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340 - Communications: electrical

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340870020 With meter reading 331
340870070 Combined (TM system with other system) 62
340870160 Condition responsive 31
340870300 With particular transmitter (e.g., piezoelectric, dynamo) 21
340870110 Plural transmitters 11
340870280 Via radiant energy beam (via particular energy) 8
340870390 With supply voltage regulation or compensation 7
340870180 Using a particular modulation (e.g., phase, frequency, or amplitude) 5
20090289810Processing Method in Operation System, Flow Rate Converter, and Coriolis Flow Meter - Provided is a processing method for an operation system which performs operation processing in accordance with a detection amount detected by detection means and pulse output processing in which an operation result from the operation processing is transmitted as a pulse output, including: controlling transmission of the pulse output performed in the pulse output processing to make the transmission of the pulse output asynchronous with a timing of an end of the operation processing; and transmitting, by repeating the controlling, a pulse train having time-series continuity.11-26-2009
20080238717VARIABLE RATE ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER - According to various embodiments of the invention a variable rate analog-to-digital converter can be used in conjunction with an anti-aliasing filter to allow the use of lower sampling rates, and accordingly, generally lower power consumption. For example, a lower sampling rate can be used when it is determined that no undesirable signals are present and a higher sampling period can be used when an undesirable signal is present. Determining the presence of an undesired signal can be based on signal-to-noise ratio, over-sampling, bit error rate, using a detector, etc. An undesirable signal can be any signal that is close in frequency to a signal of interest or signals farther away in frequency that has a relatively high amplitude. Sampling rate can be varied in a binary fashion, stepwise, continuously, etc.10-02-2008
20080278346Single-Pin Multi-Bit Digital Circuit Configuration - According to some embodiments, a single-pin method of configuring a multi-bit state of a state machine of a circuit comprises: connecting a configuration resistor load having a configuration resistance to a single input pin of the integrated circuit; injecting a configuration current through the input pin and configuration resistor load; in response to injecting the current, generating a sequence of configuration signals indicative of a plurality of results of a plurality of comparisons of the configuration resistance to a plurality of predetermined thresholds, each result corresponding to a threshold; and configuring the multi-bit state of the state machine according to the sequence of configuration signals.11-13-2008
20100019931Method for Commissioning and/or Operating a Communication System - A method for start-up and/or operation of a communication system composed of at least one multivariable sensor, at least one converter unit and at least one receiving unit, which are connected with one another via a two-wire line. A primary measured value in the form of an analog signal and extra measured values in the form of an encoded digital signal modulated on the analog signal are provided from the multivariable sensor via the two-wire line, wherein only analog signals are received by the receiving unit. The extra measured values are scaled in the multivariable sensor into formatted values by means of a conversion algorithm, wherein at least the formatted values are requested and received by the converter unit, and wherein corresponding analog signals of the extra measured values are produced from the formatted values in the converter unit by a fixedly predetermined, unconfigurable, reconversion algorithm. The analog signals of the extra measured values are transmitted via respective separate electrical current lines to the receiving unit.01-28-2010
20080211688METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A MULTI-MODE MULTI-RATE TELEMETRY TRANSMITTER - A method and apparatus for a multi-mode and multi-rate telemetry transmitter includes a digital baseband lineup, a digital-to-analog converter (“DAC”), and an analog reconstruction filter. The digital baseband lineup may be programmed to any desired bit rate, enabling the transmitter to support multi-rate capabilities. Different coefficients and numerical values may be programmed in the digital baseband lineup to support any desired modulation scheme, enabling the transmitter to support multi-mode capabilities. The digital baseband lineup may be designed by implementing up-sampling stages, down-sampling stages, and digital filters in a variety of arrangements.09-04-2008
340870050 With calculation 5
20120112925APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MONITORING STATUS OF SATELLITE TRANSPONDER USING STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF TELEMETRY DATA - Provided are an apparatus and a method for monitoring a status of a satellite transponder using a statistical analysis of telemetry data, which may disclose a configuration to receive at least one of an input signal level and an output signal level with respect to a satellite transponder, to receive telemetry data with respect to the satellite transponder, and to statistically analyze the telemetry data based on the at least one of the input signal level and the output signal level.05-10-2012
20090085768GLUCOSE SENSOR TRANSCEIVER - The present invention relates to a telemetered characteristic sensor transceiver for exchanging data with at least one remote device. The transceiver includes a housing detachably coupled to a sensor located on a body of a user, the sensor producing a signal indicative of a user characteristic. A processor is formed within the housing and in communication with the sensor for processing the signal produced by the sensor. A transmitter is coupled to the processor for transmitting data to at least one remote device while a receiver is coupled to the processor for receiving data from the at least one remote device. A memory is coupled to the processor for storing data, wherein the processor performs calculations using at least one of the signal produced by the sensor, the data received from the at least one remote device and the data stored in the memory, and performs at least one of storing the calculations in the memory and transmitting the calculations to the at least one remote device through the transmitter.04-02-2009
20090072994HIGH PERFORMANCE ARCHITECTURE FOR PROCESS TRANSMITTERS - A process transmitter includes at least one sensor which monitors a process variable, and analog-to-digital (A/D) converter circuitry coupled to the at least one sensor and configured to provide process variable data indicative of process variable values. A digital signal processor (DSP) is coupled to the A/D converter circuitry to receive the process variable data. The DSP comprises a co-processor configured to receive and perform calculations on the process variable data from the A/D converter circuitry to generate output data. Communications circuitry of the process transmitter is configured either to control communication over loop wiring which can be coupled to the process transmitter, or to control wireless communications with the process transmitter. A microprocessor, separate from the co-processor of the DSP, is coupled between the co-processor and the communications circuitry to control movement of the output data from the DSP to the communications circuitry.03-19-2009
20100026518Measuring system having a sensor module and a transmitter module - The sensor module includes: a sensor housing; at least one measuring transducer arranged at least partially in the sensor housing for registering at least one measured variable and for producing at least one primary signal influenced by the measured variable; as well as sensor electronics arranged within the sensor housing and connected with the measuring transducer for converting the primary signal delivered from the measuring transducer into a sensor signal. Further provided in the sensor electronics is an energy supply unit, which includes at least one energy storer arranged within the sensor housing for storing energy to be converted in the measuring system. The transmitter module is coupled to the sensor module and includes a transmitter housing and a transmitter electronics accommodated in the transducer housing and electrically coupled with the sensor electronics for converting the sensor signal delivered from the sensor module into measured values representing the at least one measured variable.02-04-2010
20120019397WIRELESS BROADBAND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK FOR A UTILITY - A communications network (01-26-2012
340870100 For radio sonde 3
20120081232Lower Atmosphere Ascent and Descent Observation Experimental Tool - Provided is a low atmosphere ascent and descent observation experimental tool. Since a position of a radiosonde and a ground captive position of the radiosonde is accurately grasped using a GPS radiosonde, accurate observation results may be obtained.04-05-2012
20130141248METHOD FOR LAUNCHING AND A RADIOSONDE - A method and a radiosonde wherein the radiosonde is launched from a launching station and transmission of the radiosonde is started in order to send measurement data to a receiver. The transmission of the radiosonde is started only after a delay from the launch.06-06-2013
340870040 With calibration 3
20110291857METHOD OF POWER AMPLIFIER CALIBRATION - The exemplary embodiments include methods, computer readable media, and devices for calibrating a non-linear power detector of a radio frequency device based upon measurements of the non-linear power detector output and the associated power amplifier output level, and a set of data points that characterize a nominal non-linear power detector. The set of data points that characterize the nominal non-linear power detector is stored in a calibration system memory as nominal power detector output data. The measured non-linear power detector outputs, power amplifier output levels, and the nominal power detector output data is used to determine a power detector error function that characterizes the difference between the response of the non-linear power detector and the nominal non-linear power detector. The power detector error function and the nominal power detector output data are used to develop a calibrated power detector output data set that is stored in the non-linear power detector.12-01-2011
20100127891Device for controlling a safety signal range of a medical patient monitoring apparatus - The invention relates to a device for controlling a safety signal range of a medical patient monitoring apparatus. Such a medical patient monitoring apparatus is for instance an Electrocardiograph in emergency and intensive care areas in hospitals. The invention provides a device for controlling a safety signal range of a medical patient monitoring apparatus according to the invention comprising data acquisition means capable of acquiring data representing a patient monitoring parameter, processing means for processing the acquired data for providing a reference safety signal range for said patient monitoring parameter, and adjusting means for adjusting the safety signal range on the basis of reference safety signal range.05-27-2010
20110285545APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR SEARCHING AND SELECTING AN RF TELEMETRY CHANNEL TO ESTABLISH A LINK WITH AN ACTIVE MEDICAL DEVICE - An apparatus and method for searching and selecting an RF telemetry channel to establish a link between an active medical device and a remote device is disclosed. In the absence of any communication request, the available communication channels are scanned periodically to perform a long-term analysis. For each channel, a long-term indicator (iCLT) that is representative of a long-term availability is generated. Upon receipt of a communication request from the remote device, the communication channels are scanned to perform a short-term analysis, a short-term indicator (iCCT) that is representative of the short-term availability is generated. The short-term indicator is weighted by the long-term indicator, to generate a weighted short-term indicator (iCP). Based on the weighted short-term indicator, a communication channel is selected as the communication channel for the communication request.11-24-2011
340870400 With particular receiver (e.g., ratiometer) 3
20100245123TELEMATICS SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRACTION REPORTING AND CONTROL IN A VEHICLE - In one embodiment, a system and method are provided for detecting a slip condition between a vehicle tire and a road surface, processing contemporaneous vehicle data, such as torque or brake pressure applied, to determine a force of friction, and calculating a coefficient of friction. The coefficient of friction and location of the slip are broadcast to other vehicles driving in the proximity of the slip. The broadcasts may be utilized to notify drivers of slippery driving conditions at or ahead of the vehicle, and/or to limit torque and braking pressure applied to vehicle wheels to enhance traction and avoid slip.09-30-2010
20100265097WIRELESS DATA TRANSMITTING AND RECEIVING SYSTEM - There is provided a wireless data transmitting and receiving system that wirelessly transmits a signal regarding a torque acting on a rotary shaft and/or a rotation angle of the rotary shaft from a data transmitting unit disposed in the rotary shaft to a data receiving unit. The wireless data transmitting and receiving system includes: a data transmitting unit (10-21-2010
20100060479UTILITY MONITORING DEVICE, SYSTEM AND METHOD - A monitoring device, system and method is provided for in-home/on-premises monitoring of usage of utilities, such as electricity and other services. The monitoring device receives information from a smart metering system or transceiver, and displays current usage through an illuminated display, which displays a colour indicative of the current cost of consumption, and controls illumination of the display to scan illumination across the display at a traverse rate indicative of a rate of consumption or other metric, the scanning of a pattern of illumination across the display simulating movement or rotation in the display. The display therefore provides a consumer with immediate “at a glance” visual information on current usage. Optionally a digital display screen provides more detailed alphanumeric and graphical information, through a number of selectable display modes. Beneficially one or more devices may be networked, and interface directly or indirectly with a transceiver of a smart metering system, or a retrofit transceiver for a conventional meter. While particularly suited to electricity monitoring, monitoring of other utilities and services may alternatively or additionally be provided. The system may be used with a wired network or wirelessly networked by one of a number of standard wireless and mesh network communication protocols.03-11-2010
20130082846SENSOR SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method is disclosed for collecting information related to a machine component of a mobile machine that is configured to perform work on a worksite. The sensor system may be installed on or within the machine component, and the machine component may be installed with the sensor system on the mobile machine. The information may be collected with the sensor system while the machine is performing work on the worksite, the information relating to a characteristic experienced by the machine component. The information may be transmitted with the sensor system. The sensor system may collect information related to a tracked undercarriage of the mobile machine, or the cutting head of a tunnel boring machine.04-04-2013
20130069795CALIBRATION OF A LEVEL GAUGE SYSTEM - A method of calibrating a level gauge system using electromagnetic signals to determine a filling level of a product in a tank. The level gauge system comprises a real time sampler for sampling a reflection signal with a sampling period between consecutive samples. The method comprises the steps of: receiving timing signals from a wireless communication network; generating time stamp signals based on the timing signals; registering a number of the sampling periods between a first time stamp signal and a second time stamp signal; and determining the sampling period based on the registered number of sampling periods and a time between the first time stamp signal and the second time stamp signal. Various embodiments of the present invention provide for high accurate determination of the filling level in a tank without the need for a temperature stable and highly accurate clock reference in the level gauge system.03-21-2013
20090303076WIRELESS AND BATTERY-LESS MONITORING UNIT - A wireless and battery-less sensor device is described. The sensor device includes a mechanical energy harvesting device, a sensor electrically coupled to the mechanical energy harvesting module. The sensor is configured to sense with the power supplied by the mechanical energy harvesting device. Nonvolatile memory is configured to store output from the sensor. A radio frequency energy harvesting module is electrically coupled to a radio frequency transmitter. The radio frequency transmitter is configured to transmit the output from the sensor with the power supplied by the radio frequency energy harvesting device. Systems and methods utilizing the wireless and battery-less sensor device are also described.12-10-2009
20120235830COMMUNICATION SYSTEM FOR PATIENT HANDLING DEVICES - A patient handling device communication system enables patient handling devices, such as bed, cots, stretchers, and the like, to communicate with other patient handling devices. Communication from one or more patient handling devices may thereby be forwarded to other patient handling devices. Such information may also be forwarded to a healthcare communication network. The patient handling devices may form a mesh network for communicating information amongst themselves and/or to the healthcare communications network.09-20-2012
20110074598COLLECTION OF TELEMETRY DATA THROUGH A METER READING SYSTEM - Disclosed are apparatus and related methodologies for transmitting data related to utility conditions between monitoring locations and a central and/or data collection facility using a meter reading system. Collection of both corrected and uncorrected data from meters is achieved to thereby provide backup data in case of corrector failure. The presently disclosed subject matter also provides for the collection of telemetry data and alarms from correctors and recorders over a meter reading system. Two-way communications over a meter reading system is also provided to permit data transmission to selected endpoint devices.03-31-2011
20090160674Wi-Fi enabled telemetry - A wireless telemetry system that leverages the ubiquitous Wi-Fi routers and public internet to communicate the level of propane in a tank to the propane distributor is disclosed. The system also allows the user of the fuel to monitor the level and modify the usage habits. Furthermore, the distributor can use the system to deliver the fuel efficiently. The system can also be used to monitor various utility meters for billing purposes wirelessly without the need to send personnel to the sites.06-25-2009
20100013665MEASUREMENT OF CURRENT AND VOLTAGE OF AN IN-ORBIT SOLAR ARRAY - An apparatus comprises switches, a measurement unit, and a telemetry subsystem. The switches connect the current sources to a power bus when in a first position and to the measurement unit when the switches are in a second position. The measurement unit generates a ramp signal to control the solar strings from an open circuit state to a short circuit state linearly in a short duration and provides continuous current and voltage telemetry data at the output while the set of switches is in the second position. The telemetry subsystem is pre-set to a dwell mode and samples a large amount of voltage and current telemetry data. The telemetry subsystem transmits this data to ground directly to eliminate the need for processing and storage resources in the spacecraft. The telemetry data is used to plot I-V curve for health monitoring.01-21-2010
20100090862POINT-OF-USE ENERGY MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT - A system for monitoring and managing the energy consumption of designated devices or services obtains the point-of-use energy consumption of the designated devices or services and collects this consumption information in various formats as data. The collected data may be analyzed for peak load analysis and load shedding recommendations, among other analysis. The data may be displayed on a user interface to an energy consumer in various formats that permit the consumer to make decisions and take actions based on the displayed data or the analysis. The data may be displayed in real-time format so that the consumer may observe the instant energy consumption of a particular device. The consumer may also view a device's energy consumption to-date over a predetermined period of time. The consumer may also take an action through the system to reduce the consumer's overall energy consumption.04-15-2010
20100033346Methods, Systems, and Products for Interfacing with Powerline Networks - Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for interfacing with a power line network. Electrical power is received, and a voltage of the electrical power is monitored. When the voltage is inadequate, then an alternate power source is automatically connected. A frequency of electrical power provided by the alternate power source is monitored, and high frequency data signals are separated from low frequency power signals.02-11-2010
20100033345METHODS, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEMS FOR MONITORING TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS - A sensing platform for monitoring a transmission system, and method therefor, may include a sensor that senses one or more conditions relating to a condition of the transmission system and/or the condition of an environment around the transmission system. A control system operatively associated with the sensor produces output data based on an output signal produced by the sensor. A transmitter operatively associated with the control system transmits the output data from the control system.02-11-2010
20090027228System and Method for Wirelessly Communicating Battery Status - Described is a system, an apparatus, and a method for wirelessly communicating battery status. The apparatus may include at least one contact receiving power from a battery; a wireless component communicating with a wireless communication device joined to a surface of the battery; and a processor connected to the wireless component and monitoring the battery in order to one of generate and collect battery status information. The processor is capable of causing the wireless component to transmit the battery status information to the wireless communication device of the battery.01-29-2009
20110148657SYSTEM AND METHOD TO PROVIDE VALUE ADDED SERVICES IN AN ASSET NETWORK - A telematics system in an asset network is provided. The telematics system includes one or more sensors configured to acquire data from multiple assets at different locations in the asset network. The telematics system also includes a transceiver configured to receive the data acquired from the one or more sensors. The telematics system further includes a data analysis system. The data analysis system includes a central data server configured to receive the data transmitted from the transceiver. The data analysis system also includes a processing circuitry configured to combine data, analyze combined data to detect trends, generate value added services based on the detected trends and distribute the value added services to multiple end users.06-23-2011
20090284391Apparatus for mounting a telematics user interface - A user interface to an electronic unit, such as a telematics unit, couples with the unit. The interface can also provide access to audio, computer, communications, navigation, and other units besides telematics device units. A user can secure the interface to a rear view mirror of a vehicle using clips; a securing means that exerts force against the interface and a roof, or other surface, of the vehicle that the user wishes to fix the interface in; or other methods of attaching devices to one another. A housing of the interface may locate the biasing means so that the biasing means forces the housing against the rearview mirror. The interface may couple to a telematics, or other electronics, unit located, or installed, in the vehicle via a cable link, including wire and optical, or via a wireless link.11-19-2009
20080238710system and method for demand dispatch and load management - Provided is a system and method for monitoring utilization of a resource across an entire distribution area. The system dynamically and intelligently limits the aggregated utilization of the resource across an entire distribution area or targeted sub areas. Targeted usage thresholds at the device (individual utilization) level, as well as utility-specified business and technical rules and overrides, can be applied. Using these rules, the system continuously looks for and manages individual utilization of the resource that is available for curtailment, thus producing a larger and more efficient utilization level that is available for reduction without service impact to customers within that service area or targeted sub areas.10-02-2008
20080266132Data collection management system and method - A data collection management system comprises collection logic configured to store incoming data in a memory at a collection rate, and memory management logic configured to automatically downsample at least a portion of the stored data in response to a usage level of the memory reaching a threshold.10-30-2008
20110205081METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR APPLYING TACTILE PRESSURE SENSORS - A method of wireless communication includes transmitting configuration information to a tactile pressure sensor apparatus, receiving pressure sensor data from the tactile pressure sensor apparatus based on the configuration information, and providing the received tactile pressure sensor data to a user.08-25-2011
20130120155MONITORING OF FLOATING ROOF TANK - System for monitoring a floating roof of a tank containing a liquid, wherein the system determines a local status of the floating roof in spaced apart sensing element locations. In a hazardous or potentially hazardous environment, there is an on-roof subsystem including a sensing element in each sensing element location, intrinsically safe measuring circuitry coupled a sensing elements and arranged for determining said local status, intrinsically safe radio communication on-roof circuitry coupled for communicating externally of the on-roof subsystem the local, an intrinsically safe power supply circuitry connected to an intrinsically safe and interchangeable energy storage unit for powering the on-roof subsystem. The system further includes monitoring circuitry for receiving the indication of local status and for determining an overall monitored status of said floating and further radio communication circuitry. The on-roof subsystem is wireless in its power supply and communication.05-16-2013
20110227754METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DATA AGGREGATION AND REPORTING - The present application is generally directed to mediums, methods, and systems for providing a data aggregator and reporting engine for utilities data. Exemplary embodiments provide procedures for aggregating and reporting data. According to exemplary embodiments, a base configuration for a data aggregator is provided. A variety of characteristics and functionality are built into the base configuration of the aggregator. Each characteristic may include a plurality of built-in options. By selecting one or more relevant options for each characteristic, a utility provider can build an aggregator that applies a custom profile to aggregate and report utilities data. The options may be selected prior to run-time, or may be selected at run-time. A dynamic reporting framework is also provided. The dynamic reporting framework allows for data aggregations to be calculated during the aggregation process without requiring that either the aggregator or the reporting framework be rebuilt or redesigned.09-22-2011
20090231157METER ADAPTOR - An adaptor can be provided for a meter of the type comprising a meter body and a detector. The meter body can be operative to process and display an analogue output signal generated by the detector indicative of a given input to the detector. The adaptor can comprise electrical connection means operative to form electrical connections with the meter body and with the detector. The adaptor can further comprise interface means operative to convert, in use, the analogue output signal from the detector into a standardised output signal for transmission to the meter body. The interface means can be operative to generate the standardised output signal from a plurality of detectors such that the adaptor can enable the meter body to be used with more than one detector.09-17-2009
20120105248Physiological Data Acquisition and Management System for Use with an Implanted Wireless Sensor - Aspects and embodiments of the present invention provide a system for obtaining, processing and managing data from an implanted sensor. In some embodiments, a patient or other persons can use a flexible antenna to obtain data from the implanted sensor. The flexible antenna includes at least one transmit loop and at least one receive loop. The transmit loop is adapted to propagate energizing signals to the implanted sensor. The receive loop is adapted to detect a response signal from the implanted sensor. The transmit loop includes a capacitor formed by a discontinuous area. The capacitor is adapted to allow the loop to be tuned. The flexible antenna can communicate with a patient device that collects the data from the implanted sensor, creates a data file and transmits the data file to a remote server over a network. A physician or other authorized person may access the remote server using an access device.05-03-2012
20100176965Continuously-Arranged Sensor System, Network Unit, and Sensor Unit - A continuously-arranged sensor system is provided that can eliminate a shift in timing between a determination signal of each sensor unit and sensor information relating to the determination signal. The continuously-arranged sensor system includes a network unit and a plurality of sensor units, which are connected by a serial transmission line and a parallel transmission line. In accordance with a command sent from the network unit, each sensor unit transmits the determination signal and the sensor information, provided at the same time as the determination signal, to the network unit via the serial transmission line. Therefore, the network unit can obtain the determination signal and the sensor information exhibited at the same time.07-15-2010
20120139749WATER USAGE MONITORING SYSTEM - An example water usage monitoring system includes at least one sensor communicating at least one parameter relating to water usage. At least one microcontroller represents a location with each microcontroller in communication with at least one of the sensors and having at least one input for selectively receiving said parameters, a counter, an accumulator that utilizes said counter and said parameters received from the at least one input for a discrete count to create a data packet in response to a change in at least one of said parameters, and a transmitter for wirelessly sending said data packet. The system also includes a data collection device configured to receive and combine at least one data packet from the at least one microcontroller into an information set. The data collection device is configured to transmit the information set. A storage device is configured receive the information set from the data collection device.06-07-2012
20110121988METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR RECOGNIZING STATUSES OF ELECTRIC APPLIANCES - A method and a system for recognizing the statuses of electric appliances are provided. In the present method, a loop is taking as a unit for recognition, and a power consumption factor sensor which is capable of measuring a single power consumption factor is used such that the current status of each electric appliance in the loop can be recognized by comparing the probability distribution of the power consumption factor. Since it is not needed to dispose an extra measuring device on each electric appliance, the cost of recognizing the statuses of the electric appliances is significantly reduced.05-26-2011
20110115640AUTOMATED REMOTE WATER QUALITY MONITORING SYSTEM WITH WIRELESS COMMUNICATION CAPABILITIES AND THE METHOD THEREOF - An automated remote water quality monitoring system with wireless communication capability and the method thereof is provided. A water quality monitoring system is provided, including: a plurality of monitoring apparatuses, each of which has a radio communication module transmitting at least one environmental parameter; a server receiving the at least one environmental parameter via a base station; and a gateway being one selected from a group consisting of the plurality of monitoring apparatuses, being geographically the closest one to the base station, receiving the at least one environmental parameter and transmitting the at least one environmental parameter to the base station.05-19-2011
20100219981Antenna including first and second radiating elements having substantially the same characteristic features - An apparatus including an antenna for wireless communications is disclosed. The antenna includes a first radiating element and a second radiating element electromagnetically coupled to and electrically isolated from the first radiating element. The first radiating element includes at least one characteristic feature that is substantially the same as at least one characteristic feature of the second radiating element. The first radiating element may be configured as a planar monopole having various shapes, such as elliptical, circular, triangular, square, rectangular, diamond, or polygon. The planar monopole may further be electrically coupled to a flat or curved metallic load. The first radiating element may also be configured as a cone. The second radiating element may be configured as a flat or curved metal structure.09-02-2010
20110084849INTELLIGENT VEHICLE DASHBOARD - A two-way vehicle communication system has been developed that includes at least one vehicle, at least one vehicle data collection point, at least one operations data supply system, and at least one data communication system, wherein the data communication system is operatively coupled to the at least one vehicle, the at least one vehicle data collection point, the at least one operations data supply system or a combination thereof. A method of monitoring a vehicle using a two-way vehicle communication system has been developed that includes: providing at least one vehicle, providing at least one vehicle data collection point, providing at least one operations data supply system, and providing at least one data communication system, wherein the data communication system is operatively coupled to and communicates with the at least one vehicle, the at least one vehicle data collection point, the at least one operations data supply system or a combination thereof.04-14-2011
20080278343EXTENSIBLE INFOTAINMENT/TELEMATICS SYSTEM WITH PROCESS CONTROL SHIFTING - A system includes a fixed base unit adapted to execute a first set of stand-alone infotainment/telematics functions and a portable communication device adapted to execute a second set of stand-alone infotainment/telematics functions. The first set of stand-alone infotainment/telematics functions may overlap with one or more of the second set of stand-alone infotainment/telematics functions. The fixed base unit and the portable communication device are connectable with one another for intelligent communication to shift at least one of the overlapping infotainment/telematics functions from the portable communication device or the fixed base unit to the other of the portable communication device or the fixed base unit. Shifting of the overlapping infotainment/telematics functions may be based on the relative processing power of the portable communication device and the fixed base unit.11-13-2008
20110068946POWER LOAD CONTROL SYSTEM FOR UTILITY POWER SYSTEM - The system frequency can be effectively and efficiently regulated within a permissive range by using a power load control system capable of matching a high frequency component of a total generated power to a variation of total power consumption of power equipments.03-24-2011
20120200423Outage Prediction With Next Generation Smart Grid - Techniques and systems are described that assist in predicting, diagnosing, and/or managing an incident in a utility service area. A communication system is provided in the service area to communicate with nodes of the service area. Nodes of the service area may communicate with the communication system using a variety of different communication technologies and/or communication protocols. In some instances, nodes of the communication are capable of two-way communication with the communication system.08-09-2012
20100321204SCALABLE ACQUISITION OF TELEMETRY DATA FROM INSTRUMENTED SYSTEMS ENITITIES OVER A WIRELESS NETWORK - A telemetry data acquisition management system includes a system processor and an interface engine, controlled by the system processor, for interfacing with sensor bearing systems, to receive telemetry data from the sensor bearing systems, and distribute the data to a plurality data processing systems or applications operational for processing telemetry data according to each sensor bearing systems' protocol. The system processor enables the plurality of multiple data processing systems or applications to specify telemetry requests including “fuzzy” timeliness protocol, generates a charging structure such that the sensor bearing systems are charge by usage commensurate with system load.12-23-2010
20100321203INTELLIGENT USER-VEHICLE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREOF - An intelligent communication system used with a vehicle and method thereof are provided, wherein the system includes a vehicle-installed telematics unit, and a nomadic device in communication with the vehicle-installed telematics unit via a plurality of different communication paths. The nomadic device is modified by including a software routine that is executed to determine which of the plurality of communication paths is to be used based upon a proximity between the nomadic device and the vehicle-installed telematics unit when a user of the nomadic device instructs the nomadic device to communicate with the vehicle-installed telematics unit.12-23-2010
20110080301POWERLINE NETWORK SYSTEM HAVING DATA RELAY FUNCTION - A powerline network system having data relay function includes a plurality of power monitoring zones mutually connected with a powerline network and at least one repeater. Each of the power monitoring zones has at least one power monitoring device. The repeater is connected with each power monitoring device in two adjacent power monitoring zones through powerlines and has a first and a second relay units. The first and second relay units employ two different sets of transmitting and receiving bands to fetch data contained in powerline signals transmitted by each power monitor in adjacent power monitoring zones. The data are received by a relay unit are modulated with different transmitting band and then transmitted to powerlines of another power monitoring zone. The repeaters are not required to be serially connected to the powerlines, and incorrect data read can be also eliminated.04-07-2011
20080218376WIRELESS PROCESSING SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MEDICAL DEVICE MONITORING AND INTERFACE - A system according to one aspect of the present invention comprises a processor, a medical device transceiver, a user interface, a data relay transceiver, a memory coupled to the processor, and storing instructions. The processor executes the instructions in the memory to receive data from a medical device using the medical device transceiver and transmits the data to an intermediary device using the data relay transceiver. This system can be implemented in a small, portable unit that is easy for a patient to transport. The system's user interface may include a microphone and speaker to allow the communication of audible information between the system and a user.09-11-2008
20100194589Recording Device and Method for Monitoring Device Parameters - The invention relates to a recording device that is associated with an operating medium specially protected from explosions, at a minimum for the collection, recording, and transmission of device parameters, having at least one data collection device, a memory device connected to said data collection device, and a data communication interface for transmission of the stored data to an external remote station. As a result, it is possible to determine corresponding device parameters in a simpler manner and at the same time to eliminate the need for time- and cost-intensive measures for accessing the operating medium on site.08-05-2010
20110109471SENSOR NODE AND METHOD FOR SAMPLING PREAMBLE, AND APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR COMPUTING PREAMBLE INTERVAL - Provided are a sensor node and method for a preamble sampling, and an apparatus and method for computing a preamble interval. A transceiver may verify a number of neighboring nodes positioned in a sensor network, and a sampling unit may perform the preamble sampling using a sampling duration that is set based on the number of neighboring nodes.05-12-2011
20110050454WIRELESS SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REMOTELY READING COUNTERS - The invention relates to a wireless system for remotely reading meters, comprising: at least one storage device (03-03-2011
20090243876Device, system and method for real-time monitoring of overhead power lines - A lightweight and energetically autonomous device for real-time monitoring of overhead power lines, comprising: —an external housing (EMS10-01-2009
20130009786Cross-Band Communications in an Implantable Device - An ambulatory monitoring device includes a sensor to monitor a physiological signal and a battery power source. The device also includes a wireless receiver adapted to monitor a first frequency band having frequencies below 1 MHz and configured to detect and receive, using less than 10 micro-amps of current from the battery power source when operating, wireless communications within the first frequency band from a remote device at least one meter away. The device further includes a wireless transmitter adapted to transmit—after receipt from the remote device of a first wireless communication within the first frequency band that includes an invitation for further communication—a second wireless communication in a second frequency band having frequencies above 10 MHz, the second wireless communication comprising data indicative of the physiological signal as sensed by the sensor.01-10-2013
20130009785Visual and Audio Warning System Including Test Ledger for Automated Door - Apparatus and method for a warning system for an automated door capable of moving between open and closed positions, the door having engagement ends adjacent to a peripheral edge when the door is closed. Audio and visual warning indicators attached to engagement ends of the door, frame and header indicate when the door is opened, closed, opening and closing, or about to open or close, thus keeping the door ADA compliant. A hand-held wireless communicator transmits automated door safety check, test, and inspection requests to a server which records test requests, results, date, time, door identification and unique hand-held wireless communicator identification. The hand-held wireless communicator includes GPS capabilities enabling the server to record the specific location of the hand-held wireless communicator while performing tests. The server sends default emails or texts if scheduled safety checks, tests or inspections have expired after a predetermined time.01-10-2013
20090167557ADVANCED METER SECURITY SYSTEM - A system for metering electricity consumption securely between a central station comprising data storage and a security module, an electrical device having storage memory and an electrical meter that is in data communication with the central station and the device. The meter is capable of detecting the net energy contribution of the device and transmitting the data to the central station. The security module is capable of generating and transmitting a communication code to the device via the meter for storage in the device.07-02-2009
20120056752CONTENT SIGNATURING - Content signaturing is provided by a display receiver device comprising one or more source inputs, where each source input is configured to receive a content signal from a corresponding content source. The display receiver device further comprises a content identification module to send sample information derived from each received content signal to a signature processor and to receive from the signature processor content information for each corresponding content source, the content information for a particular content source indicating a content item embodied by the content signal received from that particular content source. The display receiver device further comprises an association module to associate the content item corresponding to the particular content source with one or more associated content items not corresponding to the particular content source.03-08-2012
20120154169TOILET MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND TECHNIQUES - Toilet management systems, methods, and techniques are disclosed to provide information about toilet units to visitors and maintainers of toilets.06-21-2012
20120075115System and Method for Measuring Polar Substances - A system for measuring polar substances includes a measurement module, a transfer module, a display module and a store module. The measurement module includes a measurement unit and a transmitter. The measurement unit measures the polar substances and produces a data-related signal. The transmitter transmits the data-related signal. The transfer module includes a receiver and a transmitter. The receiver receives the data-related signal. The transmitter of the transfer module receives the data-related signal from the receiver and transmits the data-related signal. The display module receives the data-related signal from the transmitter of the transfer module and shows the data-related signal. The store module receives the data-related signal from the transmitter of the transfer module and stores the data-related signal.03-29-2012
20100007520OPTICAL TELEMETRY SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ELECTRO-MECHANICAL SWITCHES - A system or method of verifying a new contact position of a multi-pole electromechanical switch having a plurality of contact positions is disclosed. The switch is caused to move to a new contact position. Power is provided to at least one light transmitter to cause the at least one light transmitter to transmit light toward a light reflective portion. A particular light detector among a plurality of light detectors that has received light from the light reflective portion is identified. The new contact position is verified based on the identification.01-14-2010
20090066536GROUNDWATER MONITORING SYSTEM - A groundwater monitoring device includes a wireless communications device operable to communicate only within a range of about 150 meters and a sensor package operably associated with the wireless communications device. The wireless communications device includes an antenna, a radio frequency transceiver coupled with the antenna, a processor coupled with the radio frequency transceiver, and an electrochemical cell. The electrochemical cell is electrically coupled with the sensor package, the processor, and the radio frequency transceiver. The electrochemical cell is capable of providing sufficient electrical power to operate the radio frequency transceiver, the sensor package, and the processor for a period of at least a plurality of months.03-12-2009
20120313791Methods and Systems for Real-Time Monitoring of Environments - Methods and systems for real-time monitoring of environments are disclosed. The methods include receiving a measurement by a sensor unit, and transmitting a signal to a monitoring station if the measurement is approximately between a lower and an upper threshold. Based on a number of signals received, the monitoring station will broadcast a signal indicating to stop transmission of measurements or to update the lower and the upper threshold and continue transmission of measurements. Transmission of measurements may occur during a given time slot.12-13-2012
20120229294SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMMUNICATING DEVICE SPECIFIC DATA OVER AN ADVANCED METERING INFRASTRUCTURE (AMI) NETWORK - A system for communicating device specific data over a network includes a smart power device that includes a meter, a controller and an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network connection coupled to the meter and the controller. The system also includes an AMI terminator device configured to receive information from a virtual device server and provide it according to an AMI communication protocol to the AMI network connection via an AMI network, the AMI terminator device is further configured to receive information from the meter via the AMI network connection and provide it to a utility.09-13-2012
20100231412DEVICE, IN PARTICULAR A POWER QUALITY METER AND A POWER QUALITY DEVICE - A device is disclosed, in particular a power quality meter and power quality device, for determining and recording data relating to an electrical power supply system on the basis of analog electrical signals, in particular voltage, current and frequency, which are output and/or derived from the electrical power supply system and are passed to the inputs of the device. In at least one embodiment, the device includes a measurement channel, which is connected downstream from the inputs, for measuring the electrical signals, and a software-controlled processor, which is connected downstream from the measurement channel, for determining the data. In order to determine the quality of power supply systems with little effort, in at least one embodiment a communication channel is provided which has a communication interface which is likewise connected to the inputs and via which the device can communicate by cable via the electrical lines of the power supply system with correspondingly equipped other devices.09-16-2010
20130021167WIRELESS MONITORING AND CONTROL OF SAFETY STATIONS IN A PROCESS PLANT - A safety station for use in a process plant includes one or more leverless limit switches to detect activation of one or more parts of the safety station. The safety station further includes a wireless transmitter coupled to the leverless limit switches to transmit signals associated with the safety station to a base station device, which is communicatively coupled to one or more control and/or monitoring devices.01-24-2013
20080224889Uplink routing without routing table - The present technology relates to protocols relative to utility meters associated with an open operational framework. More particularly, the present subject matter relates to protocol subject matter for advanced metering infrastructure, adaptable to various international standards, while economically supporting a 2-way mesh network solution in a wireless environment, such as for operating in a residential electricity meter field. The present subject matter supports meters within an ANSI standard C12.22/C12.19 system while economically supporting a 2-way mesh network solution in a wireless environment, such as for operating in a residential electricity meter field, all to permit cell-based adaptive insertion of C12.22 meters within an open framework. Cell isolation is provided through quasi-orthogonal sequences in a frequency hopping network. Additional features relate to apparatus (both network and device related) and methodology subject matters relating to uplink routing without requiring a routing table.09-18-2008
20110273304TELEMETRY SYSTEM AND APPARATUS - An apparatus for receiving information at a location and communicating at least a subset of said information to a second location comprising an energy module; a communications module; and a data module.11-10-2011
20130093600ENDPOINT REPEATER FUNCTIONALITY SELECTION - Disclosed are apparatus and methodology for improving communications among battery operated network endpoints and a central facility. A battery operated endpoint may determine its remaining battery capacity and decide whether is it able to provide message repeating services to other endpoints within the network. The endpoint may make such decision based also on it own communications reliability to a central facility either directly or via other endpoints operating as repeaters.04-18-2013
20130099937SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RELIABLE AND SCALABLE HEALTH MONITORING - A health-monitoring system and method are disclosed. The health-monitoring system and method comprise a sensory system and a sensory to front-end communication (SFCM) protocol coupled to the sensory system. The health-monitoring system and method include a front-end system coupled to the sensory system and a front-end to back-end communication (FBCM) protocol coupled to the front-end system. The health-monitoring system and method include a back-end system. The SFCM protocol communicates with the front-end system using a first state awareness link and the FBCM protocol communicates with the back-end system using a second state awareness link.04-25-2013
20130099936SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RELIABLE AND SCALABLE HEALTH MONITORING - A health-monitoring system and method are disclosed. The health-monitoring system and method comprise a sensory system and a sensory to front-end communication (SFCM) protocol coupled to the sensory system. The health-monitoring system and method include a front-end system coupled to the sensory system and a front-end to back-end communication (FBCM) protocol coupled to the front-end system. The health-monitoring system and method include a back-end system. The SFCM protocol communicates with the front-end system using a first state awareness link and the FBCM protocol communicates with the back-end system using a second state awareness link.04-25-2013
20130141247METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MAINTAINING AND REPORTING VEHICLE OCCUPANT INFORMATION - The present disclosure describes an occupant information module that reports, to a third party, occupant information regarding a vehicle occupant.06-06-2013
20100277341Methods and Apparatus for Monitoring a Plurality of Worksites - Embodiments provide methods for monitoring a plurality of worksites at a facility, the methods including transporting a central monitoring station package to the facility, seating a transport container, stationing worksite monitoring equipment packages at the worksites, connecting communication links from the worksite monitoring equipment packages to central monitoring station equipment, transmitting remote transmissions from worksite monitoring equipment packages to central monitoring station equipment, displaying worksite monitoring information for a monitoring technician, and responding when remote monitoring information received from a worksite meets a response threshold criteria.11-04-2010
20080198037Method for Transmission of Data for Controlling an HVDC Transmission Installation - In a method for transmitting data in an HVDCT system to a control system for HVDCT systems, measured values are transmitted from measuring units of the HVDCT system to preprocessing units connected to one another in series. The preprocessing units use the received measured values to generate measured value data. The measured value data are transmitted as part of a data record composed of data words, and the data words are subdivided, during transmission, into a temporal sequence of individual bit groups. A first bit group contains identification data for the preprocessing unit and information on the number of further bit groups that are to be transmitted by the preprocessing unit. A downstream preprocessing unit uses the information on the number of bit groups to be transmitted by a preprocessing unit connected upstream of it to determine a time for transmitting the data word of the downstream preprocessing unit.08-21-2008
20100309020Metering Device for the Inhalation of a Pulverulent Substance - A metering device can be activated by a suction airflow of a user for inhaling a powdery substance, in particular of medicinal type, which is arranged in a supply chamber and can be brought out of there into an apparent discharge standby position by removing a mouthpiece sealing cap by a metering chamber of a metering rod. The metering device provides piston-extensible tabs for sealing off the metering chamber, particularly for the facilitated opening of the metering chamber.12-09-2010
20130201029METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR OPERATING A LOGICAL SENSOR NETWORK - Methods and systems for operating a sensor network comprising a plurality of nodes and at least one resource, where a resource can be a sensing device (e.g., a camera or microphone) or other peripheral devices (e.g., a storage or recording system). In at least one embodiment of the present invention, at least one node in a network determines at least one resource available to it and the type of the resource or its capabilities. Based on the type or capabilities of the resource, the node associates with one or more logical node names and acquires instructions for performing at least one function.08-08-2013
20090195409Wireless remote control systems - Wireless remote control system for engine piston with in-piston circuit (50) and an external processing unit mounted on the exterior of the crank case (51). A carrier signal generated in the external processing unit is fed to a primary coil (P) located within the crank case and the secondary coil (S), loosely coupled to coil (P) and tuned for resonance therewith is located in the skirt of the piston. The secondary coil picks up a carrier signal from the primary coil and the carrier signal is rectified, smoothed and regulated to provide DC power to a micro controller in the piston circuit. The micro controller may use data from a number of sensors to modulate the signal in the secondary coil, which modulation is picked up by the primary coil and thus sensor data is transmitted to the external processing unit where it is filtered and decoded.08-06-2009


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