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340 - Communications: electrical

340825000 - SELECTIVE

340500100 - Intelligence comparison for controlling

340500800 - Authentication (e.g., identity)

340500810 - Personal identification

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340500830 Image (Fingerprint, Face) 120
340500840 Voice 8
20130038426AUTHENTICATION DEVICE, AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM, and AUTHENTICATION METHOD - Provided are an authentication device, an authentication system, and an authentication method, which are capable of increasing an authentication rate while suppressing an increase in a processing load. To solve this problem, the authentication device acquires a periodic temporal variation of an authentication rate, using history information stored in an authentication history storage unit storing a previous authentication result as history information, predicting whether or not a future authentication rate is lower than a previous value, based on the temporal variation of the authentication rate, and updates registration data regarding biometric information which has been registered, using input data regarding biometric information input from a user, when it is predicted that a future authentication rate will be lower than a predetermined value.02-14-2013
20090231096Processing Biometric Data in a Multidimensional Coordinate System - The invention concerns a biometric system provided with a set of reference biometric data (B′i) resulting from the application of a disjunction between a first set of biometric data (Bi) and a first encoded key (Ki), and from an information concerning the first key. A second set of biometric data (B09-17-2009
20110205019Medical Treatment System and Method for Operation Thereof - A medical device comprises a device adapted to perform a medical procedure; a biometric information sensing device adapted to sense biometric information of a user; a controller adapted to retrieve stored biometric registration information of a user from a storage device in communication with the controller, to determine an identity of the user by comparing the stored biometric registration information and the sensed biometric information, and to prevent performance of the medical procedure if the sensed biometric information does not correspond to the stored biometric registration information.08-25-2011
20100148923VEHICLE ON-BOARD BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM - A vehicular biometric authentication system is equipped with a portable terminal that includes a receiver that receives authentication data output from a data management center, and an on-board device that acquires the authentication data via the portable terminal and uses the acquired authentication data to carry out identity verification when communication with the management center is impossible. When a vehicle is stopped outside the communication range of the data management center, the on-board device acquires via the portable terminal the authentication data output from the data management center. Thus, the on-board device utilizes the authentication data acquired via the portable terminal to carry out identity verification.06-17-2010
20100148922BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION DEVICE AND METHOD, COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM RECORDED WITH BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION COMPUTER PROGRAM, AND COMPUTER SYSTEM - A computer system checks whether or not an authentication success rate for a registered user shows an over-time reduction based on the history of the results of the previous biometric authentication processes in which the high-speed verification process is executed, when the authentication success rate is determined as showing an over-time reduction for the registered user, the computer system instead executes a precise verification process for verifying input biometric information against registered biometric information to make verification with a higher precision than with the high-speed verification process.06-17-2010
20100085153Biometric Control System and Method For Machinery - The present invention is a system and method that allows only authorized users to turn on specific equipment they are approved to use and maintains a record of the name of the user, date, time and length of operating time. In one embodiment, the system comprises an AMS unit in communication with a BCS unit located at and connected to the machine. AMS comprises a computing device, a biometric reader connected with the computing device, a storage device connected with the computing device, a program module stored on the storage unit, and a communication module connected to the computing device. The program module has sets of code configured to instruct the biometric reader to scan the biometric feature of the operator and to create a digitized biometric signature. The program module is further configured to store the biometric signature on the storage device. The BCS unit comprises a computing device, a biometric reader connected with the computing device, a storage device connected to the computing device, a program module stored within the storage device, and a communication module connected with the computing device and in communication with the communication module of the AMS. The biometric reader of the AMS unit is adapted to detect the presence of the biometric feature of the operator and to scan and create a digitized biometric signature. The program module of the BCS unit is configured allow the user to turn-on the machine if the user's biometric signature matches the authorized biometric signature.04-08-2010
20100085151AUTHENTICATION APPARATUS - An apparatus for authenticating a user includes a detector for determining a state or a position of a bodily part placed by the user for biometric authentication, a unit capable of obtaining biometric data from different portion of the bodily part, a plurality of biometric authentication engines capable of authenticating the user by using one of a plurality of authentication algorisms by comparing the biometric data with reference data, respectively, and a controller for selecting one of the different portions of the bodily part so as to select associated biometric data, and determining one of the biometric authentication engines for authenticating the user on the basis of the state or the position of the bodily part placed.04-08-2010
20100079242Patient Identification System - A patient identification device is disclosed. The device includes a first sensor, a second sensor, and a processor. The first sensor may be configured to be positioned on the patient's finger. The device may include a camera. The device may include an identifier. The identifier displays a randomly generated alphanumeric code for further identification of the patient.04-01-2010
20130082823METHOD AND SYSTEM TO AUTHENTICATE AN OBJECT - The system and methods disclosed herein validate the authenticity of a document and an individual's claimed identity. The system and method use a validation facility that is configurable to compare and match characteristics of biometric and non-biometric data presented by an individual with biometric and non-biometric data received from a request to a database or file system holding such information. The determination on the matching characteristics of the data can occur in completely automated fashion without intervention from the user, but user intervention is also possible allowing the user to review and override certain data discrepancies. The validation facility provides a user interface for use by a user to review a determination on the data analysis and instruct the validation facility to override that determination if the user determines the cause of the identity verification failure is within an acceptable criterion.04-04-2013
20100045430PORTABLE BIOMETRIC LIGHTER - A portable biometric lighter device (02-25-2010
20100045431INFORMATION PROCESSING UNIT - The present invention relates to an information processing unit including a fingerprint sensor, and it includes further a handle that can be gripped by a user and supporting members that are fixed to protrude from a side face of a first case of the unit and that supports the handle. The fingerprint sensor is disposed on one of the supporting members. According to this configuration, the fingerprint sensor can be disposed at a position to reduce the possibility that a finger, a hand or the like of the user comes into accidental contact with the fingerprint sensor, thereby preventing operation errors and sensitivity degradation of the fingerprint sensor and also preventing any discomfort for the user during an operation of a keyboard and the like.02-25-2010
20090033461Biometric Access Control Protection - An access control system (02-05-2009
20130069763BIOLOGICAL INFORMATION STORING APPARATUS, BIOLOGICAL AUTHENTICATION APPARATUS, DATA STRUCTURE FOR BIOLOGICAL AUTHENTICATION, AND BIOLOGICAL AUTHENTICATION METHOD - A biological information storing apparatus includes: a biological information storing unit for storing biological information for authenticating reception of a first service; a biological information acquisition unit for acquiring biological information for authenticating reception of a second service different from the first service; and a determination unit for determining whether the biological information acquired by the acquisition unit and the biological information stored in the storing unit coincide with each other, wherein when the determination unit determines that the biological information acquired by the acquisition unit and the biological information stored in the storing unit coincide with each other, either the biological information acquired by the acquisition unit or the biological information stored in the storing unit is selected and stored into the storing unit as biological information for authenticating the reception of the first service and the second service.03-21-2013
20130088328BIOMETRIC ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATING DRUG DISPENSER - A system, a device, a method, and a computer program are provided that dispense pharmacy/clinic loaded medications only to a specific patient that has biometric information pre-programmed to a Biometric Electronic Communicating Drug Dispenser (BECDD) device by, e.g., a clinic physician or authorized user. The biometric information may include, e.g., a finger print, a retinal signature, a voice signature, a DNA code, a blood type, or the like.04-11-2013
20130088327TEMPLATE DELIVERY TYPE CANCELABLE BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREFOR - In a biometric authentication system, a delivery server includes a parameter conversion unit which generates, by converting the parameter, a parameter for delivery, a template conversion unit which generates, by converting the template, a template for delivery, and a delivery unit which delivers the template for delivery and the parameter for delivery to one of the client terminal and an authentication device; the authentication device includes a sensor which obtains biometric information on a registered user, a feature quantity obtaining unit which obtains a feature quantity from the biometric information, and a feature quantity conversion unit which generates, by converting the feature quantity using the parameter for delivery, a converted feature quantity; and the client terminal includes a match determination unit which determines, by comparing the converted feature quantity with the template for delivery, whether or not the converted feature quantity and the template for delivery match.04-11-2013
20120218078METHODS AND APPARATUS TO SUPPORT PERSONAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT - Methods and apparatus to support personal information management are described. One example method includes receiving personal information of a user from a mobile device through close-proximity communication, accessing verification information related to the personal information, obtaining biometric information; and verifying the personal information based on the biometric information and based on a comparison of the verification information and the personal information.08-30-2012
20090219135DIGITAL OVER-THE-AIR KEYING SYSTEM - A system for providing operational access to equipment or vehicles is disclosed wherein digital access codes are assigned and transported over-the-air governing a vehicle's or equipment's use. The access codes can be generated in connection with comparison of entered and stored biometric data and/or entered code from a keypad. Various security protocols can be used to ensure the secure dispatch and delivery of code information.09-03-2009
20130057385SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SECURELY MONITORING AN INDIVIDUAL - A biometric sensor may be coupled to a portable communications device, such as a cellular telephone. The biometric sensor may be configured to acquire one or more measurements of biological characteristics of an individual. One or more of the measurements may relate to internal, sub-epidermal characteristics of the individual, such as non-volitional processes occurring within the individual, sub-epidermal structures within the individual, or the like. A biometric marker may be derived from one or more of the measurements. The portable communications device may be activated responsive to deriving the biometric marker. The activation may include transmitting the measurements and/or biometric markers derived therefrom to a receiver using the portable communications device.03-07-2013
20110057775BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION DEVICE - Disclosed herein is a biometric authentication device. The biometric authentication device includes a main body for forming a hand grip surface and constituting an entire framework of the biometric authentication device. At least one light source is disposed on one side of the main body and configured to radiate light. A reflection unit is included in the main body and attached to a side opposite that of the light source, the reflection unit allowing the radiated light to be incident on a hand and re-reflecting light that is incident on and reflected from the hand. An imaging device is disposed on the side of the main body, which is identical to the side on which the light source is disposed, and is configured to acquire biometric information of the hand by forming images of re-reflected light. An authentication/verification unit performs personal authentication using the biometric information.03-10-2011
20100060416Operating instruction receiving apparatus - A disclosed operating instruction receiving apparatus includes multiple biometric authentication sensors, with which multiple operating instruction options are associated; a matching operation unit configured to, when biometric information of a user is detected by one of the biometric authentication sensors, perform a matching operation in which the detected biometric information is compared with registered user biometric information to specify the user; and a determining unit configured to, if the detected biometric information matches the registered user biometric information, determine an operating instruction option associated with the one of the biometric authentication sensors as an operating instruction.03-11-2010
20110012711Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program - There is provided an information processing apparatus according to the present invention including an authentication processing unit for authenticating biometrics information unique to a living body and an application control unit for controlling an application providing a predetermined service according to the authentication result of the biometrics information and requesting the authentication processing unit to authenticate the biometrics information. The authentication processing unit includes a biometrics information authentication unit for authenticating the biometrics information based on registered biometrics information that is biometrics information registered in advance and an attribute certificate generation unit for generating an attribute certificate indicating information about a valid period of the authentication result of the biometrics information when the biometrics information authentication unit has successfully authenticated the biometrics information. When the attribute certificate is issued for the biometrics information whose authentication is requested, the issued attribute certificate is stored.01-20-2011
20090237208IMAGING DEVICE AND AUTHENTICATION DEVICE USING THE SAME - An image pick-up device comprises a first image pick-up unit for taking an image of a left eye of a subject, a second image pick-up unit for taking an image of a right eye of the subject, a first lighting unit for illuminating the left eye of the subject, a second lighting unit for illuminating the left eye in a direction intersecting an image-taking optical axis of the second image pick-up unit, a third lighting unit for illuminating the right eye of the subject, and a fourth lighting unit for illuminating the right eye in a direction intersecting an image-taking optical axis of the first image pick-up unit.09-24-2009
20090009284Biometric information sharing system, biometric information presentation apparatus, and biometric information presentation method - A biometric information sharing system, includes a biometric information detection and transmission apparatus, and a biometric information presentation apparatus. The biometric information detection and transmission apparatus includes a detection unit for detecting biometric information of a subject, and a transmission unit for transmitting the biometric information detected by the detection unit. The biometric information presentation apparatus includes a communication unit for performing information communications, an actuation unit for presenting the biometric information in a predetermined mode, and a control unit for causing the communication unit to receive the biometric information and controlling the actuation unit in response to the biometric information received by the communication unit.01-08-2009
20120268245METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AUTHORIZING THE CHARGING OF AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE'S BATTERIES FROM A CENTRAL LOCATION BASED ON BIOMETRIC IDENTITY INFORMATION - Embodiments of the invention described herein use biometric information for authorizing charging an electric vehicle's (EV's) batteries using one of a plurality of electric vehicle charging stations (EVCSs) that are operably connected with a master station. In one aspect, a method of authorizing charging an EV's batteries using an EVCS is described. This embodiment of a method comprises storing, in a database, biometric identity information for one or more individuals; receiving, from a biometric information input device located in a master station, input biometric identity information for a user; wherein the biometric information input device is associated with a plurality of electric vehicle charging stations (EVCSs); searching the database, using a processor, for biometric identity information for the one or more individuals that substantially match the input biometric identity information for the user; and authorizing the user to charge an electric vehicle's (EV's) batteries using the EVCS using one of the plurality of EVCS if the input biometric identity information for the user substantially matches biometric identity information for at least one of the one or more individuals in the database.10-25-2012
20090134972METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR BIOMETRIC KEYBOARD - A method for training a computing system using keyboard biometric information. The method includes depressing two or more keys on a keyboard input device for a first sequence of keys. The method then determines a key press time for each of the two or more keys to provide a key press time characteristic in the first sequence of keys. The method also determines a flight time between a first key and a second key to provide a flight time characteristic in the first sequence of keys, the first key being within the two or more keys. The method includes storing the key press time characteristic and the flight time characteristic for the first sequence of keys, and displaying indications associated with the first sequence of keys on a display device provided on a portion of the keyboard input device.05-28-2009
20100060417BIOMETRICS AUTHENTICATION DEVICE AND BIOMETRICS AUTHENTICATION METHOD - A biometrics authentication device includes a registered data retaining unit to retain registered data, a verification data retaining unit to retain a plurality of pieces of verification data used for verification with the registered data, and a registered data generation unit to extract feature information of high reproducibility from the verification data in the verification data retaining unit and the registered data in the registered data retaining unit and to generate new registered data from extracted feature information, wherein by the new registered data generated by the registered data generation unit, the registered data in the registered data retaining unit is updated.03-11-2010
20100171589ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM, AND CLOSING MECHANISM - In one embodiment of the invention, the access control system comprises a door with an integrated mechatronic closing mechanism which is equipped with a receiver device. The receiver device is designed to receive and evaluate capacitive-resistive signals that are emitted by a transmitter and are transmitted via a user's body. The closing mechanism opens or does open the door in accordance with a result of said evaluation. In said one embodiment of the invention, the closing mechanism is battery-operated and has no permanent electric connection to an object that is not located on or in the door.07-08-2010
20090021349Method to record and authenticate a participant's biometric identification of an event via a network - The current invention is a method to improve the integrity or identification theft of content, such as emails, websites, and software, for example, by revealing the identity of the participant. In particular, the method ensures the participant's identity by requiring biometric input unique to the participant, creating a program which converts the biometric information into a unique identifier, for example, and incorporating the unique identifier into content, such as the software, emails, websites, etc. for future reliability. The present invention allows users to know that the participant's identification be biometrically confirmed, if necessary.01-22-2009
20120032781REMOTE PERSONAL AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD USING BIOMETRICS - Disclosed herein is a remote personal authentication system and method using biometrics. The remote personal authentication method using biometrics includes receiving a biometric information of a user remotely detected by a biometric information collection device; decrypting, in a hardware security module (HSM) of the user, the received biometric information and biometric information stored in the HSM; and performing personal authentication for the user by comparing the decrypted biometric information with each other in the HSM.02-09-2012
20100302000BIOMETRIC IDENTIFY VERIFICATION INCLUDING STRESS STATE EVALUATION - Subject matter disclosed herein may relate to a biometric security technique, and may relate to biometric identity verification and emotional stress state evaluation.12-02-2010
20090278658EYE IMAGE TAKING DEVICE AND AUTHENTICATION DEVICE USING THE SAME - There are provided a first imaging unit for imaging at least an eye of an object, a second imaging unit having a focused range different from that of the first imaging unit, and arranged so as to image the same direction as that of the first imaging unit, an eye detection unit for determining whether the eye is taken in images taken by the first imaging unit and the second imaging unit, and an output unit for outputting the image determined to contain the image of the eye by the eye detection unit.11-12-2009
20100033302IMAGING PROCESSING SYSTEM AND METHOD AND MANAGEMENT APPARATUS - An imaging processing system includes one or more image capturing apparatuses, a reading unit configured to read biometric information from an authentication object person, a similarity calculation unit configured to calculate similarity based on a result of comparing biometric information read by the reading unit with true biometric information of the authentication object person, an authentication unit configured to perform authentication based on a comparison between the similarity calculated by the similarity calculation unit and a preliminarily set threshold, and a control unit configured to control, if the authentication performed by the authentication unit is successful, imaging processing, which is performed by the image capturing apparatus, based on the similarity calculated by the similarity calculation unit.02-11-2010
20090278659Arrangement and method for identifying people - A method for identifying people involves breathing respired air into a collector unit, trapping condensate from the respired air in the collector unit, introduction of the condensate by a same introduction to a DNA sensor unit, analysis of the condensate after a cell disruption, comparison of the result the data from a databank and output of the comparison result with analysis of the identity of a person.11-12-2009
20120188056METHODS AND SYSTEMS OF AUTHENTICATION - A method of authentication is provided that includes capturing palm biometric data from an individual, transmitting the biometric data to an authentication system, and generating an authentication biometric template from the captured biometric data with the authentication system. Moreover, the method includes conducting a plurality of verification matching transactions between the authentication biometric template and enrollment biometric templates stored in the authentication system, and between the authentication biometric template and imposter biometric templates stored in the authentication system. Furthermore, the method includes updating a genuine matching score distribution with at least one genuine matching score, updating an imposter matching score distribution with at least one imposter matching score, and calculating a maximum genuine matching score and a minimum imposter matching score. Additionally, the method includes confirming an identity of the individual when the minimum imposter matching score is greater than the maximum genuine matching score.07-26-2012
20090079538Multicomputer Data Transferring and File Accessing to Authenticate Online Voting and Registration in a Secure Database System - Disclosed is a method and system for file accessing and data transferring to secure online voting using a multilayered security system where all contents of the data may be delivered to users of varied electronic devices. The data transferring occur as an external communication between separate computers which themselves are distinguishable processing entities, such as a voter processing center, online voting station, registration station, and calling station. The system includes (i) requesting at least one voter and biometric information based on a security level; (ii) receiving the at least one voter and biometric information from the user; (iii) verifying the at least one voter and biometric information against the stored voter and biometric information; (iv) in response to acceptable verifications, sending a voting ballot; and (v) receiving and storing the voting ballot with a vote selection. The security level may depend on the type of ballot.03-26-2009
20100085150Semiconductor Element, Biometric Authentication Method, Biometric Authentication System and Mobile Terminal - A semiconductor element or mobile terminal stores a user's biometric information pattern used for execution of a biometric authentication process and the residual number of trials indicating the number of allowed failures in the biometric authentication process, sends processing data to an external device so that the external device can use the processing data when the external device executes part of the biometric authentication process, and decreases the residual number of trials by a predetermined value while the processing data is output to the external device after start of communication with the external device.04-08-2010
20090278660CREDIT CARD PROTECTION SYSTEM - The present invention provides positive protection for the machine readable credit card, debit card, etc., against theft by eliminating the presence of visible identifying and correlating information on the credit card or debit card itself until the card is activated by a wireless biometric verification system. The preferred mode of verification includes fingerprint data from the user.11-12-2009
20080211627BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION METHOD AND BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION APPARATUS - According to an aspect of an embodiment, a method comprises, storing information corresponding to a plurality of users in association with first reference biometric data and second reference biometric data, the users being divided into first and second groups, the quality of the first reference biometric data of each of the users in the first group being not less than a predetermined level, the quality of the first reference biometric data of each of the users in the second group being less than the predetermined level, obtaining first biometric data of a user by inputting first biometric information of the user, providing first authentication, obtaining second biometric data of a user by inputting second biometric information of the user when the first authentication indicates presumed matching of the first biometric data with the first biometric reference data of one of the users in the second group and providing second authentication.09-04-2008
20090289760Biometric authentication system, authentication client terminal, and biometric authentication method - A biometric authentication system, authentication client terminal, and biometric authentication method are provided to reduce an expected value of the number of inputs of biometric data for authentication, while effectively preventing forgery. In a biometric authentication system, prior probabilities of enrolled users u11-26-2009
20090273442Portable Access Device - Portable devices, methods, and systems for controlling access to computers and other secure systems such as systems protecting secure premises, by processing data supplied by the individual seeking access to the system and data supplied by the system to which the prospective user seeks access, to determine whether access by the individual is to be authorized or enabled. In one embodiment the invention provides a device for providing a code that may be used to access a system such as a computer or security system. The device comprises an output device and at least one processor. The processor processes data representing a biometric characteristic of a prospective user of the system and a signal provided by the system, and, depending upon a result of the processing, provides to the output device a code that may be used to access the system.11-05-2009
20090273441SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ADJUSTING COMPONENTS WITHIN AN OFFICE SPACE - A method for adjusting the components within an office space includes adjusting to a preferred setting at least one of a plurality of physical features of at least one of a plurality of components for at least one of a plurality of persons; and storing the preferred setting for the at least one person. One of the persons is identified from information about that person (e.g. biometric information), and for the identified person at least one of the physical features of at least one of the components is adjusted to the preferred setting.11-05-2009
20090289761SECURE METHOD FOR BIOMETRIC VERIFICATION OF A PERSON - In various embodiments, a method for biometric verification of a person is provided. The method may include detecting a biometric sample of a biometric characteristic of the person, and reading out a stored biometric feature from a data carrier and carrying out a comparison of the stored biometric feature with the detected biometric sample by means of a control unit; wherein at least one data area of the stored biometric feature is altered by means of disturbances, the control unit determines the altered disturbed data area of the stored biometric feature and omits the determined disturbed data areas during the comparison.11-26-2009
20090295537VEHICLE TRANSFER PROCESS - A method of tracking a vehicle during a transfer process that includes one or more stages. The method involves utilising a tag having a tag data store, and uses a tag reader to determine an identifier from the tag data store, and then uses this to determine transfer information at least partially indicative of an identity of the vehicle and a status of the transfer process. The transfer information is then used to locate the vehicle, confirm that a stage in the transfer is to proceed or determine the status of the transfer.12-03-2009
20090295538SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PRELOADING INDIVIDUAL PARAMETERS - A system and a method for preloading individual parameters are presented. The system includes a server, a labeling device, an intermediate device, and a measuring device. The server is used for storing a plurality of individual parameters, and the labeling device is used for recording user characteristic data. In the method, the intermediate device detects a position of the labeling device, obtains the user characteristic data thereof, and downloads the matching individual parameter from the server. Afterward, when it is detected that the measuring device is actuated and the labeling device is determined to be located at a particular position on the periphery of the measuring device, the individual parameter matching the user characteristic data of the labeling device is output to the measuring device for setting. Thereby, the present invention saves the trouble for users moving with difficulty to log in the server, and simplifies the operation.12-03-2009
20090261947AUTHENTICATION APPARATUS, AUTHENTICATION METHOD, AND AUTHENTICATION PROGRAM - Disclosed is an authentication apparatus easily achieving convenience and high accuracy in authentication. The authentication apparatus has an authentication accuracy simulation section that simulates authentication accuracy and also has a registration information setting section that sets an ID and biometric information input as registration information. The authentication accuracy simulation section uses an ID and biometric information that has been input as registration information by a user at the time of registration and the registered registration information to simulate authentication accuracy with which the user is authenticated. When the authentication accuracy simulated by the authentication accuracy simulation section does not satisfy a predetermined condition, the registration information setting section rejects registration of the ID input as the registration information.10-22-2009
20110205020Method for improving false acceptance rate discrimination for biometric authentication systems - A method, system and computer program product for improving error discrimination in biometric authentication systems. The error discrimination is set to a predetermined security policy. A plurality of biometric samples are provided and authenticated by a computer system in conjunction with a security token. An alternate embodiment allows inputting of the plurality of biometric samples in a predetermined sequence. The predetermined input sequence is maintained as an authentication secret which may be used to further reduce the authentication transaction error rate. A user may input one or more biometric samples, where a portion of the biometric samples are inputted in a predetermined sequence, selecting from among a plurality of available processing units, a set of processing units which will generate intermediate results from the processing of the biometric samples, processing at least a portion of the biometric samples by the selected set of processing units to provide intermediate results, verifying the predetermined sequence, and arbitrating the intermediate results to generate a final result which at least meets a predetermined security policy. Various embodiments provide for a security token to perform at least a portion of the processing or the arbitration function.08-25-2011
20100201484RF TRANSACTIONS USING A WIRELESS READER GRID - The present invention discloses a radio frequency (RF) reader grid and method for facilitating transactions. The RF reader grid includes a transponder, a RFID reader, and a host RFID reader in communication with a merchant system. The secondary and host RFID readers communicate with one another via wireless, RF frequencies. The present invention also discloses a wireless grid that comprises non-radio frequency readers, such as magnetic stripe readers. In addition, a method for using a secondary RFID reader to perform a transaction is disclosed. The method includes the steps of initializing the secondary RFID reader, communication transaction information using the secondary RFID reader and processing the transaction information using a host RFID reader.08-12-2010
20080290991Procedure for the determination of an authorization - This invention relates to a method for the determination of an authorization, using at least one biometrical feature, said biometrical feature being collected by means of a sensor unit and being compared with individual-related stored data sets for this feature and leading to a result of the comparison which allows a decision on the presence of the authorization, wherein at a positive decision on the presence of the authorization the data of the collected biometrical feature are stored in an individual-related fashion as a further data set.11-27-2008
20120293303METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIA FOR MANAGING RISK USING LOCATION, MOBILE, AND USER PARTICIPATING - BASED IDENTITY VERIFICATION - The presently disclosed subject matter is directed to methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media for location, mobile, and user participating-based identity verification for the purposes of risk management. In one embodiment, the method, system, and computer-readable storage media includes receiving user data, receiving verification data, and verifying the identity of a user based on the user data and the verification request data. The user data may include location data and/or identity data, and the user data may be received from a mobile device. The identity data may include biometric data regarding the user. The method, system, and computer-readable storage media may include comparing the user data to the verification request data. The method, system, and computer-readable storage media may also include performing an action based on the results of the verification wherein the action is authorizing a payment.11-22-2012
20100265037DYNAMIC TRANSACTION CARD AND A METHOD OF WRITING INFORMATION TO THE SAME - A transaction card comprising a processor connected to at least one coil, the processor being adapted to: receive a signal output by the coil caused by a magnetic field acting on the coil; derive, from the signal, information relating to the card; store the information; and subsequently transmit, to the surroundings, the information by transmitting a corresponding signal to the coil. The transaction card may be adapted to remember the positions at which the information was store to the card, and to output the information at the same positions when information is read from the card.10-21-2010
20090051489SECURITY SYSTEM AND METHOD BY IRIS KEY SYSTEM FOR DOOR LOCK - A security system and method using an iris key system for a door lock are disclosed, in which an inherent iris key code is stored in a static memory of an iris key unit, and an iris key code is copied and recorded into a temporary memory only when an iris verification result of an iris security drive unit corresponds to a verified user. In addition, when it is judged that an iris key code stored in a door opening and closing unit is matched with an iris key code of the temporary memory by a door controller of a door opening and closing unit, an operation of a door opening and closing unit is automatically allowed, so that it is possible to prevent a non-verified door opening and closing operation.02-26-2009
20110221568PROXIMITY-BASED SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATIC APPLICATION OR DATA ACCESS AND ITEM TRACKING - A system and method provide automatic access to applications or data. A portable physical device, referred to herein as a Personal Digital Key or “PDK”, stores one or more profiles in memory, including a biometric profile acquired in a secure trusted process and uniquely associated with a user that is authorized to use and associated with the PDK. The PDK wirelessly transmits identification information including a unique PDK identification number, the biometric profile and a profile over a secure wireless channel to a reader. A computing device is coupled to the reader. An auto login server is coupled to the reader and the computing device and launches one or more applications associated with a user name identified by the received profile.09-15-2011
20110221567BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION AND ANALYSIS - A system and method for identifying an unknown individual from a plurality of enrolled individuals is provided. In an embodiment, the method comprises comparing at least two parameters of the unknown individual to at least two enrolled parameters of the enrolled individuals. The method then determines a score correlating to the closeness of the comparison and then stores the score.09-15-2011
20090243798BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION APPARATUS AND BIOMETRIC DATA REGISTRATION APPARATUS - In accordance with input user ID, a personal template fetcher reads biometric feature data and biometric shape data from a template storage. A verification area finder determines a verification area that matches a detection area of a verification sensor within an area of biometric features. A guide information generator combines the verification area with a contour shape reconstructed from the biometric shape data, received from the personal template fetcher, to generate a guide pattern. A guide information presenter presents the generated guide pattern to the user. A verification sensor extracts biometric feature information from an input image of biometric features and converts it into numeric data to obtain biometric feature data. A biometric feature verifier then verifies the biometric feature data obtained by the verification sensor in comparison with the biometric feature data received from the personal template fetcher in the verification area received from the verification area finder.10-01-2009
20120105200PORTABLE SENSOR APPARATUS AND BIOMETRIC RECOGNITION-BASED SERVICE SYSTEM HAVING THE SAME - A portable sensor apparatus allowing a mobile device to obtain biometric recognition data required for providing various services without changing the structure and size of the mobile device, and a biometric recognition-based service system having the same are provided. The portable sensor apparatus interworking with a mobile device through a short-distance wireless network includes: a sensor unit acquiring biometric recognition data; a short-distance wireless communications unit providing the biometric recognition data to the mobile device through the short-distance wireless network or receiving a request from the mobile device; a microprocessor commanding to acquire the biometric recognition data in response to a request from the mobile device or a user request; and a user interaction unit receiving the user request or displaying an operational state of the portable sensor apparatus.05-03-2012
20100156596SECURE TRANSACTION CARD USING BIOMETRICAL VALIDATION - A validation scheme for use with a transaction card such as a calling card, et cetera, using personalized biometric profile data that is inherently coupled to the card owner/user. A configuration process is used for populating a profile database with sample voice or other biometric responses elicited from the owner/user in response to a plurality of questions relating to information uniquely linked to the user such as, e.g., name, age, hobbies, et cetera, or biometric responses such as fingerprints, retinal scans, and palm prints, or implanted ID chips. When a transaction is attempted using the transaction card, a determination is made if a voice profile validation is required for authentication. If so, a question from the plurality of questions used in the configuration process is randomly selected and directed to the user for a response. Access is provided only if a match between the response and corresponding sample is found. In a passive mode, the validation scheme may be utilized as an auxiliary fraud prevention scheme in addition to existing authentication systems.06-24-2010
20100001831AUTHENTICATION METHOD - A method of controlling an apparatus including a display and a sensor for obtaining biometric data of a user, the sensor being movable to take a plurality of angular positions with respect to the apparatus, includes storing a plurality of sets of reference information in association with the positions of the sensor, respectively, determining which one of the angular positions which the sensor is currently taking, displaying on the display a direction as to which one of bodily parts is to be used in accordance with the current angular position of the sensor to urge a user to input biometric data of the one of the bodily parts by the sensor, and carrying out authentication of the user by comparing the inputted biometric data with one of the sets of reference information corresponding to the current angular position of the sensor.01-07-2010
20100237990BIOLOGICAL INFORMATION ACQUIRING APPARATUS, BIOLOGICAL INFORMATION ACQUIRING METHOD AND BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION APPARATUS - A biological information acquiring apparatus includes light source units configured to irradiate light onto a living body, a light receiving unit including a light receiving element, the light receiving element including pixels, each of the pixels receiving at least one of a transmission light and a reflection light, and a nonuniform filter disposed on the light receiving unit and on a light path of at least one of the transmission light and the reflection light, the nonuniform filter having a light transmittance that varies with area of the nonuniform filter. The light source units are disposed around the light receiving unit discretely, and the light transmittance of the nonuniform filter is set so that a light intensity of at least one of the transmission light and the reflection light is uniform over an entire surface of the light receiving element.09-23-2010
20110175702FINGERPRINT READER AND A METHOD OF OPERATING IT - A fingerprint reader comprising a fingerprint sensor adapted to output information relating to a fingerprint of a finger engaging a sensitive surface the sensor, and a stiff element comprising an indentation/cavity or through-hole, the sensor being positioned in the indentation/cavity/through-hole so that the sensitive surface is exposed to the surroundings. The stiff element will prevent breaking of the reader. Also, the stiff element may have one or more electrically conducting surface parts positioned adjacently to the sensitive surface of the sensor and being adapted to be contacted by a finger also contacting the sensor, so that the stiff element forms part of the reader.07-21-2011
20090315674IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A method for controlling an image processing apparatus configured to output image data includes accepting, from a user, selection about whether to permit inputting biometric information, and performing control such that outputting the image data is permitted in a case where the selection for permitting inputting the biometric information is made, and the outputting the image data is prohibited in a case where the selection for permitting inputting the biometric information is not made.12-24-2009
20110032076Method and System for Generating a Biometric Query Plan - According to one embodiment, a computer-readable medium includes computer-executable instructions that, when executed by a computer, are configured to receive biometric sample quality information. The biometric sample quality information describes quality of one or more biometric samples. Search performance parameters are received. A biometric query plan is generated in compliance with the search performance parameters. The biometric query plan provides a search plan for identifying potential matches to the one or more biometric samples.02-10-2011
20100134246Apparatuses, System and Method for Authentication - It is presented a method for authenticating a candidate individual, comprising the steps of: obtaining candidate biometric data related to the candidate individual; obtaining a first data item related to first reference biometric data from a data carrier, wherein any significant part of the first reference biometric data is not readily available from the first data item; obtaining a second data item related to the first reference biometric data from digital storage, wherein any significant part of the first reference biometric data is not readily available from the second data item; working out a second reference biometric data using the first data item and the second data item; and authenticating the candidate individual (101′) when the candidate biometric data is determined to correspond to the first reference biometric data using the second reference biometric data and the candidate biometric data. Corresponding authentication apparatus, data carrier issuing apparatus and ticket are also presented06-03-2010
20100134245SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTHENTICATING A MEETING - A method for authenticating a meeting, including obtaining biometric information belonging to each of at least two participants in the meeting within a predetermined time duration, using said biometric information of the at least two participants to authenticate identities of the at least two participants, providing a meeting authentication message to the at least two participants, and storing the biometric information and the meeting authentication message in a database.06-03-2010
20110001607BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM, BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION METHOD, BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION APPARATUS, BIOMETRIC INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - A biometric authentication method includes an enrollment step of generating enrollment-purpose mixed feature point information by extracting enrollment-purpose true feature point information from input enrollment-purpose biometric information, and by combining part of the enrollment-purpose true feature point information, which is selected based on dummy data generated at random, and false feature point information generated based on the dummy data, and an authentication step of executing authentication by extracting authentication-purpose feature point information from input authentication-purpose biometric information, generating authentication-purpose mixed feature point information that includes part of the authentication-purpose feature point information, which is selected based on the false feature point information, and the false feature point information, and by matching the authentication-purpose mixed feature point information with the enrollment-purpose mixed feature point information.01-06-2011
20100033303SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING BIOFEEDBACK INFORMATION TO A CELLULAR TELEPHONE AND FOR USING SUCH INFORMATION - The present invention provides systems, methods and apparatus for a wearable band adapted to be worn by a user. The wearable band may include one or more biometric sensors such as a pulse monitor adapted to monitor a pulse of the user, and a transmitter adapted to wirelessly transmit pulse information from the pulse monitor to a mobile device such as a cellular telephone or PDA. The wearable band does not include a display for the biometric information. Numerous additional embodiments are disclosed.02-11-2010
20090309700AUTHENTICATION APPARATUS, IMAGE SENSING APPARATUS, AUTHENTICATION METHOD AND PROGRAM THEREFOR - The authentication apparatus calculates authenticities based upon similarity between detected face image data and a plurality of items of registered face image data prepared beforehand. In accordance with the calculated authenticities, the apparatus causes a display unit to display, as the result of authentication, either a registered name indicating registered face image data calculated to have a maximum authenticity from among the plurality of items of registered face image data, or any group name to which the registered face image data calculated to have the maximum authenticity and other registered face image data belong.12-17-2009
20110084801METHOD AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS FOR CREATING BIOLOGICAL FEATURE DATA - A method is used for creating a biological feature data in an electronic apparatus with a user-operable controller. The method includes: capturing at least a biological feature of a user in response to a control signal generated by the controller due to a manipulating input operation of the user, thereby generating a biological feature data for user verification; and storing the biological feature data for user verification in the electronic apparatus while normally executing the control signal to perform a function corresponding to the manipulating input operation of the user.04-14-2011
20090322477Self-Activated Secure Identification Document - The present invention describes a self activated biometrics identification device, which becomes active only when the biometrics of the bearer of the card matches the biometric data embedded in the card. Upon touching the card with a finger, the card scans the fingerprint of the user and analyzes the DNA from his or her epidermis to match it with the information encoded and embedded in the card itself. If the match is positive, the card becomes active and can be used for identification purposes, or make transactions with complete security.12-31-2009
20110102141TAMPER-PROOF SECURE CARD WITH STORED BIOMETRIC DATA AND METHOD FOR USING THE SECURE CARD - A tamper-proof secure card comprising biometric data of an individual for identifying or confirming authority of the individual. Prior to issuing the secure card a cardholder's biometric data is stored in a transparent biometric data section of the secure card. Also, a unique card number is created using a cardholder's biometric data and stored in the card. When the secure card is used the cardholder inputs biometric data. This input biometric data is then compared to the biometric data stored in the card. If the input biometric data matches the stored biometric data the identity of the cardholder is confirmed. If the cardholder's identity has been confirmed the unique card number can be accessed. Without confirmation the unique card number cannot be access. The secure card also comprises a transparent input area to separate the cardholder from an identity verification machine.05-05-2011
20100253470 Transmitter For Transmitting A Secure Access Signal - A transmitter (10-07-2010
20120200391METHOD TO IDENTIFY USER WITH SECURITY - The present invention is directed toward a system and method for identifying and authenticating a user using one or more types of pattern information. Specifically, the present invention provides a convenient user identification and authentication method using pattern information from one or more sources including (1) an audio-input device, (2) an optical-input device and/or (3) an orientation sensing device.08-09-2012
20110254662BIOMETRIC IDENTITY VALIDATION FOR USE WITH UNATTENDED TESTS FOR MEDICAL CONDITIONS - An initial signature may be generated from an initial set of biometric data. A subsequent set of biometric data may be received along with diagnostic data, and a subsequent signature may be generated from the subsequent set of biometric data. The initial signature and the subsequent signature maybe compared to determine if there is an acceptable degree of matching between the signatures. If the signatures match, such as for example within a threshold percentage, the second set of biometric data is determined to be from the same a subject as the initial set of biometric data, and the diagnostic data is processed for that subject. If the signatures do not match, the initial and subsequent sets of biometric data are determined to be from different people and the diagnostic data is not processed.10-20-2011
20120200392Method, Apparatus and Computer Program Product Implementing Anonymous Biometric Matching - Method, apparatus and computer program product compare biometrics in an anonymous manner. A first collection of biometrics is transformed using a first cancelable non-invertible biometric transform to create a first collection of transformed biometrics. A second collection of biometrics is transformed using the first cancelable non-invertible biometric transform to create a second collection of transformed biometrics. The first and second collection of transformed biometrics are then compared in the transformed domain to determine if any of the transformed biometrics from the first collection match any of the transformed biometrics from the second collection. If a match is found, the parties respectively maintaining the first and second collections of biometrics exchange information concerning the individual associated with the matching biometrics. In this manner the confidential nature of the biometrics are maintained by the entities responsible for the collections, since the biometrics are not compared in an untransformed state.08-09-2012
20100321156Anonymous association system utilizing biometrics - Various exemplary embodiments are a device and a related method for interaction with an anonymous database system, the device including: a biometric input; a communicator configured to retrieve a key stored in a first enrollment process, retrieve an institution identifier and a user identifier stored in a second enrollment process, and retrieve user data from an institution database corresponding to the institution identifier; and a display that displays the retrieved user data. Furthermore, various exemplary embodiments are a system and related method including: a plurality of biometric nodes in communication with one another, each of the plurality of biometric nodes comprising a biometric input; at least one central database in communication with the plurality of biometric nodes; and a plurality of institution databases in communication with the plurality of biometric nodes.12-23-2010
20110175703Electronic Imager Using an Impedance Sensor Grid Array Mounted on or about a Switch and Method of Making - An novel impedance sensor for use together with a switch is provided having a plurality of substantially parallel drive lines configured to transmit a signal into a surface of a proximally located object, and also a plurality of substantially parallel pickup lines oriented substantially perpendicular to the drive lines and separated from the pickup lines by a dielectric to form intrinsic electrode pairs that are impedance sensitive at each of the drive and pickup crossover locations.07-21-2011
20100214062VERIFICATION APPARATUS AND AUTHENTICATION APPARATUS - A verification apparatus includes a storage unit storing a plurality of pieces of verification biometric information on a per group basis with personal identification information unmapped to the verification biometric information and a verification unit performing a 1:N verification operation on the verification biometric information of a verification target person read by read unit and the plurality of pieces of verification biometric information on a per group basis.08-26-2010
20100066493BIOMETRIC PROCESSING USING RANDOM PROJECTION TRANSFORMS - To provide cancelable biometrics, random projection transforms are used to produce transformed biometric data that may be used for authentication purposes. Each random projection transform provides a one-way or irreversible transformation such that the resulting transformed biometric data alone cannot be used to reconstruct the biometric data. Enrollment and backup transforms are produced based on enrollment biometric data. Authentication is possible by similarly transforming authentication biometric and then securely reconstructing the enrollment and authentication biometric data for comparison. In a similar manner, the enrollment and backup transforms may be used to reenroll biometric data when its corresponding transformed biometric data is compromised without requiring further user intervention.03-18-2010
20100039223METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AUTHENTICATING AND VALIDATING IDENTITIES BASED ON MULTI-MODAL BIOMETRIC TEMPLATES AND SPECIAL CODES IN A SUBSTANTIALLY ANONYMOUS PROCESS - An embodiment of the present invention provides a method for authenticating an identity of an individual received from an approved entity against a centralized multi-modal biometric database in an anonymous process. The method includes receiving an authentication request from the approved entity. The authentication request includes a personal reference code and a biometric template for a biometric feature of the individual but no private or personal data. The method further includes determining if any record in the database exists that includes a personal reference code which matches the reference code of the authentication request. The record in the database further includes one or more stored biometric templates for each individual. Based on the determination of the match, the method compares the biometric template of the authentication request with the stored biometric template and provides an indication to an approved destination of whether the biometric templates match, thus confirming authentic identity.02-18-2010
20100194530SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTHENTICATED AND PRIVACY PRESERVING BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS - A system and method for the identification of users and objects using biometric techniques is disclosed. This invention describes a biometric based identification and authorization systems which do not require the incorporation of an on-line database of stored complete biometrics for the security infrastructure. In order to remove the connectivity requirements, an off-line biometric system is achieved by incorporating an identity verification template (IVT) on a storage device/token (e g, magnetic strip or smart-card) during the user's registration which provides for a reliable storage medium; however, there are no security requirements required of the token even to protect the privacy of the stored biometric. The IVT does not contain complete information of the user's biometric but allows for the verification of the user when that user later provides a biometric reading. To deal with errors that may be introduced into later scans of the biometric (for example at the time of verification) error correcting techniques, well known in the art of communication and error control systems, are incorporated into the system. The system is also usable in the online model. Moreover, it may also be used to enable cryptographic operations by being used to partially compose or encrypt private keys for cryptographic operation.08-05-2010
20100182125MAN-MACHINE INTERFACE FOR CONTROLLING ACCESS TO ELECTRONIC DEVICES - The invention disclosed herein describes a man-machine interface device for controlling access to electronic devices. The man-machine interface device comprises an electronic display unit including a transparent finger touch sensor region that is seated above the display apparatus, which is responsible for determining the presence and absence of a finger and for generating fingerprint images when a finger is detected. The man-machine interface device also includes a controller unit that is coupled to the display apparatus, the finger touch sensor region, and at least one electronic device. The method of the invention describes a process for authenticating individuals and verifying their security privileges to access sensitive data, based on a finger-touch selection of an icon presented on the display apparatus of the man-machine interface device.07-22-2010
20110050394SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PRESSURE-BASED AUTHENTICATION OF AN INPUT ON A TOUCH SCREEN - Systems and methods are provided for authenticating an input on a touch screen. A method comprises obtaining one or more pressure metrics for an input by a user on a touch screen that is being proffered as that of a known user. Each pressure metric corresponds to a pressure applied to the touch screen by the user at a respective impression location of the input. The method further comprises authenticating the user as the known user based at least in part on the one or more pressure metrics.03-03-2011
20100127826SECURE BIOMETRIC DEVICE - A device for capturing biometric characteristics, the device having an optical sensor with a field of view covering a detection zone for detecting optical characteristics, and an electronic control unit that is connected to the sensor in order to control it, the control unit being placed at least in part in the field of view of the sensor and includes a memory containing at least one signature resulting from at least one reference optical characteristic of the control unit as seen by the sensor, and a comparator module for comparing the signature with at least one corresponding signature that results from at least one optical characteristic of the control unit as supplied by the sensor.05-27-2010
20100097179USER AUTHENTICATION DEVICE AND USER AUTHENTICATION METHOD - Biometric information registered for each user is held, user information being a plurality types of attribute information associated with each user is held, a possibility that the user requests authentication is predicted and a predicted value is calculated for each user by using the plurality types of attribute information contained in the held user information. When biometric information for an authentication request is accepted, the accepted biometric information is matched against the biometric information for a plurality of users determined based on calculated predicted values, and it is determined based on the result of the matching whether a person having entered the accepted biometric information is authenticated as the user.04-22-2010
20110316670BIOMETRIC KIT AND METHOD OF CREATING THE SAME - A biometric kit and method of using the same includes the collection and verification of photographs, friction ridge detail, DNA profile, and dental radiographs of an individual along with a personal information profile. The collected and verified data is converted to a digital format and stored12-29-2011
20120044050Smart Doorbell Security System and Method to Identify Visitors - A device and method to identify visitors and notify the resident of the identified information of the visitor before the resident opens the door for the visitor. The device reads/scans Visitor's Badge or Access Card which they use to activate the Smart Doorbell Switch by touching or swiping their badge or card on the Smart Doorbell Switch. Identifying information associated with the scanned Badge or Card is retrieved and announced for the Resident. Identification of the Badge or Card is also checked with an Alert Database to check if there is an alert tied to the Badge of Card. If so, the appropriate authorities will be contacted and the resident will be alerted.02-23-2012
20120013437BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION APPARATUS, BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM - An authentication processing device receives biometric data to be checked from a biometric measuring device; transforms the biometric data that is input from the biometric measuring device by using a checking transformation parameter that is different from a registration transformation parameter; and creates checking biometric data. Then, the authentication processing device performs a differential transformation process on the created checking biometric data by using a differential parameter by which a transformation state transformed by the checking transformation parameter and a transformation state transformed by the registration transformation parameter have the same state. Thereafter, the authentication processing device checks the transformed checking biometric data against the registration biometric data stored in a transformation registration data DB and performs authentication.01-19-2012
20120013436BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION DEVICE, BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A biometric authentication device including: a data-for-matching generation portion generating a data for matching from biometric information; an update-demand determine portion determining whether a registered data registered for matching with the data for matching needs updating or not, based on a difference between biometric quality of the registered data and biometric quality of the data for matching; and a registered data replace portion replacing the registered data by a generated data for updating, according to a determination result of the update-demand determine portion.01-19-2012
20120062364BIOMETRIC IMAGING USING AN OPTICAL ADAPTIVE INTERFACE - Embodiments of the invention provide for a biometric system with an optically adaptive interface. In some embodiments, an optically adaptive interface changes optical characteristics in response to the placement of a finger on the optically adaptive interface. In some embodiments, the optically adaptive interface can include an active layer and a surface layer. The active layer and the surface layer can have different optical properties. For example, one layer may be opaque and the other transparent, the two layers may have complementary colors, the two layers may have orthogonal polarization reflectors, one layer may be reflective and the other absorptive, etc. Moreover, the active layer can be a fluid with either high or low viscosity. For example, the viscosity can be such that the active layer fluid is either completely displaced or not displaced in locations corresponding to finger valleys.03-15-2012
20120154117SUPPLEMENTING BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION WITH DEVICE IDENTIFICATION - A computer may identify an individual according to one or more biometrics based on various physiological aspects of the individual, such as metrics of various features of the face, gait, fingerprint, or voice of the individual. However, biometrics are often computationally intensive to compute, inaccurate, and unable to scale to identify an individual among a large set of known individuals. Therefore, the biometric identification of an individual may be supplemented by identifying one or more devices associated with the individual (e.g., a mobile phone, a vehicle driven by the individual, or an implanted medical device). When an individual is registered for identification, various device identifiers of devices associated with the individual may be stored along with the biometrics of the individual. Individuals may then be identified using both biometrics and detected device identifiers, thereby improving the efficiency, speed, accuracy, and scalability of the identification.06-21-2012
20110090048Data Transmission Device with User Identification Capability - The present invention provides, in one embodiment, a medical test data acquisition device that acquires both a test subject's test results and one or more biometric indicators such as a fingerprint, and links the test results to the biometric indicators or the test subject's identity associated with the test subject, and transmits the linked information to a data repository accessible by a medical provider. Such a device provides an accurate, portable, and low cost solution for acquiring and transmitting a test subject's medical test results in conjunction with the subject's identity.04-21-2011
20110090047Biometric switch and indicating means - A biometric switch for reading fingerprints, giving tactile feedback when the fingerprint has been read, and opening a locking mechanism when depressed. The biometric mechanisms are encased into a small push button type switch with the finger print reader at the top surface. When the fingerprint is read and the processor has determined that the user is allowed access, the button is allowed to depress via an electromechanical mechanism. Thus the invention allows for the inherent force of the fingerprint pressed against the button to open a variety of devices.04-21-2011
20100013597Biometric medication container - A locked medication container can be unlocked opened in response to a person's matching biometric characteristic and satisfaction of pre-established rules of access relating to day and time. One type of characteristic is a finger or thumb print. A communication can be sent to a remote site indicating that access was attempted by a specific person at a specific date and time and was successful or unsuccessful.01-21-2010
20100245042AUTHENTICATOR AND AUTHENTICATION METHOD - An authenticator authenticates a person at a cellular telephone according to a registered given user biometrically, in which a predetermined threshold is used in comparison with degree of matching between face images. A location information retriever retrieves information of a first location of the cellular telephone upon retrieval of the person's face image, and a second location of the cellular telephone after detecting the first location at a predetermined time. A movement detector detects whether travel of the cellular telephone occurs upon retrieval of the person's face image according to the first and second locations. A log database unit stores information of the travel from the movement detector. A threshold determining unit determines the threshold according to the information of the travel in relation to one or more earlier event logs of authentication.09-30-2010
20100245041PASSAGE AUTHORIZATION SYSTEM - A passage authorization system includes a plurality of gate management apparatuses that are individually provided with authentication sensors for acquiring biometric data from a presented hand and form paths, an authentication unit configured to output a result of authentication comparison performed with the biometric data acquired by each of the authentication sensors and a hand determination result of determining whether the biometric data is data of a left hand or a right hand, and a control unit configured to control opening/closing of a gate corresponding to the hand determination result on the basis of the result of authentication comparison.09-30-2010
20120126944HUMAN BODY COMMUNICATION APPARATUS AND AUTHENTICATION METHOD OF THE SAME - In one embodiment, a human body communication apparatus includes a first human body communication terminal carried by a person, a second human body communication terminal and an authentication unit included in the first or second human body communication terminal. The first human body communication terminal includes a first detection unit to detect first living body physiological information of the carrying person. The second human body communication terminal includes a human body contact sensor and a second detection unit to detect second living body physiological information of the person who touches the human body contact sensor. The authentication unit acquires the first and second living body physiological information and determines a correlation between the first and second living body physiological information to permit communication between the first and second human body communication terminals in accordance with the correlation.05-24-2012
20100207727Information processing apparatus, method, and program - An information processing apparatus includes: a biometric information acquirer configured to acquire a user's biometric information; an instructions receiver configured to receive instructions from the user; and an associating unit configured to associate the biometric information with information obtained on the basis of the instructions.08-19-2010
20120313753Systems and Methods of Identification Based on Biometric Parameters - Systems and methods for authenticating a user are disclosed. In some embodiments, information regarding multiple biometric parameters is gathered from a test subject and compared with a validation template. The validation template can be augmented with some or all of the information if the user is successfully authenticated.12-13-2012
20120169464BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION DEVICE, BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM, AND BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION METHOD - A biometric authentication device includes a photographing unit configured to photograph a biological body and acquire biological body information; an authentication unit configured to match registered biological body information that is registered in advance with the biological body information and perform authentication; a posture determination unit configured to determine steadiness of a posture of the biological body based on history of posture information relevant to the posture of the biological body when photographed; and an update determination unit configured to determine to update the registered biological body information when the posture determination unit determines that the posture of the biological body is steady.07-05-2012
20120169463APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR AUTHENTICATING BIOMETRIC INFORMATION - A method for biometric authentication and a system using the same are provided. The biometric authentication system of the present invention separates pre-registered biometric information of a user into a plurality of separated biometric information, disperses them to a plurality of databases and manages them. Accordingly, when a user authentication process is needed, the biometric authentication system performs an authentication by obtaining the separated biometric information that are managed by a plurality of databases and composing registered biometric information. The present invention reduces the risk of leakage of biometric information of a user due to hacking or theft since it allows biometric information to be separated, disperse and managed, which conventionally is store as a single file on a server, a database or a security token.07-05-2012
20120313754BIOMETRIC SMART CARD READER - A system and method for verifying the identity of an individual. The method may include for a smart card interfaced to a biometric interface device, determining if a match-on-card application exists on the smart card as a function of information contained on the card and capturing a biometric of an individual if a match-on-card application exists on the smart card using the biometric interface device. The captured biometric is then compared with a stored biometric. If the captured biometric matches with the stored biometric then a host application may be notified that the individual has been verified to access the data. Any one or several of these steps are performed without the use of a host application.12-13-2012
20100277278CONTACTLESS BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM AND AUTHENTICATION METHOD - A system of authentication is provided including several personal authentication devices, one terminal including biometric means so arranged as to generate biometric information on the user, wireless communication means so arranged as to transmit biometric information without contact between each personal authentication device and the terminal, each personal authentication device including a memory so arranged as to store biometric data, processing means so arranged as to compare the biometric information and the biometric data, the wireless communication means being so arranged as to transmit biometric information to a plurality of personal authentication devices, each being arranged as to transmit, without contact, to the terminal, positive authentication data in the case of the authentication of the user and wherein the terminal being arranged as to open a transactional session only with the personal devices having transmitted the positive authentication data.11-04-2010
20120188055METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CAPTURING BIOMETRIC DATA - A method of capturing biometric data is provided that includes activating a security application in a device. The security application is activated by an operator of the device and is configured to cause the device to display an outline image. Moreover, the method includes displaying the outline image in a stationary position on a display of the device, positioning desired biometric data proximate the device such that the desired biometric data appears as a biometric image on the device display, and monitoring the outline and biometric images shown on the device display. Furthermore, the method includes positioning the device and the desired biometric data to better align the outline and biometric images when the outline and biometric images do not align and capturing the desired biometric data from an individual after approximately aligning the outline image with the biometric image.07-26-2012
20110121943BIOMETRIC REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE AND METHODS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR OPERATING THE SAME - A remote control device is operated by receiving biometric information from a user, authenticating an identity of the user based on the received biometric information, and facilitating user operation of a device in accordance with a functionality profile associated with the user's identity, the functionality profile specifying at least one of a restriction and a permission affecting operation of the device.05-26-2011
20100328033BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION DEVICE, BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - Provided is a biometric authentication device that can enhance usability, suppress deterioration of authentication accuracy due to ambient noise, and increase tolerance to wiretapping. A biometric authentication device generates a signal pattern toward a living body by using a signal pattern generating means 11, and transmits the signal pattern to the living body in accordance with the signal pattern by a signal transmitting means 12. Further, the device receives a response signal transmitted through the living body by a signal receiving means 13. The device then calculates transfer feature in accordance with the signal pattern and the response signal by a transfer feature calculating means 14. Further, the device extracts and collates a feature amount in accordance with the transfer features.12-30-2010
20100328032SECURITY FOR COMPUTING UNIT WITH FEMTOCELL AP FUNCTIONALITY - A computing unit includes a radio that communicates with at least one external station in a femtocell access point (AP) mode of operation. A processing module executes a plurality of applications including a femtocell application in the femtocell AP mode of operation and a multi-level security application that authenticates a user of the computing unit and that restricts access to the femtocell application based on the authentication of the user.12-30-2010
20120319817BIOMETRIC INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND BIOMETRIC INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - A biometric information processing apparatus includes: a calculation unit that calculates the direction of each of characteristic lines included in biometric information extracted from a user; a smoothing unit that smoothes each of the characteristic lines; a difference calculation unit that calculates a difference between the direction of each of the characteristic lines and the direction of each of the smoothed characteristic lines; a detection unit that detects, as a change candidate area, a potentially changeable area in the biometric information based on each of the calculated differences; and an estimation unit that estimates the future authentication accuracy using the biometric information, based on the detected change candidate area.12-20-2012
20120268246SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING A DERIVED BIOMETRIC TEMPLATE - Systems and methods for generating a derived biometric template are provided. A biometric sample of a user is determined. A base biometric template includes a plurality of features extracted from the biometric sample. A degree of rotation is determined, and a derived biometric template is generated using the degree of rotation.10-25-2012
20120326841BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION APPARATUS AND METHOD - A biometric authentication apparatus is provided, the apparatus including: a comparator that performs authentication of the user by comparing biological information read from a user with registered biological information registered in a storage in advance; a high accuracy comparator that compares the biological information with the registered biological information with a higher accuracy instead of comparison using the comparator when the user is not authenticated by the comparator; and a comparison result storage that records a comparison result obtained by the high accuracy comparator in the storage.12-27-2012
20120286930AUTOMATED CARD INFORMATION EXCHANGE PURSUANT TO A COMMERCIAL TRANSACTION - In general, embodiments of the present invention relate to a card and associated methods for automated information (static and dynamic) exchange pursuant to a commercial transaction. In a typical embodiment, the card (e.g., a credit card, a debit card and/or a smart card) comprises an energy component for providing power to the card and a back display (e.g., positioned on the back or magnetic strip side of the card) for displaying card information being used in the commercial transaction. Upon display, a terminal (e.g., a point of sale terminal) will scan/read the card information and generate a corresponding source validation code (SVC). An imager positioned on the back of the card will scan/read the SVC and card validation code (CVC) logic on the card will generate a CVC based on the SVC (e.g., based on a validation result of the SVC). A biometric reader positioned on a front side of the card will take a biometric reading from a user of the card and corresponding user validation code (UVC) logic will generate a UVC based on the biometric reading. The underlying commercial transaction can then be validated (e.g., by a server associated with the terminal or by validation logic on the card itself), a validation result can be displayed on a front display (e.g., positioned on the front side of the card).11-15-2012
20130015952Systems and Algorithms For Stateless Biometric Recognition - A system and algorithms to authenticate a person where a system only has some standard personal text data about the person, and cannot have a real biometric template obtained using an enrollment procedure. The authentication allows access to restricted resources by the person. This method is especially useful when it is used as an auxiliary authentication service with other methods such as password or Callback that dramatically lower the chances for an imposter.01-17-2013
20130207779DEVICE AND METHOD FOR BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION - A biometric authentication device includes: a storage unit to store a first enrolled template and first information including a parameter representing an input environment of the first enrolled template; a receiving unit to receive biometric information from the terminal device, a second enrolled template stored in the terminal device, and second information including a parameter representing an input environment of the second enrolled template; an authentication unit to perform authentication by matching the received biometric information and the first enrolled template; a selecting unit to select the first enrolled template or the second enrolled template, based on the first and second information, when the biometric information is accepted; and an updating unit to update the first enrolled template stored in the storage unit to the second enrolled template when the second enrolled template is selected.08-15-2013
20130176108AUTOMATED MECHANISM TO SWITCH USER DATA SETS IN A TOUCH-BASED DEVICE - A method to use a single touch-based device for a set of users involves analyzing a biometric signal of a user, obtained using a biometric sensor of the single touch-based device, to generate a biometric data item; determining an identity of the user by comparing the biometric data item to a set of biometric data items stored in the single touch-based device; activating, in response solely to the biometric signal and based on the identity of the user, a user data set residing on the single touch-based device, where the user data set belongs to the user; and performing, in response to a touch input from the user and activation of the user data set, a task on the single touch-based device using the user data set.07-11-2013
20120249297Consent Biometrics - A system with its methods of detecting whether users are willing to access the biometric systems has been developed that includes acquiring the signal of an anatomical feature having a biometric feature, acquiring a dynamic feature for willingness test with/without biometric feature, isolating a region of the signal having the biometric feature, extracting feature descriptors from the region to identify a user, extracting a unique user consent signature from the dynamic feature for willingness test, storing the of feature descriptors and willingness signature into an electronic database and matching the feature descriptors and consent signatures with the ones stored in the electronic database during registration. Two types of consent biometrics schemes with two authentication example designs are developed.10-04-2012
20100085152AUTHENTICATION METHOD - A method of authenticating a user includes storing a reference biometric data of the user, performing initial authentication by obtaining biometric data of the user and comparing the obtained biometric data with the reference biometric data, storing the obtained biometric data upon successful initial authentication, performing second and subsequent authentication by obtaining biometric data of the user and comparing instantaneously obtained biometric data with the reference biometric data and the stored obtained biometric data, and updating the stored obtained biometric data each time the second or the subsequent authentication is successful.04-08-2010
20130093565BIOMETRIC MATCHING SYSTEM - The present disclosure concerns a method of identifying a biometric record of an individual in a database comprising a plurality of biometric records, each record comprising at least one reference biometric sample, the method comprising: receiving, by a biometric identification unit (04-18-2013
20090167492IDENTITY VERIFICATION AND ACCESS CONTROL - A system and method of identity verification and access control of patrons to a venue in which a biometric reader is provided for reading an identifying biological characteristic of the patron. A biometric information processing means is provided for generating a unique biometric information key for the patron based on the identifying biological characteristic read by the biometric reader. A primary database for stores the biometric information keys of newly enrolled patrons and all patrons who have previously attended the venue and been enrolled. A means is also provided to record information indicating that one or more of the biometric information keys belong to patrons that have been banned access to the venue. An access data processing means compares the biometric information key generated by the biometric information processing means with the biometric information keys stored in said primary database in order to verify both the identity of the patron and whether the patron is banned access, prior to permitting the patron access to the venue.07-02-2009
20130187757SYSTEM FOR BIOMETRIC IDENTITY CONFIRMATION - A biometric identity confirmation system is based on both pulse wave data and spirometric data for the subject. During an initial enrollment mode, pulse wave and spirometric data for a known subject are used to generate subject characterization data for the known subject. During a subsequent identity authentication mode, pulse wave and spirometric data for a test subject are analyzed using the subject characterization data to confirm whether the identity of the test subject matches the known subject.07-25-2013
20130147602DETERMINATION OF USER BASED ON ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENT - In one embodiment, a user is identified based on one or more electrical measurements corresponding to user contact with a device and a comparison of those measurements with stored user data. An indication of the determined user identity is provided to a user, and one or more aspects of the operation of a device or system can be set based on the determined user identity. The user can be presented with an opportunity to provide feedback regarding whether the determined identity is correct. Subsequent determinations for determining user identity can be based at least in part on the user provided feedback.06-13-2013
20110234373SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SELECTIVELY ENABLING A CONTROL SYSTEM - A system and method are disclosed for selectively enabling a control system using a biometric and a physiological sensor to determine the status of an operator. An input component is operatively coupled to the sensor to permit an operator to initialize the sensor. A central processor unit is operatively coupled to the operator sensor and the central processor unit has a transceiver operatively coupled therewith for processing and evaluating the biometric and physiological information. A ground control located remotely from the operator is operatively coupled to the central processor unit and includes a transceiver coupled therewith. An override is operatively coupled to the ground control and central processor unit.09-29-2011
20100315201BIOMETRICS AUTHENTICATION METHOD AND CLIENT TERMINAL AND AUTHENTICATION SERVER USED FOR BIOMETRICS AUTHENTICATION - In a biometrics authentication system inputting biometric information and outputting a user ID, speedup of 1:N matching on the side of server achieved when cancelable biometrics authentication is realized in which matching is carried out. During registration, similarity of a feature to a dummy feature is searched and the feature is transformed by using a transform parameter corresponding to a nearest neighboring dummy feature. The transformed feature and a group ID are transmitted to the server and the server registers the transformed feature at the group in a DB. During authentication, like the registration process, similarity search of a feature is carried out and the feature is transformed by using transform parameter corresponding to a nearest neighboring dummy feature. The transformed feature and group ID are transmitted to the server. The server executes 1:1 matching between a template a the group in the DB and the transformed feature.12-16-2010
20130194071SURFACE SENSOR - The invention relates to a sensor for detection of properties and structures of an organic tissue and its surface, e.g. a fingerprint sensor comprising a chosen number of sensor electrodes at chosen positions for coupling to a finger tissue and its surface having a size less or comparable to the size of the structures, characteristics or properties of the finger tissue or surface, and a processing unit including electronic circuitry connected to said electrodes for detection of the voltage at, or the current flow in the electrodes, thereby providing for detection and collection of information of related capacitance, impedance, electromagnetic field, fingerprint, tissue aliveness or other biometric, physical, physiological, thermal or optical or characteristics or properties of the tissue or its surface positioned over the electrodes, the processing unit being mounted on one side of a substrate and the electrodes being embedded in said substrate, the substrate including through going first, second and third conductive paths between said sensor electrodes and said measurement circuitry. The substrate is made from a polymer material such as Polyimide, implemented as a rigid or a flexible multi layer build-up substrate, said first, second, and third conductive paths are constituted by through going substrate sections of a chosen size and material.08-01-2013
20120044049Smart Doorbell Security System and Method to Identify Visitors - A device and method to identify visitors and notify the resident of the identified information of the visitor before the resident opens the door for the visitor. The device reads/scans the fingerprint of the visitor as they activate the Smart Doorbell Switch by pressing the Smart Doorbell Switch with their finger, preferably their thumb. Identifying information associated with the scanned fingerprint is retrieved and announced for the Resident. The visitor's fingerprint is also checked with an Alert Database to check if there is an alert tied to the fingerprint. If so, the appropriate authorities will be contacted and the resident will be alerted.02-23-2012
20120068820Systems and Methods for Collecting Biometrically Verified Actigraphy Data - Systems and methods are provided to collect biometrically-verified actigraphy data, comprising: obtaining and processing a subject's measured biometric input from a biometric sensor to generate a current biometric signature of the subject; verifying the subject's identity by comparing the current biometric signature to one previously obtained from a database and evaluating a proximity metric of the current biometric signature of the subject to the previously obtained biometric signature from the database; if the subject passes identity verification, obtaining actigraphy data from an actigraphy sensor worn by the subject; at one or more times while obtaining the actigraphy data, repeating the steps of obtaining and processing a subject's measured biometric input from a biometric sensor to generate a current biometric signature of the subject, and verifying the identity of the subject to ensure that the identity of the subject passes the identity verification at the one or more times.03-22-2012
20120068819SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR REMOTE LONG STANDOFF BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION USING MICROWAVE CARDIAC SIGNALS - Systems and methods for remote, long standoff biometric identification using microwave cardiac signals are provided. In one embodiment, the invention relates to a method for remote biometric identification using microwave cardiac signals, the method including generating and directing first microwave energy in a direction of a person, receiving microwave energy reflected from the person, the reflected microwave energy indicative of cardiac characteristics of the person, segmenting a signal indicative of the reflected microwave energy into a waveform including a plurality of heart beats, identifying patterns in the microwave heart beats waveform, and identifying the person based on the identified patterns and a stored microwave heart beats waveform.03-22-2012
20120086550PEDOBAROGRAPHIC BIOMETRIC SYSTEM - A method and system to characterize the wearer of at least one item of footwear having a sensor means which, while the item is being worn, collects from the wearer current pedobarometric data that is characteristic of the wearer, and the current pedobarometric data is compared with corresponding reference data for a specified wearer, preferably previously collected via the same or a similar item of footwear while worn by the specified wearer under controlled conditions, the results of the comparison being used to characterize the present wearer according to prescribed criteria.04-12-2012

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