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Character generating

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345 - Computer graphics processing and selective visual display systems


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345471000 Alteration of stored font 20
345468000 Character geometry processing 9
345470000 Generating character fill data from outline data 4
20090046101METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR VISUALLY INDICATING A REPLAY STATUS OF MEDIA ITEMS ON A MEDIA DEVICE - A computer-implemented method and system are provided for visually indicating a replay status of media items on a media device. Aspects of the method and system include displaying in a graphical user interface (GUI) of the media device a representation of a first media item; displaying a profile score of the first media item that is based on user preferences; and displaying a replay score for the first media item that affects replay of the first media item.02-19-2009
20130215120RENDERING A TEXT IMAGE FOLLOWING A LINE - A graphics or image rendering system, such as a map image rendering system, receives image data from an image database in the form of vector data that defines various image objects, such as roads, geographical boundaries, etc., and textures defining text strings to be displayed on the image to provide, for example, labels for the image objects. The imaging rendering system renders the images such that the individual characters of the text strings are placed on the image following a multi-segmented or curved line. This rendering system enables text strings to be placed on a map image so that the text follows the center line of a curved or angled road or other image feature without knowing the specifics of the curvature of the line along which the text will be placed when creating the texture that stores the text string information. This feature provides enhanced visual properties within a map image as it allows, for example, road names to be placed anywhere inside a road following the curvature of the road, thus providing a pleasing visual effect within the map image.08-22-2013
20110242111APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING AND POSITIONING ADDITIONAL CONTEXT FOR A PROCESS VARIABLE IN A GRAPHICAL DISPLAY OF AN INDUSTRIAL HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE - A method includes receiving a trigger to present a balloon notification on a display. The notification is associated with an object in the display. The method also includes determining dimensions of the notification and determining a suitable location in the display for the notification. The method further includes presenting the notification in the display at the suitable location. Determining the suitable location in the display for the notification could include (i) determining whether the notification if placed proximate to a first corner of the object would be presented completely in the display, (ii) determining how many other objects in the display would be obstructed by the notification if placed proximate to the first corner of the object, and/or (iii) determining how much total area of other objects in the display would be obstructed by the notification if placed proximate to the first corner of the object.10-06-2011
20120019539RENDERING APPARATUS, RENDERING METHOD AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - According to one embodiment, an input unit inputs text data. An existence rank database stores an existence rank of each character included in the text data. The existence rank is a statistical rank of the number of each character among the number of all characters included in the text data. A decision unit decides whether the existence rank of each character of the text data is higher than a predetermined rank, by referring to the existence rank database. A texture generation unit generates a texture of a character having the existence rank higher than the predetermined rank, by using outline data of the character. A texture rendering unit renders the texture. A polygon generation unit generates a polygon mesh of a character having the existence rank lower than the predetermined rank, by using outline data of the character. A polygon rendering unit renders the polygon mesh.01-26-2012
345472300 Calligraphic 3
20120069027INPUT DEVICE - An input device including: a storage unit 03-22-2012
20130147809METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CALLIGRAPHIC BEAUTIFICATION OF HANDWRITTEN CHARACTERS - A method and an apparatus for calligraphic beautification of handwritten characters are provided. The method includes collecting handwriting data of a user's handwritten input in real-time, determining whether a calligraphic beautification operation is to be started, determining stroke structure information of a stroke according to the collected handwriting data if the beautification operation is to be started, continuing the collecting of the handwriting data if the calligraphic beautification operation is not to be started, performing the calligraphic beautification operation according to a calligraphic beautification method corresponding to the stroke structure information, and displaying a beautified result.06-13-2013
20110234602Numeral inputting method - A numeral inputting method that defines a set of sequence codes representing the Chinese character such that the numeral inputting method is capable of inputting several different languages such as English and Chinese through inputting ten Arabic numbers such that using the numeral inputting method for different language inputting has became easy to learn and use.09-29-2011
345469100 Character border 2
20100156909ENHANCED VISIBILITY OF AVATARS SATISFYING A PROFILE - Disclosed is a computer implemented method, computer program product, and apparatus to decorate visible attributes of a rendered avatar. A server may collect a first user profile of a first avatar, the first user profile having at least one interest of a user. Next, the server may receive a location of the first avatar, wherein the location is associated with a view to at least a second avatar. The server can identify the second avatar among a group of avatars visible with respect to the first avatar. Further, the server may read a target profile of the second avatar then determine whether the second user profile satisfies a criterion based on the first user profile and the target profile. In addition, the server may render a modified rendered avatar to a client, responsive to the determination that the target profile satisfies the criterion.06-24-2010
20110273454SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING TEXT - A system and method for displaying text are described. According to embodiments of the invention, the system and methods describe operations for displaying text, where the text does not include hints.11-10-2011
20120162231METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING A VISUAL KEY - A method and system for generating a visual key enables improved security and user-friendliness in defining a humanly readable visual code of characters. The method includes generating a random or pseudo random first arrangement of a plurality of symbols. An analysis is then conducted of the first arrangement to determine that no character of a predetermined character set is defined by the first arrangement. Next, an analysis is conducted of the first arrangement to determine that characters of the predetermined character set can be generated when the first arrangement is aligned with a second arrangement of a plurality of the symbols. A determination is then made, based on the above analyses, that the first arrangement is acceptable as a visual key.06-28-2012
20110193866DATA INPUT SYSTEM - Disclosed is an apparatus with a thumb-sized keyboard. The keyboard has at least one key for every letter of an alphabet. The apparatus also has an interface to couple a first indication of a first character associated with a first keystroke on the keyboard to a computer in real-time when the interface is in communication with the computer. The apparatus also has a memory interface to couple a second indication of a second character associated with a second keystroke on the keyboard to a removable memory device. The apparatus may communicate with a computer using a wireless communication link. The apparatus may communicate keystrokes on the thumb-sized keyboard to the computer such that the computer may register and display characters associated with the keystrokes as if they had been made on an attached keyboard.08-11-2011
20130083033INTERACTIVE ELECTRONIC BOOK - The interactive electronic book can be displayed on a dual-screen electronic device, with a first screen that displays the text of the book, and a second screen that displays the contextual references. Links to the contextual references can be displayed on the first screen alongside the text or embedded in the text. The contextual references can be historical descriptions, pictures, videos, contemporaneous writings and so on that help to put the text of the book in context. The contextual references can relate to the portion of the text that is displayed on the first screen. Different modes allow for the displayed text to be shown in marked mode, or unmarked mode. The interactive electronic book can also include testing software which tests the reader on their understanding of the text. The interactive electronic book can also be updated with new texts and contextual references.04-04-2013
20130033498REDUCING FONT INSTRUCTIONS - One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for reducing font execution instructions for a font, and thereby a file size for the font. The font execution instructions can be scanned (e.g., by examining tables) to identify one or more common instruction sets in the font execution instructions. A function can be defined for a common instruction set, and the instances or appearances of the common instruction set in the font execution instructions can be replaced with a call to the function. Because the call is generally smaller (e.g., comprises fewer lines of code) than the common instruction set it replaces, the number of execution instructions for the font is reduced.02-07-2013
20130027406System And Method For Improved Font Substitution With Character Variant Replacement - Text is presented at a computer system in a font that lacks a visual representation for a character by substituting the visual representation of a variant of the character in the text. For example, a character having a Unicode code point is associated with variants in a character variant table, each variant having a code point different from the character. In one embodiment, if text calls for presentation of the character in a font not supported by a computer system, a variant is selected that supports the font and a graphical representation of the variant is substituted for the character.01-31-2013
20130050222KEYBOARD WITH EMBEDDED DISPLAY - A keyboard including an auxiliary display for use with a computer system that includes a processor, a primary display that displays active and non-active windows simultaneously, and a computer readable medium storing a computer program with computer program code, which, when read by the processor, allows a user to generate a command that captures a portion of text displayed in the active window and displays the captured text on the auxiliary display.02-28-2013
20130069953User Interface Feature Generation - An example embodiment of the present invention provides an apparatus comprising at least one processor; and at least one memory including computer program code, the at least one memory and the computer program code configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus to perform at least the following: obtain a representation of an appearance of a physical device type; obtain one or more current backgrounds used in a desktop of a specific physical device; and generate a device icon relating to the specific physical device by associating the obtained one or more backgrounds with the representation of appearance of the physical device type, wherein the generated device icon is displayed on a display as a user interface feature.03-21-2013
20130088495STYLE SHEET ANIMATION CREATION TOOL WITH TIMELINE INTERFACE - Techniques are provided for automatically creating style sheet animations including keyframe information. In some embodiments, a style sheet animation creation tool with a timeline-based interface is provided. By interacting with the user-interface, the user can select a point on a timeline for an animation object to add a keyframe to an animation of the animation object. In response to the user's selection of the keyframe time point, the style sheet animation creation tool displays an interactive keyframe indicator on the timeline to indicate the selected time point. With the style sheet animation creation tool, a user can generate a style sheet animation without having to author style sheet language text statements by hand.04-11-2013
20130088496ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - Disclosed are an electronic device and a control method therefor whereby easily inputted characters or numbers can be converted and used in an application. When characters are inputted via input keys and the inputted characters are determined to match at least part of prescribed characters stored in a memory, a control unit keeps the inputted characters displayed on a display unit while also displaying, on the display unit, prescribed numbers associated with the prescribed characters. Then, with the inputted characters and prescribed numbers displayed on the display unit, if an instruction is given to start up an application related to the inputted characters and prescribed numbers, the control unit starts up said application, inputting either the inputted characters or the prescribed numbers thereto.04-11-2013
20090109227SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INDEPENDENT FONT SUBSTITUTION OF STRING CHARACTERS - Various embodiments of a system and method for independent font substitution of string characters are described. The system and method for independent font substitution may include a font substitution component configured to receive a descriptor item that may include a text string that includes multiple characters, metrics associated with characters of the text string, and/or a preferred font for one or more of the characters. For a particular character, if the preferred font is available, the font substitution component may use a glyph from the preferred font to render a particular character. In other cases, if a font of the set of safe fonts includes a glyph that matches the particular character, the font substitution component may use that glyph to resolve the particular character. The font substitution component may generate a resolved text string includes such glyphs and scale the size of the glyphs according to the aforementioned metrics.04-30-2009
20120218273DYNAMIC TYPESETTING METHOD OF DISPLAY IMAGE - A dynamic typesetting method of a display image includes the following steps obtaining a typeset-able area of a display image; calculating the size of the typeset-able area for applying a template having multiple display panes; calculating a page placement starting position of each display panes; according to the number of the display panes obtaining the data items corresponding to the number from a database; calculating a data weight of each of the data items, and sorting the data items and temporarily storing the data items in a temporary sequence according to values of the data weights; taking out the data items in the temporary storage sequence in sequence according to a typesetting order of the display panes, and placing the corresponding data items according to the page placement starting position of each display panes; and receiving a user operating instruction, and repeating actions in part of above steps accordingly.08-30-2012
20120218272METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING TEXT IN TERMINAL - A method and an apparatus for generating a text in a terminal are provided. The method includes displaying a soft key pad comprising soft keys on a text generating screen while in a text generating mode, the soft keys being elliptically arranged in a ring arrangement on the soft key pad, and generating a text comprising a character allotted to a soft key through a drag when the drag is determined to pass through the soft key. As the soft keys are elliptically arranged in the terminal, a terminal user may continuously and easily select soft keys to which desired characters are allotted.08-30-2012
20090289943Anti-aliasing system and method - An anti-aliased font and a method of rendering an anti-aliased font. Rendering an anti-aliased pixel as a background color in the absence of an appropriate color to render the pixel if the level of anti-aliasing is less than a first level of anti-aliasing, and rendering the pixel as a foreground color if the level of anti-aliasing is greater than a second level of anti-aliasing.11-26-2009
20120223951CHATTER CONTEXTS - Disclosed are systems, apparatus, methods, and computer readable media for selecting updates to associated records to publish on an information feed in an on-demand database service environment. In one implementation, a selection input is received. The selection input may indicate a first one of a plurality of user account contexts associated with a user account in a feed system. The first one of the plurality of user account contexts may be associated with a set of feed items stored in the feed system. Based on the selection input indicating the first one of a plurality of user account contexts, one or more candidate feed items for presentation in an information feed may be determined. The information feed may be capable of being displayed on a display device.09-06-2012
20120223950CONVERSION BETWEEN Z-SCANNING INDICES, RASTER-SCANNING INDICES AND 2-D COORDINATES USING SIMPLE BIT-OPERATIONS IN HEVC - Conversion between z-scanning indices, raster-scanning indices and two-dimensional coordinates uses simple bit-operations in high efficiency video coding. Depending on the conversion, certain bits are extracted from one representation to obtain positions of another representation, or bits are interleaved to generate another representation. Conversion is able to be between any of z-scanning indices, raster-scanning indices and (x,y) representations.09-06-2012
20090027399IMAGE EDITING APPARATUS, IMAGE EDITING METHOD, IMAGE EDITING PROGRAM, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - An image editing device is provided with an input section (01-29-2009
20090009519Specifying Wildcard Characters for Priority in XLFD At Font Set Creation - A method and system are provided for creating a font set in an X Window computer system that supports use of prioritization of fields in an X logical font description. Two or more continuous wildcard characters may be applied to one or more fields of the X logical font description. A field with continuous multiple wildcard characters will have a higher priority than a field with fewer or no wildcard characters. Based upon the prioritization of the fields, a font set is created with one or more fonts from a font library.01-08-2009
20130162652Method and System for Improved Glyph Cache Efficiency - A method, system and computer program product encoded on a computer-readable medium for obtaining a glyph rendering are described. A request is received for a rendered first glyph for display on a display device. The request includes rendering information including a first origin. Each device pixel of the display device includes n sub-pixels, where n is an integer greater than 1. A rendered second glyph matching the first glyph is found in a cache of rendered glyphs. A matching rendered second glyph includes a rendered glyph having a second origin offset from the first origin by x/n of a device pixel, where x is an integer ranging between 1 and (n−1). If the second origin is offset from the first origin by x/n, then the density values associated with each sub-pixel of the matching rendered second glyph are shifted by x/n of a device pixel.06-27-2013
20110279460CHARACTER INPUT DEVICE AND CHARACTER INPUT METHOD - A character input device includes: a terminal control unit that accepts information on a character candidate being a candidate of an input confirmed character, and performs a displaying process of the character candidate, and generates a guide image whose image varies in accordance with a remaining time until an input confirmation of the character candidate; and a display unit that displays the character candidate and the guide image. By displaying the guide image that varies in accordance with the remaining time before the input character is confirmed, how long it takes until the character is confirmed, or whether the character has already been confirmed is reported to the user, so as to avoid an unintended manipulation of the user.11-17-2011
20110279459System and Method for Graphically Enriching Promotional Messages Delivered to Handheld Communication Devices - Graphically enriching a promotional message delivered to a mobile communication device is described. For example, a mobile content server may receive the promotional message to be delivered to the mobile communication device. The mobile content server may determine content included in the received promotional message and identify at least one graphic associated with the determined content. The identified graphic may convey the relevance of the promotional message. The mobile content server may generate a graphically-enriched promotional message that includes the determined content and the identified graphic and communicate the graphically-enriched promotional message to the mobile communication device.11-17-2011
20110285725DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD, DISPLAY CONTROL DEVICE AND PROGRAM - A display control method for controlling display of characters in a display section equipped with a plurality of pixels, includes: acquiring character data; and displaying a character according to the character data in a character display region of the display section. The character corresponding to the character data is displayed in the character display region by using a plurality of pixel groups each having a predetermined shape.11-24-2011
20110285726Method and apparatus for preparing subtitles for display - A method and apparatus for preparing subtitles for display are disclosed. Embodiments provide a method and apparatus for preparing at least one subtitle for display based on at least one parameter measured using an image shown on a screen.11-24-2011
20110292052CAPTION-GENERATING METHOD FOR REPRESENTING PITCH, AND CAPTION DISPLAY METHOD - Provided is a method of generating a caption using lyrics caption data to display a lyrics caption in synchronization with audio data. The method includes dividing the audio data into a plurality of reference sections, extracting a reference note from notes of the audio data within each of the reference sections, setting a reference position corresponding to the reference note within a caption display area of a whole screen where the lyrics caption is to be displayed in a vertical direction, and generating the lyrics caption data such that a lyrics caption corresponding to the reference note within one of the reference sections is displayed on the reference position of the caption display area, and other lyrics captions within the one of the reference section are vertically displayed within the caption display area according to pitch differences from the reference notes.12-01-2011
20110292051Automatic Avatar Creation - A three-dimensional (“3D”) avatar can be automatically created that resembles the physical appearance of an individual captured in one or more input images or video frames. The avatar can be further customized by the individual in an editing environment and used in various applications, including but not limited to gaming, social networking and video conferencing.12-01-2011
20090002374ERROR METRICS FOR CHARACTERS - Generating an error from an error metric quantifying differences between reference objects representing characters and representations of the reference objects. One embodiment includes a method which includes accessing a reference object representing a character. One or more reference object characteristics are quantified. The reference object characteristics are related to character structural and color information of at least a portion of the reference object to generate a reference object metric. A representation object of the reference object is accessed. One or more representation object characteristics are quantified to create a representation object metric. The representation object characteristics are related to character structural and color information of a portion of the representation object of the reference object corresponding to the portion of the reference object. An error is calculated based on a difference between the reference object metric and the representation object metric. The error is output to a user.01-01-2009
20100033487DISPLAY DEVICE, CONTROL METHOD FOR THE SAME, AND INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM - To provide a display device for enabling preferable Japanese hyphenation while suppressing restriction due to a character code system. A font data memory unit stores font data which contains a plurality of font records each containing font information for displaying a character and line feed control information for controlling line feed conducted before and/or after the character. A character string display unit displays a character string based on the font information relevant to all or some of the plurality of font records. A line feed control unit determines a line feed position in the character string being displayed by the character string display unit based on line feed control information relevant to characters included in the character string.02-11-2010
20110216072Handheld Electronic Device and Associated Method Providing Time Data in a Messaging Environment - An improved handheld electronic device and an associated method are provided in which time data regarding certain aspects of a messaging conversation on a handheld electronic device are made available to a user. Such time data is provided, for instance, in situations where an interruption has occurred during a messaging conversation. Time data can also be provided to a user on demand in certain circumstances.09-08-2011
20110216071Handheld Electronic Device and Associated Method Providing Time Data in a Messaging Environment - An improved handheld electronic device and an associated method are provided in which time data regarding certain aspects of a messaging conversation on a handheld electronic device are made available to a user. Such time data is provided, for instance, in situations where an interruption has occurred during a messaging conversation. Time data can also be provided to a user on demand in certain circumstances.09-08-2011
20090189904TEXT-READING SUPPORT ON HANDHELD DEVICES AND DEVICES WITH SMALL DISPLAYS - One aspect of the invention relates to techniques for increasing the displayable font size while retaining a wide text line of information on small information displays. In one embodiment, the inventive technique leverages the wider diagonal (in device dimensions) for text viewing and combine this form of display with a horizontal (in text dimensions) scrolling feature i.e. scrolling text along the diagonal of the device's display. Vertical context (in text dimensions) is maintained by adding a constant-offset look-ahead and look-back line above the primary diagonal focus area. Another embodiment bends the text along two edges of the display area to leverage the fact that the lengths of the two sides are even longer than the length of the screen diagonal. In both configurations, one can retain a large font size without sacrificing the number of characters displayed per line.07-30-2009
20090189905Apparatus and method of generating personal fonts - An apparatus and method of generating personal fonts is provided, which can modify a trace of handwriting inputted by a user into an elegant one and generate diverse personal fonts in accordance with user's style of handwriting. The apparatus for generating personal fonts includes a character input unit to receive an input of a character trace from a user, a character recognition unit to recognize a representative character corresponding to an input character from the input character trace, a representative trace generation unit to generate a representative trace expressing a trace of the representative character, and a trace modification unit to modify the trace of the input character by combining a weight value of the generated representative trace with the trace of the input character.07-30-2009
20090189903Storage medium having stored thereon display control program and display control apparatus - In accordance with an operation content indicated by a user's operation data, an amount of scrolling is calculated, and a display range of a table to be displayed on a display apparatus is moved in the table in accordance with the amount of the scrolling. With respect to respective drawing areas, whether or not drawing start points, from which drawing character strings are to be drawn, stay within the display range is determined. When the drawing start point of a drawing area, among the drawing areas, falls outside the display range, the drawing start point of the drawing area is changed to a position which is in the drawing area and also which stays within the display range. The character strings are arranged in the respective drawing areas from the drawing start points set to the respective drawing areas, and the table in the display range is displayed on the display apparatus together with the arranged character strings.07-30-2009
20090153563Method For Generating A Digital Map - A method for generating a digital map that can be stored on an electronic storage medium and in which a geographic area is described by a multitude of data sets includes the following steps: 06-18-2009
20080303823DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS - When a list of file names is to be displayed on a display device, a comparison is made between a necessary display width of each of the file names and a width of a display area of the display device. For each of the file names having a necessary display width greater than the width of the display area, it is checked whether the file name contains a particular character string portion of a predetermined type, and, if so, the file name is displayed in the list in a partly-omitted display style where a leading end portion, particular character string portion and extension of the file name are left in the list with the other part of the character string omitted. The particular character string portion can function as an important element for identifying the data item in question.12-11-2008
20080266298DEVICE AND METHOD FOR GENERATING A TEXT OBJECT - A device and a method for generating a text object, in particular, for a geographic map illustration. The text object comprises a multitude of letters and serves for identifying, for example, a geographic characteristic on the map illustration. The text object comprises several letters, the font sizes or spacings of which are reduced relative to the spacings between the other letters of the text object. The text object can be displayed on monitors with small dimensions, particularly in the field of navigation systems. It is also possible to display larger text objects such as, for example, long street names on small navigation monitors such that they can be easily recognized without occupying valuable monitor space required for other purposes.10-30-2008
20110134130METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR OPERATING OPTIONAL KEY MAP OF PORTABLE TERMINAL - An optional key map operation and apparatus of a portable terminal are provided for compensating for the fixedness of a key map to facilitate generating input signals. A method for operating an optional key map of a portable terminal according to the present invention includes displaying at least one basic key map generated according to a predetermined standard, and displaying at least one optional key map linked to the at least one basic key map along with the at least one basic key map.06-09-2011
20100265256STRUCTURED DOCUMENT DRAWING SYSTEM, AND METHOD AND PROGRAM THEREFOR - According to the present invention, when a style relating to a dimension of all elements included in a subtree of a structured document is set in a relative unit, all these elements can be displayed in the same style. The user terminal 10-21-2010
20110199382Method and System for B-Rep Face and Edge Connectivity Compression - A system, method and computer program product for reconstructing B-Rep data for a graphic model. A method includes receiving B-Rep data of a graphic model, the B-Rep data including edges and coedges. The method includes constructing, from the B-Rep data, a vertex table having coordinates of a plurality of vertices of the graphic model and an edge table associating each edge of the graphic model with at least one of the plurality of vertices of the graphic model. The method includes storing the constructed edge table and vertex table associated with the B-Rep data.08-18-2011
20080238926System and Method for Indicating/Confirming Special Symbols to be Interpreted Literally - In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a request to perform a task using a special character. The method further includes receiving from a user an indication specifying an interpretation of the special character and storing the indication. The method further includes interpreting the special character using the indication, and performing the task using the interpreted special character.10-02-2008
20080303824PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND CHARACTER DISPLAY METHOD FOR THE SAME - A portable electronic device including a display unit uses a still character font and a scroll character font. The display unit can scroll through one or more images on a screen. The still character font is used for characters on a still screen. The scroll character font is used for characters on a scroll screen, and has the same characters as those of the still character font, the characters of the scroll character font having at least one different visual characteristic when compared to corresponding characters of the still character font.12-11-2008
20080316211Adaptive and Dynamic Text Filtering - A device sensor determines an external state of a device. Text to be displayed on a display screen of the device is dynamically filtered based on the external state of the device.12-25-2008
20100321393Font data streaming - Provided is a method for font data streaming for time-based video/audio presentations where content is transmitted in small increments and transmission continues while a previously transmitted portion is viewed or played. Different subsets of characters of the same font are assembled together on a device and previously sent characters are reused for rendering subsequent text strings. Font subsets are created to provide only a minimal number of glyphs for the character set coverage, thereby reducing the redundancy of font data transmission and reducing the total number of characters transmitted.12-23-2010
20100265257CHARACTER MANIPULATION - Embodiments for manipulating characters displayed on a display screen are provided, wherein one example method includes identifying a selected word, wherein the selected word includes at least one character to be modified. The method further includes correlating each of the at least one character with a unique numerical value and receiving a selection command and a modification command, wherein the selection command is the unique numerical value corresponding to a selected character. Furthermore, the method includes modifying the selected character responsive to the modification command to generate a modified word.10-21-2010
20090128566Image generating apparatus and method, and image display apparatus and method - To solve the problem that when a space with a set width is inserted after each character to regularize the spaces between characters the overall character spacing is widened, making text less easy to read, there are provided a character control code storage unit (05-21-2009
20090141029Text Data Displaying Apparatus Capable of Displaying Text Data Appropriately - In a text data displaying apparatus, input text data is analyzed at a text data analyze unit using a correspondence table acquired at a correspondence table acquisition unit from a data storage unit, and animation data corresponding to a specific character string included in the text data is determined at animation data determine unit. At animation data acquisition unit, the determined animation data is acquired from data storage unit and written to a drawing memory at animation data drawing unit. A text drawing unit writes text therein, whereby the text data is displayed at a display unit with the text and the animation.06-04-2009
20080316212System and method for a user interface for text editing and menu selection - Methods and system to enable a user of an input action recognition text input system to edit any incorrectly recognized text without re-locating the text insertion position to the location of the text to be corrected. The System also automatically maintains correct spacing between textual objects when a textual object is replaced with an object for which automatic spacing is generated in a different manner. The System also enables the graphical presentation of menu choices in a manner that facilitates faster and easier selection of a desired choice by performing a selection gesture requiring less precision than directly contacting the sub-region of the menu associated with the desired choice.12-25-2008
20090073175DISPLAY PROCESSING APPARATUS, DISPLAY PROCESSING METHOD AND DISPLAY PROCESSING PROGRAM - By storing pre-rasterized bitmap data and scalable font data in separate storage unit, even when a hard disk drive is disabled, it is possible to assure a function of displaying a required minimum number of (or a certain number of) a character or visual object by the scalable font data in a flash memory.03-19-2009
20090096795Method for Processing Font Data in Embedded System - A method for processing font data is used in an embedded system exhibiting a display function. The embedded system includes a first processor, a second processor, a non-volatile memory and a volatile memory. The method for processing font data includes steps of: issuing a request by the first processor; converting vector-based font data stored in the non-volatile memory into bit-based font data by the second processor wherein the bit-based font data are stored in the volatile memory, and generating a finish notice by the second processor after the vector-based font data are converted into the bit-based font data; and activating the on screen display function of the embedded system responding to the finish notice by the first processor.04-16-2009
20090153562IMAGE GENERATION SYSTEM, PROJECTOR, COMPUTER-READABLE PROGRAM, COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM, AND IMAGE GENERATION METHOD - A projector includes a storage section that stores character string data that indicates a character string in at least one language and arrangement designation data that indicates whether the character string in the at least one language is displayed in a left-to-right direction or a right-to-left direction, a determination section that determines arrangement of the character string based on the arrangement designation data, and an image generation section that generates an (OSD) image that shows the character string in the left-to-right direction or the right-to-left direction based on the character string data and the arrangement of the character string determined by the determination section, when the image generation section generates a special image that shows a special character string including at least one of alphanumeric characters and symbols as part of the OSD image, the image generation section generates the special image that displays the special character string in the left-to-right direction.06-18-2009
20090122067OPEN FONTS INCLUDING HUMAN-READABLE FONTS FOR COMPILATION - Described is a technology by which an open font type (e.g., comprising human-readable script) may be compiled into compiled font code (e.g., by a just-in-time, or JIT compiler) and used to provide a font for use by a requesting program. In one example, upon receiving a request to load a font, a determination is made as to whether the font is a traditional type or an open type. If a traditional type, a reference to the traditional font is returned to facilitate loading of the font for use by the requesting program. If an open type, a determination is made as to whether the open type font is already compiled and cached as font code; if so, the cached compiled font code is referenced, without compiling. Otherwise the open font is compiled into compiled font code and cached, and the now-cached compiled font code is referenced.05-14-2009
20100149190METHOD, APPARATUS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR PROVIDING AN INPUT ORDER INDEPENDENT CHARACTER INPUT MECHANISM - An apparatus for providing an input order independent character input mechanism may include a processor. The processor may be configured to receive an input comprising an element corresponding to a portion of a character being entered by a user independent of an order for inputting the element based on the portion of the character corresponding to the element, wherein receiving an input comprises receiving at least one radical. The processor may additionally be configured to retrieve at least one candidate character for the character being entered based at least in part on the received element. The processor may also be configured to provide a selection of candidate characters including the at least one candidate character to the user. Associated methods and computer program products may also be provided.06-17-2010
20120105454FONT FILE WITH GRAPHIC IMAGES - At least certain embodiments of the present disclosure include a font file having graphic image files. In one embodiment, the font includes a set of glyphs and the font file includes a set of predetermined information of each glyph and graphic image data of each glyph. The graphic image data contains a graphic image of the corresponding glyph, which may be a multi-color glyph.05-03-2012
20100188408Method for Improving Uniform Width Character Strokes Using Multiple Alignment Zones - A method aligns a character to a sampling grid of an image. An original uniform width path that traces a s keleton of the character is specified by input pen commands having original coordinates. The width of the original path is rounded to a nearest integer to produce a hinted width. The original path is traversed using the input pen commands to identify segments of the path. The segments are stored in an array. Hinted coordinates are determined for each segment in the array. The array is sorted, and a directed acyclic graph (DAG) is constructed. Collisions between the segments are resolved using the sorted array, the DAG, and the width of the hinted path. The segments are fitted to the sampling grid, and the result is stored in output pen commands, thereby aligning the skeleton of the character to the sampling grid.07-29-2010
20100164958DISPLAY METHOD OF ON SCREEN DISPLAY (OSD) AND DISPLAY SYSTEM THEREOF - A display method of an OSD and a display system are provided herein. In the display method, a plurality of symbols are respectively compressed into a plurality of codewords according to an encoding process, and the codewords are stored in a memory module. A plurality of index values respectively corresponding to the symbols are established in a codebook and the codebook is stored in the memory module, wherein the index values are address information of storing the codewords in the memory module. The index value corresponding to a designation symbol of the symbols is searched out from the codebook according to an input command corresponding to the designation symbol, and a decoding process is performed on the codeword corresponding to the designation symbol from the memory module for displaying the designation symbol on the display. Therefore, a storage space of the memory module is reduced by compressing the symbols.07-01-2010
20100253689PROVIDING DESCRIPTIONS OF NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATIONS TO VIDEO TELEPHONY PARTICIPANTS WHO ARE NOT VIDEO-ENABLED - The use of detected non-verbal communications cues, and summaries thereof, are used to provide audible, textual and/or graphical input to listeners who for any reason do not have the benefit of being able to see the non-verbal communications cues, or speakers about mannerisms or other non-verbal signals they are sending to other parties. This includes cues that are given while speaking or listening. The detection of one or more of an emotion and gesture could also trigger a dynamic behavior. For example, certain emotions and gestures could be characterized as “key emotions” or “key gestures” and a particular action associated with the detection of one of these “key emotions” or “key gestures.”10-07-2010
20130127872Dynamic Augmentation of Extensible Font Subsets - A font subset is received that includes one or more glyphs of a master font which has a master ordering that establishes an order of precedence on the glyphs of the master font. When the font subset is received, one or more glyphs already exist in a consecutive sequence in an extensible data structure. In response to receiving the font subset, at least one existing glyph is repositioned in the extensible data structure and each received glyph of the received font subset is positioned in the extensible data structure. The repositioning of the at least one existing glyph and the positioning of each received glyph jointly establish a new consecutive sequential ordering on the glyphs in the extensible data structure, such that the new consecutive sequential ordering preserves on the glyphs in the extensible data structure the order of precedence established by the master ordering.05-23-2013
20110025694METHOD OF MAKING AN ARTISTIC DIGITAL TEMPLATE FOR IMAGE DISPLAY - A method for creating a coordinated image display by designing a digital template for the image display. The template includes a number of openings for displaying digital images. Each of the openings has at least one stored required image attribute that must be satisfied to a programmed degree according to the artistic design of the template. A template recipe includes an image attribute for a dependent opening, which means that it's defined to be dependent upon at least one image attribute of an image in another opening of the template. The computer system automatically searches an image database for an image satisfying the required image attribute for the dependent opening. If a user of the computer system manually replaces or modifies an image upon which another image depends, the computer system will automatically search the image database for a new image that satisfies the required dependency upon the replaced or modified image, if necessary.02-03-2011
20110115796TEXT RENDERING AND DISPLAY USING COMPOSITE BITMAP IMAGES - Some embodiments provide a system for displaying text on a display screen. During operation, the system obtains the text as a composite bitmap image along with a set of word positions associated with words in the composite bitmap image. Next, the system divides the composite bitmap image into a set of individual bitmap images based on the word positions and layout information associated with the text. Finally, the system displays the individual bitmap images on the display screen using the layout information.05-19-2011
20100238178INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, CONTROL DEVICE, AND PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus includes: a command supplying unit which supplies a drawing command containing identification information used to identify each glyph and instructing drawing of the contour of the glyph; a contour drawing unit which acquires glyph data indicating the contour of the glyph identified by the identification information contained in the drawing command and writes image data, in which the contour indicated by the acquired glyph data is represented by gray scale values of plural pixels, in a memory, when the drawing command is supplied from the command supplying unit; and a storage unit which stores posture information specifying a posture of the contour indicated by the image data written in the memory. The command supplying unit supplies the drawing command containing no posture information to the contour drawing unit when the contour of the glyph is drawn with the posture specified by the posture information stored in the storage unit, and supplies the drawing command containing the posture information to the contour drawing unit, when the contour of the glyph is not drawn with the posture specified by the posture information stored in the storage unit. The contour drawing unit writes the image data indicating the contour with the posture specified by the posture information when the drawing command containing the posture information is supplied from the command supplying unit, and writes the image data indicating the contour with the posture specified by the posture information stored in the storage unit when the drawing command containing no posture information is supplied from the command supplying unit.09-23-2010
20100245363METHOD OF GENERATING A TEXT ON A HANDHELD DEVICE AND A HANDHELD DEVICE - A method and a system for generating a text on a handheld device having a touch sensitive display displaying in a first area any generated text and in another area proposed symbols/letters/words/characters for use in the first area, where touching the display alters between navigating in the text of the first area and selecting/highlighting one or more of the proposed symbols/letters/words/characters of the second area.09-30-2010
20100321392DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING SYMBOLS ON A MATRIX SCREEN - The invention relates to a device and a method for displaying symbols on a matrix screen. The device includes means (12-23-2010
20110080409FORMULA INPUT METHOD USING A COMPUTING MEDIUM - The present invention relates to a formula input method using a computing medium, which displays only a corresponding formula in automatic mode in response to a key input, which facilitates formula input as well as creation, editing, revision and deletion of a formula with the aid of an input device such as short-cut keys or a mouse and by providing elements in a formula in the form of independent characters, the elements comprising math symbols, superscripts/subscripts attached to the math symbols, individual characters that belong to the math symbols in a formula and special characters, and which offers management based on the same characteristics of letters, characters and documents within the same field or fields as normal letters to increase user convenience and allow users to express and create a formula with ease.04-07-2011
20100110080System and method for comic creation and editing - A system and method for comic creation and editing utilizes pre-drawn comic objects arranged in comic panels. Comic panels include pre-drawn comic objects with articulatable parts which may be manipulated by a user of a networked user computer such as by use of a web browser. Comic panels created or edited by a user can be stored and retrieved from a central comic server. A system and method for translating text in comic panels is also provided. Additionally a system and method for linking comic objects in a comic panel to other web resources is disclosed.05-06-2010
20110074790PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING SAME - A method of controlling a portable electronic device includes receiving a selection of a character of a string at the portable electronic device, rendering the character at a first font size on a display of the portable electronic device, and re-rendering the character at a second font size when a subsequent selection of a subsequent character of a new string is received.03-31-2011
20100283786Automatic Synthesis of Font Tables for Character Layout - Data tables that are required for the proper processing of font glyphs are automatically synthesized if they do not form part of an original font definition. The synthesized tables are stored in an annex file that is associated with the font, rather than being incorporated into the font definition. As a result, the integrity of the original font data is maintained, and does not adversely affect font protection systems that are based upon font data.11-11-2010
20100194760Method and Apparatus Producing Text Patterning Data Correspondence To Image Data and Reconstructing Image Data Using the Text Patterning Data - The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for generating text-pattern data corresponding to image data, and reconstructing image data using the generated text-pattern data. The present invention provides a method of generating text-pattern data corresponding to image data, comprising the steps of obtaining size information of image data; obtaining color value information, including color values used in all pixels constituting the image data; generating color value-corresponding text information by assigning different characters to respective color values included in the obtained color value information; generating a text string corresponding to the image data on a basis of the color value-corresponding text information; and generating text-pattern data, including the size information of the image data, the color value information, the color value-corresponding text information and the text string and method and apparatus for reconstruction image data using the text-pattern data.08-05-2010
20110187722INPUT DEVICE FOR INPUTTING AND EDITING TEXT, DISPLAY APPARATUS AND METHODS THEREOF - A method and apparatus for displaying are provided. The apparatus includes an interface unit that receives key event signals from a plurality of devices, and a display unit that displays a window. The apparatus also includes a control unit that performs an operation of inputting and editing text corresponding to the key event signals of the plurality of devices on at least one window matching each of the plurality of devices. Accordingly, a text operation may be performed through a plurality of devices simultaneously.08-04-2011
20090174715DISPLAY PROCESSING DEVICE, DISPLAY PROCESSING METHOD, AND DISPLAY PROCESSING PROGRAM - A font controller extracts and reads each time only the pre-rasterized bitmap font data groups to be used simultaneously among a plurality of pre-rasterized bitmap font data groups stored on the hard disk drive in advance, and expands and stores the groups in a work memory. With this arrangement, it is possible to significantly decrease the amount of memory consumed because the memory capacity required in the work memory is sufficient only with the read data amount to be extracted.07-09-2009
20110115797Dynamic Streaming of Font Subsets - Various embodiments of methods and systems for performing dynamic streaming of font subsets are described. In some embodiments, an application executing on a client device determines that glyphs of a font required to display a content portion of a file are not currently available. The application sends a request for the glyphs to a remote server. The server sends a reply to the application containing the glyphs. In some embodiments, an application populates a portion of a font data structure with glyphs sent by a remote server. A font data structure may be stored in persistent storage to be used by subsequent executions of the same or another application. Subsequent executions of applications may add additional glyphs to a font data structure. In some embodiments an application may request a definition of a font data structure from a server, and the server may provide the definition to the application.05-19-2011
20100302251STRUCTURE OF ANIMATION FONT FILE AND TEXT DISPLAYING METHOD OF HANDHELD TERMINAL - The present disclosure relates to a structure of an animation font file and a text displaying method of a handheld terminal. The structure of the animation font file and the text displaying method may realize an animation using limited hardware resources without using images or videos by sequentially displaying plural font images with respect to input text data in accordance with times set for each frame, in which the text data are input by storing font images through a basic mapping table and an extended mapping table, so as to output different font images for each frame with respect to one text data.12-02-2010
20100002004Exception Processing of Character Entry Sequences - Systems and techniques are described to perform operations including displaying a first character in a user interface in response to a first user input, the first character encoded by a first ordered sequence comprising at least one code point, receiving a second user input, determining if the second user input defines an exception input to the first ordered sequence, in response to determining that the second user input defines an exception input to the first ordered sequence, generating a second ordered sequence comprising at least one code point, the second ordered sequence based on the first ordered sequence and the exception input, wherein the second ordered sequence does not include the first ordered sequence in a predicate sequence, and displaying a second character defined by the second ordered sequence in place of the first character in the user interface.01-07-2010
20110050707METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING CONTENT - A method and apparatus for providing content to user that is moving. The method includes obtaining movement information or bio-information about a user, processing content based on the movement information or the bio-information, and outputting the processed content.03-03-2011
20120038652ACCEPTING MOTION-BASED CHARACTER INPUT ON MOBILE COMPUTING DEVICES - A mechanism for accepting motion-based character input on a mobile computing device. In order to input a character, a user uses the mobile computing device like a pen to write the character in the air. The mechanism detects the movement of the mobile computing device (e.g., through an on-board accelerometer), recognizes a sequence of strokes the user is making using the mobile computing device, recognizes the character based on the sequence, and inputs the character on the mobile computing device (e.g., renders on a display).02-16-2012
20120098835INPUT DISPLAY APPARATUS, INPUT DISPLAY METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - In an input display apparatus comprising: a display section; a voice accepting section; and a position specification accepting section for accepting position specification on a display screen of the display section, a display attribute for display of a character corresponding to text data of a voice accepted by the voice accepting section is determined based on position specification accepted by the position specification accepting section, and the character is displayed based on the display attribute.04-26-2012
20110316857CROSSING TRAFFIC DEPICTION IN AN ITP DISPLAY - Provided are methods and systems for the disambiguation of an in trail procedure (ITP) vertical display by calculating and rendering symbology on a plan view traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) display. The symbology represents an intersection point between the ground track of an ITP aircraft and the ground track of a blocking aircraft and further represents an association between the intersection point and the respective ITP blocking aircraft.12-29-2011
20120001921SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CREATING, MANAGING, SHARING AND DISPLAYING PERSONALIZED FONTS ON A CLIENT-SERVER ARCHITECTURE - The present invention concerns a method allowing at least an user's device connected to a server (01-05-2012
20120001922SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CREATING AND SHARING PERSONALIZED FONTS ON A CLIENT/SERVER ARCHITECTURE - The present invention concerns a method allowing an author to create a bitmap font and distributing it to at least an user's device connected to a server (01-05-2012
20100194759MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION ENTRY - Aspects of the present disclosure include a user interface system for allowing a user to quickly and easily change modes of entry and display of mathematical expressions on a math program. The user interface is configured to switch between modes based on a user's entries in order to reflect the user's desired entry format. The user interface contains additional shortcuts and display features which enable a user to enter mathematical expressions quickly and easily, with less confusion.08-05-2010
20110043528CACHE MANAGEMENT FOR GLYPH DISPLAY - This is directed to managing a cache size for glyphs used to display text or other information in an electronic device. In particular, this is directed to defining a variable hit rate for retrieving glyphs loaded in cache to limit the number of times the device is required to read glyphs from storage. The hit rate can vary based on any suitable number or type of factors, including for example the characters previously displayed or to be displayed in the future, the system requirements for system memory, or any other suitable factor. In some embodiments, the hit rate can vary when characters in a second alphabet are displayed among or after characters in a first alphabet (e.g., Japanese characters in a listing of Latin characters).02-24-2011
20080303822Font metadata - A method and an apparatus for deriving one or more selection criteria to select one or more fonts to present character data in an electronic document are described. The selection criteria may be applied on font metadata to select the fonts. An available font may be determined in place of a selected but unavailable font based on font metadata.12-11-2008
20110090230Reduced Glyph Font Files - Documents that are created using a particular font often do not include all glyphs defined for the font. Accordingly, to reduce the amount of bandwidth needed to obtain the font used to create the document over a network, a font file may be created that includes a reduced set of glyphs. In one or more examples, the font file might only include the glyphs used in the document being viewed. Reduced glyph font files may be generated on-the-fly and/or cached for quick retrieval at a later time.04-21-2011
20110090229Activation of Fonts Using Font Sets - Fonts may be activated based on the applications that are launched or operating on a computing device. Accordingly, if an application needs a particular set of fonts, the fonts may be activated upon launching of that application. Fonts may further be deactivated when they are no longer necessary or needed by the application (e.g., when the application is terminated). If supported by an operating system, instead of activating and deactivating the fonts, fonts may be pre-activated and then hidden from the operating system. The pre-activated fonts may be revealed when needed for the applications and then hidden again when the applications terminate.04-21-2011
20120313950Texting system - A texting system includes a computer. The computer includes a display screen, a microprocessor, and a memory. A conventional alphanumeric keyboard is operatively associated with the computer to generate commands to the computer. A chart includes abbreviations each corresponding to a particular descriptor in a selected language. A texting keyboard is operatively associated with the computer and includes a plurality of keys, each key including at least one of said abbreviations inscribed thereon, and when activated generating a signal causing the computer to produce one of the abbreviations on the display screen. A system generates communication signals corresponding to keys on the texting keyboard which are activated to produce a message comprised of at least one descriptor.12-13-2012
20100245364METHOD OF RENDERING TEXT ON AN OUTPUT DEVICE - A method and computer device for rendering a text string on a display screen of a computer device are provided. The text string is comprised of a plurality of characters. The computer device includes a memory storing an image file. The image file defines an image containing a plurality of glyphs. The memory has stored thereon associated character information. The method comprises: for each character in the text string: defining a portion of the image containing a glyph corresponding to the character, including determining the location of the glyph corresponding to the character based upon the associated character information; and rendering the portion on the display screen.09-30-2010
20100245362Method for adjusting strokes of font - A method of adjusting strokes of a font is provided for scaling a complex font to improve the strokes appearing visually blurry. When generating a font, a font engine firstly calculates the insufficient spaces units between two adjacent strokes of the font according to the stroke data of the font. Then, the font engine obtains the fine-tune information of the font, and calculates the optimum distribution of the strokes according to the insufficient spaces units and the fine-tune information so as to generate the stroke-tuning values of the font. Finally, the character is outputted according to the stroke data and the stroke-tuning values of the font.09-30-2010
20120127180METHOD TO CALIBRATE DIGITAL SPEEDOMETER DISPLAY TO METER SPEEDOMETER DISPLAY - A method and system for calibrating a digital speedometer display to match an analog speedometer indicated value. The method generally includes calibrating each analog speedometer unit such that the exact deviation or “offset” from the center point of the analog speedometer is known. This measured deviation is then used to adjust the value input to the digital display thereby making the digital display value match the indicated value of the analog speedometer.05-24-2012
20090058860Method for Transforming Language Into a Visual Form - A computer assisted design system (03-05-2009
20090058861Word input support device - A word input support device has a display device and a control circuit. The control circuit classifies an inputted character into multiple character groups, and changes a character group that is displayed according to an intentional operation of a user. If a word desired to be finally inputted is among registered words contained in word dictionary data, characters that can be inputted are narrowed down each time a character is inputted so that changing the display from one character group to another is enhanced. If there is not a character anymore that can be inputted in one character group under display, the word input support device changes its display to another character group, which still has a character that can be inputted.03-05-2009
20080291206Information Processing Device, Information Processing Method, Program Storage Medium, Program, Data Structure, and Recording Medium Manufacturing Method - The present invention relates to an information processing device and information processing method, program storage medium, program, data structure, and manufacturing method for storage medium wherein a user can determine subtitles with certainty. That is, an attribute buffer 11-27-2008
20120081371DIALOG DESIGN TOOL AND METHOD - A dialog design tool includes a dialog manager including a system prompt generator and a response generator which allows a dialog designer to generate at least one response; a dialog synthesizer for structurally managing the input and response; and an output and display unit for outputting and displaying at least one dialog structure. At least one system prompt and at least one response are included in each state, and a linking unit may link a first state to a second state related to the first state, link the second state to a third state, and so on until certain system actions can be achieved. A dialog synthesizer includes a loop detecting unit which detects and identifies loops in the dialog structure. Thus, the dialog design tool facilitates the creation of natural language dialogs by creating data structures for voice user interfaces.04-05-2012
20120262461System and Method for the Normalization of Text - A computer-implemented method of normalizing abbreviated text to substantially unabbreviated text, performed on at least one computer system comprising at least one processor, includes generating, based at least partially on data in at least one data resource comprising abbreviated text associated with unabbreviated text, a plurality of transformation functions in at least one order; transforming at least one string with at least one of the transformation functions, wherein the at least one string at least partially comprises abbreviated text; and determining if at least a portion of the at least one string has been at least partially transformed to substantially unabbreviated text. A system and a computer program product for implementing the aforementioned method includes appropriately communicatively connected hardware components.10-18-2012
20120229472INPUT NUMERICAL VALUE DISPLAY DEVICE, INPUT NUMERICAL VALUE DISPLAY PROGRAM, SERVER APPARATUS FOR INPUT NUMERICAL VALUE DISPLAY, INPUT NUMERICAL VALUE DISPLAY METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM WHICH RECORDS INPUT NUMERICAL VALUE DISPLAY PROGRAM - An inputter can intuitively understand a numerical value input by himself/herself and the possibility of ignoring an erroneous input can be reduced. Only an Arabic numeral representing the input numerical value is displayed in a first display area. At least one of (i) a character string comprising an Arabic numeral and a character or a character string other than the Arabic numeral and (ii) only a character or a character string other than the Arabic numeral, which represents the input numerical value, is displayed in a second display area.09-13-2012
20090201296IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, RECORDING MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM THEREOF AND IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS - This ground tint image generating routine sets an arrangement area where a plurality of character strings are arranged, sets an arrangement start line of a character string at least within the arrangement area (S08-13-2009
20120320064Method and Apparatus for Displaying Character Selection During User Input - The present disclosure describes a method and apparatus for displaying character selection during a user input process. A method of displaying character selection during a user input process comprises: determining a character entry area; receiving one or more original characters from a user via the character entry area; identifying a plurality of character choices corresponding to the one or more original characters; determining a character selection area based on an optimal viewpoint range centered around the character entry area; and displaying the character choices in the character selection area.12-20-2012
20120092344METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING GRAY DOT-MATRIX FONT FROM BINARY DOT-MATRIX FONT - A computer-implemented method is disclosed for transforming a binary dot-matrix font to a gray dot-matrix font. The method includes generally five steps. First, a binary dot-matrix outline shape is received, which is designed to render a binary dot-matrix character image on a binary dot-matrix display. The binary dot-matrix outline shape includes one or more curve segments. Second, the received dot-matrix outline shape and the binary dot-matrix character image that can be rendered based on the received outline shape are placed on a lattice coordinate system composed of a plurality of dots. Third, for each of the one or more curve segments, intersecting points at which the curve segment intersects with the plurality of dots in the lattice coordinate system are recorded. Fourth, an anti-aliasing operation is performed on the binary dot-matrix outline shape placed on the lattice coordinate system to obtain a target gray value for each of the dots that are intersected by the one or more curve segments. Fifth, a collection of the target gray values for all of the intersected dots are recorded as a gray dot-matrix image font.04-19-2012
20120287136TEXT DISPLAY METHOD AND TEXT INPUT METHOD - The present invention relates to a text display method and a text input method. The text display method creates a syllable by combining one or more consonants and vowels based on a combination rule of initial, medial and final phonemes, wherein the initial phonemes are assigned with respective consonants based upon the length and direction of the hour hand, the medial phonemes are assigned with respective vowels based upon the length and direction of the minute hand, and the final phonemes are shaped by the length of the second hand and assigned with consonants similar to the initial phonemes but with a shorter length. As such, not only can people quickly learn how to read and write, they can also input text easily.11-15-2012
20110157186DEVICE FOR DISPLAYING A TEXT MESSAGE - A device for displaying a text message, comprising a display (06-30-2011
20130021346Knowledge Acquisition Mulitplex Facilitates Concept Capture and Promotes Time on Task - Described herein is an interactive digital software program and hardware that enables rapid acquisition of textual or audio subject matter, its conversion to editable text and immediate compression into a user understandable summary. The software program maximizes “time on task” while minimizing the time-consuming steps of “concept capture” and “compression”. The instant invention provides an accurate condensate of textual subject matter in a fraction of the time it would take to prepare such a document by manual note taking. In a single step, mobile devices such as cameras, cameraphones, tablets, iPODs, scanners and the like rapidly capture textual images convert them to OCR and to a user understandable summary in a fraction of the time it takes to process such a document by manual note taking. With more study time available for repetitious practice of the lesson, the user improves preparedness and performance on tests and presentations.01-24-2013
20120242669SYSTEM FOR A PLAY CALLER TO DISPLAY CALLS TO PARTICIPANTS IN AN ATHLETIC COMPETITION - Disclosed is a system for displaying a play call to participants in an athletic competition, the system having an input device, a display device, a selector, a first block of at least three characters and a second block of at least three characters. The first and second blocks are separated by a division. The first and second blocks each contain one character selected by a play caller and one character selected by the selector.09-27-2012
20080238927Non-linear text flow - Rendering glyphs is disclosed. A set of glyphs to be flowed along a nonlinear path are received. A first glyph included in the set is placed at a corresponding location along the nonlinear path such that the first glyph is spaced from a second glyph, at a point nearest the second glyph, by at least a prescribed distance.10-02-2008
20130113806Rendering Texts on Electronic Devices - In one embodiment, dividing a set of texts into one or more text blocks, each text block including a portion of the set of texts; rendering each text block to obtain one or more rendered text blocks; determining a placement instruction for each rendered text block, the placement instruction indicating a position of the rendered text block when it is displayed; and sending the one or more rendered text blocks and their respectively associated placement instructions to a electronic device for displaying on the electronic device.05-09-2013
20130100139SYSTEM AND METHOD OF SERIAL VISUAL CONTENT PRESENTATION - A system of presenting textual content over a display area of a user device. The system enabling receiving text segments from a textual content, identifying relative location of each text segment in relation to the textual content, and displaying the text segments and an indication relating to the relative location of the displayed text segment over the display area. The indication is presented over the display area substantially simultaneously to the displaying of the text segment associated therewith. The system may further enable receiving and analyzing personal data relating to the user and adapting the serial visual presentation of the text segments according to the analysis of the personal data.04-25-2013
20080198165Character rendering device, display device, and printing device - There is disclosed a character rendering device capable of rendering characters at a higher speed. The character rendering device includes an internal storage unit including plural storage areas; a first bus connected through an external bus to an external storage unit storing character shape data sets, each expressing a shape of a character; a second bus connected to the internal storage unit; a controller that specifies one of the plural storage areas; a first rendering unit connected to the first and second buses, that renders a character shape of a character based on one of the character shape data sets supplied through the external bus and the first bus, and writes through the second bus the rendered character shape into one of the storage areas specified by the controller; a second rendering unit connected to the second bus, reads through the second bus, each time when writing of a character shape into one of the plural storage areas is completed by the first rendering unit, the character shape from one of the plural storage areas, and renders a character based on the read character shape; and a transfer unit that transfers the character rendered by the second rendering unit.08-21-2008
20080198164Method and apparatus for conducting presentations - A method of managing a document presentation comprising presenting a document image to the audience on a display apparatus, positioning a timer image on the display apparatus so that the timer image overlays the document image at least partially, and so that the timer image is configured to be noticeably visible to the audience, selecting a timer count duration to match a preselected duration of an audience group activity, initiating a count of the timer, updating the timer image in accordance with the count.08-21-2008
20130147808COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM STORING INFORMATION DISPLAY PROGRAM, INFORMATION DISPLAY METHOD, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - A computer-readable recording medium storing an information display program for causing a computer to execute a process, the process includes: identifying a first component related to a first character string extracted, referring to a first storage unit that stores a plurality of components constituting the article and character strings that individually represent the plurality of components; obtaining first location information related to the first component from a second storage unit that stores pieces of location information corresponding to the plurality of components in the article; determining an eye direction when a shape of the article is displayed; determining second location information of the first component in the shape of the article related to the eye direction, based on the first location information and the eye direction; and displaying the first character string based on the second location information.06-13-2013
20130093773AUTOMATIC PERSONALIZATION OF TWO DIMENSIONAL CODES IN ONE-TO-ONE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS USING TARGET USER INFORMATION - A method and system for the automated generation of a unique code such as a two dimensional (2D) code such as a quick response (QR) code for each of a plurality of target users. An appearance of the code for each target user can be personalized based on information from a database which includes personalized information for each target user. The appearance of the code is personalized for each user so that, for example, the code is more likely to draw the target user's attention than a code which is not personalized for the target user.04-18-2013
20120274643ANNOUNCEMENT INFORMATION PRESENTATION SYSTEM, ANNOUNCEMENT INFORMATION PRESENTATION APPARATUS, AND ANNOUNCEMENT INFORMATION PRESENTATION METHOD - An announcement information presentation is provided that apparatus includes a reception part, a decision part and a display part. The reception part is configured to receive an operational status information from an operating system of a movable vehicle. The operating system is configured to store the operational status of the movable vehicle. The decision part is configured to decide which announcement information to be presented to a crew member based on the operational status information received by the reception part. The display part is configured to present to the crew member the announcement information decided by the decision part.11-01-2012
20110242110DEPICTION OF DIGITAL DATA FOR FORENSIC PURPOSES - A method and/or system that can be implemented on a computing device or tables or board game or otherwise uses a rule set to evaluate data about a situation and actors in order to provide advice regarding strategies for influencing actors and/or other outputs.10-06-2011
20110234601INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - When a function is selected, and then, a character string to which the function is executed, an operation of selecting the character string is facilitated in order to reduce an operation burden of a user.09-29-2011
20130181995HANDWRITTEN CHARACTER FONT LIBRARY - Embodiments of the present disclosure may include methods, systems, and machine readable and executable instructions and/or logic. An example method for creating a handwritten character font library can include receiving a set of standard characters to a computing device, and deriving a group of character components from the initial set of characters. A subset of characters is selected from the set of standard characters, the subset collectively including substantially all the group of character components. Handwritten characters corresponding to the subset of characters are received to the computing device, and handwritten character components are extracted from the hand written characters corresponding to the group of character components. A set of handwritten characters is then constructed from the received handwritten characters and/or the handwritten character components.07-18-2013
20110310103TYPE-SETTING METHOD FOR A TEXT IMAGE FILE - The present invention discloses a type-setting method for a text image file, which comprises steps of: dividing the text image file into a plurality of character-string images along a first direction according to the reading sequence; dividing each character-string image into a plurality of independent and individual character images along a second direction; type-setting and line-feeding the independent and individual character images in light of the dimension of a reading interface. Thereby, the present invention efficiently shows text images according to the reading interface and provides the reading convenience without often dragging both the horizontal and vertical scrollbars to adjust the shown texts on the screen of the reading interface.12-22-2011
20120019538INFORMATION DISPLAY APPARATUS AND COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM - A information display apparatus includes a content storage module, a controller, a specification module, and a marker information storage module. The controller controls a text to be displayed. The specification module specifies, based on a user's operation, a character string, as a marker display character string in the displayed text. The marker information storage module stores position information of the marker display character string within a storage region of the content storage module, and stores a stored time where the position information is stored as being related to the position information. The controller allows the text in an identifiable manner based on the position information, wherein a mode of the identifiable display is differed in accordance with time elapsed since the stored time for the marker display character string.01-26-2012
20120019537METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR STATISTICALLY SORTING CHARACTERS FOR MULTI-TAP KEYBOARDS - Methods and apparatuses for statistically sorting characters for multi-tap keyboards are disclosed. The method includes receiving, by a processor, an indication of a selection of a key, and adding, by the processor, one or more high probability characters to a list of key characters. The method also includes requesting, by the processor, a plurality of sorted characters, and receiving, by the processor, the plurality of sorted characters. In addition, the method includes adding, by the processor, the plurality of sorted characters to the list of key characters, associating, by the processor, the list of key characters with the selected key, and displaying, on a display device, a first character of the list of key characters.01-26-2012

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