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20100164740Automatic Lock and Automatic Unlock Method for Computer System and Computer System Thereof - An automatic lock and automatic unlock method for a computer system and the associated computer system are provided. The method includes steps of detecting whether a user is in a predetermined range when a computer system is in an unlock status and recording a duration during which the user is not in the predetermined range, controlling the computer system to enter a lock status when the duration is greater than a predetermined time, determining whether the user has an effective authority when the computer system is in the lock status and the user is detected in the predetermined range, and controlling the computer system to enter the unlock status when the user has the effective authority.07-01-2010
20090109048Wireless surface acoustic wave-based proximity sensor, sensing system and method - The subject invention is related to wireless proximity sensor and sensing system for detecting the position of an object. The system includes a transceiver for providing wireless communication with a passive wireless surface acoustic wave (SAW) proximity sensor. The wireless proximity sensor receives a wireless signal from the transceiver, which powers the SAW device and in turn transmits a signal back to the transceiver that includes information about the position of an object. The wireless proximity sensor uses one or more SAW devices with a sensing element made of magnetostrictive material, in conjunction with one or more magnets and one or more targets that are positioned relative to an object. The movement of the target(s) in relation to the proximity sensor operatively produces a mechanical response due to the shift in the magnetic field of the sensing element. The sensing element in turn enhances the magnetic field of the SAW device to which it is attached, and this information is transmitted to the transceiver as information about the position of an object.04-30-2009
20100148982Proximity sensor system for industrial process transmitter - A process transmitter for measuring a process variable comprises a process sensor, transmitter circuitry, a transmitter housing, a mounting component, and a non-contact proximity sensor. The process sensor senses a process variable of a process fluid. The transmitter circuitry processes a signal from the process sensor. The transmitter housing receives the process sensor and transmitter circuitry. The transmitter mounting component is connected to the housing to isolate the sensor, the transmitter circuitry or the transmitter housing from the process fluid or an external environment. The non-contact proximity sensor system detects a spatial relationship between the transmitter housing and the transmitter mounting component.06-17-2010
20100148981Method of Performing Notification in Personal Navigation Device - To help a user avoid potentially harmful purchases, performing notification in a personal navigation device (PND) includes determining position of the PND, comparing the position against a plurality of restricted points of interest according to a predetermined setting, and activating an alert when the position is within a threshold distance of one of the restricted points of interest.06-17-2010
20100148980GUIDANCE SYSTEM BY DETECTING TAPPED LOCATION - A method for guiding a user to connect a peripheral component to a unit of electronic equipment includes the user tapping upon one of a plurality of connector interfaces comprising the unit of electronic equipment. In response to the tapping, the one tapped connector interface is identified and the user is notified of the identity of the one tapped connector interface. The identifying includes detecting the tapping at two or more sensors and processing signals generated by the sensors to detect the one tapped connector interface. The notifying includes articulating an identity of the one tapped connector interface using a voice synthesizer and loudspeaker.06-17-2010
20110193717LARGE AREA POSITION/PROXIMITY CORRECTION DEVICE WITH ALARMS USING (D)GPS TECHNOLOGY - A movable boundary detection apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a receiver operable to receive a positioning signal including actual position coordinates of a movable device in a first space and a memory module including a memory to store predefined position coordinates for defining boundaries of a second space being located within the first space. A processor module is communicatively coupled to the receiver and the memory module and operable to compare the actual position coordinates to the predefined position coordinates. An indicator is communicatively coupled to the processor module and operable to indicate when the actual position coordinates are outside the predefined position coordinates for indicating that the device is outside the second space.08-11-2011
20090121890Proximity-Sensor Supporting Multiple Application Services - A personal digital key (e.g., which can be carried by a human) contains a memory having different service blocks. Each service block is accessible by a corresponding service block access key. As the personal digital key (PDK) moves around, it is detected by sensors. The sensors report position data, thus enabling location tracking of the PDK. The sensors also provide a data path to various applications. An application that has access to a service block access key can therefore access the corresponding service block on the PDK. The sensors themselves may also contain service block access keys.05-14-2009
20090121889PROXIMITY SENSORS AND METHODS FOR SENSING PROXIMITY - In an embodiment, a proximity sensor includes a driver, a photo-diode (PD) and an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The proximity sensor can also include a controller to control the driver. The driver selectively drives a light source, e.g., an infrared (IR) light emitting diode (LED). The PD, which produces a current signal indicative of the intensity of light detected by the PD, is capable of detecting both ambient light and light produced by the light source that is reflected off an object. The ADC receives one or more portion of the current signal produced by the PD. The ADC produces one or more digital output that can be used to estimate the proximity of an object to the PD in a manner that compensates for ambient light detected by the PD and transient changes to the detected ambient light.05-14-2009
20100117848DATA COMMUNICATION FOR REFRIGERATED MERCHANDISERS - A merchandiser communication system including a first plurality of merchandisers arranged in a first row and a second plurality of merchandisers arranged in a second row. Each of the merchandisers includes a light assembly coupled to a case to illuminate a product display area, a light sensor coupled to the case to detect light pulses, and a microcontroller. The light sensor is in visual proximity with one or more of the adjacent merchandisers located across the aisle. The microcontroller is in electrical communication with the light assembly and the light sensor to operate the light assembly to encode the signal in light pulses of the light assembly that are not detectable by a human eye. The communication system also includes a visible light-based communication network in communication with the merchandisers and is operable to communicate the encoded light pulses among the merchandisers via the light assemblies and the light sensors.05-13-2010
20100117847METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MONITORING BARRIER INTERCONNECTIONS - Disclosed is a system and method for monitoring continuity between adjacent barrier members. Each barrier member has a first edge defining a first connector and an opposed second edge defining a second connector. The second connector is adapted to cooperatingly engage a corresponding first connector of an adjacent barrier member. The system comprises detectable bodies along the first connector of said barrier member and a detector locatable along the second connector of the adjacent barrier member. The detector detects the proximity of the detectable bodies. The method comprises inserting a first barrier member into a soil formation, engaging the second connector of a second barrier member with the first connector and inserting the second barrier member into the soil formation adjacent to the first barrier member while utilizing the detector to verify engagement of the first and second connectors.05-13-2010
20130076523Low power location-tracking device with combined short-range and wide-area wireless and location capabilities - A personal monitoring and communication system includes a monitoring and communication control device, at least one personal monitoring communication device coupled with a person and a personal monitoring communication device finder. The personal monitoring communication device includes a GPS receiver, cellular telephone circuits, and short-range wireless radio circuits for communicating with caregivers. The personal monitoring communication device finder receives an emergency beacon generated by one personal monitoring communication device and determines a location of the personal monitoring communication device. A dead reckoning circuit determines the position of the person from a reference location. A motion detection circuit determines that the person is moving, not moving, or has fallen. A battery power management circuit minimizes power consumption to increase battery life of a battery powering the personal monitoring communication device. A tamper detection circuit determines whether the personal monitoring communication device is coupled to the person.03-28-2013
20100102981METHODS AND APPARATUS TO DETECT CARRYING OF A PORTABLE AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT DEVICE - Methods and apparatus to detect carrying of a portable audience measurement device are disclosed herein. An example portable audience measurement device includes a housing; a media detector in the housing to collect media exposure data; a first status sensor to detect a first distance between the housing and an object at a first time, wherein the first status sensor is to detect a second distance between the housing and the object at a second time; and a distance comparator to generate a first signal indicative of a relationship between the first distance and the second distance to enable determination of whether the device is being carried by a person.04-29-2010
20120218115Back looking warning assembly and a method for determining the presence of a tangible entity in close proximity to the back of an individual - A portable assembly 08-30-2012
20090267786OPENING AND CLOSING APPARATUS - An opening and closing apparatus having an opening and closing body, a drive portion, a control portion, and a detecting device is disclosed. The detecting device has a sensor portion for detecting the capacitance between the sensor portion and an object that is in the proximity of the sensor portion or is contacting the sensor portion. The detecting device detects that the object is in the proximity of the sensor portion or is contacting the sensor portion based on the capacitance detected by the sensor portion. If the detecting device detects contact of the object with the sensor portion when the opening and closing body is not being moved, the control portion controls the drive portion to start opening the opening and closing body. If the detecting device detects that the object is in the proximity of the sensor portion when the opening and closing body is being closed, the control portion controls the drive portion to stop or reverse the movement of the opening and closing body.10-29-2009
20110012744DEVICE FOR ARRANGEMENT OF SENSORS FOR ELECTRONIC ACTIVATION OF A VEHICLE HATCH - An arrangement of a sensor device with at least one sensor for a contactless activation of at least one moving part of a vehicle, especially a vehicle hatch, the sensor being arranged on at least one support element on the vehicle, in order to permit a detection of an object in at least one detection range adjacent to the vehicle, so that activation of the hatch can be activated via the detection, where the sensor is arranged in shape-mated and/or force-fit fashion on support element.01-20-2011
20110012743Monitoring System Supporting Proximity Based Actions - A monitoring system includes a discoverable wireless device, a proximity monitor, and a monitoring server. The proximity monitor is configured to automatically discover the discoverable wireless device in response to the discoverable wireless device being within a wireless range of the proximity monitor. The monitoring server is communicatively connected to the proximity monitor via a communications network. The monitoring server is configured to i) receive proximity information associated with the discoverable wireless device from the proximity monitor, and ii) transmit an instruction signal based on the received proximity information to an electrical component located remotely from the proximity monitor. The instruction signal causes the electrical component to modify an operating parameter of the electrical component.01-20-2011
20090237263DISTANCE CORRECTION FOR DAMAGE PREVENTION SYSTEM - A system and method for determining a distance of a utility asset from a moving equipment. The invention determines a first current location of the equipment; accesses stored coordinates for a plurality of utility assets; selects an area of interest including a portion of the plurality of utility assets; identifies local utility assets in the selected area; determines a utility asset nearest to the first current position of the equipment, from the local utility assets; determines velocity and direction of the moving equipment; and determines the distance from the nearest utility asset to the second current location of the equipment responsive to the determined velocity and direction of the equipment. The invention may then generate a warning indication responsive to the determined distance.09-24-2009
20120235826THE LEASH - An apparatus and method for tracking an object includes a transmitter that generates a signal and a receiver that receives the signal generated by the transmitter. The receiver generates an alert signal when a distance between the transmitter and receiver is greater than a predetermined value. The receiver is retained in a retaining element, such as a wrist band, while the transmitter is secured to an object. The receiver is programmable to generate the alert signal only when the predetermined distance has been exceeded. The retaining element optionally includes multiple retaining features so that multiple receivers may be retained in a single retaining element. Each receiver is programmable to communicate only with one corresponding transmitter by assigning each transmitter/receiver pair with a unique identification code. The unique identification code expires after use so that each transmitter may only communicate with a single receiver.09-20-2012
20110279283Product Tracking and Alert System - A tracking and monitoring system to be used in conjunction with high value mobile collateral, including but not limited to RVs and other vehicles, and other equipment, both self propelled and non self propelled, that are sold or rented. The system is GPS based, and is automated to track and monitor the equipment, and to send alerts to persons and entities having an interest in the equipment.11-17-2011
20100265083LIGHTING SYSTEM CONTROL METHOD - A lighting-system control method applied to the lighting-system including a light source and an ultrasonic transmitting-and-receiving device is provided. The method comprises steps of: determining a distance between an object and the ultrasonic transmitting-and-receiving device by the ultrasonic transmitting-and-receiving device according to a flight time of an ultrasonic-wave; changing a first light property of the light source when the object is detected moving toward the ultrasonic transmitting-and-receiving device; and changing a second light property of the light source when the object is detected moving away from the ultrasonic transmitting-and-receiving device.10-21-2010
20110291853Remote Shut Down of Offshore Wind Turbine - The method for initiating of shutting down a wind energy turbine comprises approaching the wind energy turbine by a vehicle like an aircraft, in particular a helicopter, a car or a boat, and initiating of shutting down the wind energy turbine by means of wireless remote command signal transmitted from the vehicle when the vehicle is spaced from the wind energy turbine by a predetermined distance. The wind energy turbine comprises a rotor having at least one rotor blade, a shut down control unit for shutting down the rotor, and a receiving unit operatively connected to the shut down control unit for receiving a wireless remote shut down command signal from a helicopter being spaced from the rotor a predetermined distance.12-01-2011
20100090853VISUAL-PROTECTIVE WARNING APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a visual-protective warning apparatus and more particularly to a visual-protective warning apparatus that prevents the distance between a person's eyes and a visual object being too close to each other. The visual-protective warning apparatus comprises a transmitter and a receiver The transmitter is mounted on a person and transmits a wireless signal. The receiver has a warning indicator that is activated when RSSI of the wireless signal from the transmitter exceeds a threshold.04-15-2010
20100090854MOBILE APPARATUS AND OPERATING METHOD THEREOF - A mobile apparatus and an operating method thereof are provided. According to the present invention, a sensor is installed in the mobile apparatus, and the sensor and a receiver are installed on the same side of the mobile apparatus. The sensor is used to detect whether an object exists within a predetermined distance or not and to generate a corresponding signal. Afterward, a touch unit is disabled or enabled according to the corresponding signal.04-15-2010
20100090855Method and System for Preventing Fuel Theft - A method and system for preventing fuel theft includes one or more tamper detection sensors mounted on a fuel dispenser, the tamper detection sensors being operable to detect dislocation of one or more portions of the fuel dispenser's shell. A dispenser security controller is communicatively coupled to the one or more tamper detection sensors and is operable to generate a trigger signal in response to receiving a tamper detection signal from the one or more tamper detection sensors. A dispenser transaction-termination switch is electrically coupled to the fuel dispensing circuit and in signal communication with the dispenser security controller and is operable to simulate a fuel pump handle hang up and/or a transaction not-authorized condition in response to a trigger signal from the dispenser security controller.04-15-2010
20110215941Fueling Status Monitor and Alarm - A device fueling status monitor and alarm includes: a portable powered device; a refueling energy source adapted to refuel the portable powered device; a monitor associated with either the portable powered device or the refueling energy source, wherein the monitor monitors conditions of the portable powered device or the refueling energy source to detect alarm conditions, wherein the monitored conditions include the proximity of the portable powered device to the refueling energy source and whether the portable powered device is being refueled; an alarm condition transmitter associated with the monitor and adapted to transmit an alarm signal when alarm conditions are recognized by the monitor; and an alarm condition receiver adapted to receive signals from the alarm condition transmitter and signal an alarm condition to a user.09-08-2011
20090231154Method and Device for a Key Holder - An electronic device that would remind the user to place his keys on a fixed place to avoid the inconvenience of forgetting where placing and searching after those keys. The device consists of a receiver that would be placed in a fixed place and of a fitted transmitter that would be attached to a key chain. When the keys with the attached transmitter would be in a proximity to the receiver there would be an alert or a reminder to place the keys, the transmitter, on the wall mounted key holder that the receiver is attached too.09-17-2009
20110193716Apparatus and Method for Providing an Audible Identification of the Contents of a Container - An apparatus includes a container and a content identification device providing an audible identification of the contents of the container. The container can be included in an automatic dispensing system. A method is also provided. The method includes providing a container, and producing an audible identification of contents of the container in response to one of: opening the container, a request to access the contents of the container, or actual access of the contents of the container by a user.08-11-2011
20090153348Method and apparatus for electronic-sign system - A method and apparatus that select presentation information for an electronic sign wirelessly placed within a proximity of one or more object items are described herein. The electronic sign displays the presentation information. An alert message is determined in response to a signal received from the electronic sign according to objects items in proximity locations of the electronic sign. The determined alert message is sent to the electronic sign to replace the displayed presentation information.06-18-2009
20090153347APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING FLIGHT DECK LIGHT INTENSITY - A system for controlling lighting of an instrument panel has a sensor for monitoring activity near the instrument panel. A lighting control unit is coupled to the sensor and a lighting system of the instrument panel. The lighting control unit controls the light intensity of the lighting system. The lighting control unit increases the intensity of the lighting system when the sensor monitors activity near the instrument panel.06-18-2009
20090146829VIDEO-ENABLED RAPID RESPONSE SYSTEM AND METHOD - A video-enabled rapid response system and method that integrates identification technology and tracking technology in order to rapidly alert the most appropriate person to an incident. Such an approach includes a strong identification mechanism to get a positive identification on a person and a weak identification mechanism to maintain location information for the person moving in a facility. The system can rapidly determine the closest person with skills and or authority to respond when an incident occurs at a particular location and then pass an alert to them via a paging mechanism. The system combines strong and weak identification mechanism in order to provide accurate subject identification and tracking over the large facility.06-11-2009
20090309748SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING AND MANAGING ELECTRONIC MENUS - Systems and methods display and manage wireless electronic menus that are capable of connecting to a computer terminal, a server and/or a database via one or more communication networks. The systems are capable of managing wireless electronic menus within a single site establishment or within multi-site establishments. The menus have one or more sensors for determining if the menus are in motion, idle, in use not in use or docked to a charging base to define a menu status for each menu. The terminal updates the menu content of the menus based on the menu status of each menu. A proximity sensor determines a location of the menus to define a configuration of the menus with respect a table or a table configuration of tables on a floor plan. Sensors, a user input and/or the computer terminal associate the menus with a menu grouping or with the table in close proximity of the menus so that common menu content may be display by each menu. The menus display menu content for available goods and/or services offered by a provider in one or more languages as selected by users of the menus. Usage of menus is accurately tracked by the proximity sensor and the sensors of the menus to eliminate false counts and to correct for errors generated by multiple uses of the menu by multiple users. The menus provide lists of goods and/or services in a format which is capable of being sorted and/or filtered based on the information and/or multimedia data indicative of the goods and/or services.12-17-2009
20090273485PROXIMITY SYSTEM FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND ASSOCIATED METHODS FOR OPERATING THE SAME - A proximity system for a portable electronic device includes a base unit including a first proximity module, and a locator unit carried by the portable electronic device. The locator unit includes a controller, and a motion sensor coupled to the controller for determining if the portable electronic device is in motion. A second proximity module is coupled to the controller and is configured to cooperate with the first proximity module for determining if the portable electronic device is within a predetermined range of the base unit. The controller activates a return-to-base indicator if the portable electronic device is not in motion and is not positioned within the predetermined range of the base unit.11-05-2009
20090284386Method and Apparatus to Facilitate Automated Control of Local Lighting at a Remote Control - Upon detecting (11-19-2009
20110169653PERSON-SUPPORT APPARATUS HEIGHT INDICATOR - A person-support apparatus 07-14-2011
20100219967Method and Apparatus for Monitoring the Maximum Distance Between Two Objects - A method and an apparatus for monitoring the maximum distance between two objects, in particular between a child and its guardian, with the aid of two transceivers, the first of which periodically transmits status messages of a particular transmission power to the second, wherein an alarm is triggered in the second transceiver if the reception of the status messages decrease, and wherein a statement of the transmission power is concomitantly transmitted in each status message, are distinguished by the fact that the transmission power to be used for the next status message is determined by comparing the reception power with the transmission power stated in a status message and is transmitted back to the first transceiver in a confirmation message.09-02-2010
20090267787SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROXIMITY DETECTION - A system and method for detecting a proximity of a person to a machine includes a first transmitter unit carried by the person, a plurality of receiver units located on the machine at know locations, and a processing unit including data defining a first boundary around the machine. The first transmitter unit transmits a magnetic proximity signal having a predetermined signal strength and a predetermined signal frequency. Each of the plurality of receiver units is for determining a received signal strength of the received magnetic proximity signal. The processing unit: determines a location of the first transmitter unit relative to the machine based on the received signal strength of the magnetic proximity signal and the known location of the plurality of receiver units; and outputs a proximity warning signal if the location of the transmitter relative to the machine is within the first boundary around the machine.10-29-2009
20100219969ASSEMBLY OF A REMOTE CONTROL AND A REMOTE CONTROLLABLE APPARATUS - An assembly of an apparatus and a remote control, where the apparatus has a surface part a surface part adapted to support the remote control and a movable element movable between a position at which the remote control may be supported and a position at least partly covering the surface part. Thus, the surface part is only visible or accessible when the remote control is supported or in the proximity of the apparatus.09-02-2010
20100289662PERSONNEL SAFETY UTILIZING TIME VARIABLE FREQUENCIES - A system to improve safety of workers who are in proximity to mobile machines includes a machine mountable radio-frequency identification reader that wirelessly monitors radio-frequency identification tags worn by workers moving relative to and in proximity to a mobile machine when the reader is mounted on the machine. The reader includes a processor and an antenna front-end which is switchable between an omni-directional antenna or at least one directional antenna. The omni-directional antenna is mountable so as to monitor a machine circumference completely around the mobile machine. Each directional antenna is mountable so as to monitor only either a front or a back of the mobile machine relative to the machines direction of motion.11-18-2010
20100102980Hand-Held Positioning Interface for Spatial Query - A system and method for determining the position and orientation of a handheld device relative to a known object is presented. The system comprises a handheld device having an inertial measurement unit and a sighting device, such as a laser pointer, that are used to determine the position of the handheld device relative to a target object, such as a structure, aircraft, or vehicle. The method comprises calibrating a handheld device to find the current location of the handheld device relative to a target object, tracking the movement of the handheld device using an inertial measurement unit, and presenting an updated position of the handheld device relative to a target object.04-29-2010
20080238706Apparatus and Method for Proximity-Responsive Display Materials - Apparatus and a method for causing a printed display (poster, placard or promotional flier) to become interactive when a person points to part of the display. Behind the display a customised layout of capacitative proximity sensors printed with conductive inks on to a low-cost disposable, replaceable substrate (paper, plastic, cardboard) in alignment with visually significant features of the display is connected to proximity-sensing circuitry. Audio-visual or multimedia responses using pre-recorded or synthesised information are reproduced in event of a selection.10-02-2008
20100201537SENSOR MODULE - An electronic sensor module for us in an interactive system, such as an interactive sports training device, for accurately detecting a projectile brought within close proximity of a target. The sensor module includes a plurality of light sources arranged in a housing such that the light sources are visible through a surface of the housing when activated. A plurality of sensors are also arranged in the housing for detecting the presence of a projectile. In one aspect, the sensors are arranged in a polar array about a center of housing with spaces between adjacent sensors, and with a light source positioned in each space between adjacent sensors.08-12-2010
20100201536SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ACCESSING A STRUCTURE USING A MOBILE DEVICE - A wireless device access system employs short-range wireless communication to detect the proximity of a user device to a structure and a wide-area data network to communicate an unlock request. The access system then authenticates the unlock request and the proximity of the user device prior to transmitting an unlock command to the structure. Additionally, the wireless device may require the proximity of a user token prior to operation and/or the access system may include an override within the structure blocking any unlock command. Besides providing access to the structure, the system may perform other functions, such as monitoring room occupancy, switching power on and off, and the like.08-12-2010
20080291044Alerting system and process for objects within a detectable range of distance - An alerting system for one or more objects belonging to a user having an alert informer, which is adapted for being carried by the user, having an alert generator for generating an alert signal. The alerting system further has one or more target detectors, which are adapted for being held at the objects respectively. The target detectors are wirelessly linked to the alert informer within a detectable range. When one of the target detectors is located out of the detectable range, the alert generator of the alert informer generates the alert signal for informing the user to be aware of the respective object.11-27-2008
20080291045METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A PROXIMITY WARNING SYSTEM - The present invention provides a method, apparatus, and computer instructions for warning of a presence of a person in a zone having an inadequate security clearance. Movement of the person in the zone is detected. A message is broadcast to selected data processing systems associated with the zone, wherein the data processing systems initiate actions to protect data in the selected data processing systems.11-27-2008
20100013656AREA MONITORING USING PROTOTYPICAL TRACKS - A solution for monitoring an area includes using a region schema for the area. The region schema can include a set of prototypical tracks, each of which includes a start location, an end location, and a trajectory. The trajectory comprises an expected path an object will travel between the start location and the end location and can include variation information that defines an amount that an object can vary from the trajectory. The region schema can be generated by obtaining training object tracking data for the area for an initialization time period and evaluating the object tracking data to identify the set of prototypical tracks. While monitoring the area, monitored object tracking data is obtained for a monitored object in the area, and abnormal behavior of the monitored object is identified when the monitored object tracking data for the monitored object does not follow at least one of the set of prototypical tracks in the region schema.01-21-2010
20080303685INSTALLATION STRUCTURE OF CAPACITANCE SENSOR AND ASSEMBLY METHOD OF THE SAME - A structure for installing a capacitance sensor which detects an object in vicinity of the capacitance sensor to a door of a vehicle, including a spacer disposed between the door and the capacitance sensor attached at a vehicle-inner side of an opening end of the door. A water-drop prevention portion is formed on an outer surface of the spacer for preventing water from flowing to the capacitance sensor from the door.12-11-2008
20080303684CONTENT REPRODUCING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A content reproducing method and a content reproducing apparatus capable of continuously reproducing content by searching for an apparatus having optimal capabilities for reproducing the content, when a plurality of content reproducing apparatuses with similar functions are located within a short range of each other.12-11-2008
20110205077TRACKING SYSTEM USING PROXIMITY AND/OR PRESENCE - A system simultaneously tracks multiple objects. All or a subset of the objects includes a wireless receiver and a transmitter for providing an output. The system includes one or more wireless transmitters that send commands to the wireless receivers of the multiple objects instructing different subsets of the multiple objects to output (via their respective transmitter) at different times. The system also includes object sensors that receive output from the transmitters of the multiple objects and a computer system in communication with the object sensors. The computer system calculates locations of the multiple objects based on the sensed output from the multiple objects. In some embodiments, the system can also track an item based on proximity of that item to one or more of the objects. In such embodiments, the multiple objects each includes one or more local sensors. The local sensors detect presence of the item and the items' transmitters communicate presence of the item based on respective one or more local sensors. The computer system identifies a location of the item based on communications from one or more of the objects indicating presence of the item and the calculated locations of the multiple objects detecting the item.08-25-2011
20100265084Smartcard Connector - A smartcard connector for connecting a smartcard within a card holder to an electronic device. The smartcard connector includes a card holder having a card holding space, a contact pad integral with the card holder and in communicative contact with the card holding space, and an external adapter integral with the card holder and in electrical contact with the contact pad. The adapter is for communicatively connecting a smartcard received and held within the card holding space and in electrical contact with the contact pad to an external data cable. The data cable is also connected to an electrical device, such as a computer, so that the smartcard may be accessed by the computer without removing the smartcard from the card holder. The card holder may also include a battery, display screen, read/write memory, security unit, notification unit, amplification unit, and/or a light.10-21-2010
20080291043SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DEVICE ACTIVATION - Described is a device and a method of operating the device. The device comprises a function module and a triggering arrangement activating a function of the function module in a response to a triggering condition. The triggering arrangement generates an interrogation signal, the response including at least one of (i) modifying a frequency of the interrogation signal, (ii) modifying a duration of the interrogation signal and (iii) modifying non-monotonic temporal distributions of interrogation events.11-27-2008
20110006907System and Method for Detecting the Presence of an Object - In a reflection type proximity detector or method, a controller calculates a calibration value based on ambient conditions with the transmitter off and then performs tests. In each test, the calibration value is added to and subtracted from a measured value taken with the transmitter in one state (on or off) and a second measured value is then taken and compared with this range. In tests where the transmitter is switched from off to on between the measurements and the second value exceeds the range, and tests where the transmitter is switched from on to off between the measurements and the second value is below the range, an object is detected. When the transmitter does not switch states between the measurements, and the second value is less than or greater than the range, then no object is detected, as the change in measured value likely resulted from an outside signal.01-13-2011
20090128352AUTOMATED HANDS-FREE EVENT INITIATION IN RESPONSE TO POSITION OR OPERATIONAL STATUS OF VEHICLE - The present invention provides a system including a mirror mounted on a vehicle, the mirror being movable between open and closed positions. A motor is provided, the motor being operable to move the mirror to either the open or closed position in response to an actuation signal from an onboard controller. The onboard controller is able to substantially automatically provide the actuation signal to the motor in response to the occurrence of an actuation condition, which is associated with the engaging or disengaging of a transmission of the vehicle.05-21-2009
20090015425CAMERA OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE USED AS A PROXIMITY DETECTOR - A portable electronic device includes an optical input device operative to capture image data, at least one subsystem for controlling at least one operating parameter of the electronic device, and a proximity detection circuit operatively coupled to said optical input device and said subsystem. The proximity detection circuit is operative to determine if an object is within a predetermined distance of the electronic device based on the captured image data and, based on the determination, command the at least one subsystem to change the least one operating parameter.01-15-2009
20090015424DEVICE AND METHOD FOR LOCATING MISSING PERSONS AND/OR OBJECTS - This invention relates to a device for locating missing persons and/or objects, which device consists of at least one locator transmitter with a transceiver and at least one locator receiver which is designed as receiving transmitter and receives data telegrams sent from the transceiver and optically and/or acoustically displays the same as data enabling the locating. The invention further relates to a method for locating missing persons and/or objects, in which method at least one locator transmitter with a transceiver communicates in a wireless fashion with at least one locator receiver with a receiving transmitter and receives data telegrams sent from the transceiver and optically and/or acoustically displays the same as data enabling the locating. In order to design a device and a method in such a way that the aforementioned disadvantages are avoided and that the locating of missing persons and/or objects is made much easier and faster it is provided that the locator receiver (01-15-2009
20110221607Dynamic Device Adaptation Based on Proximity to Other Devices - A communication device receives remote location data and uses the remote location data to determine whether an associated communication device is nearby. The associated communication device is nearby when the user is able to concurrently perceive actions performed by the communication device and the associated communication device. The communication performs a first action when the associated communication device is nearby and performs a second action when there are no communication devices associated with the user nearby.09-15-2011
20110227747COLLISION AVOIDANCE - A method for avoiding collisions may include receiving a signal from a device, where the signal includes an identifier of the device transmitting the signal. The method for avoiding collisions may further include determining strength of the signal. The method for avoiding collisions may further include reading from a database a threshold corresponding to an allowable distance to the device. The method for avoiding collisions may further include comparing the threshold to one of the determined strength of the signal and an approximate distance of the device calculated based on the determined strength of the signal. The method for avoiding collisions may further include issuing a collision warning if the one of the determined strength of the signal and the approximate distance of the device exceeds the threshold.09-22-2011
20090201167AUDIO ALERT SYTEM AND METHOD - An audio alert system, device, and method includes an audio alert created by a user and programmed into a device, such as a wireless telephone. A user stores in the device a data structure relating an audio alert triggering event to the audio alert. When the device detects an occurrence of the particular audio alert triggering event, the device emits the audio alert related to the triggering event. As such, users are able to customize audio alerts that are easily recognizable and that are associated with a particular event, or signal. Audio alerts can be programmed using different devices and in various formats and can be transmitted to other devices. An audio alert triggering event can modulate an audio alert according to an external variable.08-13-2009
20090195401Apparatus and method for surveillance system using sensor arrays - Embodiments of the invention may include a sensor system and a method used to track the behaviors of targets in an area under surveillance. The invention may include a sensor array located in the area that is capable of sending messages to a user when behavior of a tracked target is determined to be anomalous. In making the determination of anomalous behavior, the sensor system and method may generate and continuously refine a pattern of life model that may examine, for example, the paths a target may take within the sensor array and the end points of the paths taken. The sensor system and method may also incorporate any user defined conditions for anomalous behavior.08-06-2009
20090195402Unique Identification of Devices Using Color Detection - Methods and apparatus for uniquely identifying wireless devices in close physical proximity are described. When two wireless devices are brought into close proximity, one of the devices displays an optical indicator, such as a light pattern. This device then sends messages to other devices which are within wireless range to cause them to use any light sensor to detect a signal. In an embodiment, the light sensor is a camera and the detected signal is an image captured by the camera. Each device then sends data identifying what was detected back to the device displaying the pattern. By analyzing this data, the first device can determine which other device detected the indicator that it displayed and therefore determine that this device is in close physical proximity to it. In an example, the first device is an interactive surface arranged to identify the wireless addresses of devices which are placed on the surface.08-06-2009
20110140904Detecting Patterns with Proximity Sensors - A method and system are disclosed for displaying a message on a display. The present subject matter takes into account the movement pattern of an object while displaying the message.06-16-2011
20090243871METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PREVENTING HITTING IN A RESTRICTED ZONE DURING GAME PLAY - An apparatus for preventing hitting in a restricted zone during game play includes a signal generator for signalling the location of a restricted zone in a playing area contained by a barrier. A proximity detector receives the signal generated by the signal generator. An indicator indicates when the proximity detector is within the restricted zone, the signal generator and the indicator being carried by a player.10-01-2009
20110227748RADIO-FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION (RFID) SAFETY SYSTEM - A system and method for alerting operators of mobile equipment to the presence of people in monitored areas around the periphery of the mobile equipment they are operating is provided. The system includes an RFID detection system which is installed on the mobile equipment and alerts the operator to the presence of people wearing Personal Protection Equipment containing RFID safety tags. The system also includes a tag programming system which allows RFID safety tags to be created. The system also includes a tag testing system which allows a person to test the functionality of the RFID safety tags contained in the personal safety equipment they are wearing. The system also includes RFID personal safety equipment such as 3D safety vests and RFID hardhats which contains RFID safety tags. The 3D safety vests also include enhanced 3D visual markings.09-22-2011
20090256715ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD ADJUSTMENT FOR PROXIMITY DETECTION - Embodiments described herein relate to a methods and apparatus for optimizing and calibrating a magnetic field generator. In various embodiments, the magnetic field generator includes a signal generator for outputting a voltage and a magnetic field generating circuit including a shunt that may be used to change a value of inductance in the magnetic field generating circuit.10-15-2009
20120105243RADIO ACTIVATED DANGER WARNING SYSTEM - A radio activated danger warning system in the form of a radio activated bush fire warning system 05-03-2012
20090079580VIRTUAL GROUP MAINTENANCE AND SECURITY - The present invention relates to a method and system (03-26-2009
20100259406System and method for measuring fluid pressure - A battery/self powered electronic pressure gauge having electronic measurement, control, output, and display capability is described having the flexibility of using a sampling rate that is variable, based on either a random sampling scheme or one that learns from the history of use during the previous minutes, hours, days, months, etc. The variable sampling rate enables extended operational time before replacement of the battery. The pressure gauge can be configured to sense “intent” to change pressure in the outlet line and to revise its sampling protocol. This “intent” can be defined by the detection of the proximity of a user's hand to the pressure regulator.10-14-2010
20100259407Portable Apparatus - Interaction between a portable apparatus and a personal exercise area is disclosed. A method comprises: transferring wirelessly information between a personal exercise area and a portable apparatus; detecting proximity of the portable apparatus to the personal exercise area by utilizing the transferred information; and configuring the portable apparatus in relation to an exercise performed within the personal exercise area by a user of the portable apparatus.10-14-2010
20100238041APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR SCALABLE MEDIA OUTPUT - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for scalable media output. The apparatus includes a proximity sensor module to detect the presence and proximity of a user, and to generate presence and proximity data in response to the location of the user with respect to the proximity sensor module. The sensor control module is configured to scale the media output of a media device. The system includes the apparatus and a display module configured to output visual information and an audio module configured to output aural information. The method includes detecting the presence and proximity of a user, generating presence and proximity data in response to the location of the user with respect to a proximity sensor module, communicating the presence and proximity data with a sensor control module, and scaling the media output of a media device in response to the presence and proximity data.09-23-2010
20090322548Fall detection system and method - A system for tracking a location of a resident includes a resident height detection device (e.g., a small pendant, bracelet or other wearable device) and a receiver/dialer. When the system detects that the resident height detection device has remained within a threshold distance of the floor (e.g., 8 to 16 inches) for more than a given period of time (e.g., 15 seconds), an alarm condition signal would then be sent to a receiver/dialer elsewhere in the residence which would then forward an emergency signal to a caretaker or to an emergency operator by way of the receiver/dialer. The resident height detection device may further include an override switch to turn off tracking when the resident intends to be on the floor for an extended period of time.12-31-2009
20090072988SECURITY DEVICE COMPRISING A PLURALITY OF INTERFACES - A security device comprising interfacing means incorporating a speaker (03-19-2009
20110032113AC VOLTAGE PHASE DISCRIMINATOR FOR CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCATORS - An arrangement that includes a transmitter unit and a receiver for locating a circuit interrupter associated with a selected branch circuit of a power distribution system. The transmitter is electrically interconnected with the selected branch circuit and produces a sequence of tracing signals in a branch circuit that is to be traced. Each tracing signal is transmitted and detected at times measured with respect to a detected known phase of the signal on the branch circuit. In one embodiment, tracing signals are transmitted on a branch circuit of a 3 phase power distribution system when the branch circuit to be tested has a positive phase and the other phases are negative.02-10-2011
20090109049Interactive magnetic marker field for safety systems and complex proximity warning system - The invention relates to a complex proximity safety and warning system. The invention provides a safety system comprising a generator that generates a magnetic field that establishes a boundary, where the generator is capable of receiving radio frequency signals. Also provided is a radio frequency device that sends radio frequency signals, the radio frequency device being capable of sensing the magnetic field and generating a radio frequency response. In the safety system, the generator generates the magnetic field for a first predefined time period, and thereafter senses for a radio frequency response signal from the radio frequency device within a second predefined time period. The invention also provides for shaping safety zones by overlaying magnetic field boundaries to produce a different boundary. The invention also provides for varying the strength of magnetic fields by adjusting a width of a timed pulse.04-30-2009
20080231462PROXIMITY-ACTIVATED LOCATION DETECTION SYSTEM - A proximity-activated location detection system is used for determining the geographic positions of one, or several locator hardware-sets. The system calculates the separation distance and time between the hardware-sets from each other, or from predetermined, fixed geographic positions, such as a residence, or workplace. Each of the locator hardware-sets within the proximity-activated location detection system consists of one portable wireless communication device that includes a transmitter and a receiver, one portable geographic locating device and one integration module assembly device. The integration module assembly contains the necessary hardware that interprets data from the geographic location device, calculates any necessary values, and sends messages using the wireless communication device. During operation, the locator hardware-sets may communicate with a central monitoring station and with each other. Each hardware-set is assigned a unique, identifying set-number allowing it to be associated with the person, or other entity.09-25-2008
20100134310AUTHENTICATION APPARATUS, AUTHENTICATION METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM - An authentication apparatus includes a registration unit that registers authentication information representing a check target, a first authentication unit that authenticates the check target at the entrance of the check target to a first area, a second authentication unit that authenticates the check target at the entrance of the check target to a second area after being authenticated by the first authentication unit, and a detector that detects a check target present in a detection area and expected to be authenticated by the second authentication unit. The second authentication unit retrieves, from the registration unit, registration information of the check target detected by the detector, and authenticates the check target authenticated by the first authentication unit using the registration information.06-03-2010
20110025522MOTOR VEHICLE OUTSIDE DOOR HANDLE WITH A SENSOR MODULE - A motor vehicle outside door handle with a wall surrounding an interior space (02-03-2011
20110109469Collision alert system - A method and system for generating an alert for a possible collision between objects and a swinging barrier is provided. The method and system provides multiple sensing devices, a control unit, and multiple indicator devices at predetermined areas proximal to the swinging barrier. The sensing devices and the control unit electronically communicate with the indicator devices. The sensing devices are configured to establish sensing zones proximal to the swinging barrier. The sensing devices detect presence of one or more of stationary objects, approaching objects, and receding objects in the established sensing zones. The control unit tracks and differentiates the presence of the stationary objects, approaching movements of the approaching objects, and receding movements of the receding objects in the established sensing zones, and generates an alert signal. The indicator devices selectively indicate a possible collision on receiving the alert signal from the control unit.05-12-2011
20100141465Electronic Device Enabling Near-Field Contactless Communications - A portable electronic device comprises an antenna ANT connected to an integrated circuit CI, allowing the establishment by the integrated circuit of near-field contactless communications with an external system. The antenna comprises several windings E1, E2 linked together by current-conducting means. Each winding has its ends connected to connection terminals of a circuit. The antenna then comprises, at the minimum, a winding E1 connected to the terminals for connection to the integrated circuit CI able to establish contactless communications with an external system, and a winding E2 connected to the terminals for connection to a peripheral component CP1, which can comprise one or more circuits connected in series, and which is powered remotely by the antenna.06-10-2010
20100219968LABORATORY SYSTEM HAVING A TRANSPORT UNIT FOR SAMPLES AND A MONITORING SYSTEM FOR MAINTAINING A SAFE DISTANCE - The laboratory system according to the invention substantially comprises a transport device for samples, at least one handling device for preparing, analysing and/or processing samples, at least one movable manipulation device for handling the samples in the region of a handling device, the manipulation device being configured for the transfer of the sample between the transport device and the handling device, and a monitoring system which travels with the manipulation device for maintaining a safety distance. The manipulation device can be moved between at least two handling devices and the monitoring system is a monitoring system which travels with the manipulation device and which is formed by a camera for producing remote images and/or a location system having at least one transmitter and at least one receiver. The receiver of the location system is mounted on the movable transport device and is constructed in such a manner that it produces an alarm signal if the at least one transmitter falls below a minimum distance relative to the receiver.09-02-2010
20090219165DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING A DISTANCE - The invention is based on a distance-measuring device having a transmission unit (09-03-2009
20100052933PROXIMITY SENSING - Wire antennas (03-04-2010
20090027223LOCATION RATING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A user may submit a rating of a place or event through a location-aware mobile device. The location-aware mobile device may be configured to include or transmit location coordinates with the rating sent to a user ratings aggregation service. The aggregation service may receive the rating and use the coordinates to query a database to determine the rated place or event. The database may return multiple hits, in which case the user may be prompted to select the place or event to be rated from a list of proximate places or events. Where a limited time event is rated, such as a concert or play, the user rating transmitted to the aggregation service may comprise a timestamp from which the aggregation service may determine the place or event to be rated. As an inducement to submit a rating, the ratings aggregation service may provision a reward and/or promotion to a user responsive to receiving a rating from the user.01-29-2009
20090027222PROVIDING SERVICES TO A MOBILE DEVICE IN A PERSONAL NETWORK - A method may include receiving a request from a device for a service; determining a location of the device; determining, based on the location of the device, one or more devices that may provide the requested service; providing information to the device regarding the one or more devices that may provide the requested service; receiving a selection from the device for one of the one or more devices for providing the requested service; and providing the service by the selected device.01-29-2009
20110148650Mechanical Proximity Sensor Enabled Electromagnetic Service Connector System - An electromagnetic service connector system includes first and second electromagnetic service connector components for communicating an electromagnetic service between an electromagnetic service provider and an electromagnetic service consumer. The electromagnetic service may be any form of electrical power or data. An electromagnetic service switch is provided for selectively transferring the electromagnetic service from the electromagnetic service provider to the electromagnetic service consumer in response to a proximity sensor engaging a proximity target.06-23-2011
20110148648CAPACITIVE OCCUPANT SENSING SYSTEM AND METHOD - An occupant detection system and method are provided for detecting an occupant seated in a vehicle seat. An electrode is arranged in a seat proximate to an expected location of an occupant for sensing an occupant proximate thereto. The electrode may be integrated with a seat heater. Control circuitry controls the seat heater. A signal generator is coupled to the electrode and configured output to the electrode a plurality of signals at a plurality of frequencies. Occupant detection circuitry detects voltages responsive to the plurality of signals at the plurality of frequencies and detects a state of occupancy based on the detected voltages. An LC circuit coupled to the electrode and the control circuitry suppresses capacitance generated by the control circuitry.06-23-2011
20080266130SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATED INTELLIGENT CUSTOMER ACQUISITION/COMMUNICATION - A kiosk comprises: a motion sensor; electronics; and a speaker. The motion sensor senses a customer adjacent to the kiosk. The electronics, which are communicatively coupled to the sensor, determine if the customer has lingered by the kiosk for a period of time. The speaker, which is communicatively coupled to the electronics, emits an aural greeting if it is determined that the customer has not lingered.10-30-2008
20110163887Monitoring System for Moving Object - A monitoring system for a moving object including a leaking transmission device having a first and second leaking transmission paths extending substantially in parallel to each other, first equipment for transmitting a first transmission signal from one end side of both the ends of the leaking transmission device as a transmission medium to the other end side, second equipment for transmitting a second transmission signal from the other end side of both the ends of the leaking transmission device as the transmission medium to the one end side, and a detector for detecting a two-dimensional movement of a moving object as a monitoring target on the basis of a difference between variations of first and second reception signals based on the respective reflection waves of the first and second transmission signals from the moving object.07-07-2011
20100321196Portable Belt Clip with Locator System - A portable belt clip with locator system for locating and tracking whereabouts of a subject such as stray child includes a belt clip transmitter further including: a charging unit; a radio frequency (RF) transmitter for transmitting RF signal; a memory module; a transmitting embedded system connecting with said charging unit, said memory module and said radio frequency (RF) transmitter; and a belt clip external receiver further including: a liquid crystal display (LCD) panel for displaying position information of the subject; a charging unit; a radio frequency (RF) receiver for receiving RF signal; a memory module; a receiving embedded system connecting with said charging unit, said memory module, liquid crystal display (LCD) panel and said radio frequency (RF) receiver.12-23-2010
20110133947GROCERY BAG ALERT SYSTEM AND METHOD - Systems, devices and other embodiments associated with shopping bags are described. In one embodiment, a device is configured to detect when the device is in a physical vicinity of a grocery store and to generate an alert signal for reminding a user to take grocery bags into the grocery store.06-09-2011
20110080300MONITORING DEVICE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A monitoring device for use in a vehicle includes a body configured to be mounted within the vehicle. A controller is housed within the body that has a communication module configured to detect the presence and/or absence of at least one electronic device in the vicinity of the monitoring device by attempting wireless communication with at least one electronic device. An indicator is held by the body and is operatively connected to the controller for controlling the operation of the indicator. The controller is operated in a first mode when the communication module detects the presence of the at least one electronic device and is operated in a second mode when the communication module does not detect the presence of the at least one electronic device.04-07-2011
20110260882METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROXIMITY SENSING OF A PORTABLE TERMINAL - A proximity sensing method of a portable terminal and a proximity sensing apparatus thereof are provided. The proximity sensing method of a portable terminal with an illumination sensor includes determining an output of the illumination sensor, determining that the portable terminal is proximate to an object when the output of the illumination sensor has a set pattern, and determining that the portable terminal is not proximate to the object when the output of the illumination sensor does not the set pattern. The proximity sensing method of a portable terminal may support a proximity sensing function using an illumination sensor instead of a proximity sensor to reduce a manufacturing cost of the portable terminal. In addition, since the method does not need a separate proximity sensor, it may address a lack of mounting space problem.10-27-2011
20110260881ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND AUTOMATIC WARNING METHOD THEREOF - An electronic device includes a detection unit, a comparison unit, and a warning unit. The detection unit generates a detection signal. The comparison unit determines whether the detection signal exceeds a predetermined detection signal. If it is determined that the detection signal exceeds the predetermined detection signal, the comparison unit generates a first comparison signal indicating the proximity of an object to the electronic device. The warning unit sends a warning message in response to the first comparison signal.10-27-2011
20100194579CONTAINER SECURITY DEVICE, CONTAINER SECURITY SYSTEM, AND SECURITY MANAGEMENT METHOD - Provided are a container security device, a container security system, and a security management method which efficiently check opening/closing of a container door and an opening/closing record of the container door and process seal information, cargo state information, base passing information, and location tracking information in real-time from a gate-out process from a shipper (POA) to a gate-in process to a consignee (POD). The container security system includes the container security device which includes a first communication means for providing container seal information through multi-channel communication; and a second communication means for providing information about container transportation and storage in real-time.08-05-2010
20110181434PROXIMATE LOCATION DETECTION SYSTEM - A proximate location detection system includes a wireless signal transmitter and a wireless receiver and light emitter. The wireless signal transmitter receives power in response to a first pressure signal and transmits repeatedly a transmission signal generated in response to a second pressure signal during a preset period. The wireless receiver and light emitter receives the transmission signal from the wireless signal transmitter and emits light of various colors using a Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lamp or laser lamp array.07-28-2011
20110148651Substance Communicating Device with Sensor Enabled Connector - A substance communicating device for use in conjunction with an appliance or a system including an appliance and a substance communicating device. The appliance has a first service connector component and a first proximity system component. The substance communicating device has a second service connector component operably engageable with the first connector component to permit the communication of a service between the first and second service connector components. The substance communicating device further has a second proximity system component operably associated with the second service connector, the second proximity system component being configured to engage the first proximity system component when the first and second service connector components are engaged to selectively permit the communication of the service between the substance communicating device and the appliance.06-23-2011
20110148649Proximity Sensor Enabled Electromagnetic Service Connector System - An electromagnetic service connector system and components for providing or receiving an electromagnetic service, such as power or data. An electromagnetic service switch is provided for selectively transferring the electromagnetic service from the host or other electromagnetic service source to the electromagnetic service consumer. The electromagnetic service switch is activated to transfer an electromagnetic service in response to detection of a proximity target associated with an electromagnetic service consumer by a proximity source associated with an electromagnetic service provider.06-23-2011
20100026509APPROACH WARNING SYSTEM FOR DETECTING WHEN A PERSON APPROACHES AN OBJECT, PARTICULARLY A MACHINE - The invention relates to an approach warning system for detecting when a person approaches an object which has a metal outer structure at least in regions. The system is formed with at least a first near-field device which is associated with the object and a second near-field device which is associated with the person, wherein the first and the second near-field device form a transmission link for an electric near field, and with a warning device which outputs an approach warning signal when a person with the second near-field device enters a detection region in which a transmission of the near field via the transmission link takes place, wherein the first near-field device is connected, for the purpose of coupling to the near field, firstly to a stray field electrode and secondly to the metal outer structure of the object, so that the outer structure forms a counter-electrode for the stray field electrode, and wherein the near-field devices and the electrodes thereof are configured such that the detection region at least approximately encloses the entire outer structure of the object.02-04-2010
20100026508LOCATING DEVICE - The invention is based on a locating device for locating objects in an item being investigated, said device having a basic body, a guide means for guiding along the item being investigated in at least one direction of movement and an output unit. It is proposed that the locating device has a control unit which, in conjunction with the output unit, is provided for the purpose of outputting at least one item of information relating to a distance in the direction of movement with at least one dimensional distance variable.02-04-2010
20100019920Proximity Access and Alarm Apparatus - A method and system for securing portable electronic devices as well as data stored on them are described.01-28-2010
20120146803HUMAN PRESENCE DETECTION - Methods and a computing device are disclosed. A computing device may aggregate a number of inputs indicative of a presence or an absence of a human being within a proximity of the computing device. A source of at least one of the inputs may be a human presence sensor. A source of other inputs may provide an indication of the presence of a human being with corresponding estimated probabilities or corresponding estimated reliabilities which may provide an estimate of an accuracy of respective indications. In some embodiments, if any of the number of inputs indicate the presence of a human being, the computing device may determine that a human being is present. In other embodiments, if a corresponding estimated probability or reliability of an input is less than a predetermined value, then the input may be discarded when determining whether a human being is present.06-14-2012
20110050446PROXIMITY SENSORS - A proximity sensor can be used with a device such as a monitoring tag or portable tracking device that relies on GPS signals or other radio-frequency signals. The proximity sensor determines if the signals are being deliberately blocked by an object such as metal foil being placed in proximity to the device. The sensor includes an oscillator, a directional coupler and an antenna. A third port of the directional coupler acts as a coupled port when RF power that has been transmitted by the antenna is reflected back to the antenna by a blocking object. The reflected RF power passes along a main line of the directional coupler and a proportion is coupled to the third port. A detector provides an alert if the magnitude of the power of the transmit signal that is reflected back to the antenna in the form of a receive signal exceeds a threshold.03-03-2011
20110050445DEVICE FOR EARLY REGISTRATION OF A CLOSING STATE OF A CLOSURE ELEMENT FOR A COMPARTMENT OPENING - A device is provided for early registering of the closing state of a closure element for a compartment opening includes, but is not limited to an inductive proximity sensor, a measuring plate and a movement path guide. By means of the movement path guide the measuring plate is guided parallel to the proximity sensor from a predetermined degree of closing to complete closure of the closure element. In this manner a precise early statement relating to the imminent closure of the closure element can be made, for example in order to activate a locking mechanism.03-03-2011
20110050444Person/Worker/Device Proximity Warning System - A Person/Worker/Device Proximity Warning System of a type including a clip-on or pocket sized radio frequency or infrared pocket transmitter, an externally mounted radio frequency or infrared antenna receiver, and an audible and visual warning system, which is connected by circuitry to the antenna receiver. The audible and visual warning system is capable of being turned on and alerts a driver/operator when the transmitter is within proximity of the antenna mounted inside the drivable heavy equipment, machinery, truck, or vehicle.03-03-2011
20100238042DENTAL FIXTURE WITH ANTI-LOST SYSTEM - An RFID anti-loss system for a dental fixture is disclosed that can comprise an RFID reader that can transmit radio waves to a passive RFID tag attached to a dental fixture. The passive RFID tag can transmit radio waves in response to the radio waves received by the RFID reader. The RFID reader can intermittently transmit the radio waves such that when a response from the RFID tag is not received by the RFID reader the RFID reader provides an alert.09-23-2010
20100097237SAFETY DEVICE - A proximity alert system for monitoring the presence of at least one object, and has a portable master unit and at least one slave unit. The slave units are attachable to an object. the master unit has a warning member and a device for causing outputting of a warning signal when the distance between the master unit and at least one of the slave units exceeds a predetermined adjustable value. The master unit is adapted to control the connection to the slave units and cause a warning signal to output if a connection fails. An adhesive member is provided for attaching a slave unit to an object. The system is applicable to different kinds of objects, in particular, small objects and personal belongings like glasses, medicine contained in pill bottles, purses, keys, passports, credit cards, cameras, mobile phones, portable computers and PDAs.04-22-2010
20120001767WARNING HORN CONTROL SYSTEM, RADAR SYSTEM, AND METHOD - There is provided a radar system that includes an emitter system (e.g., an antenna), configured to emit electromagnetic pulses and detect electromagnetic pulses, and a reflection target, placed opposite the emitter system. The emitter system and the reflection target define an area of interest. A controller is configured to identify a reflection from the reflection target and, if the reflection is not identified, to stop sending a radar check signal. The radar system may be part of a warning horn control system, where the radar check signal is used as a control input for activating a warning horn.01-05-2012
20120013476ILLUMINABLE INDICATOR OF ELECTRONIC DEVICE BEING ENABLED BASED AT LEAST ON USER PRESENCE - An electronic device includes an illuminable indicator, a presence detector, and a controller. The illuminable indicator is to indicate information to a user of the electronic device by one or more of being illuminated and not being illuminated. The presence detector is to detect presence of the user in proximity to the electronic device regardless of whether the user is moving or is stationary. Absence of the user is inferred upon the presence detector not detecting the presence of the user. The controller is to enable the illuminable indicator based at least on the presence of the user as detected by the presence detector and to disable the illuminable indictor based at least on the absence of the user. Enablement of the illuminable indicator does not mean that the illuminable indicator is necessarily illuminated. Disablement of the illuminable indicator means that the illuminable indicator is never illuminated while disabled.01-19-2012
20120206269Electronic System to Signal Proximity of an Object - A system to signal proximity of at least one object or entity comprises reference means, sensing means for sensing the at least one object or entity in an electric field, and processing means for detecting at least one capacitive change in at least a portion of the electric field. The sensing means is configured to at least partially form the electric field with at least a portion of the reference means. Also provided is a sensing device comprising at least one electrically conductive unit, at least one reference, and an electrical circuit coupled to at least one processor. At least one of the electric circuit and the at least one processor is configured to cause the at least one electrically conductive unit and the at least one reference to form a capacitive relationship, and detect a capacitive change in at least a portion of the electrical field.08-16-2012
20120025998DIGITAL DISPLAY STAND FOR MATTRESSES - A display device for use with a mattress in a showroom environment for presenting information regarding the mattress to a person. The display device comprises a base and standard extending generally upwardly from the base and including an upper display portion. The base is selectively placeable in association with the mattress whereby information concerning the asserted mattress will be visible to a customer considering the mattress. The stand includes a media player on the display portion for presenting product information regarding the mattress. The display stand includes a sensor in electronic communication with the media player. The sensor activates the media player responsive to the approach of a person to the digital display stand.02-02-2012
20120062388FIREARMS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A device, system, and associated methods for the management of firearms for locating, tracking, monitoring, indentifying discharge, and related management tasks are disclosed. In one embodiment, a firearm is disclosed having a processor adapted for storing information and receiving and acting upon command and a location monitor adapted to provide specific geographic location information. The processor and location monitor can be integrally formed in a single electronic device. The firearm also includes a connectivity port and a connectivity cable. The system can also include a monitoring station and a configuration computer. In at least one embodiment, a firearm utilizes a processor and a GPS monitor for locating, tracking, monitoring, indentifying discharge, and related management tasks.03-15-2012
20120025999REMOTELY CONFIGURABLE ASSISTED-LIVING NOTIFICATION SYSTEM WITH GRADIENT PROXIMITY SENSITIVITY - A system provides assisted living messages with varying levels of detail to a person, according to proximity gradients. In one embodiment, the system involves location data. The location data associates first and second notification devices with respective first and second locations at a dwelling. A remote configuration module may enable a caregiver at a location other than the dwelling to specify multiple messages to be presented to the person at the dwelling, to assign first and second messages among the multiple messages to the first location, and to associate the first and second messages with first and second proximities, respectively, for the first location. The first notification device may automatically present the first message in response to detecting the person within the first proximity, and the second message in response to detecting the person within the second proximity. Other embodiments are described and claimed.02-02-2012
20120119920PORTABLE SENSORY DEVICES - A portable sensory device may be a portable object including a portable sensory system. The portable object may be a walking cane or an item of clothing. The portable sensory system may include a proximity sensor configured to generate an output signal in response to detecting an object in a predetermined sensory range, such as a solid angle. The portable sensory system may further include a sensory actuator, to which a control signal is sent to generate user feedback in response to the output signal provided by the proximity sensor. In this manner, sensory information associated with specific visual information for the sensory range may be provided to the user.05-17-2012
20110128155EYE PROTECTION APPARATUS AND METHOD - An eye protection apparatus includes a distance sensor, a mode selecting unit, a power supply, and a processor. The distance sensor detects a distance between a user and a monitor and sends out a distance signal. The mode selecting unit selects one of alarm modes. The processor compares the distance signal with a predetermined value. The protection apparatus alerts the user in the selected alarm mode when the distance signal is less than the predetermined value. An eye protection method is also provided.06-02-2011
20120161976ALARM SYSTEM - An alarm system for emitting an alarm includes a distance detecting circuit, a gate circuit, a voltage conversion circuit, a distance judging circuit and an alarm circuit. The distance detecting circuit receives a first signal, detects a distance between an object and the alarm system, outputs a second signal and a third signal according to the distance. The gate circuit receives the second signal and the third signal and outputs a voltage level signal. The voltage conversion circuit receives the voltage level signal and converts the voltage level signal into a DC voltage signal. The distance judging circuit receives the DC voltage signal and compares the DC voltage signal against a reference voltage signal to output a control signal if necessary. The alarm circuit receives the control signal and produces the alarm when the distance between the object and the alarm system is less than a threshold distance.06-28-2012
20090102676CONTEXT-RELATIVE REMINDERS - A method and apparatus that presents context-relative reminders to a user of a portable electronic device is disclosed. The method may include receiving reminder inputs relating to a reminder. The reminder may become active upon predetermined criteria being met. The predetermined criteria may be at least two of position, time, movement, proximity to designated people, and proximity to designated objects. The method may then include determining whether the predetermined criteria have been met. If the predetermined criteria have been met, the method may include presenting the reminder to the user.04-23-2009
20120176249PROXIMITY DETECTION ALARM FOR AN INDUCTIVELY CHARGED MOBILE COMPUTING DEVICE - Illustrated is a system and method to activate an alarm where a mobile computing device is no longer proximate to a docking station that provides inductive charging and data transfer capabilities for the mobile computing device. The computer system includes at least one coil to provide inductive charging for a mobile computing device. Further, the computer system includes a processor to control the inductive charging of the mobile computing device. Additionally, the computer system includes a proximity sensor operatively connected to the processor, the proximity sensor to determine that the mobile computing device is proximate to the computer system. Moreover, the computer system includes an alarm logic module to activate an alarm when the mobile computing device is no longer proximate to the computer system.07-12-2012
20120075110SUBJECT DETECTION - The application describes a child monitoring system and method for detecting and discriminating between children and adults passing under a sensor that is independent of the position of the sensor in relation to the subject. The system determines a distance to a surface on which a person can stand, and calculates a reference distance from this distance and a desired threshold. When a person enters the sensor range, the distance to the top of the person's head is compared with the reference distance to determine whether the person is an adult or a child. An alert can be provided when a child is detected as opposed to an adult, and alerts can be suppressed if an adult is in the vicinity.03-29-2012
20120182155DANGER PRESENTATION DEVICE, DANGER PRESENTATION SYSTEM, DANGER PRESENTATION METHOD AND PROGRAM - The danger presentation device includes: a worker position acquisition unit configured to acquire a worker position which is a position of a worker; a worker view range determination unit configured to determine a view range of the worker depending on the worker position acquired by the worker position acquisition unit; a position/posture determination unit configured to determine a position/posture which contains at least one of a position of a robot and a posture of the robot at a specific time in which at least a part of the robot which operates in accordance with a motion planning is included in the view range; and an image generation unit configured to generate image data for illustrating the position/posture determined by the position/posture determination unit.07-19-2012
20120182154ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR OPTIMIZING ORDER OF TESTING POINTS OF CIRCUIT BOARDS - In a method for optimizing an order in which certain points on a circuit board can be tested and evaluated, a coordinate system is established in a circuit diagram of a circuit board, and at least one locating point is preset. When an operator selects a signal path routing within the circuit diagram, the method can display the testing points in the selected signal path routing on a display device. After calculating the distance between each of the testing points and each of the at least one locating point, a group of distances is obtained. By comparing the distances, the minimum distance can be determined from the group of distances. The method further optimizes the order of the testing points according to the distance between each of the testing points and the locating point that consists of the minimum distance.07-19-2012
20120229291Method and Device for Securing Operation of Automatic or Autonomous Equipment - A method and device for securing operation of automatic or autonomous equipment where the equipment comprises a component being displaced a space, and where the method comprises:—to calculate the component position in the space by means of data from the component control system, and where the method further comprises:—to measure non-contact wise the component real position; and—to calculate a deviation between the calculated position and the real position.09-13-2012
20110121987Ice Rink Door Safety System - A warning system comprising a proximity switch, fluorescent light and power source (AC or DC) which illuminates when the door of an ice rink is not fully closed and latched. The proximity switch, light and power source are all connected and installed on the inside of the ice rink boards, adjacent to the latch on the ice rink board's door. When the door latch on the ice rink boards is fully closed, the proximity switch shuts off power to the light which then turns off the light indicating the door is closed. If the door latch is not fully closed, the proximity switch is not flipped and power goes to the light indicating that the door is open. The ensuing benefit includes the reduction of injuries as a result of the warning light indicating the door to the ice rink is in fact open, which may result in a person inadvertently being injured as a result.05-26-2011
20100060474ZONE BOUNDARY ADJUSTMENT METHOD AND SYSTEM - A zone shaping method and system. The method comprises receiving by a computing system from a sensory infrastructure transmitter attached to an object data associated with the first object. The object is located within a zone area. The computing system calculates a location within the zone area for the object. The computing system receives first environmental data associated with a first environmental condition in the zone area from a first sensor. The computing system analyzes the data, the location, and the first environmental data. The computing system generates based on results of the analysis, a first modified zone area associated with the zone area.03-11-2010
20120319858EMERGENCY POWER-OFF BUTTON WITH PROXIMITY ALARM - An emergency power off system is provided including an emergency power off button, a proximity sensor, and alarm connected to the proximity sensor, wherein the proximity sensor is configured to detect an object within a predetermined distance from the power off button, and further wherein the proximity sensor is configured to activate the alarm when an object is within a predetermined distance from the power off button.12-20-2012
20120081231METHOD AND SYSTEM OF CONTROLLING MEDIA DEVICES CONFIGURED TO OUTPUT SIGNALS TO SURROUNDING AREA - A system of controlling media devices configured for outputting signals to a surrounding area. The system including a control strategy for controlling operation of the media devices to execute operations according to a common schedule and a communications strategy for use in communicating the control strategy between the media devices in such a manner as to facilitate distribution of the control strategy to the media devices desired to operate according to the common timeline.04-05-2012
20100231405SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING AN INDICATION OF THE PROXIMITY OF A MOVEABLE DEVICE - A system for providing an indication of the proximity of a moveable device. The system comprises at least a first moveable device having a transmitting means for transmitting data comprising an identification of the first device and a second device having a receiving means for receiving data from the first device and a transmitting means for transmitting data including the identification of the first device together with an indication of the proximity of the identified device. A further device with a receiving means for receiving the data transmitted by the second device can be used in order to obtain an indication of the proximity of the first device. The indication of the proximity of the first device is a scale value which degrades as the first device moves away from the second device.09-16-2010
20100231404ILLUMINATION SYSTEM HAVING AN ARRAY OF LIGHT SOURCES - An illumination system (09-16-2010
20120326882MARINE LIGHTING APPARATUS AND METHODS - A marine lighting apparatus includes a decking material, a frame supporting the decking material, and a substantially sealed light device attached to a source of electrical power. At least a portion of the frame is located above water. The substantially sealed light device is attached to at least one of the frame and the decking material at a position below the decking material. A method for locating a mooring position in a marina includes sending a code, or a waypoint for locating the rented mooring position to a device of a mooring position user. The code is sent from the device of the mooring position user when the user is in the proximity of the mooring position. A waypoint may be entered into a gps to locate the slip. A unique vessel identifier broadcast from a vessel can also be used to enable a mooring position locator.12-27-2012
20120139743Movable Object Proximity Warning System - Vehicles and other objects (06-07-2012
20080246625NON-CONTACT TEMPERATURE-MEASURING DEVICE AND THE METHOD THEREOF - This invention provides a non-contact temperature-measuring device including a distance sensor unit, an alarm unit, a temperature sensor unit, a microprocessor unit and a display unit. The distance sensor unit measures the distance between the device and a target. The alarm unit gives an alarm when the distance sensor unit measures a predetermined distance value. The temperature sensor unit measures a temperature of the target after the alarm unit gives the alarm. The microprocessor unit stores data of the predetermined distance value and the temperature value measured by the temperature sensor unit; the microprocessor unit also processes a distance signal emitted by the distance sensor unit and a temperature signal emitted by the temperature sensor unit. When the target's distance value equals the predetermined distance value, the microprocessor unit will further send a command for the alarm unit to give an alarm. The display unit of the device displays the temperature value that is measured by the temperature sensor unit and processed by the microprocessor unit subsequently.10-09-2008
20080224881PROTECTIVE COVER FOR A SENSOR - A protective cover for a sensing surface of a control sensor/proximity detector. The protective cover comprises a material having a preferred shore-A durometer hardness in the range of 60-90, a preferred tensile strength of 1320 psi (92.82 kilogram-force per square centimeter (kgf/cm2)) or greater, a preferred dielectric strength of around 300 volts/mil, and a preferred thermal conductivity of 0.3 to 0.5×1009-18-2008
20080224880TOILET SEAT SENSOR DEVICE - A sensor device (09-18-2008
20080316043Endangered child warning system - An endangered child warning system that has a flat, soft pad deformable to fit beneath a small child in a child car seat, or other structure, such as a bassinet, child bed, stroller, or the like and a distance monitor removably secured to the pad during cleaning of the pad and a remote alarm having an audio alarm removably secured to the distance monitor whereby moving of the remote alarm to a pre-set distance from the distance monitor will actuate said audio alarm, and with the system further having a quick coupler between the remote alarm and a key chain for a vehicle key.12-25-2008
20110221608ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MONITORING USER STATE - A method that monitors user state using an electronic device locates a face shape from a current image of a user captured by an image capturing device of the electronic device, and calculates a current area of the face shape when the user reads digital material using the electronic device. Additionally, the method determines whether the current area is greater than a standard area stored in a storage system of the electronic device, and triggers a warning device of the electronic device to output an alarm signal to warn the user to keep a proper distance from the electronic device upon the condition that the current area is greater than the standard area.09-15-2011
20110248864TIP-TO-WORK DISTANCE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM FOR A WELDING MASK - Methods and systems for transmitting a torch angle and/or a torch-to-workpiece distance error to a welding operator when these parameters are outside of a preset optimal range via real time visual and/or audio cues are provided. One embodiment of the present disclosure relates to weld characteristic communication via intuitive arrays of visual indicators located on the periphery of a lens, which indicate to the welding operator the direction and severity of the torch angle error. In one embodiment, audio cues, such as pulsed or continuous tones may be used to communicate torch-to-workpiece distance to the welding operator. In certain embodiments, vertical visual indicator arrays may be used to indicate additional weld or auxiliary information, such as battery charge state, torch speed and so forth, to the welding operator. All the components of the communication system may be located in or on the welding helmet or the components may be split between the helmet and a belt pack.10-13-2011
20100309011Obtaining user assistance - An apparatus, device, method, computer program product, and system that detects a first electronic device in a proximity to a second electronic device; and obtains an end user assistance corresponding to an at least substantially common aspect of the first electronic device and the second electronic device.12-09-2010
20100309010TELEVISION VIEWING SAFETY SYSTEM AND METHOD - In a television viewing safety system and method, a detection zone of a sensor is set. The sensor is turned on to detect whether a person moves into the detection zone. If the person is detected moving into the detection zone, the television is controlled to display under a safe display mode. If the person is not detected moving into the detection zone, the television is controlled to display under a normal display mode.12-09-2010
20130154843WIRELESS ALERT DEVICE, COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND ALERT METHOD - A wireless alert device is paired with a communication device and a connection between the wireless alert device and the communication device is established. The wireless alert device continuously emits a first wireless signal, and the communication device continuously emits a second wireless signal. The wireless alert device receives the second wireless signal, calculates a first received signal strength indication (RSSI) value of the second wireless signal, and sends out an alarm when the first RSSI value is less than a preset value. The communication device receives the first wireless signal, calculates a second RSSI value of the first wireless signal, and outputs an alert when the second RSSI value is less than the preset value.06-20-2013
20120280826MANAGEMENT APPARATUS FOR MANAGING A CONTENT DISPLAY CHANGE TIME ON A DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CONTENT INFORMATION TO BE TRANSMITTED TO A TERMINAL - A management apparatus for managing a content display change time on a display apparatus and content information to be transmitted to a terminal determines the content information to be transmitted to the terminal on the basis of a reception time of a content information request command transmitted from the terminal and the content display change time on the display apparatus.11-08-2012
20110309946ADAPTIVE MEDIA OBJECT REPRODUCTION BASED ON SOCIAL CONTEXT - A media-reproduction device for adaptively reproducing media objects based upon social context of one or more people in proximity to the media-reproduction device is disclosed. The media-reproduction device includes an output device for reproducing a media object and a control circuit. The control circuit is configured to identify a person in proximity to the media-reproduction device and to determine a social context based upon an analysis of social data corresponding to the identified person. The control circuit select at least one media object for reproduction on the output device based upon the social context and then reproduce the at least one media object on the output device. The media objects selected and reproduced on the output device can be adapted based upon changes in the social context.12-22-2011
20110309945Irradiation self-protection from user telecommunication device - Exemplary methods, systems and components enable detection and/or monitoring and/or control of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure of target body-related portions of a user operating a telecommunication device. In some embodiments a risk-assessment output is provided based on a safety threshold or predetermined intrusion level of EMR exposure.12-22-2011
20130187785OVERHEAD HAZARD WARNING SYSTEMS - An overhead hazard warning system for an elevated work platform comprises a projector coupled to the work platform and configured to project a pattern of light downwardly to produce a visual indication on a surface below the work platform, a range finder configured to produce an elevation signal representative of a height of the projector relative to the surface below the work platform, and a controller connected to receive the elevation signal and configured to control the projector based on the elevation signal.07-25-2013
20120044081PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING HOLSTER AND INCLUDING A PLURALITY OF POSITION SENSORS - A portable electronic device includes a lower housing slidably coupled to an upper housing, the lower and upper housings being movable between a closed position and an open position, and a holster sized and shaped for holding the device in a holster position. The device also includes a first position sensor to detect proximity of at least one positioning object and output a first sensor output signal indicative of the proximity of the at least one positioning object to the first position sensor, a second position sensor to detect proximity of the at least one positioning object and output a second sensor output signal indicative of the proximity of the at least one positioning object to the second position sensor. The first and second sensor output signals cooperate to indicate whether the portable electronic device is in one of the open position, the closed position and the holster position.02-23-2012

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