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Graphical user interface tools

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345 - Computer graphics processing and selective visual display systems


345619000 - Graphic manipulation (object processing or display attributes)

345660000 - Scaling

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345665000 2D manipulations 4
20090009534SCALE-DEPENDENT RENDERING OF NATURAL MEDIA STYLES - A method for generating a scale-dependent rendering of natural media styles in a vector-based graphics application is disclosed. A vector-based graphics drawing may be resized such that certain scale-dependent parameters are scaled proportionately, while other scale-independent parameters are not scaled. The result of such resizing is a scaled rendering of the vector-based graphics drawing that closely resemble hand drawn images created using natural media materials.01-08-2009
20120139951MOBILE TERMINAL AND DISPLAYING METHOD THEREOF - A mobile terminal includes a wireless communication unit communicating with at least one electronic device, a display including a touch screen receiving touch input and displaying contents, and a controller executing an application related to the contents and reducing a first area of the touch screen on which the contents are displayed in response to a first input, thus reducing a size of the displayed contents. The controller further displays information about the at least one electronic device at a second area of the touch screen generated when the first area is reduced.06-07-2012
20110199393Foot Gestures for Computer Input and Interface Control - Non-video game computer user interfaces utilize human foot action to generate input for controlling the interface (e.g., a graphical user interface). Computer systems that use such input may include: (a) at least one input system including one or more sensing devices for sensing action by one or more feet; (b) a data transmission system for transmitting the sensed foot action to (c) a processing system that utilizes the foot action input to provide control data input for a user interface; and (d) an output device for producing a non-video game computer output based, at least in part, on data provided by the processing system. The control data relating to the foot action is used, at least in part, for controlling a user interface associated with the computer output.08-18-2011
20110261079AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT OF A USER INTERFACE COMPOSITION - This is directed to dynamically adjusting a display based on the progress of an event monitored by an electronic device. In particular, this is directed to dynamically adjusting workout information displayed as a user nears the end of a workout. In some cases, an electronic device can display information corresponding to an event. The user may wish to see specific event information to monitor the user's performance in the event. As the event nears its completion, however, the user may wish to view different information related to the user's performance. The electronic device can dynamically adjust the display to replace the initially displayed information with the different information without requiring a user input. This may be particularly valuable when a user is running and has a limited ability to interact with the device during the run.10-27-2011
345663000 Constrained manipulations (i.e., movement in less than all dimensions) 3
20130069991ORGANIZATIONAL TOOLS ON A MULTI-TOUCH DISPLAY DEVICE - A process for enabling objects displayed on a multi-input display device to be grouped together is disclosed that includes defining a target element that enables objects displayed on a multi-input display device to be grouped together through interaction with the target element. Operations are invoked that establish a relationship between a particular displayed object and a position on the target element and that causes transformations applied to the target element also to be applied to the particular displayed object while maintaining the relationship between the particular displayed object and the position on the target element.03-21-2013
20110242138Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface with Concurrent Virtual Keyboards - A multifunction device with a touch-sensitive display concurrently displays a first virtual keyboard at a first location on the touch-sensitive display and a second virtual keyboard at a second location, distinct from the first location, on the touch-sensitive display. In response to detecting a first finger gesture on a first key in the first virtual keyboard, an action corresponding to the first key in the first virtual keyboard is performed. In response to detecting a second finger gesture on a second key in the second virtual keyboard, an action corresponding to the second key in the second virtual keyboard is performed.10-06-2011
20080204478Method of enlarging display content of a portable electronic apparatus - The present invention is to provide a method of enlarging display content of an electronic apparatus having an enlarge display mode, which comprises the steps of determining whether or not the enlarge display mode is being activated; reading at least one enlarge parameter preset in the enlarge display mode when the enlarge display mode is activated; enlarging the content outputted by a man-machine interface according to the enlarge parameter; canceling an external frame of a decorative screen of the man-machine interface for ornamenting images, and displaying the enlarged content in accordance with the enlarge parameter on a display of the portable electronic apparatus In such a way, the user is able to view the enlarged content of the man-machine interface being outputted without changing resolution of the display.08-28-2008
345662000 Alignment functions (e.g., snapping, gravity) 3
20090189920SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTENT BASED AUTOMATIC ZOOMING FOR DOCUMENT VIEWING ON SMALL DISPLAYS - Described is a technique for viewing a document page on a small display such as a mobile phone or PDA. The page can come from a scanned document (bitmap image) or an electronic document (text and graphics data plus metadata). The page with text and graphics is segmented into regions. For each region, a scale-distortion function is constructed based on image analysis. During interactive viewing of the document, as the user navigates by moving the viewport around the page, the zoom factor will be automatically adjusted by optimizing the scale-distortion functions of the regions in the viewport.07-30-2009
20120092381Snapping User Interface Elements Based On Touch Input - An invention is disclosed for using touch gestures to zoom a video to full-screen. As the user reverse-pinches on a touch-sensitive surface to zoom in on a video, the invention tracks the amount of a zoom. When the user has zoomed to the point where one of the dimensions (height or width) of the video reaches a threshold (such as some percentage of a dimension of the display device—e.g. the width of the video reaches 80% of the width of the display device), the invention determines to display the video in full-screen, and “snaps” the video to full-screen. The invention may do this by way of an animation, such as expanding the video to fill the screen.04-19-2012
20110273478AUTO-SCALING STRIP CHART - Systems and methods are disclosed for displaying a strip chart on an electronic display. A furthest extremum value of the measured quantity is recorded over a period of time and a plurality of values of the measured quantity are displayed on the strip chart. The furthest extremum value is used to automatically rescale the strip chart, providing for at least one bound of the zoomed range. In response to receiving a selection of a zoom factor defining a degree of magnification of the strip chart, the strip chart is automatically scaled to a degree of magnification commensurate with the zoom factor and the strip chart may be automatically scaled such that the strip chart is bounded on one side by one of a furthest extremum maximum or minimum value and the other one of the furthest extremum maximum or minimum value is not displayed on the strip chart.11-10-2011
20130044137SELECTIVE MAP MARKER AGGREGATION - The selective aggregation of marker objects on a map is disclosed. A plurality of marker objects is received in response to a query. The marker objects are each defined by a set of coordinates to a specific location on the map. The map is segregated into a plurality of bounding areas each defined by a set of bounding coordinates. A bounding area count of the number of marker objects having coordinates within a first one of the bounding areas is generated. The bounding area count is compared to a predetermined threshold. If the bounding area count is greater, a first aggregate marker is displayed in the first one of the bounding areas of the map. Otherwise, each of the marker objects within the first one of the bounding areas of the map is displayed. The marker objects are positioned according to the set of coordinates associated therewith.02-21-2013
20100164994CONTENT DISPLAY APPARATUS, CONTENT DISPLAY METHOD, AND CONTENT DISPLAY PROGRAM EMBODIED ON COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - In order to indicate a position of an object in content even when the object is not being displayed, a PC includes a content display portion to display part of content in a content display area, a setting portion to set an object selected from among a plurality of objects included in the content as a target object, and a marker display portion to display a first marker and a second marker in a first position indication area and a second position indication area, respectively, irrespective of whether or not the target object is being displayed in the content display area. The first and second markers indicate a position within the content where the target object is arranged. The first and second position indication areas are provided separately from the content display area and indicate positions within the content.07-01-2010
20080238946SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING A REPLICA OF A GRAPHIC PRESENTATION - A system providing a graphic presentation replica of an original graphic presentation represented by an original graphic data set established by an originator employing a first graphic instruction set includes: (a) a data extractor accessing the original data set to generate validation data defining validation parameters for evaluating the graphic presentation replica; and (b) a neutral export unit accessing the original data set to generate neutral model data usable by a second graphic instruction set. A receiver is coupled with the data extractor and the neutral import unit for receiving the validation data and the neutral model data. The receiver employs the validation data and the neutral model data for generating a translated graphic data set to establish the graphic presentation replica employing the second graphic instruction set. The graphic presentation replica is sufficiently similar with the original graphic presentation to satisfy at least one validation parameter.10-02-2008
20100060666ZOOMING GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - A method of presenting a hierarchically-organized collection of objects includes displaying a first-level set of first-level objects in a prominent scale; and while displaying the first-level set of first-level objects in the prominent scale, displaying one or more second-level sets of second-level objects in a diminished scale. Each second-level set of second-level objects is linked to a different first-level object. The method further includes recognizing selection of a chosen first-level object, and after recognizing selection of the chosen first-level object: displaying a second-level set of second-level objects linked to the chosen first-level object in a prominent scale; displaying a portion of the chosen first-level object in an enlarged scale; and displaying one or more third-level sets of third-level objects in a diminished scale. Each third-level set of third-level objects is linked to a different one of the second-level objects.03-11-2010
20130076796MOBILE TERMINAL DEVICE - A mobile electronic device and method are presented. One or more contacted positions are detected in response to a user contacting at least one contact detection module not located on a display module. An application program is executed in response to the contacted positions being transitioned, if the contacted positions comprise a predetermined number of contacts.03-28-2013
20100045705Interaction techniques for flexible displays - The invention relates to a set of interaction techniques for obtaining input to a computer system based on methods and apparatus for detecting properties of the shape, location and orientation of flexible display surfaces, as determined through manual or gestural interactions of a user with said display surfaces. Such input may be used to alter graphical content and functionality displayed on said surfaces or some other display or computing system. The invention also relates to interactive food or beverage container with associated computing apparatus inside its body, and a curved multitouch display on its surface, associated interaction techniques for curved multitouch displays, methods of use, and apparatus for refilling said electronic food or beverage container.02-25-2010
20120206495VARIABLE DISPLAY SCALE CONTROL DEVICE AND VARIABLE PLAYING SPEED CONTROL DEVICE - An information processing apparatus including an interface that displays an object and receives an instruction to change a display scale of the object, and a processor that controls the interface to change the display scale of the object based on the received instruction, controls the interface to stop changing the display scale of the displayed object for a predetermined period of time when the display scale of the displayed object becomes a predetermined display scale, and controls the interface to resume changing the display scale of the displayed object upon determining that the predetermined period of time has elapsed.08-16-2012
20130088518METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR PROVIDING A GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - The present invention contemplates a variety of improved methods and systems for providing a graphical user interface (GUI). As taught herein, the “display stack” is an elegant mechanism for managing the complexities of content, particularly in a touch screen, portable device, and/or smart phone setting where other types of human-computer interface hardware may not be readily accessible, and/or the screen may not be large relative to the amount of content involved.04-11-2013
20090303256DISPLAY-POINTER VISIBILITY - A method, apparatus, and system are provided for accentuating a pointer. An idle time period associated with a pointer relating to a display is monitored. A determination is made whether a termination of the idle time period associated with the pointer has occurred based upon the monitoring. A representation of the pointer is modified in response to the termination of the idle time period associated with the pointer.12-10-2009
20120218309ALIGNING USER INTERFACE ELEMENTS - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer program products, for aligning user interface elements arranged in multiple columns in a user interface. In one aspect, a method includes identifying a group of columns in a user interface, where each column in the group includes one or more user interface elements arranged in a sequence from a top of the column to a bottom of the column; comparing heights of first sequences of one or more user interface elements in a first column to heights of second sequences of one or more user interface elements in a second column; and adjusting the heights of the first sequences to align the first sequences with the second sequences by adjusting the heights of user interface elements in the first sequences, where adjustments to each user interface element in the first sequences are each less than a threshold adjustment value.08-30-2012
20110012928Method for Implementing Zoom Functionality On A Portable Device With Opposing Touch Sensitive Surfaces - An improved mobile electronic device 01-20-2011
20130063494ASSISTIVE READING INTERFACE - A screen reader for a computing device with a touch sensitive user interface. The screen reader operates in an investigatory mode in which touch inputs detected through the user interface are interpreted as inputs designating content on the display to verbally render. Each selection may be interpreted as designating a unit of content at the designated location. The size of the unit may be determined based on a direction of motion of pointing device arriving at the location on the display where the unit of content is designated. In this way, a user may, through simple and intuitively learned commands, designate content in units of different sizes such as characters, words, lines or paragraphs, when the content is text, and/or individual user interface elements when the displayed content being selected includes graphical elements.03-14-2013
20090237421MOBILE TERMINAL AND SCREEN DISPLAYING METHOD THEREOF - The present invention relates to a mobile terminal. Specifically to a mobile terminal including a display including a touchscreen, a sensing unit for sensing an object in near-proximity to the touchscreen, a controller for altering an image appearing on the display according to at least one of a duration of the object near the touchscreen and a distance of the object away from the touchscreen.09-24-2009
20090027421Computer system with a zooming capability and method - The computer system with zoom capability includes a floating zoom button which follows a cursor or may be navigated by a stylus or a finger tip across the display screen of the computer system. The floating zoom button includes a floating zoom “+” button and a floating zoom “−” button where the “+” button locates itself by default under the cursor and a zoom-in function is activated if the user interactive input device is actuated. A computer mouse, a pointing device, a stylus, or a finger tip may be used as the user interactive input arrangement. The cursor may move within the floating zoom button area provided to allow displacement of the cursor between the “+” and “−” buttons without displacement of the location of the floating zoom button. In this manner, the user may opt for the “−” button which represents a zoom-out with a minimization of any effort. By actuating the user interactive input device while the cursor points to the “−” button, a zoom-out action is performed on the display area provided within the floating zoom button area.01-29-2009
20120236037ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF DISPLAYING INFORMATION IN RESPONSE TO A GESTURE - A method includes displaying, on a display of an electronic device, an information element associated with an application and detecting a first gesture. In response to detecting the first gesture, at least a first part of a first image is displayed, including information associated with the application, while reducing display of the information element.09-20-2012
20120236036ELECTRONIC DEVICE, CONTROL METHOD OF THE SAME, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT OF THE SAME - An electronic device, a control method, and a computer program produce of the same are provided. The electronic device includes a touch panel and a display panel. The display panel is controlled to display a software input panel (SIP). The SIP includes a number of software keys. Each software key is corresponding to a touch region of the touch panel. The control method includes a number of steps. A touch input for a software key is received. According to the software key, one or more candidate software keys are identified. One of the candidate software keys has its corresponding touch region being enlarged. A layout of the SIP is kept substantially unchanged.09-20-2012
20110043539Map Display Device - A map display device includes: a display control unit that displays, at a display monitor, meshes partitioning a map into equal parts assuming a predetermined areal size and a map for which one of a plurality of scaling factors can be selected, by superimposing the meshes on the map; a storage unit in which map data constituted with mesh data corresponding to the map partitioned into the meshes are stored; an input accepting unit that accepts an input; a detection unit that detects a specific mesh selected through input at the input accepting unit among the meshes displayed via the display control unit; a reception unit that receives from an external source mesh data corresponding to the mesh detected by the detection unit and; and an update unit that updates map data stored in the storage unit by using the mesh data received via the reception unit.02-24-2011
20100149217SNAP TO ELEMENT ANALYTICAL TOOL - An analytical tool for measuring spacing between elements in a web page is provided. In one implementation, the analytical tool identifies locations indicated on a web page and automatically determines one or more elements in proximity to those indicated locations. The analytical tool automatically identifies points on the determined elements associated with the indicated locations and calculates the distance between those points. The calculated distance is displayed on the web page. The automatically identified points and a graphical representation of a measuring ruler between the points may also be displayed to enhance usability.06-17-2010
20110012929Method for Displaying Content within an Online Collage-Based Editor Using a Relative Coordinate System - In a server-based system for creating and editing image and or text-based projects, the system having access to a digital medium containing an executable graphics user interface (GUI) accessible by computer browser, a method is provided for scaling a project page using relative units including the steps (a) establishing a 0 point at the center of the project page, (b) from the center, scaling a number of relative units ending at a negative limit value for width equal to one half of total width value, (c) from the center, scaling a number of relative units ending at a negative limit value for height equal to one half of the total height, (d) from the center, scaling a number of relative units ending at a positive limit value for width equal to one half of total width, and (e) from the center, scaling a number of relative units ending at a positive limit value for height equal to one half of the total height. For all of the steps, each unit represents an equal division of the total value from the negative limit to the positive limit for width and for height.01-20-2011
20100194784Apparatus and Method for Map Zooming - An apparatus for map zooming includes instructions stored in a memory that when executed by a processor render a zoom bar. The zoom bar includes a plurality of map scale hash marks arranged along an axis of the zoom bar and indicative of a map scale range of a geographic map. The plurality of map scale hash marks include a first map scale hash mark representative of a first map scale, a second map scale hash mark offset along the zoom bar axis from the first map scale hash mark and representative of a second map scale, and a map transformation hash mark located between the first and second map scale hash marks and representative of a transformation of the geographic map from a first map data set defined with reference to the first map scale to a second map data set defined with reference to the second map scale. The zoom bar further includes a map zoom bar indicator located relative to the first and second map scale hash marks and corresponding to a current map display scale and a zoom level of the geographic map.08-05-2010
20110298831CONTROL SYSTEM, CONTROL APPARATUS, HANDHELD APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A control system including: an input apparatus including a sensor portion; and a control apparatus including a coordinate generation portion that generates, based on a detection signal detected by the sensor portion, positional coordinates of a pointer on a screen, a selection area change portion that changes, in accordance with a level of a shake amount calculated based on the detection signal, a size of an icon selection area as an area where an icon on the screen is selected by the pointer, and a display control portion that controls display on the screen so that the pointer is displayed at a position corresponding to the positional coordinates of the pointer.12-08-2011
20110298830Single Point Input Variable Zoom - A method and computer readable medium are disclosed for re-sizing screen content of a user interface comprising an initial view displayed within a touch-sensitive screen. A double tap and hold interaction is detected on the screen at an initial location. A drag interaction is detected, where the drag interaction comprises maintaining contact across the screen in an initial direction. A release interaction is detected, where the release interaction comprises a final location where interaction on the screen is detected. A zoom factor is determined based upon the initial location, the final location, and the initial direction. A zoomed view is generated using the zoom factor, where the zoomed view changes a proportion of the screen filled by an area surrounding the initial location relative to the initial view. Finally, the zoomed view of the screen content is provided for display on the screen.12-08-2011
20120098866GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACES AND OCCLUSION PREVENTION FOR FISHEYE LENSES WITH LINE SEGMENT FOCI - A method for generating a presentation of a region-of-interest in an original image for display on a display screen, comprising: establishing a lens for the region-of-interest, the lens having a magnified focal region for the region-of-interest at least partially surrounded by a shoulder region having diminishing magnification, the focal region having a perimeter defined by a radius r from a line segment; receiving one or more signals to adjust at least one of the radius r and a length len of the line segment to thereby adjust the perimeter; and, applying the lens to the original image to produce the presentation.04-26-2012
20110292084Text Box Resizing - A system, method, and computer readable medium are disclosed for re-sizing input fields and text of a user interface displayed within a touch-sensitive screen. The user interface comprises an initial view with at least one input field. The user interface is provided for display on the screen. A touch interaction is detected on the screen, and it is determined whether the interaction is within a predefined area of an input field. Responsive to determining that the interaction is within the predefined area, a magnified view of the input field is generated. The magnified view increases the proportion of the screen filled by the input field and text relative to the initial view. The magnified view is then presented for display on the screen.12-01-2011
20100315438USER INTERFACE METHODS PROVIDING CONTINUOUS ZOOM FUNCTIONALITY - Methods and devices provide an efficient user interface for providing continuous zoom or magnification of a displayed image on a computing device. A user may initiate a zoom-in or zoom-out function by tracing an ellipsoidal shape (e.g., a circle) using a user interface device, such as a touchscreen, touchpad or mouse. The zoom function continues so long as a touchscreen or touchpad are touched, or a mouse button is depressed, and an ellipsoidal path is traced. Zoom-in or magnification scaling factor may be applied to an image in response to a clockwise path trace and a zoom-out or demagnification scaling factor may be applied to an image in response to a clockwise path trace, or vice versa. A visual aid may be presented on the display that may be followed to conduct the zoom function.12-16-2010
20100141684MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND METHOD FOR SCALING DATA UP/DOWN ON TOUCH SCREEN - A mobile communication device having a touch screen, a detector and a controller is provided. The touch screen is adapted for displaying and entering data. The detector is configured to detect a trace drawn and entered on the touch screen. The controller is configured to scale up and to scale down data displayed on the touch screen depending on a direction of the trace.06-10-2010
20100079499HUMAN-MACHINE INTERFACE HAVING MULTIPLE TOUCH TREND MANIPULATION CAPABILITIES - A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) system comprises a machine interface, a processing system, and a user interface. The machine interface receives operational data associated with an operation of a machine. The processing system processes the operational data associated with the operation of the machine to determine a trend in the operational data. The user interface displays a graphical representation of the trend, and receives a first user input and a second user input simultaneously on a surface of the user interface. The processing system processes the first user input and the second user input to determine a change in the trend. The user interface displays a graphical representation of the change in the trend.04-01-2010
20100079501Information Processing Apparatus, Information Processing Method and Program - An information processing apparatus according to the present invention includes: an input position detecting unit for detecting a position of an operator positioned on an operation input unit; a direction detecting unit for detecting a moving direction of the operator based on time change of the position of the detected operator; a magnification change unit for changing a magnification of a screen in accordance with a number of the operator detected by the input position detecting unit; and a display content moving unit for moving a content displayed on the screen along the moving direction of the operator detected by the direction detecting unit.04-01-2010
20110007097SINGLE AXIS ZOOM - A graphical representation of data may be displayed along with a horizontal axis and a vertical axis. A user may define a region in the graphical representation using a zoom tool. If the defined region intersects with either of the horizontal or vertical axes, a single axis zoom may be performed according to the defined region rather than a conventional zoom. A single axis zoom may include maintaining the domain of either the horizontal or vertical axes, while zooming in at the intersected axis of the defined region.01-13-2011
20100079500Mouse having Pan, Zoom, and Scroll Controls - A control device includes a processor and a control button. The control button includes a key and an analog sensor coupled to the processor. The key is configured to be moved in a first direction and a second direction, which is substantially opposite from the first direction. The analog sensor is configured to detect an amount of movement of the key in the first direction and the second direction and send a control signal to the processor to indicate the amount of movement. Based on the control signal, the processor is configured to control zoom of a graphical object displayed on a computer monitor at a rate that is based on the amount of movement.04-01-2010
20090262144PLANT INFORMATION DISPALY DEVICE - An object of the invention is to provide a plant information display device which deforms and displays drawing data without hiding all pieces of information necessary for plant monitoring and plant instrument operation while visibility is not lowered. The plant information display device according to an aspect of the invention includes an input unit; a region determination unit into which an interest region and a deformation condition in a plant are fed using the input unit, the region determination unit specifying a deformation target region based on the interest region and deformation condition supplied from the input unit; a region division unit which divides a drawing into plural regions based on the deformation target region specified by the region determination unit, the region division unit performing management while the deformation target region and a non-deformation target region are divided; a drawing distortion unit which separately deforms the deformation target region and non-deformation target region in a display region; a drawing output unit; and a display unit.10-22-2009
20090262142Method and system for rendering web pages on a wireless handset - A wireless handset and a method and system for a wireless handset that better enable a user of the wireless handset to identify, select and view objects on a web page. Objects from a web page are rendered on a wireless handset display as selectable panels in perspective views. The rendering of objects from a web page as selectable panels in perspective views allows a web page designed for rendering on a display of a conventional Internet capable device to fit within a much smaller display of a wireless handset while maintaining the relative position, visibility, selectability and natural appearance of the objects.10-22-2009
20100201715METHOD FOR CONTROLLING OUTPUT OF DISPLAY UNIT AND SYSTEM ENABLING OF THE METHOD - Disclosed herein are a method for controlling the output of a display unit to meet various requirements of the user, and an output control apparatus employing the same.08-12-2010
20080284800Method and/or apparatus for displaying scaled design drawings permitting measurement directly from the display - Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to a display device. The display device may comprise a display capable of displaying at least one design drawing. At least one storage location may be capable of storing at least one design drawing to be displayed. Display programmed logic circuitry may be capable of causing the display to display the at least one design drawing based at least in part on one or more scale parameters, such that the at least one design drawing is displayed on the display so as to allow measurements to be taken directly from the display. The displayed design drawing may be altered by means of a user interface to adjust, for example, the scale, viewable area, rotation, etc. The display device may portable, and it may useful for deployment in, for example, the engineering, real estate, mapping, surveying, construction, and other fields.11-20-2008
20100315439Using motion detection to process pan and zoom functions on mobile computing devices - An arrangement on a mobile computing device wherein actual motion of the device can be employed to control, among other things, the panning, zooming, paging and scrolling of a graphic user interface. The user would need only use only one hand to hold the device and simultaneously undertake the aforementioned functions, e.g., by moving or gesturing with the device to perform pan, zoom, page and/or scroll functions on an image or document currently displayed on the device. Thus, the screen wouldn't necessarily need to be a touch screen, and the user wouldn't necessarily need to ever touch the screen.12-16-2010
20130120463Methods and Apparatus for Natural Media Painting Using Proximity-Based Tablet Stylus Gestures - Systems and methods for providing a natural media painting application may receive user inputs through tablet stylus gestures. Various digital painting and image editing tasks may be invoked and/or controlled using such gesture-based inputs. The application may detect stylus gestures that mimic real-world actions of artists, and may perform appropriate painting and image editing actions in response to detecting and recognizing the stylus gestures. The system may provide an automatic zoom mode in which, as the stylus is moved into proximity of the tablet, the application zooms into a displayed image to focus on an area of interest. The system may also provide an automatic panning mode that allows the user to pan an image when the stylus is in proximity to, but not touching, the tablet. One or more thresholds for determining whether the stylus is in proximity with the tablet may be pre-defined or may be user configurable.05-16-2013
20090141046MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SCROLL WHEEL - A multi-dimensional scroll wheel is disclosed. Scroll wheel circuitry is provided to detect input gestures that traverse the center of the scroll wheel and to detect multi-touch input. The scroll wheel can include a first plurality of sensor elements arranged in a first closed loop and a second plurality of sensor elements arranged in a second closed loop, the first and second closed loops being concentrically arranged about the center of the scroll wheel.06-04-2009
20110141146ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - An electronic apparatus and method of controlling or performing a plurality of executable functions. The electronic apparatus includes: a display that displays an image corresponding to at least one executable function; an input unit that receives input from a user; and a controller that changes a size of the image according to the input from the user and performs at least one of automatic execution of the function and automatic closure of the function being performed in accordance with an extent of a change in the size of the image.06-16-2011
20110141145ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD CAPABLE OF ZOOMING IMAGES - An electronic device includes a display screen, a processing unit, and a touch panel. The touch panel includes touch sensitive units, and each touch sensitive unit can be identified by an unique coordinate. The processing unit determines whether first two touch sensitive points are touched at the same time, and further determines whether two more touch sensitive points are also touched at the same time within a preset time interval. The processing unit calculates distance between the first two touched points and then a distance between the second two touched points. The processing unit compares the first distance value with the second distance value, and zooms in or zoom out a displayed image according to the result. A related method is also provided.06-16-2011
20090085936IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing method is provided. The image processing method is applicable to a display having a stream of drawing as an input for selecting at least a portion of an image thereon as a selected image region. The method includes steps of identifying the input as a closed region input and then performing an image operation.04-02-2009
20110227950IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, IMAGE PROCESSING PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM HAVING IMAGE PROCESSING PROGRAM RECORDED THEREIN - An image processing apparatus includes: a display section having the function of detecting a position touched by a pointer; an icon display control section for identifying a pixel of interest which is a pixel associated with the position of the pointer from among pixels forming an image displayed at the display section and displaying an icon for indicating the pixel of interest on the image displayed at the display section; and an image processing section for generating an image focused in a part thereof associated with the pixel of interest using distance data associated with the pixels forming the image.09-22-2011
20090256864Electronic Device Having Improved User Interface - Embodiments of the present invention provide an electronic device, comprising a first display and a second display arranged to display a region of the first display at an increased magnification.10-15-2009
20120105486CALIBRATION FREE, MOTION TOLERENT EYE-GAZE DIRECTION DETECTOR WITH CONTEXTUALLY AWARE COMPUTER INTERACTION AND COMMUNICATION METHODS - Eye tracking systems and methods include such exemplary features as a display device, at least one image capture device and a processing device. The display device displays a user interface including one or more interface elements to a user. The at least one image capture device detects a user's gaze location relative to the display device. The processing device electronically analyzes the location of user elements within the user interface relative to the user's gaze location and dynamically determine whether to initiate the display of a zoom window. The dynamic determination of whether to initiate display of the zoom window may further include analysis of the number, size and density of user elements within the user interface relative to the user's gaze location, the application type associated with the user interface or at the user's gaze location, and/or the structure of eye movements relative to the user interface.05-03-2012
20100156942DISPLAY DEVICE AND METHOD FOR EDITING IMAGES - A method for editing images is provided. The method includes steps of: reading a to-be-displayed image; identifying portions of the read image containing human faces, and defining location(s) of face(s) as face area(s), and the remaining area(s) as non-face area(s); providing an image adjusting menu in response to an input by the user via a user input unit, determining an editing manner in response to a menu item selection, and generating an instruction corresponding to the determined editing manner; editing the face area according to the determined editing manner; displaying the edited image on the display unit; storing the edited image in the storage unit. A display device for editing images is also provided.06-24-2010
20100182343DISPLAY CONTROL DEVICE AND IMAGING DEVICE - The display control device disclosed herein includes an acquisition section, a display method determination section, and an image display controller. The acquisition section is configured to acquire from a recording part an image and movement information related to at least one of the movement of a housing and the movement of a subject within the image. The display method determination section is configured to determine the display method of the image on the display unit on the basis of the movement information. The image display controller is configured to display the image on the display unit so that the image moves on the screen of the display unit, on the basis of the determination result of the display method determination section.07-22-2010
20100188429System and Method to Navigate and Present Image Libraries and Images - Methods and systems for navigating and presenting image libraries and images on a display screen are disclosed. A position on a display screen pointed to by a controller is determined. A movement of the controller that changes a distance between the controller and the display screen is detected. A display presented by the display screen is modified by performing a zoom operation related to the determined position on the display screen, where a change in the display based on the zoom operation is determined based on an amount the distance between the controller and the display screen is changed.07-29-2010
20100225669DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD OF THE SAME - Disclosed are a display apparatus and a control method of the same. The display apparatus includes: a display unit, an image processing unit; an image receiving unit which receives an image from an image source; and a controller which controls the image processing unit to crop the image such that an aspect ratio of the received image becomes a preset reference aspect ratio and scale the cropped image in correspondence to a resolution of the display unit. With this configuration, an image with no distortion can be displayed.09-09-2010
20120194560REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM AND APPLIANCE FOR USE IN THE REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM - An appliance according to the present invention is operative under instructions from a plurality of control units, which includes a first control unit and a second control unit. The first control unit outputs a first control signal to the appliance to instruct the appliance to perform a predetermined operation. The second control unit outputs a second control signal to the appliance to instruct the appliance to perform the predetermined operation. The appliance includes a receiving section that receives the first and second control signals and an image control section that changes sizes of a particular image to be presented during the predetermined operation depending on whether the receiving section has received the first control signal or the second control signal.08-02-2012
20100271403Digital image drop zones and transformation interaction - A portion of a digital image is displayed where the portion that is displayed depends upon a mask. After the portion of the digital image is displayed, a change to the mask is received. It is determined, based at least in part on the received change to the mask, a transformation to be applied to the digital image. A new portion of the digital image is displayed based at least in part on the changed mask and the determined transformation, where the new portion that is displayed has the same center point as the previously displayed portion.10-28-2010
20120194561REMOTE CONTROL OF COMPUTER DEVICES - An apparatus for remote hand control of a computer device, the apparatus comprising: a hand tracker, configured to track movement of a hand of a user of the computer device, an image presenter, associated with the hand tracker, configured to present a first image representative of the hand and a second image to the user, and to move the first image in concert with the tracked movement, and a computer controller, associated with the image presenter and configured to control the computer device in accordance with an interaction between the first image and the second image, thereby allowing the user to control the computer device, by moving the hand for bringing the first image and the second image into the interaction.08-02-2012
20090322792IMAGE OUTPUT APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM - The apparatus of the present invention includes a reduction ratio determination unit that determines a reduction ratio in each of a plurality of image data based on a character size included in each of the plurality of image data; a reduction unit that reduces the plurality of image data according to the respective reduction ratio; a layout trial unit that arranges the plurality of reduced image data according to a plurality of layout methods; and a layout determination unit that determines a layout method from the plurality of layout methods based on the number of the plurality of image data arranged.12-31-2009
20130127920Focusing on Contextually-Relevant Content - Implementations of the present disclosure include a method, system, apparatus, and storage media for matching data associated with a user with one or more respective attributes of a plurality of sub-portions of web content, each of the plurality of sub-portions of web content including at least one attribute; ranking the plurality of sub-portions of web content based on matching the data associated with the user with the one or more respective attributes of the plurality of sub-portions of web content; and focusing the graphical user interface of the mobile communication device on a highest-ranked sub-portion of web content in the ranked plurality of sub-portions.05-23-2013
20080231643Method and apparatus for controlling the size or opacity of map elements rendered in an interactive map view - To provide the illusion of smooth motion during zoom or pan operations of an interactive map display, relatively unimportant map elements are not rendered during map movements. By reducing the number of elements to be rendered in each frame during the movement, a map display rendering engine can increase its frame rate, thus providing the illusion of smooth motion. At the completion of the zoom or pan operation, the omitted elements “fade in” by successively rendering the same frame with the omitted elements' opacity gradually increasing in each frame. The selection of map elements to omit during map movement is made by comparing a dynamic value stored with each layer of map elements to a rendering performance value, which may be based on the computational power of the rendering engine, and may be set upon installation of the map software.09-25-2008
20100302281MOBILE DEVICE CAPABLE OF TOUCH-BASED ZOOMING AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A mobile device has a touch sensitive surface such as a touch screen. In a touch-based zooming control method, the mobile device displays target data of a selected content on a screen. While the target data is displayed, the mobile device activates a zoom mode in response to a given gesture or input event. Then, the mobile device receives a touch-based gesture input which starts from a specific point on the target data, and executes a zooming function such as a zoom-in and a zoom-out in response to the received gesture input. Particularly, a continuous zooming control in various zooming rates is possible based on a single touch gesture. A toggling-based zooming control is also possible. A bitmap image is used for a rapid real-time display of the target data.12-02-2010
20110001763Display control apparatus and display control method - There is provided a display control apparatus including a pickup image acquisition unit that acquires a pickup image of a viewer viewing a display image, a detection unit that detects a viewing position and a viewing distance of the viewer with respect to the display image based on the pickup image of the viewer acquired by the pickup image acquisition unit, and a display control unit that changes a size of the display image in accordance with the viewing distance of the viewer detected by the detection unit while associating the viewing position of the viewer detected by the detection unit with a display position of the display image.01-06-2011
20090184980SCALE-ADAPTIVE FONTS AND GRAPHICS - Scale-adaptive fonts and graphics are disclosed. In some embodiments, an indication of a desired overall size for the graphic is received. The graphic is scaled to the desired overall size. A shape of the graphic is adapted to the desired overall scale at least in part by adjusting a thickness of at least a portion of the graphic in a manner that preserves one or more stylized features of the shape.07-23-2009
20090066730IMAGE DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS AND IMAGE DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD - At the time of switching an image to be displayed from a first image to a second image with different number of recording pixels with the display scale fixed, display is controlled such that of a partial range displayed in a display region of the image, a relative position of a point farthest from the center of the first image, as to the first image, and of a partial range displayed in a display region of the second image, the relative position of a point corresponding to the farthest point in the first image, as to the second image, are equal. Corresponding ranges between images before and after switching therebetween can be displayed with the display scale fixed, such that the probability of the displayed region extending outside of the entire image is reduced and comparison of images is facilitated.03-12-2009
20090033683Method, system and apparatus for intelligent resizing of images - A new approach contemplating a variety of improved methods and systems to perform intelligent image resizing on an image is proposed. The approach enables a user to interactively mark or select portions of the image to preserve and/or remove. An energy function can then be used to calculate values of an energy metric, for a non-limiting example, entropy, on every pixel over the entire image. Such calculated values can then be used to determine the optimal regions where new pixels are to be inserted or existing pixels are to be removed in order to minimize the amount of energy lost (for shrinking) or added (for growing) in the image.02-05-2009
20110122157METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR NAVIGATING A DISPLAY SCREEN FOR LOCATING A DESIRED ITEM OF INFORMATION - A method and a system for navigating a display screen to search for a desired item of information stored in an electronic device. The electronic device includes a novel fly over user interface (FOUI) capable of receiving commands from a user to provide a zoom out view of the display screen. A user may commence a navigation session by touching the display screen in a non active area or by clicking on a specifically designated icon to activate the user interface. During the navigation session, the display screen is zoomed-out and a magnifying area may appear on the display screen. The user interface enables the user to scroll the zoomed-out display screen by dragging the magnifying area towards an edge of the display screen to find a desired item of information. The display screen may be a display screen of a digital device (e.g., portable computer, personal computer, a cellular telephone, a digital watch, etc). The user may terminate a navigation session by removing the pointer from the display screen.05-26-2011
20100053220INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus includes: display means for displaying an image; operation-input receiving means for receiving operation input of a user; and display control means for arranging one or more images on a virtual desktop having an infinite space size and performing, with a part of the desktop set as a display area, display control for causing the display means to display the display area, wherein when selection operation for selecting a predetermined image among the one or more images arranged on the desk top is performed, as the display control, the display control means shifts a relative position of the display area on the desktop such that the predetermined image is included in the center of the display area.03-04-2010
20110074828Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface for Touch-Based Gestural Input on an Electronic Canvas - Methods for touch-based gestural command input on a device with a touch-sensitive surface and a display are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes displaying an electronic canvas including an object at a first magnification level; simultaneously detecting a first and a second contact on the touch-sensitive surface, wherein at least one of the first contact and the second contact on the touch-sensitive surface is at a location that corresponds to a location on the display that is away from the object; detecting a gesture made with the first and second contacts; when a velocity of the gesture is less than a predefined gesture velocity threshold, scaling the electronic canvas in accordance with the gesture; and, when the velocity of the gesture is greater than the predefined gesture velocity threshold transitioning the electronic canvas from the first magnification level to a second, predefined magnification level in response to the gesture.03-31-2011
20110025716ENABLING A USER TO CHOOSE A REPRESENTATIVE LANDMARK TO DISPLAY AT A PARTICULAR ZOOM LEVEL ON A DIGITAL MAP - A user is enabled to choose a particular landmark to display on a particular view of a digital map instead of a landmark chosen by a digital map designer. This particular landmark may then represent all landmarks that are in close proximity to each other within a geographical area on the digital map when only one of the landmarks can be displayed on that particular view of the digital map.02-03-2011
20110025717GRAPHICAL INTERFACE WITH DATA PRESENCE INDICATORS - A computer-readable medium, computer-implemented method, and system for generating a user interface is provided. One or more data presence indicators are generated which allows users to locate data on a graph displayed in the user interface by indicating where data is present, even when the data itself is not visible in the user interface. The system can modify the format of the data presence indicator depending on the location of the data. In one embodiment of the invention, the system can update the data presence indicators in response to a user modification of the magnification or scroll position of the user interface.02-03-2011
20110025718INFORMATION INPUT DEVICE AND INFORMATION INPUT METHOD - An information input device, which displays button images showing a plurality of buttons on a display unit, detects an indication position by a position coordinate detection unit installed in the display unit, and thereby inputs information corresponding to the button which is indicated, includes, an enlargement display unit configured to generate a first enlargement image, which includes an indicated first button among the plurality of buttons, where the vicinity of the first button is enlarged as a display region, and to display the generated first enlargement image on the display unit; a determination unit configured to determine whether an indication region which is indicated in the first enlargement image is included in a first region which is movable in the first enlargement image, or in a second region which instructs the changing of the display region.02-03-2011
20110175932EYE TRACKER BASED CONTEXTUAL ACTION - The present invention relates to systems and methods for assisting a user when interacting with a graphical user interface by combining eye based input with input for e.g. selection and activation of objects and object parts and execution of contextual actions related to the objects and object parts. The present invention also relates to such systems and methods in which the user can configure and customize specific combinations of eye data input and input that should result in a specific contextual action.07-21-2011
20080303846Assymetric two-pass graphics scaling - A method and an apparatus for determining an up scale factor and a down scale factor according to a scale factor received from a graphics application program interface (API) to scale a graphics data in a graphics processing unit (GPU) are described. The up scale factor and the down scale factor may be precisely stored in the GPU based on a fixed number of bits. An actual scale factor which can be precisely stored in the GPU corresponding to the scale factor may differ from the scale factor with a difference. Graphics commands may be sent to the GPU to scale the graphics data according to the up scale factor and the down scale factor separately. A combined scale factor corresponding to a combination of the up scale factor and the down scale factor may differ from the scale factor less then the difference between the actual scale factor and the scale factor12-11-2008
20110164063DISPLAY INPUT DEVICE - A display input device is comprised of a touch panel 07-07-2011
20080204477Zooming Controller - A method and device for accessing a broad data field having a fine resolution. The user selects a scale which can be varied. The scale controls a range within the data field. By moving the range to encompass different portions of the data field, the user can scan that portion of the data field. The present invention allows the user to simultaneously select the scale while moving the range over different portions of the data field. Thus, the user can “zoom in” and “zoom out” of different portions of the data field. In one embodiment of the present invention, a particular piece of data within the broad data field can be accessed. First, the scale is selectively varied, thereby controlling a range within the data field. Then, the range is moved to encompass portions of the data field in which the piece of data resides. Next, the scale is successively decreased while, simultaneously, points successively closer to the location are kept with the range. The scale is decreased (i.e., increasing the range's resolution) and the range is moved in this manner until the piece of data is actually accessed.08-28-2008
20080204476Methods for combination tools that zoom, pan, rotate, draw, or manipulate during a drag - After positioning the cursor and pressing-and-holding a mouse button to begin a drag, a user continues to drag the cursor out of and into plural popped up regions. While the cursor is within a region, an associated function effects the displayed graphical information in a particular way, such as continuously panning, drawing, zooming, or rotating. Upon rolling-out of a region without entering a contiguous region, the last function continues to execute and all popped up regions are removed such that the user may utilize the entire display without being switched to another function. In a simple form, after release of the mouse button, a tool may zoom out if the user held the mouse substantially stationary and zoom in on a rectangle if the mouse was dragged. Reducing the number of times a user clicks by eliminating the step of selecting a function should help avoid repetitive strain injuries.08-28-2008
20110261078INTERACTIVE MAGNIFICATION TOOL - A method and apparatus for an alternative representation of information that is displayable onto a user interface display screen. The information can be displayed as at least one portion of a data range, such as data representing characteristics of one or more signals over time, while the alternative representation can be displayed in accordance with a set of one or more user selectable magnification attributes associated with the portions of the data range and associated with one or more axis directions relative to a plane of the display screen.10-27-2011
20110254866INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD AND PROGRAM THEREFORE - An information processing apparatus, method, and program are provided that control display of an image. The information processing apparatus, method, and program designate a first point and a second point on an image, determine a zoom direction based on a position of the first point relative to a position of the second point, and zoom the image in the zoom direction.10-20-2011
20110254865APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR DYNAMICALLY CORRELATING VIRTUAL KEYBOARD DIMENSIONS TO USER FINGER SIZE - Embodiments provide user interface for computing devices equipped with a touchscreen user interface/display and a digital camera that enhances a portion of a displayed image within a user's gaze. A user may calibrate their mobile device by touching a portion of the touchscreen with one or more fingers and following a moving image on the display with their eyes. The mobile device may track where a user is looking, and if the user is looking at the mobile device display, a portion of the display in the vicinity of the user's gaze may be enhanced in size. In an embodiment, if the user is looking at a virtual keyboard, key icons near the user's gaze may be increased in size commensurate with the user's finger tip size. The in this manner, a user can accurately select individual keys in a virtual keyboard that fits within a mobile device display.10-20-2011
20110134146INTERACTIVE DISPLAY METHOD - An interactive display system and an interactive display method are introduced herein. The interactive display system includes a mirror and a display unit. The display unit is built in the mirror, for providing auxiliary showing an image of a user in front of the display system. The image of the user can be automatically enlarged or shrunk and displayed on the display unit when the user moves forward to or away from the interactive display system. In the method, a distance is sensed between the user and the display system. When the user moves relative to the display system, the captured image of the user displayed on the display system is enlarged or shrunk using a zoom ratio based on a rate of change of the distance between the user and the display system.06-09-2011
20110074829MOBILE COMMUNICATION TERMINAL INCLUDING TOUCH INTERFACE AND METHOD THEREOF - A mobile communication terminal includes a touch unit to receive a first touch and to generate a first touch signal according to the received first touch, a coordinate computation unit to receive the first touch signal from the touch unit to compute first touch position coordinates of the first touch, a region enlargement unit to define an original region in accordance with an enlargement condition according to the first touch position coordinates and to enlarge the original region to generate an enlargement region, a coordinate mapping unit to generate second coordinates of the enlargement region and to map first coordinates of the original region with the second coordinates of the enlargement region, and a control unit to perform a command on the first coordinates of the original region. A method for the mobile communication terminal includes displaying the enlargement region on a display of the mobile communication terminal.03-31-2011
20110074827ELECTRONIC DEVICE INCLUDING TOUCH-SENSITIVE INPUT DEVICE AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING SAME - A method includes displaying information on a display of a portable electronic device, detecting, by a touch-sensitive input device, a gesture, performing a first function in response to detecting the gesture, and performing a zooming function on the information on the display when the gesture comprises a curved gesture.03-31-2011
20110080430Information Processing Apparatus, Information Processing Method, and Information Processing Program - An apparatus for controlling a display screen including a touch-sensitive panel generating position signals representing a set of positions of a single continuous touch activation between a first time and a second time; and a processor coupled to the panel. The processor configured to: process the signals to detect first and second characteristics of the set; and generate output signals causing a display screen to initiate first and second operations corresponding to the first and second characteristics.04-07-2011
20100214323IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM, IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, DISPLAY APPARATUS, METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME, AND PROGRAM - This invention provides a mechanism that enables to use history information representing the history of a predetermined operation performed by an operator during a presentation without shooting it by a video camera or the like. To accomplish this, an image processing system stores, as history information, user operations such as pointer manipulation and an enlargement rendering operation at the time of presentation on the display apparatus together with the operation target display area. An image processing apparatus creates the digest data of the presentation using the history information and display data used for the presentation.08-26-2010
20100182342Map display method - The method is used to enlarge the display of a first portion of a map, without hiding a first peripheral portion of this map. This method includes detecting an event which appears in the first peripheral portion and defining a second portion to be enlarged, centered on the position of this event. A second peripheral zone associated with this second portion to be enlarged is defined and the second portion to be enlarged is displayed by applying respective enlargement ratios greater than 100% to at least some elements of that portion, so as to make the event more legible. The second peripheral portion is also displayed by applying at least to some elements of this portion respective enlargement ratios lower than 100% so as to save surface area to avoid hiding a portion of the map.07-22-2010
20100283800MAGNIFYING CONTENT ON A GRAPHICAL DISPLAY - Systems, methods and articles of manufacture are disclosed for magnifying content on a graphical display. A user may specify a selection area of the graphical display to be magnified. The user may also specify a display area of the graphical display within which to output a magnified copy of the selection area. Further, the user may anchor a selection area or a display area to an application window or to content in the application window. For instance, an anchored display area may move with an application window. The user may also specify a text size for the display area. The display area may magnify text from the selection area to the specified text size. A magnification area may also display metadata from an application window or from content in the application window. A composite view may combine multiple magnification areas.11-11-2010
20080218533Terminal apparatus and processing program thereof - In the terminal apparatus, a CPU 09-11-2008
20110187750APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING AN IMAGE AND METHOD - A method for controlling an image may include activating a selected area of the image based on a touch point, setting the selected area according to a maintained touch input or according to a second input, increasing a zoom of the image, and outputting the zoomed selected area if a touch release is sensed. An apparatus to control an image displayed on a screen may include a touch sensing unit, a display unit, and a screen processing unit of which the screen processing unit activates a selected area and zooms the selected area based on a touch.08-04-2011
20100020105MULTI-FORMAT IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND METHOD - An image display apparatus and method are disclosed. In the present invention, image frames of various data information sizes are displayed with a selected output data information size. If the selected output data information size is below a limit of a storage medium for buffering image frames to be displayed, the data information size of an input image frame is adjusted to the output data information, and the image frame is displayed in the output data information size. If the output data information exceeds the limit of the storage medium, the input image is over-compressed to have a lower data information size. Then an image processing is performed to the image frame, so that the processed image frame is decompressed to have the output data information size before being displayed. Therefore, the decompressed image frame can be displayed in the selected output data information size.01-28-2010
20110115822MOBILE TERMINAL AND MAP SEARCHING METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed are a mobile terminal and a map searching method thereof, the mobile terminal including a communication unit configured to receive map data, a display unit configured to display the map data, the display unit configured as a touch screen, and a controller configured such that when a touch input is detected on the touch screen, if the detected touch input is a zoom-out move command, the controller determines a zoom-out scale, a movement speed and a movement direction based upon the touch input, and zooming out the map data to fit into the determined zoom-out scale and moving the map data in the determined direction and at the determined speed.05-19-2011
20110115823INTERACTIVE PROJECTOR SYSTEM AND METHOD - An interactive image projecting device that projects an image onto a display surface and controls the projected image based upon movement of the image projecting device or the detection of another image. The image projecting device includes a projector that generates an image from a control unit. The device includes a position indicating emitter that generates a position indicator and an image sensor that is operable to detect the position indicator from either the device including the image sensor or a position indicator from another device. Based upon the sensed position indicator from another device, the control unit operates to modify the image projected from the device such that the image from a first device can interact with an image from a second device. The first and second devices each have a wireless transceiver such that the devices can communicate with each other during operation.05-19-2011
20120127206MULTI-TOUCH INTERFACE GESTURES FOR KEYBOARD AND/OR MOUSE INPUTS - A mouse-and-keyboard based user interface is updated based on gestures made on a touch screen that is displaying the mouse-and-keyboard based user interface. The user interface update process includes the steps of receiving one or more touch events in response to a gesture made on the touch screen, translating the touch events to a mouse-and-keyboard based command, transmitting the mouse-and-keyboard based command to an operating system, and receiving an updated display in response thereto.05-24-2012
20110304650Gesture-Based Human Machine Interface - A gesture-based human machine interface, for example, a user interface for controlling a program executing on a computer, and related method are provided. Gestures of the user are monitored and a response is provided that is based upon the detected gestures. An object is used to point to information displayed on a screen. The information displayed on the screen is modified in response to a determination of the position on the screen to which the object is pointing and in response to the distance of the object from the screen.12-15-2011
20110304649CHARACTER SELECTION - Character selection techniques are described. In implementations, a list of characters is output for display in a user interface by a computing device. An input is recognized, by the computing device, that was detected using a camera as a gesture to select at least one of the characters.12-15-2011
20120062601METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING A DISPLAY - According to embodiments described in the specification, a method and apparatus for controlling a display are provided. The method comprises providing a first interface on the display, the first interface comprising a representation of a first application at a default zoom level; receiving a command to launch a second application; and, responsive to receiving the launch command, providing an updated interface on the display, the updated interface comprising updated representations of the first application and the second application; wherein the updated representation of the first application is inactive and occupies a first portion of the area of the display, and the updated representation of the second application is active and occupies a second portion of the display area, the second portion being larger than the first portion.03-15-2012
20090262143METHOD FOR DISPLAYING INFORMATION, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND STORAGE MEDIUM THEREOF - A method for displaying information is provided. A display area is provided for displaying at least a portion of an information page, wherein the information page includes at least an information column, and the information column is composed of a plurality of information units arranged along an arrangement direction. When a select event occurs in the information column, the information units in the information column are displayed according to a display size within a predetermined size range. Next, the layout of the information units in the information column is changed so that an arrangement length of the information units along the arrangement direction does not exceed the width of the display area.10-22-2009
20120154447MOBILE TERMINAL AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - A mobile terminal and a method for controlling the same are provided. The mobile terminal may include a touchscreen that displays at least one content item on a screen and that receives an area touch motion corresponding to a particular area of the screen, and a controller that analyzes the area touch motion and controls a specific content item and content control operation corresponding to the received area touch motion accordingly. Control of such a mobile terminal may include displaying an execution screen of an application, receiving an area touch motion corresponding to one area of the execution screen, analyzing the area touch motion, and controlling an application corresponding to the received area touch motion accordingly.06-21-2012
20120154446Systems and Methods for Processing Images with Edge Detection and Snap-To Feature - A method for creating image products includes the following steps. Image data and positional data corresponding to the image data are captured and processed to create geo-referenced images. Edge detection procedures are performed on the geo-referenced images to identify edges and produce geo-referenced, edge-detected images. The geo-referenced, edge-detected images are saved in a database. A user interface to view and interact with the geo-referenced image is also provided such that the user can consistently select the same Points of Interest between multiple interactions and multiple users.06-21-2012
20120120112ELECTRICAL DEVICE, DISPLAY METHOD FOR ELECTRICAL DEVICE AND ELECTRICAL DEVICE READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM FOR STORING THEREOF - An electrical device includes a display unit and a processing unit, which are electrically connected with each other. The processing unit includes an information receiving module, a weight obtaining module and a size adjusting module. The information receiving module receives physical information of a user. The weight obtaining module obtains a display weight according to the physical information of the user. The size adjusting module adjusts size of at least one display icon according to the display weight.05-17-2012
20100245395Information Handling System with Touch Pad and Point Stick - An information handling system is disclosed including a display, a base coupled to the display and a keypad with a plurality of keys disposed on the base. The system further includes a touchpad located proximate the keypad and a point stick located substantially between at least two of the plurality of keys, wherein the point stick is configured to be a scroll control device. A method for manipulating information on a display of an information handling system is further disclosed herein. The method includes moving a cursor on the display using a touchpad proximate a keypad on the information handling system and scrolling the information on the display in a direction corresponding with the direction of pressure applied to a top portion of a point stick located substantially between at least two keys of the keypad.09-30-2010
20120162265COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED METHOD FOR SPECIFYING A PROCESSING OPERATION - The disclosed subject matter provides for specifying a processing operation by means of a gesture by way of a first and second database, tables, organizational graphs, organizational nodes, KPI-values (including aggregated KPI values, O-aggregated KPI-values), and an application where the application displays the O-aggregated KPI values retrieved from the first database or received from the second database in an organization view of the GUI, the organization view displaying the current organization node and its direct child organization nodes, the organization view enabling the user to navigate within the organization graph, whereby a selection of one of the displayed organization nodes triggers a re-execution wherein the selected organization node is used as the current organization node.06-28-2012
20120212513Method Of Improving Operation Of Handheld Pointer Device In A Display Screen - A method of improving operation of handheld pointer device in a display screen is provided, applicable to a handheld pointer device and a display. The display can display a cursor indicating the location of a handheld pointer device in a display screen. The method includes the steps of: the handheld pointer device issuing a control signal to the display to enter a predefined mode; the display receiving the control signal and activating the predefined mode, the predefined mode including selecting a rectangular area inside the operation screen and the rectangular area being a partial area of the operation screen; the display in the predefined mode receiving and executing each of the control signals issued by the handheld pointer device; and determining whether to exit the predefined mode based on the execution result of previous step.08-23-2012
20120169775APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING A SCREEN DISPLAY IN PORTABLE TERMINAL - An apparatus and method for controlling a screen display in a portable terminal are provided. The apparatus includes a display unit, an input unit, a memory unit, a magnification identifying unit, and a controller. The display unit displays a screen display having a controlled magnification level. The input unit sets a zoom-in or zoom-out point on the screen display. The memory unit stores reference information for determining a zoom-in or zoom-out magnification level of the screen display. The magnification identifying unit measures a tilt of the portable terminal, and determines control or non-control of a magnification level of the screen display using the measured tilt. The controller controls the screen display according to the identified magnification level.07-05-2012
20120169774METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CHANGING A SIZE OF SCREEN USING MULTI-TOUCH - A method for changing a screen size using a multi-touch preferably comprises: executing a contents; inputting a multi-touch signal that requests a display size change of a contents screen that executed the contents. At least one of the horizontal display size and the vertical display size of the contents screen are changed in size according to the inputted multi-touch signal, and outputting the changed contents screen.07-05-2012
20110205248DISPLAY DEVICE AND MOBILE TERMINAL - A display device in accordance with the present invention includes: a timer (08-25-2011
20120249599METHOD OF IDENTIFYING A MULTI-TOUCH SCALING GESTURE AND DEVICE USING THE SAME - A method of identifying a scaling gesture comprises detecting one or more induction signals induced by one or more pointing objects that come into contact with a touch-sensitive surface, determining the number of the pointing object, determining a scaling gesture, generating a control signal associated with the determined scaling gesture and executing the scaling gesture in response to the generated control signal.10-04-2012
20100271402Rotary Input Device and Electronic Equipment - Disclosed is a rotary input device including: a rotary operation device; a rotation driving section; a detection section; a force sense presenting section to present a force sense by a combination of at least two of applying the rotary force in a clockwise direction, applying the rotary force in a counterclockwise direction, and stopping applying the rotary force; a display control section; a magnification ratio change instructing section; and a scroll instructing section, wherein the magnification ratio change instructing section instructs enlargement when rotating in one side, and instructs reduction when rotating in the other side; the scroll instructing section instructs on the basis of the depressed position; and the force sense presenting section changes a way of presenting the force sense in order that the operator can perceive a display state pertaining to a display position or a display magnification ratio of the image under display distinguishably.10-28-2010
20120256963INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM - A method is provided for generating a command for executing a process according to analyzed input data. The method comprises calculating a movement speed of a plurality of operating members based on input data corresponding to input operations of the operating members. The method further comprises analyzing the input data based on the movement speed. The method also comprises generating a command for executing a process according to the analyzed input data.10-11-2012
20120081405METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INTERFACING WITH AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE VIA RESPIRATORY AND/OR TACTUAL INPUT - Aspects of a method and system for interfacing with an electronic device via respiratory and/or tactual input are provided. In this regard, respiratory and tactual input may be utilized to interact with an electronic device via a user interface. The user interface may comprise a control region that may enable navigating and selecting objects, a fixed region that may enable display of information that may be independent of a state of, or activity in, the control region, and a content region that may enable display of information that may depend on a state of, or activity in, the control region. Accordingly, objects and/or information displayed on the electronic device may be affected and/or manipulated via tactual and respiratory input. Additionally, each region of the user interface may comprise one or more zones and a size, shape, and/or location of each region may be customized by a user.04-05-2012
20120229519MORPHING TOUCH SCREEN LAYOUT - A device displays one or more display elements on a touch screen associated with the device, and detects interaction of a finger, associated with a user of the device, with the touch screen. The device also calculates one or more touch areas associated with the finger based on the detected interaction, and resizes, reshapes, and/or relocates the one or more display elements based on the calculated one or more touch areas.09-13-2012
20110037779LARGE SIZE IMAGE BROWSING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - The present invention discloses a large size image browsing apparatus and a method thereof. The large size image browsing method according to the present invention comprises the following steps. First, a browsing apparatus is moved. Next, a sensing unit senses the force exerted on the browsing apparatus and calculates the displacement of the browsing apparatus to send out a displacement signal. Then, a processing unit sends out a control signal according to the displacement signal to update a part of the large size image on a display unit.02-17-2011
20110037778Apparatus And Method For Adjusting An Image In A Screen Of A Handheld Device - A method and apparatus is disclosed which allows the image in the screen of a small handheld device to be panned, or zoom-in or zoom-out, in response to moving the device. The handheld device containing an accelerometer is used to monitor the movements of the handheld device, and the acceleration is converted to moving (panning) the image in the screen or re-sizing (zooming) the image.02-17-2011
20100328352MULTI-OPERATOR MEDIA RETARGETING - A method for image processing includes receiving in a computerized image processor a source image having a source size and a definition of a target size that is different from the source size, and defining a plurality of different sequences of two or more different image retargeting operations that when applied to the source image, generates respective target images of the target size. The different sequences are automatically tested, using the image processor, by measuring respective similarities of the respective target images to the source image. One of the sequences is selected responsively to the similarities, and the selected one of the sequences is applied to the source image, using the image processor, in order to generate a target image.12-30-2010
20100328351User interface - A user interface including a display screen and an input device. The input device is for example a touchscreen, a touch pad, and one or more proximity sensors. The input device detects an input event, more specifically a pointing object placed in proximity therewith. Parameters of the input event include distance of the pointing object from the input device, speed of displacement of the pointing object towards the input device, direction of displacement of the pointing object towards the input device, and direction of displacement of the pointing object relative a plane of the input device. The display screen effects output events or magnification events. A field of view on the display screen (i.e. an area on the display screen) is magnified. At least one of scale of magnification, size of field of view to be magnified and size of resultant magnified field of view is dependent on at least one of the parameters of the input event. A user interface method for controlling magnification events effected by the display screen in response to signals generated by the input device is also provided by the present disclosure.12-30-2010
20120320095DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS - A method of configuring data processing apparatus for automatically determining the real size of an object in an image of a scene is provided. The method includes responding to user input by displaying in the image of the scene displayed on the display screen a virtual object representative of a real size object to establish a first datum position, and storing data defining the first datum position; varying a size of the virtual object in the image; storing data representative of a horizontal and vertical size of the virtual object relative to the displayed image at the first datum position; displaying said virtual object at a second datum position in said image; varying the size of the virtual object on the display screen at the second datum position; and storing data representative of the vertical and horizontal size of the virtual object at the second datum position.12-20-2012
20100188428MOBILE TERMINAL WITH IMAGE PROJECTION - A mobile terminal is provided including a projector module, a camera, and a controller. The projector module is configured to project an image for display on an external screen. The camera is configured to receive an input image of the image displayed on the external screen. The input image includes a pointer located over the image and a shadow of the pointer. The controller is configured to obtain a distance between the pointer and the shadow of the pointer from the input image, to recognize a touch by the pointer to a touch point in the displayed image according to the obtained distance, to project through the projector module a pointer cursor at the touch point, and to perform an operation corresponding to the recognized touch point.07-29-2010
20120327126METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CAUSING PREDEFINED AMOUNTS OF ZOOMING IN RESPONSE TO A GESTURE - A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided to permit a user to utilize a gesture, such as a pinching gesture, to select from among one or more predefined amounts of zooming. In the context of a method, the method may include receiving input representative of a gesture associated with zooming of a view and then causing one or more indicators of respective predefined amounts of zooming to be displayed in response to receiving the input. In response to selection of a respective indicator, the method may also cause the view to be zoomed in accordance with the predefined amount of zooming associated with the respective indicator.12-27-2012
20100214322METHOD FOR CONTROLLING DISPLAY AND DEVICE USING THE SAME - Disclosed is a method for controlling a display and a display using the same. The method includes: detecting the approach of a user's hand to the display unit, determining a user's input hand shape; and displaying a display screen corresponds to the determined user's input hand shape. Through the present invention, a user may render a higher menu list and a lower menu list to be displayed on one screen, and may control display screen shift direction and speed, merely by performing a finger extending and folding action. Further, the user may control the size of a display screen by inputting the finger extending and folding action.08-26-2010
20120139950DISPLAY PROCESSING APPARATUS - An image processing apparatus that displays an image at a touch panel display, detects whether a face image is included in the displayed image, sets a point of the displayed image as a center point for a magnification ratio change based on the detected face image, and controls the touch panel display to change a magnification ratio of the displayed image centered at the center point based on a touch input received at the touch panel display.06-07-2012
20130009997PINCH-TO-ZOOM VIDEO APPARATUS AND ASSOCIATED METHOD - Full-motion video displayed on a portable communications device such as a tablet personal computer, can be processed “on the fly” to provide a “zoom-in” and “zoom-out” functionality. Image elements are added to video image frames as they are read out from memory and prior to being display on the picture elements (pixels) of a display device in order to make objects depicted in an image file as being larger than how it appears in the original image file. Similarly, image elements are subtracted or deleted from video image frames as they are read from memory and prior to their being displayed in order to make objects depicted in the image frames as being smaller. Video from any source can be zoomed in and zoomed out.01-10-2013
20130016128Tiled Zoom of Multiple Digital Image PortionsAANM Bhatt; NikhilAACI CupertinoAAST CAAACO USAAGP Bhatt; Nikhil Cupertino CA US - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, are described for zooming on multiple digital image portions. In one aspect, methods include the actions of concurrently displaying a plurality of digital images in respective panels of a graphical user interface. The methods further include the actions of receiving user input requesting to zoom onto faces depicted in the digital images, where the faces include either human faces or animal faces. In response to receiving the user input and for each of the plurality of digital images, the methods include the actions of obtaining a set of tiles such that each of the tiles bounds a face depicted in the image. In addition, the methods include the actions of switching from concurrently displaying the plurality of digital images to concurrently displaying the generated sets of tiles in the respective panels, such that each of the sets of tiles replaces a digital image for which the set of tiles was obtained.01-17-2013
20130021381METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING FOLDER ITEM INFORMATION BASED ON TOUCH OPERATION - Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and an apparatus for providing folder project information based on a touch operation. The method includes: determining positions of touch points on a display screen; calculating, according to the positions of the touch points, a size of a zoomed display area of a folder item; acquiring a data source that is of the folder item and needs to be displayed, where the data source of the folder item corresponds to the size of the zoomed display area; and displaying the folder item according to an acquired data source and the size of the zoomed display area. According to the embodiments, the level of detail of folder item information in the window may be quickly changed without the need of page switching, thereby improving user experience with simple and quick operation.01-24-2013
20130176344Input Pointer Delay and Zoom Logic - Various embodiments enable repetitive gestures, such as multiple serial gestures, to be implemented efficiently so as to enhance the user experience. Other embodiments provide various approaches to zoom operations that consider a particular element's contextual surroundings in making a zoom decision that is designed to enhance the user experience and provide efficiently-zoomed content given a device's or rendering container's form factor.07-11-2013
20130127919Adaptive Content Authoring - Various embodiments of methods and apparatus for adaptive content authoring are disclosed. A dimensionally-linked authoring interface comprising a dimension control for associating values of a dimension to frames is displayed. A plurality of frames and input associating each of the plurality of frames to a respective value of the dimension are received. A data structure comprising the plurality of frames and associations between the frames and the respective values of the dimension is generated.05-23-2013
20130141468SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR OBTAINING A PUPILLARY DISTANCE MEASUREMENT USING A MOBILE COMPUTING DEVICE - A computer-implemented method for scaling an image is described. An image that depicts a device in contact with a user is obtained. The image depicts identifying information that is being displayed on a display of the device. A type of the device is identified based on the identifying information. A size of the device is determined based on the identified type of the device. At least a portion of the depiction of the user is scaled based on the determined size of the device.06-06-2013
20080198178PROVIDING AREA ZOOM FUNCTIONALITY FOR A CAMERA - The invention relates to a method for adjusting a digital camera. The invention also relates to a corresponding device and a corresponding computer program. An original image recorded by the camera is received. The original image has an original aspect ratio. A first user input defining a center point of an area of interest within the original image is received. A second user input defining a perimeter for the area of interest of the original image is received. The perimeter for the area of interest has the same aspect ratio as the original aspect ratio. The camera view is adjusted based on the first user input and the second user input to provide a zoomed image of the defined area of interest. The zoomed image is centered on the center point defined by the first user input. Finally, the zoomed image is displayed to the user on a display screen.08-21-2008
20110273477METHOD FOR DISPLAYING INFORMATION IN A MOTOR VEHICLE WITH A VARIABLE SCALE AND DISPLAY DEVICE - In a method for displaying information with the aid of a display mounted in a motor vehicle, a user-interface device generates graphics data that control the display such that a graphical object is displayed in which a display content is shown in a specific scale, and one pixel of the display is selected with the aid of an input device, and a line is drawn on the display starting from this pixel. The scale of the display content is altered as a function of the length of the line. A display device for a motor vehicle can implement the method.11-10-2011
20110234639DISPLAY INPUT DEVICE - A display input device is comprised of a touch panel 1 for carrying out a display of information and an input of information, a vibration detection sensor (proximity sensors 09-29-2011
20110234638GESTURE RECOGNITION METHOD AND TOUCH SYSTEM INCORPORATING THE SAME - A gesture recognition method includes detecting multiple pointers in close proximity to a touch surface to determine if the multiple pointers are being used to perform a known gesture. When the multiple pointers are being used to perform a known gesture, executing a command associated with the gesture. A touch system incorporating the gesture recognition method is also provided.09-29-2011
20110234637SMART GESTURES FOR DIAGRAM STATE TRANSITIONS - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for smart gestures for diagram state transitions. Embodiments of the invention expose a set of gestures and behaviors, which permit diagram transitions to be made with a reduced number of (and potentially a single) user gesture(s). For example, zoom levels can be toggled between a working zoom level and a zoom level sufficient to present an entire diagram and vice versa using a single user input gesture. Likewise, diagrams can be appropriately (and automatically) panned to make selected as well as newly created diagram elements visible in their entirety using a single user input gesture.09-29-2011
20110304651ENHANCED VIRTUAL SUCTION TOOL - A touch-based computer graphics user interface enhances a stylus pen with virtual suction to create a virtual vacuum or suction tool. The virtual tool may simulate a physical world suction tool and/or provide capabilities not available in the real world. The virtual suction tool allows the user to feel as if he or she has transcended the boundary between the virtual world and the real world by physically holding in his or her hand an object that is able to interact with and virtually attract and contain items (e.g., objects with characteristics and behaviors) removed from or expellable into the virtual world. The resulting highly intuitive user interface provides fun and exciting video game play and has other applications as well.12-15-2011
20100079498MULTI-MODAL INTERACTION FOR A SCREEN MAGNIFIER - A multi-model magnification system is described that can be used with multiple forms of input, including natural input such as touch-based devices. Users can zoom in/out and pan with their preferred mode of interaction, including mouse, keyboard, pen, and touch interactions. The system provides dedicated features for some modes, such as pinch/scroll gestures for touch input, that allow users to easily zoom in/out and pan the magnified area (e.g., on a touch laptop). The system provides an interactive panning mode in which the user the user can interact with the desktop or applications (e.g., clicking on icons) and pan using special gestures. When the system is in the panning mode, the system consumes received gestures or other input, otherwise the system passes received input to a magnified application.04-01-2010
20110316887ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH A TOUCH SCREEN AND TOUCH OPERATION CONTROL METHOD UTILIZED THEREBY - In a touch operation control method, touch operations on a touch screen of an electronic device are controlled. The touch operation is detected when the touch screen is touched, and the touch operation is analyzed to determine whether the touch operation is a tap touch or a hold touch. If the touch operation is the hold touch, a target area is determined from a user interface displayed on the touch screen, and operating options of the user interface that are within the target area are enlarged by displaying the target area full screen on the touch screen.12-29-2011
20120019563INFORMATION DISPLAY APPARATUS, INFORMATION DISPLAY METHOD AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An information display method includes steps of: detecting a touch position of an object on a screen of a display unit; determining whether a plurality of touch positions are detected; detecting a motionless touch position which is motionless for a predetermined time period in the plurality of detected touch positions; detecting a behavior of a touch position other than the motionless touch position among the plurality of detected touch positions; detecting an instruction corresponding to the behavior of the touch position; and controlling, in accordance with the motionless touch position and the detected instruction, the display unit to reduce an display area of a kept image, the image being displayed on the display unit when the motionless touch position is detected, to a predetermined size to continue displaying the reduced kept image, and to display an image other than the reduced kept image.01-26-2012
20120026201DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS AND DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD, DISPLAY CONTROL PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An information processing device including a user interface that displays content and receives an input. The information processing apparatus controls the user interface to reduce a size of the displayed content based on a received input, and controls the user interface to display an operation corresponding to the content based on the size reduction.02-02-2012
20120299968MANAGING AN IMMERSIVE INTERFACE IN A MULTI-APPLICATION IMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENT - This document describes techniques and apparatuses for managing an immersive interface in a multi-application immersive environment. In some embodiments, these techniques and apparatuses enable a user to alter sizes and/or a layout of multiple immersive interfaces with as little as one selection.11-29-2012
20130208012Speculative Render Ahead and Caching in Multiple Passes - Various embodiments are directed to intelligently rendering or pre-rendering content that may likely be brought into an associated viewport during a user's interaction with the content. In at least some embodiments, the process of caching pre-rendered content is separated from a determination of which regions outside of the viewport are to be kept up to date over use and time. Further, at least some embodiments perform rendering activities in multiple passes in an effort to reduce potential delays in the user visible content reaching completion, without interfering with other work that an associated application or system performs during rendering.08-15-2013
20130208013APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANAGING OBJECT IN PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An apparatus and a method for displaying an object in a portable electronic device are provided. The method for displaying the object includes displaying at least one object according to a first arrangement, and when an object size change event occurs, changing a size of the at least one object and displaying the at least one object having the changed size by changing an object arrangement to a second arrangement.08-15-2013

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