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342 - Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation)

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342107000 Combined with determining distance and direction 42
342109000 Combined with determining distance 39
342113000 Combined with determining direction (i.e., bearing) 10
342106000 Combined with determining acceleration 3
20090085793Method and system for predicting air-to-surface target missile - A method and system for predicting a trajectory of an air-to-surface target missile is provided, including detecting a plurality of echo wave signals from the target missile through a plurality of sensors deployed at various locations relative to the target missile, extracting at least one range distance and at least one radial velocity, respectively, from the detected echo wave signals from the sensors by using a hybrid FSK/LFM unit, using a two-stage Kalman filter to filter the computed range distance and radial velocity to obtain a relative distance, a relative velocity and a relative acceleration, respectively, of the target missile, and finally applying trilateration on the relative distance, relative velocity and relative acceleration of the target missile from each two-stage Kalman filter to obtain a location, velocity and acceleration along the x, y, z directions.04-02-2009
20100026556Method for Determining the Kinematic State of an Object, by Evaluating Sensor Measured Values - In a method for determining the kinematic state of an object by evaluating a sequence of discrete polar measured values of a sensor, the polar measurements r02-04-2010
20120229326METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE NAVIGATION SPEED OF A CARRIER AND HYBRIDIZATION DEVICE - The invention relates to a method for determining the navigation speed of a carrier using a hybridization device (09-13-2012
342115000 Digital 2
20090278728Doppler Radar Cardiopulmonary Sensor and Signal Processing System and Method for Use Therewith - A Doppler radar signal processing system and method and a Doppler radar employing the system or the method. In one embodiment, the system includes: (11-12-2009
20110227782METHOD FOR DETECTING A VEHICLE TYPE, A VEHICLE SPEED AND WIDTH OF A DETECTING AREA BY A VEHICLE RADAR SENSOR - A method for detecting a vehicle type, a vehicle speed and width of a detecting area by a vehicle radar sensor is disclosed. A radio wave is transmitted to a tracked vehicle. Subsequently, the reflective radio wave from the vehicle is received. The Doppler frequency versus time distribution is generated from the reflective radio wave. Because the reflective radio wave is influenced by the Doppler Effect, a parallelogram or a shape close to a parallelogram of a consecutive motion diagram is shown in the Doppler frequency versus time distribution of the vehicle. According to the consecutive motion diagram, certain information, such as the length and speed of the tracked vehicle and the width of the detecting area, can be acquired.09-22-2011
342114000 Combined with determining sense of motion (i.e., approaching or receding) 2
20110273323ELECTRICALLY SELF-CONTAINED RADAR DEVICE - The invention relates to a radar device having a housing that includes: a microwave motion detection module (11-10-2011
20130194129IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, RADAR APPARATUS EQUIPPED WITH THE SAME, METHOD OF PROCESSING IMAGE, AND IMAGE PROCESSING PROGRAM - This disclosure provides an image processing device, which includes a relative trail image memory for storing a relative trail data group indicating relative changes in position of a target object detected by echo signals obtained corresponding to detection signals transmitted while changing a transmitting azimuth direction, with respect to a transmitting position from which the detection signals are transmitted, and an approaching target object determination processing module for determining whether the target object detected with the detection signals is an approaching target object that approaches the transmitting position based on relative trail data existing on the same sweep line among the relative trail data group stored in the relative trail image memory.08-01-2013
342105000 Other than doppler (e.g., range rate) 2
20090309782RADAR DEVICE AND PROCESSING METHOD THEREFOR - According to a conventional method of correlating beat frequencies in a radar device, a detecting state of a target differs at the time of up-chirping and at that of down-chirping, so that, when the number of peaks of beat frequencies does not match with each other, there occurs a situation in which the beat frequencies cannot be accurately correlated.12-17-2009
20110102242RADAR APPARATUS - The present invention includes a transmitter/receiver 05-05-2011
20130069816COMBINATION HAND-HELD PHONE AND RADAR SYSTEM - A hand-held apparatus has a Doppler radar secured within one wall of a phone sleeve. A phone may be placed within the sleeve and in signal communication with the radar via a connector molded in the sleeve. In operation, an RF signal may be directed toward a distant moving target and a bounce signal received. The speed of the target is calculated from the Doppler frequency shift and displayed by the phone to the user.03-21-2013
20090262007VEHICLE SPEED DETECTION DEVICE WITH WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS CAPABILITY AND METHODS OF USE - A portable speed detecting device includes wireless communications capabilities. This allows the portable speed detecting device to obtain information from remote sources via a wireless link. It also facilitates the process of issuing and recording tickets. Further, it can provide an operator with the ability to accomplish a financial transaction so that a driver can pay an assessed fine.10-22-2009
20130162462Method and Arrangement for the Acquisition of Measurement Data of a Vehicle in a Radar Field - Method and arrangement for the acquisition of measurement data of a vehicle (06-27-2013
20080211710Method for measuring the muzzle velocity of a projectile or the like - It is proposed to use the gun barrel or launcher tube or the muzzle brake as a waveguide, which, however, is operated at a frequency that is below the cutoff frequency of the relevant waveguide mode. The transmit coupler excites the relevant waveguide mode. An oscillator generates the signal, which is then sent to the transmit coupler. The waveguide and the projectile form a system in which the electromagnetic field at the receive coupler is influenced by the position of the projectile. The characteristic change over time of the strength of the electromagnetic field at the location of the receive coupler that results from the change in the distance between the projectile and the receive coupler is measured and used to determine the muzzle velocity.09-04-2008
20100019950ELECTRONICALLY SCANNED RADAR SYSTEM - A sampled beat signal RD is split into a plurality of short-time data SD in the time direction, for each of antenna elements. Interference component frequency of an interference wave is detected from a frequency spectrum of the short-time data SD. A digital beam forming process is performed for the interference component frequency of the interference wave to extract a peak of the electrical power of an azimuth direction and estimate an absolute value of an incoming direction of interference components. Based on the absolute value of the incoming direction of the estimated interference components, a filter for suppressing the interference components is operated to suppress the interference components.01-28-2010
20120188115Using Forward-Look and Side-Look Doppler Radars for Precise Vehicle Association in Automated Traffic Surveillance - This invention is related to an automated traffic surveillance system to monitor traffic comprising of a plural number of Doppler radars, circuitry for processing radar signals, and data recording and displaying devices. Although the system is mainly designed for roadside traffic surveillance, it can be used in different applications, such as mounted on a host vehicle. The system will provide continuous surveillance of all incoming and leaving traffic.07-26-2012
20100007545Method for Detecting at Least One Moving Object - A method for the detection of at least one moving object in a pre-determined detection zone by way of a speed sensor. The method includes the following steps: determining a detection zone within an illumination region of the speed sensor; detecting a speed signal, particularly a Doppler signal, at least with the entry of a moving object into the illumination region; estimating an entry of the moving object into the detection zone on the basis of a speed of the object, and of a distance between a boundary of the illumination region and the detection zone.01-14-2010
20090207069METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING VELOCITY BY USING VARIABLE OR DISTINCT SAMPLING RATES - A data processor applies transform processing to a first group of samples at a primary sampling rate, where the first group of samples is within a data window associated with at least one of the data blocks. A detector detects an estimated frequency shift between the transmitted signal and the reflected signal based on a primary peak frequency determined by the transform processing at the primary sampling rate. The data processor applies transform processing to a second group of samples at a secondary sampling rate, where the data window contains previously read samples and at least one new sample, if the estimated frequency shift falls within a target response frequency band. The detector detects an observed frequency shift between the transmitted signal and the reflected signal based on a secondary peak frequency determined by the transform processing at the secondary sampling rate. A velocity estimator for estimating a velocity of at least one of the object and the transmitter based on the estimated frequency shift, the observed frequency shift, or both.08-20-2009
20080278365Method of Verifiably Detecting the Speed of a Vehicle - A method of measuring the speed of a vehicle wherein the speed and the distance of the vehicle from a radar system and/or the measuring angle of the vehicle relative to the radar axis is determined by means of a radar measurement so as to characterize or determine the vehicle lane of the vehicle by means of the distance and/or the measuring angle. Knowledge of the vehicle lane makes it possible to unequivocally identify the detected vehicle in a group of vehicles unequivocally.11-13-2008
20080258962Radar apparatus - A radar apparatus includes a sending unit for sending a transmission wave, a plurality of receiving parts for receiving a reflected wave from a reflecting object in a parallel manner, beat signal generation parts for acquiring beat signals at the receiving parts, respectively, from the transmission wave and the wave received at the receiving parts, a beat signal processing part for individually processing the beat signals of the receiving parts, a DBF processing part for DBF processing a beat signal processing result, and an object detection part for acquiring information on the reflecting object from frequency components of a DBF processing result or the beat signal processing result. Amounts of phase lag of the receiving parts are set to different-values. The beat signal processing part includes a phase correction part that corrects the phase lag amounts corresponding to the individual receiving parts so as to make them equal to one another.10-23-2008
20090224960Target Detection Method for Use in Radar and Radar Device Using the Target Detection Method - A radar device includes a transmission antenna and a reception antenna having a plurality of antenna elements. The radar device switches the antenna elements in synchronization with a modulation cycle, thereby obtaining a reception signal. At this time, the radar device obtains the reception signal by switching the antenna elements using a first measurement phase and a second measurement phase having different switching cycles as one set. The radar device calculates an azimuth sine value sin θ09-10-2009
20110025550High-Frequency Module and Method of Manufacturing the Same, and Transmitter, Receiver, Transceiver, and Radar Apparatus Comprising the High-Frequency Module - A high-frequency module according to the present embodiment includes a substrate, a circuit board, and a resonator. The substrate has an input-output portion for high-frequency signals formed on one surface thereof. The circuit board includes a dielectric waveguide line with its end face exposed, and is placed on the one surface of the substrate such that a virtual plane extending beyond the end face is intersected by the one surface of the substrate. The resonator includes input-output end portions for high-frequency signals at ends thereof, in which one of the input-output end portions is connected to the end face of the dielectric waveguide line, and the other thereof is connected to the input-output portion of the substrate.02-03-2011
20080309545Speed Measuring Device Including Fresnel Zone Plate Lens Antenna - A speed measuring device that employs a Fresnel zone plate lens antenna. The Fresnel lens antenna is mounted to one end of a low profile collection housing, typically cylindrical in configuration. An opposite end of the collection housing includes a back plate having an opening. A transceiver unit is mounted to the outside surface of the back plate so that a transmitter and a detector within the transceiver are in communication with the opening. A signal is transmitted from the transceiver unit through the opening, and is directed by the lens antenna. A reflected signal is received and focused by the lens antenna, and collected by the housing to be directed through the opening to the transceiver.12-18-2008
20110102241Continuous-wave field disturbance sensing system - A field disturbance sensing system has an antenna, an oscillator producing a high-frequency signal, a first detector circuit, a second detector circuit, a combining network configured to couple the high-frequency signal to the antenna, and to couple the high-frequency signal and a reflected high-frequency signal to the first detector and to the second detector. An algebraic combining network sums a first detected signal having first detected high-frequency signal and a first detected reflected signal from the first detector circuit and a second detected signal having second detected high-frequency signal and a second detected reflected signal from the second detector circuit to produce a detected output signal. The first detected reflected signal is added to the second detected reflected signal and the first detected high-frequency signal is subtracted from the second detected high-frequency signal. A controller configured to convert the detected output signal to a speed between the antenna and a target.05-05-2011
20100245155High-Frequency Transmission Line Connection Structure, Circuit Board, High-Frequency Module, and Radar Apparatus - The invention relates to a high-frequency transmission line connection structure, a circuit board having the connection structure, a high-frequency module having the circuit board, and a radar apparatus. A first laminated waveguide sub-line part (09-30-2010
20120326918MOTION-BASED ADAPTIVE FREQUENCY ESTIMATION OF A DOPPLER VELOCITY SENSOR - A system and method for motion-based adaptive frequency estimation of a Doppler sensor is provided. The system comprises a Doppler sensor configured to output a digitized Doppler data signal, and a Doppler velocity estimation module operatively coupled to the Doppler sensor to receive the Doppler data signal. An inertial navigation system is operatively coupled to the Doppler velocity estimation module, and one or more inertial sensors is operatively coupled to the inertial navigation system. The inertial sensors are configured to transmit inertial navigation data to the inertial navigation system. The Doppler velocity estimation module calculates a speed or velocity estimate based on the Doppler data signal and the inertial navigation data. The speed or velocity estimate is then transmitted to the inertial navigation system.12-27-2012
20130021194SYSTEM FOR THE DETECTION OF INCOMING MUNITIONS - A system for detecting munitions in flight comprises a radar transmitter, receiver, and associated antennas, wherein the antennas are oriented to include ground level coverage, and where a receive antenna is arranged to provide a plurality of receive beams. The system further incorporates a Doppler filter arranged to reject targets that have velocity profiles that do not match those expected of targets of interest. If a target of interest is detected then an indication is provided, preferably in the form of an audible alert, allowing those nearby time to take cover. The system provides a simple munitions detection capability that may operate in CW mode to allow rapid detection, and may also have means such as switchable FMCW, and elevation measurement to allow estimation of possible landing areas of the target.01-24-2013
20080252512Method, a Program and a Module to Estimate a Doppler Maximum Frequency and an Oscillator Frequency Offset, Receiver Including the Module - Abstract: A method of estimating a Doppler maximum frequency f10-16-2008
20100309040METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DYNAMIC RANGE DETECTION AND POSITIONING UTILIZING LEAKY WAVE ANTENNAS - Methods and systems for dynamic range detection and positioning utilizing leaky wave antennas (LWAs) are disclosed and may include configuring one or more LWAs to enable communication of signals in a particular direction. RF signals that are reflected from an object may be received via the LWAs, and a location of the object may be determined based on the received reflected RF signals. The velocity of the object may be determined based on a Doppler shift associated with the received reflected RF signals. A frequency chirped signal may be transmitted by the LWAs to determine a location of the object. A resonant frequency of the LWAs may be configured utilizing micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) deflection. LWAs may be situated along a plurality of axes in the wireless device. The LWAs may include microstrip or coplanar waveguides, where a cavity height is dependent on spacing between conductive lines in the waveguides.12-09-2010
20120068882Antennas - An active antenna array is arranged to activate subsets of switchable elements causing the antenna to form a first beam having a first beam pattern, and later to form a second beam having a second beam pattern of substantially identical far field radiation pattern to the first beam pattern but with different origins. A receiver receives radiation reflected from a target back to the antenna when the antenna is configured with the first beam pattern and then when configured with the second beam pattern, and compares the phase of the radiation received at the receiver when the antenna is configured with the first beam pattern with the phase of the radiation received at the receiver when the antenna is configured with the second beam pattern to provide a phase difference signal. A target locating means determines the angular location of the target from the phase difference signal.03-22-2012

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