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341022000 Including keyboard or keypad 444
341035000 With rotary dial 22
341021000 For handicapped user 4
20100109918DEVICES FOR USE BY DEAF AND/OR BLIND PEOPLE - A device for use by a deafblind person is disclosed. The device comprises a first key for manually inputting a series of words in the form of a code, a second key for manually inputting an action to be performed by the device, a third key for manually inputting a user preference, and a fourth key for manually inputting communication instructions. The device further has an internal processor programmed to carry out communication functions and search and guide functions. The device has various safety and security functions for pedestrians or persons in transit. In a preferred embodiment, the device comprises an electronic cane known as an eCane. Also disclosed is a system for allowing a deafblind person to enjoy television programs.05-06-2010
20090153370VARIABLE COMPLIANCE JOYSTICK WITH COMPENSATION ALGORITHMS - The present invention provides variable compliance joysticks with mechanical and software customization, and with an integrated control capability, and a method of systematically determining the best mechanical settings and compensatory algorithms to embed in the joysticks to offer an individual with substantial upper extremity motor impairments a personal fit and maximum function. The joysticks may include components for varying the compliance and dampening of the joystick shaft. The method may include providing the user access to operate the joysticks, operatively connecting the joysticks to a driving simulator, displaying an icon on the driving simulator, controlling movement of the icon by the joysticks, evaluating performance of the user based upon the user's ability to control movement of the icon, and modifying hardware settings and software algorithms for the joysticks based upon the evaluation.06-18-2009
20090278712REMOTE DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING A COMPUTER BY A PHYSICALLY LIMITED PERSON - The invention relates to medicine and can be used for persons with paralysis of upper and lower limbs. The inventive device comprises a signal processing and transmitting module (11-12-2009
20110181444DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING A BRAILLE DISPLAY, A BRAILLE DISPLAY, AND AN ASSOCIATED CONTROL METHOD - The method relates to a method and a device for controlling a Braille display having a read area suitable for displaying a portion of a text in Braille form, said read area comprising a row of Braille cells. The control device comprises: 07-28-2011
20090195416INPUT ASSEMBLY AND TECHNIQUE FOR IMPROVED DATA ENTRY - An input assembly and associated technique for dialing mobile phones or otherwise providing input to a device. The device is configured for use with one hand and includes an input assembly for providing input. The input assembly includes a plurality of input controls, each (or a subset thereof) having a neutral position, a primary position and a secondary position; the neutral, primary and secondary positions corresponding to and engaging contacts to input data. When an input control is moved from a neutral position, the input control engages with a contact corresponding to the input control and that position to which the input control has been moved is detected by the device. In response to detecting the primary position, a primary datum corresponding with the input control is entered. In response to detecting the secondary position, a secondary datum corresponding with the input control is entered.08-06-2009
20110193727PORTABLE TERMINAL AND INPUT CONTROL METHOD - A portable terminal includes a finger sensor that recognizes, in response to contact of a finger, the contact and a movement of the finger; and a conversion unit that converts the movement of the finger recognized by the finger sensor into an input event corresponding to an operation instruction to an application running on the portable terminal. If a period of time from recognition of release of the finger from the finger sensor to recognition of placement of the finger on the finger sensor is less than a predetermined amount of time corresponding to physical limitations of a human, the conversion unit does not convert to the input event the recognition of placement of the finger, and recognition of a movement of the finger until recognition of release of the finger after the recognition of placement of the finger.08-11-2011
20100079309CONFIGURABLE BUTTONS FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES - Configurable buttons for electronic devices such as portable electronic devices are provided. A configurable button may have a button member that moves relative to a device housing when it is desired to activate a switch. The button may have an associated touch sensor. The touch sensor may detect when a user's finger touches a particular portion of the button member. Contact with only this portion of the button member is generally inadvertent, so an actuator may be used to prevent or otherwise restrict motion of the button relative to a device housing. This prevents inadvertent activation of the button when a user is manipulating portions of an electronic device such as clip or lid, but does not intend to depress the button.04-01-2010
20130033388Controlling a Voice Site Using Non-Standard Haptic Commands - A method, an apparatus and an article of manufacture for controlling a voice site using a haptic input modality. The method includes validating a haptic input from an instrument capable of accessing a voice site, processing the haptic input on a server to determine a voice site command corresponding to the haptic input, and processing the voice site command at the server to control an interaction with the voice site.02-07-2013
20100109917PULSED ANTENNA CAPACITIVE TOUCH SWITCH - A capacitive touch switch suitable for use in areas with high environmental and electrical contamination employs a complex excitation signal that is demodulated to better distinguish it from environmental effects. Improved discrimination allows these sensed signals to be offset against a signal developed by a reference electrode to allow the system to operate robustly with contamination on the electrodes that would otherwise trigger or obscure pulses.05-06-2010
20100109916CONTROL DEVICE - A control device includes a sensor, an analysis unit, and a control unit. The sensor includes a stationary member and a rotatable member. The stationary member includes a first electrode and at least two second electrodes. The rotatable member includes a third electrode and a fourth electrode. The first electrode electrically contacts the third electrode and each second electrode electrically contacts the fourth electrode in sequence when the stationary member is rotated. The analysis unit is configured for determining which second electrode electrically contacts the fourth electrode. The control unit is configured for executing a corresponding command based upon the determination of the analysis unit.05-06-2010
20100109915Rapid Typing System for a Hand-held Electronic Device - An ergonomic system for placing primary inputs on the back, bottom, or sides of an electronic device. By way of example, the system places two primary inputs at each finger position and makes use of a ‘dual-subset’ chordal keyboard input design that effectively doubles the number of available inputs. The result is a system in which the operator's fingers never need to move from their positions on the backside of the device yet the operator can instantly access character/function sets as large as a complete alphabet, allowing for rapid typing speed and extensive device control, even on a small hand-held electronic device.05-06-2010
20080316061System and Method of Using Sudden Motion Sensor Data for Input Device Input - A system and method effect application behavior by interpreting sudden motion sensor data as input device (e.g., keyboard) input data12-25-2008
20130069804APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING VIRTUAL WORLD - A virtual world processing apparatus and method. Information on sensor capability is converted to binary data and then transmitted, or converted to eXtensible Markup Language (XML) data, or the XML data is further converted to binary data and then transmitted. Accordingly, data transmission rate may be increased and a low bandwidth may be used. In a data-receiving adaptation real world to virtual world (RV) engine, complexity of the adaptation RV engine may be reduced by omitting an XML parser.03-21-2013
20090303086CONTROLLER AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - An exemplary controller includes a transparent chamber, an opaque liquid, and four photoelectric sensors. The transparent chamber includes four pipe-shaped arms. The four pipe-shaped arms are in a common plane parallel to the vertical direction and extend away from a common end towards vertical up, horizontal left, vertical down, and horizontal right directions to form four closed distal ends when the controller is in a normal orientation. The opaque liquid is sealed within the transparent chamber so that an air bubble is formed within the transparent chamber. The four photoelectric sensors are U-shaped and cap the four closed distal ends respectively and are configured for detecting which closed distal end the air bubble is located, thereby outputting electrical signals to be coded as control signals.12-10-2009
20130057415TERMINAL AND METHOD FOR EXECUTING FUNCTION USING HUMAN BODY COMMUNICATION - Methods and apparatus for human body communication are provided. A communication signal for transmission through the human body is generated. The communication signal is transmitted when the terminal is in contact with the human body. The touch is detected, and a communication signal is determined based on a number of the touch and a duration of the touch. A function corresponding to the communication signal is executed.03-07-2013
20090267805CONTROL APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A control apparatus includes a motion sensor, an image acquisition device, a processor and a holding device. The motion sensor senses head movements of an operator and generates sensing signals. The image acquisition device captures images of the eye of the operator. The processor calculates a displacement of the motion sensor according to the sensing signals from the motion sensor, converts the displacement into displacement signals, analyzes the images to determine eyelid movements of the operator, and generates activation commands according to the eyelid movements. The holding device secures the motion sensor and the processor to the head of the operator and positions the image acquisition device in front of the eye of the operator.10-29-2009
20110012759ACTIVITY MONITORING SYSTEM INSENSITIVE TO ACCELERATIONS INDUCED BY EXTERNAL MOTION FACTORS - This invention relates to an activity monitoring system adapted to eliminate passive movement components caused by external forces from readout data produced by a first and a second motion sensor when attached to a subject during movement. The readout data include gravitational components, movement components caused by active movement of the subject or subject parts, and the passive movement components. A processor estimates first and second gravitational components produced by the at least first and a second motion sensors. It determines a rotation matrix based on the estimated gravitational components, the rotation matrix denoting rotation required for the first sensor to get aligned with the second sensor in orientation. It then multiplies the readout data produced by the first motion sensor with the rotation matrix when rotating the first sensor towards the second sensor. Finally, it subtracts the result of the multiplying from the readout data produced by the second motion sensor when rotating the first motion sensor towards the second motion sensor.01-20-2011
20110012758FINGERPRINT READER - The present invention provides a fingerprint reader for an electronic device. The fingerprint reader includes a cover, a support member, two sliding rails, a sliding block, a slide groove, a first protruding portion, a second protruding portion, and a collection header. The support member defines a button exposed on one side of the electronic apparatus. The sliding block is engaged with the sliding groove, and the first protruding portion is latched in the slideway of one sliding rail and the second protruding portion is latched in the slideway of the other sliding rail. When the button is pressed, the sliding block touches the sliding groove to push the two protruding portions to move along the corresponding slideways from up to down at the same time, the first sliding block moves along a first orientation, the cover tilts along a second orientation and the collection header is exposed to outside.01-20-2011
20110063139 EXPLOSION PROOF ELECTRO-MECHANICAL JOYSTICK - A joystick comprising a housing, a ball supported and held within the housing, and a joystick handle attached to the ball. The joystick also includes a first device held within the housing, and a second device held within the housing. The joystick also includes a first engagement shaft extending from the first device to the ball, the first engagement shaft having an end adjacent the ball and engaging the ball, and a second engagement shaft extending from the second device to the ball, the second engagement shaft having an end adjacent the ball and engaging the ball.03-17-2011
20130063284CANTILEVERED PUSH BUTTON - A cantilevered push button adapted for accepting an input on an electrical or electronic device is disclosed. The button can include an elongated button top component disposed about an exterior surface of an electrical or electronic device such that it is accessible to a user, and having two opposing distal ends associated with separate user inputs. A first fulcrum is located between the first distal end and the midpoint of the elongated button top component, while a second fulcrum is located between the second distal end and the midpoint. A first electrical contact is associated with the first distal end, such that when a user presses on the first distal end, the elongated button top component pivots about the second fulcrum and the first electrical contact is actuated. A second electrical contact is similarly associated with the second distal end and first fulcrum.03-14-2013
20090237275THREE-DIMENSIONAL ANALOG INPUT CONTROL DEVICE - A method and device for one or more dimensional input control of different functions in electronic devices is provided. Certain versions of the Present Invention provide a one or more dimensional input force interface control device for cell phones, portable gamers, digital cameras, and other applications. Certain alternate versions of the Present Invention exhibit one or more of the qualities of smallness, low-cost, high reliability, and/or high stability. Certain still alternate versions of the Present Invention provide a three, two or one-dimensional input finger force control device that (1.) accommodates a required ratio between X, Y and Z sensitivities, (2.) has low cross-axis sensitivity, (3.) allows process integration with other sensors and CMOS, (4.) is scalable, (5.) allows convenient solutions for applying an external force, and/or (6.) allows economic manufacturability for high volume consumer markets.09-24-2009
20090009365Track-detecting device and electronic device using the same - The track-detecting device includes a track ball and a detection module. The track ball includes a plurality of first magnetic parts and a plurality of second magnetic parts. The magnetism of the first magnetic parts is opposite to that of the second magnetic parts. The detection module is adjacent to the track ball for detecting the variations of the magnetic forces in two directions. The variations of the magnetic forces are transformed to electric signals then output for determining the moving directions and the displacement of the track ball.01-08-2009
20100085216VIBRATION BASED USER INPUT FOR MOBILE DEVICES - A method, system, and apparatus of a vibration based user input for mobile devices are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of controlling an electronic device includes receiving an impact signal, (e.g., a vibration generated by a user controlled impact with a surface mechanically coupled to a housing of the electronic device). The method further includes identifying a user command to the electronic device based on the impact signal, and performing a predesignated action (e.g., a mute, a power on, a power off, a volume increase, a volume decrease, a music track change, a call redirect, a call directed to voicemail, etc.) based on the user command. The user command may be identified using a number of user controlled impacts and an interval between a prior user controlled impact and a later user controlled impact.04-08-2010
20130162450Illuminated Keyboard - In a first embodiment, an input device includes at least one keycap, a support mechanism configured to move the keycap from a first position to a second position, a feature plate having at least one anchoring mechanism operably connected to the support mechanism, and an illumination panel. The illumination panel is positioned between the at least one keycap and the feature plate. The at least one anchoring member extends through a portion of the illumination panel. In a second embodiment, an input device includes a keycap, a support mechanism configured to move the keycap, a support plate operably connected to the support mechanism, and an illumination panel. The illumination panel includes a light source, a light guide, and a frame substantially surrounding the light guide. Light illuminated from the light source is directed by the light guide and the frame towards the keycap.06-27-2013
20120235836STATE DETERMINATION DEVICE, STATE DETERMINATION METHOD, AND PROGRAM - There is provided a state determination device including an input point acquisition section which acquires position information of an input point specified by an operating object, a reference region setting section which sets a reference region including the input point acquired by the input point acquisition section at a current time point, an input point-number acquisition section which acquires a number of input points acquired by the input point acquisition section in past and included in the reference region, and a determination section which determines, based on the number of input points acquired by the input point-number acquisition section, whether the operating object is in a moving state or in a still state.09-20-2012
20090184849INTERFACING APPLICATION PROGRAMS AND MOTION SENSORS OF A DEVICE - Interfacing application programs and motion sensors of a device. In one aspect, a high-level command is received from an application program running on a motion sensing device, where the application program implements one of multiple different types of applications available for use on the device. The high-level command requests high-level information derived from the output of motion sensors of the device that include rotational motion sensors and linear motion sensors. The command is translated to cause low-level processing of motion sensor data output by the motion sensors, the low-level processing following requirements of the type of application and determining the high-level information in response to the command. The application program is ignorant of the low-level processing, and the high-level information is provided to the application program.07-23-2009
20090079592Electrical navigation device - This present invention is an electrical navigation device, comprising a base, two encoders and two terminal sets. The base, comprising a rolling rod, is set on a circuit board, the two encoders are set on both sides of the rolling rod of the base, and the two encoders stretch to each other plurality of brushes. The two terminal sets are set on the circuit board corresponding to the two encoders respectively, and each terminal set is composed of two terminals which is not connected to each other. Each of the two terminal sets comprising a terminal which being in normal touch with the corresponding encoder respectively, and the other terminal can being in occasional touch with the corresponding encoder respectively when the rolling rod of the base is rolling.03-26-2009
20090309765Camera Gestures for User Interface Control - A system and method for using images captured from a digital camera to control navigation through a three-dimensional user interface. The sequence of images may be examined to identify feature points to be tracked through successive frames of the images captured by the camera. A plurality of classifiers may be used to discern shift from rotation gestures, based on expected behavior of feature points in the image when the camera is shifted or rotated in position. The various classifiers may generate voting values for shift and rotation gestures, and the system can use historical gesture information to assist in categorizing a current gesture.12-17-2009
20100033351AUTO-DETECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL - An auto-detection system for communication protocol includes a driving device, a communication mode selection circuit and a human-machine interface circuit. The human-machine interface circuit transmits a detection signal to the driving device through the communication mode selection circuit. The detection signal includes a transmission speed identification and a transmission mode identification. The driving device sets its transmission speed according to the value of the transmission speed identification of the detection signal and sets its transmission mode according to the transmission mode identification of the detection signal. An auto-detection method for communication protocol using the auto-detection system for communication protocol is also provided.02-11-2010
20110215952SELECTABLE COMMUNICATION INTERFACE CONFIGURATIONS FOR MOTION SENSING DEVICE - Selectable communication interface configurations for motion sensing devices. In one aspect, a module for a motion sensing device includes a motion processor connected to a device component and a first motion sensor, and a multiplexer having first and second positions. Only one of the multiplexer positions is selectable at a time, where the first position selectively couples the first motion sensor and the device component using a first bus, and the second position selectively couples the first motion sensor and the motion processor using a second bus, wherein communication of information over the second bus does not influence a communication bandwidth of the first bus.09-08-2011
20110260890Motion Analysis Apparatus - An apparatus for use in analyzing the motion of a human subject including a platform upon which the subject stands. The platform may include force sensors arranged to measure forces exerted on the platform by the subject in three dimensions (along X, Y and Z axes) and a pressure sensitive mat arranged to collect pressure data relating to the position of each foot of the subject on the platform. The apparatus outputs the force and pressure data to a computer having software for determining information relating to the motion of the subject, such as torque and angular momentum around different axes, using both the force and pressure data. In a golfing scenario, the apparatus can be used to analyze the motion of a subject whilst making a golf swing.10-27-2011
20090189789 DATA INPUT DEVICE - A character input device and its method are disclosed. In one embodiment, the device includes: i) a base, ii) an input unit positioned at the base to allow each of first direction input and second direction input to be independently performed, the first direction input being performed by moving the input unit from a reference position to any one of a plurality of first direction indication positions spaced and arranged radially from the reference position within a predetermined input area and the second direction input being performed by selecting any one of a plurality of second direction indication positions spaced and arranged radially in the input unit itself; a first sensing unit for sensing the movement of the input unit, iii) a second sensing unit for sensing the second direction input and iv) a control unit for extracting and running a first character or a second character from a memory unit, the first character being assigned to the first direction indication position in which the movement of the input unit is sensed, and the second character being assigned to the second direction indication position in which the second direction input is sensed, thereby making it possible to minimize a necessary space for inputting characters and accurately input each character according to a user's intention.07-30-2009
20090153365PORTABLE HAPTIC INTERFACE - A portable interface device (06-18-2009
20090153369APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR INPUTTING INFORMATION - An apparatus for inputting information is disclosed. The apparatus includes a first sensor operably configured to be mounted on a user's thumb and a plurality of sensors operably configured to be mounted on the user's fingers, such that the user can move the user's thumb and/or fingers to cause contact between the first sensor and at least one of the plurality of sensors. The apparatus also includes an interface in communication with the first sensor and the plurality of sensors, the interface being operably configured to associate contact between the first sensor and sensors of the plurality of sensors with respective data items and to produce a data signal representing the data item. Frequently used data items are associated with sensors of the plurality of sensors located in positions on the user's fingers that permit ergonomically favourable conditions when causing the contact.06-18-2009
20090153367PEN-TYPE PORTABLE WIRELESS TERMINAL - A pen-type portable wireless terminal is provided. The pen-type portable wireless terminal includes a sensor unit located in an end part of a pen-type housing, the sensor unit to sense movement of the end part; an identification unit to identify at least one of a character and a numeral from the movement sensed by the sensor unit; a display unit to display the identified character or numeral; a wireless transmitting/receiving unit to communicate wirelessly with the outside; and a controller to transmit information corresponding to the identified character or numeral through the wireless transmitting/receiving unit.06-18-2009
20090146847System and method for using human recognizable content to communicate with electronic devices - A system for utilizing human-recognizable material to interact with digital content may include human-recognizable content, an electric field generating device adapted to generate an electric field, an electric field emitting device adjacent to the human-recognizable content and in electrical communication with the electric field generating device, the electric field emitting device adapted to emit the electric field, and a host device configured to output digital content associated with the human-recognizable content. The host device may be in electrical communication with the electric field generating device. The host device may receive one or more instructions from the electric field generating device.06-11-2009
20100033352REAL-TIME MOTION RECOGNITION METHOD AND INERTIA-SENSING AND TRAJECTORY-RECONSTRUCTION DEVICE USING THE SAME - The present invention provides a real-time motion recognition method for identifying whether an inertia-sensing device is in active state or not according to an angular velocity signal detected with respect to the device. The present invention further provides an inertia-sensing and trajectory-reconstruction device incorporated with the foregoing method for recording detected acceleration and angular velocity signals while the device is in operation so as to reconstruct a corresponding trajectory which is capable of being subsequently utilized to be a basis of writing recognition and motion analysis.02-11-2010
20110148667INTELLIGENT MULTI-AXIAL INTUITIVE JOYSTICK SUITABLE FOR USE BY BOTH LEFT-HANDERS AND RIGHT-HANDERS - Provided is an intelligent multi-axial intuitive joystick suitable for use by both left-handers and right-handers and applicable to machine tools, measuring equipment, cars, and so on, which require moving instructions. The joystick features at most four-axis output control, multiple output modes to select from, a dead-band setting function, axial angle shift detection, origin calibration, feedback from axial force application, Z- and C-axis intuitive operation, working status display, and system surveillance.06-23-2011
20110148668SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROTECTING A RESISTIVE TOUCH PANEL OF A COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A system and a method for protecting a resistive touch panel of a communication device includes setting a pressure threshold level, obtaining parameter values of the resistive touch panel and location information of the touch point and calculating the value of the touch resistance. The system and the method further includes confirming a pressure level corresponding to a range of the calculated resistance value, and outputting audio alerts using the alarm unit to prompt that the press action on the resistive touch panel is too forceful if the confirmed pressure level is not lower than the pressure threshold level.06-23-2011
20110169667COMPACT INPUT DEVICE - Compact input devices formed on flexible substrates are disclosed. The input devices may be formed using three or more conducting layers. By including three or more conducting layers, the diameter of the input device may be minimized. In addition, to improve the flexibility of portions of the input device mounted, some portions of the input device may be made to have fewer layers than other portions of the input device.07-14-2011
20080211695Device for Selection of Symbols, Such as Characters, Icons and/or Multiple Choices - A compact electric device for coding and selecting characters, symbols and/or multiple choices, includes a matrix carrying a plurality of contact or proximity sensors (09-04-2008
20090273490MULTI-DIRECTIONAL INPUT APPARATUS - A multi-directional input apparatus includes an operating member including a shaft portion which extends to the outside, a housing having an opening through which the shaft portion extends and configured to support the operating member in a tiltable manner, interlocking members moved by the operating member when the shaft portion is tilted, and detectors which detect changes in the positions of the interlocking members. A sliding member is externally fitted to the shaft portion such that the sliding member is movable in an axial direction, and a coil spring is disposed between a flange provided on the shaft portion and the sliding member. A rubbing surface of the sliding member is in elastic contact with a receiving surface on an inner wall of an annular edge portion surrounding the opening. The rubbing surface and the receiving surface are spherical surfaces centered on a tilting center of the shaft portion.11-05-2009
20090261990MANUAL PULSE GENERATOR - A manual pulse generator includes an operating region receiving contact to generate a contact signal, a touch sensor, and a programmable chip. The touch sensor is capable of generating electrical signals according to the contact signal. The programmable chip is electrically connected to the touch sensor to receive electrical signals from the touch sensor and generate pulse signals to control a motor accordingly.10-22-2009
20100060488CLUTCH-HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT IN AN OPTICAL TRACKING DEVICE - Architecture for managing clutch height in an optical navigational device such as a computer mouse. In one embodiment for a mouse, a feature can be molded into the bottom case that limits the clutch height by occluding the reflected light to the image sensor when the device is lifted from the tracking surface. Tracking is disabled when the clutch height threshold is exceeded, and re-enabled when the device is brought under the distance clutch height threshold. The device includes firmware controlled algorithm adjustments to one or more correlation parameters. When employing a D-shaped aperture, a threshold can be placed on the z-axis height tracking distance using dimensional characteristics of the shaped aperture, such as a knife-edge (the straight portion of the “D” shaped aperture), to impose a shadow across the image sensor. The aperture can be custom designed to occlude a portion of the emitted light from an LED.03-11-2010
20100060489ARRANGEMENT FOR THE DETECTION OF BODY PARTS BY ABSORBING AN ELECTRICAL NEAR FIELD - The invention relates to an arrangement for detecting body parts by absorbing an electric near field. Various, particularly capacitive methods exist for detecting an approaching human body. Most of said methods operate on the principle that an electrode emits an alternating electric field, the distribution of which changes towards the environment when a body or body part approaches, and said change is detected by means of suitable electronics. The detection arrangement according to the invention is used for detecting objects, particularly moving limbs, that approach or are present in an observation zone and comprises a transmitter electrode device for inducing an alternating electric field in the observation zone or the surrounding area thereof, a receiver elect device for detecting an electric field in the observation zone or said surrounding area, and an isolating electrode device for shielding part of the field that extends between the transmitter electrode and the receiver electrode.03-11-2010
20090002198Marine throttle mounted stereo control - A marine throttle mounted stereo control system consisting of a throttle mounting base having a control shaft pivotally mounted to the mounting base, which is mounted adjacent an operators seat within a boat cockpit. The throttle control has a stereo control which is remotely located from the boats stereo audio system.01-01-2009
20100127897MULTI-STATUS KEY ASSEMBLY - A multi-status key assembly is described. The multi-status key assembly includes a pressing body, a support member and a pressing cover. The support member is disposed between the pressing cover and the pressing body. A pressing pole and direction pressing poles protrude from the pressing body.05-27-2010
20110006926TRAINING APPARATUS AND METHOD BASED ON MOTION CONTENT - A training apparatus based on motion content includes a plurality of motion detecting sensors (01-13-2011
20110006925TOUCH PANEL AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - A touch panel comprises: a first conductive plate including a first substrate having a surface, a first conductive layer disposed on the surface of the first substrate and exhibiting an anisotropic resistivity, and at least one conductive first connecting line, the surface of the first substrate having a peripheral edge, a sensing region covered by the first conductive layer, and a marginal region extending from the sensing region to the peripheral edge, the first connecting line being disposed on the marginal region; and a second conductive plate including a second substrate and a second conductive layer disposed on the second substrate, facing the first conductive layer, and exhibiting anisotropic resistivity. An electronic device including the touch panel is also disclosed.01-13-2011
20090160680ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND INPUT INTERFACE THEREOF - An electronic apparatus includes an input interface, a controller and a processor. The input interface includes a central touch sensing region and a peripheral touch sensing region. The central touch sensing region has a central touch pad disposed therein, and the peripheral sensing region surrounds the central touch sensing region and includes a plurality of peripheral touch pads disposed therein. The controller is configured for detecting a touch on the central touch pad and at least one of the peripheral touch pads and generating a central detecting signal and at least one peripheral detecting signal. The processor is electrically coupled to the controller. When receiving the central detecting signal and the at least one peripheral detecting signal, the processor performs a corresponding function according to the variation of signal strengths of the central detecting signal and the peripheral detecting signal.06-25-2009
20090128367Sensing ball - The present invention provides a sensing ball comprising a ball body on which several sensors are mounted, and in the ball body are mounted motors, an eccentric device driven by the motor and a controller for controlling rotation of the eccentric device, in which the sensors are connected to the controller. When a moving object approaches the sensing ball, the sensors generate sensing signals and input the sensing signals into the controller, and the controller controls rotation of the eccentric device and drives the ball body to roll back and forth in a specified direction or keeps it static based on the sensing signals. The sensing ball according to the present invention can realize a relatively strong interaction with a moving object, for example, when a child approaches the sensing ball, the sensing ball can move toward the direction far from the child, therefore stimulating his/her curiosity and attracting him/her to go ahead or creep so that the child may learn to walk and creep in this way.05-21-2009
20090002199Piezoelectric sensing as user input means - The specification and drawings present a new apparatus and method for providing and using piezoelectric sensing with force detection as user input means possibly in combination with touch sensing methods in a user interface module (e.g., touch pad, keyboard, keymat, touch-screen, etc.).01-01-2009
20090009366Method for scroll bar control on a touchpad and touchpad with scroll bar control function - A touchpad includes a controller connected to a touch sensor. The controller detects the fingers touching on the touch sensor to determine to start up and terminate a scroll bar control function. In the scroll bar control function, the movement of the finger or fingers touching on the touch sensor is detected for scrolling on a window, and the vertical distance and the horizontal distance of the movement are evaluated for determining the scrolling amount of a vertical scroll bar or a horizontal scroll bar of the window.01-08-2009
20110140931MOTION DETECTION SYSTEM - A motion detection system (06-16-2011
20110140929APPARATUS FOR ANALYZING OPERATIONS AND METHOD FOR ANALYZING OPERATIONS - An operations analysis apparatus for motion includes a prescribed-motion data acquisition unit configured to acquire prescribed-motion data which is measured when an exemplar and an examinee perform a prescribed motion, respectively, and a feature extraction unit configured to extract exemplar features and examinee features, and a transformation matrix calculation unit configured to calculate a transformation matrix between the exemplar features and the examinee features, and a specified-motion data acquisition unit configured to acquire specified-motion data which is measured when the exemplar performs a series of specified motions, and a creation unit configured to, from the acquired set of specified-motion data regarding the exemplar, create a piece of exemplary specified-motion information for the examinee by using the calculated transformation matrix, and a indication unit configured to indicate the piece of exemplary specified-motion information for the examinee.06-16-2011
20090096639INPUT DEVICE AND PORTABLE TERMINAL HAVING THE SAME - An input device comprises: a circuit board having a magnetism sensing portion for sensing changes of magnetism; a magnet disposed above the circuit board by a prescribed height, and configured to move in a plurality of directions; and a shuttle having a magnet mounting portion for fixing the magnet at the center thereof, and having a plurality of elastic connecting portions radially disposed around the magnet mounting portion, the elastic connecting portions formed in curved lines from the center of the magnet so as to elastically support the magnet mounting portion.04-16-2009
20100156676GESTURE-BASED USER INTERFACE FOR A WEARABLE PORTABLE DEVICE - Methods and systems for providing a gesture-based user interface for a wearable portable device are described. A gesture including a movement of the wearable portable device is received, and at least one character associated with the gesture is identified and displayed on the wearable portable device, thereby allowing entry of characters on the user interface of the wearable portable device using the gestures.06-24-2010
20090207052 HAND UTILITY INTERFACE - A hand utility interface (08-20-2009
20110227760INPUT PERIPHERAL - An input peripheral comprises a grip linked to a base. The grip is mobile in a chosen number of degrees of freedom with respect to the base. The peripheral also includes sensors designed to deliver a signal characteristic of a displacement of the grip with respect to the base. The peripheral furthermore comprises at least one force sensor linked to the grip in a manner that is substantially tied in terms of displacement to the periphery of the latter, in such a way that the grip and the force sensor may be invoked simultaneously by a user's hand.09-22-2011
20090251338Ink Tags In A Smart Pen Computing System - Embodiments of the invention present a system and method for generating digital links, or “ink tags,” from handwritten notes on a writing surface. Handwritten data, including one or more ink tags identifying digital content, is captured by a smart pen device and used to retrieve a digital document associated with the handwritten data. The handwritten data is analyzed to identify the ink tags. In one embodiment, a computing system performs optical character recognition on the handwriting data to identify a plurality of characters included in the handwriting data and compares one or more characters to formats associated with digital content. Responsive to identifying an ink tag, a digital link between the ink tag and a source for the digital content identified by the ink tag is generated, allowing the digital content to be retrieved by an interaction with the ink tag.10-08-2009
20090251336Quick Record Function In A Smart Pen Computing System - Embodiments of the invention present a system and method for controlling audio capture by a smart pen based computing system. An audio capture mechanism that is independent from a gesture capture system is included on the smart pen to control audio capture by one or more microphones included on the smart pen. In one embodiment, the audio capture mechanism comprises a shared function button, such as a power button. For example, a user interaction with the shared function button initiates audio capture by the one or more microphones on the smart pen and a second user interaction with the shared audio function stops audio capture. Alternatively, audio capture is stopped after completion of a predefined time interval after the user interaction with the shared function button.10-08-2009
20090256725MANUAL PULSE GENERATOR - A manual pulse generator that includes a main body, a magnification selector, an axis selector, and an input device is disclosed. The input device is disposed on an upper surface of the main body. The input device includes a control chip and a panel with many touch-sensors electronically connected to the control chip. When the touch-sensors are touched, the touch-sensors generate signals to the control chip. The control chip is configured to generate pulse signals according to the signals received from the touch-sensors to control a servo motor of a CNC machine.10-15-2009
20120105257Multimodal Input System - The subject disclosure relates to user input into a computer system, and a technology by which one or more users interact with a computer system via a combination of input modalities. When the input data of two or more input modalities are related, they are combined to interpret an intended meaning of the input. For example, speech when combined with one input gesture has one intended meaning, e.g., convert the speech to verbatim text for consumption by a program, while the exact speech when combined with a different input gesture has a different meaning, e.g., convert the speech to a command that controls the operation of that same program.05-03-2012
20100148992INPUT APPARATUS FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - Disclosed is an input apparatus for an electronic device. The input apparatus includes an optical wireless pointing device and a receiver module. The optical wireless pointing device includes a finger sleeve, a first switch, a second switch, an optical means, a central processing unit, a transmitter and a battery. The finger sleeve is configured to accommodate a finger of a user. The optical means is configured to detect movement of the finger sleeve relative to an underlying surface. The central processing unit is configured to generate a spatial data based on the movement of the finger sleeve detected by the optical means. The transmitter is configured to wirelessly transmit the spatial data. The receiver module is adapted to receive the spatial data wirelessly transmitted by the transmitter and direct the spatial data to the electronic device.06-17-2010
20090315740Enhanced Character Input Using Recognized Gestures - Enhanced character input using recognized gestures, in which a user's first and second gestures are recognized, and a control including radially disposed interaction elements is output. At least a portion of the interaction elements are associated with clusters of characters. When an interaction element is selected, the characters associated with the selected interaction element are disposed radially in relation to the selected interaction element. Using the control, the interaction element and a character associated with the selected interaction element are selected based on the user's recognized first and second gestures, respectively, and the selected character is output.12-24-2009
20100148993Ion-dielectric touch sensor and device using same - An ion-dielectric touch sensor detects a touching operation applied by a touching object thereto. The ion-dielectric touch sensor includes a base board, a first electrode, a second electrode, and a dielectric layer. The base board forms an electrode mounting surface on which the first and second electrodes are arranged in such a way that the second electrode is closed to but spaced from the first electrode. The dielectric layer is coated on the electrode mounting surface of the base board and encloses the first and second electrodes. When the touching object touches the dielectric layer of the ion-dielectric touch sensor, a variation of the electrical resistance between the first and second electrodes is caused. The variation of electrical resistance is detected by a detection circuit connected between the first and second electrodes.06-17-2010
20090121903USER INTERFACE WITH PHYSICS ENGINE FOR NATURAL GESTURAL CONTROL - A UI (user interface) for natural gestural control is an electromechanical device that receives user inputs in order to provide an enhanced list and grid navigation experience. In various illustrative examples, the UI includes a touch sensitive surface assembly for receiving a finger or other user input device. A sensor array, which is located beneath the touch sensitive surface assembly, is used to determine a position of the finger on the touch sensitive surface assembly. A single mechanical, momentary contact switch is activated by the sensor array in response to receipt of the finger so that both gestural analog and momentary digital inputs are accepted from the user through the user input device. In some examples, both auditory and tactile feedback it provided to the user when momentary digital inputs are accepted.05-14-2009
20100156675PRIORITIZING USER INPUT DEVICES - An apparatus, method and program storage device are provided for preventing inadvertent inputs from a user while utilizing an electronic device having multiple user input devices. The instant invention broadly contemplates prioritizing an input device to the exclusion of other input devices available to the user based upon an intelligently designed prioritization scheme. The prioritization scheme disables the other input devices for a period of time to permit the user to provide inputs from a prioritized user input device.06-24-2010
20100182168METHOD OF PROCESSING DATA GENERATED BY A USER INPUT DEVICE FOR INDICATING POSITIONS - A user input device for indicating positions includes a transmitter arrangement (4,5) for directing wave energy across a surface (07-22-2010
20100013676PRESENCE RECOGNITION CONTROL OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES USING A MULTI-TOUCH DEVICE - Controlling external electronic devices using presence recognition through a multi-touch device is provided. An indication of the presence of at least one of an object or a gesture on a surface of the multi-touch device is received. A plurality of characteristics associated with the object or gesture are identified. Using the plurality of physical characteristics, a data structure is searched to determine the existence of a single object or a single gesture with characteristics that matches the plurality of characteristics. Responsive to a match, a determination is made as to whether the single object or the single gesture has an associated function. Responsive to the existence of the associated function, the associated function is executed on one of a plurality of external electronic devices.01-21-2010
20100182167ELECTRIC CONTROL DEVICE - The invention relates to a control device that comprises a plate (07-22-2010
20100238053TOUCH PANEL ASSEMBLY WITH HAPTIC EFFECTS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THEREOF - A system with haptic effects includes a first surface, a second surface with a flexible arm portion, a coupling that couples the flexible arm portion to the first surface, and a haptic effect generator attached to the first surface. The flexible arm portion includes a coupling portion, and the coupling is received in the coupling portion. The haptic effect generator causes movement of the first surface relative to the second surface, and the flexible arm limits the movement of the first surface and elastically returns the first surface substantially to its original position relative to the second surface.09-23-2010
20100253550Digitizing Apparatus, Digitizing Method and Capacitance Touch Sensing Apparatus - A digital apparatus includes a timing control circuit, a period counter, a phase digitizer and a calculation circuit. The timing control circuit generates a first control signal according to a square wave signal and a predetermined value. The period counter generates a first digital value according to a reference clock signal and the first control signal. The phase digitizer generates a second digital value according to a phase difference between the square wave signal and the reference clock signal. The calculation circuit generates an output digital value according to the first digital value and the second digital value. An object of obtaining a high-resolution digitization with a reasonable sampling clock is realized by effectively combining the period counter with the phase digitizer.10-07-2010
20090153366USER INTERFACE APPARATUS AND METHOD USING HEAD GESTURE - Disclosed is a user interface apparatus and method using a head gesture. A user interface apparatus and method according to an embodiment of the invention matches a specific head gesture of a user with a specific command and stores a matched result, receives image data of a head gesture of the user and determines whether the received image data corresponds to the specific command, and provides a determined command to a terminal body. As a result, without being affected by ambient noises and causing noise damages to peoples around a terminal, the utilization of the terminal is not inconvenient to the user even in the case where the user can use only one hand.06-18-2009
20080303697INPUT APPARATUS, CONTROL APPARATUS, CONTROL SYSTEM, CONTROL METHOD, AND PROGRAM THEREFOR - An input apparatus includes a first acceleration sensor, a second acceleration sensor, a first angular velocity sensor, a second angular velocity sensor, and velocity information output means. The first acceleration sensor detects a first acceleration value in a first direction. The second acceleration sensor detects a second acceleration value in a second direction different from the first direction. The first angular velocity sensor detects a first angular velocity value about a first axis in the first direction. The second angular velocity sensor detects a second angular velocity value about a second axis in the second direction. The velocity information output means calculates, based on the first and second acceleration values and the first and second angular velocity values, a first velocity value in the first direction and a second velocity value in the second direction, and outputs information on the first velocity value and the second velocity value.12-11-2008
20080231476RISER, RIDGE BASED TOUCH KEYPAD FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A riser, ridge based touch keypad for a portable electronic device (e.g., mobile phone or flex pointer) is disclosed such that either in a dark environment a person with good eyesight or a person with decreased visual acuity may feel the riser(s) and the ridges representing a unique pattern with the finger in order to find the desired hidden key associated with the unique pattern prior to pressing. A couple of embodiments are also disclosed.09-25-2008
20120032819APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETECTING USER ACTION - Provided is an apparatus and method for detecting a user activity using a mobile terminal. The apparatus includes a sensing data collection unit to collect sensing data, a location determination unit to determine a location of the mobile terminal using the sensed data, and an action determination unit to determine an activity of a user that is using the mobile terminal based on the collected sensing data and the determined location of the mobile terminal.02-09-2012
20100134327WIRELESS HAPTIC GLOVE FOR LANGUAGE AND INFORMATION TRANSFERENCE - A haptic language communication glove is disclosed containing, a wearable glove with accommodations for fingers therein, a plurality of motion sensors positioned near tips of fingers of the glove, a plurality of vibrators positioned near the tips of the fingers of the glove, a controller having communication channels to the plurality of motion sensors and plurality of vibrators, a wireless transceiver coupled to the controller, and a power supply, wherein tapping motion by the fingers of a user of the glove is interpreted as language characters of a first type, the language characters of the first type being converted into language characters of a second type for at least one of transmission and storage.06-03-2010
20110122000CONTROL PANEL AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A control method of a control panel is disclosed. First, a first display plate having at least one first pattern is provided, and the first display plate is in an on-state, so that the first pattern is shown. Then, a touch region of a touch panel disposed on the first display plate is touched, and a second display plate having at least one second pattern and disposed under the first display plate is turned on, so that the second pattern is displayed. Accordingly, changes of different patterns respectively in different layers can be displayed.05-26-2011
20110241908System and method for processing sensory effect - A sensory effect processing system and method are disclosed. Sensory effects contained in contents may be embodied in a real world, by generating command information for controlling a sensory device based on sensory effect information and sensory device capability information. In addition, data transmission rate may be increased by encoding metadata into binary metadata, encoding metadata into extensible mark-up language (XML) metadata, or encoding metadata into XML metadata and further encoding the XML metadata into binary metadata. Also, a bandwidth may be reduced.10-06-2011
20110006924Slide hinge and remote control with a slide hinge - A slide hinge is mounted between a body and a cover of a remote control and has a base and a slide pin assembly. The base has two opposite rails and each rail has a rail slot being curved and defined through the rail. The slide pin has a slide pin, a spring and a guide. The slide pin is mounted slidably through the rail slots and capable of moving along a curved path. The spring is mounted around the slide pin. The guide is slidably mounted around the slide pin and selectively compresses the spring. The slide hinge allows the cover to move along a curved path relative to the body.01-13-2011
20090033520INTELLIGENT FLOOR MAT WITH EMAIL TEXT TO VOICE PROCESSING - A floor mat suitable for a vehicle is shown in FIG. 02-05-2009
20090058687COMPACT INPUT DEVICE - Compact input devices formed on flexible substrates are disclosed. The input devices may be formed using three or more conducting layers. By including three or more conducting layers, the diameter of the input device may be minimized. In addition, to improve the flexibility of portions of the input device mounted, some portions of the input device may be made to have fewer layers than other portions of the input device.03-05-2009
20110241907BASELINE UPDATE PROCEDURE FOR TOUCH SENSITIVE DEVICE - A touch sensitive device implementing a routine that controls the device's baseline update procedure in certain circumstances, and associated methods.10-06-2011
20090219175INPUT DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS USING THE SAME - An input device includes an input-sensing unit that contains a capacitive input sensor and a sensitivity-sensing unit that contains a capacitive sensitivity sensor. The input-sensing unit senses position information obtained by touch operation of an operation body to the capacitive input sensor. The sensitivity-sensing unit senses sensitivity information obtained by touch operation of the operation body to the capacitive sensitivity sensor. The input device includes a control unit determining whether or not the output level of the position information from the input-sensing unit is adjusted based on the sensitivity information sensed by the sensitivity-sensing unit and a sensitivity-adjusting unit that adjusts an output level of the position information from the input-sensing unit based on a result of the determination of the control unit. The control unit controls the sensitivity-adjusting unit to adjust the output level of the position information received from the input-sensing unit.09-03-2009
20090219174Remote control method and remote control apparatus - A remote control method is disclosed. The remote control method is used for a device under control which selects one of an information signal of the device under control and an information signal from at least one external device and reproduces the selected information signal.09-03-2009
20090219173PIN CODE TERMINAL - The PIN code terminal, which has a wheel that may be turned to show alphanumeric characters in a small window which has a narrow field of view enabling the user to observe characters in the window while preventing the view of others and preventing possible onlookers of observing the selected characters from the user's hand or finger movements, as the user only depresses the wheel, which acts as an electric switch similar to the ENTER key on a PC keyboard, or by depressing another switch when the desired number/character is displayed in the window.09-03-2009
20100188267HUMAN-MACHINE INTERFACE WITH INTEGRATED POSITION SENSORS AND PASSIVE HAPTIC FEEDBACK DEVICES - A system and method for determining the input force supplied to a user interface by a user is provided. A passive feedback mechanism is coupled to the user interface, and a change in position of the passive feedback mechanism is sensed. The input force supplied by the user to the user interface is then calculated from the sensed change in position.07-29-2010
20100123605System and method for determining 3D orientation of a pointing device - The present invention is directed toward a system and process that controls a group of networked electronic components using a multimodal integration scheme in which inputs from a speech recognition subsystem, gesture recognition subsystem employing a wireless pointing device and pointing analysis subsystem also employing the pointing device, are combined to determine what component a user wants to control and what control action is desired. In this multimodal integration scheme, the desired action concerning an electronic component is decomposed into a command and a referent pair. The referent can be identified using the pointing device to identify the component by pointing at the component or an object associated with it, by using speech recognition, or both. The command may be specified by pressing a button on the pointing device, by a gesture performed with the pointing device, by a speech recognition event, or by any combination of these inputs.05-20-2010
20100123604SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROL OF MEDICAL EQUIPMENT USING MULTIPLE WIRELESS DEVICES - A system and method for controlling a body-scanning device using multiple wireless devices is disclosed. The method includes communicating a secure wireless signal from a footswitch enclosure to a footswitch receiver coupled to the body scanning device in response to an actuation of a substantially flat footswitch zone carried on a footswitch enclosure. Additionally, a wireless signal is communicated from a handswitch enclosure in response to an actuation of a handswitch zone and communicated to a handswitch receiver located in the footswitch enclosure. The wireless signal is then communicated from the footswitch enclosure to the footswitch receiver coupled to the body-scanning device to enable an operator to control the body-scanning device using the handswitch or the footswitch.05-20-2010
20090027233WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE WITH VIBRATING MODULE - A wireless communication device (01-29-2009
20090251337Grouping Variable Media Inputs To Reflect A User Session - Embodiments of the invention present a system and method for identifying relationships between different types of data captured by a pen-based computing system, such as a smart pen. The pen-based computing system generates one or more sessions including different types of data that are associated with each other. In one embodiment, the pen-based computing system generates an index file including captured audio data and written data, where the written data is associated with a temporal location of the audio data corresponding to the time the written data was captured. For example, the pen-based computing system applies one or more heuristic processes to the received data to identify relationships between various types of the received data, used to associated different types of data with each other.10-08-2009
20110254709Method for Actuating a Tactile Interface Layer - A method for actuating a tactile interface layer of a device that defines a surface with a deformable region, comprising the steps of deforming a deformable region of the surface into a formation tactilely distinguishable from the surface, detecting a force from the user on a deformed deformable region, interpreting the force as a command for the deformable region, and manipulating the deformable region of the surface based on the command.10-20-2011
20100321214TOUCH SENSING METHOD FOR RESISTIVE TYPE TOUCH APPARATUS - A touch sensing method for a resistive type touch apparatus includes a touch panel and a driving circuit. In the touch sensing method, a single-touch mode or a multi-touch mode can be selected. In addition, the touch sensing method includes an analog driving method and a digital driving method to equip the resistive type touch apparatus with at least two sorts of resolutions.12-23-2010
20100182166INPUT PANEL AND SWITCH DEVICE FOR THE OPERATION OF AN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE - The invention is based on an input panel and switch device for the operation of an electrical appliance, in particular to realize the input of operating settings in household appliances.07-22-2010
20110095917KEY INPUT UNIT AND KEY INPUT METHOD - A digital processor having a key input unit and a key input method are disclosed. The key unit includes: a base that is fixed at the central position of the key unit; a slider that horizontally moves in parallel to the horizontal plane of the base by the user's operation; a frame that supports the slider so as to horizontally move; and a restoration unit that gives a resistive force against the horizontal movement of the slider and restores the horizontally-moved slider to an original position. Accordingly, it is possible to reduce the number of keys by increasing the number of information to be input by the use of a single key.04-28-2011
20110095916Mobile Personal Services Platform for Providing Feedback - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer program products, for generating feedback. In one aspect, a method includes receiving sensor data from a plurality of sensors, wherein at least one of the plurality of sensors is associated with a mobile device of a user; aggregating the received sensor data to generate aggregated sensor data; processing the aggregated sensor data to determine an aggregated metric; comparing the aggregated metric to a target associated with the user to determine a measure of performance; and generating feedback based on the determined measure of performance. Further, the mobile device can comprise a mobile personal services device that includes one or more of an audio sensor, a video sensor, an environmental sensor, a biometric sensor, a location sensor, an activity detector, and a health monitor. The feedback can be displayed on the mobile personal services device. The feedback also can be displayed in near real-time.04-28-2011
20100176973INPUT DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE PROVIDED WITH THE SAME - An input device with a hollow portion therein at a neutral position includes a return member capable of self-returning to the neutral position upon deformation, a magnetic member movable in three mutually-orthogonal axial directions accompanied with the deformation of the return member, and a plurality of magnetic sensors individually detecting the position of the magnetic member in the three axial directions with respect to the neutral position. The three-dimensional operation of the magnetic member may be easily detected by a simplified structure and the magnetic member is located with high accuracy.07-15-2010
20110148669THIMBLE-TYPE INTERMEDIATION DEVICE AND METHOD FOR RECOGNIZING FINGER GESTURE USING THE SAME - Provided are a thimble-type intermediation device and a method for recognizing a finger gesture using the same. The thimble-type intermediation device includes: a motion sensing unit sensing a motion of a user's finger and generating the sensed result as motion data; a tactile sensing block sensing a tactile behavior of the user's finger and generating the sensed result as tactile data; a control unit recognizing the gesture and tactile behavior of the user's finger on the basis of the generated motion data and tactile data, and outputting the recognition result as recognition result information; and a wireless communication unit transmitting the recognition result information to a robot system.06-23-2011
20100039296SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RECALLING MEDIA - Paper-based playback of media can be performed by electronically recording handwritten notes including pen strokes using a digital pen on a position-coded paper. A plurality of bounding areas is identified, e.g. by generating bounding areas around the pen strokes as they are developed. Each bounding box is provided with a time stamp which indexes a media file, which was recorded simultaneously with the handwritten notes. By placing the digital pen close to a handwritten note on the paper, the part of the media that was recorded when the specific note was written can be recalled. More specifically, the bounding box corresponding to the position of the digital pen is identified and the associated time stamp is used to find the media to recall. This paper-based playback of media can be performed in e.g. a stand-alone device or by a combination of a digital pen and a mobile phone.02-18-2010
20100019940CHARACTER INPUT DEVICE - Disclosed herein is a character input device including a plurality of directional input keys. The character input device includes input means including four input keys that are arranged in four radial directions around a center so that distances between adjacent input keys are uniform. The respective input keys are provided such that they can be moved toward a plurality of direction indication locations arranged in radial directions around a reference location, and can perform directional movement input. Accordingly, each of characters, numbers, and symbols can be input through a single action using four input keys, thereby enabling the minimization of the space and rapid and accurate character input. Furthermore, characters arranged on respective input keys are separately arranged in the directions of the movement of input keys, and thus a user can easily become accustomed to the operation of the input keys, thereby enabling efficient character input.01-28-2010
20090174578Operating apparatus and operating system - An operating apparatus has a ring body to be mounted on a human body so that an irradiation light emitted from LED is irradiated to a part of the human body of an operator and a plurality of photodetectors configured to receive scattering light or transmission light irradiated to a part of the human body at an irradiation portion, and on the basis of a combination of a light receiving result of the irradiation light at these plurality of photodetectors, an operation signal corresponding to an operation state of the operator is outputted.07-09-2009
20090153368TACTILE INPUT/OUTPUT DEVICE AND DRIVING METHOD THEREOF - A tactile input/output device and a driving method thereof are provided. The device includes at least one input end, at least one output end, and a controller. The input end includes a plurality of input cells arranged at regular intervals. The output end includes a plurality of output cells arranged at regular intervals. The controller senses an input signal of the input end and controls the output end to generate a corresponding output signal. The input end and the output end are installed to form one array with being separated. The input cell and the output cell are arranged so that they do not overlap with each other.06-18-2009
20110140930Touch Apparatus, Transparent Scan Electrode Structure, and Manufacturing Method Thereof - A touch apparatus, a transparent scan electrode, a geometric electrode structure and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The transparent scan electrode structure comprises a first transparent scan electrode, a second transparent scan electrode and an isolative layer. The first transparent scan electrode comprises a first resistance region and a second resistance region. A resistance value of the second resistance region is higher than that of the first resistance region. The isolative layer is disposed between the first transparent scan electrode and the second transparent scan electrode.06-16-2011
20120038495OPERATION FEELING IMPARTING TYPE TRACKBALL DEVICE - A trackball device includes a friction plate rockably supported having opening in which a top portion of the sphere is exposed, as a brake unit applying braking force (friction force) to the sphere, and an actuator capable of driving the friction plate to a lower side. When the friction plate is driven by the actuator, the circumference portion of the opening of the friction plate is pressed to be in contact with the sphere from an upper side. A supporting member rotatably holding the sphere includes a plurality of supporting small spheres contacts the sphere at a point and a base member in which the supporting small spheres is arranged to be dispersed in the circumferential direction. The base member rockably supports the friction plate.02-16-2012
20100097243MULTIFUNCTION MOUSE - A multifunction mouse includes a main body, a divider, and a cover. The main body includes a front portion as a finger operating portion, a rear portion as a palm holding portion. The divider is configured for dividing the main body. The divider and the cover are positioned in the palm holding portion. The divider is located between the palm holding portion and the cover. A receiving cavity is defined between the cover and the divider to receive health care materials. A number of through holes is defined in the cover.04-22-2010
20110316723METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PREDICTIVE HUMAN INTERFACE - A method and system provide a predictive human interface for a plurality of user electronic devices, which includes establishing a user account with a service provider, registering the plurality of user electronic devices in an electronic database associated with the user account, and storing, in the electronic database, initial user preferences regarding how certain specified communications related to the user electronic devices are to be processed. The method and system also includes monitoring and storing, by a core network server, specific characteristics associated with each communication originating from the user electronic devices, generating a predictive human interface for the user electronic devices, based upon the stored specific characteristics for the user electronic devices, and providing the predictive human interface to the user electronic devices for use during a next communication originating from one of the user electronic devices.12-29-2011
20110316724TACTILE FORCE SENSE PRESENTING DEVICE, ELECTRONIC DEVICE TERMINAL APPLIED WITH TACTILE FORCE SENSE PRESENTING DEVICE, AND TACTILE FORCE SENSE PRESENTING METHOD - A tactile force sense presenting device of the present invention includes: an operation unit which includes an operation lever to be operated by an operator, and a movement guide surface which guides an input of a slide motion of the operation lever in the XY-planar direction and an input of a push-in motion of the operation lever in the Z-axis direction at a specific position on the XY-plane; a detection unit which detects the input of the slide motion of the operation lever in the XY-planar direction and the input of the push-in motion of the operation lever in the Z-axis direction; a calculation control unit which calculates a force corresponding to an operation of the operation lever, based on detection results of the detection unit; and a drive transmission unit which includes a driving unit including at least one actuator, and which causes, based on calculation results of the calculation control unit, the driving unit to generate a resistive force of the operation lever with respect to the input of the slide motion in the XY-planar direction and an adjusting force of the operation lever with respect to the input of the push-in motion in the Z-axis direction.12-29-2011
20120007751DE-BOUNCE CIRCUIT - A de-bounce circuit is disclosed. The de-bounce circuit comprises a wave-shaping circuit, a filtering circuit and a trigger circuit. The wave-shaping circuit is adapted to shape a control signal and output a wave-shaping signal. The control signal may be generated from a mechanical switch. The filtering circuit charges/discharges a capacitor according to the wave-shaping signal, and determines whether to generate a judgment signal according to a voltage of the capacitor. The trigger circuit determines whether to generate an enable signal according to the number of times of the judgment signal.01-12-2012
20120013487Revolving Control Device with a Displacement Sensor without Contact Points - The present invention discloses a revolving control device with a displacement sensor without contact points, which includes: a shell; a control stick configured in the shell and having a part protruding from the shell; a first circuit board configured on one end of the control stick; a displacement sensor configured in the shell, whereby detecting displacement of the control stick; a second circuit board embedded in the shell; a integrated circuit configured on the second circuit board, whereby detecting displacement of the shell; a plurality of transferring elements coupled between the first circuit board and the second circuit board; and wherein, the revolving control device can access control signals without contact points.01-19-2012
20120112930METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING A DEVICE - A method and apparatus for controlling a device is provided herein. During operation, a user's headset is tapped upon in order to control a device. More particularly, a user's headset (or the device itself) uses circuitry that allows the headset or the device to detect user taps (for example on either earpiece of the connected 3.5 mm jack stereo headset, or the housing of the headset). The taps serve as user inputs to control the device. Because a user can control a device simply by tapping upon a headset, the device can be accessed without necessitating the need to wake the device to access control functions (e.g., music control functions).05-10-2012
20110090097KEYLESS ENTRY WITH VISUAL ROLLING CODE DISPLAY - The present invention relates to a keyless entry system that contains a visual random code generator so that the possible input pattern is different every time a user accesses the system. A keypad device containing an input device and a display are electronically connected to a processor containing the visual random code generator. Positions and associated values are displayed on the input device, such as a touch sensitive screen, allowing the user to enter an access code. The visual random code generator randomizes and controls the input pattern displayed so that the input pattern changes each time the system is accessed.04-21-2011
20100289673TERMINAL AND METHOD FOR EXECUTING FUNCTION USING HUMAN BODY COMMUNICATION - Provided is a method and a terminal for executing a function of a terminal according to data transmitted and received through a human body, which includes detecting a touch in a human body communication signal input unit, wherein the human body communication signal input unit is in a human body communication key mode; determining a number detected touches and determining a number pulse signals transmitted during a time in which the touch is maintained when the touch is detected; and executing a function corresponding to the human body communication signal.11-18-2010
20100245132COMPENSATION METHOD FOR TOUCH SENSOR SYSTEM - A compensation method devoid of operating voltage calibration, establishing fundamental linearity calibration table and inputting, and detecting the actual operating voltage is disclosed. The compensation method comprises the steps of: a) turning off a switch in a touch sensor system; b) initializing the touch sensor system and measuring a reference frequency outputted from a oscillator in the touch sensor system; c) turning on the switch and measuring a first frequency outputted from the oscillator; and d) deducting the first frequency from the reference frequency so as to obtain a frequency difference; and e) comparing the difference with a predetermined value, and judging based upon the difference if the touch sensor system is touched by a foreign object.09-30-2010
20100245131METHOD, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEM OF STABILIZING A MOBILE GESTURE USER-INTERFACE - The embodiments of the invention disclose a method, apparatus, and system for communicating via a user gesture with a mobile device having applications. The gesture acts like a user interface to a menu of applications that can be accessed while the user is in motion including while running, walking, riding, etc. In one embodiment, the method comprises determining a first multi-dimensional information for measuring motion of a first mobile device. The method further comprises receiving, by the first mobile device, a second multi-dimensional information for measuring motion of a second mobile device, the first and the second mobile devices being in motion relative to one another. The first and the second multi-dimensional information is used for filtering gesture motion from an underlying motion of the second mobile device to isolate the gesture motion from the underlying motion. The isolated filtered gesture motion is stabilized. In one embodiment, the method further comprises directing an action of the first mobile device in response to the isolated gesture motion.09-30-2010
20100219989Input system and wearable electrical apparatus - A wearable input device is worn on a finger of a user to detect contact and separation of the finger to and from the other body part of the user, respectively, and further measure motion of the finger. In the wearable input device, a signal supply unit supplies an electrical signal to a pair of signal electrodes worn on the finger, and a current sensor detects a current flowing between the signal electrodes. The contact and the separation are detected based on the detected current. Further a triaxial acceleration sensor detects the motion of the finger. A user input is determined by extracting only the trajectory of the motion of the finger detected when the finger is in contact with the other body part.09-02-2010
20090058686Isotonic/elastic hybrid input device - The absolute input device with passive force feedback comprises a mobile end-effector (03-05-2009
20100007529EXPANDING OPERATING DEVICE AND OPERATING SYSTEM - An expanding operating device has a first connector, a second connector and a sensor. The first connector has a first shape physically and electrically connectable with a connector provided with an operating device. Thus, by connecting the first connector to the connector of the operating device, the expanding operating device can be used with the operating device as a single unit, which eventually adds the sensor to the operating device. On the other hand, the second connector has a second shape connectable with a connector with the first shape. This allows a connector conventionally connected to the connector of another operating device to be also connected with the second connector. Accordingly, if the connector of another device is connected the second connector in a state that the first connector is connected to the connector of the operating device, the another device is eventually connected to the operating device via the expanding operating device.01-14-2010
20100007528Expanding operating device and operating system - An expanding operating device has a first connector, a second connector and a sensor. The first connector has a first shape physically and electrically connectable with a connector provided with an operating device. Thus, by connecting the first connector to the connector of the operating device, the expanding operating device can be used with the operating device as a single unit, which eventually adds the sensor to the operating device. On the other hand, the second connector has a second shape connectable with a connector with the first shape. This allows a connector conventionally connected to the connector of another operating device to be also connected with the second connector. Accordingly, if the connector of another device is connected to the second connector in a state that the first connector is connected to the connector of the operating device, the another device is eventually connected to the operating device via the expanding operating device.01-14-2010
20100231422TOUCH PANEL - The invention provides a touch panel that can satisfactory support opposing electrodes while reducing variation in the input load value between the perimeter and center sections. The touch panel of the invention has a lower electrode comprising a first transparent base and a first transparent conductive layer laminated on the first transparent base, and an upper electrode comprising a second transparent base and a second transparent conductive layer laminated on the second transparent base, which are mutually opposing in such a manner that the first transparent conductive layer and second transparent conductive layer face each other, the lower electrode and upper electrode being laid facing each other partially sandwiching a bonding member, and the bonding member comprises a first adhesive layer composed of a first resin and a second adhesive layer composed of a second resin.09-16-2010
20120081238Contextual information encoded in a formed expression - Embodiments include a method, a manual device, a handheld manual device, a handheld writing device, a system, and an apparatus. An embodiment provides a manual device operable in a context. The manual device includes a writing element operable to form a mark on a surface in response to a movement of the writing element with respect to the surface. The manual device also includes a controller operable to encode information corresponding to the context of the manual device by regulating the formation of the mark.04-05-2012
20100231421ADJUSTABLE BED POSITION CONTROL - The present invention provides an adjustable bed handheld remote control that may include a handheld housing, a touch sensor on a front face of the handheld housing, a transmitter and the like. The touch sensor may be presented in a slider form and may be adapted to facilitate a user in adjusting a frame position of an adjustable bed. The transmitter may be electrically coupled to a processor and may receive input from the touch sensor, for communication control signals to the adjustable bed in accordance with the input received from the touch sensor.09-16-2010
20080252491Advanced Control Device for Home Entertainment Utilizing Three Dimensional Motion Technology - A hand held device fur generating commands and transferring data between the hand-held device and a base device (including consumer electronic equipment). The hand-held device detects the motion of the device itself, interpreting the motion as a command, and executing or transferring the command. The motion of the device can include gestures made by the user while holding the device, such as the motion of throwing the hand-held device toward a base device. The commands generated by the user range from basic on/off commands to complex processes, such as the transfer of data. In one embodiment, the user can train the device to learn new motions associated with existing or new commands. The hand-held device analyzes the basic components of the motion to create a motion model such that the motion can be uniquely identified in the future.10-16-2008
20080231477INPUTTING INFORMATION USING A SCROLL KEY - A method and apparatus for inputting data using a mobile terminal having a scroll key as a user interface. The method includes entering a mode configured to receive a data code created using at least the scroll key, detecting the data code that comprises at least one movement of the scroll key in a first or second direction in a predetermined sequence pattern, and activating one of a plurality of functions of the mobile terminal in response to detecting the data code.09-25-2008
20090212979GLOVE-BASED INPUT DEVICE - A glove-based input device is provided. The glove-based input device comprises at least one selector, at least one motion sensor, a processor, a transmitter, and a glove structure adopted for placing over a hand, the glove-structure retaining the selector, the motion sensor, the processor, and the transmitter. The processor receives a selection input from the at least one selector and a motion input from the at least one motion selector. The transmitter is in communication with the processor and is configured to wirelessly transmit the selector input and the motion input to an electronic device.08-27-2009
20130147642MAGNETIC FORCE IN A DIRECTIONAL INPUT DEVICE - Embodiments for a user input device are disclosed. In one embodiment, a user input device comprises a body, an elongate directional control element having a first end projecting towards the body and a second end projecting away from the body and configured to be movable by a user, a magnet to hold the directional control element in one or more predetermined positions, and a sensor coupled to the body to detect a change in position of the directional control element.06-13-2013

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