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345 - Computer graphics processing and selective visual display systems


345619000 - Graphic manipulation (object processing or display attributes)

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345682000 Image based (addressing) 77
345676000 Graphical user interface tools 48
345681000 Object based 12
345673000 Averaging technique 1
20090141048Method, apparatus, and computer program product for processing image - An image processing apparatus includes a separating unit that separates image data into foreground image data, background image data, and mask image data; a resolution converting unit that converts the foreground image data into low-resolution foreground image data; a dividing unit that divides the low-resolution foreground image data into a plurality of square blocks composed of a plurality of pixels; an averaging unit that calculates an average pixel value of the pixels included in each of the square blocks, and changes pixel values of the pixels in the square blocks to the average pixel value of that square block thereby obtaining averaged foreground image data of the square blocks; a compressing unit that performs a compression process on the averaged foreground image data of the square blocks thereby obtaining compressed foreground image data of the square blocks.06-04-2009
20130044138IMAGE POSITION ADJUSTMENT DEVICE - In order to achieve reduction in size, an image position adjustment device (02-21-2013
20120306932INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - According to an illustrative embodiment, an image display method is provided. The method includes detecting a position of a user, detecting a position of a physical object, and defining a non-display area of a display based on the position of the user and the position of the physical object.12-06-2012
20100171767METHOD FOR DISPLAYING INFORMATION IN A MOTOR VEHICLE, AND INFORMATION SYSTEM - In a method for displaying information in a motor vehicle, including a display device having a display with which different content may be displayed as a function of the viewing angle, basic information is shown for a first viewing angle and a second viewing angle, and in addition to the basic information, first supplementary information is shown for the first viewing angle and second supplementary information is shown for the second viewing angle. Furthermore, an information system is adapted for implementing the method.07-08-2010
20120098867METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISPLAY INTERFACE - The present disclosure relates to a method and an apparatus for displaying an interface. The method includes: obtaining display information of a current display screen; determining, according to the display information, position information of a picture to be displayed on the current display screen, and arranging the picture to be displayed at a position corresponding to the position information on the current display screen, so as to finish arranging the picture to be displayed on the current display screen. Implementation of embodiments of the present disclosure may effectively enable a user to set the display position, display mode, and occupied display space of a picture to be displayed according to personal preferences, so that the picture desired by the user can be displayed on the current display screen, thereby facilitating the application of the user.04-26-2012
20130215154Visual Representation of Chart Scaling - Techniques for visual representation of chart scaling are described. In implementations, a chart is employed to display data associated with a resource. Examples of such a resource include a computer hardware resource, a network resource, a financial resource, a commodity (e.g., a manufactured commodity), and so on. In implementations, a chart is associated with a scale that corresponds to a set of data values represented in the chart. Further, a chart can be rescaled to display data values in a variety of different scales, e.g., that correspond to different sets of data values. In at least some embodiments, a scale mark is provided which provides a visual indication of a scale represented in a chart. When the chart is rescaled, the scale mark is repositioned to indicate a change in scale. Thus, a scale mark can be dynamically repositioned to visually indicate different chart scales.08-22-2013
20100123737TECHNIQUES FOR MANIPULATING PANORAMAS - A multi-step animation sequence for smoothly transitioning from a map view to a panorama view of a specified location is disclosed. An orientation overlay can be displayed on the panorama, showing a direction and angular extent of the field of view of the panorama. An initial specified location and a current location of the panorama can also be displayed on the orientation overlay. A navigable placeholder panorama to be displayed in place of a panorama at the specified location when panorama data is not available is disclosed. A perspective view of a street name annotation can be laid on the surface of a street in the panorama.05-20-2010
20120293557Object tracking apparatus, interactive image display system using object tracking apparatus, and methods thereof - The present invention discloses an object tracking apparatus, an interactive image display system using the object tracking apparatus, and methods thereof. The object tracking apparatus generates a control signal inputted to an image display apparatus to display an image in response to an action of an object. The object tracking apparatus includes: an image sensor device, which detects a predetermined pattern displayed by the image display apparatus to generate a sensed image; a coordinate information generation circuit, which generates coordinate information according to the sensed image; and a processing circuit, which generates a predetermined image data based on which the predetermined pattern is generated, wherein the processing circuit compares the coordinate information with the predetermined image data to generate a correction value.11-22-2012
20090021533Method For Extracting An Inexact Rectangular Region Into An Axis-Aligned Rectangle Image - A method and system for extracting an inexact rectangular region into an axis-aligned rectangle image. One example method may include identifying vertices for a rectangular frame within a digital image. A rotation matrix is calculated for rotating the rectangular frame to obtain a rotated rectangular frame. The matrix minimizes the sum total of the squared vertical distances between horizontally aligned vertices and the squared horizontal distances between vertically aligned vertices of the rotated rectangular frame. The method further includes applying the rotation matrix to the rectangular frame to obtain the rotated rectangular frame.01-22-2009
20110227952DISPLAY POSITION SETTING DEVICE - A display position setting device includes: an obtaining element for obtaining positioning condition information which provides an arrangement of an image item on a screen of a display device according to an interface condition, wherein the image item is a batch of various information; a reading element for reading out the image item together with content information and position information from a memory, wherein the content information provides content of the image item, and the position information provides a position of the image item on the screen of the display device; a converting element for converting the position information based on the positioning condition information; and a display controller for controlling the display device to display the content information at a position, which is specified by converted position information.09-22-2011
20110141147MEDICAL STUDY SUPPORT APPARATUS AND STUDY LIST DISPLAY METHOD - A medical study support apparatus manages study data, and displays a study list on a monitor screen. In the study list, data items on each study, including patient's personal information such as its name, birth date, sex and address as well as study items such as study ID, study date, study type and progress of study, are displayed in a lined for one case after another. The medical study support apparatus cooperates with an electronic chart apparatus. As chart data of a particular patient is displayed on its monitor, the electronic chart apparatus sends a trigger signal to the medical study support apparatus along with ID data of the particular patient. Upon receipt of the trigger signal and the ID data, the medical study support apparatus conceals the personal information on other patients than the particular patient in the study list.06-16-2011
20120139952IMAGE TRANSMISSION METHOD, DEVICE, AND COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM STORING IMAGE TRANSMISSION PROGRAM - An image transmission method includes using a computer processor, acquiring operation information at a transmission device from another device that instructs to scroll an image; determining a scroll direction and a scroll speed based on the operation information; generating a moving image from a plurality of images that are sequentially displayed on a screen of the other device at a display time interval when an image displayed on the screen of the other device is scrolled to the scroll direction at the speed for a time; and transmitting the moving image to the other device.06-07-2012
20100149219DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device includes a housing that includes at least a front surface and a rear surface, a display screen that displays information on the front surface of the housing, and an identification mark that is provided on a surface other than the front surface and that indicates a position of the display screen on the front surface.06-17-2010
20120194562Method For Spatial Smoothing In A Shader Pipeline For A Multi-Projector Display - A device, computer-readable medium or method for adjusting pixels of a source image prior to being output to a display device comprising: segmenting the pixels of the source image into spatial groups; assigning an adjustment method to each pixel in a group; creating an adjustment matrix set with rows (or columns) corresponding to the plurality of adjustment methods, and columns (or rows) corresponding to a range of pixel values that exceed a discrete output device value, and adjustment values as entries; receiving a pixel of the source image in a graphics processing unit (GPU) and using the GPU to: determine the pixel's relative location in its spatial group and its corresponding adjustment method; determine the range of pixel values that the value of the pixel exceeds a discrete output device value: select an adjustment value from the adjustment matrix set; and adjust the value of the pixel by the adjustment value.08-02-2012
20100182344SYSTEM, METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR DETERMINING A TRANSLATION VECTOR - A method for determining a minimal translation vector (MTV) between a first object and a second object represented in a CAD system, and a CAD system and computer readable medium for performing a similar method. The method includes retrieving the first object and the second object and tessellating the first object and second object into respective facets. The method includes creating a bounding volume tree of facets corresponding to each of the first object and the second object. The method includes performing a greedy process on the bounding volume to produce an initial MTV, and performing a successive clipping process according to the bounding volume trees and the initial MTV, to produce a final MTV. The method includes storing the final MTV in a computer readable medium. The greedy process can be a 2-step process as described.07-22-2010
20100177122Video-Associated Objects - A companion object to a media player, such as a video player, is responsive to an event associated with the video player. The event may be associated with the data stream displayed by the video player. The event may be associated with an object displayed by the video player. The companion object is displayed outside the display layout of the video player. The companion object and the video player may be displayed by a web browser in a web page. The companion object and the video player may be executed in a securely separated manner.07-15-2010
20090073194Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface for List Scrolling on a Touch-Screen Display - In accordance with some embodiments, a computer-implemented method for use in conjunction with a device with a touch screen display is disclosed. In the method, a movement of an object on or near the touch screen display is detected. In response to detecting the movement, a list of items displayed on the touch screen display is scrolled in a first direction. If a terminus of the list is reached while scrolling the list in the first direction while the object is still detected on or near the touch screen display, an area beyond the terminus of the list is displayed. In response to detecting that the object is no longer on or near the touch screen display, the list is scrolled in a second direction until the area beyond the terminus of the list is no longer displayed.03-19-2009
20110115824Multimedia Codec System and Method Providing Bink Support - Various embodiments disclosed herein are directed to an audio/video codec engine system and method for a gaming machine. The method displays content using a multimedia codec engine system with BINK support. The method includes: loading a multimedia file into memory from a disk; decoding a frame from memory to the off-screen buffer when requested by the video engine, wherein decoding a frame from the off-screen buffer requires a seek operation to a proper position in the multimedia file; and performing a draw operation on decoded data from the off-screen buffer that was requested by the video engine, wherein the draw operation may request only a target region of the source resolution to be updated by specifying an update region that is smaller than the source resolution.05-19-2011
20110115825ELECTRONIC STICKY NOTE SYSTEM, INFORMATION PROCESSING TERMINAL, METHOD FOR PROCESSING ELECTRONIC STICKY NOTE, MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM, AND DATA STRUCTURE OF ELECTRONIC STICKY NOTE - Provided is a technology enable to associate electronic sticky data with any application and to execute the application. An electronic sticky note system includes display means for displaying an electronic sticky note, storage means for storing sticky note information which includes header information to be displayed in a display area for the electronic sticky note, sticky note displaying position information indicating a position to be displayed the electronic sticky note, and application associating information corresponding to information for activating the application associated with the electronic sticky note, control means for displaying, by the display means, the electronic sticky note on the basis of the header information and the electronic sticky note displaying position information and for executing the application on the basis of the application associating information, and input means for inputting the sticky note information. In the electronic sticky note system, an application, which is associated with the electronic sticky note, includes other than the application which is indicated by the sticky note displaying position information.05-19-2011
20090219303METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING A DISPLAY - The invention describes a method for controlling a display, which method comprises the steps of displaying a portion of a visual presentation (VP) on the display (09-03-2009
20100134519Method and apparatus for image processing - An image processing apparatus has stored therein in advance, as image conversion parameters to coordinate-convert images acquired by in-vehicle cameras incorporated at different positions in an own vehicle, directions connecting between a sight-line starting position of a driver and predetermined positions of the own vehicle, values of a depression angle from the sight-line starting position of the driver, and a range that the driver is caused to visualize, for each of the in-vehicle cameras, corresponding to a state of the own vehicle. The image processing apparatus receives from the driver an input of a display output condition, and determines a current state of the own vehicle. The image processing apparatus acquires the image conversion parameters based on the display output condition and the current state of the own vehicle, and converts images captured by the in-vehicle cameras, by using the acquired image conversion parameters, and outputs the images.06-03-2010
20110148934Method and Apparatus for Adjusting Position of an Information Item - An apparatus, comprising a processor, memory including computer program code, the memory and the computer program code configured to, working with the processor, cause the apparatus to perform at least the following, identify a first information item positioned coincidingly with a determined position of a display boundary, determine at least one split region candidate, select a split region from the at least one split region candidate, and adjust position of the first information item so that the selected split region coincides with the determined position of the display boundary is disclosed.06-23-2011
20100328354Networked Computer Graphics Rendering System with Multiple Displays - To render graphics on multiple display devices, multiple computing platforms are networked and each computing platform separately executes an application to render graphics for a display device. A client computing platform adds an orientation offset to view state information received from a server computing platform to coordinate the graphics rendered by the server and client into a representation of the same world scene.12-30-2010
20120147056IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD - An image display apparatus that displays an image on the basis of input image signals corresponding to sub-pixels forming one pixel includes a shift-amount storing unit that stores shift amounts of display positions of the sub-pixels relative to given reference positions in a display image, an image-signal correcting unit that corrects the input image signals according to the shift amounts, and an image display unit that displays an image on the basis of the image signals corrected by the image-signal correcting unit.06-14-2012
20120147055SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ORGANIZING AND PRESENTING CONTENT ON AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A system and method for organizing new content on the user interface of an electronic device. Graphical representations (e.g., book or album covers or icons) representing the content that the user is most likely going to want to open next are presented on a virtual shelf on the user interface of the device. The graphical representations are preferably organized in receding order of likelihood of opening from left to right. As new items appear on the virtual shelf, older items are shifted to the right. A limited number of items (graphical representations) can be depicted at one time on the virtual shelf on the display of the device. The shelf can be scrolled left and right to view all of the items on the shelf.06-14-2012
20110261082METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR RENDERING OR PREPARING DIGITAL OBJECTS OR PORTIONS THEREOF FOR SUBSEQUENT PROCESSING - Methods and apparatus render images of digital objects or prepare digital objects for subsequent processing. The method includes sorting data representative of positions of at least three vertices of polygons of a digital object, then determining whether the orientation of the vertices of each polygon from a specific reference point differs from the actual, or original, orientation of the vertices. Such a determination may be made by generating an orientation decision variable based on the relative positions of the vertices and calculating a cross product term (CPT) after the vertex data has been sorted. The CPT may also be used in other operations involving the polygon, such as in imparting appearance characteristics to the polygon. The method may be embodied as a computer program that controls the operation of a processor. Accordingly, processors, computers, and systems that render images of digital objects in accordance with the method are also disclosed.10-27-2011
20120306933STORAGE MEDIUM STORING INFORMATION PROCESSING PROGRAM, INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - From a stored panorama moving image, panorama images are read and sequentially acquired every predetermined time for reproduction on a display device, each of the panorama images being a frame of the panorama moving image. A range to be displayed in a first display area is set in each of the acquired panorama images. A range to be displayed in a second display area is set in each of the acquired panorama images. The respective ranges of the acquired panorama images which are set to be displayed in the first display area are displayed in the first display area. The respective ranges of the acquired panorama images which are set to be displayed in the second display area are displayed in the second display area.12-06-2012
20120306931SERVER DEVICE, CLIENT DEVICE, AND IMAGE TRANSFER SYSTEM - According to one embodiment, a server device that performs communication with a client device includes an obtaining unit, a storing unit, a comparing unit, and a sending unit. The obtaining unit is configured to obtain, from each of a plurality of pieces of image data generated in a sequential manner, a modification image representing an image portion which has got modified as compared to corresponding previous piece of image data. The storing unit is configured to store therein a specific image representing an image portion that is not to be displayed on the client device. The comparing unit is configured to compare the modification image with the specific image. The sending unit is configured to send, to the client device, the modification image not containing the specific image and not to send, to the client device, image portion in the modification image that match with the specific image.12-06-2012
20110069087METHOD OF AND COMPUTER IMPLEMENTED SYSTEM FOR GENERATING A JUNCTION VIEW IMAGE - A method of generating a junction view is disclosed. The method includes, in at least one embodiment: —acquiring a first junction from a map database; —acquiring a second junction from the map database, wherein the first and second junction are connected by way of an intermediate road segment; —determining a characteristic of the intermediate road segment between the first and second junction from the map database; and—if the characteristic of the road segment applies to a predefined condition: —adjusting the road geometry resulting in a shorter intermediate road segment; and—generating the junction view image visualizing the first and second junction using the shorter intermediate road segment. At least one embodiment of the method provides a solution to visualize in one image two decision points which will follow each other in a short time when traveling through the two decision points, i.e. two junctions.03-24-2011
20120206496SYSTEM FOR IMAGING PRODUCT LAYOUT - A computer system comprising storage for three or more digital images and for a digital representation of an image product. A program stored by the system and executed by a processor of the system automatically digitally places the digital images into different display locations in the digital representation of the image product. User selected images and corresponding new display locations are received by the program to automatically place selected digital images into selected new locations while displaced images are placed in new locations and the image arrangement is realigned.08-16-2012
20120007893IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM - To control screen display using moving pictures for a plurality of users. Respective moving pictures for a plurality of users are acquired, and each of the acquired moving pictures are displayed on a screen. Display content for the screen is controlled in response to content of each moving picture. At this time, it is also possible to move a specified movement image on the screen according to display position of each moving picture on the screen and content of each moving picture, or to change a display region of the moving picture on the screen according to content of each moving picture.01-12-2012
20120120113Method and apparatus for visualizing 2D product images integrated in a real-world environment - A software application, which uses a portable device and augmented reality techniques to reconstruct a 2D image of the user's environment augmented with a 2D element representing an object or product which looks like part of the environment image.05-17-2012
20120206497Method and Apparatus for Displaying Content - First content displayed on screen may be translated by the user, for example by dragging. Second content may then be displayed in the area of the screen that is exposed by the translation of the first content. In some embodiments there is a conceptual link between the first and second content, for example the second content may be metadata relating to the first content. In effect, a multi-layered user interface is provided. The translation may be performed in response to a special user input, for example a multi-touch drag.08-16-2012
20120249600INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - In one embodiment, the information processing apparatus includes an acceleration sensor configured to detect acceleration of the information processing apparatus, and a display part configured to include a screen for displaying an image. The apparatus further includes a determination part configured to determine whether a displayed position of the image is to be corrected, based on duration of a state in which the acceleration occurs in a predetermined direction. The apparatus further includes a correction part configured to correct the displayed position of the image according to the determination made by the determination part.10-04-2012
20120313975INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, PROGRAM AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - There is provided an information processing apparatus including a selection part selecting a parameter from graphic data, a display control part controlling an object corresponding to the parameter selected by the selection part to be displayed and an extraction part extracting a parameter having a correlation with the parameter selected by the selection part, wherein the display control part controls the object to be moved based on the correlation.12-13-2012
20120075349SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MOTION EDITING MULTIPLE SYNCHRONIZED CHARACTERS - Disclosed are a system and a method for motion editing multiple synchronized characters. The motion editing system comprises: a Laplacian motion editor which edits a spatial route of inputted character data according to user conditions, and processes the distortion of the interaction time; and a discrete motion editor which applies a discrete transformation while the character data is processed.03-29-2012
20120262495MOBILE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A device and methods for controlling a display for a mobile terminal device are presented. A first input to a first display module is detected, and a second input to the second display module is detected. The first input is for moving an image displayed on the first display module. The image is moved to a second location of the second input to the second display module, if the second input is detected after the first input when the image is displayed on the first display module.10-18-2012
20120262494IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE AND METHOD OF MANAGING CONTENT USING THE SAME - A method of managing content using an image display device includes reproducing and displaying first content in a first region of a screen of the image display device, displaying a first image representing a first mobile terminal connected to and communicating with the image display device and a second image representing second content stored in the first mobile terminal in a second region of the screen, receiving a first user command for selecting the second image, displaying a third image representing a device which will reproduce, store or receive the second content in a third region of the screen, receiving a second user command for selecting the device which will reproduce, store or receive the second content, and enabling the selected device to reproduce, store or receive the second content according to the second command.10-18-2012
20110122158DISPLAY ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MEDIA PLAYER - A display adjustment system includes a sensor and a processing unit. The sensor is mounted to a media player to measure changes in position of the media player and output measurement results correspondingly. The processing unit receives the measurement results to obtain an angle of inclination of the media player corresponding to a datum plane, and processes an image according to the angle of inclination. The processed image is displayed by the media player.05-26-2011
20120268498IMAGE DISPLAY CONTROL DEVICE, IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEM, IMAGE DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - An image display control device includes: an image memory storing image data; a position information management unit managing actual position information of plural displays; an individual image area determination unit determining relative positions at the time of displaying the image data based on actual positions of the plural displays; a unit for detecting target objects included in images; an overlapping degree improvement unit increasing an overlapping degree in which target objects included in the whole image data are included in an overlapping state in respective display areas of the plural displays while maintaining the relative positions; and an individual image data generation unit generating individual image data to be displayed on respective plural displays from the image data in respective display areas of the plural displays in which the overlapping degree has been improved.10-25-2012
20110043540SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REGION CLASSIFICATION OF 2D IMAGES FOR 2D-TO-3D CONVERSION - A system and method for region classification of two-dimensional images for 2D-to-3D conversion of images to create stereoscopic images are provided. The system and method of the present disclosure provides for acquiring a two-dimensional image, identifying a region of the 2D image, extracting features from the region, classifying the extracted features of the region, selecting a conversion mode based on the classification of the identified region, converting the region into a 3D model based on the selected conversion mode, and creating a complementary image by projecting the 3D model onto an image plane different than an image plane of the 2D image. A learning component optimizes the classification parameters to achieve minimum classification error of the region using a set of training images and corresponding user annotations.02-24-2011
20110221783IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image display apparatus includes: a primary image processing device that performs image processing for an input image represented by input image information; a secondary image processing device that performs image processing for the input image processed by the primary image processing device; a light modulator that modulates an illumination light based on the input image information representing the input image processed by the secondary image processing device; and a projection optical system that projects the modulated light onto a screen as an image, wherein the secondary image processing device performs position adjustment processing, and outputs position information representing the display position of the input image to the primary image processing device after the position adjustment processing on the input image is completed, and the primary image processing device reflects the position information outputted from the secondary image processing device to perform position adjustment on the input image information.09-15-2011
20110285751DIGITAL IMAGE DROP ZONES AND TRANSFORMATION INTERACTION - A portion of a digital image is displayed where the portion that is displayed depends upon a mask. After the portion of the digital image is displayed, a change to the mask is received. It is determined, based at least in part on the received change to the mask, a transformation to be applied to the digital image. A new portion of the digital image is displayed based at least in part on the changed mask and the determined transformation, where the new portion that is displayed has the same center point as the previously displayed portion.11-24-2011
20110157235METHOD AND SYSTEM OF DISPLAYING DATA SETS INDICATIVE OF PHYSICAL PARAMETERS ASSOCIATED WITH A FORMATION PENETRATED BY A WELLBORE - Displaying data sets indicative of physical parameters associated with a formation penetrated by a wellbore. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are methods including: obtaining data regarding a trajectory of a wellbore; obtaining a first data set indicative of a first physical parameter associated with a formation penetrated by the wellbore; obtaining a second data set indicative of a second physical parameter associated with the formation; displaying a two-dimensional image that simulates a three-dimensional trajectory of the wellbore, the two-dimensional image from a particular viewpoint relative to the three-dimensional trajectory of the wellbore; displaying along the two-dimensional image a representation of the first data set on a first surface that abuts the trajectory of the wellbore; and displaying along the two-dimensional image a representation of the second data set on a second surface that abuts the trajectory of the wellbore.06-30-2011
20130021383CONTROL APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A control apparatus, according to the present invention, for controlling a display apparatus having a liquid crystal panel and a backlight which is configured from a plurality of divided regions and which emits light, with one or more divided regions as one light-emitting unit, based on decided emission brightness of each light-emitting unit, comprises a control unit that sets, upon displaying a second image formed by enlarging a first image, a size of the light-emitting unit larger in comparison to a case of displaying the first image according to an enlargement ratio of the second image relative to the first image.01-24-2013
20130021382TIME AND/OR ACCURACY DEPENDENT WEIGHTS FOR NETWORK GENERATION IN A DIGITAL MAP - A method for improving and extending an existing digital road network and generating new networks from statistically relevant amounts of probe data recorded by GPS-enabled navigation devices. New probe data is matched to the existing digital map, then the data merged into the existing network using a time-dependent weight and/or accuracy-dependent weight. A recalculation date is established, and the weight value of a line segment and/or trace is adjusted as a function of the time span relative to the recalculation. The function may include setting a maximal time period divided into bins each having a respective weight reduction factor, or applying decay function. Through this technique, digital maps can be updated and extended without undue influence exerted by old trace data.01-24-2013
20080238948Display control device, media management device, and computer-readable medium - A display control device includes a state specifying unit, an information specifying unit and a controller. The state specifying unit specifies a placement state of a medium on a display screen. The information specifying unit specifies either (i) electronic information which is a source of an image recorded on the medium or (ii) electronic information relevant to the electronic information which is the source of the image recorded on the medium. The controller controls such that a specific image representing the electronic information specified by the information specifying unit is displayed on the display screen in accordance with the placement state specified by the state specifying unit.10-02-2008
20130093794SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DYNAMICALLY RENDERING BOUNDED REGION LABELS ON A MOVING MAP DISPLAY - Methods and apparatus are provided for dynamically rendering, on a moving map display having a viewable area, a label associated with a bounded region. Moving map data are processed to determine if the bounded region has a viewable boundary, and to determine a perimeter of one or more polygons that are each defined by intersections of the viewable boundary of the bounded region and the viewable area. Commands are supplied to the moving map display that cause the moving map display to continuously render the label associated with the bounded region at a position within the one or more polygons that is closest to a predetermined point on the moving map display.04-18-2013
20130100171Image Processing Apparatus, Content Creating Support Apparatus, Image Processing Method, Content Creating Support Method, And Data Structure of Image File - A hard disk drive stores hierarchical image data, a speed map holding, for each tile image, an index of the processing time required to render a tile image having a predetermined image size obtained by partitioning the image, and scenario data which defines viewpoint shifting. In a control unit of an information processing apparatus having a function of displaying an image, an input information acquisition unit acquires information with respect to the user's input operation via an input device. A loading unit loads necessary data for image displaying from the hard disk drive. A shifting condition adjustment unit adjusts the viewpoint shifting speed based upon the speed map. A frame coordinate determination unit sequentially determines frame coordinates of a display area. A decoding unit decodes compressed image data. A display image processing unit renders a display image.04-25-2013
20130100170Image Processing Apparatus And Image Processing Program - Provided is an image processing apparatus and an image processing program which are capable of selectively and readily acquiring a geometrical physical quantity of a desired measuring portion. An object image is displayed based on object image data, and a measuring portion designating image corresponding to a specific portion of the object image is displayed based on designating image data. By operation of an operation part by a user, the displayed measuring portion designating image is moved relatively to the object image. When the measuring portion designating image is moved to a specific portion of the object image, a geometrical physical quantity of a measuring portion of the measuring object, previously set so as to correspond to that specific portion, is measured.04-25-2013
20110267374INFORMATION DISPLAY APPARATUS AND INFORMATION DISPLAY METHOD - The present invention provides an information displaying apparatus which is capable of presenting notification information to the user without giving the user an odd impression. The information displaying apparatus (11-03-2011
20130120464METHOD AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR CHANGING COORDINATES OF ICONS ACCORDING TO SENSING SIGNAL - An embodiment of the invention provides a method for changing a coordinate of an icon according to a sensing signal. The method comprises: outputting the sensing signal via a sensor according to an interactive operation of a user; displaying a plurality of the icons of an operating system via a display device, wherein each icon corresponds to a data element; when receiving the sensing signal and a trigger signal by a processor, by the processor, acquiring the icons currently shown on the display device, generating an updated coordinate of each icon according to the sensing signal output by the sensor, changing the coordinates of the icons of the operating system, and displaying the icons on the display device according to the updated coordinates.05-16-2013
20130127921Electronic Device, Method of Displaying Display Item, and Search Processing Method - An acquisition unit acquires a content image corresponding to content. A content image display unit arranges a plurality of content images side by side in a display screen image, and a related information display unit displays information related to an arranged content image. A first reception unit acquires a first moving instruction for the content images arranged side by side, and a second reception unit acquires a second moving instruction for the content images arranged side by side. The content image display unit moves the content images according to a moving instruction acquired by the first reception unit or the second reception unit. A related information display unit displays different types of related information when the first reception unit acquires the first moving instruction and when the second reception unit acquires the second moving instruction.05-23-2013
20110210986SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETERMINING POSITIONING AND SIZING OF GRAPHICAL ELEMENTS - One aspect of the technology described herein relates to a configuration system for determining positioning and relative sizing of at least one graphical element to be rendered on a canvas portion of a display, with the at least one graphical element having a plurality of element borders. The configuration system comprises: a plurality of guidelines which are fixed relative to the canvas portion; and a first fixed link of a fixed number of measurement units in length linking a first element border to a first guideline of the plurality of guidelines. Upon the reconfiguration of the canvas portion, the system may be configured to determine the position of the element borders. In doing so, the system may need to reposition the first guideline. The guidelines may be horizontal or vertical oriented. In some embodiments, at least one horizontal guideline may be placed at a point corresponding to a fixed fraction of the height of the canvas portion; and at least one vertical guideline may be placed at a point corresponding to a fixed fraction of the width of the canvas portion. In other embodiments, the guidelines may include a border guideline fixed to a border of the canvas portion.09-01-2011
20120256965DISPLAY CONTROL DEVICE, DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD, PROGRAM, AND DISPLAY CONTROL SYSTEM - There is provided a display control device, including a communication section for communicating with an external device, a position specification section for specifying positions of an imaging device, which captures an image, and a display device, which displays the image, a process determination section for determining whether to cause the captured image to be reversed in a horizontal direction on the basis of the positions of the display device and the imaging device and a processing section for selectively reversing the captured image in the horizontal direction, wherein the processing section causes the display device to display the image reversed in the horizontal direction by reversing the captured image in the horizontal direction, if the image is determined to be reversed in the horizontal direction, and causes the display device to display the captured image, if the image is determined not to be reversed in the horizontal direction.10-11-2012
20110234641DISPLAY DEVICE, DISPLAY METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM IN WHICH PROGRAM IS STORED - A display device includes: a display unit that displays a screen based on display screen data including a plurality of pieces of component image data; and a control unit that causes the display unit to display an image in a display region on the display unit in a form of scroll display by which the image is moved as time advances, when a size of the image displayed on the display unit based on a first piece of the pieces of component image data is larger than a size of the display region for the image on the display unit.09-29-2011
20130155118SERVERS, DISPLAY DEVICES, SCROLLING METHODS AND METHODS OF GENERATING HEATMAPS - Methods of generating heatmaps including receiving, at a first electronic device, first information associated with a first zone of a plurality of zones of a content item, determining at least one first concept related to the first information, receiving at least one target content characteristic, determining at least one second concept related to the at least one target content characteristic, and determining a first heat of the first zone based on the first and second concepts, the first heat representing a measure of similarity between the first and second concepts.06-20-2013
20120281023APPLICATION SHARING BY DYNAMIC PARTITIONING - A method for improving application sharing by dynamic partitioning can include partitioning a screen display of an application into grid regions and, in response to detecting that an application image in the plurality of grid regions have changed, offsetting positions of the grid regions, so that the changed portions of the application image are in fewer grid regions using a computer system. The method also can include transmitting image data in the offset grid regions involving the changed portions of the application image and identifications and offset data of the offset grid regions to an application sharing client.11-08-2012
20110310129DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING APPLICATION ARRANGEMENT DISPLAY RULE, AND APPLICATION EXECUTION TERMINAL DEVICE, AND DISPLAY METHOD THEREFOR - To make it possible to display an application that is suitable for specific circumstances of a specific user, from among a large number of applications, without complicating a rule file and without increasing its capacity. An application execution terminal acquires context information from received sensor information, acquires an arrangement display rule file that matches the acquired context information from among arrangement display rule files in which a category indicating a type of an application and a display position of the application are defined, analyzes a category defined by the acquired arrangement display rule file, acquires a list of applications that match the category, links the applications indicated by the list of the applications to the acquired arrangement display rule file, and arranges and displays the applications in accordance with a description of the arrangement display rule file.12-22-2011
20110310128IMAGE DISPLAY AND ORGANIC LIGHT-EMITTING DISPLAY INCLUDING IMAGE SHIFT UNIT - An image display is disclosed. In one embodiment, the display includes a first display panel comprising i) a first image display portion configured to display a first image and ii) a light transmissive portion formed outside the first image display portion and configured to display a second image. The display further includes i) a second display panel spaced apart from the first display panel and configured to generate the second image and ii) an image shift unit configured to shift the generated second image toward the light transmissive portion of the first display panel so that the shifted second image is projected through the light transmissive portion.12-22-2011
20120287165DISPLAY DEVICE, ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD - A display apparatus includes: a display device that displays a plurality of images in a first row, an operation of an application program being assigned to each of the images; a rearrangement device that rearranges the plurality of images, when a portion of the first row is specified, such that the specified portion is at an opened facing page section; an execution device that executes the operation of the application program corresponding to an image located at the opened facing page section when the opened facing page section is specified; and a display control device that controls the display device, when the operation is executed by the execution device, to perform a display according to the operation executed.11-15-2012
20120001945Fine Object Positioning - There is disclosed a method of controlling the positioning of an object displayed on an interactive display surface, in which interactive display surface the display resolution is greater than the detection resolution, the method comprising: determining selection of a displayed object on the interactive display surface; detecting movement of an input at the interactive display surface associated with the selected displayed object; and in an object transformation mode, moving at least one displayed pixel of the selected displayed object by a distance which is less than the distance of the detected movement of the detected input.01-05-2012
20130194312INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - [Object] To provide an information processing apparatus and an information processing method more excellent in convenience for the user.08-01-2013
20130201222SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DISPLAYING OBJECTS AT A MEDICAL TREATMENT APPARATUS DISPLAY SCREEN - System and methods are provided for displaying objects at a treatment display screen coupled to an apparatus for performing a treatment. A first arrangement of the objects is presented at the treatment display screen. At least some objects of the first arrangement of the objects are in a fixed state on the treatment display screen. A rearrangement mode of operation of the treatment display screen is activated. The objects of the first arrangement of the objects are changed from the fixed state to a fluid state that allows for rearrangement of the objects of the first arrangement of the objects to a second arrangement of the objects that is different than the first arrangement of the objects. The treatment is prevented from being performed during operation in the rearrangement mode. The second arrangement of the objects is presented at the treatment display screen during operation in the rearrangement mode.08-08-2013
20130208014DISPLAY WITH BLOCKING IMAGE GENERATION - A blocking image generating system including a head-mounted display device having an opacity layer and related methods are disclosed. A method may include receiving a virtual image to be presented by display optics in the head-mounted display device. Lighting information and an eye-position parameter may be received from an optical sensor system in the head-mounted display device. A blocking image may be generated in the opacity layer of the head-mounted display device based on the lighting information and the virtual image. The location of the blocking image in the opacity layer may be adjusted based on the eye-position parameter.08-15-2013

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