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340989000 At remote location 97
340995100 Map display 53
340996000 Prerecorded message describes position 2
20110193726EMOTIVE ADVISORY SYSTEM INCLUDING TIME AGENT - An emotive advisory system for use by one or more occupants of an automotive vehicle includes a computer. The computer is configured to receive input indicative of an operating state of the vehicle. The computer determines at least one of a need to provide time information to an occupant based on the operating state of the vehicle and an occupant request to provide time information to the occupant. The computer generates data representing an avatar having an appearance, and data representing a spoken statement for the avatar. The spoken statement provides time information to the occupant in spoken dialog based on at least one of the need and the request. The computer outputs data representing the avatar for visual display, and data representing the statement for the avatar for audio play.08-11-2011
20100026526Method and apparatus for generating location based reminder message for navigation system - A method and apparatus for a navigation system for generating a reminder message by applying predefined validation rule to display and/or voice announce the reminder message associated with a particular location. The method includes the steps of creating reminder message data which include a reminder message, a primary location, a secondary location, and a validation rule; comparing a reference location with the primary location; applying the validation rule in the reminder message data to determine whether a relationship between the primary location and the reference location satisfies the condition in the validation rule; displaying the reminder message when the condition is satisfied; and conducting a route guidance operation to reach a location selected by the user.02-04-2010
20080258938System and method for digital vehicle plating - A method for operating a digital plate on a vehicle. The method includes determining the location of a vehicle and displaying, on a digital plate on the vehicle, registration data corresponding to the vehicle and the vehicle location. The method further includes updating the registration data displayed on the digital plate according to changes in the vehicle location. There is also a corresponding digital plate system and satellite vehicle data system.10-23-2008
20090121902SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ADAPTIVE MOTION SENSING WITH LOCATION DETERMINATION - A system and method for adaptive motion sensing with location determination is described. In one embodiment, the adaptive motion sensor is based on vibration sensor readings and can identify different states of motions based on modifiable parameters.05-14-2009
20100073200System and Method for Asset Tracking and Monitoring Using Antenna Diversity - A system and method for asset tracking and monitoring using antenna diversity. Antenna diversity ensures that the mobile terminal maintains good visibility of a satellite throughout the transport route. In one example, a first antenna is mounted on a first side of an asset transporter (e.g., flatbed trailer) and a second antenna is mounted on a second side of the asset transporter. A selector/combiner in the mobile terminal enables multiple antennas to be leveraged in the satellite communication process.03-25-2010
20080204281Electronic key system and portable unit - An electronic key system includes an in-vehicle unit mounted in a vehicle and a portable unit. When a user leaves the vehicle, the in-vehicle unit requests information on a relative position of the vehicle relative to a landmark object near the vehicle from a vehicle navigation device and transmits received relative position information to the portable unit. The portable unit stores the received relative position information, and notifies of the stored relative position information according to a user's operation.08-28-2008
20100045488VEHICLE-TO-VEHICLE TRAFFIC QUEUE INFORMATION COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - Disclosed are embodiments of a vehicle-to-vehicle traffic queue information communication system, a traffic queue information communication device, and method. The system and method embodiments incorporate the use of multiple vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with a traffic queue information communication device. Each traffic queue information communication device can be used to determine if its corresponding vehicle has entered or exited a queue in a single lane of traffic. When the vehicle is in a queue, the device can communicate with the immediately adjacent vehicles in front and behind. Specifically, it can receive data from the preceding vehicle in the queue and use the received data to determine its position in the queue as well as the estimated time it will take to travel through the queue. Revised data can then be transmitted by the device to the next vehicle in the queue for making the same determinations.02-25-2010
20100102993MONITORING DEVICE FOR A TRACKING SYSTEM - There is provided a monitoring device for a tracking system adapted for use in at least one vehicle. An exemplary monitoring device comprises a communication circuit adapted for communication with at least one radio frequency identification (RFID) tag on an article to be transported by the vehicle and a position system (PS) circuit adapted for determining a location of the vehicle. The exemplary monitoring device also comprises a control circuit having a microprocessor and a memory, the control circuit being electrically connected to the communication circuit and the PS circuit, the microprocessor being adapted to acquire the RFID tag data and the location data in the memory, to operate the communication circuit to interrogate the RFID tag, to operate the PS circuit to determine a location of the vehicle, and to associate the RFID tag data with the location data of the vehicle. The exemplary monitoring device additionally comprises an alarm electrically connected to the microprocessor. The exemplary monitoring device is adapted to determine or approximate the distance of the RFID tag from the monitoring device based on the received RFID signal strength and/or time delay in receiving the RFID tag's response to interrogation and to activate the alarm if a distance threshold of the RFID tag from the monitoring device is exceeded, whereas this distance threshold is lower than the maximum physical range of the RFID tag.04-29-2010
20090045984Vehicle Trip Logger - A vehicle trip logger is disclosed for recording vehicle location and at least one field as a trip category during travel. The trip logger provides data for a report of miles traveled in categories that may be useful for tax, vehicle maintenance or other reporting. For each trip the user selects a menu item displayed on the trip logger as a trip category. The trip logger may provide fields such as account numbers or trip reasons as additional category fields used in reporting vehicle travel. The trip logger may be configured by the user to customize displays and reports shown by the logger. Vehicle location records and trip records with trip fields are saved to internal memory. A trip record is indexed to a group of location records.02-19-2009
20130088371APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SIMULATING A VEHICLE TRACKING DEVICE IN A VEHICLE - A simulated vehicle tracking device is installed in a conspicuous location in a vehicle. The simulated vehicle tracking device outwardly resembles the appearance of a functional vehicle tracking device, including one or more indicator lights that turn on to simulate the operation of indicator lights on a functioning vehicle tracking device. An functional vehicle tracking device is installed in an inconspicuous location in the vehicle. A person inclined to disable vehicle tracking will remove or disable the simulated vehicle tracking device instead of the functional vehicle tracking device.04-11-2013
20090109066WIRELESS WHEEL-SENSOR SYSTEM FOR DEAD RECKONING NAVIGATION APPLICATIONS - A dead-reckoning sensory system includes a receiver unit and a transmitter unit in wireless communication with the receiver unit. The transmitter unit is operable to be mounted to a wheel of a vehicle, determine information characterizing the heading and distance traveled by the vehicle, and transmit the information to the receiver unit.04-30-2009
20110063138METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR IMPLEMENTING A GEOFENCE BOUNDARY FOR A TRACKED ASSET - An asset's TCU, or a mobile device coupled thereto, receives and stores geographical boundary definitions to a memory. A processor uses the boundary definition to determine an initial-location boundary based on the definition and the current location of the TCU at the time it received the boundary request message. As the TCU's GPS unit generates location information, the processor retrieves the initial-location boundary definition from the memory and compares the current location from the GPS receiver to it according to an algorithm. If the processor determines that the current location of the vehicle has crossed the boundary, the processor generates an alert message, which may be an e-mail, SMS, telephonic, interne, IM, or other electronic message indicating that an asset crossed the boundary, and sends it wirelessly using a transceiver to a central computer for further processing, or directly to another device, according to a notification destination identifier.03-17-2011
20130063283INFORMATION PROVIDING DEVICE AND INFORMATION PROVIDING METHOD - An in format ion providing device has: a vehicle information acquiring section 03-14-2013
20120235834SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SETTING FUNCTIONS ACCORDING TO LOCATION - An apparatus, system, and method for controlling functions of a vehicular alarm. The method includes receiving one or more signals including location information, determining a location of the vehicle using the location information, setting one or more functions based on the location information, determining whether an alarm function is activated, and activating the one or more functions according to the setting upon determining that an alarm has been activated. The method may further include using GPS data or signals transmitted from one or more base stations (e.g., from cellular telephone base stations, computer networks, proprietary transmitters, etc.) to determine the position of the apparatus (e.g., installed in the vehicle). The apparatus may also inform a user of regulations relating to an area dependent upon its location.09-20-2012
20110128163POSITIONING SYSTEM - A positioning system determines location information based on reading one or more of a set of machine readable markers positioned about a facility, for example using a proximity reader. A memory stores an association between each machine readable marker and location information so that the system can determine location information without needing triangulation or GPS.06-02-2011
20090140886MULTIPLE GEOFENCE SYSTEM FOR VEHICLES - At least first and second geofences are established. The first geofence provides for indicating to an operator of a vehicle a limit to the territorial extent of a permitted operational area for the vehicle. The second geofence limits the territorial extent of a permitted operational area for the mobile platform, typically by limiting the mobility of the mobile platform. The first and second geofences are located with respect to one another and the permitted operational area so that with movement through the limits of the permitted operational area, the mobile platform encounters the first geofence no later than it encounters the second geofence.06-04-2009
20090207049METHOD FOR SMART ANNOUNCING OF BUS STOP - A method for announcing bus stop includes using a navigation positioning device to receive a satellite signal, retrieve current vehicle geographic longitude and latitude coordinates from the received signal, compare a databank thereof with the current geographic longitude and latitude coordinates, and, if any special position value is found, compute a distance from the current position to a next target position based on the special position value and the current geographic longitude and latitude coordinates; and using a microprocessor to compute parameters for adjusting a remaining distance and the remaining distance based on data from the navigation positioning device, or, in the event of a traffic jam in a tunnel, adjust the remaining distance according to detected vehicle speed data from a sensor, and determine whether to drive an AV device according to the remaining distance and the distance to the next target position to timely announce next bus stop.08-20-2009
20100265102COMBINATION CAR ALARM AND PERSONAL LOCATOR SYSTEM - A combination vehicle alarm and locator device. The device includes a housing, a vehicle alarm activator positioned within the housing including a transmitter for activating an alarm system on a vehicle and an infrared transmitting device located in the housing for communicating with a Global Positioning Satellite system for determining a location of the device. A key ring selectively extends from a side of the housing. The vehicle alarm activator includes an alarm activation button extending from the housing for activating the vehicle alarm activator to transmit the infrared signal. The transmitter device includes a processor, a memory device for storing identification information concerning the device and an activation button for activating the processor to retrieve the identification information from the memory for transmission to the Global Positioning Satellite system. The device also includes a speaker connected to the processor for optionally generating an audible signal when the activation button is activated. A clip is releasably connected to the housing for releasably securing the device to an article of clothing of the user. First, second and third visual indicators are provided on the housing for indicating when the activation button is activated, when the device is in an on mode and when the level of the power source is below a threshold value.10-21-2010
20090243896System Enabling A User Of A Vehicle To Locate Same By Means Of A Radio Signal - The invention relates to a system which can give a vehicle user an indication related to a direction to take to find back his vehicle. The said system comprises a hand-held object (10-01-2009
20080238723Digital Windshield Information System Employing a Recommendation Engine Keyed to a Map Database System - Disclosed is a method and system for recommending locations keyed to a map database system and providing navigation instructions to the recommended locations to a driver of a vehicle by gathering actual statistics about the preferences of the user and/or by comparing the user to population data to create recommendations in accord with the preferences of the population.10-02-2008
20090146846System and method for setting functions according to location - An apparatus, system, and method for controlling functions of a vehicular alarm. The method includes receiving one or more signals including location information, determining a location of the vehicle using the location information, setting one or more functions based on the location information, determining whether an alarm function is activated, and activating the one or more functions according to the setting upon determining that an alarm has been activated. The method may further include using GPS data or signals transmitted from one or more base stations (e.g., from cellular telephone base stations, computer networks, proprietary transmitters, etc.) to determine the position of the apparatus (e.g., installed in the vehicle). The apparatus may also inform a user of regulations relating to an area dependent upon its location.06-11-2009
20090207050Asset recovery system - An asset location, tracking, and recovery system and method includes a network of VHF towers and a control center receiving signals from and transmitting signals to the VHF towers. Primary locating units each include a transmitter, a receiver, and a transponder activated when a signal is transmitted by the control center via the VHF towers to the receiver. Auxiliary locating units include at least a transmitter emitting a signal received by at least one primary locating unit receiver which relays that signal to the control center via the VHF towers from the primary locating unit transmitter.08-20-2009
20090295604Data mining in a digital map database to identify traffic signals, stop signs and yield signs at bottoms of hills and enabling precautionary actions in a vehicle - Disclosed is a feature for a vehicle that enables taking precautionary actions in response to conditions on the road network around or ahead of the vehicle, in particular, a traffic light, stop sign or yield sign located at the bottom of a hill. A database that represents the road network is used to determine locations where a traffic light, stop sign or yield sign is located at the bottom of a hill. Then, precautionary action data is added to the database to indicate a location at which a precautionary action is to be taken about the traffic light, stop sign or yield sign located at the bottom of a hill. A precautionary action system installed in a vehicle uses this database, or a database derived therefrom, in combination with a positioning system to determine when the vehicle is at a location that corresponds to the location of a precautionary action. When the vehicle is at such a location, a precautionary action is taken by a vehicle system as the vehicle is approaching a traffic light, stop sign or yield sign located at the bottom of a hill.12-03-2009
20090278710Moving Vehicle System and Method of Detecting Position of Moving Vehicle - A detection head has an array including a plurality of coils. Magnetic marks are arranged in a travel route at a pitch equal to the array length. By interaction between the magnetic marks and the coils, a position of a moving vehicle is determined based on the magnetic marks.11-12-2009
20090267801TRAFFIC SITUATION DISPLAY METHOD, TRAFFIC SITUATION DISPLAY SYSTEM, IN-VEHICLE DEVICE, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - There is provided a method for displaying a traffic situation in a traffic situation display system, the method comprising: transmitting image data obtained by imaging an imaging region including roads from a road-side device; receiving the transmitted image data in an in-vehicle device; displaying an image on the basis of the received image data; storing, by the road-side device, corresponding information in which a pixel coordinate in the image and positional information of the imaging region are corresponded to each other; transmitting, by the road-side device, the stored corresponding information; receiving, by the in-vehicle device, the corresponding information; acquiring, by the in-vehicle device, positional information of an own vehicle; specifying, by the in-vehicle device, an own vehicle position on the image based on the received corresponding information and the acquired positional information; and displaying, by the in-vehicle device, the specified own vehicle position on the image.10-29-2009
20100265103METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PLANNING A PATH WHEN PARKING A VEHICLE - A method and a device for planning a path when parking a vehicle (10-21-2010
20090160679AUTOMATIC SEQUENCING BASED ON WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY - A method of determining the sequence of traversing nodes in a communication network is provided. The method comprises with each node, determining other nodes in the network it can reach in a single hop. Creating a local sequence connection order based on the determined other nodes the node can reach in a single communication hop. Storing historical data of local sequence connection order information and determining a new local sequence connection order based in part on the historical data and communication information.06-25-2009
20110221615System and Method for Informing Public Transport Vehicle Arrival Information - A system for informing public transport vehicle arrival information includes a plurality of on-board devices installed on respective public transport vehicles, each of the on-board device having a transceiver for transmitting and receiving data from and to public transport vehicle stops along a public transport vehicle line, a first processing unit programmed to store and process the received data, and a first display module which is operatively coupled to the first processing unit and is for displaying the data and a plurality of public transport vehicle stop devices installed in the respective vehicle stops, each of the public transport vehicle stop device having a preset vehicle identification therein and having a transceiver for transmitting and receiving the data from and to the on-board device.09-15-2011
20090201178METHODS FOR EVALUATING OPERATION OF MARKING APPARATUS - A marking system may hold a container from which markers are dispensed to mark the presence or absence of an underground facility in a dig area. The container may identify a marker characteristic regarding the markers in the container. The marking system may receive activation of a trigger, dispense a marker from the container when the trigger is activated, and store the marker characteristic and time data when the trigger is activated. In other embodiments, the marking system may dispense a marker, determine location data and/or time data, and substantially simultaneously trigger the dispensing of the marker and logging of the location data and/or the time data. The location data identifies a geographic location where the marker is dispensed and the time data identifies the time when the marker is dispensed.08-13-2009
20090256724SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PERFORMING AN OPTICAL TRACKING OPERATION USING RELATIVE REFERENCING - A system and method for performing an optical tracking operation computes a translated movement value of a displacement values using a relationship between a reference displacement value derived using a reference surface and a corresponding displacement value using a target surface. The displacement value is produced using image correlation by optically sensing the target surface. The translated movement value is used for the optical tracking operation.10-15-2009
20090115638Vehicle Positioning System Using Location Codes in Passive Tags - Vehicles driving on a roadway interrogate passive tags in or on lanes of the roadway. Codes in the tags represent locations along the highway and which lane the vehicle is traveling in. Units in the vehicles communicate longitudinal and lane positions derived from the codes among each other or with infrastructure units for purposes such as traffic management, alerts concerning other vehicles, alerts concerning external conditions, or traffic control. The units may also communicate vehicle lengths or other parameters or characteristics. Vehicle units may communicate with sensors and actuators in the vehicles for purposes such as updating the vehicles' positions between adjacent tags. Specific applications for intelligent transportation systems are described.05-07-2009
20120242510COMMUNICATION CONNECTING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - A vehicle communication connecting apparatus capable of displaying representative images of one or more communication-supported mobile terminals, detected as being present within a vehicle, to allow the mobile terminals to be easily distinguishable, and an operation method thereof. A vehicle communication connecting apparatus, which is connected to one or more communication-supported mobile terminals present within a vehicle so as to be capable of simultaneously or selectively displaying execution results of applications, which are being executed in the respective connected mobile terminals, and an operation method thereof.09-27-2012
20100295707SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LANE DEPARTURE WARNING - Various methods and systems are disclosed for implementing warnings of various intensity using input from a warning system, such as a lane departure detection system, and a driver assessment system such as a driver impairment detection system.11-25-2010
20110241903APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SIMULATING A VEHICLE TRACKING DEVICE IN A VEHICLE - A simulated vehicle tracking device is installed in a conspicuous location in a vehicle. The simulated vehicle tracking device outwardly resembles the appearance of a functional vehicle tracking device, including indicator lights which flash on and off in a pattern to simulate the operation of indicator lights on a functioning vehicle tracking device. An functional vehicle tracking device is installed in an inconspicuous location in the vehicle. A person inclined to disable vehicle tracking will remove or disable the simulated vehicle tracking device instead of the functional vehicle tracking device.10-06-2011
20090033518Mobile radio communication system - A mobile radio communication system estimates the positional relationship between an own moving terminal and another moving terminal around a view obstruction. If the absolute value of the difference between detected reception power levels is lower than a first power threshold value, the own moving terminal determines that the other moving terminal is positioned within the visual range of the own moving terminal, the distance from the own moving terminal to the other moving terminal being shorter than a predetermined distance B02-05-2009
20100238052EMERGENCY REPORTING APPARATUS - An emergency reporting apparatus including an emergency signal outputting part that outputs an emergency signal when a vehicle is in an emergency status and a logic circuit part that stores an emergency signal output by the emergency signal outputting part with a logic circuit. Furthermore, an emergency reporting apparatus conducts an emergency report with respect to the outside based on the emergency signal output from the emergency signal outputting part.09-23-2010
20110068954METHOD AND APPARATUS TO COLLECT OBJECT IDENTIFICATION DATA DURING OPERATION OF A VEHICLE AND ANALYSIS OF SUCH DATA - System and method for collecting object identification data from a plurality of objects that interact with a vehicle during operation of the vehicle, where the vehicle interacts with specific objects at specific geographical positions. An identification sensor is coupled to a geographical position sensor, and whenever an object is identified a record is generated, the record including the identification of the object, the position of the vehicle when the interaction between the object and the vehicle occurs, and the time of the interaction. Exemplary objects include passengers, containers, and documents. Exemplary interactions include loading/unloading an object from the vehicle, boarding a passenger, unloading a passenger, transferring a bulk material from the vehicle into a specific container, and/or transferring a bulk material from a specific container to the vehicle. The record may also include additional data about a parameter of the object (such as the object's weight, volume, or temperature).03-24-2011
20110001638LOCATION BASED SERVICES PRIVACY KEY - A method for controlling location-based services for a vehicle that includes establishing a user-selected location-based service preference for a vehicle, linking a portable privacy key to the vehicle, communicating the presence of the portable privacy key from the vehicle to a call center, sending the user-selected location-based service preference from the call center to the vehicle, and activating at least one location-based service in response to linking of the portable privacy key to the vehicle.01-06-2011
20080316059ANTENNA-BASED ZONE CREATION FOR CONTROLLING MOVEMENT OF VEHICLES - A vehicle tracking system includes a wheel containing sensor circuitry capable of sensing various types of conditions, such as wheel rotation, wheel vibration caused by skidding, and specific electromagnetic and/or magnetic signals indicative of particular wheel locations. The sensor circuitry is coupled to an RF transceiver, which may but need not be included within the wheel. The wheel may also include a brake mechanism. In one embodiment, the wheels are placed on shopping carts and are used to collect and monitor shopping cart status and location data via a wireless network. The collected data may be used for various purposes, such as locking the wheel of an exiting cart if the customer has not paid, estimating numbers of queued carts, stopping wheel skid events that occur during mechanized cart retrieval, store planning, and providing location-based messaging to customers.12-25-2008
20110095915Power management system and method for vehicle locating unit - Improved power management for a vehicle locating unit is achieved by receiving a transmission from a communication source, each transmission including at least one message frame having a data field and at least one auxiliary field; entering a wake mode upon indexing the assigned message frame of the receiver in the transmission; matching the pattern of bits of at least one auxiliary field of the indexed frame with one or more stored patterns of bits expected for that auxiliary field; and returning to the sleep mode as soon as a mismatch is determined or processing the message if no mismatch occurs.04-28-2011
20100214133System and method for providing games based on locations on an identified commuting route - There is disclosed a system and method for providing location-based entertainment. In one embodiment, a device capable of providing location-based entertainment comprises a navigational interface module configured to receive navigational data, an entertainment selection module configured to utilize the navigational data to generate location-based entertainment content for a user, and a presentation module configured to present the location-based content to the user. The system may also include a position finding module and a routing module. In one embodiment, a method for providing location-based entertainment comprises identifying a present location of a mobile user, identifying a destination of the mobile user, determining a travel route of the mobile user based on the present location and the destination of the mobile user, providing navigational data according to the travel route, generating a location-based entertainment content for a user utilizing the navigational data, and presenting the location-based content to the user.08-26-2010
20100194604MOBILE PORTAL FOR RFID APPLICATIONS - A mobile portal for RFID applications includes an RFID reader for reading identifications of proximately located RFID tagged items in the environment. A communicator is coupled to the RFID reader to receive the read identifications and then communicate the received read identifications over the wireless interface, through one of the gateways, to the central data processing system. Each mobile portal may be actuated for RFID read operations in response to information sensed concerning operation of the mobile asset/vehicle. Additionally, the central data processing system may issue instructions concerning mobile asset/vehicle operation, with those instructions communicated over the wireless interface to the mobile portal. Responsive to implementation of those instructions, the mobile portal actuates the RFID reader and compares the read identifications to identifications of certain RFID tagged items to be manipulated which were identified in the received instruction.08-05-2010
20110133961Automobile Locating System - An automobile tracking system for use in locating an automobile whose location is generally but not specifically known includes a housing removably mountable in an automobile. A transmitter is positioned in an interior of a housing and electrically connected to a power source. A transmitter processor is positioned in the housing in data communication with the transmitter. Programming is utilized with the transmitter processor to associate an identifier with signals transmitted by the processor. The system includes a casing having a display and receiver coupled thereto. A receiver and display are positioned in the casing and connected to a power supply and a receiver processor. Programming is utilized by the receiver processor to indicate on the display (1) a location of the transmitter based on data received by the receiver from the transmitter, and (2) a respective identifier associated with the transmitter.06-09-2011
20110102202TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD USING POSITIONED DATA - The invention provides a traffic control system and method. In particular, the traffic control system and method according to the invention utilizes GPS, AGPS, GLONSS, Galileo global navigation satellite system, and so on to generate and transmit a preemption request signal for an emergency vehicle, such as ambulance, etc. At a designated traffic signal, the preemption request signal is received and filtered to get designated data associated with the designated traffic signal. Afterward, if the designated signal is judged to be valid, a state change request data is selectively generated according to the designated data, and the designated traffic signal is controlled based on the state change request data.05-05-2011
20100001883Display Device - A display device, having a traffic lane recording, in which lane markings of the recorded traffic lane are shown in the display in such a way that the quality of the traffic lane recording can be discerned.01-07-2010
20120081237METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GPS BASED NAVIGATION AND HAZARD AVOIDANCE IN A MINING ENVIRONMENT - A system and method for GPS based navigation and hazard avoidance in a mining environment are described. The system includes a central application that has a dynamic roadmap definition module adapted to at least allow a user to arbitrarily define features in a geographical information systems database and import overhead imaging data corresponding to a geographical area in which said features are defined. The central application includes a remote position and attitude reception module adapted to at least receive data concerning the position of at least one remote vehicle, a transceiver module adapted for exchanging data with at least one remote vehicle; and a logging and tracking module adapted for at least logging said position of at least one remote vehicle over time. The system also has a remote application; and a communications link adapted for exchanging data between the central application and the remote application.04-05-2012
20110254708CONTEXT-BASED SOUND GENERATION - A method for directing a vehicle to operate in a noise generating mode based on a context is provided. A present location of the vehicle is determined using a location sensing device. Then, it is determined whether the present location of the vehicle is within one or more noise generating zones. In response to determining that the present location of the vehicle is within a noise generating zone, the vehicle is directed to operate in the noise generating mode.10-20-2011
20130015984VEHICULAR WIRELESS COMMUNICATION APPARATUS AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEMAANM Yamashiro; TakahisaAACI Chiryu-cityAACO JPAAGP Yamashiro; Takahisa Chiryu-city JP - A vehicular wireless communication apparatus is disposed in a subject vehicle to establish vehicle-to-vehicle communication between the subject vehicle and other vehicles having the apparatus. The apparatus of the subject vehicle receives sensor state information from an immediate following vehicle. Based on the sensor state information, the apparatus of the subject vehicle controls a transmission cycle of the information transmitted. A longer interval is selected when the immediate following vehicle has a range sensor and the range sensor successfully detects an obstacle in front of it. A standard interval, shorter than the longer interval, is selected when the immediate following vehicle does not have the range sensor or when the immediate following vehicle has the range sensor but the range sensor failed to detect the obstacle. Therefore, the transmission cycle is dependent upon the need of the information while preventing congestion of information transmission.01-17-2013
20080224895Adaptive range vehicle locating unit, vehicle tracking unit and vehicle recovery system including same - An adaptive range vehicle recovery system including an adaptive range vehicle locating unit including a narrowband baseband generator for generating a narrowband signal, a wideband baseband generator for generating a wideband signal, a timing control circuit responsive to an activation signal to transmit, alternately, said narrowband signal at a first rate, and said wideband signal at a second rate and responsive to a track signal to transmit one of said wideband and narrowband signals at a third, different, rate; and also to an adaptive range vehicle recovery system including an adaptive range vehicle track unit including a data decoder including, a wideband decoder for detecting data from a wideband baseband signal, a narrowband decoder for detecting data from a narrowband baseband signal, a bandwidth detector responsive to a received signal to distinguish narrowband and wideband signals and an input switching circuit responsive to said bandwidth detector for directing the wideband signal to the wideband decoder and the narrowband signal to the narrowband decoder.09-18-2008
20080198042Measuring Instrument Having Location-Controlled Display - A measuring instrument for a vehicle selectively illuminates one of a plurality of scales based on a location of the instrument or includes an indicator that is selectively positioned based on the location of the instrument. The location is determined by a device, such as a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receiver (08-21-2008
20120280837APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR IMPLEMENTING SAFE VISUAL INFORMATION PROVISION - The invention relates to an apparatus and method which allows information representing a state or condition or an action to be performed as part of a control system to be present to one or more users. The information is selected and generated in a manner which removes or at least reduces the risk of potentially catastrophic error occurring which would be possible if, for example, the information is corrupt or lost during subsequent transmission, remote processing and/or displaying. One such use of the apparatus and method of the invention is in relation to transport vehicles and the control of the movement of said vehicles along predefined geographical paths.11-08-2012

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