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345 - Computer graphics processing and selective visual display systems

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345419000 Three-dimension 3386
345619000 Graphic manipulation (object processing or display attributes) 2813
345581000 Attributes (surface detail or characteristic, display attributes) 1738
345473000 Animation 479
345440000 Graph generating 469
345441000 Shape generating 222
345467000 Character generating 151
345428000 Adjusting level of detail 142
20100156887Extended user interface - An apparatus including a housing having an exterior including a first display face and a second display face arranged such that it is contiguous to the first display face; and a processor configured to define a graphical user interface distributed simultaneously over both the first display face and the second display face.06-24-2010
20130044099PERFORMANCE DISPLAY DEVICE - A performance display device comprising a base receptacle and a display unit; wherein the display unit comprises a display screen and a processor, and is operable by a mode switch; the mode switch is operated by relative pivotal motion between the display unit and the base receptacle; characterized in that the display unit and the base receptacle are complementarily shaped to cooperatively form a hinge axis about which the mode changing pivotal motion takes place. A performance display device having a hinge axis formed by the complementarily shaped display unit and base receptacle provides a simple, robust, and reliable device.02-21-2013
20100118025MODE INFORMATION DISPLAYED IN A MAPPING APPLICATION - Provided is a single repository for capturing, connecting, sharing, and visualizing information based on a geographic location, for example. Detailed information about a structure or other object information can be displayed as mode information. An object of interest can be identified by monitoring a user activity or inactivity with regard to a displayed map. If the user hovers a pointing device over an object within the displayed map for longer than a predetermined amount of time, it can be inferred that the user should be presented with additional information regarding the object.05-13-2010
20090195535METHODS FOR FAST AND MEMORY EFFICIENT IMPLEMENTATION OF TRANSFORMS - Embodiments of the present invention include a set of processes and systems for implementing a forward weight-adaptive over-complete transform of an image/video frame, an inverse weight-adaptive over-complete transform of an image/video frame, and fast and low-memory processes for performing the forward weight-adaptive over-complete transform, processing coefficients in the transform domain and performing the inverse weight-adaptive over-complete transform simultaneously.08-06-2009
20090073160Method for automatic generation of optimal space frame - Space frames consist of combination of one or more basic modules to function as a decorative feature or a building element in architectural design. There are certain aesthetic criteria to meet on the design of a basic space frame module; space frame module, geometric regularity, and dimension regularity for all the angles and lengths between edges. Designers exercise their own creativity to develop space frame modules base on these criteria. The present invention relates to a hybrid algorithm based on evolutionary algorithm for graph encoding scheme (EAGES) and genetic algorithm (GA) to evolve the design automatically in relative small number of generations. The hybrid algorithm is a tool to architects and designers to rapidly produce aesthetically pleasing designs with the resources available to them.03-19-2009
20090102832SELECTIVE REFRESH OF COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN DRAWINGS - Embodiments of the invention provide techniques for updating drawing elements of a first computer aided design (CAD) drawing to reflect changes to corresponding drawing elements in a second CAD drawing. A method for updating a CAD drawing may include receiving a selection of drawing elements from the second CAD drawing, where the first CAD drawing is derived, at least in part, from the drawing elements of the second CAD drawing. The method may also include identifying drawing elements of the first CAD drawing that correspond with the selected drawing elements of the second CAD drawing, updating a geometry of the identified drawing elements of the first CAD drawing to reflect a geometry of the corresponding drawing elements of the second CAD drawing, and preserving a visual appearance of drawing elements the first CAD drawing not updated.04-23-2009
20100079444DISPLAYPORT SLEEP BEHAVIOR - Circuits, methods, and apparatus that allow a host to determine the capabilities of a new display that has replaced a previous display in a display system. In one example, a host determines capabilities of a new display after the host exits a sleep state. After exiting the sleep state, the host wakes an adapter. The adapter determines the presence of a display and sends a hot-plug detect interrupt signal to the host. Following this, the host reads information stored in the display and determines whether the adapter has been connected to a new display. If the adapter is connected to a new display, the host reads capabilities such as supported resolutions and refresh rates from the display and make adjustments to graphics output data as necessary.04-01-2010
20130076726Confirming Compliance With a Configuration - Confirming compliance with a configuration includes: receiving information about a fixture, where the information includes a specified configuration of items to be displayed on the fixture; generating a display using the information, where the display depicts the specified configuration; presenting the display using a graphics system of a computing device; receiving an image depicting an actual configuration of the fixture; associating metadata with the image, where the metadata includes searchable data that distinguishes the fixture from at least some other fixtures of like type; sending the image, along with the metadata, over a network to a server that is remote from the computing device; and in a case that the specified configuration substantially matches the actual configuration, sending, along with the image and the metadata, a message indicating that the fixture is in compliance with the specified configuration.03-28-2013
20100045659ELEMENT MAPPING APPARATUS AND ELEMENT MAPPING IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD - Distribution images that are element mapping images displayed on a parent window of a display unit are switched by selecting a particular element or an analysis line to be displayed on a display element screen or a screen switch button using a keyboard or a mouse, so that the plural distribution images overlap to be overwritten at the same large size.02-25-2010
20090213110IMAGE MIXING APPARATUS AND PIXEL MIXER - An image mixing apparatus and a pixel mixer capable of mixing image data items having different pixel resolutions, and mixing image data items in an arbitrary display priority, irrespective of the order of mixing, even if the order of mixing is determined in advance is provided. Of two pixel data items having depth values “Zc” and “Zb”, one pixel data item having the depth value indicating that the pixel is located in a foreground position is selected by a pixel selection determination circuit 08-27-2009
20130027384Method And Apparatus For Providing Vision Corrected Data At A Mobile Device - A method, apparatus and computer program product for providing vision corrected data at a mobile device is presented. The data on the mobile device is provided accounting for vision correction requirements of a viewer of the information, such that the viewer does not require the use of corrective lenses to view the information on the display of the mobile device or the removal of corrective lenses to view the information.01-31-2013
20120182285SYSTEM FOR THE VISUALIZATION OF STATUS INFORMATION OF FIELD DEVICES - The invention concerns a system for the visualization of status information of at least one field device, which communicates by a bus system with an operating unit by means of a PC-based operating tool; according to the invention, it is provided that the PC-based operating tool has an interface for the data exchange with a mini-application embedded in a graphic user interface of the operating unit, and the status information is displayed by means of the mini-application.07-19-2012
20130088484DISPLAYING CONTENT ITEMS RELATED TO A SOCIAL NETWORK GROUP - Systems and methods for presenting social content are provided. In some aspects, a method includes receiving a new content item. The new content item is not associated with a social network group comprising a set of subject members and a set of viewing members. The method also includes determining that the new content item is related to the social network group. The method also includes storing the new content item in association with the social network group. The method also includes providing for display a representation of the new content item and an indication of the social network group.04-11-2013
20120306848DIGITAL EYESIGHT MEASURING APPARATUS - Disclosed is a digital eyesight device, which comprises an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) which includes a data storing part which stores a graphic data on an eyesight measurement table, an internal memory part which retrieves a graphic data from the data storing part; an embedded processor which has an internal processor part processing a graphic data, an external graphic processor which converts a 1-channel type graphic data processed by the embedded processor into a 2-channel type graphic data, a first bus which is connected between the embedded processor and the external graphic processor and is connected with the embedded processor in a signal transmission way, and a second bus which is electrically connected with the external graphic processor, said ASIC having an interface function interfacing the signal of the embedded processor to the external graphic processor and converting a 1-port 2-channel graphic data generated by the external graphic processor into a 2-port 2-channel graphic data; and a large size panel which receives a 2-port 2-channel type graphic data from the ASIC and displays it.12-06-2012
20120306847ONLINE ENVIRONMENT MAPPING - A system and method are disclosed for online mapping of large-scale environments using a hybrid representation of a metric Euclidean environment map and a topological map. The system includes a scene module, a location recognition module, a local adjustment module and a global adjustment module. The scene flow module is for detecting and tracking video features of the frames of an input video sequence. The scene flow module is also configured to identify multiple keyframes of the input video sequence and add the identified keyframes into an initial environment map of the input video sequence. The location recognition module is for detecting loop closures in the environment map. The local adjustment module enforces local metric properties of the keyframes in the environment map, and the global adjustment module is for optimizing the entire environment map subject to global metric properties of the keyframes in the keyframe pose graph.12-06-2012
20120223934CONTENT DISPLAY DEVICE, CONTENT DISPLAY METHOD, CONTENT DISPLAY PROGRAM, RECORDING MEDIUM, SERVER APPARATUS, CONTENT PROVIDING METHOD AND CONTENT PROVIDING PROGRAM - A content display device effectively displays content utilizing a visible area which is not hidden in a display area which is partially hidden, without changing the state of the display area. The content display device has: a determining means that determines whether or not one of display areas is partially hidden when the display areas arranged on a screen overlap each other; a specifying means that, when it is decided that one of the display areas is partially hidden, specifies a visible area included in the display area which is partially hidden; an acquiring means that acquires content comprising a feature portion of content positioned in the visible area at the time of display of the content in the display area which is partially hidden; and a display means that displays the acquired content in the display area which is partially hidden.09-06-2012
20110063284IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE, IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD, IMAGE DISPLAY PROGRAM, REPRODUCING DEVICE, REPRODUCING METHOD, REPRODUCING PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An error message displayed instead of an image which has been determined as being unable to be displayed is displayed for a time ΔT′ which is set independently of a time ΔT during which each image which has been determined as being able to be displayed is displayed. According to the arrangement, during a slide show display, it is possible to inform the user of the fact that an image intended to be displayed has not been displayed, without raising a possibility that due to an error message displayed for a period of time which is as long as a period of time during which each image which can be displayed is displayed, the enjoyment of photograph viewing is spoiled or the user is worried.03-17-2011
20130063416Image Display Method and Image Display Device - The present invention discloses a method for displaying a picture comprising: calculating a static quality score S of a picture to be displayed based on static parameters of the picture and static parameters of a display module displaying the picture; calculating a dynamic quality score D of the picture based on dynamic parameters of the picture; calculating a quality score Score of the picture based on the static quality score S of the picture and the dynamic quality score D of the picture; calculating a display time T for displaying the picture based on the quality score Score of the picture; and the display module displaying the picture according to the display time T. The present invention further discloses a device for displaying a picture.03-14-2013
20130063415BACKPLATE INTERCONNECT WITH INTEGRATED PASSIVES - This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for manufacturing display devices having electronic components mounted within a display device package. In one aspect, the electronic component connects to the exterior of the display device through pads that run below a seal that holds a substrate and a backplate of the display device together. In another aspect the electronic components also connect to an electromechanical device within the display device, as well as connecting to pads that are external to the display device.03-14-2013
20090046092ENCODING DEVICE, ENCODING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A coding device having a judgment unit configured to judge whether or not a GOP is a GOP where GOP unit flicker is readily visible in an image decoded after encoded the GOP, for each of GOPs forming image data to be coded, and a coding unit configured to apply processing for suppressing the GOP unit flicker when the judgment unit judges that the GOP is a GOP where flicker is readily visible.02-19-2009
20120113091Remote Graphics - A system that allows graphics to be displayed on a local device via a communication channel connected to a remote computing device.05-10-2012
20090309872Object Selecting Device, Object Selecting Method, Information Recording Medium, And Program - An object selecting device, etc., is provided making possible easy selection of objects displayed in a predetermined order. A display unit (12-17-2009
20120287114INTERFACE INCLUDING VIEWS POSITIONED IN ALONG MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS - A particular method includes generating an interface that includes a plurality of first views positioned along a first dimension. The interface also includes at least one second view positioned with respect to at least one of the first views along a second dimension. The method also includes transmitting the interface to a display device.11-15-2012
20110292030Map Display Device - A map display device 12-01-2011
20100033478Multimedia display device - A multimedia display device includes a display device, a central processing unit, a flash memory unit, a database joint playing unit and a communication unit. The multimedia display device is provided for downloading and storing a portion of network multimedia data, and linking another portion of the network multimedia data of a network server to a multimedia data website, such that the display device produces a photo archive mode of the stored multimedia data and the multimedia data linked to the network server for the display device to play a photo archive.02-11-2010
20100259536SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DEADLOCK-FREE PIPELINING - A system and method for facilitating increased graphics processing without deadlock. Embodiments of the present invention provide storage for execution unit pipeline results (e.g., texture pipeline results). The storage allows increased processing of multiple threads as a texture unit may be used to store information while corresponding locations of the register file are available for reallocation to other threads. Embodiments further provide for preventing deadlock by limiting the number of requests and ensuring that a set of requests is not issued unless there are resources available to complete each request of the set of requests. Embodiments of the present invention thus provide for deadlock free increased performance.10-14-2010
20090146994Image displaying method and image display system employing the method - An image displaying system and method in which images that are categorized according to the aspect ratio of width of height thereof are displayed in a selection window and the images are put into and edited in an editing window, and an image display system employing the method. In the system and method, the aspect ratio of height to width of a layout of the editing window is determined, images having the same aspect ratio of height to width as the layout are detected and displayed in the selection window, an image is selected from among the displayed images, and the selected image is put into and edited in the layout.06-11-2009
20130021322VISUAL ONTOLOGICAL SYSTEM FOR SOCIAL COMMUNITY - The present invention relates to a system for storing and managing a comment on content in a social community, and enabling another user to retrieve content or a comment. In particular, the present invention may generate image comments for target content from users of a social community, and summarize the generated imaged comments.01-24-2013
20090201287SYSTEM AND METHOD OF ADAPTIVELY FILTERING PARAMETRIC DATA FOR DISPLAY - A system and method are provided for accurately rendering one or more parameters on an electronic display without being distractive. The system and method provide for adaptively filtering parametric data prior to rendering images representative of the parametric data on a display. Relatively heavy electronic filtering is applied to the parametric data when the parameter is relatively constant, whereas relatively lighter electronic filtering is applied to the parametric data as the parameter changes at ever increasing rate of change magnitudes.08-13-2009
20080211803Graphic Processor and Information Processing Device - This invention provides a command system for efficiently performing information processing.09-04-2008
20090278840VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT SIMULATING TRAVEL BY VARIOUS MODES OF TRANSPORTATION - A restaurant comprising a virtual reality environment simulating travel by a mode of transportation, such as a train or a boat, to allow individuals seating in the restaurant to have the impression of travelling while enjoying their meals. The restaurant comprises a dining room having side walls, each side wall having a series of windows. Screens are placed on opposed facing sides of the dining room at a distance behind the side walls. A set of projectors is provided for projecting a seamless flow of continuous passing by images of a landscape on the screens. A display control unit synchronizes the projection of the passing by images on the screens in order to create an illusion of travel through the landscape when viewed through the windows in the side walls.11-12-2009
20090295787Methods for Displaying Objects of Interest on a Digital Display Device - The present invention relates to methods for dynamically displaying an image on a display window of a digital display device, such as a digital picture frame. These methods may include the following steps: identifying one or more objects of interest in a source image; defining a crop area as a function of the one or more objects of interest; decoding the crop area of the source image into a canvas image; and displaying the selected area of the canvas image.12-03-2009
20090295788VISUALLY EMPHASIZING PERIPHERAL PORTIONS OF A USER INTERFACE - Methods and computer-readable media for visually emphasizing small and typically unnoticed portions of a user interface are provided. A user indicates a desire to modify or customize certain settings for a particular portion of a user interface by, for example, opening a control panel window. Portions that can be modified or customized include a toolbar, taskbar, or system tray. The portion may be magnified or highlighted to draw the user's attention to that area, and any modifications that the user makes to that portion may be immediately displayed on the emphasized portion, which establishes a clear visual association between a set of configuration options for the portion of the user interface, and the portion itself. The portion may be emphasized at different times, such as when the configuration settings are displayed, when the user makes a change, or after the changes have been made.12-03-2009
20110267336SYSTEM AND METHOD OF CONVERTING EDGE RECORD BASED GRAPHICS TO POLYGON BASED GRAPHICS - A method and graphics converter for converting edge record based graphics to polygon based graphics is provided. In accordance with one embodiment, there is provided a method for converting graphic object data that defines a graphic object for delivery to wireless devices connected to a wireless communications network, the method comprising: converting the graphic object data from a path format to a second format, the path format including path elements that are each associated with a fill style and define one or more polygon shapes at least partially filled with the associated fill style, the path elements collectively defining the graphic object; converting the graphic object data from the path format to a second format, the converting including: redefining the polygon shapes defined by the path elements as groups of triangles; and combining at least some triangles in the groups of triangles into further polygon shapes that fall within complexity thresholds based on predetermined capabilities of a wireless device to which the converted graphic object data will be delivered.11-03-2011
20090027378DISPLAYPORT HAVING PROTECTION CIRCUIT - A DisplayPort having protection circuit includes a supporting seat, a first terminal set, a circuit board, a second terminal set, a bottom plate and an outer casing. The supporting seat has a main body, at front of which a sealing wall is arranged. A supporting piece is extended outwardly from the sealing wall. A plurality of perforations are arranged at the supporting place between the supporting piece and the sealing wall. The first terminal set passes through the perforations and is disposed on the supporting piece. The circuit board placed in the supporting seat is electrically connected to the first terminal set. At least one protecting element is electrically connected onto the circuit board. The second terminal set is electrically connected to the circuit board. The bottom plate is assembled to the bottom part of the supporting seat. The outer casing has a hollow main body, at front of which a plugging opening is arranged. The outer casing is externally assembled and connected to the supporting seat, making the supporting piece of the supporting seat located in the plugging opening. When there is high current or surge entering the DisplayPort, the protection element can sequester the high current or surge, ensuring certain electronic parts in the circuit board without damage.01-29-2009
20080278474System and method for volumetric display of video images extracted from arbitrary background environments - A system and method for volumetric display of video images extracted from arbitrary background environments comprising an arrangement for extracting a video image in real time from an arbitrary background and creating a stream of extracted image data in response thereto and a free space or volumetric display operationally adapted to display the stream.11-13-2008
20080278476INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM STORING GRAPHIC DATA AND APPARATUS AND METHOD OF PROCESSING THE GRAPHIC DATA - An information storage medium including graphic data and presentation information, and an apparatus and method of processing the graphic data are provided. The information storage medium includes the graphic data, page composition information which defines page composition of the graphic data, and the presentation information indicating when graphic screen data, which is composed with reference to the page composition information of the graphic data, is output to a display screen. Therefore, a graphic object is reusable in graphic data processing, and accordingly, a time taken to process the graphic data is reducible and memory area may be saved.11-13-2008
20080291196Method and apparatus to display a transport service between point A and point Z - Common techniques for displaying graphical representations of networks that summarize the network by representing the network at high level views, typically as physical network elements. In contrast, an example embodiment of the present invention simultaneously displays graphical representations for a transport service within a network by displaying network elements and connections between network entities to form graphical representations, where the graphical representations show intra-element connections, inter-element connections, and relationships between the network entities to display a transport service from point A to point Z in the network. Thus, a user can visualize a transport service and identify faults in the transport service efficiently and on a substantially real-time basis.11-27-2008
20120293486IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - It is detected that an object moving in a display screen has passed through an object detection line segment set in the display screen. A region where the detection is inhibited is set in a frame of the display screen. In this detection, it is detected that an object has passed through an object detection line segment set in a region other than the set region.11-22-2012
20080309659METHOD FOR ACCELERATED DETERMINATION OF OCCLUSION BETWEEN POLYGONS - The invention describes a method and system for use in occlusion culling of polygons in an interactive environment, such as a game. The invention employs a boundary box to simplify the testing of occludee polygons. Occluders and occludees are also transformed into non-interpenetrating, non-overlapping polygons. Winged-edges are employed to minimize a per occludee computational cost due to precision problems that may arise at non-overlapping edges. The invention then proceeds through an active edge list to identify edge discontinuities (e.g., where an edge is added or removed from the active edge list). Depth analysis is employed to determine whether an occluder occludes an occludee at the edge discontinuity. Moreover, the invention only performs depth analysis for those locations of a screen display where an occludee is determined to reside, thereby minimizing unnecessary computations.12-18-2008
20080309658IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND IMAGE PROCESSING PROGRAM - Object data representing an image object extracted from image data is stored. A display unit displays the image object or the contour of the image object in accordance with the display mode designated by a user.12-18-2008
20080238913DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device includes a display panel for displaying an instrument image including an index image constituting an index and a pointer image constituting a pointer for pointing the index of the index image and a controller for displaying the instrument image on the display panel. The controller varies at least one of a pointer display mode of the pointer image and an index display mode of the index image so as to increase a readability of the index indicated by the index image when positions associated with the pointer image and the index image coincide.10-02-2008
20080284777Interactive virtual thematic environment - The present invention is directed to a method of integrating information, including real-time information, into a virtual thematic environment using a computer system, including accessing the stored information from a database or downloading the real-time information from a source external to the thematic environment; inserting the real-time information into the thematic environment; and displaying the information to a user within the thematic environment. In one embodiment, the computer system is connected to a holographic projection system such that the images from the thematic environment can be projected as holographic projections. The computer system includes an interactive software application platform having at least one thematic/publishing logic module which contains thematic environment rules; at least one digital content library module which provides content management on the thematic environment; and at least one quantum imaging environment (QIE) module which interprets content such that the content is manipulated and accessed by any device.11-20-2008
20080278477INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM STORING GRAPHIC DATA AND APPARATUS AND METHOD OF PROCESSING THE GRAPHIC DATA - An information storage medium including graphic data and presentation information, and an apparatus and method of processing the graphic data are provided. The information storage medium includes the graphic data, page composition information which defines page composition of the graphic data, and the presentation information indicating when graphic screen data, which is composed with reference to the page composition information of the graphic data, is output to a display screen. Therefore, a graphic object is reusable in graphic data processing, and accordingly, a time taken to process the graphic data is reducible and memory area may be saved.11-13-2008
20090002361Generating Low Resolution User Interfaces for Transmission to Mobile Devices - A computer-implemented method includes generating a user interface for displaying one or more images, receiving a request from a remote device to view the user interface, determining whether the remote device is a mobile device communicating over a wireless network, depending on a result of the determination, generating a low resolution version of the user interface that is computationally less intensive to render compared to the previously generated user interface, and transmitting the low resolution version of the user interface to the requesting device.01-01-2009
20090251458IMAGE SIGNAL GENERATING APPARATUS, IMAGE SIGNAL GENERATION METHOD, COMPUTER PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An image signal generating apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a sight-line detecting unit, a peripheral image determination unit, and an image processing unit. The sight-line detecting unit detects a sight line of a user looking at images of a plurality of contents displayed on a display unit. The peripheral image determination unit determines an image located in a user's peripheral viewing field as a peripheral image in the images of the plurality of contents based on the sight line detected by the sight-line detecting unit. The image processing unit adds an object representing an attribute of a content of the peripheral image determined by the peripheral image determination unit to an image signal for displaying the images of the plurality of contents.10-08-2009
20090051679LOCAL MOTION ESTIMATION USING FOUR-CORNER TRANSFORMS - A four-corner motion system for precisely modeling local motion is provided. The four-corner motion system provides a motion estimation technique that uses a four-corner transform to describe planar motion. The four-corner motion system produces a motion field that describes the motion of each block in a reference frame at the four-corner level. Thus, the four-corner motion system provides more precise modeling of local motion.02-26-2009
20090066688DISPLAY APPARATUS AND IMAGE DISPLAY METHOD - A display apparatus and a method for displaying an image are provided. The display apparatus includes a memory which stores one or more images; a communication unit which receives a universal serial bus (USB) video signal transmitted via a USB cable from an external apparatus, and receives a specific command signal from the external apparatus if the external apparatus starts to boot; and a main controller which determines that the external apparatus is being booted and causes the stored images to be displayed on a screen if the command signal is received through the communication unit.03-12-2009
20090058847METHODS AND SYSTEMS INVOLVING FACETED BROWSING WITH TAGS - A method for organizing and displaying data includes classifying data objects with facets, wherein facets are aspects that include subjects of the data objects, associating tags with the data objects, wherein the tags are descriptive labels of the data objects, associating the tags with the facets, displaying the facets in response to a request for data objects, displaying the tags associated with the displayed facets in further response to the request for data objects, and displaying data objects corresponding to the displayed facets in further response to the request for data objects.03-05-2009
20090251457REACTIVE VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT - A system (and corresponding method) is provided that enables virtual spaces to be created based upon user activity and populated with users associated with, interested in or active within the same areas as the user, thus facilitating serendipitous interactions and exchange of knowledge. The system dynamically binds user representations (e.g., avatars, links) into a virtual space that is associated with an activity or topic. Essentially, the system is capable of dynamically gathering or generating representations of users associated with a workflow or tasks within an activity, project or topic thereby enhancing collaboration between users with regard to communications as well as generation and sharing of data.10-08-2009
20090244058APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RAY TRACING WITH BLOCK FLOATING POINT DATA - Systems and methods include high throughput and/or parallelized ray/geometric shape intersection testing using intersection testing resources accepting and operating with block floating point data. Block floating point data sacrifices precision of scene location in ways that maintain precision where more beneficial, and allow reduced precision where beneficial. In particular, rays, acceleration structures, and primitives can be represented in a variety of block floating point formats, such that storage requirements for storing such data can be reduced. Hardware accelerated intersection testing can be provided with reduced sized math units, with reduced routing requirements. A driver for hardware accelerators can maintain full-precision versions of rays and primitives to allow reduced communication requirements for high throughput intersection testing in loosely coupled systems. Embodiments also can include using BFP formatted data in programmable test cells or more general purpose processing elements.10-01-2009
20090315881DISPLAY PROCESSING DEVICE, DISPLAY PROCESSING METHOD, AND DISPLAY PROCESSING PROGRAM - In case it is necessary to have high-speed drawing processing such as display scrolling and so on, a drawing switching signal is input at a step, and high-speed drawing display data is output to a display at a step in response to this input, thereby display is performed. A high-speed drawing data generating means generates high-speed drawing display data for displaying each pixel concerning a character or visual object using a digitized gradation value digitized from each corresponding gradation value, and display is performed on this generated data. When it is necessary to have high-speed drawing, it is possible to have quick processing without increasing loads on a CPU and graphic controller on digitized data from gradation value.12-24-2009
20120194502SEARCHABLE CATALOG FOR EXTERNALLY DEFINED GRAPHIC ELEMENT (EDGE) DEFINITIONS - A catalog for storing externally defined graphic element (EDGE) definitions allows graphics developers and system designers to share customized and application-specific operator interface graphics. The catalog includes publishing functionality that allows a user to submit new graphic element definitions to the catalog together with instructions regarding how the graphic element definition is to be classified within a browsable hierarchy of industry-specific categories. Search and retrieval functionality allows an HMI developer to search for desired graphic element definitions using keyword-based searching or by browsing the classification hierarchy. Advanced search functions can generate or refine search criteria based on characterizing information polled from one or more of an operator interface application, an industrial control program, or networked field devices. The catalog can reside at a central network-accessible location or locally on a developer workstation to facilitate access to the stored graphic element definitions.08-02-2012
20100156890METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR UTILIZING TRANSFORMATION MATRICES TO PROCESS RASTERIZED IMAGE DATA - A method and system render rasterized data by receiving non-rasterized page description language data and a corresponding transformation matrix representing transformation operations to be performed. The non-rasterized page description language data is rasterizing to create rasterized data. The corresponding transformation matrix is decomposed into a plurality of individual transformation operation matrices and a discrete transformation operation value, from a corresponding individual transformation operation matrix, is generated for each transformation operation to be performed upon the rasterized data. The transformation operations are performed upon the rasterized data based upon the generated discrete transformation operation values.06-24-2010
20100013828SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENABLING MULTIPLE-STATE AVATARS - A method of rendering an electronic graphical representation of a user of a computerized system includes providing a plurality of states for the electronic graphical representation including first and second differing states, monitoring a measurable quantity to provide a monitored quantity, and changing a state of the graphical representation from the first state to the second state based upon the monitored quantity. The graphical representation is an avatar and the method includes defining a receptor point associated with the avatar and associating an object with the receptor point. The receptor point is located on the avatar. The plurality of states includes a non-hybrid state. The plurality of states includes a hybrid state. The hybrid state is a static image hybrid state and a video hybrid state. The video hybrid state is a live video hybrid state and a pre-recorded video hybrid state.01-21-2010
20100156888Adaptive mapping for heterogeneous processing systems - Embodiments of a system, program product and method are presented to perform automatic partitioning of work between host processor (such as, e.g., a CPU) and at least one additional heterogeneous processing element (such as, e.g., a GPU) through run-time adaptive mapping. The adaptive mapping may be performed by a dynamic compiler, based on projected execution times predicted by curve fitting based on actual execution times generated during a profile run of the program. Other embodiments are described and claimed.06-24-2010
20100156889BI-DIRECTIONAL UPDATE OF A GRID AND ASSOCIATED VISUALIZATIONS - Architecture that facilitates the attachment of multiple visualization types (e.g., charts) to the data of a grid and the presentation of the visualization next to the grid. The infrastructure allows each data view to be associated with a set of visualizations. These visualizations are rendered along with the grid (in a separate presentation pane) so that the user does not have to switch context to perform analyses. The visualizations available include charts that show aggregate and/or non-aggregate data. In a server farm scenario, all user interactions such as drill-downs are provided. Server farm drill-downs for these visualizations can be obtained using MHTML (MIME hypertext markup language). The visualizations can be automatically updated when filters are applied on the grid, and when drill-down is performed on the visualization, the grid is automatically updated. The visualizations can be consumed from a web-based browser client and/or thick client, for example.06-24-2010
20120032945PORTABLE COMPUTING DEVICE AND METHOD OF OPERATION OF SAME - A managed services platform and method of operation of same are described herein. The platform can include a device management service (DMS) server in which the DMS server can act as a gateway for communications with one or more computing devices, and the computing devices are associated with a first entity. The platform can also include an application service (AS) server in which the AS server is communicatively coupled with the DMS server. When a first computing device contacts the DMS server, the DMS server is operable to provide a bundle to the first computing device. As an example, the bundle contains content that at least includes one or more configuration messages and an application set that contains one or more predefined applications. The content of the bundle can be determined at least in part by the first entity.02-09-2012
20090002362Image to temporal pixel mapping - Image pixel to temporal pixel mapping is disclosed. In some embodiments, a grid of stochastically arranged temporal pixels is employed in a composite display. An image pixel may be mapped to one or more temporal pixels in the grid. One or more of the one or more temporal pixels in the grid to which the image pixel is mapped are employed to render the image pixel in the composite display.01-01-2009
20090295789Methods for Dynamically Displaying Digital Images on Digital Display Devices - The present invention relates to methods for dynamically displaying images on a display window of a digital display device such as a digital picture frame. These methods include the steps of: processing the source image into a canvas image having canvas pixels as a function of the source image characteristics; upon the canvas image meeting one or more conditions for the panning of an image, selecting a panning velocity for the canvas image; defining a viewing window with respect to the canvas image wherein said viewing window having a viewing image, said viewing image is to have a plurality of viewing pixels; calculating the viewing pixels for said viewing image; displaying said viewing image for said viewing window on said display window; redefining said viewing window with respect to the canvas image as a function of said panning velocity; and repeating the calculating and displaying steps for said viewing window. These methods allow for the dynamic display of images with special effects on a digital display device as a function of the properties of the image (e.g. a panoramic image). They also provide for the smooth panning of digital images at velocities that are accurate up to fractional pixels per unit time.12-03-2009
20100001991Apparatus and method of building map for mobile robot - Localization and map building apparatus and method applicable to a mobile robot are provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a map building apparatus extracts a pattern of landmarks of the same kind and adjusts a landmark map using the extracted pattern when generating the landmark map for localization. Accordingly, since the landmark map is adjusted based on the pattern extracted on the basis of location information of each landmark, accuracy of localization and map building of the mobile robot can be improved.01-07-2010
20080316200Method for running computer program on video card selected based on video card preferences of the program - A parameter relating to the video card preferences of a target computer program is determined. In response to the target computer program being started on a computing device having a number of video cards, one of these video cards is selected to run the target computer program on, based on the parameter. The target computer program is then run on the video card selected. The parameter may include the specific identify of one of the video cards on which the target computer program is to be run, as well as other types of parameters that do not specifically identify any of the video cards. The video card preferences of the target computer program may also include video card requirements of the target computer program.12-25-2008
20130127821METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ADJUSTING A DISPLAY TO ACCOUNT FOR THE USERS' CORRECTIVE LENSES OR PREFERRED DISPLAY SETTINGS - A system and method for adjusting display settings to allow a user that requires prescriptive eyewear to view images on the display without the eyewear. The user provides input on which value for each display setting is optimal for the user's viewing experience. Once the optimal values are determined, the present invention adjusts the settings of the display means. The user is then able to view the text or images without wearing his/her prescriptive eyewear. The present invention optimally manipulates at least one of the following settings to achieve this aim: brightness, contrast, clock/phase, sharpness, colour, resolution, aspect ratio, gamma setting, and any other settings of the display means that are available to adjust the display so that a user may view the image to his or her satisfaction. The display means may be a monitor, or any other means that displays text or images.05-23-2013
20110032250Information Processing Apparatus - A storage stores content information for a trial version of an application program assigned identification information and content information for a product version; a license information acquisition unit acquires license information for the application program by referring to request information acknowledged by an input acknowledging unit; a determination unit determines whether the license information for the application program is stored in the memory by referring to the identification information; and a display processing unit generates a display screen using first content information until the determination unit determines that the license information is stored, and generates a display screen using second content information when the determination unit determines that the license information is stored.02-10-2011
20080278475INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM STORING GRAPHIC DATA AND APPARATUS AND METHOD OF PROCESSING THE GRAPHIC DATA - An information storage medium including graphic data and presentation information, and an apparatus and method of processing the graphic data are provided. The information storage medium includes the graphic data, page composition information which defines page composition of the graphic data, and the presentation information indicating when graphic screen data, which is composed with reference to the page composition information of the graphic data, is output to a display screen. Therefore, a graphic object is reusable in graphic data processing, and accordingly, a time taken to process the graphic data is reducible and memory area may be saved.11-13-2008
20100302232IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - Provided is an image display device. The image display device includes an external signal input unit connected to an external device, a user input unit, a memory unit, a controller, and a display unit. The user input unit selects the external device connected to the external signal input unit. The memory unit stores a label as information corresponding to the external device, set by a user. The controller controls the label as the information of the external device, stored in the memory unit, to be displayed. The display unit outputs the label.12-02-2010
20110025683Map Display Device - A map display device includes: a map display control unit that displays a map at a display monitor; a weather information reception unit that receives weather information; and a weather information display control unit that displays the received weather information by superimposing the weather information over the map, wherein: if a plurality of sets of weather information for a plurality of geographical areas are allocated to a map area corresponding to a single pixel at the display monitor, a set of weather information for a geographical area with weather information thereof indicating a largest weather information numerical value, among the plurality of sets of weather information for the plurality of geographical areas, is displayed at the single pixel.02-03-2011
20090066689Image displaying method - According to an aspect of an embodiment, a method for displaying an image including a plurality of blocks in which code information can be embedded, includes obtaining a first image including a plurality of blocks, obtaining a second image determined by changing the characteristic value of the selected blocks of the first image so as to associate the value with the code information to be embedded, and displaying the first image data and the second image data, sequentially.03-12-2009
20110025682SYSTEM, METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR CONSISTENT IMAGE SYNTHESIS - A system, method, and computer program product are provided for focusing computing power to a region of interest that can be changed interactively and arbitrarily during the process of image synthesis. In operation, a problem domain is partitioned utilizing a first selected technique. Additionally, a number of samples to be drawn per partition are assigned utilizing a second selected technique. Furthermore, the assigned number of samples are drawn for each partition, where the samples are generated by only one deterministic sample sequence. Still yet, the partitioning, assigning, and drawing are capable of being repeated such that existing partitions and assignments are capable of remaining unchanged during sampling and a convergence speed is adapted without compromising convergence in at least one of a sequential computing environment or a parallel computing environment. In this way, the convergence of image synthesis is not compromised. In fact, the image synthesis process may converge to the same solution that would have been obtained without interaction.02-03-2011
20090079728APPARATUS, METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR GENERATING MULTIVIEW DATA - A multiview-data generating apparatus of the present invention generates, for each pixel index of each pixel included in a predetermined area, a color information group and a depth value group of a CG object corresponding to each viewpoint, derives an approximate function by approximating a relation between the viewpoint and the depth value based on the depth value group, and handles the depth value group in a state of a depth parameter array that is obtained by arranging parameters of the approximate function.03-26-2009
20120242648DYNAMICALLY GENERATING VISUALIZATIONS IN INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION ENVIRONMENT AS A FUNCTION OF CONTEXT AND STATE INFORMATION - A visualization system that generates customized visualization(s) in an industrial automation environment includes an interface component that receives input concerning displayed objects and information, a context component that can detect, infer or determine context information regarding an entity, and a visualization component that dynamically generates a visualization from a set of display object to present to the entity that is a function of the received information and inferred or determined entity context.09-27-2012
20100164945DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING PHOTOS IN DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME - A digital photo frame includes a display control module configured for displaying a two-dimensional first image and a two-dimensional second image having a horizontal parallax with the first image. The display photo frame is capable of displaying the first image at a first angle, and displaying the second image at a second angle. The first image and the second image alternately displayed at a definite interval time produce a three-dimensional appearance based on the first image and the second image.07-01-2010
20110210959ADJUNCT DEVICE FOR USE WITH A HANDHELD WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE AS A SCREEN POINTER - An adjunct device includes a case for enclosing at least a portion of a handheld wireless communication device. A plug coupled to a communication port of the handheld wireless communication device. A plurality of infrared emitters emits a corresponding plurality of infrared signals to a sensor coupled to a screen for use in generating a screen pointer graphic on the display screen.09-01-2011
20100013827HYBRID IMPORTANCE MAPS FOR CONTENT AWARE DIGITAL IMAGE RESIZING - What is disclosed is a novel system and method for content-aware resizing of a digital image. To take advantage of the characteristics of various importance maps generated for the image using different operators such as, for example, gradient, entropy, probabilistic operators, and the like, a method is provided herein for combining generated pixel importance maps. The present method uses a weighted combination of pixel importance maps—one corresponding to each image operator, to produce a hybrid map for all the image. The image can then be resized based on this hybrid map. The present method provides a high degree of image resizing flexibility and has broad applicability across differing classes of images and applications such as display, printing, packaging, and other document image processing software performing document layout, image personalization, and the like.01-21-2010
20110248986INTELLIGENT MEDIA DECODING - A request to decode media data is received from an application running on a computing device. A decoder decision module in media processing software also running on the computing device receives the request and intelligently determines which of a plurality of media decoders to route the media data to for decompression. The plurality of media decoders may include a hardware media decoder and a software media decoder. The decoder decision module may consider a number of factors that may affect the efficiency of the decompression. These factors include the file format of the media data, limitations of the hardware decoder(s), the size of the media data, a state of the requesting application, load balancing considerations, and other factors.10-13-2011
20110074765Graphics processing system - A transaction elimination hardware unit 03-31-2011
20090278839MANAGING LANDBASES AND MACHINE OPERATIONS PERFORMED THEREON - A method for management of a land base includes interfacing a machine or equipment to a computer running a geographical information system (GIS) application such that the computer is configured to monitor the operations performed by the equipment or machine on the land base and store the operations as map points, lines, or polygons on at least one data layer within the GIS application. The method further includes displaying the GIS application to the operator at the point and time of performing the operations.11-12-2009
20080291197INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD AND INFORMATION PROCESSING PROGRAM - An information processing device includes: a control section that displays, in response to an operation of an operation section, a piece of map information on a display section and acquires, in accordance with the piece of map information displayed on the display section, a list of content related to the piece of map information.11-27-2008
20110254832Compact Interactive Tabletop with Projection-Vision - The subject application relates to a system(s) and/or methodology that facilitate vision-based projection of any image (still or moving) onto any surface. In particular, a front-projected computer vision-based interactive surface system is provided which uses a new commercially available projection technology to obtain a compact, self-contained form factor. The subject configuration addresses installation, calibration, and portability issues that are primary concerns in most vision-based table systems. The subject application also relates to determining whether an object is touching or hovering over an interactive surface based on an analysis of a shadow image.10-20-2011
20080204446Instruction Set to Instantiate an Effect on a Time Container08-28-2008
20110164027METHOD OF DETECTING CHANGE IN DISPLAY DATA - An apparatus and method for updating a display are disclosed. Identifying values are determined for units of display data. Identifying values for units of display data received during an update are compared to identifying values for previously received units of display data. Depending on the comparison, the update of the corresponding portion of the display may be skipped.07-07-2011
20110069062VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF CONTACT LOCATION - A method for visually representing information on a display of a portable electronic device includes receiving location coordinates from at least one other portable electronic device, plotting a visual identifier on a map and displaying the map on the display of the portable electronic device. The position of the visual identifier corresponds to the location coordinates received from the at least one other portable electronic device, which correspond to an actual location of the at least one other portable electronic device. The appearance of the visual identifier is selected to depict the status of the user of the at least one other portable electronic device.03-24-2011
20110080398WRITING SYSTEM - In a writing device, a controller controls an authentication communication unit so as to transmit authentication data to a display device, prior to writing main data into the display device, in order to specify the display device into which the main data is to be written. After carrying out the authentication, the controller controls a main communication unit so as to transmit the main data stored in a memory to the display device into which the main data is to be written, by wireless communication. In the display device, a controller controls an authentication communication unit so as to receive the authentication data from the writing device. The controller controls a main communication unit so as to receive the main data from the writing device by wireless communication after the completion of the authentication. Therefore, when the main data is written into the display device from the writing device, it is possible to avoid wiring problems, and provide the display device with an improved appearance.04-07-2011
20110157153PROJECTION-TYPE IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS PROVIDED WITH AN IMAGE PICKUP FUNCTION - A projection unit projects a predetermined image onto a projection plane through a lens. An image generating unit generates the predetermined image which is to be projected from the projection unit. A code generator generates a notifying image that contains information to be conveyed to another projector provided with an image pickup function. The projection unit projects the notifying image generated by the code generator and has the another projector capture the notifying image so as to convey the information to the another projector.06-30-2011
20080218507Digital Image Display - A digital image display capable of controlling an image signal output to a display screen portion, particularly capable of precisely controlling the phase of the image signal, regardless of provision/nonprovision of a function of communicating with an image signal output device is obtained. This digital image display includes an analog-to-digital conversion portion converting a received analog image signal to a digital image signal, a display screen portion displaying the digital image signal converted by the analog-to-digital conversion portion and a control portion controlling a clock value, a phase value, a horizontal position and vertical position of the digital image signal, while the control portion is so formed as to decide the optimum phase value on the basis of pixel data on the boundary between an image region having no image and another image region having an image in the digital image signal when controlling the phase value of the digital image signal.09-11-2008
20100066729DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME CAPABLE OF ADJUSTING DIGITAL IMAGE AND METHOD THEREOF - A digital photo frame capable of adjusting images is provided. The digital photo frame includes a user input unit, a memory, a display, a processor. The memory is configured for storing images, original image property settings, and a predetermined algorithm, the predetermined algorithm records a rule to retrieve other settings based on an original property setting. The processor includes a reading module and a display module. The reading module is configured for obtaining images and settings of each image property from the memory. The display module is configured to retrieves other property settings according to the original property setting and the predetermined algorithm, display several instances of the same image at different retrieved settings simultaneously, and further select one of the settings as the desirable setting in response to the user input operation.03-18-2010
20090273597USER INTERFACE SCREEN LAYOUT ANALYSIS USING HIERARCHICAL GEOMETRIC FEATURES - A technique is disclosed for the performance of application software “screen layout” testing analysis by designation of “fiduciary blocks” (e.g., words, boxes etc.) to serve as geometrical features for identification of data fields of interest viewed within a graphical user interface (GUI) screen. The set of designated “geometric fiduciary blocks” is then assembled into a “hierarchical structure” to analyze test results involving the data fields contained within each block.11-05-2009
20090073161METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING SLIDE SHOW BY USING PLURALITY OF IMAGES - A method of providing a slide show includes selecting one of a plurality of images in which geographic position information is set, marking a plurality of positions corresponding to the plurality of images on a map based on geographic position information and outputting the map, setting an image search range on the map based on a position on the map, which corresponds to the selected image, and providing the slide show by using images corresponding to positions on the map, which belong to the set image search range.03-19-2009
20120306846Media system and a method for displaying information12-06-2012
20100079445Method for reducing graphics rendering failures - A method and electronic device employing the method of processing a frame of graphics for display is provided that includes developing a frame in a first software frame processing stage following a first vertical blanking (VBL) heartbeat, issuing a command indicating the first stage is complete, and performing a final software frame processing stage without waiting for a subsequent VBL heartbeat. The method may alternatively include performing the final software frame processing stage regardless as to whether a target framebuffer is available, performing all but final hardware frame processing stages regardless as to whether the target framebuffer is in use, and performing the final hardware processing stage if the target framebuffer is not in use.04-01-2010
20090058848Predicted geometry processing in a tile based rendering system - A method and apparatus are provided to enable tile based rendering systems to operate with predicated geometry whilst only making a single rasterisation pass. To do this, geometry that is to be predicated is substituted in image data with visibility test objects and associated conditional break points. In rasterisation, when a visibility test object is encountered, a visible pixel count register is updated. On completion of rasterisation of a tile, the associated conditional break points are used to test the visible pixel count register to determine if the predicated geometry should be processed and inserted into tile object lists. If it is, then a tile object list corresponding to the predicated geometry is inserted into the tile object list for the current tile and is rasterised before moving onto the next tile.03-05-2009
20080204445Dynamic Decoder Switch - A method provides for dynamic changes in a software video player. The method includes learning of a dynamic change from an input pin of a decoder filter, recording states of the decoder filter and a renderer filter, stopping the decoder and the renderer filters without changing a state of a source filter, and setting parameters for an output pin of the decoder filter. The parameters include setting a decoding mode. If the decoder filter output pin and a renderer filter input pin remain connected, a ReconnectEX function is used to set a new media type at the decoder filter output pin. Otherwise the method calls a Connect function to connect the pins and set the new media type. The method further includes changing to a decoder core in the decoder filter appropriate for the dynamic change and restoring the decoder and the renderer filters back to their original states.08-28-2008
20120001897AUTOMATICALLY DETERMINING AN OBJECT DISPLAY MODE TO DISPLAY OBJECTS - A method, computer program product and system for automatically determining an object display mode to provide a display for objects. Information about the objects to be displayed and information about a display area is received. An object display mode is selected according to the received information about the display area and according to the received information about the objects to be displayed. A display for the objects is then provided with the selected object display mode. Switching can be made between a single-page display mode and a paging display mode, and whether in the single-page display mode or in the paging display mode, the user can conveniently browse and select the display objects, and the browsing efficiency and user experience of object display for the user are improved.01-05-2012
20120154372TIMED READING EXPERIENCE ELECTRONIC BOOK - An electronic book (06-21-2012
20090256835VIDEO MULTIVIEWER SYSTEM FOR GENERATING VIDEO DATA BASED UPON MULTIPLE VIDEO INPUTS WITH ADDED GRAPHIC CONTENT AND RELATED METHODS - A video multiviewer system may include a plurality of video inputs and a multiviewer video processor coupled to the plurality of video inputs. The multiviewer video processor may include a central processing unit (CPU) and a graphics processing unit (GPU) cooperating therewith for generating video data based upon the plurality of video inputs and with added graphic content. The video multiviewer system may further include a display coupled to the multiviewer processor for displaying multiple video windows based upon the video data.10-15-2009
20100277467DISPLAY DEVICE, METHOD OF CONTROLLING DISPLAY DEVICE, PROGRAM FOR CONTROLLING DISPLAY DEVICE, AND STORAGE MEDIUM CONTAINING PROGRAM FOR CONTROLLING DISPLAY DEVICE - The setting of the vertical and horizontal axes of the screen displayed on a display region unit (11-04-2010
20120313925MOBILE DEVICE AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING MOBILE DEVICE - According to one embodiment, a method of controlling a mobile device includes detecting, by the mobile device, one or more objects associated with a displayed first page and located on a page other than the displayed first page; receiving, by the mobile device, a selection of at least one object of the one or more detected objects; and displaying, by the mobile device, the at least one selected object on the first page.12-13-2012
20120169710Process Communication Method and System - An embodiment of the invention is implemented in a web browser that facilitates the visualization of dependencies between digital information and situations where changes in one piece of information or project can affect another. In such an embodiment, the user is presented with two personalized home page windows: a hierarchy view and a graph view. The hierarchy view is used to navigate through a hierarchy of documents or other digital information. The graph view is used to graphically display certain dependencies and is further used to graphically display changes to any dependencies.07-05-2012
20100053149Display apparatus and display method - A display apparatus includes a content detector configured to, on the basis of meta data of content data being reproduced, detect associated content data associated with the content data being reproduced; and a display controller configured to cause a reproduction image contained in the content data being reproduced to be displayed on a display screen and cause associated images contained in the associated content data detected by the content detector to be displayed as a moving image on the display screen. The display controller causes associated images of different associated content data that is sequentially detected by the content detector to be sequentially displayed on the display screen in accordance with the change of the meta data of the content data being reproduced.03-04-2010
20090109212DISPLAY DEVICE OF ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A display device of the present invention includes a display unit and a display control unit. The display unit is configured to be installed in an electronic apparatus. The display unit is configured to display electrically an image. The display unit is configured to maintain display of the image even if a voltage application is stopped. The display control unit is configured to control the display unit to display an image as an emblem.04-30-2009
20120188225METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DYNAMIC DISPLAY OF APPLICATION INTERFACE - The present application discloses a method for dynamic display of an application interface, including: parsing a configuration file of a first application to obtain a display string identifier of the first application; reading a display string of the first application from a resource file of the first application according to the display string identifier; and dynamically displaying the display string on the interface. The present invention also discloses an apparatus for dynamic display of an application interface. With the present invention, dynamic display of an application interface may be implemented.07-26-2012
20120256900METHOD OF SPONTANEOUSLY ESTABLISHING AN ONLINE COMMUNITY - The present invention relates to a system and method for spontaneously establishing an online community.10-11-2012
20120081354EXTENDED GRAPHICS CONTEXT WITH DIVIDED COMPOSITING - A mobile computing device with a mobile operating system and desktop operating system running concurrently and independently on a shared kernel without virtualization. The mobile operating system provides a user experience for the mobile computing device that suits the mobile environment. The desktop operating system provides a full desktop user experience when the mobile computing device is docked to a second user environment. Cross-environment rendering and user interaction support provide a seamless computing experience in a multi-operating system computing environment. Real-time display of applications running in the mobile operating system within an environment of the desktop operating system is provided by rendering the application through an extended graphics context of the mobile operating system. Application graphics for multiple applications are rendered into separate graphics frames. The mobile computing device may be a smartphone running the Android mobile operating system and a full desktop Linux distribution on a modified Android kernel.04-05-2012
20120081353APPLICATION MIRRORING USING MULTIPLE GRAPHICS CONTEXTS - Cross-environment rendering and user interaction support provide a seamless computing experience in a multi-operating system computing environment. Cross-environment rendering provides real-time display of applications running in a mobile operating system to be displayed within an environment of a desktop operating system. The mobile operating system and the desktop operating system may be running concurrently and independently on a shared kernel of a mobile computing device. A graphics server of the mobile operating system tears down and rebuilds the rendering context for each application as it composites the surface information. The rendering context may be established to match the resolution of the associated display, so that graphics will be appropriately rendered for that resolution. The mobile computing device may be a smartphone running the Android mobile operating system and a full desktop Linux distribution on a modified Android kernel.04-05-2012
20120229445SYSTEM AND METHOD OF REDUCING TRANSMISSION BANDWIDTH REQUIRED FOR VISIBILITY-EVENT STREAMING OF INTERACTIVE AND NON-INTERACTIVE CONTENT - In an exemplary embodiment, a computer-implemented method determines a set of mesh polygons or fragments of the mesh polygons visible from a navigation cell. The method includes determining a composite view frustum containing predetermined view frusta and determining mesh polygons contained in the composite view frustum. The method includes determining at least one supporting polygon between the navigation cell and the contained mesh polygons. The method further includes constructing at least one wedge from the at least one supporting polygon, the at least one wedge extending away from the navigation cell beyond at least the contained mesh polygons. The method includes determining one or more intersections of the at least one wedge with the contained mesh polygons. The method also includes determining the set of the contained mesh polygons or fragments of the contained mesh polygons visible from the navigation cell using the determined one or more intersections.09-13-2012
20120327071Clipless Time and Lens Bounds for Improved Sample Test Efficiency in Image Rendering - A method for reducing the number of samples tested for rendering a screen space region of an image includes constructing a trajectory of a primitive extending in an image which is to be rendered. A bounding volume is constructed for a screen space region of the image, the bounding volume characterized as having a bound in a non-screen space dimension which is defined as a function of the primitive's trajectory. The bounding volume is further characterized as overlapping a portion of the screen space region which is to be rendered. One or more sample points which are located within the screen space region, and which are not overlapped by the bounding volume are excluded from testing.12-27-2012
20120320031INFORMATION PROCESSING TERMINAL AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - An information processing terminal has a plurality of displays, each displaying an application screen, and control means which determines a display on which a new application is to be activated from the plurality of displays. If an application being executed competes with a first non-dependent condition that does not depend on a display requested by a new application, the control means ends the application being executed and determines a display on which the new application is to be activated by using a first dependent condition that depends on the display requested by the new application or a second non-dependent condition that does not depend on the display requested by the new application.12-20-2012
20120092324TOUCH, HANDWRITING AND FINGERPRINT SENSOR WITH ELASTOMERIC SPACER LAYER - Use of a compliant, elastomeric layer between upper and lower substrates of the combination sensor can increase the sensitivity to applied pressure or force from a stylus, while increasing the lateral resolution for a given sensel pitch. The elastomeric material may have an index of refraction that is substantially similar to that of the upper and lower substrates. The elastomeric material may include open regions for the inclusion of force-sensitive resistors. With careful selection of the elastomeric and FSR materials, the loss of transmissivity that can accompany air gaps can be minimized.04-19-2012
20080252636Synthesis Method for Intervisibility Images - The field of the invention is that of synthesis methods for a map image which is composed of pixels and represents the distribution of the intervisibility regions on a terrain overflown by an aircraft. The image synthesis method according to the invention provides both a two-dimensional cartographic representation in plan view of a terrain (T) overflown by an aircraft. The terrain has at least one potential threat (M), the intervisibility region, set of locations from where the aircraft is likely to be visible to said threat, being represented by at least one plain color. A second representation represents a view in vertical cross section of the terrain overflown. The second representation has a cross-sectional view of the intervisibility region. Various configurations of the first and of the second representations are proposed.10-16-2008
20100091011Method and Apparatus for Generating and Image - In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus, comprising a processor configured to determine a position information related to a first media object, determine a position information related to a second media object, and automatically generate at least one image based at least in part on the position information related to the first media object and based at least in part on the position information related to said second media object is disclosed.04-15-2010
20080231626Method and Apparatus to Facilitate a Differently Configured Virtual Reality Experience for Some Participants in a Communication Session - Virtual reality experiences are provided (09-25-2008
20080225039DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS FOR ENHANCING THE VISIBILITY OF DISPLAYED INFORMATION - A display control apparatus which improves the visibility of a display unit (for example, wristwatch) having a normal display section and a normal non-display section provided outside the normal display section along its at least one side. When it is not sensed that the display unit is inclined at a predetermined angle to a horizontal surface, time information is displayed in a normal size on the normal display section. When it is sensed that the display unit is inclined at the predetermined angle to the horizontal surface, the time information is displayed in an enlarged size on a whole of the normal display and non-display sections for a predetermined time.09-18-2008
20080225038DISPLAY APPARATUS HAVING A PLURALITY OF INPUT TERMINALS AND METHOD THEREOF - A display apparatus having a plurality of input terminals is provided. The display apparatus includes a plurality of input terminals, and an output unit for displaying on a screen a graphic image corresponding to the arrangement of the plurality of input terminals. Graphic images corresponding to an arrangement of the plurality of input terminals provided in the display apparatus are displayed on a screen so that a user can easily determine a connection state of the external apparatus. A method for displaying a graphic image corresponding to an arrangement of the input terminals of a display apparatus is also provided.09-18-2008
20080225037APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TRUNCATING POLYHEDRA - An apparatus for creating truncated polyhedra without using complex formulas and without requiring advanced computer processors and computer memory according to one embodiment includes at least one processor, means for inputting vertex data to the processor, a display in data communication with the processor, and computer memory coupled to the processor. The computer memory has recorded within it machine readable instructions for storing vertex data previously input to the processor, truncating a polyhedron created using the vertex data, and actuating the display. The instructions for truncating a polyhedron utilize length data and angle data for triangles formed from the vertex data.09-18-2008
20080218506Single coil parallel imaging - An imaging apparatus for an object in change includes an MRI system having a computer, a first channel and at least a second channel which produce corresponding images of the object in change. The computer combining the individual images into a composite image of the object. Alternatively, the MRI system has at least a first channel which produce an image of the object in change from data acquired in k-space domain in a density of at least ⅔ that required to satisfy a Nyquist criteria. A method for imaging an object in change includes the steps of producing an individual image of the object in change with a first channel of an MRI system. There is the step of producing an individual image of the object in change with at least a second channel of the MRI system independent of the first channel. There is the step of combining the individual images into a composite image of the object with a computer of the MRI system.09-11-2008
20130127822OBJECT DATA SEARCH SYSTEMS AND METHODS - An object data search system is provided. The object data search system includes a communication device and an identification device. The communication device includes a display processing unit and an information transceiver unit. The display processing unit displays a real-time image and retrieves an image screen showing a specific object from the real-time image. The information transceiver unit transmits the image screen retrieved by the display processing unit. The identification device receives the image screen transmitted by the information transceiver unit and performs an image identification operation to the received image screen to generate specific information corresponding to the specific object according to an identification result. Then, the identification device returns the specific information to the communication device. The communication device gets web information corresponding to the specific object by using an external search system, and the display processing unit displays the web information.05-23-2013
20080198156SYSTEM AND METHOD OF REPORT RENDERING - A report rendering system and method of filtering and navigating reports on mobile devices are provided. The report rendering system comprises a scene generator for generating a scene of a report in response to a request to view the report or a subset of the report and a navigation module for storing selected components within the scene. The method comprises the steps of generating a scene of a report in response to a request to view the report or a subset of the report and storing selected components within the scene08-21-2008
20080198155Portable display device - A portable display device is applicable to an electronic device having a socket provided with a second electrical connector. The portable display device includes a body having a display and a plurality of operating keys; an extension portion having a first end pivotably connected to the body, and a second end pluggable into the socket; a first electrical connector installed on the second end of the extension portion and engageable with the second electrical connector; and a lock member installed on the extension portion for locking the extension portion in the socket.08-21-2008
20080198154IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SUPPORTING OPERATION OF IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS - An image processing apparatus of the invention has an object to provide an image processing apparatus enabling the user to improve the operation ability even when furnished with a wide variety of capabilities, and a method for supporting an operation of the image processing apparatus, which is formed by including: an instruction unit configured to provide plural operation instructions to a user by displaying one of plural operation screens and plural operation items; an operation skill level calculation unit configured to calculate a level of skill of the user for an operation instructed by the instruction unit for one of each operation screen and each operation item displayed by the instruction unit according to an operation by the user; and an operation support unit configured to support the operation instructed by the instruction unit according to the level of skill calculated by the operation skill level calculation unit.08-21-2008
20110273436APPARATUS AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - In one or more embodiments described herein, there is provided an apparatus comprising a processor and a memory including computer program code. The memory and the computer code are configured to, with the processor, cause the apparatus to be able to determine a graphical indicator for display to the originator of personal user data. The graphical indicator is a graphical representation of a determined interest value of one or more viewers to the personal user data. This determined interest value is generated using feedback signalling representative of the feedback provided by changes in facial expression of respective viewers to viewing said personal user data.11-10-2011
20130147784METHODS AND APPARATUS TO CONTROL PRESENTATION DEVICES - Example methods and apparatus to control presentation devices are described. One example method includes obtaining a context attribute of a mobile device, evaluating presentation criteria based on the context attribute, assigning an application on the mobile device for presentation on a first external presentation device based on the evaluation, and causing the application to be displayed on the first external presentation device06-13-2013
20100309196METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING RELATED IMAGES OF AN OBJECT BASED ON DIRECTIVES - In one embodiment, a processor-readable medium can store code representing instructions that when executed by a processor cause the processor to receive a set of directives from a host device. The set of directives can define an aspect of a media resource. A set of target locations can be defined within a canvas displayed at a communication device based on the set of directives. An image can be selected from a set of images for display at a target location from the set of target locations based on the set of directives. Each image from the set of images can represent a perspective view of an object.12-09-2010
20100309195METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR REMOTE INTERACTION USING A PARTITIONED DISPLAY - In some embodiments, a processor-readable medium includes code representing instructions to cause a processor to perform a process. The code stored by the processor-readable medium includes code to cause the processor to allocate a portion of a display screen of a first device to be uniquely associated with a second device and to send to the second device a directive representing a symbol appearing on the display screen when a user-selected indicator is received. The user-selected indicator is associated with the portion of the display screen of the first device. The first device is mutually exclusive from the second device.12-09-2010
20110234580OPTICAL SUBSTRATES HAVING LIGHT COLLIMATING AND DIFFUSION STRUCTURES - An optical substrate having a structured prismatic surface and an opposing structured lenticular surface. The structured lenticular surface includes shallow-curved lens structures. Adjacent shallow-curved lens structure may be continuous or contiguous, or separated by a constant or variable spacing. The lens structure may have a longitudinal structure with a uniform or varying cross section. The lenticular lenses may have a laterally meandering structure. Sections of adjacent straight or meandering lenticular lenses may intersect or partially or completely overlap each other. The lenticular lenses may be in the form of discontinuous lenticular segments. The lenticular segments may have regular, symmetrical shapes, or irregular, asymmetrical shapes, which may be intersecting or overlapping, and may be textured. The lens structure may be provided with isolated ripples, in the form of a single knot, or a series of knots.09-29-2011
20130181970COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS, APPARATUSES AND METHODS FOR ASSOCIATING AND DISPLAYING MESSAGES IN MOBILE TERMINALS - Apparatuses for associating and displaying messages and contacts in a way that allows users to access either category of information is provided. One apparatus includes a processing element that associates the messages with corresponding contacts and also includes a memory element configured to store contacts and messages received or transmitted. The apparatus may also include a display such that the processing element may generate upon the display a visual representation of the contacts and messages. Messages are associated with corresponding contacts and are displayed according to the associations. For example, a message may be associated with a contact based on a common identifier of the contact and the message. Messages associated with a selected contact may be displayed, and contacts associated with messages that have been received or sent may also be displayed according to user inputs. Methods and computer program products are also provided.07-18-2013

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