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Balanced doublet - centerfed (e.g., dipole)

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343 - Communications: radio wave antennas

343700000 - ANTENNAS

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343795000 Sheet or wing type 50
343810000 Plural 46
343797000 Plural crossed (e.g., turnstile) 32
343803000 Folded 26
343818000 With parasitic element (e.g., reflector or director) 22
343820000 With coupling network or impedance in the leadin 13
343807000 Tapered, thick, or enlarged arms 7
343799000 Plural circumferentially arranged 5
20120293386WIRELESS LOCAL AREA NETWORK ANTENNA ARRAY - A wireless local area network (“WLAN”) antenna array (“WLANAA”) is disclosed. The WLANAA may include a circular housing having a plurality of radial sectors and a plurality of primary antenna elements. Each individual primary antenna element of the plurality of primary antenna elements may be positioned within an individual radial sector of the plurality of radial sectors.11-22-2012
20120062437ANTENNA SYSTEM WITH PLANAR DIPOLE ANTENNAS AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS HAVING THE SAME - An antenna system includes: and antenna module and a system module. The antenna module includes a substrate, and a plurality of planar dipole antennas each including a short-circuit section, two first radiator sections operable in a first frequency band and connected to the short-circuit section, and two second radiator sections operable in a second frequency band and connected to the short-circuit section. The planar dipole antennas are arranged such that geometric centers thereof are respectively spaced apart from a center point bounded by the planar dipole antennas by a predetermined distance, such that each of the planar dipole antennas is spaced apart from an adjacent one of the planar dipole antennas by a predetermined minimum distance. The system module has a grounding plane that faces toward and that is spaced apart from and parallel to the substrate.03-15-2012
20120299791WIRELESS LOCAL AREA NETWORK ANTENNA ARRAY - A wireless local area network (“WLAN”) antenna array (“WLANAA”) is disclosed. The WLANAA may include a circular housing having a plurality of radial sectors and a plurality of primary antenna elements. Each individual primary antenna element of the plurality of primary antenna elements may be positioned within an individual radial sector of the plurality of radial sectors.11-29-2012
20100026600Radio Wave Detection Apparatus - Radio wave detection apparatus includes an array of antenna elements which are able to receive radio waves which enter and leave the array. In this way antenna elements are able to cater for the detection of different types of polarisation from the one configuration.02-04-2010
20130187821DUAL-POLARIZATION RADIATING ELEMENT OF A MULTIBAND ANTENNA - A dual-polarization radiating element for a multiband antenna comprises a support with a high dielectric constant whose shape is roughly cylindrical, having an axis of revolution, at least a first and a second pair of dipoles printed on a first surface of the support, the dipoles of the first pair being roughly orthogonal to the dipoles of the second pair, and conductive lines, to feed each dipole, printed onto a second surface of the support. The support is placed on a flat reflector, with the cylindrical support's axis of revolution being perpendicular to the plane of the reflector.07-25-2013
343806000 Bent arms (e.g., zigzag type) 3
20100085269Hidden Wideband Antenna - A low-cost compact wideband antenna (04-08-2010
20110006964Antenna with a bent portion - An exemplary antenna system for an electromagnetic wave includes a conductor having a first portion and a second bent portion. The exemplary antenna system includes a first transformer connected to the second bent portion and configured to invert current of the second bent portion relative to current received from the first portion. An exemplary method for conducting an electromagnetic signal includes conducting an electromagnetic signal through a first portion and a second bent portion of a conductor. The exemplary method includes inverting current of the signal of the second bent portion relative to current received from the first portion. A wave created by current of the first portion can be added to a wave created by current of the second bent portion.01-13-2011
20090040124MULTIPLE-RESONANCE ANTENNA - A dipole antenna includes a plurality of parallel metal wires as its basic structure, and a plurality of identical or similar unit circuits arranged in a row in an extending direction of the plurality of metal wires and connected with each other. The unit circuits each have a tie portion that connects the metal wires with each other via at least one first inductor, and at least one first capacitor provided on at least one of the metal wires. The plurality of metal wires each have a base portion and an extended portion, and the plurality of metal wires are each bent such that the extended portion extends at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the base portion.02-12-2009
343794000 Diverse-type doublets 2
20090121956ANTENNA DEVICE - Disclosed is an antenna device capable of reducing an input impedance and having a wideband characteristic. The antenna device includes: a first radiating plate of a flat shape; a second radiating plate of a flat shape; and an electric feeding section electrically connected to the first radiating plate and the second radiating plate, wherein the first radiating plate and the second radiating plate have different shapes in a plan view and are combined and provided, and both end corner portions of a side portion to which the electric feeding section is connected, of the first radiating plate, are formed in an arc shape.05-14-2009
20100207837System of Diversity Dipole Antennas - The present invention relates to a diversity antennas system comprising at least two antennas of the dipole type each formed by a first and a second conductive arm, supplied differentially wherein the two antennas comprise a common arm called first arm forming at least one cover for an electronic card and each one a second arm mounted in rotation at one extremity of the first arm.08-19-2010
343801000 Three or more collinear units form doublet 1
20120306715DETACHABLE ANTENNA FOR RADIO COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE - A radio communications device includes a base unit having an enclosure and a radio system inside the enclosure. The device also includes an antenna unit detachably connected to the enclosure of the base unit. The antenna unit includes one or more antennas, each having an electrical radio frequency (RF) connection to the radio system via a non-conductive coupling through the enclosure.12-06-2012
343805000 Arms angularly adjustable (e.g., rabbit ears) 1
20100309083WIDEBAND ANTENNA FOR RECEIVING DIGITAL TV SIGNALS - A wideband antenna for receiving digital television signals includes a substrate, a radiating plate, a first radiating element, and a second radiating element. The radiating plate is formed on the substrate and the radiating plate has a first radiating area, a second radiating area and a slit formed between the first and the second radiating areas. The first and the second radiating elements are pivotedly connected to the radiating plate. The first radiating element and the second radiating element are constructed as a dipole antenna structure of the antenna so as to excite a first resonant mode. The radiating plate also acts as a matching circuit thereon so as to excite a second resonant mode. The center frequency of the second resonant mode is shifted toward the center frequency of the first resonant mode with the incorporation of the radiating plate so that the antenna has a wideband characteristic.12-09-2010
343808000 Plural-rod arm forming V (e.g., conical arrangement) 1
20100302118COMPACT HIGH DEFINITION DIGITAL TELEVISION ANTENNA - A compact digital television antenna having a pair of high band VHF triangular shaped dipoles with VHF signal outputs connected to a pair of terminals. A UHF reflector mounted to a bracket. Each VHF dipole having an outer linear portion connected to the bracket. The outer linear portions of the VHF dipoles forming opposing outer unitary type reflector elements in the UHF reflector. A V-shaped UHF antenna having its UHF signal outputs connected to the terminals. The pair of triangular shaped VHF dipoles forming a pyramidal support holding the UHF antenna at a fixed depth from the UHF reflector.12-02-2010
20130027266Unsymmetrical Dipole Antenna - An unsymmetrical dipole antenna includes a grounding element, a radiating element, and a feed-in wire. The grounding element includes a first short side metal plane and a first long side metal plane. The radiating element includes a second short side metal plane and a second long side metal plane. The feed-in wire includes a metal wire, coupled to the second short side metal plane for transmitting a feed-in signal; an insulation layer, covering the metal wire; a metal weave, covering the insulation layer, having one terminal coupled to the first short side metal plane of the grounding element, and another terminal coupled to a system ground of the wireless communication device; and a protective layer, covering the metal weave. A size of the grounding element and a size of the radiating element are irrelative.01-31-2013
20130027265ANTENNA SYSTEM FOR USE IN AGRICULTURAL FIELDS OR OTHER WORK AREAS - An antenna system for use in an agricultural field or work area comprises a base having an upper side and a lower side opposite the upper side. A stake extends from the lower side. The stake is capable of mounting into the ground. A spring extends from the upper side of the base. A mast above the base is movably, resiliently mounted to the base by the spring. A lateral dielectric guard is mounted at or the near a top of the mast. An antenna is associated with the top of the mast, the antenna coupled to a transmission line that is secured to or by the mast.01-31-2013
20130082891DIPOLE ANTENNA - There is provided a dipole antenna. The dipole antenna according to embodiments of the present invention includes: a substrate having a predetermined dielectric constant; and an antenna unit including at least one pair of electrodes and feed lines disposed on one surface of the substrate, wherein the electrodes receive current through the feed lines to generate a signal radiated in a direction in parallel with the one surface of the substrate.04-04-2013
20130038499Dipole Antenna and Mobile Communication Terminal - The invention provides a dipole antenna and mobile communication terminal. The dipole antenna comprises a first vibrator, a second vibrator, a feed terminal and a dielectric slab, the first vibrator and the second vibrator being provided anti-symmetrically on the dielectric slab, wherein the first vibrator comprises a first resonant ring configured to transmit and receive radio signals in a GSM900 band and a first antenna arm configured to transmit and receive radio signals in a DCS1800 band, the first antenna arm being connected to the first resonant ring; the second vibrator comprises a second resonant ring configured to transmit and receive radio signals in the GSM900 band and a second antenna arm configured to transmit and receive radio signals in the DCS1800 band, the second antenna arm being connected to the second resonant ring; the first antenna arm is connected to the second antenna arm through the feed terminal.02-14-2013
20100045560ANTENNA - An antenna includes a substrate made of a dielectric material, a first different dielectric constant region having a dielectric constant different from a dielectric constant of said substrate provided in said substrate, and a first antenna element provided on a front surface of said substrate.02-25-2010
20130033409Radiation Antenna for Wireless Communication - A radiation antenna for wireless communication provides an advantage of being able to enhance gain and control directionality, while suppressing the height. The radiation antenna for wireless communication includes a line antenna element 02-07-2013
20100109964SHAPED-BEAM ANTENNA WITH MULTI-LAYERED METALLIC DISK ARRAY STRUCTURE SURROUNDED BY DIELECTRIC RING - Provided is a shaped-beam antenna having a multi-layered conductive element array surrounded by a dielectric ring. The shaped-beam antenna includes: a planar excitation element having a radiation structure according to a required polarization; a multi-layered conductive element array disposed on the planer excitation element, wherein the multi-layered conductive element array is formed by layering conductive elements at an arbitrary interval; and a dielectric ring surrounding the multi-layered conductive element array at a predetermined separation distance therefrom. Accordingly, it is possible to reduce the entire size of the shaped-beam antenna and manufacturing costs thereof.05-06-2010
20090243953ENHANCED IMPLANTABLE DI-POLE ANTENNA SYSTEM AND METHOD - As described herein vascular anchoring systems are used to position an implant in a vascular area such as a bifurcated vasculature with relatively high fluid flow, for instance, in an area of a pulmonary artery with associated left and right pulmonary arteries. Implementations include an anchoring trunk member having a first anchoring trunk section and a second anchoring trunk section. Further implementations include a first anchoring branch member extending from the anchoring trunk member. Still further implementations include a second anchoring branch member extending from the anchoring trunk member.10-01-2009
20100134373ANTENNA SYSTEM FOR RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION - An antenna including an electrically conductive portion defined substantially by a self-similar geometry present at multiple resolutions. The electrically conductive portion includes two or more angular bends and is configured to radiate broadband electromagnetic energy. The antenna further includes an electrically non-conductive portion that structurally supports the electrically conductive portion.06-03-2010
20090295666Versatile wire antenna and method - A versatile wire antenna that can be up to 80 percent shorter than traditional wire antennas—while still providing exceptional operating characteristics. The present invention is also more durable than traditional wire antennas, offers broadband and multi-band performance, eliminates tension on the wire components, does not require inductive elements, does not require end insulators or transmission-line feed-point insulators, has low noise characteristics, and offers the potential for significant static-discharge capability. Also disclosed is a method for constructing the present invention.12-03-2009
20110279340ANTENNA AND WIRELESS IC DEVICE - An antenna for a wireless IC device having improved energy transfer efficiency with a wireless IC, and a wireless IC device equipped with the antenna are constructed such that the antenna includes a coil pattern and spiral coupling patterns provided at the ends of the coil pattern and disposed so as to face each other. A coupling module including a wireless IC chip and a feeder circuit substrate including a feeder circuit arranged to be coupled to the wireless IC chip is mounted on the coupling pattern so as to define a wireless IC device. The coil pattern is an open type coil pattern. The coupling patterns are arranged close to each other to define a single LC resonator. Thus, energy is concentrated in the coupling patterns, thereby improving the energy transfer efficiency between the antenna and the wireless IC chip.11-17-2011
20100097284Choked Dielectric Loaded Tip Dipole Microwave Antenna - A microwave antenna assembly is disclosed. The antenna assembly includes a feedline having an inner conductor, an outer conductor and an inner insulator disposed therebetween and a radiating section coupled to the feedline, the radiating section including a dipole antenna and a tubular dielectric loading disposed about the dipole antenna.04-22-2010
20100033393Techniques for Mounting a Millimeter Wave Antenna and a Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Onto a PCB - A printed circuit board (PCB) assembled to include at least one millimeter wave antenna and a radio frequency integrated circuit (RF IC). The PCB comprises a square-shaped cavity in the PCB, wherein one of the edges of the cavity is substantially parallel to connecting pins of the at least one millimeter wave antenna; a RF IC placed in the cavity, wherein one side of the RF IC including RF pads is substantially at the edge of the cavity that is substantially parallel to the connecting pins; and traces connecting the RF pads and the connecting pins, wherein the connection between the at least one millimeter wave antenna and the RF IC shortens the length of the traces.02-11-2010
20090189822Antenna Designs for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags - Methods, systems, and apparatuses for antenna designs for radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are described.07-30-2009
20090066600Symmetrical printed meander dipole antenna - A symmetrical printed meander dipole antenna includes a dielectric board including a ground plane; a first antenna trace line disposed on a first portion of the dielectric board and in electrical contact with the dielectric board, the first antenna trace line including a plurality of first vertical meandered traces; a second antenna trace line disposed on a second portion of the dielectric board and in electrical contact with the dielectric board, the second antenna trace line including a plurality second vertical meandered traces, wherein the first and second plurality of vertical meandered traces are symmetrical to each other; and an inductor in contact with the first and second antenna trace lines for tuning the impedance of the symmetrical printed meander dipole antenna.03-12-2009
20110148730Dual-polarized group antenna - An improved antenna array has at least one first radiator device and at least one second radiator device and at least one third radiator device. The at least one first radiator device and the at least one second radiator device and the at least one third radiator device are arranged consecutively. The at least one dual-polarized radiator device radiates in both polarization planes (P06-23-2011
20090207086ANTENNA APPARATUS - In an antenna apparatus, a radiation element includes a perturbation element. A first power feeding line has a first end connected to the radiation element and is configured to feed power to the radiation element. A second power feeding line has a first end configured to feed power to the radiation element through electromagnetic coupling. The radiation element, the first power feeding line and the second power feeding line are arranged on a same plane to constitute a balance type antenna.08-20-2009
20100090920Multiband jamming antenna - Disclosed is a multiband jamming antenna for use with RF jamming systems. An exemplary embodiment of the antenna comprises high-band, medium-band and low-band radiating structures arranged in a collinear manner. The three radiating structures are operable in three respective overlapping frequency bands. In the exemplary embodiment, the high-band radiating structure comprises a hybrid biconical/dipole antenna disposed at an upper end of the antenna. The medium-band radiating structure is collinearly coupled to the high-band radiating structure and comprises upper and lower dipole elements that are tuned using a dual section coaxial transformer. The low-band radiating structure is collinearly coupled to the medium-band radiating structure. The low-band radiating structure comprises a coaxial Ruthroff UNUN transformer that is coupled to the low-band radiating structure, and a feeder cable that connected to the coaxial Ruthroff UNUN transformer, and the high-band, medium-band, and low-band radiating structures.04-15-2010
20090295665Electromagnetic Band-Gap Structure - An electromagnetic band gap structure is provided including a ground plane and a periodic planar arrangement of surface elements mounted parallel to and at a predetermined distance from the ground plane. Each of the surface elements is supported in the planar arrangement by at least one conducting support element extending from an edge of the surface element to the ground plane, avoiding back-to-back parallel support elements. This arrangement allows for the surface elements and their respective support elements to be folded from flat metal templates to greatly simplify manufacture. An antenna is also provided in which an antenna element is mounted in such a way as to use the electromagnetic band-gap structure as a ground plane. This allows for a low-profile antenna to be made as the antenna element may be mounted close to the plane of surface elements in the structure.12-03-2009
20100103064PARASITIC DIPOLE ASSISTED WLAN ANTENNA - A parasitic dipole assisted WLAN antenna for creating a second resonance in the A band and providing greater bandwidth usage to a mobile computing or communication device. A secondary B/G band monopole antenna is connected to the A band antenna at the point of maximum impedance of the A band providing minimal interference between the two bands. The dipole structure antennas are connected at the A band loop antenna feed pin and ground pin.04-29-2010
20080246679Small, narrow profile multiband antenna - A multiband antenna system includes a helical antenna having a first leg and a second leg wherein the first leg consists of a coaxial conductor. The multiband antenna also includes an antenna sub-system coupled to the helical antenna wherein the coaxial conductor feeds the antenna sub-system. A radome encloses components of the antenna system, and the radome may be covered by a radio-frequency transparent sock for concealment purposes.10-09-2008
20090128438BALANCED AND SHORTENED ANTENNAS - An antenna for radiating and/or receiving signals. The antenna includes (i) a first hollow and helical pipe, (ii) a second hollow and helical pipe, (iii) a first transmission wire, (iv) a second transmission wire, and (v) a dielectric connector. The dielectric connector physically couples to the first hollow and helical pipe and the second hollow and helical pipe. The first hollow and helical pipe and the second hollow and helical pipe comprise an electrically conductive material. The first transmission wire comprises a first portion and a second portion. The second transmission wire comprises a third portion and a fourth portion. The first portion of the first transmission wire and the third portion of the second transmission wire are inside the first hollow and helical pipe.05-21-2009
20090096697Compact Portable Antenna for Terrestrial Digital Television - The present invention relates to a portable compact antenna formed from a first dipole type element operating in a first frequency band and comprising a first and at least one second conductive arm, differentially supplied, the first arm or cold arm forming at least one cover for an electronic card and the second arm or hot arm being constituted by a U-shaped conductive element realized on an insulating substrate. Further, a radiating element with bends is realized between the branches of the U-shaped element and is dimensioned to operate in a second frequency band.04-16-2009
20090096696RFID TAG WITH A MODIFIED DIPOLE ANTENNA - In general, the disclosure describes an RFID tag designed such that the tag is both covert and not easily blocked from the interrogation signal by the hand or other body part of a person. In particular, the RFID tag is designed to have a long, narrow aspect that allows placement of the tag in locations on or in a book that are inconspicuous to the casual observer while extending beyond a hand of a person holding the book by the spine on or near a geometry centerline. The RFID tag includes a dipole segment and a loop segment coupled to the dipole segment. The loop segment of the modified dipole antenna provides the antenna with larger signal strength than conventional dipole antennas. Moreover, the conductive loop segment also provides improved impedance matching capabilities to allow the modified dipole antenna to match the impedance of an integrated circuit (IC) chip of the RFID tag.04-16-2009
20100177001ANTENNA STRUCTURES AND APPLICATIONS THEREOF - An antenna apparatus includes a substrate and an antenna structure. The antenna structure includes a metal trace and a terminal. The metal trace has a modified Polya curve shape that is confined in a polygonal shape. The terminal is coupled to the metal trace.07-15-2010
20090079653BROADBAND COPLANAR ANTENNA ELEMENT - A broadband antenna element configuration having a radiation pattern useful in an antenna array containing a plurality of driven radiating elements that are spatially arranged is disclosed. The antenna element is coplanarly disposed on a suitable planar substrate of dielectric material. The antenna element utilizes a pair of balanced dipole arm elements symmetrically disposed about the centerline of a balanced feed network. Balanced feed network elements are disposed in a broadside symmetrical configuration on first plane and second plane on each side of the aforementioned dielectric. Disposed proximate to each dipole arm element are partially overlapping, parallel planar, frequency bandwidth expanding microstrip lines. The combination of dipole arms and parasitically coupled microstrip lines provides a broad bandwidth radiating element suitable for use in antenna arrays.03-26-2009
20110057851PLANAR ANTENNA AND ELECTROMAGNETIC BAND GAP STRUCTURE THEREOF - An electromagnetic band-gap structure includes a circuit board, a ground plane and a plurality of electromagnetic band-gap units. The circuit board includes a first side and a second surface, and the ground plane disposed on the first side. The plurality of electromagnetic band-gap units are located on both the first surface and the second surface and connected to each other along an edge of the ground plane. Every electromagnetic band-gap unit includes a first strip line, a second strip line and a via. The first strip line is located on the first side, including a first relative long strip line and a first relative short strip line connected to the ground. The second strip line is located on the second side. The second strip line is connected to the first strip line of the adjacent electromagnetic band-gap unit through the via.03-10-2011
20100033394OPTIMIZED CAPACITIVE DIPOLE ANTENNA - A capacitively coupled dipole antenna is coupled to a substrate such that a capacitative portion of the antenna spans a void in the substrate.02-11-2010
20090073070DUAL BAND ANTENNA AND METHODS FOR USE THEREWITH - A dual band antenna includes a far field antenna structure for facilitating the communication of first data with a remote device via far field signaling in a millimeter wave band. A near field antenna structure facilitates the communication of second data with a remote device via near field signaling in a near field band. The far field antenna structure and the near field antenna structure share at least one common antenna element.03-19-2009
20130187820MULTI-BAND, WIDE-BAND ANTENNAS - Disclosed herein are various exemplary embodiments of multi-band, wide- band antennas. In exemplary embodiments, the antenna generally includes an upper portion and a lower portion. The upper portion includes two or more upper radiating elements and one or more slots disposed between the two or more upper radiating elements. The lower portion includes three or more lower radiating elements and one or more slots disposed between the three or more lower radiating elements. A gap is between the upper and lower portions such that the upper radiating elements are separated and spaced apart from the lower radiating elements. The antenna may be configured such that coupling of the gap and the upper and lower radiating elements enable multi-band, wide-band operation of the antenna within at least a first frequency range and a second frequency range, with the upper radiating elements operable as a radiating portion of the antenna, the lower radiating elements operable as a ground portion, and the gap operable for impedance matching.07-25-2013
20110115685RFID TAG ANTENNA USING DOUBLE-OPEN ENDS COUPLER STRUCTURE - The present disclosure relates to an RFID tag, more particularly to, a UHF band RFID tag antenna using a double-open ends coupler; wherein the structure thereof is using a half wavelength dipole antenna with a double-open ends coupler mutually coupled to each other, and the RFID chip is disposed upon the coupler, and the coupler is designed to be double-open ends structure so as to, rather than prior arts, enhance the radiation without compromising the impedance match between the antenna and the chip.05-19-2011
20100295746DUAL-BAND DIPOLE ANTENNA - A dual-band dipole antenna (11-25-2010
20100134372THZ-BAND FOLDED DIPOLE ANTENNA HAVING HIGH INPUT IMPEDANCE - Provided is a folded dipole antenna including a meander line formed on a photoconductive substrate, characterized by an input impedance of several kΩ, which is much higher than that of a conventional dipole antenna, due to optimization of a horizontal length, a line interval, a width, and a line number of the meander line. Accordingly, use of the folded dipole antenna greatly improves an impedance matching characteristic between the antenna and a photomixer having an output impedance of 10 kΩ or more, and accordingly an output of a THz continuous wave.06-03-2010
20110001677STEREO FED DIGITAL ANTENNA - A directional communication antenna comprising a conductive member connected to transmitter power amplifiers or receiver input amplifiers is provided. The simplest antenna form includes a conductor connected to a pair of transmitter power amplifiers or a pair of receiver input amplifiers. Antenna in the transmitter mode is connected to a pair of power amplifiers sending synchronized rf signals to the ends of a conductor. Applied signals travel and collide on antenna where they are converted into the free-space wave. In the receiving mode, two or more receiver input amplifiers are connected to detect and amplify incoming signals. The incoming signals are then electronically added for improved sensitivity.01-06-2011
20090066599Wide Band Dipole Antenna - The present invention relates to a compact wideband antenna of the dipole type comprising a first 03-12-2009
20110241959SENSOR DEVICE WITH HELICAL ANTENNA AND RELATED SYSTEM AND METHOD - An apparatus includes a sensor that receives a first electrical signal and provides a second electrical signal in response to the first electrical signal. The second electrical signal is based on at least one parameter monitored by the sensor. The apparatus also includes an antenna that converts first wireless signals into the first electrical signal and that converts the second electrical signal into second wireless signals. The antenna includes a substrate, conductive traces, and conductive interconnects. The conductive traces are formed on first and second surfaces of the substrate. The conductive interconnects couple the conductive traces, and the conductive interconnects and the conductive traces form at least one helical arm of the antenna. The conductive traces could be formed in various ways, such as by etching or direct printing. The conductive interconnects could also be formed in various ways, such as by filling vias in the substrate or direct printing.10-06-2011
20080204344Contactless label with Y-shaped omnidirectional antenna - Contactless label designed to ensure the traceability of an object featuring a microcircuit (08-28-2008
20100283701PRINT DIPOLE ANTENNA AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - The present invention discloses a print dipole antenna and manufacturing method thereof. The print dipole antenna has a plurality of resonance frequencies, which comprises a substrate, a ring microstrip line and a ground plane. The ring microstrip line is disposed on one side of the substrate, and the interior of the ring microstrip line is symmetrically disposed with a plurality of parasitic metals. The ground plane is disposed on the other side of the substrate, and has a hollow portion corresponding to the central area of the ring microstrip line. The ring microstrip line has a plurality of end ports including input end ports and output end ports, which may further comprise an open circuit end. The plurality of parasitic metals may be of linear shape or bended in arbitrarily windings. A normal mode signal is fed from the end points of the plurality of parasitic metals.11-11-2010
20100283700Antennas Using Chip-Package Interconnections for Millimeter-wave Wireless Communication - A compact millimeter-wave transmitter and receiver make use of interconnections within a chip-containing package for providing an integrated antenna. Due to shorter wavelength of millimeter-waves, these interconnections can be used as antennas for radiation of electromagnetic waves. A dielectric cover or lens is provided within the package to increase the antenna's directivity and to provide a mechanical shield for the chip.11-11-2010
20120146868ANTENNA SUPERSTRATE COMPOSED OF ARRANGEMENT OF CELLS WITH BROKEN PERIODICITY, ANTENNA STRUCTURE HAVING THE SAME AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed are an antenna superstrate and an antenna structure having the same. More specifically, it is possible to widen an impedance matching bandwidth and a radiation bandwidth of an antenna while maintaining a high antenna gain characteristic as it is as compared with a method of using an antenna superstrate in which cells are arranged periodically in the related art by breaking periodicity of cells arranged in the antenna superstrate.06-14-2012
20080272976Antenna Device, Array Antenna, Multi-Sector Antenna, High-Frequency Wave Transceiver - An antenna device having a feeder electrode that extends linearly on a top surface of a dielectric substrate. A balanced electrode having two balanced transmission electrodes vertical to the extending direction of the feeder electrode and extending in parallel. The two balanced transmission electrodes are connected to the feeder electrode and separated by an interval of ½ of a wavelength of a transmission/reception signal. A radiation electrode having a first electrode connected to the one of the two balanced transmission electrodes and a second electrode connected to the other of the two balanced transmission electrodes and is positioned parallel to the feeder electrode. A waveguide electrode is formed at a position separated from the radiation electrode by a predetermined interval and in parallel to the radiation electrode. A ground electrode is formed at an area of a back surface of the dielectric substrate corresponding to an area including a portion where the feeder electrode is positioned. By connecting the two balanced electrodes to the feeder electrode at an interval of ½ of a wavelength in this manner, this branch portion has a signal branching function and a balun function at the same time.11-06-2008
20100289716Omni-directional antenna in an hourglass-shaped vase housing - An antenna structure for receiving digital television broadcast signals includes a vase antenna housing having a generally hourglass shape with conically-shaped upper and lower segments joined together to define a narrower diameter middle portion. The antenna structure further includes a signal receiving antenna etched on the inner surface of the vase antenna housing. The signal receiving antenna conforms to the shape of the vase antenna housing and thereby exhibits an arcuate, partial hourglass shape. The signal receiving antenna may be a cloverleaf antenna or a spiral antenna.11-18-2010
20100156736DIPOLE ANTENNA - A dipole antenna used in an operation frequency includes a dipole radiation main body, a first semi-loop metal line and a second semi-loop metal line is provided. The dipole radiation main body has a first radiation line arm and a second radiation line arm aligned in a straight line, wherein a gap exists therebetween to form a feeding terminal. The first semi-loop metal line has two ends respectively connected to the first radiation line arm and the second radiation line arm to form a first matching loop covering the feeding terminal. The second semi-loop metal line has two ends respectively connected to the first radiation line arm and the second radiation line arm to form a second matching loop, which is larger than the first matching loop.06-24-2010
20120206313ANTENNA CONSTRUCTION, FOR EXAMPLE FOR AN RFID TRANSPONDER SYSTEM - The invention relates to an antenna construction for an RFID chip for long ranges, which comprises a substrate, an antenna of conducting material supported by the substrate, and coupling means for coupling the antenna to a circuit. In accordance with the invention the antenna is a magnetic dipole, and the coupling means are formed by extensions of the antenna conductor.08-16-2012
20110018778INTEGRATED RESONATOR AND DIPOLE FOR RADIATION OF HIGH POWER RF ENERGY - An integrated resonator and dipole for generation of high power directional RF energy.01-27-2011
20080252543Full-wave di-patch antenna - A full-wave di-patch antenna having two half-wave patch antennas located such that the feed points are facing one another and are brought out to a balanced transmission line having two conductors of microstrip feed lines. The phase of the current and the voltage is inverted 180 degrees between the two patches relative to the mechanical structure. The physical spacing of the two patches from center-to-center is one guide wavelength long. The two patches are disposed on a dielectric substrate which is in turn disposed over a ground plane. The two patches can take any of a number of shapes including a rectangle.10-16-2008
20120119966DIPOLE ANTENNA - A dipole antenna of the present invention is more compact and has a wider bandwidth as compared with a conventional dipole antenna. A dipole antenna (DP) includes antenna elements (E05-17-2012
20110037673PLANAR ANTENNA WITH ISOTROPIC RADIATION PATTERN - A planar antenna with an isotropic radiation pattern is provided. The planar antenna includes a substrate, a dipole antenna, a microstrip line set, and a channel selection module. The dipole antenna is disposed on a first surface of the substrate, and the microstrip line set and the channel selection module are disposed on a second surface of the substrate. A first microstrip line and a second microstrip line of the microstrip line set are spirally extended along two opposite rotation trails on a vertical projection plane to form a high-frequency path with the dipole antenna. The planar antenna controls the on/off state of the channel selection module so that a low-frequency path is formed when the dipole antenna is connected to a first line and a second line. A plurality of channels having different operating frequencies is respectively generated within the high-frequency path and the low-frequency path.02-17-2011
20100214188ANTENNA AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE EQUIPPED WITH THE SAME - An antenna includes a dielectric substrate, a ground electrode provided on a first surface of the dielectric substrate, a first antenna element and a second antenna elements provided to a second surface of the dielectric substrate, the first and second antenna elements having an identical resonance frequency and an identical Q value, a transmission line connecting the first and second antenna elements, and a feed part provided in the transmission line.08-26-2010
20130176187ANTENNA - It is an object of the present invention to provide a shared antenna capable of communicating radio waves with different frequencies or different polarization characteristics, having a simple configuration, and capable of being placed in a small device. An antenna 07-11-2013
20120249391COMPACT DIPOLE ADAPTER FOR WHIP ANTENNA - A portable whip antenna (10-04-2012
20130120207ANTENNA MODULE - An antenna module includes a substrate, a casing and at least two antennas. The substrate is disposed in the casing, and the antennas are disposed on the substrate and perpendicular to each other. Accordingly, the entire size of the antenna module can be decreased and it is still possible to provide the optimum signal transmission performance.05-16-2013
20110210900SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING DIRECTIONAL RADIATION FIELDS USING DISTRIBUTED LOADED MONOPOLE ANTENNAS - An antenna system is disclosed that provides a directional radiation field. The antenna system includes at least two monopole antennas, each of which provides a differential connector. Each differential connector is associated with a signal having a different phase such that a radiation field associated with said antenna system is other than a radiation field that would exist if each differential connector were associated with the signal having the same phase.09-01-2011
20100309082Omnidirectional antenna radiation element - An antenna element for use in an antenna assembly is provided. The antenna element includes a cylindrical tube. The antenna element also includes a plurality of fingers, each finger having a first end that is connected to the cylindrical tube and a second end that is free. Each finger protrudes inward from a wall of the cylindrical tube. The free end of each finger has an aperture configured to allow the finger to be soldered to a pipe disposed through a generally circular opening. An antenna assembly having at least one antenna element is also provided.12-09-2010
20120274530COUPLER - According to one embodiment, a coupler includes a ground plane, a feed point connected to the ground plane, and an element having a unicursal-pattern. An electrical length of the element is not less than a wavelength corresponding to a central frequency of a desired frequency band, and is double the wavelength or less. The element includes a first segment disposed on a first plane, and a second segment disposed on the first plane or on a second plane which is opposed to the first plane with a gap and is parallel to the first plane, the second segment extending in parallel to the first segment. An electrical length of each of the first segment and the second segment is ½ of the wavelength or more, and is the wavelength or less.11-01-2012
20120280878Multiband Antenna - A multiband antenna is provided having a longitudinal ground plane and several linear arrays of radiating elements mounted on the ground plane. A first set of first radiating elements may be disposed lengthwise along a center of the ground plane. The first radiating elements may be dimensioned to operate in a first frequency band, such a frequency range of about 790-960 MHz. A second set of second radiating elements may also be disposed lengthwise along the center of the ground plane. The second radiating elements may be dimensioned to operate in a second frequency band, such as a frequency range of about 1710-2170 MHz. A third set of third radiating elements is disposed lengthwise on the ground plane on a first side of the first and second sets of radiating elements. The third radiating elements may be dimensioned to operate at a third frequency band, such as about 2.5-2.7 GHz and/or 3.4-3.8 GHz. The fourth set of fourth radiating elements is disposed lengthwise on the ground plane on a second side of the first and second sets of radiating elements. The fourth radiating elements are dimensioned to operate in the same frequency band as the third radiating elements.11-08-2012
20110309988CONTINUOUS DIPOLE ANTENNA - A dipole antenna may be created by surrounding a portion of the continuous conductor with a nonconductive magnetic bead, and then applying a power source to the continuous conductor across the nonconductive magnetic bead. The nonconductive magnetic bead creates a driving discontinuity without requiring a break or gap in the conductor. The power source may be connected or applied to the continuous conductor using a variety of preferably shielded configurations, including a coaxial or twin-axial inset or offset feed, a triaxial inset feed, or a diaxial offset feed. A second nonconductive magnetic bead may be positioned to surround a second portion of the continuous conductor to effectively create two nearly equal length dipole antenna sections on either side of the first nonconductive magnetic bead. The nonconductive magnetic beads may be comprised of various nonconductive magnetic materials, and preformed for installation around the conductor, or injected around the conductor in subsurface applications. Electromagnetic heating of hydrocarbon ores may be accomplished.12-22-2011
20110316755BROADBAND MONOPOLE ANTENNA WITH DUAL RADIATING STRUCTURES - A broadband monopole antenna with dual-radiating elements is provided. In one embodiment, an antenna comprises a ground plane; a first radiating structure having a symmetric configuration along a central axis, comprising a first feed point electrically connected to the base of said first radiating structure along said central axis and a first slot with a corresponding first open-ended strip along said central axis; and a second radiating structure conjoined with said first radiating structure having a symmetric configuration along said central axis, comprising a second feed point electrically connected to the base of said second radiating structure along said central axis and a second slot with a corresponding second open-ended strip along said central axis; and wherein the antenna resonates and operates at a plurality of resonant frequencies.12-29-2011
20130194148TRANSPARENT CONFORMAL POLYMER ANTENNAS FOR RFID AND OTHER WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS APPLICATIONS - An optically transparent conformal polymer antenna and a method for producing the antenna from optically transparent conductive polymers. The method includes selecting an antenna design; providing an optically transparent conductive polymer material capable of being printed using an ink jet printer device; and printing layers of the polymer in the desired antenna design pattern onto a substrate. The surface tension of the polymer solution is adjusted to allow the material to pass through a printer head for printing on a flexible substrate. The material is modified to have a higher conductivity than regular conductive polymer materials so that a suitable antenna may be formed.08-01-2013

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