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345 - Computer graphics processing and selective visual display systems


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345589000 Color or intensity 1246
345582000 Texture 190
345611000 Anti-aliasing or image smoothing 50
345617000 Contrast 18
345618000 Image with abnormal condition 14
345606000 Interpolation of attribute values across object surface 13
20100164973DISPLAY UNIT, A METHOD AND A COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - The invention relates to a display unit comprising a flexible display having a depicting side for depicting visual information. The flexible display is deformable between a storage state wherein the flexible display is in a deformed position, and a depicting state wherein the depicting side of the flexible display is substantially flat, visible from an exterior point of view and it is possible to control visual information content on the depicting side. Further, the display unit is arranged such that the flexible display is deformable between the storage state and the depicting state to at least one additional state wherein a part of the depicting side of the flexible display is substantially flat, visible from the exterior point of view and it is possible to control visual information content on that part of the depicting part.07-01-2010
20110205235IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - An image processing apparatus includes an operating unit configured to calculate a tangent-line direction of an edge and a normal-line direction of the edge by using a vertical-direction derivative value and a horizontal-direction derivative value of a pixel value of a pixel in an input image; a converting unit configured to convert local coordinates positioned within a predetermined area with respect to a target pixel in the input image into rotated coordinates, by rotating the local coordinates according to an angle formed by the horizontal direction and the tangent-line direction of the edge; and a fitting unit configured to perform, at the rotated coordinates, a fitting process that employs a least-squares method by using a curved surface model expressed with the pixel value of the target pixel in the input image.08-25-2011
20090153576Image Synthesis Methods and Systems - The present invention provides systems, devices, computer-implemented methods and computer program code products (software) operable to evaluate integrals using quasi-Monte Carlo methodologies, and in particular embodiments, adaptive quasi-Monte Carlo integration and adaptive integro-approximation in conjunction with techniques including a scrambled Halton Sequence, stratification by radical inversion, stratified samples from the Halton Sequence, deterministic scrambling, bias elimination by randomization, adaptive and deterministic anti-aliasing, anti-aliasing by rank-1 lattices, and trajectory splitting by dependent sampling and rank-1 lattices.06-18-2009
20130076771GENERATING A VISUAL DEPICTION OF A COVER FOR A DIGITAL ITEM - Techniques for generating a visual depiction of a cover for a digital item are provided. A base-depiction-selector-value is generated based on one or more values from attribute metadata associated with the digital item. A mapping table is then accessed to select a base visual depiction item using the base-depiction-selector-value. A visual depiction of a cover is generated for the digital item based at least in part on the selected base visual depiction item. The visual depiction is then caused to be displayed to a user on a display device. The techniques may be employed, for example, in the context of an online digital item retailer or in the context of a personal computing application to generate visual depictions of covers for digital items that users browse, purchase, download, access, or use.03-28-2013
20100073392METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DRIVING INTERFEROMETRIC MODULATORS - Systems and methods for driving a display of MEMS devices are disclosed. In one embodiment, a display includes an array comprising a plurality of interferometric modulators, and a driving circuit coupled to said array, said driving circuit configured to provide actuation signals to drive said array based on a temperature of the display. In another embodiment, a method of driving an array having a plurality of interferometric modulators configured into a display is disclosed, where the method includes sensing the temperature at a predetermined location in display, communicating a signal based on the sensed temperature to a display driver, generating an actuation signal to drive said display based on the received signal, and providing the actuation signal to the array.03-25-2010
20100073391INFORMATIONAL CONTENT PRESENTATION VIA BACKDROP IMAGES - The subject matter disclosed herein relates to presenting informational content via a backdrop image within at least a portion of a computer generated container area.03-25-2010
20100073390Color Profiling Of Monitors - A monitor sends an alert to a host computer operatively coupled to the monitor. As a result of receiving the alert, the host computer retrieves display panel data and retrieves monitor control settings from the monitor. The host computer uses the display panel data and monitor control settings to compute a monitor display profile.03-25-2010
20130083049IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEM, IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS, SERVER, IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING A PROGRAM - In an image display system, a server determines whether or not an attribute of a display of plural images that is executed at one image display apparatus matches an attribute of a display of plural images that is executed at another image display apparatus. If the attributes match, the server reports to both the image display apparatuses that there is another image display apparatus displaying plural images with a matching attribute. Hence, the users of the two image display apparatuses may communicate through images with one another, prompted by interesting information such as a similarity in hobbies or preferences or the like.04-04-2013
20100045691IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE AND IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD - An image display device which sets up display positions and drawing order on a display screen of images generated from graphics data for each of layers on the basis of layout information and layer structure information, and which displays the images generated from the plurality of graphics data on the display screen while superimposing them on one another according to this setting information.02-25-2010
20120206471SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIA FOR MANAGING LAYERS OF GRAPHICAL OBJECT DATA - Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for managing layers of graphical object data are provided. For example, a graphical display system may be configured to implicitly manage various graphical object layers. In some embodiments, any new graphical object of a first type of graphical object may be generated in a current top layer of a stack when the current top layer is associated with the first type of graphical object. However, when the current top layer of the stack is not associated with the first type of graphical object, any new graphical object of the first type of graphical object may be generated in a new top layer of the stack. Moreover, any new graphical object of a second type of graphical object may similarly be generated in a new top layer of the stack.08-16-2012
20130038619IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - An image processing apparatus configured to perform an appropriate blurring processing in which a height difference in the surface shape with fine unevenness is taken into consideration, and to reproduce the surface shape faithfully corresponding to an original image. The image processing apparatus for generating computer graphics expressing an object includes a first acquisition unit configured to acquire height information representing a relative height difference in a surface of the object, a second acquisition unit configured to acquire at least one scattering function representing an internal scattering characteristic of light in the object, and a calculation unit configured to calculate a luminance value of the object based on the height information and the scattering function.02-14-2013
20130135331PROJECT-DATA CREATING DEVICE AND PROGRAMMABLE DISPLAY DEVICE - To execute a stable pressure control, in a control device for an injection molding machine, a filling/pressure-keeping determining unit determines whether the injection molding machine is performing a pressure keeping operation, an elastic constant identifier acquires, when the filling/pressure-keeping determining unit determines that the pressure keeping operation is in progress, a pressure detection value and a position detection value as operation information of a motor and identifies an elastic constant K based on the acquired pressure detection value and the position detection value, and a pressure-control control-parameter setting unit calculates a proportional gain Ka of a pressure controller such that a product of the proportional gain Ka of the pressure controller and the elastic constant K is smaller than a speed control bandwidth ωsc of a speed controller, and sets the calculated proportional gain Ka to the pressure controller.05-30-2013
20100026698AVATAR ITEMS AND ANIMATIONS - Mechanisms for accessorizing avatars with animated items. Avatars may be accessorized by items that have animations that are item specific, or they may be accessorized by items that apply to the entire body of the avatars. In addition, such item accessories may apply to avatars across different game titles and they may be added during the execution of a game, whether using a user interface or the game itself (e.g. receiving accessories for achieving certain milestones in a game). Such accessories may also be obtained from remote sources as packages, and then applied locally to avatars.02-04-2010
20100066751ADJUSTING THE DISPLAY ORIENTATION OF AN IMAGE ON A MOBILE TERMINAL - A method of displaying a first image on a mobile terminal, the method comprising: displaying a first image and a second image overlaid on the first image on a display unit of the mobile terminal; and changing the orientation of the first image and the second image according to a variation in the orientation of the mobile terminal.03-18-2010
20130069967Methods And Apparatus For Creating A Visual Language For Diagrams - Improved systems and techniques for representation of information. As a user creates a graphic design, properties represented by graphical elements of the design, are associated with visual characteristics of the elements, and a palette of elements is made available for use in development of the design or creation of new designs. As generalized elements are added to a design, the generalized elements may take on visual characteristics associated with properties identified by the positioning of the generalized elements in the design. Ongoing or existing designs may be surveyed to identify elements, properties represented by the elements, and visual characteristics associated with the properties, and new elements added to the palette or existing elements modified as a result of one or more surveys.03-21-2013
20100002006Modal Multiview Display Layout - A system and method for providing a plurality of viewing angles and images on a display. An embodiment comprises a display system where a user has the option of determining the number of images to view and the range of viewable angles for each image. A display system is configured to display a maximum number of images at different viewing angles by interlacing a plurality of images so that each viewing angle shows a selected image. The display system provides a method by which an operator can increase the viewing area of an image by interlacing the same image to more than one viewing angle.01-07-2010
20090322774IMAGE DISPLAY CONTROL DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD, ITS PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM WITH THE PROGRAM RECORDED THEREIN - An image processor of an image processor system acquires outputted image data from an image-data output unit, and generates first quality-adjusted image data and second quality-adjusted image data each of which has been processed under a different quality adjustment condition. The image processor controls a display to display in a display area a first time-division-comparison image having a first quality adjusted image based on the first quality-adjusted image data and a second time-division-comparison image having a second quality-adjusted image based on the second quality-adjusted image data in an alternately-switching manner. With this arrangement, the first and second quality-adjusted images can be displayed without reducing a scale of the entirety. Thus, a user can view the images processed under different quality-adjustment conditions alternately in the same size as the actual size. In addition, since motion images are switchably displayed, continuously-inputted images such as broadcast can be compared with each other in real time. Accordingly, a user can suitably compare quality of the images.12-31-2009
20100134508INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An information processing apparatus includes a display control unit configured to cause a display unit to display a plurality of images, an input unit configured to input information for designating a part of the plurality of images, a setting unit configured to set a speed or a timing of deleting each image according to a degree of relativity of each image with the input information, a deletion unit configured to delete the images from the display unit according to the speed or the timing set by the setting unit.06-03-2010
20100134509IMAGE RENDERING PROCESSING APPARATUS - There is provided an image rendering processing apparatus including: a deriving section that, based on range data representing an image rendering range for performing image rendering, derives an image rendering region for each image rendering line configured by a plurality of pixels configuring an image; a determination section that, for each pixel in each of the image rendering lines, determines the density of the pixel according to the ratio of the image rendering region relative to the pixel region and according to the density of the image rendering region.06-03-2010
20090303244IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - A storage unit stores therein first image data having a file size smaller than a predetermined size and a second image data having a file size larger than the predetermined size. The first image data and the second image data represent the same contents. A file selecting unit selects either one of the first image data and the second image data whichever having a shorter display time. A display unit displays thereon selected image data.12-10-2009
20120218280METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR MODIFYING QUALITY OF AN IMAGE - A method of modifying perceptual quality of an image is disclosed. For each of a plurality of predetermined attributes, distribution values are determined for that attribute. The distribution values are determined across the image. Compactness of the distribution values is determined for each of the attributes. The compactness is a measure of spatial localisation of the distribution values for the respective attribute. An attribute is selected from the plurality of predetermined attributes based on the determined compactness of the respective distribution values. The selected attribute is modified in a part of the image associated with spatially localised values, so as to modify the perceptual quality of the image. The image is stored, according to the modified attribute, in a computer readable storage medium.08-30-2012
20120188264MOBILE WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM PROVIDING ENHANCED USER INTERFACE (UI) CONTENT DISPLAY FEATURES AND RELATED METHODS - A method for visually rendering data on a display of a mobile device having a native client user interface (UI) may include storing application data on a backend data server without visual attribute formatting associated therewith, and generating visual attribute formatting rules for storage on an application proxy server so that application data retrieved from the backend data server has the visual attribute formatting rules applied thereto. At least one application for the mobile device may be generated that is configured to at least cause the mobile device to retrieve the stored application data having the visual attribute formatting rules applied thereto from the backend data server via the application proxy server, and visually render on the display of the mobile device the retrieved application data having the visual attribute formatting rules applied thereto using the native client UI and without visual attribute formatting by the at least one application.07-26-2012
20110012909Assisted Adaptive Region Editing Tool - Properties of pixels of a digital image are sampled within different subdivisions of an editing tool impression to produce different pixel property distributions. The property distributions from each region may be automatically classified to identify different edit classes within the property space, which are then used to apply an edit effect to the digital image within the tool impression. The edit classes are represented by an edit profile, the generation of which may be completely automated based on selection of a tool impression, or partially automated using the selection of the tool impression and receipt of classification guidance input, such as one or more parameters received from user input or a configuration file. The edit classes may also be generated without reference to the pixel property distributions, such as via user input.01-20-2011
20110012908System for compensation of differential aging mura of displays - A light shield sized to engage over a major portion of a display to substantially inhibit light from reaching a region between the light gathering element and the display. An optical coupling element is associated with the light gathering element to direct light emanating from the display to a light sensitive element in order to determine corrective data to reduce mura effects.01-20-2011
20100097387Rendering method to improve image resolution - A rendering method is provided. The rendering method forms a pixel structure in which a plurality of red, green, blue, and white (RGBW) sub pixels is arranged in a predetermined pattern, and renders a plurality of pixels which configure an image using the plurality of RGBW sub pixels on a display.04-22-2010
20090267957PARTIAL WINDOW VISIBILITY - A video encoder/adapter comprises a virtual display module for partial rendering of a software application image. The virtual display module presents to the software application a virtual display device upon which the software application window is displayed. From the virtual display device, the user identifies one or more portions of the virtual software application window that are to be rendered on the actual display device.10-29-2009
20090267958IMAGE VIEWING USING MULTIPLE INDIVIDUAL SETTINGS - A method of displaying an image having at least two different image settings comprises the steps of providing at least three different partial images, and displaying the at least three partial images. A first and second pair of partial images constitute the image having a first image setting and the same image having a second image setting respectively, such that the image having both image settings is visible. The partial images may be displayed either simultaneously or consecutively. The settings may comprise contrast, brightness and/or depth settings.10-29-2009
20130063459PRIMITIVE COMPOSITION - Performing primitive composition within a user interface thread, enhancing the ability to scale a user interface framework to computing devices having limited resources. In one or more embodiments, a user interface thread walks a user interface hierarchy that describes elements of a program's user interface and directly generates static Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) data structures representing at least a portion of the user interface hierarchy. The user interface thread passes the static GPU data structures to a composition thread, which uses these static GPU data structures during generation of a plurality of video frames. This includes the composition thread, based on the static GPU data structures, sending GPU data and GPU commands for the plurality of video frames to a GPU for rendering.03-14-2013
20090046105Conditional execute bit in a graphics processor unit pipeline - An arithmetic logic stage in a graphics processor unit includes a number of arithmetic logic units (ALUs). An instruction is applied to sets of operands comprising pixel data associated with different pixels. The value of a conditional execute bit determines how the pixel data in a set of operands is processed by the ALUs.02-19-2009
20080266307Method and System for Enhancing the Sharpness of a Video Signal - The invention relates to a method and a system for modifying input images (10-30-2008
20110164048INFORMATION-PROCESSING DEVICE AND PROGRAM - An information-processing device comprises: a reception means for receiving an instruction to display an object image(s) on a display means for displaying an image, via an operation means for receiving an operation; a determination means for determining a number of the object image(s) when the object image(s) is displayed on the display means in response to the instruction; and a display control means for, in a case where the number determined by the determination means is equal to or larger than three and equal to or smaller than a threshold value, arranging and displaying the object images at positions such that, when points respectively determined in adjacent object images are connected by line segments, a figure formed by the line segments represents a polygon having a number of vertices corresponding to the determined number, and, in a case where the number determined by the determination means exceeds the threshold value, arranging and displaying the object images in rows extending in a predetermined direction in a display area of the display means.07-07-2011
20110279467DISPLAY APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DECREASING MOTION BLUR THEREOF - A display apparatus includes a backlight part comprising a light source group; a motion analyzer for dividing a screen of the liquid crystal display panel into a plurality of regions and analyzing a motion level in each region; and a backlight controller for controlling driving of the light source group during a unit of time until image characteristics reach a maximum response point, in at least one region selected from the plurality of the regions based on the analyzed motion level. Hence, the motion blur can be decreased.11-17-2011
20110279468IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - Provided are an image processing apparatus and an image display apparatus, in which the occurrence of motion blur and dynamic false contour can be more reliably prevented. The image processing apparatus has: a sub-field conversion unit (11-17-2011
20110279466METHOD OF COMPENSATING IMAGE DATA AND DISPLAY APPARATUS FOR PERFORMING THE SAME - A method of compensating image data, the method includes generating a compensation data of an image data in accordance with a temperature value by using a compensation data of a previous frame and a compensation data generated through a look-up table which is mapped with corresponding to a compensation data of a previous frame and a set temperature value which is smaller than and closest to the temperature value or which is greater than and closest to the temperature value among set temperature values.11-17-2011
20110032265Pipelined computing device for connecting contour elements from image data - A pipelined computing device is provided that is designed i) to generate a list of coordinates of starting points and endpoints of chains and to store these in a memory, ii) for each starting point and endpoint, to search the list of coordinates of starting points and endpoints for the last occurrence of the same coordinates or coordinates lying within a neighborhood of a specified size, and iii) to allocate to each starting point or endpoint a vertex index and an instance index, wherein the vertex index is a running index of vertices and the instance index represents a running index of the starting points and endpoints belonging to a vertex, wherein associated points from the set of starting points and endpoints receive the same vertex index and are those points that have the same coordinates or coordinates that lie within the neighborhood of a specified size.02-10-2011
20130021358AREA-BASED RASTERIZATION TECHNIQUES FOR A GRAPHICS PROCESSING SYSTEM - This disclosure describes area-based rasterization techniques that can improve the performance of a graphics processor. The techniques may include selecting a rasterization mode for a graphics primitive from a set of at least two candidate rasterization modes based on a metric indicative of an area of the graphics primitive. The techniques may further include performing, with fixed function scan conversion hardware of the graphics processor, scan conversion for the graphics primitive when a first candidate rasterization mode is selected as the rasterization mode for the graphics primitive. The techniques may further include performing, with a programmable shader unit of the graphics processor, scan conversion for the graphics primitive when a second candidate rasterization mode is selected as the rasterization mode for the graphics primitive.01-24-2013
20090309891AVATAR INDIVIDUALIZED BY PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTIC - An avatar generator for a virtual environment reflects a physiological characteristic of the user, injecting a degree of reality into the capabilities or appearance. Thereby, many of the incentives of the real world are replicated in a virtual environment. Physiological data that reflect a degree of health of the real person can be linked to rewards of capabilities of a gaming avatar, an amount of time budgeted to play, or a visible indication. Thereby, people are encouraged to exercise. Physiological data that reflect the health and perhaps also mood also improve social interaction in virtual environments. People seeking to meet and become acquainted with particular types of people are not thwarted by the artificiality of avatars. The physiological data can be gleaned from a third party health data collection repository, a healthcare smart card, a real-time physiological sensor (e.g., blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, peak flow, pedometer, etc.)12-17-2009
20110298816UPDATING GRAPHICAL DISPLAY CONTENT - One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for redirecting output of a graphics rich application, such as a video or animation generation program, to a destination display system. Content that is being generated (e.g., dynamically) is intercepted from a graphics rich content generation application that is rendering to a native graphic processing unit (GPU) rendering abstraction layer, by intercepting a rendering call for the content. The intercepted content (first content) is redirected to a native GPU abstraction layer that comprises surface synchronization functionality. Using the native GPU surface synchronization abstraction layer, the intercepted content is synchronized with an output surface that is rendering second graphics content (e.g., pregenerated content).12-08-2011
20120001931ADJUSTING SYSTEM, METHOD AND PROJECTOR INCLUDING THE SAME - A projector includes a body, an input unit for receiving images, a reference image storage unit for storing a reference image, a micro controller unit (MCU), a graphic processing unit (GPU), an optical unit, and a sensing unit. The reference image is processed by the MCU and the GPU, and then projected on a screen to form a projection image by the optical unit. The sensing unit is mounted on a front surface of the body to sense the projection image and transmit data of the projection image to the MCU. The MCU compares the reference image and the projection image to obtain a correction value. The GPU adjusts its calculations according to the correction value.01-05-2012
20120105464ANIMATED PAGE TURNING - A digital reading device includes reader functionality and displays a page turn animation. The digital reading device includes a display displaying a digital content page. The display may include touch-sensitive functionality. Page turn input information including location information is received at the digital reading device. A virtual cylinder is generated based on the information. A corresponding cylinder surface location is determined for each of one or more page locations. The generated cylinder is rendered on the display and the digital content of each of the one or more page locations is textured on the rendered cylinder at the corresponding cylinder surface locations. The digital reading device adaptively tracks the movement of a page input on the display and produces a page turn animation that responds to the movement of the page turn input.05-03-2012
20100128046PARALLEL POISSON DISK SAMPLING - Stochastic sample sets with blue noise statistical characteristics are obtained by subdividing a sample domain into cells and drawing samples concurrently from multiple cells which are sufficiently far apart that their samples cannot conflict one another. Cells are traversed in various orders for sampling, such as scanline, grid-partition-plus-scanline, random-partition, random-with-multi-resolution, and grid-partition-plus-random. Sampling may be uniform or adaptive. Poisson disks, Poisson spheres and other higher-dimensional stochastic sample sets may be generated.05-27-2010
20110285734IMAGE-DISPLAYING DEVICE AND DISPLAY CONTROL CIRCUIT - An image-displaying device includes an image data generation section, an information data acquisition section, and a display control section. The information data acquisition section is configured to acquire information data for causing predetermined information to be displayed on an information display region. The display control section is configured to control a display section to display an image of a subject in a subject image display region of the display section according to image data generated by processing for generating the image data, and to display the predetermined information in the information display region of the display section according to the information data. The display control section is configured to control the display section so that a predetermined unit display time taken to refresh a display in each of predetermined units in the information display region is shorter than the predetermined unit display time in the subject image display region.11-24-2011
20110285733DIGITAL STICKY NOTE WITH ELECTRIC PAPER DISPLAY - A digital sticky note has an electric paper displayer having a substrate. In addition, a display is configured on the substrate for showing an image picture without power. Further, a wireless receiver module, a process unit and a display circuit are also configured on the substrate. Wherein, the wireless receiver module receives a memo information through a wireless transmission interface, and transmits the memo information to the processor unit. Therefore, the processor unit controls the display circuit to show the memo information on the display array according to the obtained memo information.11-24-2011
20110199383HIGH DATA RATE INTERFACE APPARATUS AND METHOD - A data interface for transferring digital data between a host and a client over a communication path using packet structures linked together to form a communication protocol for communicating a pre-selected set of digital control and presentation data. The signal protocol is used by link controllers configured to generate, transmit, and receive packets forming the communications protocol, and to form digital data into one or more types of data packets, with at least one residing in the host device and being coupled to the client through the communications path. The interface provides a cost-effective, low power, bi-directional, high-speed data transfer mechanism over a short-range “serial” type data link, which lends itself to implementation with miniature connectors and thin flexible cables which are especially useful in connecting display elements such as wearable micro-displays to portable computers and wireless communication devices.08-18-2011
20110292061INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, COMPUTER PROGRAM, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM - There is provided an information processing apparatus including a setting information changing unit adapted to change setting information for setting a presentation state of a content on the basis of viewing environment information representing an environment in which the content is to be viewed and presentation state changing information for changing the presentation state of the content in accordance with the environment in which the content is to be viewed, and a content presentation unit adapted to present, on the basis of the setting information, the content to a user via a display device.12-01-2011
20090115793ENHANCED ALPHA BLENDING - A system including storage comprising a first graphical pixel and a second graphical pixel. Each of the first and second graphical pixels is associated with binary codes having red, green and blue sub-codes. The system also comprises processing logic coupled to the storage and adapted to alpha-blend the first and second graphical pixels to produce a blended pixel. The processing logic performs this alpha-blend using the binary codes having red, green and blue sub-codes in concatenated form and without operating on the sub-codes individually. The processing logic displays the blended pixel.05-07-2009
20100091026DETECTING METHOD FOR DISPLAY DEVICE USING DRIVING CIRCUIT - A detecting method for a display device using a driving circuit is disclosed. The detecting method is used for controlling a field emission display (FED) and monitoring the operation of a driving circuit for the field emission display. The driving circuit can simulate an image by controlling a field programmable logic gate array (FPGA) and displaying the image through a computer simulating terminal according to image information and outputting the result of the simulation to a micro controlling unit (MCU) to complete feedback controlling.04-15-2010
20100053188DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME CAPABLE OF ADJUSTING DIGITAL IMAGE AND METHOD THEREOF - A method for adjusting digital image is provided. The method includes: acquiring a predetermined time interval; receiving input signals; generates control signals according to operations on the button; and adjusting images according to the control signals.03-04-2010
20090147016METHOD FOR DETECTING BORDER TILES OR BORDER PIXELS OF A PRIMITIVE FOR TILE-BASED RENDERING - A method detects border tiles or border pixels of a primitive corresponding to an object to be displayed on a display screen. The detecting includes: calculating the number of border tiles or pixels covered by an edge of the primitive; identifying a plurality of vertices that divide the edge in a plurality of segments of equal length; calculating coordinates of the vertices; and associating a tile or pixel with the coordinates of each vertex. The number of vertices for the edge is greater than or equal to the number of border tiles or pixels.06-11-2009
20090066713Medical Image System - A medical image system capable of changing a display configuration to a desired one by an easy operation is provided. In a medical image system 03-12-2009
20090295818Method and Apparatus for Rendering Images With and Without Radially Symmetric Distortions - A method and apparatus for rendering images with and without radially symmetric distortions is described in which the forward and backward radial distortion rendering processes are decomposed into two stages. One-dimensional elements in one planar dimension (rows or columns) of an input image are rendered to generate an intermediate buffer, and then one-dimensional elements in the other planar dimension (columns or rows) of the intermediate buffer are rendered to generate an output image. Thus, one-dimensional sampling is performed, and interpolation may be performed in one planar dimension, rather than 2-D interpolation. An input row or column may be decimated, if necessary, before row or column interpolation is performed to generate an output row or column.12-03-2009
20090213132SECURE COMPUTER SCREEN ENTRY SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method for entering secure data at an input device includes displaying a graphical input region having input elements, such as a number keypad, and receiving selections of the input elements via a display selection device, such as a mouse or touch screen. An attribute of the displayed graphical input region is changed so that inputs by the display selection device change for the same data input. Examples include changing the position, size and/or layout of the input elements and/or graphical input region. The graphical input elements may instead be provided with two characters so that typing one character results in input of the corresponding character, and then changing the association of the characters on the displayed input elements.08-27-2009
20110187731MARKER DISPLAY CONTROL DEVICE, INTEGRATED CIRCUIT, AND MARKER DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD - Aims to be provided is a marker display control device which facilitates detection of markers, while reducing the loss of viewability of a screen picture, which is the display contents to be primarily presented on a display apparatus. The marker display control device includes a marker detecting unit for detecting a marker from an image obtained by shooting the display apparatus and a marker-display-mode changing unit for instructing the display apparatus to change the display mode of the detected marker, based on the marker detection. For example, the marker display control device reduces the display area occupied by the marker to reduce the loss of viewability of what is displayed on the display apparatus, while ensuring that the marker remains in a detectable size.08-04-2011
20090278853CHARACTER INPUT PROGRAM, CHARACTER INPUT DEVICE, AND CHARACTER INPUT METHOD - This invention easily realizes a process of changing the display order of the candidates according to various input states. In a character input device of a mobile telephone, a wide variety of attributes representing an input state are set, and a conversion dictionary in which the attributes are registered in dictionary data of a corresponding word is set. An adjustment value setting unit determines the input state at a relative time point according to the start of input of the read character or the confirmation of the candidate, and sets an adjustment value to each attribute according to the determination content. A priority adjustment unit adjusts the priority with the adjustment value set to the attribute of the candidate for the candidate set with an attribute of each candidate extracted from the conversion dictionary by the read character string. A candidate display processing unit determines the display order of each candidate based on the priority after the adjustment process, and causes the display unit to display the candidate in the determined order.11-12-2009
20090201308Method for setting operating parameters of a data processing system - A method is disclosed for setting operating parameters of a data processing system having at least one display device. In at least one embodiment, the method includes providing a graphic parameter file which specifies at least one geometric parameter of a graphic element displayable on the display device; providing a device parameter file which specifies parameters of the display device; and automatically linking the graphic parameter file with the device parameter file such that the graphic element is displayed with the specified at least one geometric property on the at least one display device, independently of the at least one specified parameter of the display device.08-13-2009
20090201307RASTERIZING METHOD - A rasterizing method calculates an attribute (C) of a pixel having coordinates (X, Y) based on the coordinates (X08-13-2009
20090278852Control of 3D objects in a light displaying device - Transition effects on 3D objects are carried out in a shader of a graphic processing unit.11-12-2009
20090284540POST-COLOR SPACE CONVERSION PROCESSING SYSTEM AND METHODS - Displays systems and methods for producing a single scaling factor to image data values are disclosed. In one embodiment of a display system uses a post-scaling module. A post-scaling unit for scaling image data values is constructed as a function of many scaling requirements such as backlight illumination from said illumination determination unit, saturation of the image data values and out-of-gamut correction—to produce a single scaling factor. This single scaling factor may be a function of a number of scaling requirements as described herein. Some of these scaling requirements could be selected from a group scaling considerations, such as saturation based scaling, out-of-gamut scaling, and non-linear scaling. Of course, other scaling requirements may be desired and could be added as such. As further described herein, the non-linear scale module could be used to enhance dark color values and may depend on the luminance value of image data values. Once these scaling requirements are determined, there are a multitude of ways of combining them to create such a single scaling factor—including multiplying them or taking the minimum of them or a combination thereof.11-19-2009
20090284541SPECIAL EFFECT PROCESSING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A special effect processing system of a digital photo frame (DPF) is provided, including a shake sensing unit configured to detect if the DPF is being shaken, a shake frequency calculating unit configured to calculate a shake frequency of the DPF, an image special effect processing unit configured to transform an original image displayed in the DPF when the shake frequency of the DPF is greater than a predetermined reference frequency, and an image special effect restoring unit configured to restore the transformed image to the original image when the shake frequency of the DPF is lower than the reference frequency.11-19-2009
20090262125Rendering A Multiple Viewpoint Image Into A Single Frame Buffer Using Off-Screen Rendering Surfaces - A method and apparatus for rendering multiple viewpoint image data into a single physical frame buffer are described. One example method includes storing image data corresponding to different viewpoints on different virtual buffers, processing the image data stored on the virtual buffers, then blending the image data and storing the blended image data in a physical frame buffer. The blended image data may then be transferred to a multi-viewpoint display, such as an autostereoscopic display. Storing image data on virtual buffers may include rendering the image data into a texture using graphics library functions, such as OpenGL frame buffer object extension functions.10-22-2009
20090295820Redundancy Method and Apparatus for Shader Column Repair - A method and apparatus for shader data repair utilizing a Redundant Shader Switch (RSS). The RSS consists of an input and output section whereby when a defective shader pipe is detected, the RSS multiplexes shader pipe data destined to the defective shader pipe to a redundant shader pipe array for processing. Once processed, the shader pipe data is multiplexed back to the RSS where the processed shader pipe data is directed to the corresponding output column of the RSS. The RSS contains delay pipes used to re-align and synchronize the repaired shader pipe data with output export data.12-03-2009
20100277490IMAGE DRIVING APPARATUS AND DISPLAY APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME - A wireless and multi-channel re-transmitting link is provided between an image displaying part that is housed in a first housing and an image data processing part that is housed in a segregated second housing. The wireless link allows the image displaying part to be more easily moved around and to be made lighter and slimmer in profile because at least some image data processing can be carried out in the second housing and yet cumbersome cables are not needed for linking the pre-processed image data from the second housing to the first housing. In one embodiment, the data bandwidth. that is to he transmitted through the wireless link is first reduced; for example the frame refresh rate of image frames conveyed through each of the wireless channels is made less than the frame refresh rate of the original image signal. In one embodiment, the reduced number of frames per unit time are further frequency wise and temporally wise spaced apart from one another by alternatingly sending them through different wireless channels at different times. Thus if a burst of noise strikes one of the plural re-transmission channels, the likelihood that it will corrupt a frame is reduced.11-04-2010
20110199384MODIFYING SCREEN OBJECTS - A system for identifying prior selection of specific display information on an EPG. In one embodiment, a user selects an object on a screen, and upon selection of the object, an attribute of the object (e.g., color, transparency, etc.) is modified. The modified value is saved into memory so the user may later identify that the specific object was selected. Each subsequent selection will modify the attribute further, allowing the user to identity that the object was selected a number of times. In one embodiment, the attribute will continue to be modified until a specific expiration limit has been reached.08-18-2011
20110141127Data producing method and electronic device thereof - A data producing method and an electronic device thereof is disclosed. The electronic device comprises a storage module, a display module, and a control module. The storage module is capable of storing first data. The display module forms a first display area and a second display area. The data displayed on the first display area and the second display area have different optical characteristics. The control module is electrically connected to the storage module and the display module. The control module produces second data. The control module drives the first display area to display the first data and drives the second display area to display the second data. The first data and the second data are simultaneously displayed by the display module.06-16-2011
20080309675Metadata for avatar generation in virtual environments - A method of provisioning avatars comprises receiving at a first computer system associated with a first user, a metadata file relating to an avatar of a second user. In particular, the metadata file comprises data for use with an avatar generator process that is in execution on the first computer system. Data is extracted from the metadata file, and is provided as input data to the avatar generator process, thereby generating locally to the first computer system the avatar of the second user. The avatar of the second user so generated is displayed to the first user within a virtual environment.12-18-2008
20100277488Deferred Material Rasterization - A rasterizer may use only triangle position information. In this way, it is not necessary to rasterize objects that end up being culled in screen space.11-04-2010
20080238929Local Themeing Of Remote Applications - Methods and systems for local themeing of remote applications is disclosed. In an implementation, a redirection surface is defined by a server corresponding to a remote application executed by a client. The client sends to the server, a set of theme metrics and parts corresponding to the client and non-client area in the redirection surface. The server utilizes the theme metrics to render the contents of part of the redirection surface. The rendered contents are utilized by the client to re-render the client area of the redirection surface. The non-client area is rendered locally at the client based on local client theme settings.10-02-2008
20080291212SOFTWARE FOR CREATING ENGRAVED IMAGES - A method of producing an engraved image on a computer screen includes loading an image to be engraved and converting the image into a high contrast image using at least two colors. The first lighter color is used for the lighter portions of the high contrast image and a darker color is used for the darker portions of the high contrast image. Mixing of the colors is based on the luminance level of the image. A plurality of lines are drawn over the high contrast image with variations in the plurality of lines drawn being a function of the luminance of the underlying image.11-27-2008
20110007086METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR VIRTUAL OBJECT BASED IMAGE PROCESSING - Virtual object based image processing method and apparatus are provided. At least one virtual object is selected and applied to the underlying image such as a preview image obtained by a camera in order to create a merged image. The selected virtual object has a modification attribute allowing parts of the underlying image to be modified. A user can easily obtain various merged images decorated with the modification attributes of the selected virtual object by checking in advance merged images overlapped with the virtual object before saving them.01-13-2011
20130120422FILE FORMAT FOR REPRESENTING A SCENE - A file format that includes a constant section and a varying section. The constant section provides a referencing scheme that references the various components that comprise the scene, as well as a listing of attributes of the scene that are modifiable. Within the same file format, the varying section provides an overriding mechanism to modify the attributes that are available to be modified. Accordingly, the disclosed file format can access cached animated geometry directly and/or aggregate other files via the aforementioned referencing and sparse override semantics. This allows the same set of inspection, manipulation, and rendering tools to be used throughout the rendering pipeline, from asset creation to final rendering.05-16-2013
20090015593METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATICALLY CHANGING COLOR - Provided are a method and an apparatus for automatically changing a color of a user interface of an image displaying apparatus, and a computer readable recording medium storing a program for executing the method. The method of automatically changing the color includes: analyzing a color distribution of a predetermined image; determining a representative color based on the analyzed color distribution; and setting a color of a predetermined region in an apparatus displaying the image as the representative color.01-15-2009
20090251479Display Interface System, Display Device and Display System - A display interface system includes a display transmitter and a display receiver. The display transmitter transmits a control pattern having image type information about a type of an image to be displayed and selectively transmits image data according to the type of the image to be displayed. The display receiver receives the control pattern and selectively receives the image data based upon the image type information, reducing power consumption.10-08-2009
20090251478File Format Extensibility For Universal Rendering Framework - Embodiments of the invention provide a method for extending a graphics rendering framework. A rendering application locates a first file that includes a first implementation involving a first graphics material and compares data associated with the first file to data associated with a second file that includes a second implementation involving a second graphics material. The rendering application compares data associated with the first and second files, determines that the first graphics material matches the second graphics material, and determines that the first implementation is different from the second implementation. The data associated with the first file and the data associated with the second file are then combined into a data structure. Advantageously, new graphics materials, and implementations for existing graphics materials, may be created without access to the source code of the original implementation of the graphics materials and may be installed at a later time without re-shipping the entire library of graphics materials and implementations.10-08-2009
20110141126System And Method For Rendering Advertisements On An Electronic Device - An electronic device for rendering advertisements includes a processor; a network interface; a low-power display; and an executable computer program that is tangibly embodied on a computer readable medium. The computer code may: receive an indication that the electronic device is going to be put in a reduced power state; render a first advertisement on the low-power display before entering the reduced power state; and enter the reduced power state. The first advertisement may remain visible on the low-power display after the device enters the reduced power state. The low-power display may be an electrophoretic display. A method for rendering advertisements on an electronic device having a low-power display may include receiving an indication that the electronic device is going to be put in a reduced power state; rendering a first advertisement on the low-power display; and entering the reduced power state. The low-power display may be an electrophoretic display.06-16-2011
20090002386Graphical Representation Creation Mechanism - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer program products, for generating graphical representations. An image representing an item is obtained. Input specifying one or more styles is obtained. For a style, one or more graphical effects are identified based on the style. A layout is generated, including applying the style including the graphical effects to the image based on one or more layout rules. A graphical representation corresponding to the item is generated using the layout. Metadata associated with the layout is generated. The metadata includes data indicating a location of the image in the layout.01-01-2009
20090213131MESH TRANSFER - Mesh data and other proximity information from the mesh of one model can be transferred to the mesh of another model, even with different topology and geometry. A correspondence can be created for transferring or sharing information between points of a source mesh and points of a destination mesh. Information can be “pushed through” the correspondence to share or otherwise transfer data from one mesh to its designated location at another mesh. Correspondences can be authored on a source mesh by drawing or placing one or more geometric primitives (e.g., points, lines, curves, volumes, etc.) at the source mesh and corresponding geometric primitives at the destination mesh. A collection of “feature curves” may be placed to partition the source and destination meshes into a collection of “feature regions” resulting in partitions or “feature curve networks” for constructing correspondences between all points of one mesh and all points of another mesh.08-27-2009
20090244082METHODS AND SYSTEMS OF COMPARING FACE MODELS FOR RECOGNITION - Methods and systems of representation and manipulation of surfaces with perceptual geometric features, using a computer graphics rendering system, include executing algorithmic instructions to compute a plurality of vertices, edges and surfaces in a mesh for the purpose of defining representations of surfaces on grids. Normals and distances are determined for triangular surfaces to be considered. Additionally, height fields of a function are defined. A set of feature curves and a set of feature points are derived, based on the defined function. Infinitesimal movements along the representations of the surfaces are determined, along with derivations of properties of representations of continuous surfaces. Additional determinations of perceptual geometric features include determinations such as zero crossings, parabolic curves, flecnodes, ruffles, gutterpoints, conical points and biflecnodes in a given mesh. After these determinations are made, visual representation are rendered which captures perceptually important features for smoothly varying shapes.10-01-2009
20120194535TWO-DIMENSIONAL VECTOR FILLS USING TOPOLOGICAL RECIPES - A method, apparatus, article of manufacture, and computer readable storage medium provide the ability to update a fill region of a computer drawing. A topological recipe representing the fill region is defined. The recipe includes a region set (of regions to be filled where the regions are areas bound by contours), a contour set (of contours that are a chain of curve segments), and curve segments. A final fill area of the fill region based on the topological recipe is computed. The final fill area is displayed and the curve segments are then modified. In response to the modification of the curve segments, the final fill area is dynamically updated and displayed.08-02-2012
20100002008IMAGE INPUT/OUTPUT DEVICE AND METHOD OF CORRECTING PHOTO-RECEPTION LEVEL IN IMAGE INPUT/OUTPUT DEVICE, AND METHOD OF INPUTTING IMAGE - The present invention provides an image input/output device including an input/output panel, a correction section and an image processing section. The input/output panel includes display elements and photo-reception elements to receive lights emitted from the display plane and then reflected from an external adjacent object. The correction section corrects photo-reception signals from the photo-reception elements based on an in-plane correction table where correction coefficients are associated with positions on the display plane, respectively. A value distribution profile in the display plane of the correction coefficients is defined based on both of a light intensity distribution profile of the light emitted from the display plane and a photo-reception sensitivity distribution profile of the photo-reception elements. The image processing section obtains information concerning one or more of position, shape and size of the external adjacent object based on the photo-reception signals corrected by the correction section.01-07-2010
20090115794MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING APPARATUS AND MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING METHOD - A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes an acquisition unit, a calculation unit, a recalculation unit, a correction unit and a generating unit. The acquisition unit acquires data from plural slices in an object by rotating a zonary region in frequency space by every repetition time. The calculation unit calculates correction parameters for motion correction. The recalculation unit recalculates at least a part of the correction parameters based on relationship between values of the correction parameters and at least one of real-spatial positions and times at which the data is acquired. The correction unit corrects the data using correction parameters including recalculated correction parameters. The generating unit generates image data based on corrected data.05-07-2009
20090079750Message Customization with Dynamically Added Content - A dynamic message animation method comprising customizing a media file by embedding references to custom content into the media file, wherein the custom content is stored in one or more resources; and including the media file in an electronic message deliverable to a destination, wherein a media player at the destination retrieves the custom content from said one or more resources, based on the references embedded in the media file, and wherein the media player at the destination reproduces the custom content.03-26-2009
20100177108IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing apparatus includes: an image division section which divides input image data configuring one screen into N (N is an integer of 2 or more) image blocks; and N image processing sections which carry out image processings in parallel on every N image blocks, an ith (i is an integer of 1 to N) image processing section including: a first image block memory; K (K is an integer of 2 or more) image quality adjustment sections; (K−1) buffer memories; a second image block memory; and a pixel data acquisition section, wherein each image quality adjustment section selects processing subject pixels, in order from pixels positioned outside toward pixels positioned inside the ith image block, and carries out the image quality adjustment, and at least one of the second to Kth image quality adjustment sections is a filtering section which carries out a filtering process.07-15-2010
20100002007METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR FAST CLIPPING OF LINE SEGMENTS - A method of static graphics rendering in a mobile device. Panning increments are received for panning a previously rendered frame to a panned frame. A rendering region is then determined based on the panning increments. A candidate line segment or polyline is then clipped to create clipped line segments contained within the rendering region. The clipped line segments can then be rendered, and a portion of the previously rendered frame can be copied, to provide the panned frame.01-07-2010
20100245372METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FRAME INTERPOLATION - The invention generally provides a method and apparatus for up-converting the frame rate of a digital video signal, the method comprising: receiving a digital video signal containing a first frame and a second frame; finding in one of the received frames, matches for objects in the other of the received frames; utilising 3 dimensional position data in respect of the objects within the frames to determine 3 dimensional movement matrices for the matched objects; using the 3 dimensional movement matrices, determining the position of the objects in a temporally intermediate frame and thereby generating an interpolated frame, temporally between the first and second frame.09-30-2010
20100128048COMMODITY SALES DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - A commodity sales data processing apparatus including a display unit configured to display various kinds of information includes an angle-of-field setting unit configured to set an angle of field of a display screen of the display unit to a first angle of field or a second angle of field narrower than the first angle of field. An angle-of-field control section of the commodity sales data processing apparatus causes the angle-of-field setting unit to operate according to a processing state of the commodity sales data processing apparatus and set the angle of field of the display screen of the display unit to the first angle of field or the second angle of field.05-27-2010
20090322773DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME - A digital photo frame includes a display unit, a storage unit, and an annotation input unit. A display unit includes an image display unit and an annotation display unit. The storage unit stores an image and an annotation associated with the image. An annotation input unit inputs the annotation associated with the image. The display unit displays the image and the annotation associated with the image simultaneously.12-31-2009
20090322775IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS FOR CORRECTING PHOTOGRAPHED IMAGE AND METHOD - An image processing method includes detecting image features including a human face from an image, performing ranking of the detected image features, determining an image processing condition such as an image processing parameter based on an image feature ranked highest in the ranking, performing image processing on the image based on the image processing condition and displaying an image which was subjected to the image processing. The image processing method includes, when an instruction to change the image feature used in determining the image processing condition is received, redetermining the image processing condition based on the image feature changed according to the instruction, reexecuting the image processing of the image based on the redetermined image processing condition, and displaying the image to which the image processing was reexecuted.12-31-2009
20080231638SCREEN DISPLAY APPARATUS AND ADJUSTMENT METHOD OF IMAGE APPARATUS - A screen display apparatus is provided. A first display device has a first display module. A screen adjustment device is coupled to the first display device through a transmission line, and comprises a user interface adjusting a display setting value of the first display module, and a memory device storing a display parameter corresponding to the display setting value.09-25-2008
20080231637ACQUIRING A SERIES OF GRADIENT STOPS FROM A BITMAP SOURCE - An apparatus and method provide for generation of a gradient or other image pattern based on a captured image. In one example, a portion of a displayed image may be selected. The selected portion of the displayed image may include an image pattern such as a gradient. The selected image pattern may be applied to a gradient tool such that the image pattern may be stored as a series of gradient stops. Any of the gradient stops may have an associated characteristic of the image pattern such as, for example, a color or position within the selection of a corresponding pixel of the image. The generated gradient or image pattern may be applied to any object or displayed component.09-25-2008
20090109231Imaging Device Providing Soft Buttons and Method of Changing Attributes of the Soft Buttons - The present invention relates to an imaging device having a touch screen as a user interface and a method of changing attributes of a soft button provided on the touch screen. Each of the attributes has an attribute name and a plurality of attribute values. The method includes: receiving a request for designating a soft button and changing attributes of the designated soft button through the touch screen; providing a window displaying attribute names associated with the designated soft button on the touch screen in response to the request; receiving a selection instruction to select one of the attribute names on the window; receiving change information for changing an attribute value corresponding to the selected attribute name; and changing the attribute value of the designated soft button based on the change information.04-30-2009
20110128294IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - A parameter acquiring portion 06-02-2011
20100302267Extended Rotation And Sharpening Of An Object Viewed From A Finite Number Of Angles - A method of continuously rotating a subject object top over bottom over top on a display screen encompasses jumping to a view having a longitude that is 180 degrees from the previous and displaying the image in an up-side-down orientation. Upon pausing, or completing the rotation by releasing the mouse button, a higher resolution image loads and displays thereby improving the sharpness or allowing the user to zoom in on additional detail.12-02-2010
20090051696METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND DATA STRUCTURES FOR GENERATING A RASTERIZER - Methods, systems and data structures produce a rasterizer. A graphical state is detected on a machine architecture. The graphical state is used for assembling a shell rasterizer. The machine architecture is used for selecting replacement logic that replaces portions of shell logic in the shell rasterizer. The machine architecture is used for selectively inserting memory management logic into portions of the shell logic to produce.02-26-2009
20110122143IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing apparatus includes: a plurality of image processing units each of which is disposed so as to correspond to each of partial images and processes data of each of pixels composing the partial image with reference to data of peripheral pixels of the pixel, wherein the plurality of image processing units includes at least a first image processing unit which use data of pixels composing other partial images adjacent to a first partial image as the data of the peripheral pixels for the image processing on a first partial image, and a second image processing unit which performs the image processing on a second partial image and brokers data of pixels treated as the peripheral pixels by the first image processing unit from an image processing unit which processes the other partial image to the first image processing unit.05-26-2011
20090066712ADVANCED DATA VISUALIZATION SOLUTIONS IN HIGH-VOLUME DATA ANALYTICS - A system and method for creating a visual perspective of operational information that facilitates rapid decision making. The system and method merges existing data sources from any number of computer-fed external data sources through an applications server to display data sets in easily recognizable, repeatable images (tiles) uniquely designed for a user's application. The system and method creates visual perspectives of data that accelerate decision-making and problem-solving processes by displaying repeatable images (tiles) that display performance results versus expected performance criteria in high-volume, intuitive displays.03-12-2009
20090066711RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) SENSING SYSTEM, RF DISPLAY DEVICE, AND PUZZLE SYSTEM USING THE SAME - This invention discloses a RF sensing system, a RF display device and a puzzle system using the same. The RF sensing system includes a platform, at least one RF reader and a RF display device. The RF reader is installed at the platform for generating a radio signal. The RF display device includes a display panel and a flat panel. If the RF display device receives the radio signal, the display panel can change a display state. The flat panel has a text or an image. If the display panel is at an opaque state, at least a portion of the text or the image is blocked by the display panel. If the display panel is at a transparent state, the text or the image is exposed. If the flat panel has a puzzle pattern, several RF display devices can be used for forming a puzzle.03-12-2009
20090066710Customized remote access to imaging node front panels - Methods and systems for customized remote access to imaging node front panels offer improvements in the areas of unified access, on-screen viewing and comprehension of front panels delivered by diverse imaging nodes to remote client nodes. The imaging nodes may be diverse, for example, in terms of message formats used to deliver front panel data, screen resolution assumptions implicit in front panel data and languages in which front panel data are delivered. Customization is provided, in some embodiments, by a server node that intermediates between the imaging nodes and the client nodes.03-12-2009
20110115805METHOD FOR DISPLAYING INFORMATION AND DISPLAY APPARATUS - A method for displaying time information and a display apparatus are provided. According to the method, a map image divided by a plurality of grids may be displayed and one of the grids on the displayed map image may be selected. Further, information about display target areas may be displayed when there are more than two display target areas in the selected grid and one of the information-displayed display target areas is selected. Furthermore, time information of the selected display target area may be displayed.05-19-2011
20110122142CONTENT PRESENTATION PROTECTION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Systems and methods for protecting display presentation information are presented. In one embodiment, graphics processing method includes receiving presentation information; performing an unauthorized display protection process; and forwarding result of the alteration in the presentation information. In one exemplary implementation the unauthorized display protection process introduces a characteristic in the graphics data signal that is compatible with an authorized display (e.g., trusted display, internal display, etc.) while distorting the graphics data signal in a manner that is not compatible with accurate presentation by an unauthorized display (e.g., untrusted display, external display, etc.). It is appreciated that a variety of characteristics that can be introduced or altered in the presentation information signal. In one embodiment, alterations are made to standard control signals (e.g., stuffing begin/end indications, blank start/end indications, reset indicators, etc.) and the alterations can create new or non-standard indications (e.g., value, character, pattern, etc.).05-26-2011
20100039438METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR EMPHASIZING SELECTED AVIATION CHART INFORMATION - Methods and systems for visually organizing aviation or aeronautical charts with color emphasis and de-emphasis features selected by a user.02-18-2010
20100053189INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD AND PROGRAM - The present invention provides an information processing apparatus having: a display controlling unit for starting any one of a plurality of application programs and displaying contents on a display screen; a determining unit for determining the application program started by the display controlling unit; and a changing unit for changing a plurality of image quality parameters for setting image quality of the display screen in accordance with the application program determined by the determining unit.03-04-2010
20100053186MESH TRANSFFER IN N-D SPACE - Systems and methods are disclosed allowing data and other information from one model to be transferred to another model. A surface correspondence between meshes of the models can be created that provides a transfer or sharing of information to include all points of one mesh and all points of the other mesh. Additionally, a volume correspondence between the models can be created to transfer information found within corresponding volumes or other n-D spaces associated with the models. Mesh information and other data at, near, or otherwise within a volume or other n-D space associated with one model can be “pushed through” the volume correspondences to transfer the data to its designated location on, at, near, or otherwise within a corresponding volume or other n-D space associated with the other model.03-04-2010
20100238187TWO-DIMENSIONAL CODE DISPLAY SYSTEM, TWO-DIMENSIONAL CODE DISPLAY METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A two-dimensional code display system has a display unit which can display a two-dimensional code representing predetermined information by plural cells arrange in a matrix, and a control unit which changes the display form of the two-dimensional code. For example, after 0.5 second has elapsed since the display unit starts displaying the image of a logo mark, the control unit controls the display unit to change the display from the image of the logo mark to a two-dimensional code. After 2.0 seconds has elapsed since the display unit starts displaying the two-dimensional code, the control unit controls the display unit to change the display from the two-dimensional code to the image of the logo mark. By repeating such control, the control unit can control the display unit to display alternately the image of the logo mark and the two-dimensional code.09-23-2010
20100128047COMMODITY SALES DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - A commodity sales data processing apparatus including a display unit configured to display various kinds of information includes an angle-of-field setting unit configured to set an angle of field of a display screen of the display unit to a first angle of field or a second angle of field narrower than the first angle of field. An angle-of-field control section of the commodity sales data processing apparatus causes the angle-of-field setting unit to operate according to a state of use of the commodity sales data processing apparatus and set the angle of field of the display screen of the display unit to the first angle of field or the second angle of field.05-27-2010
20090015592DISPLAY WITH EFFICIENT MEMORY USAGE - A device is capable of displaying an image. The device includes a memory having a first memory portion for receiving a set of image data. A display has a viewport for displaying the set of image data in an image that fits within and fills the viewport. A processor is programmed for executing computer program instructions for receiving a zoom factor selected by a user; applying a zoom transformation to a first subset of the image data corresponding to points in a first region of the image that are displayed within the viewport after magnifying the first region based on the zoom factor; and displaying the zoom transformed first subset of the image data so as to fill the viewport, while a second subset of the image data representing points outside the first region have not been transformed.01-15-2009
20100253695DISPLAY METHOD FOR DETERMINING ATTRIBUTE OF IMAGE TO BE PROJECTED, ACCORDING TO USER'S MANIPULATION ON IMAGE PROJECTION SCREEN, AND DISPLAY APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A display method for determining an attribute of an image to be projected, according to a manipulation performed by a user on an image projection surface, and a display apparatus using the display method are provided. The display method includes determining an attribute of an image to be projected, according to a manipulation performed by a user on a predetermined object onto which the image is to be projected. Therefore, it is possible to set and/or change the attribute of the image, such as the location and size of a projected image, more conveniently and intuitively.10-07-2010
20100277491Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program - An image processing apparatus includes an image-effect determination unit configured to determine, on the basis of an environmental-information difference, an image effect that is to be provided, when an image data item that is a playback target is displayed, for the displayed image data item, the environmental-information difference being obtained by comparing an environmental information item at a time of capture of the image data item that is a playback target with an environmental information item at a time of capture of an image data item having a consecutive relationship with the image data item that is a playback target, the environmental information items being associated with the corresponding image data items; and a display control unit configured to control, for display of an image data item, a display operation so that the image effect determined by the image-effect determination unit is applied.11-04-2010
20110249012COMPUTING THE IRRADIANCE FROM A DISK LIGHT SOURCE AT A RECEIVER POINT - Techniques are disclosed to determine the irradiance from a disk light source with much higher accuracy than may be obtained using the common approximation often used currently. By pre-computing, SH coefficients using a specific coordinate frame, only six SH coefficients need to be stored in a first and second texture, one used to determine irradiance of a point within the radius of a disk light source and another for more distant points.10-13-2011
20100053187Method, Apparatus, and Computer Readable Medium for Editing an Avatar and Performing Authentication - In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus comprising a processor configured to determine a property associated with an access device; and automatically select a characteristic of an avatar based at least in part on the property is disclosed.03-04-2010
20090231353SCREEN DISPLAY METHOD, INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - An image forming apparatus is connected to an information processing apparatus via a network. The image forming apparatus transmits setting information contained in a setting screen to the information processing apparatus and receives customized setting information generated by the information processing apparatus based on the setting information, whereby the setting screen is customized by the customized setting information.09-17-2009
20090231352User Interface Controls for Managing Content Attributes - A computer-implemented method includes displaying a content item having at least one attribute that is changeable in value, maintaining a history of image states, each image state in the history corresponding to a change in at least one attribute value relative to another image state, and based on the maintained history of image states, generating multiple modified image states such that a quantity of modified image states is different from a quantity of image states in the maintained history.09-17-2009
20120032967METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND DATA STRUCTURES FOR GENERATING A RASTERIZER - Methods, systems and data structures produce a rasterizer. A graphical state is detected on a machine architecture. The graphical state is used for assembling a shell rasterizer. The machine architecture is used for selecting replacement logic that replaces portions of shell logic in the shell rasterizer. The machine architecture is used for selectively inserting memory management logic into portions of the shell logic to produce.02-09-2012
20110164047TRANSPARENT ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method and system for displaying images on a transparent display of an electronic device. The display may include one or more display screens as well as a flexible circuit for connecting the display screens with internal circuitry of the electronic device. Furthermore, the display screens may allow for overlaying of images over real world viewable objects, as well as a visible window to be present on an otherwise opaque display screen. Additionally, the display may include active and passive display screens that may be utilized based on images to be displayed.07-07-2011
20080252651REPRESENTING A PRINTED PRODUCT USING IMAGE BLENDING - A design image is combined with a product image to create a composite image to illustrate the result of printing the design image onto the product. To create the composite image, the opacity of each pixel in the design image is set according to the brightness value of the pixel such that completely dark pixels are opaque, completely white pixels are transparent, and pixels having intermediate brightness values are assigned intermediate opacity values based on the brightness of the pixel. The design image pixels and the corresponding product image pixel are blended according to the opacity values of the design image pixels to create the composite image.10-16-2008
20110134135IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS, AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing apparatus includes: an image quality improvement processing unit which is supplied with an image signal corresponding to an original image from an image supply device, executes image quality improvement processing to first image data based on the image signal and thus generates second image data; resolution deciding unit which compares the first image data with the second image data and thus decides resolution of the original image; and a control unit which controls the image quality improvement processing unit according to the resolution of the original image decided by the resolution deciding unit and thus adjusts the image quality improvement processing.06-09-2011
20100066750MOBILE VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY SYSTEM - A user can create “virtual graffiti” (03-18-2010
20110080420SYSTEM, METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR CALCULATING STATISTICS ASSOCIATED WITH A SURFACE TO BE RENDERED UTILIZING A GRAPHICS PROCESSOR - A system, method, and computer program product are provided for calculating statistics associated with a surface to be rendered utilizing a graphics processor. In use, w-values are identified using a graphics processor. Additionally, the graphics processor is utilized for calculating statistics associated with at least one surface to be rendered using the w-values. Furthermore, the statistics are stored.04-07-2011
20100110092DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING WHEN EDITING AN IMAGE IN A BROWSER - Methods, apparatus, computer program products and systems are provided for editing an image. In one method a selection of an image for editing is received at a server, the image being presented in a browser of a client device. Edit data is received at the server to allow the server to create an edited image. A modified image is transferred from the server having a uniform resource locator (URL) and being modified in accordance with the edit data.05-06-2010
20100214307METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR EMBEDDING WATERMARK - Provided is a method and apparatus for embedding a watermark, the method including dividing an image into a plurality of sections, determining a watermark-embedding intensity for a pixel of each of the sections, setting a watermark-embedding intensity for each of the sections by applying the determined watermark-embedding intensity for the particular pixel of each of the sections to all pixels of each of the sections, and embedding the watermark into the image according to the watermark-embedding intensity which is set for each of the sections.08-26-2010
20100060657DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME FOR DISPLAYING IMAGE AND METHOD THEREOF - A digital photo frame capable of displaying images is provided. The digital photo frame includes a display, a user input unit, a memory, and a processor. The memory is configured for storing images, types of frames, and display modes, wherein each of the display modes defines a total display area count of images displayable on the display, types of frames assigned to each display area, and a predetermined display manner. The processor includes: a reading module configured for obtaining images and the display modes from the memory, an assigning module is configured for configuring one or more display areas on the display according to the total display area count defined in the display mode, and assigning the display areas with different frames; and a displaying module configured for displaying the images in the display area assigned with different frames according to the display mode.03-11-2010
20100194767OLED Trim Panel - An interior trim component for a vehicle includes a trim panel. The trim panel includes a substrate layer, a protective layer, and an organic light emitting diode portion disposed between the substrate layer and the protective layer for displaying one or more surface appearances on the trim panel within a passenger compartment of the vehicle. A method for forming and operating an interior trim component is also disclosed.08-05-2010
20090174720Method and System for Surface analysis and Envelope Generation - A method and system of surface analysis or product design comprising using a plurality of input scans, commonly orienting the scans, establishing a common origin, creating a ray mesh having a plurality of rays extending from the origin, calculating intersections of the rays with the input scans, analyzing the intersection along each ray, generating percentile envelopes by connecting similar percentile points on each ray, and designing products using percentile envelopes as a guide. The system may comprise a device for scanning surfaces, a fit plan setting forth predetermined guidelines for the product, a coordinate transformation algorithm, an envelope processor comprising an intersection calculation algorithm for analyzing data sets and generating output surfaces, and an output file.07-09-2009
20090295819Floating Point Texture Filtering Using Unsigned Linear Interpolators and Block Normalizations - Apparatus and systems utilizing fixed point filtering to perform floating point texture filtering. A texture pipe unit consisting of a texture addressing unit, texture cache unit, and texture filter unit accepts texture requests for a specified pixel from a resource and returns formatted bilinear filtered results based on the specific pixel's corresponding four texels. The texture filtering unit consists of a pre-formatter module, interpolator module, accumulator module and a format module. The pre-formatter module accepts texel data in a floating point or fixed point format. However, if the data is in a floating point format the pre-formatter module converts the floating point data into a normalized fixed point data format whereby the interpolator module may perform its bilinear interpolator functions using standardized fixed point systems and apparatus without necessitating the use of floating point arithmetic units. A method utilizing fixed point filtering to perform floating point texture filtering is also presented.12-03-2009
20100020089DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME CAPABLE OF DISPLAYING IMAGES ASYNCHRONOUSLY AND METHOD THEREOF - A method for displaying images asynchronously is provided. The method includes: providing at least one display mode, the display mode defines a total display area count displayable showed on a display, an interval to display images on the display, and a predetermined displaying manner; obtaining images and the display mode; generating one or more display areas according to the display mode; and displaying the images on the generated display areas according to the interval and displaying manner.01-28-2010
20090244081PIXEL TRANSFORMS - Some embodiments of the invention provide a method for performing a set of operations on an object defined in an image coordinate system to produce a representation of the image defined in a pixel coordinate system. The set of operations include one or more perspective transform operations. The method embeds at least one these perspective transform operations within a pixel transform matrix. The method then uses the pixel transform matrix to produce pixel data in the pixel coordinate system for the object.10-01-2009
20090315907Tint Block Image Generation Program and Tint Block Image Generation Device - A tint block image generation program generates tint block image data which forms a tint block image including a latent image portion, which is reproduced during copying, and a background portion, of which output density drops during copying, on a print medium. The program causing a computer to execute: a latent image portion generation step of generating data of a plurality of first dots on the latent image portion; and a background portion generation step of generating data of a plurality of second dots having a second screen ruling, and data of a plurality of third dots which are dispersed among the second dots, and of which size is smaller than that of the second dots, in the background portion.12-24-2009
20120147025IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND USER INTERFACE PROVIDING METHOD THEREOF - An image processing apparatus, including a first input unit, receives a first image signal. A second input unit receives a second image signal. A user interface unit receives a user command for adjusting an image quality of the first image signal and the second image signal. An image processing unit generates a reference image frame which consists of the first image signal and the second image signal according to a user command. A display unit displays the generated reference image frame on a monitor screen. Additionally, a control unit adjusts the image quality of the second image signal based on the first image signal, which constitutes the generated reference image frame, and the control unit controls the image processing unit in order to display the reference image frame, on which the result of the image quality adjustment is reflected.06-14-2012
20110018889MEDIA PROCESSING COMPARISON SYSTEM AND TECHNIQUES - A media processing comparison system (“MPCS”) and techniques facilitate concurrent, subjective quality comparisons between media presentations produced by different instances of media processing components performing the same functions (for example, instances of media processing components in the form of hardware, software, and/or firmware, such as parsers, codecs, decryptors, and/or demultiplexers, supplied by the same or different entities) in a particular media content player. The MPCS receives an ordered stream of encoded media samples from a media source, and decodes a particular encoded media sample using two or more different instances of media processing components. A single renderer renders and/or coordinates the synchronous presentation of decoded media samples from each instance of media processing component(s) as separate media presentations. The media presentations may be subjectively compared and/or selected for storage by a user in a sample-by-sample manner.01-27-2011
20110304637IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD AND IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS - This invention relates to an image processing method and image processing apparatus for improving the image quality of the boundary part of an image cut-out or deletion area. According to this method, an area specified by a user as a cut-out or deletion target area is slightly reduced or enlarged to eliminate an undesirable background area. In image cut-out, the cut-out image side is shaded off. In image deletion, the background image side is shaded off. This increases the image quality at the joint between the boundary part of the cut-out image and an image to be composited. The image quality between the remaining background image and the deletion part also improves.12-15-2011
20110141128METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING A USER INTERFACE IN AN IMAGE PROCESSOR - A method and apparatus for processing a user interface in an image processor are provided. In the method, at least one Region of Interest (ROI) is set on an image displayed on a screen. Location information of a renewed ROI and an image processing result based on to a location of the corresponding ROI are outputted whenever the location of the at least one ROI is renewed. An image of the at least one ROI is stored according to the image processing result. In the apparatus, a control unit extracts ROI information when the ROI is set on an image displayed on a screen, and displays location information of a renewed ROI whenever the location information of the ROI is renewed. An image signal processing unit converts the location information of the ROI extracted from the control unit into graphical data and performs image signal processing on the image of the ROI.06-16-2011
20110050716Processing Unit with a Plurality of Shader Engines - A processor includes a first shader engine and a second shader engine. The first shader engine is configured to process pixel shaders for a first subset of pixels to be displayed on a display device. The second shader engine is configured to process pixel shaders for a second subset of pixels to be displayed on the display device. Both the first and second shader engines are also configured to process general-compute shaders and non-pixel graphics shaders. The processor may also include a level-one (L1) data cache, coupled to and positioned between the first and second shader engines.03-03-2011
20120038656Method for Simulating Image Quality Improvement of Image Display Device and Device Therefor - The present invention relates to a method for simulating image quality improvement of an image display device, in which the image display device to be tested is made to display an optimized picture quality with a simplified process by applying simplified simulation program and device; and a device therefor. The method for simulating picture quality improvement of an image display device includes the steps of selecting at least one input image data from a list of plurality of test image data by using a file input/output interface unit of a simulation tool, selecting at least one image processing algorithm from a list of a plurality of image processing algorithms by using an image control interface unit, applying the at least one image processing algorithm selected thus to the at least one input image data to convert the at least one input image data by using an algorithm application control unit, comparing and determining at least one output image data converted and forwarded thus to the input image data, and analyzing characteristics of the output image data by using a resultant image analysis and control unit.02-16-2012
20100020090Monitoring graphics processing - A graphics processing apparatus 6 is provided with rendering circuitry 01-28-2010
20120044254DISPLAY APPARATUS, DISPLAY METHOD AND PROGRAM FOR EXECUTING THE SAME - An external data detecting portion transmits, when detecting external data such as an incoming call, an incoming detected signal to a load estimating portion. The load estimating portion estimates, when receiving the external data incoming detected signal, a level of a load applied to display of the plurality of video images of a display apparatus by the processing related to the external data. A video image display control portion determines display quality of the video image according to the load level estimated by the load estimating portion to control a video image displayed on a video image display portion. The video image display portion displays a plurality of video images with video image quality controlled by the video image display control portion.02-23-2012
20120007876ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF TRACKING DISPLAYED INFORMATION - A method includes displaying a first segment of information in a first format on a display of an electronic device, tracking information previously displayed for a predetermined time period as tracked information, when any of the tracked information is subsequently displayed while scrolling, displaying the tracked information in a second format.01-12-2012
20120206472SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SUGGESTING A PAUSE POSITION WITHIN ELECTRONIC TEXT - Systems and methods for suggesting a pause position within electronic text are disclosed herein. According to an aspect, a method may include receiving identification of a current user position within electronic text residing on an electronic device. For example, a current user position may be a page of an e-book that is currently being displayed to a reader or user. The method may include determining a suggested pause position within the electronic text based on the current user position. For example, the suggested pause position may be determined based on the reader's profile, a reading behavior of other readers, metadata, or combinations thereof. The method may also include presenting the suggested pause position on a user interface of the electronic device.08-16-2012
20120206470DEVICES AND METHODS FOR OBTAINING HIGH-LOCAL-CONTRAST IMAGE DATA - Devices and methods for obtaining image data that preserves highlight details and shadow details from image data from a high dynamic range (HDR) image sensor are provided. For example, an image signal processor may include a first data path of a relatively high bit depth, front-end image processing logic, and a second data path of a relatively low bit depth. The first data path may receive HDR image data from an image sensor. The front-end image processing logic may convert the HDR image data into lower-bit-depth image data, while preserving highlight details and/or shadow details of the HDR image, by using at least two transfer functions that preserve different subsets of the high dynamic range. The second data path may output this lower-bit-depth image data to other image processing logic for additional image processing.08-16-2012
20090079751Deep Pixel Display And Data Format - A method, graphics card, system, and data stream for generating a deep pixel display on a display device are provided. A first set of data relating to a region associated with a display is provided. The first set of data is processed to define a pixel definition. A second set of data relating to the first pixel is determined. At least one portion of the first set of data is rearranged to form at least a portion of the second set of data. A deep pixel is defined based upon the second set of data. The present invention also includes a system that includes a display controller that is adapted to define a deep pixel based upon rearranging the portion of the first set of data.03-26-2009
20120206469EFFICIENT PRE-COMPUTING OF SIMPLIFIED VECTOR DATA FOR RENDERING AT MULTIPLE ZOOM LEVELS - Aspects of the invention relate generally to accessing, storing, and processing vector data to represent various geographical features such as roads, rivers, lakes, countries, continents, and oceans on one or more maps. More specifically, the vector data may be pre-simplified for rendering at different zoom levels. The simplification process is based on removing vertices from vector data in order to reduce the number of points in a given polygon or line. As this process is very expensive in terms of time and processing power, the system and method allow for estimation of the proportion of vertices which that would be removed from the original geometry. Based on this estimation, one may decide whether or not the simplification is worth the effort to compute and store the simplified data.08-16-2012
20090135194OPTIMIZED DISPLAY OF MEDICAL IMAGES ON A LARGE-FORMAT DISPLAY UNIT - A device for controlling the display of medical images on a large-format display unit is provided. The device includes a number of programs, which are assigned respectively to a medical workflow. The programs are configured for control of the display on the large-format display unit according to the associated workflow and can be called up by selecting the workflow. Accordingly, the display on a large-format display unit may be controlled according to medical workflows.05-28-2009
20110043532PSEUDO-RANDOM INTERVAL ARITHMETIC SAMPLING TECHNIQUES IN COMPUTER GRAPHICS - An improved branch-and-bound process of interval arithmetic subdivision in furtherance of computation of rigorous error bounds on integrated digital scene information for two dimensional display is provided. More particularly, a first aspect of the subject process includes pseudo-randomly subdividing an interval domain comprising a set of interval variables in furtherance of ascertaining a characteristic contribution of the interval variables of said set of interval variables to an image space comprising at least a sub-pixel area. A further aspect, either alone or in combination with the first aspect contemplates pseudo-randomly discarding a select partitioning of interval variables of a set of interval variables of a geometric function from a computed solution of an interval arithmetic branch-and-bound process.02-24-2011
20120154418IMAGE CONTROL APPARATUS, SERVER AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - An image control apparatus wherein an acquisition unit acquires position information from attribute information of the image, a setting unit sets a display scale of a map when displaying the image on the map, and a generation unit generates display data for displaying the map and the image on a display device using the acquired position information and the set display scale, when the set display scale is lower than a predetermined display scale, the generation unit generates display data in which the image is laid out at a position corresponding to the position information on the map, and when the display scale is higher than the predetermined display scale, the generation unit generates display data in which the image and the map are laid out without laying out the image on the map.06-21-2012
20120154419IMAGE OUTPUT DEVICE, IMAGE OUTPUT METHOD, AND IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - An image output device includes a receiving unit which receives first input information including position information indicating a position on a display image, an attribute information selecting unit which selects first attribute information corresponding to the position indicated by the position information and is one of pieces of attribute information associated with the displayed image from among the pieces of attribute information, an image selecting unit which selects images having attribute information corresponding to the first attribute information from among images including the displayed image, a display sequence determining unit which determines the display sequence of the images based on the attribute information of each of the images selected by the image selecting unit, and an output unit which acquires and outputs the images such that the selected images are displayed in the determined display sequence on a display device.06-21-2012
20120154417TECHNIQUES FOR QUANTUM DOT ILLUMINATION - Techniques for extracting light from a light guide are described. In some embodiments, a light source comprises a light guide configured to trap first light through total internal reflection. The light source may further comprise a plurality of light extractors configured to extract at least a portion of the first light upon establishing optical contact with the light guide. The light source is configured to control individual light extractors in the plurality of light extractors to make optical contact with the light guide. Quantum dots may be used with the light source to regenerate light, within desired frequency band, from the at least a portion of the first light.06-21-2012
20110090236Graphic Object Data Binding - Graphic object data binding is described. In an embodiment, the display of a graphic object having a visual property is updated when a trigger is received. The graphic object is updated by accessing a record of dependency data to determine a dependency of the visual property on stored source data, and updating the visual property of the graphic object on the display device in accordance with the source data. In another embodiment, a compiler receives source code comprising a statement binding the visual property of the graphic object to the source data. A processor reads the source code, detects the statement, generates a record of dependency data linking the visual property of the graphic object to the source data, stores the record of dependency data, and generates executable code. The executable code is output from the compiler, and can be executed by a computing device to display the graphic object.04-21-2011
20110102448VERTEX ATTRIBUTE BUFFER FOR INLINE IMMEDIATE ATTRIBUTES AND CONSTANTS - One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for providing primitives and vertex attributes to the graphics pipeline. A primitive distribution unit constructs the batches of primitives and writes inline attributes and constants to a vertex attribute buffer (VAB) rather than passing the inline attributes directly to the graphics pipeline. A batch includes indices to attributes, where the attributes for each vertex are stored in a different VAB. The same VAB may be referenced by all of the vertices in a batch or different VABs may be referenced by different vertices in one or more batches. The batches are routed to the different processing engines in the graphics pipeline and each of the processing engines reads the VABs as needed to process the primitives. The number of parallel processing engines may be changed without changing the width or speed of the interconnect used to write the VABs.05-05-2011
20100289809Method and apparatus for rendering a computer generated image - A method and apparatus for rendering a computer generated image using a stencil buffer is described. The method divides an arbitrary closed polygonal contour into first and higher level primitives, where first level primitives correspond to contiguous vertices in the arbitrary closed polygonal contour and higher level primitives correspond to the end vertices of consecutive primitives of the immediately preceding primitive level. The method reduces the level of overdraw when rendering the arbitrary polygonal contour using a stencil buffer compared to other image space methods. A method of producing the primitives in an interleaved order, with second and higher level primitives being produced before the final first level primitives of the contour, is described which improves cache hit rate by reusing more vertices between primitives as they are produced.11-18-2010
20100289808IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, AND COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM STORING COMPUTER-EXECUTABLE INSTRUCTIONS - The present invention is directed to a technique which can display many images in such a manner that these images are easily compared and allow a user to easily select a desired image from among the images. During successively switching and displaying a plurality of images onto a display area, an image processing apparatus adds and displays a new image display area when an instruction to maintain display of a first image is issued, and maintains the display of the first image on the new image display area. Further, when an instruction to cancel maintaining of the display of the first image is issued, the newly added image display area is hidden or removed.11-18-2010
20100289807METHOD, APPARATUS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR CREATING GRAPHICAL OBJECTS WITH DESIRED PHYSICAL FEATURES FOR USAGE IN ANIMATION - An apparatus for modifying one or more physical attributes and properties of a graphical element and transferring these physical attributes and properties to a graphical object for usage in an animation may include a processor and a memory storing executable computer program code that cause the apparatus to at least perform operations including receiving a selection of a physical attribute(s) among a plurality of physical attributes and adjusting an intensity associated with the selected physical attribute. The computer program code may further cause the apparatus to assign the physical attribute to a graphical element(s) and modify one or more physical properties of the graphical element based on the selected physical attribute and the adjusted intensity. The computer program code may further cause the apparatus to transfer the modified physical properties of the graphical element to a graphical object. A corresponding method and computer program product are also provided.11-18-2010
20100245373METHOD AND SOFTWARE OF DRAWING VECTOR-ORIENTED GRAPHIC FOR LASER PROJECTOR, AND A LASER PROJECTOR SYSTEM - The laser projector system draws vector-oriented graphic by scanning laser beam with the X-Y scanner, and comprises: a laser source (09-30-2010
20120127189DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - Provided are a digital image processing apparatus and a method of controlling the apparatus, by which a setting item designated by a user and a setting status of a setting value for the setting item are displayed together, thereby allowing the user to efficiently set items necessary for a photographing operation and/or other operations. The apparatus includes a body and a display unit on the body where setting information is displayed, in which a display screen displayed on the display unit includes a selection region where at least one setting item is displayed and an adjustment region where a currently set current setting value is displayed together with candidate setting values that can be set for at least one of the at least one setting item, and in which the at least one setting item is designated as candidate items that can be displayed on the selection region and display items selected from among the candidate items are displayed on the selection region.05-24-2012
20120133662METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR BINDING ATTRIBUTES BETWEEN VISUAL COMPONENTS - Methods and systems are described for binding attributes between visual components. A first visual component, including a first presentation space for presenting first data by an operating first application, is detected. Binding information, for the first application, is identified that specifies a mapping between a first visual attribute of the first visual component and a second visual attribute of a second visual component including a second presentation space for presenting second data by a second application. A change to the first visual attribute is detected. In response to the detection of the change, change information is automatically sent to change the second visual attribute according to the mapping.05-31-2012
20120313953GRAPHICAL DATA CONVERSION/TRANSLATION - A computer-readable storage media for storing computer-executable instructions executable by processing logic causes the processing logic to receive data in a first format for conversion to a second format different than the first format, wherein the data includes information having a first type and information having a second type and display the data in the first format via a graphical interface. One or more translation rules are received relating to processing the information having the first type or the information having the second type. The one or more translation rules are pre-applied to the data in the first format. Effects of the pre-applied rules on the displayed data are displayed via the graphical interface. The data in the first format is converted to the data in the second format based on the one or more translation rules.12-13-2012
20090058870DISPLAY DEVICE AND ERROR DIFFUSION METHOD THEREFOR - A display device is provided which includes: a decimal part conversion unit (03-05-2009
20090058869METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ADDRESSING DIGITAL RENDERING DEVICES - A method is provided for updating a data-rendering device connected to a communications network by an intermediate device. A specific electronic address is assigned to the data-rendering device. The method includes associating at least one identifier, preliminarily assigned to the intermediate device, with the electronic address. The at least one identifier belongs to the group including at least: one dynamic connection identifier of the intermediate device and one user account identifier (AID).03-05-2009
20090058868IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE AND METHOD OF CHANGING EDID INFORMATION THEREOF - An image display device and method of changing extended display identification data (EDID) information includes a first storage unit which stores extended display identification data (EDID) information to be provided to the source providing device, a second storage unit which stores at least one version of the EDID information which is different from the EDID information stored in the first storage unit, and a control unit which replaces the EDID information stored in the first storage unit with the different version of the EDID information stored in the second storage unit if an EDID information change request signal is input. Accordingly, compatibility of the EDID information between the source providing device and the image display device can be maintained.03-05-2009
20090058867Optimized Visualization And Analysis Of Tabular And Multidimensional Data - A system and method for generating a display of a dataset for optimized visualization of the dataset are disclosed. A data area of the display is defined. The data area includes two or more dimensions, the intersection of which defines a graphical object having a set of visual attributes. One or more of the set of visual attributes of each graphical object in the data area is modified based on a value associated with each graphical object relative to a user-selectable measure.03-05-2009
20080211826Circular Intensity Distribution Analysis for the Detection of Convex, Concave and Flat Surfaces - A method for characterizing a shape of an object surface includes acquiring image data including the object. The image data is analyzed at a locus of points that are at a predetermined distance from a point of interest proximate to the object surface to determine which of the locus of points represents a foreground and which of the locus of points represents a background. The shape of the object surface is characterized based on the characterization of the locus of points.09-04-2008
20080211825DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS, DISPLAY APPARATUS, DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD, AND DISPLAY PROCESSING METHOD - A display control apparatus comprising a division unit configured to divide image data into a plurality of image data, a position information generation unit configured to generate position identification information required to identify positions of the plurality of image data divided by said division unit; and an image data transmission unit configured to transmit, in association with each other, the image data divided by said division unit and the position identification information generated by said position information generation unit for the image data to each of a plurality of display apparatuses configuring a single display screen.09-04-2008
20120075321MONITORING GRAPHICS PROCESSING - A graphics processing apparatus is provided with rendering circuitry which separately renders different areas of a frame of pixel values. Monitoring circuitry coupled to the rendering circuitry captures for each area rendered one or more parameters and stores these parameters to a parameter memory. A performance frame can be generated from the captured and stored parameters with performance-representing pixel values for each area within the performance frame corresponding to an area within the image frame and having a visual characteristic selected in dependence upon the performance parameter which was captured. The visual characteristic may be a grey-scale value, a pixel intensity or a pixel colour.03-29-2012
20100026699DISPLAY DEVICE AND ADJUSTMENT METHOD THEREFOR - An adjustment method for a display device is provided. The display device includes a screen, a button and plural display modes including at least a first display mode and a second display mode. The adjustment method comprises steps of pressing the button once to display the first display mode on the screen when the display device is on, waiting for a waiting time when the first mode is desired to be selected, pressing the button again during the waiting time to display the second display mode on the screen when the first mode is not desired to be selected, and waiting for a waiting time when the second mode is desired to be selected.02-04-2010
20120249568DISTRIBUTED VISUALIZATION PROCESSING AND ANALYTICS - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for analyzing data. In one aspect, a mixer server receives a request for a visualization of television reporting data, translates the request for the visualization of the television reporting data into sharded requests, and provides each sharded request to a respective shard server. Each shard server processes a respective proper subset of the television reporting data to generate data representing the visualization, and provides the data representing the visualization to the mixer server. The mixer server aggregates the data representing the visualizations received from each of the shard servers, and provides the aggregated data representing the visualization as a response to the request for the visualization of the television reporting data.10-04-2012
20090309893METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISPLAYING AND COMMUNICATING COMPLEX GRAPHICS FILE INFORMATION - A method and system is disclosed which permits anyone with a web browser to view, zoom, markup, and edit CAD files without special software tools. This is accomplished by calculating and serving rasterized files in a format such as portable network graphic files that are readily viewed by a client using standard browser software.12-17-2009
20090309892INFORMATION DISPLAY APPARATUS, INFORMATION DISPLAYING METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - An information display apparatus includes: a receiving unit that receives character sequence information arranged in a plurality of lines; an image acquisition unit that acquires a line image in which an end of an nth line and a start of an (n+1)th line of the received character sequence information are connected into a single line, n representing an integer of 1 or more; and a display unit that displays the acquired line image within a predetermined display range of a screen.12-17-2009
20120081382IMAGE ALTERATION TECHNIQUES - Various techniques relating to the alteration of image data are provided herein. An electronic device capable of carrying out such techniques may include data processing circuitry configured to receive image data and detect the occurrence of a device operation event (e.g., an audio event, a motion event, a location event, or an image event, and so forth). The data processing circuitry may alter the image data using a full-quality version or a reduced-quality version of an image alteration effect associated with the device operation event, depending on currently available resources.04-05-2012
20120229486Compact Packet Based Multimedia Interface - A packet based display interface arranged to couple a multimedia source device to a multimedia sink device is disclosed that includes a transmitter unit coupled to the source device arranged to receive a source packet data stream in accordance with a native stream rate, a receiver unit coupled to the sink device, and a linking unit coupling the transmitter unit and the receiver unit arranged to transfer a multimedia data packet stream formed of a number of multimedia data packets based upon the source packet data stream in accordance with a link rate between the transmitter unit and the receiver unit.09-13-2012
20080297527SYSTEM FOR REGIONAL DATA ASSOCIATION AND PRESENTATION AND METHOD FOR THE SAME - A database methodology that concerns the mapping of any arbitrary object into a plurality of regions, enabling the assignment of multiple region-specific attributes thereto and facilitating the concurrent, graphical presentation of any assigned attributes. Attribute storage, manipulation, and presentation are driven by the individual regions and characteristics of the object.12-04-2008
20080297526METHOD FOR ENHANCING RENDERING PERFORMANCE OF NAVIGATION DEVICE - A method for displaying map data on a screen of a navigation device. The method includes receiving a screen display request, rendering a particular interpolation point that is not within a filtering range among interpolation points included in the map data to be displayed on the screen and displaying the rendered interpolation point on the screen.12-04-2008
20120268474INFORMATION PROCESSOR, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - According to one embodiment, an information processor includes a moving image reproducing module, a display module, and an image quality adjusting module. The moving image reproducing module reproduces moving image content. The display module displays a screen of the moving image content reproduced by the moving image reproducing module. The image quality adjusting module adjusts the image quality of the screen, which is displayed by the display module, depending on whether the moving image reproducing module is reproducing the moving image content.10-25-2012
20120268473DRAWING OPERATIONS USING MULTIPLE GRAPHICS INTERFACES - Various embodiments provide techniques for enabling multiple graphics interfaces to be accessed to perform graphics-related operations. In at least some embodiments, techniques determine if the multiple graphics interfaces can share a memory resource for performing graphics operations. If the multiple graphics interfaces can share the memory resource, a coalescing graphics element is provided that can be used by applications to perform multiple graphics operations.10-25-2012
20120320073Multiple Spatial Partitioning Algorithm Rendering Engine - Methods, apparatuses and systems directed to rendering a large-scale two-dimensional workspace having embedded, potentially overlapping digital objects. The method entails dynamically creating a plurality of region models based on one or more spatial partitioning algorithms to determine first, what portions of the workspace intersect a globally-defined viewport, and second, to determine what portions of objects are occluded by other objects for efficient rendering.12-20-2012
20120320074METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LAYERED OVERVIEW IN VISUALIZATION OF LARGE ENTERPRISE IT ENVIRONMENT - A method for layered overview visualization of an IT environment having nodes and links related to the nodes, comprising initializing the layered overview visualization by establishing a number of hierarchical levels, combining the nodes and the links related to the nodes into a plurality of elements based on one of function and type, for each hierarchical level, assigning one or more of the plurality of elements to the level in accordance with one of the function and the type and determining overlap of the assigned elements. The method further comprises navigating the layered overview visualization by selecting a view, selecting a level of the hierarchical levels within the selected view, choosing the overlap of one or more of the assigned elements in the selected level and highlighting the chosen elements, and displaying on a screen the selected level and the highlighted chosen elements in the selected level.12-20-2012
20120320075SYSTEM FOR IMPLEMENTING UNIFORM DISPLAY ATTRIBUTES - A system is provided for updating attributes of a display for rendering an image. The system includes a tool, a host device, and a monitor including the display. The tool is utilized by the user to define the desired display attributes and to create and export a configuration file which includes the attribute information. The tool allows for creation of the configuration file without requiring the user to have knowledge of the firmware associated with the display. The configuration file is received by the host device. During operation of the display and upon the occurrence of a triggering event, the host device provides updates to the memory addresses of a display controller to effectuate updates to the display attributes. The system includes a host agent and a display agent and provides the ability to update memory addresses of the display controller which are unassigned under the communications standard utilized. The bandwidth for communication between the host agent and the monitor is maximized through the use of profile triggered events. If desired, a single host agent is utilized to provide update dates to multiple displays. Additionally, the configuration file is received by multiple host devices to uniformly define the attributes of multiple displays.12-20-2012
20120139932VISUAL TREATMENT FOR A USER INTERFACE IN A CONTENT INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK - In a method, system, and computer-readable medium having instructions for a visual treatment for a user interface in a content integration framework, information is received on a tile size for a matrix of tiles and the matrix has one or more tiles with the tile size displayed on a user interface, one or more content images is received for display on the user interface, a position is determined within a first tile of the matrix for rendering a first content image from the one or more content images, a first area of excess space is determined within the tile after positioning the first content image within the first tile and the first area of excess space is dependent on at least one of an aspect ratio of the first content image and a size of the first content image, a reflection of the first content image is rendered within at least a portion of the first area of excess space within the first tile, the first content image is rendered within the first tile of the matrix, and descriptive text associated with the first content image is displayed so that the descriptive text overlays the reflection and not the first content image.06-07-2012
20120327099DYNAMICALLY ADJUSTED DISPLAY ATTRIBUTES BASED ON AUDIENCE PROXIMITY TO DISPLAY DEVICE - Methods and devices for dynamical adjustment of display attributes, based on a set of one or more detected objects disposed in a volume proximate to an image display of the imaging device, wherein the set of one or more objects may be within a perimeter distal from a reference point of the image display. The method and devices further determining a distance from the reference point of the image display to a reference point of at least one of the one or more objects, and determining, for at least one of the one or more sub-regions of the image display, a set of one or more viewing attributes and a disposition on the image display of the at least one of the one or more sub-regions, wherein the set of viewing attributes and the disposition on the image display may be based on the determined distance and a rule set.12-27-2012
20120092358Noise-robust edge enhancement system and method for improved image sharpness - A system for edge enhancement includes an input unit to receive an input signal Yin, a vertical enhancement unit to perform a vertical enhancement of an edge of the input signal Yin to generate an output YEV, and a horizontal enhancement unit to perform a horizontal enhancement of the edge of the input signal Yin to generate an output YEH. The system also includes a local gradient analysis unit to generate a local gradient direction GradDir and a local gradient magnitude GradMag based at least partly upon the input signal Yin, and a mixer to generate an output Yout by mixing the output YEV with the output YEH using the local gradient direction GradDir. The system further includes an output unit to output the output Yout.04-19-2012
20120092357Region-Based Image Manipulation - Region-based image manipulation can include selecting and segmenting regions of a particular image. The regions are identified through the use of simplified brushstrokes over pixels of the regions. Identified regions can be manipulated or transformed accordingly. Certain implementations include filling in regions with other images or objects, and include performing a text query to search for such images or objects.04-19-2012
20120287141PIECEWISE NON-CAUSAL COMPRESSION AND SUBSEQUENT DECOMPRESSION OF QUANTIZED DATA FOR PROCESSING OF DECOMPRESSED DATA IN HIGHER PRECISION PROCESSING SPACE - Nonlinear compression of high precision image data (e.g., 12-bits per subpixel) conventionally calls for a large sized lookup table (LUT). A smaller sized and tunable circuit that performs compression with piecewise linear compressing segments is disclosed. The piecewise linear data compressing process is organized so that lumping together of plural ‘used’ high precision value points into one corresponding low precision data value point is avoided or at least minimized. In one embodiment, the compressed data is image defining data being processed for display on a nonconventional display screen where the piecewise linearly compressed data can be stored adjacent to other image data in a frame buffer where a composite image is assembled.11-15-2012
20120133663MEDICAL IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING MEDICAL IMAGES - A medical image display apparatus for displaying medical images of a biological tissue includes a physical quantity calculator that calculates a first physical quantity related to elasticity of the biological tissue, and a display image control unit that displays a first elastic image having a display form corresponding to the first physical quantity calculated by the physical quantity calculator and a second elastic image having a display form corresponding to a second physical quantity related to elasticity of the biological tissue calculated by other another medical image display apparatus as the medical images. The display image control unit displays images in which portions having a same elasticity in the biological tissue in a same display form as the first and second elastic images.05-31-2012
20110157204METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND DATA STRUCTURES FOR GENERATING A RASTERIZER - Methods, systems and data structures produce a rasterizer. A graphical state is detected on a machine architecture. The graphical state is used for assembling a shell rasterizer. The machine architecture is used for selecting replacement logic that replaces portions of shell logic in the shell rasterizer. The machine architecture is used for selectively inserting memory management logic into portions of the shell logic to produce.06-30-2011
20110157203ELECTRONIC APPARATUS WITH MULTIPLE SCREENS AND IMAGE DISPLAYING METHOD THEREOF - An electronic apparatus with multiple screens and an image displaying method thereof are provided. The image displaying method is adapted to an electronic apparatus. The electronic apparatus includes a first display unit and a second display unit. The image displaying method includes following steps. By a processing module, a digital file is read, and a content of the digital file is displayed on the first display unit. Whether the content of the digital file includes at least one dynamic image is detected by the processing module. When the content of the digital file includes the at least one dynamic image, the at least one dynamic image is displayed on the second display unit by the processing module.06-30-2011
20100091027IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - Units which respectively acquire information on an aberration generated by a display optical system and information on an aberration generated by a vision correction optical system used by an observer are arranged. Aberration correction is executed based on the two aberrations. An aberration generated by a combination of the display optical system and the vision correction optical system used by the observer can be appropriately corrected for each observer.04-15-2010
20130169657DEVICE FOR AIDING THE PRODUCTION OF A MESH OF A GEOMETRIC DOMAIN - Device for aiding the production of a mesh, includes storing first numerical data defining a surface to be processed, a partitioner calculating three-dimensional work cells given initial points, each work cell associated with a point in space, a tiling tool actuating the partitioner with a first set of initial points, defined with respect to the surface, so as to obtain a first set of work cells, an evaluator calculating a cumulative quantity representing the sum of the moments of the points of the work cells with respect to their associated points, and an optimizer iteratively actuating the tiling tool and the evaluator with a set of initial points drawn from the previous sets, according to a rule calculated to minimize said cumulative quantity. The moments are determined by a chosen nonnative function, of order higher than or equal to two and/or according to an adaptation matrix representing an anisotropy field.07-04-2013
20080266308Placing skin-attached features on a computer generated character - Skin-attached features are placed on a computer generated character by defining a set of placement points on at least a portion of a skin surface of the computer generated character. For each placement point, a radius is defined for the placement point. For each placement point, a density value is determined for the placement point. The density value is a sum of weighted overlaps with neighboring placement points within the radius of the placement point. The weighted overlaps are functions of the radius of the placement point. The number of placement points in the set of placement points is reduced based on the density values.10-30-2008
20120249567METHODS, APPARATUSES AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR PROVIDING ADAPTIVE RENDERING QUALITY DEGRADATION - An apparatus is provided for adaptively adjusting the rendering quality of one or more images. The apparatus may include at least one memory and at least one processor configured to adjust a rendering quality associated with display of one or more images to degrade the images based in part on a determined distance corresponding to a predetermined threshold. The processor is further configured to cause the apparatus to enable rendering and display of the degraded images in response to receipt of the degraded images from a device or retrieval of the degraded images from a locally stored memory. The degraded images include images having a size that is smaller than a size of corresponding original images. Corresponding computer program products and methods are also provided.10-04-2012
20130093780LAYERED DIGITAL IMAGE DATA REORDERING AND RELATED DIGITAL IMAGE RENDERING ENGINE - A digital image rendering system, such as a geographic map rendering system, receives image data from an image database, such as a map database, in the form of data having image features defined as sets of image objects arranged in a series of layers. The image rendering system processes the received data in a manner that allows for rendering the original layered data without rendering each original layer separately by reordering the original layered digital image data into fewer layers.04-18-2013
20130093781EXAMINATION INFORMATION DISPLAY DEVICE AND METHOD - An examination information display device of the present invention includes: an acquisition unit that acquires examination information of an object including a medical image captured by a medical image capturing apparatus and attribute information which is added to the examination information and which includes attributes of an examination date and an examination type or unique attributes of the object; a display unit that displays the examination information acquired by the acquisition unit; a generation unit that generates a history area defined by two axes of a first axis indicating one item of the attribute information and a second axis indicating different attribute information from the one item of the attribute information; and a display control unit that performs control to display the examination information at a corresponding coordinate position of the first and second axes of the history area on a display screen of the display unit.04-18-2013
20130120421METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MODIFYING AND RENDERING SCENES VIA DISPLAY LISTS - Various embodiments of a method and system for modifying and rendering scenes via display lists are described. Various embodiments may include a graphical application for generating a display list including display list nodes each corresponding to a respective scene element. To generate a given display list node, the graphical application may determine a scene graph node of a scene graph, allocate a portion of memory dedicated to the display list node, and store in that portion of memory, at least one of the attributes of the respective scene element determined from the particular scene graph node. The graphical application may modify a particular display list node corresponding to the particular scene element by modifying a respective attribute stored in the portion of memory allocated to the particular display list node, and render an image of a scene that includes the particular scene element modified according to the notification.05-16-2013
20130127888DISPLAY SYSTEM AND DISPLAY METHOD - An object is to clearly present not only the state of a controlled object but also a control process performed in a control device that controls the controlled object. Provided is a display system (05-23-2013
20100277489DETERMINE INTENDED MOTIONS - It may be desirable to apply corrective data to aspects of captured image or the user-performed gesture for display of a visual representation that corresponds to the corrective data. The captured motion may be any motion in the physical space that is captured by the capture device, such as a camera. Aspects of a skeletal or mesh model of a person, that is generated based on the image data captured by the capture device, may be modified prior to animation. The modification may be made to the model generated from image data that represents a target or a target's motion, including user gestures, in the physical space. For example, certain joints of a skeletal model may be readjusted or realigned. A model of a target may be modified by applying differential correction, magnetism principles, binary snapping, confining virtual movement to defined spaces, or the like.11-04-2010
20110221758Apparatus and Method for Manipulating Images through a Computer - An apparatus and method for a subject to provide input to a computer in order to generate and manipulate displayed images. The subject physically interacts with at least one input modality within an input console that is coupled to the computer. The input console converts the provided physical input into a corresponding electronic signal which is received by a graphic graphics module stored within the computer. The graphics module associates the incoming electronic signal with an image to be displayed or to an action or visual effect to be applied to a pre-existing image. The visual effect changes the image and creates a unique second image based on the input provided by the subject. A user may manipulate the image further and then save, print, or transfer the second image to another computer or device for a variety of applications.09-15-2011
20110227938METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING IMAGES OF A VIRTUAL WORLD SCENE AND METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING THE SAME - A method and systems for providing and processing images of a virtual world scene. The method includes: rendering the scene of the virtual world to generate a plurality of rendering results, generating at least one image stream based on at least part of the plurality of rendering results, and sending the at least one image stream to the client. The system for providing the images includes: rendering means to generate a plurality of rendering results; image stream generation means for generating at least one image stream; and sending means for sending said at least one image stream to a client. After providing the images, the images are processed by receiving means for receiving, at a client, two image streams and merging means for merging the two image streams into a single image stream for playing.09-22-2011
20120274649METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND DATA STRUCTURES FOR GENERATING A RASTERIZER - Methods, systems and data structures produce a rasterizer. A graphical state is detected on a machine architecture. The graphical state is used for assembling a shell rasterizer. The machine architecture is used for selecting replacement logic that replaces portions of shell logic in the shell rasterizer. The machine architecture is used for selectively inserting memory management logic into portions of the shell logic to produce.11-01-2012
20110242124PROJECTOR AND IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD - A projector includes: an image processing section adapted to perform image processing based on image information; a image projection section adapted to project an image based on an image signal output from the image processing section; a communication section adapted to connect to a network; and a control section adapted to transmit usage information including one of an image content of the image information and a projection environment for projecting the image to an information provision server via the communication section and the network, then receive operation setting information, which is prepared by the information provision server in accordance with the usage information, from the information provision server, and then adjust a projection operation, which is performed by the image processing section and the image projection section, based on the operation setting information.10-06-2011
20110242123ELECTRONIC DEVICE, IMAGE OUTPUT METHOD AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM - In one embodiment, there is provided an electronic device. The electronic device includes: a first generator configured to generate a first image display mode in which image processing including at least one of an effect processing and a transition processing is applied to one or more still images based on image features of the still images; a second generator configured to generate a second image display mode in which one or more still images are switched over successively; and a switching module configured to output any one of the first and second image display modes and switch between the first image display mode and the second image display mode.10-06-2011
20110234610Image Processing Apparatus and Image Processing Methods - Provided are an image processing apparatus and an image processing method. The image processing apparatus includes a point spread function (PSF) pattern generation unit for generating a PSF pattern in which a plurality of PSFs are located in a plurality of lines of the PSF pattern; a PSF estimation unit for estimating PSFs of an out-of-focus input image from step responses of the plurality of lines of the PSF pattern with respect to an edge of the out-of-focus input image; and an image restoration unit for restoring the out-of-focus input image to a focused restored image using the estimated PSF.09-29-2011
20110234609Hierarchical tile-based rasterization algorithm - A hierarchical tile-based rasterization method is disclosed. The inventive rasterization algorithm rasterizes pixels in hierarchical rectangles or blocks. The method includes: walking a plurality of tiles of pixels and determining if each tile is valid; breaking each valid tile into a plurality of subtiles and determining if each subtile is valid; breaking each valid subtile into a plurality of quads and determining if each quad is valid; and rendering pixels for each valid quad. These hierarchical levels of block validations are performed in parallel. The inventive rasterization algorithm is further implemented in hardware for better performance.09-29-2011
20130155088METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING AN IMAGE SLIDESHOW - A method of generating an image slideshow is disclosed. A plurality of candidate images is accessed for the image slideshow. The method determines a plurality of subsections of reference images in a photo book. A corresponding set of the candidate images is selected for each of the determined subsections of the reference images, each set of candidate images being selected based on at least one attribute type of a corresponding determined subsection. The image slideshow is generated using at least one candidate image from each selected set of candidate images.06-20-2013
20130182000SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RENDERING AN IMAGE - An image rendering method includes receiving, by a central processing unit (CPU), a plurality of first primitives, dividing, by the CPU, each of the plurality of first primitives into each of a plurality of grids, collecting, by the CPU, the plurality of grids as a grid set, transmitting the grid set from the CPU to a graphic processing unit (GPU) when a size of the grid set is greater than a threshold value, and shading, by the GPU, the grid set.07-18-2013
20130182001METHOD FOR PRODUCING ADVERTISEMENT CONTENT USING A DISPLAY DEVICE AND DISPLAY DEVICE FOR SAME - The present invention relates to a display device and to an method for operating same and more particularly, to a method for producing advertisement content using a display device and to the display device for the same, which enable a user to accurately and quickly produce advertisement content and display the produced advertisement content in the case where advertisement content is displayed by using the display device as signage. The present invention generates first content included in the advertisement content, generates second content included in the advertisement content, sets the execution time of the first and second content, and stores the advertisement content including the first content, the second content, and the setting information. Accordingly, the display device can display a protection screen for preventing an afterimage screen or burn-in which may occur while displaying an advertisement screen on the display device for a long time, thereby protecting the display unit while maximizing information delivery to the user.07-18-2013
20110310110SYNTHETIC IMAGE AND VIDEO GENERATION FROM GROUND TRUTH DATA - A system and a method are disclosed for generating video. Object information is received. A path of motion of the object relative to a reference point is generated. A series of images and ground for a reference frame are generated from the ground truth and the generated path. A system and a method are disclosed for generating an image. Object information is received. Image data and ground truth may be generated using position, the image description, the camera characteristics, and image distortion parameters. A positional relationship between the document and a reference point is determined. An image of the document and ground truth are generated from the object information and the positional relationship and in response to user specified environment of the document.12-22-2011
20110310109VISUAL PREVIEWS - Visual animation platforms may allow users to develop visual media projects, such as movies. Many visual animation platforms may provide animation effects that may be applied to visual elements of a visual media project. Unfortunately, current techniques for providing a preview of an animation effect may be limited. Accordingly, one or more systems and/or techniques for presenting a visual preview are disclosed herein. In particular, a snapshot of an original state of a selected visual element may be stored. A referenced animation effect may be applied to the selected visual element to generate an updated visual element that may be used to generate a visual preview of how the referenced animation effect may look as applied to the selected visual element. The snapshot may be applied to the updated visual element to non-destructively revert the updated visual element to the original state.12-22-2011
20130187938IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE, IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD, AND IMAGE DISPLAY PROGRAM - An image display device includes: a storing section configured to store associating information that associates information indicating one or more providing sources of image data with each of one or more display areas set within a display screen; an obtaining section configured to obtain image data from a providing source corresponding to each of one or more display areas on the basis of the associating information stored in the storing section; a forming section configured to form display image data of a display image to be displayed on the display screen on the basis of the image data being obtained by said obtaining section for each of one or more display areas; and a display processing section configured to display the display image corresponding to the display image data formed by the forming section on the display screen.07-25-2013
20130194289SOFTWARE FOR DISPLAYS WITH DIFFERENT PIXEL DENSITIES - According to embodiments, a computer-implemented method for designing software for use on multiple devices having different display resolutions comprises determining with a computing device a display characteristic of a first display device, determining with a computing device a display characteristic of a second display device, wherein the computing device has stored in a non-transitory memory a display characteristic of one or more second display devices, calculating with a computing device a display ratio based on the display characteristic of the first display device and the display characteristic of the second display device, and rendering on the first display device a scaled display of the second display device based on the display ratio.08-01-2013
20130194290IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - In order to effectively accomplish blur restoration in a short time, an image processing apparatus includes a blur restoration unit configured to perform blur restoration processing on image data according to an object distance and a blur restoration distance correction unit configured to correct a blur restoration distance that represents an object distance at which the blur restoration processing is performed by the blur restoration unit. The blur restoration distance correction unit is configured to set an interval of the blur restoration distance according to a difference between a reference object distance and another object distance.08-01-2013
20130201198METHOD FOR DISPLAYING MEDICAL IMAGES AND MEDICAL IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEM - The present invention provides a method for displaying medical images and a medical image display system that do not require a medical practitioner to move his/her line of sight at the time of comparing/interpreting images and that can improve accuracy in diagnosis. According to the medical image display system of the present invention: an X-ray imaging device captures an image of a subject according to a first imaging mode by a fringe-scanning imaging device or a second imaging mode by a Fourier transform imaging device; a controller creates at least two images from among an X-ray absorption image, a differential phase image, and a small-angle scattering image on the basis of the captured moire image; and said at least two images that have been created are displayed in turn in the same position on a display section.08-08-2013

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