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20110193690METHOD FOR IDENTIFICATION OF COMPONENTS IN AN ELECTRICAL LOW-VOLTAGE SWITCHGEAR ASSEMBLY - In one embodiment of the present invention, a method for identification of components in an electrical low-voltage switchgear assembly is disclosed. The electrical low-voltage switchgear assembly according to one embodiment of the invention includes at least one truck module, which can be positioned in a truck slot. In at least one embodiment, both the truck slot and the truck module include associated devices for wire-free communication, wherein the communication devices are designed to transmit and/or receive data which is relevant for an automatic identification of the truck slot and/or the truck module, and allow automatic association of these components with one another.08-11-2011
20090121844SAMPLING INTERMEDIATE RADIO FREQUENCIES - The present disclosure is directed to a system and method for sampling intermediate radio frequencies. In some implementations, a method for RF communication includes receiving an analog Radio Frequency (RF) signal. The analog RF signal is downconverted to an analog signal centered at an Intermediate Frequency (IF). The analog IF signal is converted to a digital signal centered at an IF. The digital IF signal is downconverted to a digital baseband signal.05-14-2009
20130207785STORAGE CARTRIDGE CARRYING SYSTEM - A storage cartridge carrying system is used to store a storage cartridge for storing related semiconductor components, and has a remote host to monitor a storage status of the storage cartridge, and the system includes a sensor module, a storage cartridge ID identification module, having an inflating device with a flow controller, and a gas suction device with a hygrometer, and the modules and devices return measured data to the remote host, so that the storage status and storage environments of the storage cartridge can be monitored accurately.08-15-2013
20100045444RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION READING BY USING ERROR CORRECTING CODES ON SETS OF TAGS - A method and a system are described for improved reading of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags using correcting codes on sets of electronic tags. In one embodiment, information is requested from each of a set of electronic tags. The information includes an identification code and a portion of a codeword, the codeword contains a coded message with identification codes of all tags in the set. The information is received from a subset of the set of tags. Portions of the codeword from the received tag information of the subset of tags are assembled. The coded message is constructed from the assembled portions of the codeword. Finally, individually receiving information from a remaining set of the tags in the set of tags.02-25-2010
20130076493BROADCAST RESPONSE METHOD AND SYSTEM - A system and method for broadcast response generally employing RDS, DARC, or similar technology is provided, including a method for responding to a broadcast comprising extracting an event identifier from a broadcast signal; detecting a response by a user to the broadcast signal; polling a communications device to determine a user identifier; and communicating the event identifier and the user identifier when the user response is detected.03-28-2013
20100109851VERIFICATION OF MOVEMENT OF ITEMS - Apparatus and system for verifying a route taken during movement of an RFID tag, comprising a trusted platform module; sealed storage (05-06-2010
20090160624TRACEABILITY SYSTEM - An individual article management arrangements for managing an individual article distributed through a plurality of sites with a form thereof changed at least one of said plurality of sites, including: information processing apparatuses installed at said plurality of sites; and a data center apparatus connected to each of said information processing apparatuses through a network. The data center apparatus and the information processing apparatuses are configured to effect predetermined operations.06-25-2009
20120223819Near Field Communication Event Attendee Tracking System - Tracking an attendee at an event includes providing a near field communications (NFC) device associated with an event station to facilitate tracking an attendee. A processor associates an identification code with an NFC tag, where the identification code is associated with the attendee and the NFC tag communicates with one or more other NFC devices to track the attendee through the event.09-06-2012
20120223818DATA RANDOM SELECTION DEVICE - A data random selection device includes a data generation module and a data reading module. The data generation module includes a RFID tag and indication units. The RFID tag stores and sends an identification code, and one of the indication units is randomly driven to generate an indication signal when the RFID tag sends the identification code. The data reading module includes a wireless radio frequency reader and an output unit. The wireless radio frequency reader receives the identification code and reads the indication value corresponding to the randomly driven indication unit. The output unit outputs identification code and the indication value.09-06-2012
20110012715PROVISION OF A TAG-BASED SERVICE USING A BROKER SERVER - There is provided a method for providing a tag-based service. The exemplary method comprises registering in a broker server an allocation between at least one application server and a tag. An identification code included in the tag is read using a reader device. The identification code may be transmitted from the reader device to the broker server via a communication network. The exemplary method also comprises determining, in the broker server, the application server using the allocation. The exemplary method additionally comprises sending from the broker server to the application server a notification that the tag has been read. The exemplary further comprises executing a predetermined action in response to a receipt of the notification in the application server.01-20-2011
20130063254ELECTRONIC IDENTIFICATION PACKAGE - An electronic identification package and methods are disclosed. The electronic identification package comprises an electronic identifier operable to provide an identification. A ground conductive contact is coupled to the electronic identifier and is operable to conductively couple to a conductive body. An insulator is operable to insulate the electronic identifier from the conductive body, and a reader conductive contact is coupled to the electronic identifier and is operable to electronically couple to an electronic identification reader.03-14-2013
20090002132CAUSING RFID TAG TO CHANGE HOW MANY REMAINING COMMANDS IT WILL COMPLY WITH - RFID reader systems, readers, components, software and methods for causing a custom RFID tag to change how many remaining commands they will comply with. In a number of embodiments, this is achieved by causing a custom limiting command to be transmitted to the tag.01-01-2009
20110279246METHODS AND APPARATUS TO VISUALIZE LOCATIONS OF RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION (RFID) TAGGED ITEMS - Methods and apparatus to visualize locations of radio frequency identification (RFID) tagged items are described. One example method includes receiving a request from a portable electronic device to access product information associated with an individual radio frequency identification (RFID) tagged item, determining a location of the product information in a database, transmitting the located product information to the portable electronic device for display thereon, receiving modified product information associated with the individual RFID tagged item from the portable electronic device, and storing the modified product information to the location of the product information in the database.11-17-2011
20110279245SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ASSOCIATING RFID SMART LABELS WITH CUSTOMER DATABASE RECORDS FOR USE WITH AUTOMATED TRACKING OF WASTE AND RECYCLABLE MATERIAL - A method of quickly and accurately associating a customer name and address with a unique RFID identification tag to be used on a waste or recyclable materials container by the customer. A self-adhesive RFID label including an embedded RFID identification tag is provided in an envelope. Using a hand-held RFID tag reader or more preferably, an RFID reader mounted in a printer coupled to a computer device, a customer name and address is selected from a database and printed on an envelope or directly on the RFID label. Using the RFID reader in the printer and while the customer name and address is being printed, the unique RFID identification number from the RFID identification tag is read, provided to the computer device and automatically inserted into the customer database record, thereby associating the unique RFID identification tag number with the customer record. The RFID label is then delivered (mailed) to or picked up by the customer, all without need to send someone to a customer site to read the RFID tag associated with a waste or recycle bin and associated with the customer record. The customer can then easily apply the self-adhesive label with the RFID tag to their appropriate waste or recycle container.11-17-2011
20100171599METHOD FOR SEARCHING A PLURALITY OF RFID TAGS AND APPARATUS THEREOF - A method for searching RFID tags and an RFID reader thereof are provided. Each of a plurality of RFID tags awaiting to be accessed has a UID composed of a plurality of bits. The method comprises dividing the plurality of bits of the UID into groups to generate a plurality of groups; selecting a first group and a first value for the first group; obtaining a search result according to a search command and the UIDs of the RFID tags; and analyzing the search result to determine whether at least one RFID tag corresponds to the first group and the first value. Each of the groups has n bits, where n is a positive integer greater than or equal to 1.07-08-2010
20120098647METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INPUTTING USER INSTRUCTIONS OF A USER-CONTROLLABLE TELECOMMUNICATION DEVICE - A method and systems for inputting user instructions to central controller of a service provider. The user instruction is inputted based on transmission of RFID identification data of a RFID transponder to the central controller. The RFID identification data of a RFID transponder is transmitted to a RFID transceiver, having a RFID transceiver identification, over an RFID interface. The RFID identification data and the RFID transceiver identification are then forwarded to the central controller of the service provider over a network connection between the RFID transceiver and the central controller, causing the central controller to select specific user instruction based on the RFID identification data and the RFID transceiver identification. The selected specific user instruction then causes the central controller to apply corresponding adjustment to operations that relate to the one or more electronic devices corresponding to the user of the RFID transponder.04-26-2012
20090189744IDENTIFICATION CODE CIRCUIT FOR RECEIVING COIL IN MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING SYSTEM - An identification code circuit for a receiving coil in a magnetic resonance imaging system, is embodied in a main coil. The circuit has a fixed resistance for generating the identification code of the main coil. The main coil has a socket for connecting a sub-coil, so that a coil plug of a sub-coil can be plugged into the socket for connecting to the main coil. The identification code circuit also has a regulating resistance and a sub-coil switch corresponding to the socket. The coil plug of the sub-coil is plugged into the socket to close the sub-coil switch, so that the values of the regulating resistance and said fixed resistance are added together to form a combined resistance value. After said main coil has been connected to a magnetic resonance imaging system, an identification code source voltage value across the combined resistance value is the identification code of the combined main coil and sub-coil. A receiving circuit identification code thus can be generated simply and with reduced cost.07-30-2009
20090189743Radio-Frequency Identification Enabled Inventory Management and Network Operations System and Method - An inventory management and network operations system and method. In one embodiment, the system includes: (1) a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader data network having RFID readers configured to read tag identifiers from RFID tags associated with equipment to be deployed to a target network and (2) a computer coupled to the RFID reader data network and the target network and configured to retrieve the tag identifiers from the RFID reader data network and network identifiers from equipment deployed in the target network, associate the tag identifiers and the network identifiers and display both the tag identifiers and the network identifiers of at least some of the equipment to a user.07-30-2009
20090261955INTELLIGENT BAIL - An identification device is configured to be coupled externally to an optoelectronic device to provide connectivity and/or identification information in an optical network in which the optoelectronic device is implemented. The identification device may include an integrated circuit with unique identification information and a plurality of contacts coupled to the integrated circuit and configured to be coupled to an outside identification system. The outside identification system communicates with the identification device via the plurality of contacts to collect unique identification information, the ability to retrieve the unique identification information additionally implicating connectivity in some embodiments. The identification device may include a plurality of clips configured to engage corresponding posts on a latch of the optoelectronic device.10-22-2009
20090261954METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TRANSMITTING AN IDENTIFIER OF A VALVE OF A WHEEL OF A VEHICLE TO A RECEIVER ON BOARD THIS VEHICLE - The method is for transmitting data identifying a valve of a wheel to a receiver on board a vehicle. The method includes, excitation of the valve, transmission by the valve of a frame including at least a code identifying the valve, and reception of the frame by the on-board receiver. The reception includes a refreshing of a memory range contained in the receiver by the data from the frame received. The method the includes a reading operation, by a diagnostic instrument, of the most recent data contained in the memory range, and an operation of writing to an area of memory dedicated to storing identifier codes, by a diagnostic instrument, of at least part of the data read including an identifier code. The writing operation is carried out after validation by an operator.10-22-2009
20100102934Onboard System for Identifying and Monitoring the Content of an Aircraft - The object of the invention is to allow exhaustive knowledge of the previously marked contents of an air transport means. The invention thus consists of a system for identifying and monitoring the set of the elements belonging to the content of a transport aircraft (V) allowing the user to ascertain in real time the content of said transport aircraft (V).04-29-2010
20090002133RFID-BASED PERSONNEL TRACKING - Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for RFID-based personnel tracking. A method of tracking employees includes, in a first computer system, prompting a user for identification input, validating the identification input, receiving data from a first scan of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag upon initiation of a task, receiving data from a second scan of the RFID tag upon termination of the task, and uploading the identification input and the data of the first and second scans to a second computer system for storage and correlation.01-01-2009
20080303637Updateable electronic-ink based display label device - An updateable electronic-ink based display label device for attachment to an object to be tracked. The device includes (i) an addressable display assembly including a layer of electronic ink, (ii) an antenna structure, (iii) an interface module, and (iv) a signal transceiver module. The signal transceiver module is responsive to electromagnetic data signals received from a remote communication module, and the addressable display assembly is responsive to output signals generated by the interface module, to display the determined graphical indicia. The antenna structure, the interface module, the signal transceiver module, and the antenna structure are arranged and stacked together to form the updateable electronic-ink based display label device.12-11-2008
20080211637TIERED RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION - Methods and apparatuses for tiered RFID communication are provided, inter alia, for privacy and security in at least certain embodiments. An RFID tag includes first and second memory locations respectively storing first and second identifiers. The tag is configured to respond to an identification query with the first identifier until receipt of a command code. After receipt of the command code, the tag is configured to respond to the identification query with the second identifier. The first identifier can be permanently disabled for privacy. In a one embodiment, the first identifier is an electronic product code, and the second identifier is a recycling identifier, hazardous waste information, or regulatory disposal requirement. In another embodiment, the first and second identifiers can identify the tag's associated item with differing levels of specificity for improved security.09-04-2008
20100141403DEVICES AND METHODS USEFUL FOR AUTHORIZING PURCHASES ASSOCIATED WITH A VEHICLE - Disclosed are various devices useful as components of a system for authorizing purchases associated with a vehicle that are generally simple to install, operate and maintain and are generally resistant to abuse. Devices disclosed include an identification vehicle identification tag reader with a loop-shaped antenna.06-10-2010
20120068831WIRELESS TAG WRITING/READING APPARATUS AND METHOD BY THE SAME - Certain embodiments provide a wireless tag writing apparatus including: a generation unit configured to generate an identification code to be written in a wireless tag having a memory storing data, the identification code identifying an object attached with the wireless tag; an adding unit configured to calculate the identification code according to a determination type code representing a type of a determination method for confirming whether there is any garbled bit occurring in the identification code, and add a generated check code resultant from calculation according to the determination method to the identification code; and a communication unit configured to communicate with the wireless tag, and write the identification code, the determination type code, and the check code to the memory of the wireless tag.03-22-2012
20110221578WIRELESS IDENTIFICATION CARD - The wireless identification card (09-15-2011
20110221579Systems and methods for RFID-based access management of electronic devices - Disclosed are systems and methods for preventing unauthorized persons from using an electronic device within a facility. In such an embodiment, the system may include a RFID tag having unique identification information associated with a wearer of the RFID tag. The RFID tag may be comprised in a non-removable item worn by the wearer, such as a bracelet. This system may also include an RFID reader associated with the electronic device and having an RFID coverage zone for detecting RFID tags within the coverage zone. A device management system may be connected to the reader and configured to determine whether a wearer in the coverage zone is authorized to use the electronic device based at least in part on detected RFID tag's unique identification information. In such an embodiment, the device management system is configured to activate the electronic device if it determines the authorized wearer is detected in the coverage zone.09-15-2011
20090096588Method Of Transmitting Product Information Read From An Identification Tag To A Processor And A System Therefor - A method for transmitting product information read from an identification tag to another processor and a system therefore. The system finds one application in radio frequency (RFID) tags. The method includes receiving data read from a tag by a tag reader, the data including product data identifying the product to which the tag is attached and tag data uniquely identifying the tag and forwarding the product data but not the tag data to another processor. This ensures that the part of the tag number which specifically identifies the particular product is kept private. This invention has one application in a retail environment where products are tagged with RFID transponders.04-16-2009
20110140864METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR IDENTIFYING AND CATEGORIZING DISTRIBUTED DEVICES - Systems for identifying and categorizing distributed devices, e.g., lighting fixtures and thermostats, is disclosed. In an embodiment, a user (06-16-2011
20110227709WIRELESS ASSET MANAGEMENT AND DEMAND FLOOR PLAN AUDIT SYSTEM - Disclosed is a vehicle tracking and system for a vehicle dealerships, storage facilities and financial institutions. The vehicle tracking system includes wireless security apparatus that is coupled with a vehicles OBD-II system. The wireless security apparatus communicates with one or more GPS satellites to obtain location and other GPS generated data. The wireless security apparatus communications using radio-frequency signals and the internet to transfer the GPS data and vehicle OBD-II data to a service facility.09-22-2011
20090212923Information processing apparatus, method, and program - An information processing apparatus includes an identification information acquisition unit configured to acquire identification information that is contained in a tag whose registration has been instructed by a user and that identifies the tag from among a plurality of tags indicating user feelings; a registration information generation unit configured to acquire information corresponding to a user feeling indicated by the tag whose registration has been instructed by the user and to generate registration information including the information corresponding to the user feeling added in association with the identification information; and a display unit configured to display a list of images of tags corresponding to identification information contained in the registration information and display information corresponding to a user feeling added in association with identification information corresponding to a tag selected from the list of the images of the tags, on the basis of the generated registration information.08-27-2009
20120105214Aggregating and Routing Sensor Data at a Community Sensor-Coordinating Entity - In one embodiment, a method includes receiving sensor data from multiple sensors associated with multiple persons; for each of the sensors, identifying the person associated with the sensor; determining whether the sensor data are valid; and, for the sensor data that are valid, aggregating them based on the associations of their sensors with the persons and routing them to one or more sensor-application-service providers based on associations of the persons with the sensor-application-service providers.05-03-2012
20080309464Registering system, registering device, registering method, and registering program of ID originating device installation position information - An object of the present invention is to provide an ID originating device installation position managing system that enables registration of installation position information to be supported also in a system having no network between an ID originating device and a managing system. For this, when a worker installs an ID originating device 12-18-2008
20100156612System For Recognizing Animals - A system for recognizing animals in a detection zone (06-24-2010
20100176936APPLICATIONS FOR RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS - The present invention relates to RFID devices, including handheld RFID devices, and applications for such devices. The devices and applications may be used in connection with items that are associated with an RFID tag, and optionally a magnetic security element. The devices and applications are described with particular reference to library materials such as books, periodicals, and magnetic and optical media.07-15-2010
20100156613APPARATUS FOR COMMUNICATING WITH RFID TAG - This disclosure discloses an apparatus for communicating with an RFID tag comprising: a radio communicating device configured to conduct radio communication with a plurality of RFID tag circuit elements respectively having an IC circuit part storing information and a tag antenna capable of transmission and reception of information; and a mode setting portion capable of switching and setting from a plurality of application modes with use forms of said radio communication different from each other according to status information indicating a status with respect to an obtainment of identification information of the plurality of said RFID tag circuit elements in communication.06-24-2010
20100156614BEVERAGE CONTAINER AUTHENTICITY AND PROVENANCE DEVICES AND METHODS - An RFID label and optional secondary security label ensures the authenticity of a beverage contained in a beverage container. The RFID label cannot be removed without destroying the RFID label or rendering it inoperable. A secondary security label may be placed over the closure of the beverage container to provide a secondary measure against tampering as well as a visual indicator of authenticity. It is placed on a portion of the bottle, a portion of the beverage container's closure, and the RFID label. An attempt to remove the secondary security label will also render the RFID label unusable.06-24-2010
20100156611APPARATUS FOR COMMUNICATING WITH RFID TAG - This disclosure discloses an apparatus for communicating with an RFID tag comprising: an apparatus antenna device configured to conduct radio communication with an RFID tag circuit element; a tag information obtainment portion configured to obtain identification information from the RFID tag circuit element via the apparatus antenna device; a management item determination portion configured to determine, when the tag information obtainment portion obtains the identification information, whether or not there is an unregistered management item for which management data is not registered in a database configured to store the obtained identification information and management data for a management item of a target article to which the RFID label is affixed in association with each other; and an unregistered information display device configured to display, when the management item determination portion determines that there is an unregistered management item, information relating to the unregistered management item.06-24-2010
20120139714DISPLAY DEVICE AND PORTABLE TERMINAL - In order to increase the continuous operating time of a display device driven by a battery or the like, and a portable information terminal using the same, the volume and weight of the battery are increased. Thus, there arises a trade-off between the increased capacity of the battery and the portability of the device/terminal. Therefore, the invention provides a display device with portability ensured, which is capable of operating continuously for long periods and a portable information terminal using the same. In the display device, TFTs and an RFID tag are formed over the same insulating substrate. The RFID tag detects signals from a reader/writer, and generates DC power based on the signals. While the RFID tag is detecting signals, the display device is driven by the DC power generated in the RFID tag.06-07-2012
20100176935PRE-AUTHENTICATED IDENTIFICATION TOKEN - An identification token such as a proximity payment device may be integrated with a wristwatch. For security purposes, the identification token may be disabled when removed from the user's wrist. The identification token may be re-enabled by interaction with a docking station or personal computer at the user's residence.07-15-2010
20100238001Method of Automatically Programming a Load Control Device Using a Remote Identification Tag - A method of automatically programming a new load control device that replaces an old load control device takes advantage of a remote identification tag (e.g., an RFID tag) located in the vicinity of the old device. The remote identification tag stores an identifier that is representative of a location in which the old device is installed. The method includes the steps of: (1) storing a setting of an old device in a memory of a controller; (2) associating the setting with the identifier of the old device in the memory of the controller; (3) the new device retrieving the identifier from the remote identification tag after the new device is installed in the location of the old device; (4) the new device transmitting the identifier to the controller; and (5) the controller transmitting the setting of the old device to the new device in response to receiving the identifier.09-23-2010
20100253484PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLY PACKAGE - A pharmaceutical supply package comprising: a memory storing an identifier specific to the pharmaceutical supply package; a transmitter operable to transmit the identifier for reception by a reception device external to the pharmaceutical supply package; and a receiver operable to receive data and to store the received data in the memory.10-07-2010
20110057779METHOD OF AUTHENTICATING A RADIO TAG BY A RADIO READER - The invention relates to a method of authenticating a radio tag by a radio reader, the tag possessing an identifier accessible to the reader via a database of tag identifiers, comprising: dispatching an authentication request by the reader to the tag, dispatching by the tag, a response, calculated by applying a first function to at least the identifier, a calculation by the tag and by the reader of a new identifier, by applying a second function to the identifier, comprising: if the response dispatched by the tag corresponds to a result obtained by applying said first function to an identifier of the base, a dispatching by the reader a first value, calculated by applying a third function to said identifier of the base.03-10-2011
20110057778AUTOMATIC DETERMINATION OF RADIO CONTROL UNIT CONFIGURATION PARAMETER SETTINGS - A method for determining an output signal is provided. A radio device identifier associated with a second radio device is stored in a first radio device. One or more configuration parameter settings associated with the second radio device are stored in the first radio device. The first radio device identifies the second radio device based on the radio device identifier. In response to identifying the second radio device, the first radio device automatically determines the configuration parameter settings should be used to determine an output signal based on a user input. The first radio device establishes a radio communications link with the second radio device. The first radio device receives the user input. Based on the configuration parameter settings and the user input, the first radio device determines the output signal. The first radio device transmits the output signal to the second radio device through the radio communications link.03-10-2011
20100039239Easy-on talking and detection shoes for kids - An embedded Communication device configured to enable kids identify the sides and sizes of shoes to be warn and responsive for voice auditory communication.02-18-2010
20090160623METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING AN ELECTRONIC LABEL, ELECTRONIC LABEL AND BASE STATION FOR IMPLEMENTING SAID METHOD - The invention relates to a method for identifying electronic labels provided with an identification code consisting of a plurality of rows, by means of a base station emitting interrogation commands (06-25-2009
20110032081Long Range Radio Frequency Identification System - A method and apparatus for building a long range RFID system is disclosed. A new signaling structure called Block Pseudo Noise is described that allows for more computationally efficient decoding. A novel approach to synchronize the RFID reader local oscillator with the RFID tag oscillator using an on board GPS receiver on the RFID tags and RFID reader is also disclosed. A novel positioning technique called Asynchronous Time Difference of Arrival used to located RFID tags is also disclosed.02-10-2011
20110128130Group Proving Method and Radio Frequency Identification Reader and Tags using Thereof - A group proving method includes the following steps. First, a query command is broadcasted to radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, each of which responds the query command with tag identification data. Next, a first round parameter is generated and broadcasted according to the tag identification data, and each RFID tag responds the first round parameter with a first response parameter. Then, a second round parameter is generated and broadcasted according to the first response parameter, and each RFID tag determines whether the second round parameter is received in a predetermined period after the first round parameter was received and whether the first and second round parameters correspond to each other. If so, each RFID tag updates its tag key according to a random number parameter and outputs a second response parameter. Thereafter, group proving data are generated according to the above-mentioned data.06-02-2011
20100134260Method of Tracking Items Using RFID - Methods for accounting for an managing inventory and accounting for goods is disclosed. An RFID tag in the form of an RFID inlay is placed in the interior of a carton, pallet or other container for shipping or storing items. RFID readers can be used to elicit identification information from the RFID inlay within a carton. Such method reduces waste paper and cost. The rate of application of the RFID tag can also be increased using the disclosed methods. Reliability of reading information from the RFID inlay within a carton is improved in comparison to traditional slap and ship RFID labels.06-03-2010
20110121951ANTI-FAKE BATTERY PACK AND IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM THEREOF - An anti-fake battery pack and an identification system thereof has a casing and multiple battery cells, each of which as a battery body, an inner identifier mounted outside the battery body, a protection layer mounted around outside of the battery body and the outer identifier formed on the protection layer. An external identifying device has to read a first and second identification codes from the inner and outer identifiers to determine whether the battery cell is authentic or not. In addition, the inner identifier is covered by the protection layer, so the inner identifier can not stolen without breaking the protection layer with the outer identifier. Therefore, the identifying system provides double identifying procedures to increase security of identification and decrease the possibility of copying the first and second identification codes.05-26-2011
20110115612MEDIA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR SELECTIVELY ASSOCIATING MEDIA WITH DEVICES DETECTED BY AN RFID - A system and method for managing media is described herein. The system includes a camera oriented towards a visually distinguishing mark, at least one actuation device that generates an instruction for at least one of the camera and an RFID reading system, and a central control unit in communication with the camera and the RFID reading system. In response to an instruction from the at least one actuation device, the RFID reading system detects an RFID device neighboring the visually distinguishing mark and transmits a first identifying information of the detected RFID device to the central control unit. The central control unit receives an image captured by the camera, creates a media file including the captured image and the received first identifying information, and transmits the media file to a server.05-19-2011
20120242460METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR IDENTIFYING ITEMS - Methods and systems for identifying items are disclosed. One such method comprises the steps of: subjecting at least a portion of the item to a predefined activating condition (09-27-2012
20100164694Article inventory device, article inventory system, and article inventory method - This disclosure discloses an article inventory device comprising: an area information obtainment portion configured to obtain inventory area information; a recording portion configured to record an article list in which registration identification information and storing area information are associated with each other; a determining portion configured to determine whether or not the registration identification information match the identification information and whether or not the storing area information match the inventory area information; a classifying portion configured to classify the article into a group of an inventory abnormal state if it is determined that at least either the identification information and the registration identification information or the inventory area information and the storing area information do not match; and a return processing portion configured to execute return processing to an inventory normal state for the article classified into the group of the inventory abnormal state.07-01-2010
20110241845Automated Material Handling System with Identification Features - Amongst other things, a material handling system comprises a controller; a transport system, the transport system comprising transport track sections and at least one transport vehicle, the at least one transport vehicle configured to move along the transport track sections and configured to transport a carrier; and at least one identification tag reader located along a particular transport track section, the at least one identification tag reader being configured to read an identification tag of the carrier being transported by the at least one transport vehicle and being further configured to send a information signal to the controller; wherein the controller is configured to verify at least a location of the carrier based on the information signal.10-06-2011
20100295665OBJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - An object management system that includes at least one object identification device to be secured to an associated object. The object identification devices provide radio frequency signals containing object identification codes. The system includes at least one user identification device providing a radio frequency signal containing a user identification code and a control unit having a reader for receiving and reading the signals provided by the user identification devices and the object identification devices. One aspect provides a remote unit that communicates directly with the control unit to receive information associated with a condition of the object management system at a location remote from the control unit. The remote unit is further configured to be carried by a user and configured to communicate information and/or an alert to the user, wherein the information and/or the alert is associated with the condition of the object management system.11-25-2010
20080231427TRACEABILITY SYSTEM - An individual article management system for managing an individual article distributed through a plurality of sites with a form thereof changed at least one of the plurality of sites. Each of the information processing apparatuses transmits read identification information and formed index data to a data center apparatus through a network, and the data center apparatus, receives the transmitted identification information and the transmitted index data, and stores each of the received index data into a storing apparatus so as to be associated with each other on the basis of the identification information for identifying the individual article.09-25-2008
20110254667STRING MATERIAL WITH RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION TAGS - A product includes a string material; and a series of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags secured along a length of the string material. Each RFID tag has an identifier stored therein for transmission to identify that RFID tag and a path along the string material to a reader. A method includes laying a string material along a path through an infrastructure, the string material comprising Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags placed at intervals along a length of the string material. Each said RFID tag has an identifier stored therein for transmission to identify that RFID tag to a reader. The path is selected to correspond with a path to be followed through the infrastructure by a computer-driven mobile device.10-20-2011
20110210829Method of Actively Tagging Electronic Designs and Intellectual Property Cores - In an embodiment of the invention, an active security tag is embedded within the digital logic of an electronic design for logic destined for an integrated circuit such as an FPGA. The security tag includes security tag data which permits identification of the electronic design, and facilitates efforts to enforce copyrights in the designs. The security tag also includes a transmitter designed to covertly transmit security tag data to a receiver. Other information, such as error information and status information about the integrated circuit may also be transmitted. The transmitted information is concealed from detection by being hidden within background noise signals or other signals created by normal usage of the integrated circuit.09-01-2011
20110163857Energy Harvesting for Low Frequency Inductive Tagging - A system for detection and tracking of objects which carry low radio frequency tags that comprise an inductive antenna and transceiver operable at a radio frequency below 1 megahertz, a transceiver operatively connected to that antenna, an ID data storage device, a microprocessor for handling data from the transceiver and data store, and an energy harvesting device to capture energy from an energy condition at said object. The system includes a field communication inductive antenna disposed, preferably at a distance of several feet from each object, and at an orientation that permits effective communication with the tag antennas at the aforesaid radio frequency, a data receiver, transmitter and reader data processor in operative communication with the field communication inductive antenna. The aforesaid tag communication inductive antenna may have a ferrite core to enhance data reception.07-07-2011
20100283585IDENTIFICATION OF AN ANTENNA - A system that is operable to adjust operation of a network device is provided. The system includes an identification module that is coupled with an antenna connector that couples the antenna with a network device. The identification module includes an identification characteristic that may be used to determine an antenna characteristic that defines operation of the antenna. The operation of the network device may be adjusted based on the antenna characteristic.11-11-2010
20100283586COMMUNICATION DEVICE, COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, IMAGE PRESENTATION METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A communication device that can simplify various settings of a display device, such as a TV, that provides information regarding an object (communication device) is provided. An image capturing device (11-11-2010
20110133905SYSTEM AND METHOD OF IDENTIFYING TAGGED ARTICLES - An automatic data collection system tracks articles by providing a robust electromagnetic (EM) field within an enclosure in which the articles are stored. Respective data carriers, such as RFID tags, attached to each article respond to the electromagnetic field by transmitting unique data identified with each article. Where the frequency of the EM field coupled to the enclosure differs from the natural resonance frequency of the enclosure, the placement of a probe to couple energy to the enclosure is selected to have the reflected phase of the EM energy from walls equal at the probe location thereby producing a robust EM field to activate and/or detect data carriers.06-09-2011
20120146774RFID SYSTEM - An antenna is disposed near a route of mobile object. A fixed tag is disposed at a location where a radio wave can be received from the antenna. When receiving a read command from the antenna, a mobile tag attached to the mobile object and the fixed tag send back a response signal at prescribed timing. A signal received from the fixed tag by the antenna is substantially constant. The signal from the fixed tag cannot be read while buried in a signal transmitted from the mobile tag to the antenna while the mobile tag is positioned at a location where communication with the antenna is expected. Conversely, when the mobile tag is at least a prescribed distance away from the antenna, the signal from the mobile tag cannot be read while buried in the signal from the fixed tag.06-14-2012
20110080270DATA INPUT DEVICE - A data input device is configured to include a first RFID tag containing identification data and being able to transmit the identification data to an RFID reader upon receipt of a radio wave from the RFID reader, a conductive element which allows the first RFID tag to be incommunicable with the RFID reader when the conductive element is close to the first RFID tag, and an operative element which is configured to support the conductive element and bias the conductive element to a position close to the first RFID tag so that the first RFID tag becomes incommunicable and to return the conductive element against a bias force to a position away from the first RFID tag so that the first RFID tag becomes communicable.04-07-2011
20100066510Control Method for RFID Tag and RFID System Thereof - A control method for a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag is provided. The control method includes steps of prompting a plurality of RFID tags to enter a ready state; enabling a first RFID tag from the RFID tags to enter an accessible stage, and providing a first identification code to the first RFID tag; and commanding the first RFID tag to enter a standby state from the accessible stage.03-18-2010
20110148603OILFIELD EQUIPMENT IDENTIFICATION METHOD AND APPARATUS - A system comprising a piece of oilfield equipment, an identifier assembly and a reader. The piece of oilfield equipment has an exterior surface. The identifier assembly comprises an identification tag storing a unique identifier. The identification tag is capable of outputting a signal indicative of the unique identifier. The identification tag is mounted to the exterior surface of the piece of oilfield equipment beyond an external surface perimeter of the piece of oilfield equipment such that the identification tag is isolated from the exterior surface of the piece of oilfield equipment. The reader has an antenna receiving the signal indicative of the unique identifier from the identification tag.06-23-2011
20120146773RANDOM-ID FUNCTION FOR SMARTCARDS - A method for low-level security based on the UID. In particular it enhances an RFID system by adding the ability to dynamically modify the UID of the smartcard or to randomly generate a new UID for the smartcard.06-14-2012
20120306629DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CHECKING THE INTEGRITY OF PHYSICAL OBJECTS - The invention relates to a device for monitoring physical objects that comprises one or more short-range remote readers, memory elements to be attached to physical objects, and a controller adapted for executing a reading function capable of interaction with the one or more remote readers in order to acquire data contained in adjacent memory elements, and for executing an integrity validation function capable of distinguishing, from the acquired data, individual identifiers particular to each of the memory elements as well as group description data stored in at least some of said memory elements, and of checking the sufficiency of group description data while checking the compliance of individual identifiers with corresponding group description data.12-06-2012
20120038466PICKING SYSTEM - A picking system comprises a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, a case, a two-wire conductive strip, at least one identifying unit and a processing unit. The two-wire conductive strip is electrically connected between the identifying unit and the processing unit. The identifying unit reads tag information within the RFID tag for actively and instantly controlling the authorization of an operating staff assigned for particular items thereby improving the accuracy of picking items.02-16-2012
20110050401PRODUCT MANAGING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD - According to one embodiment, a product managing apparatus includes a radio unit, an instruction receiving unit, an area-password storing unit, and a password updating unit. The radio unit performs radio communication with an RFID tag that is attached to a product and can store an identification code of the product and a password. The instruction receiving unit receives an instruction for moving the product from a first area to a second area. The area-password storing unit stores a password corresponding to the second area. When the instruction receiving unit receives the instruction for moving the product from the first area to the second area, the password updating unit causes the radio unit to operate and writes, in the RFID tag attached to the product, the password corresponding to the second area.03-03-2011
20110050400RFID PORTAL SYSTEM WITH RFID TAGS HAVING VARIOUS READ RANGES - A system and method selectively reads radio frequency identification (“RFID”) tags within an RFID interrogation zone. A portion of the RFID tags have a first operating range and a portion of the RFID tags have a second operating range that is different from the first operating range. Each RFID tag is programmed with an identifier associated with the operating range of the RFID tag. A first interrogation signal is transmitted which has sufficient power to activate RFID tags that are located within the RFID interrogation zone and have the first operating range. A response signal is received from each RFID tag capable of receiving the first interrogation signal. Each response signal indicates the identifier of the associated RFID tag. Each RFID tag that has an identifier associated with the first operating range is selected.03-03-2011
20100052867APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING OBJECT MOVEMENT AND LOCATION WITH RFID DEVICE - An apparatus for identifying object movement and location with RFID device comprises two RFID gateways constructed by at least one RFID interrogator located inside and outside an entrance of a monitored zone independently, a portable RFID tag carried by the object capable of receiving and responding said signals emitted by said RFID interrogator, and a data processor connected with said RFID gateways capable of receiving said responses to identify said object movement as leaving or entering said entrance and said object location as outside or inside said monitored zone. There is also a corresponding method for identifying object movement and location with RFID device. 03-04-2010
20100277288HIGH-TENSILE BELT-TYPE TAG AND WIRELESS RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM EMPLOYING THE SAME - A high-tensile belt-type tag including a belt, a high-tensile transmission line, an antenna and a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip is provided, wherein the belt includes a belt body and a retaining ring. The belt body is suitable to slip into an opening of the retaining ring and preventing the belt body from slipping out of the opening. The high-tensile transmission line, the antenna and the RFID chip are disposed in the belt, and the high-tensile transmission line encircles the whole belt in accordance with a shape of the belt. Moreover, the RFID chip is coupled to the antenna through the high-tensile transmission line, wherein when the high-tensile transmission line is split as the belt is cut off, the RFID chip cannot delivers an identification code through the antenna due to split of the high-tensile transmission line.11-04-2010
20090273453Item Identification Using RFID - Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for item identification using RFID. A system includes a radio frequency identification (RFID) interrogator, and a computer coupled to the RFID interrogator, the computer including a database comprising RFID identification codes and items associated with the RFID identification codes, two or more the RFID identification codes associated with a single item.11-05-2009
20110156883SYSTEM FOR MONITORING A STATE OF OPERATION OF A PHOTOVOLTAIC PANEL, CORRESPONDING PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM, AND CONTROL METHOD AND UNIT FOR REMOTE MONITORING - A system for monitoring a state of operation of a photovoltaic panel. The system comprises a transponder for connection to the panel, wherein, when the panel is in a first state of operation, the transponder transmits an individual identifier code in response to a pre-determined received signal and wherein, when the panel is in a second state of operation, the transponder does not transmit the individual identifier code.06-30-2011
20120176229Method, Transponder, and System for Secure Data Exchange - A method may include generating by a transponder a first code and transmitting the first code to a base station. The base station may generate first transmission information, encoding a base station code with a first identification and a first random number code, and may transmit the first transmission information to the transponder. The transponder may extract the base station code. A second code may be generated by the transponder and transmitted to the base station upon an associated request from the base station. Before transmission to the base station, the second code may be encoded with the extracted base station code. Second encoded transmission information comprising a second identification may be generated by the base station using the second code and transmitted to the transponder. A memory region of the transponder may be released for read and/or write access after the second identification was verified as valid.07-12-2012
20120001737METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR COMPUTED RADIOGRAPHY - A method for obtaining an X-ray image of a subject on a flexible information carrier plate for computed radiography. A memory is affixed to a surface of the plate, wherein the affixed memory stores information about the plate and is in wireless communication with a computer. A first scan date is stored in the affixed memory. Obtaining the X-ray image uses steps of storing at least a job identifier and a scan status for the plate in the affixed memory; acquiring image data from a scan of the plate following exposure to X-rays, acquiring at least the job identifier from the affixed memory, and associating the acquired image data with the acquired job identifier; incrementing a scan count value and updating the scan status in the affixed memory; erasing image content from the plate; and storing the acquired image data in a second, computer-accessible memory according to the acquired job identifier.01-05-2012
20100277287COMMUNICATION DATA PROTECTION METHOD BASED ON SYMMETRIC KEY ENCRYPTION IN RFID SYSTEM, AND APPARATUS FOR ENABLING THE METHOD - A communication data protection method based on symmetric key encryption, and an apparatus for enabling the method are provided. A communication data protection method using a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader, the method including: receiving, from a tag, tag information including security parameter information and an encrypted Unique Item Identifier (UII); extracting the UII based on the security parameter information; transmitting, to the tag, a request message including a challenge value for replay prevention; and performing a tag authentication by receiving, from the tag, a response message including a handle and the challenge value.11-04-2010
20110090065Systems and Methods for Controlling Serially Connected RFID Transmitters and Receivers - Systems and methods are provided for monitoring a plurality of RFID tags. A system includes a plurality of serially connected transmitters along a transmit path, where each of the serially connected transmitters are configured to relay a received transmitter selection signal when the transmitter selection signal identifies a selected transmitter as being further along the transmit path than the serially connected transmitter and transmit an identification impulse using a transmit antenna when the transmitter selection signal identifies the serially connected transmitter as being the selected transmitter. A system further includes a control unit responsive to a plurality of transmit paths, the control unit being configured to send the transmitter selection signal along a selected transmit path, where the transmitter selection signal identifies one of the plurality of serially connected transmitters along the selected transmit path as the selected transmitter for transmitting the identification impulse.04-21-2011
20110090064System and method for stockkeeping in an aircraft galley04-21-2011
20110063090ESTABLISHING A LINK WITH A RADIO TRANSMIT CONTROLLER - A method for a radio control receiver establishing a link with a radio control transmit controller is provided. Two or more identifiers are stored in a radio control receiver. Each identifier is an identifier of a radio control transmit controller. The receiver receives a first signal from a first transmit controller. The first signal includes at least an identifier of the first transmit controller. The receiver determines if the identifier of the first transmit controller is stored in the plurality of identifiers. If the identifier of the first transmit controller is stored in the plurality of identifiers, the receiver transmits a second signal to the first transmit controller.03-17-2011
20120206242Chipless RFID Structure, Cap, Can and Packaging Material, Stacked Film For Preventing Forgery, Method For Fabricating the Same; RFID Tag, RFID System and Method For Controlling the Same; Certificate for Chipless RFID and Method For Authenticating the Same - The present invention relates to an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) structure changing color according to the temperature, a method for fabricating thereof; a stacked film for preventing forgery, a method for fabricating thereof; an RFID tag, an RFID system and a method for controlling thereof; an RFID cap, a method for manufacturing thereof, a method for manufacturing container with contents; an RFID can, a method for manufacturing thereof; a packaging material, a method for manufacturing thereof, and a method for packaging product using the same; and a certificate for chipless RFID and a method for authenticating the same.08-16-2012
20120154125Method and System for Performing Affinity Transactions - There is provided a physical token for use in a defined venue with a server having communication with the physical token. The physical token may comprise an identification data and a transmitter configured to transmit the identification data. The physical token is configured to transmit the identification data to the server to cause the server to initiate a sensory interaction with a user possessing the physical token. The sensory interaction may comprise a character in the defined venue interacting with the user possessing the physical token. The sensory interaction may also comprise a display screen in the defined venue displaying information to the user possessing the physical token. The sensory interaction may further comprise an audio speaker in the defined venue announcing information to the user possessing the physical token. The physical token may represent an affinity comprising an experience, entitlement, or characteristic of the user possessing the physical token,06-21-2012
20120154124SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRACKING SHIPMENT OF ITEMS UTILIZING RFID-TAGS - A system and method of tracking a plurality of items during transfer from a source location to a destination. One embodiment is a method comprising associating information identifying the plurality of items with a radio frequency (RF) tag that identifies a carrier unit. The method further comprises storing said associated information in at least one of the RF tag and a computer memory. The method further comprises communicating with the RF tag to identify the location of the carrier unit. The method further comprises identifying the location of at least one of the plurality of items based at least in part on the location of the carrier unit. Another embodiment is a system configured to perform an embodiment of the method.06-21-2012
20100289627Fully Secure Item-Level Tagging - The present invention provides value to brand owners, retailers, and consumers through the use of radio frequency identification, stenography, nanolithography, fingerprints, novel heuristic threat evaluation, indication, and detection model. Additionally, using cryptography, tag passwords are formulated and identities are reversibly flipped, thus allowing item identities to remain secret to unauthorized observers. This unique combination of heuristics and authentication technologies provides an efficient means of finding and stopping the flow of counterfeit products throughout global supply chains. The present invention includes radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, encoders, servers, identity changers, and authenticity verifiers to make this task a viable and adaptive weapon against the elusive counterfeiters. The present end-to-end RFID system offers unprecedented security for retailers and consumers, while remaining efficient and scalable.11-18-2010
20100289626RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION (RFID) ENABLED INVENTORY TRAY - A tool tray can comprise a body with tool shaped recesses. A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag can be positioned in one of the recesses. The RFID tag can be such that when no tool is placed in the one of the recesses, the tag is not detectable at a reading distance; but, when a corresponding tool is placed into the one of the recesses, the RFID tag is detectable from a reading distance.11-18-2010
20100289625RFID TAG APPARATUS AND AUTHENTICATION METHOD THEREOF - Provided is a radio frequency identifier (RFID) tag apparatus and an authentication method thereof. The RFID tag apparatus includes a device, a device recognizing unit, an RF processor, and a controller. The device receives a first signal and outputs a second signal in response to the first signal. The device recognizing unit outputs the first signal to the device in response to control signal and receives the second signal to output n-bit data, where n is an integer greater than 1. The RF processor receives an RF signal and extracts information from the RF signal. The controller outputs the control signal to the device recognizing unit in response to the information and processes the n-bit data in response to the information.11-18-2010
20100245057COMPONENTS, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS FOR ASSOCIATING SENSOR DATA WITH COMPONENT LOCATION - Components having one or more sensors adapted to provide sensor data relating to a condition(s) of the component are disclosed. The component is adapted to communicate with another mating component to associate sensor data with identity information of the mating component. The sensor and identity information can be communicated remotely including via radio-frequency communications employing RF identification devices (RFIDs). Location of the mating component can be determined using the identity information of the mating component. In this manner, the sensor data can be associated with the location of the mating component using the identity information in a “component-to-component” configuration to provide location-specific sensor data. Having the ability to localize sensor data to a specific location can assist in pinpointing areas where performance or other condition issues may exist in a component, a mating component, an article of manufacture associated with the components, and/or communication and/or transmissions lines coupled between components.09-30-2010
20100245056METHODS, APPARATUSES, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR MONITORING A TRANSFER OF FLUID BETWEEN A SYRINGE AND A FLUID RESERVOIR - A method, apparatus, and computer program product are provided for monitoring a transfer of fluid between a syringe and a fluid reservoir. A syringe may include a chamber for holding fluid transferred between the syringe and a fluid reservoir, a distal end comprising a point of attachment for a needle enabling transfer of fluid between the syringe and the fluid reservoir, and a first signaling tag carried by the syringe. The first signaling tag may be positioned to enable the first signaling tag to come within a sufficient proximity of a second signaling tag carried by the fluid reservoir to trigger a state of a signal emitted by at least one of the first signaling tag or second signaling tag to change when the needle is inserted through a membrane of the fluid reservoir.09-30-2010
20100207741METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR USE IN CONNECTION WITH THE INSPECTION OF LIQUID MERCHANDISE - A method for facilitating the inspection of liquid merchandise is provided. A machine readable tag is generated and is associated with liquid merchandise purchased at a duty free point of sale or other secure sales or distribution location, the machine readable tag conveying identification information related to the liquid merchandise. At a security check-point, the identification information is extracted from the machine readable tag and is used in conjunction with an X-ray image of the liquid merchandise to determine if the liquid merchandise is consistent with the identification information. A system and an apparatus for implementing the method presented are also provided.08-19-2010
20120313763METHOD FOR EFFICIENTLY QUERYING AND IDENTIFYING MULTIPLE ITEMS ON A COMMUNICATION CHANNEL - Systems and methods for efficiently querying and identifying multiple items on a communication channel are disclosed. The inventions preferably uses radio frequency identification with interrogation devices and systems that identify radio frequency identification transponders. A depth-first tree traversal protocol algorithm, including commands and symbols, is used to more efficiently interrogate a plurality of transponders in a short amount of time.12-13-2012
20120262281SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IN-BOX ELECTRONIC DEVICE PROVISIONING - Configurable electronic devices contain identifying information in a dual-ported memory. A plurality of un-configured units are assembled into a set. Using identifying information, a provisioning server matches each particular unit to configuration settings needed to appropriately configure that device for use by a specific end user. The configuration settings and/or data may be transmitted to the devices via their embedded RFID systems and stored in their dual-ported memory (via the first memory port). The electronic devices may comprise processor-based systems and, upon system initialization, the configuration data can be read from the memory via a second port thereof and used to configure the device for use by the user. In this way, devices may be configured as a set destined for a particular end user immediately prior to shipment and/or deployment and it is not necessary to separately track customized units prior to assembling them into a set.10-18-2012
20080303638Portable patient devices, systems, and methods for providing patient aid and preventing medical errors, for monitoring patient use of ingestible medications, and for preventing distribution of counterfeit drugs - A portable digital patient assistant includes an RFID reader, a central processing unit for processing signals received from the RFID reader, a memory for storing data, and an output operatively linked to the central processing unit for providing output information regarding use of medicinal drugs. Methods for using the portable digital patient assistant include use at the doctor's office, pharmacy, emergency medical vehicle, hospital, home, and use while taking medications to the verify authenticity thereof and prevent drug overdoses. Related methods and systems for manufacturing, packaging, and shipping medicinal drugs to prevent the distribution of counterfeit drugs are also provided. One of the methods includes the steps of preparing a predetermined amount of a specific type of drug for patient end-users; forming discrete individual doses of the specific type of drug; and associating a respective RFID tag with each of the discrete individual doses of the specific type of drug so that when the specific type of drug is distributed to the patient end-users, at least one RFID reader may be employed to read the RFID tags associated with each of the discrete individual doses to thereby verify the authenticity of the doses as they move through a distribution channel from a manufacture to the patient end-users.12-11-2008
20100328048WIRELESS REAL TIME INVENTORY SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREFOR - An inventory system has a plurality of tag devices. A single tag device is attached to an asset to be tracked for inventory purposes. Each tag device has a unique identification code. Each tag device transmits an identification signal encoded with the unique identification code. A plurality of signal receivers is positioned in a defined area housing a plurality of assets to be monitored for inventory purposes. At least one signal receiver receives the identification signals from each of the plurality of tag devices. A computer system is coupled to the plurality of signal receivers and receives the identification signals from the plurality of receivers to track the number of assets.12-30-2010
20080297325Method and System for Associating a Reading of a Machine Readable Sensor Positioned in an Absorbent Article with the Identity of a User - A method for associating a reading of a machine readable sensor positioned in an absorbent article, such as a diaper, a diaper of pant type, an incontinence garment, a sanitary napkin, a tampon-like product, a wound or sore dressing, a bed protector, or a similar product, with the identity of a user of the absorbent article. A machine readable identity tag is uniquely associated with the user independently of the absorbent article. Furthermore, the reading of the sensor is performed during the same reading session as a reading of the identity tag. In addition, a system including an absorbent article including a sensor, an identity tag and reading means for performing readings of the sensor and the tag during the same reading session.12-04-2008
20110037573APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING INFORMATION OF GOODS IN MOBILE TERMINAL - An apparatus and a method for providing a goods information service in a mobile terminal are provided. The apparatus includes a goods information storage, a position determiner, and a controller. The goods information storage receives and stores tag information collected by an RFID reader. The position determiner determines position information of relevant goods using tag information corresponding to goods information among tag information already stored. When receiving a position information request, the controller processes to determine goods information included in the request and determine the position information of the relevant goods.02-17-2011
20120268255METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING OBJECTS IN A PLURALITY OF DISTRIBUTION PLATFORMS - A method and a system for managing objects arranged on a support and each comprising a non-contact label, said method comprises the following steps: detection of non-contact labels, comprising a sub-step of interrogation of the non-contact labels in such a way as to receive identification data of each object by at least one non-contact reading device; transmission of the data to a server; determination of at least one event relating to the object by the processing device of the server; transmission of the data relating to the event and identification data associated with a technical platform; and processing of the data relative to the event in such a way as to generate criteria relating to the management of the objects.10-25-2012
20120081214Method and System of Managing the Safety of a Plurality of Personal Protection Equipment Items - A system and method are provided for managing the safety of a plurality (04-05-2012
20100231362Multi-Mode Tags and Methods of Making and Using the Same - Multi-mode (e.g., EAS and RFID) tags and methods for making and using the same are disclosed. The tag generally includes an antenna, an electronic article surveillance (EAS) function block coupled to the antenna, and one or more identification function blocks coupled to the antenna in parallel with the EAS function block. The method of reading the tag generally includes the steps of applying an electric field to the tag, detecting the tag when the electric field has a relatively low power, and detecting an identification signal from the tag when the electric field has a relatively high power. The present invention advantageously enables a single tag to be used for both inventory and anti-theft purposes, thereby improving inventory management and control at reduced system and/or “per-article” costs.09-16-2010
20100231361SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR BUFFERED WIRELESS DEVICE ENROLLMENT IN A SECURITY SYSTEM - A system and method are disclosed for enrolling wireless security system devices (alarms, detectors, lights) in a security system. A controller is provided and is capable of exchanging wireless signals with the devices. The system has an enroll mode where the wireless devices transmit enroll signals to the controller. The enroll signals contain an identifier associated with each device. An installer uses a keypad or other interface device to review each of the devices that have sent a signal, and to accept them for enrollment or ignore them. After review, the controller sends a signal to the devices instructing them to cease transmitting enroll signals to the controller. If the power of an enrolled device is cycled (battery replacement), another enroll command is sent to the controller. The controller determines whether the device was already enrolled, and if it has the controller sends a signal to the device to stop sending the enroll command.09-16-2010
20130009756VERIFICATION USING NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATIONS - In a system for effecting a monetary transaction, there is provided a mobile terminal and a verification tag configured to receive wirelessly using Near Field Communications (NFC) a verification request signal from the terminal and, in response thereto, to transmit a NFC verification reply signal. The terminal includes a verification module for detecting the remote verification tag within range thereof by means of receiving the NFC verification reply signal from said tag. There is also provided an identity module 01-10-2013
20080252428Association of Refrigerated Shipping Containers with Dispatch Orders - A database dispatches data to a wireless device on the particular source that powers a container during any segment of its journey.10-16-2008
20130176114Method and System for Performing Affinity Transactions - There is provided a physical token for use in a defined venue with a server having communication with the physical token. The physical token may comprise an identification data and a transmitter configured to transmit the identification data. The physical token is configured to transmit the identification data to the server to cause the server to initiate a sensory interaction with a user possessing the physical token. The sensory interaction may comprise a character in the defined venue interacting with the user possessing the physical token. The sensory interaction may also comprise a display screen in the defined venue displaying information to the user possessing the physical token. The sensory interaction may further comprise an audio speaker in the defined venue announcing information to the user possessing the physical token. The physical token may represent an affinity comprising an experience, entitlement, or characteristic of the user possessing the physical token.07-11-2013
20130099900Actuator Sensor Apparatus for a Dispenser Bottle for Wireless Automatic Reporting of Dispenser Usage - Actuation sensor apparatus configured to removably attach to a liquid dispenser, the apparatus comprising (a) an electronic circuit including a dispense sensor and a wireless transmitter and (b) a power supply for the electronic circuit, whereby, when dispenser actuation occurs, an identification code unique to the apparatus is wirelessly transmitted to a receiver. In a preferred embodiment, the dispense sensor is a magnetic sensor and the apparatus further includes an actuator arm having a magnet, and the actuator arm is configured to move with respect to the magnetic sensor during actuation.04-25-2013
20110221577COMMUNICATION INFORMATION DISPLAY SYSTEM - A commodity information display apparatus includes a shelf on which a commodity is displayed, and a display unit for displaying the commodity information about the commodity. The commodity information about the commodity related to an RFID tag detected by an antenna and a read device is acquired in advance from a store computer and stored in a storage unit. When the commodity information is displayed, the information is acquired from the storage unit, and displayed on the display unit.09-15-2011
20100308978SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTHENTICATING RFID TAGS - A system and method of providing authenticity to a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag are provided. The method comprises generating a plurality of digital signatures, wherein each digital signature is generated using an index value unique to that digital signature and using information associated with the RFID tag; and storing the plurality of digital signatures on the RFID tag in association with respective index values to enable a desired digital signature to be selected according to a provided index value. Also provided are a system and method of enabling an RFID reader to authenticate an RFID tag, which utilize a challenge comprising an index value to request one of the stored signature and authenticating same. Also provided is an RFID tag that is configured to participate in the challenge-response protocol.12-09-2010
20110234385SYSTEM, CARRIER, PROGRAM AND CONTROLLER DEVICE - The present invention relates to a system (09-29-2011
20130154809METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LOCATING AN ITEM WITHIN A RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION MONITORED AREA - A method and apparatus for locating an item within an RFID monitored area. When attempting to locate an item using an RFID reader, an interrogation signal is transmitted for at least one RFID tag. A responsive signal from the interrogated RFID tag is processed using data from one or more orientation sensors configured within the RFID reader to determine a direction from the RFID reader toward the RFID tag. The direction toward the RFID tag is displayed and the process repeats while movement of the RFID reader is detected to assist the user in locating the RFID tag, and thus, the item.06-20-2013
20130187764DYNAMIC ANALOG AUTHENTICATION - Methods and apparatuses that receive an analog signal to provide a challenge to a device are described. The challenge may include a digital selection and an analog attribute of the analog signal. The analog attribute may be associated with an attribute value in an analog domain. Physical characteristics of the device may be evaluated according the analog challenge. A digital response may be generated as a result of the evaluation responding to the analog challenge. The combination of the digital challenge, the analog challenge, and the digital response may authenticate the device.07-25-2013
20120019369Arrangement for Controlling Image Plate and Its Image Information and a Method for Controlling the Arrangement - A medical imaging system comprises at least an image plate, X-ray device for producing an image of an object on said image plate, and a reading device for reading image information held by the image plate. In connection with the image plate there is a tag containing information for controlling the arrangement in such a manner that when the arrangement has read the information in the tag the arrangement is adapted to perform at least one operation controlled by the information read.01-26-2012
20120019368METHOD OF AUTHENTICATING AN ARTICLE USING MICRORADIOS - A microradio is provided with a hysteretic switch to permit an optimum range increasing charging cycle, with the charging cycle being long relative to the transmit cycle. Secondly, an ensemble of microradios permits an n01-26-2012
20130194079METHOD FOR LOCATING PERSONS AND/OR MOBILE MACHINES IN MINE CAVERNS USING RFID TECHNOLOGY, AND LONGWALL FACE EXTRACTION INSTALLATION FOR CARRYING OUT THE METHOD - A method and a longwall face extraction installation have a device for locating persons and/or mobile machines in mine caverns using RFID technology. Base stations are arranged in a distributed manner along the mine cavern to be monitored and have a transmitter and a receiver. At least one RFID transponder is associated with the person or machine to be located, which has stored identification data, can be activated using the base station and can be read in a contactless manner using the base station. In order to provide a method for locating persons and a longwall face extraction installation, in particular for coal mining, which make it possible to effectively use RFID technology, the transmitters of adjacently positioned base stations along a region of the mine cavern to be monitored successively emit their transmission wave in order to activate an RFID transponder.08-01-2013
20130201008RFID TAG AND METHOD FOR SEARCHING FOR ARTICLES - A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag includes a data receiving microchip, a radio frequency (RF) circuit, a microcontroller and an indication circuit. The data receiving microchip receives an identification code from an RFID reader. The radio frequency (RF) circuit receives an inquiry command from the RFID reader. The microcontroller electronically connects the data receiving microchip, the RF circuit, and the indication circuit. If the inquiry command is identical with the identification code or a predetermined part of the identification code, the microcontroller turns on the indication circuit.08-08-2013

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