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Personal identification

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340 - Communications: electrical

340825000 - SELECTIVE

340500100 - Intelligence comparison for controlling

340500800 - Authentication (e.g., identity)

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340500820 Biometrics 253
340500850 Password 13
20130038425SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PERFORMING COMMANDS FROM A REMOTE SOURCE - According to one embodiment of the invention, a method for secured execution of commands is described. Initially, a second electronic device authenticates a first electronic device and registers the first electronic device as a trusted device. Thereafter, up receipt of a message with one or more embedded commands, such commands are executed without any pre-established communication protocol if the message is from the registered first electronic device.02-14-2013
20130162396Automatically Controllable Smart Stroller or Wheelchair - A smart stroller or wheelchair device includes a frame, a body-movement detecting unit provided on the frame, a drive control unit and a drive unit. The drive control unit electrically connects with the body-movement detecting unit and the drive unit. The body-movement detecting unit is operated to detect a position and a distance of an operator, thereby the drive control unit synchronously controlling the drive unit to move the frame a predetermined distance. In an embodiment, the stroller or wheelchair device includes a light sensor unit, a canopy control unit and a canopy drive unit. In an alternative, the stroller or wheelchair device includes a backrest adjustment mechanism, a recognition system or a safety guard system.06-27-2013
20090278657IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - A disclosed image display device includes a display part; a user identifying part configured to perform personal identification to identify personal identification information; a detecting part configured to detect whether the image display device is held by hand; and a control part configured to display an image on the display part upon a display request when the user identifying part identifies personal identification information obtained upon the display request as personal identification information of an authorized user, to continue displaying the image on the display part as long as the detecting part detects that the image display device is held by hand, and to erase the image on the display part when the user identifying part fails to identify the personal identification information of the authorized user by a personal identification performed upon detecting by the detecting part that the image display device is not held by hand.11-12-2009
20110215902CUSTOMER RECOGNITION METHOD AND SYSTEM - Disclosed embodiments describe a customer recognition method and system. The customer recognition system has an acknowledgment server that carries out the customer recognition method. The customer recognition method may include storing customer profile data related to a customer and identity device data related to an identity device; receiving a unique device identifier from a sensor within communication range of the identity device; retrieving customer profile data from the profile database based on the received identifier; sending the customer profile data to the sensor; and receiving an acknowledgement status relating to the customer.09-08-2011
20090212908METHODS FOR INITIATING OPERATING VOLTAGES FOR SUBSCRIBER IDENTITY CARDS AND SYSTEMS UTILIZING THE SAME - A system for initiating operating voltages for subscriber identity cards is provided. The system includes a first subscriber identity card, a second subscriber identity card, an RF module, a controller and a Baseband unit. The controller initiates a first operating voltage of the first subscriber identity card and initiates a second operating voltage of the second subscriber identity, respectively. The Baseband unit cooperates with the first subscriber identity card to camp on a first cell and cooperates with the second subscriber identity card to camp on a second cell via the RF module.08-27-2009
20090212909PORTABLE ELECTRONIC AUTHORIZATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - In one embodiment, an apparatus comprises a user authenticator and a transponder. The transponder is permitted to emit a wireless signal representing information stored in the apparatus in response to a wireless interrogation signal after the user authenticator has authenticated the identity of the user. In another embodiment, an apparatus comprises, a memory, a user input, and a transponder. The memory stores at least first and second distinct codes. The user input permits a user to select any one of the at least first and second codes for transmission in response to a wireless interrogation signal. The transponder emits a wireless signal representing the selected one of the at least first and second codes in response to an interrogation signal. In yet another embodiment, a token that may be used to engage in a transaction at a point of sale comprises a substrate, a rewritable memory, and a reconfigurable display. The rewriteable memory is supported by the substrate and can be selectively configured to store information on the token that identifies an account that is to be used to engage in the transaction at the point of sale. The substrate and memory are configured and arranged such that the substrate can be selectively interfaced with an apparatus at the point of sale to permit the apparatus to read the contents of the memory. The reconfigurable display is also supported by the substrate and displays at least some of the information that is stored in the rewritable memory.08-27-2009
20090284347IDENTITY VERIFICATION BADGE AND METHOD FOR UTILIZING SAME IN A SECURITY SYSTEM - An identification and verification security badge is disclosed. The badge includes a keypad that allows the entry of user information that is monitored and verified by a processor within the badge. The processor compares an inputted personal identification number with one that is stored within a memory within the badge. When a match is found, an access code is transmitted that includes at least a badge identification code that uniquely identifies the badge. The badge also includes an on-body sensor that determines the status of the badge with respect to a user. When the sensor determines that the badge is not in close proximately to the user, then transmission from the badge is inhibited. In another aspect, when a transition from one state of the badge sensor to another state is determined, the personal identification number is required to be entered.11-19-2009
20100102929PROTECTION, SECURITY AND DISPLACEMENT TRACKING LUMINOUS BADGE SYSTEM - The invention relates to an equipment comprising at least one badge (04-29-2010
20080218311PATIENT IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM - The patient identification system of the preferred embodiments includes a transponder that is affixed to a patient and functions to communicate information that identifies the patient to a device or series of devices. The series of devices includes at least a first device that collects data from the patient and communicates with the transponder. The patient identification system is preferably designed to identify a patient, and more specifically to identify a patient to be associated with the data collected by the device. The patient identification system, however, may be alternatively used in any suitable environment and for any suitable reason.09-11-2008
20080315990Presence Informaion Notification System and Method, Computer Program, Charging System and Charging Device and Portable Device - A presence information notification system is provided which generates presence information indicating where or whether or not a user is present and notifies a terminal of the generated information substantially without requiring the user to perform any intentional operation therefor.12-25-2008
20100265036Personalized device owner identifier - One aspect of the disclosure relates to obtaining an identifiable aspect of a supposed owner of a personalized device; and determining whether the supposed owner of the personalized device is a true owner of the personalized device based at least in part on the obtaining an identifiable aspect of the supposed owner of the personalized device. Another aspect of the disclosure relates to obtaining a feature of a supposed owner; and identifying an aspect of a personalized device owner identifier based at least in part on the obtaining the feature of the supposed owner.10-21-2010
20090102603METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING AUTHENTICATION WITH A USER INTERFACE SYSTEM - A system, and method for use thereof, for authentication. The system may generate an image in a three dimensional coordinate system, for example a three dimensional lock. A sensing system may sense a user interaction with the image. The user interaction may include a user selecting a sequence, or code, of alphanumeric characters. The sensed user interaction may be correlated with the three dimensional coordinate system. The correlated user interaction may be compared with a predetermined authentication pattern. The predetermined authentication pattern may be a preset alphanumeric sequence indicating an allowed access. The system may also provide a user authentication if a match exists between the correlated user interaction and the predetermined authentication pattern. The system may be used for interconnecting or communicating between two or more components connected to an interconnection medium (e.g., a bus) within a single computer or digital data processing system.04-23-2009
20120105199Validating Sensor Data at a Community Sensor-Coordinating Entity - In one embodiment, a method includes receiving sensor data from a source associated with a person; comparing the sensor data against a sensor information model of the person that includes a description of the person, a description of a sensor associated with the person, a description of a property associated with the person, and a description of a virtual community that the person is associated with; determining whether the sensor data are valid based on the comparison; and if the sensor data are valid, routing the sensor data to an application provider associated with the virtual community.05-03-2012
20130214905PORTABLE TERMINAL AND GRIPPING-FEATURE LEARNING METHOD - A portable terminal includes a gripping-feature sample acquisition section that acquires a gripping feature sample from a sensor array; a former-template storage that stores an old authentication template in a portable terminal used in the past, as a former template; a feature-segment extracting section that extracts a feature segment from the former template and calculates a distance between the former template and the gripping feature sample in each feature segment; a segment-position correcting section that applies deformation correction to the former template in a feature segment in which the distance calculated by the feature-segment extracting section is longer than a predetermined value, to generate a corrected template; a template comparison section that compares the corrected template with the acquired gripping feature sample and calculates an inter-vector distance therebetween; and a template storage that stores the corrected template as an authentication template when the inter-vector distance is equal to or shorter than a predetermined value.08-22-2013
20100134244IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, USER AUTHENTICATION METHOD AND PROGRAM - The present invention is intended to improve operability of an operation panel in case of using a function imposed a limitation on use in an image processing device. In order to achieve this, an image processing device 06-03-2010
20110102140Universal validation module for access control systems - A validation module provides for the upgrading of a physical access control system (PACS) to full HSPD-12 compliance without requiring modification or replacement of the existing PACS. The validation module may contain all of the validation functionality required by federal specifications and technical requirements. The validation module may be installed between an existing PACS panel and a supported card/biometric reader. Readers may be selected based on assurance level requirements, e.g., contactless or contact readers for low and medium assurance level areas and full biometric readers for high assurance areas. The validation module may validate a card according to the assurance level setting, extract ID information from data on the card and then pass the ID information to the PACS panel for an access decision. Cardholder data captured by one validation module may be distributed to other validation modules of the PACS using a management station.05-05-2011
20110187499METHOD FOR OPERATING A MOTOR VEHICLE - In a method for operating a motor vehicle (08-04-2011
20100117792DEVICE INCLUDING AUTHENTICATION GLYPH - A device used in an authentication process. The device includes a processor, a display coupled to the processor, and a computer readable medium coupled to the processor. The computer readable medium includes (i) code for displaying a first authentication image including a plurality of image elements including a set of image elements, where the image elements in the set of image elements are located at a first set of positions on a display screen, (ii) code for receiving a first glyph having a first configuration corresponding to the set of image elements from a user while the first authentication image is displayed, (iii) code for displaying a second authentication image including the plurality of image elements including the set of image elements, where the image elements in the set of image elements are located at a second set of positions on the display screen, where the second set of positions is different than the first set of positions, and (iv) code for receiving a second glyph having a second configuration corresponding to the set of image elements from a user while the first authentication image is displayed05-13-2010
20100117793PHOTOGRAPHING CONTROL APPARATUS, PROGRAM AND METHOD OF THE SAME, AND PHOTOGRAPHING APPARATUS - An imaging control apparatus for controlling an imaging apparatus that presents presentation information and captures an image of a person, the imaging control apparatus includes: an identification information acquisition unit that acquires identification information; an information presentation instruction unit that refers to presentation information setting information which associates the identification information and the presentation information with each other, and instructs the imaging apparatus to present presentation information that the presentation information setting information associates with identification information acquired by the identification information acquisition unit; and an imaging instruction unit that instructs the imaging apparatus to capture an image of the person while the instruction presentation instruction unit instructs to present the presentation information.05-13-2010
20100321155OBJECT AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM - A system employing enrollment information and the quality of the enrollment information. The enrollment information includes data unique to the identification of a person. The system also stores biometric sensor quality information. When a person seeks to authenticate his/her identity, the sensor transmits the sensor quality data along with the biometric attribute data to the system. The transmitted data is correlated with the enrollment data, and quality of the enrollment data, to produce a score indicative of the probability of a correct identification.12-23-2010
20120007713HANDHELD COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND TECHNIQUES FOR CHARACTER AND COMMAND RECOGNITION RELATED TO HUMAN MOVEMENTS - Systems and methods for human hand gesture recognition through a training mode and a recognition mode are disclosed. In the training mode, a user can move a handheld device with a hand gesture intended to represent a command. Sensors within the handheld device can record raw data, which can be processed to obtain a set of values corresponding to a set of discrete features, which is stored in a database and associated with the intended command. The process is repeated for various hand gestures representing different commands. In the recognition mode, the user can move the handheld device with a hand gesture. A computer system can compare a set of values corresponding to a set of discrete features derived from the hand gesture with the sets of values stored in the database, select a command with the closest match and displays and/or executes the command.01-12-2012
20100052851Security System Utilizing Gesture Recognition - Systems and methods are provided for restricting access to an item of interest. A normalization component resamples an input trajectory to produce a resampled trajectory having a standard size. A reference point generator reduces the resampled trajectory to respective values for a set of reference points, each having at least two associated coordinates. The system further includes at least one authentication region. Each of the at least one authentication region represents at least one of the set of reference points. A verification component is configured to determine if the values for the set of reference points from a given input falls within the at least one authentication region. An access restriction mechanism restricts access to the item of interest unless a threshold number of values for the set of reference points from the input falls within their associated authentication regions.03-04-2010
20120256725AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM - [PROBLEMS] To provide an authentication system improving authentication accuracy of existence of a registered person and easily find an unauthorized act to improve the security in a system by performing authentication using coincidence/non-coincidence of biometrics information and temporal/spatial authentication when performing individual authentication via a network by using electronic information which is easily tampered, easily leaks out, and is easily stolen. [MEANS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS] An authentication server (10-11-2012
20090146780UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM - An embodiment of the present invention includes a system and method for providing a unique and dynamic identification for members in a community.06-11-2009
20090189736Authentication System - [Problems] To provide an authentication system improving authentication accuracy of existence of a registered person and easily find an unauthorized act to improve the security in a system by performing authentication using coincidence/non-coincidence of biometrics information and temporal/spatial authentication when performing individual authentication via a network by using electronic information which is easily tampered, easily leaks out, and is easily stolen.07-30-2009
20130141213INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM STORING A PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus includes: a first storage part that stores correspondence information between a first identification information and second identification information; a user identification part that identifies the second identification information corresponding to the first identification information in response to an input of the first identification information; and an authentication request part that requests an authentication to an authentication device connected through a network based on the second identification information identified by the user identification part. The user identification part inquires the authentication device about the corresponding second identification information with respect to the first identification information that is not stored in the first storage part.06-06-2013
20080197971System, method and article for online fraudulent schemes prevention - A method, system and scheme are presented that provide a means of establishing secure and reliable two-way authentication with online service providers (“Providers”) using a hardware device. The account holders (“Users”) use a unique hardware device (“Hardware Device”), which is plugged into the communication technology, such as computer, being used to access online accounts. The device is used for storing cryptographic algorithms and keys that are capable of performing hashing, encryption and decryption operations. The device is periodically refreshed with new keys, which cannot be read or duplicated by the User.08-21-2008
20110248822SYSTEMS AND APPARATUSES AND METHODS TO ADAPTIVELY CONTROL CONTROLLABLE SYSTEMS - A system can include a presence apparatus, an identification apparatus, an interaction apparatus, and a controlling apparatus.10-13-2011
20120286929AUTHENTICATED SECURITY SYSTEM - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for detecting intruders within a home or business. The apparatus may include a signal generation module that generates a signal pulse. At least a portion of the signal pulse is reflected off individuals within the space. The signal pulse also includes instructions for an RFID tag to send a response message. A first distance is measured between the individual and a position sensor using the reflected portion of the signal. A second distance is measured between the RFID tag and the RFID reader. If the distances are substantially equal, the individual is treated as authorized to be in the space. If the distances are not equal, or if no response is received from the RFID tag, the individual is treated as unauthorized and security measures are taken.11-15-2012
20130194070BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION - A tool for determining whether to grant a current person access to a protected resource. A computer receives a plurality of touches performed by a current person on a touch screen. Each touch in the plurality of touches includes a location of the touch on the touch screen and a surface area measurement of the touch screen impacted by the current person. The computer determines whether each touch in the plurality of touches received matches a predetermined touch performed by a person authorized to access the protected resource. If each touch in the set of touches received matches a stored touch performed by a person authorized to access the protected resource the current person will be granted access to the protected resource.08-01-2013

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