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340905000 Highway information (e.g., weather, speed limits, etc.) 194
340902000 Transmitter in another vehicle (e.g., emergency vehicle) 85
340904000 Transmitter in one vehicle only 21
20100007523DRIVER ALERT SYSTEM - A driver alert system is carried by a motor vehicle and alerts a driver that he has committed or is about to commit a driving or parking violation, or that the driving conditions are liable to result in damage to a motor vehicle or person.01-14-2010
20100148988Information provision system and in-vehicle apparatus - An information provision system, which includes (i) a navigation apparatus in a vehicle and (ii) an information center, provides an occupant of the vehicle with information. The navigation apparatus and information center communicate via a wireless communication link. The navigation apparatus wirelessly acquires reception position information, which indicates several reception positions, from the information center. When determining that the vehicle reaches one of the reception positions, the navigation apparatus wirelessly acquires, in association with the reached reception position, display-related information containing (i) display position information indicating a display position and (ii) at-display-position window information indicating contents of a display window displayed at the display position. When determining that the vehicle reaches the display position, the navigation apparatus displays the contents of the corresponding display window indicated by the acquired at-display-position window information.06-17-2010
20080258932WIRELESS SIGNAL APPARATUS FOR ASSISTING DRIVERS TO BACK LARGE VEHICLES - A back-up safety apparatus and method that enables the driver of a large vehicle with inherent rear blind spots to receive signals, to proceed or stop, based on changing safe or unsafe conditions. A spotter who monitors the vehicle's progress from a safe and remote vantage point in the rear, uses a hand held wireless transmitter to signal the driver. The transmitter also provides a deadman style safety switch for the benefit of the spotter that will automatically signal the driver to stop if the spotter becomes disabled, falls or drops the transmitter.10-23-2008
20110193721In-vehicle communication apparatus - An in-vehicle communication apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes: a wireless communication device; a vehicle stop state determination section configured to determine whether a vehicle is in a stop state or a not-stop state; a connectibility determination section configured to determine whether wireless communication between the wireless communication device and the mobile communication network is possible or impossible; and a control section configured to cause a notification device to notify notice information when the vehicle is determined to be in the stop state and when the wireless communication is determined to be impossible. The notice information indicates that position of the vehicle in the stop state is within an area where the wireless communication is impossible.08-11-2011
20100073194Intersection vehicle collision avoidance system - The present invention discloses a system that alerts the operator of a vehicle, when operator is not in compliance with an intersection signal condition, where the intersection traffic signal conditions does not permit driver of vehicles to cross the intersection. The system comprises of traffic light or stop sign RF transmitter or transceiver units, and plurality of vehicles equipped with vehicle collision avoidance device containing RF transceivers to receive signals from the intersection signal transmitter units, the vehicle collision avoidance device is equipped with vehicle speed comparator CPU and vehicle travel direction sensing circuitry using a compass or GPS receiver to determine vehicle travel direction and monitor vehicle speed. A beeper, LED or vibrator is incorporated for warning the driver.03-25-2010
20120206275BLIND AREA WARNING FOR VEHICLES - Methods and devices are disclosed for assisting a driver of a first vehicle where a second vehicle is detected by a sensor of the first vehicle and a driver of the first vehicle is informed that the second vehicle is at the side of the first vehicle when the second vehicle leaves an area monitored by the sensor, the area monitored by the sensor being an area behind the first vehicle.08-16-2012
20090303078TRAVEL INFORMATION PROVIDING DEVICE - Traveling information providing device for ensuring the safety of a traveling vehicle by correctly judging the driver's recognition of a safety confirmation object through not only driver's attentive viewing of the safety confirmation object but also his or her viewing of the surroundings. A surrounding information collecting section (12-10-2009
20090303077Image Processing System and Method - An image processing system is provided, which includes: a front monitoring device that obtains an image of a view ahead of a vehicle; a vehicle position detecting device that detects the position and orientation of the vehicle; a map database that stores road maps; a traffic indicator position estimating portion that estimates the position of a traffic indicator (12-10-2009
20090237269SURROUNDINGS MONITORING DEVICE FOR VEHICLE - A real-image picking-up means picks up a real image of a blind area. A moving object detecting means recognizes a moving object from the real image and detects a moving state of the moving object. An imaginary-image specifying means specifies an indication manner of an imaginary image which is to be indicated for showing the moving state of the moving object. An indicating means indicates the imaginary image of the moving object in the indication manner which is specified by the imaginary-image specifying means such that the imaginary image of the moving object indicated by the indicating means overlaps the real image picked up by the real-image picking-up means. There can be provided a surroundings monitoring device for a vehicle which can easily recognize the state of the moving object in the image of the blind area.09-24-2009
20090237268INFORMATION DISPLAY SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE - The present invention provides an information display system for a vehicle displaying a vehicle image overlapped with a panorama view image, and the information display system provides information around the vehicle, condition of the vehicle or information for a dangerous place to the driver with easy understand.09-24-2009
20090021395OPERATING CONDITION NOTIFICATION SYSTEM - In an in-vehicle terminal (01-22-2009
20080309515WARNING APPARATUS FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - Warning apparatus (12-18-2008
20120235832DOOR MIRROR FOR AN AUTOMOBILE - The door mirror for an automobile including a light diffusing section disposed between the side object detection symbols and the first and second LEDs. Relative dispositions between the side object detection symbols and the first and second LEDs are such that the optical axis of the first LED intersects with a host vehicle display section and the optical axis of the second LED intersects with an other vehicle display section. The relative dispositions enable uniform illumination of the side object detection symbols using the two LEDs. Furthermore, the optical axis of the first LED intersects with a light non-transmissive portion of the host vehicle display section and the optical axis of the second LED intersects with a light non-transmissive portion of the other vehicle display section.09-20-2012
20130207816APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD TO FACILITATE EFFICIENT PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for facilitating efficient public transportation. The method includes the steps of receiving a request for transportation, identifying a public transportation vehicle that services the public transportation stop, communicating the request for transportation to an operator of the public transportation vehicle, identifying a location of the public transportation vehicle, and communicating the location of the public transportation vehicle to the user. The request for transportation is received at a user interface positioned at a public transportation stop along a public transportation route.08-15-2013
20120105250SIGNAL APPARATUS FOR FACILITATING SAFE BACKUP OF VEHICLES - Systems and methods which allow a spotter external to a vehicle to provide signals to a driver of the vehicle in order to facilitate safe backup operations of the vehicle are disclosed. A wireless transmitter, in wireless communication with a receiver positioned within the vehicle, is operated by the spotter. An indicator, also in communication with the receiver, is configured to provide a plurality of audible and/or visible signals perceivable by the driver in response to a wireless signal received by the receiver from the transmitter. The audible and/or visible signals may comprise selected patterned tones and lights which inform the driver whether they should proceed to backup the vehicle or stop the vehicle.05-03-2012
20110291858DEVICE AND METHOD FOR ACTIVATING A HORN OF A MOTOR VEHICLE, MOTOR VEHICLE AND ALARMING SYSTEM - A device for activating a horn of a motor vehicle by a remote transmitter independent of a vehicle user includes a receiver and a control unit. The receiver is implemented to receive an activation signal from the remote transmitter. The control unit is implemented to activate the horn of the motor vehicle in response to the activation signal.12-01-2011
20100090863IMAGE-BASED VEHICLE SAFETY WARNING SYSTEM - An image-based vehicle safety warning system is disclosed, which uses an image retrieval module for receiving an image signal and camera parameters related to the source of the image signal into a space definition module, which defines an image space and warning areas of different levels in the image space. Then, an object identification module identifies parts of a possible vehicle in the image according to the image signal and variations thereof. A warning indication module then obtains an interrelation by locating the position of the vehicle within the image space and comparing the vehicle position with the warning areas, thereby providing alarms in different levels based on the interrelation.04-15-2010
20090189779Automatic garage door closing through the vehicle control - A method of controlling a garage door of a garage may entail detecting an open condition of the garage door using a sensor within the garage, transmitting a garage door open signal from the sensor to a communication unit in the garage; transmitting an alert signal from the communication unit in the garage to a control module within a vehicle; determining a level of ambient light from an ambient light sensor; transmitting a signal from the ambient light sensor to the control module indicative of the level of ambient light; transmitting a door close signal from the control module to the transmitter in the vehicle; transmitting the door close signal from the transmitter in the vehicle to the communication unit in the garage; and closing the garage door with a motor upon the garage door actuation module receiving the close door signal.07-30-2009
20110006912Track Worker Safety System - A safety system for providing early warning notifications to an authorized track worker performing official duties along a rail road network is disclosed herein. The safety system determines the position of the authorized worker and determines an estimated time to collision between the authorized track worker and an approaching rail vehicle. The result of the safety system is that the track worker has enough time and sufficiently accurate warning that will enable the track worker to move to a point of safety so as to remain unharmed by the approaching rail vehicle.01-13-2011
20080316052Controller Unit, Communiction Device and Communication System as Well as Method of Communication Between and Among Mobile Nodes - In order to provide a communication system (12-25-2008
20090289811DISPLAY SYSTEM AND VEHICLE HAVING THE SAME - A display system for a vehicle includes an image capture module, a projecting panel and a stereoscopic projection device. The image capture module is configured for mounting on a vehicle and capturing an image of the traffic to the rear of the vehicle. The projecting panel is configured for being positioned in front of a driver's seat in the vehicle. The stereoscopic projection device is configured for projecting a stereo image of the captured image on the projecting panel.11-26-2009
20120293341REMINDER MESSAGES DELIVERY FROM REMINDER DEVICE WHEN TRIGGERED BY REMINDER-REQUIRED EVENTS - The present invention discloses a method to deliver a reminder message. The method includes a step of triggering a delivery of the reminder message upon detecting or sensing a reminder message required event-or-activity to prevent a person from forgetting or losing a person item. In an exemplary embodiment, the step of sensing the reminder message required event-or-activity includes a step of detecting or sensing an activity when the person preparing to leave a place for a next destination.11-22-2012
20110199229METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING THE TYP OF TIRE - Disclosed is a method and a circuit configuration as well as a navigation system are disclosed, wherein the extraction and transmission of signals running on a line bus (08-18-2011
20110199230INFORMATION DEVICE FOR THE ADAPTED PRESENTATION OF INFORMATION IN A VEHICLE - Information for a vehicle driver is transmitted to the vehicle by vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication and is individually conditioned in the vehicle in line with the respective needs of the driver. The conditioned information is then presented visually and/or audibly.08-18-2011
20100060480Reliable Packet Delivery Protocol for Geocast Protocol in Disconnected Vehicular Ad Hoc Network - A method is provided for delivering data messages in an inter-vehicle ad hoc network. The inter-vehicle ad hoc network utilizes a multi-hop routing protocol for storing, carrying forward and distributing a data message to various vehicles traveling along the road. The method includes determining a first cluster consisting of a group of vehicles proximate to one another traversing along a road in a first direction. A determination is made as to which vehicles within the first cluster are trailer vehicles for re-broadcasting messages based on vehicle position within the first cluster. An event is detected in a travel path of the first cluster by one of the vehicles in the first cluster. The event is reported to other vehicles in the cluster. At least one vehicle in a second cluster moving in an opposite direction to the first cluster is detected. The data message is broadcast from the determined trailer vehicles to the second cluster.03-11-2010
20080238719Vehicle Violation Enforcement System And Method - A vehicle violation enforcement and noticing system that includes a first server and a second server. The first server contains a vehicle information database that is in communication with the second server. The second server is a mobile data terminal that allows for the identification of vehicles and retrieves the vehicle information pertaining to the identified vehicles from the first server via a communications link. Once the vehicle information has been received, appropriate enforcement tactics are prepared based upon the received vehicle information. The appropriate enforcement tactics may include printing a notice informing a vehicle user of the current and outstanding debt associated with the vehicle for placement directly on the vehicle, writing a notice as per instructions displayed by the second server, for placement directly on the vehicle, booting the vehicle, towing the vehicle and/or informing a second agency of the vehicle location so that the second agency may take appropriate action.10-02-2008
20080238718Method for preventing lane departure for use with vehicle - Disclosed is a method for preventing lane departure for use in a vehicle. The method determines whether the vehicle is moving out of its lane by extracting lane markings from an image inputted by using rear side cameras mounted on both side mirrors, calculating a lane departure distance from the directional angle and side distance calculated by three-dimensional mapping of the extracted lane markings, and estimating a lane departure time through the calculated lane departure distance and a vehicle speed sensed by a vehicle speed sensor, thereby preventing vehicle accidents caused by the driver's lane departure.10-02-2008
20080291050Wildlife alert system - A system for alerting a driver of the presence of wildlife on the road ahead. The system logically deciphers between animal heat and the heat of an oncoming vehicle by way of a combination of infrared (IR) and photo sensors and an AND/NOT logic. At night—when wildlife is not easily visible—the infrared sensor can detect the presence of wildlife and alert the driver both visually and audibly, and if an oncoming vehicle is present with its lights turned on, the alarm is ignored. If wildlife is present and no lighted vehicle is present, then the visual and audible alarm sounds.11-27-2008
20110205084 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COORDINATING HARVESTER AND TRANSPORT VEHICLE UNLOADING OPERATIONS - A system and method for positioning a transport vehicle relative to a harvester is disclosed. The system includes an imaging device mounted on the transport vehicle and a control system for analyzing image data and executing a computer program to provide commands to position the transport vehicle in an acceptable predetermined condition relative to the harvester for discharge operations.08-25-2011
20090128362METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING INFORMATION TO A TRANSPORTATION VEHICLE ON THE PRESENCE OF PASSENGERS - The present invention discloses a method, system and computer program for providing information to transportation vehicles on the presence of passengers who want to travel to a particular destination. The method in each communication system at stops, comprises the steps of: 05-21-2009
20090140881Vehicle-use visual field assistance system in which information dispatch apparatus transmits images of blind spots to vehicles - A camera of a ground-based information dispatch apparatus captures a blind-spot image, showing a region that is a blind spot with respect to a vehicle driver. A vehicle-mounted camera captures a forward-view image corresponding to the viewpoint of the driver, and the forward-view image is transmitted to the information dispatch apparatus together with vehicle position and direction information and camera parameters. Based on the received information, the blind-spot image is converted to a corresponding image having the viewpoint of the vehicle driver, and the forward-view image and viewpoint-converted blind-spot image are combined to form a synthesized image, which is transmitted to the vehicle.06-04-2009
20090167559Advertising system and method of use - A vehicle messaging system operably connected to a communications network that is configured to receive, store, manipulate, view and transmit data. The vehicle messaging system is mounted within the interior of a vehicle and further includes the necessary electronics to determine its geographic coordinates and transmit that data across the communications network. The communications network functions as a conduit to allow organizations or individuals to send and receive information such as but not limited to advertising messages to vehicle messaging systems connected to the communications network. The vehicle messaging system is operably connected to the communications network utilizing wireless technology such as but not limited to short-wave, RF or cellular frequencies.07-02-2009
20090096635Emergency warning system for approach of right of way vehicle - A common inexpensive device such as an automotive internal rear view mirror, cell phone, or CHMBL (center high mounted brake light) incorporates an emergency warning system to detect a predefined signal emitted by an right of way vehicle such as an ambulance, police car, fire engine, or train. The right of way vehicle sends out a specific predefined signal to a predefined area. The specific predefined signal is picked up by a receiver of the present emergency warning system, which is preferably housed in a rear view mirror or cell phone, and which is always on, whether the internal rear view mirror, cell phone, or CHMBL is powered on or powered off. Then, after verification of the specific predefined signal, the internal rear view mirror, cell phone or CHMBL emits a warning, preferably an audio warning from a speaker housed in the internal rear view mirror, cell phone, or CHMBL. The emergency warning system can be incorporated into a telematics unit.04-16-2009
20090096634METHOD, SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR DRIVING ASSISTANCE AND MONITORING - A data processing method for alerting a first vehicle when entering and/or residing in a blind spot of at least one second vehicle and a system and a computer program implementing such a method. A method in accordance with an embodiment includes: determining and dynamically updating the position of second vehicle, the blind spot of the second vehicle, and the time for the first vehicle to enter the blind spot. An alarm signal is generated when the first vehicle is entering or residing in a blind spot of the second vehicle. The method also includes steps to generate direction for the first vehicle to avoid entering in or to leave the blind spot of the second vehicle.04-16-2009
20110227756WIRELESS TRAFFIC CALMING, CAUTIONING, EARLY WARNING AND EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM - A traffic calming (broadly defined as methods and apparatus for the purpose of reducing or otherwise controlling vehicle speeds and improving safety appropriate to the state of the road), cautioning, early warning and emergency notification system using secure wireless transmitters, receivers and transceivers for localized point to point notification. Static, desktop, portable and vehicle mounted transmitters/transceivers are automatically or manually triggered to transmit cautioning, early warning or emergency alert messages within a specified range to desktop, portable or vehicular-mounted receivers/transceivers, notifying the user of the receiver/transceiver of an approaching traffic calming or cautioning situation (children crossing, train crossing, construction detour, accident scene, etc.) or emergency situation (approaching emergency responder vehicle, such as police, firefighters, ambulance, etc). The system utilizes secure, localized point-to-point wireless technology to overcome typical impediments to effective targeted traffic calming, cautioning, early warning and emergency notification at home, work and in a vehicle by allowing emergency responders and others responsible for cautioning, early warning and emergency notification, who have one or more transmitter/transceiver, to communicate directly and effectively with the immediately affected individual(s) within a specified range, who have at least one receiver/transceiver.09-22-2011
20090002193DRIVER NOTIFICATION SYSTEM, DEVICE, AND ASSOCIATED METHOD - Devices, systems, and methods are provided for alerting a driver that a potential hazard is in the vicinity of the driver's vehicle. In general, activation signals transmitted from a vehicle are received at a potential hazard, and hazard signals are, in response, transmitted from the potential hazard to the vehicle. The hazard signals provide an indication of the potential hazard to the driver so that he may be aware of the potential hazard and react accordingly. The indication may be provided to the driver visually, such as on a display of the vehicle, and/or audibly, such as in the form of an audible alert issued by a speaker. The hazard signals may also include one or more characteristics of the potential hazard to provide more information about the potential hazard to the driver, such as the type of potential hazard and/or the degree of danger associated with the potential hazard.01-01-2009
20090115631EXTERIOR MIRROR WITH INDICATOR - A mirror reflective element sub-assembly suitable for use for an exterior rearview mirror assembly of a vehicle includes a mirror reflective element, a mirror back plate having an indicator receiving portion established thereat, and a signal indication module having a light source. The signal indication module attaches to the indicator receiving portion of the mirror back plate and the light source is activatable to emit light through the indicator receiving portion. The light source is established at a circuit element and the signal indication module includes a housing that substantially encases the circuit element therein. The circuit element has electrical terminals extending therefrom and protruding at least partially at a connector portion of the housing so as to be electrically connectable to a power source of the vehicle. The connector portion of the housing is configured to provide a plug-socket connection between the power source and the signal indication module.05-07-2009
20090079585VEHICLE PERIPHERY MONITORING APPARATUS AND IMAGE DISPLAYING METHOD - A vehicle periphery monitoring apparatus includes an image capturing device, a display device and an image processing device. The image capturing device is configured and arranged to capture a first original image of a region rearward of a vehicle and a second original image of a region laterally rearward of the vehicle. The display device includes a first display area and a second display area disposed on a lateral side of the first display area. The image processing device is configured to display a first displayed image from the first original image in the first display area and to display a second displayed image from the second original image in the second display area to form a combined image on the display device with the second displayed image being horizontally compressed from the second original image to at least a greater degree than the first displayed image.03-26-2009
20130214939Mobile Communication System and Method for Analyzing Alerts Associated with Vehicular Travel - A mobile communication system for collection, determination and/or distribution of data to and from a server. The server executes analysis algorithms that analyze data received from multiple communication and data sources to develop predictions about the likelihood of future alerts or threats in geographic locations. The server communicates the predictions to communication devices based on the geographic locations corresponding to each of the communication devices. The communication system incorporates data through interfaces between data collection components and mobile communication devices that includes a communication element. The communication element transmits data between the data collection components and the mobile communication device. A user interface of the mobile communication device may communicate the information to a user of the electromagnetic signal detector.08-22-2013
20100141475Emergency Service Warning System - An emergency service warning system is described herein that is arranged to warn a user of approach of emergency services. The system includes movable emergency service transmitters (T) and at least one receiver (M, R), arranged to receive signals transmitted by the emergency service transmitters (T). The system is provided with at least one stationary emergency service communication device (M) for the purpose of communication with the emergency service transmitter (T) utilizing emergency service signals. The system includes at least one user receiver (R) which is arranged to detect emergency service signals and to deliver a warning signal upon detection of an emergency service signal.06-10-2010
20090115630SIGNAL APPARATUS FOR FACILITATING SAFE BACKUP OF VEHICLES - Systems and methods which allow a spotter external to a vehicle to provide signals to a driver of the vehicle in order to facilitate safe backup operations of the vehicle are disclosed. A wireless transmitter, in wireless communication with a receiver positioned within the vehicle, is operated by the spotter. An indicator, also in communication with the receiver, is configured to provide a plurality of audible and/or visible signals perceivable by the driver in response to a wireless signal received by the receiver from the transmitter. The audible and/or visible signals may comprise selected patterned tones and lights which inform the driver whether they should proceed to backup the vehicle or stop the vehicle.05-07-2009
20110128161VEHICULAR WARNING DEVICE FOR PEDESTRIANS - A pedestrian warning system includes a sensing device that is provided on the vehicle for detecting a pedestrian within a predetermined zone around the vehicle. A warning device on the vehicle generates a warning signal perceived by the pedestrian outside the vehicle indicating a presence of the vehicle. A speed sensor senses a speed of the vehicle. A controller is configured to receive a signal from the sensing device indicating the detection of the pedestrian within the predetermined zone. The controller determines whether the speed of the vehicle is within a predetermine speed range. The controller actuates the warning device for warning the pedestrian of the close proximity to the vehicle in response to determining the vehicle traveling at a respective speed is within the predetermined speed range and detecting the presence of the pedestrian within the predetermined zone.06-02-2011
20090322559WARNING SOUND DIRECTION DETECTING APPARATUS - A direction detecting apparatus is adapted for installation on a vehicle, and includes a first sound collecting unit, a second sound collecting unit, an identifying unit, a direction estimating unit, and a notifying unit. The first and second sound collecting units collect sounds from roads. The identifying unit identifies the types of the sounds collected by the first and second sound collecting units. The direction estimating unit determines whether a warning sound comes from the front when the sound type identified by the identifying unit is a warning sound. The direction estimating unit estimates the direction of the warning sound when the warning sound comes from the front, and estimates a lane in which the warning sound is located when the warning sound comes from behind. The notifying unit is for providing notification of the estimation result of the direction estimating unit.12-31-2009
20100060481Method and System for Broadcasting Data Messages to a Vehicle - The invention provides systems and methods for targeting broadcast messages to particular vehicles or classes of vehicles. In one embodiment, the system comprises an information center for creating and sending a broadcast data message, and a relay section that receives the broadcast data message and relays the message to a plurality of vehicles. The information center typically comprises a one-to-many communication system for sending the message from one source to a plurality of receivers, such as a satellite radio network or the like. The message can be deleted or modified in response to commands received by the receiver.03-11-2010
20110095904METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING SAFETY GUIDANCE SERVICE - A method for providing a safety guidance service from a local server to a nomadic device includes gathering information regarding surrounding conditions within a service area on a road, receiving device information from the nomadic device, which enters the service area, determining whether or not the nomadic device is placed in a situation based on the device information, and when it is recognized that the situation has happened, providing safety guidance message suitable to the situation to the nomadic device.04-28-2011
20110068948In-vehicle Christmas tree for drag racing starting and timing - In accordance with one embodiment an in-vehicle Christmas tree for drag racing starting and timing where a prior art drag tree is not available or convenient. An accelerometer integrated circuit provides means to synchronize all tree devices in a race and to detect a change in motion and/or acceleration instead of mounted stationary switches for pre-stage and stage positions of the prior art. This enables drivers the option of starting a drag race from a rolling start and/or to have predetermined distances offsetting a vehicle's starting position in relation to the other participating vehicle or vehicles, while simultaneously providing false start detection. The present invention comprising a tree device (03-24-2011
20110050458DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION TRANSMISSION - The different advantageous embodiments provide a system comprising a dynamic transmission process and a processor unit. The processor unit is configured to run the dynamic transmission process. The dynamic transmission process is configured to receive environmental information. The dynamic transmission process determines whether to send the environmental information to a subscriber.03-03-2011
20120200427DRIVING SUPPORT APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - A driving support apparatus for a first vehicle in which a driving support system carries out, when a second vehicle exists in a communication area of the first vehicle, transmission and reception of position information between the first vehicle and the second vehicle and provides driving support information of traveling relating to a risk of the first vehicle with regard to the second vehicle based on the position information, the driving support apparatus for a first vehicle including a display unit for displaying the driving support information; and a display controller for controlling a display mode of the display unit based on a positional relationship between the first vehicle and the second vehicle; the display unit includes: a first display for displaying the driving support information when the second vehicle exists at a position ahead of the first vehicle.08-09-2012
20110254698Interactive Data View and Command System - A method and information system for capturing signals, for processing signals, and for providing signals at least partially based on, or bearing correlation to, the captured signals is disclosed. The information system includes a signal input unit, a wireless communication unit, and an output unit. The signal input unit (preferably an optical signal unit) is constructed and is positionable to capture signals associated with an eye. The output unit is constructed to provide information based on the captured signals or to provide information as a function of the captured signals or in correlation with the captured signals.10-20-2011
20110163892SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MOBILE ENVIRONMENTAL MEASUREMENTS AND DISPLAYS - An environmental measurement system and method are disclosed. In one aspect of the invention, the system includes a base station having a processor, a plurality of environmental detectors located remotely from the base station that measure one or more environmental conditions that are in communication with the base station to send the measured one or more environmental conditions to the base station and a plurality of user display stations located remotely from the base station that are in communication with the base station and that can display the one or more environmental conditions received from the base station. One or more of the environmental detectors or one or more of the user display stations is mobile. Alternatively, the environmental detectors and the user display stations can both be mobile.07-07-2011
20120146810COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL BACKUPS - A computer system that is configured to: (A) define a geofence surrounding a geographic area; (B) gather information associated with the geofenced area; and (C) assign one or more parameters to the geofenced area based on the information gathered, wherein at least one of the assigned parameters is used to monitor the performance of a delivery vehicle driver while the delivery vehicle driver is operating a delivery vehicle within the geofenced area. In particular embodiments, the parameters include a backup limit defining a number of times a delivery vehicle operating within the geofenced area is permitted to back up while operating the delivery vehicle within the geofenced area (e.g., during a particular delivery cycle). In other embodiments, the parameters include a maximum speed limit for the geofenced area. The system may be adapted to automatically generate an alert in response to the delivery vehicle operating outside of the defined parameters.06-14-2012
20110133951Multi-Mode Safety System for Spotter-Assisted Vehicle Maneuvering - Apparatus and associated methods involve a handheld illuminated module to communicate safety information from a spotter to a driver during a vehicle maneuver. In an illustrative example, the spotter operates the module at a position from which to monitor a region in the vehicle's path. The spotter communicates to the driver that the path is clear by depressing a switch on the module. When depressed, the module switch indicates a “safe” mode that (1) illuminates the module, for example, with a green color, and (2) communicates to a vehicle safety module (VSM) on-board the vehicle. In response to the message, the VSM may transition from a warning mode to a safe mode and emit corresponding visual and/or audio signals to the driver. If the spotter releases the switch, the module illumination changes, and the VSM reverts to warning mode in which it prompts the driver to stop the vehicle.06-09-2011
20120146809INFORMATION PROVIDING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR VEHICLES - An information providing apparatus and method for vehicles are provided. The information providing method includes determining a vehicle state based on sensing signals from one or more sensors installed on a vehicle, generating state information through analysis of the vehicle state, and transmitting the state information to a second vehicle. Hence, other vehicles may reduce their driving speed or change their course of driving according to received vehicle state information.06-14-2012
20110095905In-vehicle data communication device and method for communicating with external resource center - An assigning unit assigns multiple conditions to communication units. A detection unit detects which of the communication units is communicable with an external resource center. When the detection unit detects that multiple communication units are communicable with the external resource center, a selecting unit selects one communication unit according to the multiple conditions assigned by the assigning unit. Thus, an in-vehicle data communication unit obtains data from the external resource center via the selected one communication unit.04-28-2011
20090189780IT SYSTEM - In order to realize road-road communications, a roadside device is provided with an MS function unit and a BS function unit that have a termination function of a signal. In a case of performing road-road communications, any of plural roadside devices can function as a BS, and others as an MS. In a wireless communication system that only enables wireless communications between MS and BS, road-road communication can be performed. In order to realize vehicle-vehicle communication, an in-vehicle device has the BS function unit and the MS function unit having a termination function of the signal and performs the same operations as the road-road communication. In road-vehicle communication, any of the roadside devices can function as the BS, and other roadside devices and in-vehicle devices are operated as the MS.07-30-2009
20090174571Navigation apparatus having emergency warning system - A navigation system having an emergency warning system where the navigation system includes components such as a navigation processor, a GPS, a speaker for providing text-to-voice directions, a display for displaying at least the starting location and final destination, power switch, and a power port that permits connection to the cigarette lighter port of the vehicle, and wherein the emergency warning system includes a component such as a receiver for picking up a right of way vehicle predefined signal. When the right of way vehicle predefined signal is picked up, the emergency warning system can display various warnings such as a text warning or an audible warning via the display and speaker.07-09-2009
20110109474ELECTRONIC PARKING DISC - Parking disc for mounting on a vehicle in a location so as to be at least externally visible for indicating a time for initiation of the parking with an electronic display which shows the actual time during normal driving and during parking constantly shows the time of initiation of the parking. The parking disc is designed so that switching the display when resuming driving is effected on the basis of an electric signal from at least one detector that determines an actual relative movement of the vehicle in excess of a minimum value with the electronic parking disc continuing to show a fixed time that indicates initiation of parking until the mentioned detector has determined the minimum value of movement of the vehicle has occur. This value may, e.g., be that the vehicle has moved at least a certain in relation to the point at which parking had been initiated.05-12-2011
20110316718OFF-ROAD MOTOR VEHICLE WARNING SYSTEM - A warning system for vehicles that comprises a transmitter and a receiver for respectively transmitting a signal to an approaching vehicle or receiving a signal from an approaching vehicle. A light actuated upon receiving a signal from another vehicle and visible to the other vehicle indicates to the other vehicle that it is approaching a vehicle.12-29-2011
20120044089METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SENDING INFORMATION FROM A USER DEVICE TO A CAR - A telematics server manages meeting request messages sent from, and to, a vehicle-coupled device. The server performs authentication services when a subscriber logs in to the server from the vehicle-coupled device, or with a device associated with the subscriber's telematics services account. Upon login, the server may append a session identifier to the request message. After the message passes through the server, an application running on a device remote from the vehicle receives the request message and accepts user input that permits the remote device to transmit its current location to the vehicle-coupled device in a confirmation message according to the session identifier. The telematics server can use the session identifier to determine the destination address of the vehicle-coupled device to forward the confirmation message to. The vehicle-coupled device displays the remote user device location on a map. The request and confirmation messages may include a media content file.02-23-2012
20120001769ROADSIDE DETECTION SYSTEM, DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEM AND ROADSIDE DETECTING METHOD - A roadside detection system installed in a vehicle to detect a roadside of a road on which the vehicle travels includes detection results acquiring means, first edge line detecting means and second edge line detecting means. The detection results acquiring means emits light waves or electromagnetic waves to a target detection region in which an object to be measured is detected and acquires an objective distance and a reflection intensity, for each of separate regions obtained by separating the target detection region into a plurality of divisions. The first edge line detecting means detects a first edge line that is a candidate of a roadside based on each objective distance. The second edge line detecting means detects a second edge line that is a candidate of a roadside based on each reflection intensity. A driver assistance system and a roadside detecting method are also provided.01-05-2012
20120056756Method Of Estimating Intersection Control - A method of estimating the type of intersection control for two or more roadways includes steps of classifying each roadway at an intersection and estimating the type of intersection control used for each roadway. Roadways can be classified by size, traveling speed, number of lanes as well as any other roadway characteristics. In some cases, a warning system can be operated using the estimated intersection control type for each roadway.03-08-2012
20120062391Vehicle External Warning Sound Generation System and Method - A vehicle external warning sound generation system and method. A transducer generates warning sounds external to the vehicle in response to an input sound signal. A sensor senses sound external to the vehicle and has an output signal that represents both sensed ambient noise and sensed warning sounds. A processing system, responsive to the sensor output signal, generates the sound signal that is provided to the transducer. The processing system includes an adaptive filter which reduces the level of the warning sounds in the sensor output signal, so that mostly ambient noise remains.03-15-2012
20110090093Vehicle to Entity Communication - A vehicle to pedestrian communication system includes a vehicle-based device having a transmitter and receiver for communicating global positioning of the vehicle. The transmitter broadcasts a global position of the vehicle as part of a vehicle periodic beacon message. A pedestrian-based device is carried by a pedestrian. The pedestrian-based device has a transmitter and receiver for communicating a global position of the pedestrian as part of a pedestrian periodic beacon message. A positional awareness of the vehicle in relation to the pedestrian is assessed by at least one of the vehicle-based device or the pedestrian-based device based on the positioning of the vehicle in relation to the pedestrian. An alert is provided to at least one of the vehicle or the pedestrian indicating a presence of the vehicle or pedestrian based on the respective global positions of the pedestrian and the vehicle.04-21-2011
20110102191Method and device for operating a night vision system for cars - Poor visibility at night is a tiring and dangerous situation in traffic, feared by many drivers. As a result of poor visibility, the frequency of accidents at night is significantly higher than during the day with good visibility conditions. Cars are thus prospectively fitted with night vision systems, in order to increase safety in traffic. A night vision system used for this purpose generally comprises an illumination unit for illuminating the environment surrounding the vehicle, an image recording unit for collecting environmental data, and an image processing unit for evaluating the environmental data. So that the operation of the night vision system can be adapted to different situations, it must be designed in a flexible manner. To this end, the individual components of the night vision system must be able to be operated in different combinations. In order to achieve this, the components of the night vision system can be individually controlled by means of at least one control signal.05-05-2011
20110109473INSTRUMENT PANEL IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE, INSTRUMENT PANEL IMAGE CHANGING METHOD, VEHICLE, SERVER, INSTRUMENT PANEL IMAGE CHANGING SYSTEM, INSTRUMENT PANEL IMAGE DISPLAY PROGRAM, COMPUTER READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM ON WHICH INSTRUMENT PANEL IMAGE DISPLAY PROGRAM IS RECORDED - An instrument panel image display apparatus for displaying an instrument panel image on an instrument panel mounted on a machine includes an image display section arranged to display, in accordance with image data encoding instrument images that provide a user with information about an inside and an outside of the machine, an instrument panel image containing the instrument images, and an image data changing section arranged to change a display state of an instrument image to another display state according to a state of the machine, from among a plurality of display states determined in advance according to the state of the machine. With this structure, an instrument panel image according to the user's own preferences and the state of the machine is created without undermining safety during operation.05-12-2011
20120249340METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SERVICE IN A COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A method and apparatus for providing a public transportation service in a communication system includes transmitting a signal representing an existence of a passenger at a particular stop terminal, and transmitting a signal representing information on a number of vehicles at to the stop terminal for selection by a user.10-04-2012
20120229300Holder Device Capable of Automatically Adjusting Orientation of an Electronic Device Placed Thereon, and Assembly of Holder Device and Electronic Device - A holder device is capable of automatically adjusting orientation of an electronic device placed thereon based upon position of a user. The holder device includes a holder body, a torque unit, and a control unit. The holder body includes a base, a movable arm set pivoted to the base, and a fastening seat for placing the electronic device thereon. The torque unit is disposed at pivot joints of the movable arm set and provides power for driving pivoting movement of the movable arm set. The control unit is disposed to receive user-associated position information and is configured to generate a control command corresponding to the position information and to transmit the control command to the torque unit so as to control the torque unit to move the movable arm set for adjusting orientation of the electronic device placed on the fastening seat.09-13-2012
20110037616METHOD FOR MONITORING A TRAFFIC ROUTE FOR A MEANS OF TRANSPORT OF A PREDETERMINED KIND - The embodiments relate to a method for monitoring a traffic route for a means of transport of a predetermined kind, particularly for an aircraft on a lane at an airport. The method involves noise signals that occur in a section of the traffic route (02-17-2011
20120268293METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COMMUNICATION - The invention relates to a method for a vehicle to communicate with another vehicle or with an infrastructure device which has a particular range which is dependent on the current position of the vehicle. In order to ensure correct operation of the communication, the range to be expected for the communication is derived inter alia from the nature of the surroundings, which is dependent on the current position of the vehicle. The invention also relates to an appropriate apparatus for communication.10-25-2012
20120326888VEHICLE EXTERIOR REARVIEW MIRROR SYSTEM - A vehicular exterior rearview mirror system includes an exterior rearview mirror assembly and a mirror reflective element sub-assembly having a mirror reflective element. A display indicator has a light source that is activatable to emit light. The light source is disposed behind the reflective element and light emitted by the light source passes through the reflective element to be viewed by the driver of the vehicle. The display indicator is associated with a blind spot detection system of the vehicle and the light source of the display indicator is activated responsive to sensing by a sensor of the blind spot detection system of an object in a blind spot at a side of the vehicle. During daytime operation of the vehicle and when the light source is activated, the display indicator, as viewed by the driver of the vehicle, has a luminance of at least about 5,000 nits.12-27-2012
20100052943SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DEVICE MANAGEMENT ON A DEDICATED SHORT-RANGE COMMUNICATION NETWORK - A method of managing a Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) network in a vehicle having a primary DSRC system is provided. The method comprises detecting a secondary DSRC system operating in proximity to the vehicle and transmitting a suppression notice in response to detecting the secondary DSRC system, where the suppression notice conveys an instruction to the secondary DSRC system to suspend DSRC transmissions.03-04-2010
20130141250DRIVING MANEUVER ASSIST ON FULL WINDSHIELD HEAD-UP DISPLAY - A method to dynamically register a graphic on a driving scene of a source vehicle utilizing a graphic projection display includes monitoring source vehicle information and monitoring road information. A preferred driving maneuver and a driving scene location of the preferred driving maneuver are identified based on the monitored source vehicle information and the monitored road information. A graphic exemplifying the preferred driving maneuver is determined and a location of the graphic is dynamically registering upon the graphic projection display corresponding to the driving scene. The dynamically registered location is based on the driving scene location of the preferred driving maneuver. The graphic is displayed upon the graphic projection display.06-06-2013
20110248866Communication System And Method - The invention relates to a communication system and a communication method, the communication system comprises a first communication module (10-13-2011
20130147637METHODS, APPARATUS AND SYSTEMS FOR GENERATING SEARCHABLE ELECTRONIC RECORDS OF UNDERGROUND FACILITY MARKING OPERATIONS AND ASSESSING ASPECTS OF SAME - Assessing at least one aspect relating to a marking operation performed by a locate technician, based on an electronic representation of the marking operation. The marking operation comprises identifying, using at least one physical locate mark, a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility within a dig area, wherein at least a portion of the dig area may be excavated or disturbed during excavation activities. The physical locate mark(s) is/are digitally represented on a display device so as to generate an electronic visual representation of the marking operation. A length associated with at least a portion of the digitally represented physical locate mark(s) is determined and, based on the determined length, one or more aspects relating to the marking operation is/are automatically assessed. Exemplary aspects include a cost of the marking operation, a productivity of the locate technician, and/or a competence of the locate technician.06-13-2013
20100302065Environmental Sensor System - In one embodiment, a system to detect one or more environmental conditions in proximity to a surface comprises a first metamaterial environmental sensor module proximate the surface. The environmental sensor comprises a metamaterial-based electrically resonant structure having a resonance frequency which varies in response to changes in at least one of a humidity proximate the sensor module, a temperature proximate the sensor module, or the presence of a chemical or biological agent proximate the sensor module. The system further comprises a remote receiver to receive an electromagnetic signal comprising the signal generated by the electrically resonant structure and a signal analysis module to determine an environmental condition such as humidity, temperature, pre-ice conditions, ice, chemicals or biological species from the at least one environmental condition signal. Other embodiments may be described.12-02-2010
20110234422Vehicle approach warning system - A control unit detects presence of a person and a direction of his/her face based on image information inputted from an imaging device, and determines that a warning need be provided to notify the person of vehicle approach if the person is detected but his/her face is not detected. The control unit checks a determination result as to whether the warning should be provided to a warning sound output device. The warning sound output device generates warning sound in response to the determination result indicating that sound warning is needed.09-29-2011
20110254699VEHICLE-MOUNTED NARROW-BAND WIRELESS COMMUNICATION APPARATUS AND ROADSIDE-TO-VEHICLE NARROW-BAND WIRELESS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A vehicle-mounted narrow-band wireless communication apparatus includes: information storing/managing section 10-20-2011
20130187792EARLY WARNING SYSTEM FOR TRAFFIC SIGNALS AND CONDITIONS - An early warning system having a plurality of vehicles, a plurality of smart phones, a plurality of signals and a command center which are electronically in communication with one another. Each vehicle, smart phone and signal which is part of the system has at least one receiver, sensor, processor, controller, transmitter and software. As a first vehicle approaches a second vehicle, a signal or a pedestrian carrying a smart phone, the transmitter connected to the second vehicle, a signal or a pedestrian sends information about the second vehicle, signal or pedestrian to the first vehicle. The first vehicle's processor process that information pursuant to the software and determines whether a hazard condition exists. In the event that a hazard condition exists, a warning device alarms the driver as to the existence of the hazard thereby helping the driver to avoid an accident and preventing property and personal injury.07-25-2013