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342 - Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation)

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342028000 By motion detection 41
20110193738Radar for Aerial Target Detection Fitted to an Aircraft Notably for the Avoidance of Obstacles in Flight - A radar being carried by an aircraft includes means for transmitting an RF wave towards a target, said wave having a double form, a first waveform being composed of at least two sinusoids of different frequencies transmitted simultaneously, the radar comprising reception circuits receiving the signals reflected by the target and analysis means performing the detection of the target on the basis of the signals received. The second waveform is of the pulse type. The transmitted waveform is dependent on the relative speed of the target with respect to the carrier and on the absolute speed of the carrier.08-11-2011
20090201190Surveillance and warning system - A system and method for providing entry-point, boundary-line, and presence intrusion detection by means of an intelligent controller process capable of driving both field alert/alarm systems and security station monitoring devices and for providing occupancy warnings and critical status alerts, one embodiment providing runway occupancy warnings and critical runway status alerts to both flight crew approaching an airfield and air traffic controllers managing ground traffic, the system including: a detection system, airfield output devices (including all FAROS, GAROS and CTAF Runway Occupancy Radio Signals (RORS)), an airfield communications network, a centralized data processing unit that contains all of the algorithms to drive light control, logging, and an optional administrative network layer that hosts a graphical user interface.08-13-2009
20130088378RF PULSE SIGNAL GENERATION SWITCHING CIRCUIT, RF PULSE SIGNAL GENERATING CIRCUIT, AND TARGET OBJECT DETECTING APPARATUS - An RF pulse signal generation switching circuit for controlling an output of a power FET for amplifying a high frequency signal to generate an RF pulse signal that is the high frequency signal pulse formed into a pulse-wave shape is provided. The circuit includes first and third n-type FETs of which gates are inputted with a control pulse that supplies a rise timing and a fall timing of a pulse, and a second n-type FET of which a gate is connected with a drain of the first FET. A source of the first FET and a source of the third FET are grounded, respectively. The drain of the first FET is applied with a first drive voltage via a resistor. A drain of the second FET is applied with a second drive voltage. A source of the second FET is connected with a drain of the third FET and the connection point therebetween is connected with the power FET. A capacitor is connected between the connection point and an end of the resistor from which the first drive voltage is applied.04-11-2013
20090303099Method for the Detection of Surroundings - A method for the detection of surroundings is performed using a source which emits pulsed signals. Signals backscattered from an object are detected by a sensor. When performing the method, a presence of the object is detected during coarse sampling. To determine a variable related to the detected object, operating parameters of the source are set for fine sampling.12-10-2009
20110063158Array antenna apparatus and radar apparatus - An array antenna apparatus includes a transmission-array-antenna including transmission-antenna-elements, a transmission-side directivity control unit controlling a directivity of the transmission-array-antenna by controlling phases of at least part of the transmission-antenna-elements, a reception-array-antenna including reception-antenna-elements, and a reception-side directivity control unit controlling a directivity of the reception-array-antenna by controlling phases of the reception-antenna-elements. The array antenna apparatus has a composite transmission/reception directivity, in which the direction of a grating lobe of one of the transmission-array-antenna and the reception-array-antenna agrees with the direction of a null point or part of side lobes of the other of the transmission-array-antenna and the reception-array-antenna, and the direction of a grating lobe of the other of the transmission-array-antenna and the reception-array-antenna agrees with the direction of a null point or part of side lobes of the one of the transmission-array-antenna and the reception-array-antenna, and scans in a scanning range with the composite transmission/reception directivity.03-17-2011
20130162459Methods and Apparatus for Sensing Organic Tissue - In exemplary implementations of this invention, a radio signal is transmitted between a transmitter and a receiver. Either the transmitter, or receiver, or both, have a directional antenna. When organic tissue passes between (or is stationary between) the transmitter and receiver, the tissue causes a reduction of the received signal strength (RSS) of the signal, as compared to a baseline RSS. The larger the amount of tissue, the greater is the reduction of the RSS. By analyzing the degradation of the signal, information about organic tissue between the transmitter and receiver may be determined. For example, the number of persons passing through a physical threshold may be determined. Or the fact that one person is walking faster than, and catching up with, a second person as they pass between the transmitter and receiver may be determined.06-27-2013
20090146865RADAR APPARATUS - Provided is a radar apparatus, which is mounted in a movable body, for detecting an obstacle in the vicinity of the movable body. The radar apparatus comprises a transmitting section (06-11-2009
20110260907METHOD FOR DETECTING A BIRD OR A FLYING OBJECT - A method detects a bird or an object flying level with a single wind turbine, using a device for radio wave detection of at least one bird or another flying object, in the form of at least one radar. The analog image from each radar is transformed into a digital image and an outer safety area and an inner safety area is defined for the image. A safety space for each radar is defined and an action is performed in the event of a detection within the safety areas.10-27-2011
20090295619Object Detection - An object is detected by generating a binary signal having an irregular sequence of states and in which transitions between states occur at varying time offsets with respect to a nominal regular clock. The binary signal is transmitted, and a reflection of the transmitted signal is processed with a reference version of the binary signal. The reference signal is delayed, and then used to sample the reflected signal. The samples are used to derive a combined value representing the average time derivative of the reflected signal at locations within the reflected signal which substantially correspond to the times of the transitions in the reference signal. The presence of an object at a range corresponding to the delay is determined from the combined value.12-03-2009
20080211708METHOD FOR THE OPERATION OF A RADAR SYSTEM - The invention relates to a method for operating a radar system (09-04-2008
20100271254ELECTRONIC SCANNING TYPE RADAR DEVICE, ESTIMATION METHOD OF DIRECTION OF RECEPTION WAVE, AND PROGRAM ESTIMATING DIRECTION OF RECEPTION WAVE - An electronic scanning type radar device mounted on a moving body includes: a transmission unit transmitting a transmission wave; a reception unit comprising a plurality of antennas receiving a reflection wave of the transmission wave from a target; a beat signal generation unit generating a beat signal from the transmission wave and the reflection wave; a frequency resolution processing unit frequency computing a complex number data; a target detection unit detecting an existence of the target; a correlation matrix computation unit computing a correlation matrix from each of a complex number data of a detected beat frequency; a target consolidation processing unit linking the target in a present detection cycle and a past detection cycle; a correlation matrix filtering unit generating an averaged correlation matrix by weighted averaging a correlation matrix of a target in the present detection cycle and a correlation matrix of a related target in the past detection cycle; and a direction detection unit computing an arrival direction of the reflection wave based on the averaged correlation matrix.10-28-2010
20120293356METHOD FOR DETECTING OBJECTS - In a method for detecting objects, at least one sensor emits a transmitting pulse as a wave, particularly as an acoustic or an electromagnetic wave, which wave is reflected at least partially by objects in the propagation space, and the reflected wave being detected by at least one receiver as a received signal. The received signal of the reflected wave is divided up into segments, and from the individual segments, data are gathered that are drawn upon for the determination of an object hypothesis.11-22-2012
20110199251RADIO WAVE SENSOR - The object of the present invention is to provide a low power consumption, compact radio wave sensor capable of accurately detecting the presence and mobile status of a detected object present within a detection area, and having a superior S/N ratio. The radio wave sensor comprising: an oscillator circuit 08-18-2011
20100201561GONIOMETRIC SYSTEM COMPRISING NETWORKS OF MINI DOPPLER SENSORS FOR PERIMETER SURVEILLANCE - The present invention relates to the detection of intruders (human beings, vehicles or animals) in a protected zone and the departure of individuals from this zone. One or more embodiment of the invention relates to a device which includes a plurality of individual standalone electromagnetic sensors placed on the perimeter of the guarded zone so as to substantially cover this perimeter, and a central unit placed close to the perimeter surrounding the guarded zone. Each sensor takes a measurement of the angular position and of the speed of an intruder present in the zone that it covers. These measurements are relayed to the central unit from the sensor having detected the intruder, through a communication network formed by all of the sensors. The central unit processes the data transmitted by the various sensors and periodically determines the position and trajectory of the detected intruders. The invention applies in particular to the guarding of civil and military infrastructures (airports, factories, oil pipelines, gas pipelines, ports, railways etc.) or of private zones (properties, estates).08-12-2010
20100141503SENSING/EMITTING APPARATUS, SYSTEM AND METHOD - A number of apparatuses are provided, for sensing and/or emitting energy along one or more desired apparatus line of sights (LOS) with respect to the respective apparatus. In at least one embodiment, the apparatus includes an assembly that is rotatably mounted on a base with respect to a switching axis. The assembly has two or more sensing/emitting units, each having a respective sensing/emitting unit line of sight (ULOS). Each sensing/emitting unit has an operative state, wherein the respective unit ULOS is pointed along a LOS of the apparatus for sensing and/or emitting energy along the LOS, and a corresponding inoperative state, where the respective unit ULOS is pointed along a direction different from this LOS. A switching mechanism enables switching between the sensing/emitting units to selectively bring a desired sensing/emitting unit exclusively into its respective operative state while concurrently bringing a remainder of the sensing/emitting units each to a respective non-operative state. Corresponding systems and methods are also provided.06-10-2010
20100271255SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR USING AN EVIDENCE GRID TO ELIMINATE AMBIGUITIES IN AN INTERFEROMETRIC RADAR - A system includes an Interferometric radar that transmits a first detection signal over a first spatial region and a second detection signal over a second spatial region. The second region has a first sub-region in common with the first region. The system further includes a processing device that assigns a first occupancy value to a first cell in an evidence grid. The first cell represents the first sub-region, and the first occupancy value characterizes whether an object has been detected by the first detection signal as being present in the first sub-region. The processing device calculates, based on the first and second detection signals, the probability that the first occupancy value accurately characterizes the presence of the object in the first sub-region, and generates a data representation of the first sub-region based on the probability calculation.10-28-2010
20100265119GEOLOCATION USING HIGH ORDER STATISTICS - A specific emitter identification (SEI) method and apparatus is capable of identifying and tracking objects within a geographical area of interest wherein the system and method has not been preprogrammed to look for particular signals. The system and method receives all of the emitted electromagnetic signals emitted from area of interest. The system and method next performs high order statistical analysis on the received signals and determines which signals emanate from possible targets of interest and which likely emanate from background clutter/noise by comparing the relative degrees of Gaussianness of the signals (for example using entropy measurements). The least Gaussian signals are deemed to likely be signals from potential targets of interest while those which are more Gaussian are deemed to be likely from background clutter or noise.10-21-2010
20100265118SENSOR FOR PARKING AREA - A proximity sensor for a parking area designed to detect the presence of an obstacle constituted by a parked vehicle, comprises a transmitting radar, designed to send electromagnetic pulses towards the obstacle, a receiving radar, designed to receive the pulses reflected by the obstacle, and a processing circuit, designed to compare samples detected in a certain condition of absence of an obstacle in a calibration step with those detected in a condition of detection of an obstacle to determine the presence/absence of the obstacle.10-21-2010
20120068876Control of an electronic apparatus using micro-impulse radar - A computer or entertainment system is configured to respond to data received from a micro impulse radar configured to detect movement, physiology, posture, presence, and/or absence of a person in one or more regions near the computer or entertainment system.03-22-2012
20090140909METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ASSESSING CONTACT CLUSTERS - Methods and apparatus for identifying a plurality of contacts from a signal return, defining a zone containing a number of contacts from the plurality of contacts, determining a centroid for the contacts in the zone, and tracking the contacts in the zone as a single contact based on the centroid.06-04-2009
20090102697METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PRESENCE DETECTION - A method for presence detection using a microwave transmitter and a microwave receiver, the method including generating a sequence of clock pulses by means of a pulse generator, feeding the clock pulses to a clocked circuit arranged to generate a sequence of first pulses of a first pulse length and a sequence of second pulses of a second pulse length, each one of the first and second pulse lengths being related to a predetermined number of the clock pulses, periodically actuating the microwave transmitter by means of the sequence of first pulses, periodically actuating the microwave receiver by means of the sequence of second pulses; and determining whether an object is present in the detection volume based on microwave radiation being received by the microwave receiver. A system for such presence detection is also disclosed.04-23-2009
20130214961HYBRID RADAR INTEGRATED INTO SINGLE PACKAGE - A radar apparatus includes a phased array receiver, with a steerable receive beam. The receiver elements are grouped into subarrays, which each provide a subarray signal to a mixer. The mixer signals are then used by a DBF algorithm to determine narrow virtual beams within the receive beam. The receive beam is used to obtain radar data from sectors of the field of view, and the sectors may be approximately as wide as the receive beam. The order in which sectors are examined may be determined by the sector importance, related to the presence, nature, and/or behavior of previously tracked targets within each sector.08-22-2013
20120200446RADAR DEVICE AND TARGET DETECTION METHOD - A radar device that detects a target includes two or more transmitting antennas and two or more receiving antennas, including a combination of two or more transmitting antennas and receiving antennas that form two or more reference paths at which spatial phases become identical; an envelope detection unit that acquires an envelope of a reception signal received by the receiving antenna in each of the reference paths; a determination unit that decides a phase correction amount between the reference paths from a delay amount that yields a minimum value of an integrated distance between envelopes of the reception signals of the reference paths; and a correction unit that aligns phases of all reception signals received by the two or more receiving antennas, using the decided phase correction amount.08-09-2012
20100164780EVENT DETECTING APPARATUS - An event detecting apparatus capable of high-precision detection of an event even by use of a narrow-band signal comprises: a plurality of antennas 07-01-2010
20110241924PROJECTION DETECTING APPARATUS AND PROJECTION DETECTING METHOD - A projection detecting apparatus according to the present invention is that for detecting a projection on a surface of a running metal object, and includes a transmission antenna for radiating electromagnetic waves; a reception antenna for receiving reflected electromagnetic waves; and a transmission and reception signal processing section for processing a transmission signal and a reception signal. The transmission antenna and the reception antenna have unidirectionality and the transmission antenna and the reception antenna are installed in such a way that the reception antenna does not catch electromagnetic waves which have been radiated by the transmission antenna and reflected on the surface of the metal object and the reception antenna catches electromagnetic waves alone which have been radiated by the transmission antenna and reflected on the projection.10-06-2011
20090219188METHOD FOR OPERATION OF A RADAR SENSOR - A method for close-proximity operation of a radar sensor for the generation of a usable detection field, for the recognition of people and/or stationary objects by an antenna, whereby the detection field can be altered or adjusted electronically.09-03-2009
20110084869Multiple Beam Directed Energy System - A method and apparatus for transmitting beams of electromagnetic energy. A plurality of beams having a first number of frequencies and a number of beams having a second number of frequencies are transmitted. The plurality of beams and the number of beams overlap each other at an area with a pattern of intensities in the area. Difference frequency signals having a number of difference frequencies equal to a difference between the first number of frequencies and the second number of frequencies are monitored. The difference frequency signals are generated by an object having non-linear electrical characteristics in response to receiving the plurality of beams and the number of beams.04-14-2011
20110068969PULSE DOPPLER COHERENT METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SNR ENHANCEMENT - A method and system for SNR enhancement in pulse-Doppler coherent target detection. In accordance with the method of the invention, complex signals are obtained for each of two or more sub-intervals of the time-on-target interval, allowing simultaneous range and Doppler measurements. A coherent integration is then performed on the signals to generate complex-valued folded matrices. The folded matrices are unfolded and target detection is then performed in a process involving one or more of the unfolded matrices. A pulse-Doppler coherent system is also provided configured for target detection by the method of the invention.03-24-2011
20110163906RADAR APPARATUS, ANTENNA APPARATUS, AND DATA ACQUISITION METHOD - A radar apparatus, an antenna apparatus, and a data acquisition method are provided, which can reduce the size of a radar apparatus as well as maintaining angular resolution.07-07-2011
20110095936WIRELESS SENSOR APPARATUS - A wireless sensor apparatus controls, in a case where wireless waves are radiated by feeding pulse signals generated by a signal generation circuit to antennas, an operation timing of the signal generation circuit and a path from the signal generation circuit to the antennas in such a manner that after a prior pulse signal is fed to the antenna and simultaneously supplied to a mixer circuit, at a proximate timing which does not overlap with a pulse width of the prior pulse signal supplied to the antenna and the mixer circuit, a next pulse signal is fed to the antenna and simultaneously supplied to a mixer circuit.04-28-2011
20110260906PULSE RADAR DEVICE - A radiation type oscillator including a radiation type oscillator substrate including a microwave transistor for generating negative resistance by short-duration operation and a resonant cavity structure; a high-frequency pulse signal of an oscillation frequency/frequency bandwidth determined by negative resistance produced by the short-duration operation of the microwave transistor and the resonant cavity structure is generated as a transmitted RF signal and simultaneously radiated into space. The radiation type oscillator performs oscillating operation when a received RF signal that is a reflected wave of the transmitted RF signal from an object of detection enters the radiation type oscillator, an IF signal is acquired from an IF signal output terminal owing to homodyne mixing by the radiation type oscillator itself, and this is analyzed and processed to detect the object of detection.10-27-2011
20110181455CLUTTER REDUCTION IN DETECTION SYSTEMS - The present invention relates to a system (07-28-2011
20110187578Conductive line communication apparatus and conductive line radar system and method - A conductive line radar comprising at least one signal surface wave launcher, which comprises a signal surface wave transceiver, which is physically attached to a power line. The signal surface wave transceiver transmits a wave signal along the power line with another signal radiating from the wave signal in a plurality of directions along the power line. The at least one signal surface wave transceiver receives reflected signals from a target within a distance of the power line. The at least one signal surface wave launcher includes at least one RF communications transceiver and can be inductively powered from the power line.08-04-2011
20090174590Radar system for aircraft - Radar system for providing an aircraft with a facility for in use at least detecting another aircraft in at least one monitorable zone within a region surrounding of that aircraft, wherein the system comprises for each monitorable zone at least one subsystem comprising one transmitter for sending an electro-magnetic probe signal and at least one receiver for receiving a reflection of that probe signal, wherein the transmitter is arranged to send the probe signal in a direction that is static with respect to that aircraft.07-09-2009
20120306682INTRUDING OBJECT DISCRIMINATION APPARATUS FOR DISCRIMINATING INTRUDING OBJECT BASED ON MULTIPLE-DIMENSIONAL FEATURE - A normalization processing circuit normalizes a position of a complex demodulation signal on a complex plane from an A/D converter, and outputs a normalized complex demodulation signal after the normalization to a multiple-dimensional feature extractor. The multiple-dimensional feature extractor calculates a feature quantity that changes when a person intrudes, a feature quantity that changes in wind and rain, and a feature quantity that changes when a spatially isolated intense electric field exists. A discriminator discriminates that a person has intruded based on the feature quantities of three dimensions.12-06-2012
20120306681HYBRID MILLIMETER WAVE IMAGING SYSTEM - A hybrid mm-wave imaging system which increases the probability of detection and reduces false alarm rate. The system includes a large array of passive sensors (pixels) to provide an initial coarse picture of the environment and a small array of active sensors in the center of the large array, which is activated only when the initial passive scan detection is positive. The active array, without any mechanical scanning, illuminates the area to detect edges to provide clarity to the detected image, thereby increasing the probability of detection and reducing the false alarm rate.12-06-2012
20110050481SIGNAL PROCESSING DEVICE, RADAR DEVICE, VEHICLE CONTROL SYSTEM, SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM - A signal processing device performs object detection processing in which peak signals each representing a differential frequency between a transmitted signal in which a frequency thereof changes in a predetermined cycle and a received signal are derived in a first period where the frequency of the transmitted signal rises and a second period where the frequency of the transmitted signal falls, and the peak signals in the first period are paired with the peak signals in the second period to detect object information related to the peak signals. A range setting unit sets a frequency range in each of the first period and the second period on the basis of a frequency of an integer multiple of the peak signal related to the object information which has been detected in previous object detection processing. A signal setting unit sets a peak signal as a specific peak signal in a case where the peak signal is within the frequency range in each of the first period and the second period. A paring unit pairs the specific peak signal in the first period and the specific peak signal in the second period.03-03-2011
20110050480Method and Device For The Spatially Resolved Detection and Reconstruction of ObjectsBy Means of Microwaves - A method and a device for the spatially resolved detection and reconstruction of objects using microwaves is described, in which at least one object to be detected is subjected to microwaves that are generated by a plurality of microwave antennas and microwave fractions reflected by the object are detected and converted into microwave signals that can be analyzed, based on which an analysis for the spatially resolved object detection is carried out.03-03-2011
20110316733Method and Apparatus for Locating a Golf Ball with Doppler Radar - A method comprises transmitting a radar signal into an target area, receiving reflected portions of the radar signal from the target area, and processing the reflected portions of the radar signal. The step of processing comprises windowing analog signals representative of the reflected portions of the radar signal, performing a fast Fourier transform on the windowed analog signals to produce an FFT result for each window, and obtaining the average of the FFT results from consecutive windows. In accordance with the method, a user receives indication from an indicator that a golf ball is present in the target area when the average of the FFT results corresponds to characteristics of the golf ball. The system comprises a radar transceiver, a processor for processing reflected portions of the radar signal, and an indicator indicating to the user a golf ball present in the target area.12-29-2011
20120176266METHOD AND RADAR APPARATUS FOR DETECTING TARGET OBJECT - Disclosed is a method and a radar apparatus for transmitting a transmission signal at a controlled timing in order to avoid signal interference, thereby exactly detecting a target object without misrecognition.07-12-2012
20120206288DOPPLER SENSOR AND ILLUMINATION DEVICE INCLUDING SAME - A doppler sensor includes a doppler signal generation unit and a determining unit. The doppler signal generation unit serves to transmit an electric wave to a detection range and receiving electric waves from a detection range, and generating a doppler signal based on a transmission signal used in transmitting the electric wave and a reception signal obtained from the received electric waves, and the determining unit serves to determine whether or not there exists a human body in the detection range through a spectrum analysis using a peak frequency, which is a frequency having the highest intensity in a difference spectrum obtained by subtracting a background spectrum from the spectrum of the doppler signal.08-16-2012
20090135046Radar system for manmade device detection and discrimination from clutter - A radar system for detecting the presence of threat providing electronic manmade devices placed in a given area of operation comprising: a radar transmitter for transmitting a radar signal designated as a probe signal to the given area of operation to cause said threat providing devices to produce anomalous energy signals, a radar receiver for receiving a reflected radar signal from said area of operation including said anomalous energy signals, designated as Target Anomalous Response (TAR) signals, a circuit responsive to the received signal for processing the signal to detect the (TAR) anomalous energy signals indicative of a threat producing device.05-28-2009
20120062409METHOD FOR DETECTING TARGETS USING SPACE-TIME ADAPTIVE PROCESSING AND SHARED KNOWLEDGE OF THE ENVIRONMENT - A method detects a target in a radar signal using space-time adaptive processing. A test statistic is03-15-2012
20120127013METHOD AND PROGRAM FOR DETECTING OBJECT OF INTEREST, AND RADAR DEVICE - This disclosure provides a radar device, which detects an object of interest from image data produced based on an input signal containing echo signals caused by transmitted signals reflecting on objects. The radar device includes a memory module for storing template image data produced based on one or more characteristics of the echo signals of the object of interest, a pattern matching module for performing pattern matching of the image data and the template image data, an identifying module for identifying an area within the image data containing the object of interest corresponding to the template image data, when the object of interest is detected from the image data as a result of the pattern matching.05-24-2012
20110187579METHOD AND DEVICE FOR TRANSMISSION, METHOD AND DEVICE FOR RECEPTION, AND METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DETECTING TARGET OBJECT - This disclosure provides a transmission device, which includes a signal generating module for generating two or more kinds of pulse-shaped signals of mutually different pulse widths, and an antenna for emitting the pulse-shaped signals to the exterior. For the two or more kinds of pulse-shaped signals generated by the signal generating module, an order of two or more kinds of pulse-shaped signals included in a predetermined time frame differs from an order of two or more kinds of pulse-shaped signals included in a different time frame.08-04-2011
20120313805RADAR TARGET DETECTION PROCESS - A process is provided for analyzing a radar signal using CLEAN to identify an undetected target in sidelobes of a detected target. The process includes obtaining system impulse response data of a waveform for a point target having a signal data vector based on a convolution under conjugate transpose multiplied by a target amplitude vector plus a noise vector, estimating the target amplitude vector, and applying a CLEAN Deconvolver to remove the detected target from the data signal vector based on the estimate amplitude vector absent the detected target and an amplitude vector of an undetected target. The process further includes building a detected target vector with the amplitude estimate vector, setting to zero all elements of the detected target vector except at an initial time, and recomputing the amplitude estimate vector by a Reformulated CLEAN Detector.12-13-2012
20120229324HUMAN PRESENCE DETECTOR SUITABLE FOR CONCEALMENT AND USING A SHAPED MICROWAVE BEAM - A presence detector unit (PDU) of the type relying on microwave radiation provides a signal indicating movement within a defined space when such movement occurs. A source of microwave radiation within a housing projects a beam of microwave radiation directed through a side of the housing to suffuse at least a portion of the defined space. A detector within the housing senses changes in microwave radiation reflected back toward the detector. An adjustable beam occlusion structure is supported by the housing and blocks a portion of the microwave radiation emanating from the source and through the side of the housing.09-13-2012
20120229323RADAR SYSTEM AND POWER-SUPPLY DEVICE INCORPORATED IN THE SAME - A power-supply device for supplying electrical power to a radar device that transmits and receives a continuous wave and detects an object reflecting the continuous wave on the basis of a spectrum of a beat signal of the transmitted and reflected waves. The power-supply device includes a power supply section that generates electrical power in a predefined voltage range through a switching section being turned on and off in response to a switching signal, and a switching signal output section that, outputs the switching signal whose frequency is set within one of assignable bands. This leads to a radar system comprised of the radar device and the power-supply device, capable of securely preventing erroneous detection of a frequency peak of the switching signal as a frequency peak of the object.09-13-2012
20100328137LOCATING DEVICE - The invention relates to a locating device, in particular a hand-guided locating device, with a locating unit (12-30-2010
20120262328ACTIVE ARRAY ANTENNA DEVICE - In one embodiment, an active array antenna device includes: M (M≧2) bandpass filters to filter signals received by M antenna elements; M low noise amplifiers to amplify the filtered received signals; M distributors to distribute respective of the M amplified signals into N (N≧2) distributed signals; M sets of N phase shifters provided for respective of the M distributors to shift phases of the N distributed signals; M sets of N attenuators to attenuate N phase-shift signals; N beam synthesis circuits provided for N sets of the M attenuators to synthesize a beam by summing attenuator outputs from the M attenuators corresponding to the M distributors; a heat insulating container accommodating the low noise amplifiers and the receiving filters and formed of a superconductor material; and a cooler to cool the receiving filters and the low noise amplifiers to make the receiving filters in a superconducting state.10-18-2012
20120262327DEVICES, METHODS, AND SYSTEMS FOR OCCUPANCY DETECTION - Devices, methods, and systems for occupancy detection are described herein. One or more device embodiments include a memory and a processor. The processor is configured to execute executable instructions stored in the memory to determine an interference temperature associated with a number of radio equipped devices located in an area at a point in time, determine a radio tomographic map associated with the area at the point in time, and determine whether the area is occupied at the point in time based on the determined interference temperature and the determined radio tomographic map.10-18-2012
20120326914Method and Apparatus for Detecting Vehicle Wheels - Method for detecting wheels of a vehicle that is traveling on a roadway in a travel direction and the wheels of which are at least partially exposed laterally. The method including: emitting an electromagnetic measurement beam lobe with a known temporal progression of frequency from the side of the roadway onto an area of the roadway and at a slant with respect to the travel direction, receiving the measurement beam lobe reflected by a passing vehicle and recording the temporal progression, relative to the known progression, of all of its frequencies, and during the passage of a vehicle, detecting a frequency spread appearing in the recorded progression and exceeding a predetermined spread magnitude, as a wheel.12-27-2012
20110285571SENSOR AND ALIGNMENT ADJUSTING METHOD - Disclosed is alignment adjustment technology for a sensor, and more particularly a sensor having an antenna structure of a specific form, which enables the alignment of the sensor to be simply and accurately adjusted even without a separate mechanical adjustment device or a change in the structure of a vehicle, and an alignment adjusting method provided by the sensor.11-24-2011
20120092207SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RADIATING RF WAVEFORMS USING DISCONTINUES ASSOCIATED WITH A UTILITY TRANSMISSION LINE - A method for processing radio frequency reflections is provided. The method applies an RF waveform to a transmission line that is a conductor used for providing a utility service. The method uses a RF waveform generator to transmit UltraWideband (UWB) RF waveforms through the conductors of a building. The RF waveforms are emitted at emission points that can be impedance discontinuities along the transmission line or impulse radios. The emitted RF waveforms reflect off of objects in the building and are received at reception points that can be impedance discontinuities or impulse radios. These reflections are processed to determine movement of objects within or near the building. Based on the reflections of the RF waveforms, the position of the objects within or near the building can be determined.04-19-2012
20120326913METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING VEHICLE WHEELS - A method for detecting the wheels of a vehicle that is traveling on a roadway in a travel direction and whose wheels project downward from the vehicle body and are at least partially exposed laterally at the level of the vehicle body, with the steps: emitting a concentrated electromagnetic measurement beam with a known temporal progression of frequency from the side of the roadway onto an area a predetermined distance above the roadway and at a slant with respect to the travel direction, receiving the measurement beam reflected by a passing vehicle and recording the temporal progression, relative to the known progression, of its frequency, and detecting a rectangular pulse occurring in the recorded progression within the time period when the vehicle body passes, as a wheel.12-27-2012
20100090880OBJECT DETECTING APPARATUS - An object detecting apparatus including: an object detecting device that causes electromagnetic waves to be reflected from an object and receives the reflected waves to detect the object while scanning a predetermined scan range; a rotating device that changes a direction of the object detecting device; an imaging device that captures images; a display device that displays an image captured by the imaging device; a setting device that sets the scan range of the object detecting device on the image displayed by the display device; and a control device that instructs the rotating device to rotate the object detecting device based on the set scan range, and instructs the object detecting device to scan the scan range.04-15-2010
20110273321Method and System for Tracking Objects Using Radio Tomographic Imaging - New systems and methodologies that use radio tomography for object tracking.11-10-2011
20110273320RADIOMETRIC IMAGING DEVICE AND CORRESPONDING METHOD - The present invention relates to a radiometric imaging device and a corresponding method for scanning a scene. The proposed device comprises a radiometer for detecting radiation emitted in a predetermined spectral range from a spot of said scene and for generating a radiation signal from said detected radiation, a spot movement means for effecting a movement of the spot, from which the radiation is detected, to various positions, a control means for controlling said spot movement means to effect the movement of the spot from one position to another position so that radiation is detected at a number of spots distributed over the scene, wherein said number is lower than the number of pattern signals of said high-density signal pattern and the radiation signals generated from the radiation detected at said number of spots form a low-density signal pattern, and a processing means for processing the radiation signals of said low-density signal pattern and for generating said high-density signal pattern by applying compressive sensing to said low-density signal pattern.11-10-2011
20130169467SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING WHETHER AN OBJECT IS LOCATED WITHIN A REGION OF INTEREST - A system for determining whether an object is within a region of interest includes a radiofrequency signal receiver outside of the region of interest configured to receive radiofrequency signals from the direction of the region of interest; and a radiofrequency transponder having a directional antenna outside of the region of interest and configured to transmit radiofrequency signals away from the radiofrequency signal receiver and towards the region of interest. Presence of an object within the region of interest causes radiofrequency signals transmitted by the radiofrequency transponder to reflect off of the object towards the radiofrequency signal receiver.07-04-2013
20130113650Methods and apparatus for suppression of low-frequency noise and drift in wireless sensors or receivers - An imaging receiver includes a low noise amplifier (LNA) module to receive and amplify the radio-frequency (RF) input signal; one or more switches configured to selectively pass RF input to one or more of the power detector circuits; one or more power detector circuits coupled to the switches to generate output voltages proportional to associated powers at their input ports; one or more reference circuits to provide reference signals to the switches; and one or more integrator circuits to integrate the output voltages of the power detector circuits.05-09-2013
20130176161OBJECT DETECTION METHOD, DEVICE AND SYSTEM - A method and apparatus are provided for detecting an object to be detected. The object is associated with a profile, wherein the profile characterizes the reflection of a signal on the object. The method includes, for a device in a telecommunication network, the acts of selecting a first profile corresponding to a first object to be detected; requesting, based on the first profile, a resource allocation to the communication network; receiving the resource allocation from the communication network; transmitting a signal in the direction of a second object using the allocated resource; receiving a reflected signal, corresponding to the reflection of the transmitted signal on the second object; computing a second profile using the received reflected signal; and indicating the detection of the first object to be detected when the second profile matches the first profile.07-11-2013
20080198063Apparatus and method using continuous-wave radiation for detecting and locating targets hidden behind a surface - Continuous-wave radiation is used to detect a target hidden behind a surface. In an embodiment, a transmitter directs a beam of continuous-wave microwave radiation from a transmitting location, and reflected radiation from the target is received at first and second receiving locations closer to the surface than the transmitting location. The transmitting and receiving locations have spatial relationships such that the phase of reflected radiation received at one receiving location is in quadrature with the phase of reflected radiation received at the other receiving location. In an embodiment, direct transmitted radiation is received at the receiving locations in quadrature.08-21-2008
20080198062Method for Operation of a Radar Sensor - A method for close-proximity operation of a radar sensor for the generation of a usable detection field, for the recognition of people and/or stationary objects by an antenna, whereby the detection field can be altered or adjusted electronically.08-21-2008

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