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340 - Communications: electrical


340540000 - Specific condition

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340686600 Proximity or distance 144
340687000 Connected or disconnected 32
340689000 Tilt 20
340686200 Alignment or misalignment 5
20090267785CONNECTOR - The present invention relates to a socket for connecting a plug to an electronic device, comprising a sensor device, wherein the socket is adapted to be arranged in an electronic device and to be connected to a plug, the sensor device is adapted to detect a plug when it is arranged at the socket and adapted to emit a signal when it detects a plug. The present invention further relates to a plug for connecting a socket to an electronic device and to a system comprising a plug and a socket.10-29-2009
20090153346PASSENGER SCREENING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method and scanner configured to determine whether a person's feet are positioned at a predetermined location of a predetermined scanning area and configured to scan the feet to detect a presence of a metal, an explosive, or other type of target substance.06-18-2009
20080303683Economical force sensitive switch - The economical force sensing switch comprising a housing and a movable member movable relative to the housing upon having a predetermined force applied thereagainst by an adjacent moving structure when the structure becomes misaligned, the movable member incorporating a set screw for engaging a microswitch within the housing at a predetermined position thereof to generate an alarm signal and will stop the adjacent structure from moving. A secondary optional thermal switch may also be incorporated.12-11-2008
20090278702ARRANGEMENT AND METHOD FOR POSITIONING OF APPARATUSES - In an arrangement and associated method for positioning of apparatuses (in particular of a C-arm), the position and orientation of a C-arm and of a pointer instrument are determined by a navigation system, and an alignment of the C-arm is conducted based on the orientation of the pointer apparatus.11-12-2009
20110316714Method and laser receiver for acoustically indicating a laser beam - A laser receiver (12-29-2011
340690000 Geophysical (e.g., fault slip) 5
20130076524EARTHQUAKE ALARM - An earthquake alarm has a casing, a P-wave detecting device and an S-wave detecting device. The casing has a power supply, a controlling unit and a sound alarming unit. The controlling unit is electrically connected with the power supply. The sound alarming unit is electrically connected with the controlling unit. The P-wave detecting device has a longitudinally moving element and a contacting tab. The longitudinally moving element has a first end connected securely to the casing and a second end movable relative to the casing along a longitudinal direction. The contacting tab is spaced from and selectively contacting with the second end of the longitudinally moving element and is electrically connected with the controlling unit. The S-wave detecting device has a pendulum hung in the casing and a contacting ring. The contacting ring is mounted around the pendulum and is electrically connected with the controlling unit.03-28-2013
20100277334COMMUNICATION SYSTEM FOR EMERGENCY TRANSMISSIONS AND METHOD THEREOF - A communication system for emergency transmissions and method thereof are disclosed. The communication system comprises a determination unit, a location detector, a message unit, and a wireless transceiver. The determination unit calculates an earthquake magnitude of an earthquake detected by a sensor, and determines whether the earthquake magnitude reaches a default threshold magnitude. The location detector acquires a coordinate of an earthquake location when the earthquake magnitude reaches the default threshold magnitude. The message unit then generates an emergency message embodying the coordinate of the earthquake location. The wireless transceiver then transmits the emergency message to at least one emergency center.11-04-2010
20090033511EARTHQUAKE NOTICING SERVER, EARTHQUAKE NOTICING SYSTEM, EARTHQUAKE NOTICING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - In an earthquake noticing system according to the present invention, an earthquake noticing server receives focal data, calculates an expected time of arrival from a distance calculated from an occurrence location of an earthquake, a self-location and a focal depth, calculates an estimated seismic intensity from the occurrence location of the earthquake, the self-location and the seismic magnitude, calculates a corrected value of the expected time of arrival from the occurrence location of the earthquake, the self location and the location of a sub-terminal, and transmits the corrected value and estimated seismic intensity to the sub-terminal.02-05-2009
20090303070Distributed Decision Making Area Earthquake Warning System - An improved area earthquake warning system based on distributed decision making method, which makes such a system affordable in the region where wired and wireless mobile communication infrastructures are too expensive to build. The present invention can provide seconds, even tens of seconds for users to seek shelter to reduce injuries and lives lost. An exemplary embodiment of the invention described herein comprises a network of earthquake detection sites covering a geographic region with four types of earthquake detection sites. Instead of sending all raw ground motion signals to a remote central processing site, these detection sites send processed earthquake parameters to a nearby alarm site to decide if an earthquake alarm broadcasting should be triggered. This method shortens the response time, decreases the false alarm rate, and provides unlimited scalability. Further more, this invention provides self-check mechanism to eliminate system malfunction time.12-10-2009
20100207776COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A communication device of the present invention is provided with an evacuation direction portion receiving an earthquake early warning, and outputting a text image or sound for an evacuation direction. If the earthquake early warning is received under circumstances where a time adjusting portion cannot assure the accuracy of time kept by a timekeeping portion, the evacuation direction portion gives an evacuation direction based on earthquake information unassociated with the time. The evacuation direction portion is provided with a plurality of kinds of evacuation direction images or sounds. The evacuation direction portion determines an image or sound to be used for the evacuation direction based on an expected time period before a main tremor arrives calculated by an earthquake information calculating portion. Moreover, an evacuation direction registering portion receiving from a user, selection of evacuation direction data that the evacuation direction portion uses is provided.08-19-2010
340686300 Shaft or rotary element 4
20080272926Absolute angular position sensing system based on radio frequency identification technology - A system for determining the position of a rotating wheel using RFID. In one embodiment, the system includes a position sensing wheel mounted to one or both of a crankshaft and a camshaft in the engine. A plurality of RFID tags are disposed at predetermined intervals around the wheel, and an RFID transceiver is positioned proximate the wheel. As the wheel rotates, the RFID transceiver transmits a signal that interrogates the RFID tags, which then transmit a coded signal to the transceiver identifying the wheel's position relative to the transceiver. Therefore, regardless of the position of the wheel, the RFID transceiver can interrogate the closest RFID tag and immediately know the position of the engine so that an engine controller can provide fuel and spark to the cylinders as soon as possible.11-06-2008
20120188089Chain saw hazard warning light - A chain saw hazard warning light and method for using same. A pair of oppositely-directed light sources emit light beams throughout a chain shot hazard warning zone through rectilinear, slotted openings at opposite ends of a housing. The light beams turn on, if and only if, the cutting chain is rotating about the chain guide bar; alternatively, initiation of rotation of the cutting chain is delayed to permit the light beams to turn on some time prior thereto. The zone is defined by first and second pairs of planes that diverge in opposite directions from the chain guide bar, said planes being disposed at equal, acute angles (most preferably 15°) to, and on opposite sides of, a plane that includes the chain guide bar.07-26-2012
20100019917SIGNAL PROCESSING CIRCUIT FOR ROTATION DETECTING DEVICE - In the normal rotation direction, a change in the main sensing signal caused by a front edge is defined as a signal change caused by an effective edge, and a change in the main sensing signal caused by a back edge is defined as a signal change caused by an ineffective edge. In the reverse direction, a change in the main sensing signal caused by the back edge is defined as a signal change caused by an effective edge, and a change caused by a front edge is defined as a signal change caused by an ineffective edge. Regardless of the rotation direction, a detection signal generating circuit generates a detection signal including falling-edge changes and rising edge changes caused by the effective edge and ineffective edge respectively. When the direction is changed, the signal change on the detection signal is prohibited. As a result, gear tooth detection discrepancies are prevented.01-28-2010
20130207810SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR BLIND FAULT DETECTION FOR ROTATING MACHINERY - A system includes more sensors configured to measure one or more characteristics of rotating equipment and a blind fault detection device. The blind fault detection device includes an input interface configured to receive at least one input signal from the one or more sensors. The blind fault detection device also includes a processing unit configured to identify a fault in the rotating equipment using the at least one input signal. The blind fault detection device further includes an output interface configured to provide an indicator identifying the fault. The processing unit is configured to identify the fault by determining at least one family of frequencies related to at least one sensor point, determining an average energy for the at least one sensor point based on the at least one family of frequencies, and comparing the average energy to a baseline value.08-15-2013
340688000 Meter dial 3
20120218116Position Monitoring System And Method Of Use - A position monitoring system comprising a casing which attaches to an item and a locator chip which inserts into the casing; a distance monitoring unit, where the distance monitoring unit houses a global positioning device which monitors a location of the locator chip; a display screen on a front face of the distance monitoring unit, where said display screen shows the location of the locator chip; a dial attached to the front face of the distance monitoring unit; a range of distances displayed radially around the dial, where an individual distance determines a radius for a circular boundary around the distance monitoring unit and where the dial turns to the individual distance to set the radius for the circular boundary; and a speaker attached to the distance monitoring unit, wherein the speaker sounds an alarm to alert a user when the locator chip leaves the circular boundary.08-30-2012
20100289663SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SIMULATING MOTION WITH SOUND - A movement warning system for notifying a proximal entity of the approach of a vehicle comprising a sensor system, a controlling mobile device, and a signal generator system. The sensor system generates motion data indicative of movement of the vehicle. The controlling mobile device generates at least one warning signal based on the motion data. The signal generator system generates at least one warning based on the to at least one warning signal. The signal generator generates the warning such that the proximal entity perceives the warning.11-18-2010
20130015980INTERFACE FOR MEDICAL INFUSION PUMP - Methods and apparatus for programming a medical infusion pump are disclosed. One method includes displaying a meter having two or more locations, each of the two or more locations representing a corresponding parameter value programmable into the medical infusion pump. The method further includes displaying an indicator having a selectable positional relationship to the meter, the selected position corresponding to a parameter value.01-17-2013
340686400 One article inserted into another 2
20100019918Probe Insertion Guide with User-Directing Features - The present invention relates to a probe-insertion guiding apparatus for guiding a user towards correct insertion of therapeutic probes into a patient. The apparatus comprises a template which comprises a plurality of apertures sized to accommodate therapeutic probes and to guide insertion of such probes into a body, a probe command receiver for receiving probe insertion commands specifying template apertures through which probes are to be inserted, and at least one of a) a sensory output device operable to indicate to a user which aperture is to receive a next inserted probe, and b) a probe detection device operable to detect insertion of a probe into an aperture. Preferred embodiments include feedback modules providing feedback to a user indicating whether the user's probe did or did not correspond to a probe insertion specified by a received probe insertion command.01-28-2010
20100328089Dead bolt lock reminder using passive receiver - A dead bolt lock reminder system includes a dead bolt lock mechanism including a dead bolt for mounting in a door to be secured in a closed door state and a transmitter subsystem constructed for positioning proximate the deadbolt lock mechanism and which further includes a transmitter and a detector. The detector is configured for detecting when the dead bolt is moved from a locked state position to an unlocked state position and from an unlocked state position to a locked state position and where the transmitter is configured for transmitting a dead lock reminder signal identifying that a state of the dead bolt has changed to one of locked and unlocked upon detection of same by the detector. A hand held receiver subsystem is configured to receive the dead lock reminder signal at a time of transmission, and maintain a status of a last change to a locked or an unlocked state for displaying to a user of the hand held receiver subsystem.12-30-2010
340686500 Workpiece 1
20080218368Position Sensing Feedback Wireless Transmission System - A position sensing feedback wireless transmission system comprises: a movable carrier, a sensing head, a scale and a display or a controller. When the present position of the movable carrier is required to know, the sensing head can be utilized to transmit the measured information data back to the display or the controller in wireless manner. Since the position sensing feedback wireless transmission system of the present invention adopts the wireless technology, in addition to save the connecting wires cost, it can be relatively simply used in the machine. Consequently, for the design of the mechanism required to measure the long distance, the unit with a plurality of running wires can be dispensed with.09-11-2008
20090195400ZIPPER WARNING ALARM SYSTEM - A zipper warning alarm system is described, wherein an operator is warned when a predetermined link of a zipper is not closed. Sensors may be placed in links of the zipper and can communicate to the alarm system whether the predetermined link is in contact with the opposing link in the bar tack. The alarm issues a warning to a user informing that the zipper is not closed08-06-2009
20090195399Autolocation of Gray Goods - A device is allowed to be used only in a specified country. The device has an automatic location detection part, and automatically determines its location, and whether that location is authorized. If unauthorized, or if no location detection signal is detected for too long a time, the device is deactivated.08-06-2009
20090289806COMPUTER-GUIDED SYSTEM FOR ORIENTING THE ACETABULAR CUP IN THE PELVIS DURING TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY - A method for determining the orientation of a first object in space, wherein the first object is interactive with a second object, the method comprising the steps of: 11-26-2009
20100148979SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTRODUCING A SUBSTRATE INTO A PROCESS CHAMBER - A system and method for introducing a substrate into a process chamber is provided. A presence or absence of a substrate on a stage in an apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor or a flat panel display may be determined by lift pins used for loading and unloading a substrate, the introduction of another substrate may be prevented and a broken state or the erroneously loaded state of the substrate may be detected. An opening or closing of a gate valve may also be determined, and the introduction of a substrate into the process chamber may be prevented while the gate valve is closed.06-17-2010
20100148978SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTRODUCING A SUBSTRATE INTO A PROCESS CHAMBER - A system and method for introducing a substrate into a process chamber is provided. A presence or absence of a substrate on a stage in an apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor or a flat panel display may be determined by lift pins used for loading and unloading a substrate, the introduction of another substrate may be prevented and a broken state or the erroneously loaded state of the substrate may be detected. An opening or closing of a gate valve may also be determined, and the introduction of a substrate into the process chamber may be prevented while the gate valve is closed.06-17-2010
20100148977LOCALIZATION AND DETECTION SYSTEM APPLYING SENSORS AND METHOD THEREOF - In embodiments of the invention, multiple sensors, which are complementary, are used in localization and mapping. Besides, in detecting and tracking dynamic object, the sense results of sensing the dynamic object by the multiple sensors are cross-compared, to detect the location of the dynamic object and to track the dynamic object.06-17-2010
20080297366System capable of attaching positional information to image file and memory card - The invention discloses a system capable of attaching position information to an image file, and the system comprises a GPS recorder and a memory card. The GPS recorder is used for receiving the position information and transmitting the position information via wireless transmission. When an image file is generated and stored in the memory card, the position information received from the GPS recorder will be immediately attached to the image file.12-04-2008
20130076522ADAPTIVE TRACKING SYSTEM FOR SPATIAL INPUT DEVICES - An adaptive tracking system for spatial input devices provides real-time tracking of spatial input devices for human-computer interaction in a Spatial Operating Environment (SOE). The components of an SOE include gestural input/output; network-based data representation, transit, and interchange; and spatially conformed display mesh. The SOE comprises a workspace occupied by one or more users, a set of screens which provide the users with visual feedback, and a gestural control system which translates user motions into command inputs. Users perform gestures with body parts and/or physical pointing devices, and the system translates those gestures into actions such as pointing, dragging, selecting, or other direct manipulations. The tracking system provides the requisite data for creating an immersive environment by maintaining a model of the spatial relationships between users, screens, pointing devices, and other physical objects within the workspace.03-28-2013
20130038459INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - There is provided an information processing apparatus including an altitude information acquisition section which acquires altitude information, and a determination section which determines a degree of risk of physical strain on a user based on the altitude information.02-14-2013
20100073185POSITION DETECTION SYSTEM, MEDICAL-DEVICE GUIDANCE SYSTEM, AND POSITION DETECTION METHOD - There is provided a position detection system (03-25-2010
20100045475SHAKE RESPONSIVE HANDHELD DEVICE - A shake responsive handheld device is provided. The handheld device comprises a motion sensing unit, a storage unit, a motion determining unit, and a processing unit. The motion sensing unit is used for detecting a shaking motion imparted to the handheld device by a user. The storage unit stores a table defining a plurality of gaming results and shaking characteristics, each of which corresponds to one gaming result. The motion state determining unit determines the shaking characteristic of the shaking motion according to signals from the motion sensing unit. The processing unit outputs one of the plurality of gaming results according to the shaking characteristic determined by the motion state determining unit.02-25-2010
20100109895CLIP-WORN DEVICE WITH DON/DOFF SENSOR - Clip-worn apparatuses having sensor clips configured to detect whether electronic devices, such as communications headsets, are being worn (i.e., “donned” or “DON'd”) or are not being worn (i.e., “doffed” or “DOFF'd”) by a user. An exemplary clip-worn apparatus includes a DON/DOFF sensor clip having a clip with a first end and an opposing second end. The first end includes a source (e.g., a light source). The opposing second end includes a detector (e.g., a light detector). When the clip-worn apparatus is DOFF'd, a detection path between the source and the detector is clear and unobstructed. When the clip-worn apparatus is DON'd (by clipping the DON/DOFF sensor clip to a target object, e.g., a user's ear), the target object becomes positioned between the source and the detector, thereby obstructing the detection path between the source and the detector.05-06-2010
20090115622METHOD OF DETERMINING AND MONITORING A DISTANCE TRAVELLED BY A MARINE VESSEL CONNECTED TO ANCHOR - A method is disclosed for monitoring the position of a floating object. The method starts by receiving as input at least a position of the floating object, and an orientation of the floating object. A horizontal distance between the floating object and an anchor coupled to the floating object is then calculated. A position of the anchor is then calculated from the position of the floating object and the orientation. An area is set based upon the position of the anchor, and it is determined whether a present position of the floating object is within that area. An alarm signal is provided when the present position of the floating object is outside the area.05-07-2009
20100141464MINE ROOF MONITORING APPARATUS - A mine roof monitoring apparatus has at least two contact members. At least one contact member maintains contact with the roof of a mine shaft. At least one contact member maintains contact with a floor of the same mine shaft. A motion monitoring apparatus monitors the relative motion between the two contact members, and a flag on the motion monitoring apparatus changes position, when a predetermined amount of motion occurs between the two contact members. This indicates that the roof of the mine shaft has subsided enough to move the respective contact member.06-10-2010
20130069790Facility Outage Restoration Simulator Inquiry Tool - Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for preparing for a service disruption are provided. Information relating to an activity at a target location is received. Upon receiving information relating to at least the activity at the target location, stored data related to the activity and the target location are gathered. A probability of a service disruption at the target location based on at least the stored data related to the activity and the target location is assessed and the target location is monitored. Upon detecting a change in services associated to the target location, an alert is generated.03-21-2013
20130088357ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND SENSORY WARNING GENERATING METHOD THEREOF - An electronic apparatus and a sensory warning generating method thereof are provided. The electronic apparatus includes a cradle and a handheld electronic device. The cradle has a motion sensor, and the handheld electronic is installed on the cradle and has a microprocessor, wherein the cradle or the handheld electronic device may has a warning indicator. The motion sensor is capable of detecting a motion of a object to produce a detection result, and the microprocessor drives the warning indicator in accordance with the detection result, such that the warning indicator produces a sensory warning.04-11-2013
20090303069ANTI-MASKING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MOTION DETECTORS - An anti-masking system and method for a motion detector includes a plurality of anti-masking components such as a spreading lens, at least one reflector located outside a housing of the motion detector, and a retroreflector located on the housing proximate to a lens. The system and method uses the plurality of anti-masking components to determine whether the lens of the motion detector has been masked by an object.12-10-2009
20090303068Optical measuring instrument - An optical measuring instrument captures an image of an object to be measured mounted on a table by moving an objective lens relative to the table and measures a dimension of the object based on the captured image of the object. The optical measuring instrument includes a reflective photoelectric sensor provided around the objective lens for detecting the approach of the object to the objective lens, and a collision avoidance unit for avoiding collision of the objective lens with the object when the reflective photoelectric sensor detects the approach of the objective lens to the object.12-10-2009
20090040062Processing methods for speckle-based motion sensing - One embodiment relates to a method of tracking motion using a speckle-based motion sensor. A distance moved is determined by a first signal processing procedure, and a distance moved is determined by a second signal processing procedure. Selection between said distances is made based on whether the distance determined by the first signal processing procedure exceeds a predetermined threshold distance. According to a preferred embodiment, the first signal processing procedure makes a more accurate determination of distance for slower speeds, while the second signal processing procedure makes a more accurate determination of distance for higher speeds. Other embodiments, aspects and features are also disclosed.02-12-2009
20120306660ADAPTATION OF NOTIFICATION PERIMETER BASED ON RELEVANCE TO A USER - Location-based notification architecture that provides notification relevance to a user and/or a user goal. The size of the virtual perimeter or boundary is changed dynamically based on changes in relevance to a user and/or user goal, and thus, can be made dependent on various factors. The size of the perimeter can increase or decrease according to user preferences that are learned over time (e.g., preference for a gas station of a specific company). These capabilities improve the relevance of the notification the user receives. The relevance of a notification to the user can be improved by tuning the perimeter size according to known parameters that depend on the point of interest (e.g., business) itself and/or by tuning of the size of virtual perimeter according to parameters associated with user behavior. Other parameters can be considered as well, such as environmental conditions, and traffic conditions, for example.12-06-2012
20090267784PARAMETER DETECTION SYSTEM - The present invention refers to a parameter detection system for detecting in a non-mechanical manner at least one parameter of an object (10-29-2009
20090058671Position detector - A position detector comprises a body having a chamber. The chamber includes a first bottom surface, a second bottom surface and a top portion. The first bottom surface is a horizontal surface, the second bottom surface is an inclined surface and is connected to an end of the first bottom surface, and the top portion is an inclined surface that is located correspondingly to the inclined direction of the second bottom surface. A ball is received in the chamber of the body and can be rolled freely. A transmission member serves to transmit a first signal that is passed through the chamber of the body, and a receiving member is provided for receiving the first signal transmitted from the transmission member. Thereby, when the ball covers the first signal exceeds a predetermined time, the receiving member will output a second signal for controlling.03-05-2009
20120194349MONITOR APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETECTING MOVEMENT BEHAVIOR OF OBJECT IN CYLINDER - An object is set to move back and forth between a first position and a second position in a cylinder. A measurement point between the first position and the second position is preset. A counted period indicating a duration that the object moves from the first position to the first measurement point is obtained. Then a movement behavior parameter is obtained according to the counted period. Whether the movement behavior parameter of the object matches a specified condition is determined. If matching occurs, a warning message is generated.08-02-2012
20080291042INERTIAL MEASUREMENT UNIT LOCALIZATION TECHNIQUE FOR SENSOR NETWORKS - A sensor node for a wireless sensor network is provided. The sensor node comprises a sensor module including one or more sensors, a data processor in operative communication with the sensor module, a radio frequency transceiver in operative communication with the data processor, and an inertial measurement unit in operative communication with the radio frequency transceiver. A power source is coupled to the sensor module, the data processor, the radio frequency transceiver, and the inertial measurement unit. The inertial measurement unit is configured to determine a location of the sensor node during initial deployment of the sensor node in the sensor network.11-27-2008
20120112923Back looking warning assembly and a method for determining the presence of atangible entity in close proximity to the back of an individual - A portable assembly 05-10-2012
20110025521BODY MOUNTED DETECTOR AND METHOD FOR DETECTING FLASH IN SOLAR BLIND ULTRAVIOLET SPECTRAL REGION - A detector assembly for detecting a flash from the firing of a weapon comprising: a first support; a plurality of sensors supported by the first support for detecting light from the flash; the sensors operating to receive light in the range of ultraviolet light from approximately 100 nm to approximately 290 nm; a directional indicator for indicating the directional location of the first support; and an indicator assembly comprising at least one indicator; the at least one indicator operating to display the directional location of the flash.02-03-2011
20110279282MEMORY FEATURES FOR A MANUALLY ADJUSTABLE APPARATUS - A system is disclosed for manually pre-selecting and retrieving a position of an apparatus arranged inside a vehicle. The system includes an adjustment device operatively connected to the apparatus and configured to manually pre-select and lock the position of the apparatus relative to the vehicle. The system additionally includes a sensory signaling device operatively connected to the apparatus and selectively moveable within a predetermined range with respect to the vehicle. The sensory signaling device is configured to identify the pre-selected position of the apparatus and provide a sensory signal indicative of the pre-selected position, thereby facilitating the manual retrieval of the position without trial and error experimentation. A method for manually pre-selecting and retrieving a position of an apparatus arranged inside a vehicle is also disclosed.11-17-2011
20090160670Object locator system - An object locator system comprises an activation unit and a remote locator where the remote locator may be attached to an easily misplaced object, such as a key or key-ring. The activation unit comprises additional functionality to induce the operator to carry it routinely so that it might be available at distant sites if needed. In one embodiment, the activation unit comprises a cellular telephone. In another embodiment, the activation unit comprises a wrist watch with an integral transmitter. The activation unit, when triggered, generates an activating signal. The remote locator receives the activating signal and announces its location. Communication from the activation unit to the remote locator may be direct or indirect, and may be via radio frequency electromagnetic, optical, or acoustic means.06-25-2009
20110298630TEST APPARATUS AND TEST METHOD - A test apparatus comprising a plurality of test units that test a device under test; a plurality of housing sections that respectively house the test units therein; a plurality of opening/closing sections that are disposed respectively in the housing sections and that expose the test units to the outside or isolate the test units from the outside; and a control section that independently controls whether each of the opening/closing sections is allowed to be opened. The control section may allow test units that are not supplied with power to be exposed to the outside. For at least one of (i) a period during which one of the test units is performing a predetermined operation, (ii) a predetermined period before the period during which one of the test units is performing the predetermined operation, and (iii) a predetermined period after the period during which one of the test units is performing the predetermined operation, the control section may prohibit other test units from being exposed to the outside.12-08-2011
20110291852Rack System Cover - A cover for use with a rack system defining a bay for mounting electronic components may comprise six mounting brackets, a door frame, two hinges, and a door. The six mounting brackets may each have a respective first end and a second end. The first end of each mounting bracket may be configured to attach to a respective junction plate associated with the bay. The door frame may be configured to attach to the second ends of the six mounting brackets. The two hinges may be disposed on the door frame. The door may be configured to mount on the two hinges and block access to the bay when closed.12-01-2011
20110291851SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR TRANSMITTING ALERT MESSAGES RELATING TO EVENTS THAT OCCUR WITHIN A PRE-DEFINED AREA - A computer-implemented method for receiving alert messages relating to events that occur within a pre-defined area is described. The user interface for a reporting application is provided. A map associated with a location of a user is displayed. A neighborhood is created according to input received from the user via the user interface. An alert message regarding an occurrence of an event within the neighborhood is received. Information is displayed on the map that relates to the location of the occurrence of the event.12-01-2011
20100033339LOCAL POSITIONING SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A local positioning system uses at least one node to track a location of a mobile tag. The system measures flight times of signals communicated between the node and the tag to determine values indicative of the range of the tag from the node. If desired, the values may be filtered in an effort to increase the accuracy of the range estimation. As an example, a Kalman filtering algorithm may be used. Multiple antennas are used at both the node and the tag to provide more accurate range estimates and to determine when the tag is entering a dead zone where signals are blocked or attenuated by obstacles.02-11-2010
20090153343METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISPLAY OF TRAFFIC INFORMATION IN THE FLIGHT DECK - Context-Sensitive Reference (CSR) for situational awareness, and associated methods and systems are disclosed. A system in accordance to one embodiment includes an aircraft display system having a traffic application with traffic symbols representing traffic aircraft and a CSR associated with traffic aircraft displayed proximate to the respective traffic symbol. The CSR improves situational awareness of the traffic scenario by further refining the depiction of actual traffic on a traffic display relative to own-ship suitable to the traffic situational awareness need at hand. Such depiction may be in time or distance relative to own-ship or to fixed structure, and engaged in an automatic or manual mode.06-18-2009
20090153344INDUCTIVE POSITION SENSOR - A position sensor having a circular transmitter coil which generates electromagnetic radiation when excited by a source of alternating electrical energy. A receiver coil has a first loop wound in a first direction around a portion of the transmitter coil and a second loop wound in a second direction opposite from the first direction around a diametrically opposed portion of the transmitter coil. In addition the receiver coil includes a first compensating coil wound in the second direction inside the first portion of the transmitter coil as well as a second compensating coil wound in the first direction inside the second portion of the transmitter coil. The first and second loops and the first and second compensating coils of the receiver coil are electrically connected in series with each other. A movable coupler element varies the inductive coupling between the transmitter coil and the receiver coil as a function of the position of the coupler to thereby vary the electrical output signal from the receiver coil when excited by the transmitter coil.06-18-2009
20100127883Positioning/Navigation System Using Identification Tag and Position/Navigation Method - A positioning navigation system using identification tags and a method thereof is provided. The system and method are applied to an area having a plurality of identification tags to position and navigate a mobile apparatus. The system includes a plurality of identification tags and a mobile apparatus. The method includes steps of accessing unique position data stored in at least one identification tag and generating position information of the mobile apparatus according to the unique position data stored in the at least one identification tag and a geographic data of the area. The unique position data of each identification tag corresponds to a coordinate position of the geographic data of each identification tag within the area.05-27-2010
20090309747TONGUE OPERATED MAGNETIC SENSOR SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A method of tracking movement, position, or both of a tongue of a subject. The method includes positioning a tracer unit on the tongue of the subject in a non-obstructively manner; positioning a sensor system in proximity to the tongue carrying the tracer unit; calibrating the sensor system relative to the tracer unit; and detecting the position of the tracer unit. An assistive system/apparatus can track movement, position, or both of the tongue. The system/apparatus includes the tracer unit; the sensor system for detecting position of the tracer unit and adapted for non-obstructive placement proximal the sensor system; and a control system for transmitting to a processing system.12-17-2009
20110148647Manhole Security Device and Methods Thereof - A security device for detecting the position of a manhole cover includes a pinger device, such as an acoustic pinger, that transmits a signal in the direction of the expected position of the manhole cover. The device takes energy samples to determine if the signal has been reflected back by the manhole cover. If the device determines the signal has not been reflected, it determines that the manhole cover has been moved from the expected position. In response, the device captures an image of an area around the expected position of the manhole cover. In addition, the device can notify a remote security station via a network that the manhole cover has been moved.06-23-2011
20110267201Dual Purpose Toilet Seat Light - A device to provide night time illumination in the area of a toilet, providing a motion detector to indicate when illumination should be turned on, and providing two light sources, one to provide general illumination around the toilet when the seat is in its lowered position, and the other to provide illumination of the toilet bowl area when the seat is in its raised position.11-03-2011
20090261983MULTIFUNCTIONAL PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The invention discloses a multifunctional portable electronic device (10-22-2009
20090261982Polling system for a moved machine component - A polling system for a moved machine component comprises a polling subunit that is to be disposed at the machine component end and is provided with at least one switch which operates without power in a certain state of the machine component or a certain position of a part of the machine component, a radio transmitter unit that evaluates the switching modes of the switch and transmits the evaluated switching signals with digital radio switching signals, and an electric power source for supplying the radio transmitter unit. The polling system further comprises a radio receiver unit which is stationary relative to the polling subunit and is used for receiving and evaluating, forwarding and/or displaying the signals received from the radio transmitter unit.10-22-2009
20100102979LAPTOP COMPUTER WITH HARDWARE SECURITY PROTECTION - A laptop computer with hardware security protection includes a lid near the image capture module. The lid can move to shield the image capture module to avoid the image captured by the image capture module transmitting to another computer. Therefore, the hardware security protection is achieved by the real lid to prevent the hacker attacking and increase the security protection.04-29-2010
20100060472POSITION DETECTION SYSTEM FOR DETECTION OBJECT AND POSITION DETECTION METHOD FOR DETECTION OBJECT - A position detection system for a detection object and a position detection method for a detection object that enable calibration without removing a detection object after the detection object is introduced into a detection space are provided. Provided are a magnetic-field generating unit (03-11-2010
20100201535APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ASSET TRACKING BASED ON UBIQUITOUS SENSOR NETWORK USING MOTION SENSING - Provided are an apparatus and method for asset tracking based on a ubiquitous sensor network (USN) using a motion sensing. The apparatus may include: a motion sensing manager to receive motion sensing information from a sensor; a filtering processor to filter the motion sensing information based on a filtering parameter and to determine whether a motion occurs based on the filtered motion sensing information; and a location information update (LU) manager to perform LU depending on whether the motion occurs.08-12-2010
20090167550DATA RESULT DETERMINATION METHODS AND SYSTEMS - Data result determination methods and systems for use in an electronic device having a motion sensor are provided. First, at least one object is displayed in a display unit. Then, an action is detected by the motion sensor. The object displayed in the display unit is moved according to the action, and the object moving according to the action is displayed in the display unit. Finally, a data result is determined according to a state of the moved object.07-02-2009
20100013655Guidance System and Method for Medical Procedures - Embodiments of the present invention comprise a guidance system and method for providing an angular orientation of a medical device. The system and method may utilize a fluid-filled portion with a position indicator that floats in the fluid contained within the fluid-filled portion. The guidance system may be coupled to the medical device so that when the angular orientation of the guidance system is varied, the position indicator moves within the fluid-filled portion. The position of the position indicator is designated by angle gradations on the outer portion of the fluid-filled portion.01-21-2010
20080303682DISPLAY APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RECOGNIZING LOCATION - Provided are a display apparatus and method for recognizing locations. The display apparatus recognizes a location, and communicates with an external device having a tag reader. The display apparatus includes a display unit; a plurality of tags disposed on the display unit, each tag having a different identification (ID); a location information storage unit in which location information of each tag is stored; and a control unit which determines a location of the external device by comparing the ID with the location information stored in the location information storage unit, if the tag ID recognized by the external device is received from the external device.12-11-2008
20100127882Garage Door Closing Confirmation Systems and Methods - A method for determining the status of a garage door with a garage door opener system comprising a remote control unit and an opener unit includes transmitting a request signal from the remote control unit to the opener unit thereby activating an actuator mechanically coupled to the garage door. After the actuator has been activated, the status of the garage door is determined in response to the request signal received by the opener unit. A confirmation signal indicative of the status of the garage door is then transmitted from the opener unit to the remote control unit. The remote control unit provides an indication to the user indicative of the status of the garage door based on the received confirmation signal, wherein the status of the garage door is one of closed, not closed or unknown.05-27-2010
20080316042Apparatus And Method For Use In Location Determination - An apparatus is provided that includes circuitry configured for location determination arranged to obtain a geographic location of the apparatus; circuitry configured receiving connection point identification data, the connection point identification data useable in providing a wireless communication path to a remote circuitry providing a connection point, and wherein the connection point identification data is associated with a geographic location of the remote circuitry; and circuitry configured for associating one or more instances of the geographic location of the apparatus, as provided by the circuitry configured for location determination, with corresponding instances of the connection point identification data. This associating may be used to cross-check/validate the geographical location provided by the circuitry configured for location determination.12-25-2008
20080258929Method for monitoring movement with a medical installation and associated medical installation - The invention relates to a method for monitoring the movement of at least one mobile object with a medical installation. A current three-dimensional position of the at least one mobile object is detected by at least one position sensor that is arranged on the at least one mobile object. The invention also relates to the associated medical installation.10-23-2008
20100271228LOCATION FILTERING BASED ON DEVICE MOBILITY CLASSIFICATION - In one embodiment, a method includes obtaining location information associated with a remote device, and processing the location information. Processing the location information includes determining if the remote device is mobile. The method also includes configuring a filter such that at least one parameter indicates that the remote device is mobile if the remote device is mobile, and configuring the filter such that the at least one parameter indicates that the remote device is approximately stationary if the remote device is not mobile. The filter is applied to the location information to generate a filtered location estimate which is arranged to estimate a location of the remote device.10-28-2010
20110205076SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING A MOBILE COMPPUTING PRODUCT/ARRANGEMENT - Described is a system and method for monitoring a mobile computing Arrangement. The arrangement may include a sensor and a processor. The sensor detects first data of an event including a directional orientation and a motion of the arrangement. The processor compares the first data to second data to determine if at least one predetermined procedure is to be executed. The second data may include a predetermined threshold range of changes in the directional orientation and the motion. If the predetermined procedure is to be executed, the processor selects the predetermined procedure which corresponds to the event as a function of the first data. Subsequently, the predetermined procedures is executed.08-25-2011
20090128351X-RAY SYSTEM CAPABLE OF PREVENTING X-RAY LEAKAGE - An X-ray system for preventing X-ray leakage includes a sensor that detects an open/close state of a door of a room, a wireless transmitter that receives the open/close state of the door from the sensor and sends it out in a wireless manner, an X-ray device that emits X-rays, and a wireless receiver, which is provided on the X-ray device, that receives the open/close state from the wireless transmitter and sends it to the X-ray device, wherein the X-ray device controls whether or not to emit X-rays based on the open/close state received from the wireless receiver.05-21-2009
20090184837METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PROVIDING AUDITORY OR VISUAL EFFECTS - The present invention relates to a method and device for providing auditory or visual effects by means of a plurality of audio or light controlling devices (07-23-2009
20090058670System and method for a wireless device locator - A system and method for locating a wireless accessory. User input to search for the wireless accessory is received. A determination is made whether a signal is received from the wireless accessory. Location information is displayed to a user in response to detecting the signal from the wireless accessory.03-05-2009
20090085761System and Method for Identifying Attempts to Tamper with a Terminal Using Geographic Position Data - The present invention provides systems, methods, and computer program products for identifying possible attempts to tamper with a terminal using geographic position data. For a terminal, a geographic usage policy is defined that identifies an allowable geographic operational zone for the terminal. The geographic usage policy may also include corrective action or actions based on violations of the usage policy. The type of corrective action may vary based on the details associated with the violation (e.g., distance from the operational zone, time of day, etc.). A tamper identification module receives geographic position data from a global positioning system within the terminal. The tamper identification module then determines whether the received position data is within the allowable geographic operation zone for the terminal. If the position data is not within the allowable geographic operation zone, then the appropriate corrective action is performed.04-02-2009
20110227746DOOR CONTROL APPARATUS - A door control apparatus and methods for controlling a door motion device for a hinged door and, optionally, illuminating a designated area on the floor. During the time the designated area is illuminated, a person can expect that the door will not close. The door control apparatus may include control circuitry, and a sensor, and optionally a light emitter and/or a sound emitter. The sensor detects a person proximate to the door and signals the control circuitry upon a detection event. The light emitter is also connected to the control circuitry. Upon a detection event, the control circuitry signals the light emitter to produce light and signals the door motion device to hold the door open. The light emitter directs light to form an image on the floor in the designated area. The light emitter may be, for example, a laser generator or a light emitting diode lamp.09-22-2011
20080266129Advanced computing device with hybrid memory and eye control module - The present invention provides a portable device comprising: a control unit; a display coupled to the control unit; a dual wireless module coupled to the control unit for wireless data transferring, wherein the dual wireless module includes a first and a second wireless data transferring modules to allow a user to select desired one to communicate with an external device. The dual wireless module further includes a management unit to manage the first and second wireless data transferring modules according to a policy engine.10-30-2008
20090201166WIRELESS TAG DETECTION APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - Query signals to one or more wireless tags are transmitted via radio communication, and a distance to a wireless tag to be retrieved is informed according to strength of a response signal from the wireless tag to be retrieved, which is included in the response signals transmitted from the one or more wireless tags via radio communication.08-13-2009
20090002188Tracking System and Portable Virtual Fence - A tracking system includes a global positioning system (GPS) module and a modem for mobile communications both attached to a pet (or other trackee), and a virtual fence (which includes a base station sending a signal to a certain range and a receiver attached to the pet (or other trackee) and receiving the signal sent by a base station when the receiver is within the range of the base station). A portable virtual fence system includes a signal-sending base station, and a signal-receiver worn by a to-be-fenced pet or other trackee. Advantageously, the base station is portable. The size of the virtual fence can be expanded to fit any shaped geometry using signal repeater or transceiver devices. In addition, more than one pet can be tracked using a single virtual fence and base station. Upon confirmation that a trackee has breached the fence and should be tracked, a service center can provide location information of the trackee as well directions to the trackee by voice or transmission of mapping and other imaging displays to the responsible party seeking to locate the trackee. Power management is enhanced by either turning off the power to the tracking devices (e.g., GPS or GSM or other device) after a report, or by dynamically varying the time reports are made without deactivating the tracking devices.01-01-2009
20100188245LOCATE APPARATUS HAVING ENHANCED FEATURES FOR UNDERGROUND FACILITY LOCATE OPERATIONS, AND ASSOCIATED METHODS AND SYSTEMS - Locate information relating to use of a locate device to perform a locate operation may be acquired from one or more input devices, logged/stored in local memory of a locate device, formatted in various manners, processed and/or analyzed at the locate device itself, and/or transmitted to another device (e.g., a remote computer/server) for storage, processing and/or analysis. In one example, a locate device may include one or more environmental sensors and/or operational sensors, and the locate information may include environmental information and operational information derived from such sensors. Environmental and/or operational information may be used to control operation of the locate device, assess out-of-tolerance conditions in connection with use of the locate device, and/or provide alerts or other feedback. Additional enhancements are disclosed relating to improving the determination of a location (e.g., GPS coordinates) of a detecting tip of the locate device during use, a group/solo mode, and tactile functionality of a user interface.07-29-2010
20100156653ASSESSMENT DEVICE - An assessment device is provided which allows for measurement of a position of interest, e.g., a body part, while a subject is in a functional position, such as may be required for the demands of an activity of interest without also requiring a lengthy setup time, tethered connection to other equipment external to the subject or tedious manual measurements. Moreover, an indicator such as an alarm or other output may be provided for receiving immediate, real time feedback, such as when a functional activity falls outside a tolerance or threshold.06-24-2010
20100188244Orientation Identification Label, Reagent Container Carrier Structure, Analyzer Device And Reader Module - A reagent container carrier structure for holding at least one reagent container, wherein the carrier structure has thereon an RFID assembly and an optically detectable definition pattern defining an orientation of the carrier structure, is disclosed. The reagent container carrier structure may have an orientation identification label that has a front surface and a back surface, and further include an RFID assembly positioned on the back surface, and an optically detectable definition pattern defining an orientation of the label on the front surface. A reader module for reading RFID data in combination with optically detectable data defining an orientation of a respective label is also disclosed.07-29-2010
20100259405Real Time Radioactive Training - A method of and a system for tracking radioactive sources includes at least one RFID tag attached to a radioactive source shield, the shield receiving a radioactive source at a base location, and a TRX-Gamma box for detecting identification information from the RFID tag and sensing a first gamma radiation count from the radioactive source shield. The identification information and the first gamma radiation count are stored and the shield with the radioactive source is transported to a job location where the radioactive source is removed from the shield. At the job location, a check is made that the radioactive source has been returned to the shield by comparing any newly detected identification information with the stored identification information, and by comparing a sensed second gamma radiation count with the first gamma radiation count.10-14-2010
20100277332ATTACHABLE AND INTERCHANGABLE STUD FINDER - The present invention relates to a mountable stud locating device for locating a stud comprising: a stud locating mechanism; a LED indicator, where the LED indicator lights upon location of the stud; a mounting mechanism to mount the locating device on a hand held device; and a laser beam for pinpointing the position of a stud. The stud locating mechanism includes sensors that utilize either a density variation or radar detection as a method to locate the stud. The stud locating device may be detachably mounted to the hand device, where the mounting mechanism includes the use of a magnetic mounting bracket.11-04-2010
20100231403METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING TIRE POSITION ON A VEHICLE - An apparatus for determining a position of a tire on a vehicle comprises a piezoelectric sensor for generating a first signal in response to rotation of the tire and a magnetic sensor for generating a second signal in response to rotation of the tire. The apparatus also comprises a controller for comparing the first and second signals to each other to determine a position of the tire with respect to left and right sides of the vehicle.09-16-2010
20100225498Postural information system and method - For two or more devices, each device having one or more portions, a method includes, but is not limited to: obtaining physical status information including information regarding one or more spatial aspects of one or more portions of one or more first devices with respect to one or more portions of a second device, and determining user advisory information regarding one or more users of the second device based at least in part upon the obtaining physical status information including information regarding one or more spatial aspects of one or more portions of the one or more first devices with respect to one or more portions of the second device. In addition to the foregoing, other related method/system aspects are described in the claims, drawings, and text forming a part of the present disclosure.09-09-2010
20100295696Digital Display Apparatus for Fastener Pulling Tool - A digital display apparatus for a fastener pulling tool to set a fastener (e.g., rivet, blind rivet or blind threaded insert), driven by pneumatic, hydraulic or pneudraulic power, includes a power supply, a CPU, a pressure sensor, position sensors, a display, and an input means; wherein the pressure sensor is operable to sense pressure of hydraulic or pneumatic fluid entering the fastener pulling tool; the CPU includes a pressure and pulling force calculation module an unit conversion module, an over pressure determination module, a cycle times counting module, and an abnormal stroke detecting module; and the display includes a pressure display zone for showing hydraulic or pneumatic pressure and a pulling force display zone for showing pulling force, a non-resettable over pressure display zone showing the highest inlet pressure, and a cycle time display zone for showing non-resettable accumulated working cycles of the tool.11-25-2010
20090322547COMPUTER ALERT SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OBJECT PROXIMITY - A computer alert system includes an image capture unit, an element detection unit, an autofocus unit, a calculation unit, a comparison unit and a warning unit. The image capture unit is capable of capturing a digital image of an object. The element detection unit is capable of detecting if a designated element of the object is in the captured digital image. The autofocus unit is capable of focusing on the designated element of the digital image. The calculation unit is capable of calculating a distance from the designated element of the object to the computer. The comparison unit is capable of determining if the calculated distance is acceptable. The alert unit capable of triggering an alert if the calculated distance is not acceptable. Furthermore, a computer alert method is employed by the computer alert system.12-31-2009
20090072987REMOTE GARAGE DOOR MONITORING SYSTEM - An apparatus and methods for implementing a garage door monitoring system coupled to a garage door opener. The door monitoring system allow a user to actuate the door under control via a network connection. In at least one embodiment, the door monitoring system is controlled by a cell phone or networked appliance capable of transmitting information and data via a cellular telephone network. The door monitoring system provides the added advantage of allowing a remote user to view the areas or regions near to the door under control prior to actuating the door. At least one embodiment comprises a method to validate reception of the pictures or video clips of the areas or regions near to the door prior to enabling the system to actuate the door. In another embodiment a pass code is embedded into the pictures or video provided to the remote user.03-19-2009
20090184838RFID system preventing recognition error and communication method thereof - A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag is provided that prevents a recognition error of the RFID tag due to the occurrence of a shadow region. The RFID tag includes a first tag performing communication with an RFID reader and a second tag connected to the first tag and suitable for use with a different communication type from the first tag. Thus, when information stored in the first tag can not be read, the second tag is activated and externally transmits information and when information stored in the first tag can be read, the second tag is 1o deactivated and does not externally transmit information. A communication method of an RFID system including an RFID reader communicating with an RFID tag is also provided.07-23-2009
20090115621Systems and Methods for Providing Location-Specific Information - Methods, systems, and computer-readable media are disclosed for providing location-specific information. One such method includes receiving location information corresponding to communication devices. The location information is determined based on characteristics of Internet communications and/or mobile wireless communications of the communication devices. A determination is then made based on the location information that a communication device is located within a certain remote area. Location-specific information that is based on the remote area is then transmitted to the communication device.05-07-2009
20110001628MAP INFORMATION DISPLAY DEVICE, MAP INFORMATION DISPLAY METHOD AND PROGRAM - There is provided a map information display device including an operating tool detector for, on a display panel where map information MI and view image information VI are displayed, detecting a position and a pointing direction of an operating tool M in touch with an area corresponding to the map information; and a display controller for controlling display of the view image information in accordance with a view point on the map information indicated by the position of the operating tool and a line-of-sight direction on the map information indicated by the pointing direction of the operating tool.01-06-2011
20110037605Event Recognition And Response System - An event recognition and response system includes an event sensor. An event recognition engine is coupled to the event sensor. An action profile database is coupled to the event recognition engine. The event recognition engine is operable to receive an event input from the event sensor, compare the event input to a plurality of action profiles in the action profile database and, upon determining that at least one action profile in the action profile database matches the event input, perform a predetermined action.02-17-2011
20110241895OBJECT DETECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD USING SUB-SAMPLING - An object detection system, controller, and method using sub-sampling for detecting a presence of an object at the location. An electrode arranged near the location radiates an electric field that corresponds to an electrode signal that arises in response to an excitation signal. When the excitation signal is coupled to the electrode and the electric field is radiated, the electrode exhibits an electrode impedance indicative of the presence of an object. The presence of an object is detected by analyzing the electrode signal using sub-sampling. Traditionally, such electrode signals have frequencies, high enough to warrant the use of expensive high-frequency signal processing devices. Sub-sampling is a way of sampling and processing the electrode signal such that the signal processing to detect the object can be performed by a lower cost general purpose microprocessor.10-06-2011
20100219965LOCATING DEVICE - The invention is based on a locating device for locating objects in an item being investigated, said device having a basic body, a sensor unit for detecting a movement parameter when the basic body is moved relative to the item being investigated, an output unit and a control unit which, in conjunction with the output unit, is provided for the purpose of outputting an item of information on the basis of the movement parameter. It is proposed that the output unit has a light signal unit which is provided for the purpose of outputting the information using a light signal.09-02-2010
20100219966APPARATUS, METHOD, AND PROGRAM FOR INFORMATION PROCESSING - An information processing apparatus includes: position detection means for detecting a position of a client unit held by a user on the basis of a signal outputted from the client unit; conversion means for variably setting a parameter value used to convert at least one of a sound signal and a video signal on the basis of the position of the client unit detected by the position detection means and converting the signal using the parameter value; and output means for outputting the signal after conversion by the conversion means.09-02-2010
20100060473INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, INFORMATION NOTIFICATION METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - An information processing device is provided which includes a detection portion that detects an approach or a touch of an operating body and that is provided on an external surface of a housing having a first housing and a second housing that is openably/closably attached to the first housing, a storage portion that stores detection information detected by the detection portion and a blinking pattern, and a blinking control portion that controls blinking of a light emitting portion based on the detection information detected by the detection portion and on the blinking pattern. With this configuration, results of detection by the detection portion can be notified to the user by the light emitting portion.03-11-2010
20110001629INTELLIGENT ELECTRONIC BLANKET - An electronic blanket (01-06-2011
20100134309METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR LOCATING SIGNAL EMITTERS USING CROSS-CORRELATION OF RECEIVED SIGNAL STRENGTHS - A method and system for determining a location of a first device that emits a signal: provide at least three sensors separated and spaced apart from each other; at each of the sensors, receive the signal emitted by the first device; determine the received signals for each of the sensors; determine cross-correlations of the received signals for pairs of the sensors; and determine the location of the first device from the magnitudes of the cross-correlations of the received signals.06-03-2010
20100214111MOBILE VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY SYSTEM - A user can create “virtual graffiti” that will be left for a particular device to view as part of an augmented reality scene. The virtual graffiti will be assigned to a particular physical location or a part of an object that can be mobile. The virtual graffiti is then uploaded to a network server, along with the location and individuals who are able to view the graffiti as part of an augmented reality scene. When a device that is allowed to view the graffiti is near the location, the graffiti will be downloaded to the device and displayed as part of an augmented reality scene. To further enhance the user experience, the virtual graffiti can be dynamic, changing based on a context. For example, a user may leave a virtual graffiti message that changes with, for example, outside temperature, location, weather conditions, or any other context.08-26-2010
20100066556Container and Information Provision System - One of the embodiment of present invention includes at least one transmitter-receiver set including a transmitter and a receiver opposed with an object to be measured therebetween; and a transmission device that estimates the amount of the object based on the attenuation of electromagnetic waves that are transferred between the transmitter and the receiver of the transmitter-receiver set, and transmits information on the estimated amount of the object to be measured.03-18-2010
20100033338SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING A BOUNDARY CROSSING EVENT - Model zone data and model subzone data is employed to simplify calculations for determining where and/or when a boundary crossing event has occurred. A system for detecting a boundary crossing event employs a memory and a processor. The processor in one embodiment is configured by the memory to perform the steps of sensing current position; comparing the sensed current position to model zone data to determine presence within a geometric figure constructed around a boundary crossing point; comparing the sensed current position to model subzone data to determine presence within a first portion of the geometric figure; comparing the sensed current position to model subzone data to determine presence within a second portion of the geometric figure; and detecting a boundary crossing event as a result of movement from the first portion of the geometric figure to the second portion of the geometric figure.02-11-2010
20110260880SOLAR POWERED LIGHT AND ALARM SYSTEM - An elliptically housed solar powered intrusion detection/notification device having a flashing LED light source and audible human voice alarm activated by a passive infrared (PIR) sensor motion detector in conjunction with a battery recharged via surface mounted photovoltaic cells, and a control circuit coupled to the light source/alarm, the PIR motion detector and the battery.10-27-2011
20090153345APPLICATION SOLUTION OF INFRARED COMMUNICATION IN AUTOMATIC SENSING SANITARY WARES - An application solution using infrared communication in automatic sensing for use in bathroom sanitary wares. A main circuit board emits an infrared pulse signal on one side to detect a user. After a user is detected, the main circuit board produces a group of pulse collated code opening valve signals to drive another infrared emitting diode to send this collated code. The infrared receiving diode on the slave board receives this collated code, transforms it into a pulse signal and then transmits it to the chip for procession. If the collated codes agree with each other, the solenoid valve can be controlled to open or close the valve. At the same time, the collated code is returned to the main circuit board, which consequently stops emitting the collated code signal for opening the valve.06-18-2009
20100315253Apparatus and method for motion detection in portable terminal - A portable terminal includes an apparatus for improving motion detection capability. More particularly, the apparatus improves motion detection capability by changing a motion in a normal state according to a motion state or by changing a motion detection process in the portable terminal in order to avoid motion detection capability deterioration in the portable terminal are provided. The apparatus includes a terminal state determiner that determines a motion state of the terminal by receiving sensing information for determining the motion state, and a controller that changes a motion detection process according to the portable terminal's motion state determined by the terminal state determiner.12-16-2010
20120306659REVERSE REMINDERS - Architecture that generates a notification when a user arrives at a location, but without exposing identity of the location. Moreover, the notification can be generated and transmitted at all times. The architecture comprises a reminder service that manages all reminder requests and approvals, a notification engine that notifies a requesting user when target user arrived at a specific location or one of a general category of location, and a user interface that allows the user to set reminders that are displayed when the target user arrives at the point of interest and approves other user reminder requests. The architecture can be run on a mobile phone, and manages user requests and user approvals for location based notifications, alerts a requesting user the target user arrived at one of previously-specified points of interest. Similarly, a general category of destination can be specified, rather than a specific point of interest.12-06-2012
20120038486Fingerboard Latch Detection System - A latch detection system is includes a fingerboard having a plurality of fingers for holding pipe, at least one latch displaced among the fingers for selecting securing the pipe among the fingers, a sensor operably connected to said latch to detect open and closed positions of the latch, and a control system operably connected to the latch to notify a user of the position of the latch. The latch detection system also includes a magnet embedded in the latch and a magnetic pickup sensor to detect the location of the latch. The sensor is a hall effect sensor. The control system can indicate to an operator that a latch has not been opened as expected and prevent subsequent latches form opening until error can be corrected.02-16-2012
20110050443PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE OPERATEABLE BY ROTATION THEREOF - A portable electronic device includes a housing, a rotation sensor, and a processor. The rotation sensor includes a supporting plate fixed to the housing, a cylindric carrier, an electron emitting device, a magnet, a number of strip-shaped electrodes, and a detecting device. The cylindric carrier is disposed on the supporting plate and is rotatable relative to the supporting plate. The electron emitting device is disposed on the supporting plate and emits electrons along the center axis of the cylindric carrier. The magnet provides a magnetic field substantially parallel to the supporting plate. The detecting device detects the falling position of the electrons and generates a signal representing the parameters of the rotation of the portable electronic device. The processor receives the signal generated by the detecting device and generates an operating signal for operating the portable electronic device.03-03-2011
20090201165ANGLE-ADJUSTABLE METHOD AND AUTOMATIC ANGLE-ADJUSTABLE DISPLAY DEVICE - An automatic angle-adjustable display device and an angle-adjustable method are provided. The automatic angle-adjustable display device includes a screen, three wireless transmitting and receiving sensors, an angle adjustment mechanism and a control unit. The wireless transmitting and receiving sensors are respectively disposed at first, second and third positions of the screen. In response to a control signal issued from the control unit, the angle adjustment mechanism is driven to adjust the viewing angle of the screen with respect to the viewer. The angle-adjustable method includes steps of triggering the wireless transmitting and receiving sensors to emit these wireless signals, measuring first, second and third distances between the first, second and third positions of the screen and the viewer according to the reflected wireless signals, and adjusting the viewing angle of the screen with respect to the viewer according to these distance differences.08-13-2009
20120001765System for monitoring the utilization of personal protective equipment by workers in the workplace - The present invention concerns a system for monitoring the utilization of personal protective equipment by workers in the workplace. Said system comprises a set of first slave electronic modules, each of which is paired to a corresponding piece of personal protective equipment to be used in said workplace and is configured to store information that identifies said corresponding piece of personal protective equipment. In addition, said system further comprises a set of master electronic modules, each of which is paired to a corresponding worker working in said workplace and is configured to: store information that identifies said corresponding worker; form with corresponding first slave electronic modules that are paired to the personal protective equipment with which said corresponding worker is equipped a corresponding Body Area Network (BAN), through which said corresponding first slave electronic modules communicate exclusively with said master electronic module; acquire the information stored by the corresponding first slave electronic modules from said corresponding first slave electronic modules through the corresponding Body Area Network (BAN); and store the information acquired from said corresponding first slave electronic modules. In addition, said system further comprises a set of monitoring devices, each of which is arranged in a corresponding position in the workplace and is configured to acquire from the master electronic modules present in a corresponding acquisition area the information stored by said master electronic modules. Lastly, said system further comprises a central control and monitoring unit connected to the monitoring devices and configured to acquire from the monitoring devices the information that said monitoring devices acquire from the master electronic modules.01-05-2012
20090135020DETECTING DEVICE FOR DETECTING BARRIERS BEHIND DOOR - A detecting device for detecting barriers behind a door includes a sensor for transmitting detecting signals to detect whether there is a barrier behind the door, an identifier for transmitting identification signals to identify whether the barrier behind the door is a living animal, and an alarm electrically connected with the sensor and the identifier for generating an inductive signal according to a detecting result of the sensor or an identification result of the identifier. As a result, the detecting device can detect whether there is any barrier behind the door and whether the barrier is a living animal through the detecting signals of the sensor and the identification signals of the identifier. If a barrier is behind the door, the alarm will generate a warning signal to notify the person who is going to open the door such that the person can carefully open the door.05-28-2009
20080309508Accelerometer based extended display - Embodiments of the present invention recite a method and system for displaying data on a portable electronic device. In one embodiment, a first portion of accessed data is displayed on a portable electronic device. A motion detector responsive to motion in at least a single direction then detects a movement of the portable electronic device from a first position to a second position. In response to the motion detector detecting the movement, a second portion of the accessed data is automatically displayed by the portable electronic device.12-18-2008
20100289661REMOTE GARAGE DOOR MONITORING SYSTEM - An apparatus and methods for implementing a garage door monitoring system coupled to a garage door opener. The door monitoring system allow a user to actuate the door under control via a network connection. In at least one embodiment, the door monitoring system is controlled by a cell phone or networked appliance capable of transmitting information and data via a cellular telephone network. The door monitoring system provides the added advantage of allowing a remote user to view the areas or regions near to the door under control prior to actuating the door. At least one embodiment comprises a method to validate reception of the pictures or video clips of the areas or regions near to the door prior to enabling the system to actuate the door. In another embodiment a pass code is embedded into the pictures or video provided to the remote user.11-18-2010
20100245106Mobile Computer Device Binding Feedback - Embodiments of mobile computer device binding feedback are described. In embodiments, an application interface for a device application is displayed on a first display that is integrated in a first housing of a dual-display mobile computer device. The application interface can also be displayed on a second display that is integrated in a second housing of the dual-display mobile computer device. Binding position data is received that is associated with a binding system that movably connects the first housing and the second housing. Application context data that is associated with the device application is also received. Feedback can then be generated that correlates to the binding position data and to the application context data.09-30-2010
20100207775RECONFIGURABLE TACTILE INTERFACE UTILIZING ACTIVE MATERIAL ACTUATION - A reconfigurable tactile human-machine interface adapted for facilitating selection and manipulation by a user, presenting a first geometric shape, orientation, position, or characteristic, and including at least one active material element configured to cause the interface to achieve a second geometric shape, orientation, position or otherwise characteristic when activated or deactivated, and preferably further including at least one sensor, and a controller communicatively coupled to the sensor and interface and configured to selectively cause the element to be activated upon receipt of sensory input.08-19-2010
20120249337COMMUNICATION TERMINAL, COMMUNICATION METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A communication terminal includes: a communication section configured to perform non-contact communication with an external apparatus; an alarming section; and a control section configured to determine a communication state of the communication section with the external apparatus, and if the communication state is determined to be a communication error state, the control section configured to cause the alarming section to give an alarm prompting a user to change a relative position of the communication terminal with the external apparatus on the basis of communication data at the time of the communication error.10-04-2012
20120075109Multi sensor position and orientation system - A system is invented to combine different signals from various sensors together so that an object (such as a car, an airplane etc.)'s position and/or orientation can be measured.03-29-2012
20120182153Garage Door Status Indicator and Recorder - A means for recording the status of a garage door as having been left open or having been closed including a garage door sensor, a transmitter and a receiver. Whereas a typical automatic garage door takes 15-20 seconds to become fully closed, an operator will travel less than one-tenth of a mile from their garage in that time. A transmitter emits a one-quarter mile door status signal indicating whether the garage door is closed or open, and a one-quarter mile range signal indicating whether the receiver is within transmission range. Upon leaving transmission range the door status is recorded electrically so that an operator can travel any distance from the garage and determine if the garage door was closed.07-19-2012
20090303067METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRACKING POSITION - The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for tracking position of an object in a multipath environment (for example, inside a building) using radio signals.12-10-2009
20090021387Input display apparatus and mobile radio terminal - When a user brings a finger thereof or the like close to a display unit, a touch-screen input unit detects the finger or the like, and the control unit displays a pointer indicating a position to be accepted, on the display unit to show the pointer to the user. If the finger or the like contacts the touch-screen input unit after the pointer is displayed, the control unit executes a process corresponding to the object closest to the pointer.01-22-2009
20100214112CONTROL DEVICE AND METHOD - A control device has a first sensor set with a first detection region, a second sensor set with a second detection region, and a control unit for controlling a predetermined operation based on a detection result by the first sensor and a detection result by the second sensor.08-26-2010
20100090852GEOGRAPHICAL BOUNDARY BASED TRACKING - An apparatus, method and system for geographical tracking entry and/or exiting of an asset into and/or out of a defined geographical boundary and reporting the same. Entry and exit tests compare position fixes with various thresholds and parameters to determine if the asset has entered or exited the geographical boundary. Tests are sequenced such that tests having lower levels of complexity (lower order) are performed before tests having higher levels of complexity (higher order). In this way, most position fixes are processed using computations having a lower order of mathematical complexity than conventionally implemented.04-15-2010
20080218367Entry detecting system - An entry detecting system includes a terminal device; a point-to-point communication device; an entry detecting device; and a guard device. The point-to-point communication device includes a transmitting-receiving antenna having directivity in a specific direction. The point-to-point communication device communicates by radio with the terminal device via the transmitting-receiving antenna so as to detect a response time from the terminal device and report detected response time to the entry detecting device. The entry detecting device detects a distance from the point-to-point communication device to the terminal device based on the response time reported by the point-to-point communication device, generates entry detecting information based on the detected distance, and transmits the entry detecting information to the point-to-point communication device and the guard device. The point-to-point communication device transmits the received entry detecting information to the terminal device. The terminal device outputs an alarm in a case where the terminal device receives the entry detecting information from the point-to-point communication device. The guard device outputs an alarm in a case where the guard device receives the entry detecting information from the entry detecting device.09-11-2008
20130127628PROTECTION MODULE FOR MONITORING THE POSITION OF OBJECTS - The invention relates to a protection module (05-23-2013
20080198029Method for searching position of electronic component - A method for searching a position of an electronic component is provided. A coordinate value is computed based on the position of the electronic component during the placement process of the electronic component in a circuit diagram. Then, the computed coordinate value is combined with a symbol of the electronic component to produce a position serial number. The position serial number is stored in a database. Therefor, if the layout software receives a search command, the position serial number corresponding to the search command is searched out from the database, and a coordinate block matched to the position serial number is circled. Therefore, the convenience for using the circuit diagram is promoted.08-21-2008
20110221606SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING A MOVING OBJECT IN AN IMAGE ZONE - A system and method for detection of a moving object in an image zone for possible use in the field of road and traffic safety related and/or gate monitoring systems includes an image sensor for imaging a field, a user interface for defining at least one detection zone within the field, a processor coupled to the user interface and the image sensor for detecting if a moving object has entered the at least one detection zone and an alarm providing a signal in response to detection of a moving object within the at least one detection zone.09-15-2011
20110248863MULTIMEDIA ALERTING - Alert information is provided to a user of a device. In response to receiving an alert notification, a current location of the device is determined and converted to a device geographical tile that encompasses the determined current location; alert data received about the alert are processed and stored in an alert database if it is determined that a device tile code of the device geographical tile matches any alert geographical tiles that define the alert; a database query of the alert database is performed to identify alerts having one or more alert geographical tile codes that match the device tile code that have not been presented to a user of the device; and the user of the device is notified via the user interface of the device of the identified alerts and the user is prompted to view the identified one or more alerts via the user interface of the device.10-13-2011
20120280825METHOD OF INFERRING USER' DIRECTION, DIRECTION INFERRING APPARATUS, AND TERMINAL APPARATUS - A method of inferring a user's direction by a computer, the method includes: recording a relative azimuth angle obtained from an output of a direction sensor included in a terminal apparatus carried by the user; identifying the user's direction at a first point at which the user's direction is capable of being identified; and inferring the user's direction at a second point by using a relative azimuth angle corresponding to the first point and a relative azimuth angle corresponding to the second point different from the first point, and the user's direction that has been identified at the first point.11-08-2012
20120001766INTERACTIVE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SENSING MOVEMENT - A system for sensing emotions, which produce color or sound variation in a series of elements, which experience different patterns of movement.01-05-2012
20120019393SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRACKING CARTS IN A RETAIL ENVIRONMENT - A system and method for tracking a shopping cart in a retail store may include communicating signals into the pathways from multiple locations, where the signals may include identifiers indicative of location of respective signals. The communicated signals with the identifiers may be received, and the identifiers may be recorded. The recorded data may be processed to determine a path taken by the shopping cart through the retail store. The path of the shopping cart taken through the retail store may be presented to a user.01-26-2012

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