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20130027196OBSTACLE DETECTION SYSTEM - A computer-implemented method of detecting objects in a path of a vehicle is provided. An image frame that depicts the path of the vehicle is obtained. An edge-image corresponding to the image frame is generated. A binary image corresponding to the edge-image is also generated. One or more blobs in the binary image that respectively correspond to one or more objects in the image frame are identified. Based on an analysis of the blobs in the binary image, a determination is made that one of the objects in the image frame is an obstacle in the path of the vehicle.01-31-2013
20100148948VEHICLE LANE DEPARTURE WARNING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A vehicle lane departure warning system and method are provided. The system includes a position sensor for sensing position of a vehicle and memory storing learned vehicle path data. The system further includes a controller for processing the position data and determining a stored learned vehicle path that the vehicle is travelling on. The controller comprises logic for comparing the sensed position data to the stored learned vehicle path and determining if the vehicle is sufficiently departing from the stored learn vehicle path. The system further includes an output for providing a warning signal indicative of the vehicle departing from the stored learned vehicle path. The stored learned vehicle path is updated as the vehicle repeatedly travels on the path.06-17-2010
20110193693VEHICLE AND METHOD FOR ADVISING DRIVER OF SAME - A method for advising a driver of a vehicle including a haptic driver interface may include determining a speed of the vehicle, determining a distance between the vehicle and another vehicle, and activating the haptic driver interface based on the speed and distance.08-11-2011
20100079267Automobile Anti-Collision Early-Warning Device - The present invention relates to an automobile anti-collision early-warning device, which is structured from a main unit used for processing images and a plurality of camera devices. The main unit is internally provided with a holding space, within which a system board is located. The system board is configured with an image analysis unit, an early-warning message unit, a speed signal unit, a video recording unit and a sound signal unit. Moreover, a plurality of electrical members respectively extend from the system board and separately connect to the plurality of camera devices. Accordingly, when the driver activates the anti-collision early-warning device, then the anti-collision early-warning device begins to transmit images to the main unit through the camera devices, whereupon safety distances between vehicles are simultaneously calculated, thereby achieving monitoring of safe distances between front and rear vehicles at all times when driving.04-01-2010
20090121851Vehicle-Periphery Image Generating Apparatus and Method of Correcting Distortion of a Vehicle-Periphery Image - A vehicle-periphery image generating apparatus and a method of correcting distortion of vehicle-periphery image corrects distortion of the obstacle image appearing in the vehicle-periphery image after viewpoint conversion, so that visual discomfort experienced by the driver is reduced. Images around the vehicle are captured by a plurality of cameras, and an obstacle around the vehicle is detected by an ultrasonic sensor. When the obstacle is detected, a width of an image in the region positioned on the far side of the obstacle is compressed in the center direction of the images to generate the vehicle-periphery image. As a result, when a three-dimensional obstacle around the vehicle appears in an camera image, the camera image is viewpoint-converted so that enlargement or stretching of the obstacle image can be prevented.05-14-2009
20100117813METHOD FOR DETECTING AN ENVIRONMENT OF A VEHICLE - A method is used for detecting the environment of a vehicle and utilizes a number of sensors, the sensors having different detection ranges, and a transition of an object between two detection ranges is bridged by prediction by using a handover algorithm.05-13-2010
20100117812SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING A VEHICLE SURROUNDING WITH ADJUSTABLE POINT OF VIEW - A system and method relates to displaying a vehicle surrounding with an adjustable point of view, including at least one sensor device on the vehicle, a processor, and a display. The sensor device is configured to measure distances to objects of the vehicle surrounding. In addition, the processor is configured to generate a three-dimensional environment map based on the measured distances of the sensor device. Further, the display is configured to display the three-dimensional environment map having an adjustable point of view based on a particular driving situation.05-13-2010
20100073154APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING POSITION INFORMATION AND GATHERING INFORMATION USING RFID - Provided are an apparatus and a method for providing position information and gathering information using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The apparatus includes: a plurality of RFID tags, driven by a radio frequency transmitted from an RFID reader installed in the vehicle, for providing stored tag information in order to provide current position information to the vehicle; a plurality of sensor nodes for sensing the time point when the RFID tags are driven and transmitting the sensed information through a sensor network; and an information gathering server for gathering and processing the information sensed by the sensor nodes, where at least two RFID tags and one sensor node are configured in groups, and the groups are installed at predetermined intervals on each lane of a road.03-25-2010
20130033371METHOD FOR WARNING OF AN OBJECT IN THE VICINITY OF A VEHICLE AND DRIVING ASSISTANCE SYSTEM - A method for warning of an object in the surroundings of a vehicle. The method includes the following steps of detecting a position of the object in a detection region in the surroundings of the vehicle, the detection region being a region in the surroundings of the vehicle and being adjacent to a driving track region of the vehicle, the driving track region being a region through which the vehicle will drive, in particular within a predetermined time span, determining a motion of the object on the basis of multiple detected positions of the object, and signaling when a determination is made that the object in the detection region is moving.02-07-2013
20100045449Method for detecting a traffic space - A method is described for detecting a traffic space comprising a driver assistance system including a monocular image sensor. The image sensor produces chronologically successive images of the traffic space. The images of the image sequence are used to ascertain the visual flow and examine it for discontinuities. Discontinuities found in the visual flow are assigned to objects in the traffic space.02-25-2010
20100045448OBSTACLE DETECTION APPARATUS - There is provided an obstacle detection apparatus for detecting an obstacle based on an image of periphery of a vehicle and a distance to an obstacle present in the vehicle's periphery.02-25-2010
20120206250SPEED BUMP ALERTING SYSTEM - The speed bump alerting system includes an ultra high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identifier (RFID) transponder disposed on a speed bump sign, and a UHF RFID reader disposed in the vehicle. The RFID reader connects to the vehicle's computer for sending speed bump data thereto. An external antenna connects to the RFID reader and is mounted to an exterior place on the vehicle. As the vehicle approaches the speed bump sign, the interrogator reads the sign mounted RFID transponder, which responds with a speed bump notification that is forwarded to the on-board computer, which posts an alert to the vehicle's display and causes the vehicle sound system to beep, thereby warning the driver to slow down for an oncoming speed bump. When the motorist slows the vehicle to an acceptable speed, the beep will stop.08-16-2012
20130135089CAMERA-ASSISTED BLIND SPOT DETECTION - A blind spot detection system. The system includes a camera mounted at the rear of a vehicle, a controller coupled to the camera, and an indicator coupled to the controller. The camera is configured to capture images in a field-of-view to the rear of the vehicle. The controller is configured to receive a signal from the camera indicative of the images, and controller determineg when a second vehicle in the images enters a blind spot of the vehicle. The controller activates the indicator when the second vehicle enters the blind spot of the vehicle.05-30-2013
20100097199Vehicle Safety Device - A vehicle safety system that provides an improved line of sight for oncoming traffic as the vehicle is backed out of a parking space. A set of rear side looking cameras input video information to a display used by the vehicle driver. The cameras are positioned on the rear side portion of the vehicle and are directed generally to traffic coming from the rear left or right side of the vehicle. The camera is automatically activated when the transmission is placed in reverse. The camera video is input to a driver display that allows the driver to view oncoming traffic before the vehicle backs into the traffic lane. The system can also be used to monitor blind spots when a turn signal is activated prior to a lane change.04-22-2010
20100134263Method and apparatus for avoiding rear-end collisions - The invention relates to a method and a device for preventing rear end collisions with a vehicle. According to the invention, the distance (d) and/or speed (vrel) of the vehicle in relation to the vehicle in front are determined by means of an environmental sensor (06-03-2010
20100321174Vehicular collision warning system - A vehicular collision warning system comprises at least one image capture device capturing images of blind spots, a processing unit receiving the images of blind spots from the image capture device, and at least one alert device. The processing unit identifies at least one barrier from the images and calculates the speed and transverse displacement of the barrier according to the positional change with respect to time. The processing unit presets at least one attention area on the image, estimates whether the barrier will appear in the attention area, sends out an alert-triggering signal to trigger the alert devices to generate sound, light, or pictures to warn the driver early. Cooperating with the speed sensor, brake system and turn light system, the vehicular collision warning system can trigger different alert signals according to the grading of danger to actively warn the driver early.12-23-2010
20100066519REARVIEW MIRROR SYSTEM - A rearview mirror system includes an electro-optic reflective element having a specularly reflecting indicia reflector established at a second surface of a front substrate. The indicia provides a visible contrast between light incident at the mirror reflector and light incident at the indicia reflector so that when the mirror reflective element is in its high reflectance state, indicia information is subtly viewable by a person viewing the reflective element. The indicia may convey information that informs that the rearview mirror assembly is an automatic dimming type, informs of a brand logo and/or informs of a personalization logo. The mirror assembly may include a video display screen and contrast enhancement means for enhancing the viewability of the video display screen when the rearview mirror assembly is operated in high ambient lighting conditions. A control may determine a driver performance in response to a sensing device and a vehicle monitoring device.03-18-2010
20090309710Vehicle Vicinity Monitoring System - To provide a vehicle vicinity monitoring system enabling an obstacle border to be extracted, even under dark conditions, without any adverse effect caused by an obstacle shadow created by the illuminating of vehicle illumination devices.12-17-2009
20090303027SURROUNDING RECOGNITION SUPPORT SYSTEM - A surrounding recognition support system includes a distance marker display section displaying a distance marker on a monitor for a user to identify the distance marker, which indicates a distance from the user to a predetermined area and allows the user to visually sense the distance when the user looks at the monitor, and a sound output section emitting a special sound corresponding to the distance indicated by the distance marker when the distance marker is displayed on the monitor by the distance marker display section. The sound output section emits the special sound in response to a result of detection of an object detection portion detecting the object existing around the user within the predetermined area defined by the distance indicated by the distance marker.12-10-2009
20120218093DRIVING SUPPORT DEVICE - An ECU of a driving support device predicts the risk of contact between a host vehicle and obstacles around the host vehicle when the host vehicle travels by a driving action related to at least one normative action candidate, which is a normative driving action candidate of the host vehicle for the surrounding conditions of the host vehicle. Therefore, it is possible to provide the normative action candidates considering the risk of contact between the host vehicle 400-and the obstacles around the host vehicle.08-30-2012
20130057398Impact-Warning and Prevention Device - An impact-warning and prevention device in the shape of a license plate holder is disclosed, where some strong LED lights will be activated to shine focused light at the driver in the aft vehicle, so that the aft driver gets sufficient warning for slowing down or keeping a safer distance, if the aft vehicle is coming too close to the vehicle equipped with device of present application.03-07-2013
20130057397METHOD OF OPERATING A VEHICLE SAFETY SYSTEM - A vehicle safety system and method that may be used to detect a potential tailgating event involving another vehicle and to send a corresponding warning to the driver. In an exemplary embodiment, the vehicle safety system monitors the area behind the host vehicle when it is being driven in the forward direction and determines if the host vehicle is being tailgated by a target vehicle. If such a tailgating event is detected, then the vehicle safety system sends a corresponding warning to the driver and, according to an optional feature, checks the availability of an adjacent lane so that the system can perform an automatic lane change maneuver, if so authorized.03-07-2013
20090091436ELECTRONIC TOWING BALL VIEWER - An electronic towing ball viewer for placement near a towing ball on the exterior of a vehicle, so that a person backing a towing vehicle toward a trailer hitch may see the ball as it approaches the trailer hitch. The unit includes a zoom function which zooms to the lower center, to the right, left, lower left, or lower right of the screen in order to give the user a view of those regions in order to better see a tow ball and trailer hitch.04-09-2009
20090267750MOBILE UNIT COMMUNICATION APPARATUS AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - More rapid and effective communication is performed between mobile units that cannot communicate directly due to impediments to communication that block signals.10-29-2009
20110012719METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IDENTIFYING THREATS USING MULTIPLE SENSORS IN A GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - A system of imaging and non-imaging sensors are used in combination with a graphical user interface (GUI) system on a vehicle to detect items of interest. In particular, a GUI has been developed that seamlessly integrates high magnification, Narrow Field of View (NFOV) imaging sensors and Wide Field of View (WFOV) imaging sensors. The GUI is capable of displaying both WFOV and NFOV images, gimbal controls, and allow NFOV sensor to be pointed to any location within the wide field of view efficiently by a single touch of a touch screen display. The overall goal is to allow an operator to select which imagery from multiple WFOV sensors to display in order to prescreen regions of interest that require further investigation using sensors with more magnification.01-20-2011
20110012718METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING GAPS BETWEEN OBJECTS - The present invention is directed to a method and system to determine gaps, such as parking spaces, between objects. A sensor acquires a set of scanning data. A noise filter unit filters the set of scanning data and a data derivative unit generates a set of derivative data from the set of scanning data. A data analysis unit determines locations of gaps by selectively analyzing the set of derivative data which exceed a first predetermined distance and/or a second predetermined distance. The gap definition unit determines the substantial locations, shapes, and sizes of the gaps based on the previously defined location from the data analysis unit. A report generation unit generates a report including the set of gaps defined by the gap definition unit. The report is displayed on a display in a color coded format easily visible and discernable to a driver of the automobile.01-20-2011
20110063097Device for Detecting/Judging Road Boundary - There is provided a road boundary detection/judgment device resistant to environmental change and capable of detecting even a road boundary demarcated by a three-dimensional object in the distance. The device is provided with: an image acquisition section having two or more cameras for image-capturing the road area; a distance data acquisition section acquiring three-dimensional distance information about an image-capture area on the basis of an image obtained by the image acquisition section; a road boundary detection section detecting the height of a three-dimensional object existing in the road area on the basis of the three-dimensional distance information obtained by the distance data acquisition section to detect a road boundary; and a same boundary judgment section transforming the image, for a first road area where the height of a three-dimensional object corresponding to a road boundary could be detected and a second road area where the height of a three-dimensional object corresponding to a road boundary could not be detected, and judging whether the three-dimensional object corresponding to the first road area and the three-dimensional object corresponding to the second road area are the same. If it is judged that the three-dimensional objects corresponding to the first and second road area boundaries are the same, the second road area is reset as the first road area.03-17-2011
20090243824INTERIOR REARVIEW MIRROR SYSTEM - A mirror system of a vehicle includes an interior rearview mirror assembly having a reflective element and an information input display providing a display representative of a plurality of input characters. The information input display is disposed behind the reflective element and viewable through the reflective element and a transflective mirror reflector of the reflective element when the information input display is backlit by a backlighting device. A control is operable to determine a location of a touch or proximity of an object at the reflective element and correlate the determined location to an input character of the information input display. The mirror system may include a video display for displaying video images and the information input display may be disposed at a main viewing region of the reflective element so as to provide an information input display that is larger than the video display.10-01-2009
20090237226Alarm System and Alarm Method for Vehicle - A collision probability index value corresponding to a probability of collision between a host vehicle and an obstacle is calculated based on the information indicating the relative relationship between the host vehicle and the obstacle; and the alarming braking operation is performed to cause a driver to recognize that a collision may occur by changing at least one of the drive power and the braking force when the collision probability index value reaches a predetermined threshold value. In the alarming braking operation, a target acceleration that is used as a target value in the alarming braking operation is set based on the acceleration of the host vehicle, which is detected when the collision probability index value reaches the predetermined threshold value; and at least one of the drive power and the braking force is controlled so that the target acceleration is achieved.09-24-2009
20090015388VEHICLE LIGHTING DEVICE - A vehicle lighting device includes: an infrared sensor which detects an object around a vehicle using infrared light; a visible light source which illuminates visible light to the object when the infrared sensor detects the object; a reflection mirror which reflects the infrared light and the visible light to an area around the vehicle; and a light path adjusting mechanism which adjusts light paths of the infrared light and the visible light in a synchronizing manner by rotating the reflection mirror.01-15-2009
20090009305Vehicle Derailing Prevention Device - A vehicle speed V is read (step S01-08-2009
20120062372Method for Representing Objects Surrounding a Vehicle on the Display of a Display Device - A method represents objects of varying visibility surrounding a vehicle for a driver on a display device. The surroundings are automatically recognized by object recognition devices. For recognized objects, it is determined whether the respective object is a first object classified to be visible, or a second object classified to be invisible to the occupant. For a number of recognized objects including at least one first object and second object, respective positions of the objects are determined for the display, in the case of which the geometrical relationships between the number of objects correspond essentially to the real geometrical relationships.03-15-2012
20110298602DUAL-VISION DRIVING SAFETY WARNING DEVICE AND METHOD THEREOF - The present invention discloses a dual-vision driving safety warning device and a method thereof. The device of the present invention comprises an image capture unit, an image processing unit, a vehicle status sensing unit, a warning judgment logic, and at least one warning unit. The image capture unit includes at least two image capture devices installed in a user's vehicle and capturing the images of the front traffic environment. The image processing unit processes the images and uses the vehicle status signals detected by the vehicle status sensing unit to calculate the distance between the user's vehicle and a front vehicle in the image. The warning judgment logic sends out a control signal when the user's vehicle deviates from a driving lane or approaches a front vehicle too much. The warning unit receives the control signal and sends out a warning signal, such as a sound or a flash, to remind the driver.12-08-2011
20110291824IN-VEHICLE IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - An in-vehicle image display apparatus, for use in a vehicle, which comprises a state detecting device that detects a state of surroundings of the vehicle; a display device that is provided at least in a window section of the vehicle and capable of displaying information over the window section; an image generating device that generates image data representing an image of the surroundings of the vehicle based on detection results from the state detecting device; and a display control device that makes the display device display the image represented by the image data generated by the image generating device. The image generating device includes a predicting and generating device that predicts and generates, with respect to an object to be detected about the vehicle, image data representing the object to be detected after a predetermined time period, based on the detection results from the state detecting device.12-01-2011
20080297332Two-wheel-vehicle detecting device for an automotive vehicle - A motorcycle-detecting device according to the present invention is mounted on an automotive vehicle. The device includes ultrasonic sensors for detecting objects around the vehicle, a device for predicting that a motorcycle is approaching the vehicle, and a device for adjusting a detection distance and a detection sensitivity of the ultrasonic sensors. When the predicting means predicts a motorcycle approach, the adjusting device makes the detection distance longer than a normal distance and the detection sensitivity higher than a normal sensitivity. Illuminating devices may be mounted on the vehicle to make the motorcycle passing by visible. A warning may be given to a driver when a motorcycle passing by is actually detected by the sensors. Information regarding the detected motorcycle may be given to other vehicles. According to the present invention, the motorcycle passing by the vehicle is surely and stably detected to thereby avoid any traffic accident with the motorcycle.12-04-2008
20100265049OBSTACLE DETECTION APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - In a vehicle obstacle detecting apparatus having a radar that transmits a laser beam in front of the vehicle to scan in different detection regions in a horizontal direction parallel to a road and receives reflection waves reflected from an object successively, it is determined whether a high reflection wave such as that reflected from delineator installed on the road at regular intervals exists in the received reflection waves in the detection regions, and if not, an obstacle such as a human being is detected from a low reflection wave. On the other hand, when the high reflection wave exists, the obstacle is detected from a second reflection wave.10-21-2010
20110215915DETECTION SYSTEM AND DETECTING METHOD FOR CAR - A detection system used for a car includes a number of time-of-flight (TOF) cameras and a processing unit. The TOF cameras capture images and obtain distance data between objects near the car and the TOF cameras. The processing unit receives the images and the distance data to determine a speed of each object moving toward the car. The processing unit further warns a driver of the car when a speed of one object moving toward the car is faster than a preset speed.09-08-2011
20110260845SIDE REAR VIEW MIRROR ASSEMBLY INDICATOR OF BLIND SPOT OCCUPANCY - A side rear view mirror assembly is used in conjunction with a motor vehicle equipped with a blind spot sensor designed to detect objects in blind spots of the motor vehicle. The side rear view mirror assembly includes a base fixedly secured to the motor vehicle. A mirror case is movably secured to the base. The mirror case defines a housing and a mirror opening facing rearward. A backing light is operatively connected to the mirror case facing rearward. The backing plate is movable with respect to the mirror case. A mirror glass is fixedly secured to the backing plate and movable therewith in a manner allowing an operator of the motor vehicle to view rearward of the motor vehicle. The side rear view mirror assembly also includes a blind spot indicator fixedly secured to the backing plate and in communication with the blind spot sensor to receive signals from the blind spot sensor and to indicate to the operator of the motor vehicle when an object is in a blind spot of the motor vehicle. The blind spot indicator is directed at the operator when the operator moves the backing plate to adjust the mirror glass.10-27-2011
20090189753Automotive display device showing virtual image spot encircling front obstacle - A display device of the present invention is mounted on an automotive vehicle. An obstacle located in front of the vehicle is detected by a camera, and its features including speed, distance, size, etc. are analyzed by electronic circuits. An image showing the features of the front object is outputted from a liquid crystal panel. The outputted image is reflected on the windshield, displaying a virtual image to a driver. The virtual image is displayed in a form of a spot encircling the front obstacle seen through the windshield. The ways of displaying the encircling spot are variously changed according to a degree of collision danger that is determined according to a period in which the vehicle reaches the obstacle. For example, if the degree of collision danger is high, the spot is shown in red-orange color and/or with a high brightness. Thus, the driver easily recognizes the front obstacle in a high degree of collision danger.07-30-2009
20090153313Control and Warning Device for a Lane Keeping System in Particular - A control and warning device and method, in particular for a lane keeping system of a motor vehicle, includes a control unit, a warning unit, an activation unit, and a display unit. The control unit has a data and/or signal connection to the lane keeping system, a warning unit, an activation unit and a display unit. The control unit receives a signal about the prevailing activation state and/or availability state from the lane keeping system.06-18-2009
20080266069Vehicle Comprising a Distance Control System - The invention pertains to a vehicle (10-30-2008
20090184811METHODS AND SYSTEM FOR AN IMPACT AVOIDANCE SYSTEM - A system and methods of impact avoidance for a load transport system are provided. The method includes coupling an elongated load to a transport vehicle, wherein the load includes a supported portion and a cantilevered portion such that the cantilevered portion exceeds a support dimension of the transport vehicle. The method further includes coupling at least one proximity sensor to the load, determining a distance from either the proximity sensor or the load to an object in the field of view of the sensor, transmitting the signal corresponding to the determined distance to a control unit, comparing the determined distance to a predetermined allowable clearance distance and generating a signal based on the comparison.07-23-2009
20100085173METHOD FOR DETECTING VEHICLE-TO-VEHICLE DISTANCE AND SYSTEM THEREOF - A method for detecting a vehicle-to-vehicle distance and a system thereof are applied in a first vehicle for detecting a distance between the first vehicle and a second vehicle. The method includes focusing on the second vehicle; capturing an image of the second vehicle after the focusing; analyzing the captured image to obtain at least one main feature in the image; determining whether the image is a vehicle license plate according to the main feature; calculating a focusing distance to the second vehicle after the focusing when the image is the vehicle license plate; outputting the calculated focusing distance as the vehicle-to-vehicle distance. A low-cost and reliable dynamic vehicle alarm and protection system can be realized based on the method for detecting a vehicle-to-vehicle distance.04-08-2010
20100079268Display Device and Vehicle - A vehicle has a display device which widens the field of view (visible area) reflected by a side mirror or a back mirror mounted on the vehicle. To enable a driver driving the vehicle to confirm safety even when it is difficult for the driver to visually recognize some of objects surrounding the vehicle, a liquid crystal display device or an EL display device is provided in the side mirror (door mirror), the back mirror (room mirror) or in an interior portion of the vehicle. A camera is mounted on the vehicle and an image from the camera is displayed on the display device. Further, information read from a sensor (distance measuring sensor) having the function of measuring the distance to another vehicle, and a sensor (impact sensor) having the function of sensing an externally applied impact force larger than a predetermined value is displayed on the display device.04-01-2010
20090207006Method for Functionally Testing an Ultrasonic Sensor - A method for functionally testing an ultrasonic sensor in which at least one additional ultrasonic sensor transmits an ultrasound signal, and a functioning of the first sensor is ascertained when the amplitude of the signal transmitted by the first sensor without being reflected off of an external obstacle exceeds a predefined, variable limit value.08-20-2009
20090091435SYSTEMS, METHODS AND COMPUTER PRODUCTS FOR DROWSY DRIVER DETECTION AND RESPONSE - Systems and methods and computer products for drowsy driver detection and response. Exemplary embodiments include systems and methods and computer products for determining that a vehicle has engaged in a lane violation, determining a severity of the lane violation, determining a drowsy driver condition of the vehicle and responding to the drowsy driver condition via onboard warning, corrective actuation, or remote human interventions.04-09-2009
20090096597DRIVER INTERFACE UNIT - A system and method for detecting a plurality of vehicle conditions are disclosed. A system may include a plurality of inputs indicating a corresponding plurality of vehicle conditions, and a driver interface unit in communication with the inputs. The driver interface unit is operable to output one or more indicators associated with each vehicle condition, and to modify one of the indicators such that the driver interface unit outputs the modified indicator and the other indicators.04-16-2009
20090278672Driver assistance system having a device for recognizing stationary objects - A driver assistance system for motor vehicles, having a localization system for localizing objects in the surroundings of the vehicle and having a device for recognizing stationary objects by comparing the difference between the relative motion of the object and the inherent motion of the vehicle with a threshold value, wherein the device is embodied to vary the threshold value as a function of variables that influence the accuracy with which the relative and inherent motions are determined.11-12-2009
20080211643SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING AN IMAGE OF A SURROUNDING OF A VEHICLE - A system for processing an image of a surrounding of a vehicle is provided. The system includes an image generator that is configured for generating an image, the image having at least a first and a second portion. The first and second portions of the image differ from each other and the first portion of the image is generated for further processing earlier than the second portion of the image. Additionally, the system includes an image processor for processing the first and second portions of the image, where the image processor is configured for processing the first portion of said image while awaiting for the second portion of the image to become available to the image processor.09-04-2008
20090273456Freeway safety device - The present invention provides a freeway safety device which will audibly and visibly alert the driver when a vehicle enters the “blindspot” of the vehicle being driven. The present invention provides an ultrasonic detector which permits location of a detected object by the use of an array of ultrasonic transducers which are sequentially activated to transmit a laterally shifting ultrasonic energy along the array.11-05-2009
20090278673Vehicle backup detector that indicates a distance from an obstruction - A vehicle backup detector that indicates a distance from an obstruction comprises multiple ultrasonic transducers, a central processing unit, memory, a video camera, a graphics superimposing module and a display device. The ultrasonic transducers emit and receive ultrasonic waves. The central processing unit defines multiple sensing coordinates in a sensing area in which ultrasonic waves are transmitted and calculates a position of the obstruction. The memory is divided into multiple storing fields corresponding to the sensing coordinates to store obstruction data based on the position of the obstruction. A video camera records images behind the vehicle. A graphics superimposing module superimposes graphical images representing ultrasonic waves on the images recorded by the video camera based on the storing fields where no obstruction data are stored. The display device displays images behind the vehicle with the ultrasonic wave images.11-12-2009
20090102629Lane-change assistant for motor vehicles - A lane-change assistant for motor vehicles, having a sensor system to locate vehicles on adjacent lanes in the rear space of the own vehicle, a decision module to decide whether a vehicle located in the rear space is on an immediately adjacent lane, and a driver interface to output the decision result, characterized in that a determination module is provided to determine the lane on which the own vehicle is traveling, and the decision module is designed to make the decision as a function of the result of the determination module.04-23-2009
20090261957IN-VEHICLE IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - An in-vehicle image display apparatus for use in a vehicle is provided which includes: a state detecting device that detects a state of surroundings of the vehicle; a display device that is provided at least in an entire front window section of the vehicle and capable of displaying information over the entire window section; an image generating device that generates image data for displaying an image of the surroundings of the vehicle on the display device based on detection results from the state detecting device; and a display control device that makes the display device display an image represented by the image data generated by the image generating device.10-22-2009
20130099910SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ALERTING OBSTRUCTION FOR CARGO MOUNTED ON A VEHICLE - Systems and methods may be provided for alerting a user of an obstruction to cargo mounted on a vehicle. A non-Doppler non-Radar obstruction sensing device may be provided that may be mounted on the cargo. The non-Doppler non-Radar obstruction sensing device may include an engagement mechanism configured to attach the obstruction sensing device to the cargo, a laser emitter configured to emit a detection signal and a transmitter configured to transmit an alarm signal.04-25-2013
20110199200Method and Device for Automatic Direction Indication - The invention relates to a method for automatic direction indication, comprising the following steps: 08-18-2011
20120293313Method and Apparatus for Generating Vehicle Vibration to Alert Vehicle User of Warning - A drive torque modulation is generated in response to an unintentional lane departure or traffic/obstacle intervention in an electric vehicle or a hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV). At least one of propulsion and braking of the vehicle is controlled via a motor of the vehicle in accordance with the torque modulation. Vehicle oscillation is generated through the torque modulation to let the driver be aware of the impending dangerous driving situation.11-22-2012
20100060441DRIVING ASSIST DEVICE FOR VEHICLE - An alarm sound according to the distance of a dangerous object exiting around a vehicle is created. A reference sound which enables a driver to recognize the distance of the dangerous object when the driver hears the alarm sound, comparing with the reference sound, is created. The alarm sound and the reference sound are generated at the same time or a different timing. It is preferable that the sound volume of the alarm sound be greater than that of the reference sound. Accordingly, the driver can be warned precisely of the distance of the dangerous object from the vehicle with the sound.03-11-2010
20110267184VIDEO DISPLAY APPARATUS AND METHOD - A apparatus and method for preventing a crash between a vehicle and an obstacle are discussed. A video display apparatus includes a capturing unit configured to capture an image of a vehicle and surroundings of the vehicle. A controller is configured to detect an outline of the vehicle and a boundary line of an obstacle from the image captured by the capturing unit, calculate the distance between the outline of the vehicle and the boundary line of the obstacle and generate an alert image when the distance between the vehicle outline and the boundary line is less than a preset distance value. A display unit is configured to display the alert image.11-03-2011
20110199199Pedestrian Alert System And Method - A pedestrian warning or alert system and method are disclosed. The warning system is mounted on an electric vehicle. The warning system includes a front speaker system, a rear speaker system, a front pedestrian detector, a rear pedestrian detector, and an electronic control unit (ECU) electronically coupled to the front speaker system, the rear speaker system, the front pedestrian detector, and the rear pedestrian detector. The ECU commands the front speaker system to emit a warning sound based on the front pedestrian detector detecting a pedestrian-shaped object and commands the rear speaker system to emit a warning sound based on the rear pedestrian detector detecting a pedestrian-shaped object. The ECU is coupled to a microphone, the signal of which is used to estimate an ambient noise level. The intensity and frequency of the warning sound commanded from the front and/or rear speaker system is based on the ambient noise level.08-18-2011
20090167513Integrated Vehicular Positioning and Communications System - A wireless vehicular positioning and communications system that combines inter-vehicular ranging and a self-organizing TDMA MAC protocol to both achieve more accurate positioning than is possible with GPS positioning and provide a deterministic channel for inter-vehicle communication. The band used for the system is divided into time slots, with each vehicle being able to obtain a time slot autonomously. Within a time slot, there is a ranging signal which occupies the full bandwidth; following the ranging signal, the band is divided into sub-bands. Some of the sub-bands are used to send packets according to the TDMA MAC protocol, and thus provide the deterministic channel; others are used for a non-deterministic channel which may be used for packets following the Internet Protocols. The system also uses mesh networking to permit vehicles to obtain advance warning of abnormal conditions in other vehicles.07-02-2009
20100201509COLLISION AVOIDANCE ASSISTING SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE - A collision avoidance assisting system for a vehicle, for expecting a risk of colliding upon a moving object (or a moving obstacle), including a pedestrian, more correctly, but without annoying a driver, excessively, by estimating the risk to be excessively high, comprises a moving object detecting means for detecting a moving object existing on periphery of the vehicle; a footway boundary detecting means for detecting a position and a configuration of a footway boundary object on periphery of the vehicle; a risk estimation means for estimating a risk that the moving object detected by said moving object detecting means collides on the vehicle; and an alarm means for calling an attention to a driver of the vehicle, upon basis of the risk of collision estimated by the risk estimation means, wherein the risk of collision between the moving object, which is detected by the moving object detecting means, and that vehicle is estimated by taking at least the position information of the moving object, the position information of the footway boundary object and conditions of the circumferences thereof.08-12-2010
20100201507DUAL-MODE VISION SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE SAFETY - A dual-mode imaging system for a vehicle includes an electro-optical camera mounted inside the passenger cabin and a drive unit for rotating the camera between a rear view position wherein the camera images an area rearward of the vehicle and a seating view position wherein the camera images a seating area within the cabin. When the vehicle is in a non-reverse travel mode, an electronic control module (ECM) directs the camera to the seating view position and analyzes imagery to determine an occupancy status for at least one seating position. A safety system undergoes a function change based on the occupancy status. When the powertrain is in a reverse travel mode, the ECM directs the camera to the rear view position and imagery from the camera is presented on a display screen displays for viewing by the vehicle operator while backing up.08-12-2010
20100052883METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CONTROLLING EXTERNAL VISUAL INDICATORS FOR VEHICLES - A method for controlling operation of an external visual indicator includes the steps of determining whether a second vehicle is approaching the first vehicle, and modifying the external visual indicator if the second vehicle is approaching the first vehicle.03-04-2010
20090189752Thermal radiation detector - An object detection system is provided for detecting a thermal emitting object in a blind zone proximate to a host vehicle. The system includes a thermal radiation detector located on a host vehicle and configured to sense temperature of multiple coverage zones proximate to the host vehicle. A processor processes temperature sensed by an infrared detector. The processor determines a change in thermal temperature sensed by the infrared detector and determines the presence of an object in the coverage zone based on the change in the sensed temperature. An output provides a signal indicative of an object sensed in the coverage zone based on the determined change in temperature. The thermal radiation detector may include a first infrared detector configured to measure temperature of a first coverage zone by receiving infrared radiation from the first coverage zone, and a second infrared detector configured to measure temperature of second and third coverage zones by receiving infrared radiation from the second and third coverage zones.07-30-2009
20080303649METHOD FOR IMPROVING TRAFFIC SAFETY BY MEANS OF USING BEACONS - The invention relates to a method for improving traffic safety by means of using beacons, using for each vehicle (12-11-2008
20080238640VISIBLE LASER BEAM PROJECTION SYSTEM - A visible laser beam projection system determines a target point of position to which a visible laser beam is to be projected, a start point and a trajectory from the start point and the target point based on data of conditions inside and outside of a vehicle. The system starts projecting the visible laser beam from the start point, moves the visible laser beam while it is being projected along the trajectory and stops the projection of the visible laser beam. The start point, target point and the trajectory may be changed depending on contents to be indicated.10-02-2008
20080211644DUAL MODE VEHICLE BLIND SPOT SYSTEM - A proximity sensor system for a vehicle in reverse includes a zone detection module. The zone detection module switches a first remote sensor from a first mode corresponding to a near zone rearward of the vehicle to a second mode corresponding to a far zone rearward of the vehicle. The near zone includes an area of coverage wider and shorter in range than an area of coverage of the far zone. A response module responds to first objects in the near zone and selectively responds to second objects in the far zone when the second objects are in motion.09-04-2008
20100265048Imaging System for Vehicle - An imaging system for a vehicle includes an imaging sensor (10-21-2010
20090160630Driver Assistance System and Method With Object Detection Facility - A method is provided for attracting the attention of a motor vehicle driver to a potential hazardous spot in an image, which is illustrated in a real form on a display of the motor vehicle or in a virtual form in a region of the motor vehicle. At least one laser scanner provided in the vehicle scans the surroundings in front of the vehicle and determines the shape of an object and the distance of the object from the vehicle. At least one infrared camera, in particular a thermal imaging camera, is provided on the vehicle. It records the surroundings in front of the vehicle and makes available the real or virtual image of the surroundings for display to the driver. The object is compared with at least a first reference object within the scope of a first pattern recognition process. If there is significant correspondence between the object and the reference object, that area on the real or virtual image displayed to the driver in which the object is to be found is determined. The respective area of the image and/or the respective object is highlighted in the image.06-25-2009
20090128311SAFETY-DRIVE ASSISTANCE DEVICE - The present invention is to provide a safety-drive assistance device that can judges whether a driver recognizes an object to which a driver should pay an attention or not even if an accuracy of detecting a visual-line direction is almost equal to one degree. A traffic environment detecting unit 05-21-2009
20110205042Information Processing Device Associated with Vehicle Traveling - Provided are an information processing device and a processing method both of which are capable of executing processing in response to a traveling situation of a vehicle, thereby securing safety at the time of emergency while securing convenience. The aforementioned information processing device includes: an image obtaining section which performs imaging and obtains information associated with an image; an information obtaining section which obtains the information of a traveling state; a first executing section which executes a first application that executes information processing for improving the safety of traveling; a second executing application which executes a second application that executes the information processing associated with an improvement in traveling feeling; and a determining section which, based on the information obtained in the image obtaining section and the information obtained in the information obtaining section, determines with or without a possibility of encountering an emergency event. Based on determination, made by the determining section, that it is likely to encounter the emergency event, the information processing device stops part of or the overall processing executed by the second executing section.08-25-2011
20120068838Bariatric Patient Lift Apparatus - There are many types of bariatric lift apparatuses. Some of the present designs are inherently unstable in nature because of their basic design philosophy. Others are extremely large and bulky and can not be used effectively in the bariatric patient's living quarters. In others there is inability to transfer bariatric patients from certain type of beds or other furniture items because the devices contain certain obstacles which are inherent to their design. One of the functions of the apparatus is to provide controlled unassisted transfer from the bed to the apparatus. The inability of some bariatric patients to provide any self induced lifting in a normal manner is a major limiting feature of present-day gurney and/or lift chair designs. As the obesity rate climbs nationwide, obese and morbidly obese patients will continue to pose special lifting challenges to the healthcare industry.03-22-2012
20120268260METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DYNAMICALLY PROVIDING SPACE MANAGEMENT ALERTS FOR A VEHICLE - In at least one embodiment, an apparatus for providing a space management alert for a host vehicle is provided. The apparatus comprises a controller configured to determine whether a first vehicle positioned ahead of the host vehicle is in a first detection zone and to determine whether a second vehicle positioned on one of a left side and a right side of the host vehicle is in a second detection zone. The controller is further configured to determine that the host vehicle is in a high density traffic condition (HDTC) if the first vehicle is in the first detection zone and the second vehicle is in the second detection zone and to selectively disable a space management alert when the host vehicle is in the HDTC.10-25-2012
20090212930Method and Device for Avoiding a Collision in a Lane Change Maneuver of a Vehicle - Disclosed is a method for avoiding a collision in a lane change maneuver of a vehicle to a target lane, where objects in a lateral rearward space of the vehicle are detected by an ambience monitoring device and measures are taken to influence the vehicle. The method is characterized in that graded measures are provided that depending on their stage, involve warning the driver and/or intervening into a steering system of the vehicle and/or influencing safety devices. The measures of a selected stage are initiated, with the stage being determined depending on a relative position of a detected object with regard to the vehicle and/or a relative speed between the vehicle and the detected object as well as depending on the fulfillment of a lane change condition. Also disclosed is a device that is well suited to implement the method.08-27-2009
20090243822VEHICLE BLIND SPOT DETECTION AND INDICATOR SYSTEM - A warning system for conveying alerts and information relating to a vehicle blind spot and objects detected therein, is disclosed. The system conveys an assortment of information through a single light emitting indicator. Also disclosed are various methods of indicating the advisability of lane changes, and modes of configuring the indicator and an associated sensing system and controller.10-01-2009
20090243825ALERT SYSTEM FOR A VEHICLE - An alert system for a vehicle includes a forward facing camera having a field of view that encompasses the road ahead of and traveled on by the equipped vehicle, and may include a radar detector having a field of view to the side of and rearward of the equipped vehicle as it travels along the road and/or an image-based detector having a field of view to the side of and rearward of the equipped vehicle as it travels along the road. The alert system determines a lane change into a side lane by the equipped vehicle and detects a vehicle in that side lane, and an alert is generated to the driver of the equipped vehicle. The alert may be generated irrespective of the status of a turn signal of the equipped vehicle.10-01-2009
20090256692ENHANCED VISION ROAD DETECTION SYSTEM - A system for determining when a vehicle is departing from the current lane. The system includes a processor, an imaging sensor, and an inertial sensor assembly. The imaging sensor is in electrical communication with the processor to provide a vehicle position signal and a preceding lane structure. The inertial sensor assembly is in electrical communication with processor to provide acceleration and rotational information about the vehicle. Based on a combination of the vehicle position, the preceding lane structure, the acceleration information, and the rotational information, the processor generates a warning signal to alert the driver.10-15-2009
20090079553VEHICLE PERIPHERY MONITORING APPARATUS AND IMAGE DISPLAYING METHOD - A vehicle periphery monitoring apparatus includes an image capturing device, a display device, a blind spot determining section, and a processing section. The image capturing device is arranged to capture an image of a region rearward of a host vehicle and an image of a region laterally rearward of the host vehicle. The processing section is configured to switch a displayed image on the display device from a first display image to a second display image upon determination of a following vehicle created blind spot region by the blind spot determining section. The first display image includes the image of the region rearward of the host vehicle, and the second display image includes at least a portion of the image of the region laterally rearward of the host vehicle that encompasses the following vehicle created blind spot region which is absent from the first display image.03-26-2009
20100201508CROSS TRAFFIC ALERT SYSTEM FOR A VEHICLE, AND RELATED ALERT DISPLAY METHOD - A rear cross traffic alert system for a vehicle is utilized to generate and display rear cross traffic warning symbols to the driver during reverse gear maneuvers. The system includes a sensing subsystem configured to monitor for cross traffic behind the vehicle, a processor architecture, and a rear vision display element. The processor architecture is configured to receive sensor data from the sensing subsystem and, when the sensor data indicates a warning condition caused by an object detected by the sensing subsystem, generate image rendering display commands associated with a cross traffic warning symbol. The rear vision display element is configured to receive the image rendering display commands and, in response thereto, render the cross traffic warning symbol in a manner that visually indicates presence of the object.08-12-2010
20100188200Device and method for warning of lane deviation detection - In a driving lane deviation detection and warning system, a deviation detection ECU suppress a warning unit to supply a warning when an obstacle placed in a front of a vehicle is detected, and the driver's operation allows the vehicle to deviate from a driving lane. That is, when the driver's operation allows the vehicle to deviate from the driving lane in order to escape any collision with an obstacle, the deviation detection ECU instructs the warning unit to prevent the supply of a warning to the driver. This prevents the warning unit to provide an unnecessary warning to the driver even if the driver intends for the vehicle to deviate from the current driving lane of the vehicle. That is, it is possible to reliably instruct the warning unit to supply the warning to the driver when the vehicle deviates from the current driving lane against the driver's will.07-29-2010
20100259372SYSTEM FOR DISPLAYING VIEWS OF VEHICLE AND ITS SURROUNDINGS - The present invention provides a system for displaying views of a vehicle and its surroundings. Preferably, the system for displaying views of a vehicle and its surroundings includes one or more cameras for photographing a vehicle and its surroundings, obstacle detection means for detecting an obstacle outside the vehicle, a memory unit for previously storing alternative views corresponding to the obstacle, and a view processing unit for creating a bird's eye view from a virtual viewpoint outside the vehicle based on views acquired by the cameras. When the obstacle detection means detects the obstacle, the view processing unit secures the obstacle, selects an alternative view corresponding to the secured obstacle, reads the alternative view from the memory unit, changes a direction and inclination of the selected alternative view in line with the virtual viewpoint, and then overlaps the changed alternative view on the bird's eye view.10-14-2010
20130214918METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DETECTING OBJECTS - A method and device for vehicle-supported object detection. A pulse is emitted into the surroundings using a transducer situated in a vehicle, and the pulse, which is reflected back by an object in the surroundings, is recorded using the transducer. The transducer and the object move relative to each other. The emission and/or the recording are carried out according to a directional characteristic of the transducer, which has at least two directional lobes. Signal components of the reflected pulse, which have different frequency shifts, are separated from one another on the basis of the frequency shift or are assigned to respectively one of the directional lobes. An object detection is carried out in each case for the different signal components and the assigned directional lobes.08-22-2013
20100182139LANE DEPARTURE WARNING METHOD AND SYSTEM THEREOF - A lane departure warning method and system thereof are provided. First a driver model is established, wherein the driver model is established according to a lateral position error of a vehicle being driven and a steering angle generated by a driver for controlling the vehicle. Next, a system identification process is performed on the lateral position error and the steering angle, so as to obtain specific information of the driver model. An estimation process is performed on the specific information and a plurality of raw statistical data, so as to obtain a time to lane crossing (TLC). A decision process is performed on the TLC and a driver drowsiness index, so as to obtain a lane departure warning strategy.07-22-2010
20100253492DAYTIME PEDESTRIAN DETECTION ON FULL-WINDSCREEN HEAD-UP DISPLAY - A substantially transparent windscreen head up display includes a display having one of light emitting particles or microstructures over a predefined region of the windscreen permitting luminescent display while permitting vision through the windscreen. A method to represent graphical images upon the substantially transparent windscreen head up display of a vehicle alerting to pedestrian traffic includes monitoring informational inputs detecting a location of a pedestrian, monitoring data related to a location of the eyes of an occupant of the vehicle, determining a graphical image to register the location of the pedestrian upon the substantially transparent windscreen head up display based upon the informational inputs and the data related to the location of the eyes of an occupant, and displaying the graphical image upon the substantially transparent windscreen head up display.10-07-2010
20100141414Field watch apparatus - A field watch apparatus uses a storage unit to store detection data of a detected obstacle from an obstacle sensor that detects objects under control of a control unit, and the detection data accumulated in the storage unit over time is used to display a mark on a captured image that is captured by a camera and shown on a screen of a display unit. The mark size and other attributes of the mark in the image are controlled in a manner that enables a view to easily recognize an old mark from a new one, thereby providing an intuitive recognition of the obstacle movement in a certain direction in the captured image, when the mark is superposed in the captured image for multiple times based on the accumulated detection data in the storage unit.06-10-2010
20090195371Method and Apparatus for Object Tracking Prior to Imminent Collision Detection - A method and apparatus for performing collision detection is described. An object is detected within a first operational range of an object tracker. A classification of the object is determined using the object tracker. The object tracker tracks the object. The object is detected within a second operational range of a collision detector. A safety measure is activated based on the classification using the collision detector.08-06-2009
20090322500Judgment Line Calculations for a Vehicle Safety System - A vehicle has a safety system including at least one object sensor to detect a distance from an object in a path of the vehicle and the speed and acceleration of the object. The sensor data is input into a control to determine a desired braking judgment line and a steering judgment line between the vehicle and the object. The safety system then compares the vehicle and object acceleration. Following, the safety system calculates a judgment line between the object and the vehicle based upon equations for the determined scenario. The judgment line is then used to determine a warning distance and warn a vehicle operator.12-31-2009
20120032791Vehicle-use obstacle detection apparatus - The vehicle-use obstacle detection apparatus having a plurality of obstacle detection sensors installed at different places of a vehicle is configured to control a voice warning device such that, when two or more of the obstacle detection sensors have detected obstacles in succession, voice messages indicative of directions in which the detected obstacles are present respectively are outputted in succession in ascending order of value of the obstacle distance.02-09-2012
20090045928SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMBINED BLIND SPOT DETECTION AND REAR CROSSING PATH COLLISION WARNING - A vehicle is equipped with blind spot detection and rear crossing path collision warning system. Programmable maximum range limit radar sensors mounted on the vehicle are used to provide blind spot object detection warning when the vehicle is traveling in a forward direction and rear crossing path collision warning when the vehicle is traveling in a rearward direction.02-19-2009
20110128136ON-VEHICLE DEVICE AND RECOGNITION SUPPORT SYSTEM - There is provided an on-vehicle device including an image acquisition unit, a moving-object detector, a display unit, a switching unit, and a switching instruction unit. The image acquisition unit acquires an image obtained by imaging a peripheral image around a vehicle. The moving-object detector, when the vehicle approaches an intersection, detects whether there is a moving object approaching the vehicle as an own vehicle from a left or a right direction of the intersection based on the peripheral image. The switching unit switches between images in a plurality of systems input to a display unit. The switching instruction unit instructs to switch to the peripheral image when the moving object is detected.06-02-2011
20100134264VEHICLE SURROUNDING CONFIRMATION APPARATUS - According to an aspect of this disclosure, a vehicle surrounding confirmation apparatus includes a narrow-field-of-view image generating portion generating a narrow-field-of-view image, showing a portion of a vehicle surrounding, from a captured image of the vehicle surrounding obtained by an image capturing portion, an obstacle recognizing portion recognizing an obstacle existing at the vehicle surrounding, a determining portion determining whether or not the obstacle, recognized by the obstacle recognizing portion, is included within the narrow-field-of-view image, an obstacle image extracting portion extracting an area, in which an image of the obstacle is shown, from the captured image as an obstacle image, when the obstacle, recognized by the obstacle recognizing portion, is not determined to be included within the narrow-field-of-view image, and a display image generating portion generating a display image from the narrow-field-of-view image and the obstacle image, thereby outputting the generated display image to a monitor.06-03-2010
20110001614Rear Camera Backup Assistance With Touchscreen Display - Assistance for a backup maneuver of a motor vehicle in which a first point of interest on the vehicle is moved toward a second point of interest remote from the vehicle. A rear contextual view is displayed on an electronic display obtained from a rearward directed image sensor on the vehicle. A zoom window is manually placed on the electronic display to include the second point of interest. The zoom window is enlarged, and the location of the second point of interest is manually identified within the enlarged zoom window. The identified location of the second point of interest is transformed into target positional coordinates. The rear contextual view redisplayed with a target icon at the target positional coordinates. The location of the first point of interest is manually identified on the rear contextual view and transformed into starting positional coordinates. A start icon is displayed at the starting positional coordinates in the rear contextual view. A target line is determined between the target positional coordinates and the starting positional coordinates. A path line icon is displayed in the rear contextual view corresponding to the determined target line. A bearing line is displayed in the rear contextual view extending from the start icon. The target positional coordinates are re-determined as the rear contextual view shifts during the backup maneuver. The target icon and the path line icon are updated in response to the re-determined target positional coordinates.01-06-2011
20090009306OBSTACLE DETECTION APPARATUS - An obstacle detection apparatus for a vehicle is provided. The apparatus includes an ultrasonic sensor and a controller. The ultrasonic sensor detects a presence of an obstacle around the vehicle and a distance to the obstacle by transmitting an ultrasonic wave and receiving the ultrasonic wave reflected by the obstacle. The controller controls the ultrasonic sensor. The ultrasonic sensor includes an ultrasonic wave element. The ultrasonic wave element has multiple resonance modes. The ultrasonic sensor changes a directivity of the ultrasonic sensor by selecting one of the multiple resonance modes of the ultrasonic wave element in accordance with a command signal output from the controller.01-08-2009
20090066491Wireless safety system for trains, buses and trucks - A method for improving safety in a moving vehicle comprising a train, bus or truck having a wireless device not in active voice mode and capable of receiving a signal indicative of a nearby traffic light. The following steps are exercised by means of a computer program operating within the vehicle: (a) determining if the location of the vehicle is within a predetermined distance from the traffic light; (b) determining if the vehicle is moving; and (d) issuing an audible alarm whereby a driver in the vehicle is warned of proximity to the traffic light. In particular embodiments, the program determines if the traffic light is a red light or is calculated to be red by the time the vehicle reaches the intersection. In a preferred embodiment, the wireless device is capable of receiving a GPS signal and uses the signal to provide position specific information.03-12-2009
20090066490Object detection system and method - An object detection system, comprising an unit for calculating relationship information between a position on an image of an object existing on a road surface and a size of an image picked up by one camera, using an actual size of a target object and camera parameter, a unit for evaluating an existence possibility of a symmetry axis in a specific pixel incase of an interval determined on the basis of geometric information, a unit for evaluating density and continuity in the vicinity of the center axis of a rectangular area of a pixel whose symmetry value is equal to or more than a specific threshold and detecting the lowest end point of the symmetric object and a unit for outputting a position and size of a candidate area of the symmetric object on the basis of the lowest end point.03-12-2009
20110241858VEHICLE-USE OBJECT DETECTION APPARATUS - The vehicle-use object detection apparatus includes a plurality of ultrasonic sensors mounted on a vehicle, each of the ultrasonic sensors being configured to receive a reflected version of an ultrasonic wave transmitted by itself and not to receive reflected versions of ultrasonic waves transmitted by the other ultrasonic sensors, a first determination means to make a determination whether an object is present around the vehicle based on the received reflected versions of the transmitted ultrasonic waves when a first detection condition is satisfied, and a second determination means to make a determination, for each of the ultrasonic sensors, whether there is adhesion of snow around the ultrasonic sensor based on an echo wave received by the ultrasonic sensor when a second detection condition different from the first detection condition is satisfied.10-06-2011
20100253493RECOMMENDED FOLLOWING DISTANCE ON FULL-WINDSHIELD HEAD-UP DISPLAY - A substantially transparent windscreen head up display includes one of light emitting particles or microstructures over a predefined region of the windscreen permitting luminescent display while permitting vision through the windscreen. A method to display a graphic upon a substantially transparent windscreen head up display of a host vehicle describing a preferred driving distance for the host vehicle includes monitoring a speed of the host vehicle, determining a preferred driving distance for the host vehicle based upon the speed of the host vehicle, determining a graphic describing the preferred driving distance for display upon the substantially transparent windscreen head up display, and displaying the graphic upon the substantially transparent windscreen head up display.10-07-2010
20110128137VEHICULAR BLIND SPOT INDICATOR MIRROR - A vehicular blind spot indicator mirror includes a transparent glass substrate having a mirror reflector coated onto the substrate. Visible light reflectance by the mirror reflector coated substrate is at least about 40 percent visible light reflectance for visible light incident upon a front side of the mirror reflector coated substrate. A blind spot indicator light display is disposed to the rear of the mirror reflector coated substrate and emits visible light upon a detection by a blind spot detector. Light emitted by the display passes through the transparent glass substrate to be viewed by a viewer viewing from the front side of the substrate. The display is operable, when electrically powered and when operated in the vehicle during day time driving conditions, to exhibit a display luminance of at least about 60 foot lamberts as measured with the display placed behind, and emitting light through, the transparent glass substrate.06-02-2011
20110241857DRIVER ASSISTANCE METHOD FOR MOVING A MOTOR VEHICLE AND DRIVER ASSISTANCE DEVICE - A driver assistance method for moving a motor vehicle, in particular for avoiding collisions, using at least one first sensor system which provides first items of obstacle information within a first detection zone for notifying the motor vehicle driver of an obstacle while an obstacle is located in the first detection zone, and using at least one second sensor system, which provides second items of obstacle information within a second detection zone which is located at an angle greater than 0° in relation to the first detection zone even if the obstacle is no longer located in the second detection zone. It is provided that the first and second items of obstacle information are combined in such a way that detection errors of the sensor systems are corrected and an updated item of obstacle information is provided. Also described is a driver assistance device, in particular for carrying out the driver assistance method according to the aforementioned embodiments.10-06-2011
20110133915Proximity notification device, proximity notification program and method for notifying proximity of vehicle - A probability acquisition unit reads a collision probability that a pedestrian collides against a self-vehicle, from a data map, in which positions of a pedestrian are beforehand associated with collision probabilities, with reference to an obtained position of a pedestrian around a self-vehicle. A function control unit activates an alarm unit to cause an alarm to notify proximity of the self-vehicle to a pedestrian when the obtained collision probability is higher than a threshold. An obstacle acquisition unit obtains a detection result of an obstacle, which obstructs movement of a pedestrian. A path estimation unit estimates a traveling path of the self-vehicle on the data map. The probability acquisition unit decreases a collision probability in a region of the data map, the region being beyond the detected obstacle when viewed from the traveling path.06-09-2011
20090322501Auxiliary System for Motor Vehicles - The invention relates to an assistance system for motor vehicles (12-31-2009
20100060440WARNING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR VEHICLE - An obstacle detecting portion (03-11-2010
20100066516IMAGE DISPLAYING IN-VEHICLE SYSTEM, IMAGE DISPLAYING CONTROL IN-VEHICLE APPARATUS AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM COMPRISING PROGRAM FOR THE SAME - An image displaying control in-vehicle apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus is configured to acquire obstacle information from the sensor for detecting an obstacle existing around the vehicle. The apparatus is further configured to cause a display device to display a first display image showing a first region of an outside of the vehicle based on a camera image captured by a camera when the sensor does not detect an obstacle existing around a vehicle. When the sensor detects an obstacle existing at a first direction away form the first region the apparatus is configured to cause the display device to display a second display image showing a second region covering a place that is away from the first region in the first direction.03-18-2010
20100052884COLLISION WARNING DEVICE FOR MOTOR VEHICLES - A collision warning device for motor vehicles includes a locating sensor, a lane recognition module for detecting the number of traffic lanes in the road on which the vehicle is traveling, and a decision unit to output a warning signal if a danger parameter (ttc) determined using the data from the locating sensor exceeds a threshold value, the threshold value being variable depending on the number of traffic lanes in such a way that the warning signal is issued earlier when the number of lanes is greater.03-04-2010
20110084823HAZARDOUS VEHICLE ALERT SYSTEM AND METHOD BASED ON REACTION TIME, DISTANCE AND SPEED - A hazardous vehicle alert system comprising a control module, a special graphical user interface, a speed and distance detector, and an alarm module where the user sets alarm triggers based on reaction time until potential impact from the hazardous vehicle. The user can assess the landscape, traffic patterns, and specifics of the task at hand to determine the required reaction time to take evasive maneuvers from the threat of on-coming hazardous vehicles and create alarm triggers to yield this reaction time. A software package is used to drive the graphical user interface, control module, alarm module, and detector module. The system includes modes ranging from one to four pieces and a mode that can be installed in a vehicle.04-14-2011
20110080277COLLISION AVOIDANCE DISPLAY SYSTEM FOR VEHICLES - The system includes a detector display having visual indicators arranged in a pattern representing a monitored area near the vehicle desired to be monitored. The visual indicators represent physical locations within the monitored area. An indicator controller is operatively associated with the detector display for actuating the visual indicators to display an object location in the pattern that corresponds to the location of an object in the monitored area. A proximity sensor is included in communication with the indicator controller for detecting the physical location of objects within the monitored area. A detection signal is transmitted by the proximity sensor to the indicator controller in response to detecting an object, wherein the indicator controller is operable to actuate the visual indicators in response to the detection signal to display an object location in the pattern that corresponds to an object location in the monitored area.04-07-2011
20110068911System for Providing and Displaying Video Information Using A Plurality of Video Sources - In one aspect, a system for providing and displaying video information in a vehicle is provided. The system includes a display device having a video input, a first camera mountable at the rear of the vehicle, the first camera having a first video output, a second camera mountable at the passenger side of the vehicle, the second camera having a second video output, wherein the first video output and the second video output are connected in parallel to the video input of the display device, and a camera control device configured to keep no more than one camera activated at a time.03-24-2011
20100123567OBJECTIVE, IN PARTICULAR FOR A DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEM - The invention relates to an objective, particularly for infrared light and/or visible light, for imaging an object in an image plane, wherein the objective comprises an objective lens to be directed toward the object and an image lens directed toward the image plane, wherein the following applies with regard to imaging an object for each point within the image circle of the objective or for at least one point within the image circle of the objective: Formula (I), wherein P05-20-2010
20110102166VEHICLE AND METHOD OF ADVISING A DRIVER THEREIN - A vehicle may include a driver interface and at least once controller operatively arranged with the interface. The at least one controller may be configured to categorize a driver's dynamic control of the vehicle by type, determine a target speed of a road curvature, and determine a speed of the vehicle. The at least one controller may be further configured to determine a threshold distance based on the type, determine a distance between the vehicle and the curvature, and generate an alert for the driver if the distance is less than the threshold and the speed is greater than the target.05-05-2011
20110068910LIGHTING DEVICE FOR VEHICLE AND LIGHTING METHOD - A lighting device (03-24-2011
20090027179Auxiliary Device for Handling a Vehicle - A device for assisting in handling a vehicle having a sensing system for sensing the surroundings of the vehicle, a processing unit for processing the data collected by the sensing system, and a visual display device for displaying the collected data. In order to provide an auxiliary device for handling a vehicle with a sensing system, a processing unit and a visual display unit which makes the vehicle more comfortable to handle and reliably prevents collisions with obstacles, it is proposed that the sensing system senses both the surroundings of the vehicle and the vehicle itself and said vehicle is represented with the surroundings on the display device, it being possible to add additional lines for supporting the handling of the vehicle to the display device.01-29-2009
20110018699DIGITAL CAMERA REAR-VIEW SYSTEM - A rear-view system for a vehicle has a camera disposed on the vehicle. An electronic control unit receives and processes the image information from the camera. A display displays the processed image information from the electronic control unit. An alarm is operated by the electronic control unit. The electronic control unit is used to detect an object from the processed image information. If the distance between the vehicle and the object is less than a predetermined distance, the electronic control unit will activate the alarm.01-27-2011
20110248842Method for Displaying a Warning Message in a Vehicle - A method for displaying a warning message in a first vehicle, includes transmitting from a second vehicle a warning and position data relating to a position of the second vehicle to the first vehicle, wherein if, after reception of the warning and of the position data by the first vehicle, it is concluded on the basis of the received position data that the second vehicle can be seen by a driver of the first vehicle in a region of a head-up display of the first vehicle, the warning message is displayed in such a way that the second vehicle is characterized visually for the driver of the first vehicle in the head-up display of the first vehicle.10-13-2011
20100295668Driving support apparatus - A driving support ECU comprises: a roadside object detection section for detecting, in a case where a lane marking WR on at least one of the right side and left side is detected by a white line detection section and another lane marking WL is not detected, a roadside object GL on the other of the right side and left side; a white line estimation part for estimating a position of a lane marking VL11-25-2010
20090167514Combined Radar Backup Assist and Blindspot Detector and Method - A system and method for detecting objects in the blind spot and behind a vehicle is provided. The system according to the disclosed embodiments includes a first and second sensor each having a long/narrow detection antenna and a short/wide detection antenna. The long/narrow detection antennae are activated when the vehicle is travelling in reverse so that objects behind the vehicle are detected when the vehicle is backing up. The short/wide detection antennae are activated when the vehicle is moving forward so that objects in the vehicle's blind spot are detected. When an object is detected, an alert is generated so that the vehicle operator is notified.07-02-2009
20110254674Hostless automobile reverse radar warning system - A hostless automobile reverse radar warning system installed to an automobile includes a reverse signal light power module for supplying an electric power required by the system, a plurality of distance sensing modules installed to an external periphery of the automobile for performing a distance detection to detect external environment conditions of the automobile, producing a distance detection result, and generating a warning signal based on the distance detection result, and a warning module for receiving the warning signal and producing a sound to alert a driver based on the warning signal.10-20-2011
20080252433Vehicle Driving Aid and Method and Improved Related Device - A vehicle driving aid method includes and defining an occupation grid corresponding to discretization into N cells of a field of kinematic parameters of a detected object; acquiring at each time k an observation z10-16-2008
20100277297DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OPERATING SAME - A driver assistance system and method for operating a driver assistance system, the driver assistance system provides a plurality of distance sensors, in particular ultrasonic sensors, which are spatially distributed and communicate with each other with the aid of a data bus. The sensors have an identical design and may be initialized by themselves using a method without a control unit and may synchronize the distance detection among themselves. The overall result of a measurement of the sensors is supplied to an output unit and displayed to the driver.11-04-2010
20080204208Vehicle Surroundings Information Output System and Method For Outputting Vehicle Surroundings Information - A vehicle surroundings information output system includes a vehicle surroundings information obtaining mechanism obtaining information about the vehicle surroundings, an object detector detecting an object around the vehicle based on the obtained vehicle surroundings information, an outputting mechanism outputting information relating to the detected object, a detection reliability determining mechanism determining the detected detection reliability of the detected object, and a notifying information generator generating notifying information that relates to that object according to the detection reliability. The notifying information generator is structured to generate notify information that does not easily stimulate at least one of the five senses of a driver when the detection reliability of the object is low as compared to when that detection reliability is high.08-28-2008
20110133916VEHICULAR INFORMATION NOTIFICATION SYSTEM - Disclosed is a system for notifying information projected on a windshield, on the basis of a virtual image containing the information. The system controls a virtual image creation unit (06-09-2011
20110133914IMAGE BASED VEHICLE OBJECT DETECTION SENSOR WITH RANGE FINDER - An image based object detection system and method having a range finder are provided. The system includes an illuminator located on a vehicle to generate an illumination beam in a coverage zone relative to the vehicle. The system also includes an optics device spaced from the illuminator for collecting reflected illumination from one or more objects in the coverage zone and an imager comprising an array of pixels for receiving images from the coverage zone via the optics device. The imager captures images from the coverage zone and the collected reflected illumination from the objects in the coverage zone. The system further includes a processor for processing the received images and the reflected illumination signals. The processor determines range to an object in the coverage zone based on a location of the pixels in the imager detecting the reflected illumination.06-09-2011
20120098653WORKSITE PROXIMITY WARNING AND COLLISION AVOIDANCE SYSTEM - A proximity warning and collision avoidance for a machine on a worksite operating near obstacles is disclosed. The proximity warning system includes an operator interface including first group of visual indicators including a low level indicator and a high level indicator, a second group of visual indicators including a low level indicator and a high level indicator, an audio indicator operable at a first volume and at a second volume, and operator inputs configured to receive selections from an operator. The proximity warning system is configured to provide both low level and high level alarms to an operator when an obstacle approaches or enters a safe zone, and when the machine approaches and enters a hazard zone.04-26-2012
20110175714VEHICLE CONTROL SYSTEM - In the case that a vehicle 07-21-2011
20100214086VEHICLE-IN-BLIND-SPOT DETECTING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - Provided is a vehicle-in-blind-spot detecting apparatus which can detect a vehicle positioned in a blind spot by simply mounting the apparatus on an operator's vehicle. The vehicle-in-blind-spot includes: a presenting unit which presents information; at least one microphone which detects a sound a vehicle sound extracting unit which extracts a vehicle sound from the sound detected by the microphone; a sound source direction detecting unit which detects a sound source direction of the vehicle sound extracted by the vehicle sound extracting unit; and a vehicle-in-blind-spot determining unit which causes the presenting unit to present the information indicating that a vehicle is found in a blind spot in the case where the sound source direction of the vehicle sound detected by the sound source direction detecting unit is a first direction representing above the vehicle-in-blind-spot detecting apparatus with respect to a ground.08-26-2010
20110260846Method of Controlling A Collision Warning System Using Line Of Sight - A collision warning system for a motor vehicle is disclosed. The collision warning system includes a first mode and a second mode. The system operates in the first mode when there is line of sight with a target vehicle. The system operates in the second mode where there is no line of sight with the target vehicle. The line of sight conditions are determined according to power delay spread characteristics or frequency response characteristics of signals from a vehicle communications network.10-27-2011
20100066518Vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus - A vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus includes: a plurality of imaging units which capture an external region of a present-vehicle and output images; a display unit which is installed in an interior of the present-vehicle; a selector which selects an image to be displayed on the display unit from the images output from the imaging units; and a display control unit which displays the images output from the imaging units on the display unit so as to be switched in accordance with a selection by the selector and displays an image indicator display indicating a display region in the external region of the present-vehicle corresponding to the images so as to be switched by the selector on the display unit.03-18-2010
20100066517Determination of relative position of two relatively movable elements - A system for determining and/or controlling the relative position of two relatively movable elements, comprising a vehicle container combination, a utility vehicle including an unloading apparatus and at least three transmitting devices intended to be fitted, in use, in a predetermined spatial arrangement to one of the two relatively elements and configured to transmit respective signals; a single sensor device intended to be fitted, in use, to the other of the two relatively movable elements and configured to receive, and to determine the source direction of, the signals transmitted by the transmitting devices; and an electronic processing unit connected to the sensor device and configured to determine the relative position of the two relatively movable elements based on the source direction of the signals transmitted by the transmitting devices, and on the spatial arrangement of the transmitting devices.03-18-2010
20080218324Signal-Transmitting and multi-receiving method of detecting obstacle and parking sensor apparatus using the same - A parking sensor apparatus has a microprocessor and multiple ultrasonic sensors. The microprocessor uses a time division transmitting method to control only one ultrasonic sensor to output an ultrasonic detecting signal. In addition, after one ultrasonic detecting signal is output, all ultrasonic sensor are controlled to be in receiving status. Therefore, the microprocessor receives the reflected detecting signals from the ultrasonic sensors and obtains preset distances defined between adjacent ultrasonic sensors to calculate the shortest distance between the vehicle and the obstacle. Further, since only one ultrasonic sensor outputs the ultrasonic detecting signal at a time point, the microprocessor clearly determines that the reflected detecting signal is corresponding to the present ultrasonic sensor, that is controlled to output the ultrasonic detecting signal.09-11-2008
20110260847WARNING SYSTEM - A warning system in which an audio pulse train is continuously emitted from an item of equipment and wherein a person, exposed to the audio pulse train, carries a detector which, in response to detection of the pulse train, emits audio pulses which are detected at the item of equipment.10-27-2011
20090174535Vehicle Reversing Radar Alarm - The vehicle reversing radar alarm of this invention pertains to the field of alarming device and particularly relates to a vehicle reversing radar alarm for cars. The vehicle reversing radar alarm consists of a frame mount, a camera assembly, a support means for camera, mounting holes for ultrasonic sensors, a circuit board and a rear cover. The ultrasonic sensors are mounted into the mounting holes for ultrasonic sensors arranged on the frame mount. The camera assembly is mounted into the mounting holes for camera assembly arranged on the frame mount. The support means for camera covers the camera assembly and is fixed on the frame mount by screws. There are rotation axes at both ends of the camera assembly and the camera assembly can rotate together with the rotation axes. This invention has a simple structure and a reasonable design, and it is easy to mount it and convenient to use it.07-09-2009
20090322502Vehicle-installed obstacle detecting system and method - An object detecting device scans an image captured by a camera from one side close to the vehicle to the other side remote from the vehicle for detection of an obstacle through pattern matching, so that an obstacle that is close to the vehicle and is likely to collide with the vehicle can be detected in a short time. Thus, the driver is informed of the presence of an obstacle having a high risk of collision, earlier than other obstacles located ahead of the vehicle.12-31-2009
20090303026APPARATUS, METHOD FOR DETECTING CRITICAL AREAS AND PEDESTRIAN DETECTION APPARATUS USING THE SAME - An apparatus, method for detecting critical areas and a pedestrian detection apparatus using the same are provided. An application of the pedestrian detection system is provided to help limit critical urban environment to particular areas. Contrary to traditional pedestrian detection systems that localize every pedestrians appearing in front of the subject vehicle, the apparatus first finds critical areas from urban environment and performs a focused search of pedestrians. The environment is reconstructed using a standard laser scanner but the subsequent checking for the presence of pedestrians is performed by incorporating a vision system. The apparatus identifies pedestrians within substantially limited image areas and results in boosts of timing performance, since no evaluation of critical degrees is necessary until an actual pedestrian is informed to the driver or onboard computer.12-10-2009
20090072957RADIO FREQUENCY PROXIMITY SENSOR AND SENSOR SYSTEM - A proximity sensor may be used as part of a vehicle blind spot detection system. The sensor is configured to transmit multiple radio frequency (RF) signals of different frequencies, receive reflected RF signals, and supply intermediate frequency (IF) signals. Each IF signal is representative of one of the reflected RF signals, and each reflected RF signal corresponds to a transmitted RF signal that was reflected by an object within the sensor detection region. The sensor uses the IF signals to determine whether an object is within its detection region and its movement direction.03-19-2009
20080211645WARNING SYSTEM FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - The invention relates to a warning system for a motor vehicle, having a sensor system for sensing the position of the motor vehicle relative to a carriageway delimitation which is marked on a carriageway, and having an evaluation unit which is coupled to the sensor system, the evaluation unit being connected to at least one output unit and/or to at least one actuator for outputting warning signals to the driver, warning signals of different types and/or intensities being assigned to different positions of the motor vehicle relative to a carriageway delimitation.09-04-2008
20090027180Forward Object Sensor - A forward object sensor includes a plurality of stationary on-road object recognizing units. The stationary on-road object recognizing units recognize a forward object as a stationary on-road object when a preceding vehicle has passed over the forward object, when a preceding vehicle is located ahead of the forward object, when the vehicle is travelling at a speed higher than a predetermined speed and the forward object is located between two other objects, when it is not until the vehicle comes close to the forward object that the forward object is detected, and when the strength of a reflected wave from the forward object monotonically increases until the distance between the forward object and the vehicle reaches a predetermined value and monotonically decreases when the distance falls below the predetermined value, respectively.01-29-2009
20090315693OVERHEAD OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE SYSTEM - A collision avoidance system for use with vehicles includes a sensor mounted on a moving vehicle, wherein the sensor is operative to measure the distance between an overhead obstacle ahead of the vehicle and the sensor itself; a processor connected to the sensor; means for determining a reference height which is the height above ground level at which the sensor is mounted on the vehicle, and wherein the reference height is entered into the processor; means for determining the height of the tallest portion of the vehicle above ground level, wherein the height of the tallest portion of the vehicle is also entered into the processor; and wherein the processor adds the reference height to the distance between the obstacle and the sensor to determine a measured height of the obstacle, and wherein the processor produces an alarm if the measured height of the obstacle is less than the height of the tallest portion of the vehicle.12-24-2009
20100141413SURROUNDINGS MONITORING APPARATUS FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - In a surroundings monitoring apparatus (06-10-2010
20120146781COLLISION AVOIDANCE - A system for warning of potential collisions among subjects includes devices configured to be transported by the subjects. At least one of the devices may have a device identifier and may include a transceiver configured to transmit radio frequency signals including the device identifier. At least one of the devices may include a processor operably connected to a transceiver configured to receive radio frequency signals. In at least one of the devices, the processor is configured to store another device's identifier in a storage medium, to determine a signal strength of a radio frequency signal received from the other device, and to issue a warning signal based at least in part on at least one of the signal strength and the other device's identifier. The warning signal is configured to warn a subject of a potential collision with another subject.06-14-2012
20120146780VEHICLE PROXIMITY ANNUNCIATOR DEVICE AND METHOD FOR NOTIFYING PROXIMITY OF VEHICLE - A control unit generates an annunciation sound signal including multiple frequency components. A sound emission device emits an annunciation sound to an outside of a vehicle according to the annunciation sound signal. The control unit changes a pitch of the annunciation sound signal according to a vehicle speed and changes an output level of the annunciation sound signal according to the pitch of the annunciation sound signal.06-14-2012
20100127841DETERMINATION AND SIGNALLING TO A DRIVER OF A MOTOR VEHICLE OF A POTENTIAL COLLISION OF THE MOTOR VEHICLE WITH AN OBSTACLE - Described herein is a method for determining and signalling to a driver of a motor vehicle a condition of danger deriving from a potential collision of the motor vehicle itself with an obstacle. The method is able to: determine a path of travel of the motor vehicle along a stretch of road; define an area of detection of the obstacles in the stretch of road; detect the obstacles present in the area of detection in such a way as to generate a list of possible obstacles that might be hit; identify, from among the possible obstacles detected, a main obstacle; determine a level of risk associated to a condition of impact of the motor vehicle with the main obstacle detected; and finally generate a signal or alarm message regarding the level of risk determined.05-27-2010
20120112895SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING A VEHICLE IN THE VICINITY BY USING WIRELESS COMMUNICATION - The present invention provides a system and a method for detecting whether one more vehicles are in the vicinity of a first vehicle using wireless communication. More specifically, a plurality of transmitters generate a wireless signal and plurality of receivers receive the wireless signal generated in a nearby vehicle. A first unit calculates a distance to the nearby vehicle according to a strength of the received wireless signal. A second estimation unit estimates a location of the nearby vehicle by using a distance between the plurality of the wireless signal receiving units and the calculated distance to the nearby vehicle. A third unit estimates a driving speed of the nearby vehicle based on a travel distance per a unit time of the nearby vehicle by using the location of the nearby vehicle. Subsequently, a fourth unit estimates a driving direction of the nearby vehicle by using the location of the nearby vehicle.05-10-2012
20110316685METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING LANE KEEPING AND APPARATUS FOR WARNING OF ESCAPE FROM LANE - The disclosure relates to a lane keeping control method and apparatus, and an apparatus for warning of a lane escape. More particularly, the disclosure relates to a method and an apparatus for controlling lane keeping and an apparatus for warning of an escape from a lane, which generate a lane escape warning only on a specific condition in which a vehicle is expected to actually escape from a lane, so that the apparatus and method can reduce the generation of an unnecessary lane escape warning that may cause the inconvenience of a driver.12-29-2011
20110316686OBSTACLE POSITION INDICATING APPARATUS AND SYSTEM - An obstacle position indicating apparatus is disclosed. In the apparatus, multiple actuators are arranged in a periphery of a conduction plate so as to give an external force to an end of the conduction plate in a planer direction of the conduction plate. A drive control component determines a ratio of magnitude of amplitude of designated two actuators in accordance with information on a direction to an obstacle and causes the designated two actuators to perform reciprocating motion in accordance with the determined ratio. The conduction plate conducts the vibration, which results from the reciprocating motion of the designated two actuators, to a hand of an occupant touching the conduction plate, thereby providing the occupant with the information on the direction to the obstacle.12-29-2011
20110018698Electrical car sensor for blind spots - The purpose of this invention of the electrical metal sensor of the automobile is to detect vehicles in motion and their blind spot of both sides of the car so that the driver will have enough time to react to or prevent a car accident. As the engine of the car is running, the electrical metal sensor will be activated. Vehicles to the blind spot of the car will be detected while they are stable or at motion. The screen monitor is going to be plugged into the cigarette lighter and wires or cables of the sensor of the automobile will be connected to the brain computer in the car.01-27-2011
20090015389Method for Determining a Display Image - In order to determine an easily perceived display image for a driver assistance system, in particular a distance-measuring system or a parking assistant, a method makes use of the determination of Bezier curves on the basis of measured distance values on various measuring lines. Wherein different variants for the selection of the reference points and the curve edge points are available for the modeling and parameterization of the Bezier curves taking into account the respective current situation. It is also possible for object positions not to be taken into account under certain conditions in order to obtain smooth illustrative curves.01-15-2009
20120001742OBSTACLE SEARCH SYSTEM - An obstacle search system includes an operation unit for accepting a direction input operation by an occupant of a vehicle and a displacement sensor for detecting displacement of the operation unit according to the direction input operation, for moving a detection enabled area of an obstacle detector. Based on the movement of the detection enabled area of the obstacle detector, the occupant is supported to correctly recognize a positional relationship between the vehicle and the obstacle and to effectively reduce the number of unnecessary obstacle detections.01-05-2012
20120007728ONBOARD VEHICLE INFORMATION NOTIFYING APPARATUS - An onboard vehicle information notifying apparatus has a moving body position acquiring section that acquires a moving body position for at least one moving body existing in a vicinity of a host vehicle and that acquires map information of the vicinity of the host vehicle. The map information is divided into a plurality of unit regions, with each of the unit regions being a notification necessary region when the moving body exists in the unit region. An information acquiring section acquires an advancement speed and an advancement direction of the host vehicle, and a prescribed movement speed of the moving body. An information providing zone setting section sets an information providing zone within which existence of the moving body should be reported. The information notifying section reports the existence of the moving body when the information providing zone overlaps with the notification necessary region.01-12-2012
20120119894ACB FOLLOWING DISTANCE ALERT AND WARNING ADJUSTMENT AS A FUNCTION OF FORWARD VEHICLE SIZE AND HOST VEHICLE MASS - When employing an adaptive cruise-with-braking (ACB) system to control host vehicle following distance, a forward vehicle is detected using one or both of a radar sensor (05-17-2012
20090134987Motor Vehicle Having a Rear-end Impact Warning Device - A motor vehicle has a rear-end impact warning device, which determines at least the distance to a following vehicle from the backscatter of a signal by means of a surroundings sensor system which is arranged at the rear of the vehicle. The rear-end impact warning device outputs light signals in a situation-dependent flashing mode by means of lights (e.g., brake lights) at the rear in order to provide the traffic behind with a warning of a rear-end impact if a following vehicle approaches to a critical distance. A braking process is sensed by means of a deceleration-sensing means, and a brake flashing mode is predefined if a vehicle approaches to a critical distance and at the same time a braking process is occurring.05-28-2009
20120025964METHODS AND APPARATUS TO DETECT AND WARN PROXIMATE ENTITIES OF INTEREST - Systems and methods to detect and warn proximate entities of interest are described herein. An example signal generation system for a vehicle capable of different modes of movement includes a detector to determine at least one property of vehicle movement and an output representative of that at least one property and a selectively variable signal generator includes an input to receive the at least one output representative of the at least one property of vehicle movement and, responsively, generates a selected signal based on the received output. In some examples, a detector on a pedestrian detects the selected signal from the signal generator and, responsively, provides an output indicative of a vehicle in proximity to the pedestrian. In some examples, a trajectory vector is generated for at least two entities of interest based on at least one characteristic of movement of each entity. Each entity's trajectory vector is expanded and each entity's expanded trajectory vector is analyzed for overlap with the other entity's expanded trajectory vector to assess the possibility of a collision between them.02-02-2012
20120025965Method of Controlling a Collision Warning System Using Right of Way - A collision warning system for a motor vehicle is disclosed. The collision warning system includes a first mode and a second mode. The system operates in the first mode when the motor vehicle has right of way. The system operates in the second mode where the motor vehicle does not have right of way.02-02-2012
20100259371Bird-View Parking Aid Apparatus with Ultrasonic Obstacle Marking and Method of Maneuvering the same - A bird-view parking aid apparatus with ultrasonic obstacle marking includes an image acquisition unit, a ultrasonic sensor unit, an alarm unit, a display unit and a processing unit, wherein the processing unit is connected with the image acquisition unit, the ultrasonic sensor unit, and the display unit. Upon receiving a reversing gear signal, the processing unit acquires the rearview image of the vehicle and the information of the obstacle distance via image acquisition unit and the ultrasonic sensor unit, afterwards the actual position of the obstacle is calculated as per the built-in ultrasonic positioning formula, and at the same time, the existing position of the obstacle is marked on the rearview image, and transmitted to the display unit, and also the method of maneuvering the apparatus is disclosed.10-14-2010
20120154135Advanced Driver Assistance System Having a Sensor Arrangement for Detecting the Distance of the Own Vehicle from a Foreign Object - An advanced driver assistance system for a vehicle is provided. The advanced driver assistance system includes a sensor arrangement for measuring the distance of a foreign object from the vehicle, and an electronic control unit for activating vehicle-internal actuators as a function of information obtained from a signal of the sensor arrangement. The sensor arrangement includes at least one sensor that is arranged on a longitudinal side of the vehicle and measures the distance of the foreign object from the longitudinal vehicle side. The control unit has a program module which emits a warning message to the driver during a forward drive by a connection to at least one of the actuators when the measured distance of the foreign object from the longitudinal vehicle side is smaller than a predefined safety distance.06-21-2012
20110090073BLIND SPOT DISPLAY DEVICE AND DRIVING SUPPORT DEVICE - Disclosed is a blind spot display device which enables a driver to check the image of a blind spot area at required timing and can prevent the visual distraction of the driver due to display of unnecessary images, ensuring that the driver is sufficiently attentive during driving. On the basis of the traveling state of a vehicle estimated by a traveling state estimation section, a right display and a left display switch display and non-display of the image of the blind spot area, and the right attention drawing section or the left attention drawing section corresponding to the display displaying the image draws the attention of the driver. On the basis of the traveling state, the image is displayed only when necessary, and is not displayed when unnecessary.04-21-2011
20100289631DUAL-MODE VEHICLE REAR VISION SYSTEM - A dual-mode rear vision system for an automotive vehicle includes an electro-optical imaging device operable in a short range mode to image a backup region immediately rearward of the vehicle and operable in a long range mode to image a collision threat region rearward of the backup region. The imaging device assumes the short range mode when the vehicle is in a reverse travel mode and assumes the long range mode when the vehicle is in a non-reverse travel mode. An electronic control module (ECM) analyzes imagery from the imaging device to detect backup hazards when in the reverse travel mode, and to detect rear collision threats when in the non-reverse travel mode. The ECM activates an occupant protection system if a collision threat is detected, and generates a driver alert and/or a braking intervention if a backup hazard is detected.11-18-2010
20100245065Obstacle detection apparatus and method of controlling obstacle detection apparatus - An obstacle detection apparatus includes first and second ultrasonic sensors, a control part, and a warning device for warning in accordance with a distance between at least one of the ultrasonic sensors and an obstacle. The control part sets the first ultrasonic sensor to a transmitting and receiving mode while setting the second ultrasonic sensor to a receiving mode, and then sets the first ultrasonic sensor to the receiving mode while setting the second ultrasonic sensor to the transmitting and receiving mode. Each of the ultrasonic sensors has a reception sensitivity to a reflected wave reflected by the obstacle. Each of the ultrasonic sensors includes a reception sensitivity control portion configured to increase the reception sensitivity when the receiving mode is set compared with when the transmitting and receiving mode is set.09-30-2010
20120161951VEHICULAR OBSTACLE NOTIFICATION APPARATUS - In a vehicular obstacle notification apparatus, a notification priority is determined from two of (i) a collision possibility between an obstacle and a subject vehicle and (ii) a region priority specific to an obstacle, instead of only from the collision possibility. Even if the collision possibility is high, the notification priority may become low when the region priority is low. In contrast, even if the collision possibility is low, the notification priority may become high when the region priority is high. Thus, the warning or warning notification to the driver with respect to obstacles can be executed effectively in an order of the necessity of urging the driver to take precautions, in comparison with the case where the notification priority is determined only based on the collision possibility.06-28-2012
20100214085COOPERATIVE SENSOR-SHARING VEHICLE TRAFFIC SAFETY SYSTEM - A method and system for using vehicle-to-vehicle cooperative communications for traffic collision avoidance. One vehicle detects a “situation”, such as a pedestrian within the crosswalk, where an “offending object” is in or near a roadway feature, which could result in a collision. The detecting vehicle informs a second vehicle via wireless communications, of the detecting vehicle's GPS location, the GPS location of the detected object, and the GPS location of the roadway feature, i.e., a crosswalk boundary. Additional data about the “offending object” can include its speed and heading. A receiving vehicle receives this data and takes appropriate avoidance action.08-26-2010
20110181407VEHICLE OVERHEAD CLEARANCE DETECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD OF OPERATION - An overhead clearance detection system and method of operation are provided. The system includes a sensor for measuring a distance to an object. A vertical height for the object is determined and compared to a user defined clearance height. If the object's vertical height is less than the user defined clearance height, an alarm is sounded. In one embodiment, the system is removably mountable to a vehicle windshield.07-28-2011
20110175713VEHICLE PRESENCE NOTIFICATION APPARATUS - A vehicle presence notification apparatus uses several ultrasonic transducer devices to generate a notice sound by emitting an ultrasonic wave in mid air based on an ultrasonic signal modulated according to an audible sound. At least one of the speaker-use ultrasonic transducer devices is a two-way transducer device that is enabled to perform not only transmission but also reception of an ultrasonic wave. When a vehicle velocity is equal to or greater than a predetermined value, the two-way transducer device is caused to function as an ultrasonic sensor. Thus, even when the generation of any notice sound is unnecessary due to the vehicle velocity being fast, the vehicle presence notification apparatus can be used as an ultrasonic sensor to measure a distance with an obstacle outside of the vehicle.07-21-2011
20090058622METHOD FOR PREDICTING LANE LINE AND LANE DEPARTURE WARNING SYSTEM USING THE SAME - A method for predicting lane line is provided in the present invention, in which the method is capable of predicting and reconstructing the unidentified lane line according to a predetermined geometry relationship based on the recognized lane line data previously while one side of lane line is unable to be identified. In one embodiment, a lane predicting relationship formula is formed by describing the geometry relationship between the two identified lines defined the lane. When the one side of line of the lane is unable to be identified, a new predicted line can be reconstructed for representing the unidentified line of lane according to the lane predicting relationship curve. In another embodiment, a lane departure warning system utilizing the foregoing method is provided for monitoring vehicle moving status and alerting the driver so as to enhance the vehicle safety.03-05-2009
20090058621Multifunction crash-protecting alerting system - A multifunction crash-protecting alerting system to one embodiment of the present invention mainly comprises a host capable of configuring in a carrier, a micro processor arranged in the host, wherein the micro processor has control programs controlling detecting, altering and lighting functions. The micro processor is coupled respectively with a speaker, an accelerator system of a vehicle and a brake system. In addition, a panel of the host is configured with at least one indicating light, the indicating lights are coupled with the micro processor and arranged in a plurality of positions surrounding the vehicle. The multifunction crash-protecting alerting system could be used on carriers including aircrafts, ships or any fixed or moving object.03-05-2009
20120299713METHODS AND SYSTEMS OF COLLISION AVOIDANCE AND/OR ALERTING FOR USERS OF MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICES - A method of alerting a user of a mobile communication device having a processor about a risk arising from proximate drivers or pedestrians. The method comprises receiving a list of a plurality of proximate mobile communication devices from a central unit via a network, establishing a peer to peer (P2P) connection with each the proximate mobile communication device, acquiring positioning data from each the proximate mobile communication device via a respective the P2P connection, locally using the processor for calculating at least one potential collision course with at least one of the plurality of proximate mobile communication devices according to the positioning data, and locally presenting an alert indicative of a risk to the user according to the at least one potential collision course.11-29-2012
20120299712PREMISES-BASED WIRELESS ALERT SYSTEM FOR AUTOMOTIVE TALL CARGO - This disclosure describes systems, methods, and apparatuses for providing visual and audio warnings to a vehicle driver warning of cargo on the vehicle roof when the vehicle approaches a structure. A low-power wireless transmitter can be coupled to each cargo item and is small enough to be left on the cargo when the cargo is used such that the wireless transmitter need not be removed from and reattached to the cargo. The wireless transmitter emits a wireless signal that a visual warning device coupled to the structure detects along with detection of a wireless signal from an audio warning device mounted within the vehicle. When both signals are detected, the visual warning device can provide a visual warning to the driver and also instruct the audio warning device inside the vehicle to audibly warn the driver.11-29-2012
20120075088SAFE DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICE FOR A VEHICLE - A safe distance measuring device, methods, and processor-readable medium for measuring and displaying a safe distance between vehicle and surrounding traffic. A distance measuring device measures the distances between the vehicle and surrounding traffic. A speed sensor can be utilized for sensing a current speed of the vehicle. A processor calculates the safe distances between the vehicle and surrounding traffic by utilizing the distance measured by the distance measuring device and the current speed of vehicle. A display unit can be utilized for displaying the safe distance between the vehicle and other vehicles. A warning output device can be provided for outputting an alarm to the driver of the vehicle when a vehicle distance is less than the calculated safe distance.03-29-2012
20120249318PROXIMITY DETECTION SYSTEMS AND METHOD FOR INTERNAL TRAFFIC CONTROL - Embodiments described herein relate to proximity detection systems and a method for internal traffic control in a work zone. In various embodiments, magnetic field generators generate respective oscillating magnetic fields for detection by magnetic field detectors. The magnetic field detectors generate a signal for providing a visual and/or audible warning to operators in response to detecting the magnetic field.10-04-2012
20120182141INTERIOR REARVIEW MIRROR SYSTEM - An interior rearview mirror system of a vehicle includes an interior rearview mirror assembly having an electro-optic reflective element. The reflective element includes (i) an electro-optic active region where an electro-optic medium is disposed and is bounded by a perimeter seal and (ii) a user input region outboard of the electro-optic active region. At least one backlit user input, such as a capacitive touch sensor, is disposed at the reflective element at the user input region and outboard of the perimeter seal and the electro-optic medium. A control is operable to determine a location of a touch or proximity of a finger of a user that is at or near the first surface of the front substrate at the user input region, and the control generates an output signal indicative of a determined touch or proximity of a finger of a user.07-19-2012
20120182140OBSTACLE NOTIFICATION APPARATUS - An obstacle notification apparatus uses a sight determination unit for determining a visible area of a driver in a subject vehicle based on whether another vehicle is present around the subject vehicle and a vehicle height of the subject vehicle. After determining whether an obstacle is within the sight of the driver or not, a notification mode is selected to alert the driver of the presence of an obstacle, thereby enabling nuisance-free notification of the obstacle from the obstacle notification apparatus.07-19-2012
20120182142WARNING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING A NEAR-ACCIDENT SITUATION IN CONNECTION WITH A WORKING AREA - Method and system for detecting a near-accident situation in connection with a working area include a control system in which a digital representation of a working area is storable, at least part of the working area including a working field where work is intended to be carried out, elements for detecting a near-accident situation in connection with the working area and the type of the same, at least one actor appliance operatively connected with the control system and including a sensation device, and elements for establishing the position of the at least one actor appliance, the control system, in case a near-accident situation has been detected, being arranged to activate the sensation device of the at least one actor appliance if the position of the actor appliance is situated in a risk area established in the control system, which establishment is based on the type of the detected near-accident situation.07-19-2012
20120262284Method and System for Warning a Driver of a Vehicle About Potential Obstacles Behind the Vehicle - A method and system produce a warning signal to warn a driver of a vehicle about a potential obstacle crossing behind the vehicle, for example as the vehicle is backing out of a parking space. The system and method use a sensor to detect, monitor and track the position and velocity of a potential obstacle relative to the subject vehicle, in a detection space behind and to the sides of the vehicle, preferably to predict the probability that the trajectory of the potential obstacle will intersect with the trajectory of the subject vehicle at a critical time.10-18-2012
20100328056SENSOR DEVICE FOR CAPACITIVELY ASCERTAINING DISTANCE - A sensor unit, in particular a sensor unit in or on a vehicle, for capacitively ascertaining the distance between the sensor device and an object, having an electrode for forming a capacitive system with the object and an apparatus for creating a signal proportional to the capacitance of the capacitive system. The sensor unit has a reference electrode for forming a capacitive reference system with the object, an additional apparatus for creating a reference signal proportional to the capacitance of the capacitive reference system, and an analyzer device for ascertaining the distance by forming a ratio of the signal and the reference signal, the reference electrodes having an electrode shape, which is different from the electrode shape of the electrode.12-30-2010
20120268261PROXIMITY DETECTION SYSTEM - The invention relates to a proximity detection system. The invention provides a proximity detection system comprising a generator that generates a magnetic field that establishes a boundary, where the generator is capable of receiving radio frequency signals. Also provided is a radio frequency device that sends radio frequency signals, the radio frequency device being capable of sensing the magnetic field and generating a radio frequency response. In the proximity detection system, the generator generates the magnetic field for a first predefined time period, and thereafter senses for a radio frequency response signal from the radio frequency device within a second predefined time period. The invention also provides for shaping proximity detection zones by overlaying magnetic field boundaries to produce a different boundary. The invention also provides for varying the strength of magnetic fields by adjusting a width of a timed pulse.10-25-2012
20120081220VEHICLE APPROACH NOTIFICATION APPARATUS FOR ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE - A vehicle approach notification apparatus for an electric motorcycle, which outputs notification sound for notifying a walker or the like of approach of a vehicle from a speaker attached to a vehicle body includes a control unit for controlling the notification sound. The control unit is attached to a position, displaced rather forwardly of the vehicle body, of a bottom face in an accommodating box disposed below a seat of the electric motorcycle. A cover plate, which configures part of the bottom of the accommodating box, is removably disposed above the control unit. A low voltage battery as a power supply for auxiliaries is accommodated on the bottom of the accommodating box displaced rather rearwardly of the vehicle body from the control unit. The cover plate is disposed so as to cover an upper portion of the low voltage battery in flush with an upper face of the control unit.04-05-2012
20120081219MOTOR VEHICLE WITH WARNING SYSTEM - A motor vehicle includes, but is not limited to an environment sensor for identifying a source of danger external to the vehicle and detecting at least one first direction in which the source of danger lies when viewed from the vehicle, and a loudspeaker arrangement which can be triggered, when a source of danger has been identified, to generate a warning signal which for a listener in a passenger cell of the vehicle appears to come from the first direction. The environment sensor is furthermore equipped to trigger the loudspeaker arrangement to produce a second signal following the warning signal, which for the listener appears to come from a second direction different from the first direction.04-05-2012
20130015963Person-based Method and Device for Generating Proximity WarningsAANM Stegmaier; Peter A.AACI Ponte CapriascaAACO CHAAGP Stegmaier; Peter A. Ponte Capriasca CHAANM Rothacher; Urs M.AACI ThalwilAACO CHAAGP Rothacher; Urs M. Thalwil CH - Vehicles and other objects (01-17-2013
20110148612IN-VEHICLE MONITORING SYSTEM - An in-vehicle monitoring system is configured to determine the presence of an object when the number of continuous generations of an object detection signal obtained in connection with a transmission signal reaches a threshold. The in-vehicle monitoring system comprises an adjustment unit configured to decrease the threshold if the distance obtained from a transmission signal and an object detection signal decreases.06-23-2011
20110156891JUDGMENT LINE CALCULATIONS FOR A VEHICLE SAFETY SYSTEM - A vehicle has a safety system including at least one object sensor to detect a distance from an object in a path of the vehicle and the speed and acceleration of the object. The sensor data is input into a control to determine a desired braking judgment line and a steering judgment line between the vehicle and the object. The safety system then compares the vehicle and object acceleration. Following, the safety system calculates a judgment line between the object and the vehicle based upon equations for the determined scenario. The judgment line is then used to determine a warning distance and warn a vehicle operator.06-30-2011
20110156890PROXIMITY DETECTION DEVICE FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - This device (06-30-2011
20110156889VEHICLE WARNING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A warning system for a stopped vehicle includes an alarm device for mounting in the stopped vehicle, and a warning sign for being placed away from the stopped vehicle in the direction of oncoming traffic. The warning sign includes a display module, an image capturing module, an image processing module, and a signal transmission module. The image capturing module is configured for capturing images of the traffic on the road adjacent to the stopped vehicle. The image processing module is configured for receiving the images from the image capturing module and controlling the signal transmission module to transmit a signal to the alarm device if the moving speed toward the stopped vehicle of the moving object is greater than a predetermined speed. The alarm device is configured for generating an alarm for alarming the person in the stopped vehicle in response to the signal.06-30-2011
20080231435ALARM SYSTEM FOR A VEHICLE - An alarm system for a vehicle includes a first diffraction raster, a first light source for emitting light to the first diffraction raster so as to form a first diffraction pattern on an object, an image capturing module for capturing the first diffraction pattern, and a control module electrically connected to the image capturing module for determining a relative position of the vehicle corresponding to the object according the first diffraction pattern captured by the image capturing module.09-25-2008
20130169425BLIND SPOT WARNING DEVICE AND BLIND SPOT WARNING SYSTEM - A blind spot warning device is attachable to a host vehicle's exterior and includes a warning indicating at least one blind spot of the host vehicle to a target object being outside the host vehicle, wherein the warning is only perceptible for the target object in dependence on the target object's relative position to the host vehicle. Further, a blind spot detection system is disclosed, along with a vehicle including such a blind spot warning device and/or such a blind spot detection system.07-04-2013
20090243823Vehicle environment recognition apparatus and preceding-vehicle follow-up control system - A vehicle environment recognition apparatus includes stereo-image taking means for outputting a reference image of the surroundings of a subject vehicle, stereo matching means for correlating a parallax with each pixel block in the reference image by stereo matching, preceding-vehicle detecting means for detecting a preceding vehicle from the reference image on the basis of the parallax or the like, and smear determining means for searching a pixel column vertically extending in the reference image for brightnesses of pixels, the pixel column including a pixel block having a parallax less than or equal to a long-distance parallax threshold value corresponding to the long distance including infinity, and determining that a smear occurs when a ratio of the number of pixels having brightnesses more than or equal to a predetermined brightness to the total number of pixels in the pixel column is more than or equal to a predetermined ratio.10-01-2009
20080224837Method and Warning Device for Graphically Processing an Image of a Camera - The invention relates to a method for graphically processing an image of the surroundings of a motor vehicle, the image being been provided by a camera device. It is known fact that said images are processed in such a way that the danger potential for the motor vehicle posed by an obstacle in the surroundings is visualized optically by or highlighted for the driver. According to the invention, the image provided by the camera device is processed taking into account the position of the obstacle in the image in order to highlight said danger potential in an even clearer manner for the driver. To this end, the actual position of the obstacle in the surroundings of the motor vehicle is initially determined. The position of the obstacle in the image corresponding to the actual position of the obstacle in the surroundings is subsequently determined.09-18-2008
20130093581APPARATUS FOR HIGH CONTRAST OPTICAL SIGNALING, AND EXEMPLARY APPLICATIONS - A display apparatus generates a high visibility optical signal, such as an ICON, the ICON comprising a symbol, shape, or other image-like representation. The ICON becomes visible at an observation point during an illumination ON-state. The ICON may be formed as a portion of display medium, for example as a machined portion of a mirror capable of forming images of a scene by reflection in normal operation. The visibility of the ICON in the illumination OFF-state from an observation point is sufficiently low such that the normal operation of the display medium is maintained. The display apparatus may be used in a blind spot warning system for a vehicle. Visible wavelength LEDs, RGB LEDs and/or diode lasers may be utilized as an illumination source. Ultrashort laser processing or other methods for material modification may be utilized to form microscopic features which distribute incident light, increasing the visibility of the optical signal at an observation point in an ON-state, with very low visibility in the OFF-state and minimal effect on the image in the display medium in the OFF state.04-18-2013
20110227713Method for the avoidance or mitigation of a collision, control apparatus for a driver Assistance system and vehicle - A method is provided for the avoidance or at least mitigation of a collision between a first vehicle driving in a first lane and a second vehicle driving in a second lane when the second vehicle changes lane from the second lane to the first lane. The method includes, but is not limited to the following steps. An impending lane change of the second vehicle from the second lane to the first lane is determined, a first distance of the second vehicle from the first vehicle and a first position of the second vehicle are determined. Furthermore, the determined first distance d09-22-2011
20100308985SPACER LAMP IN PASSENGER AND/OR GOODS TRAFFIC - A spacer lamp in passenger and/or goods traffic, with a light field which dispenses light according to an illuminating configuration, wherein the light field 12-09-2010
20120274458BACK WINDOW FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE, A MOTOR VEHICLE COMPRISING SUCH A BACK WINDOW, AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING INFORMATION RELATING TO A PARKING PROCESS ON A DISPLAY ELEMENT - A back window for a motor vehicle comprises a display element, wherein the display element comprises at least one light conductor panel. The light conductor panel comprises a first main surface, a second main surface and at least one marginal surface. The light conductor panel also comprises light-decoupling structures at least in a part region of a volume of the light conductor panel, wherein the light-decoupling structures are embodied as light-diffusing nano particles.11-01-2012
20110234389Guidance and collision warning device for forklift trucks - There is provided a forklift truck for lifting and moving goods placed on a palette. An exemplary forklift truck comprises a lifting device that is vertically positioned with a lift pole. The lifting device comprises a horizontal bar to which at least two parallel forks are fixed. The forklift truck also comprises a guidance system that includes at least one optical positioning aid, and a central processing unit to which the rangefinder units are connected. The guidance system further comprises at least three rangefinder units for measuring range data. One of the at least three rangefinder unit is located at each front-end of the two forks. Additionally, one of the at least three rangefinder units and one optical positioning aid are located at the horizontal bar of the lifting device.09-29-2011
20100315215BLIND SPOT DISPLAY APPARATUS - Provided is a blind spot display apparatus that presents a situation at a blind spot occurring at an intersection from a driver's viewpoint, in a method of presenting the situation to a driver. For generating a blind spot situation image without any uncomfortable feeling, the driver's viewpoint and a depth of the blind spot are calculated with higher precision and lower cost. The blind spot display apparatus includes: an omni-directional image storage unit (12-16-2010
20130187771SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPLAY OF VEHICULAR SEPARATION DISTANCE - Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and system for determining a recommended separation distance between a first vehicle and a second vehicle. In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a separation distance between the first vehicle and the second vehicle is determined. A recommended separation distance between the first vehicle and the second vehicle is determined based in part on at least one condition. The separation distance and the recommended separation distance are displayed.07-25-2013
20130194086OBSTACLE RECOGNITION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A VEHICLE - An object recognition system of a vehicle includes detecting means for detecting an object that is present around the vehicle, and enlarging means for enlarging the size of the object detected by the detecting means and recognizing the enlarged object, wherein a direction of enlargement of the object is determined according to a basis other than the object. When an object that is present around the vehicle is detected, the enlarging means enlarges the size of the object in a direction parallel to an indicator indicative of a lane boundary.08-01-2013

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