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340438000 Internal alarm or indicator responsive to a condition of the vehicle 875
340435000 Of relative distance from an obstacle 194
340426100 Of burglary or unauthorized use 167
340468000 External signal light system 127
340436000 Of collision or contact with external object 95
340463000 External alarm or indicator of movement 79
340431000 For trailer 42
340432000 For bicycle 34
340480000 Electromagnetically actuated mechanical signal 3
20100289637POINTER DISPLAY - A pointer display includes at least two pointer assemblies, each assembly having a hub and a pointer arm, each pointer arm extending outwards from a corresponding hub, the hubs being rotatable about a common axis and positioned apart from each other along an axial direction such that a first one of the hubs of a first pointer assembly is closest to a viewer of the dial display. The display also includes a cap for covering the first hub; and supporting means for supporting the cap, the supporting means including a supporting member that extends through a passage in the first hub so that the cap is supported independently of the first hub.11-18-2010
20100315222Hinged Arm Retainer Arrangement - A retainer arrangement that includes a retainer for retaining a hinged arm on a vehicle in a stored position positively so that the hinged arm does not move away from the vehicle unintentionally. The arrangements may be used in connection with a hinged stop arm that is attached to the side of a school bus that is deployed when the school bus stops to pick-up or drop off passengers.12-16-2010
20110037584Securing electrically-operated devices in a moving vehicle - A shut off safety device and method for reducing accidental activation of electrically controlled devices in a vehicle such as awnings, electrically controlled jacks, electrically controlled brakes in a towed RV is described and claimed. Instead of the electrically controlled device being deactivated based on the memory of a human to do a safety shut off device comprising a controller that is automatically activated in response to an act occurring within that or a second vehicle associated with said first vehicle, to provide a shutdown signal, a RF receiver responsive to the activation of the controller to provide a second signal, and an electrical means associated with said electrically activated and operated device said electrical means being responsive to said second signal to shut down and de-energize said device until reactivated by an operator of said vehicle.02-17-2011
340433000 For school bus 3
20090109009AUDIBLE ALERT ON SCHOOL BUSES FOR BUS STOP ACTIVE MASTER FLASHER SWITCH - A vehicle lighting control system provides aural warning that the conditions for activating pupil warning lights have been met but that the pupil warning light system has not been armed, preventing operation of the lights.04-30-2009
20090109010OCCUPANT WARNING SYSTEM FOR SCHOOL OR DAY CARE BUS AND VAN - The present invention is a warning system for alerting a driver and others to ensure an examination is made of a school or day care bus or van is thoroughly examined for remaining occupants following a transportation run.04-30-2009
20120013454ELEVATED STOP INDICATOR LIGHTS FOR PASSENGER BUS - An elevated stop indicator light system for vehicles such as school buses comprises a translucent or transparent tubular housing having a strip of light emitting diodes extending therethrough, the housing being secured to a drip rail extending along and above side and/or rear windows of the vehicle by clips fastened to the vehicle. Operation of the elevated light system is coordinated with conventional warning devices, such as a fold-out stop sign and flashing red lights of the bus. The elevation of the stop indicator light system provides a highly visible warning system for surrounding traffic when the view of the conventional warning sign on the side of the bus is obscured by traffic.01-19-2012
340434000 For taxi 1
20110102165Taxi-roof sign - A taxi sign device, which can display various details is provided; the taxi sign device utilizes the unit which is installed today on the taxi's roof (the yellow hat with the writing “TAXI”) and comprises a keypad or buttons for entering the driver's commands, a control unit controlling the display on the taxi's roof according to commands entered a fixed display which is not changeable for identification, an internal display which allow the driver to see status reports or to see an image of what is shown in the display on the roof; it is possible to also display distress signs and calling for help initiated by the driver.05-05-2011
20110205039SHIFT STAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - The shift position display device includes a control section configured to automatically shift a shift position by operating actuators based on a shift change command. A gear position display section is configured to display a condition of an automatic transmission based on the display command of the control section. A failure detection unit is configured to detect a failure of the automatic transmission. A control section is configured to switch display of the gear position display section from a lighting display of a numerical figure showing the shift position selected at present to a display for failure occurrence notification if the failure of the automatic transmission is detected while power supply of a vehicle is turned on. The control section is also configured to determine whether the failure is a failure in which traveling is possible or a failure in which traveling is possible when a predetermined limitation is placed on shifting operation of the automatic transmission if the failure is detected when the power supply of the vehicle is switched from off to on. The control section is also configured to switch from the display for failure occurrence notification to a shift position display for the time of a failure if the failure is determined to be the failure in which traveling is possible when the predetermined limitation is placed on a shifting operation.08-25-2011
20100164698DISPLAY CONTROL DEVICE, INFORMATION DISPLAY SYSTEM FOR MOVING OBJECT, MODULE FOR DRIVER'S SEAT AND MOVING OBJECT - An imaging module that generates a plurality of display images respectively based on a plurality of pieces of state information different from each other, in accordance with an instruction signal from a controller, and allows the plurality of display images to be displayed simultaneously on a display screen of a liquid crystal display device, and a recording and reproducing unit that performs a capture operation, in accordance with the instruction signal from the controller are provided. The recording and reproducing unit records the display screen on the recording medium as screen data through the capture operation.07-01-2010
20100148946Surveillance System - Surveillance system for automatic detection and presentation of threat indications, the system comprising several threat indication detectors (06-17-2010
20100085170CAMERA UNIT WITH DRIVING CORRIDOR DISPLAY FUNCTIONALITY FOR A VEHICLE, METHOD FOR DISPLAYING ANTICIPATED TRAJECTORY OF A VEHICLE, AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING DRIVING CORRIDOR MARKERS - A method and apparatus for driving corridor markers display are disclosed in the invention. The steering angle is obtained and the parameters of driving corridor image are selected correspondingly from the non-volatile memory. The parameters are used to calculate the locus of the nodes, using the equation of quadratic or cubic Bezier curves. The nodes are connected with the segments, thus forming the driving corridor image. The driving corridor image is superimposed on the image acquired from the sensor, and the resulting image is displayed.04-08-2010
20080258885SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RECORDING ENVIRONMENTAL DATA IN VEHICLES - System and method for recording environmental accident data in vehicles. In one aspect, environmental data is received at inputs to a recorder device from a plurality of data sources in the vehicle. The environmental data is processed and indexed for recording onto a plurality of storage media. The environmental data is recorded onto the plurality of storage media such that each one of the storage media stores a same copy of at least a portion of the environmental data, wherein the environmental data is recorded before and after the accident of the vehicle.10-23-2008
20130135088METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR INDICATING AN OPEN DOOR IN AN AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE - Methods and systems for indicating a door open in an automotive vehicle are provided. Sensors mounted on the automotive vehicle sense an open door and start a timer. After the timer expires, an indication is sent to one or more user devices about the door being open for a period of time. The indication may be sent by a wireless transmitter to a user device equipped with a wireless receiver. The indication may also be sent by a Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) module to a cellular device. The indication may be one or more of an audio signal, a visual signal, a voice mail, a text message or an alert in a social network site.05-30-2013
20080258884Method and Device for Driver Assistance - A method and a device for driver assistance in which the warning threshold at which the driver is warned for example of a departure from the lane is adaptively adjusted as a function of the driver's state and/or the driving situation.10-23-2008
20090121849Vehicular Computer System With Independent Multiplexed Video Capture Subsystem - A vehicular computer system comprising a primary processing subsystem adapted to provide a first graphics output stream; a video capture subsystem adapted to provide a second graphics output stream; a storage multiplexer connected to the primary processing subsystem and the video capture subsystem; and non-volatile storage accessible through the storage multiplexer by the primary processing subsystem and the video capture subsystem. Another aspect of the present invention comprises an enclosure housing these elements and a display means defining a portion of the exterior surface of the enclosure.05-14-2009
20090289780SenCora print system - This invention relates to a system that allows senor attribute detections such as fingerprint detections, weight, height, heart rate, breathing and door counting activities of occupants seated with in a private vehicle and as being located in any position of private vehicle including the trunk area have their human attributes detected and more particularly have their human attributes transmitted directly to observing parties such as policing units and or governing authority units for observance of such attributes without the manipulated participation of the private car vehicle. This observance of human attributes from with in private vehicle will aid policing units and governing authorities the ability to observe and possibly identify each human with in the private vehicle without first approaching the vehicle. This system in whole is identified as SenCora Print System and allows real time or delayed time observance of human detected attributes.11-26-2009
20100073152VEHICLE SURROUNDING RECOGNITION SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE - A vehicle surrounding recognition support system for a vehicle includes a contact detection device detecting whether or not a driver of the vehicle touches a turn signal operating lever or moves his/her hand close to the turn signal operating lever, an object position detecting device detecting a position of an object existing around the vehicle, an object information identification device identifying information relating to the object in accordance with a result of detection of the object position detecting device, and a warning device warning the driver about the existence of the object in accordance with the information of the object, identified by the object information identification device, when the contact detection device detects that the driver touches the turn signal operating lever or moves his/her hand close to the turn signal operating lever.03-25-2010
20130076496UNIVERSAL ACCESSORY FOR VIEWING A SMARTPHONE DISPLAY IN AN AUTOMOBILE - The invention is directed to systems, methods and computer program products for presenting visual information in an automobile. An exemplary system includes a receiving station that receives a mobile device; and a display unit that presents, to a driver or a passenger in the automobile, visual information in response to one or more instructions input to the mobile device. The display unit of the system is separate from the mobile device's display. In some embodiments, the display is a mirror, while, in other embodiments, the display is an electronic display. In some embodiments, the receiving station has the ability to receive mobile devices of a plurality of types.03-28-2013
20130033367VEHICLE PRESENCE NOTIFICATION APPARATUS - An ultrasonic generation element provides a primary resonance portion existing in an ultrasonic frequency band, and is caused to perform only a notice sound generation by parametric speaker. An audible-sound generation piezoelectric speaker provides a primary resonance portion existing in an audible frequency band, and is caused to switch between a notice sound generation by dynamic speaker and a notice sound generation by parametric speaker, based on vehicular information. Under a predetermined low vehicle speed, a notice sound is generated in both (i) an area ahead of a vehicle and distant from the vehicle, and (ii) an area surrounding the vehicle. When the vehicle speed increases, a notice sound is generated at a position ahead of the vehicle and more distant from the vehicle.02-07-2013
20130033368DRIVING SUPPORT DEVICE - Disclosed is a driving support device that is capable of realizing driving support in consideration of a risk potential determination tendency of a driver. The driving support device is a device that estimates a risk potential that is a degree of a risk with respect to a risk target in driving of a vehicle and performs a driving support for a driver of the vehicle on the basis of the estimated risk potential, and includes: a risk potential bias setting unit that sets a risk potential bias that is a value for changing the risk potential on the basis of a risk potential determination tendency of the driver; and a risk potential estimating unit that changes the risk potential on the basis of the risk potential bias set by the risk potential bias setting unit.02-07-2013
20130038434ON-VEHICLE DISPLAY DEVICE - An on-vehicle display device includes a first display section provided in an area within a width of a steering wheel of a vehicle viewed from a driver sitting on a driver seat of the vehicle and which displays at least one piece of report information concerning a state of the vehicle, a second display section provided in an area outside the width of the steering wheel viewed from the driver and which displays an image, and a control section which controls displays of the first display section and the second display section respectively. When a piece of report information is displayed on the first display section, the control section controls to display an information image corresponding to the piece of report information on the second display section.02-14-2013
20130038435VEHICLE RUNNING WARNING DEVICE - A vehicle running warning device includes: a fixed sound source signal generator configured to generate a fixed sound source signal with a certain frequency distribution; a variable sound source signal generator configured to generate a variable sound source signal with a frequency distribution having a peak frequency corresponding to each set; a sound-emitting controller configured to determine an acceleration segment of a vehicle based on vehicle speed information obtained from the vehicle to which the controller is mounted, and set the peak frequency based on the determined acceleration segment and the latest vehicle speed information; and a sound source signal adder configured to add to the fixed sound source signal a variable sound source signal in which the peak frequency is set, and output, and emits a vehicle running warning sound in consideration of a speed and an acceleration of the vehicle.02-14-2013
20130038432SYSTEM FOR MONITORING ITEMS IN PROXIMITY TO A VEHICLE - A vehicle having an item detection system is provided having at least one indicator for selectively emitting an alarm when activated, a vehicle alarm control module, at least one radio frequency identification (“RFID”) tag, and a radio frequency (“RF”) interrogator. The vehicle alarm control module is in communication with the at least one indicator and includes control logic for sending an activation data signal to the at least one indicator to selectively activate the at least one indicator. The RFID tag is configured for receiving a query RF signal and transmitting a reply RF signal upon receipt of the query RF signal. The RF interrogator is in communication with the vehicle alarm and is located within a specified distance of the RFID tag. The RF interrogator has a processor, and includes control logic for transmitting the query RF signal to the RFID tag.02-14-2013
20130038433METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR LINE-OF-SIGHT-INDEPENDENT DATA TRANSMISSION - In a method for line-of-sight-independent data transmission in a car-to-car or a car-to-infrastructure communication system, electromagnetic radiation having encoded data is transmitted from a transmitter located in a first vehicle or in a traffic infrastructure object, and a reflector system is provided for at least partially reflecting the transmitted electromagnetic radiation, wherein the reflector system is arranged so that the transmitted electromagnetic radiation arrives at a receiver located in a second vehicle or in the traffic infrastructure object. The reflected electromagnetic radiation having the encoded data can then be received by the receiver even when line-of-sight communication between the vehicles is impossible.02-14-2013
20100079266MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT WARNING ALARM - A motorcycle safety warning alarm (04-01-2010
20100109855SOUNDER CONTROL CIRCUIT, SOUNDER SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VEHICLE - A sounder control circuit is applicable to for a vehicle with a plurality of sounders, in which each sounder is used for generating a sound signal toward a different direction respectively. The sounder control circuit includes a switch module, a control module and a driving module. The switch module has a plurality of switches, and outputs an operation signal to the control module according to a status of each of the switches. Thus, the control module outputs a control signal to the driving module according to the operation signal for driving at least one of the sounders to output the sound signal.05-06-2010
20090303023Rfid Tag for Train Wheels12-10-2009
20090303024Image Processing Apparatus, Driving Support System, And Image Processing Method - An image processing apparatus includes: a guide superimposition portion that obtains a photographed image taken by an imaging device from the imaging device incorporated in a vehicle and superimposes a guide on the photographed image; and a specific region detection portion that detects a specific region which is able to be included in the photographed image. If the specific region is detected by the specific region detection portion, the guide superimposition portion does not superimpose the guide on the specific region.12-10-2009
20120218092WIRELESS LIFT GATE CONTROL SYSTEM INCLUDING AUTHORIZATION OF OPERATOR - A lift gate system is provided which in one implementation has a lift gate assembly including an actuator for actuating a lift gate, a main controller configured for controlling the actuator, and a wireless transceiver for receiving an operation command. The system further has a wireless controller including an authorization controller configured for checking that an operator is authorized to operate the lift gate, the wireless controller configured such that upon authorization of the operator by the authorization controller, the wireless controller may wirelessly transmit an operator command to the main controller for controlling operation of the lift gate accordingly.08-30-2012
20090091433AUDIO COORDINATED VISUAL INDICATOR - An audio-coordinated visual indicator reducing vehicle operator distraction associated with using a communications device during vehicle operation. The visual indicator being placed within the operator's field of view and providing a synchronized visual display associated with the output from the communication device. Providing an apparent visual reference for the incoming sound freeing up the operator's mental resources, reducing distraction and allowing greater attention to be placed on operation. Comprising of a receiver; a visual indicator connected to an output of the receiver having an attribute that varies according to the received signal from the communication device.04-09-2009
20090091432System and method for providing information in a vehicle - A system for providing information to a vehicle occupant includes a haptic control element which is provided in the vehicle and is configured to generate a haptic signal. An electronic control unit is operatively connected to the haptic control element and activates the haptic control element in order to indicate with a haptic signal that information is available for retrieval.04-09-2009
20110063096VEHICLE CONTROL DEVICE, PORTABLE DEVICE, PORTABLE DEVICE SEARCH SYSTEM - A vehicle control device mounted on a vehicle has a search signal transmission unit that transmits a search signal for searching a position of a portable device, which remotely operates the control device, a determination unit that determines a bright and dark state of outside of the vehicle, and a storage unit that stores a determination result of the determination unit. When searching for the portable device, a first search signal for causing the portable device to perform an informing operation of visually informing the position of the portable device is transmitted from the search signal transmission unit if the determination result in which the outside of the vehicle is determined as the dark state by the determination unit is stored in the storage unit, and a second search signal for not causing the portable device to perform the informing operation of visually informing the position of the portable device is transmitted from the search signal transmission unit if the determination result in which the outside of the vehicle is determined as the bright state by the determination unit is stored in the storage unit.03-17-2011
20130063257DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEM FOR REDUCING BLIND-SPOT-DETECTION FALSE ALERTS - A system for detecting objects in the blind spot of a host vehicle. When an object is detected in the blind spot of the host vehicle, the system analyzes other objects directly in front of or behind the detected object in the blind spot. If the other objects are moving, the system concludes that the object in the blind spot is also moving and, therefore, is a stagnating vehicle. If the other objects are not moving, the system concludes that the object in the blind spot is also a stationary object. The system generates a blind-spot-detection signal when it determines that a stagnating vehicle is located in the blind spot.03-14-2013
20130214916SOUND MEASURING AND REGULATING DEVICE FOR A HORN - A sound measuring and dispensing device for a horn made by a control panel with switches (08-22-2013
20090009302APPARATUS, METHOD AND PROGRAM FOR DETECTING ACT OF LOOKING ASIDE - More accurate detection of an act of looking aside is to be achieved. A direction-of-face detection unit detects the orientation of face of a driver, and a direction-of-sight line detection unit detects the sight line orientation of the driver, based on an image photographed by a photographing unit. A judging unit judges whether or not the driver is looking aside, based on the face orientation of the driver. When the judging unit judges that the driver is not looking aside, a judging unit judges whether or not the driver is looking aside based on the sight line orientation of the driver. The invention is applicable to an apparatus for detecting an act of looking aside by a driver.01-08-2009
20120235802VEHICLE EXISTENCE NOTIFICATION APPARATUS - A vehicle existence notification apparatus, disposed in a vehicle, emits a notification sound to notify the surrounding area of the approach or presence of the vehicle. The vehicle existence notification apparatus includes a parametric speaker that serves as a supersonic speaker for emitting a supersonic sound wave, where the parametric speaker performs supersonic modulation to a notification sound signal, which produces the notification sound. The parametric speaker also serves as an audible-sound generating piezoelectric speaker that has a primary resonance component that vibrates at a frequency in an audible frequency band. The parametric speaker sets a supersonic modulation frequency of the notification sound to a sound-pressure increase frequency in a supersonic frequency band reproducible by the audible-sound generating piezoelectric speaker, at which a sound pressure increases due to a high order harmonic resonance.09-20-2012
20100013615Obstacle detection having enhanced classification - A method and system for sensing an obstacle comprises transmitting an electromagnetic signal from a mobile machine to an object. A reflected electromagnetic signal is received from the object to determine a distance between the object and the mobile machine. An image patch is extracted from a region associated with the object. Each image patch comprises coordinates (e.g., three dimensional coordinates) associated with corresponding image data (e.g., pixels). If an object is present, image data may include at least one of object density data and object color data. Object density data is determined based on a statistical measure of variation associated with the image patch. Object color data based on the color of the object detected with brightness normalization. An object is classified or identified based on the determined object density and determined object color data.01-21-2010
20120098652Bright OnBoard Display - The present invention, Bright OnBoard Display and Control System, relates to a communication system, and more specifically to a message display unit. Bright Onboard Display and Control System utilizes illumination technology configured to display preset or user programmable text messages and graphics. The onboard display can be rectangular-shaped LCD, LED, or other illumination technology. A control system is coupled to the onboard display. The control system is designed so that it allows for simultaneously transmitting (sending and receiving) messages through social websites and other existing messaging platforms to the onboard display.04-26-2012
20090212927VEHICLE SECURITY NOTIFICATION DEVICE AND RELATED METHODS - A vehicle security device to be installed in a vehicle of a type including a vehicle audio entertainment system being configurable via a vehicle data communications bus extending throughout the vehicle may include an audio entertainment system content interface. The audio interface may be selectively operable to communicate audio content relating to a vehicle security breach condition to the vehicle audio entertainment system. The device may also include a controller coupled to the audio entertainment system content interface for detecting a vehicle security breach condition. The controller may also be for configuring the vehicle audio entertainment system, via the vehicle data communications bus, so that the audio content related to the vehicle security breach condition plays through the vehicle audio entertainment system based upon detecting the vehicle security breach condition.08-27-2009
20110279251ON-VEHICLE INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, INFORMATION PROVIDING DEVICE, AND VEHICLE INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM - A road-side support device which provides support information to a vehicle includes a device-side receiver unit that receives equipment information on equipment of the vehicle or detectable information detectable by a sensor unit of the vehicle, a priority calculating unit that calculates a priority of a support using the support information on the basis of the equipment information or the detectable information, and a device-side transmitter unit that transmits the support information to the vehicle on the basis of the priority. Accordingly, it is possible to improve the efficiency of processes necessary for vehicle control, driving support, or the like in the road-side support device and the vehicle.11-17-2011
20090243818Method and apparatus for detecting the presence and locations of radio controlled improvised explosive devices in real time - A Method and Apparatus for Detecting the Presence and Locations of Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices in Real Time. The system will clandestinely detect the presence and location of RCIED's along roadways in real time. This “RCIED Street Sweeper” system consequently allows its users to remove the explosive devices, pre-detonate them, or simply avoid the location so that the weapons cannot be used against a convoy or other important target. The system has the abilities (disclosed in U.S. patent application Ser. No. 10/829,858) to conduct fast wideband scanning of the RF spectrum looking for ambient RF signals as well as RCIED leakage signals. Furthermore the system has the ability to correlate the received leakage signals with the ambient RF signal environment, in order to verify authenticity. Still further, the system has the ability to continually mark and record the precise map location where each of those RF spectrum measurements emanated, including the relative distances between them. Still further, the preferred system will calculate adjusted curve profiles given the real time distance data. Fifth, the preferred system needs to have the ability to correlate sets of trend data with the adjusted curve profiles to determine matches. Further yet, the system alerts the vehicle driver to the presence and location of any RCIED that is detected by the system. Finally, the system is capable of being installed in a low profile, clandestine manner on a mobile platform such as a car or truck, so as not to alert insurgents of its existence.10-01-2009
20130162420Combination Tie Strap Tensioning Assembly with Tension Monitor - A system and device that measures the cargo load securing tension upon a tensionable cargo load securing line including but not limited to a woven web, belt, or cord, with a ratchet tension, and conveys tension information to a remote location is presented. Utilized is an “indirect” form of tension information conveyance, that being radio, light or sound, or a “direct” form of signal conveyance, that being wire or vehicle ground system or vehicle frame. Various remote locations may receive a conveyed tension signal. They may include receiver devices located within transportation vehicle power unit cab, visual display on anterior portion of haul unit, transportation operator wrist or clothing mounted device, satellite linked management or office facility, associated convoy vehicle cab or operator, or other. Cab and operator tension display devices may provide array of tension analysis recording and view and travel assist options.06-27-2013
20090295554Occupant Seat Detection System and Method - An occupant system includes a sensing device disposed in a seat and an electronic device configured to acquire data from the sensing device. The electronic device includes a system controller which uses that data to determine an appropriate system response. Data is acquired in at least two different system configurations and in at least two different time periods. A data set is created which represents a comparison of data acquired in the different configurations and times. The elements of this data set are compared to each other to identify anomalous data and respond accordingly.12-03-2009
20110316681SHAPE MEMORY POLYMER-BASED HAPTIC DEVICES - A haptic device includes a shape memory polymer member. A plurality of user interface locations is defined on the shape memory polymer member and a plurality of activation elements is located proximate to the plurality of user interface locations. The plurality of user interface locations of the shape memory polymer are activated in response to a stimulus from the plurality of activation elements to alter at least one physical property of the shape memory polymer at the plurality of user interface locations. Additionally, a plurality of control devices configured for adjusting a variable of a system is located proximate to the plurality of user interface locations such that, one of the plurality of control devices may be adjusted when a user touches a corresponding one of the plurality of user interface locations.12-29-2011
20110316680Method for Operating an Access Arrangement - In a method for operating an access arrangement (ZA) for a vehicle (FZ), access to the vehicle can be obtained by a mobile identification transmitter (IDG). With this method, first an ambient brightness around the vehicle is determined. Furthermore, the presence of an authorized mobile identification transmitter in an approach region (ANB, ANB12-29-2011
20110285519Static Officer Proximity Alert System - An architecture is presented that provides a system of sensors and other components that allow law enforcement officials to continuously monitor the exterior perimeter of his or her stationary vehicle for approaching attackers. The system affords 360 degree surveillance and protection and is capable of alerting the vehicle's occupants and remote users of the system of an impending attack.11-24-2011
20110285518METHOD FOR DETECTING RUMBLE STRIPS ON ROADWAYS - A method and system for detecting the existence of rumble strips on a roadway by a vehicle. Wheel speed data is obtained from a wheel speed sensor, and frequency-based analysis is then performed on the wheel speed data. The presence of a rumble strip can then be detected based on the outcome of the frequency-based analysis. The wheel speed data can be modified before conversion to the frequency domain to reduce wheel-induced cyclic variations in wheel speed. The frequency-based analysis can use an FFT and a peak detection method that analyzes one or more peaks in the FFT data to determine if any are indicative of the presence of a rumble strip. The method can be carried out automatically in real time and used to alert the driver of the detection of the rumble strip.11-24-2011
20110298599Image generation apparatus - An image generation apparatus mounted to a vehicle to generate a display image to be displayed on a display device is disclosed. The apparatus is configured to: acquire a video signal of a main image that is generated by an in-vehicle apparatus as being smaller in the number of pixels than the display image; generate a complement image that compensates for a difference in the number of pixels between the display image and the main image; and combine the main image and the complement image, thereby generating the display image in which the main image and the complement image are placed side by side.12-08-2011
20110291822METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR RENDERING CONTENT ON THE EXTERIOR OF A VEHICLE - One embodiment induces a display system for use on the exterior of a vehicle having a display, a vehicle speed sensor, a trigger device, and a processor coupled to the speed sensor and the trigger device. The trigger device is configured to identify a trigger event. The processor is configured to implement one of three operational modes of the display system based on the speed and state of the vehicle: a first operational mode when no trigger event is identified, the vehicle is on, and the vehicle is at a first speed; a second operational mode when no trigger event is identified and the vehicle is at a second speed different than the first speed; and a third operational mode when the trigger event is identified. The processor is further configured to render content on the display based upon the operational mode.12-01-2011
20110080274Integrated Vehicle Cellular Telephone Detection System - There is provided a structure and a method to detect a signal prompted by the use of a wireless communications device in a motor vehicle or, optionally, in the area of a vehicle operator station. A signal detection will set off audible and/or visual alarms. The alarms may continue until the signal is no longer detected.04-07-2011
20090295553REMOTE ENTRY CHIRP SOUND REDUCTION METHOD AND SYSTEM - A vehicle remote entry locking or unlocking chirp sound reduction system including a remote transmitter operable to transmit a signal, a receiver operable to receive the signal from the remote transmitter, a controller operably connected to the receiver and being operable in response to the signal from the remote transmitter, and a horn operably connected to the controller. The controller may be configured to cause the horn to generate an audible signal having a predetermined pulse duration which depends on at least one characteristic of a vehicle prior to or during actuation of the remote transmitter. Also provided is a method of reducing the sound of an audible signal generated by actuation of a vehicle remote entry system.12-03-2009
20080316006Method and System for Communicating Vehicle Diagnostic Data to Internet Server Via Bluetooth Enabled Cell Phone for Subsequent Retrieval - A method and system for communicating vehicle diagnostic data to a vehicle service provider employs sensors for generating sensor signals indicative of the status or condition of vehicle components. A diagnostics module in the vehicle generates diagnostic data based on the sensor signals and transfers the diagnostic data to a communications module of a hands-free phone system in the vehicle. The communications module wirelessly communicates the diagnostic data to a Bluetooth enabled cell phone in the vehicle using Bluetooth communications. The cell phone communicates the diagnostic data to an Internet server via the Internet. The provider accesses the diagnostic data from the Internet server using a computer connected to the Internet to determine if any of the vehicle components are in need of repair or maintenance. The provider notifies a user of the vehicle of any vehicle component that is in need of repair or maintenance.12-25-2008
20100007476Method and device for operating a sensor system - A method and a device for operating a sensor system are described, a processing unit being connected to at least one sensor of the sensor system via communication connections and the processing unit transmitting data, which represent the at least one sensing range and/or detection area of the sensor, and/or control data to control the mode of the sensor, to at least one of the sensors.01-14-2010
20100127840TILT SENSING AND SAFEGUARDING MECHANISM OF AN ELECTRIC SCOOTER CART - The present invention provides a tilting sensing and safeguarding mechanism of the electric scooter cart. The mechanism includes a central processor, electrically connected with the throttle controller of the electric scooter cart, and a gravity sensor, used to sense the tilting state of the electric scooter cart and transmit the sensing signals to the central processor. There is a light control module, electrically connected with the central processor. The central processor enables the light control module to execute the respective command according to the tilting sensing signal of the gravity sensor. A light display screen is controlled by the light control module to determine the ON/OFF state of the lights. A speed control module generates a control signal for controlling the motor controller of the electric scooter cart, so as to adjust automatically the operating speed/state of the motor. The mechanism detects the tilting states of the electric scooter cart.05-27-2010
20090284358DOOR HANDLE AND LOCKING SYSTEM - A door handle, for opening and closing a door such as a vehicular door, includes: a transmitting antenna, transmitting a communication signal to a portable device carried by a user; an indicating portion, optically indicating a state of the door, including locked and unlocked states of the door, to the user with a visible light; and a first power supply portion, electromagnetically coupled to the transmitting antenna and supplying electric power to the indicating portion in response to a transmission of the communication signal.11-19-2009
20090002141Visual device for vehicles in difficult climatic/environmental conditions - The invention relates to a visual device for vehicles in difficult climatic/environmental conditions of the type essentially comprising a thermal camera (01-01-2009
20090289781SHOCK-DETECTING APPARATUS FOR INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE - A shock-detecting apparatus for an industrial vehicle has a shock-detecting sensor that is fixed to the industrial vehicle for detecting a shock and generating an output signal, a shock value computer for computing a shock value based on the output signal which is received sequentially, a judging device for judging whether or not the shock value is greater than a threshold value, a warning generator for generating a warning signal when the judging device judges that the shock value is greater than the threshold value and a threshold value setting device for setting the threshold value. The threshold value setting device includes a display for displaying a peak value in a predetermined period which allows a user to read the peak value, wherein the peak value is determined by the computed shock value during the predetermined period and a threshold value input unit for inputting the threshold value manually.11-26-2009
20100102942Interior Fitting for a Motor Vehicle - A carrier supports a screen in an interior fitting for a motor vehicle, such as a driver's cab of a motor truck. The screen can be moved into two different positions relative to the carrier. In this way the screen can be used for various applications. The screen, for example, can be used for a television function or as a PC monitor.04-29-2010
20100060438Apparatus and Method for Initializing Telematics Terminal - A method and apparatus for initializing a telematics terminal includes generating a door open signal corresponding to an open state of a door of a vehicle. The telematics terminal is initialized based on the door open signal. An accessory signal corresponding to a position or change in operating state of an ignition switch may be generated. At least one telematics module within the vehicle can be initialized based on the door open signal or the accessory signal.03-11-2010
20080246594A HEADLIGHT SYSTEM AND A METHOD FOR OPERATING A HEADLIGHT SYSTEM - A method is provided for operating a headlight system in a motor vehicle, wherein the headlights of the headlight system encompass a first operating mode with a first response behavior and a second operating mode with a second response behavior, which is different from the first response behavior. The method includes, but is not limited to the steps of switching from the first operating mode to the second operating mode, rapid change of the response behavior from the first response behavior beyond the second response behavior until a third response behavior is reached, slow reversal of the response behavior from the third response behavior until the second response behavior is reached. A headlight system is also provided that operates in accordance with the method.10-09-2008
20090002142Image Display Device - An image display device capable of reducing the burden on a passenger and reducing the occurrence of motion sickness, by giving the passenger, through a visual sense, perception (visually induced self-motion perception) of his/her own body moving while viewing an image of a TV and the like in a vehicle, and thus by matching visual information to vestibular information obtained from the motion of the vehicle, particularly to a sense of rotation and somatosensory information which are detected by his/her semicircular canals, is provided. The image display device includes: a behavior detection section (01-01-2009
20090167511Surveillance system for real-time threat monitoring - Surveillance system for automatic detection and presentation of threat indications, the system comprising several threat indication detectors and at least one central unit adapted for communication with said threat indication detectors and for presentation of threat images. Threat information signals are transferred automatically from the threat indication detectors to the central unit, and each threat indication detector can be located both immobile, semi-mobile of mobile.07-02-2009
20100201505Occupancy Declaration/Verification For Passenger Transport Conveyances - The present invention relates to a secure method and enabling processes to: (1) through the use of personal nomadic communicators (PNCs) to automatically declare passenger occupancy in transport conveyances including but not limited to road vehicles, aircraft, trains, marine vessels, (2) monitor and assess the pattern of physical movements of passenger PNCs prior to, during, and after their use of such transport conveyances, (3) verify and record passenger occupancy based on such assessments and any suspicious patterns suggesting fraudulent declarations through the improper use and placement of PNCs not belonging to passengers, and (4) transfer occupancy data to management systems which utilise passenger occupancy as a factor in decision making including but not limited to determining occupancy related entitlements to the operators/owners/managers of transport conveyances.08-12-2010
20100201504Emergency cars visual device (ECVD) - The Insulating Board System is a procedure where an insulation is added to any panel made from wood, cement, siding, or sheetrock, as a way to improve the R-value, the noise reduction and vibration, and improve the structure resistance of the construction.08-12-2010
20080266067IN-VEHICLE AUDIO/VISUAL APPARATUS - In an in-vehicle audio/visual apparatus which displays an external device screen of an external media player on a display unit, a communication unit is configured to communicate with an external media player. An external device screen displaying unit is configured to select one of a plurality of external device screens in accordance with the external media player and display the selected external device screen on the display unit.10-30-2008
20100265046Induction rescue device for vehicles - An induction rescue device for vehicles is disclosed which comprises at least one sensing element mounted in a vehicle, where the sensing element is electrically connected to a mayday activation apparatus powered by the power supply of the vehicle. Once the vehicle is powered off, the sensing element will sense if someone is trapped in the vehicle, then actuate a mayday activation apparatus, and issue a mayday to the outside for help. And the mayday will direct at least one controlled vent to open and/or at least one coercive cooling-down apparatus to activate for circulating the air in the vehicle and to cool the temperature that the trapped passenger can survive and let outside people notice the accident in the vehicle earlier.10-21-2010
20080204203Voice help-calling system of scooter - The present invention relates to a voice help-calling system of scooter, which comprises a help-calling switch, a CPU connected with the electronic system of the scooter and a voice IC connected with said help-calling switch and said CPU. Said voice IC is recorded with help-calling sound effect in advance, and then connected to an audio amplifier, in turn, to the speaker. In this manner, the voice help-calling system is triggered in case of uncomfortableness happened to the user or breakdown happened to scooter to effectively catch the attention of passerby for help.08-28-2008
20090179745DISPLAY SYSTEM - An instrument panel display system displays vehicle information, amenity information, and safety information as images. In this instrument panel display system, data (image data, image layout data, and image output control data) for displaying the images are generated in a shared manner by a vehicle system processor, an amenity system processor, and a safety system processor. On account of this, the stability of image display on an instrument panel of a vehicle or the like is improved and hence safety of driving is increased.07-16-2009
20090160628Guidance System and Method - The invention teaches using a directional light source to direct light at a target having directional indicia thereon. It is emphasized that this abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract that will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical disclosure. It is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims.06-25-2009
20090128310INTERIOR MIRROR SYSTEM - An interior mirror system suitable for use in a vehicle comprises an interior rearview mirror assembly with an information display disposed within the housing and behind the reflective element and viewable through the reflective element by a driver of the equipped vehicle viewing the reflective element when the interior rearview mirror assembly is normally mounted to an interior portion of the equipped vehicle. A control is responsive to a photo sensor and operable to distinguish between daytime and nighttime lighting conditions. The control is operable to vary the intensity of the information displayed by the information display as viewed through the reflective element by the driver of the equipped vehicle. When the information display is operating during daytime lighting conditions, the control may adjust the intensity of the displayed information to at least about 1000 cd/m05-21-2009
20090128309METHOD OF DETECTING A VISIBILITY INTERFERENCE PHENOMENON FOR A VEHICLE - A method of detecting a visibility interference phenomenon for a motor vehicle. The method includes the steps of: determining a region of interest (ROI) in an acquired image (I) of the environment (E) of the vehicle (V); determining a grey-level curve (CL) from the region of interest (ROI); calculating at least one tangent (TG) from at least one point of interest (PT) in the grey-level curve (CL); and determining a directing coefficient (CF) from the tangent (TG).05-21-2009
20090128307DISPLAY DEVICE AND DISPLAY METHOD FOR A VEHICLE - The invention relates to a display device for a vehicle comprising a display for representing application data to a vehicle user and pivoting means for moving the display between at least two positions. The inventive display device is characterized in that it further comprises checking means for checking whether or not the representation of data of an application selected by the vehicle user is permitted in the actual state of the vehicle; release means in order to release the pivoting means for controlling the display according to the application or any application selected by the vehicle user, in case the checking means emits an affirmative signal.05-21-2009
20090051510System and Method for Detecting and Reporting Vehicle Damage - System and method for monitoring a vehicle comprising an accelerometer unit capable of monitoring vehicle accelerations, a processor adapted to receive inputs from the accelerometer unit and to compare the vehicle accelerations to predetermined parameters, wherein an attack on the vehicle is identified when one or more vehicle accelerations exceed an attack threshold, and one or more transmitter units adapted to continuously transmit messages upon occurrence of an attack, wherein the messages comprise a vehicle location.02-26-2009
20090096594Electronic Device - An electronic device, which for example includes a sensor element such as a rotational speed sensor, comprises a first network (04-16-2009
20120268258ELECTRONIC VEHICLE DOCUMENT DISPLAY - A method of displaying electronic documents on a vehicle display screen is described. The vehicle includes a display screen embedded in a window of the vehicle in a manner visible from outside the vehicle. The method includes storing the digital certificate in a memory unit of the control module. The method includes displaying information on the display screen by retrieving the digital certificate. Also, upon validating the digital certificate, the information associated with the digital certificate is displayed on the display screen, wherein the information includes an electronic document that indicates at least one of compliance with a local law, valid insurance, validation of payment of taxes associated with the vehicle, and a parking receipt for parking the vehicle, wherein the display screen comprises at least one button, manipulable by a user outside of said vehicle, to select a display mode of said display screen.10-25-2012
20090079551DRIVER ALERT SYSTEM FOR THE STEERING WHEEL OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A driver alert system for the steering wheel of a motor vehicle includes a vibration module with an eccentric mass and a driving device for rotating said eccentric mass about a rotational axis. The vibration module is arranged such that the rotational axis of the eccentric mass is essentially parallel to the steering column axis.03-26-2009
20090251299Liquid crystal display device, instrument panel, automotive vehicle, and liquid crystal display method - In one embodiment of the present invention, a liquid crystal display device is provided with a gray scale conversion section which converts a gray scale conveyed by an input video signal into a gray scale value of a high gray scale region, and then outputs it to the liquid crystal drive device if the gray scale value of the input video signal is of a low gray scale region.10-08-2009
20090243819Smart legibility adjustment for vehicular display - A display system for a vehicle system includes at least one light sensor that detects a light condition, and a display member that displays an information message. The information message includes a background and an object that is displayed adjacent the background. The display system further includes a controller that changes legibility of the information message by changing each of the background and the object based on the light condition detected by the light sensor. A method of controlling the display system is also disclosed.10-01-2009
20090256690MONITORING VEHICLE ACTIVITY - A method of monitoring a vehicle. The method includes the steps of establishing a first wireless connection between a first portable wireless device and a vehicle communications system thereby creating a data transfer network between the first portable wireless device and the vehicle communications system, monitoring, by the vehicle communications system, at least one sensor for a specific vehicle activity, and if the specific vehicle activity occurs, sending a notification via the wireless connection from the vehicle communications system to the first portable wireless device via the data transfer network.10-15-2009
20120105218SEATBELT ALERT LIGHTING SYSTEM AND METHOD - The present disclosure provides a system and method for providing seatbelt alert warnings to observers outside of a vehicle, such as law enforcement personnel. A signal responsive to the disengagement of the seatbelt is generated. Responsive to the signal, a source of illumination is switched from a deactivated mode to an activated mode in which the source of illumination generates an indicator readily visible to the outside observer. Based on the readily visible indicator, the observer can determine whether one or more occupants of the vehicle have properly worn the seatbelt(s).05-03-2012
20120194329SOUND WAVE GENERATOR - A sound wave generator includes a speaker control circuit and a speaker. The speaker control circuit includes a signal generating unit that is configured to generate an electric signal having a humming frequency property. The humming frequency property includes a plurality of frequencies that have an overtone relationship with respect to A Hz and are pitched at the A Hz, the A Hz being a target generation frequency and corresponding to a low pitch frequency in an audible range. The speaker generates a sound wave from the electric signal by applying the electric signal to a vibration plate that produces the sound wave.08-02-2012
20090085728System and Method for Detecting Use of a Wireless Device in a Moving Vehicle - A system and method for detecting use of a wireless device is disclosed. In one embodiment, wireless device activity data is received from a wireless network. User account data is searched using selected parameters from the wireless device activity data to identify one or more subscribers that are or were using a wireless device. One or more subscriber vehicles or vehicle monitoring systems associated with each of the one or more subscribers are identified. Vehicle operation data from one or more vehicle monitoring systems is received. The vehicle operation data is used to determine whether any of the one or more subscriber vehicles were moving during use of an associated wireless device.04-02-2009
20100188198FUNCTION DISPLAY DEVICE - A function display device includes an operating portion, a display portion for displaying a function operable by the operating portion, a trigger information generating portion that generates trigger information for displaying the function on the display portion based on movement of an operator with respect to the operating portion, and a control section for controlling the display portion based on the generated trigger information so as to display the function in a region of the display portion easily visible from the operator.07-29-2010
20100182136CONTROL OF APPLIANCES, KITCHEN AND HOME - The disclosed invention is generally in the field of control of appliances in the home, and in their networking and connectivity also with audio systems and internet sources and the integration of these elements in a connected manner. Preferred apparatus generally employs a video projection system and one or more TV cameras. Embodiments of the invention may be used to enhance the social interaction and enjoyment of persons in the kitchen and reduce the work of food preparation. The invention may be used in many rooms of the house, and contribute to the well being of seniors and others living therein.07-22-2010
20100182137CONTROL SYSTEMS INVOLVING NOVEL PHYSICAL CONTROLS AND TOUCH SCREENS - Disclosed are methods and apparatus, which enable the reconfigurable control of vehicles, homes, computers and other applications. Physical controls and virtual displayed controls on single and multipoint touch screens are used, separately or in combination to enable higher visibility and understanding of control information and easier operation of controls, particularly useful in stressful situations. Some embodiments use optical sensors and rear projection of displayed embodiments, and are advantageous where curved screens are desired such as in a car.07-22-2010
20100259370METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING DEVIATION OF DYNAMIC LOCATION - A method and a system of determining the deviation of dynamic position are provided. The determining method includes the follow steps. First, a server receives a plurality of first position data from a first mobile device. Next, the server receives a plurality of second position data from a second mobile device. Then, the server transmits the first position data to the second mobile device. Thereon, the server transmits the second position data to the first mobile device. Later, the server determines whether the first mobile device and the second mobile device deviate from each other according to the first position data and the second position data.10-14-2010
20130214915MULTIFUNCTIONAL STRIP FOR MOTOR VEHICLE - A multifunctional strip for a motor vehicle includes a panel element having a strip-shaped configuration and constructed for outputting first and second items of information which differ from one another; and at least one actuator for outputting an acoustic signal as one of the items of information. The multifunctional strip can be arranged on the outside of the body of the motor vehicle.08-22-2013
20090045927SYSTEM FOR ALERTING REMOTE VEHICLE OPERATOR OF UNSAFE TRANSPORTATION NETWORK CONDITIONS - The specification and drawing figures describe and illustrate a system for alerting a remote vehicle operator of unsafe transportation network conditions that includes a mobile wireless communications system. A mobile computing platform is mounted on a remote vehicle and operatively connectable across the mobile wireless communications system. Operator driving data, vehicle data, and transportation network data are collected and stored in the mobile wireless communications system and the mobile computing platform, and may be transmitted across the mobile wireless communications system. At least one program is stored either in the mobile wireless communications system or the mobile computing platform, or both, for using the data to determine a safe route between geographical coordinates along the transportation network. An alarm subsystem notifies the operator of the remote vehicle of unsafe transportation network conditions if the operator of the remote vehicle deviates from the safe route, although the mobile computing platform may not be operating.02-19-2009
20090021356Method and Device for Recognizing Tiredness - In a method and in a device for detecting when the driver of a motor vehicle becomes tired, the tiredness is determined as a function of a detected steering inactivity phase and a subsequent steering action. In this context, the steering inactivity phase is logically combined with the steering actions and the logic combination is stored at various times. The logic combination is stored with an assigned weighting factor, and the weighting factor is determined as a function of a classification of a steering situation.01-22-2009
20100238006CONCEALED DISPLAY FOR AN EXTERNAL SURFACE OF A VEHICLE - A panel assembly includes a body that is attachable to a vehicle and has an aperture. A display sub-assembly configured for illumination has a periphery configured to conform to the aperture. The display sub-assembly is mounted to the body within the aperture such that a surface of the display sub-assembly and a surface of the body are substantially flush. A translucent coating is disposed over both the surface of the body and the surface of the display sub-assembly. The translucent coating substantially conceals the display sub-assembly.09-23-2010
20090085730ILLUMINANCE SENSOR FOR VEHICLE - An illuminance sensor for detecting brightness of outside a vehicle having a windshield includes first and second light receiving elements and a light emitting element for emitting light to the windshield. The first light receiving element outputs a first signal corresponding to outside light. The light emitted from the light emitting element is reflected at an outside surface of the windshield. The second light receiving element outputs a second signal corresponding to the reflected light. The outside light passes a first region of the windshield through which the light emitted from the light emitting element passes or a second region of the windshield through which the reflected light passes. The first signal is corrected based on the second signal to detect the brightness.04-02-2009
20100253488AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE AND ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM THEREFOR - An automotive vehicle includes one or more computers. The one or more computers are configured to, in a first mode of operation, receive and store, at a plurality of instances, inventory information about assets in a vicinity of the vehicle, and identify patterns in asset inventories based on a history of days and times when the inventory information was received. The one or more computers are also configured to, in a second mode of operation, generate output representing an alert if an asset expected to be in the vicinity of the vehicle on a particular day and time, based on the identified patterns, is not in the vicinity of the vehicle.10-07-2010
20100253489DISTORTION AND PERSPECTIVE CORRECTION OF VECTOR PROJECTION DISPLAY - A method to represent graphical images upon a transparent windscreen head up display of a vehicle describing an operational environment for the vehicle includes monitoring data describing critical information in the operational environment for the vehicle, monitoring a location of a viewpoint of an operator of the vehicle, determining a desired graphic to represent the critical information in a viewing space based upon the data and the viewpoint, transforming the desired graphic in the viewing space into a projected graphic in a projection space defined by the surface of the windscreen, transforming the projected graphic in the projection space into patterns of projected light in a projector space, and generating commands to a graphics projection system based upon the patterns of projected light.10-07-2010
20120194328VEHICLE APPROACH WARNING APPARATUS - A vehicle warning apparatus has a vehicular horn disposed in an overlapping arrangement with a supersonic speaker, such that the vehicular horn is positioned between the supersonic speaker and a heat exchanger. The vehicular horn blocks the supersonic speaker from heat produced by the heat exchanger, which prevents the temperature of the supersonic speaker from increasing. Accordingly, troubles such as frequency change of supersonic wave output from the speaker and/or decrease of speaker's product life, without deteriorating heat dissipation capacity of the heat exchanger, are prevented. Furthermore, collective arrangement of the supersonic speakers on a single board attached on the vehicular horn improves the install-ability of the vehicle warning apparatus in the vehicle, and improves the directional reach of the supersonic wave.08-02-2012
20080316007SYSTEM AND PROCESS TO ENSURE PERFORMANCE OF MANDATED INSPECTIONS - A method and apparatus to provide evidence that a person who is intended to make a required inspection was actually physically present at a predefined location associated with the inspection, so that the inspection could have been done, and if not, to provide an indication of the failure to perform the inspection. This invention is particularly well suited to determine if required pre/post-trip inspections of vehicles have been performed. Detecting a triggering condition, such as powering on (or off) equipment, indicates the beginning of a period of time during which the inspection is to be performed. The monitoring system waits for a predetermined event to occur, which indicates the period of time has expired and determines if data corresponding to the inspection have been received. If not, it is concluded that the inspection has not been performed.12-25-2008
20130127608DISPLAY APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - A vehicle display apparatus includes a display section, an estimation section, and a controller. The display section has a screen and displays an image on the screen so that a user views a design in the image at a position away from the screen by a predetermined distance in a direction perpendicular to the screen. The estimation section estimates whether a movement of a line of sight of the user to the screen from a region outside the screen occurs. The controller gradually increases the distance, when the estimation section estimates that the movement occurs.05-23-2013
20090140845HEAD-UP DISPLAY DEVICE FOR VEHICLE - A head-up display device includes a light source, a display unit for producing display virtual images including an alarm display image, a mirror for reflecting the light to show the alarm display image in a field of front view of a driver, at least one on-vehicle device that the driver operates, a visual-line shift detecting means and a display position shifting means. The mirror reflects the light representing the alarm display image so that a driver can see the alarm display image in a display area that is set on one of a front windshield and a combiner in front of the driver and in a field of front vision of the driver. The visual-line shift detecting means detects a visual line shift of the driver from a usual forward visual range of the driver toward the on-vehicle device that the driver operates. The display position shifting means shifts positions of the display area to a position between the usual forward visual range and a portion/part, of the on-vehicle device at operation, which the driver watches during the operation when the visual-line shift detecting means detects the visual line shift from the usual forward visual range toward the on-vehicle device.06-04-2009
20100134262METHOD OF POSITIONING SENSORS FOR TWINNED WHEELS OF A VEHICLE - The invention relates to a method of positioning sensors on wheels (06-03-2010
20110241853HIGH-MOUNT PROJECTION DISPLAY APPARATUS FOR A VEHICLE - A projection display apparatus that presents a high-mount image to the driver of a vehicle includes an LCD or OLED display device and a set of projection minors embedded in an instrument panel forward of the driver. The display includes a first display portion facing away from the driver, on which a first image for high-mount presentation is formed. The projection minors project the first image back into the driver compartment for presentation to the driver in a high-mount location. Preferably, the display further includes a second display portion facing toward the driver, on which a second image for cluster presentation is formed. In the preferred arrangement, the driver directly views the second image in a cluster location disposed below the high mount location.10-06-2011
20090066487STATUS INDICATOR AND REMINDER SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE TEMPORARY MOBILITY KIT - A status indicator and reminder system for use with a vehicle having a tire sealant-containing temporary mobility kit is provided. The system includes a signal provided for viewing by the operator which indicates that the temporary mobility kit requires servicing. The need for servicing can be based on certain variables, including the passage of a pre-determined period of time or on changes in temperature which may impact the effective life of the sealing compound. In addition, the need for servicing can be based on a sensed of the temporary mobility kit from the vehicle.03-12-2009
20110043341IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - According to one embodiment, an imaging unit inputs a camera image of surroundings of a vehicle. The surroundings include at least one of a front side and a back side of the vehicle. A first image generation unit generates a mask image to conceal a protection region of personal information included in a region of a first vehicle on the camera image. The first vehicle exists at the front side or the back side of the user's vehicle. A surroundings-monitoring unit decides whether a second vehicle exists at a front side or a back side of the first vehicle by monitoring the camera image. A second image generation unit generates an identification image of the second vehicle when the second vehicle exists. A processing unit generates a composite image by combining the mask image and the identification image with the camera image, and displays the composite image to present to a user of the vehicle.02-24-2011
20120242466EXTERNAL STATUS INDICATOR FOR AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE - An indicator system for a vehicle having an electric motor and a rechargeable battery can include an indicator having a body with a first end and a second opposite end. The body can include an indicator area defining a plurality of contiguous indicator segments therebetween. Each indicator segment can be configured to provide a separate status indication of at least one of a state of charge of the rechargeable battery, a state of a user specified vehicle feature condition, and a fault condition associated with charging of the rechargeable battery. The indicator can be mounted to a vehicle structure about the first end such that the second end extends away from the vehicle structure and the indicator area is externally visible relative to the vehicle from multiple viewpoints beyond a periphery of the vehicle.09-27-2012
20110210835Emergency notification system and method for notifying emergency - An emergency notification system includes: an in-vehicle emergency notification device; and a center device in a service center. The in-vehicle device transmits a preliminary notification signal to the center device when a possibility of collision exists, transmits an emergency notification signal when the vehicle collides, and transmits a cancel signal when the vehicle avoids collision. The center device executes a preliminary notification process for waiting the signals when receiving the preliminary notification signal, executes an emergency notification process when receiving the emergency notification signal, and terminates the preliminary notification process when receiving the cancel signal. The center device determines whether the emergency notification process is necessary when the predetermined time has elapsed without receiving the signals after receiving the preliminary notification signal, executes the emergency notification process when the emergency notification process is necessary, and terminates the preliminary notification process when the emergency notification process is not necessary.09-01-2011
20090033474Car door opening early-warning system - A car door opening early-warning system, which is adapted to a vehicle having a plurality of door locks and an electric module that is used to generate an actuation power, is provided. The early-warning system includes a plurality of interlocking devices and at least one warning device. The interlocking devices are disposed on the corresponding door locks, and are connected to the warning device and the electric module. The warning device is disposed on the vehicle, and when the door locks are unlocked, the interlocking devices are actuated to conduct the actuation power to the warning device, such that the warning device is actuated to send a warning signal.02-05-2009
20100052881EMERGENCY STARTING SYSTEM OF VEHICLE AND METHOD THEREOF - The present invention relates to a button starting system for a vehicle which is able to stably start up by using an LF antenna installed in the vehicle in an emergency of a smart key. According to the system, the necessity of installation of a key holder can be removed.03-04-2010
20090284357Vehicle wheel security system - An alarm system for automotive wheel rims includes a magnet mounted to each wheel rim mounted substantially at the wheel rim's central axis. Each wheel hub includes a magnetic field sensor for sensing the movement of an adjacent magnet. Each magnetic field sensor is connected to a central processor for transmitting an alarm signal in the event that an adjacent magnet has moved indicating that a wheel rim has been displaced. The central processor triggers an audible or visual alarm alerting persons that a wheel rim has been removed without authorization.11-19-2009
20120119893Automobile Beacon, System, and Associated Method - Devices, systems, and methods are provided for alerting a pedestrian, such as a visually impaired pedestrian, of a vehicle in the vicinity. In general, signals are transmitted from a vehicle to a device carried by a pedestrian, such as a mobile terminal. In response, the pedestrian's device may generate an alarm, such as a vibration or an audible alarm, informing the pedestrian that a vehicle is nearby. In some cases, the pedestrian's device may transmit activation signals to the vehicle after receiving the signals from the vehicle. The activation signals may cause speakers on the vehicle to emit an audible alarm, alerting the pedestrian of the presence of the vehicle.05-17-2012
20090027176SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING ROAD INFORMATION IN ADVANCE - A system for providing a vehicle and/or the driver in advance with road information, the system including at least one message disposed at any point along the road, the message including information of at least one characteristic of an upcoming section of the road, at least one sensor mounted on the vehicle for reading the message, and a device coupled to the sensor for processing the message and providing the information to the vehicle and/or the driver in advance of the vehicle reaching that section of the road.01-29-2009
20120268257DISPLAY DEVICE, IN PARTICULAR FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - A display device, notably for an automobile vehicle, comprises a head down display module, and a head up display module. Means are provided for adjusting the position at least of the head up display module. The inclination of one or both of the head up and the head down display modules may also be adjusted. In such cases, the inclination of the modules may be the same or different. An adjustment axis may be provided for such adjustments, and this axis may be generally perpendicular to a normal viewing direction.10-25-2012
20110248840Stroller With Frame Position Sensor - A stroller includes: a first stroller component; a second stroller component comprising a child receiving portion; a drive mechanism operatively engaged with at least one of the first and second stroller components to move the at least one of the first and second stroller components from a first position to a second position; and an object sensor operably coupled to the child receiving portion. The object sensor provides a signal that prevents movement of the first and second stroller components from the first position to the second position if the object sensor detects the presence of an object in the child receiving portion.10-13-2011
20100302019Motor Vehicle Having a Display and A Camera - A motor vehicle has a first display and a first camera. An environmental image of the part of the environment of the vehicle lying behind the motor vehicle can be recorded using the first camera and the environmental image recorded using the first camera can be completely or partially displayed on the first display. The first display is disposed inside the motor vehicle such that the recorded environmental image, or a part of the recorded environmental image, may be perceivable as a virtual image behind a side pane of the motor vehicle for a driver of the vehicle.12-02-2010
20080231431CART COORDINATOR/DEPLOYMENT MANAGER - A media enhanced shopping cart system comprises a shopping cart comprising a frame, a basket, a handle, a base tray, a plurality of wheels, a read component for performing a proximity scan of the shopping cart, a locationing component for determining a location of the shopping cart within a store based on the scan, and a display component for displaying at least one advertisement for a product based on the location of the shopping cart within the store, wherein the locationing component is further operable to determine a location of the product within the store relative to the shopping cart based on the scan, and wherein the display component is further operable to display an indication of the location of the advertised product relative to the location of the shopping cart.09-25-2008
20090201137REARVIEW ASSEMBLY WITH DISPLAY - A rearview assembly for a vehicle includes a mirror element having a partially reflective, partially transmissive coating and a video display positioned behind the mirror element such that a display image is viewable through the partially reflective, partially transmissive coating. The video display may generate a viewable display image that has an intensity of at least 250 cd/m08-13-2009
20110187516TECHNIQUES FOR PRESENTING VEHICLE-RELATED INFORMATION - An apparatus for presenting a time-variant information element in a vehicle, which has a steering wheel (08-04-2011
20110187515Vehicle Control Apparatus - According to conventional art, if there is an obstacle on the left of a vehicle, a control threshold value is set so as to avoid the obstacle. If the control threshold value is exceeded, the vehicle is controlled in accordance with a deviation quantity so as to return to a position where the control threshold avoids being exceeded. However, even if a risky oncoming vehicle is approaching the vehicle on the right, the vehicle is controllably moved toward the oncoming vehicle. Thus, disadvantageously, a driver has a sense of fear or discomfort. A vehicle control apparatus according to the present invention includes a calculation section configured to calculate a first risk level present on the left of the vehicle and a second risk level present on the right of the vehicle, a setting section configured to set a first control threshold for the left of the vehicle based on the first risk level and to set a second control threshold for the right of the vehicle based on the second risk level, a change section configured to change at least one of the first and second control thresholds based on the first and second risk levels, and a control section configured to control the vehicle based on the changed control threshold.08-04-2011
20100245064METHOD AND MEANS FOR PROVIDING SAFETY RELATED MESSAGES TO DRIVERS - A system and a method are described for providing one or more messages associated with driving hazards to a driver of a vehicle, comprising: i. providing data derived from more than one driving sessions driven by the driver, and storing data that relate to a plurality of driving events associated with that driver; ii. identifying at least one event that might constitute a potential hazard in future driving sessions of that driver; and iii. sending one or more messages based on the at least one identified event.09-30-2010
20100321172WINDOW GLASS BREAKAGE DETECTOR AND BREAKAGE DETECTING APPARATUS - A window glass breakage detection tool attached to a window glass of a vehicle to detect breakage of the window glass is disclosed. When the window glass is unbroken, at least part of the breakage detection tool is located in a through hole arranged in the window glass and urges a wall of the through hole in a direction expanding the through hole with an elastic force of the detection tool. When the window glass breaks, the breakage detection tool shatters the window glass at a portion surrounding the through hole and the detector is at least partially displaced.12-23-2010
20100321171System and Method for Satellite Aided Truck/Trailer Tracking and Monitoring - A system and method for satellite aided vehicle monitoring. Tire pressure, mileage, and tachometer/speedometer information are generated by sensors that are affixed to different parts of a truck/trailer. Measurement data taken by the sensors is reported to a mobile terminal affixed to the vehicle. In one embodiment, the sensor data is transmitted to the mobile terminal using wireless communication. The mobile terminal transmits reports, which can include sensor information and position information, to a remote location via a communications satellite.12-23-2010
20100321170SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING INFORMATION TO VEHICLE OPERATOR - A display system for displaying information to a vehicle operator comprises one or more projectors positioned in an operator cab of a vehicle. The projector is configured to project a heads up display of a plurality of data sets on a windscreen of the vehicle. Projected data sets are positioned in the heads up display and/or moved within the heads up display based on assessed relative priority levels of the data sets. Thus, for example, a data set with a higher assessed relative priority level may be positioned in a location of greater operator viewing prominence. If the priority level drops, the data set may be moved to a position of lower operator prominence. Respective heads up displays may be projected on more than two separate windscreens of the vehicle, either simultaneously or at alternate times, and possibly depending on an operational mode of the vehicle.12-23-2010
20080204204Position Sensor for the Seat of a Motor Vehicle08-28-2008
20080204205ONBOARD DISPLAY DEVICE, ONBOARD DISPLAY SYSTEM AND VEHICLE - An onboard display device in accordance with the present invention includes a display section (08-28-2008
20100283589IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM, IMAGE CAPTURE DEVICE AND METHOD THEREOF - An image processing system including a display apparatus, a plurality of image capture units and an image processing apparatus is provided. The plurality of image capture units each include a camera capturing an image data, a storage unit storing segment information for identifying each of segments divided from the image data, and importance degrees calculated for the segments, an image compressing unit compressing each of the segments of the image data, and a transmitting unit transmitting the compressed image data to the image processing apparatus. The image processing apparatus includes a network interface unit inputting the compressed image data, an image generating unit generating a combined image data based on the compressed image data, and a transmitting unit transmitting the combined image data to the display apparatus, and the display apparatus includes a receiving unit receiving the combined image data and a display unit displaying the combined image data.11-11-2010
20110084819HANDHELD CHARGE INDICATOR ASSEMBLIES FOR USE WITH CHILDREN'S RIDE-ON VEHICLES, CHILDREN'S RIDE-ON VEHICLE KITS INCLUDING THE SAME, AND METHODS OF DETERMINING THE STATE OF CHARGE OF A BATTERY ASSEMBLY OF A CHILDREN'S RIDE-ON VEHICLE - Handheld charge indicator assemblies, children's ride-on vehicle kits including the same, and methods of determining the state of charge of a battery assembly of a children's ride-on vehicle. Handheld charge indicator assemblies are sized to be held in the hand of a user and are configured to be selectively interconnected to a battery assembly of a children's ride-on vehicle and output an output signal representative of a voltage of the battery assembly. Handheld charge indicator assemblies include a body, an electronic circuit housed within the body, an indicator configured to output an output signal representative of an input voltage to the electronic circuit, and a battery connector configured to engage the battery assembly of a children's ride-on vehicle. In some embodiments, the handheld charge indicator assembly further includes an actuator configured to actuate the electronic circuit to detect the input voltage responsive to a user engaging the actuator.04-14-2011
20100328054Method and System for Coding Digital Information in Lane Markings - A road surface includes lane marking that store digital information. Images of the road surface and lane markings are acquired by a camera. The digital information is decoded from the images, analyzed so that a feedback signal can be generated according to the decoded digital information.12-30-2010
20100117810IN-VEHICLE DEVICE AND DISPLAY CONTROL SYSTEM - An in-vehicle device for displaying a plurality of screen data generated by a mobile terminal device on one display is provided. A registering unit is configured to register partial area information in which disposition information indicating disposition of each of a plurality of partial areas which are disposed on a display area of the display are associated with priority information indicating priority of each of the partial areas. A adjusting unit is configured to adjust the display area by allocating one of the screen data to one of the partial areas based on the priority information included in the partial area information when receiving a request to display the one of the screen data on the display. A display control unit is configured to display the one of the screen data allocated to the one of the partial areas on the display based on the disposition information included in the partial area information.05-13-2010
20120146778METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING A HAZARDOUS MATERIAL ALERT - System for providing a hazardous materials hazardous material alert. The system includes a method for transmitting a hazardous material alert for use with a vehicle that is transporting hazardous material. The method comprises steps of detecting a hazard event, and transmitting the hazardous material alert in response to the hazard event, wherein the hazardous material alert includes information relating to the hazardous material.06-14-2012
20110080275On-Board Emergency Reporting Apparatus And Auxiliary Battery Device For The Same - An emergency reporting apparatus includes a power supply circuit, a control circuit, and a timer. The power supply circuit generates operating power of the emergency reporting apparatus from a vehicle battery in a vehicle battery mode and from an auxiliary battery in an auxiliary battery mode. The control circuit causes the power supply circuit to switch from the vehicle battery mode to the auxiliary battery mode in response to a trigger event and starts an emergency reporting procedure using the auxiliary battery. The timer measures time elapsed since the power supply circuit switches to the auxiliary battery mode. The control circuit causes the power supply circuit to switch back to the vehicle battery mode, when the elapsed time exceeds a predetermined threshold time period.04-07-2011
20100194549Drive Recorder - An object of the invention is to provide a drive recorder that can properly protect the video information being recorded in such cases as when a vehicle-mounted battery is damaged or the connection between the battery and the drive recorder is broken due to a vehicle accident or the like. More particularly, the invention provides a drive recorder includes a first detector which outputs a first voltage drop signal when an input voltage to the drive recorder drops to or below a first voltage, and a control unit which stops recording on a recording device at a normal recording rate, and records the video information on the recording device by reducing the recording rate when the first voltage drop signal is received.08-05-2010
20100019891Inter-vehicle communication feature awareness and diagnosis system - A method is provided for sharing data between a host vehicle and remote entity in an inter-vehicle communication system. Wireless messages are transmitted between the remote entity and the host vehicle. The wireless messages include data relating to sensor information used to enhance environmental awareness of surrounding conditions of the host vehicle. A received wireless message includes sensor information transmitted from the remote entity to the host vehicle. The wireless message further includes an uncertainty indicator relating to the remote vehicle's assessment of an uncertainty of the sensor information transmitted by the remote vehicle. The uncertainty affecting an accuracy of the sensor information is assessed for determining a degree for which the sensor information is to be used in evaluating environmental awareness conditions affecting the host vehicle. Environmental awareness features of the host vehicle are selectively activated in response to assessing the uncertainty affecting the accuracy of sensor information.01-28-2010
20090174533Instrumentation Assembly For A Vehicle - An instrumentation assembly for installation in the dashboard of a vehicle is disclosed herein. The instrumentation assembly includes an electronic controller, an enclosure, a viewable gauge, a viewable display, and a proximity-sensing switch. The controller has a memory for storing information. The enclosure has a designated front section and a designated rear section, wherein the front section includes substantially transparent material so as to define a window. Both the gauge and the display are electrically connected to the controller and mounted within the enclosure so as to substantially face the window. The switch is electrically connected to the controller and operable to sense the proximal presence of a mass, such as a human finger. In this configuration, the display is operable to exhibit the memory's information for viewing, and the switch is activatable by a human finger to selectively control the exhibition of the information on the display.07-09-2009
20090096595Driver Alert System for the Steering Wheel of a Motor Vehicle - A driver alert system for the steering wheel of a motor vehicle. The system comprises an electric motor, an eccentric mass connected to the electric motor, and a control circuit for providing electric supply to the electric motor in response to an alert activation signal The motor is controlled by the control circuit to an operation level of voltage during a portion of a vibration period with a non-vibration period following the vibration period, and the motor is over or under-controlled with respect to the operation range at the beginning or end of said vibration period.04-16-2009
20110304444PORTABLE VISION SYSTEM - A method and system for integrating a camera-equipped handheld mobile device with a vehicle's electronic systems, such that the imaging capabilities of the mobile device can be utilized by the vehicle, and information from vehicle's systems can be utilized by the mobile device. The mobile device is placed in a mounting fixture, which can provide power to the mobile device, and is designed to dynamically aim the mobile device's camera based on driving conditions. The mobile device can communicate with the vehicle's systems wirelessly, or via a wired connection. Images from the mobile device's camera are provided to a processor onboard the vehicle, and can be used by vehicle safety and convenience systems. The mobile device can also receive information from the vehicle and use the information in applications on the mobile device. Computing workload can be shared between the vehicle's processor and the mobile device.12-15-2011
20120306635VEHICLE INSTRUMENT - A vehicle instrument includes a mechanical meter which is attached to an instrument panel of a vehicle, and a projector which projects an image to be superimposed on an indication area of the mechanical meter. The projector projects a graphic image according to the type of display content. In the case where the display content is a warning, a warning image is superimposed on an indicator and the area surrounding the indicator of the mechanical meter. The projector can also superimpose an area image on the display area of the mechanical meter, the area image indicating a cost effective driving range according to a driving state of the vehicle.12-06-2012
20120306634HOST VEHICLE WITH EXTERNALLY PERCEIVABLE CRUISE CONTROL INDICATING DEVICE - A host vehicle includes a cruise control system and an externally perceivable indicating device. The cruise control system is configured to selectively synchronize speed control of the host vehicle with at least one other vehicle. The cruise control system includes a relative position detecting device configured to determine position of the at least one second vehicle relative to the host vehicle, a vehicle speed control device, and a vehicle-to-vehicle communication device. The externally perceivable indicating device is configured to provide an indication of the operating status of the cruise control system.12-06-2012
20110304445Vehicle Presence Notification Apparatus - A vehicular horn device of an existing electromagnetic type is used as a dynamic speaker so as to generate a false engine sound. The shortage of a low-pitched sound in a parametric speaker device is complemented with a false engine sound which the vehicular horn device generates. Thereby, without need of mounting a large-sized dynamic speaker such as a woofer in a vehicle, a false engine sound is generated so as to model for a real engine sound. In addition, as the vehicle approaches a pedestrian, a sound tone of the false engine sound which the pedestrian hears changes, enabling the pedestrian to easily notice the approach or presence of the vehicle.12-15-2011
20090085729VEHICLE REAR-VIEW MIRROR - To provide a vehicle rear-view mirror equipped with a display device, configured so that: a warning indication is easy to see from the driver and is hard to see from following vehicles and vehicles on the adjacent lanes; and when no warning is indicated, no discontinuities occur in the rear-area image reflected in the mirror and the warning symbol is unnoticeable. A mirror element 04-02-2009
20110102163Movable object periphery monitoring system and method for controlling data transmission in the same - A transmission device includes a transmitter and a receiver and transmits an image signal of an image of a periphery of a movable object from an imaging device to a display device near a driver of the movable object. The transmitter transmits an image signal to the receiver through a first transmission path and a second transmission path. The transmitter adds error detection information to each unit data item of a screen of the display device to generate an image signal. The receiver detects an error in the first transmission path using the error detection information. When continuously detecting an error in multiple transmitted unit data items, the receiver determines that malfunction occurs in a transmission state of the first transmission path and selects an image signal transmitted through the second transmission path instead of an image signal transmitted through the first transmission path.05-05-2011
20090128308Car antitheft system - A car antitheft system includes a main controller invisibly mounted on a car, and an antitheft state indicator embedded in an engine start button of the car and electrically connected to the main controller for indicating a current antitheft state of the car. With these arrangements, the engine start button serves to start the car when the car antitheft system is released, and to indicate the current antitheft state of the car when the car antitheft system is enabled and the antitheft state indicator embedded in the engine start button is lighted, so as to warn and stop a thief from invading the car.05-21-2009
20120001741VEHICLE-MOUNTED ELECTRONIC DEVICE - Disclosed is a vehicle-mounted electronic device provided with an input unit which designates a destination, an incident-prone area storage unit in which incident-prone area data is stored, a report unit, and a control unit, wherein incident occurrence rates in a plurality of time zones in each of areas or incident occurrence rates in a plurality of time zones in each of facilities within each of the areas are stored in the incident-prone area storage unit, and the control unit calculates the predicted time of arrival at the designated destination, and when detecting that the incident occurrence rate in the area in which the destination is located or the incident occurrence rate in the destination is a preset predetermined value or more in a time zone of a predetermined time period later than the calculated predicted time, causes the report unit to make a report.01-05-2012
20100033311DISPLAY DEVICE FOR VEHICLE - A display device for a vehicle includes a meter unit, an indicator unit and a control unit. The meter unit includes an image display monitor having a screen, and a meter for indicating a value of a vehicle first state is displayed by an image on the screen. The indicator unit includes a display pane defining an opening for exposing the meter at a display side of the image display monitor, an indicator is provided on the display pane at a peripheral area of the opening, and the indicator displays a vehicle second state by light. The control unit controls independently a display luminance of the meter and a display luminance of the indicator.02-11-2010
20080197985Height Control Device - A device for controlling the height of a load or load carrier behind the cab of a truck includes a sensor supported on a power operated air deflector on the roof of the cab. The sensor is arranged, during vertical movement of the rear end of the air deflector, to sense the maximum height of the load or the load carrier behind the cab and to send signals representing the maximum height to an indicator inside the cab.08-21-2008
20120013453RFID Safety System and Method - The system and method for detecting and warning of the proximity of a hazard. In one embodiment this may be achieved by receiving a signal from a RFID tag, determining that the RFID tag is associated with a safety article, and activating a warning device. In another embodiment, a system may be provided that includes a monitoring antenna that receives data transmitted from a RFID tag coupled to a safety article and a processor that transmits a signal to a warning device if the safety article is in proximity to a hazard.01-19-2012
20120056734METHOD OF MONITORING VEHICLE SURROUNDINGS, AND APPARATUS FOR MONITORING VEHICLE SURROUNDINGS - A technology is provided for monitoring the surroundings of a vehicle in which a driver approaching the vehicle is recognized, obstacles present in the surroundings of the vehicle are searched for, obstacle information is generated for searched and found obstacles, and the driver outside of the vehicle is notified of the obstacle information. The driver approaching the vehicle can be recognized via communication with a mobile communication device carried by the driver. Additionally, the technology determines whether or not the searched and found obstacle is present in a blind spot area of the driver, and notifies the driver outside the vehicle of the obstacle information related to the obstacle when the obstacle is present in the blind spot area of the driver.03-08-2012
20120119892EXTERIOR MIRROR REFLECTIVE ELEMENT SUB-ASSEMBLY WITH SIGNAL INDICATOR - A mirror reflective element sub-assembly includes a mirror reflective element, a mirror back plate and a signal indicator. The mirror back plate includes (i) a generally planar portion and (ii) an indicator receiving portion. The indicator receiving portion has a wall structure extending at an angle from the generally planar portion adjacent to an aperture established through the mirror back plate. The signal indicator has a light source disposed at a circuit element and a housing substantially encases the circuit element therein. An electrical connector protrudes from the circuit element and is accessible at a connector portion of the housing for connecting to electrical wiring of the vehicle. The signal indicator includes an indicia element at a forward end thereof. When the light source is activated, light emitted by the light source emanates through the aperture and through the mirror reflective element and is transmitted through the indicia element.05-17-2012
20090134984Car Poster that Changes Display Contents - A car poster has a display device and a remote controller. The display device has a monitor that displays different contents according to different objectives. The remote controller transmits control signals to remotely control the monitor to change the display contents. A basic circuit of the display device has a controller, a memory, a receiver, a monitor, a connection port and a first power source. The controller is a control and operation center. The memory is used to previously stores multiple display contents and also is coupled to the controller. The receiver is coupled to the controller for receiving control signals from the remote controller.05-28-2009
20090134985MODULAR SENSOR UNIT FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - Sensor unit (05-28-2009
20110080276VEHICLE WITH WARNING DEVICE - The present invention relates to a vehicle, in particular a lorry or bus, provided with a device for issuing, in the event of the vehicle turning off, an acoustic warning signal in the direction of a warning region next to the vehicle, comprising: —at least one sound source for generating an acoustic warning signal; —at least one sound director, which is connected to the sound source, for sending the acoustic warning signal to the warning region in substantially one or more preferred directions with respect to the vehicle and attenuating the acoustic warning signal outside the warning region in the remaining directions with respect to the vehicle, —control means for switching on the sound source when the vehicle turns off or is about to turn off; wherein the sound director has at least one outlet which is formed at a distance from the vehicle wall such that the warning signal is amplified in the one or more preferred directions as a result of interference as a consequence of reflection against the vehicle wall.04-07-2011
20110090071VEHICLE DRIVER ASSIST SYSTEM - A driver assist system is provided that generates a video signal representing a vehicle environment outside a vehicle. At least one feature is extracted from the video signal. A reference is selected from a plurality of reference features stored as location attributes in a map database. The extracted feature is compared to at least one reference feature. An object in the vehicle environment is identified based on the comparison of the extracted feature and the reference feature. An indication is provided to a driver of the vehicle on the basis of the identified object. In one example, the system includes a video capturing device, an indicating device, a vehicle-based processing resource and access to a map database server. Processing tasks may be distributed among the vehicle-based processing resource and an external processing resource.04-21-2011
20100245063Santar - SANTAR is a means of wireless communication that electronically sense, and detect other vehicles in proximity using a common electromagnetic frequency, Receive, and transmit proximity data between vehicles in proximity. Display proximity data to the vehicle operators, on a sensory graphics display. Enable the vehicle operators to view and transmit a common greeting and/or message to the other vehicle operators in proximity through a sensory responsive graphic display. Enable the driver to choose which vehicle, or vehicles to receive communications from, and allows a secure direct inter vehicular wireless link to be established between vehicle operators for the purpose of transmitting voice, and other data between vehicle operators, and other vehicle occupants09-30-2010
20120126963Over-the-Air Issue Reporting From Vehicles - Systems and methods for occupant reporting of a vehicle issue over-the-air from within a vehicle include a cellular device in the vehicle that establishes a connection with a cellular network. A user interface includes a display that provides occupant selectable menu options for reporting a vehicle issue. A processing system generates issue data based on a selected menu option. The issue data is selectably provided to one or more issue receiving servers including a first issue receiving server associated with a first organization and a second issue receiving server associated with a second, different organization using the cellular network.05-24-2012
20100207748Method for Displaying Information - In a method for displaying information relating to the assignments of functions to a group of freely assignable operating keys in a motor vehicle, a first display step outputs for each operating key of the group a brief description of the respective function assignment, and a second display step outputs for a single selected operating key of the group a more detailed description. In the first display step, the brief descriptions of all operating keys of the group are output side-by-side into screen areas, which essentially are adjacent to each other, in an edge region of a display unit of the motor vehicle. In the second display step, the more detailed description is output into the same edge region of the same display unit such that the more detailed description covers the entire screen area of the brief description of the selected operating key, and the more detailed description at least partially covers the screen area of the brief description of at least one additional operating key.08-19-2010
20100207747Sound production controller - A sound production controller can include a horn device that performs a vibrating operation at a predetermined resonance frequency in response to a predetermined operation to produce a warning sound, an input section which receives a sound production command signal outputted in response to execution of a function that requires sound production in the vehicle other than the predetermined operation, and a sound production controller which, if the input section receives the sound production command, provides a high-frequency signal having a frequency higher than the predetermined resonance frequency to the horn device to cause the horn device to produce a sound.08-19-2010
20120133497OBJECT APPEARANCE FREQUENCY ESTIMATING APPARATUS - An estimation apparatus of an object appearance frequency is provided. The apparatus estimates an appearance frequency of objects, such as pedestrians, in a predetermined estimation area. The apparatus calculates a matrix F05-31-2012
20110181406DISPLAY SYSTEM AND VEHICLE HAVING THE SAME - A display system for a vehicle includes an image capture module, a control module, and a display module. The image capture module includes a left camera and a right camera mounted on left and right sides of the vehicle to capturing images of surrounding traffic. The control module includes a receiving unit which receives the images of surrounding traffic captured by the left camera or the right camera, and a generating unit which generates a first displaying signal after the receiving unit receiving the images of surrounding traffic from the left camera and generates a second displaying signal after the receiving unit receiving the images of surrounding traffic from the right camera. The display module displays the dynamic images of traffic captured by the left and right cameras when receiving the displaying signals.07-28-2011
20080218321In-vehicle emergency call apparatus - An in-vehicle emergency call apparatus capable of performing an emergency call operation when electric power supply from a vehicle battery is cut is provided. The in-vehicle emergency call apparatus includes a first electric power supply line system causing an electric power supply unit to supply electric power to an emergency notification detection unit and an control unit. A second electric power supply line system is provided that causes the electric power supply unit to supply the electric power to the radio-communication unit. The second electric power supply line system is provided independently of the first electric power supply line system. A first capacitor coupled with the first electric power supply line system is capable of being configured to have a small capacitance.09-11-2008
20120313767TOUCH SENSOR HAVING A SELECTABLE SENSITIVITY LEVEL AND METHOD OF SELECTING A SENSITIVITY LEVEL OF A TOUCH SENSOR - A touch sensor assembly having a selectable sensitivity level allows for a user to activate a touch sensor while wearing hand covers. The touch sensor assembly includes a touch sensor, a comparison unit, and a control unit. The touch sensor has a selectable sensitivity level, and detects a value corresponding to a capacitance of the touch sensor. The comparison unit has a predetermined threshold stored therein, and determines activation of the touch sensor if the detected value exceeds the predetermined value. The control unit is operable to select a sensitivity level of the touch sensor by varying the predetermined threshold by an amount unrelated to an environmental effect on the touch sensor.12-13-2012
20120249315ROTARY CONTROL DEVICE WITH HAPTIC FEEDBACK - The present invention relates to a rotary control device with haptic feedback to be mounted in a control panel (10-04-2012
20120182137VEHICLE WARNING APPARATUS - A vehicle warning apparatus may include a supersonic speaker for outputting a supersonic wave that is equipped in a parametric speaker. The supersonic speaker includes a supersonic vibrator that generates a supersonic wave. A waterproof sheet and louver is arranged to cover a speaker opening in order to protect the supersonic vibrator from water and other foreign particles. Specifically, the waterproof sheet is arranged to cover the speaker opening at a distance L07-19-2012
20120182138VEHICLE PRESENCE NOTIFICATION APPARATUS - A vehicle includes a front grille and a vehicle presence notification apparatus that includes a supersonic speaker, where the vehicle presence notification apparatus is behind the front grille. The front grille includes a plurality of grille bars that may be in a front range of the supersonic speakers. The grille bars that are positioned in the front range of the supersonic speaker includes a curved convex and an upper plate, which have a substantial U shape cross section. The supersonic wave is reflected on an inside surface of one grille bar in a downward direction, and is reflected again on an outside surface of an adjacent grille bar in a forward or frontal direction to output toward a front field of the vehicle.07-19-2012
20120182136VEHICLE APPROACH WARNING APPARATUS - A vehicle (approach) warning apparatus generates a warning sound that is emitted from a parametric speaker and a vehicle horn, by driving the vehicle horn with a rectangular wave signal of 0 volts or more, thereby preventing a power loss due to a counter electromotive force that is caused by an alternation of a plus electric voltage and a minus electric voltage in the horn as well as preventing a problematic distortion of the warning sound from the horn. Further, since the vehicle (approach) warning apparatus is devised to prevent the parametric speaker from generating a low pitch sound of 500 Hz that is reproduced by the horn, an influence of a higher harmonic wave upon a reproduced sound from the parametric speaker is reduced, thereby preventing deterioration of a sound from the parametric speaker.07-19-2012
20090021355Driver Assistance System Having a Device for Detecting Special Situations - A driver assistance system includes a position finding system (01-22-2009
20120262283ODOMETER VERIFICATION AND REPORTING USING A TELEMATICS-EQUIPPED VEHICLE - A system and method for providing an odometer verification for a vehicle. The method carried out by the system includes the steps of: (a) receiving authorization from a customer to periodically store odometer information obtained from the customer's vehicle; (b) configuring at least one processing device such that it automatically stores odometer readings and associated correlation parameter values for the vehicle; (c) receiving a request for an odometer verification; (d) analyzing the odometer readings and associated correlation parameter values in response to the request; (e) determining a verification result based on the analysis; and (f) sending the verification result to a recipient in response to the determination.10-18-2012
20110121957LIGHT FILM DEVICE - A light film apparatus having an illuminated graphics panel with at least two segments that can be individually powered. A controller manages a power which is delivered from a power supply to each of the segments, so that each of the segments is either powered on, powered off or powered to an intermediate level. With the independent control of power to the different segments, it is possible to create a three-dimensional appearance of a moving image from a generally two-dimensional panel arrangement.05-26-2011
20110121956Security system for preserving life left inside hot vehicle - A security system which comprises temperature and movement sensors, and two timers. One of them for controlling a relay and the second timer. The relay, upon activation, triggers the theft alarm system. The second timer switches activate the power window motors to open the windows and to make a phone call. All this allows outside air to cool down the vehicle cabin, provides easy access/exit, alert nearby people for help, and also sends a remote alert to the person called. So, the present invention accomplishes its primary function of preserving life left in hot vehicles by taking measures to directly prevent life loss inside hot vehicles and alert nearby and remote people for assistance.05-26-2011
20100328055Detection System for Assisting A Driver When Driving A Vehicle - A detection system (12-30-2010
20120319828DISPLAY AND OPERATING SYSTEM OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A display and operating system of a motor vehicle includes an instrument cluster that is formed by a plurality of display devices and has an outer left-hand display device and an outer right hand display device. A steering wheel of the system includes an outer left-hand operating device configured exclusively for driver interaction with the outer left-hand display device of the instrument cluster and an outer right-hand operating device configured exclusively for driver interaction with the outer right-hand display device of the instrument cluster. Further devices, including at least one of a display device or an operating device, are disposed laterally adjacent to the instrument cluster.12-20-2012
20080278298Information Device, Preferably in a Motor Vehicle, and Method for Supplying Information About Vehicle Data, in Particular Vehicle Functions and Their Operation - An information device, e.g., inside a motor vehicle, includes at least one output device and a processing device, to which a memory device is assigned in which all types of vehicle data, in particular data of vehicle functions and/or vehicle elements, their operation, display or manipulation, and/or data of vehicle states, are stored, and a method is for supplying information about the mentioned vehicle data.11-13-2008
20120081217VEHICLE APPROACH NOTIFICATION APPARATUS FOR ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE - An electric motorcycle includes a front cover for covering a head pipe of a vehicle body frame from a forward direction and a speaker for notifying an individual, such as a walker or the like, of the approach of a vehicle. The speaker has a sound emitting direction directed forwardly on the vehicle body and is disposed at a position on the opposite side to a key cylinder of a main switch, which is disposed in a vehicle body sideward direction of the head pipe, across the head pipe. A front stay support a front carrier disposed on the vehicle body front side of the front cover and is attached to the vehicle body front side of the head pipe is provided on the vehicle body rear side of the front cover. The speaker is disposed above the front stay as viewed in front elevation of the vehicle body.04-05-2012
20100231368VEHICLE PRESENCE NOTIFICATION APPARATUS - A vehicle presence notification apparatus includes a modulating section to modulate an ultrasonic wave functioning as a carrier wave according to an audible sound; and a speaker to generate the audible sound as a notice sound by emitting the modulated ultrasonic wave in the air. As proceeding in the air, the modulated ultrasonic wave is gradually demodulated to thus become the audible sound. The audible sound posterior to the demodulation has a significant directivity like the ultrasonic wave. The notice sound is thus conveyed mainly to a pedestrian who is present in a dangerous area range where a danger needs to be taught. The sense of discomfort due to the notice sound is reduced for a pedestrian, who is not present in the dangerous area region or a person who is inside of another vehicle.09-16-2010
20130009759IN-VEHICLE SYSTEM - An in-vehicle system includes a instrument cluster display arranged in an instrument cluster and a heads-up display that projects an image in an area on a front window above the instrument cluster. When a user continues viewing a display screen of the instrument cluster display for a predetermined period of time or longer, the display of the instrument cluster display is stopped, and content displayed on the display of the instrument cluster display is displayed on the heads-up display.01-10-2013
20130009761Systems, Computer Medium and Computer-Implemented Methods for Monitoring Health and Ergonomic Status of Drivers of Vehicles - Provided are embodiments of systems, computer medium and computer-implemented methods for monitoring a status of a driver when driving a vehicle. A system including a set of sensors configured to be disposed in the vehicle to collect driver status data. The system processing the driver status data to determine whether the driver is experiencing a health condition or crisis, and whether the driver's body position is ergonomic. In response to a health condition, generating a health alert indicative of the health condition. In response to the driver a health crisis generating a health alert indicative of the health crisis and inhibiting operation of the vehicle. In response to the driver's body position not being ergonomic, identifying and providing adjustments in the body position of the driver that need to be made for the driver to be positioned in a an ergonomically acceptable body position.01-10-2013
20130009760RADAR DETECTOR THAT INTERFACES WITH A MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE - An electromagnetic signal detector that interfaces with a mobile communication device that includes a communication element. The communication element transmits data between the electromagnetic signal detector and the mobile communication device via a first communication standard. A user interface of the mobile communication device communicates the data to a user of the electromagnetic signal detector. The mobile communication device communicates with a communication network via a second communication standard. The first communication standard differs from the second communication standard.01-10-2013
20110156887METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR FORMING SURROUNDING SEAMLESS BIRD-VIEW IMAGE - A method and system for forming a surrounding seamless bird-view image by processing a plurality of surrounding images associated with a carrier captured by different imaging devices is provided in the present invention. During the process, the surrounding images are converted into corresponding bird-images respectively and then an overlapping area corresponding to each two adjacent bird-view images is determined. After that, distances between the pixel in the overlapping area and the boundary of the overlapping area in each adjacent bird-view image is calculated so as to determine a weighting value for each corresponding pixel in each adjacent bird-view image thereby forming an overlapping image, wherein each pixel in the overlapping image is determined according to the weighting value and information of the corresponding pixel in each adjacent image. After determining the overlapping image for each two adjacent bird-view image, it is capable of forming the surrounding seamless bird-view image.06-30-2011
20130021144ALARM DEVICE FOR VEHICLE - An alarm device 01-24-2013
20120242468VEHICLE PRESENCE NOTIFICATION APPARATUS - A vehicle presence notification apparatus may include a dynamic speaker for radiating a notification sound from a vehicle in an audible frequency, and a sound pressure supplement unit is provided to control a sound pressure of the notification sound. The apparatus may further include a parametric speaker for generating a supersonic sound of the notification sound from a supersonic sound generation unit. The supersonic sound is emitted from a sound emission opening. The parametric speaker may further include a reflected sound pressure detecting unit for detecting a sound pressure generated by a reflection of the supersonic sound from the sound emission opening. The sound pressure supplement unit increases the sound pressure of the notification sound radiated by the dynamic speaker based on the sound pressure detected by the reflected sound pressure detecting unit.09-27-2012
20120242467OPERATION NOTIFICATION SOUND EMISSION DEVICE FOR VEHICLE - A vehicle travels with a traveling electric motor controlled with a first control device. A synthetic circuit receives a driving signal from a second control device, which is for controlling another electric motor distinct from the traveling electric motor. The synthetic circuit synthesizes, according to the driving signal, the operation notification sound imitative of a motor sound emitted from the traveling electric motor. An emission unit emits an operation notification sound synthesized by the synthetic circuit to notify the vehicle being in an operation state.09-27-2012
20080231432CART EXPLORER FOR FLEET MANAGEMENT/MEDIA ENHANCED SHOPPING CART PAGING SYSTEMS/MEDIA ENHANCED SHOPPING DEVICES WITH INTEGRATED COMPASS - A media enhanced shopping cart system comprises a shopping cart comprising a frame, a basket, a handle, a base tray, a plurality of wheels, a read component for performing a proximity scan of the shopping cart, a locationing component for determining a location of the shopping cart within a store based on the scan, and a display component for displaying at least one advertisement for a product based on the location of the shopping cart within the store, wherein the locationing component is further operable to determine a location of the product within the store relative to the shopping cart based on the scan, and wherein the display component is further operable to display an indication of the location of the advertised product relative to the location of the shopping cart.09-25-2008
20130176118TRANSMISSIVE DISPLAY OVER GAUGE - A vehicle instrument panel is provided. The vehicle instrument panel includes, but is not limited to, an analogue indicator overlying a first substrate and a display device overlying the analogue indicator. The display device has transparent portions for allowing light to pass through and non-transparent portions for displaying information.07-11-2013
20130093579DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEM - A driver assistance system includes an outside mirror device, which has a partially transmitting mirror and a display device for displaying at least one optical warning signal of the driver assistance system, the display device having an optical system situated behind the partially transmitting mirror and being equipped to make visible the optical warning signal in the form of a virtual image visible to the driver behind the partially transmitting mirror.04-18-2013
20130099908VEHICLE VISION SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING A VEHICLE SAFETY FEATURE - A safety system for a vehicle includes an imaging sensor and an image processor. The image sensor has an exterior rearward field of view. The imaging sensor captures image data and the image processor is operable to process captured image data to detect an object approaching the subject vehicle from rearward of the subject vehicle. The safety system is operable to determine if the detected object is likely to collide (or that a collision is probable or imminent or unavoidable or substantially unavoidable) with the subject vehicle and is operable to adjust a safety feature of the vehicle before the collision occurs. The safety system may be operable to adjust or vibrate or reposition a headrest of a seat in the subject vehicle responsive to determination that the detected object is likely to collide with the subject vehicle.04-25-2013
20130141226Automobile Telemetry for Data, Text, and Video Communication - The present invention comprises an automobile instrument display comprised of electronic hardware and software, with the display having a graphical user interface which is a screen located in place of at least one of an instrument on an instrument panel of a vehicle which is required for normal vehicle operation. The present invention also comprises an automobile-based electronic receiver and display that allows graphic or text information to be received and displayed to the operator of an automobile. The present invention also comprises an automobile-based data output device having a display capable of displaying to the operator of the automobile scalable electronic information that is downloaded into or transmitted to the automobile.06-06-2013
20080204202Device For Detecting an Installation Error of Satellite Sensors on Opposite Sides in a Vehicle - A device for detecting an installation error of satellite sensors on opposite sides of a vehicle is provided, which device detects the installation error based on a signal comparison between a door contact signal and a signal of one of the satellite (door acceleration) sensors during closing of a side door.08-28-2008
20130147614STEERING ANGLE SENSING DEVICE FOR VEHICLE WHEEL ALIGNMENT - A steering angle sensing device for vehicle wheel alignment includes a swingable rocking arm. The rocking arm can be located in a predetermined position and slidably connected with a simple wheel alignment calibrator. When a wheel of the vehicle is steered, the wheel alignment calibrator affixed to the wheel is synchronously rotated along with the steering of the wheel. At this time, the rocking arm is driven to swing by a corresponding angle and the steering angle sensing device emits a human-perceivable signal to a calibration worker, whereby the calibration worker can real-time know the steering angle of the wheel for conveniently performing the wheel alignment process.06-13-2013
20130147615HAZARD WARNING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR VEHICLES - A hazard warning device for vehicles is provided, including a light source unit, a light guiding unit, a warning structure unit and a control unit. The light source unit generates a light source for warning. The light guiding unit guides the light source to become a surface light source having an area. The warning structure unit scatters or reflects the surface light source and displays a warning. The control unit is the element for controlling the on and off of the light source unit. When the control unit receives an activation signal from a vehicle, the control unit activates the light source unit and displays a warning on a surface area of the vehicle through the light guiding unit and the warning structure unit.06-13-2013
20100302018CUSTOMIZABLE INDICATING INSTRUMENT - The invention relates to a combination instrument comprising at least one first zone and one second zone, in which respective driver-relevant data can be displayed. The invention also relates to a method for customizing a combination instrument.12-02-2010
20120274457VEHICLE COMPARTMENT DOOR HANDLE ASSEMBLY - A handle assembly is provided for a door of a vehicle storage or baggage compartment and includes a latch module press fit onto the housing of the assembly. The handle assembly also includes a lock assembly with a security plate to preclude unauthorized manipulation of the lock arm. In one embodiment, a position switch is associated with the latch rotor to sense the unlatched position of the rotor. A remote control power unit may also be provided on the handle assembly for locking and unlocking the latch module via a key fob or other access system user interface. An LED may be associated with the power unit to indicate locking and unlocking events, or other vehicle status information. The mounting bracket of the assembly may be selected from interchangeable brackets for manual or power actuation of the lock assembly.11-01-2012
20120274456SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETECTING AN ERROR IN THE INSTALLATION OF AN ELECTRICAL COMPONENT - A system and method for detecting an error in the installation of an electrical component in a vehicle having a vehicle bus is disclosed herein. The system includes, but is not limited to a vehicle communication interface that is configured to be communicatively coupled with the vehicle bus and to detect a first power state of the vehicle. The system further includes an aftermarket telematics unit that is configured to be electrically connected to the vehicle and to wirelessly communicate with the vehicle communication interface. The vehicle communication interface is further configured to detect a second power state of the aftermarket telematics unit, to compare the first power state with the second power state, and to alert a third party when the first power state and the second power state do not correspond with one another.11-01-2012
20100315213DPF Warning System - A system for providing external notification of a vehicle event to an operator includes a reader device connected to a control unit providing status of at least one vehicle condition with the vehicle having a diesel particulate filter (DPF), a plurality of warning devices connected to the reader device and a power supply connected to the reader device and to the warning devices wherein the reader device receives data via data lines from the control unit, decodes the received data to determine the occurrence of a vehicle event relating to the DPF and controls ground signal lines of the warning devices to trigger at least one of the warning devices based on the detection of a particular event.12-16-2010
20120280804ELECTRIC POWER INFORMATION PROVISION APPARATUS - A display apparatus includes a display section which is attached to an electric vehicle EV operable upon supply of electric power thereto and displays information regarding the electric power supplied to the electric vehicle EV; a determination section which determines whether or not the electric power supplied to the electric vehicle EV contains green electric power; and a display control section. In the case where the determination section determines that the electric power supplied to the electric vehicle EV contains green electric power, the display control section controls the display section such that the display color becomes green. In the case where the determination section determines that the electric power supplied to the electric vehicle EV does not contain green electric power, the display control section controls the display section such that the display color becomes red.11-08-2012
20130154815SYSTEM AND METHOD OF PROVIDING WARNING TO PEDESTRIAN USING LASER BEAM - Disclosed herein is a system and method of providing a warning to a pedestrian using a laser beam. In particular, objects present in a detection area of a front impact sensor provided on a vehicle are detected. A movement path vector of a first moving object that is moving in a direction identical to that of the vehicle, among the objects present in the detection area, is generated. When the movement path vector of the first moving object falls within an error range of a movement vector of the vehicle, the first moving object is designated as belonging to a group of laser warning target candidates, and thereafter an emission angle of a laser beam is generated. The laser beam is emitted through a laser light based on the emission angle of the laser beam.06-20-2013
20130187770HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE FOR AN AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE - A human machine interface (HMI) for an automotive vehicle comprises an instrument cluster and at least one head-up display for displaying information. The HMI includes at least one picture generation unit, each of which includes a laser for generating a modulated laser beam and a micro-electromechanical scanning minor arranged in the optical path of the laser beam for sweeping the laser beam over a diffuser in a two-dimensional Lissajous pattern. The HMI further comprises a central control unit that may be interfaced with a vehicle's on-board computer and/or another on-board device. A processor of the central control unit is configured to determine the pictures to be generated by the at least two picture generation units and to calculate, for each picture generation unit, the two-dimensional Lissajous pattern and the modulation of the at least one laser beam, the combination of which results in the respective picture to be displayed.07-25-2013
20130201011SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VERIFYING WHETHER A VEHICLE IS EQUIPPED WITH A FUNCTIONAL ON-BOARD UNIT - Various exemplary embodiments relate to a verification system and method for verifying whether a vehicle is equipped with a functional on-board unit (OBU). The system may include a license plate recognition system configured to obtain a license plate number of the vehicle at a first location; a database of license plate numbers and OBU information; a wireless communication system configured to send a trigger message to the OBU using the OBU information, and configured to receive a response from the OBU indicating a location of the OBU; and a verification module configured to determine whether the vehicle is equipped with the OBU. The database may include a correspondence of license plate numbers and OBU information. The verification module may determine that the vehicle is equipped with the OBU if the location reported by the OBU is within a specified distance of the first location.08-08-2013
20130201012VEHICULAR MIRROR WITH BLIND SPOT INDICATOR - An exterior rear view vision assembly (08-08-2013
20120068836SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING AN AUDIBLE ALERT FOR A VEHICLE - A method for controlling a vehicle to emanate an audible alert. The method includes determining when the vehicle is operating, and controlling a speaker system in the vehicle to emanate the audible alert outside of the vehicle for a period of time when the vehicle is operating. The audible alert has a sound profile that includes a simultaneous emanation of a first audible frequency component at a first sound pressure level and a second audible frequency component at a second sound pressure level, with the first and second sound pressure levels being greater than a sound pressure level of the sound profile at all other frequencies. The method further includes modulating the first sound pressure level of the first audible frequency component.03-22-2012
20130093578VEHICLE EXISTENCE ANNUNCIATOR DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - A vehicle existence annunciator device drives a speaker by utilizing an electric power, which is supplied from an electric power source, to emit an annunciation sound to the outside of a vehicle. The vehicle existence annunciator device includes a counter-voltage-reduction unit configured to enhance a sound pressure level at a frequency, which is apt to linger in a human's ear, when a power supply voltage applied from the electric power source to the vehicle existence annunciator device decreases.04-18-2013
20120086565PULSED INDICATION UNIT FOR VEHICLE - An indication unit for vehicles is suggested, which comprises at least one LED and at least one electrical circuit in a housing. The indication unit is connected to a first control, which is arranged in the vehicle, and connected to an LED driver circuit. A second control circuit, which is arranged in or on the housing of the indication unit, operates the LED with pulse-width modulated signals.04-12-2012
20130207794DASHBOARD DISPLAY METHOD AND APPARATUS - According to one example of the present invention, there is provided apparatus for displaying a dashboard display in a vehicle. The apparatus comprises a vehicle data bus interface for communicating with vehicle subsystems of a vehicle management system, a rules store for storing a set of dashboard display rules, and a dashboard display module. The dashboard display module is arranged to obtain a dashboard display definition, to determine whether the dashboard display definition is in compliance with the dashboard display rules; to obtain, where it is so determined, data from one or more of the vehicle subsystems in accordance with the dashboard display definition, and to display the obtained data in accordance with the dashboard display definition.08-15-2013

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