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20110267185VEHICLE AND DRIVER MONITORING SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREOF - A monitoring system is presented. The monitoring system includes a plurality of sensing devices disposed at various locations of a vehicle to generate signals comprising vibration and acoustic data of the vehicle, a processing device configured to determine one or more events based upon the generated signals, and generate alert messages based upon the one or more events.11-03-2011
20090261958LOW COST, AUTOMATIC COLLISION NOTIFICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD OF USING THE SAME - The present invention is directed to a low cost, automatic, vehicle collision notification system and method of initiation a low cost automatic vehicle collision notification. The system comprises an electronic controller with a buffer memory wherein resides information related to vehicle direction, speed, and restraint conditions; at least one vehicle crash sensor electronically connected to said electronic controller to produce data signals indicative of a vehicular crash at least one vehicle speed sensor electronically connected to said electronic controller to produce data signals indicative of actual vehicle speed and a cellular telephone chip electronically connected to said electronic controller the chip may be configured to automatically communicate directly with a PSAP/911 emergency call center as a native, local, high priority call when a vehicle crash is detected by the electronic control unit. The cellular chip may be capable of transmitting information from the electronic control unit buffer directly to a PSAP/911 emergency call center to facilitate the dispatch of assistance to the vehicle. The method includes operating a vehicle with an electronic controller receiving data signals indicative of vehicle speed, vehicle direction, restraint condition and storing it on rewritable memory in a buffer determining whether said vehicle is in a crash situation activating the cellular chip and placing a 911 telephone call and, initiating communication with said 911 emergency center and transferring information in said buffer to said 911 emergency center as a high priority call.10-22-2009
20100156616VEHICLE ENVIRONMENT MONITORING APPARATUS - A vehicle environment monitoring apparatus is equipped with a monitored object detecting unit 06-24-2010
20100019892GATEWAY CONTROL APPARATUS FOR VEHICLES AND TRAVEL INFORMATION RECORDING METHOD THEREOF - A gateway control apparatus for vehicles includes a receiver configured to receive vehicle state information from vehicle ECUs and a vehicle-to-vehicle distance from an intelligent cruise control unit. The gateway control apparatus also includes a first memory to store the vehicle state information, a calculation unit to calculate a relative velocity and a relative acceleration from the vehicle state information, and to calculate a collision index. A determination unit determines if the collision index exceeds a predetermined value. A vehicle information management unit determines an accident occurrence time point when the collision index exceeds the predetermined value, and allows the first memory to store pre-accident and post-accident vehicle state information. The gateway control apparatus stores the pre-accident and post-accident vehicle state information even in the case of a fender bender or minor collision to use the stored information for post-accident judgment.01-28-2010
20090015391Collision detection sensor for vehicle - A chamber room is located between a bumper reinforcement and a bumper cover in a vehicle front-rear direction. The chamber room is deformed with a relative movement of the bumper cover to the bumper reinforcement in the event of the collision. A pressure sensor is located in the chamber room to detect a pressure change in the chamber room. A touch sensor is located between the bumper reinforcement and the bumper cover to detect contact with the bumper cover. The touch sensor and the chamber room are located at different positions in a vehicle top-bottom direction. It is determined whether collision occurs based on the detection results of the pressure sensor and the touch sensor.01-15-2009
20090121852Vehicle obstruction warning system and method - A system and method for warning vehicle operators of obstructions are provided. First clearance data of the vehicle, including vehicle height and width, are obtained and stored in memory. An obstruction in the vehicle's path and the travel surface between the vehicle and the obstruction are scanned by a sensor device. Second clearance data of the obstruction, including the height and width of the vehicle passage defined by the obstruction, are determined and are stored in memory. Utilizing a comparison/warning signal generating device, the first and second clearance data are compared, and a warning signal is generated when values of the first clearance data are equal to or greater than corresponding values of the second clearance data. A monitoring device monitors the time period between generation of the warning signal and responsive action by the vehicle operator to avoid a collision. The vehicle is automatically brought to a stop if, upon expiration of a preselected time limit, the vehicle operator has not taken appropriate action.05-14-2009
20090015392Collision detection sensor for vehicle - A collision detection sensor includes an absorber, a chamber member, a pressure sensor, and a collision detection circuit. The absorber is deformed with a collision to absorb collision impact force. The absorber is located in a vehicle bumper and located in front of a bumper reinforcement in a vehicle front-rear direction. The chamber member defines a chamber room therein. The chamber member is located in the bumper and located in front of the bumper reinforcement in the vehicle front-rear direction. The pressure sensor detects pressure in the chamber room. The collision detection circuit detects the collision based on the detected pressure. A front end of the absorber is located further away from the bumper reinforcement than a front end of the chamber member in the vehicle front-rear direction.01-15-2009
20090189754VEHICLE IMPACT WARNING DEVICE - A vehicle impact warning apparatus for installation in a motor vehicle includes a deceleration sensor, for detecting vehicle decelerations in a direction approximately parallel to a carriageway, and a switch that can be activated by the deceleration sensor. The switch, by way of a radio transmitter, is able to initiate an electromagnetic warning signal and a warning signal as a visible warning signal and/or as an acoustic warning signal.07-30-2009
20100134265METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE ANGULAR MAGNITUDE OF IMAGING ACQUIRING APPARATUS AND VEHICLE COLLISION WARNING SYSTEM USING THEREOF - The invention provides a method for determining the angular magnitude of an imaging acquiring apparatus, which is capable of obtaining an arranging angular magnitude with respect to the imaging acquiring apparatus in various environments by an iteration algorithm having parameters of position of a calibrating tool with respect to an image coordinate system and characteristic value corresponding to a spatial coordinate system respectively. Meanwhile, the present further provides a vehicle collision warning system which functions to obtain the relative distance between the carrier and objects around according to the image acquired by the imaging acquiring apparatus and the angular magnitude and height of the imaging acquiring apparatus. By means of the method disclosed in the present invention, the procedure to detect the angular magnitude of the image acquiring apparatus is more convenient and accurate such that the convenience for using the vehicle collision warning system is capable of being improved.06-03-2010
20130088343VIDEO-BASED WARNING SYSTEM FOR A VEHICLE - The present invention proposes a warning system that can be implemented in any kind of vehicle, in order to efficiently detect moving objects. The system utilizes at least one camera for a continuous imaging of the surroundings of the vehicle. Thereby, moving objects can be monitored. A computing unit is programmed to estimate a motion of any moving object based on a pixel motion in the camera image. If a dangerously moving object is detected, a warning unit can be used for issuing a warning signal. To take such a decision, the estimated motion of at least one of the moving objects can be correlated or compared to predetermined motion patterns.04-11-2013
20110057782METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DISPLAYING VEHICLE REAR CAMERA IMAGES IN DIFFERENT MODES - A method for displaying images of a camera associated with a vehicle includes the steps of displaying the images in a first mode if a first condition is satisfied, and displaying the images in a second mode if a second condition is satisfied.03-10-2011
20100097200Method and device for identifying and classifying objects - A method and device for identifying and classifying objects, electromagnetic radiation being emitted by a sensor, the radiation components reflected on objects being received by the sensor, the received signals being analyzed by comparison with stored characteristic values and the class of the reflecting object being deduced on the basis of the analysis. To this end, an analyzer is provided for analyzing the received signals, a memory is provided for storing characteristic patterns, its stored patterns being compared with the analyzed signals and thus the class of the reflecting objects being deducible on the basis of the comparison.04-22-2010
20120112896VEHICLE GUIDANCE SYSTEM - A method and apparatus for monitoring movement of a vehicle system. A sensor system monitors movement of a structure relative to a vehicle. The structure is connected to the vehicle in the vehicle system. A computer system identifies a number of distances from the sensor system to a number of objects associated with the structure. The computer system identifies an orientation of the structure relative to the vehicle using the number of distances from the sensor system associated with the vehicle to the number of objects. The computer system determines whether the orientation of the structure meets a number of criteria. The computer system initiates an operation for the vehicle system in response to an absence of a determination that the orientation meets the number of criteria.05-10-2012
20110298603Intersection Collision Warning System - A system for detecting a collision in an intersection includes a plurality of vehicle detection sensors, a base station and a warning signal apparatus. The plurality of vehicle detection sensors are positioned preceding the intersection for detecting and transmitting velocity and position data of at least two vehicles. The base station is for receiving the velocity and position data of the vehicles so as to process the velocity and position data of the vehicles to determine the probability of the vehicles colliding. The base station transmits a warning signal when the probability exceeds a threshold. The warning signal apparatus is positioned preceding the intersection. The warning signal receives the warning signal from the base station to alert a driver of one of the vehicles of an imminent collision.12-08-2011
20110298604Protective Advertisement Cover for Barriers - A protective advertisement cover for barriers is disclosed. The cover functions as both a protective cover and as an advertising substrate. The cover provides damage control and protection to anything coming into proximal contact with the bather while an advertisement component makes the barrier more noticeable and therefore more avoidable to customers, pedestrians, workers, trespassers and the like. The disclosed cover includes a shock absorbing component layer configured to absorb shock and substantially return to its original form after impact from a third object. The cover also includes an advertisement component layer that may be disparate from the underlayment shock absorbing layer or imprinted directly thereon. Additionally, the disclosed protective advertisement cover includes a transparent and deformable component layer which may shield the advertisement from weather and graffiti and contribute to protecting motor vehicle doors and body parts from damage by a bather.12-08-2011
20110291825CAR COLLISION GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM - The car collision global positioning system transmits an emergency alert signal to emergency authorities upon detection of a collision or other vehicular accident. A plurality of collision sensors are mounted in a body of a vehicle for detecting a vehicle collision. Preferably, each collision sensor further measures a velocity of the vehicle at a time of a collision. A collision signal is generated when at least one of the plurality of collision sensors detects the collision and the measured velocity exceeds a pre-set velocity threshold. Additionally, at least one overturn sensor is provided for generating an overturn signal when the vehicle overturns, and a deployment sensor is also provided for generating a deployment signal when an airbag of the vehicle is deployed. When at least one of the collision signal, the overturn signal or the deployment signal are generated, an emergency alert signal is generated and transmitted.12-01-2011
20110215916DEVICE FOR PREVENTING A COLLISION OF A PIVOTING ELEMENT OF A VEHICLE - A device is provided for preventing a collision between a pivoting element of a vehicle, with an obstacle located in its pivoting area, with a control unit which controls the pivoting movement of the vehicle pivoting element and with a lighting device which is coupled to the pivoting movement and emits light into the pivoting area. Depending on the reflection of the emitted light on the obstacle the control units intervenes in the pivoting movement.09-08-2011
20120139715COLLISION DETECTOR AND WARNING APPARATUS - A collision detector accurately detects a situation where a subject vehicle is likely to come into contact with an external object. The collision detector defines a subject area including an enter-determination area and an exist-determination area. The enter-determination area is defined to determine that the external object entering therein is likely to come into contact with the subject vehicle. The exist-determination area is defined to determine that the external object existing therein is likely to come into contact with the subject vehicle. The detector determines whether the external object comes into the enter-determination area or the external object exists in the exist-determination area. The detector outputs that the subject vehicle is likely to come into contact with the external object when the external object comes into the enter-determination area or when the external object exists in the exist-determination area.06-07-2012
20080266070Classification Method for Pedestrian Protection System - In order to provide a fast and reliable classification of an impact, the present invention proposes a method for the classification of an impact between an object and a vehicle, comprising the steps of detecting an initial contact between said object and said vehicle; recording a width data relating to a width of an impact zone between the object and the vehicle; processing said width data for determining the width of said impact zone a predetermined time interval after the initial contact; forming a first criterion for deciding whether the object is a pedestrian by identifying if the determined width of the impact zone lies between predetermined lower and upper first threshold values; determining that the object is human if said first criterion is met.10-30-2008
20100007480On-board warning apparatus and warning method - An on-board warning apparatus of the invention includes an inattentive time measuring device that measures a duration of an inattentive state of a driver; a dozing time measuring device that measures a duration of a dozing state of the driver; a first warning output device that warns the driver when the measured inattentive time exceeds a first predetermined period of time Ta; and a second warning output device that warns the driver when the measured dozing time exceeds a second predetermined period of time Tb. The first predetermined time Ta is shorter than the second predetermined period of time Tb.01-14-2010
20100079269CAPACITIVE DETECTION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - The invention is related to capacitive sensing and detection systems and methods. In one embodiment, a capacitive sensor system comprises a first electrode arrangement having a first characteristic and related to a first capacitance, a second electrode arrangement having a second characteristic different from the first characteristic and related to a second capacitance, and a control unit coupled to the first and second electrode arrangements and configured to identify an object-dependent variable from at least one of the first and second characteristics and first and second capacitances.04-01-2010
20100079270METHOD FOR DISPLAYING A VISUAL WARNING SIGNAL - A method for displaying a visual warning signal to warn a driver of a vehicle about a traffic situation determined to be critical, in which based on sensor data furnished by at least one sensor unit, a line of sight of the driver is determined. From a group of at least two separately controllable display units, a display unit for displaying the visual warning signal is selected depending on the line of sight.04-01-2010
20090207007Method for Sending an Emergency Call and Device - For sending an emergency call as a function of a predefined accident criterion, together with the emergency call, dynamic sensor data are transmitted which have been recorded in particular shortly before the occurrence of an accident criterion and which allow conclusions to be drawn about the accident situation.08-20-2009
20080211646MAGNETIC CRASH SENSOR - At least one time-varying signal is applied to a plurality of coil elements in cooperative relationship with and spanning different portions of a vehicle. The coil elements generate an associated plurality of magnetic field components that interact with the vehicle. At least one detection circuit generates a detected signal responsive to signal components from the coil elements so as to provide for detecting a change in a magnetic condition of the vehicle.09-04-2008
20100127842Method for reflecting configuration values of drive recorder - In a method in which vehicle-mounted devices on vehicles read configuration data set on a computer using a memory card, when the computer is installed remotely from the vehicles, it is inefficient to have to go back and forth between the vehicles and the place where the computer is installed every time the configuration is changed.05-27-2010
20090102631Occupant Restraint system - A side impact detection system for detecting information about a side impact of a vehicle. The side impact detection system comprises a elongated member, a detection sensor, a deriving unit, and a determination unit. The elongated member is capable of being deflected toward the inside of the vehicle according to the deformation of the door outer panel in the event of a side impact. The detection sensor detects information about the displacement of a setting area that is previously set on the elongated member during the deflection of the elongated member toward the inside of the vehicle. The deriving unit derives the displacement and the displacement speed of the setting area relative to a vehicle body side member based on the information detected by the detection sensor. The determination unit determines the mode of the side impact on the vehicle based on the information derived by the deriving unit.04-23-2009
20090261959Energy dissipative cushioning system - An apparatus, method, computer program product, and/or system are described that determine a pre-collision event, actuate, in response to determining the pre-collision event, a cushioning element prior to a collision between a first object and a second object, the cushioning element including one or more tension-bearing members to dissipate at least some of an energy associated with the collision based on deforming at least one of the tension-bearing members during the collision, determine an updated status of the collision, and adjust one or more properties of the cushioning element based on the updated status of the collision. Other example embodiments are also provided relating to energy dissipative cushioning systems.10-22-2009
20120293314VEHICLE COLLISION WARNING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - A vehicle collision warning system and method may be used to detect a potential or impending collision with another vehicle and to send a corresponding warning to the driver. In an exemplary embodiment, the collision warning system uses one or more target vehicle readings (e.g., a relative velocity reading (Δv), a target vehicle acceleration reading (a11-22-2012
20080238641Device, Vehicle and Method for Detecting a Collision of an Object on a Collision Location Detection Region of a Vehicle - The device includes a first and a second structural parameter for a first or a second hollow body. At least one of the parameters changes along the collision location detection region in such a way that the quotient and/or the difference between the two signals of the sensors essentially continuously increases or decreases when the same object collides at the same speed in different collision locations. Suitable parameters are, for example, the cross-sectional surface of a hollow body or the rigidity thereof.10-02-2008
20080266071Passenger protection device for vehicle - A passenger protection device for a vehicle includes a satellite sensor which is disposed in a vehicle body, detects an impact applied to the vehicle body from an outside as a deceleration, and outputs data, and a control section which inflates an airbag arranged in a vehicle interior according to the data output from the satellite sensor. The control section and the satellite sensor are electrically connected by a connection line, the control section outputs an operation voltage of the satellite sensor via the connection line, the satellite sensor outputs the data to the control section via the connection line, and the control section includes a stabilization power source circuit which generates the operation voltage and a resistance provided between the stabilization power source circuit and a power source of the stabilization power source circuit.10-30-2008
20090033476BODY STRUCTURE OF VEHICLE HAVING SIDE-COLLISION DETECTION SENSOR - A body structure of a vehicle reliably detects, with a side-collision detection sensor disposed on a pillar, a side-collision of a side door of a vehicle body against a pole and particularly a side-collision against a pole in a diagonal direction. A metal bracket that projects toward a vehicle width direction outer side is disposed on an outer side surface in a predetermined position (substantially intermediate position between a front pillar and a center pillar) of a rocker. By setting this metal bracket on the outer side of the rocker, in addition to an impact beam disposed inside a door, an acceleration (sensor G) transmitted to the side-collision detection sensor disposed inside the center pillar increases during a side-collision against a pole in a diagonal direction, so the side-collision state can be reliably and rapidly detected even at a position distant from the center pillar.02-05-2009
20080309468Human-machine-interface (HMI) customization based on collision assessments - One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that facilitates collision warning. During operation, the system receives information on one or more predicted collisions and determines a utility of issuing a warning for a predicted collision based on the received information. The system further schedules one or more warnings for the predicted collisions based on the utilities of issuing the warnings.12-18-2008
20080272898Method and Device for Warning of a Collision - In a method for warning the driver of a motor vehicle about a danger of collision with objects located in front of the host vehicle in the traffic lane being traveled by the vehicle, a decision about the output of a warning is made based on a deceleration criterion that relates to the vehicle deceleration necessary for avoiding the collision. The method includes: checking an evasion criterion that relates to the time needed for an evasive maneuver in relation to the time remaining until the collision; activating a first warning stage when one of the two criteria—deceleration criterion and evasion criterion—is satisfied for at least one object; and activating a second warning stage when the second criterion is also satisfied for this object.11-06-2008
20080258888Driving support method and driving support system - A driving support unit includes an image signal input section which receives image signals for an area around a vehicle from a camera, a sensor I/F section that detects the head position of a driver sitting in the driver's seat of the vehicle, and a control section. The control section judges whether the driver's head has entered into a projection range of light which is projected from a projector onto a pillar, and an image processor which outputs to the projector data designating the detected driver's head position and surrounding area as a non-projection region.10-23-2008
20080258887Device for the Detection of a Collision of a Motor Vehicle - A device for the detection of a collision of a motor vehicle has at least one collision sensor which is arranged between the vehicle or fender outer skin and the vehicle body part, and senses an impact of an object on the motor vehicle. The collision sensor comprises a compressible spacer.10-23-2008
20090027181Collision detection apparatus and method for same - A collision detector includes a chamber, a pressure sensor, and a bumper absorber. The chamber defines a hollow space, and the pressure sensor detects a pressure in the hollow space. The bumper absorber absorbs impact caused by a collision of an object with a vehicle, and covers an outer periphery of the chamber. The chamber and the bumper absorber are interposed with a gap in an entire width of the vehicle. In case of collision, the chamber is not bound by the bumper absorber deformed by the impact of the collision, thereby enabling an accurate detection of the collision of the vehicle with the object.01-29-2009
20090015390Collision-detecting device for automotive vehicle - A device for detecting a collision of a vehicle with an obstacle includes an enclosed space positioned behind a front bumper cover. Deformation or displacement of the bumper cover due to a collision is transmitted to the enclosed space. Air pressure in the enclosed space and its temperature are measured by sensors and electrical signals representing the pressure and the temperature are fed to an electronic control unit that determines whether the enclosed space is hermetically closed or not based on the pressure and the temperature of the air in the enclosed space. If the enclosed space becomes non-hermetical due to a collision impact, the air therein leaks and the pressure therein becomes atmospheric pressure irrespective of the temperature of the air in the enclosed space. Therefore, the hermetical condition of the enclosed space is surely detected.01-15-2009
20110221584System for Recording Collisions - A system for recording collisions in motor vehicles. The system includes a control unit that is connected to ultrasound sensors that can be disposed on or in the vehicle and is connected to acceleration sensors that can be disposed in the vehicle. Accident events are detected by the control unit based on acceleration values that are above a limit. Also, events below this limit are recorded when an approach to or contact with a collision object is determined by the ultrasound sensors.09-15-2011
20090051515Imaging Apparatus and Drive Recorder System - An imaging apparatus mounted on a vehicle and imaging a vicinity of the vehicle, includes a photographic lens, an image pickup device, an image processing section, an accident detection sensor, a controlling section, and a recording section. The image pickup device generates an image signal by performing photoelectric conversion of an object image based on a light flux from the photographic lens. The image processing section generates moving image data during vehicle driving based on an image signal. The accident detection sensor detects an accident occurrence based on a shock to the vehicle. The controlling section makes the image processing section generate accident image data representing an accident situation based on an output of the accident detection sensor in a manner different from that in a normal situation. Then, the accident image data is recorded in the recording section.02-26-2009
20090051516Assistance System for Assisting a Driver - The invention relates to an assistance system for assisting a driver of a motor vehicle having a plurality of external and internal view sensors (video sources) which supply traffic-related, visual data items, an object detection unit which is connected downstream of the external and internal view sensors, an evaluation logic for evaluating the output variable of the object detection unit and having output channels whose output signals inform the driver by means of a man/machine interface. In order to propose an autonomous system which decides independently, in accordance with the detected objects, whether and how the driver is informed or which engages autonomously in the vehicle movement dynamics in order, for example, to avoid a collision, the invention provides that a decision unit (02-26-2009
20090051514Car Collision Global Positioning System - The present invention relates to a device and system to inform people and relevant authorities about the place of a traffic accident at the time they occur in order for required assistance to get there as soon as possible. The device transmits messages in frequencies to relevant authorities for emergencies when a road traffic accident has occurred. Sometime this happens in a remote or uninhabited area where the driver may lose his conscience or is seriously injured and he cannot inform the authorities about it and there is nobody to inform about him. This device is very useful in traveled road and prairies. The device is operated by an accurate micro switches. Which are distributed accurately throughout the vehicle. These are not operated unless the accident is very strong or the vehicle is overturned.02-26-2009
20090102630METHOD, COMPUTER PROGRAM AND DEVICE FOR DETERMINING THE RISK OF MIDAIR COLLISION - A method for determining the probability of a vehicle colliding with a detected object.04-23-2009
20090243826ULTRASONIC SENSOR - An ultrasonic sensor provided at a flip-up back door that opens and closes via a pivot shaft provided at a rear top of a vehicle, the ultrasonic sensor detecting an object in a vicinity of the vehicle by intermittently transmitting an ultrasonic wave, which hits the object to thereby generate a reflected wave as a reflection of the ultrasonic wave, the ultrasonic sensor including a sensor head provided at the back door and including a transmitter transmitting the ultrasonic wave and a receiver receiving the reflected wave, wherein the sensor head is provided at a position in a vicinity of a centerline of the vehicle in a width direction thereof and where a distance from a corner of an edge portion of the back door to the sensor head is shorter than a distance from the sensor head to a small aboveground structure provided on the ground.10-01-2009
20090002145Method And System For Emergency Notification - Method and apparatus for notifying an emergency responder of a vehicle emergency. Communication is established with a cellular telephone located within the vehicle. The communication link is monitored and the vehicle occupant is notified of link loss. The apparatus monitors vehicle safety systems for detection of an emergency condition. Upon detection, the occupant is notified that an emergency call will be made. If no cancellation is received, vehicle location information is obtained from a global position system, synthesized into voice signals, and communicated to an emergency responder using the cellular telephone. A plurality of occupant and vehicle emergency information may also be provided. Emergency responders may be provided with a touch tone menu to select among the available information. Vehicle and occupant information may be communicated to the apparatus from external sources, such as a web server database via cellular telephone connection, or removable memory.01-01-2009
20100225460BUMPER SENSOR - A bumper sensor able to obtain a grasp of a change of shape of a bumper in two dimensions or three dimensions, able to sense a size etc. of a contacting object, and able to be made simple in system configuration is provided. A plurality of optical fibers (09-09-2010
20090066492In-vehicle communication apparatuses, methods, and programs - In-vehicle communication apparatuses, methods, and programs store a database including a plurality of data groups. Each data group includes a plurality of frequencies and each frequency in each data group is associated with a predicted arrival time from a set point in the vicinity of an intersection to the intersection. The apparatuses, methods, and programs detect a state of the vehicle and predict an arrival time within which the vehicle will arrive at an approaching intersection based on the detected state of the vehicle. The apparatuses, methods, and programs determine a transmission frequency using the database and the predicted arrival time and cause a transmitter to transmit a signal having the determined transmission frequency.03-12-2009
20100225461APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETECTION OF A SPECIFIED AUDIO SIGNAL OR GESTURE - The present invention generally relates to an audio signal or gesture detection. More specifically, the invention addresses an apparatus and a method for converting an audio signal detected by microphones or a gesture detected by an image sensing device into a directional indication of the source for the user.09-09-2010
20110057783IN-VEHICLE DEVICE FOR RECORDING MOVING IMAGE DATA - A normal image quality coding unit generates normal-quality compressed moving image data by compressing moving image data generated by capturing an image around a vehicle with a normal image quality. A high image quality coding unit generates high-quality compressed moving image data by compressing the moving image data with an image quality higher than the normal image quality. The normal-quality compressed moving image data is recorded in a normal image quality data storage unit. A trigger detection unit detects an abnormal condition which possibly happens to the vehicle currently travelling. A high image quality data storage unit records therein the high-quality compressed moving image data based on a timing by which the abnormal condition is detected by the trigger detection unit.03-10-2011
20090033477DOOR VICINITY MONITORING SYSTEM FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE AND CORRESPONDING METHODS - In a method and a control device for a vehicle, it is proposed that a vicinity monitoring system monitors the immediate vicinity of the vehicle, that it is checked if a collision with possibly opening vehicle doors can occur, that the occupation of the corresponding vehicle seats is also checked, and that the corresponding door is only secured by means of warning signals or blocking in case a corresponding vehicle seat is occupied.02-05-2009
20080316008Collision-detecting device for automotive vehicle - A collision-detecting device according to the present invention is installed in a bumper of an automotive vehicle. The collision-detecting device includes a deformable member disposed behind a bumper cover, a pressure sensor disposed in an inside space of the deformable member and an electronic control unit for determining a collision with a pedestrian based on signals from the pressure sensor. A width of the deformable member is made 300 mm or wider so that the width sufficiently covers a portion that is usually deformed by a collision with a pedestrian. A height of the deformable member is so set that a reaction force of the deformable member generated by a collision with a pedestrian does not exceed a predetermined level such as 1 kN. According to the present invention, a collision with a pedestrian is surely detected and the colliding pedestrian is protected from a severe damage.12-25-2008
20100219944SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ESTIMATING AN EMERGENCY LEVEL OF A VEHICULAR ACCIDENT - A method for estimating an emergency level of a vehicular accident includes detecting an event associated with the vehicular accident, initiating a video recording of an interior and/or exterior of the vehicle in response to the detecting of the event, uploading the video recording on a remotely accessible page, and reviewing the uploaded video recording to estimate the emergency level of the vehicular accident. Also disclosed herein is a system for accomplishing the same.09-02-2010
20110001615Obstacle detection procedure for motor vehicle - The present invention concerns an obstacle detection procedure within the area surrounding a motor vehicle.01-06-2011
20110018700Fusion of Images in Enhanced Obstacle Detection - A vehicle warning system that includes: a first camera mounted on the vehicle at a first longitudinal position along the length of the vehicle, which acquires consecutively in real time a plurality of first camera image frames; a second camera mounted on the vehicle at a second longitudinal position along the length of the vehicle, which acquires second camera image frames; and a processor configured to use information in both first and second camera image frames to determine whether there is a danger of a collision between the vehicle and an object shown in both the first and second camera images. The first and second longitudinal positions may be at different positions along the length of the vehicle.01-27-2011
20110025483DRIVING SUPPORT SYSTEM, DRIVING SUPPORT APPARATUS, METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM - A driving support system includes an image pickup apparatus captures an image of a periphery of a vehicle in which the image pickup apparatus is provided, a measurement apparatus measures a distance from the vehicle to an obstacle around the vehicle, a driving support apparatus, which includes a determination unit determines a driving danger level of a driver of the vehicle based on the distance, an image enlargement unit changes a size of a simulated image of the vehicle stored in advance based on a result of determination, and an image generation unit combines the image of the periphery of the vehicle and the simulated image of the vehicle changed by the image enlargement unit, and a display apparatus displays the image combined by the image generation unit.02-03-2011
20110043344COLLISION SEVERTIY BASED ACTIVATION OF A PEDESTRIAN PROTECTION DEVICE - A method and a system on a vehicle for activating a pedestrian protection device that has one or more sensors coupled to a fascia of the vehicle and activates the pedestrian protection device if the signal from a sensor is greater than a minimum threshold and less than a maximum threshold. Coupling the one or more sensors to the fascia improves sensitivity for detecting a collision with a pedestrian when compared to systems that do not couple the sensors to the fascia. Comparing the sensor signal to a minimum threshold and a maximum threshold helps avoid inappropriate or ineffective deployment of the pedestrian protection device. When multiple sensors are used, the location of the pedestrian collision on the fascia may be determined.02-24-2011
20110115615REAR-VIEW MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CAMERA SYSTEM - A rear-view camera system for a vehicle. The rear-view camera system includes a first camera positioned on a rear side of the vehicle. The first camera produces a first data set that includes image data corresponding to a first field of view. A second camera is positioned on the rear side of the vehicle spaced a horizontal distance from the first camera. The second camera produces a second data set that includes image data corresponding to a second field of view. The first field of view and the second field of view cover a space adjacent the rear side of the vehicle. An electronic control unit receives the first data set and the second data set and processes the first data set and the second data set to determine the presence of an object in the space adjacent the rear side of the vehicle. The electronic control unit is configured to stitch the first data set and the second data set to produce a panoramic image that corresponds to the space adjacent the rear side of the vehicle. A human-machine interface includes a viewing screen positioned adjacent an operator of the vehicle, and the human-machine interface is configured to receive the panoramic image and display the panoramic image on the viewing screen.05-19-2011
20100164701METHOD OF ANALYZING THE SURROUNDINGS OF A VEHICLE - A method of analysing the surroundings of a vehicle, comprising the steps of: gathering data regarding objects in the vicinity of the vehicle; analysing the data to determine regions of empty space around the vehicle; creating one or more signatures representing at least some of the regions of empty space; and storing the signatures for later retrieval.07-01-2010
20110128138ON-VEHICLE DEVICE AND RECOGNITION SUPPORT SYSTEM - An on-vehicle device mounted on a vehicle includes an imaging unit that captures an image of a wide angle range through a curved light receiver, a moving-object detector that detects a moving object approaching an own vehicle from a mounting direction of the imaging unit and from any direction other than the mounting direction, based on the image captured by the imaging unit, a collision-risk determination unit that determines a degree of collision risk indicating a possibility of collision between the moving object detected by the moving-object detector and the own vehicle, and a moving-object warning unit that warns presence of the moving object included in an image portion in which a distortion of the image is a predetermined value or more, and warns the presence of the moving object according to the degree of collision risk determined by the collision-risk determination unit.06-02-2011
20090219149Method and device for crash type identification for a vehicle - A method for crash type identification for a vehicle in which sensor data from the left vehicle side and from the right vehicle side are recorded and analyzed via at least two sensor units, as well as an associated device for crash type identification for a vehicle. The sensor data, recorded after an impact, are gated, at least one first gating of the recorded sensor data being checked for fulfillment of a stability criterion and, after meeting the stability criterion, at least one second gating of the recorded sensor data is compared with a predefined threshold value, a first criterion for an asymmetrical impact flag signal being recognized when the second gating of the recorded sensor data exceeds the predefined threshold value and/or falls short of the predefined threshold value.09-03-2009
20100052885OBJECT DETECTION SYSTEM - An object detection system for a vehicle comprising an infrared camera for gathering an image of at least a part of the surroundings of the vehicle; and a processor for applying an algorithm to at least a part of the image gathered by the camera, the algorithm identifying non-relevant hot or warm objects (03-04-2010
20080197988VEHICLE WITH PIEZO FIRING SPRING ASSEMBLY - An impulse detector includes a piezoelectric component and a resilient component. The resilient component has a predetermined resistance to deformation during an impact. The piezoelectric component is associated with the resilient component so that an impulse of a predetermined magnitude causes deformation of the piezoelectric component thereby generating a resulting electrical signal. An impulse responsive vehicle seat assembly incorporates the impulse detector to detect vehicle collisions.08-21-2008
20080204210Collision detection apparatus and protection system - A collision detection apparatus includes (i) a bumper reinforcement, (ii) a side supporting member as a side member or a crash box, (iii) a deforming body, and (iv) a strain detecting device. In this collision detection apparatus, frictional force exerted on the interface between the deforming body and the bumper reinforcement or the side supporting member is increased. In the collision detection apparatus, degradation in the detection accuracy of a strain detecting device is suppressed.08-28-2008
20080204209Device for Determining the Instant a Vehicle Makes Contact with an Impact Object - A device for determining the instant a vehicle makes contact with an impact object. The device determines the instant of contact by approximating a signal derived from an acceleration signal using a function.08-28-2008
20100283591Method for graphically representing a danger for the driver of a motor vehicle - A method for informing the driver of a motor vehicle via a driver information system, which has at least one detection unit, at least one evaluation unit, and at least one optical display unit. The display unit displays the motor vehicle having the driver information system as a graphical representation, an aura representation surrounding the graphical representation when, based on the evaluation of data from the detection unit, the evaluation unit determines that there is no immediate danger. If an imminent danger is ascertained in a corresponding manner, the aura representation changes or disappears, and at least one supplementary information item for avoiding danger is displayed.11-11-2010
20110133917CROSS TRAFFIC COLLISION ALERT SYSTEM - A cross traffic collision alert system is provided that includes an image-based detection device for capturing motion data of objects in a region of a direction of travel. A motion analysis module monitors the captured motion data. A salient region detection module identifies regions of interest within the captured motion data. A predictive object detection module is responsive to the outputs of the motion analysis module and the salient region detection module for generating at least one object candidate. Non-imaging object detection sensors sense a region for detecting the at least one object candidate. An object tracking module tracks the at least one object candidate and fuses the at least one object candidate transitioning between the regions. A threat assessment module determines a threat assessment of a potential collision between a tracked object candidate and the driven vehicle and determines whether a warning should be provided.06-09-2011
20100214087ANTI-DROWSING DEVICE AND ANTI-DROWSING METHOD - An anti-drowsing device includes: an ECU that outputs a warning via a buzzer when a collision possibility between a preceding object and the vehicle is detected; a warning control ECU that establishes an early-warning mode in which a warning is output earlier from that used in a normal mode; and a driver monitor camera and a driver monitor ECU that monitors a driver's eyes. The warning control ECU establishes the early-warning mode when the eye-closing period of the driver becomes equal to or greater than a first threshold value, and thereafter maintains the early-warning mode until the eye-closing period of the driver falls below a second threshold value.08-26-2010
20090174536ACCIDENT AVOIDANCE DURING VEHICLE BACKUP - In one embodiment, the present invention is directed to a method to operate a host vehicle having a rearview camera vision sensor, and an electronic controller with memory. The method comprises the steps of determining whether the host vehicle is in reverse gear, activating a rearview camera vision sensor on said host vehicle to detect objects, determining host vehicle motion and path of travel, simultaneously determining an inter-frame difference metric and a histogram difference metric of the field of view of said rearview camera, determining a dynamic scene change, determining a collision threat assessment based upon said dynamic scene change, and activating warnings and collision avoidance moves,07-09-2009
20080291000COLLISION AVOIDANCE SYSTEM BASED ON DETECTION OF OBSTACLES IN BLIND SPOTS OF VEHICLE - The present invention relates to a collision avoidance system based on the detection of obstacles in the blind spots of a vehicle. The collision avoidance system includes turn signal lamp detection means for detecting whether a turn signal lamp of the vehicle is turned on. CCD camera means captures an image for a road environment, and outputs the captured image as road environment data, thus determining whether a current road environment indicates a winding road. Steering angle detection means detects a steering angle of the vehicle and outputs a resulting signal as a steering angle signal. Infrared sensor means transmits or receives infrared light to or from an obstacle present in the blind spot of the vehicle according to the steering angle signal, and outputs an obstacle detection signal. Warning means is configured to provide a warning of possibility of a collision between the obstacle and the vehicle to a driver. Control means automatically drives the warning means when the obstacle detection signal for the blind spot is received from the infrared sensor means in a case where a turn signal lamp is determined to be turned on by the turn signal lamp detection means, or where a lane change is determined to be performed by receiving the road environment data from the CCD camera means and the steering angle signal measured by the steering angle detection means.11-27-2008
20100245066Automotive Ultrasonic Sensor System with Independent Wire Harness - A circuit arrangement having a master microcontroller operably connected to a sensor for detecting a parameter. A power communications line is connected between the power source, master microcontroller, and sensor, wherein the power communications line carries power to the sensor as well as communication signals between the sensor and the master microcontroller. An embodiment of an automotive ultrasonic sensor system for object detection is disclosed, where the master microcontroller is connected to a number of external ultrasonic sensors via the circuit arrangement. The circuit arrangement is also advantageous in enabling a separate wire harnesses to be configured for the external ultrasonic sensors that operates at logic power levels (e.g., 5V) rather than the vehicular accessory drive voltage (typically 12V) present in the vehicular wire harness that interfaces the master microcontroller with other controllers in the vehicle.09-30-2010
20110133918MOBILE TERMINAL FOR BICYCLE MANAGEMENT AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING OPERATION OF THE SAME - A mobile terminal and a method of controlling the operation of the same are provided. In the method, position information of a different bicycle user or bicycle riding course information is displayed. Riding information of the different bicycle user is displayed or the bicycle riding course information is changed according to weather or the like. The method provides a navigation screen for bicycle riding and supports prevention of bicycle theft and accident.06-09-2011
20100039247IMPACT SENSING USABLE WITH FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A method of monitoring operation of a vehicle detects an application of force to the vehicle and a change of momentum of the vehicle is calculated. If the change of momentum and the application of force are determined to occur within a predetermined time period of one another, an impact signal is generated.02-18-2010
20100289632NIGHT VISION ON FULL WINDSHIELD HEAD-UP DISPLAY - A system to display graphical images upon a windscreen of a vehicle including night vision includes a transparent windscreen head up display, a night vision system, and an enhanced vision system system manager monitoring data from the night vision system, analyzing the monitored data identifying critical information, and determining display requirements based upon the critical information. A graphics system generates the graphical images to be displayed based upon the display requirements, and a graphics projection system communicates with the graphics system and displays the graphical images.11-18-2010
20120062373Vehicle crash hazard notice system - An apparatus and method for deploying vivid notice to a first responder, wherein the deploying event is triggered by the vehicle crash motion or by signal from the vehicle's own crash detection system, and the vivid notice is coded to the particular hazard present at the vehicle crash site and includes at least one visual notice, auditory notice, or olfactory notice, and may include a combination of any of the three notices, or all three at once.03-15-2012
20120056735COLLISION WARNING SYSTEM - A method of estimating a time to collision (TTC) of a vehicle with an object comprising: acquiring a plurality of images of the object; and determining a TTC from the images that is responsive to a relative velocity and relative acceleration between the vehicle and the object.03-08-2012
20090134988IMMINENT COLLISION WARNING SYSTEM AND METHOD - The invention is directed to methods and systems for sensing the presence of objects in the intended path of an automobile with a system to warn both the operator of the vehicle and the object of regard.05-28-2009
20120025966LOAD SENSING DEVICE - A load sensing device, which includes a load detecting device adapted to a seat and outputting a load signal in response to a strain generated at the load detecting device and which detects a load applied to the seat on the basis of the load signal, includes a determining device determining whether the seat is in an occupied state or in a vacant state based on a magnitude relationship between the load and a threshold value, a collision detecting device detecting a shock generated when a vehicle collides, an alarming device alarming that the shock is detected, and a memorizing device storing a diagnosis information indicating whether or not a zero-point adjustment of the load detecting device needs to be executed in response to a determination result of a state of the seat in the case where the shock is detected by the load detecting member.02-02-2012
20100253494VEHICLE INFORMATION DISPLAY SYSTEM - A driver more reliably becomes aware, on a vehicle glass, of near-vehicle object information of which the driver should be aware. A vehicle information display system 10-07-2010
20120161952BLACK BOX FOR VEHICLE AND ACCESS AUTHORIZATION METHOD THEREOF - There are provided a black box for a vehicle automatically transmitting an emergency rescue signal at the time of the occurrence of a traffic accident and allowing only authorized persons to access video data at the time of the occurrence of the traffic accident, and an access authorization method thereof. The black box includes: a sensor sensing vehicle impact; a controller performing a control to store video that is being recorded, transmit a rescue signal, permit authorized access to stored video data, when the amount of vehicle impact sensed by the sensor is equal to or greater than a preset reference value; a storing unit storing the recorded video according to the control of the controller; a communicating unit transmitting the rescue signal to a preset object according to the control of the controller; and an authorizing unit authorizing access to the stored video data from the outside.06-28-2012
20100007479Adaptive driver warning methodology - An adaptive driver warning methodology takes into account the driver gaze during a steady-state interval following a precipitating event that will potentially lead to the issuance of a driver warning. The elapsed steady-state time following the precipitating event is compared with the duration of continuous non-forward driver gaze following the precipitating event. If the duration of continuous non-forward driver gaze is less than the elapsed steady-state time, the warning parameters are established in a manner to de-sensitize or de-emphasize the driver warning. As a result, the driver warning is de-sensitized or de-emphasized even though the driver temporarily glances away from the forward direction during the steady-state interval following the precipitating event.01-14-2010
20090079554METHOD FOR THE PREVENTION OF ACCIDENTS CAUSED BY TURNING VEHICLES - The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for preventing the drivers of vehicles from overlooking light vehicles, when turning the vehicle, where the light vehicle comprises means for transmitting a radio signal, where the vehicle comprises means for receiving the radio signal, where the vehicle comprises information means for informing the driver of the presence of a light vehicle near the vehicle. It is the object of the invention to prevent the drivers of vehicles and lorries from overlooking pedal bikes and other light vehicles, when turning the vehicle. The vehicle comprises means for transmitting a radio signal to the light vehicle, where the light vehicle comprises means for receiving the radio signal, and where the means on the light vehicle convert the received radio signals into electric power, which power is used for the means to transmit a radio signal to at least one receiver, which receiver is placed on the vehicle. This ensures that a very reliable radio transmitting device can be used on the light vehicle. As the circuit on the light vehicle operates without any kind of power supply, it is independent of batteries that may run down. The driver of the vehicle is warned of light vehicles by means of light emitting diodes, which flash in front of him and also by means of an acoustic signal. Thus, the driver will recognize light vehicles approaching his vehicle, and he will know when it is safe to make a turn.03-26-2009
20090021359Collision detector - A walker collision detector includes a chamber member and a pressure sensor. The chamber member defines a chamber. On a back side of the chamber member, a concave for housing the pressure sensor is formed. The pressure sensor is connected to the chamber member for detecting the pressure in the chamber. The pressure sensor in a housed condition in the concave is connected to the chamber member, and is fixed on a front face of a bumper reinforcement. Therefore, a pressure sensor arrangement space conventionally required for installing the pressure sensor is not required, and cutting work or the like of the bumper reinforcement is not required. As a result, the walker collision detector has an improved installability on a vehicle.01-22-2009
20090021358LANE DEVIATION WARNING SYSTEM - The lane deviation warning system is provided, including a traveling lane detection unit for detecting a traveling lane; an operation detection unit connected to at least a sensor and for detecting motion of the vehicle in real time; a controller for controlling to calculate and output a traveling lane deviation time point of the vehicle according to data detected through the traveling lane detection unit and the operation detection unit by setting at least a critical line of the traveling lane based on data detected through the traveling lane detection unit, and to output a corresponding warning signal when the vehicle reaches at least a preset critical line; and a warning device driver for controlling to drive at least one of a first warning means and a second warning means according to a warning signal output from the controller.01-22-2009
20120081221Vehicle, in particular a hybrid vehicle, having an electrical device - In a vehicle, e.g., a hybrid vehicle, having an electrical device, which has an inadmissibly high voltage for being touched by a person, a signaling sensor configured to respond in the event of an accident is connected to a warning device for signaling the voltage level.04-05-2012
20120092147ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATION FUNCTION FOR PERSONAL EMERGENCY AND METHOD THEREOF - An electronic device having an automatic notification function for a personal emergency is provided. The electronic device includes a position unit, a storage unit, a collision sensing unit, a processing unit, and a communications unit. The position unit provides locating information of the electronic device using longitude and latitude. The storage unit stores an emergency message, communication information, and the locating information of the electronic device. The collision sensing unit senses whether an acceleration according to certain predetermined collision parameters is experienced by the electronic device. The processing unit acquires the locating information of the electronic device and the emergency message from the storage unit, and edits the emergency message with the acquired locating information to generate a notification when the collision parameters of the electronic device occur. The communications unit delivers the notification according the communication information.04-19-2012
20130021146Modular Collision Warning Apparatus and Method for Operating the Same - A collision warning apparatus, to be mounted to a vehicle, has a roof mount unit (01-24-2013
20130093583AUTOMOTIVE PANEL WARNING AND PROTECTION SYSTEM - The present disclosure relates generally to an automotive panel warning and protection system that enables vehicle operators to detect and avoid collisions between objects and low-height portions or panels of the underside of a vehicle. A vehicle is equipped with a range detector, video camera, or combination of both that is positioned on the vehicle such that it is able to determine a vertical clearance of a portion of the underside of the vehicle and an object external to the vehicle. If the vertical clearance is determined to fall below a vertical clearance threshold, the driver may be alerted. An interface system resident in the vehicle cabin may provide the vehicle operator with real-time visual information depicting spatial relationships between the external object and the vehicle and/or the portion of the underside of the vehicle that is determined not to have sufficient vertical clearance.04-18-2013
20130093582COLLISION AVOIDANCE SIGNAL - A vehicle collision avoidance signaling method and system are disclosed. The collision signal captures the attention of a distracted driver for the driver to brake appropriately. The vehicle collision warning signal and lighting system automatically alerts an approaching driver of a stopped or slowed vehicle via a strobe or flashing lighting system. An onboard driver is also alerted to the approaching vehicle. Rear vehicle sensors can sense vehicles approaching from the rear and determine the distance, velocity, and the deceleration of the approaching vehicle. A processor processes the signal and integrates with the onboard vehicle's speedometer signal and braking system. If the approaching car's rate of closure is determined to be extreme compared to the vehicle's location, a bright strobe signal along with the brake signal would be automatically given. The intensity of the strobe warning can be determined by the rate and distance at which a vehicle is approaching.04-18-2013
20130113613Collision avoidance detection arrangement - A detector arrangement for detecting the presence of objects to the rear or the front of a vehicle.05-09-2013
20080197989Emergency reporting system for use with vehicle - An emergency reporting system for a vehicle includes a reporting signal verifying device and a power supply switching device. The reporting signal verifying device verifies a reporting signal, and the reporting signal verifying device is adapted to cause the emergency reporting to an outside emergency agency when the reporting signal verifying device has completed the verification. The power supply switching device switches power supply for the emergency reporting from a main power supply of the vehicle to an auxiliary power supply in a case, where the main power supply is disabled to supply power. The power supply switching device is adapted to switch the power supply from the main power supply to the auxiliary power supply in a period between (a) a point when the reporting signal verifying device starts the verification and (b) a point when the reporting signal verifying device completes the verification.08-21-2008
20100315217DRIVING SUPPORT DEVICE AND PROGRAM - Provided is a driving support device including an other-vehicle detection unit that detects if an other-vehicle is traveling in the same lane as a host vehicle. The device also includes an overtaking operation detection unit to detect when the host vehicle overtakes the other-vehicle and a determination unit that evaluates an overtaking operation. When is determined that the overtaking operation is not appropriate, the overtaking operation is deemed a dangerous operation. The driving support device may also include continuation prediction unit that determines whether the other-vehicle will continue traveling in the same lane. If it is determined that the other-vehicle will continue traveling in the same lane, the other-vehicle is identified as a target vehicle by a target vehicle identification unit.12-16-2010
20100315216Vehicle Warning Systems and Methods - A collision detection unit mounts to a host vehicle. The collision detection unit includes a housing and a stop lamp associated with the housing and visible from outside the housing. A warning lamp is associated with the housing and is visible from outside the housing. A sensor is associated with the housing and is configured to detect an object.12-16-2010
20130181823Visual Driver Information and Warning System for a Driver of a Motor Vehicle - The invention describes a visual driver information and warning system for a driver of a motor vehicle, which driver information and warning system comprises an information display device, at least one data detection means for information relating to the surrounding area and at least one data interchange device for information relating of he surrounding area, wherein a two-dimensional projection of at least one three-dimensional model of an actually existing, stationary or moving object which cannot be seen by the driver is displayed to the driver.07-18-2013
20110309923Thermal Detection Device for a Reversing Vehicle - The present invention is a thermal detection device for a reversing vehicle. The thermal detection device for a reversing vehicle warns driver of any warm bodied obstruction such as a person or an animal. The present invention utilizes digital pryoelectric sensors as means to detect a warm bodied obstruction. The digital pryoelectric sensors are compact and accurate and are sensitive to a warm bodied object at a relatively far distance. The present invention geometrically positions the digital pryoelectric sensors so that the present invention can detect a warm bodied obstruction with almost a 180° field of vision behind the vehicle. The present invention notifies the driver of a warm bodied obstruction entering the vehicle's reverse path with both a visual and an aural warning.12-22-2011
20130187772DRIVING SUPPORT APPARATUS AND DRIVING SUPPORT METHOD - A driving support apparatus that sets a running road, on which a vehicle is able to run, on the basis of a road marking that indicates a lane boundary or a prohibited area and that, when the vehicle deviates from the running road, issues a warning or performs assisting so as to cause the vehicle to run within the running road changes a determination criterion, based on which a warning is issued or assisting is performed so as to cause the vehicle to run within the running road, on the basis of a degree of curve of the running road.07-25-2013
20130194087METHOD, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING AN AUTOMOBILE CRASH AND TRANSMITTING AN EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION - A device configured to be removably coupled to a vehicle is described. The device includes at least one sensor configured to detect an impact on the vehicle and a wireless communication device configured to transmit an impact indication signal upon said at least one sensor detecting an impact on the vehicle. Additionally, a method for automatically initiating a cellular phone emergency function in response to an impact on a vehicle is provided. Additionally, an emergency notification system for a vehicle is provided.08-01-2013

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