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With particular telemetric coupling

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340 - Communications: electrical


340438000 - Internal alarm or indicator responsive to a condition of the vehicle

340442000 - Tire deflation or inflation

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340447000 Radio wave 119
340448000 Inductive 2
20090207011Auto-charging alert device for rotatable pneumatic object - An auto-charging alert device for a rotatable pneumatic object includes an alert unit for generating a warning signal when an interior pressure of the rotatable pneumatic object is below a predetermined threshold, and an auto-charging unit which includes a charger housing and a charging arrangement. The charging arrangement includes an electric supply unit received in the charger housing and electrically connected with the power inlet of the alert unit, and a kinetic power generator received in the charger housing to electrically connect with the electric supply unit for converting a kinetic energy of the rotatable pneumatic object into electrical energy to be stored in the electric supply unit, such that the electric supply unit is automatically charged to supply adequate electricity to the alert unit for ensuring a proper and consistent operation of the alert unit.08-20-2009
20100102944Tire pressure sensing devices, systems and methods employing an acoustic amplifier - A pressure sensing device, such as a tire pressure monitoring unit comprises a pressure sensor for measuring pressure of a fluid, such as air or an inert gas, in an environment external to the device, such as within the cavity of a tire. A hollow resonator, or standing wave tube, is coupled to the pressure sensor. The resonator has a free end exposed to the external environment to the extent that pressure variations in the fluid are propagated through the hollow resonator to the pressure sensor via the free end. The hollow resonator has a resonant frequency substantially matching a target frequency such that resonance is established in the tube at the resonant frequency in response to the presence of an audio signal in the fluid having a frequency that substantially matches the target frequency.04-29-2010
20130076500COLLISION AVOIDANCE METHOD FOR TRANSMITTING DATA FROM MULTIPLE WIRELESS TIRE CONDITION SENSORS - A collision avoidance method for transmitting data from multiple wireless tire condition sensors on a vehicle is executed by each wireless tire condition sensor having a unique ID and multiple different wake-up times. After the sensor is operated to sense data, the method has steps of reading the ID and computing a determination value with the ID and a variable, selecting one of the wake-up times according to the determination result, and after the selected wake-up time expires, transmitting the sensed data. As the selected wake-up times of the sensors differ from one another, data collision at the receiving end arising from data transmission from the sensors can be avoided. Additionally, besides the wake-up time, a time gap between data transmitted twice consecutively from each sensor can be employed to achieve data collision avoidance.03-28-2013
20120235809DEVICE FOR MONITORING A VEHICLE WHEEL - A monitoring device (09-20-2012
20120235808TRANSMISSION DEVICE FOR TRANSMITTING TIRE INFORMATION AND TIRE INFORMATION MONITORING SYSTEM - A tire information monitoring system includes a transmission device, a receiving device, and a monitoring section. The transmission device includes a sensor which detects tire information, a transmitter which wirelessly transmits the detected tire information and a housing. The housing includes a wall surrounding the sensor and the transmitter, an inner space divided from the tire cavity area by the wall, and an air vent passing through the housing and connecting the inner space and the tire cavity area. An outer opening portion of the air vent formed on a surface of the housing facing the tire cavity area has an opening area of 0.4 mm09-20-2012
20120235807DETECTING A TIRE ROTATION ON A TELEMATICS-EQUIPPED VEHICLE - A system and method for detecting a rotation of the vehicle tires between different wheel locations. The method carried out by the system involves obtaining and storing TPM sensor identification numbers and their corresponding tire locations. Next, the system checks the sensors periodically to determine if any of the sensors have changed tire location. Based on that change, the system determines if a tire rotation has occurred; for example, by matching changes in sensor positions with known tire rotation patterns. This approach allows the system to detect and record a tire rotation, as well as to take some automated action, such as subsequently notifying the vehicle owner when the next scheduled tire rotation is due.09-20-2012
20110298606TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM HAVING A TEST FUNCTION FOR THE SENSOR MODULE - A device is described for detecting and wirelessly transmitting at least one measurement signal of the state of a vehicle tire of a vehicle (e.g., tire pressure and/or tire air temperature), which has at least one sensor module arranged in/on the vehicle tire and at least one sensor for detecting the measurement signal, and an energy store which supplies the sensor module with electrical energy, the sensor module having an apparatus for checking the functional capability of the sensor module, having at least one test routine and activating arrangement to activate the test routine, which includes: an apparatus which activates the start of the test routine as a function of the field strength of a magnetic field acting in the area of the sensor module, and/or an apparatus which has an electric circuit and which activates the start of the test routine as a function of a current flowing through the electric circuit, and/or c) an apparatus having an acceleration sensor which activates the start of the test routine as a function of the acceleration acting on the sensor module.12-08-2011
20080266074Vehicle Tire Warning System - An air pressure sensor (10-30-2008
20090273460Pneumatic tyre for vehicle wheels provided with an antenna and method of manufacturing thereof - A pneumatic tyre for vehicle wheels with a radially inner surface of a substantially toroidal conformation, includes at least one antenna provided with an electrically conductive elongated body in engagement with the radially inner surface through a plurality of constraint elements. Each pair of consecutive constraint elements identifies an orthodromic distance smaller than the length of the elongated-body portion between this pair of elements. Also described is a method of setting the antenna on the inner surface of the tyre.11-05-2009
20090015393APPARATUS FOR DETECTING POSITIONS OF WHEELS OF VEHICLE AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING TIRE INFLATION PRESSURE USING THE SAME - An apparatus for detecting positions of wheels of a vehicle is provided. In the apparatus, a triggering signal is transmitted from the body side to each transceiver mounted at each wheel. In each transceiver, the strength of the received triggering signal is measured and formatted into a frame of data to be transmitted to a receiver mounted to the vehicle body. The strength of the triggering signal is used to detect wheel positions by determining that each transducer is disposed at which wheel. The receiver determines if there is a reply of the flame of data containing the strength when the triggering device transmits the triggering signal. When no replay comes from the transceiver, the strength of noise is measured in the transceiver in response to a command from the receiver. When the noise strength is less than a threshold, the receiver commands an alarm member to issue alarm.01-15-2009
20120194333METHOD FOR ALLOCATING IDENIFICATION CODES OF WHEEL ELECTRONIC DEVICES OF A TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM OF A VEHICLE TO THE POSITIONS OF THE WHEELS ON THE VEHICLE - Method for allocating identification codes which are contained in signals transmitted by components of a tire pressure monitoring system, said components being attached to wheels of the vehicle, to the wheel positions.08-02-2012
20090109012COMBINED TIRE PRESSURE GAUGE AND REMOTE TIRE PRESSURE DISPLAY - A combined tire pressure gauge and remote tire pressure display includes a port adapted to couple to a vehicle tire valve stem and to open a valve in the valve stem; a chamber in physical communication with the port; a local pressure transducer in the chamber for detecting a pressure of a fluid within the vehicle tire and providing an output signal representative of the detected pressure; a wireless receiver for receiving a signal identifying a tire pressure sensor and having a detected tire pressure and for providing an output signal; a processor for receiving the output signal from the pressure transducer and the output signal from the wireless receiver, and for providing a processor output signal indicative of an identified tire and a value of the detected pressure, in a remote tire display mode, and for providing a processor output signal indicative of a detected tire pressure, in a tire pressure gauge mode; and a display coupled to the processor for providing a visible indication of detected pressure value and identified tire in accordance with the processor output signal in the remote tire display mode, and for providing a visible indication of detected pressure value in the tire pressure gauge mode.04-30-2009
20110316687Spare Tire Pressure Monitor - A spare tire monitor that connects directly over the valve stem in order to provide a driver with a means of being notified when the spare tire experiences a significant loss of air. The spare tire monitor relates to a conduit that attaches a first connection to either the internal electrical system of a vehicle or a gauge mounted at the dashboard while a second connection on the opposite end of the vehicle covers the valve stem of a spare tire such that an alert will occur when air pressure falls below a certain desired threshold.12-29-2011
20120001745TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING-CAR SECURITY INTEGRATED SYSTEM AND TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING METHOD - The invention provides a tire pressure monitoring-car security integrated system for realizing car security and tire pressure monitoring and method thereof In the system, a conventional tire pressure monitoring system and car security system are integrated with each other. The learning machine or signal match device of the &Inner is also combined with the remote control portion of the latter. The central monitor portion of the former is combined with the car security host machine of the latter. Control logic and electrical construction thereof is also optimized. Therefore, the invention is reasonable in its design and low cost. In addition, use convenience is also improved and great commercial success may be realized.01-05-2012
20120126967METHOD OF DETECTING A VEHICLE TIRE THEFT - A system and method for detecting a missing vehicle tire and notifying a user of the vehicle about a potential vehicle tire theft. The method carried out by the system involves detecting that a tire is missing from a vehicle using a vehicle tire pressure monitoring (TPM) system and thereafter providing a notification of the missing tire via a wireless communication sent from a telematics unit on the vehicle. The wireless communication can be sent automatically by the telematics unit in response to the detection. Identification numbers or other data reported by sensors used in the TPM system can be used to determine if a tire is missing.05-24-2012
20120229266TRANSMISSION DEVICE FOR TRANSMITTING INFORMATION ABOUT TIRE CONDITION AND TIRE CONDITION MONITORING SYSTEM - A tire condition monitoring system includes a transmission device, a receiving device, and a monitoring section. The transmitting device includes a sensor which detects, as tire information, a condition of gas in the tire cavity area surrounded with a tire and a rim, a transmitter which wirelessly transmits the tire information, and a housing having a wall surrounding the sensor and the transmitter and separating an inner space from the tire cavity area. The housing wall defines a communicating through hole which enables communication between the cavity area and inner space and a selectively non-communicating through hole having a member which is movable between blocking and unblocking positions to impede and enable communication, respectively, between the cavity area and inner space. The receiving device receives the tire information, and the monitoring section determines whether a tire anomaly exists based on the tire information and provides a result.09-13-2012
20110140876Tire Pressure Monitoring Apparatus And Method - A tire pressure measuring device is configured with a plurality of communication protocols. Tire pressure information is sensed using the tire pressure measuring device. The tire pressure information is transmitted from the tire pressure measuring device to an external receiver device according to each of the plurality of communication protocols.06-16-2011
20080204215Tire Pressure Control System - A tire pressure control system for a tire mounted to a wheel of a vehicle is disclosed. The tire pressure control system comprises a servo system mounted to the wheel that includes a servo mechanically connected to a vent valve that is in fluid communication with a gas inside the tire. The vent valve is adapted for bleeding the gas out of the tire and into the ambient atmosphere. A pressure sensor is in fluid communication with the gas inside the tire, and a control circuit is electrically connected to the servo and the pressure sensor. The control circuit further includes a signal receiving means and a memory for storing a commanded pressure signal. The control circuit actuates the servo to open the vent valve when the pressure sensor indicates a tire pressure of greater than the commanded pressure. A master control unit is adapted to transfer the commanded pressure signal to the control circuit through a transmission means. The servo system further includes a second servo mechanically connected to a fill valve that is in fluid communication with compressed gas inside a gas supply tank. The fill valve is adapted for bleeding gas out of the gas supply tank and into the tire. The control circuit actuates the second servo to open the fill valve when the pressure sensor indicates a tire pressure of less than the commanded pressure.08-28-2008

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