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340815450 Using light emitting diodes 75
340815690 Diverse indications 9
340815650 Multiple colors 9
340815730 With lamp enclosed in transparent housing 7
340815830 Movable 5
20090021389Traffic Control Apparatus - The present invention is a traffic control apparatus to further control a flow of traffic. The traffic control apparatus comprises a base structure which supports a figurine, wherein the figurine is operational to help solicit attention from the flow of traffic. The traffic control apparatus further comprises a method for creating a perceptible safety warning using a combination of the base structure and the figurine.01-22-2009
20110148655USB FLASH DRIVE AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING AVAILABLE STORAGE CAPACITY OF THE USB FLASH DRIVE - A Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive includes an USB interface, a control unit, a storage unit, a timer, a logic circuit, and a quartz meter that includes a scale dial and a dial pointer. The control unit calculates a storage capacity difference between a current storage capacity and a previous storage capacity, and calculates a runtime of the dial pointer according to a time calculation algorithm. The control unit generates an enabling signal if the storage capacity difference is not equal to zero, and generates an interrupt signal when the runtime equals the time value. The logic circuit outputs a high voltage to the quartz meter to control the dial pointer to run around the scale dial according to the enabling signal, and outputs a low voltage to the quartz meter to control the dial pointer to stop running around the scale dial according to the interrupt signal.06-23-2011
20090009354SELF CONTAINED DEVICE FOR DISPLAYING ELECTRONIC INFORMATION - A thin flexible electronic display includes a flexible membrane, control circuitry, and self-contained power source, which may be a thin flexible battery. A display may be affixed to an associated device for use in displaying dynamic information or video.01-08-2009
20090140875Portable optical signalling device - The invention relates to a portable optical signalling device, particularly an item of clothing or a flag or a torch, containing:06-04-2009
20100007510COMMUNICATION DEVICE WITH ORIENTATION INDICATION OF RECEIPT OF COMMUNICATION SIGNAL - A communication device including a housing, a signal receiver configured to receive a signal from another communication device, and a motive device provided within the housing. The motive device is configured to change an orientation of the housing in response to the receipt of the signal. A method of processing receipt of a signal at a communication device is provided that includes changing an orientation of a housing of the communication device in response to the receipt of the signal using a motive device housed within the housing.01-14-2010
340815420 Having light piping 5
20090040064Apparatus for Producing an Electric Signal Provided With Luminous Means Characterizing Said Signal - The invention relates to a device supplying an electrical signal for which a characteristic, for example, the voltage is adjustable. The device has a connector at one end of a cable to supply this signal to another electrical device. This connector comprises a transmission means of a light signal for which a visible characteristic depends upon the electrical signal produced. One improvement consists in the light signal coming from a source of white light that is colour modulated by filters. These filters are mechanically integrated into a mobile part belonging to the adjustment means of the signal supplied. The invention also relates to a system comprising the device supplying the signal and the device to be connected, the latter device features a mark identifying the light signal compatible with the electrical signal to receive.02-12-2009
20100033340Fluid-Technical Assembly Having an Optical Waveguide - A fluid power device comprises a state display unit (02-11-2010
20100201539ACTIVE ENCLOSURE FOR COMPUTING DEVICE - A computing device is disclosed. The computing device includes a housing having an illuminable portion. The computing device also includes a light device disposed inside the housing. The light device is configured to illuminate the illuminable portion.08-12-2010
20100321199Light-emitting module and image-capturing module for arbitrarily changing light-emitting position - A light-emitting module for arbitrarily changing light-emitting position includes a PCB unit, a light-emitting unit, an outer shell unit and a light-guiding unit. The light-emitting unit has at least one light-emitting element electrically disposed on the PCB unit. The outer shell unit is disposed above the PCB unit and the light-emitting unit, and the outer shell unit has at least one opening. The light-guiding unit is close to the at least one light-emitting element. One partial area of the light-guiding unit is exposed by the at least one opening, so that light beams generated by the at least one light-emitting element are guided by the light-guiding unit and are projected out from the at least one opening.12-23-2010
20120194350EQUIPMENT MODULE INDICATOR HANDLE AND METHODS FOR INDICATING EQUIPMENT MODULE STATUS - Equipment module indicator handle apparatus and methods are provided for displaying indications of the status condition/s of equipment module circuitry using a light-conductive handle body that includes at least one handle leg at least partially composed of light conductive material and configured to transmit emitted light from a proximate end of the indicator handle toward a distal end of the indicator handle to visibly display a status condition of the module circuitry to a user on a surface of the indicator handle that is spaced apart from the wall of a chassis of the module.08-02-2012
340815530 Lighted alphanumeric or character indicator matrix 3
20090121893LIGHTING CONTROL FRAMEWORK - A lighting control framework is provided. The lighting control framework receives an implicit request from an application. The implicit request is converted into a converted explicit request which is processed to utilize a light of a lighting device.05-14-2009
20100109899METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR VITAL DISPLAY SYSTEMS - A method and system for a display system is provided. The system includes a screen surface that includes a plurality of luminous units, a controller communicatively coupled to the screen surface wherein the controller is configured to address at least one of the plurality of luminous units, and a luminous unit sensor having a field of view including at least a portion of the screen surface wherein the luminous unit sensor configured to receive an image of the luminous units in the field of view.05-06-2010
20080309511Selectively adjustable icons for assisting users of an electronic device - Systems and methods for providing selectively adjustable icons to assist users of an electronic device are provided. Icons can be selectively adjusted to assist users in connecting and disconnecting accessories to and from the electronic device.12-18-2008
340815550 Transparent or translucent indicator with means for blocking light 3
20120098673Method and Apparatus for Displaying System Status with a Wide Range of Viewing Angle - Network device includes a plate, an OTST plate, and a light source. First plate is situated at a first side of the network device wherein the first side can be the front side of device. OTST plate is situated at a second side of the network device and positioned substantially perpendicular to the plate, wherein the OTST plate having a first surface and a second surface further includes status indicators showing performance status associated with the network device. The light source, in one embodiment, can be an LED device capable of projecting a light beam with a predefined angle onto the first surface of OTST plate illuminating one or more status indicators. At least one status indicator is viewable from the second surface or bottom surface of OTST second plate when at least a portion of OTST plate is illuminated.04-26-2012
20090096631OPERATING DEVICE FOR OPERATING A MACHINE TOOL, PRODUCTION MACHINE AND/OR A ROBOT - An operating device for operating a machine tool, production machine and/or a robot includes a transparent pane and a display arranged behind the pane. The pane has an edge region projecting beyond the display. The control device includes an indicating device which transmits an indication signal through the edge region. This arrangement simplifies the design of the operating device.04-16-2009
20110175748Element Mapping to Control Illumination of a Device Shell - An interactive electronic device shell and light source may enable personalization and increased functionality of an electronic device. The shell may at least partially cover a light source and attach to an electronic device. The shell includes at least some transparent or translucent portions (e.g., light stencils) that enable light from a matrix of the light source to emit through the shell, thus causing a display of light from the shell. In some aspects, the electronic device may be linked with the shell and/or the light source to control light emission through the shell. In various aspects, an illumined portion of the shell may have significance, such as revealing an artistic design or indicating a message based on activity of the electronic device.07-21-2011
340815780 Pointer indicator 2
20100007509Display unit having a dial and a central display - Provided is a display unit that incorporates a dial, a central display device, and an indicating needle. The indicating needle includes a substrate provided beneath the display device, a light source on a surface of an end of the substrate; and a light guide. The light guide includes a first light-guide portion extending vertically with its lower end facing the light source of the substrate, a second light-guide portion extending horizontally from the first light-guide portion, a third light-guide portion extending vertically from the second light-guide portion, and a needle portion extending horizontally such that the dial is pointed to by the end of the needle portion. The display unit may include a light-guide cover that prevents leakage of light and a regulation portion that restricts undesirable movement of a lead wire which might obstruct with rotation of the indicating needle.01-14-2010
20100328091INSTRUMENTAL DEVICE - An instrumental device is provided which includes a variable display portion and a pointer moving around the variable display portion and achieves excellent response and resistance to vibration without complicating the shape of a member. The instrumental device has a display plate 12-30-2010
340815580 Step by step positioner 1
20090174567REMOTE CONTROLLER FOR CONTROLLING PLAYBACK OF MULTIMEDIA FILE - The present invention relates to a remote controller for controlling playback of multimedia files. The remote controller includes a controller body and a receiver. By changing the inclination statuses of the controller body and pressing down the button on the external surface of the controller body, the user can remotely control playback of the multimedia files. The multimedia file playback remote controller of the present invention is small in size and thus convenient for storage.07-09-2009
20100148983ELECTRICAL SUPPLY DEVICES - A mains electrical supply outlet comprising: signal-receiving means to receive an encoded wireless signal; a socket, connectable, in use, to an electricity-consuming device, to supply mains electricity thereto; a controller, powered by mains electricity, to decode said received encoded signal and, in response to said signal, to control switching of electrical power to said socket; and a connection sensor, to sense the connection of an electricity-consuming device to said socket and to disconnect power from said controller in the absence of such a connection. The invention also provides an electrical light switch assembly comprising: a manually operable light switch to control the supply of power to a lighting circuit; a manually operable remote power switch to actuate the transmission of an encoded wireless signal to the aforementioned mains electrical supply outlet. The invention further provides an electrical transmission assembly comprising: a plug suitable for receiving mains electricity; a socket suitable for conveying mains electricity received by the plug; and a manually operable remote power switch to actuate the transmission of an encoded wireless signal to the aforementioned mains electrical supply outlet.06-17-2010
20130038461DYNAMIC ROAD MARKERS TO PROVIDE VISUAL FEEDBACK AS TO VEHICLE SPEED - Disclosed is an apparatus, system, and method to utilize road markers to control vehicle speeds. The road markers may be commanded to emit a light for a pre-determined period of time. Further, the road markers may be controlled such that they are commanded to emit the light based upon a timing sequence associated with a desired speed so that the road markers emit light in a strobe pattern. In this way, if a vehicle is traveling at the desired speed, then the strobe pattern appears static to a driver of the vehicle. Additionally, a message may be transmitted from a traffic authority to increase or decrease the timing sequence of the strobe pattern to increase or decrease the speed to the desired speed.02-14-2013
20080272927ILLUMINATED FEEDBACK FOR A TOUCHPAD BY PROVIDING A LIGHT SOURCE THAT IS ASSOCIATED WITH A FINGER POSITION ON A TOUCHPAD - A touchpad having illumination directed upwards through a substrate of the touchpad, wherein the substrate is sufficiently transparent or translucent such that light from underneath the substrate is at least partially visible through the touchpad to a user thereof.11-06-2008
20100013658Dynamic emergency escape indicator - A dynamic emergency escape indicator primarily comprises a base, at least one light emitting device, a panel, at least one energy storage device and one or more lighting devices. By repeatedly turning on and off the at least one light emitting device in sequence, a plurality of indicating patterns can be presented in sequence continuously, thereby delivering a dynamic indicating effect. Orientations of the lighting devices can be adjusted as needed to illuminate particular objects so as to enhance lighting and guiding effects in case of emergency.01-21-2010
20100109897Warning light for optically displaying at least one operating state - A proposal is made for a warning light for optically displaying at least one operating state, in particular a number of different operating states, of a technical device such as a machine, an installation, a vehicle or the like, having at least one luminous element for emitting a sequence of a number of illumination pulses within a specific time interval during the display of the specific operating state, the illumination characteristic of the illumination pulses being determined by at least one illumination parameter (P) such as brightness, illumination duration, frequency, color, direction of emission or the like, the perception of the optical display of the specific operating state, especially of a particularly critical operating state, is substantially improved. This is achieved according to the invention by virtue of the fact that an aperiodic change in at least one of the illumination parameters (P) is provided in the time interval.05-06-2010
20100109898Warning light device having at least two warning lamps - A warning light device having a first warning lamp exhibiting at least one first light unit with at least one first lighting element for visually indicating at least one operating state of a first technical unit and at least one second warning lamp exhibiting at least one second light unit with at least one second lighting element for visually indicating at least one operating state of a second technical unit and having an electronic equipment connection for transmitting data and/or control signals between the technical units for monitoring several different technical units. This is achieved by having at least one electronic warning lamp connection for transmitting data and/or control signals between the at least two warning lamps and having the electronic warning lamp connection include at least one transmitter and/or receiver for the wireless control signal and/or data transmission.05-06-2010
20130069792INFERENTIAL PROCESS MODELING, QUALITY PREDICTION AND FAULT DETECTION USING MULTI-STAGE DATA SEGREGATION - A process modeling technique uses a single statistical model developed from historical data for a typical process and uses this model to perform quality prediction or fault detection for various different process states of a process. The modeling technique determines means (and possibly standard deviations) of process parameters for each of a set of product grades, throughputs, etc., compares on-line process parameter measurements to these means and uses these comparisons in a single process model to perform quality prediction or fault detection across the various states of the process. In this manner, a single process model can be used to perform quality prediction or fault detection while the process is operating in any of the defined process stages or states.03-21-2013
20130069793MULTI-FUNCTION FLARE DEVICE FOR POPULATED AREAS - The invention disclosed herein is a securely attached portable, wearable device to enhance safety, visibility and communication capability of safety personnel when such personal leave their vehicles. The device provided is configured to be securely attached to the wearer, and is capable of emitting variable visual and audio signals actuated by a control panel component which is designed so that the user can activate various options of visual and audio signals while in flight. The device may further include GPS capability for tracking, activation and deactivation functions.03-21-2013
20120218117QUANTIFICATION INDICATING CIRCUIT - A quantification indicating circuit includes an indicating lamp set, a converting circuit, and an indicating lamp control circuit. The indicating lamp set has a plurality of indicating lamps. The converting circuit has a plurality of predetermined threshold values which are compared with a numerical signal of a circuit board to generate a comparison result. The comparison result is converted to be outputs of a plurality of control bits. The indicating lamp control circuit is coupled between the indicating lamp set and the converting circuit and is used for controlling the number of the indicating lamps which are brightened according to the outputs of the control bits.08-30-2012
20110063123Vehicle Console Display Buttons and Vehicle Consoles Incorporating the Same - Display buttons and vehicle consoles include etched lenses operable to diffract light provided by a light source within a vehicle console such that the light emitted from the display button diverges from the first pathway within the button housing into a secondary pathway outside of the display button.03-17-2011
20130063275Dual Strobe Expander Plate - An output device mounting plate can in a disclosed embodiment carry a fixedly mounted strobe unit with a displaced region to releasibly attach additional output devices. The devices can include a verbal output device, an audible output device, a visual output device, or an audible/visual output device.03-14-2013
20110043370Animated logo for a portable computer - A portable computer comprises a housing and an EL panel within the housing, positioned to emit light outwardly from the housing. The EL panel includes a plurality of EL lamps that, together, form a logo. The EL lamps can be addressed separately, enabling one to produce the appearance of motion for decorative effect or to indicate a condition of the portable computer or both.02-24-2011
20100171632INDICATOR DEVICE IN A MOTOR VEHICLE - The invention relates to a display device (07-08-2010
20120032816System And Method For Controlling Sport Event Transducers - A system and method for controlling a plurality of sport event transducers, each of which includes an output element that can emit a perceivable output in response to an event that relates to a sport team, such as for example by emitting an audio-visual output when a particular football team scores a touchdown. The system remotely controls such transducers in response to sport team events by broadcasting an RF signal carrying team event messages, such as for example by transmitting an FM radio-data broadcast that carries a team event message embedded in the FM signal as RDS data. The sport event transducer receives and decodes such RF broadcast signals. If the transducer receives a team event message that relates to the transducer's affiliated team, the transducer's output element emits an audio and/or visual output signal in response to the message.02-09-2012
20100090858SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR USING MARKING INFORMATION TO ELECTRONICALLY DISPLAY DISPENSING OF MARKERS BY A MARKING SYSTEM OR MARKING TOOL - Marking information relating to the use of a marking system or a marking tool configured to dispense one or more markers to mark, on ground, pavement, or other surface, a location of an underground utility, is used to control a display device so as to visually display a dispensing of the one or more markers on an electronic representation of an area that is marked and includes the location of the underground utility.04-15-2010
20130214931INDUCTION CHARGING SYSTEM - An apparatus for charging a mobile device includes an inductive coupler adapted to couple to an inductive charger such that, in use, the inductive coupler receives inductive charge from the inductive charger. The apparatus further comprises a battery and a battery charger, the battery charger being configured to transfer power from the inductive coupler to the battery. The apparatus further includes a power outlet adapted to provide power from the battery. In use, power received by the inductive coupler is transferred via the battery charger to charge the battery. When required, power may then be transferred from the battery to the power output. The power output can be connected to a power input of a mobile device and by this the internal battery of the mobile device may be charged using power stored in the battery of the charging apparatus.08-22-2013
20100123595AUDIBLE, PIEZOELECTRIC SIGNAL WITH INTEGRAL VISUAL SIGNAL - A combined and integrated audible and visual signal. A signal case is constructed of a light transmissive material. The case includes an exposed front end cover with one or more sound transmitting apertures for transmitting of sound out of the case. The case also has a tubular wall extending transversely from the exposed end cover for extending through a hole in a mounting panel. A piezoelectric transducer is mounted within the tubular wall and includes a diaphragm that is spaced from the exposed cover a distance to form an audio enhancing cavity between the diaphragm and the cover. A circuit board is also mounted within the tubular wall and spaced from the diaphragm on the opposite side of the diaphragm from the cover. Light sources are mounted to a surface of the circuit board facing the diaphragm. The tubular wall in the region between the cover and a plane transverse to the tubular wall through the diaphragm is, in the axial direction, smoothly continuous with no angled bends. More preferably, the smoothly continuous wall that has no angled bends extends from the cover all the way to the circuit board and most preferably extends in the axial direction along a straight line.05-20-2010
20080211686Message Image Display Device, Message Image Display Device Control Method, and Information Recording Medium - To provide a message image display device enabling a user to grasp a content of each message image when a plurality of message images are displayed. A display control unit (09-04-2008
20090102679Infrastructure device with removable face plate for remote operation - The present invention is directed to a utility device faceplate that allows a user to change its orientation with respect to the user. In one embodiment, the orientation is a swivel up, down or from side to side so as to present the front surface of the faceplate substantially perpendicular to the user regardless of the orientation of the device or the wall that contains the utility box it is mounted within. In another embodiment, the faceplate can be removed and viewed and/or operated from a location remote from the physical location of the utility device to which it pertains. In one embodiment, the faceplate anticipates the user's position and adjusts itself to accommodate the user.04-23-2009
20080284611Vertical system integration - The Vertical System Integration (VSI) invention herein is a method for integration of disparate electronic, optical and MEMS technologies into a single integrated circuit die or component and wherein the individual device layers used in the VSI fabrication processes are preferably previously fabricated components intended for generic multiple application use and not necessarily limited in its use to a specific application. The VSI method of integration lowers the cost difference between lower volume custom electronic products and high volume generic use electronic products by eliminating or reducing circuit design, layout, tooling and fabrication costs.11-20-2008
20100265087Temperature Controlled Conducting Device - An exemplary temperature controlled power line device includes a cable operable to transmit power. The cable includes a core and an oxidizing layer. The core and the oxidizing layer may be in selective electrical communication so as to initiate and halt oxidation of the core. The core may oxidize as a result of a galvanic reaction and the cable may be connected to a control box. The control box may be used to monitor as well as control the oxidation of the core.10-21-2010
20090160671METHOD AND TOUCHPAD INTERFACE DEVICE USING LIGHT FOR DISPLAYING LEVEL - A touchpad interface device comprises a sensing board, a light guide plate, a control panel, and a plurality of lighting elements.06-25-2009
20090128355DEVICE FOR VISIBLY MARKING A WATER OUTPUT MEANS AND METHOD OF USE - In one aspect, the present invention relates to a device for visibly marking a fire hydrant. In one embodiment, the device for visibly marking a fire hydrant has a ring-shaped body portion defining a bore between a first end surface and an opposite, second end surface, a light emitting means disposed on the body portion, and at least one photovoltaic device disposed on the first end surface and positioned to be exposed to the external environment, for powering the light emitting means.05-21-2009
20110128158NETWORK DEVICE CAPABLE OF REMOTELY UPDATING FIRMWARE THEREOF - A network device includes: a memory unit including a buffer memory and a read-only memory that has a device firmware stored therein for execution by the network device; a transmission interface unit for establishing connection to a host device via a network; a status-indicating unit; and a firmware-update control unit configured to retrieve firmware-update data from the host device through the network via the transmission interface unit, configured to store the firmware-update data thus retrieved in the buffer memory, and configured to update the device firmware in the read-only memory based on the firmware-update data in the buffer memory, the firmware-update control unit being further configured to control the status-indicating unit for generating a firmware-update-status output corresponding to a state of a firmware update process performed by the firmware-update control unit for user notification.06-02-2011
20100156656Enhanced Visual Feedback For Touch-Sensitive Input Device - A touch-sensitive input device provides improved visual feedback at (or near) the point and time of contact. As the user touches a touch-sensitive screen or pad, a portion of the screen or pad changes in visual appearance to indicate that the input has been received. In one embodiment, the change in visual appearance is localized to an area proximate to the point of contact. In one embodiment, the change in visual appearance is accomplished by illuminating an area proximate to and centered around the point of contact. In another embodiment, the change in visual appearance is accomplished by illuminating one or more illuminable elements, such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on the touch-sensitive pad.06-24-2010
20100156657DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device is provided. The display includes a display main body, a light source, a diffusion part, and a transmission part. The display main body includes a display module and a cabinet protecting the display module. The light source generates light according to an operating state of the display main body. The diffusion part receives the light from the light source and includes a reflective surface oblique to an incident direction of the light. The transmission part includes an optical imaging part on which the light diffused from the diffusion part is projected and transmits the light to the outside at one side of the diffusion part.06-24-2010
20100259408LUGGAGE LOCATING APPARATUS AND METHODS - In accordance with embodiments presented herein, apparatus are provided that are operable for producing a visual indicator for luggage.10-14-2010
20120032815SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING A PROPERTY OF A STROBE COVER - A method and system for determining at least one property of a strobe cover are disclosed. The determined property of the strobe cover may then be analyzed to determine whether it is the proper property for the strobe device. The property of the strobe cover may include the color of the strobe cover (such as clear, blue, amber, etc.), the shape of the strobe cover (such as a strobe cover with a lens or a strobe cover without a lens), the material of the strobe cover, etc. The method and system may include determining the property of the strobe cover and checking whether the determined property is the expected property of the strobe cover (such as the expected color of the strobe cover). The strobe cover may include one or more property indicators. The one or more property indicators may interface with a circuit, such as mechanically interface with the circuit, in order for the circuit to determine the property of the strobe cover.02-09-2012
20100259409Radiation detecting cassette and medical system - An image capturing system includes a cassette having a radiation detector, an image memory, and a cassette controller, an image capturing apparatus, a display device, and a host computer. The cassette controller comprises a capacity value transmitter for transmitting a capacity value of the radiation image information to the host computer before transmission process, and an image transmitter for transmitting the radiation image information. The host computer comprises an indicator controller for controlling the display device to display an indicator representing the capacity value received from the cassette as the upper limit, and a bar controller for controlling the display device to display a bar moving toward the indicator and having a length corresponding to the received capacity value of the radiation image information while the radiation image information is being received.10-14-2010
20090002190MULTI-MEDIA MEMO BOARD - A memo board, including: a front housing including a first opening; a display module disposed behind a front side of the front housing, a front panel of the display module being exposed through the first opening of the front housing; a circuit board disposed behind the front side of the front housing, the circuit board including a memory and a controller; a back housing configured to receive the circuit board, the display module and the front housing through an opening at a front side of the back housing, the back housing including a mounting connector at a back side of the back housing; and a screen disposed at the front side of the front housing, the front panel of the display module being viewable through the screen, the screen being secured to and removed from the front housing by first and second fasteners.01-01-2009
20100277335Presentation of Visual Information - A method includes capturing at a first device electrical energy of electromagnetic waves transmitted by a second device. The method further includes using the captured electrical energy for causing a modification of a visual appearance of a display component. In addition to the wireless power, the visual appearance may depend on a data transmission.11-04-2010
20120139744THREE DIMENSIONAL ORIENTATION AND DIRECTION INDICATOR AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING INFORMATION ON A DIRECTION - A device for indicating a direction or axis in three dimensions to a user, comprises an indicator member (06-07-2012
20100123596Mather Line Monitor - The invention of the line monitor system is illustrated in the drawings labeled FIG. 05-20-2010
20100117850PRECISELY SYNCHRONIZED NOTIFICATION SYSTEM - A system for producing a notification. The system includes a control device that includes a processor, a master clock operably connected to the processor and configured to produce a master clock signal, a user interface operably connected to the processor and configured to generate an operational sequence based upon a user input, and a transmitter operably connected to the processor and configured to transmit the master clock signal and the operational sequence. The system further includes a plurality of output devices configured to establish a connection with the control device, to receive the master clock signal and the operational sequence via the established connection, and to produce a synchronized notification based upon the master clock signal and the operational sequence. The synchronized notification may include flashing lights, audible sounds, or other similar displays.05-13-2010
20100052934NOVELTY VIDEO DEVICE AND METHOD - Described herein is a novelty item and method for creating a novelty item that delivers a personalized video selected by the user. The invention further provides that the video can be rerecorded numerous times until a satisfactory video has been recorded. The invention further provides means for disabling the video recording mechanism when a satisfactory video is recorded. The invention further provides means for recharging the playback mechanism.03-04-2010
20100302054DISPLAY DEVICE FOR A DIVE COMPUTER - Display device for displaying information during a dive on a dive computer. The dive computer comprises a screen, measuring devices that detect variables related to the dive, a memory device to store data and program steps, and a computing device that processes the measurements made by the measuring device and derives data therefrom. A plurality of masks are stored in the dive computer to arrange dive data on the screen. The computing device determines characteristics from the dive data to select the mask characterizing the dive situation.12-02-2010
20100134313ELECTRON-EMITTING DEVICE AND DISPLAY PANEL INCLUDING THE SAME - An electron-emitting device includes an electroconductive member and a lanthanum boride layer on the electroconductive member and further includes an oxide layer between the electroconductive member and the lanthanum boride layer. The oxide layer can contain a lanthanum element. The lanthanum boride layer can be overlaid with a lanthanum oxide layer.06-03-2010
20100188246INORGANIC THICK FILM AC ELECTROLUMINESCENCE ELEMENT HAVING AT LEAST TWO INPUTS, AND PRODUCTION METHOD AND USE - The invention relates to an electroluminescence (EL) element based on a particular zinc sulfide thick film with at least two planar electrodes, wherein at least one planar electrode is designed to be transparent. At least two AC voltage inputs are provided on each electrode at two points which are spaced apart. Moreover, the invention relates to methods for the production of the electroluminescence element and to the use thereof.07-29-2010
20110115639INTEGRITY MONITORED CONCRETE PILINGS - A pile having first and second strain gauges installed in the piling core near and at the piling tip is provided. The second strain gauge is placed co-linear and at a known and controlled distance up the pile from the first strain gauge. Independent strain gauge measurements are made and transmitted to a controller, which receives signals from the strain gauges and compares them to static pre-stress levels that are initially established after casting and prior to pile installation. The dynamic force measurements are checked against expected ranges to assess pile tip integrity as well as other parameters.05-19-2011
20110128159ELEVATOR EVACUATION SUPPORTING SYSTEM - Provided is an elevator evacuation supporting system which can appropriately guide people living in a building to the hall of an elevator in the case of occurrence of a disaster. For this purpose, the elevator evacuation supporting system includes an elevator provided in a building, an evacuation operation device which, in the case of occurrence of a disaster in the building, selects service floors of the elevator from floors of the building according to the disaster condition of the building, and causes the elevator to perform an evacuation operation for ascent and descent between the service floors, a passage indication device provided in a passage leading to a hall of the elevator, and an escape routes display device which, during the evacuation operation of the elevator, causes the passage indication device provided in a passage leading to a hall of the elevator of the service floor to indicate escape routes to the hall of the elevator of the service floor according to the disaster condition of the service floor.06-02-2011
20100219972ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD - According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes: an indicator configured to indicate an operation status of a device; a switch configured to receive an input; a time determination module configured to determine whether an input time during which the input is continually received by the switch exceeds a predetermined first time; a lighting controller, when the time determination module determines that the input time passes the first time, configured to control the indicator so as to be turned on in a first lighting pattern; a detector configured to detect an end of the input received by the switch; and a processor, when the time determination module determines that the input time is greater than or equal to the first time and the detector detects the end of the input received by the switch, configured to perform predetermined first processing.09-02-2010
20090219167Light emitting display device with sequential emission preferably in time with music - A pre-programmed device and method for forming and displaying images which includes electrically powered light emitters in one or more rows that are preferably sequentially illuminated in time with music, the light emitters are typically a row of lights; a microprocessor(s) controlling the lights; a source of music that will preferably be coordinated with the illumination of the light emitters which enable the display device to convey a message; and a source of electrical power within, on. The inventive display device is useful in displaying a graphic.09-03-2009
20100039281Advertising Display and System - A provision is made for electro-magnetic wave detection, and identification of a natural element for interactive display by, with same or but not limited to wearable, portable, personal assist items or devices. Unnatural element identifification also recognizes resonace or induction but as a by product of electric/electronic discharge/eminence for display therewith.02-18-2010
20110187550DISPLAY DEVICE - The invention relates to a display device for emission parameters of an internal combustion engine with a linear representation of a value range, wherein a first and a second part region are provided for the display of difference values with differing sign relative to a given set value.08-04-2011
20100302053SWITCH HAVING A FLAT DISPLAY - A switch, particularly a switching device or operating device, includes a flat display, wherein the flat display is provided for the visual display of at least one item of information related to a current or future condition of the switch or a system or machine associated with the switch. A more effective spatial arrangement of the switch components, and reduced energy consumption, is accomplished by a flat display of the switch of at least one embodiment, at least partially including an electrochromic material and electrodes. The electrodes are provided to supply particular regions of the electrochromic material with an electrical voltage, in order to thus activate a color change, and to provide one or more items of information to the use by means of an intelligent control12-02-2010
20100321198TICKET WITH INTEGRATED VIDEO - An event ticket that includes a main body portion, a video screen associated with the main body portion, memory associated with the main body portion and printing on the main body portion indicating the event information. The content to be played on the video screen is stored in the memory.12-23-2010
20080204267Detector/Module Integrated Emergency Signs - Evacuation route signs can be mounted on smoke or fire detectors as well as manually operable alarm units. The signs can be oriented in one of a plurality of exit route indicating positions and can be illuminated in response to an alarm condition.08-28-2008
20110095901Power Distribution Unit - A power distribution device includes a chassis, a power input, and power brick bays for receiving, and delivering power to, power bricks. Each power brick bay includes a power adapter for providing power to a power brick.04-28-2011
20110181435Electronic apparatus, and control method thereof - An electronic apparatus including: a first device that includes a first display portion, the first display portion displaying information concerning the operation of the first device; and a second device that includes a second display portion, the second display portion displaying the information which the first display portion has displayed, depending on at least one of the second device having been attached to the first device, the first device having supplied an electric power to the second device, and the first device and the second device having communicated mutually.07-28-2011
20110156923INFORMATION FEEDBACK OR MESSAGE TO END-USER FOR LED LIGHT-CONTROL SYSTEMS - A lighting system comprising a lamp arranged to transform electricity into a light beam having properties such as intensity, colour, colour temperature, direction and beam cone angle; a light control means arranged to adjust said light beam properties; a processing means arranged to send control signals to said light control means; a user control interface arranged to transform user control input into electronic input signals and to send those electronic input signals to said processing means; wherein said processing means is arranged to send a user feedback signal to said light control means such that said lamp properties either alternate in time or are different in adjacent locations, such that a user can recognize said alternating or adjacent different light properties as a feed back signal.06-30-2011
20120013478System and Method for Assessing the Risk of Conjunction of a Rocket Body with Orbiting and Non-Orbiting Platforms - A system and method for assessing the risk of conjunction of a rocket body with orbiting and non-orbiting platforms. Two-body orbital dynamics are used to initially determine the kinematic access for a ballistic vehicle. The access may be represented in two ways: as a volume relative to its launcher and also as a geographical footprint relative to a target position that encompasses all possible launcher locations.01-19-2012
20100289665METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DISPLAYING A MESSAGE IN A WIDE-SPECTRUM DISPLAY - A method and system for displaying messages in a wide-spectrum display includes a visible element comprising a first portion of a message and an invisible element comprising a second portion of the message. In one aspect, the method includes the step of displaying, in the visible element, e.g. an image from a film, a captured photograph or a first part of an advertisement. The step of displaying, in the invisible element, includes the displaying e.g. of subtitles, metadata or a second part of an advertisement. An individual may choose to view the invisible element by viewing the wide spectrum display through a wavelength conversion device. Also disclosed are the use of the display in games, and of its integration in wearable material.11-18-2010
20120169508EXHIBITION METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MULTI-MEDIA COLOR RING BACK TONE RESOURCE BOX - An exhibition method is disclosed for a multimedia color ring back tone resource box. The method includes: the user defining a multimedia color ring back tone resource box and setting a multimedia color ring back tone exhibition rule; during using a multimedia color ring back tone service, according to the multimedia color ring back tone exhibition rule, selecting a multimedia color ring back tone from the resource box to exhibit. An exhibition apparatus for a multimedia color ring back tone resource box is also disclosed. The exhibition apparatus includes: a providing unit, a setting unit and an exhibition unit. The present invention meets the personalized requirement of the user on the multimedia color ring back tones, and realizes the diversity support of the multimedia color ring back tones.07-05-2012
20100271229SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CALIBRATING END EFFECTOR ALIGNMENT IN A PLASMA PROCESSING SYSTEM - A method for calibrating alignment of an end effector with respect to a chuck in a plasma processing system is provided. The method including positioning the end effector over the chuck and taking a still image of the chuck and the end effector. The method including processing the still image to ascertain the center of the chuck and the end effector-defined center defined by the end effector. The method including determining a positional difference between the end effector-defined center and the center of the chuck. The method also including providing the positional difference to a robot controller to control a robot mechanism to adjust the positional difference when the end effector transports a wafer10-28-2010
20120262302POWER PLUG WITH SAFETY PROTECTION - A power plug with safety protection comprises a main body, two blades, two wires or electrical conducting clips, a circuit isolating means for selectively opening or closing a circuit in the main body so as to supply or cut off power, and a current limiting means. One of the blades is connected to one of the wires or one of the electrical conducting clips by way of the circuit isolating means in series, the other of the blades is connected to the other of the wires or the other of the electrical conducting clips by way of the current limiting means, so as to form an electrical loop of dual safety protection. The circuit isolating means can be switched off to cut off power when equipments are not in use. The current limiting means can be actuated to trip equipments upon abnormal or excessive current.10-18-2012
20120268286METHOD FOR DISPLAYING STATUS OF POWER CONSUMPTION AND PORTABLE DEVICE THEREOF - Provided is a method for displaying electricity use status and a portable device thereof by identifying at least one electronic appliance in an image on a screen captured through a camera, receiving electricity use information of the at least one electronic appliance, determining the electricity use status of the at least one electronic appliance using the received electricity use information, and displaying one of a plurality of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), wherein each GUI corresponds to a different stage of the electricity use status of the at least one electronic appliance10-25-2012
20120092183Emergency Lighting System with Projected Directional Indication - An emergency lighting device for providing a directional indication on a recipient surface with first and second guidance indication light sources retained relative to a housing to emit beams of light, each with a directional indication, onto a recipient surface. The light sources can be individually operable and can have directional indications, such as arrows, pointing in first and second different directions. An illumination light source without a guidance indication can illuminate an adjacent area. Guidance indication light sources, which can be lasers, can emit beams in different colors to provide threat level indications. Plural emergency lighting devices can cooperate to guide a building occupant by providing directional indications on recipient surfaces.04-19-2012
20130015981Electronic Device And Its Production ProcessAANM FRANC; JoelAACI EckbolsheimAACO FRAAGP FRANC; Joel Eckbolsheim FRAANM KIRCHDOERFFER; RemyAACI GrancyAACO CHAAGP KIRCHDOERFFER; Remy Grancy CH - An electronic device, in particular of the sensor or detector type, includes a housing having first and second longitudinal opposite and sealed ends. The housing contains an electronic card and with its inside volume being filled by an insulating filler material that coats the card, its components, and the end of a connecting cable connected to the card, the housing including an opening at its second end, which is sealed by a connected piece that is equipped with a passage opening for the connecting cable. The sealing piece includes at least a second through opening for injecting filler material (01-17-2013
20130127629SIGNALING DEVICE FOR EMITTING AN ACOUSTIC AND/OR VISUAL SIGNAL - A signaling device for emitting an acoustic and/or visual signal includes a base housing body, and an upper housing part. The upper housing part can be connected to the base housing to form a receiving space, in which at least one electrical component assembly for generating signals is disposed and from which at least a first electrical line can be guided into the signaling device. A line connection mechanism is provided and disposed in the base housing body to which the electrical line can be connected. The electrical component assembly for the signal generation is disposed on the upper housing part.05-23-2013
20100309015INTELLIGENT USER INTERFACE INCLUDING A TOUCH SENSOR DEVICE - The present invention, according to a preferred embodiment, is directed to portable electronic devices which operate on exhaustible power sources, for example, batteries. The electronic devices of the present invention comprise at least one signal switch and a microchip in communication with the switch wherein the switch is only capable of transmitting a signal to the microchip that the switch has been activated or deactivated. The microchip is in communication with the exhaustible power source of the electronic device and controls (i) the power on/off function of the device, (ii) at least one other function of the device in response to activation and deactivation signals from the switch, and (iii) an automatic shut off function in response to the receipt of an activation signal from the switch.12-09-2010
20100309014EXTENDING EMERGENCY LIGHT WITH A RECESSED, COVERED STORAGE CAVITY - A safety unit for mounting in a wall defining a part of a building space has a tubular housing containing an emergency load such as a light sized to fit within the housing, said emergency load including a base and a light-emitting element. An actuator mechanism such as a motor carried on the housing provides force to the base responsive to electrical power to translate the base to deploy the emergency load within the building space. A preferred embodiment includes a cover and a cover-operating mechanism receiving force from the actuator to remove the cover as the load deploys.12-09-2010
20100315255Methods for Providing and Indicating Storage Load Indexes - A method for indicating an overload condition of a data storage system, comprises the steps of: defining one or more load indexes, wherein each of the load indexes has an overload threshold; and if one of the load indexes has met its respective overload threshold, providing an indicator of the overload condition of the storage system, else, monitoring the load indexes.12-16-2010
20130093596NOTIFICATION OF ACCESS CONTROL REQUEST AND EXPLANATION INDICATIVE OF THE ACCESS CONTROL REQUEST ON A COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A communication device includes a display screen upon which information is displayed. A microprocessor configured to execute at least one notification program is provided that displays a notification descriptive of an access control request on the display screen. The at least one notification program is programmed to receive data indicative of an access control request and to receive data descriptive of the access control request. Additionally, the at least one notification program is further programmed to display a notification indicative of the access control request and comprising an explanation of the access control request based on the received descriptive data.04-18-2013
20130194104Warning lamp column - A warning lamp column is proposed for the visual display of at least one operating state of a technical device such as a machine, a plant, a vehicle or the like, having at least one warning unit (08-01-2013
20130194103METHOD OF DISPLAYING MULTI-FIBER TEST RESULTS - A display method and apparatus provides an easy to interpret presentation of multiple channel data, in the form of columns where the height of the column represents the relative measurement. A threshold line provides an indication of whether the measurement is above or below the threshold. Greater detail and numeric measurement values can be displayed for individual channels while the multiple channel display is in view.08-01-2013

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