determinable from said image when printed on said disc; receive said at least one print parameter; and control a subsequent printing operation on a disc based on said received at least one print parameter.07-23-2009
20130215166CONTROL CIRCUIT FOR LIGHT EMITTING DIODE INDICATOR - A control circuit for a light emitting diode for indicating power-on in a normal operating mode, power-on in a sleep mode, and power-off, the control circuit includes: a first voltage source having a DC voltage that is greater than a nominal forward voltage drop of the light emitting diode, the first voltage source connected to a first resistor in series with an anode of the light emitting diode; a second voltage source having a DC voltage that is greater than the DC voltage of the first voltage source; a first transistor connected between a cathode of the light emitting diode and ground; a control signal connected to an input of the first transistor; a second transistor connected between the first voltage source and the second voltage source, wherein an output of the first transistor is connected to an input of the second transistor.08-22-2013
20090231366IMAGE FORMING METHOD - An image forming method including: ejecting an ink containing a pigment, water, a water-soluble solvent and polymer particles onto a recording medium; and removing adhered ink solid from a nozzle face of a head that ejects the ink, wherein the ink satisfies the following Formula (1):09-17-2009
20090207197Method of Generating Ink Amount Data, Device for Generating Ink Amount Data, and Program Thereof - Provided is a method of generating ink amount data which is the used amounts of inks of respective colors when an image is printed, by analyzing image data of the image, the method including: extracting a character area, of which a saturation value is equal to or less than a predetermined value, from the image by analyzing the image data; dividing the character area into a character contour area which is a contour part of the character and a character inside area which is the inside of the character; and converting the image data of the character contour area and the image data of the character inside area into the ink amount data of at least one type of achromatic color ink and at least three types of chromatic color inks, wherein the converting of the ink amount data includes converting the image data of the areas into the ink amount data such that the chromatic color inks are largely used in the character inside area compared with the character contour area.08-20-2009
20090256869Mobile Device With Printer - A mobile device having printhead for printing onto a media substrate, a media feed path along which the media substrate is fed past the printhead, and a capper assembly. The capper assembly is movable between a capped position covering the array of nozzles and an uncapped position spaced from the array of nozzles. The capper assembly is held in the uncapped position by the media substrate such that the capper assembly moves to the capped position upon disengagement with the media substrate.10-15-2009
20100149229CONTROLLING DIGITAL PRINTING - A method and system for digital printing with plural marking engines in which a controller determines which of the marking engines has first completed its initialization/warm-up cycle and begins printing on that marking engine. As additional marking engines complete their initialization/warm-up cycle, additional concurrent printing is commenced on them.06-17-2010
20100002028PRINTER - A printer comprises: an inkjet head including nozzles for discharging ink; a holding member which holds a print medium; a moving mechanism which moves the holding member and/or the inkjet head so as to move the inkjet head relative to the holding member in a main scanning direction and a sub scanning direction for printing by the inkjet head on the print medium; and a print control unit which controls the inkjet head and the moving mechanism so as to execute flushing printing on the print medium for preventing clogging of the nozzles while moving the inkjet head relative to the holding member in a first printing direction in the main scanning direction and to execute pattern printing on the print medium according to pattern printing data while moving the inkjet head relative to the holding member in a second printing direction in the main scanning direction.01-07-2010
20130215165AUTOMATED PRINT AND IMAGE CAPTURE POSITION ADJUSTMENT - A first registration mark is printed by a first printhead on print media at a first initial encoder value. A second registration mark is printed by a second printhead on print media at a second initial encoder value. The second registration mark is spaced apart from the first registration mark. The first and second registration marks are detected using the mark detection system as each is transported past the mark detection system. The displacement signal is used to measure a displacement of the print media between the detection of the second and first registration marks by the mark detection system. A cue delay value is determined for the second printhead so that a subsequently printed first image plane and a second image plane are registered relative to each other using the displacement, the first initial encoder value, and the second initial encoder value.08-22-2013
20100238205Method for Inkjet Printing of E13B Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Characters and Substrate Having Such Characters Printed Thereon - Electromagnetically recognizable E13B characters can be printed onto conventional paper by an inkjet printer using liquid magnetic ink. The printer receives data representing an E13B character, and prints the E13B character onto a substrate according to a modified E13B character pattern. The modified E13B pattern provides for an interior of the E13B character to be substantially completely filled, and includes one or more void arrangements arranged and positioned relative to a corresponding internal detection edge, and sized and shaped, to amplify the difference between the upstream magnetic signal detected on the upstream side of the internal detection edge and the downstream magnetic signal detected on the downstream side of the internal detection edge when an electromagnetic read head reads the resulting printed E13B character.09-23-2010
20120194580PRINTING APPARATUS - This invention relates to realization of a more efficient power-saving mode in a printing apparatus capable of connecting an extension board for function enhancement. When the printing apparatus connects an extension board including a CPU and memory, the CPU of the extension board receives information required to return to a normal operation mode from a controller unit, and stores the received information in the memory before transition from the normal operation mode to the power-saving mode. Then, the controller unit lowers an operation frequency of a CPU thereof, and stops power supply to respective units of the apparatus, which do not require any power supply. In the power-saving mode, the extension board monitors an elapse of a predetermined time period and reception of print data, thereby, even in the power-saving mode, normally returning to the normal operation mode after the elapse of the time period.08-02-2012
20090073196Inkjet Printer System Having Equalised Control Of Multi-Length Printhead ICS - An inkjet printer system is provided having an pagewidth printhead and controller, The printhead has at least two integrated circuits of different lengths arranged across the pagewidth to define the pagewidth printhead having at least one row of inkjet nozzles for printing one ink color formed by adjacent inkjet nozzle rows of the adjacent integrated circuits. The controller is configured to transfer print data to each of the integrated circuits of the printhead at a rate proportional to their relative lengths so that the print data is transferred to each of the integrated circuits in equal time.03-19-2009
20090109251RECORDING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE RECORDING APPARATUS - A recording apparatus includes a recording head configured to scan a recording medium and record an image on the recording medium. The recording apparatus includes a recording buffer to store image data representing one pixel with a plurality of bits, a reading unit to read, from a storage area of the recording buffer, image data corresponding to a region including a boundary between two regions recorded on the recording medium in successive scanning and recording operations, a thinning unit to thin out image data based on a thinning rate corresponding to the image data read by the reading unit, a storage unit to store image data thinned out by the thinning unit in the storage area of the recording buffer, a quantization unit to perform quantization processing on the image data stored in the recording buffer when the image data is transferred to the recording head, and a recording unit to perform recording based on the image data quantized by the quantization unit.04-30-2009
20110001769APPARATUS FOR COMMUNICATING WITH RFID TAG - This disclosure discloses apparatus for communicating with an RFID tag, comprising: a feeding device that feeds a tag tape including an RFID tag circuit element having an IC circuit part and a tag antenna, said RFID circuit element disposed on one side area along a width direction of said tag tape; an inkjet head disposed fixedly so that color printing is applied to said one side area; a thermal head disposed capable of printing on the other side area along the width direction other than said one side area; and an apparatus antenna that performs information transmission and reception via radio communication with said RFID tag circuit element, wherein printing by said inkjet head and said thermal head is performed so as to produce an RFID label.01-06-2011
20090066733Method Of Printing An Interface Onto A Surface - A method of printing an interface onto a surface is disclosed. The method starts by providing a printer comprising a data input module for receiving document data from a computer system, a coded data generator for generating coded data using at least some of the document data, the coded data being indicative of an identity of a region of a surface to be printed on and of a plurality of locations on the surface to be printed on, a printhead for printing the interface onto the surface, and an ink supply for supplying ink to the printhead, the ink supply comprising an ink set including at least one visible text/graphics ink and a coded data ink, the coded data ink being absorptive of wavelengths in the near-infrared range. Visible text/graphics and the coded data is then printed onto the surface using the printer.03-12-2009
20100149230PRINTHEAD CARTRIDGE CRADLE HAVING CONTROL CIRCUITRY - A printhead cartridge cradle is provided having a frame, a printed circuit board pivotally supported by the frame, a cover pivotally supported by the frame to pivot between a closed position at which a printhead cartridge is secured within the frame and the printed circuit board is pivoted to connect control circuitry on the printed circuit board with a controller of the secured cartridge and an open position at which access for the cartridge with the frame is provided and the printed circuit board is pivoted to disconnect the control circuitry and controller, and a motor operatively connected to a maintenance gear and actuator arrangement and a wiper gear and actuator arrangement for maintaining and wiping a printhead of the secured cartridge under control of the connected control circuitry.06-17-2010
20100165017CONTINUOUS INKJET PRINTERS - The invention provides a power-up/shut-down facility for a continuous inkjet printer which enables the printer to be readied for printing and returned to standby by operation of a single control.07-01-2010
20100177131METHOD OF CREATING LOOKUP TABLE, PRINTING APPARATUS, LOOKUP TABLE, AND PRINTING METHOD - A method of creating a lookup table which describes a correspondence relationship between an input value to a printing apparatus for performing printing by ejecting ink onto a printing medium, and output values of a special gloss ink and a color ink of the printing apparatus, includes: a first process of determining the output value of the special gloss ink to be relatively low at a lattice point where an index value relating to color intensity is dark to be equal to or lower than a predetermined value, with regard to each lattice point of the lookup table; and a second process of determining the output value of the color ink at each lattice point by increasing an ink duty limit value which is the upper limit of the sum of the color ink that can be ejected onto a unit area of the printing medium, according to the determined output value of the special gloss ink.07-15-2010
20100128072UNIVERSALLY USABLE ELECTRONIC MANUAL STAMPING DEVICE - A universally usable electronic manual stamping device has an inkjet print head that can be moved back and forth in a print window, the print window being arranged in a base plate facing toward a print medium during the printing. A control unit of the device is connected with a user interface, with an external interface and with an internal interface. The inkjet print head is operationally connected via the internal interface with an actuator to move the inkjet print head and with an internal power source to supply the control unit, the inkjet print head and its actuator, as well as the interfaces. The control unit includes a security processor that possesses at least one transaction module which is provided to implement cryptographic security and certification tasks in connection with the printing of an individually secured stamp imprint. The control unit is programmed to control the printing and a base station onto which the manual stamping device is fashioned to be placed for its maintenance and downloading with data.05-27-2010
20110249048IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD FOR THREE-DIMENSIONAL PRINTING - A relief print master is created by printing a sequence of layers on top of each other by an inkjet printing system. The top layer corresponds with the binary halftoned image that is to be printed by the print master and the lower intermediate layers are supporting layers. The features in a lower supporting layer have an area that is larger than the corresponding features in a higher supporting layer. A circular spread function is applied on the features of a higher intermediate layer to increase the area of the features in a lower intermediate layer. By using a sequence of two non-circular spread functions, the circular spread function is approximated and the number of required calculations can be reduced.10-13-2011
20100265286HANDHELD PRINTER AND PRINTING METHOD THEREOF - A handheld printer and a printing method thereof are provided. The handheld printer receives distance information from at least one sensor positioned outside the handheld printer, determines its position based on the distance information, and determines data to be printed in the determined position.10-21-2010
20080204484SERIAL PRINTER AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING PRINTING OPERATION THEREOF - A serial printer includes a first direction-determining unit that determines a carriage moving direction for a subsequent printing pass that follows a current printing pass, in which a carriage is currently moving, on the basis of a target position at which the carriage is to stop. The printer also includes a printing-information-calculating unit that calculates printing information necessary for executing the subsequent pass, on the basis of the carriage moving direction determined by the first direction-determining unit. A second direction-determining unit determines a carriage moving direction for the subsequent pass on the basis of an actual carriage stop position. A printing execution unit executes printing in accordance with the printing information calculated by the first printing-information-calculating unit. The printing is executed if it is determined that the carriage moving directions detected by first and second direction-determining units are the same.08-28-2008
20080204486MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS DEVICE WITH PRINTHEAD CAPPER AND CONTROLLED MEDIA DRIVE - A mobile telecommunications device is provided which has a printhead with an array of nozzles for printing a media substrate, a capper assembly movable between a capped position covering the nozzles and an uncapped position spaced from the nozzles, a drive shaft for feeding the media past the printhead, and a print engine controller for operatively controlling the printhead. The capper assembly is held in the uncapped position by the media such that it moves to the capped position upon disengagement with the media. During use, the print engine controller senses the number of complete and partial rotations of the drive shaft and adjusts the operation of the printhead in response to variations in the angular velocity of the drive shaft.08-28-2008
20110134170AUTOMATIC RFID CIRCUIT TUNING - A method of printing comprising the steps of: providing a print media having a printing surface; measuring at least one parameter of the print media; calculating an optimal configuration for a radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder circuit for obtaining a desired RFID transponder resonant frequency; configuring the RFID transponder circuit and printing the RFID transponder circuit onto the print media.06-09-2011
20080218538Cradle Unit For A Print Engine Having A Maintenance Drive Assembly - A cradle unit for a print engine, the cradle unit configured to receive a cartridge unit having a printhead assembly. The cradle unit includes a main body defining an opening for receiving said cartridge, the main body having a frame structure including end plates with drive and exit rollers mounted therebetween. The cradle unit also includes a printed circuit board (PCB) pivotally mounted between the end plates for housing control electronics for controlling the operation of the print engine, along with a cover assembly for securing said cartridge in the opening. The cover assembly is pivotally mounted between the end plates, the cover assembly configured to pivot the PCB into electrical contact with a printhead controller on the cartridge when in a closed position, and to pivot the PCB out of electrical connection with said printhead controller when in an open position. The cradle unit also includes a maintenance drive assembly having a motor operatively connected to a maintenance gear and maintenance actuator arrangement and to a wiper gear and wiper actuator arrangement, the maintenance drive assembly operated by the PCB control electronics.09-11-2008
20100066772CONTROL SYSTEM FOR PRINTING APPARATUS AND INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - An appropriate maintenance such as appropriate registration adjustment can be executed even if a status for the maintenance cannot be acquired from a printing apparatus. Specifically, if a status cannot be acquired from the printer, a printer driver refers to a history of number of past instructions for registration adjustment stored in a host computer to determine whether simplified registration adjustment or detailed registration adjustment is to be executed. If the printer driver does not detect any record of executed registration adjustment, that is, if the printer driver detects that no registration adjustment has been executed, then it determines that the simplified registration adjustment is to be executed. If the printer driver detects any record of executed registration adjustment, it determines that the detailed registration adjustment is to be executed. Thus, the invention enables the correct guidance and the corresponding appropriate registration adjustment even if the status cannot be acquired.03-18-2010
20100194796INKJET PRINTER AND METHOD FOR CONNECTING INK CARTRIDGES - In an inkjet printer, ink cartridges are set individually in predetermined positions of a cartridge holder portion. Information on the ink cartridges is read by read portions and it is determined whether or not the ink cartridges are adaptive. If all the ink cartridges set in the predetermined positions of the cartridge holder portion are determined to be adaptive, a drive unit is driven to perform a connecting operation.08-05-2010
20110187769RECORDING APPARATUS - A recording apparatus that records onto recording paper includes: a main case housing a noise source that generates noise when printing is carried out; a scanner space portion that is within the main case but that is independently separate from a housing space portion of the noise source; and a communication tube portion that communicates between the housing space portion and the scanner space portion. An inner surface area that intersects with the axial direction of the communication tube portion at the inner surface of the scanner space portion is formed of a document platform glass whose surface density is higher than that of the material of which the other wall surface areas are formed in the inner surface of the scanner space portion.08-04-2011
20110187768LIQUID DROPLET EJECTING APPARATUS - A liquid droplet ejecting apparatus includes a droplet ejection head, an absorber, a moving mechanism, and a controller. The droplet ejection head includes liquid passages having at their leading ends ejection openings which eject droplets, an ejection face which faces a recording medium onto which droplets ejected from the ejection openings are placed, and an actuator which applies energy to liquid inside the liquid passages. The absorber includes a liquid-absorbent facing portion which faces the ejection openings when the absorber faces the ejection face. The moving mechanism moves the droplet ejection head and the absorber relatively to each other such that the droplet ejection head and the absorber are positioned in an absorbing position where the ejection openings and the facing portion face each other. The controller controls the moving mechanism to position the droplet ejection head and the absorber in the absorbing position, and while the droplet ejection head and the absorber are positioned in the absorbing position, controls the actuator to apply to the liquid in the liquid passages energy falling short for droplet ejection from each of the ejection openings thereby having a meniscus formed on each of the ejection openings contact the facing portion.08-04-2011
20080204485FACSIMILE APPARATUS AND PRINTING METHOD USED BY FACSIMILE APPARATUS - The invention provides a facsimile apparatus that includes: a receiving section that receives facsimile data; a print head that discharges ink from nozzles so as to print out an image; a cleaning unit that cleans the nozzles of the print head; and a controlling section that controls the operations of the print head and the cleaning unit. In such a configuration of the facsimile apparatus according to an aspect of the invention, the controlling section commands the print head to perform facsimile printing by means of the received facsimile data only after the execution of nozzle-cleaning operations, which are executed by the cleaning unit under the control of the controlling section, if it is judged on the basis of the print image resolution of the received facsimile data that the execution of the nozzle-cleaning operations is necessary.08-28-2008
20120306948PRINTING DEVICE - A printing device includes: a printing material container that includes first and second short circuit detection terminals, first and second attachment detection terminals; a high voltage power supply that applies a high voltage to the first attachment detection terminal; a short circuit detector that detects a short circuit between at least one of the first and second short circuit detection terminals and at least one of the first and second attachment detection terminals; a high voltage application controller that blocks supply of the high voltage from the high voltage power supply when the short circuit detector detects the short circuit; a resistor element that is arranged between the high voltage power supply and the first attachment detection terminal; and an electrostatic capacitor element that is arranged between the detection node of the short circuit detector and a low-potential-side power supply node.12-06-2012
20110050763IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - According to one embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes a detecting unit, a determining unit, and a correcting unit. The detecting unit detects an overlapping portion of a first image printed on a first side of a sheet and a second image printed on a second side opposite to the first side. The determining unit determines whether the detected overlapping portion of the first image and the second image is equal to or larger than a predetermined area. The correcting unit corrects, if the overlapping portion is equal to or larger than the predetermined area, the density of one of the first image and the second image.03-03-2011
20090141054PRINT ENGINE CONTROLLER FOR AN INKJET PRINTHEAD - A print engine controller for an inkjet printhead includes a data bus. A memory interface is connected to the data bus to provide read and write access to a memory. An external client interface is connected to the data bus to allow external clients to write to a memory via the memory interface. A page expansion unit is connected to the data bus to read compressed page data and to write uncompressed page data to the memory. A line loader and formatter unit is connected to the data bus to read expanded page image data from the memory and to format the expanded page image data for a micro-electromechanical printhead. A printhead interface is connected to the line loader and formatter unit for sending dot data to the printhead.06-04-2009
20110063343APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING SAME - An apparatus according to the present invention comprises control unit configured to control print unit to print a code in a prescribed area on a sheet, and search unit configured to search the code on the sheet placed on a manuscript table, wherein a search area in which the search unit searches the code is wider than the prescribed area.03-17-2011
20120026217PRINTING APPARATUS - A printing apparatus includes a motor that drives an object to be driven; a detection unit that detects the speed of the object to be driven; and a control unit that controls driving of the motor based on a speed profile including an acceleration range, a constant-speed range, and a deceleration range, and determines that the speed of the object to be driven is abnormal when the difference between the detection speed of the detection unit and the speed of the speed profile exceeds a threshold value, wherein a first threshold value is set in the constant-speed range, and a second threshold value, which is higher than the first threshold value, is set in at least a portion of the acceleration range and the deceleration range.02-02-2012
20120062626RECORDING TIMING ADJUSTMENT APPARATUS OF RECORDING APPARATUS, RECORDING APPARATUS, AND RECORDING TIMING ADJUSTMENT METHOD OF RECORDING APPARATUS - A plurality of recording heads are individually assembled in a carriage in a serial type printer. A plurality of sets of patterns are printed at a plurality of sets of print timings while changing deviations of print timings of the recording heads. A numerical value corresponding to an optimally printed pattern with a small deviation among the plurality of sets of patterns is input. A control unit sets print timing corresponding to the input value.03-15-2012
20120105519PRINT CARTRIDGE IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A print cartridge identification system includes a housing, a family key provided on one side of the housing to identify an associated printer of the print cartridge, a fluid key provided on the one side of the housing to identify a property of fluid in the print cartridge, and a location datum provided on the one side of the housing to position the print cartridge in the associated printer.05-03-2012
20110043554CONTINUOUS WEB PRINTER FOR PRINTING NON-IDENTICAL COPIES WITHIN A PRINT RUN - A continuous web printer that has an inlet for receiving a web of media from a media web roll unwinder, an outlet for delivery to a media web roll winder, a media feed path extending from the inlet to the outlet, a plurality of pagewidth inkjet printhead assemblies positioned adjacent the media feed path for printing on both sides of the web and a central processor for inputting print data to the pagewidth inkjet printhead assemblies such that during a print run, the pagewidth inkjet printhead assemblies print many copies of a document The central processor is configured to selectively alter one or more of the copies to be non-identical to the remainder of the copies without interruption to the print run.02-24-2011
20100245410INK SUPPLY DEVICES - An ink supply device includes an ink cartridge and a cartridge mounting portion including a first detector, a second detector, and a determiner. The ink cartridge includes a first detectable portion, a second detectable portion, and a third detectable portion. The determiner is configured to execute a first determination process in which it is determined whether or not the second detector detects the second detectable portion when the first detector initially detects the first detectable portion during an insertion of the ink cartridge into the cartridge mounting portion, and the determiner is configured to execute a second determination process in which it is determined whether or not the second detector detects the second detectable portion when the first detector stops detecting the first detectable portion during the insertion of the ink cartridge into the cartridge mounting portion.09-30-2010
20100245409MOTOR CONTROL DEVICE, IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, AND MOTOR CONTROL METHOD - A motor control device includes a measurement unit, a speed control unit, a correction unit, a drive unit, and a disturbance suppressing unit. During a time period before a measurement value of speed of one of a motor and a driven object which is driven by the motor measured by the measurement unit becomes greater than zero the correction unit corrects a manipulated variable such that a reduced correction amount which is from zero percent to less than 100 percent of a correction amount determined by the disturbance suppressing unit, is added to the manipulated variable determined by the speed control unit corresponding to a target speed of the one of the motor and the driven object.09-30-2010
20120127222INKJET PRINTER MAINTENANCE SYSTEM - Disclosed is an inkjet printer maintenance system that includes a processing unit adapted for running a print application corresponding to an image to be printed in response to a print input. The processing unit is further adapted to run a print driver that is capable of receiving a pixel data and information based on the print input. The inkjet printer maintenance system further includes a controller unit communicably coupled to the processing unit for receiving a print data from the print driver. Furthermore, the inkjet printer maintenance system includes a plurality of printhead enclosures communicably coupled to the controller unit. One or more printhead enclosures are adapted to receive the print data and information corresponding to a printing configuration for a printing operation. The to information includes information about one of activating and deactivating multiple firing. Further disclosed is a method for maintenance of an inkjet printer.05-24-2012
20120212524STAMP-TYPE PRINTER - The stamp-type printer includes: a stamp-type printer comprising: a receiving section for receiving image, data including character information; a transfer member; a print head for printing an image on a portion of the transfer member with ink based on the received image data; and a transport member for transporting the printed portion of the transfer member to a contact transfer position, wherein a stamping operation is performed by causing the printed portion to come in contact with a desired recording medium at the contact transfer position.08-23-2012
20110181637SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PRINTING USING VARIABLE-DENSITY WHITE INK UNDER-PRINTED LAYER - Techniques for generated variable density mono-color under-print layer(s) for printing underneath an image on a substrate to improve the appearance of the printed image.07-28-2011
20120249626Control System, Control Device, and Method of Controlling a Control Device - The possibility of information acquired from a recording device not being correct can be detected. A management server 10-04-2012
20120229535PRINTING DEVICE - A printing device includes a discharge head, an irradiation unit and a controller. The discharge head is configured and arranged to discharge droplets of a liquid curable by active rays onto a substrate while the discharge head and the substrate move relative to each other. The irradiation unit is configured and arranged to radiate the active rays to the droplets on the substrate. The irradiation unit is provided behind the discharge head with respect to a direction of a relative movement. The controller is configured to turn off the irradiation unit when a predetermined time has elapsed since start of lighting of the irradiation unit.09-13-2012
20090021541PRINTER CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CHANGING PRINT MASK HEIGHT - A system and a method for improving the quality of prints using a print mask for a printer with at least one printhead with a plurality of dot forming elements arranged in dot forming element sections, and at least one of the masks are altered so that mask data corresponding to at least one complementary set of dot forming elements is activated or deactivated in response to the paper location and the dot forming element section is shifted as the printhead passes a transition position. As the mask size is reduced, for example, the mask contents are shifted to one end of the printhead. This remapping of the mask within the head allows the page advance distance to be changed to the new page advance distance only once.01-22-2009
20120256979GEL MAINTENANCE CYCLE FOR A RELEASE AGENT APPLICATION SYSTEM - An inkjet printer includes a controller configured to operate the printer in a gel maintenance cycle to clean residual ink and other material from an image receiving member in the printer to maintain image quality in the printer. The controller operates the image receiving member and a drum maintenance unit in the printer to flood the image receiving member with release agent that is removed from the member by wipers in the drum maintenance unit. The removed release agent is removed from a sump, filtered, and returned to an applicator for use in printing operations.10-11-2012
20080297545LIQUID-DROPLET EJECTING APPARATUS - A liquid-droplet ejecting apparatus including: (a) a liquid ejecting head having an ejection opening from which a droplet of a liquid is ejected; (b) a liquid supply passage through which the liquid is supplied to the liquid ejecting head; (c) a suction passage normally held in communication with the liquid supply passage; (d) a sucking device sucking a gas in the liquid supply passage via the suction passage; (e) a gas-permeable film disposed at a communication portion at which the liquid supply passage and the suction passage are communicated with each other, the gas-permeable film allowing the gas to pass therethrough but not allowing the liquid to pass therethrough; (d) an opening-and-closing device selectively placeable in a closed state to disconnect the suction passage from the sucking device, and an open state to communicate the suction passage with the sucking device; (e) a pressure detecting device detecting an internal pressure of the suction passage; (f) a sucking-device control device controlling the sucking device; the opening-and-closing device being placed in the open state when the sucking device is to suck the gas from the suction passage, and being placed in the closed state when the sucking device completes the sucking of the gas from the suction passage; and the sucking-device control device having the sucking device suck the gas in the liquid supply passage when the pressure detecting device detects that the internal pressure is equal to or above a predetermined threshold.12-04-2008
20130182021PRINTING - According to one example of the present invention, there is provided an image processor for generating data to control an inkjet printing system. The image processor comprises an image analyzer to identify within an image to be printed an area of substantially solid color and to define within the identified area a frame portion and an intra-frame portion, and a printer control data generator to generate printing system control data to cause a printing system to print a frame portion and an intra-frame portion of the identified area.07-18-2013
20130113851PRINTER, SUPPLIED POWER CONTROLLER AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - A printer includes: an inkjet print head; an image processing part that processes image data and supplies the data to the print head; a main power supply that is connected to a commercial power source and supplies first power to the print head; a rechargeable sub-power supply that supplies second power for supporting the first power to the print head when power necessary for driving of the print head exceeds the first power during execution of printing; and a switch part that is located on a power supply line and electrically connects the sub-power supply to the power supply line when the power necessary for driving of the print head exceeds the first power.05-09-2013
20130147866DIGITAL IMAGE PRINTING - Printing of spatially-compressed digital image data using a single line of nozzles of a printhead having plural spaced-apart lines of nozzles to form a printed image without the spatial compression.06-13-2013
20110242154AMPHOTERIC DISPERSANTS AND THEIR USE IN INKJET INKS - The present disclosure provides a ink-jet ink, having a pH greater than 7, comprising a first aqueous vehicle, a colorant, more typically a carbon black pigment, and an amphoteric polymeric dispersant, wherein the amphoteric polymeric dispersant is a block copolymer comprising an A block and a B block, wherein the A block is a segment consisting essentially of an amine monomer; and the B block is a segment comprising an acidic monomer and at least one hydrophobic monomer; wherein the dispersant is neutralized, and the B block is free of an amine monomer. The disclosure further pertains to an ink set comprising this ink jet ink and at least a second ink which contains a reactive species with appropriate cationic agent, salt, or pH modifying agent capable of destabilizing the colorant containing dispersion of the first ink. Still further, the disclosure pertains to a method of printing wherein the first ink and second ink of the ink set are printed in an adjacent relationship, thereby minimizing penetration, feathering and/or bleed of the colorant and improving print quality.10-06-2011
20110242153LIQUID EJECTION APPARATUS - A preliminary vibration number storage unit stores a first preliminary vibration characteristic which indicates a relation between a downtime of an ejection opening and a smallest number of vibrations in preliminary vibration, the smallest number of vibrations required to enable normal preliminary ejection from the ejection opening immediately after the preliminary vibration. The downtime of each ejection opening T10-06-2011
20130155131DIGITAL PRINTING METHOD AND AN APPARATUS THEREFOR - A digital printing method includes printing timing marks for each of images; in reprinting after printing is temporarily suspended, feeding a web of paper to travel backwards so that a plurality of images and timing marks printed thereon before printing is temporarily suspended move towards upstream of a digital printer and thereafter feeding the web of paper to travel forwards again, and counting by mark sensors, upstream of the digital printer, the number of such timing marks moving in each of the backward feed and forward re-feed of the web of paper; and when the number of counts of the timing marks counted in the forward re-feed coincides with the number of counts of the timing marks counted in the backward feed, reinitiating to print consecutive images from a position following an image last printed before printing is temporarily suspended.06-20-2013
20110292102STORAGE DEVICE, BOARD, LIQUID CONTAINER, METHOD OF RECEIVING DATA WHICH ARE TO BE WRITTEN IN DATA STORAGE UNIT FROM HOST CIRCUIT, AND SYSTEM INCLUDING STORAGE DEVICE WHICH IS ELECTRICALLY CONNECTABLE TO HOST CIRCUIT - A storage device electrically connected to a host circuit includes a data receiving unit, determination unit, and a data transmitting unit. The data receiving unit receives data including first data which are to be written in a memory array and second data which are generated based on the first data from the host circuit. The determination unit determines consistency between the first data and the second data. The data transmitting unit transmits a result of the determination to the host circuit.12-01-2011
20110310138PRINTING DEVICE AND PRINTING METHOD - A printing device includes a printing section that deposits printing matter onto a printing medium, a printing control section that controls the printing section so as to cause there to be printed on the same printing medium a first image that is based on acquired print data and a second image that extends in a width direction of the printing medium. The printing device further includes width-setting section that sets the length of the second image in the width direction to a length dependent on the size of the first image.12-22-2011

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