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340 - Communications: electrical


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340539100 Radio 1042
340533000 Wired 43
340532000 Having particular safety function 16
20090091441System, Method, and Apparatus for Using the Sound Signature of a Device to Determine its Operability - A system for monitoring the operation of one or more devices is provided. The system includes a microphone acoustically coupled to one the monitored device. An analog-to-digital-converter samples the microphone and a processor examines the resultant digital signal for the occurrence of an abnormal event.04-09-2009
20100033318MONITORING AND ALARMING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method for selectively communicating data from a remote facility to a central computing device via one or more communication networks and/or protocols. Measurement data for a particular operation is collected and stored by a field device at the remote facility. The field device compares the collected measurement data to stored threshold data to detect an alarm event or transfer event. If an alarm event is detected, the RTU transfers an alarm message to a user via a first communication network. If a transfer event is detected, the RTU transfers a transfer message to the user via a different communication network. If a no-event is detected, the field device continues to collect and store measurement data for the particular operation.02-11-2010
20090121862System and Method of Simulation - A simulation system includes a two-dimensional electrical grid installed in a floor or floor mat. Signals from boot mounted transmitters can be sensed via the grid to track boot locations in real-time during training exercises.05-14-2009
20100259377HOME APPLIANCE - A home appliance is provided. The home appliance includes a main controller for generating a first data signal including status information and a second data signal including operating information, a first sound output device for outputting a first sound signal according to the first data signal including status information to be transmitted through a communication network, and a second sound output device for outputting a second sound signal according to the second data signal including operating information to be perceived by a user. Thus, the sound signal regarding the status information and the sound signal regarding the operating information can be output through the different sound output devices, i.e., the first and second sound output devices.10-14-2010
20090146802Converting raw data t representative information for indicators or actuators - One aspect relates to detecting raw indicator data at least partially from an indicator; and converting the raw indicator data to indicator-representative information at least partially based on an indication by the indicator at least partially in response to the detecting the raw indicator data. Another aspect relates to detecting raw actuator data at least partially from an actuator, and converting the raw actuator data to actuator-representative information at least partially in response to the detecting the raw actuator data.06-11-2009
20090284366SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING POSITIONING INFORMATION VIA MODULATED LIGHT - Light sources are affixed at appropriate positions in a multilevel structure or in an obstructed environment. The light sources generate modulated light signals, such as controlled light-emitting diodes, which identify the positions of the light sources by their three-dimensional global positioning coordinates and/or equivalent representation that specifies their in situ locations in the environment. Mobile communication devices, upon receiving the light signals, can derive spatial positioning information and transmit such information to a remote location, such as an emergency response system.11-19-2009
20090295563Forward illunination headgear with personal rescue system - The disclosed system provides headgear, i.e., a Firefighter Helmet, with forward illumination that also acts as a personal rescue detection system for quickly finding a downed of lost firefighter. More specifically, the headgear includes a forward illuminating light that has unique characteristics that are easily detected in a smoke filled space by using a handheld photodetector probe that is tuned to the exact characteristics of the light source. The handheld probe has a somewhat narrow directional response to allow a directed search for a downed firefighter or other emergency personnel in a smoke filled noisy environment that hinders normal visual and audible search methods. The handheld photodetector probe produces a unique audio tone that is proportional in volume to the intensity of the exact-characteristics-light-source thus allowing a sweeping motion of the probe to immediately determine the relative direction to a firefighter who is down or requiring assistance. An illuminated visual display also indicates the strength of the unique tone.12-03-2009
20090261967SYSTEM AND METHOD OF REPORTING ALERT EVENTS IN A SECURITY SYSTEM - A system and method for reporting alert events to a terminal device of a user of the security system. In one aspect, a security device of the system generates data of an image or a video clip indicative of an alert event in a detection zone of the security system and further generates a message including an indicium associated with the data. A security control panel of the system receives the message including an indicium associated with the data, identifies an address associated with the terminal device, and sends an instruction message including the indicium and the address to the security device. Upon receiving the instruction message, the security device generates an alert message including the data based on the indicium, and sends the alert message to the address of the user device.10-22-2009
20080238653METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IDENTIFYING AN ELECTRONIC APPLIANCE - Methods and systems for identifying an appliance comprising receiving indication of an appliance coupling to a communication port on a communication network and retrieving, over the communication network, a first identification assigned to the appliance during manufacturing of the appliance. The appliance is validated using the first identification and a status of the appliance is determined.10-02-2008
20080246600Warning System - The invention proposes a hazard alarm system for buildings, said system having evaluation units, which are in the form of freely programmable control units, and a building management system. As a result of being connected in series, the evaluation units are connected to the building management system by means of a fast data link.10-09-2008
20090002150Protection of control networks using a one-way link - A method for monitoring a process includes receiving a signal from a sensor that is indicative of a physical attribute associated with the process and transmitting data indicative of the received signal over a one-way link. The transmitted data received from the one way link are used in monitoring the process.01-01-2009
20090051525SECURITY SYSTEM AND SERVICES - A security system, comprises: a registry for registering items for which security is to be monitored, each item is identified in the registry with a unique identifier. A reporting arrangement enables a party to report an event in connection with the security of an item in the registry; and an outgoing communication arrangement is responsive to the reporting arrangement for communicating the reported event to a party associated with the item in the registry; who may then contact the system to obtain information about the reported event.02-26-2009
20090160635METHOD FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF EMERGENCY ALERT INFORMATION OVER AN IP HOME NETWORK - In some embodiments, a method for the distribution of emergency alert information over an IP home network is presented. In this regard, an alert agent is introduced to receive an emergency alert, to discover remote user interface (RUI) clients on a home network, to construct custom alerts for the discovered RUI clients and to push the custom alerts to the discovered RUI clients. Other embodiments are also disclosed and claimed.06-25-2009
20090002149SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING ALARM CONNECTIVITY WITHIN A NETWORK - A system is provided for connecting an alarm system to a monitoring center through a fiber optic network. The alarm signals may be transmitted through the electrical wiring within a house or other facility through a fiber optic network and the PSTN and/or Internet to the monitoring center. The connection may include a reverse polarity in a pair of ring and tip lines between an interface device of the fiber optic network and a junction element of the alarm system or between the junction element and a controller of the alarm system. The reverse polarity may be created by connecting an end of a ring line into a tip adapter and connecting an end of a tip line into a ring adapter.01-01-2009
20090243837METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROXIMITY ACTIVATED RFID SYSTEM - A security system comprises a control panel configured to control devices in a security system, a keypad and an arm/disarm device. The keypad is in communication with the control panel and comprises a transceiver configured to communicate with the control panel and a magnet having a magnetic field extending within a predetermined proximity of the keypad. The arm/disarm device comprises a transmitter and a switch configured to activate the transmitter when the switch is in the magnetic field. The transmitter is further configured to transmit a low power signal when activated. The transceiver is further configured to receive the low power signal and transmit a message to the control panel. The control panel is further configured to change an Armed/Disarmed Mode of the system based on the message.10-01-2009
20100188207Server System for Remote Monitoring - A server system for remote monitoring includes a wireless communication interface, a processor, and a storage device. The wireless communication interface receives at least one data packet over wireless communications from a remote monitoring system. The processor processes the data packet including sensor information from a sensor coupled to the remote monitoring system. The storage device stores the sensor information.07-29-2010
20100277304WAKE-UP SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AN ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electronic device may include a wireless transceiver for establishing a wireless interface with a wireless transceiver of another device. The electronic device may further include a wake-up assembly including a permanent magnet that generates a magnet field and a sensor that outputs a signal corresponding to sensed magnetic field. A control assembly of the electronic device may be configured to control at least one of activation or deactivation of the wireless transceiver when the output from the sensor indicates that the magnetic field of the permanent magnet has been disturbed by presence of a magnet external to the electronic device.11-04-2010
20100127852ARCHITECTURE FOR ENABLING NETWORK CENTRIC COMMUNICATIONS, SENSING, COMPUTATION, AND INFORMATION ASSURANCE - A free-space network may include: al least one free-space sensor for sensing at least one uncooperative target; at least one free-space communications network for allowing a plurality of cooperative users to communicate, at least one free-space processor for processing information from the at least one free-space sensor and information from the at least one free-space communications network: and at least one free-space communications link connecting in free-space the at least one free-space sensor, the at least one free-space communications network, and the at least one free-space processor. The at least one free-space communications network may include a plurality of free-space multi-channel relay converters for tracking a plurality of cooperative users, and a connection system for aligning the plurality of free-space multi-channel relay converters with one another to allow a plurality of cooperative users to communicate.05-27-2010
20100219948COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND ALARM DEVICE - A communication system provided with a plurality of communication devices which communicate with each other, wherein each of the communication devices includes: a storage device which stores a first code for identifying the communication device to the exclusion of others, and a second code defined so as to differ from other communication devices on the basis of the first code and a predetermined reference value; a transmission device which transmits a signal including the first code and the second code to the other communication devices; a reception device which receives the signals transmitted from the transmission devices of the other communication devices; and a control device which performs calculation using the first code and the second code included in the signal received by the reception device, and the first code stored in the storage device, and identifies the signal according to whether or not the value obtained by the above calculation matches with the second code stored in the storage device.09-02-2010
20090085737Battery-Centric Tamper Resistant Circuitry and Portable Electronic Devices - Tamper-resistant circuitry for use with an electronic device is provided, where the electronic device comprises a plurality of connections for coupling the tamper-resistant circuitry to functional circuitry for performing functionality in connection with the electronic device. The tamper-resistant circuitry comprises an interface for coupling to the plurality of connections and a power source for coupling to at least one connection in the plurality of connections. The tamper-resistant circuitry further comprises circuitry operable to evaluate a measure of an operational parameter related to the power source and in response to a signal at at least one connection in the plurality of connections, to provide an acceptable range for the operational parameter, and to inhibit standard operation of the functional circuitry in response to detecting an anomaly in the functional circuitry by detecting that the measure is outside the acceptable range.04-02-2009
20080284584High-frequency drum-style slip-ring modules - A drum-style slip-ring module (11-20-2008
20110148621DEVICE WITH MAGNET ARRANGEMENT - The invention relates to a device with a magnet arrangement having at least one permanent magnet, where the device displays a magnetically active, first contact surface for fixing it in place in a contact position on a magnetisable base.06-23-2011
20090174545ALARM SYSTEM AND METHOD VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL - An alarm system for sending alarm e-mails flexibly defines various alarm conditions and alarm procedures according to a predetermined reference. The alarm system obtains monitoring data from a monitor system, and determines if the monitoring data meets any of the alarm conditions. The alarm system correspondingly selects an alarm procedure, generates alarm e-mails, and sends the alarm e-mails according to the alarm procedure.07-09-2009
20120169491RELAY NODE PLACEMENT METHOD IN WIRELESS BODY SENSOR NETWORK - The present invention provides a Relay Node Placement Method in Wireless Body Sensor Network. It provides a sensor data collection location and a plurality of sensor locations. Then based on those sensor locations and their corresponding time delays, a sensor location data group is generated, then based on the sensor location data group, a set cover problem is set up. Through an approximation algorithm, within linear time, the solution of that set cover problem is then solved so as to decide the minimal quantity of the first relay nodes of the trunk of human body; moreover, based on a given human body model, a plurality of second relay node candidate locations, those first relay node and the sensor data collection location, a minimal spanning tree problem is set up so as to decide a plurality of second relay node locations.07-05-2012
20120133504Material, system, and method that provide indication of a breach - A multilayer material is described herein that includes at least one signaling layer configured to propagate at least one electromagnetic signal; and a flexible layer configured to enclose the at least one signaling layer, wherein the flexible layer is substantially impermeable to an environment and to the at least one electromagnetic signal. The multilayer material including the at least one signaling layer is configured to transmit a change in the at least one electromagnetic signal upon exposure of the signaling layer to the environment. A system, an article of clothing, or a method is described herein.05-31-2012
20120092153REST and RSS Enabled Access Control Panel - A method and apparatus are provided for operating a security system. The method includes providing a security system having at least one sensor, coupling a detected state of the at least one sensor to a web server, the web server publishing the detected state and a remotely located user subscribing to receive the detected state of the at least one sensor via the publication by the web server.04-19-2012
20120139718Automated Audio Messaging in Two-Way Voice Alarm Systems - An alarm monitoring station is capable of establishing a two way communications channel over a network to connect the monitoring station and alarm panels at monitored premises, for real time voice communication between the panels and the monitoring station. The monitoring station is further operable to provide pre-programmed voice messages to the alarm panels based on the sensed alarm condition over the two way communications channel. In this way, occupants at the premises may be notified of the sensed condition before speaking with an operator at the monitoring station.06-07-2012
20130169429MULTIFUNCTIONAL ANTI-THEFT DEVICE - A multifunctional, integrated and programmed anti-theft protection device with a modern control, usage and additional functions for mobile items, combined two or more items respectively parts with a 3D universal-/smart sensor for triggering an alarm as well as menu usage per individual box motion. An alarm tone is composed of individually spoken words, sentences or with combined alarm tones. Motions in 3D area are noticed by 3D sensor and are presentable on a display or per computer applications. One programmable microchip with data capacity undertakes the control, protection, data storage, data management and data transmission per USB flash, bluetooth, radio, etc. The triggering of the alarm is caused by movement or by two parts by overrunning one of the sensors, respectively signal distance. The anti-theft device can be fixed, integrated or removable to items.07-04-2013
20110227720COOPERATED FILTERING WITH REAL TIME AND NON-REAL TIME SYSTEM - To separate a module as a description of a service from another that gains access to sensors and actuators used in the module. The present invention provides cooperated filtering with realtime and non-realtime system including a realtime system to which sensors and actuators are coupled and a non-realtime system coupled to a network, wherein processes to determine operations by the non-realtime system or the realtime system are performed by each of input processing units that process input information from the sensors coupled to the realtime system, service processing units that determine operations of the actuators on the basis of data initialized by the non-realtime system, and output processing units that prepare data used for operating the actuators.09-22-2011

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