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Specified indicator structure

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340 - Communications: electrical


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340691600 Information display 38
340691400 Plural 10
340691800 Control circuit detail 9
340692000 Sound reproducer 9
340691300 Degree or urgency 8
340691200 Simulated effect 2
20090109051Intrusion deterrence system and method - The invention relates generally to physical security, and more particularly, but without limitation to systems and methods that simulate television operation, and thus occupancy, for the purpose of deterring intrusion into a building. Embodiments of the invention control a multi-color lighting device, such as a Light Emitting Diode (LED) array, in a way that simulates light that is output from an operational TV screen. In embodiments of the invention, the multi-color lighting device may also simulate light that is output from a table lamp or other white light source. An audio device may also be used in combination with, or in the alternative to, the multi-color lighting device.04-30-2009
20080309509Dog bark door bell notification and personal protection system - A door bell notification and personal protection system includes a warning notification module adapted to recognize at least one of a door bell notification from a door bell ringer or emergency transmission signal from a wireless transmitter and thereafter provide a recognition signal to a microprocessor. The microprocessor is adapted to retrieve dog barking sounds stored in a memory and provide the dog barking sounds to at least one of an amplifier or radio frequency transmitter after the microprocessor receives the recognition signal from the warning notification module. Dog barking sounds can be broadcasted using the wireless transmitter. A delay module can enable processing with a delay time after first receipt of the recognition signal. A random module can enable random retrieval of various dog barking sounds from memory for processing. A time out module can disable operation of the microprocessor at a set time after recognition signal receipt.12-18-2008
340691700 Mechanical 2
20110057809PERSONAL ALERT DEVICE - A personal alert device for use with a wireless communications device is provided. In at least one embodiment, the personal includes: a housing configured for discreet, inconspicuous use by a wearer; a vibrator mechanism disposed within the housing; a processor disposed within the housing, the processor configured to pair uniquely and wirelessly communicate with a mobile communications device within a defined distance to the mobile communications device, operative to receive a mobile communications signal from the mobile communications device, and further configured to activate the vibrator mechanism to alert the wearer discreetly to the presence of the mobile communications signal; and a power source disposed within the housing. In at least one embodiment, the personal alert device is a fashion accessory article that is worn under an item of apparel and directly adjacent to the body of the wearer to remain unseen.03-10-2011
20130044005OBJECT DETECTION DEVICE - When the sight impaired become mobile, they often bump their heads on unseen objects and/or hazards that could result in injury. The object detection device uses signal emitting proximity sensors that alert the user to unseen objects. The object detection device notifies the user of detected objects. Stimulators contact the user to warn the user that an object has been detected and the distance between the object and the user. Each stimulator contacts the user at a specific contact point. The stimulator finger contacting the user at a specific contact point informs the user of the distance between the user and the detected object.02-21-2013
20090009353UTILITY OUTLETS HAVING DYNAMICALLY CHANGING EMERGENCY EVACUATION ROUTING - Devices, systems and methods that are capable of dynamically indicating emergency evacuation routes in a premises. In the premises, utility outlets such as electrical sockets and light switches are used to indicate, visually and/or audibly, an evacuation route. The use of utility outlets to indicate the evacuation routes takes advantage of devices that must be installed in virtually all buildings at predictable locations.01-08-2009
20090261984Gamut error notifying device - The object is to enable the user to selectively set the notification of a gamut error and notification deactivation condition. For this, a detection means 10-22-2009
20120268285SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING HAPTIC FEEDBACK IN A MEDICAL MONITOR - The present disclosure is directed towards systems and methods for providing haptic feedback in a medical monitor. The haptic feedback may be configurable. For example, haptic feedback may be associated with only a defined set of events occurring or may have different properties according to the event that triggers the haptic feedback to occur.10-25-2012
20100201538EVACUATION STATUS MODULE (ESM) - A new device used in institutions such as, but not limited to, hospitals, nursing homes, and other patient-care facilities, and hotels and cruise ships which, when activated, provides a visual indication locally, at or near the room to which it is attached, and remotely at a central control station and/or hand held device, as to whether or not a particular room has been evacuated during an emergency evacuation situation.08-12-2010
20080258930PERMISSION BASED RFID TAG - An implantable, readable miniature transponder has an antenna coupled to a microchip integrated circuit. The integrated circuit has unique identifying information stored in the chip. The integrated circuit microchip also has control logic, a muscle stimulator, an EMG amplifier and a data transmitter. The integrated circuit is connected to the antenna and to muscle electrodes that have EMG sensors. When an external reader illuminates the transponder the control logic alerts the implanted subject and inhibits any data from being sent to the reader. Through a series of predetermined voluntary muscle contractions the subject sends a signal to the control logic to either allow or deny the reader access to the identifying information.10-23-2008
20110205078COMPONENT INSTALLATION GUIDANCE - In accordance with embodiments, a system includes a plurality of component slots and at least one indicator associated with each of said slots. The system also includes a controller coupled to the indicators. The indicators selectively provide installation guidance of components into said slots based on signals from the controller.08-25-2011
20090251328ON-VEHICLE DISPLAY DEVICE - An on-vehicle display device mounted on a ceiling including an open and close mechanism, which secures the rearward visibility during the backward driving of the vehicle and also enables the user to continue to enjoy display images. The on-vehicle display device includes a control means which controls the display 10-08-2009
20090256716METER DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, AND METER DRIVING METHOD - A meter device includes an indicator unit, movably supported within a predetermined range, for representing an amplitude value of an input signal by a movement amount Δθ from a reference position θ10-15-2009
20120105245Aircraft and Watercraft Emergency Information System - A method for collecting and recording external environment data in emergency situation for aircraft and watercraft is provided. In one embodiment, the method includes several modules which collects and records external environment data. At the same time the data and the emergency signal is also sent to control tower in order to help the rescue team. The emergency information system may also be used to replace the ‘black box’ if the voyage data transmitted to the “black box” is also transmitted to the emergency information system.05-03-2012
20090072989SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING MASS NOTIFICATION USING EXISTING FIRE SYSTEM - An apparatus configured to integrate with existing fire system strobe/horn plates. The apparatus may be a mass notification plate. Also disclosed are embodiments of a strobe housing configured to mix and/or reflect light emitted from one or more light emitters, such as high intensity LEDs, through a lens. The lens may be configured to produce a mass notification pattern. Further disclosed are embodiments of systems and methods that may be configured to deliver strobe control signals and/or strobe color control signals over a two-wire fire system powerline.03-19-2009
20090109050System and Method for Illumination of a Data Cable - A data cable includes a plurality of illumination devices, an application module, and a lighting control module. The plurality of illumination devices are adapted to receive a control signal to change an illumination characteristic of the plurality of illumination devices, and the control signal is indicative of a signal characteristic for data to be transmitted over the data cable. The application module is adapted to analyze the data communicated over the data cable to determine the signal characteristic. The lighting control module is connected to the application module and adapted to light the plurality of illumination devices at the data cable based on the signal characteristic.04-30-2009
20110128157IMAGE NOTIFICATION ON SECURITY PANEL FOR PROTECTED ASSETS - A method and apparatus for use with a security system. The method includes the steps of providing a plurality of sensors within the security system where each sensor of the plurality of sensors is associated with an asset, detecting activation of a sensor of the plurality of sensors and displaying an image of the asset associated with the activated sensor.06-02-2011
20110074596Methods and Arrangements for Smart Sensors - Generally, smart sensors, logic to process messages from smart sensors, and smart sensor systems are described herein. Embodiments may comprise logic such as hardware and/or code to communicate events as messages via a messaging system to post the messages to a messaging account. The messaging system may be a texting service like Twitter™ that captures the messages and then re-broadcasts the messages, e.g., immediately as a tweet or a cellular text message. In some embodiments, the smart sensor comprises a communications module with a Twitter™ application program interface (API) on a communications platform with a software/hardware framework to interconnect with one or more pluggable monitors with sensors. In other embodiments, the communications module may be integrated with one or more monitors. Further embodiments comprise a smart-device, which can provide status updates and event notifications to a user.03-31-2011
20100219970SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ANALYZING FAULTY EVENT TRANSMISSIONS - A system and method are disclosed for recording and evaluating faults in event transmissions between security system components. A panel in a monitored building may send event signals to a receiver located in a central monitoring facility. Event signals may represent a status of individual alarms or sensors in the building, or they may provide a status of the system as a whole. If the quality of the transmission is substandard or in a format that is unacceptable to the receivers the signal data associated with the event is recorded for analysis. Recording is controlled by a line card associated with the receiver, and the signal data is stored in local or remote memory. Signal data can be manually or automatically analyzed to determine the source of the fault. In addition, recorded signal data can be used to build customized software to recognize signals from previously unrecognized or faulty panels.09-02-2010
20120242494POWER-SAVING REMINDER CIRCUIT FOR COMPUTER - A power saving circuit for a computer. When the computer is powered on, an LED is lit. When the computer if off but power is still being supplied from the commercial power source to the power supply of the computer, the LED blinks. A counter chip determines the time to start blinking or the frequency of blinking.09-27-2012
20110148652WALKING GUIDANCE APPARATUS USING HUMAN BODY COMMUNICATION - A walking guidance apparatus using human body communication, including: a first human body communication device acquiring a walking guidance information signal, converting the acquired walking guidance information signal into a signal available for human body communication, and transmitting the converted signal through a user's body; and a second human body communication device receiving the signal transmitted through the user's body from the first human body communication device, converting the received signal into a signal that can be recognized by the user, and outputting the converted signal. Walking guidance information having a high privacy function and high stability and accuracy can be provided to enhance user convenience.06-23-2011
20120146804METHOD AND DEVICE FOR LIGHT INDICATION - A lighting indication device is connected to a plurality of LED sensing lightings via a lighting network. A receiver receives sensing information from at least one of the plurality of LED sensing lightings via the lighting network, and determines whether the sensing information includes a warning code. A warning position identifier identifies a position of an LED sensing lighting in which warning occurs based on the sensing information when the sensing information includes the warning code. A path setting unit generates a warning lighting signal for indicating warning generation information and an escape guide lighting signal indicating an escape guide direction based on the position of the LED sensing lighting in which the warning occurs. A transmitter transmits the warning lighting signal and the escape guide lighting signal to the plurality of LED sensing lightings via the lighting network.06-14-2012
20120256757IDENTIFICATION DISPLAY METHOD AND SYSTEM - A message presentation method and system is disclosed. The method includes receiving by a computer processor of an electrical device, data associated with a function of the electrical device. The electrical device comprises light emitting devices. The computer processor generates an identification code identifying the function, a first bit signal associated with a first bit of the identification code, and a second bit signal associated with a second bit of the identification code. The computer processor transmits the first bit signal to a first light emitting device. The first bit signal results in the first light emitting device indicating the first bit signal as a first illuminated color.10-11-2012
20080297368Multicolor Visual Feedback for Portable, Non-Volatile Storage - An improved portable storage device is disclosed having an interface, a controller in communication with this interface, a memory in communication with the controller, and a light-emitting-diode assembly in communication with the controller. The light-emitting-diode assembly has a first and a second light-emitting-diode element, the first and second light-emitting-diode elements emitting a first and a second color of light, respectively. The first light-emitting-diode element and said second light-emitting-diode element each independently controlled by the controller via pulse-width-modulation, to produce a third color which appears to be in between the first and second colors in wavelength, this third color indicative of the percent completion of an I/O task or the usage of the memory.12-04-2008
20100231407RFID power control and monitoring system - A system for monitoring parameters associated with a device, such as current, voltage, power, temperature, energy consumed, moisture, fluid levels and flow, wind speed, identification parameters, and repair history. The system includes the use of hybrid RFID sensor tags including a combination of active, semi-passive, and passive RFID circuits. Hybrid tags are attached to electrical system components. Standalone electrical components and generators and those connected to the electrical grid may be monitored. Data collected and stored in the hybrid tags may be accessed via a wireless communication link between hybrid tags and either active scanners or a passive interrogators. The data collected and processed from the hybrid tags may be provided to a user via the Internet or another wired or wireless communication network.09-16-2010
20100231406SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING A FAILURE IN A FIELD REPLACEABLE UNIT - An apparatus is provided in one example embodiment and includes a light guide configured to couple to an electronic unit. The electronic unit is a replaceable unit of an electronic component, the light guide extending along a body structure of the electronic unit and signaling an operational state of the electronic unit. In more specific embodiments, the light guide communicates optical energy from a light source coupled to the electronic unit and configured to indicate the operational state of the electronic unit. In still other embodiments, the light source is a light emitting diode (LED) that indicates the operational state of the electronic unit. The light guide can include a light input that enhances an optical coupling between the light source the light guide. In still other embodiments, the light guide includes a curved portion that changes a direction of optical energy propagating within the light guide.09-16-2010
20120092182Method For Event Sensing Employing A Printed Event Sensor - A method for event sensing employs an event sensor comprising a detector and circuitry, connected thereto, produced by printed electronics processes. Operation may rely on fixed characteristic devices, such as a series resistive chain, or variable characteristic devices such as thin film transistors (TFTs) and the like. A pulse is input to the printed electronic circuitry. The printed electronic circuitry divides the pulse across the various devices comprising the circuitry according to pulse amplitude and pulse width. The circuitry provides an output signal which is provided to a plurality of display elements capable of indicating the division performed at the printed electronic circuitry. In one embodiment, each display element is an electrophoretic display which changes contrast as a function of the applied voltage. Not only the pulse amplitude and pulse width, but the number of pulses applied to the printed circuitry (i.e., sensed by the detector) may be indicated.04-19-2012
20120092181Event Sensor Including Printed Electronic Circuit - An event sensor device comprises a detector and circuitry, connected thereto, produced by printed electronics processes. This circuitry may be comprised of fixed characteristic devices, such as a series resistive chain, or variable characteristic devices such as thin film transistors (TFTs) and the like. A pulse is input to the printed electronic circuitry. The printed electronic circuitry divides the pulse across the various devices comprising the circuitry according to pulse amplitude and pulse width. The circuitry provides an output signal which is provided to a plurality of display elements, which are capable of indicating the division performed at the printed electronic circuitry. In one embodiment, each display element is an electrophoretic display which changes contrast as a function of the applied voltage. Not only the pulse amplitude and pulse width, but the number of pulses applied to the printed circuitry (i.e., sensed by the detector) may be indicated.04-19-2012
20120286966MONITORING SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR MONITORING MACHINES WITH SAME - A monitoring system for use with a system is provided. The monitoring system includes a data management system that includes a database configured to store data representative of at least one operating characteristic of at least one machine. A portable display assembly is coupled to the data management system and includes at least one sensor configured to detect the presence of the machine within a predefined distance from a portion of the display assembly. The display assembly also includes a communication interface that is coupled to the data management system and is configured to receive the data. Moreover, the display assembly includes a display media that is coupled to the communication interface for presenting an output representative of the data to a user of the display assembly such that the user is enabled to view historical data of the machine and/or monitor the machine in real-time.11-15-2012
20090091466Non-addressable dual notification appliance - The present invention provides a non-addressable notification appliance having multiple (e.g., dual) visual alarms such as strobes for notifying individuals of different types of detected events. For example, the notification appliance of the present invention could have a first strobe for indicating a fire, and a second strobe for providing mass notification of a different emergency such as a terrorist threat or attack. In one embodiment, the visual alarms could be colored differently from one another (e.g., clear and amber). In a typical embodiment, the dual notification appliance could be one of many non-addressable dual notification appliances utilized in a single alarm system that are controlled by a system controller.04-09-2009
20080218369Flexible Display Device - The present invention relates to a flexible display device (09-11-2008
20110234419MEDICATION STORAGE DEVICE USAGE STATUS NOTIFICATIONS - A usage status notification method and corresponding medication storage device (e.g., mobile medication dispensing cart, medication cabinet, nurse server, etc.) are provided. To generate the usage status notification, the status of one or more components of the medication storage device may be monitored. An in-use notification signal may be generated if it is determined that the medication storage device is in use at a certain point in time (e.g., when a user is logged into the medication storage device). An available notification signal may be generated if it is determined that the medication storage device is available for use at a certain point in time (e.g., when a user is logged out of the medication storage device). Other types of usage status signals may also be provided.09-29-2011
20130194102METHOD AND DEVICE FOR INDICATING AUTOMATICALLY IDENTIFIED FLAWS - A method is provided for indicating automatically identified flaws on or in a test specimen. A location of a defect on or in a test specimen identified by an inspection unit is subsequently indicated. A lighting unit, for example color LEDs, is used to generate an illuminated indicator marking the location of the defect on the surface or on at least one adjoining lateral edge of the test specimen. After the automatic identification of the flaw, it is checked on the basis of quantifiable properties of the defect whether the defect meets a predefinable quality criterion, and an illuminated indicator marking the location of the defect at or on the test specimen is generated only if the quality criterion is not met. The coloring of the marking illuminated indicator is predefined depending on quantifiable properties of the defect.08-01-2013

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