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345 - Computer graphics processing and selective visual display systems

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345545000 Frame buffer 174
345531000 Graphic display memory controller 118
345536000 Plural storage devices 46
345543000 Memory allocation 32
345557000 Cache 25
345564000 Addressing 23
345555000 For storing compressed data 18
345541000 Shared memory 17
345559000 Register 14
345552000 Texture memory 13
345560000 Row buffer (e.g., line memory) 10
345558000 First in first out (i.e., FIFO) 7
345556000 For storing condition code, flag or status 6
345544000 Memory partitioning 5
20110012906SEMICONDUCTOR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT DEVICE FOR DRIVING LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY - The present invention realizes a semiconductor integrated circuit device for driving liquid crystal (liquid crystal control driver IC) capable of easily setting drive conditions and the like according to specifications of a liquid crystal display to be used. An electrically-programmable nonvolatile memory circuit (EPROM) or an electrically erasable and programmable nonvolatile memory circuit (EEPROM) is provided in a semiconductor integrated circuit device for driving a liquid crystal display, and setting information is stored in the memory circuit. The memory circuit is constructed by a normal device which can be formed in the same process as a semiconductor manufacturing process of forming devices of other circuits.01-20-2011
20080316221Down-sampled image display - A memory controller of an apparatus repeatedly retrieves a down-sampled file of a digitally captured image from a non-volatile memory for refresh of a raster display screen.12-25-2008
20090213129Storage Unit and Storage Module for Storing EDID - With the aid of a storage unit for storing EDID, a memory unit is merely provided power by a bus power while a related power source is turned off, and power leakage is prevented since possible paths of the power leakage are blocked by reverse biasing of related elements of the storage unit. A storage module including a plurality of the designed storage units have same operations and performance as those of the designed storage unit.08-27-2009
20100283792Image Processing System and Image Processing Method - An image processing system includes a memory, a data slicer and an image processor. The data slicer divides each of current image data and adjacent image data into a first portion and a second portion to be stored into the memory. The image processor reads from the memory the first portion and the second portion of the current image data and the first portion of the adjacent image data for image processing.11-11-2010
20090058866METHOD FOR MAPPING PICTURE ADDRESSES IN MEMORY - The invention discloses a method for mapping picture addresses in a memory, such that decoded picture data can be mapped in corresponding address in a memory. The memory comprises at least two memory arrays, each of which comprises multiple memory rows. The mapping method comprises the following steps: dividing one picture frame into multiple rectangle macroblocks; providing a memory for storing picture data and setting integral neighbor macroblocks of an picture frame as one mapping unit; one by one, the mapping units of picture data are consecutively mapped into the memory in the order of left to right in horizontal directions and up to down in vertical directions; mapping at least one mapping unit of picture data into the same memory row of the same memory array until the said memory row is full; switching the memory array and mapping the adjacent next mapping unit of picture data. The above steps are repeated until completing the mapping of one picture frame.03-05-2009
345553000 Display list memory 3
20100079474METHODS FOR RENDERING SOURCE CONTENT OF A FILE FOR DISPLAY ON A DESTINATION FIGURE - A method for rendering source content of a file for display in a destination figure is provided. The method may include receiving the source content of the file including a brush that defines a viewbox having a first coordinate system, composing a viewport having a second coordinate system to which a brush transform is applied, creating an empty destination bitmap sized according to a destination figure transform, and rendering the source content onto the empty destination bitmap such that the first coordinate system is transformed into the second coordinate system.04-01-2010
20110298815METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR UPDATING OF DISPLAYS SHOWING DETERMINISTIC CONTENT - A method and apparatus for displaying image data is disclosed. The method includes receiving one of a plurality of sets of stored image update data to be displayed on a display device, wherein each set corresponds to one image in a sequence of images and wherein the plurality of sets of image update data comprise information identifying pixels that change from a previous image in the sequence of images, wherein the display device comprises an array of bi-stable display elements. The method further includes updating a portion of the display device, the portion containing the pixels identified in the received set of stored image update data.12-08-2011
20090295816VIDEO GRAPHICS SYSTEM AND METHOD OF PIXEL DATA COMPRESSION - A video graphics system, graphics processor, and method of reducing memory bandwidth consumption include logic that groups binary data of a block of pixels into bit-planes. Each bit-plane corresponds to a different bit position in the binary data of the block and includes a bit value from each pixel in the block at that corresponding bit position. An encoding, associated with the block of pixels, represents which ones of the bit-planes are constant-value bit-planes having binary data comprised of a same bit value from every pixel in the block and which of the bit-planes are mixed-value bit-planes. Logic accesses memory storing the block of pixels to process the binary data of each mixed-value bit-plane and accesses memory storing the encoding to process the binary data of each constant-value bit-plane when a processing operation is performed on the block of pixels.12-03-2009
345561000 Logical operations 2
20110169851OVERDRIVING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - An overdriving apparatus including a memory unit, a position unit and an overdriving unit is provided. The memory unit stores a present frame received and outputs a previous frame stored in the memory unit. The position unit generates pixel position information according to a display control signal of the present frame. The overdriving unit determines a corresponding relationship between several pixel grey values of the present frame and several display areas of a display panel according to the pixel position information, so as to select a corresponding specific table group of each of the pixel grey values from a plurality of overdriving tables. The overdriving unit further generates an overdriving frame by looking up the corresponding specific table group of each of the pixel grey values.07-14-2011
20110057942Efficient Data Access for Unified Pixel Interpolation - Disclosed herein are methods, apparatuses, and systems for accessing vertex data stored in a memory, and applications thereof. Such a method includes writing vertex data of primitives into contiguous banks of a memory such that the vertex data of consecutively written primitives spans more than one row of the memory. Vertex data of two consecutively written primitives are read from the memory in a single clock cycle.03-10-2011
345554000 Multi-port memory 1
20090021520Priority control device - A priority control device comprises a clock generator for generating a clock signal, a time interval generating unit having a plurality of signal routes and each of the signal routes has a different signal passing time respectively, and a logic control unit coupled to the outputs of the signal routes. The time interval generating unit determines the timing of receiving input signals according to the clock signal. The logic control unit receives the output signals of the signal routes for generating the control signals.01-22-2009
20130044119ANALYTE-TESTING DEVICE - A device adapted to determine an analyte concentration of a fluid sample using a test sensor. The device comprises a display adapted to display information to a user. The device further comprises at least one user-interface mechanism adapted to allow the user to interact with the device. The device further comprises a body portion including at least one opening formed therein, the at least one opening being of sufficient size to receive the test sensor. The device further comprises a memory adapted to store a plurality of stored analyte concentrations. The device further comprises a processing feature adapted to inhibit the stored analyte concentrations from being displayed on the display.02-21-2013
20130033509DISPLAY PANEL AND OPERATING METHOD THEREOF - A display panel is provided, including an image data storage capacitor, a capacitive element, and four switches. The image data storage capacitor stores an image data. The sample unit has a control terminal for receiving a sample control signal. The capacitive element has a first terminal coupled to a pixel electrode of the image data storage capacitor via the sample unit. The first refresh unit has a control terminal coupled to the first terminal. The second refresh unit has a control terminal for receiving a refresh control signal. The third and first refresh unites are serially coupled with each other between a corresponding source line and the image data storage capacitor for receiving a data signal. The shunt unit has a control terminal coupled to the pixel electrode, a data terminal coupled to the first terminal, and another data terminal for receiving a shunt control signal.02-07-2013
20100045685Liquid Crystal Display Device - A liquid crystal display device with shorter response time and simpler configuration is provided. The liquid crystal display device including: a plurality of pixels each including a liquid crystal element; and a driving section performing an image display driving by applying a driving voltage based on a video signal to the liquid crystal element in each of the pixels. The driving section performs an overdrive processing on the video signal of current frame to generate an overdriven video signal based on a current frame image and an immediately preceding frame image of the input images based on the video signals, and based on immediately-preceding-state information which is additional information briefly representing a immediately preceding state of the liquid crystal element of the pixel.02-25-2010
20090128573Memory Based Content Display Interception - In one aspect, the invention relates to a method for blocking or otherwise regulating content. The method includes the steps of intercepting a call to a graphics API; determining if the image meets the requirements for further analysis; and if the image meets the requirements for further analysis, generating a structure to represent the array of pixels in the image; analyzing the image structure for determination of inappropriate content; and preventing the display of the image if the determination is that the content is inappropriate.05-21-2009
20120182303Substrate Guided Relay Having an Absorbing Edge to Reduce Alignment Constraints - Briefly, in accordance with one more embodiments, a substrate guided relay comprises a slab guide having an absorbing edge at a first end of the slab guide. An input coupler is disposed on a surface of the slab guide at an angle with respect to a first edge of the slab guide. An output coupler is disposed on the surface at a second end of the slab guide. Light rays that enter the slab guide toward the first end are absorbed by the absorbing edge, and light rays that enter the slab guide toward the output coupler exit the slab guide via the output coupler. The absorbing edge on the first edge of the slab guide allows the input coupler to be placed on the slab guide without regard to alignment of the input coupler with the first end of the slab guide.07-19-2012
20130069964METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING COMPLIMENTARY STATE RETENTION - A method, integrated circuit and apparatus are operative to control a plurality of passive variable resistance memory cells to store complimentary state information from at least one active memory circuit, such as a flop, latch, or any other suitable state generation circuit. The method, apparatus and integrated circuit may be operative to control the plurality of passive variable resistance memory cells to also restore the stored complimentary state information for the at least one active memory.03-21-2013
20100103181ACTIVE MATRIX DISPLAY DEVICE - The application aims at reducing the power consumption of pixels not emitting light in an active matrix organic EL panel having a static memory cell in each pixel. Each pixel circuit comprises a selection transistor (04-29-2010
20090303243Circuit and method for compensating display defect in video display - Circuit for compensating a display defect in a video display device of the present invention includes a memory having position information on a plurality of regular patterned defective regions of a display panel, gray scale section information, a defect level data on each of the regular patterned defective regions, and a plurality of compensation data on each of the defect level data stored therein, a first compensation unit, upon reception of data to be displayed on the regular patterned defective regions, for determining defect level data on the regular patterned defective regions of the data to be displayed, selecting a compensation data set on the defect level data determined thus, and selecting a compensation data on the data to be displayed from the compensation data selected thus, for compensating the data to be displayed, and a second compensator for distributing the data compensated thus at the first compensation unit spatially and temporally by using dither patterns for making fine compensation, thereby suppressing size increase of the compensation data.12-10-2009
20090091579Image Display Apparatus, Electronic Device, Portable Terminal Device, and Method of Displaying Image - The present invention is applied to e.g. a liquid crystal display apparatus based on a multi-bit memory system. In the invention, input image data (SIG) is recorded in a memory part 04-09-2009
20090267955IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An image processing apparatus is configured to rasterize an object into a bitmap using a first memory and a second memory which can be accessed quicker than the first memory. The image processing apparatus includes an extraction unit configured to extract a plurality of objects to be rasterized on the second memory from a plurality of the objects, and a first combination unit configured to combine a plurality of objects which can be rasterized within capacity of the second memory from among the objects extracted by the extraction unit into an object.10-29-2009
20110063312Enhancing Picture Quality of a Display Using Response Time Compensation - Herein described are at least a method and a system to enhance the display of video by using response time feedback compensation. The system and method may be used in a display within a television set, for example. The method comprises processing first image data gray level values from a first frame memory and processing second image data gray level values from a second frame memory, wherein the second image data gray level values are obtained one frame period prior to the first image data gray level values. The method further comprises outputting alternate image data from a second look-up table, wherein the second look-up table uses third image data gray level values from a third frame memory and current input image data gray level values obtained from a current frame. An exemplary system comprises one or more circuits operable for, at least performing the aforementioned method.03-17-2011
20130063456Buffer Display Techniques - Buffer display techniques are described. In one or more implementations, at least part of an off-screen buffer is rasterized by an application to generate an item for display by the computing device. One or more communications are formed that describe the part of the off-screen buffer which contains the item that is to be copied to update an onscreen buffer.03-14-2013
20130063457DISPLAY DEVICE WITH FASTER CHANGING SIDE IMAGE - A display device is provided which includes a liquid crystal display panel including a plurality of pixels each having one or more sub-pixels; and control electronics configured to provide, in response to image data, signal voltages to the pixels in a first mode whereby an on-axis viewer and an off-axis viewer perceive substantially a same main image, and signal voltages to the pixels in a second mode whereby the on-axis viewer perceives the main image and the off-axis viewer perceives a side image different from the main image.03-14-2013
20090244076Data display system, data relay device, data relay method, data system, sink device, and data read method - A repeater comprises an EDID memory to store a control data and a memory control unit. The memory control unit is configured to make access to the EDID memory to read the control data therefrom, store the read control data into the EDID memory and, when access is made to the EDID memory by the set-top box, transfer the control data stored in the EDID memory to the set-top box. In this case, the memory control unit outputs an inhibiting signal to a set-top box to inhibit it from making access to the EDID memory until the completion of an operation of storing the control data from the EDID memory in the set-top box into the EDID memory in the repeater.10-01-2009
20130162663APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD OF OUTPUTTING IMAGE, AND RECORDING MEDIUM STORING IMAGE OUTPUT CONTROL PROGRAM - An apparatus, system, and method of outputting an image, and image output control program stored in a recording medium are described. The image output apparatus that displays data through a display obtains first element identification information for identifying a first element included in a specified folder, determines whether the first element is a folder based on the first element identification information, obtains second element identification information for identifying a second element included in the first element when the first element is determined to be the folder, analyzes whether the second element is a data file having a data format compatible with the display to generate an analysis result, determines a display format of the first element that is determined to be the folder based on the analysis result of the second element, and causes the display to display an image that reflects the first element in the determined display format.06-27-2013
20100053179Systems and Methods for Framebuffer Management - Methods for managing a framebuffer in a single memory pool comprising frame buffer memory and display list memory on printing devices are presented. In some embodiments, a method for managing at least one pixmap corresponding to an image using equal sized blocks allocated to the pixmap from a memory pool comprises: receiving a request for at least one scanline in the image; securing a pointer to at least one block from the memory pool in response to the request for the at least one scanline, if memory blocks are available in the memory pool; and applying at least one of a plurality of memory freeing strategies, if there are no memory blocks available in the memory pool.03-04-2010
20100007672RASTER AND RASTERISATION METHOD IN GRAPHIC PROCESSING - The present invention provides a raster module. The rater module comprises a coarse raster for rasterizing input data; and a fine raster receiving data from the coarse raster, wherein the fine raster comprises a buffer for buffering data from the coarse raster. The present invention provides a small raster unit while maintaining the performance without lost in other functions, and therefore achieves cost reduction in chip manufacturing.01-14-2010
20080266303IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INCREASING EFFICIENCY OF BUS BANDWIDTH - An image display system includes: a frame buffer having a plurality of lines, each of which stores image data and repetition information of the image data; a memory controller in signal communication with the frame buffer for reading the image data and the repetition information from the frame buffer; a display controller in signal communication with the memory controller for regenerating the image data, which is provided from the memory controller, in accordance with the repetition information provided from the memory controller; and a display device in signal communication with the display controller for displaying the regenerated image data, which is provided from the display controller, under regulation by the display controller.10-30-2008
20100033490PORTABLE DISPLAY DEVICES AND PROGRAMS - A portable display device transitions between a first state and a second state. The portable display device includes a display portion that displays information when the portable display device is in the first and second state, and a power source for supplying power when the portable display device is in the first state, and supplying less power when the portable display device is in the second state than in the first state. The portable display device also includes a controller that drives the display portion to display information in the display portion, an operation device that executes at least one command in response to receipt of at least one operation, and a storage portion that stores information to be displayed in the display portion when the portable display device is in the second state. The controller displays the information stored in the storage portion, when the portable display device is in the second state.02-11-2010
20100033491PORTABLE DISPLAY DEVICES AND PROGRAMS - A portable display device transitions between a first and second state. The device has a display portion, a power source for supplying power in the first state and supplying less power in the second state than in the first state, a controller that drives the display portion, an operation portion that executes commands, and a mode storage portion that stores one of a first and second mode. The first mode corresponds to displaying preset information, and the second mode corresponds to particular information to be continuously displayed. The particular information is information displayed in the display portion when the device is in the first state. When the device is in the second state, the preset information is displayed in the display portion when the first mode is stored in the mode storage portion, and the particular information is continuously displayed when the second mode is stored in the mode storage portion.02-11-2010
20100128043INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, DISPLAY SWITCHING METHOD AND PROGRAM - There is provided an information processing device including: a light emitting unit to supply light to an operating means mounted on an IC card, the operating means being capable of switching display contents on a display unit of the IC card by a potential difference occurring due to photoelectric conversion; a communication unit to transmit given data to the IC card for causing the IC card to record the data; and a light emission adjusting unit to cause the data recorded on the IC card through the communication unit to be displayed on the IC card by adjusting the number of times of emitting light or a light emitting pattern from the light emitting unit.05-27-2010
20120044252IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - An image display apparatus includes an image processing circuit configured to generate an image signal based on input image data such that the image signal includes a main-image frame and a sub-image frame with luminance lower than that of the main-image frame. The image processing circuit includes a conversion circuit and a memory control circuit. The conversion circuit converts frame synchronization signals of respective frames such that the main-image frame has a longer horizontal scanning period than the sub-image frame. The memory control circuit switches, in a period in which the unconverted synchronization signal and the converted synchronization signal are both in a vertical blanking period, operation modes of two frame memories between writing and reading. The image display apparatus is capable of suppressing a visible disturbance in image quality and a reduction in the total image luminance of a moving image without increasing a frame memory transfer rate.02-23-2012
20120293524DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device (11-22-2012
20090141035DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS EMPLOYING SAME - In one embodiment of the present invention, in a display control apparatus that repeatedly displays various image data on a screen, the display control apparatus includes: an input/setting means that, for each unit of image data, inputs/sets an image data display control method corresponding to a number of display times of the image data; a storage means that, for each unit of image data, stores the image data display control method corresponding to the number of display times of the image data that has been input/set by the input/setting means; and a control means that, when repeatedly displaying image data, identifies the number of display times of the image data, and displays the image data according to the image data display control method corresponding to the number of display times that has been stored in the storage means.06-04-2009
20090201304INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD AND PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus, an information processing system, an information processing method and a program, which can store display data efficiently, are provided.08-13-2009
20090244075BROWSING TERMINAL - A browsing terminal includes a nonvolatile display unit and a reminder data storing unit. The nonvolatile display unit overwritably displays a first display image based on first display data when the nonvolatile display unit is set to a first mode. The nonvolatile display unit maintains the first display image when the nonvolatile display unit is set to a second mode. The reminder data storing unit stores reminder data. The remainder data includes information about the first display image. The nonvolatile display unit displays a remainder image based on the reminder data ahead of the first display image when the nonvolatile display unit is set to the first mode after the nonvolatile display unit was set to the second mode.10-01-2009
20090315903IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND MEMORY MANAGEMENT METHOD FOR IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS - An image processing apparatus has a plurality of functions and is capable of executing a job relating to any of the plurality of functions. The image processing apparatus includes a memory management unit to secure a storage region in a first storage device for program execution, a save unit to save information from the storage region in the first storage device to a second storage device, a history recording unit to record a history relating to execution of the job each time the image processing apparatus executes the job, and a save restriction unit to restrict saving of information from the storage region in the first storage device to the second storage device in order to execute a job relating to a function which is specified based on a job history recorded by the history recording unit from among the plurality of functions.12-24-2009
20110001752DISPLAY PANEL DRIVE CIRCUIT, LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR DRIVING DISPLAY PANEL - A display panel drive circuit including a shift register including unit circuits connected in cascade, each of the unit circuits outputting a signal line selection signal, is so configured that: each of the unit circuits receives a clock signal nd either a signal line selection signal outputted from another-stage unit circuit or a start pulse signal, and the clock signal has a returned portion following an activation portion thereof, the returned portion including a first region that is sloped and a second region that is sloped more steeply than the first region. With the configuration, it is possible to realize a display panel drive circuit and a display panel driving method each of which (i) restrains an occurrence of a poor gate-on pulse signal, (ii) improves a pixel charging rate, and (iii) allows a clock signal to have higher frequency.01-06-2011
20110210977Projector, projection display system, and corresponding method and recording medium - A method includes sending image related working status information representing image-related working status of a projector that projects images, to a client over a network in response to a request to provide the image-related working status of the projector. The image-related working status is related to display characteristic of the projected image. The method includes controlling the image-related working status of the projector based on the control information received from the client over the network in response to the sent image-related working status information. The image-related working status information is sent to the client with screen information from which the client can display a user interface that includes the image-related working status information.09-01-2011
20100060653Methods for Setting a Pixel Clock Frequency - A method of setting a pixel clock frequency for a display of an information handling system (IHS) is disclosed whereby the method includes detecting an identifier associated with a wireless card operable for use with the IHS. The method also includes selecting a timing descriptor, the timing descriptor associated with a display setting and wherein the timing descriptor corresponds to the identifier. The method further includes setting the pixel clock frequency based on the timing descriptor selected.03-11-2010
20090231350APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR DISPLAYING A PHYSICAL VIEW OF A DEVICE - An apparatus and methods are disclosed for displaying a physical view of a monitored device. The apparatus for displaying a physical view of a device is provided with a plurality of modules configured to functionally execute the steps of displaying a physical representation of a device, generating a plurality of grid lines in association with a predetermined portion of the physical representation of the device, and displaying an icon configured to convey information regarding a status of the device, wherein the icon is displayed within an area defined by the plurality of grid lines. These modules in the described embodiments include a rendering module, a grid module, and a status module.09-17-2009
20090207181Apparatus and Method of Processing Signals - An apparatus of processing a signal is provided, which includes: a frame memory storing data for two frames; and a signal processing unit writing data for two rows into the frame memory or reading data for two rows from the frame memory during input of data for one row.08-20-2009
20120038655IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE AND METHOD OF CHANGING EDID INFORMATION THEREOF - An image display device and method of changing extended display identification data (EDID) information includes a first storage unit which stores extended display identification data (EDID) information to be provided to the source providing device, a second storage unit which stores at least one version of the EDID information which is different from the EDID information stored in the first storage unit, and a control unit which replaces the EDID information stored in the first storage unit with the different version of the EDID information stored in the second storage unit if an EDID information change request signal is input. Accordingly, compatibility of the EDID information between the source providing device and the image display device can be maintained.02-16-2012
20100271376ACTIVE MATRIX TYPE DISPLAY DEVICE - In an active matrix type display device including two source line side drivers for driving a plurality of pixel TFTs, one gate line side driver, two line memories respectively including at least first and second memories, and a controller for controlling the first and second line memories, storing and transmitting of picture data of the two line memories are switched to transmit the data to the two source line side drivers at the same time.10-28-2010
20120176387APPARATUS FOR THE DISPLAY OF EMBEDDED INFORMATION - An apparatus for the electronic display of information, where the apparatus is a substrate incorporating a digital recording medium attached to or embedded within the substrate. The substrate further includes a flexible-substrate display located on an exposed surface of the substrate, where the display is a medium capable of selectively displaying one of at least two possible colors at each pixel location thereon in order to produce a substrate medium that may be modified in accordance with a user's selection.07-12-2012
20120154413MOBILE TERMINAL AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING A MODE SWITCHING THEREIN - A mobile terminal including a communication unit configured to communicate with at least one external terminal; a memory configured to store at least a first and second operating system including at least first and second modes, respectively; and a controller configured to execute the first operating system and to activate the first mode corresponding to the first operating system, to display a first information screen on a display unit corresponding to the activated first mode, to receive a switching signal indicating the first mode is to be switched to the second mode, to perform an authentication procedure for authenticating that the first mode can be switched to the second mode, to activate the second mode and deactivate the first mode when the authentication procedure is validly performed, and to display a second information screen on the display unit corresponding to the second mode and that is different than the first information screen.06-21-2012
20120127184IMAGE PROJECTION APPARATUS, MEMORY CONTROL APPARATUS, LASER PROJECTOR, AND MEMORY ACCESS METHOD - An image projection apparatus includes an input part that inputs image data, a frame memory that stores the image data, a laser oscillator that radiates a laser to a screen, a deflection part including a reflective optical element and configured to oscillate the reflective optical element with respect to two perpendicularly intersecting axes, a storage part that stores coefficient data of a polynomial expression, an irradiation position calculating part that calculates an irradiation position based on a coefficient obtained by using the coefficient data and an oscillation angle of the reflective optical element, an address calculating part that calculates an address in the frame memory corresponding to the irradiation position, a memory control part that reads out pixel data of the address, and a laser drive part that oscillates the laser oscillator in accordance with a luminance corresponding to the pixel data.05-24-2012
20120218279IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND MEMORY ACCESS METHOD THEREOF - A memory access method for processing images includes reading an image data from a main memory. The image data has display rows. Inner memories are configured to be memory blocks arranged in an order of data storage. First pixel data in an i08-30-2012
20100007671Display system and a display method - A displaying system and a displaying method are used for displaying surrounding image of the displaying system when the displaying system arrives at a place. There are first image file and first coordinates data correspondingly stored in a storage device in advance. A GPS device in the displaying system is detecting the location coordinates of the displaying system. When the location coordinates and the first coordinates data are very near, the displaying system displays the first image of the first image file.01-14-2010
20080316219Processing composite data by expansion - A computer system for processing composite data is provided. The system includes means for processing a computing operation that is designed to receive a non-composite data type as at least one input. The composite data is provided to the computing operation as the at least one input. The system further includes an expansion marker that indicates each element in a first composite data needs to be processed separately and an expansion mechanism that uses the computing operation to process each element in the first composite data individually. The system also includes storage for storing a result of processing each element of the first composite data individually with the computing operation.12-25-2008
20100328328HYBRID ELECTRIC DEVICE USING PIEZO-ELECTRIC POLYMER SUBSTRATE AND ITS FABRICATION METHOD - The present invention relates to an integrated, composite hybrid electric device in which various devices are formed as a single unit on one flexible substrate, and a fabrication method thereof. More particularly, the present invention a hybrid electric device in which a display device, a vibration-generating (or vibration-sensing) device, and a non-volatile memory device are formed on a single flexible piezoelectric polymer substrate into a single unit by using a flexible piezoelectric polymer substrate whose both surfaces are thinly deposited with a patterned transparent oxidation electrode, and a fabrication method thereof.12-30-2010
20080297524Liquid crystal display with symbol bit generating circuit and driving method thereof - An exemplary liquid crystal display includes a data circuit, a memory, and a timing controller. The data circuit includes a polarity generating circuit. The timing controller includes: a data analysis circuit configured for analyzing video signals stored in the memory and generates a corresponding symbol bit to each datum according to the category of each datum; and a symbol bit generating circuit configured for receiving the video data from the data analysis circuit, and keeping or altering the symbol bit of each datum according to the symbol bit of each datum outputted from the data analysis circuit. The data circuit is configured for receiving the video data having symbol bits from the timing controller. The polarity generating circuit is configured for generating a corresponding polarity control signal according to each of the symbol bits of the video data. A related method for driving the liquid crystal display is also provided.12-04-2008
20080297523IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEM, GAME MACHINE, IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD, IMAGE DISPLAY PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An image display system includes: a background image transfer section which commands the image producing unit to produce a background image corresponding to the background image data and transfer the background image to the resolution adjusting unit; a window display image transfer section which commands the image producing unit to produce a window display image corresponding to the window display image data and transfer the window display image to the resolution adjusting unit; and a display control section which controls the process of the resolution adjusting unit for outputting the image stored in the virtual image storing unit.12-04-2008
20130187937ELECTRONIC DEVICES CONFIGURED FOR ADAPTING REFRESH BEHAVIOR - A method for adapting refresh behavior on an electronic device is described. The method includes operating according to an adaptive state that adapts a refresh rate for a display based on at least one frame. The method additionally includes transitioning from the adaptive state to a self refresh state based on a first self refresh state indication. The method further includes transitioning from the self refresh state to the adaptive state based on a second self refresh state indication.07-25-2013


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