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342 - Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation)

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342173000 By monitoring 78
342169000 By simulation 14
342167000 With laser 1
20090046002COMPACT RADAR TEST RANGE - A system for testing radar in accordance with one embodiment comprising a target motion platform; a target motion platform controller for controlling motion of the platform; a radar responsive tag and a delay line located on the target motion platform; the radar which is being tested; and a motion measurement simulator for inputting data to the radar electronics assembly to simulate movement of the radar. In some embodiments the system further comprises a radar motion platform, wherein the radar electronics assembly is positioned on the radar motion platform; a radar motion platform controller for controlling the movement of the radar motion platform; and a master controller coupled to the radar motion platform controller and the target motion platform controller.02-19-2009
20100164781Method for Position Estimation Using Generalized Error Distributions - A method for improving the results of radio location systems that incorporate weighted least squares optimization generalizes the weighted least squares method by using maximum a posteriori (MAP) probability metrics to incorporate characteristics of the specific positioning problem (e.g., UTDOA). Weighted least squares methods are typically used by TDOA and related location systems including TDOA/AOA and TDOA/GPS hybrid systems. The incorporated characteristics include empirical information about TDOA errors and the probability distribution of the mobile position relative to other network elements. A technique is provided for modeling the TDOA error distribution and the a priori mobile position. A method for computing a MAP decision metric is provided using the new probability distribution models. Testing with field data shows that this method yields significant improvement over existing weighted least squares methods.07-01-2010
20130082869Radar circuit, radar system and method for testing - A radar circuit for controlling a radar antenna in a vehicle comprises an antenna connection for connection of a radar antenna, a transmitting and receiving circuit for transmission and reception of a radar signal, wherein the transmitting and receiving circuit is connected to the antenna connection. A test circuit is provided, wherein the test circuit is likewise connected to the antenna circuit, and the test circuit is designed to use a test signal to test whether a radar antenna is functionally correct connected.04-04-2013
20130057427Driver Assistance Device For A Vehicle And Method For Operating A Radar Device - The invention relates to a driver assistance device (03-07-2013
20120112956INTEGRATED CIRCUIT, TRANSCEIVER AND METHOD FOR LEAKAGE CANCELLATION IN A RECEIVE PATH - An integrated circuit for cancelling a radio frequency transmit leakage signal comprises: a transmitter portion comprising at least one amplifier stage for transmitting a radio frequency signal to an antenna port; and a first coupler arranged to operably couple the transmitter portion, the antenna port and a receiver portion. The receiver portion is arranged to receive a first composite signal that comprises a received radio frequency signal from the antenna port and the transmit leakage signal. The receiver portion comprises: a first down-conversion circuit arranged to receive the first composite signal and a local oscillator signal such that the first down-conversion circuit outputs a down-converted composite signal at a first intermediate frequency signal; and a second coupler arranged to receive the down-converted first composite signal at the first intermediate frequency signal and a phase shifted version of the local oscillator signal such that the phase shifted version of the local oscillator signal is arranged to cancel at least a portion of the transmit leakage signal from the down-converted first composite signal.05-10-2012
20090033546FIELD PROBE FROM THE ANGULAR RESPONSE OF A RIGID BODY - Probing incident radar fields in a target test zone of a RCS test facility by exploiting angular radar response of a long and uniform rigid body supported horizontally across or vertically through the test zone. The rigid body is free to rotate about the broadside condition. Thus, the angle of the rigid body is gradually changed with respect to the direction of arrival of the incident wave. Radar echo from the rigid body is measured as a function of the rigid body angle. The data is then processed to yield a profile of the incident wave intensity along the rigid body. By varying the azimuth angle continuously while recording radar data, the data may be processed by the fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithm to yield a profile of the incident wave intensity along the rigid body.02-05-2009
20110084873DETERMINING CHARACTERISTICS OF A RADAR CROSS SECTION (RCS) TEST RANGE - A method for determining characteristics of a RCS test range may include vertically orienting a field probe including an elongated rigid body at a predetermined location within the RCS test range. The method may also include generating incident radar waves at a selected frequency and polarization and pivoting the field probe in a vertical direction broadside to the incident radar waves. The method may additionally include receiving return radar data scattered by the field probe during pivoting of the field probe. The method may further include determining a field distribution along the elongated rigid body of the field probe from the return radar data to determine characteristics of the RCS test range.04-14-2011
20120146840PHASED ARRAY ANTENNA AND ITS PHASE CALIBRATION METHOD - A phase array antenna includes an oscillator, a plurality of antenna elements, a phase shifter, a distributor, a receiving unit, and a control processor. The control processor performs a calibration process to select, from the antenna elements, a reference and target antenna elements to allow the radio waves generated by the oscillator to be provided for the reference and target antenna elements via the distributer, obtain a pattern of a change in a received power of radio waves received at the receiving unit, when a phase of the phase shifter for the reference antenna element is fixed and a phase of the phase shifter for the target antenna element is changed, extract, from the pattern obtained, the phase of the phase shifter for the target antenna element at which the received power becomes a local minimal value, and add the phase extracted to 180° to set its resultant value to a calibration value for the phase of the phase shifter for the target antenna element.06-14-2012
20080246649METHOD FOR PHASE CALIBRATING ANTENNAS IN A RADAR SYSTEM - A method for phase calibrating antennas in a radar system is disclosed. The method comprises providing a transmit antenna and two or more receive antennas, the receive antennas each in communication with a respective receiver channel. A radio frequency pulse having a leakage pulse is transmitted from the transmit antenna. The leakage pulse is received at each of the receive antennas and respective receiver channel. The relative phase change between the receive antennas is determined by using the leakage pulse as a reference signal.10-09-2008


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