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343 - Communications: radio wave antennas

343700000 - ANTENNAS

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343873000 Antenna embedded, potted, or coated 51
20080316139PHASED ARRAY ANTENNA ARCHITECTURE - An antenna array core comprising a plurality of microwave modules, a control layer, a mounting layer, and a signal distribution layer. The control layer is capable of distributing control signals to the plurality of microwave modules. The plurality of microwave modules are attached to an upper surface of the mounting layer and the mounting layer is made from a heat conductive material capable of cooling the plurality of microwave modules. The signal distribution layer is located below the mounting layer, wherein the signal distribution layer is capable of transmitting microwave signals to the plurality of microwave modules and wherein the arrangement of the plurality of microwave modules on the mounting layer, the control layer, and the wave distribution network form a layered architecture for the antenna core. The architecture is a balance between, size, thermal control, manufacturability, cost, and performance so as to be a unique solution.12-25-2008
20110199281Metamaterial radome/isolator - A metamaterial radome/isolator system includes a radiation source for providing a radiation beam through the radome/isolator having a frequency beyond the bandgap region where the metamaterial permittivity and permeability are both positive and the metamaterial medium has a low, matched relative permittivity and relative permeability.08-18-2011
20090174621Methods and Apparatus for Multilayer Millimeter-Wave Window - Methods and apparatus for a multilayer millimeter-wave window according to various aspects of the present invention operate in conjunction with a multilayer window that is substantially transparent to a passing millimeter-wave. The window may include multiple perforations in a thermally conductive element to be disposed in the path of the passing wave. A dielectric is positioned between each thermally conductive element and acts as a seal between wave source and an ambient environment. The window may also be configured to conform to a contoured surface or structure.07-09-2009
20090167628Ballistic Protective Radome - A ballistic protective radome (07-02-2009
20110193763Receiver Cover - An apparatus and method for a receiver cover to partially envelope a receiver, wherein the receiver has a non-symmetrical outer edge portion. The receiver cover includes a flexible panel having a peripheral margin portion with the peripheral margin portion being adjacent to the receiver non-symmetrical outer edge portion. The receiver cover also including structure for removably engaging the panel to the non-symmetrical outer edge portion of the receiver.08-11-2011
20080204350MODULAR ACTIVE PHASED ARRAY - A structural grid is provided with continuous and discontinuous beam members coupled by splices, a front structure coupled to the structural grid, the front structure including a walkway and cables, a radome coupled to the front structure. The structural grid is coupled to a plurality of antenna subassemblies. The antenna subassemblies have a forward housing including an RF manifold coupled to a circulator, an aft housing coupled to the forward housing, containing a line replaceable unit that is serviceable or maintainable through the aft housing.08-28-2008
20130082896Folded Tab Retention Twin Wall Radome and Method of Manufacture - A radome for covering an open end of a reflector dish of a reflector antenna has a generally planar portion of twin-wall extruded polymer material dimensioned to cover the open end of the reflector dish. A periphery of the planar portion is provided with a plurality of slits, the slits defining a plurality of tabs. The tabs are dimensioned for folding around a rim of the reflector dish. The tabs may be retained in the folded position by, for example, a band clamp or directly coupling a portion of the tabs to the planar portion.04-04-2013
20130038504CONTINUOUS CURRENT ROD ANTENNA - A Continuous Current Rod Antenna that may be positioned in close proximity to a conductive backplane and has extremely tight lattices which stabilize the radiation impedance and allows dense UR modules packaging. The Continuous Current Rod Antenna offers lower profile packaging, with higher gain over larger bandwidths than other collinear array techniques.02-14-2013
20090322645Structure of an antenna holder - A structure of an antenna holder is disclosed. The antenna holder is used to protect an antenna. The antenna holder comprises a base, a holder, and a housing. The holder is disposed on the base. The holder has an engaging part. The housing comprises a first cover and a second cover. The first cover and the second cover are used to covering the antenna, wherein the second cover has a spindle. The spindle is used to insert the engaging part and let the housing fix with the holder and is able to be rotated.12-31-2009
20130069846ANTENNA STRUCTURE FOR REDUCING THE SAR VALUE - An antenna structure disposed inside an external casing according to an optimum separation distance for reducing the SAR value includes a substrate unit and an antenna unit. The substrate unit includes at least one substrate body. The antenna unit includes at least one antenna layer disposed on the substrate body. The antenna layer is extended along an X-axis direction to form an X-axis distance and is extended along a Y-axis direction to form a Y-axis distance, the X-axis direction is vertical to the Y-axis direction, and the X-axis distance of the antenna layer is larger than the Y-axis distance of the antenna layer. In addition, the optimum separation distance is defined from one end of the antenna layer to the external surface of the external casing along the X-axis direction, and the optimum separation distance is substantially between 5 mm and 20 mm.03-21-2013
20130050051ANTENNA DEVICE - An antenna device includes: an upright antenna rod connected electrically to and extending upward from a connector; an outer casing mounted on the connector for covering the antenna rod; and a conductive member disposed in the outer casing. The conductive member has an intermediate connecting portion connected electrically to a top of the antenna rod, and two spaced apart sensing portions extending respectively and downward from opposite sides of the intermediate connecting portion toward the connector such that the antenna rod is disposed between the sensing portions.02-28-2013
20130069845Spring Contact Assemblies and Sealed Antenna Base Assemblies with Grounding Taps - An exemplary embodiment of an antenna assembly mountable to an antenna mount having a contact, generally includes a printed circuit board (PCB) and a contact assembly configured to provide a solderless connection between at least one antenna element of the PCB and the contact when the antenna assembly is mounted to the antenna mount. Another exemplary embodiment of an antenna assembly generally includes a base and a housing configured to be coupled to the base such that an interior enclosure is cooperatively defined by the housing and base. The interior enclosure is configured for receiving a PCB and being sealed to thereby inhibit the ingress of water into the interior enclosure. One or more electrical grounding taps are configured for establishing at least a portion of an electrically-conductive grounding pathway from outside of or external to the interior enclosure and which extends into the interior enclosure.03-21-2013
20120218168OMNI DIRECTIONAL BROADBAND COPLANAR ANTENNA ELEMENT - The present invention provides an omni-directional antenna element configuration having a compensated radiation pattern. Broadband antenna elements are coplanarly disposed on a suitable planar dielectric material. A single element omni-directional antenna comprises a pair of balanced fed radiating microstrip elements symmetrically disposed about the centerline of a balanced signal feed network. Additionally, a pair of pattern augmentation rods are positioned on each side of and proximate to the planar dielectric material running longitudinally to the centerline axis of a balanced feed network. Disposed proximate to each radiating element are partially coplanar, frequency bandwidth expanding microstrip lines. The combination of radiating elements together with pattern augmentation rods provides a broad bandwidth omni-directional radiating element suitable for use in multi-element antenna arrays.08-30-2012
20120218167LOW COST PATCH ANTENNA UTILIZED IN WIRELESS LAN APPLICATIONS - The present invention is a low cost patch antenna utilized in one or more wireless LAN applications that include a patch plate that uses double-sided 30 mil FR4 PCB with ½ oz. copper with a cross-shaped slot disposed on the patch plate and a feeding point and a grounding PCB with a top surface. The RF feeding cable has an outer conductor and an inner conductor that is a 50 ohm 086 RF coaxial cable that is used to feed the low cost patch antenna, a plurality of patch supports that include a plurality of plastic cylinders which are used to support the patch plate and a plastic radome to protect the low cost patch antenna. The low cost patch antennas and patch plates can also be assembled in a plurality of different configurations for different Access Points and MIMO applications.08-30-2012
20090091508CO-LOCATION INSENSITIVE MULTI-BAND ANTENNA - Co-location insensitive multi-band antenna. The present example provides a co-location insensitive multi-band antenna. The antenna may be co-located with an antenna operated at another band and tends to reject interference from that antenna. The co-location insensitive multi-band antenna tends to provide a compact design that may be printed on a printed wiring board (“PWB”), on a case of a radio, such as a cellular telephone or may be self supporting. In general, the desired in band performance and out of band signal rejection may be achieved by a meander line coupled to a upper band patch. The meander line tends to provide a good lower bad match, and the upper band patch tends to provide a good high bad match, or resonance. The upper band patch also tends to cause a sharp roll off in return loss before the high band, that tends to reject frequencies from a co-located antenna transmitting below the high band.04-09-2009
20110063185DIELECTRIC LOADED SLEEVE DIPOLE ANTENNA - An antenna operating at a frequency f is provided. The antenna includes an elongated shaft having a first end, a second end, a first member, a second member, and a third member, and an antenna sleeve surrounding at least a portion of the second member of the elongated shaft. The first, second, and third members are contiguous with each other, and the antenna sleeve is loaded with a dielectric material to shorten a length of the second member of the elongated shaft.03-17-2011
20090009420COMBINATION OF PORTABLE COMPUTER AND ANTENNA DEVICE - A combination of a portable computer and an antenna device includes a portable computer and an antenna device. The top of a screen casing of the portable computer has a plurality of positioning troughs. One side of the casing of the portable computer has an accommodating trough. The antenna device is formed into a sheet-like shape and is accommodated in the accommodating trough. The bottom of the antenna device is provided with a positioning seat. Both sides of the positioning seat have a fixing rod respectively that extends outwardly. The fixing rods and the positioning seat are inserted into the positioning trough. The antenna device is electrically connected with the portable computer, so that the portable computer can receive and transmit the wireless signals via the antenna device.01-08-2009
20110285604RADOME FOR BROADBAND PARABOLIC ANTENNA - The object of the present invention is a rigid radome for a broadband parabolic antenna. The radome has a roughly circular shape, and is bent along a diameter towards the interior of the antenna, thereby forming two half-disks. The two half-disks form an angle less than or equal to 12° with the plane perpendicular to the antenna's axis. The radome is made up of a sandwich-style multilayer material, comprising two outer layers surrounding at least one central pitted layer, whose pits have a roughly conical shape.11-24-2011
20110298686ANTENNA INSTALLATION APPARATUS AND METHOD - Methods and systems are disclosed for enabling installation of antennas in a cost effective and efficient manner. The methods and systems disclosed herein provide a hollow pole and an elevating mechanism, wherein the elevating mechanism can be used to position antenna equipment located in one or more capsules attached to the elevating mechanism. The antenna equipment may be attached to a removable power source located in the capsule or to a non-removable power source located at the base of the hollow pole. Additionally, the antenna equipment may also be attached to communications equipment adapted to communicate with one or more communications networks. In an embodiment disclosed herein, the capsules may be adapted to rotate around a one or more axis in response to received commands and/or in accordance with instructions stored on a memory module attached to the capsules.12-08-2011
20100090923Antenna Device and Antenna Waterproof Structure - An antenna device includes an antenna module configured to receive radio waves. A plate has a plurality of first through holes. A cover is coupled with the plate to define a space accommodating the antenna module. The cover includes a rib and a side wall surrounding the antenna module. The side wall has an end face opposing the plate and formed with a plurality of threaded holes. The rib is projected from the end face. A gasket has a part formed with a plurality of openings and is disposed between the rib and the plate. A plurality of screws are respectively screwed into the threaded holes through the first through holes and the openings. At least a part of each of the screws is surrounded by an associated one of the openings.04-15-2010
20100090924Spiraling Surface Antenna - Antennas that can transceive signals in a horizontally-polarized, omni-directional manner are described. In an example embodiment, an antenna comprises a spiraling surface having a spiral cross-section, the surface forming an internal cavity, an internal channel to the external surface, and an internal wall common to the cavity and the channel. Further, an example embodiment comprises a longitudinal opening allowing access to the cavity and the channel by a transmission feed line. Alternate embodiments comprise various cross-sectional configurations, and may also comprise a radome at least partially surrounding the antenna spiraling surface and supporting structure.04-15-2010
20090002256Antenna Device - A hinge portion is formed on the base portion. An antenna portion is attached to the hinge portion so as to be pivotable thereabout. The hinge portion includes a hinge base having a first shaft formed on one end thereof, a second shaft formed on the other end thereof, and a first protrusion formed on an outer periphery of the second shaft, and a hinge bush rotatably mounted on the first shaft and engaged with the antenna portion. The antenna portion is formed with a hole surrounding the outer periphery of the second shaft. A projection is formed on an inner periphery of the hole. The first protrusion is brought into contact with the projection when the antenna portion is pivoted so as to define a predetermined angle with respect to the base portion.01-01-2009
20080309579Radio wave transmission cover and method of manufacturing radio wave transmission cover - The present invention provides a radio wave transmission cover having superior design and radio wave transmissibility. The radio wave transmission cover includes a front side member (12-18-2008
20110215982FLUORESCENT DYE TO IMPROVE PRIMER COVERAGE ACCURACY FOR BONDING APPLICATIONS - A method of visually verifying the application of a primer or adhesion promoter to a surface for optimizing the adhesion of a bonding tape to the surface. A fluorescing agent is mixed with the primer and a light source is emitted on the surface causing the agent to fluoresce when the primer is applied. The technician can then visually verify coverage of the primer. The fluorescing agent does not affect the bonding properties of the bonding tape or affect the aesthetic appearance of the surface or the material being bonded to the surface.09-08-2011
20090189827HOUSING, WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE USING THE HOUSING, AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A housing for a wireless communication device includes a substrate and an antenna circuit pattern formed on the substrate. The antenna circuit pattern is an electroplated metal coating.07-30-2009
20100090922Antenna For Mobile Terminal Unit - An antenna (04-15-2010
20090284437ANTENNA STABILIZING APPARATUS - An antenna stabilizing apparatus for use on a marine vessel comprises a base body, a housing, a carrier, and a limiting member. The housing is mounted on a top of the base body and internally defines a receiving space. The carrier has at least one antenna carried thereon, and is connected to the house via a hanging member to suspend in the receiving space. The limiting member interconnects the carrier and a bottom of the housing to each other and limits a displacement range allowable for the carrier. With these arrangements, the antenna stabilizing apparatus is able to minimize the adverse influence of the rolling and pitching marine vessel on the signal receiving and transmitting via the antenna mounted on the marine vessel. Therefore, the marine vessel can navigate the sea more safely and stable wireless signal transmission via the antenna mounted on the marine vessel can be ensured.11-19-2009
20110199282ANTENNA AND PORTABLE APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, an antenna includes: a disk-shaped radiating element having an opening in a center area and configured to radiate a radio wave; a ground plate configured to support the radiating element and having a surface parallel to the radiating element; and a power feeding element exciting the radiating element, a part of the power feeding element being located on an inner side of the opening when viewed from a predetermined direction orthogonal to a surface on which the radiating element is located.08-18-2011
20100103072Honey Comb-Backed Armored Radome - According to one embodiment, a radome configured to extend over an opening of an antenna and includes a rigid layer overlying a ballistic-resistant layer. The rigid layer includes a honeycomb base material having a plurality of holes that extend transversely to the surface of the ballistic-resistant layer.04-29-2010
20110267255THREE-AXES AERIAL DISH POINTING DEVICE WITH MINIMUM RADOME ENCUMBRANCE - A pointing device for real-time pointing the dish of a dish antenna (11-03-2011
20100097289Receiver Cover - An apparatus and method for a receiver cover to partially envelope a receiver, wherein the receiver has a non-symmetrical outer edge portion. The receiver cover includes a flexible panel having a peripheral margin portion with the peripheral margin portion being adjacent to the receiver non-symmetrical outer edge portion. The receiver cover also including structure for removably engaging the panel to the non-symmetrical outer edge portion of the receiver.04-22-2010
20080278399Smart antenna and antenna fixing mechanism - A holding part 11-13-2008
20080303737ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - An electronic device includes a first molded body having a first frame, the first molded body being provided with a conductive pattern on its outer surface, a second molded body having a second frame, the second molded body being joined to the first molded body, a wiring sheet made of an insulative sheet provided with an interconnection pattern, a circuit board having a feed point, and a feed line having a first end extended to a mating surface of the first frame opposed to the second frame and a second end connected to the conductive pattern. The interconnection pattern has a first end connected to the one end of the feed line. The interconnection pattern has a second end connected to the feed point.12-11-2008
20080266200Antenna assembly - An antenna assembly assembled in an electric device includes an inner antenna comprising a planar radiating element, a cover fixing the antenna on the electric device and comprising at least one protrusion to fix the radiating element.10-30-2008
20080272978ANTENNA COVER AND ANTENNA APPARATUS - After a receiving antenna (A11-06-2008
20080291112ANTENNA COVER AND ANTENNA APPARATUS - After a receiving antenna (A11-27-2008
20100141549CIRCUIT SUBSTRATE SUPPORTING STRUCTURE AND ANTENNA APPARATUS - Disclosed is a circuit substrate supporting structure including: a base; a cover to cover over the base; a circuit substrate accommodated in the cover in a state standing on the base; a projecting section provided on the circuit substrate in a state projecting from a bottom edge section of the circuit substrate and placed on the base; an elastic piece placed on the projecting section; and a pressurizing section convexly provided on an inner wall of the cover above the projecting section to be pressed against the projecting section from above the elastic piece.06-10-2010
20100134378MULTI-BAND ANTENNA FOR SATELLITE POSITIONING SYSTEM - A stacked multi-band antenna for a satellite positioning system comprises a stack of conductive patches, which are each dimension so as to be respectively operative in a dedicated frequency band. An excitation line section comprising pairs of conductive strips is arranged underneath the stack of conductive patches. Each pair of conductive strips is adapted for radiatively coupling to an associate conductive patch of the stack of conductive patches. An RF front end with at least one electric circuit is arranged in a triplate section underneath the excitation line section for operatively connecting the pairs of conductive strips to a satellite positioning receiver. The at least one electric circuit includes filters and amplifiers for respectively filtering and amplifying signals from the pairs of conductive strips, during antenna operation.06-03-2010
20090051617Rfid Transponder and its Blank and Method of Construction for Manufacturing the Rfid Transponder - The invention relates to an RFID transponder, which includes a case, a radiator, and a ground element, as opposed antenna elements, a ground plane intended to be set against the base at a distance from the radiator, and an electrical chip component. The radiator, ground element, and chip component are installed on a special foil, which also comprises the said ground plane on the first plane (A) and a fold between the first and second plane, the foil being thus divided into a first part on the first plane (A), the fold, and a second part on the second plane (B). The case has attached to it intermediate structure for supporting the first part and the second part of the foil on the said first plane (A) and second plane (B).02-26-2009
20090051616ANTENNA INTEGRALLY FORMED WITH CASE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - There are provided an antenna integrally formed with a case and a method of manufacturing the same. An antenna integrally formed with a case according to an aspect of the invention includes: a case unit formed of a dielectric material; a radiator integrally formed with the case unit and having terminal units extending from a radiation unit tightly contacting the surface of the case unit; vertical ribs each having an internal connection portion contacting an upper end of the terminal unit and extending downward from an inner surface of the case unit by a predetermined length; and outer connection portions provided on a board disposed adjacent to the case unit and electrically connected to individual lower ends of the internal connection portions.02-26-2009
20110140984MILLIMETER WAVE RECEPTION DEVICE, MOUNTING STRUCTURE FOR MILLIMETER WAVE RECEPTION DEVICE, AND MILLIMETER WAVE TRANSMISSION/RECEPTION DEVICE - A millimeter wave reception device includes a base member, an antenna portion placed on an upper surface of the base member, and a cover arranged above the antenna portion to cover the antenna portion. The antenna portion is arranged within a space formed by the upper surface of the base member and an inner surface of the cover. The cover is formed in a tapered shape, and includes not less than one inclined surface having a constant gradient such that the space becomes narrower at a position closer to an upper portion. An angle formed between the inclined surface of the cover and the upper surface of the base member is not less than 60° and not more than 90°.06-16-2011
20110140983Reflector Antenna Radome Attachment Band Clamp - A band clamp for coupling a radome to a distal end of a reflector dish for improving the front to back ratio of a reflector antenna, the band clamp provided with an inward projecting proximal lip and an inward projecting distal lip. The distal lip dimensioned with an inner diameter equal to or less than a reflector aperture of the reflector dish. The proximal lip provided with a turnback region dimensioned to engage an outer surface of a signal area of the reflector dish in an interference fit. A width of the band clamp may be dimensioned, for example, between 0.8 and 1.5 wavelengths of an operating frequency.06-16-2011
20130214988SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING A FREQUENCY SELECTIVE RADOME - A system including a first dielectric layer comprising a solid material configured to form a first layer of a radome, and a second dielectric layer comprising a solid material configured to form a second layer of the radome. The first dielectric layer and the second dielectric layer are spaced apart to provide an inner gap configured as a third layer of the radome. The inner gap is exclusively filled with a gas. The radome is configured to provide for the radome to be frequency selective. A radome and method are also disclosed.08-22-2013
20120105300Radome incorporating partition wall for enhancing isolation between transmitted and received radar waves of radar apparatus - A radome covers an antenna substrate of a millimeter-band radar apparatus, with a partition wall formed integrally in the radome separating the internal space of the radome into a first internal space, located in correspondence with a transmitting antenna section, and a second internal space, located in correspondence with a receiving antenna section. Increased isolation between transmission and reception is achieved thereby, by reducing the amount of transmitted radar waves which directly reach the receiving antenna section.05-03-2012
20090256774Outdoor antenna box - The present invention provides an outdoor antenna box comprising a thermally conductive baseboard; a thermally conductive reflector in planar contact with the thermally conductive baseboard and has a first side face and a second side face; an antenna board securely mounted on the first side face of the thermally conductive reflector; a circuit board having a thermal body where the heat energy generated by the thermal body is transferred to the second side face of the thermally conductive reflector via a thermally conductive element; and a casing having an opening covered by the thermally conductive baseboard and an accommodation space that houses the thermally conductive reflector, the antenna board and the circuit board.10-15-2009
20100265154ANTENNA STRUCTURE - The antenna structure is applied for a communication system. The antenna structure has a signal emitting/receiving portion, a flex transmitting line disposed under the signal emitting/receiving portion and electrically connected to the signal emitting/receiving portion, and a connecting portion having a first end and a second end. The first end of the connecting portion is electrically connected to the flex transmitting line, and the second end of the connecting portion is connected to an assembling portion. The antenna structure further includes a bendable piece corresponding to the flex transmitting line. The bendable piece can be bent by a force to change positions, directions, or positions and directions of the signal emitting/receiving portion connected with the flex transmitting line. The bendable piece, the flex transmitting line and the signal emitting/receiving portion are covered by a sheath.10-21-2010
20100265155APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CLEARING WATER FROM DISH ANTENNA COVERS - A dish antenna with a cover that inhibits the accumulation of water, liquid or frozen, on the front surface of an antenna. One or more vibration mechanisms are engaged with the cover so as to vibrate the cover when water, either frozen or liquid, may be present on the outer surface of the cover so as to inhibit the water from disrupting signals being transmitted to or from the dish antenna.10-21-2010
20090315803ANTENNA RADOME - An antenna radome is provided. The antenna radome comprises an antenna radome substrate and a unit cell. The unit cell is formed on a surface of the antenna radome substrate, and the unit cell is perpendicular to a magnetic field direction of an antenna.12-24-2009
20100259460ANTENNA CONCEALMENT ASSEMBLY - A rigid antenna support structure is designed and prefabricated to rest on two or more existing support foots normally found on a roof or similar structure. The antenna support structure, to which antennas are attached, possess mounting brackets associated with the exterior of the structure configured to accept a plurality of vertical support members composed of a substantially RF transparent material. Attached to the vertical support members are a number of horizontal support members thereafter forming a concealment assembly skeleton. A plurality of RF transparent panels are then connected to the horizontal support members so as to form a concealment assembly that conceals the antenna support structure and antennas. The concealment assembly is environmentally and aesthetically pleasing, and retains RF transparency so as to not to attenuate the RF signals being sent to or originating from the antennas housed within.10-14-2010
20100188310ANTENNA DEVICE - An improved antenna device has an internal length compensation device, permitting a varying length expansion of the housing/radome in relation to the antenna support or reflector device located within the housing/radome. At least one of at least two internal fixing devices is provided with the internal length compensation device. The internal length compensation device is in at least two parts or has two limbs, wherein one part is fixed to the antenna support and/or reflector device and the other part is at least indirectly fixed to the housing/radome and/or supported thereby. The at least two parts can be moved relative to each other, be moved in position or deformed. In particular with relation to the support points of both parts, the position may be changed with common deformation.07-29-2010
20100182217Integrated Patch Antenna - According to one embodiment, an integrated patch antenna may comprise a radome layer, having an outside surface and an inside surface, and a radiating layer. The radiating layer has a top surface and a bottom surface, the top surface of the radiating layer conforming to the shape of the inside surface of the radome layer. The radiating layer comprises a dielectric layer, a radiating element formed on a first side of the dielectric layer, and a moat formed in the dielectric layer around its perimeter forming an inner perimeter sidewall and an outer perimeter sidewall. The radiating layer also comprises a conductive coating disposed on the inner perimeter sidewall or the outer perimeter sidewall and a feed line disposed on a second side of the dielectric substrate.07-22-2010
20090295674Slidable Choke Microwave Antenna - A microwave antenna assembly is disclosed. The antenna assembly includes a feedline having an inner conductor, an outer conductor and an inner insulator disposed therebetween and a radiating portion including a dipole antenna coupled to the feedline and a trocar coupled to the dipole antenna at a distal end thereof. The antenna assembly also includes a slidable outer jacket disposed about the radiating portion and the feedline. The slidable outer jacket being configured to slide about at least one of the radiating portion and the feedline from a closed configuration, in which the slidable outer jacket is mated with the trocar and a retracted configuration, in which the slidable outer jacket is retracted in a proximally exposing at least a portion the radiating portion.12-03-2009
20100225560ANTENNA DEVICE - An antenna element is formed by providing a radiation electrode on a base member made of a dielectric material. To protect the antenna element from external impact, a void is formed between a housing and the antenna element. This void is filled with a solid member. The relative permittivity of the solid member is equal to or higher than the relative permittivity of the housing, and equal to or lower than the relative permittivity of the base member. The solid member is formed as an elastic member.09-09-2010
20120194405Wireless Field Device or Wireless Field Device Adapter with Removable Antenna Module - A wireless field device or an adapter for converting a wired field device to a wireless field device includes a housing, a first connector on the housing, and a removable antenna module that includes an antenna, a second connector coupleable and uncoupleable with the first connector, and a radome that houses the antenna and fits on the second connector. The radome is made of a static dissipative material that dissipates static buildup without sparking when coupling or uncoupling the connectors, enabling the antenna to be removed or replaced while the field wireless field device is located in a hazardous (classified) location.08-02-2012
20100141550ANTENNA MODULE, METHOD FOR MAKING THE ANTENNA MODULE, AND HOUSING INCORPORATING THE ANTENNA MODULE - An antenna module includes, a carrying layer made of resin, at least one dielectric layer, and at least two antenna layers, one of the antenna layers attached to the carrying layer. The dielectric layer and the antenna layers are alternately laminated on each other. The invention also discloses a method for making the antenna module, and a housing integrating the antenna module.06-10-2010
20080316140Antenna Apparatus and Antenna Radome and Design Method Thereof - An antenna radome is associated with an antenna and comprises a plurality of radome elements arranged in an array. Each radome element comprises a dielectric substrate on which an upper surface is provided with a first fractal inductor layout and a lower surface is provided with a second fractal inductor layout. The second fractal inductor layout comprises a first inductor and a second inductor. The first inductor and second inductor are associated to accumulate charges so as to increase radiation directionality of the antenna.12-25-2008
20090073077ARRANGEMENT OF AN ANTENNA ON A CONTAINER - An antenna carrier (03-19-2009
20080231538ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT UNIT - Disclosed herein is an electronic equipment unit having a cradle, electronic equipment detachably mounted to the cradle, and a connecting mechanism for detachably connecting the electronic equipment to the cradle. The electronic equipment has a housing, an antenna case connected to the back side of the housing, and a recess formed on the back side of the housing for receiving the antenna case. The antenna case is pivotable between a retracted condition where the antenna case is retracted in the recess and a raised condition where the antenna case is raised from the back side of the housing. The cradle has a connecting portion adapted to be received in the recess in the raised condition of the antenna case. The connecting portion is detachably connected to the recess by the connecting mechanism in the condition where the antenna case is raised and the connecting portion is received in the recess.09-25-2008
20100134379PORTABLE RADAR FAIRING - A portable fairing for a mobile radar array system includes at least partially open housing surrounding the mobile radar array and a curved covering mounted on the housing. The curved covering is adapted to cover the radar array in a closed position. The sides of the housing are curved such that when the curved covering is closed, the housing and the curved covering form a generally curved structure.06-03-2010
20100302124Antenna Structure - This invention provides an improved antenna structure comprising a connecting unit having a connector, a lightning rod, and a signal transmission section. The two ends of the connector has the first and second connecting sections, with the signal transmission section extending out the first and second connecting sections; and a connecting unit connecting to the antenna unit, which contains at least an antenna board fixed to the first connecting section and the signal transmission section, and a set of housing installed at the outer section of the antenna board and connecting to the connector. Through this, the lightning rod, connecting unit, and antenna unit can be integrated together and the effectiveness of simple structure, ease to assemble, and lowered manufacturing cost can be achieved.12-02-2010
20100302125HIGH-GAIN OMNIDIRECTIONAL ANTENNA MODULE - A high-gain omnidirectional antenna module includes a base, an RF power amplifier, an omnidirectional antenna, a first signal line, and a second signal line. The base has a first surface and a second surface. The first signal line delivers a signal fed from outside to an input port of the RF power amplifier, and the second signal line connects an output port of the RF power amplifier and a feed portion of the antenna. The signal is amplified by the RF power amplifier, and thus the gain of the omnidirectional antenna is increased significantly. Therefore, the high-gain omnidirectional antenna effectively increases the transmission distance without increasing the size of the omnidirectional antenna.12-02-2010
20110109522Multiband antenna with GPS digital output - A multiband antenna with GPS digital output comprising a housing, a GPS antenna provided in the housing, an AM/FM antenna provided on the housing, at least a GPS receiver provided in the housing and coupled to the GPS antenna and a serial network bus provided in the housing and coupled to the GPS receiver whereby AM/FM signals and GPS digital output is provided from the multiband antenna.05-12-2011
20100039346Asymmetric Radome For Phased Antenna Arrays - An antenna assembly comprises a plurality of antenna elements arranged in an array, and a radome for protecting the antenna elements, wherein the radome has a thickness that changes across a field of view to normalize insertion phase delay differences in an incoming signal passing through the radome and received by the antenna elements.02-18-2010
20110074650ANTENNA MODULE AND HOUSING HAVING THE SAME - An antenna module includes a supporting layer, a plurality of antenna layers; and at least one insulating layer. The antenna layers are conductive nanometric material formed on the supporting layer. The at least one insulating layer defines at least one through hole therein between and electronically connecting each two adjacent antenna layers to form an FM radiator. A housing utilizing the antenna module is also described.03-31-2011
20100295748Top End Cap Improvement - A housing for an antenna has an end member having a radome seat and a back extension. The end member also has at least one actuator housing with an external opening and an internal opening. The end member has no through passage from its external side to its internal side, other than the opening of the actuator housing, such that upon assembly with a back and a radome, the antenna is water-tight. A retention assembly has an internal retaining member and an internal retaining member receiver. An actuator has an external actuation interface, and is mounted in the actuator housing to be water-tight. The retention assembly has a first position and a second position. The first position engages the internal retaining member with the internal retention receiver such as to maintain a closed water-tight engagement with the back and the radome. The retention assembly has a second, released position, that allows disengagement of the end member from a reflector tray.11-25-2010
20110248902RADOME, ANTENNA DEVICE AND RADAR APPARATUS - This disclosure provides a radome to be installed on an emission face side of an antenna, which includes an outer wall having a side cross-section formed in a substantially semi-circular shape to include the antenna therein, and an inner wall arranged between the outer wall and the antenna, and formed in a shape to substantially conform to the outer wall. A gap between the outer wall and the inner wall is wider near both ends on the circumference of the substantially semi-circular shape than at a substantially midpoint on the circumference of the substantially semi-circular shape.10-13-2011
20090256775ANTENNA MODULE - An antenna module is disclosed, including a housing, an antenna disposed through the housing, a first member fixed to the housing, and a fastener. The housing comprises a flexible cantilever having a nub engaged in a through hole of the antenna. The fastener is disposed through first member and fixed to the antenna.10-15-2009
20090002257PRECISION FLEXIBLE SUPPORT STRUCTURE - This document discloses, among other things, an inflatable apparatus having a plurality of attachment points. The apparatus can be collapsed, and when distended, the attachment points are dimensionally stable with varying applied pressure.01-01-2009
20080252552Antenna Housing and Antennas with Such Antenna Housings10-16-2008
20110260944ANTENNA HEAT FINS - A cellular communication antenna has a base with a length that exceeds its width and an inside surface with internal mounts for a plurality of electrical components that generate heat when in operation. A top encapsulates the electrical components and incorporates a radome. A plurality of fins are mounted on the outside surface of the base. They may be non-parallel with the length of the base. They may all be substantially the same length. They are further constructed and arranged to be in thermal communication with the electrical components such that heat generated by the electrical components is dissipated by the fins. Each fin may be in thermally conductive communication with more than one electrical component.10-27-2011
20100283706HOUSING WITH BUILT-IN ANTENNA AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING THE SAME - A housing functioning as an antenna includes: a decorative film, an antenna member having a connecting pole, and a base body. The housing is formed by injection molding a molten plastic material over the decorative film, the base body is formed from the molten plastic material, and the antenna member is embedded between the decorative film and the base body, the connecting pole is exposed to the outside. A method for fabricating the housing is also described.11-11-2010
20100194662ANTENNA DEVICE - An improved antenna device is has an external length compensation device, permitting a differing length expansion of the housing/radome relative to at least one of the at least two external mounting devices for fixing the antenna device. At least one of the two mounting devices has an external length compensation device, which covers at least one mounting device and a guide device by means of which the housing/radome may be adjusted relative to the mounting device in one direction of the antenna housing/radome. At least for one path length and the external length compensation device with the guide device is designed such that even with fastened screws, play remains between a section of the housing/radome and a section of the mounting device in order to permit an unhindered compensation movement between the mounting device and the housing/radome.08-05-2010
20090284436PHASED ARRAY ANTENNA RADIATOR ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF FORMING SAME - A phased array antenna radiator assembly that in one embodiment has a thermally conductive foam substrate, a plurality of metal radiating elements bonded to the foam substrate, and a radome supported adjacent the metal radiating elements. In another embodiment a phased array antenna radiator assembly is disclosed that has a thermally conductive substrate, a plurality of metal radiating elements bonded to the thermally conductive substrate, a radome supported adjacent the metal radiating elements, and an electrostatically dissipative adhesive in contact with the radiating elements for bonding the radome to the thermally conductive substrate.11-19-2009
20100026603RECTENNA COVER FOR A WIRELESS POWER RECEPTOR - According to one embodiment, a cover comprising a higher dielectric constant layer disposed outwardly from a lower dielectric constant layer is coupled to a rectenna operable to convert microwave power to electrical power. The cover receives microwave power, provides a substantial impedance match for a plurality of angles of incidence, and directs the microwave power to the rectenna. The impedance match is selected to broaden a receive pattern of the rectenna.02-04-2010
20090174620Phased array antenna having the highest efficiency at slant angle - The present invention relates to a phased array antenna, which is configured such that a plurality of radiation elements, having high reception efficiency for radio waves incident at a tilt angle, is arranged in a plurality of rows and columns, thus attaining high reception efficiency, and which adjusts radio waves, incident through a radome for protecting the antenna, to a desired tilt angle, thus further increasing radio wave reception efficiency.07-09-2009
20100019984HIGH POWER TWO-PATCH ARRAY ANTENNA SYSTEM - A patch array antenna is disclosed. The patch array antenna includes a ground plane with two patches. Each patch is supported from the ground plane only by metal posts. The patch array antenna further includes two-pin-feed probes, each pin-feed probe coupled to one patch, and a two-way high power divider attached to both pin-feed probes.01-28-2010
20100194661COMPOSITE RADOME AND RADIATOR STRUCTURE - A composite radome structure includes a first structural laminate layer having an outer radome surface, a second structural laminate layer comprising an inner radome surface, and an antenna having a screen, wherein the screen is inserted between the first and the second structural laminate layers.08-05-2010
20090091509Air-supported sandwich radome - An air-supported sandwich radome with a hemispherical top region and a prolate region has a high strength, RF transmissive, low dielectric flexible wall. There is a defined region where damaging RF radiation is reflected. At least in the defined region, a flexible high strength, RF transmissive low dielectric layer is added and there is a low dielectric gap between the wall and the layer providing a 180° phase delay between RF energy reflected off the wall and RF energy reflected off the layer to cancel the effect of said reflected RF energy on radar equipment housed by the radome.04-09-2009
20110109523RADOME SANDWICH PANEL STRUCTURAL JOINT - A radome includes first and second panels disposed adjacent to each other and a fastener. Each panel of the first and second panels includes a core material disposed between first and second skin layers. The core of the first panel abuts the core of the second panel at respective edges. A first skin layer of the first panel extends past the edge of the first panel and overlaps a thinned portion of the second panel defined contiguous with the edge of the second panel. A first opening defined through the first skin layer of the first panel is in alignment with a second opening defined through the thinned portion of the second panel. The fastener extends through the first and second openings to secure the first panel to the second panel.05-12-2011
20100283707DUAL-POLARIZED DUAL-BAND BROAD BEAMWIDTH DIRECTIVE PATCH ANTENNA - An antenna architecture with a dual-band patch antenna structure having a broadened low-frequency beamwidth is disclosed. The dual band antenna structure comprises a high frequency patch antenna cavity stacked inline above a low frequency patch antenna cavity. An N-shaped metallic wall surrounds the low frequency patch antenna cavity and broadens the emission radiation beamwidth of the low frequency emission. As such, these dual band antenna structures can emit radiation with a beamwidth of approximately 90 degrees in the low frequency band of 700 MHz to 900 MHz as well as the high frequency band of 1.7 GHz to 2.2 GHz.11-11-2010
20110304517HOUSING OF PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A housing includes a first main body, a three-dimensional antenna, and a second main body. The three-dimensional antenna includes a printing layer attached to the first main body and a plating layer formed on the printing layer. The second main body is attached to the first main body and partially covering the three-dimensional antenna. The three-dimensional antenna is sandwiched between the first main body and the second main body, and the antenna is partially exposed from the first main body and the second main body to form a terminal.12-15-2011
20090201216SEALED ANTENNA SYSTEM, IN PARTICULAR MOTOR-VEHICLE ROOF ANTENNA WITH PRESSURE EQUALIZATION - The invention relates to an antenna assembly of a vehicle that is arranged and fastened on a mounting surface (08-13-2009
20120038539Integrated Window For A Conformal Hybrid EO/RF Aperture - An integrated radio frequency (RF)/optical window includes an RF radome portion provided from a composite material substantially transparent to RF energy disposed about an optical window configured for use with an optical phased array.02-16-2012
20120176294SHAPED BALLISTIC RADOME - Methods and devices for shaped ballistic radomes according to various aspects of the present invention comprise systems for shielding transmission devices; and more particularly, representative and exemplary embodiments of the present invention generally relate to improved methods and systems for ballistic deflection and protection of antenna equipment units, and/or the like.07-12-2012
20090146903Single Port Dual Antenna - A system for transmitting radio frequency includes antenna elements configured to transmit radio frequency beams including a horizontal beam widths and vertical beam widths. The antenna elements are positioned to transmit radio frequency in directions to cover areas independent of each other. The system includes a port operatively coupled to the antenna elements to transmit power to the antenna elements to cause the antenna elements to transmit radio frequency in the respective directions. The antenna elements and the port form a distributed antenna system.06-11-2009
20120112981ANTENNA MOUNTING APPARATUS - Various embodiments include an apparatus for mounting a water-meter antenna in a boundary box lid, including an inverted vessel adapted to both receive said antenna and orient said antenna such that in use the electro-magnetic radiation substantially propagates out of a boundary box covered by the boundary box lid, wherein either: i) the inverted vessel further comprises resilient mounting means adapted to secure the antenna in said vessel; or ii) a carrier is provided that is adapted to receive the vessel, the carrier preferably comprising resilient mounting means adapted to secure the inverted vessel in said carrier.05-10-2012
20120206315Vehicle Pole Antenna - A vehicle pole antenna fixed to an antenna support base includes: a rod 08-16-2012
20090322644CONNECTION STRUCTURE BETWEEN ANTENNA ELEMENT AND COAXIAL CABLE CONNECTOR, AND ANTENNA APPATATUS INCLUDING THE CONNECTION STRUCTURE - A connection structure which electrically connects a connection terminal of an antenna element mounted on a mounting plate to a connection terminal of a coaxial cable connector mounted on the mounting plate, includes a plate-shaped electric connection member which includes an element connection end part electrically connected to the connection terminal of the antenna element and a cable connector connection end part extending away from the element connection end part and having a tapered shape. The connection structure further includes a bar-shaped electric connection member which extends along the cable connector connection end part of the plate-shaped electric connection member and which is electrically connected to the cable connector connection end part. Both the cable connector connection end part of the plate-shaped electric connection member and the bar-shaped electric connection member are electrically connected to the connection terminal of the coaxial cable connector.12-31-2009
20100085271EMBLEM - An emblem includes a first thickness portion having a first thickness and a second thickness portion having a second thickness thinner than the first thickness. The first thickness is equal to an integral multiple of a half of an in-medium wavelength of the radar wave inside the first thickness portion. The second thickness is a thickness equal to an integral multiple of a half of the in-medium wavelength of the radar wave inside the second thickness portion. A difference between the first thickness and the second thickness is set to an integral multiple of a free-space wavelength of the radar wave.04-08-2010
20120212391RADOME AND DEVICE FOR ATTACHING SAID RADOME TO AN AIRCRAFT - The invention relates to a radome (08-23-2012
20120256808SLOT HALO ANTENNA WITH TUNING STUBS - An antenna of the present disclosure has a housing having a shallow cavity in the housing and a flat, disk-shaped radiating element disposed in the shallow cavity, the radiating element having an arc shape slot. In addition, the antenna has a substantially circular parasitic element disposed in the shallow cavity on the bottom of the housing. The antenna operates as a half-wave antenna at a frequency range of 450 MHz to 470 MHz and as a full-wave antenna at a frequency range of 902 MHz to 928 MHz.10-11-2012
20120188143UNIFIED ANTENNA OF SHARK FIN TYPE - A unified antenna of shark fin type comprises a pad, a base disposed on upper surface of the pad and providing a space for arranging a printed circuit board and a plurality of antenna units, and a case for covering the pad and the base, wherein the antenna further comprises: a first antenna unit disposed in the middle of the printed circuit board and provided for receiving signal of AM/FM band; a second antenna unit disposed near the first antenna unit and provided for receiving signal of DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) band; and a third antenna unit disposed in front of the first antenna unit and provided for receiving signal of GPS (Global Positioning System) band, and a first auxiliary unit is disposed over the first antenna unit for enhancing electrical properties of the first antenna unit.07-26-2012
20100295749Radome for tracking antenna - A radome for a tracking antenna system may include a dome for covering the tracking antenna, wherein the dome includes a dome wall having inner and outer skins sandwiching a low dielectric material layer therebetween, and wherein the dome wall includes a gel coat layer covering the outer skin to protect the dome in a marine environment. The inner and outer skins may have a thicknesses of approximately 0.007 to 0.027 inches, more preferably approximately 0.014 to 0.020 inches, and most preferably 0.017 inches. The low dielectric material layer may have a thickness of approximately 0.153 to 0.173 inches, more preferably approximately 0.160 to 0.166 inches, and most preferably 0.163 inches. The gel coat may have a thickness of approximately 0.010 to 0.030 inches, more preferably approximately 0.017 to 0.023 inches, and most preferably 0.020 inches. The tracking antenna system may include a tracking antenna having a resonant frequency of approximately 3 Hz to 5 Hz., and a radome including a base for supporting the tracking antenna and a dome secured to the base for enclosing the tracking antenna, wherein the base may have a resonant frequency above approximately 10 Hz.11-25-2010
20100328186ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE FILTER APPARATUS WITHOUT DEGRADING RADIATION PATTERN OF ANTENNA - An electromagnetic wave filter apparatus includes: a shield conductor; a shield aperture provided in the shield conductor; a plurality of strip conductors, each of which is connected to the shield conductor at both ends thereof, and which divide the shield conductor into a plurality of apertures; and a plurality of stub conductors provided at intervals on each of the strip conductors. Each of the stub conductors prevents a current with a predetermined frequency from flowing through a corresponding strip conductor due to an electromagnetic wave with the predetermined frequency passing through the electromagnetic wave filter apparatus, and thus, the electromagnetic wave filter apparatus passes the electromagnetic wave with the predetermined frequency without exerting substantial influence on radiation of the electromagnetic wave with the predetermined frequency.12-30-2010
20120319922SINGLE-FEED MULTI-FREQUENCY MULTI-POLARIZATION ANTENNA - An antenna capable of receiving both left-hand circularly polarized (LHCP) signals and right-hand circularly polarized (RHCP) signals, and outputting both signals on a single feed. The antenna includes two coplanar concentric patches. The inner patch is substantially square. The outer patch surrounds the inner patch to define a gap therebetween. A resonant parallel inductive/LC circuit interconnects the two patches. The circuit includes a plurality of printed traces within the gap and interconnecting the concentric patches. The gap and each trace function as an LC circuit.12-20-2012
20120268343ANTENNA APPARATUS - An antenna apparatus includes a housing made of a conductive material and having a slot formed in a first surface, and an antenna disposed in the housing. The longitudinal direction of the slot is oriented at a predetermined angle with respect to the longitudinal direction of the antenna.10-25-2012
20120127057RADOME EQUIPMENT - Radome equipment that includes an antenna device, and a radome that protects the antenna device by housing the antenna device therein and that transmits electric power necessary for communication, in which: a matching layer made of a single-layer dielectric is attached to an inner surface of the radome; and the matching layer has a thickness that is set to a value that minimizes reflection based on an impedance estimated from an interface between the matching layer and the radome before the matching layer of the radome is attached, a characteristic impedance of a medium of the matching layer, a wavelength in the matching layer, and a characteristic impedance of a medium of a space in which the radome is disposed.05-24-2012
20120092229Broadband Ballistic Resistant Radome - According to one embodiment of the invention, a radome cover for an RF sensor has been provided. The radome cover comprises a first and a second ballistic layer, each ballistic layer having a ceramic layer. The two ballistic layers are sandwiched between at least two matching layers, and the matching layers are impedance matched to the ceramic layers. The radome cover provides ballistic protection for the RF sensor.04-19-2012
20130009846INSERT FOR RADOMES AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURING INSERT FOR RADOMES - Apparatuses such as inserts for radomes are described herein. The apparatuses and inserts including a metal layer having a frequency selective surface.01-10-2013
20110156982SCREW FOR USE IN A RADIO WAVE RECEIVER, METHOD OF MAKING THE SCREW, AND RADIO WAVE RECEIVER USING THE SCREW - A screw for use in a radio wave receiver includes a metal screw body that includes a shank and a head, and an insulation resin layer formed on at least a back of the screw head. In the radio wave receiver, a back cover and a case are secured together firmly by a threaded engagement of a threaded part of the shank, on which no insulation resin layer is formed, with a screw hole formed in the case while the insulation resin layer is disposed therebetween.06-30-2011
20080238806ANTENNA STRUCTURE OF MOBILE PHONE - An antenna structure for mobile phone comprises a PCB (printed circuit board), an antenna portion and a second grounding portion position connected to the PCB. A face of the PCB is smeared with a stratum metal material and functioning as a first grounding portion. The antenna portion further has an antenna, a feeding point and a grounding point connected with the antenna. The second grounding portion connected to the PCB on another side of the PCB opposite to the antenna portion. Because the area of the grounding portion is increased, the electric field could be equality distributed within the whole grounding portion.10-02-2008
20080224939Cladding for a Microwave Antenna - A cladding plate (09-18-2008
20120249397Antenna System Suitable for Marine SSB Radio - An antenna system suitable for marine SSB radio. The system includes a plurality of insulated conductors each having a first end and a second end; the first ends of the conductors are connected at a connection point. The insulated conductors are disposed within a tubing segment, which is sealed with a plug proximate to the connection point. A conductor connected to the connection point extends through the plug is configured for connection to a SSB radio tuner. In an embodiment, each of the conductors has a length greater than that of the tubing segment, and thus has a loop within the tubing segment. Each of the conductors advantageously has a different length, with the lengths of the conductors corresponding to quarter-wavelength antenna elements covering a frequency range of about 2 MHz to about 28 MHz.10-04-2012
20130099995INDOOR CEILING-MOUNT OMNIDIRECTIONAL ANTENNA AND A METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A ceiling-mount omnidirectional antenna for indoor distribution system of mobile communication network and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The antenna includes: a monopole consisting of a cone part and a columnar part; a reflecting plate consisting of a cone part and a platform part; and a feed connector. The monopole and the reflecting plate are arranged in such that the tips of cone parts are opposite to each other. The signal is fed into the antenna through the feed connector and radiated outward by the monopole and the reflecting plate. In high frequency band, the maximal gain appears at about 70°, so that the signal power focuses at radiating angles of 60°˜85°. Comparing to the existing antenna, the gain of the antenna increases 4.22 dB at a radiating angle of 85° and decreases 10 dB at a radiating angle of 30°. So, the maximal permissible value of antenna aperture power of mobile communication signal in high frequency band, such as 3G, is increased; and the field strength of signal covering the edge is increased. The antenna can increase the covering range of a single antenna, increase the signal quality, and cover 2G and 3G networks in the same time so as to reduce the difficulty and the cost for building and reconstructing an indoor distribution system in 3G.04-25-2013
20130113680ANTENNA CONCEALMENT STRUCTURES INCORPORATING FABRIC CONCEALMENT SHELLS - A system for enclosing antenna structures such that they blend in with the architecture and scenery of the location in which they are placed is disclosed. A structural support frame is constructed to match a specific desired architectural appearance. The structural support frame may be made up of framing elements, and may include antenna elements attached to the framing elements. The structural support may also surround antenna elements without being attached to the antenna elements. A flexible fabric material is attached to the support structure to form an outer concealment shell. The flexible fabric material may be configured to match a specific desired architectural or patterned appearance. The flexible fabric may be made from a material which is strong and weather resistant, but which causes little RF interference.05-09-2013
20130113679MUTUALLY INDUCTIVE RESONANT ANTENNA - A mutually inductive resonant antenna receiving radio waves of dual frequency bands improves a conventional antenna series-connected to a uniaxial wire. The mutually inductive resonant antenna receives FM or TMC radio waves and comprises a first antenna and a second antenna. The first antenna has a first conductive core wire and a first insulating layer. The first insulating layer encloses the first conductive core wire. The second antenna has a second mesh-like conductive layer and a second insulating layer. The second mesh-like conductive layer encloses a section of the first antenna such that another section of the first antenna is exposed. The second insulating layer encloses the second mesh-like conductive layer. A section of the second mesh-like conductive layer is extended from the first antenna and electrically connected to a signal transmission line. The second mesh-like conductive layer is not in contact with the first conductive core wire.05-09-2013
20080309580Smart antenna - The present invention discloses a smart antenna that includes: a switch unit that switches a direction for receiving radio waves; and an outer covering unit that covers the smart antenna and is made of an insulating material.12-18-2008
20130141302ANTENNA DEVICE AND WIRELESS COMMUNICATION APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME - A non-feeding element is provided with a proximity-providing gap from a feeding element, and a resonant state is generated there by capacitive coupling. The non-feeding element resonates at a frequency different from a resonant frequency of the feeding element. The feeding element and the non-feeding element have alongside-ground-terminal extending portions spaced from an edge surface at one end of a ground surface formed on the circuit board and to extend in a direction along the edge surface at the one end of the ground surface. The feeding element and/or the non-feeding element is formed three-dimensionally with a plurality of bending portions so that at least parts of the alongside-ground-terminal extending portion of the feeding element and the ground-terminal extending portion of the non-feeding element have substantially the same amount of spacing from the ground surface.06-06-2013
20130147682HIGH-POWER-CAPABLE CIRCULARLY POLARIZED PATCH ANTENNA APPARATUS AND METHOD - A circularly polarized patch antenna uses a square quarter-wavelength conductive plate, spaced away from a slightly larger backing conductor. Excitation uses a coaxial feed stem pair, whereof respective inner conductors join the patch at orthogonal locations on a reference circle, and outer conductors intrude past points of joining to the backing conductor to establish gaps that interact with patch and backing conductor size and spacing to jointly establish terminal impedance. A parasitic element in the propagation path broadens bandwidth, while a frame behind serves to define a cavity reflector. A power divider behind the frame converts a single applied broadcast signal into two equal signals with orthogonal phase, which signals are delivered to the feed stems with equal-length coaxial lines.06-13-2013
20100033399SMART POLE - The invention relates to a structure comprising an enclosed antenna system, and a radome (02-11-2010
20100309089PLANAR ARRAY ANTENNA HAVING RADOME OVER PROTRUDING ANTENNA ELEMENTS - A subarray of a planar array antenna has a ground plane having a rear face and a front face, radiating elements, each of the radiating elements protruding forward of the front face and physically mounted to the ground plane; circuit elements electrically coupled to the radiating elements, and physically mounted to the ground plane and positioned rearward of the rear face of the ground plane; and a dielectric radome supported on the ground plane defining a continuous surface sealed to the ground plane. The continuous surface includes a forward wall positioned forward of each of the radiating elements to form an environmental seal around the radiating elements. The radome has an intermediate wall intermediate at least one pair of adjacent ones of the antenna elements.12-09-2010
20100315311ANTENNA MODULE INCLUDING INTEGRATED RADOME - The invention relates to an antenna module comprising at least a first series of unitary radiating elements (ER12-16-2010
20100315310SATELLITE ANTENNA DEVICE - A satellite antenna device is provided. The satellite antenna device includes a body, a wave guide, and a dielectric member. The wave guide is connected to the body. The dielectric member is connected to the wave guide, wherein the dielectric member comprises a first portion and a second portion, the first portion has a protruding structure, the protruding structure is formed surrounding a central axis of the wave guide, the second portion has a concave structure, and the concave structure corresponds to the protruding structure, and is matched therewith.12-16-2010
20100315309TUBULAR TELECOM TOWER - The present invention aims to provide a hollow antenna tower structure for use in a wireless communications network. The tower comprises tubular tower sections made of concrete, and having a generally hollowed cross section. A movable base station unit, having at least one antenna and at least one micro wave link, is being disposed inside the tubular tower. The whole base station unit is movable up and down inside the tower by the aid of an elevator system. The tower further comprises at least one entrance into the tower and a climbing facility and/or a second elevator system, inside the tower, giving access to the base station unit.12-16-2010
20110309996STRAND MOUNTABLE ANTENNA ENCLOSURE FOR WIRELESS COMMUNICATION ACCESS SYSTEM - An antenna enclosure is designed to be suspended from a line such as a messenger strand which extends in a first direction between a pair of utility poles, in a similar manner to other aerial strand mounted communication system components. At least one antenna element is mounted in the enclosure. The antenna enclosure in one example is elongated in the first direction and tapers inwardly in a vertical direction between the upper and lower ends of the enclosure. Two spaced connecting brackets mounted on the upper end of the enclosure are configured for connection to spaced positions on a line to suspend the enclosure from the line.12-22-2011
20130201075ANTENNA SYSTEM AND METHOD - A radiator coupled to an antenna patch disposed along a first end of the radiator, said patch disposed on an insulator. A ground plane is connected to the insulator and a radome is disposed opposite a second end of the radiator. The radome may have a region presenting a convex surface towards the radiator, and the radome has a second region presenting a concave surface towards the radiator. The first end of the conical radiator is the apex of the cone. A ground plane is included and a portion of the ground plane is a planar surface and another portion extends away from the planar portion towards the radome. Also disclosed is a method for forming a radiation pattern by shaping the radome to effectuate a predetermined radiation pattern using localized convex and concave surfaces positioned on the radome at different points in relation to the conical radiator.08-08-2013
20120075161RADOME - A radome comprises a substrate comprising a first material and an outer layer comprising a second material and positioned adjacent to the substrate. Methods for making and using the radome are also disclosed.03-29-2012

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