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20110175811CONTOURED KEYBOARD WITH JOYSTICK MOUSE DEVICE - This disclosure describes an ergonomic computer keyboard with an integrated joystick pointing device. The keyboard incorporates a palm support and a key orientation that enables a user to rest his hand on the palm support and access keys. The joystick pointing device is situated on a portion of the keyboard that is closest to the user such that the user can manipulate the joystick pointing device without removing his hands from the keyboard.07-21-2011
20120162076Joystick - The invention relates to improved multi-axis joysticks and associated multi-axis optical displacement measurement means. The joystick may comprise elements movable with respect to each other in at least, e.g., three degrees of freedom and comprise ionically conductive elements that are utilized to generate a position signal in, e.g., at least three, or at least six degrees of freedom. Various ergonomic configurations of six axis joystick embodiments which may be facilitated by the compact design of the transducer means are disclosed. Means for dynamically adjusting coordinate transformations for construction machinery control are also disclosed.06-28-2012
20100073290OPERATING DEVICE WITH A TRANSMITTER AND A RECEIVER - An operating device comprises a transmitter arrangement (03-25-2010
20100073291IN-VEHICLE MANIPULATION APPARATUS AND IN-VEHICLE INPUT APPARATUS - A two-dimensional operation section includes a stick-shaped rocking shaft having an end having an operation knob. The operation knob is operated within a predetermined two-dimensional operation surface determined as an operation range such that a rocking axis of the rocking shaft tilts from a predetermined neutral angular position to a direction corresponding to an instructed position. A one-dimensional operation section has an operation surface exposed in a main surface of the operation knob, the main surface being an end surface of the rocking shaft. The one-dimensional operation section can be operated in a predetermined one-dimensional operation direction determined within the two-dimensional operation surface relative to the operation surface.03-25-2010
20100045600COMBINED MOUSE AND JOYSTICK INPUT DEVICE - A position input device is provided. The input device includes a mouse module configured for providing coarse position information, the mouse including a body having a housing, and a joystick module configured for providing fine position information, the joystick being disposed in the housing and supported by the mouse body, wherein the joystick has a retracted position and an extended position relative to the housing, such that in the extended position, movement of the joystick provides fine position information.02-25-2010
20100045601INTERACTION WITH A MULTI-COMPONENT DISPLAY - A system and method for interacting with at least one display screen of a multi-component display is disclosed. A system includes a first display screen operable to display a first image, wherein the first display screen includes a first plurality of pixels. A second display screen is operable to display a second image, wherein the second display screen includes a second plurality of pixels, wherein the second display screen overlaps the first display screen, wherein the second display screen is further operable to display the second image simultaneously with the display of the first image, and wherein a portion of the first image is viewable through the second display screen. A user interface is operable to enable interaction with at least one display screen selected from a group consisting of the first display screen and the second display screen.02-25-2010
20100110008LIGHTED CURSOR CONTROL STICK AND CAP - A lighted input device includes a cursor control stick and cap with an engagement surface disposed on an axial end face of the cursor control stick and cap. An indicating portion is located on the same axial end face as the engagement surface. A light permeable portion is provided on the cursor control stick and cap and is made of one of transparent and translucent material. A light source is configured to provide light into the light permeable portion and through the indicating portion.05-06-2010
20120182217METHOD OF ARRANGEMENT OF A TOUCHPAD AND/OR JOYSTICK IN AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - It is claimed the method of arrangement of a touchpad, a joystick and a visual display in an electronic device and devices for realization of the method. A touchpad or a part of it or a joystick is made so as to move along electronic device body. A touchpad or a part of it has a fully or partially convex shape. A touchpad or part of it and a joystick or part of it are arranged on different sides of a body of an electronic device comprising a touchpad and a joystick. A touchpad or part of it, a joystick or part of it and a fully or partially touch screen display are arranged on different sides of a body of electronic device comprising a touchpad, a visual display and a joystick. A fully or partially touch screen display is arranged on different sides of a body of electronic device.07-19-2012
20130069875METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MISALIGNMENT COMPENSATION IN OPTICAL JOYSTICKS - An apparatus for misalignment compensation in optical joysticks is described. The optical joystick includes a light source, a plurality of photodetectors, and circuitry for controlling operation of the optical joystick. In some embodiments, each of the photodetectors may partitioned into a plurality of photodetector elements and select photodetector elements are configured to be individually activated in order to cause an electrical shifting of the selected photodetector elements to achieve a different operational alignment position of optical components of the optical joystick. In some embodiments, the light source may be similarly be calibrated by individually activating portions of a light-source array to cause an electrical shift. Various other embodiments and methods of operation are also described.03-21-2013
20130069874Game-style universal computer controller - A computer controller configured to meet the environmental and physical requirements that are encountered in gaming or by military personnel. The controller provides a display, cursor movement control devices and a plurality of switches, joysticks and the like for responding to display-generated functions such as icons for selecting programs. This embodiment is hard wired to the remaining components of a full computer system. Such components would normally be contained in the same housing or be carried by a user in a backpack or mounted on waistbelts or other body-supported wearables. In another embodiment, an attachable version of the controller is used to transform an existing portable computer such as a tablet or the like. The controller is configured to be attached to the portable computer to provide trigger switches, joysticks, push buttons and the like for a more rugged or gaming configuration.03-21-2013
20090303181SPHERE ABSOLUTE ANGLE DETECTION SYSTEM, SPHERE ACTUATOR, AND POINTING DEVICE - A sphere absolute angle detecting system (12-10-2009
20090040181System and Method For Magnetic Hand Controller - Embodiments provide a system and method for magnetic hand controllers. An embodiment of a magnetic hand controller can include a base portion comprising a base magnet, a hand control portion spaced from and movable relative to the base portion, the hand control portion comprising a hand control and a hand control magnet coupled to the hand control and oriented so that the hand control magnet is attracted to the base magnet. The hand control portion may be coupled to a device such that a user may control the device by moving the hand control.02-12-2009
20110012831INPUT DEVICE AND METHOD FOR INPUTTING CHARACTERS - One example embodiment provides an input device for inputting characters. The input device includes a support, a first touch pointer and a second touch pointer supported by the support. The first touch pointer is configured to be pushed in multiple planar directions in a plane and one direction generally perpendicular to the plane to respectively trigger inputting a first set of characters. The second touch pointer is configured to be pushed in multiple planar directions in the plane and one direction generally perpendicular to the plane to respectively trigger inputting a second set of characters.01-20-2011
20110063218EMBEDDED OMNI-DIRECTIONAL POINTER COMPONENT FOR LIMITED FORM FACTOR COMPUTING DEVICES - A MobilePointer pointer controller for hand-held devices that includes an isometric joystick and three buttons; right, middle, and left. The isometric joystick is able to be moved in a variety positions from center. The right button, a middle button, and left button, can each be user selectable buttons. The MobilePointer can be configured for single-hand use while a mobile computing device is being held in the hand that is manipulating the MobilePointer. User-selectable manipulations of the MobilePointer can map to standard mouse events, which permits Applications to respond to standard mouse events as opposed to mobile device specific ones.03-17-2011
20120235910Environmentally Sealed Controller - A test device is provided. The test device comprises a motion-sensing joystick and a pliable, substantially impermeable membrane coupled to the test device such that the joystick is sealed from at least one environmental contaminant.09-20-2012
20130207897Terminal Device - A terminal device is provided with a first casing, configured to accommodate the display part of the terminal device; a second casing, configured to accommodate the computation part and the heat dissipation part of the terminal device; a first shaft, provided on one side of the second casing, configured to be connected to the first casing and the second casing, with the first casing being able to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise around the axis of the first shaft; and a touch sensing unit, connected to the first shaft and configured to detect touch inputs from the user, wherein the touch sensing unit is provided between the first casing and the second casing and rotates clockwise or counterclockwise around the first shaft.08-15-2013
20110279370DISPLAY DEVICE HAVING STYLUS PEN WITH JOYSTICK FUNCTIONS - The configurations of a display device are provided in the present invention. The proposed display device includes a screen and a joystick control device having a stylus pen.11-17-2011
20100171700METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TEXT ENTRY - A method and apparatus for text input is provided. The method includes the steps of dividing the letters of a keyboard into a plurality of zones each zone including one or more letters and designating a jumper key associated with each of the plurality of zones from the letters in each zone. A user indication of a selected jumper key is received and all of the keys in the zone associated with the selected jumper key are then selected.07-08-2010
20100007606Handheld Electronic Apparatus with Multiple Input Devices - A method, apparatus, and article of manufacture are provided to support communication from two or more input devices to an image on a visual display of a handheld computing apparatus. At least two input devices are provided, together with a mapping of positions of the input devices. Each mapping of the combined input devices is configured to manipulate an image on the visual display.01-14-2010
20120188160MOUSE WITH JOYSTICK - A device includes a mouse portion having multiple buttons and a base. The device further includes a joystick portion having a joystick extending to the base of the mouse portion and an upper surface movably mounted adjacent the base of the mouse portion such that relative movement between the base and upper surface results in movement of the joystick.07-26-2012
20110285627INPUT DEVICE AND GAMING APPARATUS HAVING SAME - An input device includes a moveable manipulation portion, a magnetic-field generating unit, a pressure-detecting unit, a magnetic sensor, and a processing unit. The moveable manipulation portion includes a pressing surface. The magnetic-field generating unit provides a predetermined magnetic field. The pressure-detecting unit includes a detecting surface facing the pressing surface. The manipulation portion is moveably arranged on the pressure-detecting unit. The pressure-detecting unit detects and converts a pressure applied by the manipulation portion to the detecting surface into electrical signals. The magnetic sensor is fixedly attached to the manipulation portion and detects the magnetic field at different locations of the manipulation portion so as to determine a movement trace of the manipulation portion relative to the magnetic-field generating unit. The processing unit generates a control signal associated with a movement of a character according to the movement trace of the manipulation portion and the electrical signals.11-24-2011
20110298711Integrated Fingerprint Sensor and Navigation Device - An apparatus is disclosed in a first embodiment of the invention as including a non-conductive substrate providing a first surface onto which a user can apply a fingerprint. A fingerprint sensing circuit is applied to a second surface of the non-conductive substrate opposite the first surface. The fingerprint sensing circuit is capable of sensing a fingerprint through the non-conductive substrate. A navigation device is positioned adjacent to (e.g., below) the non-conductive substrate and is capable of being manipulated by the user through the non-conductive substrate.12-08-2011
20120098747USER-INTERFACE FOR CONTROLLING A DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM USING A JOYSTICK - A user-interface for controlling a data processing system using a joystick includes a joystick for controlling input to the data processing system. The joystick has a pivoting component for assuming tilted positions by tilting in directions that lie in a reference plane associated with the component, and a sensor for sensing at succeeding sampling moments the direction corresponding to succeeding tilted positions of the component, and a difference determination device for determining a difference in direction between a first direction sensed at a first sampling moment and a second direction sensed at a second sampling moment after the first moment, and a parameter modifier for modifying a value of a parameter of the data processing system by adding or subtracting a difference value that depends upon the difference in direction.04-26-2012
20130215029Tactile Guides for Touchscreens - Provided are tactile guides which may be reversibly adhered to the screen of a touchscreen device, allowing the user to know the position of displayed controls. In some embodiments, directional information is also provided by the tactile guide such that a user may detect by sense of touch up-down and/or lateral orientation of displayed controls such as slider bars or joysticks. This allows the user to quickly engage displayed controls without looking at their fingertip. The tactile guides of the invention may advantageously be configured for any software application. The tactile guides of the invention take myriad forms, including static cling films, buttons, and combinations thereof.08-22-2013
20110260969REMOVABLY ATTACHABLE CONTROLLER FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A method and apparatus for removably attaching a controller onto a portable electronic device to control the operation of that device and, more specifically, to a joystick and button controller which is removably attached to the device that communicates through software with the device and is connected to the device by wire or wirelessly. A rechargeable Bluetooth chip and associated circuit is located in the controller and a joystick and action buttons are functionally coupled to the Bluetooth chip and associated circuit and, through the controller to the portable electronic device. The joystick and action buttons are removably attached to the portable electronic device.10-27-2011
20120026089Center Device - To provide a center device for accommodating a variety of situations which may occur when a home-use game machine, or the like, is used, in which a plurality of users use their own controller devices such as an input device. A center device communicates between a plurality of controller devices, receives an instructing operation carried out by the user of each controller device, and executes processing according to the instructing operation. The center device selects at least one of the controller devices as a controller device to be authenticated from among the plurality of controller devices by utilizing communication with each of the plurality of controller devices, and conducts authentication processing relative to each of the controller devices while communicating with each of the selected controller device.02-02-2012
20090309832Pointing stick device - The present invention provides a pointing stick device circuit which is using fewer components. The circuit is using current sources instead of voltage sources. This will be more convenient to integrate the circuit and largely reduce the cost. Also, using this circuit and the relative process, the requirement of high quality and low tolerance of some critical components is reduced. The performance of the device is improved.12-17-2009
20090201250JOYSTICK ASSEMBLY FOR IMPROVED MACHINE CONTROL - A joystick assembly that provides enhanced operator control and stability during rough operation by being primarily rotatable about a vertical axis of a clockspring. The joystick assembly also includes a palm support that is associated with the clockspring via a clamp in the lower housing of the palm support. Further, the joystick assembly has an interface device that includes at least one input device that is conveniently actuated by an operator's thumb.08-13-2009
20090273564INPUT DEVICE TO CONTROL ELEMENTS OF GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACES - An input device to control elements of graphical user interfaces has at least one input element with multiple buttons (keys), and at least one rotatable input element that is actuated at least along one essentially horizontal axis, and at least one elevation (11-05-2009
20090295724Adjustable torque joystick - An adjustable torque joystick control assembly includes a housing and a stick assembly mounted in, and extending from, the housing. A gimbal assembly is coupled to the stick assembly and contained within the housing. A torque or force adjustment assembly is located in the housing above the gimbal assembly and, in one embodiment, includes a spring compression member adapted to exert a force against one end of a spring to compress the spring and cause an opposite end of the spring to exert a force against the gimbal assembly and increase the force required to move the stick assembly.12-03-2009
20090102789INPUT APPARATUS AND OPERATION METHOD FOR COMPUTER SYSTEM - An input apparatus for a computer system is provided. The input apparatus includes a positioning module, a motion detector, and a receiver. The positioning module includes a plurality of positioning light sources, for emitting light rays having a predetermined wavelength. The motion detector includes a G-sensor, and a light sensing unit, for detecting a motion state of the motion detector in a three-dimensional space, and outputting a sensing data. The light sensing unit is provided for receiving the light rays emitted from the positioning light sources. The receiver is coupled to the computer system via a transmission interface, and is adapted for receiving the sensing data outputted from the motion detector via a wireless transmission path. In such a way, the receiver can generate an operation instruction according to the sensing data, and transmit the operation instruction to the computer system via the transmission interface, for operating the computer system.04-23-2009
20130100021MULTI-SENSORED CONTROL STICK FOR ENHANCED INPUT SENSITIVITY AND FUNCTIONALITY - Systems and methods incorporating an embedded sensor in a control stick to detect the presence of an object, such as a thumb. A presence detect signal may be generated by the additional sensor and auto calibration logic then may automatically remove bias from the control stick in real time when the presence detect signal indicates the control stick is not under the influence of a force external to the controller, and therefore at its neutral mechanical position. In further embodiments, embedded sensors are arrayed across an exterior surface of a control stick as a secondary control stick-based positional input device. In such embodiments, tactile or proximity sensor technology may be applied to either improve precision of first positional information generated by the control stick or to control a coordinate space separate from that controlled by first position information provided by the control stick.04-25-2013
20100201623METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISPLAYING INFORMATION - A display and a method of displaying information are disclosed. The display includes a first display screen including a first plurality of pixels controllable to display a visual indicator. A second display screen includes a second plurality of pixels, wherein the first and second display screens overlap, and wherein each of the first and second display screens is partially transparent. The first and second display screens are controllable to move the visual indicator from a first plane to a second plane responsive to a first user interaction with a user interface component.08-12-2010
20100060577POSITION SENSOR ARRANGEMENT - A position sensor arrangement that can determine the two-dimensional position of a variety of different movable devices, such as an electronic joystick. According to one embodiment, the position sensor arrangement includes two pair of magnetic sensing elements that are angularly offset or skewed with respect to one another in order to provide redundancy and accuracy with a minimum number of sensing elements.03-11-2010
20090002318MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND INPUT MODULE THEREOF - An input module of a mobile communication device includes an interlinking unit, an input unit, and a pressing unit. The interlinking unit has a protrusion and a first sliding member. The input unit has a second sliding member opposite to the first sliding member. The pressing unit has a groove, a guiding member, and an elastic member. The groove and the interlinking unit move together. One end of the guiding member moves between a first position and a second position in the groove. The elastic member provides a resilience force for the groove. When an external force is applied to the protrusion of the interlinking unit, the interlinking unit drives the groove in a first direction to allow the guiding member to relatively move from the first position to the second position or from the second position to the first position. A mobile communication device is also provided.01-01-2009
20090002317Joystick accessory for portable game console - A game console has a housing having a front and back sides and near an edge of the housing on the front side an array of depressable game-operating buttons. A joystick accessory has a generally U-shaped clip having a front and rear legs and dimensioned to fit over the edge of the console with the front leg bearing on the front side adjacent the buttons and the rear leg bearing in the rear side. A rockable joystick projects forward from the front leg and has a rear end provided with respective actuating bumps aligned with the buttons. A bearing supports the joystick for pivotal movement on the front leg between a central position and with all of the formations out of operative engagement with the respective buttons and a plurality of tipped positions in each of which one of the formations is operatively engaged with the respective buttons.01-01-2009
20080284731Reconfigurable User Input Device For Both Left and Right Handed Users - A reconfigurable user input device for use with an electronic video apparatus, such as a video game console, educational console or computer suitable for use by both left and right handed users. The multifunction user device further includes a base housing, a first input device and a second input device separated by a rotatable arm member mounted upon the base housing. A rotation mechanism is affixed between the rotatable arm member and the base housing permitting the arm member to rotate about a center axis to, in turn, permit the first input device and second input device to be respectively located alternatively to the left side or the right side of the housing.11-20-2008
20080238872NAVIGATION DEVICE - The invention relates to a navigation device (10-02-2008
20080266254Control System for a Remote Vehicle - A control system for operation of a remote vehicle comprises a twin-grip hand-held controller having a volume of less than 1 liter and a weight of less than 1 lb. The twin-grip hand-held controller includes: a left grip shaped to be held between a user's left little finger, ring finger, and the ball of the thumb, leaving the user's left index finger, middle finger, and thumb free; a left control zone adjacent to the left grip, including a first analog joystick and a first 4-way directional control manipulable by the left thumb, and a left rocker control located on a shoulder portion of the controller; a right handed grip shaped to be held between the user's right little finger, ring finger, and the ball of the thumb, leaving the user's left index finger, middle finger, and thumb free; a right control zone adjacent the right grip, including a second analog joystick and a second 4-way directional control manipulable by the right thumb, and a right rocker control located on a shoulder portion of the controller; a tether zone between the left control zone and the right control zone, including a tether anchor configured to tether the hand controller between the left grip and the right grip and to permit the hand controller to hang with the left grip and right grip pointing upward; a tether extending from the tether anchor to the right shoulder of an operator, the tether including a strain relief section. A quick-release pad is worn on an operator's chest, the quick-release pad including a first fastener for affixing the quick-release pad to available mounts on the operator, and a second quick-release fastener for holding the hand-held controller to the quick-release pad to be readily removable by pulling on the hand-held controller.10-30-2008
20100265176Magnetic Manual User Interface Devices - Various finger tip controlled manual interface devices that can be used as inputs to personal computers, electromechanical systems and video game consoles utilize concentrically arranged magnets. The polarities of the magnets are oriented to provide restoration forces on a one of the magnets to bias it toward a neutral position. A magnetic sensor including a plurality of sensing elements such as Hall effect devices generates output signals representative of direction and amount of movement of the magnet that is biased to the neutral position.10-21-2010
20090128490INPUT APPARATUS AND OPTICAL MOUSE FOR COMPUTER AND OPERATION METHOD THEREOF - An input apparatus for a computer system comprises an image object, a prime motion detector, and a receiver. The prime motion detector has an image detection unit, a G-sensor, a mouse module, a switch unit, and a micro control unit (MCU). The image detection unit is used for detecting the image object. The switch is coupled to the G-sensor, the image detection unit and the mouse module. By such means, the switch unit can select to transmit an output of the mouse module, or transmit outputs of the G-sensor and the image detection unit to the MCU according to a selection signal. The MCU encodes an output of the switch unit to generate a detecting data to the receiver, and the receiver transmits the detecting data to the computer system for operating the computer system.05-21-2009
20110221674HAND HELD CONTROL DEVICE WITH DUAL MODE JOYSTICK FOR POINTING AND SCROLLING - Control device (computer mouse) for moving a visual pointer on a display constituting part of a user interface for computer equipment. The control device is designed to be used hand held free of support from any surface, as the movement of the pointer in two dimensions takes place by means of a guide pin, a so-called joy-stick. The guide pin preferably has a double function so that it may also be used for scrolling the display. The control device may include an attachment for the user's hand or wrist, and may be integrated with a telephone receiver or with a remote control for a television set or the like.09-15-2011
20090213073Multi-Axis Joystick and Transducer Means Therefore - The invention relates to improved multi-axis joysticks and associated multi-axis optical displacement measurement means. The joystick may comprise elements movable with respect to each other in at least, e.g., three degrees of freedom and comprise ionically conductive elements that are utilized to generate a position signal in, e.g., at least three, or at least six degrees of freedom. Various ergonomic configurations of six axis joystick embodiments which may be facilitated by the compact design of the transducer means are disclosed. Means for dynamically adjusting coordinate transformations for construction machinery control are also disclosed.08-27-2009
20100156789Methods of Managing a Parameter Displayed in an Interactive Graphic Object - The method of displaying the preceding value of a parameter displayed in a first interactive graphic object by means of a display device defining a display window, a computer making it possible to interpret the actions of a graphic pointer, the pointer comprising means of selecting the first graphic object, the pointer being able to be overlaid on the first graphic object on the display device, comprises:06-24-2010
20100225585METHOD FOR NAVIGATING AND SELECTING ITEMS WITH A RETURN-TO-CENTER NAVIGATION COMPONENT - A user interface for a portable electronic device and associated method, wherein the device includes a display for displaying a plurality of selectable items circumscribing a center portion and a multi-directional user input device, such as a joystick, having a return-to-center mechanism for biasing the device toward a center position. The method comprises displaying the plurality of selectable items, shifting display focus to any one of the selectable items responsive to lateral movement of the user input device away from the center position toward the selectable item, and moving the selectable item to the center portion while maintaining focus responsive to the user input device returning to its center position.09-09-2010
20100060578OPTICAL POINTING DEVICE WITH INTEGRATED OPTICAL COMPONENTS AND RELATED ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - According to the claimed invention, an optical pointing device includes a cover having a transparent part, and a sensing component installed inside the cover. The sensing component includes a light emitting module for emitting light, and a light sensing module for sensing light transmitted from the transparent part. The optical pointing device further includes a light guiding component installed between the sensing component and the cover. The light guiding component includes a reflecting part for reflecting the light emitted from the light emitting module to the transparent part, and a condensing part integrated with the reflecting part monolithically for condensing light transmitted from the transparent part to the light sensing module. The light emitted from the light emitting module is reflected to the transparent part by the reflecting part and then reflected back to the transparent part and the condensing part by a shelter disposed above the cover.03-11-2010
20100201622PUSH-DETECTING HALL EFFECT MINI-JOYSTICK AND CORRESPONDING CONTROL DEVICE - The invention relates to a mini joystick including a handle which can be moved in relation to a body, in rotation along at least two axes of rotation.08-12-2010
20090167684Key Input Apparatus and Method Using Direction-Selector, and Character Input Method Using the Same - Provided are a key input apparatus and method using a direction-selector, and a character input method using the same. The apparatus includes: a direction selection input unit for receiving a direction signal and a selection signal from a user; a storing unit for storing a key value divided by a time and the number of the direction signal and the selection signal; and an operation sensing and determining unit for inquiring the key value divided by the time and the number of the inputted direction signal and selection signal in the storing unit.07-02-2009
20090073120User Interface Device - A device comprises a manipulandum moveable in at least two degrees of freedom including a first link rotatably moveable about a pivot axis and a second link rotatably moveable about a pivot axis. The first link and the second link are coupled to a ground member. A first actuator is configured to engage the first link and provide an output about a drive axis of the first actuator. A second actuator is configured to engage the second link and provide an output about a drive axis of the second actuator. The drive axis of the first actuator is substantially parallel to the drive axis of the second actuator. The first actuator and the second actuator are each configured to receive a signal associated with a force feedback. The force feedback being associated with the manipulandum.03-19-2009
20090115726METHOD FOR SELECTING THE SENSITIVITY OF AN INPUT DEVICE - Consistent with an example embodiment, here is a system for selecting the speed of a pointer on a display. The system comprises an analog input device arranged to generate an analog output signal (V05-07-2009
20110032186INFOTELEMATIC SYSTEM FOR A ROAD VEHICLE - An infotelematic system for a road vehicle, having: at least one liquid-crystal display; and a control device of the joystick type provided with a bar, which has a visible top portion that is shaped so as to be guided by a user's hand, and a hidden bottom portion, which is hinged at the bottom by means of a ball joint so as to be able to turn freely about a central hinge point; the control device is moreover provided with at least one haptic actuator, which is coupled to the bottom portion of the bar for varying the effort necessary for displacement of the bar itself.02-10-2011
20080278448Control Device - A control device (11-13-2008
20090073118ELECTRONIC APPARATUS WITH DISPLAY SCREEN - The present invention provides an electronic apparatus with display screen, wherein a direction key is provided on a side of the electronic apparatus, the display screen and a second menu display area, a plurality of first menu items arranged in right-left direction are displayed in the first menu display area, and a plurality of second menu items arranged in upper-down direction are displayed in the second menu display area, wherein the direction key and the first menu display area are positioned substantially on the same straight line extending in the right-left direction; the first menu items in the first menu display area can be selected when front portion/back portion of the direction key is pressed; the second menu items corresponding to the selected first menu items can be selected in the second menu display area when upper portion/lower portion of the direction key is pressed; and the selected menu items can be confirmed when center portion of the direction key is pressed. Compared with the prior art, in the present invention, the position where the direction key is provided corresponds substantially to the first menu display area in the horizontal direction, therefore, there is the intuitive relationship of correspondence between the direction key and the first menu, and the user can operate it more intuitively and conveniently.03-19-2009
20110109549Control System for a Remote Vehicle - A system for controlling a remote vehicle, the system comprising: a hand-held controller having a plurality of buttons; a display including a graphical user interface having soft buttons; and a processor in communication with the hand-held controller and the display. Buttons of the hand-held controller are mapped to soft buttons of the graphical user interface to allow actuation of soft buttons of the graphical user interface, and the hand-held controller is capable of switching between two or more button function modes, wherein each button function mode assigns different functions to one or more of the buttons of the hand-held controller.05-12-2011
20110043449ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH JOYSTICK - An electronic device with joystick is provided. The joystick includes a receiving space includes a plurality of first conductive elements. The device further includes a plurality of resistors, a chip, and a rotatable post. Each of the first conductive elements is electrically connected to the ground via a resistor. The chip includes a plurality of input pins, and each of the pins is electrically connected to a node between a first conductive element and a resistor. The rotatable post includes a second conductive element. The second conductive element is electrically connected to a direct current power source. When the joystick is rotated, causing the second conductive element to contact with one of the first conductive elements, the voltage of the pin connected to the second conductive element is changed. The chip detects a change of the voltage of the pins and executes corresponding functions according to the detected change.02-24-2011
20110128224USER INTERFACE DEVICE, SUCH AS A MOUSE OR TRACKBALL, WITH A HIGH-DIMENSION JOYSTICK PROVIDING AT LEAST THREE INDEPENDENTLY ADJUSTABLE PARAMETERS - A user interface device having a housing and a joystick with at least three independent mechanical adjustments, each generating an associated signal responsive to the mechanical adjustment, and at least one sensor arrangement generating signals to control at least a cursor on an external device is described. Signals from the sensor arrangements and the joystick can be multiplexed together for transmission to the external device. In an implementation, the sensor arrangements generate signals responsive to changes in the position of the housing with respect to a surface on which the user interface device is placed. In another implementation, the user interface device includes a trackball, and at least one additional sensor arrangement generating signals responsive to the operation of the trackball.06-02-2011
20110074678INPUT DEVICE FOR AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An input device for an electronic device is disclosed comprising a source of light (03-31-2011
20090033624SAFE AND LOW COST COMPUTER PERIPHERALS WITH FORCE FEEDBACK FOR CONSUMER APPLICATIONS - Power management for an interface device that is manipulated by a user and in communication with a host computer and provides forces to the user. The device includes a sensor and an actuator. One embodiment provides first power from the host computer over a serial interface and second power from a power adapter. Another embodiment provides first power from the host computer and second power from a power storage device on the interface device that supplies power to the actuator. Another embodiment provides a power adapter supplying a portion of the first power to the sensor and a portion to the actuator, and a power storage device on the interface device provides second power to the actuator.02-05-2009
20090153481DATA OUTPUT DEVICE HAVING A PLURALITY OF KEY STICK DEVICES CONFIGURED FOR READING OUT DATA TO A USER AND METHOD THEREOF - A data output device and associated method for reading out data to a computer user. The data output device includes a keyboard having a plurality of key stick devices configured for reading out data. Each key stick device is coupled to a key stick positioning actuator that is responsive to electronic signals corresponding to a unique conventional key. Moreover, the key stick device is actively positioned in one of a plurality of output modes by the key stick positioning actuator. Each one of the plurality of output modes indicates the unique conventional key. The unique conventional key corresponds to a change in a height, or an azimuth, or a tilt angle of the key stick device.06-18-2009
20120169597PHYSICAL JOYSTICK FOR ELECTRONIC TABLET DEVICES - Embodiments are directed to a physical joystick input device for use with tablet computers that utilize touch screen technology to receive user input through virtual user input graphical elements. The physical joystick comprises a base that attaches to the touch screen surface through a suction cup and provides conductivity between the user and touch screen surface through conductive felt attached to a support ring of the joystick. The joystick can be configured to be placed over a virtual D-pad or other interface portion of a tablet to transmit physical user input of directional commands to the virtual touch-screen input interface.07-05-2012
20080252600ADAPTABLE CONTROL DEVICE - The invention relates to a control device for controlling vehicle functional units. There is a need for a control device which can be used for controlling a variety of different functional units without there being uncertainty with respect to what function is being controlled. The control device is adapted to control a selected one of a variety of different vehicle functional units. At least one display element is associated with the control device. The display element displays an image associated with the functional unit which is being controlled by the control device.10-16-2008
20080204413OPERATION METHOD OF WIRELESS POINTING INPUT APPARATUS - An operation method of a wireless pointing input apparatus is provided. The operation method includes following steps. The displacement vector of the wireless pointing input apparatus is detected with a resolution. The displacement vector of the wireless pointing input apparatus is transmitted to a host in a wireless way every a time interval. The time interval is decreased correspondingly if the resolution is increased. Or, the time interval is increased correspondingly if the resolution is decreased.08-28-2008
20110163957JOYSTICK WITH COMPENSATION SPRINGS AND CORRESPONDING METHOD OF MANUFACTURE AND CONTROLLER - A joystick biased to return its stick to a neutral position and with compensation of the force applied by the biasing. The joystick has a stick that is moveable in relation to a base at least in rotation around two axes and biasing element mounted between said base and a movable element acting on said stick, tending to return said stick to a neutral position. The joystick further comprises compensator, mounted between the base and the movable element, and applying on the latter a force to compensate at least partially the force applied by the biasing, at least when said stick is located in the vicinity of said neutral position.07-07-2011
20110260970Portable Electronic Device and Method of Controlling Same - A method includes displaying a shutter adjacent to a boundary of an information display region on a display of a portable electronic device, the information display region for displaying first information; receiving an input associated with the shutter; and displaying second information.10-27-2011
20100020013OPERATION DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - There is provided an operation device that can be stably operated without taking up a lot of space when tilted by a user during the operation. The operation device includes: a support part (01-28-2010
20120146907Input Mechanism for Multiple Consoles - A locking input may be received. In response to the received locking input, a first input device may be configured to navigate a first cursor only within a first display. Then an unlocking input may be received. In response to the received unlocking input, the first input device may be reconfigured to navigate the first cursor both within the first display and within a second display.06-14-2012
20120062460MULTIDIRECTIONAL INPUT DEVICE - The invention provides an input device including first electrodes, arranged in an annular shape on a base; an second electrode disposed inside the first electrodes; a GND electrode disposed inside the second electrode; a movable member, movable from an initial position by movement of a operation portion; and a detection device to detect presence or absence of movement of the operation portion measuring capacitance between the movable member and the second electrode, and to detect a movement direction of the operation portion measuring capacitances between the movable member and the first electrodes. R03-15-2012
20120044143OPTICAL IMAGING SECONDARY INPUT MEANS - An optical imaging secondary input means for a computing system. The computing system includes a display screen having a viewing area and a computing device interfaced therewith. At least one primary input means, such as a coordinate input system, keyboard, mouse, etc., is interfaced with the computing device. The optical imaging secondary input means includes a reflective surface external to the viewing area of the display screen, at least one energy emitter for emitting energy toward the reflective surface, and at least one optical sensor for detecting the energy reflected from the reflective surface and outputting signals representing the same to the computing device. The computing device also executes one or more program modules for determining whether an object interacts with the secondary input means based on changes in the energy reflected from the reflective surface, as represented by the signals from the at least one optical sensor.02-23-2012
20120056811 Display device for vehicle - In a vehicle display device equipped with a display on which a plurality of display zones is displayed, a user inputs through an operation lever a pointer moving request to move a pointer and a zone selection request to select another display zone as a selected display zone. An interface control part selects a reaction force map corresponding to the selected display zone after completion of the zone selection request from reaction force maps generated every display zone and stored in advance. Each reaction force map corresponds to each display zone and contains information of a reaction force corresponding to the position information of the button on the display zone. A reaction force supplying part supplies the reaction force to the operation lever on the basis of the selected reaction force map when the position of the pointer is overlapped with the button by the pointer moving request.03-08-2012
20120056810DATA INPUT DEVICE AND SOUND GENERATING DEVICE - Disclosed is a data input device for providing a plurality of input signals responsive to user actions, comprising a resilient body and one or more sensors within the resilient body, which typically has a shape defining one or more modes of deformation, operable to provide the input signals responsive to deformation of the resilient body, by the actions of a user by virtue of the forces transmitted through the resilient body to the one or more sensors. By providing a deformable resilient body, typically defining one or more modes of deformation, only a subset of the plurality of input signals respond significantly to the deformation (typically to degree of deformation), a user lacking fine motor skills is able to better control a plurality of input signals.03-08-2012
20120306748Devices, Methods, and Graphical User Interfaces for Providing Control of a Touch-Based User Interface Absent Physical Touch Capabilities - An electronic device with a display and a touch-sensitive surface displays, on the display, a first visual indicator that corresponds to a virtual touch. The device receives a first input from an adaptive input device. In response to receiving the first input from the adaptive input device, the device displays a first menu on the display. The first menu includes a virtual touches selection icon. In response to detecting selection of the virtual touches selection icon, a menu of virtual multitouch contacts is displayed.12-06-2012
20110090150INPUT PROCESSING DEVICE - An input processing device includes a touch pad that detects a touch position of a finger, at least two button operation units that are provided around the touch pad, a pad signal processing unit that processes a detection signal from the touch pad to generate a pad signal and processes a detection signal from the button operation units to generate a button signal, a stick pointer that is provided at a position farther away from a user than the touch pad and detects an operation in the tilting direction, a stick signal processing unit that processes a detection signal from the stick pointer to generate a stick signal, and, an operation signal generating unit that receives the pad signal, the button signal, and the stick signal.04-21-2011
20120119993METHOD FOR CAPTURING AND TRANSMITTING MOTION DATA - In a method for capturing and transmitting motion data (s05-17-2012
20120313853Hand -interface for weapon station - An ergonomic control instrument for an operator's hand is provided to be disposable on a platform and communicate with a processor. The instrument includes a base for mounting to the platform, a pistol-grip handle disposed on the base to tilt from perpendicular to the platform, a head unit disposed on the handle, a deck within the head unit connecting to the handle, and a plurality of input devices disposed on at least one of the head unit and the handle, each device of the plurality for receiving a command from the operator's hand. Also, an ergonomic control station for an operator is provided, with the station including a platform in front of the operator, a first hand-held instrument mountable to the platform, a second hand-held instrument mountable to the platform, and a processor having a plurality of connections to the first and second pluralities of input devices.12-13-2012
20120127075SEGMENTED PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF DISPLAY - A portable electronic device includes a first segment including a first display and a second segment coupled to the first segment. The second segment includes a first input device on a first side of the second segment and a second display on a second side of the second segment. The second segment is rotatable relative to the first segment between a first orientation in which the first display is adjacent to the first input device, and a second orientation in which the first display is adjacent to the second display such that information is displayed continuously from the first display onto the second display.05-24-2012
20120313854ADAPTABLE INPUT/OUTPUT DEVICE - The present invention relates to an adaptable input/output device. One embodiment of a hardware device for facilitating an interaction between a computing system and a user, the hardware device includes an adaptable surface for supporting the interaction, where the adaptable surface is dynamically deformable under a control of the computing system, and one or more sensors, in communication with the computing system, for detecting a physical presence that is not in direct contact with the adaptable surface. The computing system is configured to cause a deformation of the adaptable surface in response to the physical presence.12-13-2012
20120299829Computer Input Device - A computer input device configured to accept a user's hand palm down is disclosed. A handle is affixed on top of a stick, which in turn is secured to a base, where the user moves the handle with the user's palm to move the stick relative to the base in a plurality of axes. The handle includes a plurality of buttons that can be activated by the user's digits. The computer input device has a low overall profile with a low center of gravity and a relatively small footprint and is preferably used in conjunction either with another computer input device of a similar configuration or a computer mouse-style input device.11-29-2012
20100188335Navigation Handling within Web Pages - A web application (07-29-2010
20120176315JOYSTICK TYPE COMPUTER INPUT DEVICE WITH MOUSE - A user input device includes a base that has a top surface. Flexibly attached to the base is a joystick. Character indicia are displayed on the base, and each indicium corresponds to a unique joystick position or motion sequence. The user input device has a processor and non-volatile memory that stores machine-readable instructions, that when executed by the processor, transmit a code associated with the unique joystick position or motion sequence.07-12-2012
20100271302SENSOR FUSION TO COMBINE SENSOR INPUT DATA FROM MULTIPLE DEVICES INTO ONE INPUT STREAM - Software gaming applications may be written to accept an input from one or more standard controllers such a joystick with input buttons. However, multiple wearable sensors or hand held MID devices may enhance the gaming experience. These sensors may include devices such as accelerometers to detect movement of the extremity they are attached to and wirelessly communicate this information to a receiver. Embodiments are directed to using sensor fusion to combine sensor data from multiple wireless input devices, such as wearable sensors and MID devices together to form one logical input stream that is presented to an application and which the application sees are a standard controller.10-28-2010
20110122063System and method for remote-hosted video effects - A method for remote-hosted video effects includes receiving control input from a device. A wall of video tiles is rendered in a hosting service that is streaming interactive video. The wall of video tiles is warped in 3D based on the control input received.05-26-2011
20120326982OPTICAL NAVIGATION DEVICE WITH HAPTIC FEEDBACK - An optical joystick is connected to a vibratory transducer such as a piezoelectric transducer, where the vibratory transducer produces vibration which may be perceived upon a surface of the optical joystick. The vibration is perceived primarily at the surface of the optical joystick, and not upon a case of the computing device, and is distinguishable from other vibrations which may be induced in the computing device. Vibrations are created to indicate scrolled items in a list, selected items, or navigation within certain displayed zones.12-27-2012
20120319951APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MULTI-INPUT AND MULTI-OUTPUT USING A MOBILE COMMUNICATION TERMINAL - A multi input control window in one-to-one correspondence with an external information device can be programmed and activated in the mobile communication terminal in diverse ways through a multi input mode application unit, depending on the type of a multi-input operation. Also, a first input signal with respect to a touch screen, a second input signal with respect to an acceleration sensor, and a third input signal based on the location of a mobile communication terminal that moves in the X, Y and Z axes measured by a gyroscope sensor are wirelessly transmitted from the mobile communication terminal to the external information device. A fourth input signal for the voice-to-text conversion can be transmitted wirelessly. During a multi-input operation in the external information device, an event signal for outputting a vibration or speaker sound is sent as an output signal to the mobile communication terminal.12-20-2012
20120092255ASSEMBLED TYPE MOUSE AND REPLACEABLE INPUT COMPONENT THEREOF - An assembled type mouse and a replaceable input component thereof are disclosed. The assembled type mouse includes a socket base and at least a replaceable input component, wherein the socket base includes a first electrical connector and a signal process unit. The replaceable input component includes a second electrical connector and two signal input members. The replaceable input component is simultaneously mechanically and electrically connected to the socket base by plugging the second electrical connector into the first electrical connector, makes an input signal input by the signal input member transmitted to the signal process unit by passing through the first electrical connector and the second electrical connector.04-19-2012
20100207882Haptic Trackball Device - In an aspect, an electronic device includes a housing; a manipulandum positioned in the housing, wherein the manipulandum is moveable in at least one rotary degree of freedom in response to a user moving the manipulandum; a sensor coupled to the manipulandum, the sensor outputs sensor signals associated with the movement of the manipulandum in the at least one rotary degree of freedom by the user's direct contact; a processor coupled to the sensor and configured to output one or more activating signals based on the sensor signals; a first actuator coupled to the manipulandum, wherein the first actuator outputs a contact force to the manipulandum upon receiving a first activating signal; and a second actuator positioned within the housing and separate from the first actuator, wherein the second actuator outputs an inertial force to the housing upon receiving a second activating signal.08-19-2010
20130016039Event Recognition - A method executes software including a view hierarchy with a plurality of views which displays one or more views of the view hierarchy. The method executes software elements associated with a particular view, wherein each particular view includes event recognizers. Each event recognizer has an event definition based on sub-events, and an event handler that specifies an action for a target, and is configured to send the action to the target in response to an event recognition. The method detects a sequence of sub-events, and identifies one of the views of the view hierarchy as a hit view that establishes which views in the hierarchy are actively involved views. The method delivers a respective sub-event to event recognizers for each actively involved view, wherein each event recognizer for actively involved views in the view hierarchy processes the respective sub-event prior to processing a next sub-event in the sequence of sub-events.01-17-2013
20080225002JOYSTICK WITH A SENSOR DEVICE - A joystick (09-18-2008
20130120258MULTI-TOUCH INPUT DEVICE - An interface is provided for a device having a touch screen such as a smart phone or tablet computer that extends the touch screen input to areas outside the touch screen area. The interface has a housing which attaches to the device. One or more input controls are mounted on the housing. The controls can be joysticks, buttons, touch pads, levers, triggers, keyboards, etc. Conductive pads are connected to the housing and and capacitively interact with the touch screen. The interface contains circuitry that transmits an electrical or capacitive signal from the user's manipulation of the controls to the conductive pads in order to activate selected areas of the touch screen. The housing may be made in multiple pieces to connect to different sides of the touch screen device.05-16-2013
20110241992CUSTOM GRIP ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF USING THE SAME - A custom grip assembly that includes an attachment member for connection to a joystick assembly. The attachment assembly is made from deformable material that when originally gripped by a user deforms to the custom shape of the user's grip. The deformable material then remains in that shape and hardens to present a permanent grip assembly for the user.10-06-2011
20090027339Computing device pointing stick assembly - A computing device comprising a pointing stick assembly comprising an outer portion and an inner portion, the inner portion comprising a plurality of extensions extending through the outer portion.01-29-2009
20120256835Motion control used as controlling device - Techniques for using a motion sensitive device as a controller are disclosed. A motion controller as an input/control device is used to control an existing electronic device (a.k.a., controlled device) previously configured for taking inputs from a pre-defined controlling device. The signals from the input device are in a different form from the pre-defined controlling device. According to one aspect of the present invention, the controlled device was designed to respond to signals from a pre-defined controlling device (e.g., a touch-screen device). The inputs from the motion controller are converted into touch-screen like signals that are then sent to the controlled device or programs being executed in the controlled device to cause the behavior of the controlled device to change or respond thereto, without reconfiguration of the applications running on the controlled device.10-11-2012
20100309125Button To Change Modes of a Pointing Device - A system includes a pointing device with a first and a second mode. The system also includes a pointing device button to generate a primary action and to generate a change mode action. The change mode action is to change the pointing device to a second mode if the pointing device is in the first mode for moving a pointer.12-09-2010
20120274563MAGNETIC THUMBSTICK USER INTERFACE DEVICES - A magnetic thumbstick device including a manual actuator assembly, a restorative element, a base assembly, one or more magnets, and one or more magnetic sensors is disclosed. The magnetic sensor is positioned to measure magnetic fields generated by movement of the magnet, which may be disposed in the manual actuator assembly, and sensed by the magnetic sensor, which may be disposed in the base assembly. These magnetic field signals may then be provided to a processing element where they may be used to determine position and/or motion of the magnet in relation to the magnetic sensor. The processing element may further generate output signals or commands usable by an electronic computing system such as personal computer, cellular phone, video game console, or other device.11-01-2012
20130181901Multiple Screens for Immersive Audio/Video Experience - A audio/video experience comprises two or more viewing screens of at least one front-located screen in front and at least one of either an above, ceiling screen located above and/or one bottom screen located below or slightly forward of the viewer. Side, wall-mounted screens located on at least one side of the viewer can be provided. The images projected on each screen are visually integrated with that of the front-located screen to provide fully immersive, realistic yet virtual viewing. The above, ceiling-mounted screen provides an overhead view of what would be projected above a viewer (coordinated to the front screen images) while the bottom screen provides a downward view of images visually coordinated to the images projected and viewable on the front screen. The bottom screen can be a stage. Alternatively, the various screens can be screen sections of a single video monitor.07-18-2013
20110234494Support-Surface Apparatus to Impart Tactile Feedback - Described herein are techniques related to a support surface (e.g., a mousepad) for imparting a tactile feedback (e.g., haptics) to a human-machine interactive (HMI) device (e.g., a mouse) supported thereon. This Abstract is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims.09-29-2011
20120075184SILENT SPEECH BASED COMMAND TO A COMPUTING DEVICE - Presented is a method for executing a command on a computing device. A computing device receives a first command and a second command, wherein the second command is, optionally, silent speech. The first command and the second command are combined to provide a final command to the computing device for execution.03-29-2012

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