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340 - Communications: electrical


340540000 - Specific condition

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340660000 Voltage 51
340664000 Current 29
340658000 Phase or frequency 9
340659000 Pulse or surge 2
20090315733ACTIVITY WINDOWING - Methods, devices, and systems for monitoring a number of recurrent activities of an individual are disclosed. One method for monitoring a recurrent activity of an individual using activity windowing includes recording a number of sensor activations of at least one sensor, determining a number of peaks in the number of sensor activations, defining one or more time frames based upon the location of at least one of the number of peaks in the time period, and applying a rule associated with a threshold number of activations, where the rule is applied to at least one particular time frame in order to determine whether to initiate an action.12-24-2009
20110032111CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCATOR - An arrangement that includes a transmitter unit and a receiver for locating a wire or a circuit interrupter associated with a selected branch circuit of a power distribution system. The transmitter is electrically interconnected with the selected branch circuit and produces a sequence of current pulses in a branch circuit that is to be traced to locate an associated circuit interrupter. Each current pulse is of a predetermined duration, a predetermined rise time, and a predefined fall time, which in one embodiment is equal to the current pulse rise time. The receiver is a handheld unit that is positioned in close proximity with the various circuit interrupters of the power distribution system and provides an indication that the desired wire or circuit interrupter has been located upon detecting current pulses that are with a predefined pulse duration, pulse separation and amplitude.02-10-2011
20100156650RFID DEVICE AND RELATED METHOD FOR PROVIDING ASSISTANCE FOR LOCATING IT - A method of providing assistance for locating a radio-frequency identification (RFID) device is provided. The RFID device preferably comprises a power source having a power level and a feedback device. The method comprises determining the power level of the power source is below a first predetermined power level, and transmitting a first signal that indicates the power level of the power source is below the first predetermined power level. Thereafter, the method comprises receiving a second signal that instructs the RFID device to activate the feedback device, and operating the feedback device in response to receiving the second signal.06-24-2010
20100073177INDUCTIVE POWER OUTLET LOCATOR - A power outlet locator for locating concealed inductive power outlet. A sensor is provided for detecting a signal emitted by an inductive power outlet. A processor uses the detected signal to compute location coordinates of the power outlet. A user interface is provided to communicate the location of the power outlet to a user.03-25-2010
20130038457SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LEAK DETECTION IN EXTERNAL COOLING PAD - An externally-applied heat exchange pad has three layers laminated together, an inner and outer non-conductive layer and a middle conductive layer. A leak in the inner layer causes coolant to contact the middle layer and change impedance, which can be sensed and used as an indication of an impending total leak of the pad.02-14-2013
20130038456SMART GRID DEVICE DISPLAY CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD - A smart grid device display control system can include a demand response management system, a smart meter operatively coupled to the demand response management system, and a smart grid device operatively coupled to the smart meter, the smart grid device including a lighted display configured to power cycle in response to a power cycle indication.02-14-2013
20100109893METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ON-LINE ESTIMATION AND FORECASTING OF SPECIES CONCENTRATION DURING A REACTION - A method and apparatus for on-line measurement and forecasting of a species concentration while a reaction is taking place, based on the measurement of the electrical conductivity of the reacting volume, and using such measurement to evaluate a first mathematical function relating such value to the concentration of the species in the reacting volume. The evaluation of the first mathematical function requires as inputs: electrical conductivity trajectory, time elapsed, and other significant process variables; it generates as outputs the estimated actual species concentration and at least one forecasted concentration value.05-06-2010
20130049974EARLY DETECTION OF LOW BICARBONATE LEVEL - This disclosure relates to early detection of low bicarbonate level. In certain aspects, a method includes receiving a first signal from a conductivity detector connected to a line through which a solution of salt concentrate and fluid flows and determining a first conductivity of the solution based on the first signal. The method also includes receiving a second signal from the conductivity detector at a time after receiving the first signal, determining a second conductivity of the solution based on the second signal, and determining whether the second conductivity is less than the first conductivity by at least a threshold amount.02-28-2013
20100271226ELECTRICAL OUTLET ARRANGEMENTS AND SYSTEM - Embodiments of an electrical outlet arrangement and a system formed with a number of the arrangements and a remote control server are disclosed herewith. The arrangements may be configured to encourage usage of electricity generated using renewable sources and/or to enable non-utility entities (NUE) to provide and be compensated for consuming electricity through the NUE are disclosed herein. In various embodiments, an arrangement may include an electrical outlet and a switch coupled with each other. An electrical outlet may be configured to accept electrical coupling from a load for electricity consumption. A switch may be configured to enable or disable electricity flow to the electrical outlet, in response to control of a local controller and/or the remote control server. A local controller may be configured to control one or more switches to enable or disable electricity flow in response to an authentication code and/or a characterization value of the electricity flow, provided to the local controller by a user or the remote control server. Other embodiments may be disclosed and claimed.10-28-2010
20090040060Method for Controlling a Portable Electronic Device Comprising a Power Storage Device - The invention relates to a method for controlling a portable electronic device comprising a power storage device by means of which the electronic device is supplied or can be supplied either indirectly or directly with power. The inventive method is characterized in that a date/period is stored in the electronic device and that a charge status indication regarding the charge status of the electronic device is output depending on the charge status of the power storage device and on the date/period.02-12-2009
20120112922SYSTEMS, STRUCTURES AND PROCESSES WITH EMBEDDED RESISTANCE DEVICE - Enhanced devices, processes, and systems provide measurement of electrical resistance as a means for determining the intensity with which stress is applied to an object, such as but not limited to a toy, e.g. a stuffed toy. The induced strain resulting from such an applied stress may also be determined from the measurement of electrical resistance. One or more actions may preferably be taken in response to the determined stress or the resulting strain, such as but not limited to providing any of visual feedback, auditory feedback, haptic feedback, or a numerical readout.05-10-2012
20110025517Power monitor controller, power monitor control system and power monitor control method - A power monitor controller includes a period setting part that sets predetermined periods, an integrator part that integrates power consumed in an electric device for every predetermined period set by the period setting part to thus obtain first power consumption, and a detector part that detects an abnormality in the electric device when the first power consumption is within a predetermined range.02-03-2011
20090160665Power Failure Alarm - A power failure alarm for use in sounding a warning in the occasion of a power failure, with built in electrical connectors, and a temporary source of light. The device is housed in a molded plastic enclosure in a rectangular shape and includes an emergency light, night-light, flashlight, and power failure alarm. All unit functions are completely automatic once the unit has been plugged into a standard 120 volt receptacle. The device has a three prong male plug on the back of the body and is designed to occupy one receptacle of a duplex receptacle thus leaving one receptacle still available for use. Alternate embodiments of the device are specifically intended to alert and notify the user of a power failure. The device utilized logic circuitry to determine if a power failure or improper setup has occurred. The battery charging and monitoring circuits ensure the batteries are always charged and ready for use.06-25-2009
20120098669Solar Powered Devices Using Location-Based Energy Control and Method for Operation of Solar Powered Devices - A solar powered device and a method of operating such a device to allow it to receive and store information about its physical location, from which it can determine the minimum expected solar energy levels that will be available to it. Based on the minimum expected levels, the device then limits its configurable settings to preferably enable only those configurations having maximum energy demands that can be met or exceeded by the minimum expected energy levels.04-26-2012
20120098668INFUSION MONITORING ALARM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING AND ALARMING FOR INTRAVENOUS INFUSION - An infusion monitoring alarm is attached to an infusion tube between a solution bottle and a dripping chamber, including a clamping piece; at least two polar plates forming a capacitor; a capacitance measurement unit configured to measure a capacitance of the capacitor; a micro control unit configured to collect data from the capacitance measure unit and generate a warning signal when the capacitance value of the capacitor decreases beyond a predetermined threshold value and a power supply circuit configured to provide electricity. A method for monitoring and alarming for intravenous infusion includes developing a baseline value of a capacitor at an initiation of the infusion procedure; determining a current value of a capacitor and comparing the current value of a capacitor with the baseline value; and sending out a signal for alarming when current value of the capacitor decreases beyond a predetermined percentage of the baseline value of the capacitor.04-26-2012
20100090850SYSTEMS, METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR TAPPING A METAL ELECTROLYSIS CELL - The present disclosure relates to systems, methods, and apparatus for extracting molten liquid from an electrolysis cell. In one embodiment, a system includes a container and an electrical characteristic detector. The container comprises a body adapted to contain molten liquid and a spout. The spout includes a base portion, a tip portion and a passageway connecting the base portion to the tip portion. The electrical characteristic detector is coupled to the container and is configured to determine an electrical characteristic associated with the molten liquid as the molten liquid passes into the body of the container via the passageway. A process parameter associated with the removal of the molten liquid from the container may be changed when it is determined that an electrical characteristic associated with the molten liquid has achieved a predetermined threshold.04-15-2010
20110291847Power Line Carrier (PLC) Communication of Standby Generator Status - A method and system for remotely monitoring the status of a standby generator. The system includes a PLC transmitter in communication with the control unit for the generator. The PLC transmitter receives error codes from the control unit of the generator and transmits encoded error codes over the power distribution network in a home using a PLC frequency. A remote status display device can be connected to the power distribution network in the home at any convenient location. The remote status display device includes a PLC receiver that decodes the error codes. The decoded error codes are displayed on a display of the remote status display device for viewing by the home occupant at a location remote from the standby generator.12-01-2011
20100060471CAPACITIVE DETECTION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - The invention is related to capacitive detection systems and methods. In one embodiment, a capacitive detection system comprises a first transmitter electrode and a first receiver electrode disposed in a first seat and configured to form a first capacitor, and a second transmitter electrode disposed in a second seat and configured with the first receiver electrode to form a second capacitor.03-11-2010
20090231151Method for Monitoring the Carrying Capacity of Steel-Concrete Structures - A method for monitoring and estimating the carrying capacity of a pre-stressed ferromagnetic metal armature element of a metal-concrete load-bearing structure is proposed, comprising the steps of: preliminary calibrating the element by passing electric current therethrough and measuring its electrical resistance with respect to the tension stress applied to the element, determination of an ultimate resistance value corresponding to a predetermined ultimate limit stress value permitted to the element, saving the ultimate resistance value in a computer memory, passing electric current through the element during construction or exploitation of the load-bearing structure being in a loaded state, measuring altered resistance of the element, comparing the altered resistance with the ultimate resistance value, and warning when the altered resistance reaching the ultimate resistance value. Additional embodiments disclose deployment of two types of electric current: alternating and direct. The method allows significantly increasing safety of metal-concrete structures and reducing electric energy consumption.09-17-2009
20120188087METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING BEHAVIOR PROFILES FOR DEVICE MEMBERS OF A NETWORK - A method and system for generating a digital profile defined by digital behavior expressed by a device includes receiving digital behavior data and identifying information defined by a device in communication with a content server, generating a device profile for the device, associating the device with at least one device population, and generating a population profile defined by the device population. The device profiles and population profiles may be made accessible to users of a social network. Related contents, including identifying information, device behavior analysis, comparative ratings, service and diagnostic information, messages and alerts may be associated with a device profile or population profile and published to the social network. A population profile may define normal digital behavior of the population, such that the population profile may be compared with the device profile of a device, to determine whether the device operation is abnormal with respect to the population profile.07-26-2012
20090207035Electrical power tools - An electrical power tool may include a housing, a rotating tool that is rotatably attached to the housing, a motor that is positioned in the housing and is capable of rotating the rotating tool, a manipulating portion that is attached to the housing, and an indicator device that is disposed in the housing and is capable of indicating a condition of the electrical power tool. The manipulating portion is positioned to substantially cover the indicator device. The manipulating portion is constructed such that light emitted from the indicator device can be transmitted therethrough.08-20-2009
20090273483Flexible electroluminescent capacitive sensor - The flexible electroluminescent capacitive sensor system contains an electroluminescent capacitive sensor, a capacitance meter, and an electroluminescence electronic drive. The capacitive sensor contains in order a first barrier layer, a first transparent electrode layer, a phosphor layer, a second electrode layer, a flexible, resilient dielectric layer, and an electrically conductive reference layer. The capacitance meter is electrically connected to the electrically conductive reference layer and either the second electrode layer or the first electrode layer. The electroluminescence electronic drive is electrically connected to the first transparent electrode layer and the second electrode layer. The first electrode layer has a first voltage, the second electrode layer has a second voltage, and the conductive reference layer has a third voltage. The first or second electrodes may be patterned to allow for multiple sensor regions integrated into a single sensor structure.11-05-2009
20090066529REMAINING BATTERY LEVEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - A remaining battery level management system includes a battery-driven measurement device and a data collection server device. The measurement device includes: a communication data generation section that generates communication data to be transmitted to the data collection server device based on the measured value; and a wireless transmission section that transmits the communication data via wireless communication; and the data collection server device includes: a wireless reception section that receives the communication data transmitted from the measurement device via wireless communication; a remaining battery level calculation section that calculates a remaining battery level of the measurement device based on the received communication data; and an alarm output section that outputs an alarm about the remaining battery level of the measurement device based on a remaining battery level calculation result.03-12-2009
20100201534SMARTCARD PROTECTION DEVICE - A card protection device and method of protecting data stored on a contactless smartcard are disclosed. The card protection device may include an antenna, a detector circuit, and an alerting circuit. The antenna may include a magnetic loop that is coupled to a tuning circuit responsive to magnetic field emissions in a frequency band associated with contactless smartcard communications. The detector circuit is coupled to the antenna and may include control logic for attenuating the magnetic field emissions based on smartcard operating characteristics. The detector circuit can store energy associated with the magnetic field emissions and the alerting circuit can provide an audible and/or visual alert using the stored energy. Optionally, the card protection device may be integrated with other smartcard communication functions and/or it may share components with a contactless smartcard.08-12-2010
20100090851ELECTRICAL EXTENSION CORD - An electrical extension cord to conduct and provide electrical power to multiple locations on a job site includes a power supply portion having an electrical connector configured to be received in an electrical outlet that provides a source of electricity. The extension cord includes a power distribution portion having at least a first electrical cord and at least a second electrical cord with each cord having an electrical connector configured to receive a mating connector of an electrically powered device and the extension cord further includes a junction that electrically couples the power supply portion and the power distribution portion with the coupling being enclosed by a housing. The first cord and the second electrical cord define a length of at least six feet measured from the housing.04-15-2010
20090160664POWER SUPPLY AND POWER CORD FOR MAX POWER SETTING - Apparatus, methods, and systems are disclosed for a power supply adapted to receive power from an outlet, the power input having a property, such as amperage, frequency or voltage. An indicator is provided on the connector to the power cord to indicate a value for the property to the power supply, wherein the power supply adapts to the value for the property. By providing an indication of the property the system is capable of reducing functionality to meet the capabilities of the power supply. A power cord may be provided with a male plug at one end capable of being inserted into a socket with a minimum value for a property, and the other end of the power cord may have a connector with an indicator to identify the minimum value for the power cord.06-25-2009
20120139739Monitored Filament Insertion for Resitivity Testing - A friction-flow piercing apparatus for piercing very deep and fine holes is described, that relies on a novel support method for the piercing means. An apparatus for monitoring during the piercing process to determine the electrical properties gradient of the substrate is further described, particularly for meltable dielectric such as plastic industrial equipment. A permanently installed piercing means may function as a permanent test site.06-07-2012
20090212963RESISTOR STRUCTURES TO ELECTRICALLY MEASURE UNIDIRECTIONAL MISALIGNMENT OF STITCHED MASKS - An apparatus and method for matched variable resistor structures to electrically measure unidirectional misalignment of stitched masks for etched interconnect layers includes a first test pad and a second test pad for measuring resistance therebetween; a first resistive element electrically connected at a first end to the first test pad; and, a second resistive element electrically connected at a first end to the second test pad. The first resistive element and the second resistive element are electrically connected by a vertical offset. The resistance measured between the first test pad and the second test pad is variable in accordance with an alignment of the first resistive element and the second resistive element relative to the vertical offset. An indicator may optionally provide an indication that the resistive elements are in alignment.08-27-2009
20090212964Electrical Test Apparatus - Broadly, the present invention is an electrical test apparatus that is adapted to be removably engaged and in electrical communication with an electrical power terminal, the electrical test apparatus includes analytical circuitry that is operative in each of a plurality of modes to monitor the electrical power terminal and produce a plurality of event marker signals. Further included is a criterion circuitry that is operative in each of the plurality of modes to receive each of the plurality of event marker signals for a comparison with a selected value for each of the plurality of modes, wherein the criterion circuitry outputs a plurality of indicator signals each corresponding to one of the plurality of modes. In addition, a structure is included for producing an associated perceptible output in response to each of the plurality of indicator signals.08-27-2009
20100265080Apparatus for Signaling Different Notification Appliance Circuit Configurations - An arrangement for use in a safety notification system includes first, second, third and four outputs configurable for first and second wiring configurations of notification appliance circuits. The arrangement also includes a configurable terminal arrangement having first and second configurations corresponding to the first and second wiring configurations, and an end-of-line resistor. The configurable terminal arrangement in the first configuration couples the end-of-line resistor between the third and fourth outputs. The configurable terminal arrangement in the second configuration decouples the end-of-line resistor from the third and fourth outputs.10-21-2010
20100259401SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INDUCTIVE POWER PROVISION OVER AN EXTENDED SURFACE - A power providing system for transferring power from an inductive power outlet to an inductive power receiver. The power providing system includes a targeting apparatus capable of detecting the location of the inductive power receiver adjacent to said extended surface and driving a primary inductor in the vicinity of the inductive power receiver. Optionally, the inductive power outlet includes a moving primary inductor which may move into alignment with the receiver. Alternatively, the inductive power outlet includes an array of primary inductors and a primary inductor may be selected in the locality of the inductive power receiver.10-14-2010
20110210859METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANAGING BATTERY PACK - An apparatus for managing a battery pack for a vehicle includes a temperature measurement module for measuring temperature of the battery pack; a current measurement module for measuring a charge/discharge current of the battery pack when the measured temperature is not within a predetermined temperature range; a time measurement module for measuring the time while the measured charge/discharge current is over a predetermined current value; a storage module for accumulating and storing the measured time; and a control module for determining a state of the battery pack according to the accumulated and stored time and providing the state information to a user.09-01-2011
20130127627MITIGATING SINGLE POINT FAILURE OF DEVICES IN AN ANALYTE MONITORING SYSTEM AND METHODS THEREOF - Methods, devices, and kits are provided for mitigating single point failure of at least one device in an analyte monitoring system.05-23-2013
20090072985Detecting actuation of electrical devices using electrical noise over a power line - Activity sensing in the home has a variety of important applications, including healthcare, entertainment, home automation, energy monitoring and post-occupancy research studies. Many existing systems for detecting occupant activity require large numbers of sensors, invasive vision systems, or extensive installation procedures. Disclosed is an approach that uses a single plug-in sensor to detect a variety of electrical events throughout the home. This sensor detects the electrical noise on residential power lines created by the abrupt switching of electrical devices and the noise created by certain devices while in operation. Machine learning techniques are used to recognize electrically noisy events such as turning on or off a particular light switch, a television set, or an electric stove. The system has been tested to evaluate system performance over time and in different types of houses. Results indicate that various electrical events can be learned and classified with accuracies ranging from 85-90%.03-19-2009
20120032814SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING ELECTRICAL DEMAND PERFORMANCE - A method and associated system for monitoring electrical demand performance in a building, industrial complex or university campus is disclosed. According to a preferred method, historical data is initially complied and statically analyzed to determine demand forecast for a baseline day. Further according to the method, electrical demand is plotted with another indication, more particularly outside air temperature. Additionally the invention provides and electronic alert to building engineers when demand falls outside the expected demand range. Still further a control chart is provided with the expected electrical load range. Outside air temperature is also optionally considered historically and in real time in the method. The invention further contemplates commissioning building engineers to reduce demand when a real time demand is higher than an expected energy demand. A system is also disclosed herein having instrumentation and electronic devices controlled by software and transmitting data.02-09-2012
20110025516NATURAL LANGUAGE NAVIGATION FOR POWER MONITORING SYSTEMS - A method of parsing a natural language phrase to retrieve data associated with a power monitoring system. An input receives a natural language phrase including terms, one of which indicates a data manipulation action for manipulating data of the power monitoring system. A parser component parses the phrase to extract the terms and maps those terms to corresponding category items. The parser component constructs a structured query based on the category items and provides the query to a processor component that retrieves the data from a data source specified in the submitted phrase. The processor component also manipulates the data according to the data manipulation action. The output from the processor component is provided to a presentation component that formats the manipulated data for presentation on a video display, and the formatted manipulated data is displayed on the video display.02-03-2011
20090066527POWER METER HAVING FAULT TOLERANCE - A power meter having fault tolerance enhances the monitoring of electrical power by increasing the reliability of data output by the power meter having fault tolerance. The power meter having fault tolerance may enhance the monitoring process by transitioning from a faulty power monitoring device to a non-faulty power monitoring device without losing or corrupting power management data.03-12-2009
20090066528Automated configuration of a power monitoring system using hierarchical context - Methods of automatically configuring a power monitoring system based upon the locations of the monitoring devices in a hierarchy representing the spatial interrelationships of the monitoring devices. The power monitoring system includes a host computer communicatively coupled to a plurality of monitoring devices arranged in a hierarchy in an electrical system. Software on the host computer may execute any or all of an alarm aggregation algorithm for aggregating multiple alarms based on device location; a feature distribution algorithm for enabling/disabling selected device features; an evaluation algorithm for evaluating device applications; a device check algorithm for detecting flawed data; a custom configuration algorithm for customized configuration of thresholds on device-by-device basis; a host computer configuration algorithm for configuring the host computer; a redundancy algorithm for verifying an electrical event; an alarm configuration algorithm for configuring device thresholds; and a configuration error checking algorithm for detecting nomenclature issues.03-12-2009
20110018728SENSING DEVICE AND METHOD - The invention relates to a method and sensing device capable of determining a temperature of a liquid and an electrical conductivity of said liquid at said temperature. The sensing device comprises at least one temperature sensor for providing temperature measurement data arranged such that said temperature sensor is physically isolated from said liquid when said sensing device is immersed in said liquid. The device further comprises an electrical conductivity sensor, storage means containing temperature characteristics and a processor. The processor is arranged for instantly measuring an electrical conductivity of a liquid and for evaluating temperature measurement data for determining the temperature of the liquid on the basis of the temperature characteristics.01-27-2011
20100164736ENERGY-SAVING STATUS INDICATOR - The embodiments described herein present methods and apparatus for an energy-saving status indicator. A method includes receiving a configuration of a first power consumption state for a status indicator light in a network device. The method then activates the first power consumption state using the configuration. After detecting a condition, the method activates a second power consumption state for the status indicator light. The transition from the first power state to the second power state may be from a low power state to a normal operating state or from a normal operating state to a low power state in various embodiments. Other embodiments are described.07-01-2010
20110080299EMERGENCY POWER ACTIVATION DEVICE - An emergency power activation device includes at least one power module and a main control module. Each of the at least one power module includes an output end. The main control module includes an interface unit and a monitoring unit. When the interface unit is electrically connected with the power module, the electric energy stored in the power module can be outputted to the output end. The monitoring unit monitors the power storage of the power module and the electric connection between the power module and the main control module in real time. In this way, the emergency power activation device can keep the power supply stable while on standby for a long time and monitor the storage of its internal electric energy for an emergency power generator.04-07-2011
20090153339METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR BOOSTING AN AUDIBLE SIGNAL IN A NOTIFICATION SYSTEM - The present invention is an apparatus and a concomitant method for boosting the audio signal generated by at least one notification appliance in a supervised emergency voice evacuation system.06-18-2009
20080252474PROXIMITY SENSOR AND PROXIMITY SENSING METHOD - A proximity sensor includes a sense electrode having a first capacitance to ground, wherein the first capacitance varies in response to proximity of an object to be sensed; a first sense circuit which provides a first pulse signal having a pulse width determined in accordance with the first capacitance; a reference capacitor; a second sense circuit which provides a second pulse signal having a pulse width determined in accordance with a second capacitance of the reference capacitor; and a computing circuit which computes a difference pulse by subtracting the second pulse signal from the first pulse signal and provide a pulse of the difference pulse width.10-16-2008
20100321193APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING LED INDICATOR OF CHARGING STATUS AT THE PRIMARY CONTROL SIDE OF AN AC-DC POWER CHARGER - The present invention relates to a charge status indicator and a charger. The charger comprises a charging power supply and a charge status indicator, wherein, the charge status indicator comprises a detecting chip for monitoring charge status connected between the primary winding of transformer and ground, and a display module used for displaying the charge status, wherein, said detecting chip for monitoring charge status comprising: a detecting module for detecting the charging state of the charge power supply; a comparing module for determining the current charge status based on the detected charging state. By employing the charger or the charge status indicator for a charger, a primary-side feedback control Flyback SMPS may be employed, just a simple and reliable circuit is needed, and higher efficient can be achieved.12-23-2010
20120200418POWER SUPPLY DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM AND POWER SUPPLY DISTRIBUTION METHOD - A power supply distribution system including a power supply for supplying electric power; power outlets to which electronic devices are connected; power detection circuits for measuring an amount of electric power used through each of the power outlets; a power amount arithmetic circuit for determining a supply amount of the electric power to the power outlets based on information from the power detection circuits; and power limiting circuits for limiting the supply amount of the electric power to the power outlets. The power amount arithmetic circuit calculates a threshold of the amount of electric power used to be supplied to each of the power outlets based on a maximum supply amount of the electric power from the power supply and a number of the power outlets; and limits the amount of electric power used to be supplied to some power outlets to not more than the threshold.08-09-2012
20100117845Method and Device for Sensing a Body - In an embodiment of the present invention, a method for sensing a body is disclosed. The method includes measuring an impedance of a body occupying a seat over a plurality of frequencies and comparing the measured impedance of the body with a predefined body model. The method also includes determining whether the predefined body model corresponds to the measured impedance of the body.05-13-2010
20110181430PRESSURE CONTROL SWITCH, METHOD FOR USING THE SAME AND ALARM SYSTEM USING THE SAME - The present disclosure relates to a pressure control switch. The pressure control switch includes a bistable resistance element. The bistable resistance element includes an organic, soft, low-conductivity matrix, and a plurality of high conductivity particles dispersed in the matrix. The bistable resistance element switches from a low resistance state to a high resistance state by receiving a pressure change applied to the bistable resistance element. The present disclosure also relates to a method for using the pressure control switch and an alarm system.07-28-2011
20100026506Capacitance-Based Microchip Exploitation Detection - An apparatus and method detect microchip tampering by including a capacitance circuit that comprises a protective cover. Dielectric material may be sandwiched between the cover and a backside metal layer, which may be proximate a protected surface of the microchip. Changes in the capacitance of the above circuit caused by alteration of the cover or other component of the capacitance circuit may be sensed and prompt defensive action.02-04-2010
20080284610Tamper Respondent Enclosure - The present invention relates to a tamper respondent covering (11-20-2008
20100225497Surface-Mounted Crack Detection - A cementitious compound provides a brittle undercoat for making a surface-mounted crack sensor on a surface. A low percent elongation and low tensile strength of the cementitious compound have proven valuable in ensuring that cracks in the underlying surface are transmitted through the undercoat so that a trace of conductive ink or paint on the undercoat more reliably detects the crack.09-09-2010
20130009782BATTERY MAINTENANCE ALERT DEVICE AND PROCESS - The invention provides a battery maintenance alert process and device capable of tracking one or more operational variables for a lead-acid battery and lead-acid battery-operated equipment and alerting the user of the battery or battery-operated equipment when it is time to perform battery maintenance or service.01-10-2013
20090243869UNIVERSAL SOFTWARE DEFINED HOME GATEWAY - A system and method for communicating energy or water consumption related information from a plurality of RF enabled peripheral devices in a home, such as utility meters, thermostats, appliances and load controllers. The system includes a home gateway that enables wireless RF peripheral devices in a home to communicate to a WAN network, such as the internet. The home gateway contains a RF multi-band software defined radio that is fully programmable and configurable so that it is capable of emulating, transmitting, and receiving any of a plurality of RF protocols over multiple RF channels. The home gateway supports commonly used interfaces for communicating to the public WAN network. The system also supports future peripherals that do not exist today due to the flexibility of the home gateway.10-01-2009
20120154163SECURITY SYSTEM - A security system comprising apparatus for connecting a plurality of electrical devices (06-21-2012
20090135018SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FALSE ALERT FILTERING OF EVENT MESSAGES WITHIN A NETWORK - When a metering coupled to a network loses its primary power source and has a secondary power source, such as a super-capacitor, it recognizes and reports a power outage. In this case, the head end server may verify the power outage report by querying through the downstream nodes coupled to the network about the power outage. When a node loses its primary power source and has no secondary power source, it will fail to make a regularly scheduled report at the appropriate time. Consequently, the head end server verify the power outage by polling downstream nodes coupled to the HAN about the power outage to deduce whether a power outage.05-28-2009
20100245103HEALTHY HOME GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE METHOD AND DEVICE - A user display for a healthy home or like building structure. In a specific embodiment, the display includes a hardware housing and a display device coupled to the hardware housing. The display includes a plurality of graphical objects corresponding respectively to a plurality of different loads numbered from a through N, where N is an integer greater than 1. As an example, the loads can include, among others, air conditioning, water, heat, electricity, swimming pool, and others. In a specific embodiment, each of the graphical objects is displayed in a common unit of measurement. In a specific embodiment, each of the graphical objects comprises a total demand portion and a fraction of renewable energy portion. Of course, there can be other variations, modifications, and alternatives.09-30-2010
20100271227System and Method for Continual Cable Thermal Monitoring Using Cable Characteristic Considerations in Power Over Ethernet - A system and method for continual cable thermal monitoring using cable characteristic considerations in Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications. Cable heating in PoE applications is detected through changes in electrical characteristics of the cable itself. By periodically monitoring the electrical characteristics such as insertion loss or cross talk of the cable, it can be determined whether the cable has exceeded certain thermal operating thresholds.10-28-2010
20120262301Battery compartment adapted object locating device - An object locating device containing a transmitter, receiver, and adapted battery. The receiver and adapted battery are sized to correspond to a standard sized battery and fit into the battery compartment of the object to be located. The transmitter, when activated, emits a radio frequency that is received by the receiver. Upon receipt of this signal, receiver emits an audible tone allowing the user to locate a missing object. The receiver includes a power source, circuit board, and voltage bridge. Adapted battery contains an increased voltage to compensate for the loss of power from the receiver, wherein a user will remove two of the existing batteries from the device and replace them with adapted battery and receiver.10-18-2012
20110121986MAGNETIC FIELD STRENGTH THRESHOLD ALARM - A magnetic field strength threshold alarm that includes sensing means responsive to a magnetic field and actuating in response to field strength above a predetermined threshold, the sensing means being configured to be operational and able to actuate without consumption of energy; and alarm means for outputting an alarm responsive to the sensing means actuation, the alarm means being configured not to consume energy prior to actuation of the sensing means and only consuming energy subsequent to actuation of the sensing means. So, energy is not consumed by the alarm means prior to actuation. The alarm may be considered to include energy storage means for providing electrical energy, wherein the sensing means, the alarm means and energy storage means being operatively connected such that the electrical energy from the energy storage means is provided only when the sensing means is actuated.05-26-2011
20130015978METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PREVENTING OVERHEATING OF A COMPUTERAANM TRAN; TERESAAACI SAN DIEGOAAST CAAACO USAAGP TRAN; TERESA SAN DIEGO CA US - A computer implemented method and apparatus for preventing overheating of a computer comprising sensing a disengagement action for the computer, detecting a power setting associated with the disengagement action, and performing, when the power setting is detected to be set to a preset mode, at least one of alerting the user regarding the power setting and forcing the computer into a low power state.01-17-2013
20130169445MULTIMODE FIBER INTERROGATOR - An optical interrogator system including a broad spectrum light source capable of emitting light having a spectral width spanning at least approximately 20 nm, and at least one optical sensor coupled to the broad spectrum light source by at least one multimode optical fiber, wherein the at least one multimode optical fiber is configured to support a plurality of propagation modes, and a method of using the same are disclosed herein.07-04-2013
20130176132METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INTRUSION DETECTION IN NETWORKED CONTROL SYSTEMS - A method and system for detection of intrusion in networked control systems, is provided. The method includes generating an operating model of a system being controlled. The operating model of the system comprises a relationship between a plurality of components in the system defined by a plurality of parameters. Further, the method includes calculating an estimated value of at least one parameter for at least one component in the system. The operating model is used to calculate the estimated value of the at least one parameter. Furthermore, the method includes measuring a latest value of at least one parameter at a predefined interval. The method also includes triggering an alert for intrusion for the at least one component based on an analysis of at least one of the latest value and the estimated value of at least one parameter.07-11-2013
20090146827ANTI-PINCH SENSOR - Anti-pinch sensor (06-11-2009
20120256755HOUSEHOLD ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE - Herein disclosed is a household electrical appliance easily to know whether electricity rates are high or low when using the household electrical appliance, even in the variable rate system. The household electrical appliance includes, a receiving unit that receives information of electricity rates which are changed based on power generation capacity and power consumption amount and charged for power consumption as instantaneous electricity rate information; an electricity rate information accumulating unit that accumulates the received instantaneous electricity rate information; a determination unit that outputs a result obtained by statistically calculating a plurality of the accumulated instantaneous electricity rate information items as reference electricity rate information, and compares the latest received instantaneous electricity rate information with the output reference electricity rate information; and a numerical value display unit that notifies whether the latest instantaneous electricity rate information is higher than the reference electricity rate information.10-11-2012
20100309008CONTROLLING OPERATION OF A POSITIONING MODULE - Apparatus comprises a module, a magnetometer, and a controller. The module has an operation or output dependent on a location of the apparatus. The magnetometer includes a magnetic sensor arrangement. The controller is arranged to control operation of the module dependent on signals provided at an output of the magnetometer.12-09-2010
20110309943SELF-DIAGNOSING TRANSMISSION SYSTEM - A system transmits electric signals, electric energy or media over short distances between units movable relative to each other. The system has at least one first unit disposed along the trajectory of the movement and at least one second unit disposed for movement relative to the first unit. A diagnosis unit is associated with at least one of the units to detect the condition of at least one of said movable units and signals that detected condition to a central control unit.12-22-2011
20120019391Power Indicator Assembly for an Electrical Box - An electrical box assembly for a facility being served with electrical power via a power supply line includes an indicator assembly electrically connected to the power supply line. The indicator assembly indicates whether power is being supplied from the power supply line. The indicator assembly includes a switch and an indicator operable to emit at least one of a visual and audible signal. Actuation of the switch causes operation of the indicator if electrical power is provided in the power supply line.01-26-2012

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