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342 - Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation)

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
342352000 Including a satellite 1526
342368000 Including a steerable array 368
342450000 Position indicating (e.g., triangulation) 240
342385000 Beacon or receiver 220
342378000 Utilizing correlation techniques 47
342359000 Including antenna orientation 41
342367000 Including directive communication system 27
342361000 Including polarized signal communication transmitter or receiver 17
342360000 Including antenna pattern plotting 10
342351000 Including a radiometer 3
20110279308RADIOMETRIC IMAGING DEVICE AND CORRESPONDING METHOD - The present invention relates to a radiometric imaging device and a corresponding method for scanning a scene. The proposed device comprises a radiometer configured to detect radiation in a predetermined spectral range emitted from said scene and to generate a radiation signal from said detected radiation, and a processor configured to process said generated radiation signal by de-convoluting said generated radiation signal by use of a distance-dependent de-blur kernel, which is determined depending on the distance between said scene and the radiometer. This effect is dominant in the non-reactive near-field of the antenna. Due to the distance-dependent de-convolution a significantly improved image quality can be achieved.11-17-2011
20090243919RECEIVER AND SIGNAL PROCESSING SYSTEM - A receiver includes a detector configured to detect a signal and output an output signal, a state section configured to control the signal inputting into the detector according to a level of a control signal, an edge section configured to discard the output signal of the detector while detecting an edge of the control signal, and leave the output signal of the detector while not detecting the edge of the control signal, a high/low level section configured to multiply the output signal which is left by the edge section by a first coefficient while the level of the control signal is high, and multiply the output signal which is left by the edge section by a second coefficient while the level of the control signal is low, and an adding section configured to output a first signal multiplied by the first coefficient and second signal multiplied by the second coefficient.10-01-2009
20090262012RADIOMETER AND TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION SYSTEM - A radiometer for measuring temperature data can include a data reader for reading target data associated with a measurement target and generating temperature data based on the target data. A temperature compensation system can include a radiometer with a data reader and one or more data tags placed proximate corresponding measurement targets. The data tags can contain target data including a target identifier and/or compensation data, among other data. The compensation data can include, for example, a target emissivity. In some embodiments the data reader can include an optical scanning device and/or an RFID reader.10-22-2009
20080231505Method of Source Number Estimation and Its Application in Method of Direction of Arrival Estimation - The present invention provides a method of source number estimation based on eigenspace in DOA estimation, including: (1) obtaining signals received by uniform linear array; (2) calculating a covariance matrix according to the received signals; (3) calculating a complex-valued covariance matrix or a covariance matrix after real-valued computations; (4) conducting eigendecomposition to the covariance matrix to obtain its eigenvector matrix; (5) calculating a source number decision based on the eigenvector; (6) calculating a ratio; and (7) source number estimation. The present invention can accurately estimate source number and save huge amounts of computation during signal processing in DOA estimation, and lower the cost of hardware.09-25-2008
20120212368Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Weapons Methods - Electromagnetic weapons methods are introduced with the ability to improve, in a multitude of ways, the task of terminating a target.08-23-2012

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