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With particular system function (e.g., temperature compensation, calibration)

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340 - Communications: electrical


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340517000 Selection from a plurality of sensed conditions 108
340506000 Alarm system supervision 85
340514000 Testing 28
340505000 Interrogator-responder 15
340502000 Acknowledgement 11
340527000 Time delay 10
340526000 Predetermined rate of occurrence 5
20110215920ALARM PROCESSING METHOD, DEVICE, AND SYSTEM - An alarm processing method, device, and system are provided. Reported alarm information is received, alike alarm duration accumulation information in an appointed period is obtained from the reported alarm information, and an alarm notification is sent when the alike alarm duration accumulation information satisfies a report condition, so the method, device, and system can adapt to a failure mode with a characteristic of changing with time, filter valuable alarm information correctly and timely, and ensure stable operation of a communication equipment.09-08-2011
20130099917REDUCING PROCESSING RESOURCES INCURRED BY A USER INTERFACE - This document describes techniques and apparatuses for limiting processing resources incurred due to refreshing a user interface. In various embodiments, an event is received, and it is determined whether a delay time period has elapsed. A length of the delay time period is based on a timing of receipt of one or more previous events. If the delay time period has not elapsed, refreshing of the user interface is postponed. When the delay time period elapses, the user interface is refreshed to display an indication of the event.04-25-2013
20090115598APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR STIMULATING SCHEDULED USE OF A CONSUMABLE SUBSTANCE - A device for stimulating scheduled use of a consumable substance. The device includes a sensor and an indicator, the indicator having a state which is dependent upon time elapsed since occurrence of a consumption event detected by the sensor.05-07-2009
20120200410Analyte Monitoring and Management Device and Method to Analyze the Frequency of User Interaction with the Device - Methods and Devices to monitor the level of at least one analyte are provided.08-09-2012
20130093586INPUT DEVICE OF WASHING MACHINE AND CONTROL METHOD OF THE SAME - An input device of a washing machine and a control method of the same are disclosed. An input device of a washing machine includes an operation part generating a plurality of identical signals for washing course designation, a control part controlling one of a plurality of preset washing courses to be designated sequentially according to a predetermined order if the signal is generated by the operation part and a display part displaying the washing course designated by the control part. A control method of an input device of a washing machine for washing course selection includes generating a plurality of identical signals by a user's operation, designating one of a plurality of preset washing courses separately according to a predetermined order whenever the signal is generate, and displaying the designated washing course.04-18-2013
340504000 Answer-back 1
20090128320SYSTEM, APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATED EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE WITH MANUAL CANCELLATION - A system, apparatus and method for automated emergency assistance with manual cancellation that is responsive to physiological, environmental and/or input sensors associated with an individual. In embodiments, the invention enables a sensor system or device to be biased toward what would be false alarms, which may be avoided by the individual informing the device that he or she does not need assistance. Other embodiments are described and claimed.05-21-2009
20090134993Thermostat With Audible Interconnect To Threat Detectors - A thermostat for controlling a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system based an audible warning signal is provided. The thermostat comprises a microphone and an electronic circuit. The microphone senses the audible warning signal and generates an electrical signal corresponding to the audible warning signal. The electronic circuit is operably coupled to the microphone. The electronic circuit instructs the HVAC system according to the electrical signal. As such, the HVAC system is controlled based upon the audible warning signal.05-28-2009
20130082832UNIFIED DISPLAY OF ALARM CONFIGURATIONS BASED ON EVENT ENROLLMENT OBJECTS - Management systems, methods, and mediums. A method includes identifying a description of a system object from a request to generate an event enrollment object to monitor the system object in response to receiving the request. The method includes storing the description of the system object in association with the event enrollment object. The method includes identifying the stored description of the system object associated with the event enrollment object in response to identifying an alarm generated for the event enrollment object. Additionally, the method includes including the description of the system object in a notification of the alarm generated for event enrollment object.04-04-2013
20130033375REDUCTION OF FALSE ALARMS IN ASSET TRACKING - An asset tracking device and methods prevent false alarms when a tracked asset is intentionally removed from a safe zone. A special mode is enabled on the tracking device or a server by a user. In response, the asset tracking device or server may start a first timer providing time for the asset to leave the safe zone. The asset tracking device or server monitors for the device leaving the safe zone. If the asset does not leave the safe zone within this predefined period of time, the tracking device or server resets to its normal operating mode. If the asset is removed within the first time period, a second timer may be set for a maximum duration that the asset will be outside the safe zone. If the asset is not returned to the safe zone within the second time period, the asset or server may send an alarm.02-07-2013
20080316013Supervising Arrangement - A hierarchical fault handling system and method based on filtering data regarding entities in the system and coordinating said filtered data in order to determine if an entity is considered faulty or not. The result for all entities is co-ordinated in a sys-tem fault co-ordinating means (12-25-2008
20130049948COLLABORATIVE AND DISTRIBUTED ALERT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A network based alert management system and method for managing a plurality of users, enrolled websites and a plurality of alert content items includes a network, a first database of users and enrolled websites connected to the network, and a second database of alert content items connected to the network. Each of the enrolled websites of the first database is associated with one or more alert content items of the second database. When one of the enrolled websites is accessed over the network, the one or more alert content items from the second database are presented over the network to the accessed one of the enrolled websites for viewing thereof and/or one or more alert content items is subscribed over the network to the second database through the accessed one of the enrolled websites.02-28-2013
20090303031ALERTING DEVICE WITH SUPERVISION - An alerting system for alerting a user having a transmitter monitoring a predetermined condition (i.e. sound, telephone, door/window access, fire, carbon monoxide, emergency weather alerts, etc.) and outputting an alarm signal in response to detection of the predetermined condition. The transmitter further outputs a supervisory signal indicative of operation of the transmitter (i.e. low battery condition, out of range, etc.). The alerting system further includes an alerting device receiving the alarm signal and the supervisory signal from the transmitter and detecting cessation of the supervisory signal device and outputting a first alert signal to the user indicative of the cessation of the supervisory signal. The alerting device further detecting presence of the alarm signal and outputting a second alert signal to the user indicative of presence of the predetermined condition.12-10-2009
20090303030Method and Device for Configuring Functional Capabilities in a Data Processing System - Configuring functional capabilities in a data processing system comprising entitlement data in a non-volatile storage. The position of the data processing system is determined. Based on said position, functional capabilities are changed based on position information comprised in the entitlement data. Changing functional capabilities consists of enabling functional capabilities, disabling functional capabilities, and both enabling and disabling functional capabilities.12-10-2009
20110012726ALARM DEVICE FOR THE PROTECTION OF PROPERTY - An alarm device (01-20-2011
20110063101Carbon Monoxide Safety System And Method - A safety alarm system and method are provided. The alarm system includes a gas detector and a possible fire detector. A controller is provided to process signals from the detectors and provide signals to a vent controller so that if a detected gas level is too high, the vent controller will open a vent. Further, the vent will be prevented from opening if a fire is detected. Alarms may be activated if the detected gas level is too high and if a possible fire is detected. The alarm system can be coupled to a generator set to effect engine shutdown if the detected gas level is too high.03-17-2011
20130162423MONITORING AND NOTIFICATION OF CARE RECEIVER ACTIVITY - Various methods and systems related to monitoring the activity of a person receiving assistance from a caregiver are described. In one embodiment, a method for monitoring care receiver (CR) activity includes obtaining an indication that a CR has left a rest location. In response, a sensor of a predefined zone of activity is enabled. A notification is provided in response to activation of the sensor by activity of the CR. In another embodiment, a CR monitoring system includes an occupancy sensor configured to provide an indication that a CR has left a rest location, another sensor configured to monitor CR activity with respect to a zone of activity, and a monitoring device in communication with both sensors. The monitoring device is configured to enable the other sensor in response to an occupancy sensor indication and provide a notification in response to activation of the other sensor by CR activity.06-27-2013
20130207800ERROR SIGNAL HANDLING UNIT, DEVICE AND METHOD FOR OUTPUTTING AN ERROR CONDITION SIGNAL - An Error signal handling comprises a circuitry configured to receive an error signal from an external device indicating an error condition in the external device. The circuitry is further configured to receive a recovery signal indicating a mitigation of the error condition in the external device or indicating that a mitigation of the error condition in the external device is possible. Furthermore, the circuitry is further configured to output an error condition signal based on the error signal in response to a reception of the error signal if within a given delay time from the reception of the error signal, the circuitry does not receive the recovery signal and otherwise to omit outputting the error condition signal.08-15-2013
20090295561SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ADVANCED CONDITION MONITORING OF AN ASSET SYSTEM - A method for advanced condition monitoring of an asset system includes sensing actual values of an operating condition for an operating regime of the asset system using at least one sensor; estimating sensed values of the operating condition by using an auto-associative neural network; determining a residual vector between the estimated sensed values and the actual values; and performing a fault diagnostic on the residual vector. In another method, an operating space of the asset system is segmented into operating regimes; the auto-associative neural network determines estimates of actual measured values; a residual vector is determined from the auto-associative neural network; a fault diagnostic is performed on the residual vector; and a change of the operation of the asset system is determined by analysis of the residual vector. An alert is provided if necessary. A smart sensor system includes an on-board processing unit for performing the method of the invention.12-03-2009
20110279258Systems and Methods for Transmission of Trigger-Based Alarm Indication Suppression Messages - According to one embodiment, a method may include communicating an alarm suppression indication trigger message from a maintenance end point to an alarm indication suppression generator. The method may further include communicating, by the alarm indication suppression generator in response to receiving the alarm indication trigger message, an alarm indication suppression message to at least one flow point that has alarm indication suppression enabled for the maintenance end point such that the alarm indication suppression message is received by at least one other maintenance end point upstream of the maintenance end point.11-17-2011
20100171607METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATICALLY DISARMING A SECURITY SYSTEM - A security system comprises a system control panel for arming and disarming the security system. A door sensing unit comprises a first radio frequency (RF) transceiver interconnected with the system control panel over a network. The first RF transceiver is mounted proximate to a door that defines at least a portion of a perimeter around an area to be monitored by the security system. The first RF transceiver has an RF detection field proximate to the door. A disarm device comprises a second RF transceiver that automatically transmits a disarm device packet. The first RF transceiver receives the disarm device packet when the second RF transceiver is within the RF detection field. The first RF transceiver sends a disarm message to the system control panel over the network to disarm the security system based on at least the disarm device packet.07-08-2010
20090309711METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CONFIGURING MOBILE DEVICES USING SENSORS - Methods and systems enable selection of a theme for implementation on a computing device based on sensor data. The computing device can include a variety of sensors including sensors capable of sensing ambient temperature, light, and sound, as well as geographic position, for example. Data collected by a sensor is used to select a theme correlated to the sensed condition. Data from sensors can also be used to generate customized advertisements that can be displayed on the computing device.12-17-2009
20100123570Localized Control Method and Apparatus - A zoned interactive control area (05-20-2010
20130099916TIMELINE PRESENTATIONS OF PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEM ALARMS - Timeline presentations of process control system alarms are described. An operator interface apparatus for a process control system is described that includes an operator display module to present an operator application on a display. The operator interface also includes an alarm presentation interface to be presented on the display via the operator application. The alarm presentation interface includes a timeline to graphically indicate a temporal relationship of a plurality of active alarms of the process control system.04-25-2013
20080238650CONFIGURABLE NETWORKED USER INTERFACE AND SWITCH PACK - A printed circuit board (PCB) has a plurality of switch interfaces on its top surface. Each interface is an array of sensors, such as proximity sensors, hall-effect sensors, or a series of inductor coils. The sensors in each array are closely mounted and are all the same for a given PCB. Each array may or may not mount a non-contacting switch selected from a plurality of different types of switches, such as a single push button switch, dual push button switch, a toggle switch, a 3-position rocker switch, a rotary switch, or other type switch. Each switch mounted on the PCB includes one or more indicators for sensing by the sensors or coils, with feedback to determine what type of switch is mounted in each position. The same PCB, or other mount, may thus be used for a variety of unique applications, such as switch packs used in vehicles.10-02-2008
20100201510INFORMATION DISPLAY APPARATUS AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM HAVING INFORMATION DISPLAY PROGRAM - An information display apparatus includes a display unit including a non-volatile display medium. The information display apparatus further includes: a temperature detecting unit configured to detect a display unit temperature which is temperature of the display unit; a temperature determining unit configured to determine whether the display unit temperature is outside of a set temperature range which is predetermined based on characteristics of the display unit; and a display control unit configured to perform on the display unit a burn prevention display which is predetermined based on the characteristics, when the display unit temperature is outside of the set temperature range.08-12-2010
20080284579CARBON MONOXIDE SAFETY SYSTEM - The instant invention provides a system for avoiding or reducing exposure to toxic gases. More specifically, the instant invention includes a base module having a first transceiver securable within a structure, and most preferably within the garage of a home. The base module is constructed and arranged to communicate with a remote module having a second transceiver to alert the user of a dangerous condition within the structure prior to entry thereto. In a most preferred embodiment, the remote module is also a garage door opener that can be carried by a person or within a vehicle. In operation, the remote module sends a signal to the base module. In response, the base transceiver checks the level of a toxic gas such as carbon monoxide within the dwelling, if the level is below a predetermined limit the base module sends a signal to the garage door opener to open the door, if the level of the gas is above the predetermined limit an alarm will be sent to the remote transceiver and the door will not be opened.11-20-2008
20130120131Methods, Systems, and Products for Security Services - Methods, systems, and products notify of alarms in security systems. Sensor data is received from an alarm sensor, and an alarm condition is determined by an alarm controller. Video data associated with the alarm sensor is retrieved. An alarm message is sent over a wireless network connection, while the video data is send over a wireline broadband connection.05-16-2013
20130120134Methods, Systems, and Products for Security Services - Methods, systems, and products notify of alarms in security systems. Two separate communications paths are established from an alarm controller. Connectivity messages are sent from the alarm controller over each of the two separate communications paths. When a timer counts down to a final value, then more connectivity messages are sent from the alarm controller to report connectivity.05-16-2013
20090179751HYBRID SENSOR/COMMUNICATION DEVICE, AND METHOD - A hybrid sensor/communication device includes a radio frequency identification (RFID) communication device coupled to a sensor device that includes organic and/or amorphous semiconductor material. The organic and/or amorphous semiconductor material may be printed atop a substrate of the device, the same substrate upon which antenna elements of the RFID device are located. The organic and/or amorphous semiconductor material may form an organic/amorphous semiconductor material processor that is coupled to sensor pads of the sensor device. An integrated circuit of the RFID device, which may be a part of an interposer or strap, and which may utilize an inorganic crystalline semiconductor material such as crystalline silicon, is coupled to the organic/amorphous semiconductor material processor. The RFID device provides power to the sensor device, and allows communication between the sensor device and external devices outside of the hybrid sensor/communication device.07-16-2009
20120068842AUTOMATIC CONFIGURATION OF INITIATING DEVICES - A method and system for configuring initiating devices in a fire alarm system is provided. Groupings of the initiating devices in the fire alarm system are determined entirely automatically (or partially automatically). For example, the fire alarm control panel may communicate with the initiating devices to receive grouping information from the initiating device (which may be input at the initiating device), and determine the grouping based on the communication. As another example, the fire alarm control panel may communicate with the initiating devices in order to determine some aspect of the fire alarm system (such as the wiring), and automatically determine the grouping based on the communication. Moreover, labels for the initiating devices in the fire alarm system may be generated entirely automatically (or partially automatically). Further, reporting of the alarm events by the fire alarm control panel may be based on grouping. For example, the fire alarm control panel may determine the grouping information for the one or more initiating devices that sent an alarm communication, organize presentation of the indication of the alarm event based on the determined grouping information, and present, on an output device, the organized presentation of the indication of the fire alarm event.03-22-2012
20090051524METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR RECOGNIZING DAILY ACTIVITIES USING SENSORS - There is provided a daily activity recognition system using sensors installed in required positions in a home to recognize daily activities of an old person, the system including: a radio frequency (RF) management unit receiving data measured by a plurality of sensors installed in required positions in a home, recognizing a corresponding sensor transmitting the received data, and converting the received data into a basic activity corresponding to the recognized sensor; a buffer management unit storing the basic activity received from the wireless processing manager in an internal buffer; and a daily activity recognition unit recognizing daily activities of an old person at each point in time previously set, based on the basic activity stored in the buffer. The daily activities of the old person are recognized and stored in a database, thereby providing various services related to the health of the old person.02-26-2009
20110140879System and Method for Sensing Presence of Media in a Mailing Machine - A sensor is paired with an emitter, such as in a postage metering machine, and the sensor is calibrated for ambient light conditions. Ambient light is measured with a sensor while the emitter is unpowered. If the measured ambient light is less than a current trip level (voltage level at the sensor), then a current level of light is measured with the sensor while the emitter is powered. If the measured current level of light exceeds the current trip level, then the signal output from the sensor indicates that an object such as an envelope awaiting postage to be printed thereon is present at the sensor. The current trip level may be determined by measuring light at the sensor when the emitter is on and adding some voltage margin to it, but if the sensor is blocked during this calibration a default threshold is used as the current trip level.06-16-2011
20090033482METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING DATA PROCESSING AND CONTROL IN A MEDICAL COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - Methods and apparatus for providing data processing and control for use in a medical communication system are provided.02-05-2009
20100039251Visual alert system for set-top box standby mode - A visual display system for a set-top box is includes a source of event data, a light emitting diode display, and a main processor configured to receive event data and control the light emitting diode display in response to the received event data.02-18-2010
20100052889METHOD OF ALERT SERVICE PROCESSING, DEVICE, AND NETWORK SYSTEM - The present invention discloses a method of notifying an alert status. The method includes using at least two binary alert status indication fields to indicate alert status information; changing a value of the alert status indication field when alert information is changed; and periodically sending the alert status information. The alert status indication field in a interworking element of a beacon frame is extended so that the status of the emergency alert is detected, the change to the emergency alert status is reflected by the value of the extended alert status indication field, and the change to the emergency alert can be detected and handled in a timely manner.03-04-2010
20100060447METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR APPORTIONING ATTENTION TO STATUS INDICATORS - Methods and apparatus for generating, by a computer processor, a first status indicator and a second status indicator, generating a first attention value to indicate an amount of attention a user should devote to the first status indicator, and a second attention value to indicate an amount of attention the user should devote to the second status indicator, and outputting the first and second attention values to enable display for the user. The attention values may be generated based on reliability factors of the status indicators and on probability of failure of a control system.03-11-2010
20090027187MONITORING SYSTEM AND TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER - The present invention provides A monitoring system comprising a display device, an abnormality detection means for monitoring an object and when detecting an abnormality of the monitored object, outputting an abnormality signal, and a display control means for causing the display device to present an abnormality display, further comprising a latch means for retaining the output state resulting from receipt of an abnormality signal, thereby continuing to output a latch signal until reset, and a reset device for resetting the latch device, wherein the display control device determines in what manner the display device presents an abnormality display, depending on whether an abnormality signal and a latch signal are each transmitted or not.01-29-2009
20110163869METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING, GUIDING AND WARNING - A method for guiding, controlling or warning people, particularly for controlling and guiding people to a desired route, e.g. an emergency exit, in a dangerous situation, in which method, a person is guided by means of audio sources. In the method, audio sources (07-07-2011
20120146782SEMICONDUCTOR ELEMENT DRIVE DEVICE - A semiconductor element drive device which individually drives semiconductor elements configuring a power converter includes plural protection circuits which detect information necessary for carrying out a protection operation for the semiconductor elements, an alarm signal output circuit which, having set therein pulse signals with pulse widths differing from one of the plural protection circuits to another, continuously outputs a pulse signal corresponding to a protection circuit, among the plural protection circuits, which has first detected that a protection operation is necessary, as an alarm signal during a period in which it is detected that the protection operation is necessary, and a notification signal output circuit which, when the alarm signal is output from the alarm signal output circuit, outputs one pulse thereof equivalent to the set pulse width as a protection operation notification signal.06-14-2012
20100026479WIRELESS OCCUPANCY AND DAY-LIGHT SENSING - A system to control energy consumption in a room uses a wireless mesh network that allows for continuous connections and reconfiguration around blocked paths by hopping from node to node until a connection can be established, the mesh network including one or more wireless area network transceivers adapted to communicate data with the wireless mesh network, the transceiver detecting motion by analyzing reflected wireless signal strength.02-04-2010
20090174544ELECTRONIC ARTICLE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM NEURAL NETWORK MINIMIZING FALSE ALARMS AND FAILURES TO DEACTIVATE - A method, system and computer program product for managing false alarms in a security system. A detection zone is established. An alarm event is triggered based on the detection of a tag in the detection zone using an initial alarm trigger sensitivity. The initial alarm trigger sensitivity is based on an initial set of one or more detection criteria. The set of detection criteria is modified to adjust the alarm trigger sensitivity of the security system.07-09-2009
20090174543EMERGENCY CALL APPARATUS - An emergency call apparatus includes a databank having a plurality of contact person information units; an alarm sending mechanism including a plurality of alarm generating units and an alarm output unit connected to the alarm generating units for outputting an alarm signal; an identifying mechanism linked to the databank and the alarm sending mechanism for analyzing the output alarm signal and identifying one or more contact person information units in the databank that correspond to the alarm signal; and a message transmitting mechanism linked to the identifying mechanism for cooperatively transmitting a warning message to receiving devices being used by all contact persons that are set in the corresponding contact person information units. Therefore, emergency help may be timely and widely provided to the user sending the alarm signal.07-09-2009
20100085182METHOD FOR PROCESSING ALARM DATA TO GENERATE SECURITY REPORTS - A system and method are provided that allow analysis of alarm data to generate security reports. A security report system may include a monitoring tool and a data analyzer. The monitoring tool may include an alarm data acquiring module and an alarm database for storing the alarm data acquired by the alarm data acquiring module. The data analyzer may include a data parsing module for parsing the alarm data into a plurality of data segments each indicating an attribute of the alarm data, a data categorizing module for categorizing the plurality of data segments into a plurality of data groups in accordance with the attributes of the data segments, and a data processing module for processing the data segments of at least one of the data groups to generate a security report.04-08-2010
20110050409Alert and verification system - System for an event alert signal and verifying the completion of event is disclosed. The system may include at least one alert device for generating alert for certain events. The system may also include at least one destination device that may be configured to be communicating with the alert device and may be associated with the event. The system may verify completion of the event when the alert device may be deactivated upon the user's completion of the event.03-03-2011
20110095881ALERT NETWORK SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Alert network systems and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method comprises receiving an emergency alert regarding an emergency condition affecting a geographic region, selecting a facility from a plurality of facilities based on at least the geographic region, generating an alert notification regarding the emergency alert, providing the alert notification to the selected facility, and receiving an authorization to provide emergency information to one or more digital devices associated with the facility.04-28-2011
20120154138Method and System For Logging Security Event Data - Through the use of a persistent connection between security, monitoring and automation controller devices and provider supported servers in an operator domain, recordation of sensor fault events, SMA controller events, and communication events is provided. Servers in the operator domain can record events and provide a filtered log of events surrounding an alarm event or other selected timeframe.06-21-2012
20120119901ALARM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - An exemplary alarm management system and method for the management of alarm messages of a technical installation or of a technical process are disclosed. A data processing system receives alarm messages. A plurality of display modules display the alarm messages. The data processing system includes a module for creating alarm channels for different ways of representing the pending alarm messages. Each alarm channel created by the module is associated with one of the display modules, and the display modules present the pending alarm messages as ate least one of lists, alarm clouds, and displays in conjunction with at least one of acoustic signals and alarm records.05-17-2012
20120212337METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR FORMATTING TEXT FOR CLINICAL FACT EXTRACTION - An original text that is a representation of a narration of a patient encounter provided by a clinician may be received and re-formatted to produce a formatted text. One or more clinical facts may be extracted from the formatted text. A first fact of the clinical facts may be extracted from a first portion of the formatted text, and the first portion of the formatted text may be a formatted version of a first portion of the original text. A linkage may be maintained between the first fact and the first portion of the original text.08-23-2012
20120313772METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SUPPRESSING DUPLICATE ALARMS - A method and apparatus for ignoring a duplicated alarm in a communications network are described. In one embodiment, at least one alarm message associated with at least one event is received. A determination of whether the at least one event exists in a database is subsequently made. The at least one event is recorded in the database if the at least one event does not exist in the database. Conversely, the at least one alarm message is suppressed if the at least one event exists in the database.12-13-2012
20090058628SECURE POINT OF SALE DEVICE EMPLOYING CAPACITIVE SENSORS - A point of sale device including a housing, a protected enclosure located within the housing, information storage functionality located within the protected enclosure and storing information to be protected information, a capacitance sensor based security system including at least one capacitance sensor operative to sense the capacitance of at least one of at least part of the housing and at least part of the protected enclosure at a reference time and thereafter and to provide an alarm indication of at least a predetermined change in the capacitance sensed by the at least one capacitance sensor.03-05-2009
20130015965ALARM HANDLING DEVICE, SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ALARM HANDLINGAANM UDD; JOHANAACI AKERSBERGAAACO SEAAGP UDD; JOHAN AKERSBERGA SEAANM STROM; CHRISTOFFERAACI LUDVIKAAACO SEAAGP STROM; CHRISTOFFER LUDVIKA SEAANM SAHLSTROM; JONNYAACI TYRESOAACO SEAAGP SAHLSTROM; JONNY TYRESO SE - The present disclosure relates to a method for handling alarms in a surveillance system. The method comprises the steps of: in an alarm control unit receiving an input from a surveillance detector device via a first interface; communicating with an alarm input signal control device via a second interface; controlling a state of the alarm signal (L) having at least a first (L=GREEN) or a second (L=RED) state; setting the alarm signal to the second state; presenting an alarm to an operator thereof if the input signal is in the first state whereby the operator handles the alarm signal and a resulting clear alarm signal (STATUS=CLEAR) is sent back to the alarm evaluation and control unit to reset the alarm signal to the first state (L=GREEN).01-17-2013
20110156895SUBSCRIBING TO ALARMS AND EVENTS IN A HIERARCHY - An alarm provision system comprises a recognizer component that receives an alarm/event and recognizes the alarm/event. A provision component analyzes hierarchical relationships associated with an industrial environment and automatically provides a subscribing entity with the alarm/event and at least one other alarm/event that is related to the received alarm/event, the provision of the at least one other alarm/event is based at least in part upon the analysis of the hierarchical relationships.06-30-2011
20130021150INTERACTIVE MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT ALARM - An Interactive Maintenance Management System (“IMMS”) (01-24-2013
20080224845Multi-transmitter telemetry system - A multi-transmitter telemetry system remotely controls and modifies the operating parameters associated with a plurality of addressable transmitter modules connected to collect data from a plurality of sensors. Control instructions remotely provided to each transmitter module include addressing data identifying the transmitter module to implement the control instructions. Although each transmitter module decodes the control instructions, only the addressed transmitter module implements the provided instructions. In this way, individual transmitters employed in a multi-transmitter telemetry system may be individually addressed and remotely controlled.09-18-2008
20130176122APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING SENSOR SIGNAL - A sensor signal processing apparatus receives a sensor signal from a sensor in order to detect an object, determines whether an object exists from the received sensor signal, and if an object exists, the sensor signal processing apparatus generates an alarm signal, and it removes an alarm signal corresponding to a false alarm signal from the alarm signal based on at least one of a length and energy of the alarm signal.07-11-2013
20130113616Methods and Apparatus for System Monitoring - Improved systems and techniques for identification and resolution of conditions affecting an information technology system. When an alert is received, it is identified as actionable or non-actionable and, if non-actionable, is subjected to a waiting time before a trouble ticket is created. If the alert has cleared by the time the waiting time expires, an event associated with the alert is discarded and no trouble ticket is created. Non-actionable alerts are identified using a system of predictive rules, with rules being generated according to appropriate criteria, such as the likelihood that an event identified by a rule will be non-actionable, and by the likelihood that an event will be identified by a rule.05-09-2013
20130120133Methods, Systems, and Products for Security Services - Methods, systems, and products notify of alarms in security systems. Two separate communications paths are established from an alarm controller. Bandwidths available from each communications path are measured. When an alarm condition is detected, an alarm message is sent from the alarm controller over a communications path having a greater bandwidth.05-16-2013
20080211657Wireless Sensor Network Calibration System and Method - A system has at least one sensor and a controller communicatively coupled to the sensor. The system further has logic configured to calculate a calibration value based upon an initial state of the sensor and store the calibration value in memory.09-04-2008
20080204218EVENT RECORDER FOR PORTABLE MEDIA DEVICE - Operational parametric sensing and event recording capabilities are provided for portable electronic devices such as media players, cell phones, laptop computers, and the like that takes the can take the form of a standalone sensing unit or as an integrated component of the portable electronic device.08-28-2008
20130154822METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CROSS MEDIA ALARM EVENT NOTIFICATION - A method for alarm event notification from a server system in relation to a premises such as a home or building. The server system acts as a centralized monitoring and notification security system for monitoring of the premises and receiving an alarm event from an on-premises monitoring system. The method includes: receiving in a server system an alarm event in relation to the premises, determining a presence status of a client application, generating a message in relation to the alarm event, and sending the message to the client application having the presence status of being present. The message may be generated to include message content which varies in dependence of capabilities of the client application having the presence status of being present.06-20-2013
20130181828DELIVERING AN ITEM OF INTEREST - In a method for delivering an item of interest, identification of the item of interest is received and identification of an action context to trigger delivery of the identified item of interest is received. In addition, the item of interest, the action context, and an association of the item of interest to the action context are stored. Moreover, a determination that an indication regarding the action context has been received is made and the item of interest is delivered.07-18-2013
20130181827AUTOMATED INCORPORATION OF EXPERT FEEDBACK INTO A MONITORING SYSTEM - A system, computer-readable medium, and method for updating a decisioning algorithm are provided. In the method, operational parameter data from a first device is evaluated using a decisioning algorithm to determine if an alert should be sent. The alert indicates a possible performance issue associated with a component of the first device. The operational parameter data includes a value of an operating characteristic of the first device. When a determination is made to send the alert, an alert message including a first indicator indicating the possible performance issue of the component of the first device is created. The alert message is sent to a second device. The decisioning algorithm is updated based on a second indicator received from a third device. The second indicator indicates either that the alert was useful or that the alert was not useful.07-18-2013
20130120132Methods, Systems, and Products for Security Services - Methods, systems, and products notify of alarms in security systems. An alarm condition is detected and an alarm message is sent from an alarm controller. A call is received to a unique network address of the alarm controller to verify the alarm condition. If a calling address matches a predetermined address, then the alarm controller accepts the call.05-16-2013
20130201015ROBUST ALARM SYSTEM WITH AUXILIARY PROCESSING SUB-SYSTEM - An alarm system includes two subsystems: a security subsystem that performs critical alarm condition monitoring and reporting; and an auxiliary subsystem that allows execution of other non-critical software components. The security subsystem may monitor the performance of the auxiliary subsystem, and maintain the performance by resetting and/or otherwise controlling the execution of software and use of hardware at the auxiliary subsystem, providing increased overall reliability of the security system, without compromising its ability to monitor security conditions at an associated premises.08-08-2013
20120068841PSEUDO NON-ADDRESSABLE ALARM SYSTEM - A pseudo non-addressable alarm system that uses addressable notification appliances and/or detectors is disclosed. In one aspect, the addressable notification appliances and/or detectors may be entirely automatically (or partially automatically) grouped. One manner of automatic grouping is to use the wiring of the pseudo non-addressable system in order to automatically form the groupings of notification applications, such as grouping the notification appliances based on the signal line circuit to which they are connected. In another aspect, labels for the notification appliances and/or detectors in the pseudo non-addressable system may be entirely automatically (or partially automatically) generated. The labels may be automatically generated based on wiring of the pseudo non-addressable system and/or based on grouping information (such as grouping based on the particular signal line circuit to which the notification appliance is connected).03-22-2012
20120075091AUTOMATIC DOOR - In some implementations a storage device having a voice-recognition engine stored thereon is coupled to a microcontroller, a device-controller for an automatic door is operably coupled to the microcontroller.03-29-2012
20120086568Inferring Building Metadata From Distributed Sensors - Inferring building metadata from distributed sensors is described. In an embodiment multiple sensors are situated at various locations in a building detecting physical quantities (e.g. light, heat, motion). The data from at least one sensor is analyzed in order to detect events occurring in proximity to the sensor. Data about an event detected at a first sensor is compared with events detected at other sensors in order to identify correlated events from which connections between the sensor locations can be inferred and a building layout generated. In some embodiments a threshold may be applied to the data in order to filter out false events. In some embodiments the building layout may be used as part of a building control system. In some embodiments the sensor data may be used to determine if the sensor has been moved.04-12-2012

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