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340539130 Tracking location (e.g., GPS, etc.) 341
340539120 Medical 132
20130027199HYGIENE COMPLIANCE SYSTEM AND METHOD - A hygiene compliance system comprising personnel tags each having a respective status indicator that may be set to a first value indicating hygiene compliance or to a second value indicating hygiene non-compliance. Monitors for target zones, e.g. patients' beds, detect the presence of the personnel tags at the target zone. Monitors for hygiene stations, e.g. washbasins, detect the presence of the tags at the hygiene stations. When the hygiene station monitor detects that a hygiene station has been used, the respective tag is set to the first value. The target zone monitor checks the status of tags detected in its target zone and may issue a warning if the status indicates hygiene non-compliance. When the person leaves the target zone, the target zone monitor changes the respective tag's status to the second value.01-31-2013
20100148954Mobile handset proximity location - A system and method which allows for a more direct form of presenting useful information to a mobile handset user is disclosed. More specifically a method to supply increased functionality to a mobile handset by adding a friend location function to mobile handsets, and to provide a location/homing function to mobile handsets when they are within a prescribed relative range of each other.06-17-2010
20130043992Micro Handheld Alarm Network System for and Method of Alerting to Any Loss of a Network Entity - A micro handheld alarm network system for alerting to any lose of a network entity is presented herein. The micro handheld alarm network system contains several system elements first type which communicate between them by means of wireless communication first type protocols such as a Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4 standard). The Zigbee standard includes a method of determining the distance between every two system elements within the micro handheld network. The micro handheld alarm network system can also include at least one system elements second type, which can, in addition, communicate by means of wireless communication second type protocols, such as Bluetooth and Wifi. By monitoring such distances, the system elements may decide if one or more of the system elements are drawn away from the other system elements, thereby alerting the user of such occurrence.02-21-2013
20130076507TABLET COMPUTER AS USER INTERFACE OF SECURITY SYSTEM - A building security system including a security sensor configured to sense a security breach associated with a building. An off-the-shelf portable personal electronic computing device is communicatively coupled to the security sensor and to a central monitoring station. The computing device is programmable within the building to transmit an alarm signal to the central monitoring station in response to the security sensor sensing a security breach associated with the building.03-28-2013
20130033376HAND HYGIENE COMPLIANCE SYSTEM - A system and method of encouraging compliance of hand hygiene in an environment where users move from zone to zone and are required to perform hand hygiene between the zones. Users carry a wearable zone sensor which detects zones, detects hand hygiene actions, logs time of changing zones, and hand hygiene actions. The wearable sensor can be integral with a wearable hand hygiene product dispenser and/or can operate in cooperation with a fixed dispenser configured to transmit hand hygiene actions to the wearable zone sensor. The wearable zone sensors are configured to be useable anonymously or to be associated with a user identifier, and to interface with a central computer via a docking station or communication interface to transfer data for later analysis.02-07-2013
20090058635Medical data transport over wireless life critical network - A portable patient communicator (PPC) includes a portable housing that supports a processor coupled to memory for storing medical firmware and wireless radio firmware, first and second radios, a processor, and a power source. Communications between a patient implantable medical device (PIMD) and the first radio of the PPC are effected in accordance with program instructions of the medical firmware, and communications between the second radio of the PPC and the wireless network are effected in accordance with program instructions of the wireless radio firmware. Data from the PIMD is received via the first radio to which a priority level is assigned, such as in a tiered manner. A data transport mechanism is selected among disparate data transport mechanisms based at least in part on the priority level. PIMD data is transmitted to the wireless network using the selected transport mechanism via the second radio.03-05-2009
20090309714System and method for activating electromechanical systems using flexible intelligent radio frequency modules - A system for activating electromechanical systems of a vehicle, including at least one first flexible intelligent radio frequency module mounted on the vehicle, for receiving wireless communications signals; at least one second flexible intelligent radio frequency module mounted on the vehicle, for receiving wireless communications signals from a transponder, at least one third flexible intelligent radio frequency module mounted on the vehicle, for transmitting a signal when its capacitance is changed when an object is proximal to the at least one third flexible intelligent radio frequency module; at least one fourth flexible intelligent radio frequency module mounted on the vehicle, for receiving sounds external to the vehicle; and a vehicle bus in communication with the at least one first, second, third, and fourth flexible intelligent radio frequency modules.12-17-2009
20100109863VOICE-AIDED UNATTENDED SURVEILLANCE SENSOR DEPLOYMENT SYSTEM AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - The surveillance system includes a remote monitoring station, at least one mobile radio (e.g. a handheld radio), and one or more deployable sensors each for unattended surveillance to transmit a detection signal in response to a detected activity. A deployable gateway surveillance node includes a controller and at least one wireless transceiver cooperating therewith to transmit a notification to the remote monitoring station based upon a received detection signal, and determine and transmit a voice-message status report, based upon the received detection signal, to the at least one mobile radio identifying the deployable gateway surveillance node and corresponding deployable sensor for the received detection signal. The voice message status report may further include information regarding a status of a communication link between the deployable gateway surveillance node and the remote monitoring station, a received detection signal strength, detected activity information and/or a status of a positioning information communication link between the deployable gateway surveillance node and a positioning/navigation system.05-06-2010
20080284586PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DETACHABLY ATTACHING THE SAME USING MAGNETIC ATTACHMENT DEVICE - A portable electronic device for both vehicle and home use is provided. The portable electronic device includes a magnetic attachment device having a magnetic element. Another magnetic element is disposed on the support inside the vehicle or home. When the portable electronic device is placed on the support, the controller in the electronic device may be activated in response to the interaction between the first and second magnetic elements and generates a controlling signal to operate the electronic elements in the electronic device. The controller may be deactivated in response to separation of the first magnetic element from the second magnetic element when the portable electronic device is detached from the support.11-20-2008
20090045944Rechargeable batteries - An improved rechargeable battery which comprises: a plurality of battery cells connected together to discharge in parallel, each of the cells, or each group or groups of the cells having its own respective recharging input; and an electrical switching circuit to switch a number of the battery cells or groups of cells to connect to their respective recharging input for recharging each cell or group of cells individually.02-19-2009
20130049955METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING AN ALERT BASED ON CAR SEAT USE DETECTION - An approach for providing notifications to caregivers based on the detected presence of a child in a car seat is described. Physical presence of an object within a car seat is detected. A determination is made that a proximity threshold between a mobile device and the car seat is satisfied based on the presence information, range information associated with the mobile device, or a combination thereof. A notification message is generated in response to the detected physical presence of the object to indicate the presence of the object in the car seat based on the determination. Initiation of the transmission of the notification message to a mobile device within a predetermined proximity of the car seat is performed.02-28-2013
20100134274ANTICIPATORY RESPONSES TO COMMANDS - Responsive to intercepting an outbound command, a command interceptor may, upon determining that the command is associated with a particular category of commands, transmit an anticipatory response to the source of the command, for example, to prematurely indicate that the command has met with success. Accordingly, a given application whose further execution is dependent upon the successful completion of the command may further execute earlier than would be the case if the given application was to await the transmission of the command, the generation of a response indicating success and the receipt of the response indicating success.06-03-2010
20100265059Handwashing Compliance Detection System - Systems and methods are provided for monitoring use of handwashing agents to determine compliance with hand hygiene guidelines. A handwashing agent is provided with a detectable, volatile compound, such as odors, which is then rubbed onto a subject's hands using the subject's handwashing technique. After the handwashing event, the subject's hand is then exposed to an detector (such as a badge), which includes a sensor capable of detecting the volatile compound, and an indicator that communicates detection of the volatile compound, indicating use of the handwashing agent and hand hygiene compliance.10-21-2010
20090115599AUTOMATED AUDIO OPERATION SUPPORT DEVICE AND METHODS - A body-mounted electronic audio device playing prerecorded audio statements automatically issued as directed by wirelessly connected stationary computer decision-making using input from wearers and devices within the workplace environment to support to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness especially those in fast food stores.05-07-2009
20090303035RADIO CONTROLLED SAFETY STOP SYSTEM FOR FORKLIFT TRUCKS WITH RFID - A security system including an RFID subsystem for detecting entry of an RFID tag within a monitored area; an RFID token associated with a person accessing the monitored area; and an indicator system for providing an indication when the person enters into the monitored area.12-10-2009
20090135001Pressure sensing system - A system includes a pressure sensor communicating directly, or indirectly, via a data processor, with a feedback device. The pressure sensor is located in an athletic surface, such as in footwear, sports boards, decks, or the like, to measure the pressure and/or force transmitted to a user's leg, ankle, knee, and so forth. The feedback device produces a signal, optionally an audible, visible, and/or tactile signal, to alert the user that the pressure or force has exceeded a pressure threshold.05-28-2009
20090045942Firefighter Response System - A method for identifying available resources for responding to an incident is provided. The method includes receiving a communication from each of a plurality of first responders, where the communication is responsive to an incident generated request, processing each of the communications to generate a response status for each of the plurality of first responders, and sending the response status for each of the plurality of first responders to a remote program.02-19-2009
20090267757Vehicle immobilizer systems and methods including RFID enabled computer and associated license plate with RFID tag - Vehicle occupant identification and safety systems and methods include an RFID equipped vehicle including a computer system for controlling operating functions of the vehicle, an RFID emitter for use by a passenger of the vehicle, and processing logic associated with the computer system for determining when the vehicle has concluded operation and for detecting a signal from the passenger RFID emitter so that the computer system may be activated to send a distress signal when the passenger has remained in the vehicle after a predetermined time from when the vehicle has discontinued operation. Other embodiments of the system include an embedded RFID tag in a license plate to disable operation of a vehicle when the license place is removed from the vehicle.10-29-2009
20130063259Wireless Radio Frequency Switch Controller - A wireless radio frequency switch controller that requires no batteries is disclosed, as is a method for interacting between the wireless radio frequency switch controller and a Bluetooth device. The wireless radio frequency switch controller taps into the existing garage door control wiring and uses capacitors to retain power (voltage and current), which is a form of energy harvesting. The Bluetooth device interaction causes a digital controlled switch such as a transistor, solid state switch, or electrochemical relay, which operates the desired garage door motor thereby opening and closing the garage door. Additionally, the wireless radio frequency switch controller may operate in conjunction with different parent systems such as thermostats, doorbells, security systems, or the like.03-14-2013
20130214925SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING AND RESPONDING TO AN EMERGENCY - A computer-implemented method is provided including receiving sensor data from a mobile device corresponding to a first user. A user state of the first user is predicted based on the sensor data. A request is transmitted to the first user to confirm the predicted user state, and a notification is transmitted regarding the predicted user state to a second user responsive to the first user's confirmation of the predicted user state or the first user's failure to respond to the request. A computing system for monitoring and reporting activity of a mobile device is also provided.08-22-2013
20090160638RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION READER SYSTEM - In general, the disclosure describes a radio frequency identification (“RFID”) reader system is disclosed. In particular, the RFID reader system is preferably mobile and determines both the existence and general location of at least one RFID-tagged object of interest.06-25-2009
20110298612METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PERSONAL ALERT - An alert system and apparatus for an emergency alert system is provided to disseminate emergency information to the public utilizing a universal paging system through a personal alert device such as a cellular telephone, pager, PDA or E-FOB. The alert system utilizes an emergency alert system signal from an alert system to broadcast the alert message to cellular devices in a specified alert area. The broadcast message provides information related to the alert level. The personal alert device may be an active or passive device which is activated by an alert signal and then listens for a cellular message. If the personal alert device is within the alert area, the personal alert device provides information to the user12-08-2011
20090091442INVENTORY DEVICES AND METHODS - In one implementation, a method includes reading first component data from a first tag associated with a first component of a device. The device may be powered on or off. The first component data indicate components associated with the first component at a first time. The method may involve obtaining second component data from a second tag associated with a support structure. The second component data may indicate components disposed in the support structure at a second time. The method may also involve comparing the first component data with the second component data and determining whether the first component data match the second component data.04-09-2009
20100231378Personal Security System - A personal security system relating to a method of applying remote access to track, gather data and receive alerts from a distant personal accessory such as a bracelet or watch. An alert signal is emitted during a number of scenarios including dramatic changes to adrenaline, traveling to a certain distance threshold, or tampering or attempted removal of the personal accessory. In addition, the alert can only be canceled by the authorized receiver.09-16-2010
20090309715Contact-less card reader having associated campaign encrypting/decrypting means and associated campaign processing means - The present invention relates to a contact-less card reader having associated campaign encrypting/decrypting means and associated campaign processing means, in order to process the associated campaign, wherein the associated campaign encrypting/decrypting means are for proceeding security control process of the associated campaign to verify the contact-less card after the card reader reads the data from the contact-less card, the associated campaign processing means are for processing the associated campaign in accordance with the associated campaign rules downloaded from an associated campaign server, the card reader itself executes the transaction authorization process and associated campaign process, and then sends back the result thereof to an electronic data capture so as to execute data recordation in the follows by the electronic data capture and a remote server.12-17-2009
20090309713System and method for activating vehicular electromechanical systems using RF communications and voice commands received from a user positioned locally external to a vehicle - A system and method for activating electromechanical systems of a vehicle may include at least one antenna coupled to a vehicle and configured to receive wireless communications signals. At least one microphone may be coupled to the vehicle and configured to receive sounds external to the vehicle. A control unit may be in communication with the antenna(s) and be configured to receive the wireless communications signals. A voice recognition system may be in communication with the microphone(s). A transponder/keyfob may be utilized to determine when a user is locally external to the vehicle and, in response to determining that the user is locally external to the vehicle, the microphones may be polled to receive a voice command from the user to activate an electromechanical system.12-17-2009
20130021152SHOE WEAR-OUT SENSOR, BODY-BAR SENSING SYSTEM, UNITLESS ACTIVITY ASSESSMENT AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - A body bar sensing system for sensing movement of a body bar may be provided. The body bar sensing system may include a housing having a coupling mechanism operative to couple to the body bar, a detector disposed within the housing and operative to sense movement of the body bar when the housing is coupled to the body bar, and a processor operative to determine a number of repetitions of the movement based on the sensed movement. The body bar sensing system may also include a display operative to display the determined number of repetitions of the movement to a user.01-24-2013
20120001750CENTRAL FACILITY THAT COMMUNICATES WITH PORTABLE CONTAINER VIA MOBILE DEVICE - A central facility communicates with a portable container via a mobile device. A computer at the central facility receives (a) usage data, in association with identification tag information for the portable container, from the mobile device associated with the portable container, the usage data generated by a usage sensor in the portable container, (b) environmental data from the mobile device associated with the portable container, the environmental data generated by an environmental sensor, and (c) patient data from the mobile device associated with the portable container, the patient data generated by a patient sensor. The central facility computer stores the usage data, the environmental data and the patient data in a record associated with the identification tag information. The central facility computer analyzes the usage data, the environmental data and the patient data relative to a situational rule, to determine an action. The central facility computer sends (i) action data to the mobile device associated with the portable container, and (ii) notice data to a third party in accordance with a notification rule. The central facility computer stores the action data and the notice data in the record associated with the identification tag information.01-05-2012
20110285529ACTIVITY TREND DETECTION AND NOTIFICATION TO A CAREGIVER - In one example, a process includes receiving a plurality of first communications and a plurality of second communications, each first communication capturing activity of a patient using a first device at a different time and each second communication capturing activity of the patient using a second device at a different time. The process includes identifying a macro trend for all monitored activity of the patient based on data taken from the first and second communications. The process includes comparing data taken from a new communication from at least one of the first and second devices to the identified macro trend. A caregiver may be notified according to the comparison.11-24-2011
20110285528WIRELESS NETWORK APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR LOCK INDICATION - An apparatus for tracking the status of a lock, comprising: at least one lock tracking device for tracking a status of a lock; and at least one wireless key unit; wherein each of said at least one wireless key unit is connected to one of said at least one lock tracking device, and wherein said at least one wireless key unit includes a transceiver unit for transmitting information obtained from the at least one lock tracking device regarding the status of the lock.11-24-2011
20110298613EMERGENCY DETECTION AND NOTIFICATION SYSTEM - An emergency detection and notification system containing a short wireless transceiver collects sensor information from onboard sensors and or remote sensors and detects conditions that require attention.12-08-2011
20110298611Apparatus and Method for an Alert Notification System - In one aspect of the teachings herein, an alert notification system provides targeted and mass notifications via wireless transmissions within a defined network coverage area served by a radio network, which may be a closed private radio network and which, in one or more contemplated embodiments, comprises an appropriately configured cellular communications network. The alert notification system includes a central monitoring station that is configured to perform one or more alert functions that are in some sense optimized for processing and responding to alerts to, among other advantages, rapidly and effectively notify persons included within a defined population of emergencies and other alert conditions.12-08-2011
20110291827Portable Monitor for Elderly/Infirm Individuals - The present invention is directed to a portable monitor for use by elderly/infirm individuals that desires a significant degree of independence but recognizes that their ability to handle many situations by themselves is or will become substantially attenuated. In one embodiment, the portable monitor includes: (a) a sensor system that receives data reflecting environmental and personal aspects associated with the monitored individual from various sensors, (b) a user interface that allows the monitored individual to interact with the monitor; (c) a communication interface that provides for the ability to communicate with a third party if the monitored individual is or is likely to enter into a situation in which assistance is likely needed; and (d) a processing system for processes data produced by sensor system and data input from the user interface to determine if the monitored individual is in a situation or likely is in a situation in which assistance is likely needed.12-01-2011
20110215921SYSTEMS FOR WIRELESS AUTHENTICATION BASED ON BLUETOOTH PROXIMITY - A method and apparatus for wireless authentication, secure automatic access to application and to systems and for providing an alarm to users upon detecting that a monitored device is not within a desired proximity using a BLUETOOTH apparatus are described.09-08-2011
20090189758SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MANAGING SITE SECURITY THROUGH A COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A computing system for managing site security through a communication device includes a mobile communication device, a notification, and the communication device. Using BLUETOOTH technology, the mobile communication device communicates with and activates the communication device and the notification. The communication device detects any noteworthy event and captures visual data accordingly, and transmits the visual data to the mobile communication device. The notification generates visual and audio alerts. A related method and storage medium with instructions for performance of the method also provided.07-30-2009
20100001856LUGGAGE IDENTIFICATION AND FINDER WITH CONTINUOUS RADIO FREQUENCY FEED SYSTEM - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to luggage location and provide a system for luggage identification and location through a continuous RF feed. In an embodiment of the invention, a luggage location system can include a luggage transceiver and a handheld transceiver. The luggage transceiver can include an RF receiver and an RF transmitter, both coupled to a power source, and a trigger powered by the power source and coupled to the RF receiver and the RF transmitter. The trigger can include circuitry enabled to direct an emission of an RF return signal in response to detecting receipt of a continuous RF signal in the RF transmitter from the handheld transceiver. By comparison, the handheld transceiver can include an RF receiver and an RF transmitter, both coupled to a power source, an on/off switch that when in an on position permits the RF transmitter to emit a continuous RF signal, and an alert sub-system coupled to the RF receiver and configured to activate at least one of an audio alert and a visible alert responsive to detecting receipt of the RF return signal from the luggage transceiver01-07-2010
20100090824Miniature and Multi-Band RF Coil Design - A near field apparatus comprises a Radio Frequency (RF) coil including at least one of a shorting bridge from a first point to a second point along an electrical path of the RF coil and/or a discontinuity in the electrical path of the RF coil.04-15-2010
20110169631REAL-TIME ALARM SYSTEM - A real-time alarm system comprises an image capturing element, a network transmission system, a control processing unit and a mobile device. The image capturing element is installed on different sites to generate image information. The image information is transmitted through the network transmission system with one end linking to the image capturing element. The control processing unit is linked to the network transmission system and includes a server, and contains preset information to compare with the image information to generate comparison information. The comparison information is analyzed by a preset algorithm to judge behaviors of objects in the images. The mobile device is linked to the control processing unit to receive the image information. After the control processing unit judges specific behaviors, it actively informs the mobile device to record a video for a selected duration to be seen anytime at a remote site.07-14-2011
20090295566Apparatus and Method for The Detection of a Subject in Drowning or Near-Drowning Situation - An apparatus and method for the early detection of a subject in a drowning or in a near-drowning situation in a body of water, such as a swimming pool, are disclosed. When the drowning or near-drowning situation is identified the apparatus issues an alarm signal that, in order to promote early rescue, attracts the relative, guest, friend or any other person. Following the identification of the alarm signal the potential rescuer is capable of initiating an immediate rescue operation and consequently requisite emergency medical procedures.12-03-2009
20090295567POLARIZATION INSENSITIVE ANTENNA FOR HANDHELD RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION READERS - A handheld radio frequency identification (RFID) reader includes a polarization insensitive antenna that enables simultaneous operation in two orthogonal polarization modes. The RFID reader includes an RF communication module and an antenna coupled to the RF communication module. The RF communication module is configured to process RF signals associated with operation of the RFID reader, and the antenna is configured to transmit and receive RF energy associated with operation of the RFID reader. The antenna includes a conductive loop element having a major longitudinal path, and a slot formed in the conductive loop element along the major longitudinal path. The conductive loop element is configured to operate as a first antenna polarized in a first orientation, and the slot is configured to operate as a second antenna polarized in a second orientation.12-03-2009
20090295565Urgent Message Transmission System and Method - Disclosed is an urgent message transmission system. In the system, when a disaster warning message is received from a network provider, an originating terminal transmits the received disaster warning message to a preset urgent message recipient according to a user's request. Further, a terminating terminal having received an urgent message from the originating terminal transmits the received urgent message to a preset urgent message recipient according to a user's request. Accordingly, when an urgent message is received from a provider or a specific user, it is possible to quickly transfer the contents of the received urgent message to other users without recreating a separate urgent message.12-03-2009
20090261969VEHICLE STATE NOTIFYING SYSTEM, ITS CONSTITUENT DEVICE, AND NOTIFYING METHOD - A vehicle state notifying system for notifying the user of a vehicle state through a simple configuration at a low cost is proved. The notifying system includes a slave device which the user carries and a master device radio-communicatable with the slave device bidirectionally. Upon reception of send request data from the slave device, the master device generates notification data indicating the state of an automobile from the detection result of the state of the automobile detected by various sensors and sends the notification data to the slave device through weak radio. The master device synchronizes the transmission timing of the notification data with the reception operation interval of the slave device.10-22-2009
20110199205DEVICES AND METHODS FOR BEHAVIOR ASSESSMENT AND MODIFICATION - In one embodiment, a behavior assessment and modification device comprises a strap for fastening the device about a user's limb; a data interface for receiving input by the user; a sensor for detecting movement by the user; a processor for processing movement data detected by the sensor and interpreting the movement data according to the input received from a user; a memory component for storing the input received from the user, the movement data, and the interpretations of the movement data; and a signaling component for alerting the user according to the processed movement data.08-18-2011
20120293321PRODUCT CONTAINER FOR USE WITH DEVICE CAPABLE OF LONG-RANGE AND SHORT-RANGE COMMUNICATIONS - A container for a product is used with an external device having long-range communication capability and short-range communication capability and location sensing capability. The container has a local communication interface for communicating with the external device using the short-range communication capability of the external device, and a processor for producing information and directing the local communication interface to send the information to the external device.11-22-2012
20100102954Automatic Personal Warning Alert - An automatic personal warning system including: a first moving radio frequency transmitter apparatus; a first movable radio frequency receiver apparatus configured to receive first radio frequency signals originating from the first moving radio frequency transmitter apparatus and thereby obtain an indication of a kinematic parameter of the first moving radio frequency transmitter apparatus and configured to automatically generate a personal warning alert to a user of the first movable radio frequency receiver apparatus if the kinematic parameter of the first moving radio frequency transmitter apparatus satisfies a defined criterion.04-29-2010
20100201512Apparatus, systems, and methods for evaluating body movements - Apparatus, systems, and methods are provided for measuring and analyzing movements of a body and for communicating information related to such body movements over a network. In certain embodiments, a system gathers biometric and biomechanical data relating to positions, orientations, and movements of various body parts of a user performed during sports activities, physical rehabilitation, or military or law enforcement activities. The biometric and biomechanical data can be communicated to a local and/or remote interface, which uses digital performance assessment tools to provide a performance evaluation to the user. The performance evaluation may include a graphical representation (e.g., a video), statistical information, and/or a comparison to another user and/or instructor. In some embodiments, the biometric and biomechanical data is communicated wirelessly to one or more devices including a processor, display, and/or data storage medium for further analysis, archiving, and data mining. In some embodiments, the device includes a cellular telephone.08-12-2010
20080272905Attendance Management System - There is provided an attendance management system capable of easily checking attendance without requiring a special procedure or an individual authentication card or an attendance permission card. The attendance management system (11-06-2008
20110006894SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MONITORING PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT - A multi-level equipment configuration monitoring system can include a plurality of RFID tags associated with respective user protective elements such as respirators, eye protectors, gloves boots, helmets and hearing protectors. A user communication unit can activate the tags and determine which elements are present. The determined elements can be compared to a pre-stored, approved list of elements to establish the state of a user's complement of protective equipment. Missing equipment can be immediately identified and brought to the user's attention. Information can be collected as to duration of use of the elements as well as duration of exposure of those elements to one or more predetermined hazardous conditions to schedule maintenance and replacement.01-13-2011
20100141428PERSONAL ALARM SYSTEM FOR LARGE GEOGRAPHIC AREAS - A personal alarm system is provided that employs two different radio frequency subsystems to maximize the probability that the alarm message will reach its destination. The personal alarm sends its alarm message over a dedicated and unshared RF channel to minimize problems of RF interference and obstructed signal paths. The alarm message is then delivered to its destination over a separate spread spectrum, redundant and self healing communications network.06-10-2010
20090160640USER INTERFACE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A system is disclosed including an electronic device having a case housing an operative portion, such as a sound system, CD Player, or the like. A bay is formed in the case and includes a communication channel interface electrically coupled to the operative portion. The system further includes a portable computer, such as a personal digital assistant (PDA). The portable computer is sized to fit within the bay having a communication channel thereof in data communication with the communication channel interface. The portable computer stores applications including one or more control applications programmed to generate control signals in response to user inputs. Applications may display an interface on a touch screen and receive user inputs therefrom. The control signals are transmitted to the operative portion which responds to the control signals by playing music, adjusting a volume level, and the like.06-25-2009
20090160639KEYLESS ALERT SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMOBILES - A keyless alert system for use in a car incorporating a keyless control system including a master controller and a remote controller co-operable via an RF communication link. The keyless alert system comprises a master alert unit in the master controller, a remote alert unit in the remote controller, and an alert signal generator in each of the alert units for providing an alert signal while the car engine is running and when the communication link fails by reason of the remote alert unit being separated from the master alert unit beyond a certain distance.06-25-2009
20110128145METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DOOR ACCESS AND PATIENT MONITORING - Methods and systems for door access and patient monitoring are described. The patient monitoring system includes a door access control system coupled to one or more doors of a facility for monitoring and controlling the access of patients coupled to a patient monitoring device. Whenever a patient coupled to a patient monitoring device comes within a predetermined distance of a particular door the door access control system transmits a first signal encoded with the door location data to the patient monitoring device. The patient monitoring device then transmits a second signal encoded with the door location data and patient identification data of the patient coupled to the monitoring device to the door access control system and a monitoring system that controls the door access and monitoring of patient within the facility. If the door coupled to the door access control system is in the open position when the patient is detected, the door access control system transmits a third signal encoded with the door location data to the monitoring system. The monitoring system then compares the door location data encoded in the second signal with the door location data encoded in the third signal before displaying that data at a master station for alerting facility staff.06-02-2011
20090015397EMERGENCY LIGHT SYSTEM - An emergency communication device is disclosed herein, including a substantially enclosed housing, at least one receiver, at least one transformer, at least one latching relay, at least one power supply, wherein the receiver, transformer, latching relay, and power supply are located within the housing, a telephone cord, an automatic dialer, wherein the automatic dialer is operatively connected to the housing, and is operatively connected to at least the power supply, and a flashing light.01-15-2009
20090085738Method, Devices And System For Multiple RFID Tag Read-Out - A method is provided, comprising transmitting a first radio frequency identification tag wake-up sequence by a master reader device; responsive to said first wake-up sequence, transmitting a second radio frequency identification tag wake-up sequence by at least one slave reader device; responsive to receiving said first and/or said second wake-up sequence at one or more radio frequency identification tags of a plurality of radio frequency identification tags, responding to said wake-up sequence; receiving responses from said one or more radio frequency identification tags at said master reader; deriving first tag information from said responses; and providing said first tag information. A corresponding system, master reader device and slave reader device are also provide.04-02-2009
20110227724AUTOMATED LOCATION-INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC NOTIFICATION SERVICE SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Traffic notification systems include a location determination system that is configured to determine a geographic location of a subscriber and an automated traffic notification system that is configured to automatically transmit a traffic notification message that is based on the geographic location of the subscriber to a wireless.09-22-2011
20090002152PORTABLE ALARM TRANSMITTER FOR COMPLIANCE MONITORING - A portable alarm transmitter for compliance monitoring detects whether a user is wearing the device. If not, a special alarm signal is sent to the monitoring service provider so that remedial actions can be taken. The alarm transmitter comprises a motion sensor, and an algorithm thereby for detecting whether the alarm device is being worn by the user. The alarm transmitter distinguish between non-compliance (e.g. user has taken off the alarm device) versus other “activities of daily living (ADL) that may appear to be non-compliance events (e.g. sleeping) by incorporating user stimulus and user response.01-01-2009
20090251310SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUDIBLY REPRESENTING A REMOTE EVENT - A system and method of audibly representing a remote event that is typically associated with a sound are used to enhance a person's experience with the event. In particular, the technique uses a portable electronic device, such as a mobile telephone, to enhance the user's auditory perception of an event that is associated with a sound, but where the user may be too far away from the source of the sound to hear the sound as it is generated by the source. The user may set a sound producing device to send a notice to the user's electronic device when the sound-generating event has occurred. The notice may be a message, or other data object, that is transmitted through a network. Upon receipt of the notice, the electronic device may play back an audio file that contains sound data representative of the sound-generating event.10-08-2009
20120105223LANYARD AND PERSONAL EMERGENCY TRANSMITTER SYSTEM - A lanyard device (05-03-2012
20110227723REMOTE MACHINE MONITORING - A system for monitoring a machine includes a monitoring relay for coupling to one or more sensors on the machine and a communication device. The system also includes a remote monitoring unit (RMU) coupled to the monitoring device and the communication device, the RMU receiving data points from the monitoring relay and causing the data points to be provided over a communication to a server via an HTTP POST command.09-22-2011
20100182144RFID MAGNETIC SHEET, NONCONTACT IC CARD AND PORTABLE MOBILE COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - Provided is a RFID magnetic sheet to be attached to an IC tag. The RFID magnetic sheet is provided with a plurality of stripe arranged layers (07-22-2010
20090002153Key Fob and System for Indicating the Lock Status of a Door Lock - The present invention provides a system that records, at a remote location, the current status of a door lock. This invention provides a key fob device, which records the current status of a door look. The key fob indicates to the user the current lock status of the given door(s) in question. The key fob is a small key chain attached device, which records the state of the door locks, or other devices or appliances, as one departs from the door. The system of the present invention comprises a sensor at the door that detects the current lock status of a door and transmits this lock to the key fob. Also incorporated into the key fob is circuitry that receives and records this received lock status. A display component in the key fob displays this current lock status when prompted by the user.01-01-2009
20100019896REMOTE CLIMATE CONTROL DEVICE INCLUDING ELECTRICAL AC UNIT FOR AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - A remote climate control system is for an electric vehicle without a combustion engine and having a rechargeable electrical power source and an electrical AC unit selectively powered thereby, a sensor associated with the rechargeable electrical power source, and a data communications bus extending throughout the hybrid vehicle. At least one of the electrical AC unit and the sensor is coupled to the data communications bus. The remote climate control system includes a remote transmitter and a receiver to be positioned at the hybrid vehicle for receiving signals from said remote transmitter. A vehicle remote climate controller cooperates with said receiver and to be coupled to the data communications bus extending within the hybrid vehicle for communication thereover to selectively operate the electrical AC unit responsive to the sensor and said remote transmitter.01-28-2010
20090045943AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREOF FOR WIRELESS NETWORKS - An authentication system for a wireless network is disclosed. The authentication system includes a card, a card reader, an end-user device, and a wireless access device. The card reader is coupled to the wireless access device. The card records a data, and the card reader reads the data recorded in the card. The wireless access device receives the data read by the card reader and performs authentication between the wireless access device and the end-user device according to the data.02-19-2009
20080316019Reader Control System - An RFID reader control system and method is provided. A protocol for controlling an RFID reader and an RFID reader control unit of a mobile phone is defined. Messages, information, commands, responses, and notification are constructed and transmitted between the RFID reader and the RFID reader control unit.12-25-2008
20100277307Municipal Operations Monitoring and Alert System - Methods and systems for efficient network and device-based monitoring and response to municipality functions, operations, infrastructure and utilities uses automated notifications of municipal agents or employees of municipal operations information. Notifications are delivered according to pre-defined rules, a hierarchical structure of categories to organize alerts and information in a logical order of critical importance and delivered by information systems within the municipality. A user interface is utilized to change the hierarchy, view alert information, and select issues for responsive action.11-04-2010
20100238021Dispenser system - A dispenser system (09-23-2010
20100253504METHOD FOR WIRELESSLY MONITORING THE PRESENCE OR ABSENCE OF ONE OR MORE PERSONS AND ASSOCIATED PERSON MONITORING SYSTEM - A person monitoring system employs an exemplary method for wirelessly monitoring one or more persons, wherein each person is initially positioned in a respective person support device (PSD) and each PSD is associated with a presence determining device (PDD) operable to detect a presence of a person in the PSD. A portable unit (PU) of the system wirelessly receives status signals during a training period from one or more PDDs. Each status signal includes a respective identifier corresponding to the PDD. The PU stores identifiers included in status signals received during the training period to produce monitored identifiers. After expiration of the training period, the PU wirelessly receives status signals from at least some of the PDDs. The PU then determines whether each monitored identifier is included in at least one respective post-training status signal received during a predetermined time interval and, if not, alerts a user of the PU.10-07-2010
20100141427PORTABLE ELECTRONIC SECURITY DEVICE - A two part security system has a portable tamper warning device, adapted to be co-located with a portable object, and incorporating a tamper sensor and an alarm able to be activated by tampering with the physical object; and a separate complementary portable device adapted to be carried by the owner of the physical object; wherein, the tamper warning device is able to detect the presence of the complementary device and is operable to prevent the alarm being activated when the complementary device is within range, but allows the alarm to be activated by a signal from the tamper sensor when the complimentary device is out of range.06-10-2010
20100102953Identification Tag Information Reminder System and Method and Portable Identification Tag Information Reminder Device Using the Method - An identification tag information reminder system and a method thereof are provided. The system comprises an identification tag, for storing a tag identification code, an identification condition data and a reminder message corresponding to the identification condition data; and a portable device, comprising a memory, for storing a plurality of predetermined reminder conditions; an identification tag access module, for accessing the tag identification code, the identification condition data and the reminder message corresponding to the identification condition data of the identification tag; a processing module, for comparing the predetermined reminder condition with the tag identification code and the identification condition data to generate a comparison result; and an indicating module, for outputting the reminder message according to the comparison result.04-29-2010
20090072965FLEXIBLE, SCALABLE, SERVICE-ORIENTED SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE - A surveillance architecture having applications in a wide variety of surveillance-related applications is disclosed. This architecture can be used in various surveillance scenarios, including, but not limited to, chemical, biological, radiological surveillance and physical security, is highly scalable and allows for rapid, plug-and-play field data/sample acquisition and local and remote sharing of system resources. By design, the architecture also fosters fault tolerance and allows users to quickly deploy and establish ad hoc, semi-permanent, and permanent surveillance systems. Furthermore, the architecture's service-oriented approach allows for rapid, on-the-fly, plug-and-play integration and dynamic harvesting of heterogeneous surveillance technologies (e.g., sensors, handheld data acquisition devices, analytical instrumentation, and so forth).03-19-2009
20110032097TRANSCEIVER BASED MONITORING SYSTEM & PROCESS - A remote monitoring device is integrated as part of a cell phone or personal digital assistant. By sharing computing resources of a communications transceiver, the cost of a monitoring device can be significantly reduced, while still permitting sufficient functionality to effectively observe an area of interest, such as a child's sleeping area. An alert is generated and transmitted to an observer using a separate transceiver when activity at the monitored area (i.e., sound or video activity) meets a specified threshold.02-10-2011
20120032796SEPARATION ALARM - A separation alarm, comprising a mobile telecommunication device (02-09-2012
20130141234Security System For Automatically Detecting a Person Overboard Using RFID - A security system for automatically detecting and signaling the event of a person falling overboard from a vessel into a body of water includes a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag worn by each passenger onboard a vessel, one or more RFID readers placed surrounding the hull of the vessel, a control unit onboard the vessel wherein the RFID readers are individually connected, and an alarm system. When a person who is wearing the RFID tag falls overboard, he or she would inevitably pass through one or more of the RFID readers placed surrounding the hull of the vessel. One or more RFID readers read the information contained in the RFID tag, and said information is transmitted from the RFID reader to the control unit. The control unit records the time and location of the event, and activates an alarm system for facilitating the rescue of the person.06-06-2013
20110241871Sensor Alert - A stand-alone alert device that monitors electrical inputs from a third party sensor and alerts a user of a condition change via a cell phone or embedded transmitter. Typical inputs are one or more switches or environmental sensors of various types. User accessible settings allow configuring the device for different sensor output types. The device may also be set to make daily calls at a specific time to indicate device integrity. Power for the control circuit and the cell phone or embedded transmitter may be supplied via a battery pack when connection to public power is not desired or possible. By employing battery power, a flexible sensor interface and cellular telephony, the device enables simple and low cost monitoring in remote, mobile, temporary, clandestine or otherwise restrictive circumstances.10-06-2011
20100026484SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING A VEHICLE ON FIXED PATH - A system for confirming authorization of a operator for controlling a vehicle on fixed paths, the system having at least one ride vehicle with an onboard control system being configured to confirm operator authorization prior to allowing operator control thereof and an electronic device dimensioned and configured to be supported by an operator, the electronic device being further configured to remotely authorize operator control of the onboard control system. A method for confirming authorization of an operator for controlling a vehicle on fixed paths is also provided.02-04-2010
20100039254TRANSPORTATION ACTIVITY INFORMATION TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES FOR MOBILE DEVICES - A machine-controlled method can include a mobile electronic device capturing transportation activity information corresponding to a particular transportation activity for a user, evaluating the transportation activity information based on a set of compliance rules, and issuing an alert to the user in response to determining that the transportation activity information is not in conformance with the set of compliance rules.02-18-2010
20090322512PERSONAL ALARM DEVICE FOR HEADWEAR FOR PROXIMITY DETECTION - Embodiments described herein relate to an apparatus for attaching elements of a magnetic field safety system to headwear worn by a worker. In various embodiments, the headwear includes a combination of a sounder device, light assembly, personal alarm device and power source.12-31-2009
20100052896FALL DETECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method for detecting falls is disclosed herein. A mobile pressure sensor is used to generate a mobile pressure signal and a reference pressure sensor at a reference height above a surface is used to generate a reference pressure signal. A processor in communication with the mobile pressure sensor and the reference pressure sensor is used to perform the steps of: (i) determining a height above the surface of the mobile pressure sensor based on the reference height and the reference pressure signal and the mobile pressure signal; and (ii) if the height is below a threshold height, determining that a fall has occurred.03-04-2010
20110080282VEHICLE SYSTEM PASSIVE NOTIFICATION USING REMOTE DEVICE - A method of vehicle monitoring includes monitoring one or more vehicle safety systems while a vehicle is in operation to detect an unsafe condition. The method also includes sending an alert to a handheld device if an unsafe condition is detected.04-07-2011
20110102172DELAYED USER NOTIFICATION OF EVENTS IN A MOBILE DEVICE - A sender-specified courtesy notification scheme to delay notification by a receiving device of the receipt of a data message is disclosed. A sender may specify a notification parameter defining a delay and send the parameter in association with the data message to a recipient. The recipient's receiving device evaluates the parameter and notifies in response. Local notification data defined by the recipient may also be evaluated. Received data messages subject to delayed notification may be hidden by the receiving device or quietly displayed (e.g. as per other received messages) until the expiry of the delay. Notification parameters and data can be formulated as one or more rules which may take into account the current location of the receiving device. A notification delay may be ignored in certain situations depending on recent use of the receiving device.05-05-2011
20110074570Systems and Methods for Remote Building Security and Automation - A system and method for remotely monitoring and controlling building security are provided. A controller is communicatively coupled to various security devices of a building and can communicate an activity event detected by one of the security devices to a remote user device. The controller can then establish a communication session between the remote device and a security communication device via the controller, thereby allowing the user to communicate with any visitors. Video from a security device can be transmitted by the controller to the user device or an alternative user-device. Access instructions can be provided by the user to the controller, in response to which the controller can deactivate various building security measures. Security measures can be reactivated by the controller automatically or in response to a user command. Additionally, the controller can monitor visitor compliance with the deactivated security measures and activate alarms or notify security agencies if necessary.03-31-2011
20110025492Personal Object Proximity Alerting Device - Utilizing an electronic means to assist in a sensory and situational awareness deficit setting is the prime function of the invention. With the advent of low voltage, miniature and very economical proximity sensing devices, opportunities to employ those devices to substitute or assist the human senses have resulted in the invention. Requiring only the sense of touch, a person will be alerted of the presence of inanimate and warm bodied objects while simultaneously tracking and conveying their distance. By applying the invention in settings experiencing various forms of visual impairment, the user will more safely traverse through obscure territories without collision into nearby objects. Applying various methods of proximity and motion detection will increase the reliability of the apparatus, with enhanced configurations able to distinguish between types of detected objects as well as increase precision in a range of environments. Low cost components, having minimal numbers of components per unit, and ease of assembly increases accessibility to and applications for the invention to include casual, sport, disability, personal security, military, and scientific. The invention is manufactured in miniature form, and as an assembly of multiple units it will create a pattern of tactile alerts representing the direction of different objects within the detection range. Transforming a visual event into a tactile response is how the invention has created a method of proximity detection and alerts which remedy the experience of reduced awareness to the presence of objects, persons, or animals.02-03-2011
20090322511SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING THE OPERATION OF BOTH WIRELESS MULTICASTING SYSTEMS AND ALARM SYSTEMS TO DISTRIBUTE AN ALARM INDICATION TO A DYNAMICALLY CONFIGURED COVERAGE AREA - The present Reverse 911 Alarm System implements a central alarm distribution site that is capable of generating an alarm indication to warn individuals of a hazard and propagating the alarm indication to selected ones of a plurality of alarm systems that are located in the service area of the central alarm distribution site to warn individuals of a hazard as well as transmitting the alarm indication to individuals via their wireless subscriber devices by the use of wireless multicasting in the wireless communication network that serves the service area of the central alarm distribution site. The central alarm distribution site creates an integrated Reverse 911 system which dynamically selects the alarm systems and the wireless coverage area to encompass the present extent of the hazard and can provide advanced warning to individuals located in an area that extends beyond the present hazard extent area.12-31-2009
20090295568Systems and methods for wirelessly paging valet personnel - The present invention relates generally to the field of paging systems for alerting valet personnel to ready a car for pickup, and particularly to systems and methods allowing the owner of a car to wirelessly page the valet personnel to ready the car for pickup. The present invention is particularly adaptable for use by any valet parking service provider or by drivers who desire to utilize valet parking services. The systems and methods of the present invention allows the valet personnel to be alerted in advance of a customer's arrival, and provides for a window of time for the valet personnel to begin the process of readying the customer's car for pickup before the customer has even arrived at the valet parking's location.12-03-2009
20090115600CONTEXT-AWARE BASED RFID PRIVACY CONTROL SYSTEM AND PERSONAL PRIVACY PROTECTION METHOD USING THE SAME - Disclosed are a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) personal privacy control system and a personal privacy protection method using the same which may dynamically process a privacy level according to peripheral circumstances of an RFID tagged object and an owner of the object, thereby securely protecting personal information associated with the RFID tag. The RFID privacy control server, the RFID privacy control server includes a context-aware information collecting unit to collect at least one context-aware information about a user; a privacy level adjusting unit to adjust a privacy level of the user based on the collected context-aware information; and a privacy control unit to determine, according to the adjusted privacy level, whether access of an RFID reader to RFID tag information is allowed, the RFID tag information corresponding to an RFID tag associated with the user.05-07-2009
20080272907METHOD FOR INTEGRATING USER NOTIFICATIONS AND USER ALERTS ON AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An interface for integrating and presenting user notifications and alerts consistently on an electronic device such as a mobile device is disclosed. First, an application programming interface provides the segregation to multiple preselected levels of priority notifications and alerts from all applications on the mobile device. Second, the application programming interface provides for the ability to display the notifications and alerts in a consistent manner for the user to handle.11-06-2008
20080272906Vehicle Monitoring Using Cellular Phones - Method and system for using a cell phone or PDA includes coupling the cell phone or PDA to a vehicle-resident computer, using the cell phone or PDA to provide information and providing the information from the cell phone or PDA to the vehicle-resident computer to enable the vehicle-resident computer to use the information. It can establish communications between the cell phone or PDA and a remote location to provide information obtained via the cell phone or PDA to the remote location. The cell phone or PDA can monitor received sounds at the cell phone or PDA, e.g., via a microphone, and analyze the received sounds and transmit a signal indicative of the received sounds to a remote facility. The cell phone or PDA may be trained to recognize the sounds of accidents and transmit an accident indication signal to the remote facility.11-06-2008
20110163871RFID MONITORING OF DRUG REGIMEN COMPLIANCE - Disclosed is an apparatus and system for monitoring drug regimen compliance, the system utilizing a Radio Frequency Identification (RfID) tag affixed to a pharmaceutical agent and a wearable RFID reader that identifies a patient. The RFID tag identifies the pharmaceutical agent and the RFID reader wirelessly communicates with a central monitoring system upon ingestion of the pharmaceutical agent.07-07-2011
20110163870Wireless Monitoring and Communication for Sanitizer Dispenser Systems - A monitoring and communication system for sanitizer compliance monitoring, comprises a plurality of sanitizer monitoring sensors for collecting sanitize compliance data at a respective plurality of sanitizer stations, each sensor located to monitor whether a person passing through a portal has undergone a sanitization procedure, at least one hub which wirelessly receives sanitizer compliance data transmitted from said plurality of sanitizer monitoring stations, a gateway which wirelessly receives sanitizer compliance data transmitted from the hub, and a wireless cellular telephone link for transmitting the sanitizer compliance data from the gateway to a central monitoring station.07-07-2011
20110133926TOW TEAM COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - The invention relates to a tow team communication system. More specifically, the invention relates to an apparatus that assists with the process of moving very large objects with the following elements: 1) a signal generating means adapted to be held or attached to a person or object, 2) a means for receiving a signal from the signal generating means, and for generating an audible and/or visual alarm as a result of receiving a signal from the signal generating means, and 3) a headset for receiving a signal from the signal generating means, and for generating an audible and/or visual alarm as a result of receiving a signal from the signal generating means.06-09-2011
20110133927Environmental risk management system and method - A system and method for directing and monitoring the whereabouts of persons within an environmentally hazardous area includes equipping each person with devices for monitoring personal physiological conditions (06-09-2011
20100214093WIRELESS MESSAGING SYSTEM FOR PARENTS AND CHILDREN - A novel wireless messaging system for use in sending discrete messages between a parent and a child, is comprised of a master unit (parent) and a remote unit (child) where the master unit has a plurality of pre-set messages that can be sent by radio transmission to the remote unit. The remote unit will process the received message and will then activate the appropriate message as a visual indication on the face of the remote unit. The remote unit has the capability of sending at least one message to the master unit, which is typically a “Help” message that is received and processed by the master unit and converted into an alert.08-26-2010
20100079275Apparatus and method for controlling alarm in a portable terminal - A portable terminal includes an alarm control. A method for controlling an alarm includes determining whether an input fact to analyze an exceptional situation of an alarm operation is generated; analyzing the exceptional situation by rule using at least one fact; and when there is an alarm which is placed in the exceptional situation, cancelling the alarm.04-01-2010
20100019895Property Locator System - Methods, devices 01-28-2010
20100019897PORTABLE LAP COUNTER AND SYSTEM - A highly portable, vertically-standing RFID tag reader, referred to as a “bollard,” is presented. The bollard includes a vertical element supporting an internal RFID tuner component above the surface on which the bollard rests. Additionally, each bollard includes a base element that provides vertical stability to the vertical element and a plurality of internal components. The internal components include the following: a power system, a processor, a tuner component, and a wireless interface. The power system provides power to the powered components of the bollard. The processor directs and/or executes the functions of the bollard with regard to an event in which the bollard is configured to participate. The tuner component is configured to read RFID tags that come within RFID communication range of the bollard. The wireless interface component is configured to provide wireless communications between the bollard and an operator console.01-28-2010
20120146784Protective Fabrics and Garments - Fabrics with a knit construction using an air jet spun yarn and ring spun yarn that provide electric arc protection are disclosed. Garments made from the fabrics are also disclosed. In addition, devices, systems, and methods are disclosed that are useful for tracking for the purpose of monitoring and alerting the user of a garment and/or others regarding the safety, health, environmental, and security aspects of the garment, user, and/or the environment in which the user is present.06-14-2012
20120306641WIRELESS DEVICE FOR MONITORING PROTECTIVE HEADGEAR - A wireless device for monitoring protective headgear includes a short-range wireless receiver that receives alarm data from the protective headgear in response to an alarm event at the protective headgear. A user interface emits a first detectable alert signal in response to the alarm data to assist the user in the monitoring of the protective headgear.12-06-2012
20120306642MONITORING DEVICE FOR USE IN A SYSTEM FOR MONITORING PROTECTIVE HEADGEAR - A monitoring device includes a device interface for communication with a bridge device, wherein the device interface, when coupled to the protective headgear via the bridge device, receives event data in response to an impact to the protective headgear. A processing device executes an event simulation module that processes the event data to generate simulation display data that animates the impact to the protective headgear. A user interface includes a display device that displays the simulation display data.12-06-2012
20120306640System for Detecting and Identifying Traffic Law Violators and Issuing Citations - A system for automatically monitoring traffic, identifying vehicles traveling in violation of predetermined regulations and for automatically and immediately issuing traffic citations includes an audio or visual signal to the operator of the motor vehicle that they are in violation of regulations and receiving a citation. A printer is included in the vehicle and activatible from a remote station to immediately print the citation. A vehicle disposed receiver/transmitter/comparator includes ownership data that is transmitted to a remote station together with operating data that may result in an infraction.12-06-2012
20120146785PORTABLE ALARM AND METHODS OF TRANSMITTING ALARM DATA - A portable alarm system includes a wireless receiver configured to receive signals from remote wireless devices and a processor in communication with the wireless receiver, wherein the processor is configured to receive the signals from the wireless receiver. The system further includes an intelligent communications interface in communication with the processor, the intelligent communications interface being configured to receive and translate into wireless digital data at least a portion of the signals from the processor, and transmit the wireless digital data to an external location.06-14-2012
20100097207ACTIVATION DEVICE FOR PERSONAL ALARM SYSTEM - A personal alarm is provided which comprises a flexible card adapted to be carried by a user. The personal alarm includes a power source, a transmitter, and an activation component that is activated in response to bending or folding of the personal alarm. The activation component is coupled to the transmitter. In this manner, bending or folding of the personal alarm will activate the transmitter and the signal from the transmitter will be transmitted to activate an alarm.04-22-2010
20110063105EMERGENCY MESSAGE RELAY - A wireless device receives a first emergency message in a first communication protocol via a first wireless interface of the plurality of wireless interfaces from a transmitting wireless device, translates the first emergency message in the first communication protocol to a second emergency message in a second communication protocol, and transmits the second emergency message via a second wireless interface of the plurality of wireless interfaces to a network infrastructure. A wireless device requesting emergency service prepares one or more emergency messages based upon an emergency message direction received from a user, repeatedly transmits the at least one emergency message via one or more available wireless interfaces. Upon meeting a termination criteria, the wireless device ceases repeatedly transmitting the at least one emergency message via the at least one wireless interface.03-17-2011
20090072966Enhanced Firefighter Door Chock - This invention relates to safety equipment used by fire fighters and other emergency response workers. In one example, the invention includes a portable electronic fire fighter's equipment, such as a door chock, that has electronic sensor and communication capabilities.03-19-2009
20120044068Tanker Truck Monitoring System - A system and method is provided to monitor a tanker truck. The system includes a plurality of sensors, each of the plurality of sensors configured to detect an event. The system also includes a monitoring unit electrically coupled with the plurality of sensors to detect the event. The monitoring unit includes a processing unit, a time module, and a memory, and is operable to time stamp data about the sensed event with information from the time module and store the detected and time stamped event in the memory. The system further includes a handheld data terminal configured to communicate with the monitoring unit. The handheld data terminal is operable to retrieve and display the stored event, and includes a processing unit, a memory, a user interface, a time module, and a display.02-23-2012
20110102171Integrated Security System With Parallel Processing Architecture - An integrated security system that includes a security coprocessor coupled to a conventional security system panel and an interactive security system. The integrated security system enables conventional security system features as well as the consumer-oriented interactive features and functions of an interactive security system without sacrificing reliability or the significant burden and cost associated with frequent software updates associated with conventional security systems. The integrated security system also minimizes or eliminates the need for new battery backup circuitry or larger batteries.05-05-2011
20120062377Device and method for monitoring waters - A system for monitoring waters, particularly swimming pools, including at least one control unit assigned to one person, which has at least one sensor device, one analysis device and one transmitter, at least one receiving device disposed within the waters, at least one transmission device which is signal-connected to the receiving device, and at least one display unit which is signal-connected to the transmitter, wherein the transmitter is designed such that it emits signals of a predetermined pattern in the event of an alarm, and the receiving device is designed such that it recognizes a case of alarm based on the predetermined pattern of the signal and emits an alarm signal to at least one display unit.03-15-2012
20110156899Cell Phone Detector for Washing Machines - An apparatus is disclosed comprising: a clothes washing machine (06-30-2011
20110156898ENVIRONMENT SENSING SYSTEM FOR THE HEARING-IMPAIRED - There is provided an environment sensing system for the deaf/hearing-impaired. A user wears a personal unit for notifying him/her of a sound event in its surrounding environment. The personal unit is also in communication with a central station, for the user to request immediate assistance. When receiving a sound event message from a sound detection unit in the environment, the personal unit vibrates and displays a notification on a screen. At any time, the user may request immediate assistance to the central station using push buttons located on the personal unit. The central station may contact the user by displaying inquiries or messages on the screen. The user may then confirm that immediate assistance is actually required or communicate more information to the central station using the push buttons.06-30-2011
20110095884DISPOSABLE DIAPER STATE DETECTING DEVICE AND DISPOSABLE DIAPER STATE MONITORING SYSTEM - A disposable diaper condition detecting device includes a disposable diaper, an induction device (04-28-2011
20110095883ASSET MONITORING SYSTEM AND PORTABLE SECURITY SYSTEM THEREFOR - A portable security system for monitoring an asset has one or more alarm sensors and a wireless transmitter/receiver that communicates via wireless communication with a host system. The portable security system is switchable between a disabled (partially powered) state and an enabled (fully powered state) in response to commands received from the host system. In an aspect, the portable security system has a plurality of alarm sensors which a user can separately activate and deactivate via the host system. In an aspect, the portable security system includes a base unit and an auxiliary unit. The base unit includes one or more of the alarm sensors that serves a dual purpose depending on whether the base unit is mated with the auxiliary unit. In an aspect, the host system can be utilized by multiple users to manage portable security systems associated with the respective users, including management by group. In an aspect, the host system notifies a user(s) of an alarm condition(s).04-28-2011
20090315703PHYSICAL SECURITY DEVICE - A security device paired with a user's cell phone is operable by either a trigger or an accelerometer. The device includes visual and audio alarms, a prerecorded message and an audio recording of the ambient noise. Depression of the trigger will spray mace onto an attacker, activate the alarms and alternately send the message and recording to 9-1-1 or other security monitor. Alternatively, the accelerometer will so activate the device. The alarms and transmissions are synchronized so as to not interfere one with the other. Direct communication with 9-1-1 via the Bluetooth®/cell phone interface is immediately established either by a push-to-talk button or at the termination of a predetermined alarm and message transmission period.12-24-2009
20120013460ENVIRONMENTAL ALARMS SENT VIA SMS TEXT MESSAGING - One example embodiment includes a system for remotely conveying a deleterious condition of a controlled environment. The system includes a sensor, where the sensor is configured to produce a signal which indicates a measured value of an environmental condition in a controlled environment. The system also includes a monitoring unit. The monitoring unit is configured to receive the signal from the sensor, determine the value of the environmental condition and determine whether the value of the environmental condition exceeds predetermined boundaries. The system further includes an electronic circuit, where the electronic circuit is configured to transmit an alert message if the monitoring unit determines the value of the environmental condition exceeds the predetermined boundaries.01-19-2012
20120013461MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED SECURITY TAG - A microprocessor controlled security tag and accompanying security system is described. The tag generally includes a housing having external contacts to interface with elongated contacts on a connecting band. The band forms a complex impedance circuit with a patient's limb that allows detection features such as removal and band compromise. A microprocessor and related circuitry as well as a transmitter and receivers are enclosed in the housing. The tag is adapted to communicate inductively with an activator/deactivator unit as well as a tag programmer that updates and changes tag features in the tag firmware. The overall system further includes a hub to receive the data from a plurality of tags in the system. The tag can also communicate with a phased multiple antenna that sends signals to the tag.01-19-2012
20120062376APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ENABLING AN AUTOMOTIVE MODULE DEVICE INDICATOR IN A WIRELESS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - An apparatus and method for enabling an automotive module indicator in a wireless communication system comprising receiving a capability inquiry message from a wireless network; determining an information content for a capability message in response to the capability inquiry message; and transmitting the capability message to the wireless network. In one aspect, the apparatus and method comprising transmitting a capability inquiry message to a mobile device; and receiving a capability message from the mobile device in reply to the capability inquiry message, wherein the capability message includes an automotive indicator field to indicate presence or absence of an automotive module.03-15-2012
20120154143TRANSCUTANEOUS ENERGY TRANSFER SYSTEM WITH VIBRATION INDUCING WARNING CIRCUITRY - An improved alarm device for use in a transcutaneous energy transfer (TET) system is provided. The device includes a processor configured to monitor at least one function of an implanted cardiac assist device and to generate an internal vibratory alarm.06-21-2012
20120154141METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR WIRELESS CONFIGURATION, CONTROL, AND STATUS REPORTING OF DEVICES IN A FIRE ALARM SYSTEM - A method and system for configured one or more fire alarm system devices in a fire alarm system are disclosed. The fire alarm system includes the fire alarm system devices, a fire alarm panel, and a wireless handheld device. The fire alarm system devices communicate with the fire alarm panel via a first communications interface (such as a wired communications interface), and the wireless handheld device communicates with the fire alarm panel via a second communications interface (such as a wireless communications interface). In operation, the fire alarm control panel receives an indication from one of the fire alarm system devices of a user input. In response, the fire alarm panel sends a communication (such as a form) to the wireless handheld device. In response to the communication, the wireless handheld device sends a response to the fire alarm control panel (such as including information in the form). The fire alarm panel may then update its memory with the information sent from the wireless handheld device in order to control the operation of the fire alarm system device.06-21-2012
20120154144Sensory Enhancement Systems and Methods in Personal Electronic Devices - Disclosed are personal electronic devices (PEDs) having a sensory enhancement (SE) system for monitoring environmental conditions and detecting environmental events, for example but not limited to, changes in acoustic, thermal, optical, electromagnetic, chemical, dynamic, wireless, atmospheric, or biometric conditions. The detection of such events can be used to invoke a notification, an alert, a corrective action, or some other action, depending upon the implementation to the PED user or another party.06-21-2012
20120154142SECURITY IMPLEMENTED WITH A COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A security system implemented with a communication device includes a remote communication device, a local communication device, a main controller and at least one main sensor. The remote communication device and local communication device are connected via communication connection. Each main sensor detects status of a monitoring location. When each main sensor is triggered, each main sensor sends an output signal to the main controller. The main controller collects and processes each output signal, and transmits the processed output signals to the local communication device. The local communication device transforms receives output signals into a text warning message. The text warning message transmits to remote communication device via Short Message Service whereby a user is informed of the status occurred in a remote monitoring location.06-21-2012
20100245078Wearable Motion Sensing Device - A wearable motion sensing device is disclosed. One embodiment of the wearable motion sensing device includes a motion sensor, and a pendant that is attached to the wearable motion sensing device, wherein the pendant is attached to the wearable motion sensing device at a location of the wearable motion sensor relative to the motion sensor that when worn by a human being, a mass of the pendant urges the motion sensor towards the human being.09-30-2010
20120126972Ruggedized control glove allowing dynamic balance and undivided visual attention - Various embodiments of a wireless control glove are optimized for use with powered rideable boards, mobility devices, or remote-controlled (RC) models. Incremental, “analog-like” throttle control takes full advantage of the nuanced power variability provided by electric motors. The control glove can be operated one-handed, by touch alone, in any body position, yet the input transducer placement prevents accidental commands. An output transducer on the glove provides alerts on power-reserve (e.g. battery) status. The alerts are detectable either by touch alone or a quick glance with peripheral vision.05-24-2012
20120126971Anti-Theft Wind Generator Security Cage for Air Condition/Heat Pump Condenser - The invention is an environmentally friendly anti-theft security cage for outdoor air conditioner/heat pump units conceived to prevent the vandalism and theft of copper tubing from the unit and to recycle energy waste from the units protected. In addition to protecting the units from vandalism, the security cage is equipped with wind-powered generator(s) positioned to utilize the exhaust from the enclosed air conditioner/heat pump units to generate electricity. Single or multiple generators may be utilized dependent upon the capacity and number of air conditioner/heat pump units enclosed. The cage is also equipped with anti-tamper sensors connected to a microprocessor to provide an alarm system to discourage thieves.05-24-2012
20120212339Concealed personal alarm and method - A transmitter, GPS, clock and, optionally, a microphone, video camera and identification signal means, and health monitoring sensors are housed in personal articles such as a pendant, a watch, a ring, mobile telephone, or other personal article. The article is disguised to look like it does not have all or some of said features, and is provided with a switching device, preferably operable with one hand, to turn the transmitter on. Preferably, the switching device has two switching elements which require simultaneous operation to energize the transmitter, so as to minimize false alarms. The method of use includes selecting the best-suited type of transmitter, causing emergency personnel to be prepared to act when receiving transmission from the alarm device, and advising users on carrying the modified personal article when protection is desired.08-23-2012
20120313774SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATED POSTING OF ALARM INFORMATION TO NEWS FEED - A system and method for automatically posting alarm information in a video surveillance system to a news feed is provided. The method includes configuring a plurality of surveillance devices, configuring a notification platform, configuring a plurality of alarm types, and providing a remote notification to a mobile handheld device via the notification platform when an alarm that is at least one of the plurality of alarm types occurs in at least one of the plurality of surveillance devices.12-13-2012
20090058636Wireless patient communicator employing security information management - A portable patient communicator (PPC) includes a portable housing supporting a processor, memory for storing medical and wireless radio firmware, first and second radios, a processor, an identity module, and a power source. The PPC and a patient implantable medical device (PIMD) communicate via the first radio in accordance with the medical firmware. The PPC communicates with a wireless network via the second radio in accordance with the wireless radio firmware. Data stored in the identity module is used to authenticate the PPC by the remote server prior to permitting PPC access to the remote server, and may also be used to authenticate the remote server by the PPC prior to permitting access to the PPC or the PIMD by the remote server or other device communicatively coupled to the wireless network, after which PIMD and other medical data is exchanged between the PPC and remote server.03-05-2009
20090058634SYSTEMS, METHODS AND DEVICES FOR COLLECTING DATA FROM WIRELESS SENSOR NODES - A data request from a requesting device is received at a network of wireless sensor nodes. The data request is then forwarded through the network of wireless sensor nodes to a source wireless sensor node, where data responsive to the data request is generated. A reply including the responsive data is then forwarded along at least two communication paths through the network of wireless sensor nodes back to the requesting device.03-05-2009
20120249324HUMAN GUARD ENHANCING MULTIPLE SITE SECURITY SYSTEM - An enhanced human oriented system (10-04-2012
20120256741PERSONAL COMPLIANCE DISPENSER - A portable personal dispenser assembly comprising a combination of a dispenser and a communication enabled, portable handheld pocket-sized, personal computer in which the pocket-sized personal computer performs compliance monitoring of use of the dispenser and preferably controls and powers the use of the dispenser.10-11-2012
20090021368PORTABLE TERMINAL AND INFORMATION PROVISION SYSTEM UTILIZING THE PORTABLE TERMINAL - A portable terminal comprising a transmission part that transmits to information provision equipment or a server, a signal indicating presence at a prescribed location, presence of a communications counterparty at a prescribed location, a reception part that receives from the information provision equipment or the server, a signal indicating the position of a moving body, a moving body is approaching or is present at the prescribed location, an alarm part that issues an alarm using the moving body in position signal received at the reception part, indicating the moving body is approaching or is present at the prescribed location, a light detection part detecting the degree of brightness, a part deciding whether or not to transmit a present in prescribed location signal that decides, using the brightness as detected by the light detection part, whether or not to send a present in prescribed location signal from the transmission part.01-22-2009
20120262289SECURITY SYSTEMS HAVING PORTABLE MONITORING DEVICES AND METHODS USING SAME - A security system having a portable monitoring device in communication with detection devices and notification systems to provide messages. Methods for employing a portable monitoring device are also provided herein.10-18-2012
20120326860MOBILE COMPUTING DEVICE EMERGENCY WARNING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A warning system and method include a memory device configured to store one or more condition criteria. A monitoring device is configured to monitor a status of the one or more condition criteria. The monitoring device is triggered by a triggering event related to the status to generate a warning signal responsive to the triggering event. A mobile computing device is configured to communicate with the monitoring device and an external network to receive the warning signal and output a warning message on the external network to one or more designated entities.12-27-2012
20120268268MOBILE SENSORY DEVICE - A remote sensory device used in conjunction with a handheld device , such as a PDA (Personal Data Assistant) that utilizes its various computational and telephonic properties as well as other features such as its; short-wave transceiver, display and human interface, electrical power, texting, internet and web browsing capabilities The sensory device utilizes a variety of sensors both individually and in combination to detect physical phenomenon, such as temperature, humidity, gases, radiation, sounds, light, object proximity ,and the like and convert them into an electronic signal that can be interpreted, analyzed, stored and transmitted by the hand-held device and presented to the user. The remote sensory device may be stand alone or imbedded into a case suitable for the PDA and may transfer the data either through a radio means or through a direct electrical connection.10-25-2012
20120326861ANTICIPATORY RESPONSES TO COMMANDS - Responsive to intercepting an outbound command, a command interceptor may, upon determining that the command is associated with a particular category of commands, transmit an anticipatory response to the source of the command, for example, to prematurely indicate that the command has met with success. Accordingly, a given application whose further execution is dependent upon the successful completion of the command may further execute earlier than would be the case if the given application was to await the transmission of the command, the generation of a response indicating success and the receipt of the response indicating success.12-27-2012
20120139721Sensory Enhancement Systems and Methods in Personal Electronic Devices - Disclosed are personal electronic devices (PEDs) having a sensory enhancement (SE) system for monitoring environmental conditions and detecting environmental events, for example but not limited to, changes in acoustic, thermal, optical, electromagnetic, chemical, dynamic, wireless, atmospheric, or biometric conditions. The detection of such events can be used to invoke a notification, an alert, a corrective action, or some other action, depending upon the implementation to the PED user or another party.06-07-2012
20130015969REHABILITATION-ASSISTING APPARATUSAANM SU; Mu-ChunAACI Taoyuan CountyAACO TWAAGP SU; Mu-Chun Taoyuan County TWAANM JHANG; Jhih-JieAACI Taoyuan CountyAACO TWAAGP JHANG; Jhih-Jie Taoyuan County TWAANM YU; Tun-YaAACI Taoyuan CountyAACO TWAAGP YU; Tun-Ya Taoyuan County TWAANM HSIEH; Yi-ZengAACI Taoyuan CountyAACO TWAAGP HSIEH; Yi-Zeng Taoyuan County TWAANM LIN; Shih-ChiehAACI Taoyuan CountyAACO TWAAGP LIN; Shih-Chieh Taoyuan County TW - A rehabilitation-assisting apparatus is provided in this disclosure. The rehabilitation-assisting apparatus includes at least one step-information sensing unit, an alert-signal generating unit and a processing unit. The step-information sensing unit can be worn on a user's lower limb. The step-information sensing unit senses and generates step information of the user. The processing unit builds connections with the step-information sensing unit and the alert-signal generating unit. The processing unit determines if the user is walking appropriately according to the step information of the user. The processing unit drives the alert-signal generating unit to generate an alert signal when the user is not walking appropriately.01-17-2013
20090212939Dockable wireless remote control - Improvements in a portable hand-held radio frequency wireless remote control are disclosed. The dockable wireless remote control satisfies the need for a low cost compact portable remote control and can advantageously perform additional functions not performed by previous portable wireless remote control units. It can be carried by the user and used like a conventional remote control. It also enables software control of remote devices when connected (docked) to a computer by way of a direct electrical I/O connection. The proposed remote control provides a means to expand the capabilities of portable compact radio frequency wireless remote controls when needed for advanced control functions without significantly compromising their small size or low cost.08-27-2009
20120249323Low Battery Remote Display System - A mobile device, e.g. a remote control, that communicates with a remote device. The device is controlled by a battery providing power for electronic circuits and components contained within the hand held remote control device. A battery monitoring device measures the voltage of the battery. A memory device saves the data generated by the battery monitoring device indicating the voltage of the battery. A transmission device transmits a notification to the display device when the voltage of the battery decreases to some predetermined level. The display device may receive the notification of a low battery from the hand held device. An application contained within the display device or the remote control displays a visual indication on the display device to the user indicating that the battery in the hand held device is low and requires recharging.10-04-2012
20130169431MEDICAL INFORMATION BAND - The medical information band is an electronic control unit removably attached to a band that may be worn by a user or attached to a medication bottle. The electronic control unit displays all the information of drugs that the user takes, and provides an electronic alert to remind the user when to take the medication, or when the medication has reached its expiration date. The electronic control unit includes a temperature sensor, and alerts the user when the medication must be moved to a different location with a more appropriate storage temperature. Moreover, the electronic control unit may also display the personal information and the health status of the user.07-04-2013
20130113619Kitchen Sanitization Compliance Monitoring System - A kitchen sanitization compliance monitoring system comprises kitchen staff badges, food prep table beacons associated with food prep tables or areas, dispenser beacons associated with sanitization dispensers, and a central unit for wirelessly communicating with the badges.05-09-2013
20130127614METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING NOTIFICATIONS OF A MOBILE DEVICE IN MOTION TO DETERMINE CALL TREATMENT - An approach for providing vehicle accident prevention service is described. A user device in motion is detected. An alert message indicating that the user device is in motion is generated. A determination is made whether to establish a communication session with the user device in response to the generated alert message.05-23-2013
20130135094DETERMINATION OF A STATUS OF A DOOR LOCK - A method and system for determining a status of a door lock. A receiver device receives a broadcast signal from a broadcast device built into a door. The door lock is configured to lock and unlock the door. The receiver device is located remotely from the door. The broadcast signal includes a door lock status of the door lock. The door lock status includes a first input bit of 0 or 1 and a second input bit of 0 or 1. A main receiver circuit within the receiver device uses a first AND gate and a second AND gate within the main receiver circuit to process the first input bit and the second input bit to generate a first output bit and a second output bit, respectively. The main receiver circuit stores the first and second output bits in a memory location within the receiver device.05-30-2013
20120274463Battery-Less Emergency Distress Signal And Position Indication Broadcasting Methods and Devices - A method for transmitting a distress signal from a hand-held electronic device. The method including: generating electrical energy resulting from an impact force applied to an impact surface of the device; providing the generated power to a transmitter in the device; and transmitting the distress signal from the transmitter.11-01-2012
20110234394Advanced Alert, Notification, And Response Device - Contemplated devices and methods employ a system in which at least two receivers are configured to receive at the same time a first and a second emergency signal via a first and a second communication pathway, respectively. The device further has a control unit that is programmed to assign priority to one channel of one communication pathway over at least one channel of the other communication pathway, wherein priority assignment is performed on the basis of geographic location and a set of predefined rules. Most preferably, the location of the device is automatically determined using global positioning signals and/or digital television signals.09-29-2011
20130154824ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD WARNING SYSTEM AND METHOD - An environmental hazard warning system is provided. The environmental hazard warning system includes a data unit, a comparison unit, and an alarm unit. The data unit is capable of storing a plurality protective suit tolerance data. The comparison unit receives a portable sensor parameter signal including a portable sensor parameter from a portable sensor, and compares the portable sensor parameter with the protective suit tolerance data corresponding to the portable sensor parameter. The alarm unit transmits an alarm signal corresponding to the comparison between the portable sensor parameter and the protective suit tolerance data. The disclosure further provides an environmental hazard warning method.06-20-2013
20130154825HAZARD/PERIMETER SAFETY SYSTEM - A method and system (06-20-2013
20130154826Tactile and Visual Alert Device Triggered by Received Wireless Signals - A wearable signal notification article and a system incorporating the article. The system provides users with a way to stay connected to their wireless devices, even when the user is not in proximity to the device. It comprises a wireless transmitting device, a wireless transmission receiving device, and a wearable signal notification article. When the transmitting device sends a signal to the transmission receiving device, a second signal is sent to the signal notification device to alert the user that a transmission is being received. The wearable signal notification device comprises a flexible, waterproof bracelet housing, and an integrated alert circuit module with a sensor chip, an antenna, at least one light source, a vibrator, and a battery. The device can be worn while swimming, during strenuous activity, or in crowded noisy environments to provide visual and tactile feedback to users about incoming transmissions.06-20-2013
20120280810RETAIL SECURITY SYSTEM - The invention is an improved security and product display system for use by retailers who sell hand-held electronics in stores. The system includes a combination of a mobile, hand-held electronics device (e.g., cell phone or like), a mounting member, and an adaptor cable that electrically connects the device to the mounting member. The device has power detection circuitry adapted to detect a break in the power circuit between device and mounting member. Detection of a circuit break causes the device to output a security alarm.11-08-2012
20110309929SECURITY SYSTEM WITH KEYFOB ALERT NOTIFICATION - A system and method are provided for notifying a hearing impaired user of one of a plurality of qualified events via a personal device rather than an audible alert to avoid unnecessary false alarms. The security system includes at least one detection device for monitoring a portion of the premises and a control panel configured to communicate with the at least one detection device. A personal device communicates with the control panel where the personal device is configured to mechanically vibrate upon receipt of a signal from the control panel representing a qualified event associated with the security system.12-22-2011
20130093587Security System with Automatic Alarm - An automatic alarm system is described that is triggered by the lack of event at one or more portable remote unit(s). The system includes an electromagnetic interface from a plurality of portable units to a central command and monitoring element. This automatic triggering of an alarm condition adds security to the users of the system since it is not always feasible to explicitly trigger an alarm when in danger.04-18-2013
20130093588SPORT PERFORMANCE MONITORING APPARATUS, PROCESS, AND METHOD OF USE - A sports monitoring system and method. One disclosed system can be used during skiing and includes a controller transceiver that can be hand held, two ski boot pressure monitor/transmitters, and earphones connectable to the controller/transceiver. The system can be used to provide, through the earphones, sound indicative of pressure applied or not applied by a skier toward a portion of a boot while skiing. The system may also include a proximity sensor mounted within one of the ski boot pressure monitor/transmitters. The system can thereby provide sound responsive to the proximity detector's detection of one boot being at or not at a distance, or within or outside of a distance range, with respect to the other boot.04-18-2013
20130207803Wireless Pet Barrier using RFID - A method of using radio frequency identification (RFID), in particular ultra high frequency (UHF) RFID, is described, which keeps pets from accessing forbidden areas. The pet wears a device which is preferably powered by the animal's own activity, converted to electrical power by a motion harvesting system to recharge a battery. The device uses an RFID reader to detect and identify RFID tags placed at boundaries of areas to which the pet is forbidden to enter, and sets off an alarm to warn the pet if it is approaching such an area. Because the RFID tags are individually identifiable, the forbidden area alarm can be configured to the pet, allowing use in a multiple-pet household.08-15-2013

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