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Monitoring in addition to control (e.g., supervisory)

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340 - Communications: electrical

340825000 - SELECTIVE

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340300700 Including indicator 17
340300430 Fault condition detection 15
340300300 Including storage or recording 11
340300500 Including addressing 8
340300420 Control to avoid fault 6
340300900 Control then monitoring 6
340300200 Synchronization 5
20120025944Automated Timing Systems and Methods Having Multiple Time Event Recorders and an Integrated User Time Entry Interface - Systems and methods for timing of a passing of an object past a monitored location where the monitored location is being monitored by timing system having at least one automated object detection system for wirelessly detecting the passing of the object at the monitored location. The system comprises a remote entry computer system having a processor for executing computer executable instructions, a clock for determining a present time, a user interface for receiving user input data, a memory being a computer readable medium storing the computer executable instructions and the received user input data, and a communications interface for communicating with the timing system. The system includes a computer readable medium including the computer executable instructions for performing the method of receiving the user input data at the user interface, receiving from the clock a user data input time associated with the receipt of the received user input data at the user interface, and storing the received user input data and the user data input time in the memory. The computer executable instructions also include the method of creating a received user data message including the stored user input data and a time value as a datagram message and transmitting the user data message over the communications interface to the timing system.02-02-2012
20090066475RADIOGRAPHIC APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - If image data is input to an image processor (step S03-12-2009
20090134970IN-VEHICLE ELECTRONIC CONTROL APPARATUS HAVING MONITORING CONTROL CIRCUIT - An in-vehicle electronic control apparatus, having a monitoring control circuit, according to the present invention is configured in such a way that serial interface circuits 05-28-2009
20110006876COORDINATION OF CONTROL COMMANDS IN A MEDICAL DEVICE SYSTEM HAVING AT LEAST ONE THERAPY DELIVERY DEVICE AND AT LEAST ONE WIRELESS CONTROLLER DEVICE - A medical device system includes at least one controllable patient-worn or patient-carried medical device, and a plurality of controller devices that are capable of independently controlling features or functions of the patient medical device. Control commands and other data is wirelessly communicated among the patient medical device and the multiple controller devices. A number of techniques, protocols, and other measures are provided to coordinate wireless communication between the various devices in a medical device system. These control command coordination processes address situations where conflicting, redundant, or concurrent control commands might be independently issued by the multiple controller devices.01-13-2011
20120212320Motor vehicle light synchronization system - A synchronization system for motor vehicles which enable external blinking or flashing lights of one or a number of vehicles to be synchronized. Among a group of motor vehicle, such as those produced by a given motor vehicle manufacturer, when the operators of the vehicles activate the turn signals or emergency flashers, they blink in unison with one another. External timing signals are used to establish the phasing of the flashing or blinking oscillations.08-23-2012
340300400 Quiescent 2
20120056711NETWORK-ENABLED VALVE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A system for remotely operating endpoint devices, such as valves for utility services, comprises a server, one or more network access hubs, and one or more endpoint devices. The network access hubs communicate with the server through a network and communicate wirelessly with the endpoint devices. The network access hubs transmit instructions to the endpoint devices to control the operation of the endpoint devices. The network access hubs may also comprise earthquake detection circuits to detect possible earthquakes and transmit instructions to the endpoint devices to close valves accordingly.03-08-2012
20120105193ENERGY EFFICIENT CASCADE OF SENSORS FOR AUTOMATIC PRESENCE DETECTION - The present invention relates to a method and a system for detecting presence in a predefined space. The system comprises cascade connected sensors (s05-03-2012
340300800 Electromechanical relay 1
20080290986Method and system for mobile wireless shut-off of utility service - A method and system for transmitting signals to control a utility service from a drive-by or walk-by control unit includes an electronically controlled shut-off valve in a supply line for the utility service. The shut-off valve has a solenoid that communicates electronically with a meter transceiver used by a metering device. A transmitter is included in the walk-by or drive-by control unit and sends a signal to the wireless transceiver to operate the solenoid to close the valve or to open the valve. After this action occurs, the meter transceiver will send an acknowledge signal to the control unit to confirm that the shut-off valve has been opened or closed.11-27-2008
340300600 Scanning 1
20100219932AUTOMATIC INTEGRATED SENSING AND ACCESS CONTROL - An access control system for sensing exposure to items of interest for a person associated with a unique identifier of a fare card or ticket is disclosed. The access control system includes the unique identifier, an exposure detector and a processor. The unique identifier associated with the person that is flagged when exposure is detected. The exposure detector detects exposure to items of interest by the person. The processor is coupled to the exposure detector. The message is communicated away from the processor to a remote location when the unique identifier is flagged.09-02-2010
20090195350Situationally Aware and Self-Configuring Electronic Data And Communication Device - A self-configuring wearable electronic data and communication device comprising a self-contained module comprising means for self-configuring based on a user's activity and context an operational mode in a plurality of operational modes, wherein the self contained module further comprises intelligent situational awareness derived from at least one of pre-programmed criteria, a sensing ability, a user-specified lifestyle theme, a communication functionality, an accessory, and a user motion pattern. The self-contained module further comprises a display, a processor, a memory, and a battery, and is capable of configuring itself according to an accessory to which it is attached or connected.08-06-2009
20110187488ALARM CONSOLIDATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - Methods and system for consolidating alarms using a data center monitoring appliance are provided. The method includes receiving at least one alarm from an physical infrastructure device via the network, determining that the at least one alarm is subject to a consolidation filter, the consolidation filter specifying characteristics of a consolidated alarm and generating the consolidated alarm according to the characteristics specified in the consolidation filter. The system includes a network interface, a memory and a controller coupled to the network interface and the memory and configured to receive at least one alarm from an physical infrastructure device via the network interface, determine that the at least one alarm is subject to a consolidation filter, the consolidation filter specifying characteristics of a consolidated alarm and generate the consolidated alarm according to the characteristics specified in the consolidation filter.08-04-2011
20100148917SYSTEM, METHOD AND PROGRAM FOR SUPERVISORY CONTROL - A supervisory control device is configured such that when a function is added to a device to be subjected to supervisory control, an attribute usage flag that indicates whether the supervisory control device supports any changes, and an attribute effectiveness flag that indicates whether the supervisory control target device supports the changes are added, as the information relating to the attributes that undergo the changes due to the addition of the function, to a definition of an instance which the supervisory control device retains; the supervisory control device also including a control unit which, on the basis of data of the added attribute usage flag and attribute effectiveness flag, determines at least one of whether the supervisory control target device supports the new function and whether the supervisory control based upon the new function is effective for the attributes undergoing the changes due to the addition of the function.06-17-2010
20110193677BASE STATION, SENSOR NETWORK SYSTEM INCLUDING THE SAME, AND METHOD OF DETERMINING SECURITY THRESHOLD FOR SENSOR NETWORK SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a base station, a sensor network system including the base station, and a method of determining a security threshold for the sensor network system.08-11-2011
20130038422METHOD AND SYSTEM OF REDUCING THE TEMPERATURE OF AN INTEGRATED CIRCUIT AND A DIGITAL COMMUNICATION SYSTEM USING SAME - A method and system for reducing the temperature of a communication system are disclosed. The method and system comprise detecting a temperature of the communication system. The method and system further includes providing a signal based upon the detected temperature, and determining a desired idle time between transmit packets based upon the signal. Finally, the method and system includes sending the desired idle time between transmit packets to the communication system.02-14-2013
20090121826APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANAGING QUALITY OF SLEEP - An apparatus of managing quality of sleep includes a weight sensor unit including a plurality of pressure sensors, which detect pressures in response to a presence and a movement of a user; an environment sensor including multiple sensors, which detect an environment surrounding the user in a sleep; and a controller for collecting and analyzing information, detected by the weight sensor unit and the environment sensor unit, and classifying and managing the analyzed information according to quality of sleep. The apparatus provides an optimized sleep environment adequate for a subject by learning various sleep environments, and provides a comfortable and cozy sleep environment to the subject to restore energy and be refreshed, so that the subject can enjoy energetic and effective daytime life.05-14-2009
20100117785ENTRANCE BARRIER - The present invention relates to an entrance barrier comprising a barrier element movable between an open and a closed position, driving means, by which the barrier element can driven from one position to the other position respectively, a control unit, by which the driving means are controllable, and a sensor unit connected to the control unit. The invention also relates to a barrier element for the entrance barrier and to method for operating the entrance barrier. To provide a possibility of further improving the safety of persons in the area of entrance barriers beyond the mere passive safety of the entrance barrier, the invention proposes for the sensor unit to include a capacitive sensor.05-13-2010
20090195349SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR HOME ENERGY MONITOR AND CONTROL - The invention generally concerns systems and methods for monitoring and controlling the power consumption of a power-consuming device. The system and method may connect to a power source and a power-consuming device, connecting the power-consuming device to the power source. The power usage of the power-consuming device may then be measured and monitored. This monitoring data may then be stored and optionally sent to a controlling device on a data network. The location of the power-consuming device may also be determined, recorded, and sent to a controlling device. The system may also control the power usage of the power-consuming device. In some cases, a remote server may connect multiple energy monitoring systems in order to gain additional efficiencies and foster a community-based social network.08-06-2009
20130033358SYSTEM, SENDER AND CONTROL METHOD - A non-limiting example system includes at least one sender, and a beacon signal sent from the sender is received by a portable terminal. In accordance with a sender ID included in the beacon signal, the portable terminal displays on an LCD a map image and a current position of the portable terminal or a user having the portable terminal, and displays on the LCD a guide image as for events or exhibition items in a predetermined place. Furthermore, the portable terminal stores state information included in the beacon signal for each sender (sender ID), and transmits or moves the state information to a central terminal at a predetermined timing.02-07-2013
20130033357SENSOR INTERFACE WITH VARIABLE CONTROL COEFFICIENTS - The present disclosure is directed towards a sensor interface module that delivers a supply voltage to a plurality of sensors, and which exchanges data signals between the plurality of sensors and a control unit (e.g., an ECU). The sensor interface often employs a single-bit comparator (or a coarse analog to digital converter (ADC), e.g., a 2-bit or 3-bit ADC) to track signals to be exchanged between the sensors and controller over the sensor interface. Compared to power hungry ADC with more bits (e.g., 32 bit ADC), the single-bit comparator/coarse ADC limits hardware complexity and power consumption. In addition, in some embodiments the sensor interface module can include an estimator and assist comparators to speed up the tracking ability of the sensor interface module. In this way, techniques provided herein facilitate reliable, low-power communication between a control unit (e.g., an ECU) and its corresponding sensors.02-07-2013
20100045422SENSOR NETWORK SYSTEM ENABLES HIGHLY-RELIABLE TRANSMISSION/RECEPTION OF CONTROL COMMAND AND EFFICIENT BAND - If control periods at sensors are equal to each other, a control terminal transmits control commands intended for the sensors at a time to the sensors at the earliest control timing and the latest control timing among control timings at the sensors. If the control periods are different from each other, the control terminal transmits control commands intended for the sensors at a time to the sensors at the start timing and the end timing of the shortest control period. Further, if reception periods in data reception from a sensor is longer than a control period at the sensor, the control terminal transmits a control command to the sensor in response to data reception from the sensor.02-25-2010
20100328023METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MONITORING AND SELECTIVELY CONTROLLING A LOAD IN A POWER SYSTEM - A monitoring and control device for a power system that includes a plurality of electrical loads and a control unit is described. The monitoring and control device includes a load monitoring module configured to determine an amount of electrical power transmitted to at least one of the plurality of electrical loads, and further configured to transmit a value representing the determined quantity of electrical power to the power system. The monitoring and control device also includes a load control module configured to control an amount of electrical power transmitted to the at least one of the plurality of electrical loads, wherein the load control module is further configured to receive a power control command from the power system and transmit a power control acknowledgement to the power system.12-30-2010
20130049926IMAGE RECOGNITION IN PASSIVE RFID DEVICES - Passive RFID devices are disclosed that perform image recognition. The device includes an antenna, circuitry, and a camera. The antenna receives a radio frequency (RF) signal from a RFID reader. The circuitry stores image data for objects that is used for image recognition. To operate, the circuitry derives power from the RF signal. With the power derived from the RF signal, the camera captures an image. The circuitry then identifies an object in the captured image based on the image data for the objects, and outputs information for the identified object, such as to the RFID reader.02-28-2013
20130049925ADJUSTABLE-ORIENTATION RFID TAG READER SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF THEIR OPERATION - Embodiments include a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag reader system and methods of its operation. The system includes a drive system and an RFID tag reader. The RFID tag reader includes a directional antenna configured to receive RF signals within a radiowave beam (e.g. RFID tag response signals from RFID tags when the RFID tags are within an area encompassed by the radiowave beam). An embodiment of the system also includes a camera configured to capture images within a field of view. The drive system is coupled to the directional antenna and the camera, and is configured to change physical orientations of the directional antenna and the camera with respect to a fixed coordinate system, resulting in adjustments to angular orientations of the radiowave beam and the field of view with respect to the fixed coordinate system.02-28-2013
20090302995MULTI DIGITAL DOOR - The present invention relates to a digital door, and more particularly, to a digital door which is capable of improving security and convenience using network environments, improving safety in an emergency such as a fire, and improving aesthetic and functionality of a door. The digital door includes: a power supply unit that supplies power to the door; an input unit that that mechanically or electromagnetically receives an input signal from a user and converts the received input signal into digital data; a multi-lock unit that has a multi-locking system constituted by a plurality of locks and locks/unlocks the door; a communication unit that connects the door with a network; a memory unit that stores a control program and related data, fire and security-related messages, image and voice data inputted from the input unit; an audio unit that generates an alarm sound according to the messages; and a controller that is connected to the power supply unit, the multi-lock unit, the communication unit, the memory unit and the audio unit for controlling the digital door.12-10-2009
20090302994SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENERGY MANAGEMENT - The energy management system and/or method includes at least one wireless controller in a wireless network and/or a management server. The wireless controller manages at least one energy device based on one or more parts of an energy profile. The management server manages one or more parts of the energy profile, transmits one or more parts of the energy profile to the wireless controller, and receives energy data from the wireless controller.12-10-2009
20120218072PIPELINE MONITORING SYSTEM - A pipeline monitoring system includes at least one power generating device and at least one information device. The at least one power generating device generates electric power by movement of the fluid in the pipeline so as to power the at least one information device which then sends a signal and the monitors judges the problem of the pipeline according the signal, such that the maintenance is timely provided.08-30-2012
20090040013CONSUMABLE HOLDER WITH CONVERTER - A consumable holder is provided for use in an appliance configured to perform an operation cycle related to a consumable in the consumable holder. The consumable holder has or is enabled to acquire information associated with itself or the consumable, and further includes a converter configured to transform the information to a cycle structure. Thus, the consumable holder can communicate with a cycle engine to create or modify a cycle structure for use by the appliance to perform an operation cycle related to the consumable.02-12-2009
20130063241SECURE MONITORING DEVICE, SYSTEM, AND METHOD - A secure monitoring device, system, and method to aid response and investigation of events. An example secure monitoring device includes a fire and tamper resistant enclosure. A processing device is provided in the fire and tamper resistant enclosure to analyze an event for an anomaly and a black-box mode to secure all system events for the secure monitoring device when the anomaly is a threat to the secure monitoring device. The secure monitoring device, system, and method may include preprogramming and packaging as an integrated building security and building automation device.03-14-2013
20090040012CONSUMABLE HOLDER WITH A CYCLE STRUCTURE FOR AN APPLIANCE - A consumable holder for use in an appliance configured to perform an operation cycle related to a consumable in the consumable holder, in response to a cycle structure, has or is enabled to acquire information about the cycle structure. The information about the cycle structure can be communicated to the appliance for use by the appliance to change the cycle structure and thereby change the operation cycle related to the consumable.02-12-2009
20090009282NETWORK-BASED LIGHTING EQUIPMENT REMOTE MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A network-based lighting equipment remote monitoring and management system is proposed, which is designed for use with a network system to allow the user to carry out monitoring and management tasks on one or more remotely-located lighting equipment systems in a real-time manner via the network system. The proposed system is characterized by the provision of a user-operated network-based real-time monitoring and management function for remotely-located lighting equipment, the capability to provide efficient and cost-effective management in the utilization of lighting equipment for saving energy and cost, and the capability to provide real-time warning of abnormal operating conditions of the lighting equipment.01-08-2009
20130162389APPARATUS AND METHOD TO AID IN FINDING MISPLACED, FORGOTTEN, OR UNUSED ITEMS - Devices to aid in finding items, along with methods of operation of the devices. The resultant movement of an item during use, and lack of movement of an item during non-use, are exploited to alert a user to the whereabouts of the item through adaptive techniques. A device is associated with an item (e.g., attached to an item) and is configured to sense motion events corresponding to movement of the device and to track corresponding times of occurrence of the motion events. The device may adaptively determine a time interval of motion inactivity or an alert time at which to provide an indication of a current location of the device based on one or more of the motion events and the times of occurrence.06-27-2013
20130162390METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR IRRIGATION AND CLIMATE CONTROL - Methods and systems are provided for monitoring and controlling irrigation and climate conditions in landscapes (such as, e.g., municipal parks, gardens, and sports fields) and agricultural environments (such as, e.g., open agricultural fields, greenhouses, and other sites growing crops).06-27-2013
20130207771METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR IRRIGATION AND CLIMATE CONTROL - Methods and systems are provided for monitoring and controlling irrigation and climate conditions in landscapes (such as, e.g., municipal parks, gardens, and sports fields) and agricultural environments (such as, e.g., open agricultural fields, greenhouses, and other sites growing crops).08-15-2013
20120112875System and method for an automatic door operator having a wireless safety sensor - A wireless safety system coupled to a door operating system which moves a door between an open and closed position relative to a fixed location. The wireless safety system includes an electric powered safety sensor assembly for detecting an obstruction between the door and the fixed location. An electric energy source is coupled to the at least one electric powered safety sensor assembly configured to generate electric energy when the door moves between the open and closed positions.05-10-2012
20120268235DISABLEMENT OF USER DEVICE FUNCTIONALITY - The use of user equipment, or distracting features thereof are restricted or prohibited to improve vehicle operation safety. The presence of user equipment within the operator's or driver's operational area is detected. The distracting features are then restricted either immediately or based on other conditions such as vehicle speed, motion, engine state, etc. When the conditions have been eliminated and/or the user equipment is vacated from the operator's operational area, the restrictions can be removed or removed after a threshold period of time.10-25-2012
20100171585FUNCTION CONTROL METHOD USING BOUNDARY DEFINITION, FUNCTION CONTROL SYSTEM USING BOUNDARY DEFINITION, FUNCTION CONTROL SERVER USING BOUNDARY DEFINITION AND PROGRAM - A function control method using boundary definition of present invention includes the steps of, setting a boundary line to virtually partition a given physical space, and controlling a predetermined function of an electronic appliance based on at least one or all of a position of the boundary line, and a shape and a size of a closed loop formed by the boundary line.07-08-2010
20110298580IN-VEHICLE DEVICE CONTROL SYSTEM - In an in-vehicle device control system, an in-vehicle device is controlled based on a checkup result of checkup operation, in which a checkup about a portable device is performed by mutual communication of transmitting a request signal from a vehicle-side unit mounted on a vehicle and transmitting in return a response signal from the portable device in response to the request signal. If the checkup is unsuccessful, the mutual communication is performed again by switching the communication frequency to perform the checkup again. When a user operates a door lock sensor, the vehicle-side unit performs an exterior checkup first. If the checkup is successful, a communication frequency, by which the checkup was performed successfully, is stored in a memory. The vehicle-side unit sets the communication frequency stored in the memory as a communication frequency, which is to be designated to the portable device, for performing an interior checkup next time.12-08-2011
20110298579DYNAMICALLY ADAPTABLE SAFETY ZONES - Systems and methods are provided for defining a safety zone in an industrial automation environment. The method includes monitoring an object that approaches an operating zone where equipment is controlled within the operating zone. This includes determining the speed or direction that the object approaches the operating zone. The method includes dynamically adjusting a safety region in view of the determined speed or direction of the object and enabling or disabling the equipment within the operating zone based in part on the object entering the safety region.12-08-2011
20110291794ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - An electronic device is provided that comprises a communication unit; an output unit; and a controller configured to output at least one of a first user interface and a second user interface through the output unit, in a case of entering a high rate time slot determined based on electricity rate information received through the communication unit while outputting contents through the output unit, wherein the first user interface queries whether to continuously output the contents through the output unit and wherein the second user interface is to receive a selection associated with a replacement electronic device for outputting the contents.12-01-2011
20090121827PLANT MONITOR-CONTROL SYSTEM AND PLANT MONITOR-CONTROL METHOD - A plant monitor-control system which has a display unit that displays a plurality of plant information screens and menu screens that include plant information titles prepared for each of plant information screens, the display unit displaying thereon desired plant information screens upon selection of the plant information titles in menu screens displayed thereon, thereby permitting monitor and control of a plant according to plant information screens displayed on the display unit. The plant information titles in the menu screens are displayed in the region including a text title display region and a title image display region, the text title display region displaying text titles composed of character strings, the title image display region displaying title images composed of images representing the content of the plant information screens. It permits plant information screens to be displayed easily on the display unit.05-14-2009
20090231089APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR REMOTE MONITORING AND DEACTIVATION OF AN ASSET - An apparatus is disclosed for remotely and controllably deactivating or partly deactivating a first asset, which first asset may comprise an air dependent power source. The apparatus may comprise a regulator associated with the first asset. The regulator may comprise a valve having first and second positions and the first position may allow a first rate of the air supply to the power source and the second position may allow a second rate of air supply to the power source and the second rate may be less than the first rate. The apparatus may further comprise a controller remote from the regulator for transmitting a control signal to the regulator; the valve being actuable in response to the control signal to move between the first and second positions thereby regulating the air supply to the power source.09-17-2009
20110193678UTILITY METER TAMPER MONITORING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method includes activating a tamper monitoring circuit of a security seal configured to securely lock a utility meter. The method also includes wirelessly transmitting an identification data and/or an integrity information associated with the security seal and/or the utility meter to the external transceiver upon activating the tamper monitoring circuit or being queried by the external transceiver through a transceiver of the tamper monitoring circuit. The transceiver of the tamper monitoring circuit and the external transceiver are configured to securely communicate with each other through a secure protocol. Further, the method includes detecting a tamper condition associated with tampering of the security seal through the tamper monitoring circuit, and wirelessly transmitting data associated with the tamper condition to the external transceiver.08-11-2011
20080309450Alarm system with two-way voice - Techniques are described for establishing a two-way voice communication session with an alarm system. The alarm system may establish a two-way voice communication session with an operator associated with a monitoring service that provides monitoring services for alarm events detected by the alarm system. The alarm system also may establish a two-way voice communication session with a notification recipient that is interested in receiving notifications associated with events detected by the alarm system.12-18-2008
20090212901Arrangement At A Mobile Data Unit - The invention is based on a platform that has both hardware and software. The latter includes, amongst other things, an algorithm to solve the problem encountered when, on passing between countries and operators, data services have to roam between mobile networks. The invention handles and solves existing technical limitations such as existing roaming logic for switches between operators not taking into account: which services the “original” operator has activated; geographical coverage; different costs for different services; and, whether services other than speech can function in the selected network.08-27-2009
20100141378APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING STRUCTURE - A transmitter of an apparatus position in a moving body transmits a first move command signal for moving a radio frequency identification tag to a location within an identification distance to a receiver positioned within a communication distance. A radio frequency identification reader of the moving body transmits an information request signal to the radio frequency identification tag that moves from a first location to a second location corresponding to a location within an identification distance in accordance with a first move command signal and receives a response signal corresponding to the information request signal from the radio frequency identification tag.06-10-2010
20090289757SYSTEM FOR REMOTE CONTROL USING A WAP-ENABLED DEVICE - Provided is a system for remote control using a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enabled device. In one example, the system is positioned within a vehicle and includes a wireline interface coupled to a plurality of vehicle components via a wireline connection to a communications network positioned within the vehicle, a wireless interface configured to send and receive wireless signals, and a control module. The control module has a processor coupled to the wireline and wireless interfaces and a memory coupled to the processor. The memory includes a plurality of instructions for execution by the processor.11-26-2009
20090102601Industrial Control System - An industrial control system is disclosed with a plurality of industrial field devices for controlling and monitoring an industrial process, each industrial field device having first control functions and at least one industrial field device having second control functions.04-23-2009
20090261943METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING PREMISE MONITORING - A method and apparatus for enabling the use of an IP based network that supports triple play services, comprising voice service, data service and video service, to provide premise monitoring are disclosed. For example, the method monitors a premise via at least one sensing device, and sends security related information to a headend office in a communication network when a security event is detected, wherein the communication network is a triple play service network supporting a voice service, a video service, and a data service.10-22-2009
20080246581ELECTRONIC MACHINE, CONNECTED MACHINE IDENTIFYING METHOD FOR ELECTRONIC MACHINE AND CONTROL SYSTEM - An electronic machine connectable to a different apparatus is disclosed. The electronic machine includes a resistance, a connector to be connected to the different apparatus, and a detecting section that detects one state from multiple states based on the resistance value of the resistance and the resistance value of a resistance included in the different apparatus connected to the connector and controls multiple parameters based on the detected one state.10-09-2008
20100201478MOTION-BASED DISABLING OF MESSAGING ON A WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE - When a wireless communications device is traveling a speed exceeding a first predetermined threshold but less than a second predetermined threshold, the device is presumed traveling in a motor vehicle. In order to inhibit operation of the wireless communication device when traveling, access to certain device functions or applications such as e-mail, text messaging, etc. are limited by requiring the user of the device to respond correctly to a randomly generated visual challenge, such as, for example, a CAPTCHA (in which a user is prompted to recognize the characters in a visually distorted string of text). This visual challenge presents a sufficient obstacle that the user will be less likely to use the wireless communications device for e-mailing or texting while operating a motor vehicle.08-12-2010
20100127819Apparatus and methods relevant to electronic devices - Apparatus includes an actuator configured to provide vibrational movement of the apparatus in a first plane or having a component in the first plane, and a traction part configured to support a portion of the apparatus on a surface, a plane of the surface being perpendicular to the first plane, the traction part being configured to transform the vibrational movement of the apparatus into movement of the portion of the apparatus in a direction along the surface, the direction of the movement being predetermined by an orientation of the traction part.05-27-2010
20100321148WIRELESS INTELLIGENT SOLAR POWER READER (WISPR) STRUCTURE AND PROCESS - A computer-implemented method of operating a wireless intelligent solar power reader (WISPR) module includes receiving a command from an external device, the command requesting an output power reading from a photovoltaic (PV) module and transmitting the output power request to the photovoltaic module. The WISPR Module receives the output power reading from the photovoltaic module and transmits the output power reading to the external device. In an embodiment of the invention, the command also requests meteorological information from a weather instrument located in proximity to the WISPR module and the WISPR modules transmit the meteorological request to the weather instrument. The WISPR module receives the meteorological reading from the weather instrument and transmits the meteorological reading to the external device.12-23-2010
20100141379Modular Rack Controllers for Patching Systems - A modular rack controller for an intelligent patching system includes a base unit comprising a processor and memory that monitor and log patch cord connectivity in the patching system, and a separate display unit comprising a user interface. The base unit and display unit are in electrical communication with each other via a patch cord, and the display unit displays patch cord connectivity information monitored by the base unit. The rack controller may include a separate Ethernet interface unit that allows the rack controller to communicate with other rack controllers. A mounting bracket having front and rear sides is mounted to a patch panel rack. The display unit is secured to the front side of the mounting bracket and the base unit is secured to the rear side of the mounting bracket. The mounting bracket may have a hinge that pivots the display unit relative to a patch panel rack.06-10-2010
20100141377Power Aware Techniques For Energy Harvesting Remote Sensor System - A distributed monitoring system for a structure.06-10-2010
20130120106DISPLAY DEVICE, CORRESPONDING SYSTEMS, AND METHODS THEREFOR - A display system includes a display and a control circuit operable with the display. The display is configured to provide visual output having a presentation orientation. When user input is received, the control circuit can alter the presentation orientation from an initial orientation in response to user input. When non-user events or device events are detected, the control circuit can revert the presentation orientation to the initial orientation in response to the non-user event or device event. Where the presentation orientation has a user input configuration associated therewith, the user input configuration can either be altered with the presentation orientation or retained in an initial disposition.05-16-2013
20110205012System And Method For Determining Characteristics Of A Physical Environment With Simple Motion Patterns - A system and method for determining characteristics of a physical environment with simple motion patterns are provided. A plurality of raw orientation readings are received from a simple motion pattern. A distribution of possible wall orientations upon each raw reading is determined. Wall direction is determined as the mean value of the distribution.08-25-2011
20110227693Environmental Access Control System - An access control system (09-22-2011
20110140830Temperature Tracking Device and Method Using Same - A device, system and method for monitoring conditions within an environment in which an item is disposed includes a reusable environment monitoring tag operably connected to a return postcard that can be disposed adjacent an item to be monitored, the tag equipped to sense and store surrounding environmental conditions thereof and an electronic reader electronic reader which upon receipt of the a return postcard having the tag therein in a predetermined range receives environmental data sensed and stored by the tag and analyze the data. The method includes mailing the return postcard to a receiving site for reading.06-16-2011
20110227694CATHETER INTERFACING - The present invention relates to a device (09-22-2011
20090201122Method for generating an information signal in the event of an access request and device for carrying out the method - A method for generating an information signal in the event of an access request and a device for carrying out the method are described.08-13-2009
20090315668WIRING TOPOLOGY FOR A BUILDING WITH A WIRELESS NETWORK - A power and control system for minimizing home-run power lines to fixtures located throughout a building and wirelessly controlling fixtures according to zones defined irrespective of their wiring. Less “pipe and box” is necessary when branch circuits are not used to define zones. A building may be wired in order to minimize costs, while increasing flexibility and reliability by implementing wireless zone control.12-24-2009
20090315667Portable terminal - The present invention provides a mobile terminal which is capable of reducing unnecessary consumption of electric power.12-24-2009
20090121825Method Of An Device For Performing Bi-Directional Transmission Using A Single-Wire - A communication system transfers a signal over a single signal wire (SW) between a first system (S05-14-2009
20100156590Image Plate Readout Device - The invention relates to an image plate readout device, the readout device comprising receiver elements for the reception of an image plate and/or a transfer element intended for an image plate. In connection with the readout device is provided, for detecting an object, at least one sensing element, which is in turn set in data communication with the readout device in such a way that, upon detecting an object, the sensing element delivers a signal to the readout device. In response to being triggered by a signal delivered by the sensing element, the readout device executes some function.06-24-2010
20100176914Control and Signaling Device for Vehicles - Describes an electronic device for controlling and signaling in automotive vehicles, preferably fastened onto the user's body. The remote device and object of the present invention 07-15-2010
20100123544Vision protection method and system thereof - The vision protection method and system thereof is provided to ensure a viewer to rest his/her eyes after viewing on an electronic device for a certain period, wherein the eyesight protection method includes the steps of initially counting down a predetermined working time of a working mode, switching the working mode to a resting mode to temporarily halt the current working mode of the electronic device, and resuming the operation of the working mode that the viewer was previously working on. In that manner, the viewer is enforced to rest his/her eyes after every certain period.05-20-2010
20090243789System Comprising a Plurality of Electrical Switches, Especially for a Magnetic Levitation Railway Line - A system includes a plurality of electrical switches. Every switch is associated with at least one monitoring device for detecting the respective switching condition of the switch. All of the monitoring devices are interconnected through a data connection through which the switching conditions of all of the switches are made known to every monitoring device.10-01-2009
20110109424WIRELESS SENSOR - Systems and methods for wirelessly detecting area changes are provided. Predetermined thresholds may be stored in memory. Each predetermined threshold is associated with a time of day, calendar day, and/or activity. The sensor may detect a change in the in the targeted area. The detected change is evaluated to determine an applicable threshold. Then it may be determined whether the detected change meets a predetermined threshold. If so, information regarding the change is wirelessly transmitted to an associated controller that controls light in the targeted area. The operation of the light may be controlled based on the wirelessly transmitted information.05-12-2011
20090146775METHOD FOR DETERMINING USER REACTION WITH SPECIFIC CONTENT OF A DISPLAYED PAGE - Method for determining user reaction with specific content of a displayed page, the method comprising receiving eye tracking movement of the user captured with an eye tracking device, determining a location on the content page that the user is viewing from the monitored eye movements, storing data representative of the tracking movement or determined location in a database, analyzing the data to determine the value of parameters such as the dwell time or user's pupil dilation on at least one specific location of the displayed page, wherein the values of the parameters are compared with predetermined normal figures, the reaction of the user being defined on the calculated gap between normal and current values of the parameters, the reaction of the user being displayed to the page provider in real time.06-11-2009
20080309449Alarm system with two-way voice - Techniques are described for establishing a two-way voice communication session with an alarm system. The alarm system may establish a two-way voice communication session with an operator associated with a monitoring service that provides monitoring services for alarm events detected by the alarm system. The alarm system also may establish a two-way voice communication session with a notification recipient that is interested in receiving notifications associated with events detected by the alarm system.12-18-2008
20080290985METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISABLING THE USER INTERFACE OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A method and apparatus for an electronic device (11-27-2008
20090108987SLIDING DOOR APPARATUS AND ELEVATOR - In a sliding door apparatus, a first entrance is opened and closed by a first door, and a second entrance that faces the first entrance is opened and closed by a second door. Imaging means that captures images across a space between the first entrance and the second entrance is disposed beside the space. An image processing and determining portion determines presence or absence of an obstruction inside the space based on image data from the imaging means.04-30-2009
20100295655Power-generating unit for a tire sensor module - A power-generating unit for a tire sensor module of a vehicle tire has: a piezoelectric element, which is displaceable between a first stable bent position and a second stable bent position and outputs a piezoelectric voltage upon the displacement between the stable bent positions, and a restoring unit for the mechanical displacement of the piezoelectric element from the first stable bent position into the second stable bent position, the restoring unit being activatable by a deformation acting on the power-generating unit, e.g., in a deformed tire area of the vehicle tire above its tire contact patch. The piezoelectric element is clamped in receptacles at its end areas and has two oppositely arched stable bent positions having unstable intermediate states.11-25-2010
20100301990APPARTUS AND METHOD FOR AFFECTING CHANGE IN A TARGET USING AN INTEGRATED LIGHTING SYSTEM - Methods and systems for affecting change in a target using an integrated lighting system are provided. A light source having one or more parameters and being configured to provide lighting is operably connectable to a control system. A sensor configured to detect a lighting condition from a target and/or target environment is also operably connectable to the control system. The control system may adjust the one or more parameters of the light source assembly when the detected lighting condition from the target environment is different from a desired lighting condition. The light source, sensor, and control system may be provided in connection with an enclosed environment.12-02-2010
20100301991THEFT DETECTION AND PREVENTION IN A POWER GENERATION SYSTEM - A system for generation of electrical power including an inverter connected to a photovoltaic source including a theft prevention and detection feature. A first memory is permanently attached to the photovoltaic source. The first memory is configured to store a first code. A second memory is attached to the inverter. The second memory configured to store a second code. During manufacture or installation of the system, the first code is stored in the first memory attached to the photovoltaic source. The second code based on the first code is stored in the second memory. Prior to operation of the inverter, the first code is compared to the second code and based on the comparison; the generation of the electrical power is enabled or disabled.12-02-2010
20110121938Learning Device Interaction Rules - Devices and methods are disclosed for establishing interaction among electronic devices of an environment. The device has a transmitter, receiver, memory for storing interaction rules, and a processor for learning the interaction rules in association with the transmitter, receiver, and other devices of the environment. The device also includes components for performing the device specific functions and a state sensor for determining the logical or physical state of the device. Methods involve observing at one or more devices change of state activity among the plurality of devices through receiving a change of state message that is transmitted to the one or more devices. A set of rules are learned at the one or more devices based upon observing the change of state activity. The learned set of rules are then applied at the one or more devices to automatically control changes of state of devices within the plurality of devices.05-26-2011
20110109423Systems and Methods for Minimal Haptic Implementation - Systems and methods for minimal haptic implementation are disclosed. For example, one disclosed system includes: an actuator; and a control-circuit in communication with the actuator, the control circuit configured to: receive a 2-bit signal including a first bit indicating a power state and a second bit indicating an actuation state; and transmit a power signal based on the two bit signal, the power signal configured to cause the actuator to operate at the actuation state at a fixed power.05-12-2011
20110025453Signal Strength Detection - Disclosed is an apparatus and method for identifying a source or sources of noise that interferes or potentially interfere with communications between a remote and a receiver. The noise source may be detected through the operation of a noise detector which is integrated as a component of a remote. The remote may be configured to operate in one of two modes. In a first mode, the remote may convey commands inputted by a user from the remote to the receiver. In a second mode the receiver may operate as a noise detector device.02-03-2011
20110001602METHOD FOR TRACKING PROCEDURES PERFORMED ON PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT AND ACTIONS OF INDIVIDUALS - A method for tracking procedures performed on personal protection equipment (PPE) and actions of individuals includes the following steps. An article of PPE configured with a smart tag is provided to an individual prior to performance of a task. After the individual performs the task, the article of PPE is processed. Information is retrieved from the smart tag during at least one of: before, during and after processing the article of PPE. After the performance of the task, the individual's data is read and the individual enters into a designated area.01-06-2011
20090066474VEHICLE INPUT DEVICE - A vehicle input device includes an operating part arranged within a passenger compartment and a signal processing part that processes signals input through the operating part. The device includes a movable support mechanism that supports the operating part to move between a distant position away from an operator and a nearby position close to the operator, a motor for generating a drive force to displace the operating part, a control part for controlling the motor, and an operation intention detector for detecting an operator's intention to operate the operating part. The control part controls the motor to displace the operating part into the nearby position if the operator's operation intention is detected by the operation intention detector.03-12-2009
20110018679BATTERY CHARGING TO EXTEND BATTERY LIFE AND IMPROVE EFFICIENCY - Exemplary charging device includes a processor and charging current for coupling to a battery. In an exemplary embodiment, the processor defines charging profiles for charging the battery at different charge rates. A profile can be selected based on a determinable time event and may be modified based on a charging history. Adjustable charging power is supplied to the battery at a power level, a charging duration, or a combination thereof based on the selected profile. A wireless power transmitter can also define charging profiles and charging histories for receivers that receive power from the transmitter based on an identifier from the receiver. The transmitter can select the charging profile based on a determinable time event and may be modified based on a charging history. The transmitter supplies power through the wireless power link at a power level, a charging duration, or a combination thereof based on the selected profile.01-27-2011
20110018680SECURITY SYSTEM WITH POWER SAVING FEATURE AND METHOD THEREOF - A security system with power saving feature includes an electromagnetic lock and a sensing module. The electromagnetic lock is for receiving a limited supply of an electric power supplied by a power supply circuit before a full supply of the electric power is delivered to the electromagnetic lock. The sensing module may cause the full supply of the electric power upon sensing a specific action signal caused by an environment change. Therefore, the electromagnetic lock may operate in a lock state with only the limited supply of the electric power and still operate in the same lock state even after the generation of the triggering signal. Thus, the time during which the electromagnetic lock operates with the full supply of the electric power is minimized, limiting the total power consumption accordingly.01-27-2011
20110025454EMERGENCY MACHINE STOPPING METHOD AND SYSTEM - A hybrid emergency stop system, the system includes: (a) a mechanically operated circuit, for stopping an operation of a machine when triggered by a user; and (b) a scream activated circuit, for stopping the operation of the machine when detecting a machine operator scream; wherein the mechanically operated circuit and the scream activated circuit are enclosed in a single compartment and are operable independently from each other.02-03-2011
20120242451GENERATOR SYSTEM MONITORING APPARATUS AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - There is provided a generator system monitoring apparatus for a generator system including a generator, a first measuring apparatus and a second measuring apparatus. A power-generation state determining unit determines whether the generator is generating the electric power or not. A measurement information acquiring unit acquires, when it is determined the generator is not generating the electric power, a first measurement value and a second measurement value from the generator system, the first measuring apparatus measuring electric power generated by the generator to obtain the first measurement value, and the second measuring apparatus measuring the electric power generated by the generator to obtain the second measurement value. A system state determining unit determines whether the first measuring apparatus has an abnormality or not by comparing the first measurement value and the second measurement value with each other.09-27-2012
20090322470SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DRIVING A DRAWER OF A REFRIGERATOR AND REFRIGERATOR EMPLOYING SAME - A system and method for driving a drawer of a refrigerator and a refrigerator employing this system is provided. This system and method allows the drawer to substantially immediately and automatically stop when the drawer encounters an obstacle. This type of automatic control of the drawer may enhance the safe operation of the drawer, prevent injuries to users, and prevent overload and subsequent malfunction of a drive motor used to move the drawer.12-31-2009
20100214055ELECTRIC VEHICLE INVERTER APPARATUS AND PROTECTION METHOD THEREFOR - In an electric vehicle inverter apparatus 08-26-2010
20090219130PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND RECOVERY METHOD THEREFOR - A portable electronic device includes an airbag, a gas-injection apparatus connecting with the airbag, a housing, a liquid detecting apparatus and a control apparatus. The gas-injection apparatus connected with the airbag is used for injecting gas into the airbag so that the airbag is in an inflated state. The housing with a receiving space is used for accommodating the airbag in a deflated state, and the airbag is capable of expanding out of the housing when changing from the deflated state to the inflated state. The liquid detecting apparatus is configured for detecting when the portable electronic device contacts liquid and generating a detecting signal. The control apparatus is configured for controlling the gas-injection apparatus to inject gas into the airbag upon receiving the detecting signal.09-03-2009
20100188188SENSING DEVICE AND SYSTEM, CONTROLLING METHOD AND CONTROL PROGRAM - A sensing device includes a situation acquisition unit acquiring information on situation of a site of interest sensed; a sensing range change unit changing sensing range of the situation acquisition unit; a position identification unit identifying position of the situation acquisition unit; and a sensing operation controlling unit which detects inhibited content, a subject of inhibition of transmission, from the information on the situation of the site of interest. If the inhibited content has been detected, the sensing operation controlling unit calculates position of the inhibited content based on the position identification information from the position identification unit. The sensing operation controlling unit controls the sensing range change unit, based on the position identification information including the position of inhibited content calculated, so that the position of inhibited content is not contained in the sensing range. An inhibited content detection unit outputs information on the site of interest to an operation terminal upon non-detection of inhibited content.07-29-2010
20090322469Method for checking the switching region of a touch-free switching system - A method is disclosed for checking the switching region of a touch-free switching system with at least one sensor and at least one signal emitter, wherein the signal emitter sends data to the sensor. An extremely flexible and practical switching region check is achieved in at least one embodiment by the fact that a change in at least one system parameter of the switching system derives at least one first piece of information on the position of the signal emitter. The method represents an inexpensive possibility for checking a switching region, which has options for the definition and allocation of the switch-on, switch-off, and hysteresis regions.12-31-2009
20120200384Method and Apparatus for Providing Intelligent Deactivation of Electronic Devices in Aircraft - A method and apparatus for automatically deactivating an electronic device during flight of an aircraft. The method utilizes a global positioning system (GPS) or assisted global positioning system (AGPS) circuit to facilitate computing the acceleration, velocity and altitude of the electronic device and comparing this information to a profile to determine whether the acceleration, altitude and velocity meets a profile threshold of an airliner taking off. If the profile is that of the take-off of an aircraft, then the circuitry connected to the GPS/AGPS circuit will be deactivated.08-09-2012
20110102129SYSTEM FOR MONITORING AND/OR CONTROLLING EQUIPMENT IN A HAZARDOUS AREA - A system for monitoring and/or controlling equipment in a hazardous area can include at least one sensor disposed within the hazardous area. Each sensor can be non-electrical and can be adapted to interact with the equipment and generate at least a first sensor output and second sensor output. The first sensor output can be indicative of a first equipment state and a second sensor output can be indicative of a second equipment state. The system can also include at least one converter disposed outside the hazardous area. Each converter can be in communication with at least one of the sensors. Each converter can be configured to receive the first and second sensor output and generate a converter output signal based on at least one of the first and second sensor outputs.05-05-2011
20110102128MONITORING SYSTEM AND INPUT/OUTPUT DEVICE THEREOF - A monitoring system includes a controller, a plurality of sensors, a plurality of alarms, and a plurality of input/output devices. Each input/output device is connected between the controller and a sensor or an alarm. Each input/output device includes an input circuit, an output circuit, and a connector. The input circuit and the output circuit are connected between the controller and the connector. The connector is further selectively connected to a sensor or an alarm and a DC power in series. The controller controls a status of the input circuit and the output circuit. When the connector is connected to the alarm, the input circuit does not operate. The controller outputs a motion signal to the alarm via the output circuit. When the connector is connected to the sensor, the output circuit does not operate. The sensor outputs a detection signal to the controller via the input circuit.05-05-2011
20100295656Method and System for Safety Monitoring - Embodiments of the present invention may include systems and methods for monitoring a person's activities. A system may receive an input (11-25-2010
20110254654Battery Car Anti-Theft Device - A battery car anti-theft device, which is mainly characterized in utilizing an electronic control circuit to control the external power supply state of a battery, and when set in the anti-theft state, if it is detected that the supply current is greater than a preset value, then the entire external power supply of the battery is immediately cut off, thus, there is no power supply to start the engine to enable the car thief to drive the vehicle away, thereby achieving the objective of preventing the vehicle from being stolen.10-20-2011
20100253468Methods and Apparatus for Art Supply Useage Compliance - Techniques are addressed for providing young children with an art experience in which opportunities to misuse art supplies, such as crayons, markers and the like are substantially reduced. To such ends, an art supply system is provided in which selectively enabled art supplies are automatically enabled so that they are useable only within a compliant usage zone, such as within a predetermined distance of an acceptable work surface.10-07-2010
20080231414Methods for managing remote devices over an instant messaging network and systems thereof - A method and system for managing one or more devices includes identifying at least one condition related to one of one or more devices to initiate an instant message communication between one of the one or more devices and one of one or more computing systems. An instant message service is invoked based on the identified condition and an instant message is generated based on the identified condition. The generated instant message is provided at the one of the computing systems in which the instant message communication has been initiated.09-25-2008
20110148566Remote Ignition System for a Vehicle and Method for Securing a Remote Ignition Function - The invention relates to a remote ignition system for a vehicle with a remote ignition control device for activating a remote ignition by providing a release signal, means for detecting a driver's intention to start driving, and an engine control device which comprises the following: a first evaluation unit for evaluating a signal which has been received from the remote ignition control device, a unit coupled to the first evaluation unit for starting of the engine in response to a release signal and for stopping the engine in response to a blocking signal, and a second evaluation unit for evaluating signals which have been received from the means for detecting the intention to start driving. The engine control device furthermore comprises a storage unit for storing the last signal evaluated by the first evaluation unit, and a test unit which is coupled to the second evaluation unit, to the storage unit, and to the unit for starting and stopping the engine and which is designed to read out the signal stored in the storage unit when the second evaluation unit has ascertained the intention to start driving and, if it is a release signal, to send a blocking signal to the unit for starting and stopping the engine and to modify the contents of the storage unit. The invention furthermore relates to a method for securing a remote ignition function.06-23-2011
20090153288HANDHELD ELECTRONIC DEVICES WITH REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONALITY AND GESTURE RECOGNITION - Handheld electronic devices are provided that have remote control functionality and gesture recognition features. The handheld electronic device may have remote control functionality in addition to cellular telephone, music player, or handheld computer functionality. The handheld electronic devices may have a touch sensitive display screen. The handheld electronic devices may recognize gestures performed by a user on the touch sensitive display screen. The handheld electronic devices may generate remote control signals from gestures that the handheld electronic device may recognize. A media system may receive the remote control signals and may take appropriate action. The touch sensitive display screen may be used to present the user with information about the media system such as the current volume.06-18-2009
20080238607Fan speed control system - A fan speed control system for a machine is disclosed. The control system may include a fan to provide a flow of coolant to the machine. The system may further include a first sensor configured to generate a first signal indicative of an operational parameter of the machine, a second sensor associated with the fan to generate a second signal indicative of an actual speed of the fan, and a controller communicatively coupled to the fan, the first sensor, and the second sensor. The controller may be configured to generate a third signal indicative of a desired fan speed based on the first signal, and a fourth signal indicative of a difference between the desired fan speed and the actual fan speed. The controller may drive the fan based on the third signal and the fourth signal.10-02-2008
20110187489POWER SAVING APPARATUS, POWER SAVING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - A power saving apparatus adapted for electronic equipment is disclosed. The power saving apparatus includes a detection module for detecting a motion of an object in a detection field around the electronic equipment and generating a detection signal, a wireless transceiver unit, and a processing unit for transmitting a control signal to the electronic equipment via the wireless transceiver unit according to the detection signal so as to control the electronic equipment to operate in a working mode or a standby mode.08-04-2011
20110254655System & Method For Driver Training In A Controlled Driving Environment - A method and system for monitoring and controlling driver performance in a controlled driving environment. A portable information device is provided to a driver who registers with a server computer for controlling vehicle operation in the driving environment. A record for the driver is stored in a database associated with the server computer. A vehicle is activated using the portable information device for at least an amount of time exceeding a preset threshold value. A speed level and a safety level for the vehicle are dynamically set based on the driver's performance in the driving environment. The driver's performance is monitored in the controlled driving environment and each driving violation that occurs is determined. Violation points are assigned to the driver based on each driving violation and the violation points are added to the driver record stored in the database. The speed level is set to a value less than a threshold speed level if the violation points stored for the driver exceeds a threshold for violation points.10-20-2011
20100283572INTERMITTENT SENSOR DETECTION USING SIGNAL STRING LENGTH - An engine control system comprises a signal deviation module, a variation determination module, and a sensor diagnostic module. The signal deviation module receives a signal from a sensor monitoring an operating condition of an engine and determines a plurality of signal deviations. Each of the plurality of signal deviations is based on a magnitude of a difference between the signal at a first time and the signal at a second time. The second time is different than the first time. The variation determination module generates a variation value based on the plurality of signal deviations during a period. The sensor diagnostic module determines a state of the sensor based on the variation value.11-11-2010
20110084795Systems and Methods for Dynamically Changing Alerts of Portable Devices Using Brainwave Signals - A method for dynamically adjusting alerts of a portable electronic device is provided. The method may include steps for receiving, from a threshold value associated with an attention level of a user. The method may also include receiving one or more numeric values corresponding to a current mental state of a user from a brainwave sensor. Next, the method may compare the one or more numeric values from the brainwave sensor and the received threshold, and based at least on the comparison, the method may automatically adjust at least one alert of the portable electronic device.04-14-2011
20100194524Home Network Control Node for Device Control and Energy Conservation - It may be desirable to reduce the energy consumption of a home or commercial building to control energy costs or to ensure that the energy consumption does not exceed what is available in non-conventional energy systems such as solar power systems. The present invention relates to a system of network control nodes that can be used to monitor and control devices such as appliances and lights to ensure that the power consumption of the entire network is within the established target levels.08-05-2010
20110148565MONITORING SYSTEM AND INPUT AND OUTPUT DEVICE - A monitoring system includes a controller, a number of sensors, a number of alarms, and a number of input/output devices. Each input/output device is connected between the controller and a sensor or an alarm. Each input/output device includes an input circuit, an output circuit, and a connector to selectively connect to the sensor or the alarm. The input circuit and the output circuit are connected between the controller and the connector. The controller controls status of the input circuit and the output circuit. When the connector is connected to the alarm, the controller controls the alarm to work via the output circuit. When the connector is connected to the sensor, the sensor outputs a detection signal to the controller via the input circuit.06-23-2011
20080266050Universal Rf Wireless Sensor Interface - A RF wireless sensor interface (10-30-2008
20120038452METHOD FOR DETERMINING A STATE OF HEALTH FOR AN ELECTROCHEMICAL DEVICE - The invention relates to a method for determining a state of health of an electrochemical device in particular having improved reliability. Said method in particular consists of: 02-16-2012
20110050387METHOD FOR CONTROLLING EXTERNAL DEVICE AND TRANSMITTING APPARATUS AND RECEIVING APPARATUS THEREOF - A method for controlling an external device and a signal transmitting and receiving apparatus thereof. The method for controlling an external device in a receiving apparatus that receives media signals from a transmitting apparatus connected through a wireless network, includes according to an embodiment: receiving information on the external devices connected to the transmitting apparatus from the transmitting apparatus; and displaying the external devices connected to the transmitting apparatus by using the received information.03-03-2011
20110316663METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING ENERGY-AWARE CONNECTION AND CODE OFFLOADING - An apparatus for enabling provision of energy-aware connection and code offloading may include at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program code. The at least one memory and the computer program code may be configured, with the processor, to cause the apparatus to perform at least monitoring, at a client terminal, communications or processes associated with at least two applications of the client terminal, determining whether a trigger condition associated with the communications or processes monitored is met based at least on a directed graph defining a plurality of triggers for different applications and corresponding inputs and outputs associated with each respective trigger, and determining whether to direct an operational adjustment with respect to at least one of the communications or processes monitored based at least on profile information in response to the trigger condition being met. A corresponding method and computer program product are also provided.12-29-2011
20090102600Pest Electrocution Device with Infrared Detector - A device for electrocuting pests includes first and second electrodes and an infrared detector. The infrared detector is responsive to infrared radiation emitted by a pest and provides output signals indicating the presence of a pest. A circuit responsive to the output signals and responsive to sensing current flowing between the first and second electrodes, which indicates that a pest is present and in contact with the electrodes, provides high voltage across the first and second electrodes when a selected one of the output signals and the sensing current indicates that a pest is in contact with the electrodes.04-23-2009
20120001722ORIENTATION-SENSITIVE SIGNAL OUTPUT - Orientation-sensitive signal output, in which a neutral position of a device is automatically determined in relation to at least a first axis, an angular displacement of the device is measured about at least the first axis, and shaking of the device is detected. A selection of the first control is received, and an output signal is output based at least upon the selection and the angular displacement or based upon detecting the shaking of the device.01-05-2012
20120013434WIRELESS SENSING MODULE, WIRELESS LIGHTING CONTROLLING APPARATUS AND WIRELESS LIGHTING SYSTEM - Provided is a wireless sensing module, a wireless lighting controlling apparatus, and a wireless lighting system. The wireless sensing module may include a motion sensor to sense a motion, an illumination intensity sensor to sense an intensity of illumination, and a first wireless communication unit to generate and transmit a wireless signal that includes a motion sensing signal and an illumination intensity sensing signal, and that complies with a predetermined communication regulation. The wireless lighting controlling apparatus may include a second wireless communication unit to receive a wireless signal from a first wireless communication unit, and to restore a sensing signal, a sensing signal analyzing unit to analyze the sensing signal, and an operation controller to perform a predetermined control based on a result of the analysis. The wireless lighting system may include the wireless sensing module and the wireless lighting controlling apparatus.01-19-2012
20090315669SAFETY SYSTEM - A safety system for alerting occupants of a fire or smoke occurring within a building in which the safety system includes a smoke detector associated with an electric door release mechanism of a locked door that is energised to unlock the door automatically in response to receiving a signal from a control unit which in turn receives a signal from a smoke detector when fire or smoke is detected so that the door is automatically opened by the electric door release mechanism being released by movement of an electrically operated striker plate to allow occupants trapped within the building to escape from the burning building, whilst allowing access to the building for emergency rescue personnel.12-24-2009
20120056710DATA TRANSMISSION METHOD, PIPELINE MONITORING METHOD, RF TRANSCEIVER AND SYSTEM - The present invention discloses a data transmission method, pipeline monitoring method, RF transceiver and system. The method comprises: broadcasting and transmitting, by a first radio frequency (RF) transceiver, a data transmission request, and receiving, by the first RF transceiver, a data transmission response returned by a second RF transceiver, wherein the data transmission response includes at least a local identification (ID) of the second RF transceiver as an object ID; analyzing and obtaining, by the first RF transceiver, the object ID from the data transmission response; judging, by the first RF transceiver, whether the second RF transceiver returning the data transmission response is a data receiver according to the local ID and the object ID, if so, sending data to the second RF transceiver; and repeatedly performing, by the second RF transceiver, the above operations of the first RF transceiver, until the local RF transceiver is determined to be the data receiver according to the local ID, and then the data transmission stops. The present invention solves the problem of RF transmission distance limit with the RF devices in a way of point-to-point and directional transmission, thereby realizing the long-distance data transmission at a low cost.03-08-2012
20110080252Automated Bathroom-stall Door - A first proximity sensor array arranged on a first side of a stall-door comprises three linearly aligned sensors whereby left-to-right movement of a patron's hand within the sensing zone causes a bathroom stall door to open. A second proximity sensor array arranged on a second side of the stall door comprises three linearly aligned sensors whereby right-to-left movement of a patron's hand within the sensing zone causes the door to close. A second right-to-left movement across the same second sensor array causes the stall door to lock and a first display array arranged on the first side of the door and a second display array arranged on the second side of the door alight, indicating the stall is occupied and locked. A left-to-right movement across the second sensor array causes the stall door to unlock and open, and the display arrays indicate the stall is available.04-07-2011
20120154106CONTROL METHOD OF LAUNDRY MACHINE - A control method of a laundry machine is disclosed. The control method of a laundry machine includes a vibration sensing step configured to sense vibration of a drum (06-21-2012
20090134969SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRANSMITTING AND RECEIVING INFORMATION ON A NEIGHBORHOOD AREA NETWORK - In accordance with the techniques discussed herein, a device can access data stored by other devices or units on a network. Devices recording data can provide the data to another device for display to a user. A user can then use the information to make decisions about how and when to control energy use. A communications logic unit associated with the radio can format messages including data from a data storage unit. Data can be stored in tables and written to or retrieved by reading or writing part of the table or the entire table.05-28-2009
20090134968SEGMENTING TIME BASED ON THE GEOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION OF ACTIVITY IN SENSOR DATA - The invention segments detector input according to the time and the level of activity in different geographic regions of a locality. In one embodiment of the invention the detector input is comprised of video stream from one or more cameras to identify activity in the video. In one embodiment of the invention the detector input is comprised of sensor outputs such as RFID, pressure plates, etc. Various embodiments of the invention include identifying boundaries based on the level of activity. In embodiments of the invention, the boundaries can be used to select time dimensions. In one embodiment, by recognizing time dimensions with distinctive activity patterns, systems can better present overviews of activity over time.05-28-2009
20120025943METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CHANGING A PROFILE OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method and apparatus for changing a profile of an electronic device are provided. a current time provided by a clock device is determined to bet within a given time period prior to a start time associated with calendar event data. A display device is responsively controlled to provide an indication of the calendar event data, the indication comprising a selectable option to change the profile of the electronic device from a first profile to a silent profile between the start time and an end time associated with the calendar event data. Input data indicative that the selectable option has been selected is received. In response, at the start time, the profile of the electronic device is changed from the first profile to the silent profile such that the notification device is controlled to provide inaudible notifications when notification events occur.02-02-2012
20090066473COMMISSIONING WIRELESS NETWORK DEVICES ACCORDING TO AN INSTALLATION PLAN - A method for commissioning installed building service devices comprises establishing wireless communication between plural building service devices L03-12-2009
20110090041Asset Management Device and Method Using Simplex Satellite Transmitter Augmented with Local Area Transceiver - A device, method, and computer program product for monitoring and transmitting a location and a local status of a remote device using a satellite transmitter is provided. The monitoring device includes a position location unit, a satellite transmitter, a power source, a controller, and a short-range radio transceiver. The position location unit is configured to determine a location of the remote device. The satellite transmitter is configured to transmit the location to one or more satellites in low earth orbit. The controller includes a power management unit configured to control a power state of the position location unit and the satellite transmitter, and to periodically enable and disable power from the power source to the position location unit and the satellite transmitter. The short-range radio transceiver is used to configure and remotely manage the monitoring device and is used by the monitoring device to monitor local sensors wirelessly.04-21-2011
20110090040SAFETY SYSTEM - A safety system for detecting the presence of an undesired object in a safety area may include a first pair of distance measuring sensors disposed on opposed sides of the conveying path, the pair of distance measuring sensors defining a sensor field between said pair of distance measuring sensors, and an electronic control device operatively coupled to the sensors. The electronic control device may be configured to initiate a machine-stopping sequence based at least in part on signals received from the distance measuring sensors.04-21-2011
20100245032Intelligence outdoor shading arrangement - An intelligence outdoor shading arrangement includes an outdoor shading system, an environmental sensor device and a functional controller. The outdoor shading system includes at least an outdoor shading device including a supporting frame, a power source, an awning frame suspendedly and movably supported by the supporting frame, and a shelter mounted to the awning frame to define a shading area under the shelter. The environmental sensor device is electrically linked to the power source and is installed to the outdoor shading system for detecting an environmental change of the shading system in responsive to the shading area thereof. The functional controller is electrically linked to the environmental sensor device and is operatively controlled the awning frame of the outdoor shading system, wherein when the functional controller receives a command signal from the environmental sensor device, the awning frame is automatically adjusted to regulate the shading area thereof in responsive to the environmental change of the outdoor shading system.09-30-2010
20120161922METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MONITORING AND CONTROLLING A HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE STANDBY STATE - A method for monitoring and controlling a household appliance is provided. The method has the steps of: monitoring and sampling the power of the household appliance to obtain a first standby power range; monitoring and sampling the power of the household appliance to obtain a set of first real-time power data; calculating a first standby confidence level based on the number of times that the first real-time power data fall within the first standby power range; and determining that the household appliance is in a standby state if the first standby confidence level is greater than or equal to a standby confidence level threshold.06-28-2012
20120169453ELECTRONIC LOCK WITH POWER FAILURE CONTROL CIRCUIT - An electronic lock with power failure control circuit includes a lock mechanism having a latchbolt movable between extended and a retracted positions and an electrically powered lock actuator to lock and unlock the latchbolt. The power failure control circuit includes a microcontroller and the lock is connected to a primary power source and an auxiliary power source, preferably supercapacitors and charger that can be turned on by the microcontroller and off when the charger signals a full charge. A power monitor circuit detects low voltage on the primary power supply and sets a power failure interrupt causing the microcontroller to execute power failure instructions that control the actuator so that the lock is placed into a desired locked or unlocked final state during the power failure. upon detection of the return of good power, the system resets the lock.07-05-2012
20120212318Instrument module with intelligent self-actuating latching mechanism - An instrumented module attaches to a shipping container and preferably spans the two locking bars, preventing unauthorized opening. The module includes a means for detecting position and/or movement. The module may be latched onto one of the locking bars of the trailer while the doors are open; when the doors are closed, the module engages the corresponding bar on the opposite door to secure the trailer in transit. The manual latch keeps the module in position while the vehicle is at rest, but is not intended to keep the module in place when the truck is moving. If the module has been manually latched onto one locking bar but not the other, and the driver leaves the loading dock, the module's inherent situational awareness is used to activate the lock automatically, thereby securing the latch and keeping the module attached even if the door is unlocked and swinging freely.08-23-2012
20120212319SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ACTIVATING AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING TWO OR MORE SENSORS - The disclosure provides a system and method for activating an electronic device. The activation circuit comprises: a first sensor to monitor for a first condition relating to an environment as affected by a user of the device; a second sensor to monitor for the first condition relating to an environment isolated from effects of the user; and an activation circuit to evaluate signals from the first and second sensors to determine whether to change an activation state of a component on the device. This may involve activating or deactivating the component.08-23-2012
20120075054ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH SELF-LEARNING FUNCTION AND INTELLIGENT CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - An electronic device with self-learning function includes an input unit, a state detecting unit, a state recording unit, a state analysis unit, and a processing unit. The input unit generates input signals according to operations of a user. The state detecting unit detects real-time values of the state parameters. The state recording unit obtains the real-time values of predetermined state parameters when the input signals are received. The state analysis unit analyzes whether the times of an operation under a same state parameter value or in same state parameter value range has reached or equal to a predetermined number of times within a predetermined time period. If yes, the state analysis unit determines the operation is a habit and the state parameter value corresponding to the operation is the state parameter value of the habit. The processing unit executes a task corresponding to the habit.03-29-2012
20120075053Automated Personnel Screening System and Method - The present specification discloses a system for controlling a movement of at least one person into a controlled location. The system includes an X-ray screening system having an entrance area defined by walls and a gate, and an exit area defined by walls and a gate. The gates are automatically controlled based upon the output of the X-ray screening system. Additional gates, defining an additional holding area, are used for subsequent analysis and inspection.03-29-2012
20120249285Highlighting in response to determining device transfer - A computationally implemented method includes, but is not limited to: determining that a computing device that was presenting an item has been transferred from a first user to a second user; and presenting, via the computing device, one or more highlighted portions of the item, the one or more highlighted portions being highlighted in response, at least in part, to said determining. In addition to the foregoing, other method aspects are described in the claims, drawings, and text forming a part of the present disclosure.10-04-2012
20120249284SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING BATTERY CONDITIONS - A system and method for controlling battery conditions. The system includes a network access device battery. The network access device battery powers a network access device. A heating element may be connected to the network access device battery. The heating element may be a resistive load for determining a status of the network access device battery or the heating element may be activated based on a heating schedule.10-04-2012
20120262268COMMUNICATION OF COMMANDS IN A HOME AUTOMATION NETWORK AND BETWEEN HOME AUTOMATION NETWORKS - Method of communication in a home automation network allowing communication between command transmitters and/or command receivers associated with equipment in a building by means of messages transmitted in the form of frames, a frame comprising at least one data field comprising several functional segments, said method comprising a step of constructing a frame on the basis of an instruction written in a programming language, the instruction comprising words composed in the form of strings of alphanumeric characters and/or of signs and/or of icons, delimited by separators, in which each word gives rise to a functional segment.10-18-2012
20120229248MULTIPURPOSE CONTROLLER FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES, FACIAL EXPRESSIONS MANAGEMENT AND DROWSINESS DETECTION - A hands-free controller, a facial expression management system, a drowsiness detection system and methods for using them are disclosed. The controller monitors facial expressions of the user, monitors motions of the user's body, generates commands for an electronic device based on the monitored facial expressions and body motions, and communicates the commands to the electronic device. Monitoring facial expressions can include sensing facial muscle motions using facial expression sensors. Monitoring user body motions can include sensing user head motions. Facial expression management can includes monitoring user facial expressions, storing monitored expressions, and communicating monitored expressions to an electronic device. Drowsiness detection can include monitoring eye opening of the user, generating an alert when drowsiness is detected, monitoring proper usage of the device, and generating a warning when improper usage is detected.09-13-2012
20110121939WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE, WIRELESS COMMUNICATION METHOD, WIRELESS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM ON WHICH CONTROL PROGRAM OF WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE HAS BEEN RECODED - To prevent temperature rise caused by increase in communication speed and increase in output power and to provide a mobile terminal device which has a small size and is of low cost, a wireless communication device comprises: a detection means for detecting the temperature inside the device; and a control means for, when the temperature detected by the detection means becomes a preset first threshold value or more, restricting the maximum value of the transmission speed that a self-device can achieve.05-26-2011
20080297304System and Method for Recording a Person in a Region of Interest - A method and system for recording a player in at least one zone of a playing Field are described herein. The system includes at least one set of cameras, each set containing one or more cameras. Each zone is associated with one set of cameras which is used to obtain a set of video data from the zone associated therewith. The player wears an emitter of electromagnetic signals. A sensor apparatus receives and processes the electromagnetic signals to obtain location information indicative of when the player is located in a particular zone. A video processing module, in data communication with the at least one set of cameras, utilizes the location information to extract video information of the player from the at least one set of video data.12-04-2008
20120326834SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR AUTOMATED ADJUSTMENT OF DEVICE SETTINGS - System and methods for automated adjustment of device settings are described. An electronic device comprises a receiver for receiving environmental information related to a surroundings of the device, a setting configurator for determining a desired setting for the device as a function of the environmental information, and a setting adjuster for adjusting a device setting in accordance with the desired setting. Moreover, the device further comprises a sensor for receiving the stimulus from the surroundings, for determining the value of the stimulus, and for sending the value of the stimulus to the receiver. Further, the device setting includes a volume of a speaker or a headphone, a theme or a color of a background displayed by the display, a brightness of the display, a sharpness of the display, a user interface displayed on the display, an intensity of a backlight of the display, or a contrast of the display.12-27-2012
20130169407WIRELESS SENSOR ACTUATOR NETWORK AND OPERATING METHOD THEREOF - A wireless sensor actuator network (WSAN) is provided, which includes: at least one sensor, for sensing situations of surrounding environments to generate a transferring condition, the transferring condition corresponding to a transferring condition serial number; at least one actuator, driven by a driving signal; and a gateway, for receiving the transferring condition of the sensor corresponding to the transferring condition serial number, transferring an active state serial number to a transferring state serial number which meets the transferring condition according to an encoding table of the gateway, and executing functions called by the transferring state serial number to generate the driving signal for driving the actuator.07-04-2013
20080224820LINE DESIGN SYSTEM AND LINE DESIGN METHOD - The present invention provides a line design system which can automatically set a monitoring control channel to a transmission device to which a request for changing a line condition is made when the request for changing a line condition is made. A line design server 09-18-2008
20110260827ELECTRONICALLY-CONTROLLED WATER DISPENSING SYSTEM - The present invention provides an electronic shower system or other water dispensing system used for personal hygiene that incorporates both electronic access control technology and electronic water flow control means and, optionally, stored value monitoring technology.10-27-2011
20130176101METHOD FOR TRANSMITTING DATA OF AND TO AN AUTOMATIC CHUCKING MACHINE - A method for transmitting data from and to an automatic feeder, such as an automatic watering device. The data can be stored on a storage medium. A system for transmitting data from and to an automatic feeder is also disclosed.07-11-2013
20080218307ANTICIPATORY UTILITY CONTROL DEVICE - The present invention is directed to a system and method which a utility control device is designed to anticipate the needs of user's and to conform to those anticipated needs. In one embodiment, the device senses the presence of a particular user and conforms its operation to operate in accordance with a pre-established user profile. The device can anticipate the user by directly sensing the user, such as by weight biometrics, size, voice recognition, electronic key tag, and the like or by time or location. The pre-established profile can, for example, be user programmed or can be based on previous actions taken by the user under the came conditions. In another embodiment, the user carries, in addition to his/her identity profile, the user's preferences in accessible electronic form to allow the utility control device to assemble a customized response without requiring a pre-established user profile. The accessible electronic form can include: a key fob, electronic bracelet or any other electronically available formation of relevant data that can be applicable to generate a custom response.09-11-2008
20130120105MONITORING AND OPTIMIZING AN ELECTRICAL GRID STATE - Monitoring and optimizing a state of an electrical grid are provided. An approach for synchronizing state information associated with one or more electrical devices on an electrical grid, with time information is described. The approach further includes notifying one or more subscribing devices of the synchronized state information such that the one or more subscribing devices monitors and controls the one or more electrical devices based on the synchronized state information.05-16-2013
20080204190Method and system for communicating with and controlling an alarm system from a remote server - A communication system is provided that can be added to a legacy alarm system to provide a plurality of communication modes to a remote server system from the legacy alarm system and provide remote control and monitoring to a user of the system via two-way communication links. The communication system can be configured to communicate with an alarm processor of the legacy alarm system through use of a keypad bus typically used by the legacy alarm system for communication between the alarm processor and one or more keypads. Communication modes that can be provided by embodiments of the present invention can include, for example, communication over a public switched telephone network, cellular transmission, broadband transmission, and the like. The communication system can monitor all configured communication modes and determine which communication mode is the best for providing communication between the alarm system and the remote server. Through these communication modes and by virtue of being coupled to the alarm processor via the keypad bus, the communication system can provide both transmission to the remote server of the status and alarm condition of the legacy alarm system as well as provide control signals from the remote server to the legacy alarm system. The remote server provides pre-determined responses to information received from the alarm system, including providing alarm system condition information to a user or a monitoring station for response.08-28-2008
20100283573MOBILE TERMINAL, OPERATING METHOD THEREOF, AND REFRIGERATOR - A mobile terminal, an operating method thereof, and a refrigerator are disclosed. The operating method of the mobile terminal includes receiving state information of the refrigerator from the refrigerator, displaying the state information of the refrigerator on a screen, and transmitting a control signal based on a control operation to the refrigerator. Therefore, it is possible to readily control the refrigerator using the mobile terminal.11-11-2010
20100308956WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY FOR SENSORS - A wireless access point communicates messages in an electronic article surveillance (EAS) network. The EAS network includes at least one EAS sensor hard-wired to at least one wireless device node. The wireless access point includes a wired communication interface, a wireless communication interface and a controller. The controller is electrically coupled to the wired communication interface and to the wireless communication interface. The wired communication interface operates to receive a message. The message includes a sub-layer address corresponding to an EAS sensor. The wireless communication interface operates to broadcast the message and to receive an acknowledgement of the broadcast message. The acknowledgment originates from the EAS sensor corresponding to the sub-layer address. The controller operates to transfer the message between the wired communication interface and the wireless communication interface.12-09-2010
20110234366METHODS FOR SELECTING AND CONTROLLING DEVICES - A method of selecting and controlling devices based on wireless communication technology. The wireless controller sends a probe message to one or more devices; each device receives the probe message, obtains information in respect of its relative position with respect to the wireless controller, determines a response time to respond according to a first predefined rule, based on its relative position information: detects response signals from other devices before expiration of the response time; decides whether to send or not to send its response signal according to a second predefined rule and the detecting procedure of response signals from other devices; the wireless controller receives response signals sent by the devices after the comparison of the relative position information of each device with respect to the wireless controller, and selects the target devices from the devices. Embodiments of the present invention reduce the complexity, delay and energy consumption of the selection for wireless devices, and are especially applicable for wireless lighting systems.09-29-2011
20130154792COST EFFECTIVE AUTO-ACTUATION DOOR CHECK - A system for controlling movement of a motor vehicle door includes at least one sensor that detects a distance from the vehicle to an object near the vehicle. The sensor is also configured to provide input to an automatic parallel parking system of the vehicle. The system may include at least one ultrasonic sensor on each side of the vehicle to detect the distances to objects on opposite sides of a vehicle. The system utilizes a plurality of detected distances and vehicle positions or velocities to determine a location of the detected object relative to the vehicle. The system selectively actuates the door brake to prevent the vehicle door from contacting the detected object as the door is opened.06-20-2013
20120019350SENSOR SYSTEM FOR PLANT MONITORING - A sensor system includes at least one safety sensor unit for monitoring a safety relevant zone of a plant. The sensor system also includes a display unit connected to the sensory unit or integrated into it. The sensor system outputs a safety switch signal on an intrusion of an unpermitted object into the monitored, safety relevant zone and the safety sensor unit has an input interface for receiving a further safety switch signal. The input interface can be configured such that, on the one hand, it can receive the further safety switch signal and, on the other hand, can also receive external, non-safety relevant signals of an external device. The display unit is designed to display internal state data of the sensor system and information resulting from the external non-safety relevant signals.01-26-2012
20120299695MACHINE GUIDANCE SYSTEM - A guidance system for a machine may include a scanning device configured to detect a presence of an object within a minimum desired distance of the machine, and a controller in communication with the scanning device. The controller may be configured to compare a number of times the object is detected during a time period to a number of times the object is permitted to be detected during the time period. The controller may be configured to adjust the number of times the object is permitted to be detected. Further, the controller may be configured to output an indication, when the number of times the object is detected is equal to or greater than the number of times the object is permitted to be detected, that the object is less than the minimum desired distance from the machine.11-29-2012

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