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340539110 Including personal portable device 623
340539160 Including central station detail 49
340539220 Having plural distinct sensors (i.e., for surrounding conditions) 47
340539320 Including location of misplaced item 46
340539260 Specific environmental sensor 32
340539300 Including power saving 22
340539140 Including remote residential device 19
340539310 Including tamper resistant device 7
20090212938PROBE DEVICE HAVING A CLIP-ON WIRELESS SYSTEM FOR EXTENDING PROBE TIP FUNCTIONALITY - A probe device is provided that has a clip-on wireless device attached thereto for communicating over a wireless communication link with test equipment having a wireless transceiver attached thereto. The clip-on wireless device may have one or more components that provide additional functionality to the probe device over that which is currently available on most probe devices. Such components may include, for example, run/stop buttons, activity indicators, “headlight” LEDs, etc08-27-2009
20100148953DISASTER VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT IN BUILDINGS - The number and identities of people in a building along with personal data that is useful in disaster response planning are determined from a database receiving information from the building's security access card readers and from user information extracted from wireless network access points. This information is used in the event of a disaster alarm to quickly compute vulnerability indicia for each of several locations in a building and each of several buildings in a group.06-17-2010
20080278309LARGE AREA POSITION/PROXIMITY CORRECTION DEVICE WITH ALARMS USING (D)GPS TECHNOLOGY - A collar to be worn on an object or a large or small animal has been designed incorporating (D)GPS technology. The operation of the device includes programming the three dimensional boundary into the memory of the device and simply installing the collar on the animal. As the animal approaches the preprogrammed boundary, a first alarm sounds when the subject is within an arbitrary user defined distance, and a second more drastic alarm such as a shock correction is applied when the subject approaches a second position closer to the boundary. Means to easily program the device are also included in the system. The device has the capability to call or transmit important information such as location, speed, identity, and medical parameters, etc. to a station automatically or when polled. All necessary analog and digital circuitry, microprocessor, programming, communications hardware are integrated into the collar. The device also has applications in land, air and sea navigation, farming, construction, tracking stolen vehicles, and keeping track of children. This device could also be embedded in a specialized lawnmower that would know where your yard ended and your neighbor's began, and traverse around all obstacles in the yard. Important Military applications would include warning and directing soldiers of front line boundaries, minefield mapping and 3-D direction around MOA's for aircraft.11-13-2008
20080258907Wireless detection and alarm system for monitoring human falls and entries into swimming pools by using three dimensional acceleration and wireless link energy data method and apparatus - Disclosed is a method and apparatus for monitoring and analysis. The system (10-23-2008
20100117821CHILD MONITORING SYSTEM - The present invention provides adults with an effective way of keeping track of small children and pets in large areas. Small, portable motion detectors can be set up as a perimeter around a swimming pool or large yard. The child or pet, wearing a sensor, would set off an alarm when they near the motion detectors. This would let the adult know that a breach has occurred.05-13-2010
20130043991Systematic distillation of status data relating to regimen compliance - Configuration technologies for cost-effectively monitoring indicia of regimen compliance or noncompliance in response to one or more indications of symptoms or actions or other data on data-bearing media or in wireless transmissions, such as implementing techniques for providing or preventing access or otherwise acting on or communicating incremental or definitive indicia of compliance or noncompliance.02-21-2013
20130082836Method and System for Remote Coupling Security System Control - An adaptor for remote coupling a security system to a monitoring center is described. The adaptor includes both a wireless connection to an alarm panel and a remote wireless interface. The wireless connection to the alarm panel is configured such that the adaptor appears to the alarm panel as a control pad. The adaptor communicates with a central station using the remote wireless interface and is operable to translate messages between the alarm panel and the central station into an appropriate protocol.04-04-2013
20130082835SECURITY SYSTEM AND METHOD - A security control apparatus, system and method are provided. The security control apparatus includes a wireless communication element that supports a plurality of wireless communication protocols. The wireless communication element is configured to provide wireless communications with a user interface device and at least one premise-based device. A remote communication element is configured to provide remote communications with a monitoring center. A processor is in communication with the local wireless communication element and the remote communication element. The processor is configured to use the wireless communication element to communicate with the user interface device to receive local control and configuration data. The processor is also configured to use the remote communication element to communicate data associated with at least one of a life safety feature and life style feature with the monitoring center.04-04-2013
20100045456Wireless Item Locator Doorbell - The present invention relates to a wireless item locator doorbell system comprising a doorbell unit and a moveable item locator unit in communication with said doorbell unit wherein said doorbell unit further comprises a motion sensor configured to actuate a message device, wherein said message device is configured to provide a message upon activation of said motion sensor, an actuating mechanism in communication with said motion sensor and/or message device, a transmitter configured to deliver a wireless signal upon actuation of said actuating mechanism, wherein said moveable item locator unit further comprises a receiver configured to receive signals from said transmitter of said doorbell unit, and a second message device configured to provide a message upon activation by said receiver.02-25-2010
20090045940Wireless preprocessing sensor - A system and method for a wireless preprocessing sensor are provided. An analysis application is operable to communicate wirelessly. The wireless preprocessing sensor includes a sensor, a processor and a wireless communication interface. The sensor is operable to measure a vibration of a rotating mechanism. The processor is operable to receive measurements of vibration from the sensor, analyze a plurality of vibration measurements to produce information representing a characteristic of the vibration of the rotating mechanism, and send the information to the analysis application via the wireless communication interface.02-19-2009
20130049952SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LOOSE NUT DETECTION - One illustrative embodiment includes an apparatus for detecting if a fastener moves from a first position to a different second position. The apparatus includes a first connector for connecting a first side of a contact bridge to the fastener for movement in response to movement of the fastener, and a second connector for connecting a second side of the contact bridge to an object to remain stationary relative to the object. One of the first and second sides of the contact bridge includes first and second spaced apart electrical conductors; the other side includes a third electrical conductor. The third electrical conductor is positionable to contact the first and second electrical conductors when the fastener is in the first position, and the third electrical conductor may be spaced apart from at least one of the first and second electrical conductors when the fastener is in the second position.02-28-2013
20130088350WIND-POWERED ALARM ANEMOMETER - A wind-powered anemometer generates sufficient electrical energy to monitor its rotational speed and to provide an alarm when the rotational speed exceeds a predetermined set point value. The anemometer includes an electrical generator and a signal conditioning system. An alarm is provided to enunciate when a dangerous condition is present.04-11-2013
20090303034WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS - A wireless sensor network having mobile sensors (12-10-2009
20090303033Interactive advertising display - An interactive advertising display that has a display element, a transmitter operative to output a wireless signal in response to movement, and a receiver for receiving the signal from the transmitter. The receiver is connected to the display element so as to turn the display on and off in response to the signal from the transmitter.12-10-2009
20130057401EMERGENCY INFORMATION COMMUNICATOR - Provided is a system and device for transmitting unencrypted information regarding a structure for use by first responders. The system and device includes an alarm housing and a WLAN housing, which may be in a single unit or in separate units. Upon detection of an emergency event, the alarm housing will sound an alarm and the WLAN housing will begin transmitting information about the structure, which may be detected using established first responder infrastructure, such as computers equipped in emergency responder vehicles.03-07-2013
20110037588WIRELESS EARTHQUAKE ALARM BASED ON MEMS ACCELEROMETERS - The disclosure relates to detecting seismic movements and providing at least one alarm notification based on the detected seismic movement. Particularly, a sensor device, which may be positioned in a subterranean part of a structure, may detect a seismic movement. The sensor device may make a determination as to whether the received seismic movement is greater than a predetermined threshold. If the seismic movement is greater than a predetermined threshold, the sensor device may transmit an alarm notification to one or more alarm devices, which may be located within the structure, indicating the seismic movement. The alarm device(s) may provide an alarm, notifying people in the structure of the seismic movement. This may provide an opportunity for the people to leave the structure before the seismic movement reaches the structure.02-17-2011
20100097206Post Cap for Guardrail with Luminous Lamp - The present invention relates to a post cap for a guardrail equipped with light emission means. The post cap for a guardrail is configured to produce beautiful scenery through variation in the color and the blinking state and to ensure safe nighttime passage through the transmission of signals depending on situations. The post cap for a guardrail equipped with light emission means capable of emitting light of various colors is configured to detect the location of installation and time through the reception of GPS signals and to enable a plurality of post caps to implement variations in color in conjunction with each other through time-based variations in color according to a stored program based on the location of installation.04-22-2010
20100097205Portable Motion Detector And Alarm System And Method - A portable security alarm system including a movement detecting and signal transmitting member for mounting on or proximate to the object whose movement is to be detected, a signal receiving and alarm generating member for receiving a signal from the movement detecting and signal transmitting member and producing a security response, a remote control for actuating and deactuating the signal receiving and alarm generating member, an environmental monitoring member for sensing an environmental condition and providing a signal to the signal receiving and alarm generating member, a visual information gathering member for gathering visual information and providing a signal to the signal receiving and alarm generating member, an audio output member for receiving a signal from the signal receiving and alarm generating member and generating an audio output, and components for delivering a security notification to remote recipients. A security network that includes the alarm system is also disclosed. An inertial sensor for alarm system or for activating or deactivating a device is additionally disclosed.04-22-2010
20110012728Sensor and System to Detect Bridge Scour - A system for detecting scour associated with a structure having a part thereof extending into a bed of material located under a body of water is provided. The system comprises a sensor unit buried in a portion of the bed of material located in proximity to the part. The sensor unit is structured to float to a surface of the body of water and automatically wirelessly transmit a message after being released from the bed of material in response to at least some of the portion of the bed of material being scoured. The system also comprises a receiver unit structured to wirelessly receive the message.01-20-2011
20120194337WARNING OF HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS IN MONITORED SPACES USING RFID TECHNOLOGY - To warn of hazardous conditions in a monitored space, the presence of an object bearing an RFID tag is detected using an RFID tag reader. Objects may be, for example, human beings, vehicles, or stationary materiel. A determination is made as to whether the object poses a hazard by, for example, reading data from the RFID tag or by accessing a database using data read from the RFID tag. If the object is determined to pose a hazard, the nature of the hazard is determined from the RFID tag or the database, and warning about the nature of the hazard is provided proximate to the monitored space. In some embodiments, providing the warning may be conditional upon detecting the concurrent presence of two objects in the monitored space.08-02-2012
20090251308THREE-PHASE FAULTED CIRCUIT INDICATOR - A three-phase faulted circuit indicator adjustable to accommodate a variety of three-phase power cables is disclosed. In one embodiment, faulted circuit indicator comprises a flexible holder that encircles the monitored conductor slightly more than one time. The flexible holder includes a plurality of magnetic sensors for monitoring the current within the internal conductors of the power cable, a logic circuit for determining the occurrence of a fault, and an output device for providing an indication of a fault. In a second embodiment, the faulted circuit indicator comprises a plurality of sensor compartments, each disposed about a central point, and each coupled to two other sensor compartments.10-08-2009
20090237233METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR ALERTING PERSONS OF OBSTACLES OR APPROACHING HAZARDS - Apparatus and methods for alerting persons of obstacles and/or approaching hazards are provided. Embodiments may include a warning system that includes a radio source configured to transmit a radio signal and a warning device. The warning device may include at least one vibration device, at least two receiver devices configured to receive the radio signal, and a processing device operably coupled to at least two receiver devices and at least one vibration device, wherein the processing device is configured to determine at least a direction and a distance to the radio source from the warning device and configured to transmit a vibration signal to at least one vibration device based upon the determined direction and distance to the radio source from the warning device.09-24-2009
20090027190METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A LOW-POWER RADIO BROADCAST ALERT FOR MONITORING SYSTEMS - Methods and apparatuses for instrumentation to broadcast an alert or status condition which solves the problems of close proximity or a hard-wired connection are presented. One method uses a low-power radio broadcast transmitter to broadcast a message during an alert or status condition.01-29-2009
20090009318REMOTE DATA COLLECTION USING MESH TECHNOLOGY - A system comprises a plurality of instruments for gathering data and a network of mesh nodes communicably coupled to the plurality of instruments, the mesh nodes for obtaining the data from the instruments. The system also comprises a concentrator mesh node. The network of mesh nodes transmits the data to the concentrator mesh node while the concentrator mesh node is airborne. The concentrator mesh node receives the data and, when the concentrator mesh node is no longer airborne, the concentrator mesh node transfers the data to a destination via a network.01-08-2009
20110018705ALARM DEVICE - An alarm device of the invention includes: a transmitting-and-receiving circuit unit which transmits and receives an event signal with other alarm device; an alarming unit which outputs alarm; an operating unit which includes an alarm stopping unit; an interlocking source alarm output processing unit which, upon receiving abnormal-detection signal from a sensor unit which detects abnormality, outputs alarm indicating an interlocking source, and transmits the event signal indicating the abnormality to the other alarm device of an interlocking destination; an interlocking destination alarm output processing unit which, upon receiving event signal indicating the abnormality from the other alarm device, outputs alarm indicating an interlocking destination; an interlocking source alarm stop processing unit which, upon detecting an operation to the alarm stopping unit while outputting the alarm indicating the interlock source, transmits the event signal for stopping the alarm to the other alarm device and stops the alarm; and an interlocking destination alarm stop processing unit which stops an output of the alarm indicating the interlocking destination and transmits the event signal for stopping the alarm to the other alarm device, when an operation to the alarm stopping unit is detected while outputting the alarm indicating the interlocking destination, while which stops an output of the alarm indicating the interlocking destination, when the event signal for stopping the alarm from the other alarm device is received, while outputting the alarm indicating the interlocking destination.01-27-2011
20130162426Wireless Relay Module For Remote Monitoring Systems Having Alarm And Display Functionality - Wireless relay modules for enabling alarm recognition and alerts in networked communications between a series of medical devices and a remote monitoring device via wireless relay networks and/or internet-accessible wireless communications networks. The wireless relay module including a receiver, a first transmitter coupled to the wireless relay network, a second transmitter coupled to the internet-accessible wireless communication network, a controller and a display. The controller identifying if received medical device data from the medical device includes an alarm condition and causing the display to display an alert accordingly. The wireless relay module may additionally include a speaker alone or in combination with a microphone for providing an audible alert of the alarm condition and verbal communication between a local healthcare provider and a clinician at the remote monitoring device.06-27-2013
20120112902System For Multiple Layered Security Within A Cargo Container - This invention describes layers of security sensors to determine the status of a container from point of departure to a final destination of the container. In particular, the present invention discloses the use of at least three levels of security applied to a single cargo container including an inductive sensor couples with an optical sensor to detect intrusions, a door switch sensor, and an RFID reader in communications with RFID tags embedded in the cargo and other sensors throughout the cargo hold. Security layering not only serves as a deterrent but also serves as an active defensive security system for establishing security “gates.”05-10-2012
20090096603TELECOMMUNICATION ENCLOSURE MONITORING SYSTEM - A remote monitoring system for telecommunication enclosures includes a low profile or flush mounted sealed transceiver or antenna unit, an electronic module inside of the enclosure electrically connected to the transceiver and a communication device to send signals to the electronic module through the transceiver. The sealed housing generally comprises a portion extending through the exterior surface of the enclosure. In some embodiments, the transceiver may include a radio frequency antenna, a photoelectric cell, a light sensor or an infrared sensor, and the communication device may be a handheld device, a transponder, or a networked computer.04-16-2009
20120286951CONSUMER ALARM WITH QUIET BUTTON - An alarm system is disclosed. The alarm system includes an enclosure; at least one sensor, the sensor is configured to communicate a signal to the enclosure; and at least one of a wireless transceiver positioned in the enclosure, the transceiver configured to receive an activation signal and transmit an alarm signal.11-15-2012
20100117820PARKING ENFORCEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD USING WIRELESS IN-GROUND SENSORS - A vehicle parking control and enforcement system for a plurality of unmetered parking spaces is provided wherein in-ground vehicle sensors are coupled with a microcontroller or microprocessor to detect the presence or absence of a vehicle in a parking space, determine whether the vehicle is in violation of the parking regulations and communicate a violation to a parking authority. The in-ground vehicle sensors may also include a digital camera.05-13-2010
20110279262METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR STORING, RETRIEVING, AND MANAGING DATA FOR TAGS - This invention relates generally to a method and system for storing, retrieving, and managing data for tags that are associated in some manner to any type of object. More particularly, the present invention writes data to these tags, reads data from these tags, and manages data that is written to and/or read from these tags.11-17-2011
20110279261EVENT WARNING SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREOF - An event warning system is provided. The innovation can provide real time, personalized and meaningful alert warnings to either or both a machine operator/driver and pedestrians who are in harm's way, or are potentially approaching harm's way. Different from generic warnings such as backup alarms and flashing lights, the innovation's personalized alarm and notification functionality minimizes alarm complacency and maximizes their effectiveness.11-17-2011
20100171610Method and Apparatus for Providing Peak Detection Circuitry for Data Communication Systems - Method and apparatus for providing a peak detection circuit comprising a diode including an input terminal and an output terminal the input terminal of the diode configured to receive an input signal, a capacitor operatively coupled to the output terminal of the diode, an output terminal operatively coupled to the capacitor and the output terminal of the diode for outputting an output signal is provided. Other equivalent switching configuration is further provided to effectively detect and compensate for a voltage droop from a power supply signal, as well as to electrically isolate the voltage droop from the system circuitry.07-08-2010
20100171609SYSTEMS AND METHOD FOR COMMUNICATING DATA IN A RAILROAD SYSTEM - A communications system for use in transmitting data in a railroad system is provided. The communications system includes a track circuit having a plurality of rails configured to transmit an electrical signal thereon, a first processor communicatively coupled to the track circuit via a first locomotive on said track circuit, and a trackside communications station operable to output cab signaling data, wherein the trackside communications station includes a second processor communicatively coupled to the track circuit. The first processor is programmed to compare a received data signal to a pre-stored database, and generate a response based on the comparison. The second processor is programmed to generate a corrected signal using the generated response.07-08-2010
20120286950METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DETECTING THEFT OF AN ITEM - Various examples of a method and a system for detecting theft of an item are disclosed herein. The method includes at least detecting with an aftermarket telematics unit a loss of electrical power being supplied to the aftermarket telematics unit and switching the aftermarket telematics unit to an alternate source of electrical power. The aftermarket telematics unit detects an occurrence of a second condition subsequent to detecting the loss of electrical power. The second condition may be a movement of the aftermarket telematics unit above a predetermined speed, or a diminution of strength of a wireless signal received from a component of the vehicle to below a predetermined threshold. The unit transmits a report containing information that is indicative of a theft event to a third party when the loss of electrical power and the occurrence of the second condition are detected.11-15-2012
20110285527Wireless Structural Health Monitoring System with Synchronized Timekeeper - A method of obtaining data about a structure includes providing a plurality of sensor modules on the structure. Each of the sensor modules includes a sensor, a processor, a sensor module precision timekeeper, and a sensor module transceiver. One of the plurality of sensor modules includes an energy harvesting device. The processor and the sensor module transceiver of this one of the plurality of sensor modules are powered solely with electricity derived from the energy harvesting device. The method further includes providing a base station. The method further includes periodically wirelessly receiving a broadcast resynchronization timing packet with each of the sensor module transceivers, wherein the broadcast resynchronization timing packet received by each of the sensor module transceivers includes a common resynchronization time value. The method further includes periodically resynchronizing each of the sensor module precision timekeepers based on a signal derived from the resynchronization time value. The method further includes digital sampling of the sensor module sensor in each of the sensor modules to provide digital sensor data, and providing a time stamp to the digital sensor data wherein time in the time stamp is provided by the sensor module precision timekeeper. The method further includes wirelessly transmitting data from each of the plurality of sensor modules to the base station, wherein the data is derived from the time stamped digital sensor data. The method further includes receiving and aggregating the data from each of the plurality of sensor modules in the base station.11-24-2011
20110298609METHOD OF CONSERVING ENERGY AND WATER USING AN APPARATUS TO LOCATE LEAKS IN SUBSURFACE PIPELINES - A method of conserving energy and natural resources transported in subsurface pipelines and preventing environmental contamination therefrom by identifying the subsurface location of leaks of oil, gas, water or other natural resources transported in these pipelines includes adhering a continuous tape having a plurality of uniquely identified radio frequency identification (RFID) tags mounted thereon axially along the pipeline and use of a mobile robotic device to identify the specific location of a leak in the pipeline, thereby preventing loss of energy and water traveling through pipeline, contamination of these fluids and environmental contamination, and the use of additional fuel to replenish these lost natural resources.12-08-2011
20090322510SECURING, MONITORING AND TRACKING SHIPPING CONTAINERS - A method of securing a container includes inserting, into a seal device at a container, an electronic bolt; reading, by the seal device, a serial number stored in the electronic bolt; communicating, from the seal device, to a user application, insertion of the bolt; scanning, by the user via a handheld device, a barcode on the seal device representative of an identification of the seal device; communicating, from the handheld device to the user application, the identification of the seal device; inputting, by a user at the container via the handheld device, information associated with the container; communicating, from the handheld device to the user application, the information associated with the container; associating, in a database by the user application, the information associated with the container with the bolt serial number and the identification of the seal device; communicating, by the user application, a confirmation to the seal device.12-31-2009
20100090823HYBRID CLUSTERING BASED DATA AGGREGATION METHOD FOR MULTI-TARGET TRACKING IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK - Provided are a sensor network structure, a data aggregation method, and a clustering method for efficient multi-target tracking. The multi-target tracking may be efficiently performed in a heterogeneous sensor network by combining clustering methods and adaptively varying the clustering methods. As such, an energy consumption problem in a sensor network may be reduced, and a data transmission delay problem or a data traffic problem may be solved by reducing the amount of data to be transmitted.04-15-2010
20100141425DEVICE SECURITY SYSTEM - One embodiment involves a usage code system comprising an electrical device powered by a battery only if the battery contains a characteristic usage code. Another embodiment involves a presence confirmation device that repeatedly sends wireless query signals. The electrical device receives the query signals and responds by sending a wireless confirmation signal to the presence confirmation device. The presence confirmation generates an alert if it does not receive the confirmation signal after a certain time period after sending a query signal to the electrical device. Yet another embodiment involves a motion sensor that measures motion data from which translation of an electrical device is determined. If a net translation of the device is greater than or equal to a defined threshold, an alert system generates an alert or increases a polling rate at which new motion data is periodically received from the motion sensor.06-10-2010
20100079274System for Wireless Activation of Communication Indicators within an Industrial or Professional Working Environment - A system for the wireless activation or deactivation of one or more switches associated with one or more communication indicators within an industrial or professional working environment. The system includes at least one portable, handheld transmitter comprising at least one manually operated switch and a signal transmitter. Further included is at least one fixed indicator assembly comprising a signal receiver, at least one automatically operational switch, and at least one indicator capable of audibly or visually communicating a condition to workers within the industrial or professional working environment. The wireless indicator switch system is a highly flexible combination of a lightweight, small key fob type transmitter paired with a flexible receiver circuit board for controlling a variety of industrial and/or professional working environment indication devices. The wireless indicator switch will allow the indication device to be placed at its optimal location while allowing the worker to remain at their location and still activate the device. With the key fob sized transmitter, for example, the operator can easily activate an indicator light without leaving the work station.04-01-2010
20100283600Low power apparatus for preventing loss of cell phone and other high value items - A system for the prevention of loss of wallets, keys, purses and the like. The system uses a programmable wireless appliance such as a cell phone as a wireless tracker, and utilizes lightweight wireless tag devices attached to the items to protected. A software application executes on the wireless appliance to query the wireless tags and determines when any part of the system is going out of range.11-11-2010
20100039253Method and Device for Integrated Network Intelligent Security Monitoring and Alarming - A method and a device for integrated network intelligent security monitoring and alarming are provided. The device includes a front cover (02-18-2010
20090153321Ascertaining physical routing of cabling interconnects - In a communication network or networked system, cables that interconnect systems or parts of a system are provided with RFID tags embedded at periodic intervals along their lengths. A network of GPS-enabled RFID readers with triangulation capabilities enables the determination of the physical routing of cables within an area of interest. It also enables communication of the physical routing information to an operations support system for cable management.06-18-2009
20090146803Monitoring and Notification Apparatus - The disclosure relates to monitoring and notification apparatus capable of monitoring events at various locations. The apparatus includes a sound receiving unit which receives audio content from various locations. A user can select which of the location is monitored at any one time. In one embodiment, this selection is made depending on the orientation of the sound receiving unit.06-11-2009
20100079273RADIO COMMUNICATION TERMINAL - A radio communication terminal includes a radio communication unit that performs radio communication with another device, a detector that detects radio waves in a predetermined frequency range emitted from a medical device that is used integrally with a human body, and a prohibition unit that prohibits radio communication by the radio communication unit when radio waves in the predetermined frequency range have been detected.04-01-2010
20100079272METHOD FOR DISPLAYING STARTING PROCESS OF ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method for displaying a starting process of an electronic device is described hereinafter. Firstly, divide the starting process of the electronic device into a plurality of starting stages. Next, set a displaying data for each of the starting stages respectively. Lastly, transmit the corresponding displaying data to a displaying device and display the displaying data on the displaying device after executing each of the starting stages. Therefore, the method can make the starting process of the electronic device more intuitionistic. Furthermore, when the electronic device fails in the starting process thereof, the reason for the failure is easy to be preliminarily ascertained by viewing the displaying data displayed on the displaying device so as to provide a helpful reference to the trouble clearing.04-01-2010
20090207013SYSTEMS FOR MONITORING PROXIMITY TO PREVENT LOSS OR TO ASSIST RECOVERY - A portable proximity alarm apparatus comprising a Bluetooth system and an alarm monitors the presence of a portable electronic device equipped with a compatible transceiver within range and alarms when that device leaves its range. On detecting disconnection, the proximity alarm automatically tries to reconnect. A portable proximity alarm apparatus with an optional voice mode allows to additionally use the unit as a headset when an earpiece is folded. A portable proximity alarm apparatus with relay functionality allows using a Bluetooth headset and proximity alarm functions unobtrusively on most mobile phones.08-20-2009
20110169630Sensor foreign material exclusion devices and methods - A foreign material exclusion device adapted for use in a cavity of a system or construction, for example a tube, pipe, or the like, the device having a body that is adapted to seal a first side of the cavity from a second side of the cavity and prevent passage of debris past the body, the device further including a sensor operatively connected to the body and adapted to measure a property of the environment adjacent at least one surface of the device. Methods for utilizing the device to seal a portion of the cavity and to record, and preferably distribute, the data are also described.07-14-2011
20080211664Radio Module for Field Devices of Automation Technology - A radio module RM for field devices of automation technology is connectable with a field device, e.g. F1, via a field device interface. The radio module RM includes a microcontroller μC for function control, a radio unit RF for data communication with a superordinated unit, and an energy supply unit ESU. With the help of the radio module RM, conventional field devices can be adapted simply to become radio-capable field devices, in order that they can then also be used in radio networks.09-04-2008
20090273466SYSTEM AND METHOD TO MANAGE MOVEMENT OF ASSETS - An embodiment of a system to manage movement of at least one asset is provided. The system includes at least one tracking element operable to generate a signal representative of a location of the asset, and a controller in communication with the tracking element. The controller includes computer readable program instructions representative of the steps of receiving the signal representative of the location of the asset having a unique identifier; identifying a status indicator for the asset having the unique identifier; comparing a change in the location of the asset in view of the status indicator relative to a predetermined location change rule of an invalid movement of the at least one asset from one state to another without passing through a CLEANING state; and generating a signal representative of the invalid change in the location in response to an output of the comparing step for illustration on a display.11-05-2009
20090284368Footwear Products Including Data Transmission Capabilities - Footwear systems include an article of footwear and a data transmission system engaged with the article of footwear. The transmission system transmits data to a remote system, such as a display system, another data transmission system, a processing system, etc. Such footwear systems further may include activation systems for activating the transmission and/or display systems. The transmitted data may be used for various purposes, such as: (a) identifying a user of the article of footwear; (b) activating targeted advertising or product information; (c) confirming the user's presence at a specific location and/or at a specific time; (d) determining start, finish, and/or intermediate split times for specific user; (e) confirming athletic equipment usage; (f) providing data for a game or reward program; (g) registering the user for an event or competition; or the like.11-19-2009
20090284367ASSET RECOVERY DEVICE INSTALLATION AND ALERT SYSTEM - In one embodiment, a method is provided for selectively providing an alert to a user of a tracked asset in an asset recovery system. The method includes activating a tracking device on the tracked asset to generate a report, evaluating the report and a condition based on a home location assigned to the tracking device for generating an alert, creating the alert based on the evaluation of the condition and the report, and sending the alert to the user.11-19-2009
20090295564Container Tracking System - Shipping containers are networked for transferring data between the shipping containers. The shipping containers include sensors for detecting conditions associated with the shipping containers. The conditions sensed by any shipping container whether transported by rail or ship is transmitted from an ad hoc network, via a gateway configured for satellite or cellular communications for example, to a container-tracking application server or equivalent computer system. The computer system is remotely located to the shipping container for central compilation, analysis, and/or display of data regarding the shipping containers.12-03-2009
20090102640Wireless Building Control Architecture - On a first level of the wireless building automation architecture, sensors and associated actuators communicate directly. The sensor performs control processes appropriate for the sensor and regardless of the type of actuator being used. The actuator performs control processes specific to the actuator regardless of the type of sensor being used. By direct wireless communication between sensors and actuators, the opportunity for a failed communications link using a hub and spoke arrangement may be avoided. Communication redundancy is provided by receiving the outputs of sensors at a controller, such as a controller on a second high speed or high bandwidth tier of the architecture. Regional control is implemented in the higher level tier. The higher level tier may override or control operation of components of the lower level tier as needed. The distributed control processing allows for more convenient room level integration. Where a problem is detected, such as a fire, corrective action begins within the immediate region of the sensor generating an alarm signal. The corrective action occurs without routing the alarm signal to upper levels of control processes or across different systems. The alarm signal is also propagated to upper level control systems for generating appropriate responses in other zones. To provide the different zones and avoid interference, the transmit power of the sensors and actuators is controlled as a function of two or more other devices.04-23-2009
20090261968WIRELESS DATA ACQUISITION NETWORK AND OPERATING METHODS - A wireless network is provided, that may comprise wireless sensor units organized in chains of wireless sensor units. Each wireless sensor unit may comprise plural sensors and at least a wireless transceiver connected to communicate by wires or wirelessly with the plural sensors. Each chain of wireless sensor units may include a terminal wireless sensor unit and intermediate wireless sensor units, each intermediate wireless sensor unit being configured to relay data along the chain of intermediate wireless sensor units towards the terminal wireless sensor unit. The terminal wireless sensor unit in each chain of wireless sensor units is adapted to communicate wirelessly with at least one backhaul unit of plural backhaul units; and the backhaul units are adapted to communicate with a central computer.10-22-2009
20080246601Network For Combat Control of Ground-Based Units - The invention relates to a network for combat control of ground-based units, such as combat vehicles, in real time, in which information is obtained concerning the units comprised in the network for the evaluation of threats and the calculation of a response. According to the invention, the units are divided into clusters (10-09-2008
20080238657Method for Monitoring a Group of Objects and Associated Arrangement - A method for monitoring a group of objects, and an arrangement to implement the method includes providing each object of the group to be monitored with a radio node of a self-networking radio network, whereby each radio node within the group has a unique identification. The radio nodes of the group automatically reveal themselves at a starting time and network with one another. The radio nodes of the group monitor themselves from the starting time and convey at least one specified change in an initial mutual situation. At least one of the radio nodes when notifying or recognizing a specified change, conveys information concerning the change to a monitoring unit and/or controls an alarm transmitter for activating an alarm.10-02-2008
20100141424ANTI-THEFT DEVICE FOR SOLAR PANELS - A theft protection device for photovoltaic solar panels is provided. The device includes of at least one cable which is made to pass through the solar panels. The cable can be fibre optic or electrical, and a light beam or an electrical current, respectively, is made to circulate through the cable. At the ends of the cable, an electrical control circuit is connected, capable of detecting a cut in the cable caused by the interruption of the light beam in the fibre or a voltage drop at the ends of the electrical cable. Cutting of the cable for theft of the solar panels is detected by the control circuit which activates an alarm, acoustic and/or visual, which can belong to the device or be remote.06-10-2010
20100201511METHOD AND SYSTEMS TO FACILITATE REDUCING INTERFERENCE BETWEEN RF SIGNALS - A method for reducing interference between radio frequency (RF) signals includes initiating a first communication session from a control system to a remote RF device using a first RF signal to transmit a first outgoing message, wherein the first RF signal within a first RF range, and detecting a second communication session transmitted from a system RF device to the control system using a second RF signal. The second communication session includes an incoming message, and the second RF signal is within a second RF range at least partially overlapping the first RF range. The method includes, when the second communication session is detected, interrupting the first communication session for a time period, receiving the second communication session during the time period to receive the incoming message, and, after the time period expires, resuming the first communication session with the remote RF device.08-12-2010
20090167521METHOD FOR SYNCHRONIZING FREQUENCY-HOPPING SHORT-RANGE RADIO DEVICES - A method for synchronizing a security system control panel and a sensor. The control panel and the sensor each have a transceiver. The control panel monitors a publicly broadcast signal for an time signal, periodically receives the time signal, calculates a frequency hopping index pointer using the time signal and accesses a frequency hopping table using the frequency hopping index pointer. The frequency hopping table is used by the control panel to determine when to hop between multiple receiving channels and which of the receiving channels to hop. The sensor wakes up from a standby mode when the sensor determines that the sensor is to send data, receives the publicly broadcast signal that includes a time signal, selects the channel that the control panel is actively receiving data using the time signal and transmits the data to the control panel using the selected channel.07-02-2009
20080278310METHOD OF MEASURING SIGNAL STRENGTH IN A WIRELESS SENSOR SYSTEM - A low cost, robust, wireless sensor that provides an extended period of operability without maintenance is described. The wireless sensors are configured to communicate with a base unit or repeater. When the sensor unit detects an anomalous ambient condition (e.g., smoke, fire, water, etc.) the sensor communicates with the base unit and provides data regarding the anomalous condition. The sensor unit receives instructions to change operating parameters and/or control external devices.11-13-2008
20100052895DATA RECORDER, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRANSMITTING DATA RECEIVED FROM AN IN-VIVO SENSING DEVICE - An in-vivo sensing system including an in-vivo sensing device, a data recorder a receiver and a work station. The data recorder receives data signal from the in-vivo sensing device during an acquisition period. Batches of the data signal may be transmitted from the data recorder to a receiver, as soon as a batch has been received by the data recorder. The batches of data signal received by the receiver may be downloaded to the workstation as soon as each batch is received by the receiver. Signals are typically transmitted from the data recorder to the receiver through wireless transmission techniques such as cellular transmission, WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) transmission, BT (BlueTooth) transmission and Wimax (Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access) transmission.03-04-2010
20100052894BATTERY-POWERED OCCUPANCY SENSOR - A battery-powered occupancy sensor for detecting an occupancy condition in a space comprises first and second batteries, an occupancy detector circuit, a controller, and a wireless transmitter for transmitting a first wireless signal in response to the occupancy detector circuit detecting the occupancy condition in the space. The controller and the wireless transmitter are powered by the first battery, while only the occupancy detector circuit is powered by the second battery, such that the occupancy detector circuit is isolated from noise generated by the controller and the wireless transmitter. The occupancy detector circuit draws a current having a magnitude of approximately 5 microamps or less from the second battery. The occupancy sensor transmits a second wireless signal is response to determining that the voltage of one of the batteries has dropped too low.03-04-2010
20080291007METHOD FOR IMPROVING TRAFFIC SAFETY BY MEANS OF USING BEACONS - The invention relates to a method for improving traffic safety by means of using beacons, using for each vehicle (11-27-2008
20080291008PREVENTIVE TERMINAL DEVICE AND INTERNET SYSTEM FROM DROWSY AND DISTRACTED DRIVING ON MOTORWAYS USING FACIAL RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY - A drowsy driving prevention apparatus employing a facial recognition technology and a drowsy driving prevention system employing the same is provided. A GPS and a communication unit for informing a central control center or a traffic accident prevention management institute of information about a drowsy driving state and the position of a vehicle are mounted in the drowsy driving prevention apparatus. Thus, traffic accidents can be prevented. A management server is informed of a driver's drowsiness and a driver can access a portable telephone of an external helper over a network using wireless Internet communication technologies, such as Wibro (also called Mobile WiMAX), HSDPA & HSUPA, Long Term Evolution (LTE), Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB), TD-SCDMA, TRS, GPRS GSM and CDMA. It is therefore possible to prevent traffic accidents caused by drowsy driving in synthetic and multidimensional ways.11-27-2008
20080291006Wireless Sensors - A wireless sensor module comprises: input means (11-27-2008
20080316017Threat Detection and Monitoring Apparatus With Integrated Display System - The present invention is generally related to a threat detection and monitoring apparatus with an integrated display system. More particularly, the present invention is directed to an apparatus for use as a public safety and emergency messaging system adapted to detect and identify threats in the surrounding environment and display useful information regarding the threat or other public information to the public.12-25-2008
20110006893NOTIFICATION SYSTEM UTILIZING SELF-ENERGIZING SWITCHES - An example notification system includes a power supply and a notification device in selective electrical communication with the power supply. The notification device provides a notification to a building service location when the notification device is electrically connected with the power supply. A receiver is electrically connected between the power supply and the notification device. The receiver is operative to selectively electrically connect the notification device with the power supply in response to a wireless communication. A switch includes a wireless transmitter portion powered by a self-energizing portion. The wireless transmitter portion communicates the wireless communication to the receiver in response to an actuation of the switch.01-13-2011
20100271198GLOBAL EMERGENCY ALERT NOTIFICATION SYSTEM - An emergency event reporting system combines emergency event detection means with a wireless beacon capable of communicating with the Cospas-Sarsat search-and-rescue satellite system. The system provides for the association of a beacon's unique identification number (UIN) with a third-party monitoring service to which the emergency event message is to be reported. In this way, civilian emergency events can be reliably handled without overwhelming limited government search and rescue resources. Several applications of the system are disclosed, which include reporting alarm messages from home and business security systems and crash alerts indicating the deployment of a vehicle air bag during a vehicle crash.10-28-2010
20100141422METHOD, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEM FOR PROJECTING HOT WATER AVAILABILITY FOR BATHING - Methods, apparatus, and system for predicting the availability of hot water for bathing. One or more parameters corresponding to the operation of a water heater are monitored over time and/or a temperature distribution of water in a hot water tank measured. Data corresponding to the monitored parameters and/or temperature distribution are processed to determine a rate at which hot water is being consumed by filling a bath and/or due to other hot water consumers and/or to determine a current hot water availability condition. Based on a hot water consumption rate and/or determination of a current hot water availability condition, a projection is made to whether there will be adequate hot water to fill the bathtub to a desired level or volume at a desired temperature.06-10-2010
20130120139Locating system for locating and tracking an object - A locating system includes a locating device having a control and processing module, a transmitting/receiving module electrically connected to the control and processing module and an antenna member for signal transmitting and receiving purposes, an alarm device electrically connected to the control and processing module for generating alarming signals, and a detecting device electrically connected to the control and processing module for detecting a motion of the locating device. The control and processing module includes a processor unit, a false alarm prevention unit coupled to the processor unit for preventing the false alarms from being occurred or generated.05-16-2013
20100141423WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK AND DATA SENSING METHOD THEREOF - A wireless sensor network and data sensing method thereof are provided. A prediction model is established according to sensed data. When statistical value of the sensed data is within a user allowable range, the average value of the sensed data is returned to a user based on the prediction model. Alternatively, when the statistical value of the sensed data is beyond the user allowable range, actually sensed data is returned to the user based on the prediction model. In addition, the prediction model may further be dynamically updated according to subsequently received sensed data.06-10-2010
20100141426Sensor and Transmission Control Circuit in Adaptive Interface Package - A programmable interface module includes a linear power regulator to control and provide power to interfaced components on an as needed basis. The interface module is implemented in, for example, a sensor pack and multiplexed to a plurality of sensor modules. In a first mode, the linear voltage regulator provides a relatively small amount of power which allows a sensor module to output a signal responsive to detecting an environmental condition (e.g., gamma or x-ray radiation, extreme temperatures, etc.). The interface module can switch the linear voltage regulator to a second mode in which the linear voltage regulator ramps up the amount of power provided to a detecting sensor module. The sensor module can then provide a level indicative of a concentration or intensity of the environmental condition. If the level surpasses a predetermined threshold, the senor pack can output an alert signal to security server.06-10-2010
20090160637Wireless Event Status Communication System, Device and Method - A wireless event status communication system, device and method are disclosed. In one form, a wireless enabled notification system includes a wireless informer operably associated with an environmental element having more than one operating state and operable to determine a current operating state of the environmental element and to communicate the current operating state via a wireless communication module. The system further includes a remote status notification device operable to receive the communication including the current operating state. The remote status notification device including a processor operable to determine a last current operating state when the remote status notification device is out of range of the wireless informer.06-25-2009
20080316018Method for Constructing Location Management System Using Rfid Series - The present invention relates to a method for constructing location management system using RFID series. In particular, the present invention provides RFID series to complete work with a little time and workforce without confusion by concurrently installing a number of RFID tags, even where a number of RFID tags are required in order to constitute an RFID system, and a method for constructing a system to effectively manage the location of an objective space using RFID series, wherein additional drawings (or computerized drawings) for an objective space are nor required even where RFID tags are attached over a considerably wide space, but rather drawings for location management system of an objective space can be produce by attaching RFID tags.12-25-2008
20120286948WIRELESS CONVEYOR BELT CONDITION MONITORING SYSTEM AND RELATED APPARATUS AND METHOD - A method includes transmitting first wireless signals towards a conveyor belt having multiple layers of material. The first wireless signals penetrate one or more layers in the conveyor belt. The method also includes receiving second wireless signals that have interacted with the conveyor belt. The method further includes identifying a condition of the conveyor belt using the second wireless signals and outputting an indicator identifying the condition of the conveyor belt. Identifying the condition of the conveyor belt could include identifying a thickness of at least one of the layers in the conveyor belt. This could be done by identifying pulses in the second wireless signals and using time of flight calculations.11-15-2012
20090102639Localization system and localization method and mobile position data transmitter - There is described a localization system with a mobile position data transmitter having a position-detecting device for detecting a position of the position data transmitter and for deriving position data from the position detected. The position data transmitter also has a radio tag writing device for wirelessly emitting the derived position data with a write signal for writing to radio tags. The localization system also has radio tags which are to be spatially distributed and each have a memory for storing an item of localization information which is taken from the position data received with the write signal. A radio tag reading device is used to retrieve and output the stored read information from the radio tags that are situated in the retrieval range.04-23-2009
20110227722Tracking System And Device - A tracking device and system for tracking containers, in particular, containers and their contents, is disclosed. The tracking device utilizes AGPS/GPS/GSM/CDMA/LTE/EVDO/WiFi/RFID/Bluetooth®/TDMA technology to enable an individual to locate and monitor the movement of a Container at any given time and for any desired period of time. The tracking system utilizes virtual geo-fences to identify buildings or specific addresses to assist in determining the specific location of the containers in relation to these buildings or specific addresses. The tracking devices can also be activated by motion sensors to alert the tracking system of a possible theft of the container or sudden movement. The tracking system incorporates software which enables an individual to determine the location of the containers, determine the contents of the containers, and schedule the use of the containers by specific persons and at specific locations. The tracking system also retains information regarding the persons, the supplier's representatives, the warehouses and sales of the containers and any contents that they may have.09-22-2011
20110227721Leak detection system for pipes - The leak detection system for pipes and couplings is a system for generating an alert signal when a liquid leak from the pipe joint or coupling is detected. The leak detection system includes a transmitter mounted adjacent a pipe joint formed between a first pipe and a fitting of a second pipe. A pair of contacts have first ends electrically connected to the transmitter and second ends extending into an annular recess formed in the pipe joint. The second ends have a gap formed between each other. When an electrically conductive liquid leaks from the pipe joint, the liquid fills the gap between the contacts, closing a transmitting circuit, activating the transmitter to transmit an alert signal.09-22-2011
20120286949SYSTEM AND METHOD OF WORKER FALL DETECTION AND REMOTE ALARM NOTIFICATION - A fall indicating alarm system includes one or more fall sensors and at least one gas sensor coupled to a displaced alarm system which, responsive to an output from a fall sensor, generates an audible or visual alarm indicator. Both local and displaced alarm indicators can be generated.11-15-2012
20090160636Intruder Detection Systems for Access Hatches - A wireless alarm system comprising a master unit 06-25-2009
20090201145Safety socket - Disclosed herein is a receptacle for selectively conducting electric power. The receptacle contains a switch that is normally open to prevent the occurrence of electric shock. An optical prong detector is provided to determine whether both the hot and neutral prongs of a plug have been inserted into the receptacle. The receptacle provides conductance upon determination of insertion of a plug into the receptacle. Additional features include GFI detection, current detection heat detection warning lights, and an audible alarm. The receptacle includes communication abilities with remote devices to transmit data indicative of the state of the device.08-13-2009
20090002151WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK - A system and method for implementing a wireless sensor network. The system comprises a plurality of motes, each mote having a sensor and a wireless communication system for communicating with neighboring motes; a distributed routing table distributed amongst each of the plurality of motes; and an update system for periodically updating the distributed routing table.01-01-2009
20090243839WIRELESS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM FOR A ROLL-UP DOOR - A door system includes a support connected to a structure, and a door mounted on the support and movable relative to the support between an opened position and a closed position. The door includes a detection device and a remote module coupled to the detection device. The remote module includes a battery and an RF module for supporting two-way communication and sending signals indicative of the status of the detection device and the battery. The door system also includes a motor to drive the door, and a controller to control the motor. The controller includes a user interface and a memory. The door system also includes a base module coupled to the controller for receiving signals from the remote module. The received signals are indicative of the status of the detection device and the battery. The base module also sends signals related to successful transmission acknowledgements to the remote module.10-01-2009
20090243840SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MONITORING AND CONTROLLING REMOTE DEVICES - Embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to a system for monitoring a variety of environmental and/or other conditions within a defined remotely located region. Such a system may be configured to monitor utility meters in a defined area. The system is implemented by using a plurality of wireless transmitters, wherein each wireless transmitter is integrated into a sensor adapted to monitor a particular data input. The system also includes a plurality of transceivers that are dispersed throughout the region at defined locations. The system uses a local gateway to translate and transfer information from the transmitters to a dedicated computer on a network. The dedicated computer, collects, compiles, and stores the data for retrieval upon client demand across the network. The computer further includes means for evaluating the received information and identifying an appropriate control signal, the system further including means for applying the control signal at a designated actuator. Other aspects, features, and embodiments are also claimed and described.10-01-2009
20090256700Wireless Probe System and Method For a Fueling Environment - A fueling environment is equipped with leak detection probes and liquid level probes. Each of the probes is associated with a wireless transceiver. The wireless transceivers send probe data to a site communicator wireless transceiver. To ensure that the site communicator receives the probe data, repeaters are used within the fueling environment. The repeaters receive the probe data, and some period of time after the sensor transceivers stop transmitting, the repeaters retransmit the probe data to the site communicator. The site communicator discards duplicative information and processes the probe data as needed.10-15-2009
20090315702Medication Dispenser - Disclosed is a method for providing medication according to a preset schedule, the method comprising: providing a disposable medication dispenser containing medication to a user; connecting one dispenser monitor to said medication dispenser; monitoring a state of said medication with said monitor; providing, via said monitor, signals with respect to said state of said medication to a health monitoring station; and monitoring the state of dispenser at the health monitoring station.12-24-2009
20090315701SENSING CIRCUIT BOARD COMMUNICATIONS MODULE ASSEMBLY - Methods, devices, and systems for electronic wireless communication in circuits for monitoring one or more activities of an individual are disclosed. One circuit board assembly embodiment includes a carrier board portion having a module contact pattern to electrically connect a module, selected from a plurality of different module types each having a contact pattern that corresponds to the module contact pattern of the carrier board portion, to a number of electrical components attached to the carrier board portion; a sensor portion for sensing one or more activities of an individual, the sensor portion electrically connected to the carrier board portion; and a communications module portion selected from the plurality of different module types, wherein the module portion has a contact pattern that corresponds to the module contact pattern and wherein the communications module portion is electrically connected to the carrier board portion via the module contact pattern.12-24-2009
20100176939Opitcal Wireless Sensor Network - A wireless sensor network including a receiver including a photodetector, and a sensor node that includes a sensor configured to sense a property, a transmitter configured to emit outgoing optical energy, the outgoing optical energy being indicative of the property, and a photodetector configured to harvest incoming optical energy and convert the incoming optical energy into electrical energy useful by the transmitter, wherein the photodetector of the receiver is positioned to receive the outgoing optical energy.07-15-2010
20100277305Wireless Ultrasound Probe Asset Tracking - A wireless ultrasound probe has a probe case enclosing a transducer array, an acquisition circuit, a transceiver and a battery. The probe also includes a loudspeaker which produces audible sounds as a function of the range between the wireless probe and a host system. When the probe is within a near field range of the host system, the loudspeaker is silent. But if the probe is moved to an intermediate or a far field range from the host system, the loudspeaker sounds an alert. This audible alert can be used to locate the probe by transmitting a paging signal which, upon reception by the probe, causes the probe to sound its alert. If the probe is moved to an unauthorized location where it is within range of a transmitter or receiver, the reception of a signal by the probe, the transmitter, or receiver will sound an alert signaling the unauthorized presence of the wireless probe.11-04-2010
20110102170REMOTE MONITORING OF REAL-TIME INFORMATION - A method for remote monitoring of real-time information is provided. In the method, a representation is displayed of each of a plurality of items configured to generate the real-time information. Also displayed is a representation of each of a plurality of destinations configured to receive the real-time information. The real-time information is received from the items. A command is received which selects one of the items and one of the destinations. After receiving the command, at least a portion of the real-time information received from the selected item is transmitted to the selected destination.05-05-2011
20100245075Tracking of Oil Drilling Pipes and Other Objects - Identification and tracking of hollow pipes at a site where the hollow pipes are to be stored or interconnected, such as an oil drilling site where the aforesaid hollow pipes are to be connected and the drillstring of pipes is to be inserted into a drilled hole on solid ground or under a deepsea drilling platform is achieved. Each hollow pipe is provided with a low frequency radio frequency identification (RFID) tag attached to the pipe's outer surface. The RFID tag is operable at a low radio frequency not exceeding 1.0 megahertz and may be disposed within a recess in the pipe's outer surface. A tracking system provides communication be the tags and a reader.09-30-2010
20100253503ACTIVE GPS TRACKING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REPORTING POSITION THEREOF - An active GPS tracking system and method includes a user setting interface for receiving a reporting distance, a distance trigger module, a GPS module and a wireless communication module. The distance trigger module calculates a moving distance of the active GPS tracking system, and generates and sends an interrupt signals to the GPS module to make it enter a working mode when the moving distance is greater than or equal to the reporting distance. Then, the GPS module determines a current position of the active GPS tracking system and determines whether an actual displacement is greater than or equal to the reporting distance to determine if reporting the current position. If the actual displacement is greater than or equal to the reporting distance, the wireless communication module receives the current position from the GPS module, and reports to a monitor center.10-07-2010
20100253502PRODUCT LOCATOR AND METHOD FOR LOCATING A PRODUCT - An item locator for locating an item comprising a receiver for receiving a wireless signal, including a specific code, a memory for storing a programmed code, a comparator for comparing the received specific code and the programmed code, and an alerter for outputting an alert signal when the received specific code and the programmed code match. The item locator may be a separate device or built-into the item. The wireless signal may be transmitted from a landline telephone, cellular telephone, a computer, an iPod, Bluetooth device (with or without the programmed code) or a blackberry, for example.10-07-2010
20100123574MONITORING SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE - In a monitoring system for a power wheelchair (low-speed mobility vehicle) and having a remote monitoring device connected to the wheelchair through a communicator, it is determined whether the wheelchair strands based on detected acceleration, and when it does, a vehicle-stranded signal that the vehicle strands is transmitted to the remote monitoring device through the communicator and predesignated information addressees including a dealer, a data terminal owned by the operator's family and emergency assistance providers such as the police or hospital are informed in response to the signal that the vehicle is stranded, thereby enabling to respond rapidly and appropriately when the wheelchair becomes stranded.05-20-2010
20090273465ROOM SEPARATION IN A WLAN BASED RTLS AND METHOD THEREFOR - A wireless location system for tracking and locating a wireless tag in a structure having defined areas that provides for differentiation between the defined areas has at least one ultrasonic transmitter positioned in each of the defined areas for transmitting an ultrasonic signal having area identification and/or transmitter ID information. A plurality of wireless tags are provided wherein each wireless tag transmits a last area identifying and/or transmitter ID information received and accepted by the wireless tag in a tag message. A plurality of location receivers is installed in the structure for receiving the tag message and for reporting the received message from the tag along with optional measured parameters to a common server. The common server determines the location of each wireless tags in the structure using the defined area or transmitter ID as reported by each wireless tag.11-05-2009
20090184817Image Forming Apparatus - An image forming apparatus is supplied capable of improving distance precision and relative position precision of RFID tag and RFID unit so as to heighten communication quality of image forming apparatus. The image forming apparatus comprises attachable and removable exchange cartridge which is used for accommodating toner and has a RFID tag, and RFID unit that communicates with the RFID tag through radio communication, wherein the exchange cartridge is furnished as retreating in non-operational time; the exposure head unit is furnished movably; in the case that the exchange cartridge retreats, the exposure head unit moves together with the exchange cartridge.07-23-2009
20090167522Method and apparatus for monitoring a material medium - A material medium, such as an optical fiber or electrical cable, is commonly used to carry services, such as telecommunications or energy service. The current invention identifies the following problems which may be encountered when monitoring a material medium. They are: (1) requiring a time and labor intensive investigation to find a fault, (2) needing a significant change in a current material medium infrastructure to support a monitoring effort, or (3) reducing available bandwidth in a material medium due to a monitoring device intruding into the material medium to send data. These problems are solved, in accordance with a feature of the current invention, by monitoring a material medium with at least one diagnostic sensor, and using an electromagnetic (EM) signal, such as radio frequency (RF), signal to wirelessly transmit the sensor data. The diagnostic sensor may measure the operational health of the material medium, or may measure local environmental conditions around the material medium. Using an EM signal, such as RF, to wirelessly transmit sensor data allows for a fast, low labor monitoring approach. Additionally, it avoids a need to either; (1) transfer the data by intruding into the monitored material medium, or (2) set up an independent material medium system to transfer the data.07-02-2009
20090140850SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SHOPPING CART SECURITY - A system for securing purchased items, includes: an enclosure for holding items selected by a user; a personal shopping system (PSS) further comprised of an input/output device, a scanner, software, and security features for securing the items selected by the user and placed in the enclosure; wherein the PSS is in electrical signal communication with a server; wherein the PSS is mechanically attached to the enclosure; wherein the user identifies themselves to the PSS; wherein the security features activate one of a series of visual indicators and alarms in response to various states and relationships between the enclosure, the items, and the user; and wherein the intensity, level, and duration of the series of visual indicators and alarms varies in response to the various states and relationships between the enclosure, the items, and the user.06-04-2009
20110032096SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ALCOHOL MONITOR BASED ON DRIVER STATUS - In at least one embodiment, an apparatus for performing an alcohol monitor in a vehicle based on a driver being one of a primary driver and a secondary driver is provided. The apparatus comprises an electronic device that is positioned within the vehicle. The electronic device is configured to receive a driver status signal indicating that the driver of the vehicle is the secondary driver. The electronic device is further configured to receive an alcohol content measurement from an alcohol monitoring device (AMD) indicative of blood alcohol content for the secondary driver. The electronic device is further configured to compare the alcohol content measurement to a predetermined alcohol content.02-10-2011
20090109019IN-VEHICLE ENTERTAINMENT METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR EXECUTING THE SAME - An in-vehicle entertainment method includes playing through an in-vehicle audio component a received program content broadcast from a remote location; and receiving, during the playing of the received program content, a user input selecting an identifier. The selected identifier is associated with an electronic device remote from the vehicle. The method further includes transmitting, from the vehicle to the electronic device during the playing of the received program content, an alert identifying the received program content, a channel from which the received program content is playing, or combinations thereof.04-30-2009
20100295673CLOUD COMPUTING FOR MONITORING AN ABOVE-GROUND OIL PRODUCTION FACILITY - A system of solar powered sensors wirelessly coupled for remote monitoring using a wide area network. The sensors can be configured for monitoring a parameter associated with an oil well.11-25-2010
20110241870TETHER CORD AND SENSOR ALARMS - Methods, systems and other embodiments associated with protecting merchandise items are presented. A method of protecting merchandise items includes displaying merchandise items at a consumer display so that the merchandise items can be handled by a consumer. A detection is made if one merchandise items has been moved beyond a predetermined authorized distance from the consumer display. The method determines if an authorized key is detected within a predetermined key distance from the consumer display. An alarm is then generated when one of merchandise items has been moved beyond a predetermined authorized distance and an authorized key is not detected within a predetermined key distance10-06-2011
20110037587ALARM SYSTEM AND METHOD - An alarm system includes a number of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, an RFID reader, a warning unit, and a control module. The RFID reader receives radio-frequency signals from some of the number of the RFID tags via an antenna when the some of the number of the RFID tags are in a determined area around the RFID reader. The control module activates the warning unit when a radio-frequency signal from at least one of the number of RFID tags is not received by the RFID reader.02-17-2011
20110080281System for Managing Mail Carriers in a Sorting Facility Using Persistent Asset Routing Terminals - A system for managing a plurality of carriers in a mail sorting facility includes a server configured to create, implement and/or execute a sort plan, a plurality of terminals disposed on the plurality of carriers and each configured to send a wireless beacon signal and at least one gateway in communication with the server and configured to receive the wireless beacon signals from the terminals. The terminals preferably each include an alert mechanism. Preferably, the server is further configured to determine the location of a terminal based on the beacon signal transmitted by the terminals to said servers via said at least one gateway and configured to compare the location of each terminal to the location required by the sort plan and to activate the alert mechanism in any terminal determined to be in an incorrect location.04-07-2011
20100164709APPARATUS FOR MONITORING WATER DRINKING DEVICE - An apparatus for monitoring a water drinking device is provided. The apparatus includes a signal processing unit, at least a sensing unit provided in the water drinking device and electrically connected to the signal processing unit, and a wireless transmission unit electrically connected to the signal processing unit. The apparatus monitors the operation of the water drinking device in real time, and informs a user of a failure of the water drinking device in advance or in real time.07-01-2010
20100164711Energy Harvesting, Wireless Structural Health Monitoring System with Time Keeper and Energy Storage Devices - A system comprises a sensing node that includes a sensor, a processor, an energy harvesting circuit, a time keeper, a first energy storage device, and a second energy storage device. The energy harvesting circuit is connected for recharging the first energy storage device. The processor is connected for receiving all its power derived from the energy harvesting circuit. The second energy storage device is connected for powering the time keeper.07-01-2010
20100164710OBJECT MONITORING, LOCATING, AND TRACKING SYSTEM AND METHOD EMPLOYING RFID DEVICES - An RFID system and method utilizes an RFID device, wherein the RFID device senses a thing or condition interior to a closable container at or proximate the RFID device and transmits messages. The messages include information uniquely identifying the RFID device and information relating to the thing or condition sensed at or proximate the RFID device. Information in the received messages relating to the thing or condition sensed at or proximate the RFID device of messages are employed for determining whether the container is closed, is not closed, has been closed, or has been not closed, or any combination thereof, whereby an opening of and/or tampering with the container may be detected. Messages received from the RFID device, as well as an indication of a condition, may be relayed to a remote location.07-01-2010
20110128143SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COUNTERING TERRORISM BY MONITORING CONTAINERS OVER INTERNATIONAL SEAS - The present invention is directed to a system and method for countering terrorism by monitoring shipping containers using an advanced communication system network for tracking and monitoring the container as it travels over international seas.06-02-2011
20100219949Single MCU-based motion detection, local alarm and supervisory arrangement for alarm system - A device with single MCU-based motion detection, local alarm and supervisory arrangement for alarm system controlled by an alarm control panel (ACP) is disclosed. The device includes a sensor component to monitor environment, an output component to generate warning messages, a power supply component to provide power, and a microcontroller to communicate with sensor component, drive output component and monitor the status of ACP. The device can detect when intruders break in and make alarm warnings even when the ACP is destroyed. Plurality of devices and said ACP form a local warning matrix network (LWMN) to increase the detection area and scary effect to intruders. Each device of LWMN works independently when the ACP is destroyed.09-02-2010
20100214092CONTAINER TRACKING - A container tracking system comprising a mobile unit configured to be coupled to a container to be tracked and to communicate with a remote control unit through of a communication system. The mobile unit comprising a positioning module, an alarm module adapted to detect alarm conditions related to said container, and a communication module generating a tracking signal containing positioning data of the mobile unit and/or alarm information associated with one or more alarm conditions related to the container. Furthermore, the mobile unit is configured to evolve to a temporary deactivation state whenever a communication unavailability condition of the tracking signal through the communication system occurs.08-26-2010
20100214091VERFAHREN ZUM BETREIBEN EINES FELDGERATES, SOWIE KOMMUNIKATIONSEINHEIT UND FELDGERAT - A method for operating a field device of an industrial process, and/or automation, technology, wherein at least one communication unit is connected with the field device for sending and/or for receiving a signal. An electrical power loss of the communication unit and/or a need of the communication unit for electrical energy, especially in the form of electrical voltage, are/is reduced for an adjustable period of time. Furthermore, a communication unit, as well as to a field device with a communication unit is provided for.08-26-2010
20110084831MESH NETWORK DOOR LOCK - Systems and methods are disclosed for sending a code from a mesh network key and wirelessly communicating the code with one or more mesh network appliances over a mesh network such as ZigBee; receiving the code over the mesh network by a mesh network lock controller; and providing access to the secured area upon authenticating the code.04-14-2011
20110074569Method and Network for Determining Positions of Wireless Nodes While Minimizing Propagation of Positioning Errors - A wireless sensor network includes an initial set of anchors at known locations, and a set of sensors at unknown locations. Ranges, from each sensor to at least three of the anchors, determine a position, an anchor ranging weight, and an anchor position weight. For each anchor, the anchor ranging weight and the anchor position weight form a combined weight. A weighted least square (WLS) function for the positions and the combined weights is minimized to determine a position of the sensor, and a sensor position weight. The sensor is identified as being a member of a set of candidate anchor nodes, and the candidate anchor node with a largest sensor position weight is selected to be transformed to another anchor to minimize propagation of errors in the positions of the set of sensors.03-31-2011
20110068914Collective objects management system using R.F. object identification with multiple crystals - A collective objects management system for objects such as documents contained in file folders in drawers of file cabinets. Each file folder has an electrical circuit with a visible indicator mounted on the file folder. Each folder circuit has a pair of crystals which are responsive to R.F. signals of specific frequencies, the frequencies of each pair being different for each folder circuit. An associated computer operates an R.F. signal generator to produce R.F. signals at the frequencies of the particular folder circuit of the file folder selected for retrieval. To aid the user, each file drawer has a visible indicator mounted on the front panel, the panel indicator being illuminated when the sought folder is contained in that drawer. The invention can be applied to a wide variety of collective objects management systems, such as supermarkets, automobile parts distributors, and various manufacturing operations.03-24-2011
20120119903First Responder Wireless Emergency Alerting with Automatic Callback and Location Triggering - Using wireless features, a public service agency is enabled to provide alert information to first responders. An automatic call back from the first responder triggers a voice call launching a location fix on the current location of the first responder. Preferably delivery confirmation that the responder has received the message is received. Once the location fix has been completed, then driving directions with map images are sent to the first responder based on their current location and desired destination for response.05-17-2012
20090027189System for controlling an automation process - A system for controlling a process. A a control unit includes a controller, capable of transmitting data to at least one actuator capable of affecting the process, which may be controlled by the controller. The controller also being capable of transmitting data to at least one sensor capable of measuring parameters of the process and transmitting data to the controller. The control unit is arranged for wireless communication over a wireless network. The controller and one of the at least one actuator or the at least one sensor are co-located such that communication between them is not transmitted over the wireless network.01-29-2009
20100302026WARNING SYSTEM, MONITORING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MONITORING CONTROLLED DEVICE - A warning system includes a monitoring device and a controlled device, wherein the controlled device includes a wireless transmitter, a wireless receiver, a phase analyzer and a warning indicator. The wireless transmitter can transmit a detection signal, and then the controlled device responses to the detection signal and transmits a feedback signal. The wireless receiver can receive the feedback signal. The phase analyzer can analyze a phase difference between the detection signal and the feedback signal. The warning indicator can perform a warning action when the phase difference is greater than a preset value. Moreover, a method for monitoring a controlled device is disclosed in specification.12-02-2010
20110025491FIREARM AND SYSTEM FOR NOTIFYING FIREARM DISCHARGE - A firearm equipped with a capability of wireless communication reports a discharge of the firearm to a reporting center terminal via a wireless communication link. The firearm includes a firearm housing including a trigger assembly. A sensor is coupled to the firearm housing for sensing the discharge of the firearm. The housing, e.g., portion of a pistol grip, also encases a wireless communication unit for transmitting a message indicating occurence of the firearm discharge to the terminal via wireless communication network. A GPS receiver installed in the firearm receives GPS signals from GPS satellites to enable calculation of the location of the firearm, either at the firearm or by a Position Determining Equipment (PDE), to identify the location of the firearm to the reporting center terminal. Upon detection of the discharge of the firearm, the firearm initiates activities of the GPS receiver and the wireless communication unit.02-03-2011
20120268267Security System And Method Using Mobile-Telephone Technology - Disclosed is a security and alarm system. When sensors detect something of note, they alert a master unit which in turn captures pertinent information (e.g., an image or sound) and sends the alert and the captured information. The recipient of the alert (for example, an owner of the system or a security service) evaluates the information and takes appropriate action such as alerting a local police department. Some embodiments offer two-way service: In addition to delivering alerts, the system responds to alerts from an authorized user requesting current information. Two-way communications allow some embodiments to deliver “Breach of Peace” alerts to users. In one scenario, a public security service sends out a warning within a geographical area that the peace has been breached. The system receives the warning and alerts its user to the situation. The user can then take appropriate action.10-25-2012
20100302025Portable Motion Detector And Alarm System And Method - A portable security alarm system including a movement detecting and signal transmitting member for mounting on or proximate to the object whose movement is to be detected, a signal receiving and alarm generating member for receiving a signal from the movement detecting and signal transmitting member and producing a security response, a remote control for actuating and deactuating the signal receiving and alarm generating member, an environmental monitoring member for sensing an environmental condition and providing a signal to the signal receiving and alarm generating member, a visual information gathering member for gathering visual information and providing a signal to the signal receiving and alarm generating member, an audio output member for receiving a signal from the signal receiving and alarm generating member and generating an audio output, and components for delivering a security notification to remote recipients. A security network that includes the alarm system is also disclosed. An inertial sensor for alarm system or for activating or deactivating a device is additionally disclosed.12-02-2010
20090128323Systems and methods for rendering alert information for digital radio broadcast, and active digital radio broadcast receiver - A method for rendering an alert message on a digital radio broadcast receiver is described. A digital radio broadcast signal is received at the digital radio broadcast receiver. Data corresponding to an alert message comprising type information for identifying a type of the alert message and message information is detected. If the type information satisfies a triggering condition for a type of alert message pre-selected by a user of the digital radio broadcast receiver, the message information is rendered at the digital radio broadcast receiver. A digital radio broadcast receiver that performs the method is also described.05-21-2009
20110175722WIRELESS DEVICE INVENTORY SCANNER - The invention relates to an apparatus that Alerts a user that one or more Wireless-Capable Devices are not present at the time of a Triggering Event. The presence or non-presence of the Wireless-Capable Devices is determined by Wireless Detection of the Wireless-Capable Devices by the present invention.07-21-2011
20120032795COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND COMMUNICATION TERMINAL - A camera system includes a plurality of first cameras and a second camera. Each of the plurality of first cameras has a first receiving section that receives a control signal, a first image pickup section that photographs a first image based on the control signal, and a first transmitting section that transmits the first image and terminal information based on the control signal. The second camera has a second image pickup section that photographs a second image, a second transmitting section that transmits the control signal, a second receiving section that receives the first image and the terminal information, a camera selecting section that selects the first camera that satisfies a predetermined condition as control target camera based on the terminal information, and a storing section that stores the second image.02-09-2012
20100295672INFRASTRUCTURE MONITORING DEVICES, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS - An infrastructure monitoring system and method that comprises multiple communications devices. At least one communications device is coupled to an element of the infrastructure.11-25-2010
20100321179WIRELESS CONTROL FOR CREATION OF, AND COMMAND RESPONSE TO, STANDARD FREIGHT SHIPMENT MESSAGES - A freight management arrangement includes a monitor system that communicates over wireless with a large number of freight assets by land and with smaller number of users each associated with a fleet of the freight assets. The monitor system polls sensed ambient data in the freight assets on the basis of requests from the users. The requests may be stored as data in the monitor system or occur on a real-time basis.12-23-2010
20100321178Alert receiver with linking function - Apparatus, and an associated method, for annunciating a hazardous condition at an area encompassed by the annunciating system. The existence of an alert anomaly is annunciated. A receiver is coupled to receive indications of a warning representative of the alert anomaly. The receiver detects reception thereat of the indications of the warning. An annunciator is coupled to the receiver. The annunciator annunciates, in human perceptible form, the detection at the receiver of the indications of the warning representative of the alert anomaly. A transceiver is coupled to the receiver. The transceiver enables communication with similar apparatus to exchange settings, enable user control of remote devices, and exchange alert and non-alert conditions and audio.12-23-2010
20100283599Power management for wireless devices - A method and apparatus for wireless device power management is provided. The method comprises providing a charge to an intermediate power cell by electrically connecting the intermediate power cell to a power source, disconnecting the intermediate power cell from the power source, and electrically connecting the wireless device to the intermediate power cell. Such electrical connecting enables power cell recharging within the wireless device.11-11-2010
20120098658APPARATUS FOR THE WIRELESS MONITORING OF LINEAR HEAT DETECTION SYSTEMS FOR STORAGE TANK ROOFS - An fire monitoring apparatus for large storage tanks of combustible fluids permits wireless communication between a Linear Heat Detector system and a Fire Control system. The system comprises a Communication Unit and a Remote Unit. The Communication Unit relays status and control signals between the Fire Control system and the Remote Unit. The communication between the Communication Unit and the Remote Unit is wireless. The Remote Unit is self-powered using solar cells, batteries, or a combination thereof.04-26-2012
20120146783METHOD FOR CONTROLLING AN OBSTRUCTION LIGHT - The invention concerns a method of controlling a flight obstacle lighting arrangement, wherein a receiver co-operates with a switching device for the flight obstacle lighting arrangement. According to the invention it is proposed that the receiver upon receiving a first predetermined signal controls the switching device in such a way that the flight obstacle lighting arrangement is switched off.06-14-2012
20110175723METHOD FOR REMINDING OF BATTERY POWER LEVEL - The present invention discloses a method for reminding of a battery power level, which generates a grading instruction according to the battery power level of an electronic device, and which controls the electronic device to present an obvious reminder corresponding to the grading instruction. The present invention uses a progressively intensified visual reminder to stepwise semi-compel the user to notice the insufficiency of the battery power and respond to the reminding. Thereby, the present invention can guarantee that the user indeed knows the status of the residual electric energy of the battery.07-21-2011
20100085183LOCK MONITORING - The cars of a passenger transport means are provided with a sensor (04-08-2010
20100066531Locator Inventory System - A transmission sequence is broadcast from a locator to a group of transponder devices. Each transponder identified with the group is arranged to receive and capture at least a portion of the transmission, correlate the captured information with an internally stored reference sequence for the identified group, and identify a correlation when the captured information correlates with the internally stored reference sequence. Each transponder that finds a correlation is arranged to broadcast a transmission reply sequence at a precisely determined time interval so that the transponders in a group transmit at different times. A series of locators receive the transmission reply sequence(s), each at a precisely logged time of arrival, and the locators forward the received results to a central processing unit for time synchronization, location tracking, and inventory logging.03-18-2010
20080218334Grouping Wireless Lighting Nodes According to a Building Room Layout - A method for determining the relative locations of plural wirelessly controllable building service device nodes and switching control nodes within a building. At least some of the plural building service device nodes are located in different rooms of the building and should be allocated to switching control nodes on a room-specific basis. Wireless communication is established between the nodes to determine relative spatial positions of selected nodes using received signal strength indication (RSSI) values indicative of a distance of separation between two communicating nodes. The building service device nodes are then grouped into two or more groups, a first group corresponding to service device nodes in one of said different rooms and a second group corresponding to service device nodes in another of said different rooms, based on spatial distribution of service device nodes as indicated by the RSSI values, which are strongly affected by walls separating the rooms. The service device nodes of each group are then allocated to at least one associated switching control node.09-11-2008
20100194558Method and System for Disseminating Witness Information in Multi-Hop Broadcast Network - Information related to a vehicular environment is disseminated in a multi-hop broadcast network of nodes. Vehicles and roadside units are equipped with the nodes. An event is sensed at a location by a source node. In response, zones are associated with respect to the location of the source node. Each zone is logically asymmetric and disjoint from the other zones. An alert message is broadcast, received, and then rebroadcast by other vehicles according to the locations of the vehicles in the zones. The nodes can also disseminate witness information.08-05-2010
20110187524METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR COMMUNICATING WITH INSTRUMENTED TOOLS UTILIZED BY EMERGENCY RESPONDERS - An instrumented emergency response tool system and method for wirelessly communicating emergency response condition and location information to a team of emergency responders. An emergency response tool utilized by an emergency responder can be integrated with one or more sensors to detect at least one parameter with respect to an emergency response situation or hazardous environment. The data associated with the sensing parameter can be transferred to an emergency responder radio communication device via a wireless communication medium such as, for example, Bluetooth communication technology. A signal representative of the transferred data from the radio communication device can be transmitted to a base station as radio signals. The radio communication device can be integrated with emergency responder gear to enable location and health monitoring and to provide useful information to the team of emergency responders.08-04-2011
20100026483Method and Device for Locating Tires Mounted on a Vehicle - A method and a device for locating tires mounted on a vehicle. High frequency signals are captured by way of a first transmit/receive device arranged on a vehicle, said high-frequency signals originating from a wheel electronic system arranged on the vehicle, said wheel electronic system interacting with tires of a first tire group that are mounted on the vehicle. A trigger signal having a frequency that is clearly lower than the frequency of the high frequency signal, is emitted by the first transmit/receive device. The first transmit/receive device is arranged on the vehicle in such a manner that the tires of the first tire group are mounted on the vehicle and the level of the first trigger signal is selected in such a manner that only one part of the wheel electronic system, which is associated with the tires of the first tire group, captures the first trigger signal and the high frequency signals which originate from the part of the wheel electronic system of the tires of the first wheel group that has captured the first trigger signal, contains information on the obtained first trigger signal.02-04-2010
20100026482Mechanical latch locking detection sensors - The invention provides a sensor for determining when a latch for securing an engine cowl on an aircraft is secured by detecting the proximity of a latch hook and a latch pin. The sensor includes a resonant circuit configured and adapted to transmit a status signal when the latch is in a secured state. The sensor also includes a means for conveying status information of the latch to a location remote from the latch based on the status signal, the conveying means being operably connected to the resonant circuit. The invention also provides a method of determining when a latch is open or secured by detecting the proximity of a latch hook and a latch pin.02-04-2010
20090174546SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING LOCATION OF OBJECTS - An object tracking system, method and computer product, that include a remote communication device associated with the object to be tracked that includes a transmitter for broadcasting a tracking signal, and a search unit, that includes a receiver receiving the tracking signal from the remote communication device, and a processor analyzing the received tracking signal from the remote communication device to derive a relative direction and a relative distance to the remote communication device from the search unit.07-09-2009
20090045941WIRELESS, REMOTE CONTROLLED, AND SYNCHRONIZED LIGHTING SYSTEM - The invention relates to a lighting system and more specifically a wireless, remote controlled, and synchronized lighting system. In one embodiment, the present invention is a wireless lighting system including a first signal transmission unit, and a first wireless lighting module, wherein the first wireless lighting module illuminates according to a signal from the first signal transmission unit.02-19-2009
20080309479Fence alarm - A fence alarm for detecting and identifying a location in a fence which is broken. The fence alarm comprises a power source for providing power to the alarm components, the components including a plurality of detectors, each detector providing termination of a segment of the fence, each detector having a unique identifier, whereby the detector outputs its unique identifier when the segment is broken. The alarm includes a transmitter for transmitting the unique identifier, by means of an integrated antenna, which is received by a receiver. The fence alarm may also have computing or logic elements to provide additional storage or processing of signals, or data associated with the fence or the alarm.12-18-2008
20110133925CONTAINER MONITORING SYSTEM - A detection system for an enclosed container includes many nanosensors for detecting materials harmful to human beings within an enclosed container and transmitting a signal representing a condition thereof. The nanosensors are carried on a carrier material, such as a corrugated sheet. At least one detection device detects a condition of the nanosensors and outputs a signal responsive thereto, which can be received by a monitoring system external to the container. Containers which have harmful materials within them can be inspected or stopped before entering the country.06-09-2011
20120306639MONITORING DEVICE FOR USE WITH PROTECTIVE HEADGEAR - A monitoring device includes a device interface that, when coupled to the protective headgear, receives event data that includes power data that represents power imparted at impact to the protective headgear. A processing device executes an event simulation module that processes the event data to generate simulation display data that animates the impact to the protective headgear. A user interface includes a display device that displays the simulation display data.12-06-2012
20120038477DETECTION OF PROPER INSERTION OF MEDICAL LEADS INTO A MEDICAL DEVICE - Proper insertion of medical leads into medical devices is detected at the time the lead is being inserted. An external device initiates impedance testing by the medical device that is receiving the lead prior to the insertion of the lead being completed. The medical device reports back the results of the impedance testing so that the external device can determine whether the lead is properly inserted at the time of lead insertion and can provide an output to a user to indicate whether the lead insertion is proper. The medical device may poll only a last connector expected to be connected before responding, test other connector combinations before or after responding, and so forth.02-16-2012
20110316692SPACE LOCATION DEVICE, ASSOCIATED REFERENCE TRANSMITTER AND LOCATION SYSTEM - The invention pertains to the field of systems for locating a person, an animal, a vegetable, a parcel or more generally any entity mobile in motion or that can be moved. More precisely, the invention relates to a location device that comprises means for receiving an identification message transmitted by a reference transmitter, said identification message comprising an identifier dedicated to said reference transmitter. Said device also comprises means for determining, from a plurality of reference transmitters each having transmitted an identification message, the reference transmitter that is spatially closest to the device.12-29-2011
20110316691FLAT-HIERARCHY SYSTEM FOR CONDITION-BASED MONITORING OF DISTRIBUTED EQUIPMENT - Systems and methods for monitoring the condition of equipment in a manufacturing plant or other facility. A computing node is attached to each piece of equipment under consideration. Each node gathers relevant information from the machine using sensors and is capable of determining the condition of the machine from a preexisting set of possible conditions, using only the information obtained from the sensors. Each node is thus entirely self-sufficient, in that it requires no interaction with a global controller or with other nodes in order to make a decision about the condition of the equipment, and does not necessarily require any information about the past history of the equipment. The nodes are capable of communicating the condition of their corresponding equipment to key maintenance or other personnel, potentially via a wireless network to a convenient wireless-capable device such as a cellular phone or laptop.12-29-2011
20120154140WIRELESS REMOTE DETECTOR SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A system is provided that includes: a sensor device adapted to selectively monitor a plurality of sensors including an electrical sensor adapted to monitor at least one electrical parameter associated with a circuit and a heat sensor adapted to monitor heat, wherein the sensor device includes a wireless transceiver within the sensor device adapted to transmit measurement information from the selected sensor; and a receiver indicator device adapted to wirelessly receive the measurement information from the sensor device, and provide an indication based on the measurement information to a user operating the receiver indicator device.06-21-2012
20130009771WIRELESS TAKEOVER OF AN ALARM SYSTEM - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for wireless takeover of wired alarm system components. Embodiments of the invention can be used to bridge hardwired alarm zones for use with a wireless alarm controller. Wired sensors are wired to a takeover module that converts communication from the wired sensors into wireless communication that can be compatibly processed at an alarm controller that accepts wireless signals. Power and ground connections from an existing wired alarm controller can be used with the takeover module to facilitate wireless takeover of wired alarm sensors.01-10-2013
20090135000AUTOMATIC AND DYNAMIC CHANGING OF CLASS IN CLASS-BASED ASSET TRACKING AND MONITORING SYSTEMS - A class-based asset tracking or monitoring system includes wireless radio frequency data communication devices, each including memory in which is stored a common designation; a radio frequency transmitter component and receiver component for wirelessly sending and receiving data packets; and electronics for processing data. Each device is configured to filter a wireless communication received by it for an identification of its common designation within the communication, and process the communication if an identification of its common designation is found therein. The device includes a profile stored in its memory and is configured to automatically and dynamically change its common designation in accordance with its profile. The profile may include a plurality of common designations, which may be conditional. The foregoing common designations may be class designations for use in class-based asset tracking systems. The device may include an interface for sensor-acquired data.05-28-2009
20090134998Takeover Processes in Security Network Integrated with Premise Security System - An integrated security system is described comprising a gateway located at a first location. The gateway includes a takeover component that establishes a coupling with a first controller of a security system installed at the first location. The security system includes security system components coupled to the first controller. The takeover component automatically extracts security data of the security system from the first controller. The gateway automatically transfers the security data extracted from the controller to a second controller. The second controller is coupled to the security system components and replaces the first controller.05-28-2009
20090134999Integrated tracking, sensing, and security system for intermodal shipping containers - A security system for freight containers comprises: a locking device to reliably attach to the container and prevent unauthorized opening of the container doors; a sensing device to sense conditions affecting the container; and, a communication system configured to transmit the output of the sensing device to a system administrator located remotely from the container. The locking and sensing devices may be capable of two-way communication with the system administrator, whereby the administrator may interrogate the locking/sensing device at selected times. The locking device may contain a GPS receiver whereby its geographic location at various times may be monitored either continuously, periodically, or after a trip is completed. The system may include a visual display on the exterior of the container capable of displaying selected messages. The messages may be preprogrammed or may be changed as the container moves from one geographic location to another.05-28-2009
20090134997ACTIVE-TAG BASED DISPENSING - A method of sensing dispensation of a product from a storage device having an antenna is provided. The method comprises providing a product with a wireless tag within a service area of the antenna, establishing wireless communication between the wireless tag and the antenna, monitoring the wireless communication, and determining, responsive to the monitoring, when the wireless communication has ceased to establish when the product has been dispensed from the storage device. A dispensation-sensing system is also provided. The system comprises a securable storage area, an antenna operable to receive and transmit signals within the securable storage area, and a processor. The processor is configured to establish wireless communication between the antenna and a wireless tag of a product disposed within the securable storage area, monitor the wireless communication, and determine, responsive to the monitoring, when the wireless communication has ceased to establish when the product has been dispensed from the securable storage area.05-28-2009
20120025972TEMPERATURE ALARM SYSTEM OUTLET MODULE - A portable alarm outlet module is pluggable into a conventional wall outlet. The alarm module contains circuitry which monitors the outlet and detects fire-causing conditions at, or in the proximity of the outlet. The alarm module may contain a transmitter circuit for transmitting RF signals or alternatively a transceiver circuit that can transmit and receive RF signals that contain information developed by the monitoring circuit. The RF signals are sent to a main control unit where display information is viewed by an end user. The transceiver alarm module is capable of communicating with other transceiver alarm modules in a daisy chain effect to monitor working condition of alarm modules.02-02-2012
20120154139BIO-THREAT ALERT SYSTEM - In a bio-threat alert infrastructure system and method, an analyzing processor applies statistical algorithms to the collected quantitative data to precisely estimate event data, including time and position data, associated the development of a bio-threat. An encoding processor encodes the event data into a bio-threat alert signal. A transmitting element transmits the signal for reception by a bin-threat alert device. In the bio-threat signal. A decoding processor decodes the signal into the event data. A presentation dement presents the event data lo a user of the device.06-21-2012
20100245073METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INTERROGATION OF A SECURITY SYSTEM - A method and apparatus are provided for obtaining the status of a security system. The method includes the steps of providing a security system for a protected premises, coupling the security system to a central monitoring station through a short-range radio and a broadband connection that receives polling messages from the protected premises where the broadband connection forwards the polling message to the central station, the central station receiving a status request from an authorized user of the protected premises, in response to the polling message, the central station transmitting the status request to the security system through the broadband connection and short range radio system and the security system transmitting a status report through the short range radio and the broadband connection to the central monitoring station in response to the request.09-30-2010
20100245076SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRACKING POSITION OF MOVING OBJECT - The present invention relates to a system and method for tracking the position of a moving object. A system for tracking the position of a moving object includes: WSNs composed of a plurality of sensor nodes, each generating connection release information representing that the connection between the corresponding WSN and a moving object having a moving node serving as a sensor node attached thereto has released if having perceived the departure of the moving object; base stations managing the plurality of WSNs and collecting position information on the plurality of sensor nodes; a node information database storing the position information on the plurality of sensor nodes collected by the plurality of base stations; middleware checking the current position information on the moving object stored in the node information database if receiving the connection release information through any of the plurality of base stations, and deleting the current position information on the moving object stored in the node information database if the checked current position of the moving object is in a WSN having perceived the departure of the moving object; and a moving-object tracking application provided with the position information on the moving object by the middleware to track the position of the moving object. According to the present invention, it is possible to efficiently process information of a WSN managed by each base station in middleware managing a plurality of base stations, thereby improving the accuracy in tracking the position of a moving object.09-30-2010
20100245074EMBEDDED SILAGE SENSOR - There is disclosed a wireless silage 09-30-2010
20100245077PORTABLE WIRELESS GATEWAY FOR REMOTE MEDICAL EXAMINATION - A remote monitoring system that includes a portable measuring device that can be coupled to a portable wireless gateway. The portable measuring device obtains measurements including physiological data, movement data and ambient measurements and provides these measurements to the portable wireless gateway. The portable wireless gateway can interface with a networked personal computer through an USB connector. Once interfaced to the computer, the measurement data can be loaded into the computer and delivered to a central system through the networked personal computer. The system enables the monitoring of a user's medical information to allow diagnostics of the user.09-30-2010
20120212338NETWORKED PEST CONTROL SYSTEM - A pest control device system includes a plurality of pest control devices and a data collector. The system may further include the data collector in the form of a gateway that is connected to a data management server via a computer network along with other gateways in corresponding pest control device groups. Each pest control device includes a pest sensor and a wireless communication circuit to transmit information from the corresponding sensor. The devices also configure to define a local wireless communication network that can relay the information from one to the next and ultimately to the data collector.08-23-2012
20110181408Public Tactical Message System - An emergency message system provides localized tactical emergency messages to the public.07-28-2011
20120075093PORTABLE REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE WITH ANTI-HIDDEN CAMERA AND ANTI-WIRETAPPER FUNCTIONS - A portable remote control device with anti-hidden camera and anti-wiretapper functions has a remote controller and a detecting module. The detecting module is mounted in the remote controller. When the detecting module senses wireless signals transmitted from a hidden camera or a wiretapper in surroundings, the detecting module will output a warning message to notify the user. Therefore, the user will note the existence of the illegal apparatus.03-29-2012
20120075092MOBILE INVENTORY UNIT MONITORING SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to mobile inventory unit monitoring systems and methods. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a mobile inventory unit monitoring system comprising a computer configured to execute at least one computer program, at least one wireless transmitter located proximate to a mobile inventory unit, a plurality of radio-frequency transceivers dispersed geographically at defined locations, and a gateway connected to a wide area network. Select information can be transmitted from the transmitter proximate to the mobile inventory unit, through a transceiver in the plurality of transceivers, through the gateway, and to the wide area network. Other aspects, features, and embodiments are also claimed and described.03-29-2012
20120249322PORTABLE INFORMATION DETECTION AND PROCESSING DEVICE AND SYSTEM - A portable information detection and processing device includes an information detection unit, for detecting information recorded by at least one functional element; a memory unit, for recording recognition data of the at least one functional element and information detected by the functional element; a display unit, for displaying the recognition data of the functional element and the information recorded by the functional element; and an information processing unit, connected to the information detection unit, the memory unit and the display unit, for processing the recognition data of the functional element and the information detected by the functional element, and controlling the information detection unit, the memory unit and the display unit.10-04-2012
20120188073ASSET-SPECIFIC EQUIPMENT HEALTH MONITORING (EHM) FOR INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT USING STANDARDIZED ASSET MODELS - A system includes at least one sensor and an equipment health monitoring (EHM) unit. The at least one sensor is configured to measure one or more characteristics of an asset, where the asset includes a piece of equipment. The EHM unit includes at least one sensor interface configured to receive at least one input signal associated with the asset from the sensor(s). The EHM unit also includes at least one processing unit operable to be pre-configured to identify a specified fault in the asset using the input signals and an asset-specific model that includes a combination of standard subsystem models. The EHM unit further includes at least one output interface configured to provide an indicator identifying the fault. The standard subsystem models could include standardized fault models configured to identify faults for standard assets.07-26-2012
20090021367APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR TRACKING ANIMALS - An apparatus, system, and method for tracking animals. The present invention comprises: a card, having: mailing information and a tracking module, including: a storing module that stores location information; instructions; a display module that displays location information; an activation module that activates the tracking module; a reception module that receives location information; a data collection module that collects location data; a transmission module that transmits location information and data; and a reset module that resets location information; a card labeling module that labels a card. The invention comprises the steps of: providing a card having a tracking module; associating the card with a recipient; mailing the card to the recipient; enabling the recipient to activate the tracking module; acquiring location information upon activation of the tracking module; storing the location information; and enabling the recipient to mail, return, and forward the card.01-22-2009
20090021366Method and System for Enabling a Communication Device to Remotely Execute an Application - A communication system capable of enabling one or more communication devices to remotely execute one or more applications includes one or more communication devices that are coupled to a data connection. At least one of the one or more communication devices is operable to communicate a request to establish a communication session over the data connection. The system also includes one or more application servers that are coupled to the data connection. At least one of the one or more application servers is adapted to execute an application to establish the requested communication session with the at least one communication device. The at least one application server resides at a location remote from the at least one communication device. The at least one application server communicates a request for processing service to the at least one communication device. The request for processing service is communicated to the at least one communication device over the data connection.01-22-2009
20110037586Mistake-proof monitoring method of bedridden care system - In a mistake-proof monitoring method applied to a bedridden care system, the bedridden care system includes a computer, a plurality of transmitters and a warning device. The computer will generate a shutdown message to notice a nurse to check whether the transmitter is shut down maliciously, if no sensing message is transmitted from any transmitter within a predetermined time or a predetermined number of times. The computer will generate a detachment message to the warning device, if the transmitter is contacted improperly with a sensor. The computer will generate an error message to the warning device, if the time interval between the current time and a previous time occurring an abnormal situation is beyond a predetermined normal time interval and the sensor is not installed at a correct detected position. The mistake-proof monitoring method can immediately discover whether or not the sensors or the transmitters are operated at normal conditions.02-17-2011
20110037585MULTI-PURPOSE ATTACHABLE ALARM - A multi-purpose alarm operates in a motion-detected alarm mode and a motion-expected alarm mode. In the motion-detected alarm mode, when the multi-purpose alarm is touched or moved, an alarm is issued. In the motion-expected alarm mode, when the multi-purpose alarm has not been touched or moved for a period of time, an alarm is issued. The multi-purpose alarm employs an accelerometer to sense the presence or absence of movement and is attachable to an object being monitored through various attachment means including a spring clamp, an adhesive, and a magnet.02-17-2011
20080297340Compliant Wireless Sensitive Elements and Devices - Sensitive elements and devices include at least one piezoelectric material and a compliant polymer substrate having elastomeric properties to lend flexibility without affecting sensitivity of the element and/or device. Sensitive elements are in operable communication with a control system; communication is wireless. Interaction of a sensitive element/sensitive device with an operator/environmental object/device is provided through use of an impedance controller and filter.12-04-2008
20120319834RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION DEVICES, REMOTE COMMUNICATION DEVICES, IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS, COMMUNICATION METHODS, AND IDENTIFICATION METHODS - The present invention provides radio frequency identification devices, remote communication devices, identification systems, communication methods, and identification methods. A radio frequency identification device according to one aspect includes a substrate; communication circuitry coupled with the substrate and configured to receive a wireless signal including an identifier, to process the identifier of the wireless signal and to output a control signal responsive to the processing of the identifier; and indication circuitry coupled with the communication circuitry and configured to receive the control signal and to indicate presence of the radio frequency identification device responsive to the control signal. A communication method according to another aspect includes providing a radio frequency identification device; receiving a wireless signal including an identifier within the radio frequency identification device; processing the identifier; generating a control signal after the processing; and indicating presence of the radio frequency identification device using indication circuitry of the radio frequency identification device responsive to the control signal.12-20-2012
20110018706ALARM DEVICE AND ALARM SYSTEM - An alarm device of the present invention comprises: a wireless circuit section which wirelessly exchanges event signals with another alarm device; an alert section which outputs an abnormal condition alarm; an operation section which accepts a predetermined operation; and an abnormal condition monitoring section which, upon receiving an abnormal condition detection signal from a sensor section which detects an abnormal condition, outputs said abnormal condition alarm as a linkage source and transmits said event signal indicating an abnormal condition to the other alarm device, and upon receiving said event signal indicating an abnormal condition from said other alarm device, outputs said abnormal condition alarm as a linkage destination. The alarm device further comprises: a linked message management section which registers in a memory table and manages message information associated with said alarm device and message information associated with another device other than the alarm devices; and a linked message processing section which, upon receiving a device-specific event signal from said another device, retrieves said associated message information from said memory table and performs audio output thereof.01-27-2011
20100231377 DEVICE FOR DETECTING HAEMATOMA OR SUBCUTANEOUS HAEMORRHAGE AFTER PERCUTANEOUS CORONARY INTERVENTION - A device for detecting a haematoma or subcutaneous haemorrhage after a PCI, which comprises a bandage provided with fastening means for its placement at the PCI access site, and the use of a safety bandage for producing the same. In the device, the bandage comprises a flexible and, in its longitudinal direction, non-elastic element connected to a strain sensor so arranged that the strain sensor, when the element after the placement of the bandage at the access site is subjected to a change in tension as a result of a haematoma or subcutaneous haemorrhage after the PCI, emits a signal that is indicative of the haematoma or haemorrhage.09-16-2010
20120092154SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MONITORING CONDITIONS - Systems and methods for monitoring conditions are provided. A system can comprise a plurality of wireless transmitters and a plurality of repeaters. At least one wireless transmitter can be integrated into an alarm. The repeaters can be dispersed throughout a region at defined locations. The system can also include a computer to receive information communicated from the repeaters and the transmitters. The computer can include software for evaluating received information, identifying an alarm condition and an originating location of the alarm condition, and for reporting the alarm condition to a remote location. Other embodiments are also claimed and described.04-19-2012
20120139720REPEATER PROVIDING DATA EXCHANGE WITH A MEDICAL DEVICE FOR REMOTE PATIENT CARE AND METHOD THEREOF - A repeater providing data exchange with a medical device for remote patient care and method thereof are provided. The repeater includes a transmission device configured to send the data over a wireless medium to a data repository and a processing device configured to detect conditions in respect of an associated communication medium that could affect data exchange, where the processing device is configured to send the data based at least in part on the conditions. The processing device is further configured to analyze the data from the medical device to detect a problem with the medical device.06-07-2012
20130021151LOCATING UNIT AND LOCATING METHOD - A method for locating a component that is part of an industrial installation and that has, on a surface thereof, a display unit that can be initiated by radio when required and that includes an organic light-emitting diode includes initiating the display unit by radio.01-24-2013
20080252442WIRELESS REMOTE SENSOR - An integrated circuit implements a wireless remote sensor. The wireless remote sensor includes an antenna coupled to an energy distribution unit to allow passive collection of electrical charge. A signal processing unit couples to the energy distribution unit and modulates transmission by the antenna according to a binary code.10-16-2008
20110260853Covering Arrangement for a Pipe, and Pipe Having such a Covering Arrangement - Covering arrangement for a pipe which can be welded to a series of further pipes to produce pipelines intended, in particular, for transporting gaseous or liquid media, wherein the covering arrangement is designed for sealing at least the pipe edge which is at risk of corrosion, and wherein the covering arrangement comprises an inner cap with an inner sleeve which is designed for abutment against the inside of the pipe and has a covering element which is provided for the purpose of at least partially covering the inner cross section of the pipe which is not covered by the inner sleeve. The invention also relates to a pipe having a corresponding covering arrangement and a system for monitoring pipes having corresponding covering arrangements.10-27-2011
20110273285INTRUSION DETECTION DEVICE - To provide an intrusion detecting device of a type in which a battery for supplying an electric power to both of the main unit and the transmitter is provided in a unit holder for holding the main unit, including the detecting element, to thereby increase the overall electric power capacity needed in the intrusion detecting device as a whole and, also, replacement of those batteries can be accomplished easily, the intrusion detecting device includes a main unit (11-10-2011
20130169430APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SMOKE DETECTION & ALARM - The present invention comprises a smoke detector/alarm unit with user configurable settings. The smoke detector/alarm is equipped with one or more sets of lights that, depending on the orientation of the smoke detector/alarm: shine a beam of light to the floor downward through the smoke; illuminate an exit path to safety from the building for the occupants of the building; provide infrared illumination for the fire fighters who may enter the building to assist during evacuation or controlling a potential fire. An optional radio frequency (“RF”) transmitter may also be activated to trigger the illumination of additional lights for further illumination of an exit path to safety from the building for the occupants of the building.07-04-2013
20130113618MULTIPATH TRANSPORT DATA AND CONTROL SIGNALING - An example of a method for illuminating intelligent road markers to identify the location of a road user according to the disclosure includes: receiving a position identification message at a first intelligent road marker from a position identification unit associated with a road user; selecting one or more intelligent road markers proximate to the road user in response to the position identification message; and illuminating the selected one or more intelligent road markers to identify the presence of the road user on the road.05-09-2013
20130127613SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR WIRELESS DETECTOR APPLICATION IN MEDICAL SYSTEMS - A system for wireless detector application in a medical system is provided. The system includes at least three host wire adapters configured to receive beacon messages broadcast periodically by a wireless detector, and obtain information about the wireless detector based on the received beacon messages. The system further includes a controller configured to receive information about the wireless detector from the at least three host wire adapters, and determine a position of the wireless detector based on the received information.05-23-2013
20080198001Method and System for Performing Mobile RFID Asset Detection and Tracking - Systems and methods of using RFID tags and a mobile RFID reader device for determining a geographic position of assets within a prescribed region is provided. A method of inferring the geometric location of assets within a prescribed region comprises the steps of moving a mobile RFID reader through said prescribed region; wirelessly detecting, by the mobile RFID reader, a first RFID location transponder while moving through said prescribed region; wirelessly detecting, by the mobile RFID reader, at least one RFID asset tracking transponder while moving through said prescribed region; wirelessly detecting, by the mobile RFID reader, a second RFID location transponder while moving through said prescribed region; and determining the geographic location of assets associated with said at least one detected RFID asset tracking transponder based upon said detected first and second RFID location transponders and a known position and identification code of said first and second RFID location transponders.08-21-2008
20080198000RFID interrogation of liquid/metal - A system to reduce signal to noise interference and reflection or absorption attenuation during an RFID interrogation conducted in a warehouse or distribution center environment containing items consisting of, or packaged in, metal or liquid. The system uses a printed tag intrinsic to the items to be interrogated. The interrogation is conducted at low frequency to maximize the benefits of the physical properties of low frequency electro magnetic transmissions in relationship to metal or liquid. Furthermore, the system uses laser calibrations to calculate the angle of incidence of the printed RFID transponders. This calculation is passed to an electric motor attached to the transmitting antenna of the RFID interrogator which is designed to aim the antenna. The function of this invention is to use the physical properties of metal and liquid in relationship to low frequency transmissions plus calibrated angle of incidence coefficients of transmitted electro magnetic signals and to co-ordinate same in order to maximum RFID interrogation power through a reduction of the signal to noise ratio.08-21-2008
20110248846Wireless Sensing Module and Method of Operation - A wireless sensing module with extended service life containing at least one sensor of a physical parameter, a data acquisition hardware acquiring output electrical signals from at least one sensor and converting it into digital measurement data, a microcontroller, a non-volatile memory, at least one transceiver for wireless communication with external wireless devices, at least one battery, including at least one re-chargeable battery, at least one energy harvesting device, a power management circuit, and at least one antenna. All components of the wireless sensing module are mounted on a printed circuit board and placed into an enclosure providing mechanical, chemical, electrical and environmental protection. The wireless sensing modules can be used in different applications, including long-term condition monitoring of structures.10-13-2011
20100289639ANIMAL MONITORING SYSTEM - Disclosed is an animal monitoring system that collects data regarding an animal and/or an animal's environment and enables access to the collected animal monitoring data. The system comprises a data-logger unit attached to an animal, that logs data regarding the animal or its environment; a data-relay for relaying the data to a data-storage means that collects the data; and a website that provides access to the collected data.11-18-2010
20130154823Alarm Detection and Notification System - There is provided an apparatus having a controller generates a signal in response to receiving an alarm indication from a sensor, the alarm indication indicative of an alert condition threatening lives or property. A transmitter directly transmits a message signal in response to the signal generated by the controller to a remote telecommunication device that is operated by a user. The controller, the sensor, the alert condition and the transmitter are all on-site in the same location.06-20-2013
20120280809MONITORING REMOTE ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS - A server system for remote monitoring includes a wireless communication interface, a processor, and a storage device. The wireless communication interface receives at least one data packet over wireless communications from a remote monitoring system. The processor processes the data packet including sensor information from a sensor coupled to the remote monitoring system. The storage device stores the sensor information.11-08-2012
20120280808EVENT-DRIVEN MOBILE HAZMAT MONITORING - A HAZMAT monitoring system detects a plurality of different hazardous materials and includes first and second pluralities of RSIs. Each RSI of the first plurality forms a node in a first wireless sensor network and is associated with a mobile container and with at least one sensor that is configured to acquire data for detecting a first hazardous material. Each RSI further is configured to receive the sensor data and wirelessly transmit, over the first wireless sensor network, data relating to the received sensor data pertaining to the detection of the first hazardous material. Each RSI of the second plurality is similarly associated and configured. Communications within a respective wireless sensor network do not result in communications within the another wireless sensor network. A gateway is configured to independently communicate with each respective wireless sensor network.11-08-2012
20130181829SYSTEM, METHOD, AND DEVICE FOR MEASURING AND REPORTING CHANGING LEVELS OF LIQUIDS IN STORAGE TANKS - A system for measuring and reporting changing levels of liquids in a storage tank includes a sensing device having a fluid level sensor, an accelerometer, a wireless transceiver, and a microcontroller for detecting the volume of liquid in the storage tank in response to determining that the storage tank is not moving and sending an alert message if the volume of liquid in the storage tank has changed from a previous volume by a threshold amount. The system also includes a central tracking computer having a tracking database and being interfaced to the Internet, and a master control unit attached to the storage tank. The master control unit is for: receiving the alert message from the sensing device; obtaining the location of the storage tank; and communicating the alert message and the location of the storage tank to the central tracking computer for storage in the tracking database.07-18-2013
20130181830METHOD AND DEVICE FOR CONTACTLESS TRANSMISSION OF ELECTRIC ENERGY AND/OR ELECTRIC SIGNALS BETWEEN A WALL AND A WING FASTENED TO SAID WALL - A method for a contactless transmission of electric energy and/or an electric signal between a wall and a wing fastened to the wall includes providing a first coil fastened to the wall and a second coil fastened to the wing which are actively inductively connected to each other. A control signal is applied to the first coil within a control time interval to induce a first signal in the second coil, which is then detected. A second control signal is applied to the second coil within the control time interval to induce a second signal in the first coil, which is then detected. A fault signal is generated if the first or second control signal, or a part thereof, is not applied during the control time interval, or if the first or second signal, or a part thereof, is not detected during the control time interval.07-18-2013
20110309928Display For Hand-Held Electronics - The invention disclosed here is a display system for managing power and security for a plurality of hand-held electronic devices sold to consumers in a retail location. The display includes features that allow power to be supplied to individual devices without hard wiring or multi-conductor retractor cables. The display also allows for individual security alarms to be triggered when a theft occurs. Security alarm conditions are triggered via wireless signals.12-22-2011
20120019379SYSTEMS FOR THREE FACTOR AUTHENTICATION CHALLENGE - A method and apparatus for three-factor authentication uses a short wireless device to authenticate access to a computer or device. The computer or device issues a challenge question to the user, for example, requesting the user to say a phrase or write symbols. The user biometric information is captured and authenticated using the short wireless device.01-26-2012
20120019378APPLIANCE MONITORING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method and system for monitoring an appliance is disclosed. The method includes establishing a wireless communication connection between a communication module in an appliance and a communication network, transmitting operational data in real-time from the appliance to an external monitoring system over the communication network, determining a status of a component of the appliance from the real-time operational data, and if a failure mode of the component is detected, initiating a service protocol corresponding to the component.01-26-2012
20120056740Radiofrequency Circuit Embedded Onboard in a Satellite Comprising a Thermal Control System Based on an Alarm Signal Generated by the Reflection of Power - A radiofrequency circuit embedded onboard a satellite, data being transmitted on several channels by radiofrequency signals, includes a channel corresponding to a frequency band, and a succession of gains being able to be associated with a channel so as to generate the radiofrequency signal to be transmitted on the latter. The succession includes at least one variable-gain amplifier, the radiofrequency signals thus generated being multiplexed by a multiplexer composed of bandpass filters. The successions of gains comprise a power load arranged so as to dissipate the power of signals which is reflected by the filters of the multiplexer, said load including means for generating an alarm signal representative of the power level of the reflected signals, the alarm signal being used to control the gain of the variable-gain amplifier. The subject of the invention is also a power load.03-08-2012

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